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Statement of Terms and Conditions for Temporary Employment


The Employee: The Employer:

Full Name: Heriot-Watt University Development and Alumni Office Scott Russell Building Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh EH14 4AS United Kingdom

Job Title:

Annual Fund Caller

Duration of Employment: This is a temporary post owing to the nature of the work. It will commence on Saturday 25th January 2014 and is due to terminate on Sunday 2nd March 2014. Pay You will be paid 7.50 per hour worked for the training which will take place on 25th January and 26th January 2014. It is ESSENTIAL that you attend both of these sessions. Payment for training will be withheld if you resign prior to the end of your contract or for poor attendance.

You will be paid 7.50 per hour worked from 27th January to 2nd March. Your hourly rate includes the appropriate proportion of holiday pay. The top 10 callers will be eligible for a 40 bonus providing they also have a high percentage of their donations processed electronically. This is at the Campaign Managers discretion.

. Your salary will be paid in full by BACS. Provided you have supplied the University with all appropriate information and paperwork, the first payment will be made on the last working day of February (for all hours worked up to and including 7th February). The remaining pay due will be paid on the last working

day of March (for all hours worked between 8th February and 2nd March, including bonuses if applicable). The Campaign Manager will maintain a register of hours worked by each Caller and supply this to the Development and Alumni Office in order to calculate your pay. You may also wish to keep your own record of hours worked. You will not be entitled to receive sick pay, other than statutory sick pay, if you are entitled to the same. Doctors notes will be required in support of any claim for statutory sick pay. Where you are charged for the provision of a Doctors note, on providing the appropriate receipt the University will reimburse this cost in full. You will not be entitled to join the Universitys (or any related) Pension Scheme.


Absence If you are absent from work due to sickness or injury for more than two sessions (including weekends) you must provide the University with a medical certificate by the 3rd day of sickness or injury. Thereafter medical certificates must be provided to cover any continued absence. Hours and Days of Work You will be required to attend the training session to be held from 10am to 5pm on 25th January and 26th January and at other times as may be required, subject to suitable notice being given.

You will be put into one of two groups of callers. Each group will undergo a 3day week working alternate days. The calling sessions from 27th January to 2nd March 2014 will take place as follows: Monday-Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: 6.15pm 9.30pm Day off 6.15pm 9.30pm 10.45am 5pm (with a half hour break) 2.45pm 8pm (with a half hour break)

Break times will be announced during the weekend calling sessions and will be unpaid.

If, for any reason, you find you are unavailable for a particular day/days during the campaign you are required to give at least 24 hours notice to the Development and Alumni Relations Office or to the Campaign Manager.


You are expected to arrive promptly for the start of each calling session. Your arrival time will be noted and anyone arriving over 5 minutes late will be docked 15 minutes of pay. Continued lateness may jeopardise your position as a telephone fundraiser. Confidentiality You must not discuss with or relate to anyone else, any personal information relating to past or present members of the University or staff obtained during your employment with Heriot-Watt.

All information to which you are privy as an employee at Heriot-Watt is strictly confidential and breaches of this confidentiality will be regarded as a matter of serious misconduct. Termination of Employment The University will be entitled to terminate your employment, with payment to date, immediately without notice during this period of employment should it feel that it is necessary to do so. Unless previously terminated, your employment with the University will be automatically terminated at the end of this temporary contract. There is no collective agreement in force affecting your employment with HeriotWatt. Work Arrangements Physical damage to call room equipment will be treated as misconduct. Food may not be consumed during work hours except during formal breaks. If beverages are consumed at your work station it is your responsibility to take care against spillages. All work-related telephoning will take place in PC Suite SRG13/14 (ground floor of Scott Russell Building) at Heriot-Watt University (Riccarton Campus only). You will not be permitted to receive incoming calls or to make unrelated outgoing calls/messages except in an emergency or with the permission of the Call Room Supervisor.

Heriot-Watt is a non-smoking environment. As an employee of Heriot-Watt you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. Reading, browsing the internet, studying or writing items not related to the work in hand are not acceptable during your work shift. In addition, you may not talk excessively with your other colleagues during the calling session. Should you have an accident or injury during the course of your employment, the Development and Alumni Relations Office must be notified immediately so that a report can be filed. The University is an equal opportunities employer and any discrimination or harassment of an employee because of, for example, sex, race, disability or sexual orientation will be regarded as gross misconduct and may result in dismissal.


Should you have any concerns relating to your temporary employment at HeriotWatt you have the right to raise them with your supervisor, and if not satisfied, with the Director of Development and Alumni Relations.

I acknowledge receipt of this temporary contract and agree to the terms and conditions of employment outlined above. The Employee:

Signed ___________________________________ Date ________________

For the Development and Alumni Office, Heriot-Watt University:

Signed ___________________________________ Date ______________ Liz Dean-Stevens, Director of Development and Alumni Relations