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PAVAN KIRITI KAGITALA 469-338-4542 sunil.g@tecreos.com PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: Over 7 years of experience in Application Development using Orac !

! S"L, PL#S"L, and $!%! &'!r F&r() a*+ R!'&r,). Experienced in interacting with Business sers, Business Analyst, !" #eads, Developers and $ystem Analysts to gather and analy%e &usiness re'uirements and translating re'uirements to functional and technical design specifications. $trong (nowledge on &rac ! arc-.,!c,/r! and +a,a0a)! +!).1*2 Excellent conceptual )nowledge of Orac ! 341#331, PL#S"L a*+ S"L2 Experience in Data&ase design using N&r(a .5a,.&* a*+ E#R $.a1ra(). *ich experience in writing S"L 6/!r.!)7 V.!8)7 Ma,!r.a .5!+ %.!8)7 PL#S"L 'r&c!+/r!)7 9/*c,.&*)7 'ac:a1!)7 ,r.11!r)7 c/r)&r)7 c& !c,.&*)7 R!9 c/r)&r7 c/r)&r %ar.a0 !)7 S;),!( r!9!r!*c! c/r)&r7 $;*a(.c S"L2 Experience in developing E<,!r*a Ta0 !)7 =&.*)7 I*+!<!) a*+ )!6/!*c!)2 Experience in 'uery optimi%ation, performance and tuning +,#-$.#/ using S"L Trac!, TKPROF, E<' a.* P a*, I*+!<.*1, >.*,), ?/ : ?.*+)7 ?/ : @& !c,7 @r!a,.&* &9 1 &0a ,!('&rar; ,a0 !) and ,a0 ! 'ar,.,.&*.*1. 0ood )nowledge in using PL#S"L Ara''!r) to protect the ,#-$.# procedures and pac)ages2 Extreme se of !<c!',.&* -a*+ .*1 methods along with Pra1(a E<c!',.&*B.*., in order to associate our own created exception names. Experience in using several &uilt1in data&ase pac)ages such as $?MSB=O?, $?MSBOUTPUT, UTLBFILE, and $?MSBS"L to name a few. Experience in using $?MSBS@>E$ULER to run 2o&s in parallel to improve time1constrained performance. Expertise in loading data from legacy systems using S"LCL&a+!r. 0ood )nowledge in front end development using &rac ! 9&r()#r!'&r,)6.#9.#3412 Experience in creating master detail forms and adding a !r,). Experience in +!' &;.*1 9&r() and r!'&r,) on the we&. Experience in +!%! &'.*1 9&r() &ased on %.!8)7 ,a0 !) a*+ 'r&c!+/r!) in ta&ular and form layouts. Experience in developing &oth 8!0 a;&/, a*+ 'a'!r a; &/, r!'&r,) in various styles &ased on the user re'uirements. Extensively wor)ed with third party data&ase tools li)e TOA$ D PL#S"L $!%! &'!r. $trong )nowledge of E<,rac,.&* Tra*)9&r(a,.&* a*+ L&a+.*1 EETLF 'r&c!))!) using 3!4 shell scripting, $.#, ,#-$.# and $.# #oader. 0ood in cr!a,.*1 /)!r) and maintaining their roles and responsi&ilities. Experience in writing T!c-*.ca +!).1* +&c/(!*,) a*+ +!%! &'.*1 /*., ,!), +&c/(!*,)2 Experience with coding in 5ore 6ava, 6$, 7 $ervlets and 8"9#. $trong interpersonal s)ills, a&ility to interact with people at all levels. 0ood communication and presentation s)ills. TE@>NI@AL SKILLS: $a,a0a)!) Scr.',.*1 GUI La*1/a1!) T&& ) A'' .ca,.&*) O'!ra,.*1 S;),!() : Oracle :i-;i-<=g-<<g, $.# $erver, 9$ Access. : $.#, 3!4 $hell $cripting and 6ava$cript. : Oracle >orms ?i-;i-<=g and *eports ?i-;i-<=g and @B. : 5, 5AA, ,#$.#, 8"9#, 5O*E 6A@A, 3!4 $hell scripting. : $.# Developer, $.# 3avigator, "OAD, $.# plus, E*B!3. : 9$ Office and 9$ @isio. : Bindows 7, Bindows @ista, 4,, 3!4, #inux.

E$U@ATION AN$ @ERTIFI@AITON: Bachelors of "echnology in 5omputer $cience from 63" niversity, !ndia.

PROFESSIONAL EGPERIEN@E: A! ) Far1& - @-ar &,,!7 N@ Orac ! PL#S"L $!%! &'!r $!c 2432 H Pr!)!*,

Pr&I!c, $!)cr.',.&*: E5a* +Enterprise 5ollection and *ecovery/C Bor)ing as a mem&er of large scale development team, on the E5a* application. E5a* is having several line of Business +#OB/ li)e $8AB +8ome E'uityC e'uity 7,59C non1e'uity/, >DE +>irst Data Extract/, and 5ard $ervices. "he day to day operations of the E5a* include trac)ing of the lending grid for the entire #OBDs and formulating collections-recovery platform which was done &y integrating the &ac)end oracle development with the front end 2ava and power &uilder. Along with this the &ac) end is responsi&le for generating and transfer of all the necessary files in 3O,$-DO,$ each of which is accounta&le for different financial operations li)e +9A!#, #E""E*$, *E5O@E*E, D!A#E* trac)ing etc./ ."he entire application is process driven and is implemented and tested successfully from the front end app at each development stage and successfully deployed to live. R!)'&*).0. .,.!): *esponsi&le for transforming the Business re'uirements into F/*c,.&*a )'!c) a*+ ,!c-*.ca +!).1* +&c/(!*,)2 5reating and maintaining data&ase o&2ects li)e Ta0 !)7 V.!8)7 I*+!<!)7 @&*),ra.*,)7 S!6/!*c!)7 .*+!<!), Tr.11!r)7 1ra*,) a*+ S;*&*;()2 5reating 'ac:a1!)7 'r&c!+/r!)7 9/*c,.&*) to meet the re'uirements. 9aintaining and supporting all the data&ase changes throughout the lifecycle. !nvolved in various +a,a c&*%!r).&*) that are necessary for the application using ,#-$.# advanced topics li)e ?/ : @& !c,, F&r A 2 !nvolved in writing appropriate @/r)&r), R!9 c/r)&r), @& !c,.&*), R!c&r+) for accessing complex data resulted from 2oining of large num&er of ta&les. 5hec)ing the performance of the overall application and ,/*! the S"L "/!r.!) and '!r9&r(a*c! ,/*.*1 of the data&ase where exactly it is necessary using TKPROF and !<' a.* ' a*. Bor)ed with S"L &a+!r7 5reated c&*,r& 9. ! )cr.',) to dump the data in to the mapping ta&les and process the data accordingly. !nvolved in writing of pac)ages to handle and process the messages using A" oracle advanced 'ueues. Bor)ed with UTLBFILE to write the files. !nvolved in generating new files, modifying or updating the existing files as needed and monitoring them if they are successful during 3O,$-DO,$. "horoughly involved in /*., ,!),.*1, creating unit test documents and involve in peer reviews, code reviews, follow ups and status updates to closely monitor the development throughout its life cycle. 5onstantly trac)ing the defects logged &y the testing teams and &usiness using !B9 5lear .uest tool and wor)ing on the defect fixes through the release. @alidating all the data&ase changes with %a .+a,.&* )cr.',) when the changes are moved to different environments and supporting them. Adapt to multiple roles &y assisting &usiness teams in Oracle, 6ava, power &uilder and mentoring team mem&ers. E*%.r&*(!*,: Oracle <<g, $.#, ,#$.#7 ,#-$.# developer, "OAD, Bindows 4,.

Pr.&r.,; >!a ,--Gra*+ ra'.+)7 MI Orac ! PL#S"L +!%! &'!r

A/1 2432- $!c 2432

Pr&I!c, $!)cr.',.&*: 9ichigan1&ased ,riority 8ealth offers group health insurance plans and options for individual and family medical plans. *is) Ad2ustment processing system +*A,$/ is an application which provides solutions in the 9edicare Encounter su&missions space in $ 8ealthcare. *A,$ is the internally created application for proper collection, store, and su&mit client encounter data to 5enter for 9edicare 7 9edicaid $ervices and perform error corrections on 8ierarchical 5ondition 5odes of 9edicare advantage mem&er conditions to accurately reflect health plan reim&ursement. "he main focus was to )eep trac) of monitoring and generating reports of the claims to the financial department. R!)'&*).0. .,.!)C ,rovided production support and resolved production issues in a timely and efficient manner. *esponsi&le for gathering &usiness process information and reviewing functional re'uirements. !nteracted with the &usiness users or customers and collected the re'uirements that are re'uired for solving issues. *esponsi&le for design review, unit level testing, 9odule level testing and Application testing. @erified )c-!+/ !r I&0), &1) and 8!!: ; r!'&r, for discrepancies and inconsistencies to ensure accuracy of data in the data&ase. ,repared $ML )cr.',) as a part of testing various modules that are &eing modified and also created $$L )cr.',) that are re'uired for the updates on the applications. !nvolved in development of oracle &ac)1end o&2ects li)e +a,a0a)! ,r.11!r)7 V.!8)7 G &0a T!('&rar; ,a0 !)7 $? L.*:)7 S!6/!*c!) a*+ S;*&*;()2 >ixing the pro&lems in ,#-$.# code and escalating the issues in severe cases to the development and other support teams a&out possi&le impact on the application functionality. 5omplex ,#-$.# 'r&c!+/r!) and 9/*c,.&*) and 'ac:a1!) are developed to adhere to the specifications of the application. ,erformed $.# and ,#-$.# tuning and Application tuning using various tools li)e E<' a.* P a*, TK'r&9, A/,&,rac! and $?MSBAPPLI@ATIONBINFO2 !nvolved in "rou&leshooting performance issues and &ugs within pac)ages and stored procedures using d&msFoutput and explain plan. Developed 9aster Detail r!'&r,) in *eports <=g to meet the re'uirements of end users within the system. Designed and modified various user interface data entry forms, complex and template forms in >orms <=g. 3!4, ,erl, >orms <=g, *eports <=g,

E*%.r&*(!*,: Oracle <<g, $.#, ,#-$.#, $.# developer, "OAD, Bindows 7 and $.# ,lus.

ATDT H A, a*,a7 GA A'r 2432 H=/ ; 2432 Orac ! PL#S"L +!%! &'!r Pr&I!c, $!)cr.',.&*C "he pro2ect involved in implementing domaining of $ession Based ,ricing of the customer data&ase. Distri&ute the application schemas evenly across the customer data&ase, to increase scala&ility, create consistent resource utili%ation across the nodes comprising that d& cluster splitting the

provisioning schema $B,FB# into multiple schemas using su&scri&er homing indicator. Domaining the schemas across oracle instance +nodes and !nstance used interchangea&ly/, with each instance servicing two schemas each . tili%ing all the oracle instance to process the provisioning re'uest and achieve &alanced resource utili%ation, allowing scala&ility and &etter performance throughput. R!)'&*).0. .,.!)C Analy%ed the &usiness re'uirements of the pro2ect &y studying the Business *e'uirement $pecification document and prepared data dictionary document. 5reated different )c-!(a) and (a.*,a.*!+ )c-!(a &0I!c,). 5reation of new pac)ages and modification of existing codes to resolve application &ugs. Developed ,#-$.# ,rocedures and data&ase ,r.11!r) for the validation of input data and to implement &usiness rules. 5reated data&ase o&2ects li)e 'ac:a1!)7 'r&c!+/r!), and 9/*c,.&*) according to the client re'uirement. 5reated scripts to create new ,a0 !), %.!8), 'ueries for new enhancement in the application using TOA$2 sed &ul) processing for 0!,,!r '!r9&r(a*c! and easy retrieval of data, &eing a part of performance tuning of the procedures and pac)ages. Extensively used @/r)&r)7 REF c/r)&r), ser1defined o&2ect types, R!c&r+)7 in ,#-$.# programming. sed Advanced 'ueuing concept to de'ue the exceptions raised during the cron 2o& execution which will &e notified &y mail using "#F9A!# pac)age and en'ue it into main ta&le for error reprocessing. 5reated and modified several UNIG )-! Scr.',) according to the changing needs of the pro2ect and client re'uirements. 5reated .*+!<!) on the ta&les for faster retrieval of the data to enhance data&ase performance sed -.*,) in select statement for improving the performance. ,erformed $.# and ,#-$.# tuning and Application tuning using various tools li)e E<' a.* P a*, TK'r&9, A/,&,rac! and $?MSBAPPLI@ATIONBINFO2 ,erformed replication testing for the G& +!* Ga,! which is used for data replication. !nvolved in fine tuning the existing pac)ages for &etter performance and providing on1going support to existing applications and trou&leshooting errors when occurred. E*%.r&*(!*,: Oracle <<g, $.#G#oader, $.#, ,#-$.#, $.# developer, 0olden 0ate, $.# ,lus. 3!4, Bindows 7,

@.,. ?a*: - @.*c.**a,.7 O> Orac ! PL#S"L $!%! &'!r

A'r 2433- Marc- 2432

Pr&I!c, $!)cr.',.&*C 5itigroup is a ma2or American financial services organi%ation with its head'uarters in 3E, which has worldDs largest financial services networ) spanning <=7 countries with <H=== offices. 5iti&an) is a su&sidiary of 5iti 0roup with worldDs largest revenues. "he pro2ect involved )ey retail &an)ing operations, such as automated teller services, signature verification, and trac)ing of uncollected funds. "he solutions reduced inefficiencies and redundancies, ena&led remote access, improved communications, and cut operating costs &y H= percent. R!)'&*).0. .,.!): Bor)ed with the Business analysts and the DBA for re'uirements gathering, &usiness analysis, testing, metrics and pro2ect coordination. 5reated technical design document from the &usiness re'uirements. !nvolved in &1.ca (&+! .*1 a*+ '-;).ca (&+! .*1 of application.

Developed S,&r!+ Pr&c!+/r!)7 F/*c,.&*)7 Pac:a1!) a*+ S"L Scr.',) using PL#S"L2 !nvolved in creation of 5onceptual 9odeling covering all the &usiness re'uirements. #oaded the data into data&ase ta&les using S"LC &a+!r from external files. Developed S"L )cr.',) for *eferential !ntegrity chec), which chec)s validity of incoming data with master ta&les in data&ase. Developed S"L )cr.',)7 'ac:a1!) a*+ 'r&c!+/r!) for Business rules chec) to implement &usiness rules. sed 0/ : c& !c,.&*)7 .*+!<!)7 (a,!r.a .5!+ %.!8) to improve the s'l and pls'l performance. Automated routine 2o&s using $?MSB=O?2 On completion of these 2o&s an email will &e sent out automatically with the help of UTLBMAIL. Developed S"L and PL#S"L scripts to transfer ta&les across the schemas and data&ases. Data loaded from legacy systems +ETL O'!ra,.&*)/ using PL#S"L a*+ S"LCL&a+!r. Developed custom >orms and *eports as per client re'uirements and ma)ing them we& ena&led using Orac ! R!'&r,) 0/. +!r 341 and Orac ! F&r() 0/. +!r 341 respectively. Developed 9aster Detail, Detail reports using ta&ular and 0roup a&ove reports. Developed ,rocedures for efficient !rr&r -a*+ .*1 process &y capturing errors into user managed ta&les. Developed S-! )cr.',) to automate execution of $.# scripts to chec) incoming data with master ta&les, insert the valid data into 5ustomer 9anagement $ystem and invalid data into error ta&les which will &e sent &ac) to sender notifying the errors. !mplemented Orac ! A+%a*c!+ "/!/.*1 to send messages to =MS sever. Bor)ed with 2ava developers to repair and enhance current &ase of PL#S"L 'ac:a1!) to fix production issues and &uild new functionality and improve processing time through c&+! &',.(.5a,.&*) a*+ .*+!<!)2 ,erformed S"L a*+ PL#S"L tuning and Application tuning using various tools li)e TKPROF7 AUTOTRA@E a*+ $?MSBS"LTUNE. Developed UNIG S-! )cr.',) to automate ta&le creation, execute procedures. sed T&a+ for creating PL#S"L +trigger, se'uence, stored procedure/.

E*%.r&*(!*,: Orac ! 3317 S"L7 PLS"L7 $.#G#oader, (O*3 $hell script, $.# developer, Orac ! F&r() 3417 R!'&r,)3412 $!'ar,(!*, &9 Ma*a1!(!*, S!r%.c!) - Ta a-a))!!7 FL Orac ! $!%! &'!r a*+ A*a ;), N&% 2434 - A'r 2433

Pr&I!c, $!)cr.',.&*C >lorida Department of 9anagement $ervices +D9$/ delivers 'uality products, services and support, allowing all levels of government to serve the citi%ens of >lorida. D9$ customers include state agencies, state employees, state retirees, universities, community colleges, and local governments and their retirees. D9$ is a shared service provider that supports state agencies. 5entrali%ed order management system helps to )eep orders in line and documented with powerful data&ase 'ueries for reporting and no storage limitations per order. 9aintain a history of orders su&mitted and completed. !dentify your organi%ation contact for the service ordered. *eceive updates when service is to &e delivered from the vendor. Delegate the a&ility to order service. 8ave strategic personnel in satellite offices re'uest services for their location. Approve su&missions &efore they go to the vendor for implementation. R!)'&*).0. .,.!): !nvolved in the A*a ;).)7 $!).1*7 @&+.*1 and T!),.*1 of the application. 5reated and 9odified PL#S"L Tr.11!r), Pr&c!+/r!)7 F/*c,.&*) and 'ac:a1!). Developed ER $.a1ra()7 $a,a 9 &8 +.a1ra() &ased on the re'uirement. Developed $.# scripts to cr!a,! +a,a0a)! &0I!c,) .:! ,a0 !)7 %.!8) and )!6/!*c!)2 sed S"LCL&a+!r to load &ul) data from various flat files and legacy systems. Developed $.# and ,#- $.# scripts for transfer of data &etween data&ases.

sed 9&r a and 0/ : c& !c, to fetch large volumes of data in ,#-$.# o&2ects. Designed and developed complex reports to meet end user re'uirements and deployed using Oracle *eport <=g. !nvolved in S"L ,/*.*1, PL#S"L ,/*.*1 and Application tuning using various tools li)e TKPROF7 EGPLAIN PLAN7 $?MSBPROFILER etc. Developed c&(' !< S"L 6/!r.!), ,r.11!r) 9&r 0/. +.*1 r!'&r,) /).*1 F&r( , form letter and (a. .*1 a0! r!'&r, styles. Developed c&(' !< ,r.11!r) in r!'&r,) &efore-after for validation of user input. Designed and developed user interfaces using Orac ! F&r()2 ,erformed /*., ,!),.*1 and supported .*,!1ra,.&* ,!),.*1 and !*+ /)!r ,!),.*1. Extensively wor)ed on production issues with effective defect management 2 ,roactively tuned S"L 'ueries and performed refinement of the data&ase design leading to significant improvement of system response time and efficiency. Design and development of conversions, interfaces, customi%ations, 5ustom >orms, *eports and all "echnical design and solutions. !mplemented Application !nfrastructure policies, procedures and standards, and ensured their continual compliance.

E*%.r&*(!*,: Orac ! 3417 Oracle developer suite, PL#S"L $!%! &'!r, UNIG S-! Scr.',.*17 "oad, $.#G,# $. @.)c& S;),!() - Sa* =&)!7 @A Orac ! $!%! &'!r Mar 2434 - N&% 2434

Pr&I!c, $!)cr.',.&*C Bor)ed in Data 9igration pro2ect 1 @3 E%& /,.&*. !nteracted with various application trac)s for extracting &usiness re'uirements. 9igrated data from 5!BE* $ystem to 5I $ystem. *esponsi&le for creating 5ustom "a&les, Data, 0rants, $ynonyms, !ndex on those ta&les dynamically. 5reated ,#-$.# procedures, pac)ages and triggers to assist the process. Developed interface programs to create 5ustom O&2ects. Extensively Developed Out&ound !nterface ,rograms which creates ta&les in 5I sing 9etadata "a&les and programs which migrates the Data using Batching "echni'ue. Developed interface programs to capture incremental Data and programs to create !ndexes Dynamically sing 9etadata "a&les. R!)'&*).0. .,.!): !nvolved in *e'uirement Analysis, $ystem Design, ,reparing >unctional $pecifications, ,reparing Design. @r!a,!+ )cr.',) 9&r Va .+a,.*1 extracted data from L!1ac; );),!() &efore loading into target system. !nvolved in testing of o&2ects while (.1ra,.*1 from oracle ;i to oracle <=g. Developed data&ase o&2ects including ,a0 !)7 I*+!<!)7 %.!8)7 )!6/!*c!)7 'ac:a1!)7 ,r.11!r) a*+ 'r&c!+/r!). 5reated S"LCL&a+!r scripts to load data into the temporary staging ta&les. 5reated @/),&( Tr.11!r)7 S,&r!+ Pr&c!+/r!)7 Pac:a1!) and $.# $cripts. !nvolved in uploading of the data from flat files into Data&ases and %a .+a,!+ ,-! +a,a with ,#-$.# procedures. "uned complex $tored ,rocedures for faster execution using 0/ : c& !c,.&*) and $0()B'r&9. !r2 Developed various complex stored procedures, pac)ages, interfaces and triggers in ,#-$.#. Developed Data&ase Tr.11!r) ,& !*9&rc! $a,a .*,!1r.,; a*+ a++.,.&*a R!9!r!*,.a I*,!1r.,;. Developed complex $.# 'ueries for data retrieval from various data&ase o&2ects including ,a0 !) and %.!8)2 Bor)ed on various 0ac:!*+ Pr&c!+/r!) and F/*c,.&*) using ,#-$.#.

!nvolved in *e'uirement gathering and creating $a,a9 &8 $.a1ra(), ER +.a1ra() and data&ase diagrams using Oracle Designer. Brote )-! )cr.',) for calling $.# scripts to automate the loading and extraction process from legacy system. P!r9&r(a*c!) ,/*.*1 /).*1 !<' a.* ' a*7 T:Pr&9 a*+ ),a,) 'ac: . 5hec) the functionality of data in the front1end whether it is displaying properly or not. Extensively involved in 3!4 shell scripting for writing Brapper scripts, $.# Execution scripts in E"# processes.

E*%.r&*(!*,: Oracle <=g, ,#-$.#, $.#G#oader, "OAD, 6ava, 8"9#, 9$ Office, ,#-$.# Developer.

N&%ar,.) - Ea), >a*&%!r7 N= N&% 2448 ,& Mar 2434 Orac ! $!%! &'!r a*+ A*a ;), Pr&I!c, $!)cr.',.&*C 3ovartis is leading pharmaceutical company in the world. 5urrently they have product portfolio 9anagement includes more than JK )ey mar)eted products in their respective areas, 3ovartis ,harmaceuticals 5orporation researches, develops manufactures and mar)ets leading innovative prescription drugs used to treat a num&er of diseases and conditions, including those in the cardiovascular, meta&olic, cancer, organ transplantation, central nervous system, respiratory, dermatology and infectious disease areas. R!)'&*).0. .,.!): !nvolved in analysis, Design, Development phases of the pro2ect. Designed ER +.a1ra( /).*1 Er8.*, to set the logical and physical relationships of data&ase. !nvolved in wal)through sessions with &usiness users during Analysis and Designing phase. Briting PL#S"L S,&r!+ Pr&c!+/r!)7 F/*c,.&*)7 a*+ Pac:a1!) to meet the &usiness re'uirements. !nvolved in implementing the +a,a .*,!1r.,; validation chec)s through c&*),ra.*,) and ,r.11!r). Briting $.# r!'&r,) and scheduling these reports from 3!4 scripts. 5reated S"LCL&a+!r control files for moving the data from flat files to staging area ta&les. Bor)ed on performance issues and used EGPLAIN PLAN for tuning the 'ueries. Bor)ed with ?/ : @& !c,.&*) for &ul) load processing. !nvolved in code wal) through and review sessions with the development team. !nvolved in the migration pro2ect to load data from mainframe systems into oracle data&ase. !nvolved in "rou&leshooting '!r9&r(a*c! issues and &ugs within pac)ages and stored procedures using +0()B&/,'/, and !<' a.* ' a*2 ,erformance of the 'ueries is enhanced &y executing optimi%ation techni'ues such as .*+!< cr!a,.&*, ,a0 ! 'ar,.,.&* and c&+.*1 ),&r!+ 'r&c!+/r!)2 !nvolved in developing data conversion programs using S"L CL&a+!r7 PL#S"L a*+ UNIG )-! )cr.',)2 Developed Ma),!r $!,a. r!'&r,) in *eports ?i to meet the re'uirements of end users within the system. Developed +a,a !*,r; 9&r(), complex and template forms in >orms ?i.5reation of ,op1up 9enus and maintaining 9aster Detail relation1ship. sed various LOVS +#ist of @alues/ and record groups at various points in runtime. Development of client side program units and sharing them among multiple applications for processing &usiness logic in the data&ase. E*%.r&*(!*,: Oracle <=g, ,#-$.# Developer, 3!4 $hell $cripting, "oad, $.#G,# $, Data $tage +E"# "ool/.

Kar%; G &0a S!r%.c!) - >;+!ra0a+7 I*+.a PL#S"L $!%! &'!r

=/ 2446 HA/1 2448

(arvy 0lo&al $ervices is a )nowledge services company. !t is *esponsi&le for application development and providing technical leadership for application development pro2ects. Application development pro2ects involved direct interaction with &usiness unit mem&ers and !" personnel. Delivera&les included detailed system design documents, documented code with complete unit test and detailed test plans for the new application components. ! wor)ed as a Developer in the Development of B D0E" $E$"E9 +Budget $ystem application/ for the !nvestment Ban)ing group. "his $ystem Deals with the !nternal Budgets of )arvy. R!)'&*).0. .,.!): ,erformed review of the &usiness process, involved in *e'uirements Analysis, $ystem Design Documents, >lows, "est ,lan preparations and Development of Business ,rocess - Bor) >low charts. Developed PL#S"L 'r&c!+/r!)7 customi%ing existing programs according to the needs of the client testing. Brote PL#S"L 'ac:a1!) consisting of procedures and functions. 5reated Ma,!r.a .5!+ V.!8)7 Tr.11!r)7 S!6/!*c!)7 c& !c,.&*). !nvolved in development and testing of oracle &ac)1end o&2ects li)e +a,a0a)! ,r.11!r)7 ),&r!+ 'r&c!+/r!), S!6/!*c!) a*+ S;*&*;()2 Bor)ed with tuning the complex $tored ,rocedures for faster execution using 0/ : c& !c,.&*) and $0()B'r&9. !r2 !nvolved in design, development and 9odification of PL#S"L ),&r!+ 'r&c!+/r!)7 F/*c,.&*)7 'ac:a1!) a*+ ,r.11!r) to implement &usiness rules into the application2 Extensively used c/r)&r) for 9!,c-.*1 ,-! r&8)2 #oading data through S"L L&a+!r a*+ UTLBFILE2 !nvolved in tuning the $.# 'ueries create data&ase o&2ects and optimally set storage parameters for ,a0 !) a*+ .*+!<!)2 Designed reports using *eports as per user re'uirements. 5reated *eference and 9aster-Detail ta&les to store information. "ested 9&r() a*+ r!'&r,) using test data. Developed c&(' !< ,r.11!r) in r!'&r,) &efore-after for validation of user input. Designed and developed user interfaces using Orac ! F&r()2 Brote $hell scripts to insert data to data&ase ta&les. Brote PL#S"L c&+! to retrieve data for master and detail &loc)s. 5ustomi%ed forms and reports as per user re'uirements using Oracle Developer F&r() D R!'&r,)2 !nteracted with clients in remote locations to verify customer re'uirements. E*%.r&*(!*,: Oracle ;i, $.#, ,#-$.#, $.#G,lus, >orms ?i, *eports ?i, Bindows. GG*eferences ,rovided pon *e'uestGG