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2 0 0 6 A N N U A L R E P O RT


The Harry S. Truman Library Institute for National and In partnership with the Truman Presidential Museum &
International Affairs, a 501(c)(3) organization, is directed Library, the Truman Library Institute draws upon the life,
by men and women from the private sector who are times and values of America’s 33rd president to enrich
dedicated to the preservation, advancement, and the public’s understanding of history, the presidency,
outreach activities of the Truman Presidential Museum & public policy, and citizenship.
Library, one of our nation’s eleven presidential libraries In this public/private partnership, the Truman Library
overseen by the National Archives and Records Institute is charged with generating support from
Administration. individuals, corporations and foundations to fund

2 Tr uman Librar y Institute – 2006 Annual Repor t


The legacy of our nation’s 33rd president is thriving

and increasingly of interest to today’s leaders and policy

Preserving makers.
President George W. Bush
cited the words and deeds of

the legacy President Harry S. Truman in

his commencement address to
the graduating class at West
Point this past spring. About
the same time, Secretary of
of Harry S. Truman
Defense Donald Rumsfeld visited the Truman Library to
make the case that Truman’s Cold War strategy can be

to enrich the public’s seen as similar to the Bush administration’s policy in

pursuing the war on terrorism, and Speaker of the U.S.
House of Representatives Dennis Hastert noted Truman’s
understanding of history, decisive “Buck Stops Here” approach when informing the
public of his intention to provide a strong response on
matters related to alleged improprieties of several House
the presidency, members.
As this annual report goes to press, United Nations
Secretary-General Kofi Annan is preparing to visit the
public policy, Truman Library to deliver his farewell address to a
worldwide audience. He chose Independence and President
Truman’s Library to draw attention to the idealism, vision
and citizenship. and belief in international cooperation displayed by Mr.
Truman in 1945 when the United States played a leading
role in the creation of the United Nations.
All of us involved in advancing the preservation,
education and research activities of the Truman Library
are proud of this past year’s successes, as outlined in
this report. We are grateful to our many friends and
extensive outreach activities, including acclaimed
educational programs, permanent and traveling benefactors who share our respect and fondness for
exhibitions, public programs featuring today’s scholars President Truman’s legacy.
and opinion leaders, and the publication of the Library’s
vast archives on the award-winning website
Thank you for your support. President, Harry S. Truman Library Institute

www.tr umanlibrar y. org 3

P RO G R A M S & E X H I B I T I O N S –

T E L L I N G A M E R I C A’ S
Attendance at the Truman Library was up almost 40 percent to 135,000 in

fiscal 2006, due largely to the popularity of The White House in Miniature,
which drew 101,000 visitors from October 15, 2005 through July 9, 2006.
Library volunteers contributed 3,800 hours guiding visitors through the
intricate details of the miniature.

Visitors to Churchill and the Great

Republic, Aug. 19 - Oct. 15


The White House in Miniature Churchill and the Great Republic Select offerings from October 1, 2005 through
October 15, 2005 – July 9, 2006 August 19 – October 15, 2006 September 30, 2006
John Zweifel’s stunning 10-ton miniature of Sixty years after Churchill’s “Iron
America’s most intriguing residence helped boost Curtain” speech in Fulton, Mo., the Fareed Zakaria | Editor
attendance at the Truman Library by nearly 40 Library of Congress exhibition Churchill Newsweek International
percent during fiscal 2006. The White House in and the Great Republic opened new “The Future of Freedom”
Miniature drew 101,000 visitors during its run, and windows to the life and career of Oct. 10, 2005
volunteers contributed 3,800 hours guiding crowds Winston Churchill while emphasizing Co-presented with the Carolyn Benton Cockefair
through the intricate details of the miniature. his lifelong links with the United Chair, University of Missouri-Kansas City
EXHIBITION SPONSOR: James B. Nutter & Co. States, the nation he called “the great Republic.”
ADDITIONAL SPONSORS: Bernstein-Rein Advertising, EXHIBITION SPONSORS: Hall Family Foundation Alan Greenspan
Inc., Kansas City Power & Light, KMBZ News Radio ADDITIONAL SPONSORS: Bank Midwest, Comcast, Time Recipient, Truman Medal for
980, The Kansas City Star, Sprint, Lamar Outdoor Warner Cable, WDAF-FM, The Kansas City Star Economic Policy | Oct. 26, 2005
Advertising, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Ophelia’s ORIGINAL SPONSORS: JOHN W. KLUGE, with additional The award’s name reflects on the
Restaurant and Inn support from the Annenberg Foundation creation of the Council of Economic Advisers under
President Harry S. Truman.

4 Tr uman Librar y Institute – 2006 Annual Repor t

Bennett Family Gift
S TO R I E S Endows Forum on the
American Presidency
Harry S. Truman said “being a president is like riding a

tiger. You have to keep on riding or be swallowed.”
Pulitzer Prize-winning author David McCullough once remarked, Thomas Jefferson called the presidency a “splendid
misery,” and Warren G. Harding famously exclaimed,
“You can understand more about our nation by spending a day “My god, this is a hell of
a job.” Now, a newly
in Independence and at the Truman Library than anywhere else endowed lecture series
has been established to
in the country.” Indeed, the stories encompassed by the life of tell the complex story of
the nation’s highest
Harry S. Truman and his presidency are some of the richest in office, an office which is
unique in world history:
American history. It was Truman, a modest man and failed the American presidency.
The Howard & Virginia Michael and Mary Johnston
entrepreneur, who guided the United States through one of its Bennett Forum on the
Presidency was borne out of a chance meeting in
most critical transformations and positioned it as the most Aspen, Colorado, where Institute Board member Beth K.
Smith met Mary Johnston. Johnston’s father, Smith
powerful nation in the world. It was Truman who demanded discovered, was Howard Bennett, one of several
influential individuals dedicated to the founding of the
fair and equal treatment for African Americans by Truman Library nearly 50 years ago. Traveling home
from Colorado, Mary and Michael Johnston visited the
desegregating the U.S. Armed Forces, who recognized the State Truman Presidential Museum & Library and were
of Israel, contained the threat of communism, and established inspired to honor Howard Bennett and his wife,
Virginia, with a lasting gift: $150,000 to endow a
the United Nations. The Truman Library Institute is committed lecture series on the presidency and $50,000 to fund, in
perpetuity, an internship to support the Library’s
to sharing the stories of Harry Truman, the American presidency, archival research program. Both programs will be
introduced in 2007, the 50th anniversary of the Truman
and our democratic government to ensure that future Library’s founding.
“My father would be pleased today with the work
generations will come to know Truman's legacy and appreciate you are doing,” said Mary Johnston. “We are so
pleased that our family has reconnected to the Truman
the gift of American democracy. Library and that we can play a significant role in
celebrating its 50th anniversary.”

“The Future of United Nations Conflict Leading international scholars—including Melvyn “To Secure These Rights” – A Forum
Resolution and Peacekeeping Operations” – Leffler and Odd Arne Westad—gathered to examine to Mark the 58th Anniversary of the
A Symposium Marking the 60th Anniversary of the Cold War. On March 31 sessions devoted to “The Desegregation of the Armed Forces
the Founding of the United Nations Origins of the Cold War” and “The Cold War in Asia” July 27, 2006
Jan. 23, 2006 were open to the public. Panelists included professors Gerald Early and Carol
Speakers included author Stephen Schlesinger; Susan Anderson, with former Truman aide Ken Hechler.
Manuel, United Nations; Janet Beik, State Department; and “Native Americans and American Indian Co-presented by the American Jazz Museum
Lt. Col. David Last, participant in UN peacekeeping missions. Affairs during the Truman Presidency”
Co-presented with the University of Missouri-Kansas City Harry S. Truman Legacy Symposium George Elsey
Key West, FL | May 19-20, 2006 Former Truman aide and author of
Linda Johnson Robb Panelists included former Senator Ben Nighthorse An Unplanned Life: A Memoir
“Reminiscences of the White House” | Feb. 9, 2006 Campbell and former Assistant Secretary for Indian Lecture and book signing
Affairs Ada Deer. Sept. 14, 2006
“Origins and Early Development of the Cold Presented with the Harry S Truman Little White
War, 1945-62” House, in association with the Newberry Library and
A Symposium | March 30-31, 2006 the CIC American Indian Studies Consortium

www.tr umanlibrar y. org 5

E D U C AT I O N –


Harry Truman liked big ideas, and his presidential library was to be no exception. He envisioned a “classroom for 2
democracy”—not just a repository for the papers and documents from his administration—and he hoped that his
library would give young people, especially, “a better understanding of the history and the nature of the presidency
and the government of the United States.” To fulfill Harry Truman’s vision, the Truman Library Institute’s education
staff—recognized nationally for their achievements—have developed a range of outstanding programs which are
grounded in pedagogy, designed to meet national academic standards, and serve as the standard for our nations’
presidential libraries.
1 The White House Decision Center 6 Educator Workshops
Flagship education program designed as a Educator workshops are designed to connect American history teachers
hands-on history lab to increase student skills in with nationally recognized scholars and primary source documents. The
information gathering and analysis, problem education staff helps participants incorporate the latest scholarship and
solving, decision making, leadership, and teaching methods into their lesson plans, then publishes the resulting
communication while strengthening knowledge curriucula on www.trumanlibrary.org.
of history and government. Grade 8 – Adult Inside the White House
Learn more: watch a 7-minute video about The October 14-15, 2005
White House Decision Center at www.trumanlibrary.org/whdc Conference for the Creation of an International History
of the Cold War
2 Museum Tours
March 30 – April 2, 2006
Docent-led tours for student groups
More than 30 percent of participants in 2005-06 attend disadvantaged Teacher Institute – The Causes and Consequences of the Cold War
schools and came on scholarship, thanks to the generous funding of the July 10-14, 2006
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. National History Day Workshop
November 4, 2005
3 Truman Footlocker
A hands-on classroom resource filled with replicas of Truman-related
7 National History Day
artifacts, documents and photographs. K-12
Regional competition hosted by the Truman Library
4 Learning Kits
Packaged curricula, ready for classroom use, including interactive learning modules 8 Teacher Talk
on the Cold War, Presidential Decision Making, and WWII. Grades 8-12 Newsletter featuring education news and resources, delivered to 12,000
educators free of charge.
5 Video Loaning Library
More than 120 unique videos on Truman, WWI, WWII, the Cold War,
and the Truman era—offered to educators at no charge


Guided Museum Tours for Students 8,228 students
White House Decision Center 5,721 students
Exhibits 3,104 teachers
Truman Footlocker 762 students
National History Day 338 students
Packaged Curricula 284 kits delivered
Educator Workshops 220 teachers 6

6 Tr uman Librar y Institute – 2006 Annual Repor t

LIFE Creating Greater Access
Presidential libraries preserve and share the materials
associated with American presidents and their
administrations. Today, access to those official documents
is measured not so much by the number of people
reserving seats in a research room but by the number of
hits to a website. That’s why the Truman Library Institute
has funded the Library’s award-winning efforts to
increase the number of papers and photographs
available at www.trumanlibrary.org. To date, nearly
10,000 photographs and 20,000 document images—as
well as a treasure trove of resources for students and
teachers—can be accessed on the website. In fiscal
2006, www.trumanlibrary.org had more unique visitors
than any other presidential library and neared an
impressive milestone: 300 million hits since the site was
launched nearly ten years ago.

TrumanLibrary.org | 2006 Stats

Unique visitors 3.1 million
1 Total Hits 68.2 million
Primary Users 70% are students, teachers,

Top Viewed Pages

1. Photo Database
2. Presidential Calendar
3. Atomic Bomb
4. Nuremberg Documents
5. Recognition of Israel Documents
6. Berlin Airlift Documents
7. Truman Public Papers
8. Marshall Plan Documents
9. Branches of Government Student Activity
10. Gift Store
3 Online Museum Store
Online sales totaled $20,420 for some of the Museum
Store’s most popular items, including the Buck Stops
Here desk sign, books, apparel, educational resources
for children—even reproductions of presidential china
From top: School children tour
museum; White House Decision
used by Lincoln, Grant, Jackson, and others.
Center participants play their
roles; Truman Footlocker E-News
enriches classroom learning; E-News is sent periodically
Teacher Institute panelists to promote events and
discuss Cold War; presidential exhibitions at the Truman
daughter Linda Johnson Robb
meets with students. Presidential Museum &
Library to 5,500 opt-in
patrons and educators.
Susbscribe to E-News at www.trumanlibrary.org.

www.tr umanlibrar y. org 7

S C H O L A R S H I P G R A N T S & AWA R D S –

E X A M I N I N G T RU M A N ’ S

The Grants & Awards Program of the Truman Library Institute is relatively small but steeped in tradition. During the
past half-century, scholars have turned again and again to the Truman era, illuminating for today’s students, leaders,
and thinkers the critical issues of Truman’s presidency and legacy. The enormously rich archival resources of the
Truman Library are instrumental in the continuation of future scholarship. The Grants & Awards Program opens the
doors to these resources and is invaluable to emerging scholars.

S C H O L A R ’ S AWA R D Chad Parker, Ph.D. candidate in American History, Indiana University

Constructing Aramco Constructing America: The Arabian American Oil
Gregory Mitrovich, Independent Scholar Company and the Promotion of American Modernization during the Postwar
Taming Anti-Americanism, Public Diplomacy and the Origins of the Petroleum Order, 1945-1973
American Century Jason Parker, Asst. Prof. of History, West Virginia University
The Contest: Hearts, Minds, and the History of U.S. Public Diplomacy in the
Third World
H A R RY S . T RU M A N B O O K AWA R D Jason Petrulis, Ph.D. candidate in History, Columbia University
Marketing the American Way, 1932-1948
John Lewis Gaddis, Robert A. Lovett Prof. of History, Yale University Edith Holbrook Riehm, Ph.D. candidate in History, Georgia State University
The Cold War: A New History (The Penguin Press, 2005) Forging the Civil Rights Frontier: How Truman’s Committee on Civil Rights
Set the Agenda for Liberal Reform, 1947-1965
Robert Schlesinger, freelance journalist
R E S E A RC H G R A N T S Welliver’s Children: The Rise of White House Speechwriters
Ryan Stockwell, Ph.D. candidate in History, University of Missouri-Columbia
Lisa Burns, Asst. Prof., Media Studies, Quinnipiac University The Family Farm in the Post-World War II Era: Industrialization, the Cold
The Construction of Collective Memory in Presidential Museums War and Political Symbol
Joana Carlson, Ph.D. candidate in History, Florida State University Duane Tananbaum, Assoc. Prof. of History, Lehman College,
“Horizontal Relations” and U.S. Responses to Social Revolutions in China City University of New York
and Cuba “I Will Not Compromise with My Conscience”: A Political Biography of
Daniel Franklin, Assoc. Prof. of Political Science, George State University Herbert H. Lehman
Pitiful Giants: Presidents in their Last Term Karen Kruse Thomas, research affiliate, Claude Pepper Institute on Aging
Travis Hardy, Ph.D. candidate in History, University of Tennessee and Public Policy; assoc. dir., Reichelt Oral History Program, Florida State
Forging Bonds: The U.S.-Australian Relationship, 1933-1953 University
Yong Jo, Ph.D. candidate in Political Science Deluxe Jim Crow: Racial and Regional Equalization in Health Policy from
State University of New York at Albany the New Deal to the Civil Rights Movement
Involved in the Creation: The World System and U.S. Post-World War II Paul Thomsen, Ph.D. candidate in American Military History
Military Occupation in Germany and Korea Kansas State University
Zahra Pamela Karimi, Ph.D. candidate in Architecture 168 Clinton Street, Brooklyn's Second World War Japanese-American
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hostel: A Case Study of Social Reform and Security
President Truman’s Point IV Program and the Making of the Modern Iranian Anthony Charles Whitham, visiting research fellow,
Home University of the West of England, Bristol UK
Christine Knauer, Ph.D. candidate in History Hidden Hands: Organized Business and American Post-War Economic
University of Tübingen, Germany Planning, 1939-1949
If Negroes Must Fight, Let them Fight as Free Men, Not as Jim Crow Mark Wilson, Asst. Prof. of History, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Slaves: The Integration of the American Military, the Korean War, and the Managing the Arsenal of Democracy: The Business and Politics of U.S.
African American Community Military-Industrial Mobilization for the Second World War
Charles Lamb, Prof. of Political Science David Zietsma, Ph.D. candidate in History, University of Akron
State University of New York at Buffalo “The People of God in Chains”: Religious Culture and United States Foreign
Fair Housing in Twentieth Century America Policy, 1933-1952
Masako Nakamura, Ph.D. candidate in History, University of Minnesota
Families Precede Nation and Race?: Immigration Policies over Marriages D I S S E RTAT I O N Y E A R F E L L OW S H I P
and Migration of Japanese War Brides during U.S. Occupation of Japan,
1945-1952 Audra Jennings, Ph.D. candidate in History, The Ohio State University
With Minds Fixed on the Horrors of War: Liberalism and Disability Activism,

8 Tr uman Librar y Institute – 2006 Annual Repor t

Truman Working Office Campaign Completed

The Institute’s number-one

“I funding priority in fiscal 2006 was
the $1.6 million campaign to
renovate the Library office once
can’t even used daily by former President
Harry S. Truman. We are pleased
imagine to announce that the campaign
has been successfully completed.
how scholars could study In addition to preserving the
irreplaceable artifacts from Harry
During the opening Truman’s life, the renovation will include a state-of-the-art
U.S. foreign policy without the of “A Child in the White
House: Caroline exhibit of Truman’s post-presidential years. At long last, the
Kennedy’s Dolls,” more than 150,000 visitors and 20,000 students who visit
support of institutions like the Ms. Kennedy and her
the Truman Library annually will have access to one of our
husband Ed Schlossberg
toured Truman’s office, nation’s unique treasuries—the very room where President
soon to be made more
Truman Library Institute and its accessible to the public
Truman conducted the personal, political, and diplomatic
thanks to generous business of his final years. We are deeply grateful to the
contributions to the
scholar’s program. Without this Truman Working Office
foundations, corporations, and individuals who made gifts
Campaign. and pledges to the Truman Working Office Campaign.

support, it would be impossible C O N T R I B U TO R S

Ms. Joan Alders Mr. Edward Junk
for me to undertake the Mr. and Mrs. Don Alexander Mr. and Mrs. S. Lee Kling
American Century Investments Mrs. Barbara Hall Marshall
Mr. James R. Baylor Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. McDonnell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Bruening The McGee Foundation
extensive research necessary Mr. and Mrs. Alex Burden
Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Christiansen
Mr. and Mrs. William D. McMullan
National Park Service
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell A. Cross Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Nickle
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Crumpton Ms. Susan Medler and Mr. Roger Oyster
to make any kind of contribution Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davison
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Devine
Missouri Development Finance Board
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Novak
Ms. Amy Disch Mr. and Mrs. Lambert B. Ott, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Doering Harry Portman Charitable Trust/
DST Systems, Inc. Mr. Abraham Margolin
to the history of the Truman J.E. Dunn Construction Company Dr. and Mrs. Donald Potts
Mrs. Cathy Eckenrod Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Rausch
Federal Appropriation Mr. William M. Reisler
Milton W. Feld Charitable Trust/ Mrs. Beth K. Smith
administration.” Mr. Abraham Margolin The Sosland Foundation
Elaine Feld Stern Charitable Trust/ Mr. and Mrs. Morton I. Sosland
Mr. Abraham Margolin Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Spaulding, III
– G R E G O RY M I T ROV I C H , Suzanne Feld Zalk Trust/Mr. Abraham Margolin Mr. David Stanley and Ms. Jean Keffeler
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Foudree Ms. Lisa A. Sullivan
S C H O L A R S AWA R D Miss Luella E. Friend The Sunderland Foundation
RECIPIENT Hall Family Foundation Truman Heartland Community Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Sam F. Hamra Courtney S. Turner Charitable Trust
Mr. Paul E. Haney Ms. Judy J. Turner
Dr. Susan M. Hartmann Mr. George P. Viegelmann, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Herman Mr. and Mrs. Clyde F. Wendel
Dr. and Mrs. John Hunkeler

www.tr umanlibrar y. org 9

of the Harry S. Truman Library Institute
Honorary Chair
Margaret Truman Daniel
New York, NY

Fiscal 2006 can be characterized by a vigorous Institute-wide commitment to accountability, efficiency
William C. Nelson and productivity. Staff reorganization has significantly reduced professional fees. A fine-tuned focus on
Chairman, George K. Baum Asset Management mission-driven programs has energized civic and philanthropic leaders. And a more strategic use of
Kansas City, MO
resources on behalf of the Truman Presidential Museum & Library has resulted in an improved image and
Vice Chair
Mary E. Hunkeler
an increase of visitors, defying the national trend of declining museum attendees. Complete audited
Community Volunteer financial statements may be obtained by contacting the Truman Library Institute, Attn: Director of
Shawnee Mission, KS
Administration, 500 West U.S. Highway 25, Independence, MO 64052 (816) 268-8200.
Michael J. Devine
Director, Truman Presidential Museum & Library
Independence, MO


Milton P. Kayle
Counsel, Gilbert, Segall & Young (retired) Program Expenses 64%
New York, NY

Truman Working Office Campaign

Treasurer Administrative Expenses 13% Federal
Roger A. Novak (pending)
CFO, Novak Birks, P.C. $495,000
Kansas City, MO Fundraising Expenses 23%

President Emeritus Fundraising Efficiency $0.19 $688,670


Thomas F. Eagleton
Partner, Thompson Coburn
St. Louis, MO
U.S. Senator (1968-1986) Cash

Don H. Alexander John P. McMeel 2003 2004 2005 2006

President & Owner, Chairman & President,
Alexander & Associates, Inc. Andrews McMeel Universal
Kansas City, KS Kansas City, MO

Carol Anderson, Ph.D. James B. Nutter, Jr. REVENUE & CONTRIBUTIONS

Associate Professor of History, President & CEO,
University of Missouri– James B. Nutter & Company
Columbia Kansas City, MO 54% Contributions (non-campaign) ($1,137,233)
Columbia, MO (includes corporate, foundation and individual giving, bequests, grants, and sponsorships)
Barbara J. Potts
Clifton Truman Daniel Community Volunteer 19% Truman Working Office Campaign ($416,330)*
Director of Public Relations, Independence, MO
Harry S. Truman College Mayor of Independence 12% Investment Income ($244,215)
Chicago, IL (1982-1990)
5% Entrepreneurial Ventures ($102,006)
Richard A. Gephardt Bill Reisler
(includes online Museum Store sales and education program revenues)
Gephardt & Associates, L.C. Managing Director,
Crofton, MD 21114-4194 Kansas City Equity Partners 10% Other ($209,142)
U.S. Congressman Kansas City, MO
(1977-2005) (includes final installment of renovation refund and miscellaneous)
Bryan R. Rogers
Sam F. Hamra President, HCA Healthcare, Total $2,108,926
Chairman & CEO, Midwest Division *Cash receipts only; figures do not reflect the more than $1 million in pledges.
Hamra Enterprises Kansas City, MO
Springfield, MO
Beth K. Smith
Susan M. Hartmann, Ph.D. Community Volunteer
Professor of History and Adjunct Professor, EXPENSES
Women’s Studies, University of Missouri–
Ohio State University Kansas City
Columbus, OH Kansas City, MO 19% Education ($330,421)
Richard S. Kirkendall, Ph.D. Elizabeth T. Solberg 11% Exhibitions ($197,802)
Professor Emeritus of History, Community Volunteer
University of Washington Kansas City, MO
7% Public Programs/Conferences ($124,572)
Seattle, WA
Charles A. Spaulding, III
6% Website & Publications ($101,624)
S. Lee Kling Partner, Parkwood Real Estate 3% Grants & Awards ($53,956)
Chairman, Kling & Company Overland Park, KS
St. Louis, MO 3% Documentary Access ($41,957)
David Stanley
Herbert M. Kohn CEO, Payless Cashways 1% Capital Improvements ($25,559)
Partner, Byran Cave LLP (1983-1998)
Kansas City, MO Livingston, MT 1% Volunteer/Intern Program ($4,964)
Allen L. Lefko Clyde F. Wendel 12% Marketing & PR ($208,305)
Chairman & CEO, President Asset Management,
Bank of Grain Valley and UMB Bank, N.A. 23% Fundraising ($402,421)
Grain Valley Bancshares Managing Director Private
Kansas City, MO Banking, 14% Management & General ($233,376)
UMB Financial Corporation
Thomas R. McGee, Jr. Kansas City, MO Total $1,724,957
Vice President, DST Realty
Kansas City, MO

10 Tr uman Librar y Institute – 2006 Annual Repor t


We thank all of those who contributed generously during fiscal 2006. Contributions help the Truman Presidential Museum & Library
remain a crown jewel among our nation’s most valued heritage sites. Listed below are gifts received between Oct. 1, 2005 and
Sept. 30, 2006.


The West Wing Council is the premier membership program of the Truman Library Institute. We gratefully acknowledge West Wing Council
members who have chosen to make a significant investment in the Truman Presidential Museum & Library. To learn about joining the elite
ranks of the West Wing Council and enjoying customized and exclusive benefits, please call Alex Burden at (816) 268-8243.
Shirley and Barnett Helzberg Henry W. & Marion H. Bloch Defamco, LP Kansas City Power & Light Kay and Roger Novak
Foundation Foundation Sam Devinki Elizabeth Danforth Shirley and Fred Pryor
Shirley and Barnett Helzberg Marion and Henry Bloch J.E. Dunn Construction Company King Hershey, PC Beth Smith
American Century Foundation Bryan Cave, LLP William Dunn, Sr. Richard A. King Estelle and Morton Sosland
Mary Jo Browne Herb Kohn Fleishman Hillard, Inc. Rosalyn and S. Lee Kling Susan and Tuck Spaulding
ATK Lake City Ammunition Commerce Bank of Kansas City Anne St. Peter Nancy and Herb Kohn David Stanley and Jean Keffeler
Jack H. Figg Jonathan Kemper Mary and John Hunkeler Cheryl Lockton
George K. Baum Foundation Betty and Richard Crumpton Independence Regional Health Robert P. Lyons
Jonathan Baum Jill and Marshall Dean Center Barbara and Bill Nelson
Dan Jones, FACHE Jeannette Nichols

Buck Stops Here Society members are valued partners of the Truman Presidential Museum & Library and Truman Library Institute. Annual
membership gifts—starting at $1,000—provide important support for world-class traveling exhibitions, acclaimed educational programs, and
public programs featuring national and international opinion leaders. To learn more, please call Alex Burden at (816) 268-8243.
Christine and Don Alexander Jane and Richard Bruening June and Sam Hamra Jeanie and Robert Latz Martha and Travis Reed
Harvey S. Bodker Joni and Thornton Cooke The Kansas City Star Jane Lingo Rose Stolowy
Andre Bouchard Bunni and Paul Copaken Pat and Paul Kaplan Jean and Thomas McDonnell
Mary Shaw Branton Laraine and David Gerber Kathleen and Richard Kirkendall Park University

American Century Investments Milton W. Feld Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Foudree Mrs. Barbara Hall Marshall Courtney S. Turner Charitable Trust
DST Systems, Inc. Elaine Feld Stern Charitable Trust Ms. Luella E. Friend Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. McDonnell
J.E. Dunn Construction Company Suzanne Feld Zalk Trust Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Herman Harry Portman Charitable Trust

For a complete list of campaign contributors, please see pg. 9.

$100,000 and Above William T. Kemper Foundation Mrs. Mary Shaw Branton The Sosland Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Paul Copaken
American Century Investments Citigroup Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Morton I. Sosland CST Industries, Inc.
Mrs. Eda Brannan $24,999 to $10,000 Commerce Bank of Kansas City Custom Color Corp.
DST Systems, Inc. American Century Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Crumpton $4,999 to $1,000 Mrs. Ann Dickinson
Ewing Marion Kauffman Americo Life, Incorporated Mr. and Mrs. Marshall H. Dean, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Don H. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dillingham
Foundation Andrews McMeel Universal Fdtn. Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Foudree Mr. and Mrs. William J. Amend Euronet Worldwide
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. AT&T Foundation Garmin International, Inc. Anonymous Milton W. Feld Charitable Trust
McDonnell Dr. and Mrs. John D. Hunkeler GE Insurance Solutions ATK Lake City Ammunition Elaine Feld Stern Charitable Trust
Missouri Development Finance Kansas CIty Royals Charities HCA Healthcare, Midwest Division Atterbury Family Foundation Suzanne Feld Zalk Trust
Board Kansas City Southern Independence Regional Health B.S.C. Holding Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David Gerber
James B. Nutter & Company Mr. and Mrs. John P. McMeel Center Ms. Alice Babian Gilbert Consulting Group, LLC
Sprint Foundation Kansas City Chiefs Mr. and Mrs. G. Kenneth Baum Growth Industries Enterprises, Inc.
$99,999 to $50,000 Kling Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. William Blahd Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Hall, Sr.
Kansas City Public Library $9,999 to $5,000 Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Lefko Bank of Blue Valley Mr. and Mrs. Sam F. Hamra
Mr. and Mrs. R. Crosby Kemper, III Bank Midwest Mader Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Willard L. Boyd Dr. Susan M. Hartmann
Bank of America Foundation Mrs. Peggy Massman The Bridgewater Fund Inc. Shirley and Barnett Helzberg Fdtn.
$49,999 to $25,000 Bank of Grain Valley Mid-America Retina Consultants Bryan Cave, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Herman
Anonymous George K. Baum Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Marshall V. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Cooke, II Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Kaplan
J.E. Dunn Construction Company BlueCross BlueShield of Kansas City Harry Portman Charitable Trust Copaken Family Foundation Mrs. Barney A. Karbank

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Isaac and Minnie Katz Foundation $499 to $100 Mr. and Mrs. Alan Edelman Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Lee The Hon. and Mrs. Howard F. Sachs
Mr. and Mrs. Milton P. Kayle Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Aaron, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Edwards Mrs. William Levi Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Salter
Kansas City Power & Light Ms. Mary W. Abbott Mr. and Mrs. Ron Eiman The Richard M. & Carol H. Levin Mr. Richard E. Sandeen
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Kemper Mr. H. W. Abplanalp Mr. George M. Elsey Foundation Mr. Carl H. Sapper, Jr.
King Hershey, PC Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Adams The Honorable Jane G. Eskind Mr. and Mrs. Howard Levitan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Sawyer
Mrs. Richard A. King Mr. and Mrs. Travis M. Adams Mr. and Mrs. George M. Ewing, Sr. Mr. George B. Lopez Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Scharf
Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Kirkendall Ms. Suzanne E. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Burton M. Ms. Eleanor A. Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Kohn Ms. E. Vernice Anderson Fendelman Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lynd, Jr. Ms. Lee Williams and Mr. Brent
Lathrop & Gage L.C. Dr. Linnea M. Anderson Mrs. Jo Ann Field Mr. and Mrs. William M. Lyons Schondelmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Latz Mr. and Mrs. Rod Anderson Rabbi and Mrs. Harvey J. Fields Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. MacAvoy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schultz
Ms. Jane T. Lingo Mr. and Mrs. Tobin Armstrong Rabbi and Mrs. David S. Fine Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Maday Mr. John A. Scully
Mrs. John T. Lockton, III Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ashton Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Fischbach Mr. Larry Malone Mr. Christopher Senior
Mr. Robert P. Lyons Dr. and Mrs. James D. Austin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Henry I. Marder Lt. Col. and Mrs. Robert J.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Mackle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Baum Mr. and Mrs. David Freirich Ms. Carol Margolin Shippee, Sr.
Thomas Martin Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Clay R. Bauske Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Gall Ms. Joanna M. Martin Mr. Lindsey E. Shull
Dr. Paul McGraw and Dr. Nancy Ms. Sara Deubner and Dr. Linton Mr. and Mrs. James W. Gamble Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Sienicki
Newhouse T. Bayless Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gilson Ms. Sue Masica Drs. Steven and Elisa Silverstein
Mr. and Mrs. Cordell D. Meeks, Jr. Ms. Nancy Beer Tobin Mr. and Mrs. James Goetz Ms. Janeal R. Matheson The Hon. and Mrs. Alan K.
Ms. Elaine P. Meitus Behavior Research Company Mr. Nathan Golden Mr. and Mrs. David E. Mayta Simpson
Miller Law Firm, P.C. Mrs. Madeline Benoit Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Ms. Molly A. McGee Mr. Martin Singerman
Missouri Bank & Trust Company Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Benson Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott McGinness Mr. and Mrs. James R. Slater
of KC Mr. Robert M. Beren Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Goldy Dr. and Mrs. Harold S. McNabb, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sloan
University of Missouri Press Mr. Jerome Berko Mr. Sheldon Gottlieb Mr. William E. Pfeiffer and Ms. Mrs. Beverly N. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Berkowitz Mr. and Mrs. James Greenwood Mary Kay McPhee Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Snyder
Mrs. Jeannette Nichols The Hon. Thomas A. Betti Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Grimaldi Dr. and Mrs. Robert Meneilly Mr. and Mrs. Michael Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Travis E. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bigus Mr. and Mrs. William M. Grojean Mr. and Mrs. John A. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Abraham D. Sofaer
Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Robb Ms. Darcy A. Howe and Mr. John Mr. and Mrs. Ruvane E. Grossman Mr. Robert E. Meyerhoff Mr. and Mrs. Floyd R. Sowers
Mr. and Mrs. Landon H. Rowland S. Black Ms. Sara E. Groves and Mr. Robert Mr. and Mrs. Elmont W. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Spaethe
Shughart Thomson & Kilroy, PC Mr. and Mrs. Larry N. Blick D. Firnhaber Michaelson Mr. Michael D. Stackpoole
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Solberg Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Block Mr. and Mrs. James R. Mr. Edward P. Milbank Mr. and Mrs. Boris Stephen
Sonnenschein Nath Blue Ridge Bank and Trust Co. Guziejewski Ms. Nancy Milgram Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Stern
& Rosenthal LLP Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Bogacz Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Mr. and Mrs. D. Forest Milledge, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Stoliar
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Spaulding, III Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Bonar Haberkorn State of Missouri Dr. and Mrs. William W. Stueck, Jr.
The STAKE Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Hackman Ms. Penny G. Moeller Mr. and Mrs. H. Kenneth
The Ten Ten Foundation Borman Mrs. Mary Ann B. Hale Ms. Melanie R. Moentmann Swearingen
Mr. and Mrs. H. Guyton Mrs. Lewis J. Bratt Mr. Craig Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. William D. Mr. and Mrs. H. Stephen Talge
Townsend, III Mr. Dallas E. Brown, Jr. Mrs. Fred Havens Montague Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Taylor
UMB Bank, N.A. Mr. and Mrs. Garthe Brown Mr. and Mrs. J. Randall Hedlund Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Lyle A. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Wagner Mr. Ronald G. Brown Dr. Mary Ann Heiss Mr. and Mrs. Ramón Murguía Mr. and Mrs. John S. Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wewers Mrs. Ina J. Bryan Mr. John C. Henshaw, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Myron Mrs. William F. Tillitt
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wheat Mrs. Georgia Buchanan Mr. John F. Herbst, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nadder Toledo Federation of Teachers
Mr. and Mrs. George Buchman Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Hershey Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nadeau Local 250
$999 to $500 Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cable Mr. and Mrs. Jerry N. Hess Professor Anna K. Nelson Mr. James F. Townsend
Mrs. Gerald D. Aurbach Ms. Ann Canfield Mr. and Mrs. Reed W. Hickok Mr. Lewis Nerman Ms. Judy J. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant P. Barnes Brig. General and Mrs. Jack L. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hiersteiner Mr. and Mrs. Jim Neville Ms. Mary L. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Eliot S. Berkley Capps Mr. and Mrs. Sol N. Himmelman Mrs. Mary Lois Nevins Mr. and Mrs. Donald W.
Mrs. Rae A. Block The Hon. Joe Pierron and Dr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hoenig Mr. Ronald C. Noll Turrentine
Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. Brown Diana B. Carlin Pierron Mr. and Mrs. Paul Holewinski Mr. Myron Nollen Mr. and Mrs. John W. Uhlmann
The Hon. and Mrs. Harold L. Mrs. Victor M. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Holman Ms. Anne M. Nolte Ms. Rosemarie Vohsen
Caskey Mr. Edward S. Chandler, Sr. Professor and Mrs. Dan F. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Novak Ms. Phyllis Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Costello Mr. Edward S. Chandler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Hughes Mr. E. W. Nun Mr. Edward B. Wallace, Jr.
Mr. James H. Davis Dr. Teri Lea Chandler-Purcell and Mr. and Mrs. Graham T. Hunt Mrs. Mary Nygren Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Weir
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy De Leon Mr. John M. Purcell Mr. and Mrs. Jim Huntington Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ormsby Mr. and Mrs. Keith Weisz
Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Ted Chanock Mr. and Mrs. David Immenschuh O'Shea Company's Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Westhoff
Ms. Marietta Ethier and Mr. John Mr. and Mrs. Don Chapman Mrs. Ann R. Jacobson Ms. Phyllis Oswald Mr. James Whitworth
McGarry Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Chase Mr. and Mrs. Howard T. Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Lambert B. Ott, Jr. The Hon. and Mrs. John
Mr. and Mrs. Andy L. Fordemwalt Ms. Patricia Chasnoff Mr. and Mrs. John Jennings Mr. and Mrs. I. I. Ozar Wildenthal
Mr. and Mrs. J. Peter Gattermeir Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Childress Mrs. Judith C. Johnson Pasadena Community Foundation Professor Caroline H. Wilkins
Ms. Melissa Green Mr. and Mrs. Earl P. Cleveland Mr. Stephen B. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Moritz Pick Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Wolf
Ms. Hortense Greenley Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Cobb Mr. and Mrs. Bill Johnston Mr. William R. Piper Wyrsch, Hobbs, Mirakian & Lee, P.C.
Mrs. Sally M. Hands Mr. Jules Cohen Mr. Geoffrey Jolley Dr. and Mrs. Donald Potts Mrs. Fanny F. Yarmo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kraner Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Cohen Dr. and Mrs. Harry S. Jonas Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas K. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Yonke
The Hon. and Mrs. Michael W. Mr. and Mrs. Sanford L. Cohn Ms. Susan Kahn Mrs. Marion L. Price
Manners Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Costello Mr. and Mrs. George E. Kapke Price Waterhouse Coopers $99 and Below
Mr. George Manos Mr. Lawrence U. Costiglio Mr. and Mrs. Ward A. Katz Mr. and Mrs. Jackson P. Mr. Everett Och and Ms. Teresa
Mitchell Capital Management Mr. and Mrs. Robert Counsell, Jr. Mr. William T. Paulic and Ms. Ravenscroft Abramowski
Company Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Couper Barbara L. Kay Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Reed Mr. Tom Adams and Dr. Carol
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Owens Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Mr. and Mrs. James Kelly Mr. and Mrs. David N. Revier Jackson Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pack Cronemeyer Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Rich Ms. Carol A. Deakyne and Mr.
Park University Mr. and Mrs. Stan Crumbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Breene M. Kerr Mrs. Marilyn P. Rinker John E. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schmitt Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner Davis Kimak's Pest Control, Inc. Riverside Transport, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Ahmad Akbari
Dr. Blanche E. Sosland Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davison Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kirkpatrick Ms. Mary Roe Ms. Joan Alders
Stepp & Rothwell, Inc. Mrs. Betty J. Dawson Dr. Robert E. Kleiger Ms. Mildred W. Roesler-Ryan Mr. and Mrs. John E. Alldredge
Truman Heartland Community Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Derrough Mr. and Mrs. John P. Knable, II Mr. and Mrs. Scott Roley Dr. and Mrs. William C. Allen
Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Merle Deterding Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Kraft Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Ronan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William L. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome T. Wolf Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Devine Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kurtz Dr. Miriam Rosenn Mr. William W. Allen
Mr. Michael B. Downey Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kutler Mr. and Mrs. William M. Roth Mr. Freeman E. Alsop
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Dukas Dr. and Mrs. Burnell Landers Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Rothschild Mr. and Mrs. Francis Amoroso
The Duke Energy Foundation Judge Donald H. Lane Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Rubel Mr. and Mrs. Dean Andersen
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Eckels Mr. and Mrs. Len Lauer Mr. Ernest Rubenstein Mr. and Mrs. David W. Anderson

12 Tr uman Librar y Institute – 2006 Annual Repor t

Mrs. Davie B. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Randy C. Brown Mr. Rick Criss Mr. Byron W. Eaton Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Gibson, Jr.
Mr. Donald D. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Brown Mr. and Mrs. Darrell A. Cross Ms. Cynthia G. Edwards and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gilbertson
Mr. Eric Anderson Mr. Theodore Brown, Jr. Mr. Michael S. Crowe, Sr. Kevin Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Gilmartin
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd F. Anderson Mrs. Wanda A. Brown The Honorable and Mrs. G. L. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm L. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ginsburg
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn M. Anderson Judge Wesley E. Brown Crystal Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Edwards Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Glenn
Mrs. C. J. Anderton Ms. Johanna Ginsberg and Mr. Mrs. Regina Smith Culver Mr. Mark Eggert Dr. and Mrs. John P. Glennon
Anonymous Cash Gifts Mark Brownstein Mr. and Mrs. C. Leroy Cundiff Ms. Bella Ruth Ehrenpreis Mr. Steven D. Goers
Mr. William T. Anton, III Ms. Louise Bruce Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Cunniff Mr. and Mrs. George L. Eib Mr. and Mrs. Tom Goldberg
Ms. Christine Arentson Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bruner, Jr. Mr. W. Frank Cunningham Dr. and Mrs. Gustave Eisemann Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goldstein
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. James Brunkhardt Trooper and Mrs. Albert Curley Mr. Mark Eisemann Mr. and Mrs. Jacobo Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Atha, Jr. Mr. Jeffrey Bruns Mr. and Mrs. John T. Curry and Ms. Leslie Mark Mr. Allan L. Goode
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Atwood Mr. Richard W. Bryant Mr. Art Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Elarton Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Goodell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Aylward Mr. Frank L. Buchan Mrs. C.I. (Catherine) Curtis The Hon. and Mrs. Mike Eliason Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Goodpasture
Mr. Daniel Bachkin Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Buck Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Daddona Mr. Robert L. Eller and Prof. Craufurd D. Goodwin
Dr. B. Joyce Bailey Mr. and Mrs. James P. Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Don Dagenais Ms. Mary Vincent Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne M. Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Baker Mrs. Sally N. Bueno Ms. Patricia A. Yamate and Mr. Dr. Susan Ellis Mr. Jerome L. Goolsby
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Balducchi Mr. Lon Bumgarner William J. Daly Mr. and Mrs. William S. Embury Mr. Sam A. Gordon
Ms. Judith M. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Chester P. Buras Mr. and Mrs. William H. Danforth Mrs. Olga M. Engel Ms. Patricia L. Gore
Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund Balka Mr. and Mrs. Russell Burge Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Danner Mr. John English Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Gose
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Bardsley Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Burnup Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Dauer Mr. Gregory E. Eufinger, Jr. Mr. Dan Gould
Mr. and Mrs. Lee B. Barewin Mrs. Beulah J. Burrus Mrs. and Mr. Chris Davidson ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc Dr. and Mrs. Henry F. Graff
Mr. Robert C. Barkhurst Mr. and Mrs. Riley L. Burrus Mr. and Mrs. James C. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Farmer Mr. and Mrs. Hugh G. Graff
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Barry Dr. and Mrs. V. Frederick Burry, Jr. Mr. Chris L. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Dr. and Mrs. Keith G. Grafing
Dr. and Mrs. Harold F. Bass, Jr. Mr. Scott Buzard Major and Mrs. Douglas J. Davis Farnsworth Ms. Betty G. Funk and Corporal
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Bastin Dr. Elwyn L. Cady, Jr. Mr. Kenneth P. Davis Judge and Mrs. Arthur B. John R. Graves
Mr. Robert S. Bates Mr. Jerry F. Caligiuri Mr. and Mrs. Dean Davison Federman Mr. and Mrs. Allen H. Green
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Bates Mr. and Mrs. James C. Callinan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dean Dr. and Mrs. Michael Fedotin Mr. and Mrs. Norman Green
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Batson Drs. Greta and Marvin Camel Mrs. Edna H. Deaton Mr. and Mrs. David E. Feiereisen Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Green
Mrs. Joan E. Bauer Mrs. Cynthia M. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Decker Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Mr. Seymour D. Greenstone
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Bayer Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Campbell Professor and Mrs. Wayne L. Feiereisen Mr. Edward D. Greim
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bazer Dr. and Mrs. Robin R. Canterbury Decker Mr. and Mrs. David E. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. James M. Grenier
Mr. Gerald L. Bearden Mr. Daniel J. Carden Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dees Mr. Michael P. Ferrell Mr. and Mrs. C. Philip Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Billy J. Beaver Ms. Judith Ann Carey Mr. and Mrs. Royce D. Delmatier Dr. Robert H. Ferrell Ms. A. Jeannette Grimme
Dr. Stephen V. Beck Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Carrozzo Mr. John H. Dengler Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ferro Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Guetlich
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Beikman Ms. Jill Carter Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas E. DeNigris Mr. David Fidler Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gulick
Mr. David M. Bell Ms. Chelsea Cassell Mr. and Mrs. Barry Denslow Mr. O. W. Fillerup Dr. and Mrs. Milton O. Gustafson
Ms. Nancy P. Bemis Mr. and Mrs. Jim W. Cassidy Ms. Carolyn M. Detillier Mrs. Betty T. Finkelstein Mr. Warren Hagel
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Cauthen Ms. Nancy J. Hohmann and Mr. Ms. Marjorie Finley Mr. and Mrs. Hubert D. Hagen
Dr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Bergman Mr. Earl K. Cavanah David H. Dexter Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Fischer Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Hagen
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Berkley Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Cerrell Mr. Nicholas A. Di Blasio Mr. Roger Fisher Ms. Norma R. Hagerty
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Berlacher Mr. Wayne Chaney Mr. and Mrs. Carl DiCapo Ms. Lora Hackman Fitzgerald Mr. Stephen J. Haggerty
Mr. Charles M. Berlau Mr. and Mrs. Archie D. Chelseth Mr. and Mrs. Leo D. Dickey Mr. and Mrs. Paul Flam Mr. Wayne A. Haglund
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Bertoncin Mr. Jesse L. Childers Mr. and Mrs. David F. Dickson Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mr. Fred J. Hahn
Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Bertram, Jr. Mr. Leo M. Chop Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Dillingham Fleischhauer Msgr. James David Hahn
Mr. Daniel Besser Mr. Mark E. Chop Mrs. Martha Dillman Mrs. Jacqueline S. Fleschman Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hahs
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Bettlach Mrs. Ernest Christen Mrs. Virginia Dimmel Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Fleschman Ms. Jessica L. Hale
Mr. and Mrs. C. Glenn Betts Mr. and Mrs. Eric H. Christenson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Dinneen Dr. and Mrs. Barry L. Flinchbaugh Mr. Richard E. Hale
Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Bilen Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Ms. Amy Disch FLM Industries, Inc. Mr. C. Francis Hales
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bills Christiansen Mr. Terry Gratz and Ms. Erica A. Mr. and Mrs. Marion B. Foley Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hall
Mr. Alan Black Mr. and Mrs. Paul Christiansen Dobreff The Hon. and Mrs. Donald R. Ford Dr. and Mrs. Alonzo L. Hamby
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Black Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Chronister Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Doering Mr. and Mrs. A. Warren Francis Ms. Gretchen W. Hamilton
Mr. Maynard M. Blackwood Prof. Anna Cienciala Mr. and Mrs. Alan Doft Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Francis Mr. and Mrs. G. Dale Hammel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Blaney Mrs. Doris L. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Youngsik Dokko Ms. Randi Frank Mr. and Mrs. Major D. Hammett
Ms. Betty D. Blatt Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clark, Jr. Mrs. Shirley C. Donaldson Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Franklin Mr. and Mrs. David Hammond
Ms. Flora Blythe Mr. Joe H. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Donath, The Hon. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mr. Lee Haney
Mr. Walter J. Bobkiewicz, III Mr. and Mrs. John W. Clark Ed.D. Frawley Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hanks
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bolian Ms. Susan Clark Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Donath Mrs. Helen L. French Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Hanover
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Booth Mr. and Mrs. William M. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Donnelly Prof. and Mrs. Richard M. Fried Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hanson
Mr. Rick Borges Mr. Scott Clemens Mrs. Mary C. Doohan Mr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Fried Mr. and Mrs. George A. Hanson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Borthwick Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Clemons Rev. Adrienne M. Dorfman and Dr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Friedland Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Hargett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bosben Ms. Kolyn N. Cochran Mr. Lee H. Dorfman Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Claude S. Harkins
Mr. Leslie P. Boston Mrs. Mary C. Cofer Mr. Craig Doty Ms. Luella E. Friend Mr. and Mrs. James C. Harlan
Ms. Diana K. Boylls Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Coffey Mr. and Mrs. William Douglas David and Carolyn Fulk Mr. and Mrs. David T. Harold
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Branch Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Cohn Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Downing Dr. Connel R. Fullenkamp Mr. and Mrs. David A. Harrington
Mr. Douglas M. Brattebo Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Cohn Mr. and Mrs. George M. Drew Mr. and Mrs. Neil O. Fuller Dr. Connie K. Harris
Dr. Walter Brayman Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd M. Cole Mr. Walter V. Duane Mrs. Henrietta M. Fullerton Ms. Elaine Harris
Rev. and Mrs. Robert A. Brennan Ms. Bernice I. Coleman Mr. John R. Duck Mr. and Mrs. Rick E. Fullerton Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Bresette Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Connelly The Hon. and Mrs. Michael S. Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gall Mrs. Jane E. Hartnett
Mr. Walter C. Bridgewater Mr. Irving Cooper Dukakis Mr. and Mrs. Dan W. Gallagher Ms. Margaret F. Hartzell
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Bright Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Copher Mr. and Mrs. Terry Dunlap Dr. Robert E. Gamer Mr. Thomas A. Harz
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan E. Brockman Mr. Steven Cordell Dr. Marvin I. Dunn The Hon. and Mrs. Jack E. Gant Mr. and Mrs. Wendell R. Hathhorn
Mrs. Ellen Broderick Ms. Therese A. Ciolek and Mr. Ms. Phyllis Holter Dunn Mrs. Jane Gardner Mrs. Judith A. Hauck
Dr. Mark J. Brodkey George S. Cornish Mr. Mark Durbin Mr. and Mrs. Edward Geisel Dr. Jerzy Hauptmann
Ms. Elsie Brolan Mr. Edward Covalesk Dr. and Mrs. James R. Durig Mrs. Lawrence E. Gelfand Dr. William E. Hauser
Mrs. Betty M. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Hardin C. Cox Ms. Marjorie K. Durkee Dr. and Mrs. Frank Genovese Mrs. Margaret J. Hausheer
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Brown Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Cox The Hon. and Mrs. Gary D. Mrs. Eloise Gentry Mr. and Mrs. John K. Hayden
Mr. and Mrs. David Brown Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Craig Dusenberg Ms. Arlene F. Gerhard Norris Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry G. Brown Mr. Gary A. Craighead Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Dusing Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Gershon Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Heacock
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Brown Mrs. Eugenia R. Crain Mr. William S. Eastberg Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Getman Mr. and Mrs. Danny Head
Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Brown Mr. and Mrs. George F. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Lowell H. Easter Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Gibbs Drs. James and Maridella Heiman

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Ms. Olga K. Heisler Ambassador and Mr. and Mrs. William F. Liddle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Milburn B. Mein Mrs. Mary E. Paschall
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Hempy Mrs. Philip M. Kaiser Mr. Ben Likens Mr. and Mrs. William J. Memmer Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pashen
Mr. Thomas Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kaluza Ms. Barbara Lindau Mr. and Mrs. Jay Menitove Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Patinkin
Mrs. Paul H. Henson Mr. and Mrs. Max M. Kampelman Brig. Gen. Beverly S. Lindsey Ms. Kay Menzel Ms. Marilyn P. Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hering Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kander Dr. Malcolm E. Linville, Jr. Dr. George L. Meshke Mr. and Mrs. William J. Patterson
Heritage Petroleum, Inc. Mr. Donald H. Kane Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Lipsky Mr. Harold Metts Ms. Heather N. Paxton
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Herman Dr. Julius M. Kantor Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Liska Mrs. Edith C. Metzgar Mr. and Mrs. William C. Paxton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Herndon Mr. Theodore E. Kapala Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mr. and Mrs. Martin Michel Mr. Charles J. Payer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hersh Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Kapell Lombardozzi Col. Paul L. Miles Mr. H. Scott Peck
Mr. John Hersker Mrs. Florence Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lorimer Mr. and Mrs. Droste D. Milledge, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Pecorara
Mr. Albert A. Owen and Ms. Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Z. Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lorimer Mr. Elynor A. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Chester J. Pelka
Juarenne Hester Mr. and Mrs. Sidney M. Karsh Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Loven Mr. and Mrs. Bill Miller Cpt. Robert C. Peniston, USN
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Heuertz Mr. and Ms. Stanley Katz Mr. and Mrs. John D. Lowrey Mrs. Harold B. Miller (Ret.)
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Hewitt Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Keeland Mr. and Mrs. Dean S. Lucal Mr. Timothy W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Perdue
Mr. Brian Hickingbottom Ms. Joyce L. Keeler Mr. John C. Lucey Dr. Wilbur H. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Perelson
Ms. Doris M. Hickson Ms. Nancy Schuyler and Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Luetjen Mr. and Mrs. Gary Million Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Higgins, III Mr. Donel C. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mills Mr. and Mrs. Jerome S. Peters
Ms. Joan Hilger-Mullen Mr. Duane B. Kelly Luhnow, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Mills Ms. Patricia A. Peters
Mrs. James T. Hill, Jr. Mr. Frank J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Dick Lujin Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Mines Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Peters
Mrs. Helen L. Hilliard Mr. Stephen D. Kelly Mrs. Lily Lumpp Dr. Franklin D. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Colvin A. Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar G. Hinde, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Glenn T. Lunceford Mr. and Mrs. James P. Mitchell Dr. Jody L. Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hines Mr. Robert C. Protho and Mr. Ms. Sharon Lund Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Mnookin Mr. Dennis M. Pettit
Mr. Jerome W. Hirsch Christopher Kerecman Mr. Ardell A. Lunda Mr. and Mrs. Elton M. Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Peyton
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hitesman Mr. John L. Kerr Ms. Lou Ann Wewetzer and Mr. Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Cary Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hix Mr. and Mrs. Johnny F. Kessler, Jr. Larry L. Lunda Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Moody, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Piazza
Mrs. Pat Hobbs Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kilker Mr. Glenn S. Lunden Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Moore Mr. and Mrs. David N. Pickerill
Mr. Gordon S. Hodgkins Mr. and Mrs. Kurt L. Killen Mr. and Mrs. Loren F. Lundy Mrs. Waunita B. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Pierce
Mrs. Colene S. Hoffman Mr. Robert K. Kirkendall Dr. and Mrs. Harold H. Lurie Dr. Robert Morantz and Ms. Mr. and Mrs. Ossean E. Pierson
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Hogarty Mrs. Mary A. Klarman Mr. and Mrs. Franklin R. Lyon Marsha Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Pistilli
Mr. Richard G. Hollow Mr. and Mrs. D. Jack Klein Dr. Jim MacLean Dr. and Mrs. J. Harold Morris Mr. and Mrs. Nick L. Pizzichino
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M. Hollub Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Klein Mr. Robert A. Maddox Ms. Kay D. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Ploeger
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Holton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kleinman Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Madison Mr. and Mrs. John W. Morrison, III Dr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Poch
Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Holzle Mrs. Ruth I. Knee Mr. and Mrs. Dale Maginness Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Moser Dr. and Mrs. Monte M. Poen
Mr. James Homan Mr. Harry F. Knight Mr. and Mrs. John W. Maher Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mueller Dr. and Mrs. Jim C. Pogue
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R. Hope, Jr. Mr. John Gilluly and Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Mahurin Mr. and Mrs. Jerold W. Mullins Mrs. Dixie Pollard
Ms. Gerlinde Hopkins Mrs. Grace Kohan Dr. and Mrs. James T. Main, Sr. Mr. John Murphy Ms. Adena Potok
Ms. Cindy Horn Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Koirtyohann Mr. John A. Makar Ms. Carol Ice and Mr. and Mrs. George E. Powell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex R. Horowitz Mrs. Margaret Koontz Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Mallin Mr. Stephen L. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Richardson K. Powell
Mrs. Jane Howard Mr. and Mrs. Mark Koontz Mr. and Mrs. John F. Maloney Ms. Elizabeth A. Myers Mr. Douglas R. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Kopke Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Malott Mr. Gerard S. Naples Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Price, II
Mr. and Mrs. John Howe Ms. Irene Kovac Timothy Malpede Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Napolitan Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Prosser
Mr. and Mrs. John Howland Mr. and Mrs. W. Keith Krambeck Mr. and Mrs. Ecton R. Manning Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Naylor CDR and Mrs. Gerald P. Pulley,
Mr. George C. Hubel Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kraner Mr. and Mrs. Ken C. Manqueros Mr. Ronald R. Neal (Retired)
Mr. David M. Huckett Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Kranitz Mr. Tom Manson and Mrs. Virginia F. Neff Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Putt
Mrs. Bernadette Dumas Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kratchman Rev. Frances Manson Mr. and Mrs. Jerome S. Nerman Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pyster
Mr. Vernon Huff Mr. Eric M. Kratty Mr. Daniel Marcus and Dr. Maeva Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Neuse Dr. James R. Ralph, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Huhmann Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Kraus Marcus Dr. Robert P. Newman Mr. Carlos Ramos-Mrosovsky
Mr. J. Wells Hull Mr. Robert H. Kringe Mr. and Mrs. Ross P. Marine Mr. and Mrs. John V. Nicholson Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Raney
Mr. Douglass Hunt Mr. Sid Kross Ms. Celine R. Mariotti Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Nickle Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Rausch
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Huot Ms. Anna B. Kurzweil Mr. Edward E. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Nicks, Jr. Mr. John A. Rauschkolb
Mr. and Mrs. Don Hutchinson Mr. Robert P. Kuster Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Marshall Mr. Paul Niewrzel Mr. and Mrs. B. John Readey, III
Ms. Mary Kay Ingenthron Ms. Barbara M. Kuzdzol Mrs. Marjorie N. Martin Ms. Laura D. Nolte Ms. Mary Sue Reagan
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Ireland Mr. Leo R. La Pierre Mr. and Mrs. John T. Massman Dr. Henrietta Spencer and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Reakes
Mr. and Mrs. Arlan L. Irwin Professor Virginia J. Laas Mr. J. Randall Mast Michael Norton Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Reasoner
Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Irwin Mr. Philip D. Lagerquist Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Matheny, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin K. Nunnink Ms. Anne Ford Rector
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Laitner, Jr. Ms. Dee Mathews Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Connor The Hon. and
Mr. and Mrs. Vernie E. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Lakin Mr. Joseph L. Matz Mr. Brian O'Donnell Mrs. Edward C. Reed, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Jaffe Mr. and Mrs. Sanders R. Lambert, Jr. Ms. Barbara Ann Maxwell Dr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Offer Dr. and Mrs. R. Douglas Reed
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Jahnz, Jr. Mrs. Leona G. Lambert-Suchet Mr. and Mrs. Paul McCarron Mr. James R. Ogle, Jr. The Hon. and Mrs. Don Reimal
Dr. and Mrs. William J. James Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Langford Mr. and Mrs. Brian McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. David O'Hagan The Hon. and
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jancek Mr. and Mrs. Asher C. Mrs. Doris A. McCartney Ms. Karen DeLuccie and Mr. Mrs. James R. Reinhard
Ms. Adell J. Janzen Langworthy, Jr. Mrs. Margaret S. McCausland Joseph F. O'Hara Mr. and Mrs. James E. Remer
Ms. Suzanne P. Jebe Dr. James E. Larson Ms. Kay L. Retzlaff and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Oliver Mr. and Mrs. Terry Rennack
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Jeffries Mr. and Mrs. Orville Larson Thomas R. McCord Mr. Duane R. Olsen Mr. Dave Jackson and
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Lass Ms. Mary Alice McDermott Dr. and Mrs. James C. Olson Mr. Jack Rennekamp
Ms. Fern T. Jessee Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Latare Mr. and Mrs. William J. McDonald Mr. Ted Olson Mr. Loren D. Reuter
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Johns Mrs. Betty F. Tatom and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. L. S. McDowell Mrs. James C. Olson Dr. and Mrs. Paul Revare
Ms. Wendy Frieman and Lawrence G. Latimer Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. McFarlane Mr. and Mrs. Bjorn E. Olsson Mr. James P. Reynolds
Dr. David E. Johnson Ms. Pamela M. Lautsch Mrs. Anne McGee Ms. Judi O'Neill-Boothe Dr. and Mrs. James B. Rhoads
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Leaman Mrs. Joseph J. McGee, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Ortbals Mrs. Anita J. Rhodes
Dr. Niel M. Johnson Mr. Jeffery Leathers McHenry and Rice, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Oshin Ms. Kimberlee N. Ried
Mr. Rolly Johnson, Jr. Dr. Bryan LeBeau Ms. JoAnn McInnes Mr. and Mrs. Claude T. Owen Col. and Mrs. John Riffle, USAF
Mr. Timothy Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. LeBlanc Ms. Susan McKellar Ms. Barbara Paddock and (Retired)
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Jonathan Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. LeDuc Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McKiernan Mr. Jordan Sprechman Ms. Leslie R. Riggs
Mr. John P. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Lee Mrs. Priscilla J. McMillan Mr. Uldis J. Palde Dr. and Mrs. Ted Rights
Ms. Paula L. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Myung Woong Lee Ms. Connie McQuain Mrs. Matti Palluconi Rear Admiral and Mrs. J.T. Riker
Mr. R. Michael Jones Mr. Meyer Lerner Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. McShane, Jr. Mr. Kent I. Palmer Ms. Karen Roberts
Mr. Edward Junk Dr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Lessig Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Meade Mr. and Mrs. Emory C. Parks Mr. Steven L. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Oskar Kaaring Mr. and Mrs. James D. Lewis Ms. Lucinda S. Holmes and Mr. Mrs. Patricia A. Parr Dr. David Brian Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kahn Mr. and Mrs. William W. Lewis Clifford Meek Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Parrish Ms. Patricia L. Robins

14 Tr uman Librar y Institute – 2006 Annual Repor t

Mr. Arthur R. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sherry Mr. and Mrs. David Stevenson Ms. Ruth R. Traurig Mr. Frank P. Wilfley, Jr.
Mr. Beauford W. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Sherwood Mr. William T. Stewart, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Truman Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Williams
Prof. David K. Robinson Mr. Ira Shesser Mr. and Mrs. R. James Stilley, Jr. Mr. Bonnie B. Turner Mr. John H. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. David Shipman Mr. and Mrs. Donivan Stogsdill Mr. Daniel E. Uscian Mrs. Lillie B. Williams
Mrs. Virginia Rodriguez Mr. David A. Shipp Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stokes Mr. and Mrs. Grant T. Van Duzee Rev. and Mrs. Robert R. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rogers Mr. Jim Shippee Rev. and Mrs. Richard J. Stokey, Sr. Mr. Rutger Van Dyk Ms. Roberta M. Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Rogolsky Ms. Betty A. Shockley Mr. and Mrs. Steven Streen Dr. Lisa Vansaghi and Ms. Margie Willis
Mr. Raymond H. Rondeau Dr. A. Louis Shor Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Strickland Mr. Tom Vansaghi Mr. Martin Willman
Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow S. Rooklin Ms. Margaret E. Shouse Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Veis Mr. and Mrs. David C. Wilson
Ms. Sherrill L. Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Shrout Strickland Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Vest Mr. Paul Wilson
Mr. Peter Kretzmer and Mr. and Mrs. De Witt C. Shrout Mr. Robert E. L. Strider, II Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Veta Mr. and Mrs. Htain Win
Ms. Deborah S. Rosenberg Mrs. Leona Shulkind Mr. and Mrs. Shirley E. Strnad Mr. George P. Viegelmann, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Windsor
Dr. and Mrs. Gene Ross Mr. Timothy Shull Mr. John J. Strode Mr. and Mrs. Joel D. Vile Dr. Betty H. Winfield and
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Mr. and Mrs. Austin F. Shute Mr. Paul K. Stuewe and Mr. and Mrs. George P. Vogt, Jr. Dr. Barry Hyman
Rostenberg Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Siegler Ms. Beth Wasson Ms. Nancy Volpe Mr. and Mrs. James W. Winfrey
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Royster Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd T. Silver, Jr. Mr. Daniel P. Subacz Mr. and Mrs. James M. Voss Col. and Dr. Arthur C. Winn
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Rubin Ms. Margaret A. Simmons Mr. and Mr. Bertrum J. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. William A. Voss Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Wishna
Mr. David A. Rubio Mr. and Mrs. Jake M. Simonitsch Ms. Lisa A. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wacknov Mr. Charles R. Wittig
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Rucereto Mr. James D. Sims Mr. and Mrs. James L. Sundquist Dr. and Mrs. William O. Wagnon, Jr. Mr. John L. Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Rupp Dr. and Mrs. W. Christian Ms. Patricia Petre Surber Mrs. Virginia L. Walinow Ms. Judith Wolman
Mr. Siegfried Ruschin Sizemore Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Sutton Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Woods
Mr. Douglas R. Rushing Dr. and Mrs. Max J. Skidmore Mr. and Mrs. Norman Swails Mr. Stefan Wallgren and Ms. Dr. Sandra L. Woodside
Ms. Mary Russell Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Slater Prof. Martha H. Swain Lorna Brosio Wallgren Mr. William H. Woodson
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Rutledge Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Slegman Dr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Swaney The Wally Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jonah Wright
Dr. Sara L. Sale Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. John H. Walsh Dr. Mary Wurtz and
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Salmon Mr. and Mrs. J. Randolph Smith Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Mrs. Marilyn F. Walz Mr. Robert Thompson
Mr. Robert T. Salsman Smith Brown Jones Sweeny Dr. Nancy E. Warner Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Wyatt
The Hon. and Mrs. Darline C. Smith Mrs. Martha Ann Swoyer Mr. and Ms. Eric L. Watkins Ms. H. Irene Wyatt
Mrs. Stanley J. Salva Mr. Donald L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. David R. Sylvan Dr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Waxman Mr. and Mrs. John M. Wylie, II
Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Salz Dr. and Mrs. Harold F. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Harold H. Sylwester Mr. Jeffrey R. Wayne Dr. Kathleen Xidis
Mr. David M. Santoli Ms. Pam Smith Mr. Marvin S. Szneler Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Weary Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Yancey
Mr. Robert B. Satterfield The Hon. and Mrs. Philip G. Smith Mr. Edward R. Szynal Mr. and Mrs. Arlen G. Webb Mr. Richard W. Yarling
Cpt. and Mrs. Thomas J. Saul Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Smith Mr. and Mrs. James O. Talbot Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Webb, II Dr. Joseph M. Yasso
Dr. and Mrs. Kurt W. Schake Mr. Russell S. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Duane A. Dr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Weber Mr. and Mrs. John E. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Mr. Carl T. Solberg Tananbaum Dr. and Mrs. Barton Wechsler Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Zalimeni
Schechter Dr. and Mrs. David H. Solomon Mrs. Theodore Tannenwald Mr. Joseph J. Weinrich Dr. Robert L. Zangrando
Mr. Stuart M. Scherer Dr. and Mrs. Warren H. Solomon Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Tanner Mr. and Mrs. Jay Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zeldin
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Schmiedeler Ms. Genevieve A. Soulis Mr. and Mrs. George H. Mr. Ben F. Weir, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stanford A. Zeldin
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Schmiedeler Mr. Peter J. Speca Templeton Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Weir Mr. and Mrs. Miles J. Zeller
Dr. Kenneth Schowengerdt and Mr. John W. Spellman Ms. Sherry S. Templeton Mr. John E. Weir Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Zennario
Dr. Joyce Koenig Mr. and Mrs. Joe Spielbusch Mr. and Mrs. Fred Theiss Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Welborn Ms. Elaine O. Zimmerman
Mr. Jim Schraeder Dr. and Mrs. Wesley B. Spillman Mr. and Mrs. James H. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Karl W. Welch Mr. and Mrs. George Zimmerman
Dr. Rosemary G. Schrepfer Ms. Kimberly J. Spitzig Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Welch Ms. Kimby Zook
Mr. Jim Schroeder and The Hon. Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Spry Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Thornburgh Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Welling Mr. and Mrs. John Zuccotti
Patricia Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Otto M. Spurny Mr. and Mrs. James A. Thornton Dr. and Mrs. William L. Wells
Mr. Michael F. Schuman Mr. and Mrs. Ken Srozinski Dr. and Ms. Timothy N. Thurber Ms. Judith L. Welpman We apologize for any errors or
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Schuman Ms. Jessica L. Nilson and Mr. and Mrs. James P. Tierney Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Wertz omissions. Please send corrections
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Schwab Mr. Paris Stachtiaris Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Titens Mr. and Mrs. Edward West to Kim Rausch, 500 West US Hwy
Mr. and Mrs. John Gregg Scircle, III Mr. and Mrs. Lee E. Stanford Mrs. Marsha M. Titus Mr. and Mrs. Roger Whitaker 24, Independence, MO 64050;
Mr. and Mrs. Rex W. Scouten Mr. James A. Starke Mr. and Mrs. James J. Todd Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. (800) 833-1225, ext. 88237; or
Mr. Richard V. Seaboldt Mr. Raymond Starzmann Mr. Paul R. Tolland Whitcomb kim.rausch@nara.gov.
Dr. Arlene E. Segal Ms. Shirley B. Steinberg Mr. Ronald J. Tomczykowski Mrs. Helen E. White
Mrs. Elizabeth Seippel Mr. and Mrs. George Steincross Mr. and Mrs. Noel Torpey Mr. and Mrs. Jason T. White
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Sellers Mr. Paul M. Steiner Mr. Joseph Touhill and Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. White
Mrs. Anne H. Shalinsky Mr. John A. Stern Dr. Blanche M. Touhill Mrs. Lana White
Mr. Robert Sharp Dr. Landis M. Stetler Mrs. Earlene E. Townsend Dr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Whitley
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Shechter Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Stevens Mrs. Norma M. Trahan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whitten, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Shepard Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Trandahl Ms. Deanna Wiggins

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