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Comme Des Caillots Sang

THROMBOPOIETIN 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014 408-996-1010

Jericho Sadorra - CEO Chester Chau - COO Thomas Iida - CEO of Productiveness Tim Stone - CFO

November, 2013

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Executive Summary....................................................03 Management Team Plan Key Executives Key Advisors Company Description..................................................05 Motivations Business Concept Product or Service Plan..............................................05 Products or Service Unique Selling Proposition Competitive Products or Services Vision and Mission Statements........................................06 Vision Statement Mission Statement Market Analysis......................................................06 Demographic Profile Customer Behaviors Competitive Analysis.................................................07 Direct and Indirect Competitors Strengths and Weaknesses Marketing Plan.......................................................07 Promotion Strategy Promotion Plan Pricing Plan Operational Plan.....................................................08 Location Criteria Facilities and Equipment Contingency Plan.....................................................08 Risks

Executive Summary Introduction


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We bring life changing technology to patients with the life-hindering disease named hemophilia. Our product allows hemophilia patients, who are unable to clot blood, to have an easier and cheaper way to receive their medication. Our goal is to raise the quality of life of our patients through the quality and convenience of our pumps. Current Situation Our business, though fairly new, aims to help hemophilia patients better their quality of life. What makes us unique is that we are the only ones who have developed a treatment for hemophilia with thrombopotien. Current treatments are very expensive and require you to constantly go into clinics to possibly get treatments from there. We are seeking help from investors in order to kick-start the circulation of our product. It also gives more benefits to them by investing in our products. Management Qualifications Jericho Sadorra: Has excellent marketing skills, pushes team members to do their best, has extensive knowledge in the field of Biotechnology. These qualifications make the company thrive, and leads the company through its endeavors. Chester Chau: Great team leader, extensive knowledge in the field of Biotechnology, team player. These qualifications pull the team through tough times and leads employees very well. Thomas Iida: Amazing team player, extensive knowledge in the field of Biotechnology, Lead researcher. These qualifications make our products top of the line and make sure our customers get what they deserve. Tim Stone: leading the way in the field of Biotechnology, a hard worker, a visionary. These qualifications make sure our facilities and offices remains world class, if not the best cleanest facilities of any product manufacturer. This ensures our products are top of the line and easily exceeds industry standards.

Closing Statement Our company will grow exponentially with the help of investors. Once one clinic starts to sell it, the product will definitely take off. Not only will investors gain from this, but they will help people with hemophilia better their quality of

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life extensively. We are sure that our investors will receive a constant income from our product. A wide range of incentives can be credited to you such as a 5% bonus of what your investment was added to your reimbursement. Other deals can be made with top tier investors as well. In addition, investors will be given shares of the company which will undoubtedly grow in value. However, if the investors would like to quit funding our mission, there will have to be agreements made between our financial department and the CEO. Management Team Plan Key Executives Jericho Sadorra - CEO The CEO of the company. His salary will be around $500,000 a year. His set of skills that he has pertain over the years are marketing skills and leadership. He is the one that is fit for the CEO position of this company. Chester Chau COO - The assistant of the CEO and deals with all the problems that do not require the CEOs attention. His salary will be $450,000 a year. The set of skills that he has is being organized, sociable, and also leadership. The assistant helps the CEO with everything and is almost like another CEO. Thomas Iida- CEO of Productiveness - Thomas is the person that is going to help everyone stay on track. His salary will be $450,000 a year. The set of skills that he has is being organized, caring, and will make sure that everyone is on task and if anyone were to have any questions, this is the man you go to. Thomas is the guy to keep the company together and strong. Tim Stone CFO - Tim is the person who handles all the financial issues in our company. His salary will be 450,000 rupees a year. The set of skills that he has is math, organized, and being able to deal with numbers. He helps make sure our company doesnt go bankrupt and is on track with money. He is very important because a company making loads of bank needs to have someone handling the money.

Company Description Motivations Our main motivation is to make an adequate amount of money to keep funding the development of our company and to provide relief for hemophilia patients. The money we will earn will further our and other companies treatments for hemophilia and possibly other diseases.


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Business Concept Our company will provide a treatment for hemophilia. This includes a specially developed thrombopoeietin and delivery system. This delivery system will ease the life of patients by significantly lowering the number of visits a patient has to visit the treatment centers. Product or Service Plan Products and Services A pump that will have 1 tube that connect to the vein in the lower stomach region that will pump Thromboiten into the patient. Our company manufacture the pump and distributed to health centers and doctor offices. Unique Selling Proposition Patients will no longer have to regularly visit the health centers to get their medications and will just get their medicine from the pump. The patients would not have to go to the health center to get an injection. They could do it hassle free at home and do not have to make any time to visit a health center. We will have brochures placed in the health centers that the doctors can give to their patients. Doctors will help with the advertising because the product is benefiting them too because theyre getting a profit. Competitive Products or Services Hemophilia patients are normally treated with replacement therapy. Concentrates of clotting factor VIII and IX are slowly injected/dripped into the vein. These treatments are available for preventive actions. Also, some use an infusion of another persons blood to stimulate the clotting factor. These infusions are usually required multiple times if internal bleeding continues. We will be the first one to produce our product. Most companies dont use the protein thrombopoietin for hemophiliac patients, so we will be the first. Our product is also unique because it includes a convenient pump to give the patient a certain amount of thrombopoietin per day. This kind of treatment eliminates the need to attend a health center every month. Also, because our product is naturally produced in the body Vision and Mission Statements Vision Statement We want to make it easier for people that have hemophilia to not have to go to the health centers for treatment each time. We want people to be able to use


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our products at home when they need it. Our product will open a whole new world to our customers lives. This means that our products will be the highest of quality, ensuring the best possible experience to our users and customers. We strive for our customers satisfaction and we will not accept anything less from excellent. Mission Statement Our mission is to bring the best treatments for hemophilia. We will do this by incorporating the best possible treatments humanly available. We will go through extra lengths in order to achieve this goal. We believe this will change the lives of our consumers, as well as change medicine for the better. We will ensure the best and only the very best. Market Analysis Demographic Profile Hemophilia affects 1 in 5,000 male births. About 400 babies are born with hemophilia each year. Its estimated from a 1994 study that there are 20,000 people in the US today with hemophilia. This disease occurs worldwide and affects other races and ethnicities. Our protein will be relatively cheap and applicable to the nations around the world. Customer Behaviors Our target markets, patients with hemophilia, are used to going to clinics to purchase expensive treatments for their disease. With our cheap product, they will not only receive the treatment they need, they will drastically cut their expenses .

Competitive Analysis Direct and Indirect Competitors Health care centers and doctor officers are our distributors so they wouldnt be our competitors. Our only competitors are companies that manufacturer drugs for hemophilia. Strengths and Weaknesses Their strengths is that they could use our research and produce their own type of product. Their weaknesses is that we would be the first one to produce our

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product. The only threat would be again, the companies trying to steal our products and our ideas. Marketing Plan Promotion Strategy We will have a marketing team who will go to the health centers and doctor offices and they will market the pump to them. The health centers and doctor offices will then sell the pumps and the medicine Promotion Plan By having a marketing team promote the pump directly to the doctors, we will be able to monitor the effectiveness by taking feedback from the doctors about the product and how many products that each marketer sells per amount of time. We also can find current celebrities who have hemophilia and have them market our new product. Pricing Plan Since a chance of a cut or an incident where blood is spilt is unlikely to an average person, packages will be sold in month-long supplies. Each month of treatment will cost $5,000. The installation of the self-treatment pump will be $8,000 and will include support. Our product is cheaper because normal hemophilia patients pay about $60,000-$150,000 a year and our total charge will only be $60,000. Not only that, but we will have the support of health care companies that will provide insurance that will help people that need financial aid in order to support the cost of the product.

Operational Plan Facilities and Equipment We are going to need a big enough warehouse to produce and manufacture the pumps. We will also need a certain amount of workers that actually help produce the produce. Another thing we need is the materials require to produce our pump. Product Development Process Our product we will use protein thrombopoetien that will be made in our laboratories. The pump will have a set amount of insulin that it shall pump into the patient for a set amount of time. The pump will be made in factories. It will

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have a machine that will have a tube come out and connect the machine to the dorsal abdominal region of the patient. The machine will have settings to change the amount of insulin pumped into the patient as well as the timer for how often it is pumped into the patient as well as consider the weight of the patient. The actual protein will have to be made in a laboratory through protein purification. We will insert the gene into e-coli and add a promoter to stimulate the production of the protein. Then we will use protein purification through column chromatography to retrieve the protein. Lastly, we will insert the protein into vesicles to then pump into the body. Contingency Plan Risks The biggest risk that comes with our product is clotting in the blood from the protein. To resolve this, we will enclose the protein in a vesicle casing. This will allow it to be a time release product which will release the protein gradually into the blood rather than right away. Unfortunately, there is always the possibility of death due to the blood clotting too quickly. There is also the possibility of the pump not working correctly in adding the correct amount of the protein. To minimize these risks we will go through extensive clinical trials and testing to find the optimal amount of protein for patients. Patients will differ in weight so the optimal amount of protein will differ which we will test.


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