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http://librarian/LIBRERIA/Home.aspx First Year First Semester 1.1. Perspecti e !ana"ement#$o mar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. Introduction to Management Science.

. Theory & Practice, environment of Management, Managers & Entrepreneurs . Managerial oles & S!ill , Manager"s Social & Ethical esponsi#ilities. $. (. -. 0. Planning ole. %eed for planning, Types of planning, &evels of planning 'orporate Planning & &ong ange Planning )rgani*ing %ature, Types of organi*ations. +esigning )rgani*ation structure, +elegation and ,utonomy &eadership & Management . ole of 'ommittees &, /roup +ecision Ma!ing in Management, )rgani*ational 'ommunication. Management of 'hange 'ontrol Process &. Techni1ues. 2se of Information Technology for 'ontrolling

Re(erence )ext 1. $. (. -. 0. ?. B. Management.. , 'ompetency #uilding approach .. 3ollc eiger 4ac!son 5 Slocum Principles of Management +avar /ood to /reat 4im 'ollins Stoner. 6reeman & /ui#ert7 Management 8Prentice 3all India9 :;".S .P ao & ; 3ari <risna 7 Management Te=t & 'ases 8E=cel >oo!s9. 3ein* @einen 7 Management 8Tata Mc/raA 3ill9 'erto 7 Modem Management. 8Prentice 3all India9

1.*. Financial Acco'ntin" 1++ mar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. $. (. . -. 0. ?. B. F. G. 1H. Introduction to ,ccounting 7 'oncept and necessity of ,ccounting ,n )vervieA of Income Statement and >alance Sheet. Introduction and Meaning of /,,PC 'oncepts of ,ccounting7 Impact of ,ccounting 'oncepts on Income Statement and >alance Sheet. ,ccounting Mechanics7 Process leading to preparation of Trial >alance arid 6inancial StatementsC Preparation of 6inancial Statements Aith ,dDustment Entries evenue ecognition and Measurement7 'apital and evenue Items7 Treatment of IE & + E=penses. Preproduction 'ost, +eferred evenue E=penditure etc. 6i=ed ,ssets and +epreciation ,ccounting. Evaluation and ,ccounting or inventory Preparation and 'omplete 2nderstanding of 'orporate 6inancial Statements 7 :T "6orm and ;ertical 6orm of 6inancial Statements Important ,ccounting Standard 'orporate 6inancial eporting ,nalysis of Interpretation thereof Aith reference atio ,nalysis. 6und 6loA, 'ash 6loA. Inflation ,ccounting

11. Ethic Issue in ,ccounting . Re(erence text: 1. 6inancial ,ccounting. Te=t & 'ase. +aardon & >hattacharya $ .6inancial ,ccounting 8or Managers T P /hosh (. 6inancial ,ccounting eporting & ,nalysis 0Hcc & +iamond I - 6inancial ,ccounting. %arayanasAamy

0. 6ull Te=t of Indian ,ccounting standard Ta=man Pu#lication

1., !ana"erial Economics &o'rse &ontent a9 The Meaning scope & Method of Managerial Economics #9 Economics 'oncepts relevant to >usiness, +emand & supply, Production, +istri#ution 'onsumption & 'onsumption 6unction, 'ost, Price, 'ompetition, Monopoly, Profit, )ptimi*ation Margin & ,verage, Elasticity, Macro ,nalysis. c9 'ost & Productions ,nalysis, 'ost 'oncepts, Short Term and long Term, 'ost )utput elationship, 'ost Multiple Products, Economics of Scale Production 6unctions, 'ost & Profit 6orecasting, >rea!even ,nalysis. d9 'ost & Production ,nalysis, 'ost concepts, Short Term and &ong Term, )utput elationship, 'ost of Multiple Products, Economies of scale production 6unctions. 'ost & Profit 6orecasting, >rea!even ,nalysis. e9 Mar!et ,nalysis, 'ompetition, <inds of 'ompetitive, Situations, )ligopoly and Monopoly, Measuring 'oncentrating of Economic PoAer. f9Pricing +ecisions, Polities & Practices, Pricing & )utput +ecisions under Perfect & Imperfect 'ompetition, )ligopoly & Monopoly, Pricing Methods, Product.line Pricing, Specific Pricing Pro#lem, Price +issemination, Price 6orecasting. g9 Profit Management ole of Profit in the Economy, %ature & Measurement of Profit, Profit Policies on Profit, Ma=imi*ation , Profit & 'ontrol, Profit Planning & 'ontrol. h9'apital >udgeting , +emand for 'apital, Supply of 'apital, 'apital ationing, 'ost of 'apital, ,ppraising of Profita#ility of a ProDect, is! & 2ncertainty, Economics & Pro#a#ility ,nalysis. i9 Macro Economics and >usiness. >usiness 'ycle & >usiness Policies. Economic Indication. 6orecasting for >usiness, Input.)utput ,nalysis. Re(erence )ext 1. $. (. -. 0. Managerial Economics J 4oel +ean Managerial economics 7 'oncepts & 'ases J Mote, Paul & /upta 6undamentals of managerial Economics J 4ames Pappas & Mar! 3ershey Managerial Economics. Milton Spencer & &ouis Sigleman. Economics . Samuelson

1.-. .perations !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent a9 Introduction I )perations Strategy I 'ompetitive ,dvantage I Time >ased 'ompetition #9 Product +ecision and ,nalysis Product +evelopment '9 Process Selection I Process +esign I Process ,nalysis d9 6acility &ocation e96acility &ayout f9 'apacity Planning I 'apacity +ecisions I @aiting &ines g9 ,ggregate Pinning h9 >asics of M P I E P i9 >asics or Scheduling D9 >asics of ProDect Management !9 >asics of @or! Study54o# +esign 5@or! Measurement l9 >asics of Kuality 'ontrol 5 Statistical Kuality 'ontrol 5 Total Kuality Management m9 >asics of Environmental Management and S) 1-HHH5GHHH n9 ;alue Engineering & ,nalysis Re(erence text 1. $. (. -. 0. ?. B. F. G. Production & )perations Management .S. %. 'hary Production & )perations Management .4ames. >. +itAorth Modern Production Management *?L E. S. >266M, Production and )perations Management .>y %orman /aither Theory and pro#lem in Production and operations Management .>y S %. 'hary Product(on and operation Management . >y 'hunaAalla Patel Production & operation Management <anish!a Sedi )=ford Production & operation Management ' Manocha Production & operation Management . Muhlemann

1.$ .r"ani/ation beha ior 1++ mar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. $. (. -. 0. Introduction to )> 7 )rigin, %ature and scope of )rgani*ational >ehavior and its relevance to )rgani*ational Effectiveness and 'ontemporary Issues Personality 7 Meaning and +eterminants of Personality C,Process of Personality 6ormationC Personality Types C ,ssessment of personality Traits for Increasing Self ,Aareness. Perception, ,ttitude and ;alue .7 Perceptual Processes, Effect of perception on Individual +ecision.Ma!ing, ,ttitude and >ehavior. Sources of ;alue, Effect of ;alues on ,ttitudes and >ehavior. Effects of Perception, ,ttitude and ;alues on @or! Performance. Motivation 'oncepts 7 Motives, Theories of Motivation and their ,pplications for >ehavioral 'hange. /roup >ehavior and /roup +ynamics 7 @or! groups formal and informal /roups and stages of group development. 7 'oncepts of /roups and +ynamics /roup conflicts and group decision ma!ing. Team Effectiveness 7 3igh performing teams, Team oles, cross functional and self directed teams. )rgani*ational +esign 7 Structure, si*e, technology, environment of organi*ation 7 )rgani*ational oles 7 'oncepts of roles C role dynamicsC role conflicts and stress organi*ational conflicts. &eadership 7 'oncepts and s!ill of leadership, leadership and management roles, leadership styles and effectives contemporary issues in leadership. PoAer and Polities sourced and uses of poAerC polities at Aor!placeC tactics and strategies. )rgani*ation +evelopment 7 )rgani*ational change and culture, Environment, )rgani*ational culture and climateC contemporary issues relating to #usiness situations process of change and )rgani*ational +evelopment.

?. B. F.

Re(erence )ext 1. $. (. -. 2nderstanding )rgani*ational >ehavior J 2dai Paree! )rgani*ational >ehavior J Stephen o##ins )rgani*ational >ehavior J 6red &uthans )rgani*ational >ehavior J &. M. Prasad 8Sultan 'hand9

1.0. B'siness !athematics 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. $. >asic Statistical 'oncepts Summarisation of +ata . 6re1uency +istri#ution . Measures of 'entral Tendency . Measures of +ispersion . elative +ispersion, S!eAness (. Elementary Pro#a#ility Theory7 . elative 6re1uency ,pproach . ,=iomatic ,pproach . Su#Dective Pro#a#ility . Marginal & 'onditional Pro#a#ility . Independence5+ependence of Events . >ayes" Theorem . 'he#ysehelf"s &emma -. Elementary Statistical +istri#utions . >inomial, Poisson, 3ypergeometric . %egative E=ponential, %ormal, 2n1orm 0. Sampling distri#utions . 6or Mean, Proportion, ;ariance . 6rom andom Samples . Standard %ormal 8(9C Student"sC 'hi.S1are ,nd ;ariance ratio 869 +istri#ution ?. Statistical Estimation Point & Minterval estimation & confidence Interval for Mean, Proportion & ;anance B. Test of 3ypothesis . Tests for specified values of Mean, Proportion & Standard +eviation Testing e1uality of tAo Means, Proportion & Standard +eviation . Test goodness.of fit F. Simple 'orrelation & egression5Multiple 'orrelation & egression . Spearman"s ran! 'orrelation . )ne.Aay & TAo.Aay 'lassification 8for E1ual 'lass9 1H.Elements of Integration & +ifferentiation 11. Elements of +eterminants 1$.Etemonts of Matri= alge#ra

The teaching of the su#Dect is to #e integrated Aith Aidely availa#le softAare as E=cel should rise E=cel to solve the pro#lems given as assignments. Re(erence )ext 1. $. (. -. 0 ?. B. F. G 1H. Statistics for Management ichard & &evin Statistics a fresh approach +,3.Sanders Statistics concepts & applications 3.'.Schefler Practical >usiness Statistics :,ndreA 6. Siegel Statistics for >usiness Aith 'omputer applications EdAard Minie!a & N.+.<ur*eDa >asic Statistics for >usiness & Economics Mason, Marehas ,n Introduction to statistical methods '. >. /upta & ;yay /upta c"4"!as9 P.S. >hardAay7 >usiness Statistics8E=cel >oo!s9 Sharma >usiness Statistics 8Pearson9 >en7 Statistics for Management 8TM39

1.1 In(ormation )echnolo"2 (or !ana"ement $+ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent >asic in s!ills7 such a use of MS.)ffice and other office automation tools should #e covered during the foundation Aee!. This course Aill locus on conceptual !noAledge a#out IT. 1. $. (. 3istorical Perspective of 'omputer and Information Technology 3oA a 'omputer Aor!s 3ardAare and SoftAare components and their characteristics from a user5#uyers perspective >asics of %etAor!ing %eed for, 'omponents of netAor!s, &,%5@,%5M,%. various options for %etAor!ing for a #usiness +ial 2p, &eased tinesC +S& &ines, ;S,T. ;arious medium for communication terrestrial, satellite ,copper ,fi#er optic etc >asics of Internet hoA internet Aor!s 6amiliarity Aith various components of the Internet >roAser, @e# Server, +%S Server, Search Engine .:,pplications of Internet :@e#sites, >logs, email, 6TP, ;oice over Internet Impact of IT on #usiness and society ole of IT )vervieA of concepts such as E P. S'M, ' M, +ata @arehousing and >usiness Intelligence, e.commerce, e.>usiness, <noAledge management etc


0. ?.

Re(erence )ext 1. $. (. -. 0. ?. B. F. G. 1H. e.>usiness7 oadmap for Success7 avi <ala!ota and Marcia o#inson The Sever, Steps to %irvana7 Strategic insights into e.>usiness transformation 7 Mohan#ir SaAhney 'ompetitive Strategy #y Michael Porter <noAledge Management #y /anesh %ataraDan and Sandhya She!har >usiness O The Speed of Thought #y >ill /ates Tech ;enture7 %eA ules on ;alue and Profit from Silicon ;alley #y Mohan#ir SahAney ,le= &eon & MatheAs &eon7 Introduction to computers 8;i!as9 aDaraman7 Introduction to Information Technology 8Prentice 3all India9 Sanders, +. 3. 7 'omputers in >usiness7 ,n Introduction 8Mc/raA 3ill9 ,rticles from 3> , 4ournal of Mar!eting

1.3. &omm'nication S%ills 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 19 $9 (9 -9 09 ?9 Process of 'ommunication 'ommunication in )rganisation %ature, 6unction & Scope. Management of @ritten & )ral 'ommunication >arriers to Effective 'ommunication eport @riting 'ommunication Technology & its Impact on )ffice Procedures and ,utomation.

Re(erence )ext 1. $. (. -. 0. ?. B. F. G. 1H. 11. 1$. 1(. 'ottrell, S. 8$HH(9 The study s!ills hand#oo! $nd Ed Macmillan Payne, '. & @hitta!er &. 8$HHH9 +eveloping essential study s!ills, 6inancial Times Prentice 3all Turner, 4. 8$HH$9 3oA to study7 a shod introduction Sage %orthledge. ,. 81GGH9 The good study guide The )pen 2niversity /iles, < & 3edge, %. 81GH09 The mangers good study guide The )pen 2niversity +reA, S. & >ingham, . 8$HH19 The student s!ills guide /oAer )"3ara, S, 81GGF9 Studying O.2niversity and college <ogan Page >u*an, T. & >u*an, >. 8$HHH9 The Mind Map >oo! >>' >oo!s Svantesson, 81GGF9 &earning maps and memory s!ills, <ogan Page Theosarus Merr2ium )=ford Sen 7 'ommunication S!ills 8Prentice 3all India9 4 . ;. ;ilanilam 7 More effective 'ommunication8Sage9 Mohan +eveloping 'ommunication S!ills8MacMillan9

1.4 !ar%etin" !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. $. (. -. 0. ?. B. F. G. 1H. 11. 1$. 1(. introduction to Mar!eting concept, Evolution of mar!eting & 'ustomer orientation Mar!eting Environment and Evaluation of Mar!et opportunities. Mar!et research & Mar!eting Information Systems +emand forecasting and Mar!et potential analysis 'onsumer #uying process & )rgani*ational #uying #ehavior Pillars of Mar!eting . Mar!et segmentation. Target mar!eting Positioning & +ifferentiation Mar!eting Mi= Product decisions Product &ife cycle %eA Product development process +istri#ution decisions&ogistics & 'hannel decisions Promotion decisions Integrated Mar!eting communications concept, communication tools Personal Selling & Sales management . Pricing decisions.

Re(erence )ext

1. $. (. -. 0. ?.

Mar!eting Management. <otler, <eller. <oshy & 4ha 1-th edition. >asic Mar!eing,1.(t# edition, Perrault and Mc'arthy Mar!eting management Indian conte=t +r. aDan Sa=ena Mar!eting Management amasAamy& %am!umari . &. ;arshuey & S. &./upta7 Mar!eting Management ,n Indian Perspective 8Sultan 'hand9 ,drich Palmer introduction to Mar!eting.C 8)=ford9

First Year 5 Secon6 Semester *.1. Le"al 7 )ax Aspects o( B'siness 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. Indian 'ontract ,ct $. Indian Sale of /oods act. (. Salient 6eatures of 'ompanies ,ct7 a. 'haracteristics of a company #. 6ormation of a company c. Types of companies private, pu#lic. /overnment etc. d. Management of company +irectors, Meeting. ,ccounts & ,udits. -. estrictive & 2nfair Trade Practices. 0. Salient 6eatures of %egotia#le Instruments ,ct a. >ill of e=change, che1ue, promissory note, #. %egotiation & Endorsement c. +ishonour of Instruments including noting and protest ?. Elements H1 Income Ta=7 a. Scope and charge of income ta= #. Selected definitions relevant to computation of Total Income c. esidential status d. 3eads of income & computation thereof Aith special reference to >usiness Income. & 'apital /ains e. E=emptions from Total, Income& +eductions from /ross total income B. Salient 6eature of 'entral E=cise ,ctincluding assessa#le value. 'E%',T credit F. Salient features of Maharashtra value added Ta= ,ct G. Salient features of 'entral Sales Ta= ,ct Re(erence )ext : 1. $. (. -. 0. ?. B. ?. >usiness &aA %. +. <apoor >usiness &aA >uichandani 'ompany &aA ,viar Singi Income Ta= +r. Singhania Indian Ta=es ;.S.+atey S. S. /ulshan. Mercantile &aA 8E=cel oo!s9 ,. <. MaDumdar & /.<. <apoor7 Students guide to 'ompany &aA 8Ta=mann9 S < TuteDa7 >usiness &aA for Managers 8Sultan 'hand9

*.*. &ost 7 !ana"ement Acco'ntin" 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. $. (. -. Terminology of cost 'ost classification #y elements, varia#ility, cash floA etc. Preparation of cost sheet Methods of costing Aith special reference to Do# costing, process costing, services costing +istinction & relationship among 6inancial ,ccounting, 'ost accounting & Management ,ccounting 0. a9 #9 ?. Marginal costing 8>rea! even analysis9 computation of #rea! even point, margin of safety ,pplications of >rea! even analysis to e=port pricing profit planning, Ma!e v5s #uy, operate v5s shut doAn. >udgetary 'ontrol 6unctional >udgets, 'ash >udgets, Master >udgets 6le=i#le >udgetingNero #ased >udgeting esponsi#ility & Performance >udgeting. B. esponsi#ility ,ccounting cost centers , pro it centers & investment conters Transfer pricing, 2se of responsi#ility accounting in performance evaluation

Re(erence )ext: 1. Management ,ccounting for profit control <eller & 6errara $. 'ost ,ccounting for Managerial Emphasis 3erngreen (. T P /hosh 7 6inancial ,ccounting for managers8Ta=mann9.

*.,. Economic En ironment o( B'siness $+ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent P, T IC The 6undamentals 1. The Scope & Su#Dect Matter of Macroeconomics $. ,n Introduction to the Economics of /roAth & +evelopment (. ,n Introduction to 8he Indian Economy. Its Salient 6eatures -. India"s /ross +omestic Product & %et %ational Product 8its components & the significance of the same to groAth9 0. Inter.Sectoral +istri#ution of the /ross %ational Product over the 6ive Lear Plans Period. P, T II 7 The Economic Mar!ets 1. The Product Mar!et & 3oA it ,ffects India"s /roAth Potential $. The Money Mar!et & 3oA it >ehaves (. The 'apital Mar!et & its ;endi#ility -. The Money Mar!et & the ole of 'entral >an!ing 0. 3oA does 'ommercial >an!ing Effect industry & >usiness ?.The Indian &a#or Mar!et & &evels of 2nemployment & Inflation since 1GGH P, T III 7 6ederal >udget )#Dective is to e=pose the students to the various components of the national #udget and hoA these impact on the #usiness Aorld. P, T I;7 India & the @orld 1. The capitalist Aorld economy and India"s position therein since 1GGH. $. The @orld >an! and IM6 conditional ties leading to the li#erali*ation . privati*ation. glo#ali*ation e=ercise and #eyond. (. India"s #alance of trade and fluctuations since 1GGH 3oA do figure in the Aild order -. India"s #alance of payments and hoA is study can assist corporate decision ma!ing. @hat is needed to improve the situation, if at all it is poor. 0. The >usiness 'ycle and hoA it is perceived o #ehave in the immediate future. @hat #usiness decision hinge on this analysis Re(erence )ext : 1. Economic Environment of >usiness, S.< Misra and ;.< Puri, 3imalaya Pu#lishing 3ouse, $HH0. $. >usiness Environment, 6rancis 'herunilam, 3imalaya Pu#lishing 3ouse, $HH0 (. >usiness Environment ,sAathappa, 3P3 -. aD ,ggraAal7 >usiness Environment 8E=el9 0. ,dhi!anD, M7 Economic Environment of >usi

*.-. .perations Research 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. Introduction to ) 'oncepts, /enesis, ,pplication Potential to +iverse pro#lems in >usiness & Industry, Scope and &imitations. $. ,ssignment Pro#lem 8,P9 . 'oncepts. 6ormulation of Model, 3ungarian Method of Solution . Ma=imi*ation 5 Minimi*ation . >alanced 5 2n#alanced . Prohi#ited ,ssignments . Pro#lems. (. Transportation Pro#lem 8TP9 'oncepts, 6ormulation of Model . Solution Procedures for I6S and )ptimally 'hec! . >alanced 52n#alanced . Ma=imi*ation 5 Minimi*ation 'ase )f +egeneracy . Prohi#ited outing Pro#lems . Post.)ptimal Sensitivity ,nalysis. -. &inear Programming 8&P9 7. 'oncepts. 6ormulation of Models. +iverse Pro#lems J /raphical E=planation of Solution . Ma=imi*ation 5Minimi*ation . Simple= ,lgorithm . 2se of Slac! Surplus 5 ,rtificial ;aria#les . >ig M Method5TAo.Phase Method . Interpretation of the )ptimal Ta#leau . 82ni1ue )ptimum, Multiple )ptimum. 2n#ounded ness, infeasi#ility edundancy Pro#lems.9 0. &inear Programming 8&P9 7. +uality Principle . Primal 5+ual Inter.relation Post.)ptimal Sensitivity ,nalysis for changes in #.vector, c.vector, ,ddition5+eletion of ;aria#les 5'onstraints J +ual Simple= Method J Pro#lems &imitations of &P ;is. a.;is %on.lincar programming pro#lems >rief Introduction to %on.&P models and associated pro#lems ?. %etAor! ,nalysis . Minimal Spanning Tree Pro#lem . Shortest oute Pro#lem . Ma=ima 6loA in 'apacitated %etAor! . 'oncepts and Solution ,lgorithm as ,pplied to Pro#lems.ProDect Planning & 'ontrol #y use of 'PM5PE T . 'oncepts . B. +efinitions of ProDect, 4o#s, Events . ,rroA +iagrams . time analysis and +erivation of the 'ritical Path. 'oncepts of 6loats 8total, free, interfering, independent9 . 'rashing of a 'PM :%etAor! . Pro#a#ility ,ssessment in PE T %etAor!. F. Kueuing 8@ailing.line9 Models C. 'oncepts . Types c Kueuing Systems 8use of ? 'haracter 'ode9 . Kueues in Series and Parallel . Pro#lems #ased on the results of folloAing models 8M5M519 Single 'hannel Kueue Aith Poisson ,rrival ate, and %egative E=ponential Service time, @ithout &imitations of Kueue Si*e 8M5/519 Single 'hannel Aith Poisson ,rrival ate, and /eneral Service Time, P<.6ormulae. G Inventory Models . Types of Inventory Situations 6i=ed Kuantity96i=ed evieA Period ( 'osts Involved . +eterministic Pro#a#ility Models . Economic.order Kuality".8E)K9and E>K for 6inite Production ate. Sensitivity ,nalysis E)K.E)K 2nder Price >rea! +etermination of Safety Stoc! and eorder &evels J Static Inventory Model J 8Insurance Spares9 1H. +igital Stimulation 7 'oncepts J ,reas of ,pplication J andom.+igits and Methods of /enerating Pro#a#ility +istri#utions J ,pplications J to pro#lems in Kueuing , Inventory. %eA Product, Profita#ility, Maintenance etc. 11. eplacement and Maintenance Models 7. eplacement of Items Su#Dect to +eterioration and Items Su#Dect andom Total 6ailure . /roup vs Individual eplacement Policies.

1$. /ame Theory . 'oncepts . $ . person, n.person games . Nero . sum and %on.*ero.sum games . Solution Procedures to $.person *ero sum games . Saddle point Mi=ed Strategy. Su#.games Method for m = $ or $ = n games . /raphical Methods . 1(. E1uivalence of /ame Theory and linear Programming Models Solution of (=( /ames #y Simple= including Kuality . ,pplication for Ma=imi*ing 5 Minimi*ing Player & Strategy. &P

%ote7 The teaching of the a#ove su#Dect is to #e integrated Aith the most Aidely availa#le softAare. Re(erence )ext 1. )peration esearch . Taha $. Kuantitative Techni1ues in Management %.+.I4ohra (. Kuantitative Techni1ues in Management 4.<Sharma - )perations esearch, Methods & Pro#lems . Sasieni M. & othors 0. Principles of )perations esearch %.M. @agher ?. )perations esearch ;.<.<apoor B. H. . <othari & 7 Introduction to )perations esearch 8;i!as9 F. /upta a. <hanna7 Kuantitative Techni1ues for decision ma!ing 8Preritice 3aIl India9

*.$ H'man Reso'rces !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. 3uman esource Management J Its Scope elationship Aith other Social Sciences 3uman esource Management 5 Inter.+isciplinary ,pproach ,pproaches of

$. )rgani*ation of Personnel 6unctions J Personnel +epartment, Its )rgani*ation, Policies, esponsi#ilities and place in the )rgani*ation. (. ManpoAer Planning, 4o# ,nalysis, 4o# +escription, Incentives Schemes, 4o# J enrichment EmpoAerment J 4o# Satisfaction, Morale, Personnel Turnover. 0. Performance ,ppraisal Systems J M>) ,pproach, Performance 'ounseling, 'areer Planning ?. Training & +evelopment J Identification of Training %eeds, Training Methods, Management +evelopment Programmes. B. )rgani*ation +evelopment. )rgani*ation Structure J e.engineering, Multi. S!illing, >P . F. Management of )rgani*ational 'hange. G. 3 + Strategies for &ong Term Planning & /roAth. Productivity and 3uman esource Management

Re(erence )ext 1. 3uman esource Management J P. Su##a ao $. Personnel Management J '. >. Mammoria (. +essler 7 3uman esource Management 8Prentice 3all India9 -. Personnel5 3uman esource Management 7 +e'en*o & o##ins 8Prentice 3all of India9 0. +. <. >hattacharya 7 3uman esource Management 8E=cel9 ?. ;SP ao J Managing 3uman esource 8Prentice 3all of India9

*.0. Research !etho6olo"2 7 F'n6amentals o( !R. 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. elevance & Scope of esearch In Management. $. Steps Involved in the esearch Process (. Identification of esearch Pro#lem. -. +efining M pro#lems 0. esearch +esign ?. +ata 'ollection Methodology, Primary +ata 'ollection Methods 5 Measurement Techni1ues 'haracteristics of Measurement J elia#ility, ;alidity etc. Secondary +ata 'ollection Methods &i#rary esearch, eferences >i#liography. :,#stracts, etc. B. Primary and Secondary data sources and data collection instruments including in.depth intervieAs, proDective techni1ues and focus groups F. +ata management plan Sampling & measurement G. +ata analysis Ta#ulation, SPSS applications data #ase, teasing for association 1H. ,nalysis Techni1ues Kualitative & Kuantitative ,nalysis Techni1ues Techni1ues 3ypothesis .. 'hi.s1uare. T.test, 'orrelation & egression ,nalysis, ,nalysis of ;ariance, etc. Ma!ing 'hoice of an ,ppropriate ,nalysis Techni1ue. 11. esearch eport @riting. 1$. 'omputer ,ided esearch Methodology use of SPSS pac!ages of Testing

Re(erence )ext 1. >usiness esearch Methods 'ooper Schindler $. esearch Methodology Methods & Techni1ues '. .<othari (. +. < >hattacharya 7 esearch Methodology 8E=cel9 -. P. '. Tripathy 7 , Te=t #oo! of esearch Methodology in Social Sciences 8Sultan 'hand9 ?. Mar!eting esearch 3air, >ush, )rtinau 8$nd edition Tata Mc/raA 3ill9 B. Mar!eting esearch Te=t & 'ases )%reon, Stevens. &oudon 4aico pu#lication9 F. Mar!eting esearch Essentials Muuariels & /ates 8(4 coition S@ 'ollege pu#licc".ions G. Mar!eting esearch ,a!er, <umar, +ay 8Bth edition 4ohn @iley Sons9

*.1 !ana"ement In(ormation S2stem $+ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. $. (. -. 0. >asic Information 'oncepts and +efinitions %eed for Information and Information Systems 8IS9 in an organi*ation characteristics of Information and )rgani*ation Aith respect to organi*ation form, structure , philosophy, hierarchy etc Types of Transaction, )perational 'ontrol, Management 'ontrol, +ecision Support. E=ecutive Information Systems . +etermining Information %eeds for an )rgani*ation 5 Individual ManagerovervieA of use of data floA method, analysis of information of decision processes etc. Strategic use of Information and IS 2se of Information for 'ustomer >oding, for <noAledge Management, for innovation, for Managing >usiness is!s, for 'reating a neA #usiness models and neA #usiness reality. Information Security Sensiti*e students to the need 8or information security, concepts such as confidentiality, Integrity and ,vaila#ility. Types of threats and 1i!C overvieA of some of the manual, procedural and automated controls in real life IT environments.

Re(erence )ext: 1. MIS a 'onceptual 6rameAor! #y +avis and )lson $ ,nalysis and +esign of Information Systems #y 4ames Scan (. 'ase Studies 'ase on ,S' industrial /ases ,uthor7 Prof Pradeep Pendse Mrs 6ieds 'oo!ie"s 3arvard 'ase Study SeDect >usiness 'ases identified #y each /roup of Students for Aor! thrui the entire su#Dect . . $.( 'ases on e1uirements Management ,uthor 7 Prof Pradeep Pendse - .)"#rien MIS PTM39 0. ,sho! ,rora & hatia7 Management Information Systems 8E=cel9 ?. 4essup & ;alacich7 Information Systems Today 8Prentice 3all India9 B. T &. M. Prasad Management Information Systems 8Sultan 'hand9

*.3. Financial !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. )#Dective of 6inancial Management $. 6inancial Performance ,ppraisal using atio ,nalysis, 6und 6loA ,nalysis & 'ash 6loA ,nalysis. (. Sources of 6inance J Short Term5&ong Term, +omestic 5 6oreign, E1uity 5 >orroAings5 Mi=ed etc. -. 'ost of 'apital & 'apital J Structure Planning, 'apital >udgeting & Investment +ecision ,nalysis 8using Time ;alue for Money, Theory9 0. @or!ing 'apital Management J Estimation & 6inancing a9 Inventory Management #9 eceiva#le Management c9 'ash Management ?. +ivided Policy5 >onus J Theory & Practice eference Te=t 7 1. 6inancial Management J >righam $. 6inancial Management J <han & 4ain (. 6inancial Management J Prasanna 'handra -. 6inancial Management J MaheshAari 0. 6inancial Management J S. '. Pandey ?. ;an 3ome & @achoAi* 6undamentals of 6inancial Management 8Prentice 3all of India9 B. Sharan 7 6undamentals of 6inancial Management 8Perason9

*84. !ar%etin" Applications 7 Practices: 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. Strategic mar!eting principles $. Preparation of mar!eting and #usiness plans (. F$( mar!eting -. 6ast moving consumer goods mar!eting 0. 'onsumer +ura#les mar!eting ?. Service mar!eting B. ural mar!eting F. ural management G. Internet mar!eting . 1H. +irect mar!eting 11. Event & Media mar!eting 1$. 6ield proDect involving preparation of mar!eting 5 #usiness plan in any Industry verticals.

Re(erence )ext : 1. Mar!eting Management . <otler, <eller, <oshi & 4ha J 1-th edition J perarson. $. >asic Mar!eting, 1(th edition, Perrault and Mc'arthy J McgraA 3ill India (. Mar!eting Management J Indian 'onte=t +r. aDan Sa=ena J Mc/raA 3ill India -. Mar!eting Management J amasAamy & %am!umari . Mcmillan

First 2ear E1ecti es

1.1+ Sellin" 7 9e"otiation S%ills 1++ !ar%s &o'rse content : 1. Types of %egotiation $. %egotiation Strategies (. Selling s!ills Selling to customers -. Selling to Superiors 0. Selling to peer groups, team mates & su#ordinates ?. 'onceptual selling. Strategic selling B. Selling s!ills >ody language

Re(erence )ext Q )rgani*ational >ehavior #y 6red &uthans 8Gth edition9 Q The Essentials of %egotiation 3arvard >usiness School Press Q /etting to Les #y oger 6isher & @illiam 2ry

1.11 Hi"h Per(ormance Lea6ership 1++ mar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. $. (. -. 0. ?. B. F. G. 1H. 11. 1$. &eadership Theories aM &eadership. &eadership Styles &eadership &eadership Styles, &eadership S!ills &eadership S!ills &eadership &essons through &iterature Team Aor!& Team #uilding Interpersonal s!ills 'onversation. 6eed#ac!. 6eed toAard Interpersonal s!ills +elegation, 3umor, Trust. E=pectations. ;alues, Status, 'ompati#ility 'onflict Management Types of conflicts 'onflict Management 'oping strategies 'onflict Management'onflict Management Styles Positive thin!ing ,ttitudes, >eliefs Positive thin!ing. Martin Seligmani"s theory of &earned 3elpossness, &earned )ptimism.

Re(erence )ext 1. )rgani*ational >ehavior #y 6red &uthans 8Gth edition9 $. 3oA to Manage 'onflict #y Peg Pic!ering

1.1* In6ian Ethos in !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s )#Dectives7 The o#Dective is to sensitive participants of the programme to Indian culture and value systems and the impact of this on management thin!ing and action. Participants Aill do des! research papers. The institution @ill arrange guest lectures on various facets of this area. The evaluation Aill #e through a proDectM term paper.

Re(erence )ext 1. Management and the Indian Ethes /.+, Sharma $. Indian Ethes for Modern Management 7 /. .<rishna (. ToAards the optimal organi*ations 8Indian 'ulture and Management9 7 ayen. <./upta8E=cel >oo!s9 -. The seven spiritual &aAs of Success7 +eepa! 'hopra 8E=cel >oo!s9 0. >lending the hesi of the East and the @est in Management education7 Su#hir 'hoAdhury. ?. India"s contri#ution on to Management7 Privar Mali! 8Sri ,uro#inds Institute of esearch in social Sciences, pondicherry9 B. Management 'oncepts from the Maha#arata7 %.M!handelAar 8%eA 'entury +elhi9 F. ;edic management7 <rishna Saigal 8gyan Pu#lishing 3ouse, %eA +elhi9

*.1+ :ecision Science 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. +ecision ma!ing under certainty. ris! and under uncertainty stations +ecision tree for decision ma!ing >ayesian approach in decision ma!ing . >rea!even analysis under uncertainty" Investment analysis under uncertainty $. 'ompetitive strategies (. Single e1uations models Aith one and tAo e=planatory varia#les plus ,%K;, in regression analysis. - Statistical forecasting techni1ues 0. ,uto correlation. 3etroscedasticity multicollinearity & distri#uted lag modelsC. Simultaneous e1uations models ?. Identification pro#lems7 Estimation of structural parameters #y I&S, SS&, & I;

Re(erence )ext Q Kuantitative Techni1ues in Management %.+.;ora Q Kuantitative Techni1ues in Management 4.< Sharma Q Econometrics >y +amodar /uDarathi Q <otynous

*.11 !ana"erial Process S%ills #1++ mar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. +ynamics or Entrepreneurship 'ommitment & +eterminationC &eadership $. +ynamics of Entrepreneurship )pportunity )#sessionC Tolerance of is! (. +ynamics of Entrepreneurship ,m#iguity & 2ncertaintyC. 'reativity. Self. eliance & ,#ility to ,dapt -. +ynamics of Entrepreneurship Support 8from Significant )thersC Motivation to E=cel 0. Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship ProDect ?. Entrepreneurship ProDect B. Methods for generating ideas F. 'reative Pro#lem Solving Techni1ues G7 &ateral thin!ing 1H. ,nalytical s!ills

Re(erence )ext 1. )rgani*ational >ehavior #y 6red &uthans 8Gth edition9 $. The Essentials of Managing 'hange and Transition J 3arvard >usiness School Press

*. l* Anal2sis o( (inancial statements I.; !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. evision of >alance Sheet and P&& statement fundamentals. Q Indian ,ccounting Standards Q Indian ,ccounting Standard vs 2S /,,P 8This Aould also cover the manipulations often done #y companies to shoA higher profits9 $. 'ash 6loA ,nalysis Q Measuring operating 5 financing and investing 'ash floAs. Q 'ash floAs and financial fle=i#ility 8lin!ages to dividend policy and ever retention of profits9 (. ,ssessing >usiness Performance Q )perational efficiency ratios 8/ross profit, net profit margins and various turnover ratios9 Q &i1uidity ratios 'urrent atio 5 ,cid test Q Profita#ility ratios, ;aluation atios Q EPSM )EM '"'EI Total Shareholder returns, &in!ages #etAeen )E & )'E & optimal capital structure and determinants of PE multiple, Price to #oo! value, E;5ES+IT, multiple Q 'apitali*ation ratios. +e#t E1uity, +e#t to ,ssets. Q +u.pont ,nalysis Q 'overage ratios and credit analysis and ratings 8The emphasis Aill #e on correct interpretation and correct measurement i e. Aith %ecessary accounting adDustment for these ratios9. -. 6ree 'ash floAs to E1uity 5 6irm Q 6rom earnings to free cash floAs Q ,dDustment from standard accounting to correctly measure free cash floA Q 'apitali*ation leasing e=pense and &+ e=penditure, correct treatment for amorti*ation e=pense and deferrer ta=es Q Measuring correct )6 & )' after adDusting for inter.corporate investment Q implication of the a#ove intentioned adDustment on fundamentals valuation5company and PE or Price 5 >oo! ;alue or E>+IT, multiple 0. Introduction to ,dvance ,ccounting 'oncepts Q Merger and ac1uisition Q 'onsolidation of #alance sheets Q +eferred ta=es, minority interest Q %)P,T arid adDu"menls to %)P,T from E;, perspective to measure correct economic cash floAs. Q Economic value added 8E;,9 and lin!ages #etAeen value or a company and E;, Q E1uity ,nalysis. Stoc! Spits and >uy #ac! Q Managing Productivity of 'orporate 'apital Q 'omposite Inde= for measuring productivity ?. 6orecasting 6'6E56'66 and Security ;aluation Re(erence )ext Q 6inancial Management #y Prasanna 'handra Q 6inancial Management #y <han and Dain

Second Lear . Third Semester

,.+.1 International B'siness 5 ;ni ersit2 Assessment 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. )vervieA of the International >usiness Process $. PEST factors affecting International >usiness (. /overnment influence on trade -. International Trade Theories 0. 6+I ?. 'ountry Evaluation and Selection B. 'olla#orative Strategies F. International Mar!eting G. International Trade ,greements 1H. International Trade )rgani*ations 11. International 3 Strategies . 1$. International +iplomacy . .

Re(erence )ext 1. $. (. -. 0. International >usiness . +aniels and ade#ou1h International >usiness . Sundaram and >lac! International >usiness oe#uc! and Simon International >usiness J 'harles 3ill International >usiness Su##a ao

,.+.* Strate"ic mana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. Strategic Management Process7 ;ision. Mission, /oal Philosophy. Policies of an )rgani*ation. $. Strategy, Strategy as planned action, Its importance, Process and advantages of planning Strategic v5s )perational Planning. (. +ecision ma!ing and pro#lem solving. 'ategories of pro#lems, Pro#lem solving s!ill, /roup decision ma!ing. Phases indecision ma!ing, -. 'ommunication 'ommitment and performance, ole of the leader, Manager v5s &eaders &eadership styles 0. 'onventional Strategic Management vRs 2nconventional Strategic Management. The +ifferences, 'hanged 'ircumstance. ?. /roAth ,cce orators7 >usiness @e#, Mar!et PoAer, learning #ased. B. Management 'ontrol, Elements, 'omponents of Management Information Sysstems F. Mo!ena"s B F Models 7 Strategy, style, structure, systems, staff, s!ill and Shared values G. /roup ProDect

Re(erence )ext 1. $. (. Strategic Management Thompson & Strie!land Mc/raA 3ill 'ompetitive advantage J Michael Porter 'ompetitive strategy Michael Porter

)ptional /roup Mar!eting

,.1.1 !ar%etin" Strate"2 # ;ni ersit2 Assessment #1++ mar%s &o'rse &ontent : 1. Mar!eting strategy )vervieA $. Pillars of Mar!eting SIP+ strategies (. Mar!et situation strategy &eaders challengers. folloAers, nichers -. 'ompetition analysis Porter"s 0 forces model for competitive environment, >enchrnar!ing e=ercise, understanding competitive moves and postures 0. Sustaina#le competitive advantage Porter"s generic strategys ?. Portfolio models )'/ and /E Mo!insey matri= . B. %eA product strategies Innovation, Mar!et entry, Product line e=tension F. 'ommunications strategy Managing communications mi= for products, #ranes G. ,dvertising and sales Promotion strategy . campaigns 1H. >rand #uilding 6M'/. 'onsumer dura#les & Services cases 11. +istri#ution Strategy J +esigning of channel systems, managing multichannel systems 1$. Pricing strategy J value pricing, optimi*ation of pricing 1(. Mar!eting Planning . Introduction, groAth and mature mar!ets. Pruning of Product

Re(erence )ext 1. $. (.. -. Mar!eting Strategy >oyd. Aal!er and &arreche Mc/raA 3all IrAin Mar!eting Strategy Stephen Sohnaars 6ree Press Strategic Mar!et Management +avid ,a!er 4ohn @iley & sons Strategic mar!eting te=t & cases . 'averns

,.1.* Inte"rate6 !ar%et &omm'nications 1++ mar%s &o'rse &ontents: 5 1. 'ommunication Process 'ommunication models 8for ur#an and rural 'ommunications Integrated.Mar!et 'ommunications $. ,dvertising )rgani*ational structure of advertising agency and its function. Evaluation of agency functioning. (. ,dvertising o#Dectives Aith specific reference to +,/M, . >rand o#Dectives. 'onsumer attitude and mar!et structure -. >rand position and #rand image strategy development. 0. Persuasion and attitudinal change through appropriate copy development. ?. 'reative decisions B. 'opy decision 'reation and production of the 'opy F. ,dvertising #udget, Media planning and Media research G. ,dvertising esearch 1H. Pu#lic relations & Pu#licity campaigns 11. Event management 1$. ole of advertising manager in firms, advertising #riefs, ,gency coordination archives. managing advertising campaigns Re(erence )ext 1. ,dvertising and Promotion7 ,n integrated Mar!eting 'ommunications Perspective. /eorge >elch, Sari +iego 2niversity Michael >elch, San +iego 2niversity $. (. -. 0. ?. B. ,dvertising Management7 aDeev Sara 4ohn /. Myers. +avid ,. ,a!er &ogo %aomi <lein >rand eporter fortnightly )ther /uy >lin!ed , The . 4esse <orn#luth >elch ,dvertising & Promotions 8TE139 4 ; :;ilianiam & , < verghese ,dvertising >asics 8sage9

,.1 ., A. &ons'mer B'2in" Beha ior $+ mar%s &o'rse &ontent : 1. +iversity of consumer #ehavior ole of consumer #ehavior in mar!eting strategy. $. Individual aspects of consumer #ehavior or Perception1 &earning & Information processing (. Motivation and involvement. ,ttitudes and Personality. -. E=ternal influences7 /roup #ehavior7 Social classC )pinion leadersC eference groups 0. ole of 'ulture and su#cultures7 6amily7 ?. 'onsumer decision process7 Pro#lem recognitionC Search and evaluation of alternatives7 Purchase processC Post purchase #ehavior and cognitive dissonance. B. 'onsumer adoption process and diffusion of innovationC Situational influences. F. )rgani*ation #uying process7 oles of #uying centers +ecision ma!ing units. G. ,pplication of 'onsumer #ehavior Studies in 'onsumerism in India and glo#al mar!ets.

Re(erence )ext 1. $. (. -. 0. ?. B. 'onsumer >ehavior Schiffman & <anu! ?th edition Prentice 3all India 'onsumer >ehavior &oudon & +ella >itta -th edition Tata Mc/raA 3ill 'onsumer >ehavior #uilding mar!eting strategy 7 3aA!ins >est & 'oney edition Mc/raA 3ill International edition 'onsumer >ehavior in mar!eting strategy7 3oAard Prentice 3all International 'onsumer #ehavior a strategic approach .3endry ,sssael . >i*tantra MS aDa & +omini1ue Sardel7 'onsumer >ehavior, 'oncepts . ,pplication & cases 8;i!as9 Satish >atra & S 3 3 <a*mi 'onsumer >ehavior Te=t & cases 8E=cel9

,.1., B !ar%et Research Applications $+ mar%s &o'rse &ontent : 1. ole and value or mar!et research in mar!eting 8frameAor!9

$. +ata analysis Ta#ulation, SPSS applications data #ase, testing for association (. Multivariate techni1ues Interdependence techni1ues7 6actor5 cluster analysisC +ependence analysis7 discriminate analysisC com#ination Aith duster analysis7 conDoint analysis. -. Perceptual mapping applications in mar!et research 0. ,pplications of M in consumer research, advertising, test mar!eting, 2sage altitude studies, Television vieAer ship surveysC Media effectiveness study7 ,nnual readership survey of print media etc. ?. eport preparation and presentationC interpretation of M reportsC hoA to read ) / %ielson"s store audit report B. >rand trac!ing study F. 6ield proDect on mar!et research on any functional 5 industry verticals.

Re(erence )ext 1. Mar!eting esearch 3air, >ush, )rtinau 8$nd edition Tata Mc/raA 3ill9 $. Mar!eting esearch Te=t & 'ases 8@renn, Stevens, &oudon 4aico pu#lication9 (. Mar!eting esearch Essentials Mc+aniels & /ates 8(rd edition S@ college Pu#lication9 -. Mar!eting esearch ,a!er, <umar, +ay 8Bth edition 4ohn @iley & Sons9 0. Mar!eting esearch >urns , ,lvin, >ush onald 8(rd Prentice 3all9 ?. aiendra %argund!ar 7 Mar!eting esearch 8Macmillan9 B. S & /upta Mar!eting esearch 8E=cel >oo!s9

,.1.- A Sales !ana"ement 7 Sales Promotion $+ mar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. $. (. -. 0. ?. B. F. G. Sales )rgani*ation and its evaluation . 4o# and role of Sales Management in )rgani*ations, The Selling functions The importance of systems selling in contemporary environment. Selling of services as opposed to selling of tangi#le products selling process. Sales .management Planning. Sales Management .Information Systems, Sales Management Planning 6orecasting, Sates >udgeting and Planning 1uotas ManpoAer Planning for the sales organi*ation for and development of sales organi*ation ecruitment, selection, training, and development of sales Personnel. Time and Territory Management Territory Planning, esta#lishing and revising territories, #ases of territory design, methods of territory design including computer models, assigning sales people to territories route planning and territory coverage. Sales incentives and sales compensation. Sales 6orce Performance evaluation and control Identify the roles of consumer and trade promotion activities in terms o differences, characteristics and application Sales promotion strategies to integrate #eloA the line promotion into the communication mi=. process of researching, planning and setting goals , to measure and test the effectiveness of . Planning and designing sales promotion Programme Aith specific reference to sales contests, trade. n discounts, coupons etc.

Re(erence )ext 1. Sales management Still , 'undiff & /ovani Prer lice 3all India $. Professional Sales Management,nderson , 3air & >ush Tata Mc/raA 3ill (.Management o sales force Stanton . Spiro Mc/raA 3ill International -. Sales Management 6utrell ?th edition Thomson South @estern

,.1.- B :istrib'tion 7 S'ppl2 &hain !ana"ement $+ mar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. The roles of distri#ution 8unction in the mar!eting mi= and the meaning of distri#ution e1uity. $. 'hannel design and management for consumer, industrial products, rural mar!ets and services. (. -. Tas!s and responsi#ilities of channel mem#ers. 'hannel selection, training,development and motivation and performance appraisal of channel mem#ers. 0. ?. B. F. G. 6inancial dimensions of dealer management. Management issues in distri#ution vi*. channel conflict, use of poAer #ases. disputes etc. Supply chain management issues, opportunities and strategies E P solutions . opportunities and challenges. +istri#ution >udgeting and control systems7 'ost of distri#ution7 inventory, Aarehousing material 3andling, order processing, pac!ing and transportation. 1H. 6iscal levies 5 regulations in distri#ution 'ST . &ST . )ctrol . E=cise duties etc.

Re(erence )ext 1. &ogistical Management +onald 4 >oAerso= $. &ogistics Management >oAerso= & 'lass (. Physical +istri#ution Management &ogistical ,pproach +r. < <hanna -. &. /upta. Sales and distri#ution management 8E=cel9

,.1. $ A Pro6'ct 7 Bran6 !ana"ement $+ mar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. $. (. -. 0. ?. B. F. G. Introduction to product management. ole and operation of Product management n mar!eting Product analysis7 category 5 competitor5customer5demand %eA product development process and role of product managers >rand vs. product, >rand elements >rand e=tension 5 >rand relationships spectrum >rand identity >rand E1uity >rand #uilding strategies

Re(erence )ext 1. Product Management . &ehman $. Strategic >rand Management +avie ,a!er (. Strategic >rand Management %oeM <apferer -. >uilding strong #rands . !eller

,.1.$ B. !ar%etin" Finance $+ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent a9 S,&ES E;E%2E as an Integral Elements of 'ost . revenue . Investment 6rameAor! #y )I . Management of Sales evenue ,nalysis, of evenue #y Products, Territories, 'hannel, 'ustomers )rders etc. ,nalysis of Mar!eting 'osts in terms of Engineered 'osts, 'apacity 8fi=ed9 'osts and Managed 'osts . 'lassification of Mar!eting 'osts #y 6unction r Mar!eting 'ost allocations and its limitations for Managerial +ecisions, M, <ETI%/ I%;ESTME%T 7 Management of ,ccounts eceiva#les and Inventories . 'redit decisions and 'redit Policy . Special Promotion and Mar!eting esearch E=penditure its Mar!eting Investment and their Evaluation using the Pro#a#ility Theory and +ecisions Trees . Evaluating eturn on Mar!eting Investment . +eveloping and &aunching %eA Products and the of Investment in &ife 'ycle of Product . ,pplication of +)6. to Evaluations of Investment in Product +evelopment Mar!eting Product Mi= and &inear Programming. Policy +ecisions and Mar!eting 6inance . Pricing of 4oin Product and ,pplication of &inear Programming . Pricing of %eA Products under )I 'oncept . >ayesian +ecision Theory and Pricing . /overnment Price 'ontrol . +ual Pricing . ,pproaches of /overnment >odies to +evelopment 6air Price" . Su#mitting Tenders . ,pplications of +'6 Techni1ue. E=port Mar!eting and 6inance . 6inancial Incentives, E=port 'osts and E=port Pricing . E=port 'redit . Ta= 'oncessions ,pplications and 6orecasting Techni1ues to +eveloping Mar!eting .>udgeting J +eveloping su# >udget #y mar!eting segments ,dvertising >udget. >udgeting Sales fore efforts . )ptimum &evel and ,llocation for Selling Efforts among +ealers +eveloping 'omparison Plans for sales 6orce. #udgeting Samples. @arehousing decisions. Transportation +ecsion . +eliver oute +ecisions . 'ost ,nalysis for +istri#ution alternative 6inancial ,nalysis for sAitching over form. Soul selling agency to +irect selling to Trade 'annels . Economics of directs rating #y manufacturer. Impact of mar!eting strategies on )rgani*ation structure design and conse1uent financial implications. . The 'oncept of Mar!eting 'ost & value J Measuring mar!eting ;alue J T;alue ,ddedU #y mar!eting effort productivity Mar!eting and its social Dustification. Target Pricing . Pricing of Turn <ey ProDect . %otional Pricing . >rand ;aluation J6inancial ,spects of >rand Management Impact of Transfer Pricing . Mechanism cm Mar!eting Performance . ;alue 'hain ,nalysis & relevant decisions a#out Mar!eting 'osts & Mar!eting Investment.




Re(erence )ext 1. Mar!eting 6inance J +r. >. <. 'haterDee

Mar!eting Electives7
,.1.0 International !ar%etin" l++ mar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. 6inancial transactions s #etAeen e=porter & importer open account +5P, +5, &etters of credit etc. E=change control regulations regarding e=port and foreign e=change e=penditure on e=port promotion pre.shipment and post.shipment finance 81+m #an!s . policies of E'/' +ecision and need to enter into International mar!eting organi*ation pro#lems International mar!eting environment Institutions in Aorld economy, /,T6 5 2%'T,+ Trade /roups in different countries legal environment of international mar!eting Political environment cultural environment . economic environment India"s trade relations Aith other countries government assistance for e=port. International mar!eting intelligence and tas! ,ppraising opportunities and ris!s product planning and development managing channels of distri#utions, foreign mar!et channels & glo#al logistics study of 2S,. 'anada, &atin ,merica, Middle East, ,frica, South East ,sia Europe for e=port potential, mar!eting research and e=port promotion J international mar!eting operations and communications J e=port pricing and costing J case studies. E=port procedures and documentation registration Aith various agencies compulsory Kuality control no pre.shipment Aith inspection processing e=port orders J e=port production and pac!ing J procedure for claim of central e=cise duty on e=port goods.customs and shipment procedure. duty draA#ac! J procedures to claim EP license and cash assistance J e=port house etc.




Re(erence )ext 1. $. (. -. International Mar!eting . )n!visit and ShaA International Mar!eting . <eegan International Mar!eting . 'otera International Mar!eting . >hattacharya

,.1.1 Retail !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. Place of etailing in the Mar!eting Mi= $. Trends in retailing (. etail Economics -. etail Merchandising and Shop +isplays 0. etail ,dvertising and Sales Promotions ?. Managing People at @or! . ecruitment and Motivation B. 'ommunication and 'ustomer elations. F. Inventory control and 6inancial Management G. etail Strategies 1H. etail Mar!eting 11. etail Management Information Systems J 2se of %eA Technology 1$. Super Mar!et 5 +epartmentalC Stores 5'hain store Management 1(. 'omparative retailing across the @orld. 1-. ole of personal selling in retailing. 10. Store layout. 1?. elationship Mar!eting 1B. Supply 'hain Management 1F. etail esearch including etail ,udits and 'onsumer esearch at the point of purchase 1G. )n.line retailing $H. Trends in retailing should include the Indian as Aell as the international conte=t Re(erence )ext : 1. $. (. -. 0. etailing Management J Michael &evy etail Management J >arry >erman & 4oel Evans etailing Management. J Te=t & 'ases JSAapna Pradhan etail Management J &usch +unne etail Management J /i#son ;edamani

,.1 3 B*B !ar%etin" 7 &R! < 1++ mar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. Introduction to Industrial Mar!eting, +istances #etAeen Industrial & 'onsumer Mar!eting $. Industrial Mar!eting Environment, Types d 'ustomers, Types of #uying situations Segmentation (. -. +erived demand concepts ,industrial >uyer >ehavior & Industrial Mar!eting esearch

Industrial ,dvertising & Promotions, >randing of Industrial, 3igh Technology & 'ommodities

0. ?. B. F. G.

>$> Product +ecisions, %eA Product +evelopment, Industrial Pricing +ecisions. ole of after sales services in Industrial Mar!eting Industrial +istri#ution >$> selling & Sales management, !ey account management concepts, %egotiated selling, >idding for contracts, selling to /ovt. customers

1H. 11. 1$. 1(.

'oncept & conte=t of ' M7' M as an integral #usiness strategy 'ustomer &oyalty Program 7, #rief discussion from Technology Point of ;ieA 'ustomer !noAledge7 The Individuali*ed customer proposition The relationship policy 7 elationship data management

Re(erence )ext 1. $. (. -. Industrial Mar!eting J ,nalysis, Planning and 'ontrol >y eeder EdAard ' , >riety ,nd >etty eeder J Prentice 3all of India Industrial Mar!eting Management J >y Michael +.3utt 8 ,r*ona Statte 2niversity9 Thomas @. Speh 8Miami 2niversity 9 J Pu#lished #y 3olt Sarenders. Industrial Mar!eting J >y <risha < 3avaldar J Tata Mc/raA 3ill 'ustomer elationship Management, 4agdish Sheth & / shainesh

0. ' M 7 Emerging 'oncepts, Tools and ,pplications 7 4,gdish Seth & Parvattiyar ?. ' M Essentials, 4 @ /osney

,.1.4 R'ral mar%etin"# $+ mar%s &o'rse content: 1. Introduction +efinition scope of rural mar!eting concepts components of rural mar!ets classification of rural mar!ets rural vs. ur#an mar!ets $. ural mar!eting environment. . . Population occupation pattern Income generation location of rural population e=penditure pattern literacy level land distri#ution land use pattern irrigation development programs. Infrastructure facilities rural credit institutions rural retail outlets print media in rural areas rural areas re1uirement pro#lems in rural mar!eting rural demand J rural mar!et inde= Mar!eting of agricultural input .illustration 'onsuma#le inputs dura#le inputs fertili*ers product price distri#ution promotion S@)T analysis of fertili*er mar!et agro chemicals product . price distri#ution promotion S@)T analysis of agro chemicals mar!et seeds cattle poultry a1ua feeds tractors poAer tillers irrigation e1uipments other farm machinery Mar!eting of 'onsuma#les and dura#les Product. price distri#ution strategies J product redesign Jmodification needs Mar!eting of agricultural produce and rural and cottage industry products Mar!eting to agricultural produce J regulated mar!ets.formation of cooperative organi*ations. contract farming J agricultural e=port *one 8,EN9. mar!eting of rural5cottage industries J artisan products. ole of financial institutions in rural mar!eting ,gricultural credit situation.types of credit.rural credit institutions.%,>, + J commercial #an!s Jstate cooperative agricultural and rural development #an!s 8S', +>9 J regional rural #an!s P> Jlocal area #an!s J floA of institutional credit to agriculture J !issan credit card scheme. Impact on rural mar!et. ole of cooperative institutions in rural mar!eting 'ooperatives as organi*ations J structure of cooperative organi*ations J types J share of cooperatives in national economy J impact of cooperatives on rural mar!eting. ole of cooperative institutions in rural mar!eting 'ooperatives as organi*ations J structure of cooperative organi*ations J types J share of cooperatives in national economy J impact of cooperatives on rural mar!eting.


-. 0.




Re(erence )ext : 1. ural Mar!eting J T P /opalsAamy J ;i!as Pu#lishing 3ouse $. ural Mar!eting J ; >adi, % ;, >adi J 3P3 . $5e. $HH0. (.The ural Mar!eting Te=t >oo! J pradeep <ashyap, Siddhartha ant J >i*tantra $HH0 A66itional rea6in"s 1. ural Mar!eting . 3a#aee# 2r. ahman J 3P3 $. ural Mar!eting J Su!hpal Singh. ;i!as pu#lisher (. ural Mar!eting J ' / <rishnamacharyulu, lalitha am!rishnan. Perason Education -.,gricultural Mar!eting in India J ,sharya J )=ford I > 3

,.1.1+ !ar%etin" in 9on5 pro(it .r"ani/ations #$+ mar%s &o'rse content 5 1. $. (. -. 0. ?. ational of Social Issues on the Indian 'onte=t. ,ttitude 6ormation and 'hange Mar!eting of family planning Mar!eting of literacy, health management, Small savings, afforestation. Measurement of effectiveness of social mar!eting Programs. Mar!eting of %/K"s

Re(erence )ext 1. $. (. -. 4ha S. M..Social Mar!eting Kuraishi, S L J Social mar!eting for social change &a*er, @illiam . Social mar!eting perspective and vieApoints <otler, Philip J Social mar!eting

,.1.11 ='antitati e !o6els In !ar%etin" $+ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. $. (. -. 0. ?. B. F. G. 1H. 11. 1$. The Place of Models in Mar!eting +ecision Ma!ing Theories li!e the >ayesian +ecision Theory. 'onsumer >ehavior Models7 ,ttitude, Perception & >rand SAitch. )rgani*ational >uying Models %eA Product +esign Pricing Models Pricing a %eA Product, Price.elasticity of +emand. /ross.elasticity +istri#ution 5 &ocation +ecision 'ommunication Models7 )#Dective Setting Promotion . mi=, >udget ,llocation Media Models Models to measure the effects of ,dvertising 6orecasting Sales J force +ivisions.

Re(erence )ext : Kuantitative models in mar!eting J >y @illam <ing

,.1.1* !ar%etin" A'6it #$+ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. $. (. -. 0. ?. B. F. G. 1H. Mar!eting ,udit Process Mar!eting segment cost analysis Mar!eting cost variance audit Environment audit %eA product launch audit 'ompany internal analysis7 'ompetitive capa#ility analysis >rand audit +istri#ution audit Strategic audit

Re(erence )ext 1. $. 3> articles 3> and lvey league cases

.P)I.9AL >R.;P # FI9A9&E

,.*.1 A6 ance6 Financial !ana"ement ;A 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1.'orporate 6inance. . Q 'apital Structuring .Theory & Practice Q Investment 8ProDect9 Identification & 6easi#ility ,nalysis @ith sensitivities. Q 6inancing )ptions . structuring & evaluation )ff.shore I )n.Shore Instruments, Multiple )ption >onds . is! ,nalysis, 6inancial engineering Q 6inancial >enchmar!ing .. concept of shareholder value. Ma=imi*ation. Interest rate structuring, #ond valuations. Q 6inancial Interest ate SAaps Treasury 6unction in corporate. $. Investment >an!ing. Q ;aluation of 'orporate I ProDects I Investment )pportunities . +ie +iligence Procedures Q 'redit ating of 'ountries5 State 5 Investment & Instruments Q 4oint ;enture 6ormulations . 6IPS 5 >I Q Merchant >an!ing . ole & 6unctions . &oan Syndication IP) J Primary Issue Management (. Infrastructure 6inancing Q Issues & 'onsiderations 6inancial 6easi#ility. Pricing & Earning Model9 Q 6inancing )ptions -. Sic! companies ,ct 5 Provisions of >I6 5 eha#ilitees of sic! units5 estructuring of sic! units 0. Indian financial systems

Re(erence )ext : 1. $. (. 6inancial Management >riefly Myres 6inancial Management >righam Indian 6inancial Systems M L <han

,.*.* &orporate La? 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent ')MP,%L &,@ 1. I9&.RP.RA)I.9 .F &.!PA9IES : Q Preparation of Memorandum of ,ssociation Q %ame of the 'ompany, its registration and procedure for changing the name Q ,rticles of ,ssociation, ,lternation of ,rticles Q Mem#ership of 'ompany . 'ontracts, +eeds, Investments and service of +ocuments Q &egal provisions relating to holding 'ompanies. Private 'ompanies. 2nlimited companies *. ISS;E .F &API)AL: Q +rafting of prospectus Q egistration of +ocuments Q 'ommission and.+iscount on issue of 'apital Q Issue of Shares at a premium or discount . Q Provisions of governing issue of redeema#le preference of Share 'apital Q Transfer of Share and +e#entures Q ights or Share 3olders Q Provisions relating to payment of dividend, Payment of interest out of 'apital. 6i=ed ass ,. RAISI9> .( L.A9S : Q Provisions relating to de#entures Q egistration of charges . Q Inter company #orroAings. -. RE&.R:S8 RE);R9 A&&.;9) A9: !EE)I9> : egister of mem#ers and de#entures holders. ,nnual returns and penalty for failure to su#mit returns . Meeting Statutory. ,nnual general and E=traordinary general meeting Kuorum. pro=ies, voting procedure, <inds of resolutions and recording of minutes . >oo!s o ,ccounts to #e !ept and inspection .,ppointment auditors . ,uditing of 'ost ,ccounts . Investigation poAers of the government M,%,/EME%TS7 'onstitution of >oard of +irectors . ,ppointment of Managing +irectors .Kualification of +irectors . >oard Meeting . PoAers of the >oard emuneration Jof +irectors. eduction imposed on +irectors J relating to mismanagement . ,malgamations. econstruction ,rrangements and 'ompromise and the Provisions relating thereto

$. R;)PA&) EST I'TI;E ,>+ 2%6,I T ,+E P ,'TI'ES ,'T 7 Investing #y 'ommission egistration of agreements relating to restrictive trade practice presumption as or pu#lic interest .resale price maintenance ).)ffences and.penalties under the ,ct . Procedures to #e compiled Aith . 2nfair Trade Practices. FE9A Provisions relating to 6E%, 'ompanies egulations 'oncerning Import and E=port ,c1uisitions and Sales of immova#le properties )vervieA of E=change 'ontrol egulations SE>I, SE>I ,'T, SE>I ules, SE>I egulations, SE>I /uidelines, SE>I Procedure >oo!

Re(erence : ')MP,%IES ,'T 7 1. &ectures on 'ompany &aA #y S. M. Shah $. 'ompany &aA #y ,vtar Singh (. /uide to 'ompanies ,ct #y amaiah 2TP ,'T 7 M TP ,'T #y ,. M. 'ha!ravorty &E;E& )6 <%)@&E+/E 7 1. E=pert !noAledge of 'ompany laA $. >asic <noAledge of 2TP, 6E%, and SE>I

Re(erence )ext 1. S. M. S3,3 'ompany laA $. ,vtar Singh 'ompany laA (. amaiya 'ompany &aA

,.*., Financial !ar%ets an6 Instit'tions 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. Introduction to 6inancial Mar!ets Q Q Q Money Mar!ets 'apital Mar!ets ,dvantages of 6inancial Mar!ets to investor5 corporates

$. +eterminants of Interest ate Q eal and nominal Interest rates Q Theory of Term structure of Interest ates Q Monetary Policy ole played #y 'entral >an! Q Money supply and +emand Q Measures of money Supply 8Ml 5 M(9 Q Influence of Interest ates in other economics on domestic interest rates (. Money Mar!ets Q @hy money mar!ets are needed Q ;arious Money Mar!et instrument Q Measuring >ond e1uivalent yield and discount yield on Money Mar!et Instruments Q 3oA the Monetary Policy stance of central #an! gets percolated in the economy -. >onds Q Q Q Q Q Q Q >onds mathematics 8LTM. 'urrency yield, duration, conve=ity, *ero coupon yield etc9 ,pplication +uration in is! Management Term Structure & Theories >ehind term Structure +eterminants of interest rates .8 ole played #y 'entral >an!s Monetary & 'redit Policy, Etrect of /lo#ali*ation 8hed Aatching9 etc /overnment #onds & 'orporate #onds 8'redits ating, +efault is!9 Interest ate is! Management 3istorical returns from India Mar!ets Introduction to mortgage Mathematics

0. Stoc! Mar!ets . o Introduction to Portfolio Management Theory 2nderstanding is! +iversification ',PM Systematic5 2nsystematic is!s etc o 2nderstanding . Mar!et Efficiency o 3istorical returns from 2S Mar!ets o 3istorical returns from Indian Mar!ets o 6undamental drivers of ;alue of Stoc!s 5 Mar!et 8Inde=9 o elative ;aluation Measures &i!e P0 atio. >5>; Multiple and their determinants

?. Mutual 6unds Q Structure & Important regulations @.r.t. M6S Q ,dvantages of Investments Through M6s Q Types of M6s & investments through M6s Q ,ccounting 8%,; 'omputation9& Intermediaries associated Aith M6s Q The present status of M6 industry in India and its potential Q 'omparison of Indian M6 industry Aith 2S Mutual fund industry Q Styles of investment Q Evaluating 6und performance on the #asis of 8 Sharpe, Treyner information ratio9 etc Style 8;alue /roAth J Momemutum9 6und Manager"s past performance, ,M'"s epu#lic etc Q ,ctual Performance of Indian M6 8 eturns delivered #y Indian Mutual 6unds9 B. 6oreign E=change Mar!ets Q Purpose served #y Mar!ets Q Spot ates I 6orAard ate 6oreign E=change Mathematic Q 6loating I 6i=ed rate ,dvantages 5 +isadvantages Q +eterminants of 'urrency Movements or E=change rate Q eal & %ominal E=change ates Q 'overed Interest Parity F. +erivatives & is! Management Q 2nderstanding >asic Purpose of +erivatives is! Management 5Speculation Q >asic features of 6utures and )ptions Q +ifference #etAeen 6orAard and 6uture mar!ets Q Introduction to ,r#itrage & is! %eutral ;aluation G. 'ommercial >an!s Q 2nderstanding the >alance Sheet, 'apital ,de1uacy ratio Q 2nderstanding various is!s fi=ed #y #an!s and hoA #an!s manager these ris!s Q 2nderstanding the profita#ility drivers of the >an!s 1H. Investment >an!ing7 Q ole )f Merchant(an!ers Q 'apital Structuring Q >uy >ac! and its rationale Q IP) ights Issue Process . Q ,+ 5/+ issue Q Important SE>I egulations Re(erence )ext: 1. 6inancial Mar!ets and Institutions #y ,nthony Saunders. Tata Mc/raA .3ill Pu#lication $. SE>I /uidelines 8availa#le on net9 on Mutual funds. (. 3andouts 5 Soft copies 8E=cel #ond9 on some topics li!e >ond Mathematics. Portfolio Management. Evaluation of Mutual 6und performance etc Aill #e given

,.*.- International Finance 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. 6undamental e1uili#rium relationships covered interest parity, purchasing poAer parity & 6isher open theorem. Q 6oreign E=change e=posureC transaction & operating. Q +erivatives Pricing & ,nalysisC foreign e=change arithmetic, foreign e=change sAaps, forAard contracts financial futures & 6inancial sAaps. Q'urrency options fi=ed income analysis & interest rate options. Q'apital >udgeting for international proDects, international cash management, international asset pricing theories. 6inancial ,spects of International %egotiations. $. )perations of foreign e=change mar!ets, modes & mechanism of spot & forAard Q e=change contracts, Q E=change trading & position. Syndication, SAaps, )ptions, )ffshore #an!ing, International Money, 'apital & 6oreign E=change Mar!ets Aith reference to %eA Lor!, &ondon To!yo, 3ong <ong & Singapore, ( Theories of e=change rates. Q Purchasing poAer parity theory. Q +emand supply & elasticity in foreign e=change rate determination. Q >alance of Payments theory. 3istorical perceptive on e=change rate, /old Standard. Q Inter Aar insta#ility, >retton Aoods, fi=ed e=change rates, fluctuating e=change rates case for fi=ed or fluctuating e=change rates. The changing nature of Aorld money. Q The rise of private Aorld money.

Q. Euro.currencies, Euro.dollars, European 'urrency 2nit, Q '. 2., their mechanics & impact, Q International capital .floAs & shoc!s. . Q International de#t pro#lem . its origin, history & status. Q International li1uidity & S+ s. -. Innovative International 6inancial Products. Q Socio.Political Issues in Strategic International 6inancial Management 8@ith special reference to multi.national corporations9

Re(erence )ext. : 1. $. International 6inance . ,vadhani 6oreign e=change Management

,.*.$ !er"ers8 Ac@'isitions 7 &orporate Restr'ct'rin" 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. %eed for restructuring $. ;arious forms of estructuring, ;i* Mergers ,c1uisitions, ,malgamation, Stump Sates +e Ta!e overs, Spin.off etc. and implications thereof ;is. ,.;is strategic. (. ;aluation of #usiness #rands, human resource capital, intangi#le assets etc. -. Statutory regulations under 'ompanies ,ct, SE>I egulations &isting agreements allied #odies ;is. a. ;is 'ompliance thereAith. 0.Ta=ation aspects of restructuring, mergers etc. ?. &everaged #uy.outs B. +octrine of due diligence F. )ther implications of ta!e.overs mergers etc G.'ases Studies of specific instances of Mergers, +e.mergers etc. Re(erence )ext : 1. ;aluation J 'opeland $. ;aluation . +amodaran

,.*.0 Sec'rit2 Anal2sis An6 Port(olio !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse content 1. is! ,nd eturn Q Simple determination of stoc! mar!et price using time value of money . simple one period and multi period case. Q eturn on common stoc! under uncertainty, for a single stoc! E=pected eturn, ;ariance of eturn, 'oncept of pro#a#ility +istri#ution of eturns. Q 'o.movement of tAo ,ssets returns, Measuring of 'ovariance definition and Simple %umerical E=ample, 'orrelation 'oefficient . Q TAo asset portfolio case, e=pected return and variance of returns of a TAo asset Portfolio Simple %umerical E=ample and /raphical illustration. Q +iversification of is!, Systematic and 2nsystematic ris! $. M)+E % P) T6)&I) T3E) L Q /eneral %.asset Portfolio Pro#lem, Marches Model 7 )#Dectives 6unction and 'onstraints, Meaning of Efficient 6rontier 5 Set, 'oncept of 'M& 8'apital Mar!et &ine9, 'oncept l Mar!et Portfolio, is! 6ree rate, SorroAing and &ending rates. S3, P"S SI%/&E I%+ES ) M, <ET M)+E&7 Q 3oA ,sset eturn move Aith the mar!et. Q Slope of security mar!et &ine 8SM&9 Q Properties of any asset on the line. Q ,ssumptions and some empirical evidence of ',PM Q ,r#itrage pricing theory . Introduction ',PIT,& ,SSET P I'I%/ M)+E&7 Q Statement of ',PM. Q Slope of security Mar!et &ine 8SM&9 Q Properties of any asset on the line. Q ,ssumptions and some empirical evidence of ',PM Q ,r#itrage pricing theory. Introduction. E66I'IE%T M, <ET 3LP)T3ESIS 8EM397 . Q andom Aal! theory Q @ea!. Semi .Strong and Strong form Q Empirical Evidence of EM3 Q ,nomalies in the mar!ets7 6irm Si*e Effect, 4anuary Effect, Monday Effect




?. P) T6)&I) PE 6) M,%'E ME,S2 ES Q Sharp Inde= Q Treynor Inde= Q4ensen"s Measure QEmpirical Test of Mutual 6unds Performance & EM3 Re(erence )ext: 1. Security ,nalysis and Portfolio Management 8?th Ed 9 >y +onald 6isher and 4ordan, Prentice 3all of India 81GG09


Securities ,nalysis and Portfolio Management, Prasanna 'handra J Tata McgraA 3ill 8$HH$9

,.*.1 Strate"ic &ost !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. 'ost >enefit ,nalysis Aith reference to Strategic >usiness +ecision Ma!ing J Kualitative & Kuantitative aspects. $. +ifferent aspects of Strategic 'ost Management7 Q ;alue ,nalysis & ;alue Engineering. Q @astage 'ontrol, Q +isposal Management, Q >usiness Process e.engineering, Q Total Kuality Management. Q Total Productive Maintenance, Q Energy ,udit. Q 'ontrol of Total +istri#ution 'ost & Supply 'ost Q 'ost eduction, Q Product &ife 'ycle 'osting etc. (. ,ctivity >ased 'osting Q Target 'osting -. ;alue 'hain ,nalysis & &ong Term 'ost Management 0. )#Dective >ased 'osting ?. >alance Score 'ard 'oncept B. 'ost ,udit & Management ,udi under companies ,ct, Aith reference to strategic7 assessment of cost & managerial performances. F. Strategic 'ost.>enefit ,nalysis of different #usiness restricting propositions. G. Entrepreneurial approach to cost Management, Aith reference to core competencies. strategic advantages & long.term perspective of cost Management, Re(erence )ext : 1. Strategic 'ost Management +r. /ovindaraDa $. Strategic 6inancial Management +r. /irish 4a!hotiya

,.*.3 Fiscal Polic2 an6 &orporate )ax Plannin" 1++ !ar%s &o'rse content 6iscal Ta= Planning 1. $. (. -. 0. ?. B. F. G. IH. 11. +irect and indirect Ta=es as MaDor evenue in /overnment >udgets 6iscal >udget & Ta= Policy Ta=es as Kuantitative Measures to Promote +omestic Industry and E=ports 'entral & State &evel Ta=es and Inter State and Monetary Policy for egulating Inflation for >oosting Economic /roAth Ta= Su#sidies 8+irect, Indirect, 'ross. etc.9 Pre >udget & Post >udget Ta=es Impact of 6iscal Ta= Planning on 6iscal +eficit and Surplus Ta= 6ree Nones and Products /overnment Machinery for Ta= e1orms, egulating & ecovery >rief 'omparative Study of 6iscal a= Planning in +eveloped, +eveloping and 2nderdeveloped Economics

'orporate Ta= Planning 1. 'ompany as Ta=a#le Entity +istinguishing 6eatures, Ahen compared Aith other Ta=a#le Entities. $. Study of Specific Sections (. Illustrative &ist of Sections $g>9C $81F9C 1104,C ((,cC B$ ,C B( E=pC 110.o7 FH1 ,7 BGC -H : -B , 8To #e updated Aith ,nnual 6inance ,ct9 -. Ta= Planning for 'ompanies 2nder 'apital /ains & 2nder >usiness 3ead 0. Ta=ation of 6oreign 'ompany 8>rief )vervieA9 ?. Important 'ase &aA on Ta= Planning vis Ta= Evasion and other relevant 'ases related to 'ompanies B. Planning of 'orporate indirect ta=es 8including 'ustoms, E=cise. Modvat )ciroi. Sales Ta=. Stamp +uty, etc.9 F. Ta= Planning through Specific. Strategic E=ercises li!e ,malgamation and merger Re(erence )ext: 'orporate Ta= Penning +r.Singhar.ia Indian Economy Prof ,garAal 8'hapters pertaining to 6iscal Policy9

,.*.4 Ban%in" an6 Ins'rance 1++ !ar%s &o'rse content 1. Introduction to >an!ing. $. ole of #an!s in an economy (. Structure, groAth and development of #an!ing in India -. Study of #an! #alance sheet and profit and loss account 0. Treasury and funds management In #an!s ?, is! management In >an!s B. ,ssets lia#ility management in tan!s F. egulatory role of >I and its monetary policy G. 'ooperative #an!is, >s and rural #an!ing in India 1H. Special Issues in Indian #an!ing sector Q %arasimham comm,ltee report Q >asel II Q ,ssets econstruction 'ompanies Q Securiti*ation ,ct Q 'onsolidation in Indian #an!ing Sector 11. Introduction to insurance 1$. /roAth and +evelopment iii Insurance in India 1(. ange of products and services of insurance 1-. 6und management in insurance sector 10. )pening up of sector in India and challenges 1?. egulation and reforms in Indian insurance sector Re(erence )ext: 1. $. (. 0. ?. B. F. G. >an!ing in the neA Millennium #y I'6,I 2niversity #an!ing series edited #y % aDashe!ar, Lear $HH1. >an!ing Strategy #y I'6,& 2niversity #an!ing series edited #y <aturi %agestiAara, ao, Lear $HH$, 'entral >an!ing #y 'harles /oodnard International 'orporate arid Investment >an!ing Practice and &aA #y argon Mar!. 2<5Institute of 6inancial Services7$HH( European >an!ing and 6inancial Services &aA #y /erster 5ScliAander. %etherland 5 !luAer &aA in 5$HH>an!ing Supervision ,Systemic San! estructuring 7 ,n International and 'omparative &egal Perspective J #y MAenda <enneeth <aoma. &ondon 5 'aveidiS Pu#5$HHH is! Management in >an!ing $nd >y >essis 4oel. 'hichesler54ohn @ileyM$HH-, 'ommercial >an!ing The Management of is!. $nd >y 6rster +onald 5/up >enton E5 <otan 4ames @.. ,ustralia 5 South. @estern5$HH1. Strategic >usiness Management and >an!ing, >y Sar!ar , %. %eA +elhi5+eep & +eep 5 $HH0

,.*.1+ :eri ati es an6 Ris% !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. Introduction to +erivatives Q ,pplication of +erivatives 8for is! Management & Speculation 8&everaging9 Q >asic Terms & properties of )ptions 5 6utures 5 6orAards $. 6utures & 6orAards Q Pricing & ;aluation of 6utures56orAards Q is! Management using 6utures Q >asis is! Q Introduction to 'urrencies5'ommodity5Interest rate futures (. Mechanics & Properties of )ptions Q >oundary 'onditions for options Q Put.call parity and its Interpretation Q )ptions sensitivity to the o 2nderlying o ;olatility o Stri!e price o Interest rate o Time to e=piration -. >asic )ption strategies Trading 1. +irectional Strategies 8, na!ed 'all5Put5>ull 'all5Spread etc. . $. ;olatility #ased strategies 8Straddle5Strangle 5'alendar Spread9 (. Economic ationale #ehind spreading Ris% !ana"ement Q Protective Put Q 'overed 'all 1. Introduction to )ption ;aluation Q International Model for ;aluations Q is! %eutral pro#a#ilities and their interpretation Q >inomial Models application 8or ,merican option Ahere the underlying pays It +ividend Q >lac! & Scholes Model 2nderstanding @einer& Mar!ov processes &og %ormal distri#ution IT). &EMM, & its application in Stochastic processes 2sing IT) &EMM,to derive >lac! & Scholes Model for Stoc!5'urrency options Interpreting the > & s formula

$. 2nderstanding )ptions /ree!s Q+elta5Theta5;ega & /amma ris!s of options Q2nderstanding )ptions /ree!s for various trading strategies 8volatility & +irectional Spreads9 Q+elta5+ynamic 3edging and relating the cost of +elta hedging Aith the option price determined #y Q>lac! & Scholes J model. QElasticity 8>eta 9 of an option in the ',PM frameAor!. This @ould :'larify" the" ris! return" Qprofile 8@hich is often misunderstood for various options trading strategies9 (. )ptions ;otality Q 3istorical & Implied ;olatility Q ;olatility Smile Q Term Structure of volatility Q Some ,dvance Models of ;olatility estimation Q ;alue ,t is! 3istorical Simulation Q Models >uilding ,pproach Q Stress Testing & >ac! Testing Re(erence )ext : 1. )ptions, 6uture & other +erivatives J #y 4ohn. ' 3ull $. ,pplied +erivatives J ichard . D. endleman . 4r Special 6ocus on 7 'hap 7 $ .....P2T J',&& Parity 'hap 7 ( & - ....>inomial )ption Pricing Models (.)ption ;olatility & Pricing J Sheldon %aten >erg ,n e=cellent #oo! from options trading perspective. , handout on option /ree!s Aill #e /iven to students at the appropriate time Students at the appropriate time. -. The %eA )ptions Mar!et J Ma= ,ns#acher ,gain an e=cellent #oo! from option trading perspective. , handout on trading strategies Aill #e given to the students. 0. +erivatives J The @ild #east of 6inance J ,lfred Steinherr The #oo!s deals in detail Aith the folloAing Aell.!noAn disasters Aith +erivatives. o Metallgesellschaft J 8 ollover is!9 o >arings 8&ESS)%"S J ',SE9 J3ighly speculation & &everages position in +erivatives o 3edge funds & the collapse of &T'M 8&ong Term 'apital Management9

,.*.11 ?ealth !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 6I%,%'E is! & eturn from various asset classes ST)'<S o Introduction to portfolio management theory Q Mar!et Efficiency Q 3istorical returns from 2S Mar!ets Q 3istorical returns from Indian Mar!ets Q 6undamental drivers of ;alue or Stoc!s I Mar!et 8Inde=9 Q 2nderstanding the PoAer of 'orn pounding >)%+S Q >onds mathematics 8LTM, 'urrency yield, duration, conve=ity, *ero coupon yield9 Term Structure & Theories >ehind term". Structure Q +eern"inan1s of interest rates ole played #y 'entral >an! Monetary & 'redit Policy, Effect o /lo#ali*ation 86ed @atching 9 etc. Q /overnment #onds & 'orporate #onus 8'redit ating, +efault is!9 M2T2,& 62%+S Q Structure & important regulations A.r.t. M6s Q ,dvantages of investments :through M6s Q Types of M6s & investment options Q ,ccounting 8%,; 'omputation9 & Intermediaries associated Aith M6s Q The present status of ME industry in India and its potential. Q 'omparison of Indian M6 industry Aith 2S Mutual fund industry Q Styles investment of Evaluating 6und performance on the #asis of o 8Snarpe, Treyner, Information ratio9etc o Styte K"4alue I /roAth Momemtum9 o 6und Managers past performance, ,M'"s eputation etc ,ctual Performance of Indian M6. 8 eturns delivered #y Indian Mutual 6unds9

Q 6I%,%/I,& P&,%%1%/ 5 @E,&T3 M,%,/EME%T Q Introduction and advantages 6inancial Planning Q &ife cycle %etAorth & Strategies Q &ife 'ycle Investment /oals Q ,sset ,llocation & is! Tolerance 8E=pected 2tility9 etc. Q ;arious ,sset allocation strategies ' ITE I)% 6) 62%+ SE&E'TI)% 8E=pected 2tility9 Q Preparation of a 6inancial Plan @hich Aould re1uire o Ta= planning o 80 year cash floAs 8Aith9 Q E=isting ,sset ,llocation Q evised ,sset ,llocation Q Ma=imum +oAnside is! M, <ETI%/ & >E3,;I)2 ,& Q @ealth 'reation 'ycle, ole of >an!s & Private >an!ing Q Environment. @ealth management 6uture & ;ision Q ole of mar!eting in @ealth Management Q Technology Q Process of Mar!eting & 3%IS Q 'lient Segmentation Q Profiling the Prospects & ,pproach Q E=plore & Strategies Q E=ecute, Monitor & evieA Q +E' )f Interpersonal %egotiation. time Mgmt. S!ills & ,ssertiveness Q Kualities of elationship Manager and .' M Q Selling Process & ole plays in prospecting, closing etc. Q 'ase Studies Re(erence )ext: I'I'I %otes on @ealth Management

,.*.1* ='antitati e !o6els In Finance $+ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent < 1. 'ost analysis for :profit planning Q ,pplication of &earning 'urve Models to Profit Planning. Q ;olume . 'ost ,nalysis . The Multiple egression ,nalysis ,pproach. Q 6orecasting and Measuring Ait 'orrelation ,nalysis. Q Prom Measurement through Statistical 'orrelating. Q 'apacity 2tili*ation and 'onduction Margin. Q )pportunity cost . ,n ,pplication of Mathematical Programming. $. Profit planning and #udgeting Q >rea!. Even ,nalysis and &inear Programming Q ,pplication of 'urvy.&inear >rea!.Even analysis. Q Pro#a#ilities Profit >udgets. . Q 'ost ;olume . Profit ,nalysis 2nder 'onditions of 2ncertainty Q >udgeting Aith %et . @or! ,nalysis. Q PE T.'ost. (. 'osting ,nd Pricing Q u1o of 'ost Pricing Doint Product Q Multiple Product 'osting and Multiple 'orrelating ,nalysis Q ,pplication of & P in +etermine Profita#ility of Products Involving 4oint 'oals -. 'ost of 'ontrol 0. Evaluation of Training E=penses ?. Management ,ccounting 8or esearch and +evelopment ,pplying &inear Programming to Pay Structure B. ModeE or 3uman esources 2tili*ation. F 'ontrolling Inventory . , Practical ,pproach. G. ,pplication of Pro#a#ility to 'ost 'ontrol. eports. 1H. &inear Programming and ,ccounting Information Model. 11. Productivity 'osting and Management. 1$. ,pplication of &earning 'urve Models to Profit Planning. ;olume . 'ost ,nalysis The Multiple egression ,nalysis ,pproach. 1(. Profit Measurement through Statistical 'opulating. 1-. 'apacity 2tili*ation and 'ontri#ution Margin. 10. )pportunity cost . ,n ,pplication of Mathematical Programming

0. Profit Planning ,nd >udgeting Q Q Q Q Q Q >rea!. Even ,nalysis and &inear Programming ,pplication of 'urvy.&inear >rea! . Even analysis. Pro#a#ilities Profit >udgets. 'ost ;olume . Profit ,nalysis 2nder 'onditions of 2ncertainty >udgeting Aith %et . @or! ,nalysis. PE T.'ost.

?. 'osting ,nd Pricing Q ole of 'ost in Pricing 4oint Product. Q Multiple Product 'osting and Multiple 'orrelating ,nalysis. Q ,pplication of & P to +etermine Profita#ility of Products Involving Doint 'osts. B. 'ost of 'ontrol Evaluation of Training E=penses Management ,ccounting for esearch and +evelopment ,pplying &inear Programming to Pay Structure Q Model for humor esources 2tili*ation. Q 'ontrolling inventory . , Practical ,pproach Q ,pplication of Pro#a#ility to 'ost 'ontrol, eports. Q &inear Programming and ,ccounting Information Model. Q Productivity 'osting and Management. Re(erence )ext: Economic TimesM >usiness Standard 8+aily9 for neAs related to managerial accounting. Practices and accounting frauds

,.*.1, &orporate al'ation 1++ !ar%s &o'rse .'tline 1. ,pproaches to ;aluation $. +iscounted 'ash floA ;aluation a. >asics #. Estimating Inputs Q +iscount ates . Q /roAth floAs Q /roAth Q /roAth Patterns Qc. 'hoosing the ight Model d. &oose Ends Qd. &oose Ends Q +ealing Aith 'ash and 'ross 3oldings Q +ealing Aith Management )ptions 5 @arrants5 'onverti#les Qe. E=amples of ;aluation (. elative ;aluation a. >asics and tests #. Multiples Q PE atio Q PE/ atios Q elative PE atios Q E;5E>9T Multiples Q >oo! ;alue atios Q Sales Multiples Q 'hoosing the right multiple -. >rand %ame ;aluation 0.;aluting Private 'ompanies ?. )ption Pricing ,pplications in ;aluation B. ;aluation in ,c1uisitions F. ;alue Enhancement +'6, E;,. and '6 )I Re(erence )ext : Q <oeller, /oedharl, and @essels, ;aluation7 Measuring and Managing the ;alue of 'ompanies, 4ohn @iley & Sons. -th Edition, $HH0. Q Palepu, 3ealy. and >ernard. >usiness ,nalysis and ;aluation 2sing 6inancial Statements, SouthAestern Pu#lishing, (rd 'dition, $HHH. Q Pereiro, ;aluation of 'ompanies in Emerging Mar!ets7 , Practical ,pproach, 4ohn @iley & Sons, 1st Edition, $HH$. Q oss, @esterlield. 4afle, 'orporate 6inance Q >rearly Myers . 'orporate 6inance Q ,sAath +amodaran, ;aluations

,.*.1- !ar%etin" Finance $+ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. S,&ES E;E%2E as an Integral Elements of 'ost Q evenue.investment 6rameAor! #y )I Management of Sales evenue ,nalysis, of evenue #y Products. Ten Territories, 'hannel, 'ustomers )rders etc. Q ,nalysis of Mar!eting 'osts in terms of Engineered 'osts, 'apacity 8fi=ed9 'osts and Managed 'osts Q 'lassification of Mar!eting 'osts #y 6unction Q Mar!eting 'ost allocations and its limitations for Managerial +ecisions. $. M, <ETI%/ I%;ESTME%T Q Management of ,ccounts eceiva#les and Inventories Q 'redit decisions and 'redit Policy Special Promotion and Mar!eting esearch E=penditure is Mar!eting Investment and their Evaluation using the pro#a#ility theory and decisions Trees Q Evaluating eturn on Mar!eting Investment +eveloping and &aunching %eA Products and

the 'oncept of Investment in &ife 'ycle of Product Q ,pplication of +'6 to Evaluations of Investment in Product +evelopment Mar!eting Product. Mi= and &inear Programming. (. Policy +ecisions and Mar!eting 6inance Q Pricing of Doint Product and ,pplication of &inear Programming Q Pricing %eA Products under )I 'oncept Q >ayesian +ecision Theory and Pricing Q /overnment Price 'ontrol J +ual Pricing Q ,pproaches of /overnment >odies to +evelopment :6air Price" .Su#mitting Tenders Q ,pplications of +'6 Techni1ue . Q E=port Mar!eting and 6inance

Q 6inancial Incentives, E=port 'osts and E=port Pricing Q ,pplications and 6orecasting Techni1ues to +eveloping Mar!eting >udgeting Q +eveloping Su#.#udgets #y Mar!eting Segments Q ,dvertising >udget . >udgeting Sales force Efforts Q )ptimum &evel and ,llocation of Selling Efforts among +ealers +eveloping 'ompanion plans for sales 6orce Q #udgeting Samples. Q @arehousing decisions Q Transportation +ecision. +eliver oute +ecisions Q 'ost ,nalysis for +istri#ution alternatives 6inancial ,nalysis for sAitching over form Q Soul selling agency to +irect Selling to Trade 'hannels Q Economics of directs rating #y manufacturer. Q Impact of mar!eting strategies on organi*ation structure design and conse1uent financial Implications. Q The concept of Mar!eting 'ost & ;alue Measuring Mar!eting ;alue J :;alue ,dded" #y mar!eting effort Productivity Mar!eting and its social Dustification -. Target Pricing Q Pricing of Turn <ey ProDect Q %ational Pricing Q >rand ;aluation Q 6inancial ,spects of >rand Management Q Impact of Transfer Pricing Q Mechanism on Mar!eting Performance Q ;alue 'hain ,nalysis & relevant decisins a#out Mar!eting 'osts & Mar!ehrig Investments. eference Te=t7 Q Mar!eting Management , 6inance Emphasis > <.'hatterDee Q 6inance Sense Pasanna 'handra

Q Mar!eting Models 8'hapter on Pricing9 /ary & &ilian, 6. oller, <S Moorthy Q Managing >rand E1uity + , ,a!er

,.*.1$ Fixe6 Income 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. 2nderstanding >asics )f >onds Mathematics7 Q Q Q Q Lield to Maturity5Lield to 'all Spot ates56orAard ates and Par Lield >ootstrapping Process for Nero 'urve Lield 'urve slope and the theory

$. 2nderstanding +uration and 'onve=ity Q Measuring +uration and 'onve=ity Q +uration or Par 5+iscount 5Premium >onds Q +uration as a is! Measure Q M S1uare & <ey ate +uration Q >ar#elle, &adder & >ullet Strategy (. >ond Management Strategies Q ,ctive and Passive Management Strategies Q 'lassical and 'ontingent Immuni*ation Q +uration >ased ,sset &ia#ility is! Management -. Mortgage >ac!ed Securities Q Mortgage Mathematics Q M>S & ,sset Securiti*ation Q Securiti*ation Structures 0. Interest ate 6utures Q T.#ill & T.#ond 6utures Q +uration >ased hedging using 6utures ?. Interest ate )ptions Q 6orAard ate ,greement Q 'aps56loor5'ollar Q >lac!s model of Interest )ption ;aluation Q 'aplet 6loorlet. SAaplct Parity B. Interest ate SAaps Q >asics )f SAaps Q ;aluation of SAaps 8 6i=ed Side9 Q 6orAard 5,mortising5,sset SAaps Q ;aluing a SAap during its &ife Re(erence )ext : 1. The 3and >oo! of 6i=ed Income Securities. 6a#o**i 6ran! Mc/raA 3ill International $. 6i=ed Income Mar!ets & Their +erivatives Suresh Sunderasan Thomson &earning

(. SAaps 7 ichard 6Iavell 4ohn @iley Pu#lications. .P)I.9AL >R.;P # H'man Reso'rces !ana"ement ,.,.1 .r"ani/ational )heories an6 Str'ct're :esi"ns # ;A 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. Evolution of organi*ational theories. $. )rgani*ational design & effectiveness (. +eterminants of organi*ational structure strategy, technology, si*e, life cycle, environment and culture -. impact of mergers, ac1uisitions & glo#ali*ation on organi*ational structures and effectiveness 0. managing dynamic processes decision ma!ing, conflict, poAer & politics ?. learning organi*ations, virtual organi*ations, #oundryless organi*ations, netAor! organi*ations, organi*ational design for change and innovation

Re(erence )ext : 1. +aft. P & )rgani*ation Theory and +esign 'urrent Edition. Thomson SouthAestern $. o#ins <handAalla, P. %. )rgani*ational design for e=cellence , %eA +elhi, Tata Mc/raA 3il, 1GG$

,.,.* )rainin" 7 :e elopment 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontents: 1. Introduction to human resource development $. )vervieA of Training in )rgani*ations 8 ole of training, structure of training9 (. &earning organi*ation -.Principles of ,dult &earning. Motivation & Performance 0. Training ,dministration. 8training #udget, #udget training programmersC design training calendar 5schedules9 ?. Training %eed assessment. B. 'ompetency modeling and mapping F. +esigning Training Modules G. Implementation of Training 1H. Traditional training methods 11. E.learning and use of technology in training 1$. Training evaluation, 'ost >enefit ,nalysis and )I 1(. Management +evelopment 1-. Planning & )rgani*ing conferences, seminar etc 10. Training ,udit Re(erence )ext 1. Effective Training Systems, Strategies and Practice $. P. %ic! >lanchard 4ames @ Thac!er Second edition Pearson Education (. Employee Training and +evelopment #y aymond , %oe, (ed. Mc/raA 3ill Pu#lication 8International Edition9

,.,., Intro6'ction to In6'strial Relation 7 Labor Bel(are 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent Introduction to Industrial ations & la#our @elfare 1./roAth & development of I Q 3istory & development of 1! Pie independence Post independence. Post &i#erali*ation. $. I issues in )rgani*ations Q I +efinitions Q +ifferent approaches to I 6unctional approach Systems approach & +unlops 'ontri#ution )=ford Model. 3 approach. 'omprehensive I model or interalist & e=ternalist approach. (. Management of 'onflicts as related to I aria different methods of resolving conflicts. Q 2nion recognition. Q 'onditions for effective 'ollective >argaining and process of '> Q ,dDudicating & Proceedings under I+ ,ct & the role of /ovt. -. @or!ers Participation In Management. Q E=periences of /ermany, 6rance & >ritain. Q Indian e=perience. Q Suggestion schemes. Q <ai*en, Kuality circles, TKM. Q IS). 0. Trade 2nion Q 3istory & +evelopment of T2 Q T2 Policies Inter 2nion ivalry. Intra 2nion ivalry Multiplicity or Trade 2nions & implications of M T2. ?. 'ontemporary issues in T2 Q ightsi*ing & ; S Q >usiness Process e.engineering Q Productivity & union B.Social @elfare Q 'oncepts of economics & social Aelfare. Q ole of T2 Q ole of state -. ole of management and corporate social responsi#ility. 0. &a#our Aelfare in organi*ed sector. ?. /ender E1uality. Re(erence )ext

1. Mamoria. ' S & Mamoria, S +ynamics of industrial elations in India. 3imalaya Pu#lishing 3ouse $. Sharma, ,. M Industrial elations 'once1nual & &egal 6rameAor!. 3imalaya Pu#lishing 3ouse (. Mamoria ' S Mamoria, S. & S. ;. /an!ar, +ynamics at Industrial elations in India. 3imalaya Pu#lishing 3ouse -. ;en!ata atmam '. S. Industrial elations, )=ford 2niversity Press

,.,.- &ompetenc2 an6 Per(ormance !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s !ana"erial &ompetence an6 Per(ormance !ana"ement &o'rse &ontent ,9 'ompetence a Aor!7 1. 'oncepts of competence, competency at Aor! $. Types of competencies...>ehavioral and Technical (. 'ompetency +escription -. 'ompetency &evels 0. +esigning competencies +ictionary ?. Measuring or Mapping 'ompetencies B. >EI F. ,ssessment 'entre G. 'onducting and )perating ,ssessment 'entre 1H. ole of ,ssessors in an ,ssessment 'entre 11. +esigning tools in an ,ssessment 'entre 1$. 6eed#ac! Mechanism

>9 Performance Management 1. )#Dective pf Performance Management $. Process of Performance Management (. P,. )#Dectives, issues and Pro#lems -. 4+ and P, 0. Methods of Performance ,ppraisal ?. ,ppraisal forms and formats B. Measurement in 6, F. Process and +ocumentation of P, G. ,ppraisal 'ommunication 1H. ,ppraisal IntervieAs 11. Performance 6eed#ac! and 'ounseling 1$. 'areer +evelopment 1(. &egal and Ethical Perspectives in P, Re(erence )ext :


Performance Management #y 4ulie 6reeman. >ringing out the #est in people #y +aniels Effective Performance ,ppraisal #y 4ames %eil

,.,.$ H'man Reso'rce Pannin" An6 H'man Reso'rce A'6it 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 3uman esource Planning 1. $. The Pie.re1uisite for manpoAer planning, ManpoAer planning as an integrated part of #usiness planningC setting manpoAer standardC ManpoAer forecasting for managerial staff, technical la#or, Integrated >udget for manpoAer management, 'ontrolling manpoAer costs. Kuantitative and 1ualitative approaches to manpoAer economy. Mathematical models anti manpoAer planningC ,n econometric model for national manpoAer planningC +emographic and ecological models for manpoAer planningC Mathematical models for stall structure evaluationC Management Science and manpoAer analysisC Mar!ov 'hain models for manpoAer systemC %etAor! models for training and recruiting decision in manpoAer planning7 , stochastic programming model for manpoAer planningC , Simulation model for manpoAer planning. Planning careers7 Managing career structures and evaluating maintaina#le career policies. +eveloping manpoAer strategies.

(. -.

3uman esource ,udit 1. $. (. -. 0. ?, B. F. G. 1H. 11. 1$. 1(. ,udits of >usiness /oals and Plans ,udits of >usiness ,ssumptions ,udits of >usiness Personnel Practices ,udit of >usiness 3uman esource 2tili*ation ,udit of >usiness Productivity norms ,udits of >usiness Personnel >udgeting 3uman esources ,ccounting ,udit of e=ecutive Turnover ,uditing of Industrial elation ,uditing of Industrial 'ommittee Management 'osts involved ecruitment Initiation and Training 4o#.evaluation 'ompensation planning 3 + audit methodology and issues IntervieAs, o#servation, 1uestionnaire The 3 + Score card and Ariting the 3 + ,udit report.

Re(erence )ext 1. Personnel & human esource Management P. Su#ha ao $. 3uman esource and ,udit T.;. ao (. 3uman esource System T.;. ao & 2dai Paree!

3uman esource Electives

,.,.0 Labo'r Le"islation 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent &a#our &egislation 1. 6actories ,ct. $. Shops & Esta#lishment ,ct. (. Payment of @ages ,ct. -. Minimum @ages ,ct. 0. ESI ,ct. ?. @or!men"s 'ompensation ,ct B. Payment of >onus ,ct F. /ratuity ,ct G. Provident 6und ,ct & Misc Provision ,ct. 1H. Industrial +ispute ,ct. 11. Industrial Employment Standing )rders. 1$. 'ontract &a#our 8 egulation & ,#olishing9 1(. M T2 & P2&P. 1-. ,pprenticeship ,ct Re(erence )ext: >are ,cts

,.,.1 &ompensation an6 7Bene(its 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. 3uman esources Philosophy and ,pproach 1H1 an )rgani*ation $. eAard Strategies ,rticulating and understanding #usiness conte=t for reAard strategies (. Elements of eAard Strategy 2nderstanding eAard Management -. 'ompensation 5 emuneration place In eAard Strategy 0. 2nderstanding Elements of 'ompensation Structure 6i=ed , 'ash, >enefits, etrials and Social Security. ;aria#le Pay 5 Incentives5 Stoc! )ptions ?. 'osting the 'T' of each element of 'ompensation Structure 8e=cluding stoc! options9 B. 2nderstanding inflation %eutrali*ation of Inflation +earness ,lloAance, 'onsumer Price Indices . '. 2nderstanding Provident 6ind, ESI', /ratuity, Superannuating, >onus under Payment of >onus ,ct G. Types of ;aria#le Pay 1H. 2nderstanding income Ta= 11. ,rriving the 'T' of art employee5candidate costing elements, designing a salary offer template 1$. Ma!ing a salary offer to a candidate understanding salary ranges 1(. emuneration Survey. choosing a partner, conducting a survey. #enchmar!ing. arriving at a comparator, target position, understanding median , percentile, ageing of mar!et data 1-. 'onverting emuneration Survey results Into a Salary Proposal 10. E1uity 'ompensation Planso#Dective of e1uity compensation, types of Stoc! Plans, valuing stoc! grants, SE>I /uidelines, ta=a#ility of stoc! options Re(erence )ext:

1. Te=t#oo! of 3 M P. Su#ha ao. $. Managing 3uman esources >ohlander, Snefl, Shermn

,.,.3 .r"ani/ational :e elopment 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. +efinitions underlying assumptions and values of )rgani*ation +evelopment $. ,pproaches to )+ . Systems ,pproach. ,ction esearch (. Process of 'hange -. )rgani*ation +iagnosis & +iagnostic Models 0. +ata 'ollection & ,nalysis including 'limate Survey ?. 2nderstanding )rgani*ational oles Q )+ Intervention theories and methods &arge Systems, /roup and Individual Techni1ues

Re(erence )ext : 'ummings Thomas '. @orley 'hristopher '. Essentials of )rgani*ational +evelopment and 'hange...

,.,.4 ='antitati e )echni@'es In H'man Reso'rces !ana"ement $+ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1 Principles of individual differences and 1uantitative approach to its measurement. $. Psychological tests use, scope and limitations in organi*ational set.up. ole of test users. 6airness and #ias in testing. Essential consideration of selecting a test. (. 'haracteristics of scientific measurement techni1uesC elia#ility, ;alidity and Standardi*ation. Q elia#ility 7 relative relia#ility and a#solute relia#ility types of relia#ility . retest relia#ility using single form, retest relia#ility using e1uivalent form, split.half relia#ility, <uder . ec#ardson relia#ility7 factors affecting relia#ility estimates. Q ;alidly 7 types . operational and predictive validity, face validity, factorial validity, construct validity, concurrent validityC validating criteriaC methods of calculating validity . simple correlation, #iserial correlation, tetrachoric correlation, multiple correlation, e=pectancy ta#le, cut.off scores, differential predictors. -. Test construction procedures and scaling techni1ues 8 , group proDect is compulsory @hich must incorporate construction and vanadium of a test or revision of an e=isting test9 Q +evelopment of items, item difficulty , item analysis, and norms development. Q )#Dectivity in administration and scoring. Q Interpretation of the test scores and draAing conclusions for prediction and decision ma!ing 86or #oth individual and group testing9 0. Measurement of intelligence arc general a#ilities different type of intelligence tests, creativity and tests for measurement of creativity, issues related7 to intelligence testing in personnel selection. ?. ,ptitude testing difference #etAeen intelligence and aptitude tests, different type of aptitude tests, importance and usages of aptitude tests in personnel selection. B. >ehavioral assessment in personnel selection, approaches to #ehavioral assessment #ehavior o#servation, personality testing different types of personality tests, usage of personality tests in personnel selection and critical issues related to personality testing, tests o vocational interests, attitudes, ia1ues and other #ehavioral tools and their importance in personnel assessment, issues related to systematic o#servation and Dudgment in #ehavioral assessment. F.. 6actor.analysis, ,%);,, egression ,nalysis n personnel selection, and #ehavioral assessment. G ole of application #lan! arid intervieA in personnel selection and assessment performance appraisal systems, o#Dective measurement of performance and other Do# related #ehaviors, ,ssessment 'enter approach in personnel selection and performance, measurement. 1H. Ethical and Social considerations in testing in organi*ation. Re(erence )ext:


Kuantitative Techni1ues in Management . %.+.;oca Kuantitative Techni1ues in Management J 4. <. Sharma

,.,.1+ & B'il6in" Learnin" .r"ani/ations $+ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. Emerging >usiness ealities $. @hy )rgani*ations need to &earn (. )rgani*ational &earning 7 , 'apa#ilities.>ased ;ieA -. &earning Tools and Techni1ues System Techni1ues Q System Thin!ing Q >enchmar!ing and Process Mapping 0. <noAledge.#ased 'ompetition ?. <noAledge.'reation and ,c1uisition Processes B. Measuring &earning7 The Intellectual 'apital F. , chitecting a &earning )rgani*ation

Re(erence )ext +eveloping the &earning )rgani*ation #y Peter &assey.

,.,.11 Stress !ana"ement $+ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. %ature of stress $. )ccupational Stress (. ole stress -. Source of managerial stress 0. Stress & thought process learning ?. Stress & personality B. Stress & motivation F. ;er#al & non.ver#al Indications of stress G. ,ssessment of stress 1H. Stress & management of change 11. Stress & conflict 1$. &eadership styles in stressful & non.stressful situations

Re(erence )ext 1. I" M )!.Loure o! Thomas 3arris M. + $. Lou 'an @in Shiv <hera (. %otes complied and given #y 6aculty

.ptional >ro'p # .perations

,.-.1 .perations Plannin" 7 &ontrol C.P&D # ;A 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. Production Systems.operations, processes, manufacturing. services. types, models $. Product.Process Technologies (. Process.Product Matri=. Evolution of Production Systems. -. Evaluation.Selection of E1uipment e1uirements its.optimi*ation 0. &ayout.models.optimi*ation ?. &ine >alancing.models.optimi*ation B. Production Plans.an overvieA, types F. +emand Management.models G. 'apacity Planning models 1H. esource Planning7.models 11. ,ggregate Planning Jmodels.optimi*ation 1$. >atch scheduling.models optimi*ation 1(. >atch Scheduling.models.optimi*ation 1-. E P5S,P.PP' Module reports.interpretation.variance analysis.use in decision ma!ing 10. ,dvanced 'oncepts li!e 4IT, 6MS, /T, M P . II, 'IM. o#otics. <,%>. ,gile Manufacturing Re(erence )ext 1. Production Planning & Inventory 'ontrol . 4ohn 6 Magee $. Production Planning g & 'ontrol . &. '. 4ham# (. Elements of PP' . >y Samuel Eilon -. PP & Inventory 'ontrol . >y Seethararma & %arasimhan. +ennis @. Mc &eavey. Peter D >illington 0. Manufacturing Planning & 'ontrol . >y ;ollman . >ony . @hy #ar!, 4aco#s

,.-.* Lo"istics 7 S'ppl2 &hain !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1.>asics or &ogistics $..6orecasting (. Transportation -. @arehousing 0. + PIM P ?. ,pplication of IT in &S'M B. inventory Planning I Inventory 'ontrol F. &ogistics )rgani*ation G. &ogistics Measurement 1H. &ogistic 'osting 8,ctivity >ased 'osting9 11. >asics of Supply 'hain Management 1$. Integrated Supply 'hain Management 1(. >arriers to integration 1-. )utsourcing Re(erence )ext : 1. $. (. -. S'M #y ahul ,lte!ar &ogistics Management #y S.'.,ilaAadi & a!esh Singh &ogistics Management #y <.Shdhara >hat Supply 'hain Management . Saha"

,.-., !aterials !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 19 Materials Management an overvieA a9 Introduction, #9 Importance of Materials Management c9 )#Dectives of Materials Management d9 'osts involved in the Management of Materials e9 Integrated approach to Materials Management 19 )rgani*ing Materials Management. g9 )rgani*ation #ased on 'ommodities. h9 )rgani*ation #ased on &ocation. i9 )rgani*ation #ased on function D9 inter.departmental relationships !9 'entrali*ed versus +ecentrali*ed materials management. $9 Materials Planning a9 introduction and factors influencing materials planning #9 Techni1ues of materials planning c9 >ills of.Materials d9 Materials e1uirement Planning 8M P9. e9 Past 'onsumption ,nalysis Techni1ue f9 Moving ,verage method. g9 E=ponential Smoothing (9 Purchasing a9 Purchasing principles, policies ,procedures and practices #9 )#Dectives, scope, responsi#ility and limitations c9 Sources of supply and Supplier selection. d9 ;endor development J evaluation and rating e9 Price forecasting f9 %egotiations g9 eciprocity h9&egal aspects of purchasing i9 &egal aspects of purchasing D9 Purchase orders5 contracts !9 Method of #uying under certainty, under ris!, and under uncertainty. -9 Purchasing and Procurement ,ctivities under Materials Management. a9 Supplier Kuality ,ssurance Programme #9 >uyer Supplier elationship c9 Self certified suppliers. d9 Elements of procurement cycle. 09 Purchasing of 'apital E1uipment a9 Significant differences #9 'onsiderations in evaluation of #ids c9 Purchase of used e1uipment d9 Sources of used e1uipments e9 Purchase versus lease. f9 ole of Purchasing 'ommittees5 Purchase Managers.

?9 International procurement .imports. a9 International commercial terms. 8#9 import procedures and documentation. c9 'ategories of importers d9 Identification of foreign sources. e9 Payment terms including &etter of credit. f9 Types of &5's. g9 'ustom tariff h9 'ustom clearance. i9 >ill of &anding und ether documents. B9 'lassification of Materials a9 Introduction and o#Dectives of classification. #9 >asis of classification. '9 'lassification on the #asis of stage of conversion process d9 'lassification on the #asis of nature of materials. e9 'lassification on the #asis of usa#ility of materials. I9 Types of inventories. F9 Internal assessment test 5 proDects and presentations. G9 Materials receipt and stores a9 Introduction and functions of scientific store management. #9 Types of stores and #enefits of scientific store!eeping. c9 Store location and layout. d9 Typical layout plans e9 Storing practices and identification of materials. I9 'entrali*ation and +ecentrali*ation of stores. g9 Preservation of stores. h9 Issue control 1H9 'odification a9 Introduction #9 >enefits of codification. c9 stages of scientific codification. d9 Systems of codification e9 'olour coding. 119 Standardi*ation a9 Introduction and different levels of standards #9 ;arious 6oreign Standard in use in India. c9 3oA is au Indian standard evolved d9 ,dvantages of Standardi*ation. e9 Standardi*ation as a tool for variety reduction f9 The ole of Materials Management 8Purchase 5Stores9 in Standardi*ation 5 ;ariety eductions

1$9 )#solete, Surplus and Scrap Management a9 +efinition #9 %eed for Scrap yard c9 Identification and control. d9 'ategori*ation of o#solete surplus e9 'ontrol of scrap5 o#solescence f9 esponsi#ility for disposal g9 Procedures and documentation for disposal of scrap5 o#solete5surplus. 1(9 Stores ,ccounting and Stoc! verification a9 costing of eceipt of Materials #9 'osting Issues to Production c9 Stoc! verification d9 Periodic ;erification. e9 Perpetual ;erification. 19 Process of ;erification. 1-9 'omputers in Materials Management a9 Steps in computeri*ation. o9 +ata#ase for Materials Management Systems. c9 ,ctivities of Materials Management covered #y 'omputeri*ation. d9 Management reports on Materials. e9 >enefits of 'omputeri*ation. 109 Ethics in Materials Management a9 Importance of Ethics Ii9 >usiness Ethics c9 Ethics in #uying d9 'ode of ethics e9 Pro#lems in Ethics f9>ac!door selling %ote7 ,ll the a#ove topics need to #e supplemented #y case studies. Re(erence )ext 11. (. 0. ?. Materials and &ogistics Management >y Prof. &.'. 4ham# 8Everest Pu#lishing 3ouse, Pune9. $. Purchasing and Materials Management >y P. /opal!nishnan 8Tata Mc/raA 3ill. %eA +elhi9. Materials Management ,n Integrated approach >y P./opal!rishnan and M. Sundresan 8Prentice 3all of India, %eA +elhi9. Material Management.Procedures. T'M an 'ases +y ,<. +atta tr.rentce.3ah i&ua, %eA +elhi9. Introduction Do Materials Management >y 4 Tony ,rnold and Stephan 'hapman 8Pearson Education, %eA +elhi9 $HH- 6ifth Edition. Purchasing and Materials Management >y %.<.%air 8;i!as Pu#lishing 3ouse, %eA +elhi9.

,.-.- )echnolo"2 !ana"ement Incl'6in" !an'(act'rin" Strate"2 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. 'orporate Strategy and manufacturing Pitfalls of functional #ased strategies Strategic Integration of manufacturing and Mar!eting 'oncept of )rder @inners and Kualifiers Technology Management and %eA Product +evelopment 8%P+9 'orporate Strategy and %eA Product +evelopment )rgani*ation for %P+ Technology management and Idea /eneration for %P+ +iscovering customer needs Sources for neA product ideas Mar!et assessment and value analysis Evaluation of neA product ideas Technology management and %P+ proDect selection ,ssessment of product concept ,ssessment of competitors 'oncept testing 6inancial analysis of proDects Technology Management and Product design Integrated product design +esign for Kuality using Kuality 6unction +eployment +esign for elia#ility +esign for Manufactura#ility )rder @inners and Kualifiers +imension s of )rder.Ainners and 1ualifiers manufacturing .specific. not Manufacturing.specific, not manufacturing related +etermining order Ainners and 1ualifiers elating Manufacturing and mar!ets price, 1uality, relia#ility, speed Process 'hoice >usiness Implication of process choice proDect, Do##ing, line, #atch. continuous 3y#rid processes #atch related, line related Technology Strategy fle=i#ility, push vs pull, technological opportunities Product Profiling and Manufacturing Manufacturing and product life cycle stages Manufacturing for multiple mar!ets Manufacturing and incremental mar!eting changes









6ocused manufacturing and /roup Technology Principles and concepts Methodology Ma!e or >uy 'ore elements of the #usiness and strategic considerations Span of process and product technology Product volumes, costs Investment decisions Manufacturing Infrastructure Structure specialists generalists )perational 'ontrol 1uality. inventory manufacturing >asics of @orld 'lass Manufacturing /eneral Principles +esign Principles 3uman esource Principles Kuality and Process Improvement Principles 'apacity Principles 4ust. in Time Manufacturing Principles Practices Time.#ased 'ompetition Time as a competitive Aeapon %eA Product +evelopment and time to mar!et Mass 'ustomi*ation Mar!et trends Pre.re1uisites for mass customi*ation Technologies for mass customi*ation Theory of 'onstructions 8T)'9 >asics of T)' +rum.>uffer. ope solutions to manufacturing Too in proDect management and supply chain management








Re(erence )ext : )peration management for competitive ,dvantage #y 'hase.4aco#s . ,c1uilano

,.-.$ B'siness Process Re5en"ineerin" 7 Benchmar%in" 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. >usiness Process 6undamentals +efinition or >usiness Processes >usiness processes and functional processes Importance of focusing on #usiness processes 2nderstanding >usiness Processes 'ustomer focused analysis of #usiness processes Identifying value adding activities ;isuali*ing >usiness Processes Introduction to floAcharting Types of floAcharts #loc! diagrams, functional floAchart Aith time.lines Types of re.engineering Process Improvement Aith cost reductions ,chieving #est.in.class Aith competitive focus adical change #y re.Ariting the rules )rgani*ing for Process Improvements Setting up teams, choosing team leaders Training teams for process improvements >enchmar!ing )rigins #enchmar!ing Sero= approach +efinition of #enchmar!ing Internal #enchmar!ing >enchmar!ing against the #est the unit >enchmar!ing against the #est in the group. E=ternal #enchmar!ing >enchmar!ing the #est in the industry #enchmar!ing the #est in any industry e.engineering and Information technology 6loAcharting information 6loAs 2sing IT to speed up processes









,.-.1 Borl6 &lass !an'(act'rin" Practices 1++ !ar%s &o'rse content: 1.Principles of 4apanese manufacturing $. Total productivity through such practices a. <ai*en #. T.P.M.. c. S.M E.+ d. 0.S Principles e. 3ouse!eeping (. /etting the employee involved in a#ove -. Pro#lem solving tools such as a. T)) Tools pro#lem solving #. T)) Toots Management 0. Indian e=amples of successful 4apanese Manufacturing Practices & #enchmar!ing Re(erence )ext 1 Toyota Production Systems . Taichi +hnoQ <ai*en Masa!i Imai $. 'hroniel of a Kuality +etective . +r Shrinivas /ondhale!ar. Poyal Sheth (. >eyond T H M . >y o#ed & 6lood -. T K M Process . >y /opal <anDi. Mi!e ,sher 0. Pu#lications of 4M,M. vi* ?. 'om#o <ai*on, ifl0.S, in9 Total Production Maintenance

,.-.3 A6 ance6 S'ppl2 &hain !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent : 19 2nderstanding the supply chain a9 @hat is a supply chainE #9 +ecision phases in a supply chain. c9 Process vieA of a supply chain. d9 The importance of supply chain floAs. e9 'ompetitive Supply 'hain Strategies. f9 ,chieving strategic fit. $9 %etAor! design in the Supply 'hain. a9 The role of netAor! design in.the supply chain. #9 6actors influencing netAor! design decisions. c9 , frameAor! for netAor! design decisions d9 Models for facility location and capacity allocation. e9 Ma!ing netAor! design decisions in practice. (9 +esigning distri#ution netAor! in a supply chain a9 The role of distri#ution in the supply chain. #9 6actors influencing distri#ution netAor! design. c9 +esign option for distri#ution netAor!. d9 +istri#ution netAor! in practice. -9Inventory Management ris! pooling a9 Introduction #9 , single Aarehouse inventory e=ample c9 The economic lot si*e model. d9 The effect of demand uncertainty e9 is! pooling f9 'entrali*ed versus recentrali*ed systems. g9 Managing inventory in the supply chain 09 The value information a9 Introduction #9 >ullAhip effect c9 Effective forecasts d9 Information for the coordination of systems. e9 &ocating desired products f9 &ead time reduction g9 Information and supply chain trade.off. h9 +esigning the supply chain for conflicting goals ?9 Supply chain integration a9 Introduction #9 Push. Pull and Push.Putt systems c9 +emand driven strategies, 'olla#orative Planning 6orecasting eplenishment 'P P9 concept d9 Impact on internet on supply chain strategies. 8E ..#usiness9 e9 +istri#ution strategic. +irect shipment. 'ross.doc!ing, Mil! run. transshipment

B9 International assessment test5 proDects and presentations. F9 Strategic ,lliances a9 Introduction #9 , frameAor! for strategic alliances. c9 Third party 5 fourth party logistics d9 @hat are (P&5-P& ,dvantages and disadvantages or (P&, (P& issues and re1uirementsE e9 etailer supplier partnership f9 Types of SP, e1uirements of SP. Inventory oAnership In SP. Issues and steps in SP implementation, ,dvantages and disadvantages of SP. g9 +istri#ution Integration, Types of and issues In +istri#ution Integration. G9 E.procurement and outsourcing a9 Introduction #9 )utsourcing #enefits and ris!s. c9 , frameAor! for >uy 5 Ma!e decisions. d9 E.procurement e9 , frameAor! of E.procurement. 1H9 International Issues in Supply 'hain Management a9 /lo#& mar!et 5 Technological5 'ost5 Political and Economic 6orces. #9 is!s and advantage of International supply chain. c9 International versus egional products. d9 &ocal autonomy versus central control. e9 egional differences in &ogistics. 'ultural differences5 infrastructure5 performance e=pectation and evaluation, Information systems availa#ility, human resources. f9 /lo#al #usiness logistics 119 &ean manufacturing and S'M a9 >asic elements of lean manufacturing #9 >enefits of lean manufacturing c9 integration of lean manufacturing and S'M. d9 Mass customi*ation, characteristics of mass customi*ation. e9 implications and #enefits of mass customi*ation f9 S'M for mass customi*ation. 1$9 Procurement Management in Supply 'hain . a9 %eA Paradigms in Inventory and purchase management #9 4ust in time, Elements and #enefits of 4IT systems. c9 ;endor Managed Inventory 8;MI9 d9 ;MI >usiness Model. e9 Steps in setting up ;MI, >enefits, challenges and limitations of ;MI. f9 )vercoming limitations of ;MI 1(9 'ustomer ;alue and S'M. a9 Introduction #9 The dimensions of 'ustomer ;alue. c9 'onformance to re1uirements. product election, price and #rand. ;alue.added services elationships and e=periences. d9 Strategic pricing

1(9 'ustomer ;alue and S'M. a9 Introduction #9 The dimensions of 'ustomer ;alue. c9 'onformance to re1uirements. product election, price and #rand. ;alue.added Services. elationships and e=periences. d9 Strategic pricing 1-9 Performance Measurement and 'ontrol in Supply 'hain Management a9 Introduction and concept of >enchmar!ing #9 /ap ,nalysis c9 <ey action in #enchmar!ing for #est practices d9 )vervieA of Supply 'hain )perations eference 8S'' 9 Modeling 109 Ethical issues in S'M a9 Supply chain vulnera#ility #9 'onformance to applica#le laAs such as 'ontract and commercial laAs, trade regulation, government procurement regulations,. patents, copyrights, trademar! laAs, transportation and logistics laAs and regulations, environmental laAs.. c9 International practices. d9 'onfidentiality and proprietary information. %ote7 ,ll the a#ove topics need to he supplemented #y case studies. Re(erence )ext : 1. Supply 'hain Management.Strategy, Planning and )peration >y Sunil 'hopra and Pet Meindi 8Pearson Education, %eA +elhi9 $. Supply 'hain Management 'oncepts and 'ases >y anul ;. ,ite!ar VPrealce all India. %eA +elhi9

,.-.4 !aterial Han6lin" an6 )ransportation. $+ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent 1. $H Principles o8 Material 3andling $. Palletisation (. 'ontaineri*ation -. Transportation Modes I ,ttri#utes 0. Transportation mi= in Economy ?. Total cost concept in Material 3andling and Transportation.

Re(erence )ext Q Q Q Integrated Material Management P. /opala!r.ishnan Stores inventory 'ontrol <S. Menon, Machinery 3and#oo!

,.-.1+ 9e? pro6'ct 6e elopment an6 conc'rrent En"ineerin" $+ !ar%s &o'rse content: 1. +efining for #usiness goals $. Time #ound esearch and development and prototype manufacturing (. 'oncurrent Engineering concepts and practices for easier 1uic!er delivery of prototypes -. ,pplications of ;,%E at design stage. 0. Successful pilot run and production sing

Re(erence )ext 1. )perations and Industrial Management . +onald +elmar $. )perations Management +ecision Ma!ing in the operations funcation o1er Schvoerier (. )perations Management for 'ompletive ,dvantage . 'hase 4aco#s .,c1uilanc

,.-.11 In6'strial En"ineerin" Applications an6 !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse content 1. Industrial Engineering definition & applications $. I.&.). #oo! of industrial Engineering Standards. (. Industrial Engineering and productivity -. P,K, ,S.T concepts &i plant 8shop layouts and selection of materials handling e1uipment and storage systems 0. Pre determined methods & time systems 8PMTS9 & application of loA cost automation, ?. Ergonomics +efinition and applications B. )rigination Methods ,pplications in office and Ahite collar productivity

Re(erence )ext : Q Q Q Q Industrial Engineering ,pplications and Management Philip 3ic!s Mathematical Techni1ues in industrial Engineering . Shone < 4. 3and#oo! of industrial Engineering & Management Ireson. ; ' aCid /rand Ii Kuality +etectives +r. /ondhale!ar & Payal Shetty.

)ptional /roup Information Technology

,.$.1 So(t?are En"ineerin" 5 ;A 1++ !ar%s &o'rse content7 Q E=posure to softAare development process SoftAare &ifecycles such as @aterfall, Spiral. Prototyping, ational 2nified Process, ,gile Methodologies ;arious phases in each lifecycle modelM and the pros and cons of these approaches to softAare development 8$ sessions9 J ,nalysis and +esign of information systems 8- sessions9 o ,ssessing the 6easi#ility of a system o /athering detailed re1uirement o 2se of Structured methods such as +ata floA, Entity elationship diagrams etc o 2se of )#Dect ,nalysis and +esign o 2se 'ases and visuali*ation of the IT #ased solution o +esign of Inputs )utputs and other Interfaces +ocumenting SoftAare re1uirements . various documents used at different stages of softAare development process 2ser e1uirement Specifications 8$ sessions9 SoftAare Estimation challenges iii Estimation of softAare . methods of softAare estimation such as &ine of 'ode, 6unction Point, ')')M), 2se 'ase Point Method etc Estimating a 'oding Tas! versus non.coding activities such as +ocumentation etc 8$ sessions9 SoftAare Kuality and Testing %eed for testing, Kuality assurance of softAare at each phase in the lifecycle, ;arious types of tests such as >lac! #o= v5s @hite #o=, 6unctional testM 'ode revieAs Stress tests, load tests etc 2se of 2se 'ases for functional testing, Preparing Test +ata and Test 'ases, overvieA of ,utomated methods for testing 8$ sessions9 evieA of Student Presentations on e=ercise Ahich re1uires them to analyses a #usiness process, document the re1uirements, ,nalysis and 'onceptual design of the system estimation of the softAare si*e 81 Session9


Re(erence )ext Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Systems ,nalysis and +esign #y 4ames SoftAare Engineering #y )),+ J>uch and am#augh 2M& #y @ro= Pu#lication )),+ & 2M&. #y am#augh SoftAare Metrics %assom eports and %asscom for industry perspective Strutted system analysis and design 7 'oncise study Ed 7 17 <el!ar S,

,.$.* )echnolo"2 Plat(orms 1++ !ar%s &o'rse content Q 3ardAare Technologies ,Aareness of various platforms in the present conte=t and the #road trends in these platforms comparisons across platforms etc o End 2ser 3ardAare J +es!top, &aptops, other mo#ile devices, o Storage Technologies7 Storage technologies such as +irect ,ttached storage storage ,rea %etAor!s 8%,S9, Storage ,rea %etAor!s 8S,%9 , devices for #ac!up etc o Server Technology platforms . popular server technologies such as the Intel, Sun #ased etc more speciali*ed platforms such as for ' ,L etc o %etAor!ing Platforms7 8this could #e dealt Aith In greater detail In the su#Dect of netAor!ing . hoAever a mention of This Aould #e necessary for completeness Q SoftAare Platforms o )perating System Platforms . @indoAs 2ni=, &inu= 8open source platforms9 overvieA of )S principles and !ey differences #etAeen the various platforms impact from #uyers perspective o +ata#ase Platforms 'ommonly used data #ased technologies #ased an the elational and o#Dect relational concept. +ata#ases for data Aarehousing and other speciali*ed applications Q SoftAare +evelopment Platforms. o @e# Platforms various protocols used for the internet, the internet Protocol, 3TTP, email Protocols, 6TP, etc o >asics of 3TM& #asic tags re1uired to develop a transaction oriented form concepts related to dynamic 3TM& o )vervieA of one or more scripting &anguages such as ;> ;> Script5 4ava Script ,SP, P3P o )vervieA +ot %et and 4ava platforms essential +ifferences o )vervieA of Platforms re1uired for e.'ommerce applications o )vervieA of platforms and protocols re1uired for mo#ile computing environments Q6uture of Platforms

Re(erence )ext : 1. /od#ole ,.S. . )perating systems $. Steven 3ol*ner ;isual >asic S Programming (. +oanid &each. ,iticd Malino . +igital Principles and ,pplications.

,.0., Enterprise Applications 1++ !ar%s &o'rse content: Q )vervieA of IT applications in a common manufacturing cum mar!eting organi*ations, Q )vervieA of ,pplications In various Industry verticals such as >an!ing and finance etail Telecom, 3ealthcare etc. Q Enterprise esource Planning 8E P9 . 6unctional vieA of #usiness processes and hoA they are integrated sing an E P. >enefits of E Q Supply 'hain Management %eed for Supply chain integration. ,pplication overvieA of supply chain solution, advanced concepts such as +emand planning and Supplier elationship management functional and product perspective Q 'ustomer elationship management 'oncept of ' M, modules of a ' M product and Ahat they do such as sales force automation, forecasting, contact management etc Q >usiness Intelligence and +ata @arehousing o Purpose of +ata @arehousing, difference #etAeen data Aarehouse and a conventional +ata#ase, +ata Aarehousing products. Steps in #uilding a data Aarehouse E=traction, Transformation and &oading 8Eli.9 etc +ata marts v5s +ata @arehouse o Multidimensional ,nalysis tools o +ata Mining 'oncept of +ata Mining, ;arious models and algorithms for mining, technology tools used for data mining Q <noAledge Management . %eed for <M, Types of <noAledge, 'apturing storing, reusing <noAledge implementing <M initiative application of <M in various industries Q Enterprise 'ontent Management role of content management E P and other Transaction related record, @e# content and other understructure content. Integrating content management in organi*ation Aor!floAs and E P systems etc E=amples of content management tools and applications in various #usiness Q Enterprises portals. 'oncepts of an enterprises portal, #enefits to an organi*ation, technologies availa#le for #uilding such portals. Q Enterprises ,pplications integration. 'hallenges in integrating various enterprises applications J evolution of platforms neutral concepts such as SM& to achieve integration . other modern technologies for application integration Re(erence )ext +emo 5 Screen Shots of E P SoftAare such as S,P, ' M, and S'M products

,.$.* )echnolo"2 Plat(orms 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent : Q3ardAare Technologies ,Aareness of various platforms in the present conte=t and the #road trends in these platforms comparisons across platforms etc o End 2ser 3ardAare J +es!top, &aptops, other mo#ile devices, o Storage Technologies7 Storage technologies such as +irect ,ttached storage storage ,rea %etAor!s 8%,S9, Storage ,rea %etAor!s 8S,%9 , devices for #ac!up etc o Server Technology platforms . popular server technologies such as the Intel, Sun #ased etc more speciali*ed platforms such as for ' ,L etc o %etAor!ing Platforms7 8this could #e dealt Aith In greater detail In the su#Dect of netAor!ing . hoAever a mention of This Aould #e necessary for completeness Q SoftAare Platforms o )perating System Platforms . @indoAs 2ni=, &inu= 8open source platforms9 overvieA of )S principles and !ey differences #etAeen the various platforms impact from #uyers perspective o +ata#ase Platforms 'ommonly used data #ased technologies #ased an the elational and o#Dect relational concept. +ata#ases for data Aarehousing and other speciali*ed applications Q SoftAare +evelopment Platforms. o @e# Platforms various protocols used for the internet, the internet Protocol, 3TTP, email Protocols, 6TP, etc o >asics of 3TM& #asic tags re1uired to develop a transaction oriented form concepts related to dynamic 3TM& o )vervieA of one or more scripting &anguages such as ;> ;> Script5 4ava Script ,SP, P3P o )vervieA +ot %et and 4ava platforms essential +ifferences o )vervieA of Platforms re1uired for e.'ommerce applications o )vervieA of platforms and protocols re1uired for mo#ile computing environments Q6uture of Platforms Re(erence )ext 1. /od#ole ,.S. . )perating systems $. Steven 3ol*ner ;isual >asic S Programming (. +oanid &each. ,iticd Malino . +igital Principles and ,pplications.

Systems J Electives 7
,.$ .0 !ana"in" )echnolo"2 B'sinesses 1++ !ar%s &o'rse content: Q )vervieA of the IT 5 IT5TES5 Telecom and related #usinesses In India and the Aorld segments of these Industries ,groAth, forecast trends, !ey players, reasons for their success etc Q Study of various #usiness models Including onsite5shoring, e.commerce, e.#usiness, commerce and pure play :e" models. Q 'hallenges for these #usinesses in the domestic and International mar!ets such as >usiness +evelopment, Pricing, Set up & Infrastructure 'osts, Talent management &icensing costs & Intellectual property rights, Mergers and ,c1uisitions , 'ustomer 'ontract Management and S&,s , managing Innovation legal Issues, Special Incentives and schemes such as the E=port Processing Nones etc Q 'ase Studies of successful and unsuccessful technology companies

Re(erence )ext Q Q Q , /uide to PM>o! ProDect Management Institute ;arious 'ases on the su#Dect . Prof Pradeep Pendse Managing IT Infrastructure TMI

,.$.1 I) >o ernance an6 &ompliances 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent : E 9ee6 (or I) >o ernance C&.BI) Frame?or%D o )vervieA of various Standards and governance frameAor! o Introduction to the ')>IT 6rameAor! as an um#rella frameAor! o ')>IT +omains, <ey Process ,reas and Process o Implementing ')>IT in an organi*ation o ,n ,udit perspective of ')>IT E . er ie? o( other compliances: o IT ,ct o Sar#anes )=ley and the /raham >leach ,ct o >S.BBGG5IS) $BHHH o IT&5ITSM o >I and other >an!ing egulations and >essel I I 8for >an!s9 o +ata Protection ,ct o Etc Re(erence )ext Q ')>IT (.H5-.H IT /overnance Institute Q >S BBGG IT Security Standards Q Q ,ppropriate Standards li!e Sar#anes )=ley IT ,ct $HHH

,.$.1+ In(ormation Sec'rit2 an6 A'6it $+ !ar%s &o'rse content Q %eed for information in an organi*ation Q Identifying Information ,ssets in an organi*ation Q Threats and ris!s to Information Q >road strategies for managing Information Security ris!s Q +iscussion on technical controls in the area of7 o )perating system o +ata #ase o SoftAare 'eve1opmenl process o %etAor! controls o ,ccess control o Physical 'ontrols o 'ontrols for remote access o Internet related control . including spam. Pu#lishing viruses %et@are etc o 'ontrols for Aire less set ups o 'ontrols in the conte=t for Mo#ile and porta#le devices o 3ardAare related controls Q 'onsiderations for deciding appropriate choice of controls Q >asic principles of ,udit in the conte=t of information security Q , process vieA of Information security J overvieAs of the >S .BBGG5IS) $BHHH standard Re(erence )ext Q IT Security /overnance Institute 8IT/I9


>S. BBGG5IS)5IE' 1BGG >usiness ,pplication 8System & @e#9 Process 6loA and Security +ata#ase Security %etAor! and communication security >usiness 'ontinuity Management

,.$.11 So(t?are Architect're $+ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent : Q @hat Is architectureE Q @hy SoftAare ,rchitecture E goals and purpose of architecture Q Types of ,rchitectural vieAs of softAare ProDect Managers vieA. The engineering vieA. the 2ser case vieA etc -W1 vieA of architecture Q &ayers of architecture organi*ational ,rchitecture, Information ,rchitecture, , IT ,rchitecture ,pplication ,rchitecture etc Q @hat is a Pattern E ,pplication to softAare design, #enefits of using design patterns Q E=planation of !ey +esign patterns / ,SP Patterns etc Q E=planation of <ey ,rchitectural patterns Q )vervieA of Enterprise ,rchitectural 6rame Aor! The Nachmanns 6rameAor!

Re(erence )ext Q ,rt of SoftAare ,rchitecture ,4#n Stepehn.

Second Lear . 6ourth Semester

-.1 !ana"ement &ontrol S2stem # ;A 1++ !ar%s &o'rse content: 1. 6inancial goal setting . ,nalysis of Incremental )I . Sensitivity ,nalysis +eveloping financial goals along organi*ational hierarchy . 'oncept and techni1ue of esponsi#ility >udgeting ,nalytical frameAor! for +eveloping esponsi#ility >udgets . Integrating esponsi#ility >udgets Integrating esponsi#ility >udgeting Aith M>) System. $. ) /,%IN,TI)%,& / )@T3 esponsi#ility centers and profit centers . identification and creation of profit centers. profit centers as a control system +e.'entrali*ation and profit centers.


Mechanics of determining profit o#Dectives of profit centers . pro#lems and perspectives or transfer pricing &inear programming techni1ue for determining divisional goals in a multidivisional company . Pro#lems of groAth and corporate control.


')%T )& I% SPE'I,& SE'T) S 7 Scrap 'ontrol . 'ontrol of

& + ProDect

'ontrol . ,dministrative 'ost 'ontrol . ,udit . Efficiency ,udit . Internal ,udit /overnment 'ost ,udit . Management ,udit. 6inancial eporting to Management 2nder conditions of price level change )#Dective and methodology 0. Measurement of ,ssets Employee . ,pplication M'S in Pu#lic Sector Service )rgani*ation

& Proprietary )rgani*ations

Re(erence )ext Q Q Q ,nthony & /ovindraDan J Management 'ontrol Systems 8Tata Mc/raA. 3ill9 Maciarrillo & <u#y J Management 'ontrol Systens 8Prentice 3all India9 Management 'ontrol Systems J %. /hosh 8Prentice 3all India9

-.* B'siness Ethics &orporate >o ernance &o'rse &ontent : 1. Evolution of through ethics in #usiness 'ulture and ethics overvieA of ethics system, ,ttitude, >elief , life patterns Social Economics values and responsi#ly trusteeship management /andhi an Philosophy of Aealth management Ethics and Indian management . >asic frameAor! of %ormative ethics Ethics and decision Ma!ing, Social responsi#ility of #usiness Ethical aspects of corporate policy, morality and rationally in 6oal )rgani*ation Moral elationship #etAeen individual and )rgani*ations. $, elationship #etAeen ethics and 'orporation E=cellence ,pproaches for +eveloping ;arious )rientation toAards Ethical #usiness >ehavior (. 'orporate /overnance including suggestions of the ,drian 'ad#ury.report <umarmangalam report and their ethical ramifications. -. Ethics in International scenario housing on the uni1ue nature a I ethical determines in a crosscu1riral setup guidelines for resolving and e=amples at corporate transgressions 0. Moral Evolution of the firm J dealing Aith the stages of Ethical groAth and )rgani*ation and categori*ation of Indian trains J national corporate at various stages of groAth Re(erence )ext 1. Ethics of Management #y 3osmer

$. (. -.

Ethics of Management #y 'hara#orty Ethics #y 'handra Se!har @hat is Ethical in Ethics #y 4ohn 3enderson

-. ,. Entreprene'rship !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse &ontent : 8,9 Entrepreneurial Perspective7 'oncept of Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise C advantages Entrepreneur 19 %ature and +evelopment of EntrepreneurshipC /ender Issues in Entrepreneurship. . $9 The dynamic role o Small >usinessE Industry in Economic +evelopment (9 Personality of an EntrepreneurM Entrepreneur -9 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 8>9 The Entrepreneurial Environment7 19 Policy Perspectives in India to promote Entrepreneurship $9 ,nalysis of >usiness )pportunities in different sectors of economy at %ational and /lo#al levels. (9 Kuic! . start outes to esta#lish an Enterprises 86ranchising, ,ncilliarising & ,c1uisitioning9 -9 Support )rgani*ations for an Entrepreneur and their ole 09 &egal frameAor! for starting a >usiness industry ri India. 8'9 The Enterprise &aunching Product 5 ProDect Identification +eveloping a ProDect eport5 >usiness Plan >usiness 6inancing including venture 'apital 6inance Managing early groAth of a >usiness, Incu#ation Program %eA ;enture e=pansion J strategies and issues

Re(erence )ext 1. >eyond Entrepreneurship J >y 4ames '. 'ollins, @illiam '. &a*ier $. Entrepreneurship Management J >y P. %. Singh, >y 4. '. Sa#oo (.+ynamics of Entrepreneurial J >y ;asant +esai -. Entrepreneurship +evelopment in India J >y >isAanath /hosh 0. &iterature Pu#lished #y Support Institutions, ;i* i9 SII')M ii9 SI+>I iii9 MSSI+' iv9 %SI'

-.- Ser ices !ana"ement 1++ mar%s &o'rse content: 1. Introduction %ature of services $. Mar!et positioning (. Service delivery system. -. %eA service development 0. Services mar!eting mi= decisions ?. Managing demand, capacity and service assets B. Service processes managing service encounter F. 'ustomer satisfaction and service 1uality G. 'ustomer complaints and service recovery 1H. Managing service profit cha 11. Managing customer relationships 1$. Managing people in service organi*ations Re(erence )ext 1. Neithami. ;. M. 4. >itner, a; H. /reniler 8$HH?9, Services Mar!eting . -h Ed. Mc/raA 31I $. &oveloc! ' . P .Patterson, and 6., @al!er 8$HH-9. Services Mar!eting 7 ,n ,sia.Pacific and ,ustralian Perspective, ("d Ed. Pearson Education ,ustralia

-.$ En ironmental !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse content : 1. Significance of environment management . >road outline of %ational Environment J policy +efinition of Environment Aith particular reference to management. $. (. -. Environmental Issues relevant to India. Present status of Environment Management MaDor issues Scope of Environment Management ole and 6unctions of the government as a planning, organi*ing. directing. Implementing and controlling agency. Managerial aspects involved in Environment management. 0 ?. B. Environment Kuality Management . )vervieA of the role and responsi#ility of the industries Total Kuality Environment Management, IS) 1-HH EMS 'ertification MaDor &egislation li!e air 8P & '. P9 ,ct, @ater 8P & '. P9 ,ct. Environment Protection. ,ct 1GF? @ild life Protection ,ct etc. Re(erence )ext Q Q Q Q Q Q <rishnamoorthy 7 Environmental Management 8Prentice J 3all India9 ;iDay S 'hirtris 7 'hanging face of the planet and Environmental &aA 8SnoA @hite9 Tieten#erg 7 Environmental & %atural esources Economics 8Pearson9 /. %. Pandey 7 Environmental Management 8;i!as9 L. <. Sa=ena & %. <. )#eroi 7 Environment Emplaned 8E=cel9 %. <. )#eroi 7 Environmental Management 8E=cel >oo!s9

-.0 Pro6'cti it2 )echni@'es 1++ !ar%s &o'rse content: 5 1. $. (. -. 0. ?. B. F. G. 1H. 11. 1$. concept of Productivity . application in manufacturing and service industries, application in different functional areas. Measurement of Productivity . partial. Multi factor and Total 6actor.Models, Sumath"s Total Productivity Model. ,pproach to Productivity improvement . 'lassic I&) approach, lmai"s <,INE% approach elimination of ( M"s 8Muda, M2ra, Muri9. ;alue ,nalysis and ;alue engineering . 6unctional ,nalysis . >rain Storming . Evaluation and implementation Phases, Practical application for product and process development and cost reduction. &earning 'urves . the concept of learning curve, its applica#ility, #arriers to its application. 1uantitative estimation and implication of the learning curve, practical applications in industry. 4o# Evaluation . )#Dectives and need for Do# evaluation, techni1ues . point crime and lo# classification, elation #etAeen Do# evaluation, Aage structure and Modern approach through multi s!illing @age Incentives . 6inancial Motivation techni1ues, piece rate and time saved #ased systems, Profit Sharing Systems, Scanlon Plan. @or! Measurement . o#Dectives, methods . time study. Aor! sampling. Pro. determined motion time systems . applica#ility and limitations. Process o#servations. determination and improvement of value adding ratio through reduction of Muda 8Aaste9" +iagnostic Techni1ues . !edner J Trgre Pro#lem ,nalysis decision ,nalysis and Potential ,nalysis, Practical applications Aith case studies Shirose"s phenomena Mechanism ,nalysis & concept of Mura 8inconsistencies and it elimination9. Kuality 'ircles . elationship Aith total 1uality Management o#Dectives , seven tools.Pareto ,nalysis, Scatter diagrams. use in solving chronic pro#lems )rgani*ing for 1uality 'ircles, Structure, method of implementation of Kuality 'ircles 'reativity >ased Techni1ues . >rain Storming, @hole >rain Thin!ing %ormal /roup Techni1ues. 2se in 'reative pro#lem solving Aith practical applications Ergonomics . 'oncepts, design of Aor!place to suit the human #eing use of anthropometric data. principles of motion economy. effect of environment of productivity . 3aAthorne e=periment. +esign of Aor! station, use in conDunction Aith process 'oncept of Muri 8non value adding strain 9 and its elimination.

Re(erence )ext 1. $. (. Productivity Techni1ues P. S. Shri!e Introduction to Aor! study J , 3and#oo! ...I&) Productivity 4ournals 3andouts

- . 0 )otal ='alit2 !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse content: 1. Introduction and evaluation of 1uality movement $. 'ontri#utions of SheAhart, +eming, 4uran, 6elgenhaum. 'ros#y (. 'ontri#utions of 4apanese pioneers Ishi!aAa, Taguchi. Taichi )hno, Shigeo Shingo -. Statistical 1uality control #asics. 0. >asics of stamping & relia#ility. ?. Kuality tools and techni1ues B. Kuality improvement and Total Employee Involvement F. 4IT manufacturing and &ean manufacturing through Aaste elimination G. Si= Sigma tools, 1uality circles 1H.Stastical process control, process capa#ility studies 11. 'ost of 1uality 4uran 5 cross#y. 1$.'MM 5 P'MM 1(. Kuality Management in services the SE ;K2,& Model

Re(erence )ext 1. TKM in this Service >y . P. Murthy, . .&a!he $. Total Kuality >y Institute of +irectors (. 1HH T)M 6ools >y Mi!e ,sher, /opal <anDi >eyond T)M >y P & 6lood

-.0 ProFect !ana"ement 1++ !ar%s &o'rse cement: . 5 1. Introduction 'oncept of ProDect Management. Scope & coverage. ProDect 6unction in an organi*ation &ayout of ProDect +epartment. ole of 'onsultants in ProDect Management. $. ProDect Identification Selection of product identification #f mar!et preparation of feasi#ility Study 5report ProDect formulation Evaluation of ris!s preparation of ProDect report. (. Selection of location & site of the proDect 6actors affecting location . policies of 'entral Stale /overnment toAards location &egal aspects of proDect management. -. 6inancial analysis 7 Profita#ility ,nalysis Social cost >enefit ,nalysis preparation of & #udget an 'ash 6loAs. -9 Materials Management in ProDect Planning Procurement storage disposal. 09. 6inancing of the ProDect 7. Source of 6inance 'ost implications thereat 6inancial Institutions, /uidelines for funding is! ,nalyst0 Sensitivity ,nalysis. ?. Kuantitative ,spects of proDects . PE T5'PM %etAor! ,nalysis for monitoring of the proDect )ther 1uantitative techni1ues for monitoring and control of proDect. B. 'omputer ,pplications 7 Selection of softAare pac!ages for application to proDect management . Re(erence )ext 1. $ (. -. 0. PMP . Proc.ct Management Professional . Study /uide . >y <imi 3eidma ProDect Management . >y S. 'houdhary Te=t >oo! of ProDect Management . Sy P /opala!rishnan, ;. 6 amamoorthy ProDect Management" . (y Prasanna 'handra ProDect ,ppraisal >y P <. Mattoo


ProDect Management . >y ;asant +esai