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Date of this posting: 23 December 2013 Date of previous posting: 8 December 2013
New listings conferences added (or modified) since the previous posting have been highlighted in yellow (or shaded gray on b&w printouts). This file is available from http://www.business.otago.ac.nz/mgmt/links/index.html or at any time by email. If you have updates, changes, or conferences to add, please notify me (email / brochure in mailbox / etc.) Andr Everett Andre.Everett@otago.ac.nz The purpose of the Date Added column is to allow sorting of the table to facilitate checking for conferences added or updated since the last time you viewed this file. Coverage: Management (focusing on strategy, international, operations); some Marketing; some Knowledge management, systems thinking, e-commerce. Note: There may be changes to or inaccuracies in this list; always verify information via the organisations website or by email. No liability or responsibility for errors can be accepted this is merely a public service effort with good intentions, not limitless resources. Online, this list is being provided as a DOCX file due to formatting and display difficulties associated with long URLs in HTML format. The page formatting is intended to allow printing on A4 or Letter paper without complications.
Dates Conference / Organisation 2013 International Business Research Dec Conference, 24th 12-13 Theme / Host City Las Vegas, Nevada Deadline Website 2013 Oct http://www.vegasconfo.com/ 18 Email vegaspap@gmail.com Date Added 130731

American Research and Publications International, WBI London, & World Business Institute (Australia) 2013 European International Business Transnational Firms, Markets Dec Academy (EIBA), 39th Conference and Institutions: New 12-14 Challenges and Opportunities for International Business 2013 Indian Academy of Management, Rethinking Management Dec 3rd conference of the Theory & Practice in the 12-14 Present Indian Economic Context 2013 Finance, Economics, MIS, & Global The Journal of Business Dec Business Research Conference Review, Cambridge 12-15 2013 Management and Finance (IRCMF), Faculty of Management & Dec 13 8th Annual International Research Finance, University of Conference on Colombo 2013 International Studying Leadership Sustainable Leadership for Dec Conference (ISLC), 12th Socially Responsible 14-16 Organizations

Bremen, Germany

2013 Jul http://www.eiba2013.org/ 15



Ahmedabad, India

2013 Jul http://www.iam2013.in/ 15



Miami, Florida

2013 Nov 28




Colombo, Sri 2013 Lanka Apr 19 Rome, Italy

http://mgmt.cmb.ac.lk/index.php?opti on=com_content&view=article&id=9 4&Itemid=170 Abstract http://www.demote.eu/wordpress/?pa 2013 Sep ge_id=10 1

B.Nishantha nishantha@fmf.cmb.ac.lk marturano@btinternet.com or islc2013.rome@gmail.com



2013 World Complexity Science Academy Redesigning Worldwide Tenerife, Dec (WCSA), 4th Conference Connections: Theoretical and Canary 15-16 Pragmatical Systemic Islands, Spain Approaches to the Complexity Management 2013 International Business and Social Cancun, Dec Sciences Research Conference Mexico 16-17 2013 Social Sciences, The International includes Bus., Bus. Admin., Hong Kong Dec Symposium on (TISSS) Bus. Ethics, Commerce, 19-21 Corp. Gov., Intl. Bus, & more 2013 Business and Society in a Global Athens Institute for Athens, Dec Economy, 7th Annual International Education and Research Greece 19-22 Conference on (ATINER) 2013 Production and Operations Supply Chain Challenges and Hyderabad, Dec Management Society (POMS) Research Opportunities in India 19-22 International Conference at Indian Emerging Markets School of Business (ISB) 2013 Dec 20-21 2013 Dec 21-24 2013 Dec 28-29 Business and Social Science Research Conference Association of Indian Management Scholars (AIMS) International Conference on Management, 11th Changing Business Practices in Current Environment, Asia Pacific International Conference on Macrotheme Review: A Multidisciplinary Journal of Global Macro Trends Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad Government of Maharashtras Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education Affiliated to University of Mumbai International Management Institute

Abstract http://www.wcsaglobal.org/images/te wcsaconferencetenerife13@gm 130315 2013 n13.pdf (PDF); ail.com Apr 7 http://www.wcsaglobal.org/ (society)

2013 Nov 1


Mohammad Hoque papsconfo@gmail.com tisss@tisss.org


2013 Sep http://www.tisss.org 25


Abstract http://www.atiner.gr/cbc.htm atiner@atiner.gr 2013 Aug 31 http://www.isb.edu/poms-conference Rajiv Bhargava Rajiv_Bhargava@isb.edu or Bharathi Satyanarayana Bharathi_Satyanarayana@isb.e du Paris, France Abstract http://macrotheme.com/international_ info@macrotheme.com 2013 Oct conferences/paris_business_and_socia 20 l_science_2013 Ghaziabad, 2013 Oct http://www.aimsaims11@aims-international.org India 31 international.org/aims11/ Mumbai, India 2013 Oct http://www.simsree.org 30 srivastava@vsnl.net or rks_pmc@yahoo.com






2013 7th Indian Subcontinent Region of Dec the Decision Sciences Institute 28-30 (ISDSI) & 5th Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM) Forum International Conference 2013 Business, Management and Dec Governance, 2nd International 29-30 Conference on (ICBMG) 2014 Clute Institute International Jan 2-4 Academic Conference

New Delhi, India

Abstract http://www.imi.edu/page_show/confe isdsi2013@imi.edu 2013 rence_show?cid=8 Aug 25


International Economics Development and Research Center (IEDRC) 6 tracks: Arts & Humanities, Business & Economics, Education, Energy Policy, Engineering Education, and Health Sciences

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Orlando, Florida

2013 Aug 5 2013 Dec 5




http://www.cluteinstitute.com/confere Staff@CluteInstitute.com nces/2014DWconf.html


2014 International Academy of Business Jan 2-5 and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD) Conference 2014 Contemporary Economic Jan 3-5 Development and Management (CEDM), International Conference on 2014 Advanced Education and Jan 4-5 Management, International Conference on (ICAEM) 2014 Miami International Jan 5-7 Multidisciplinary Academic Conference

Orlando, Florida

Abstract http://www.iabpad.com 2013 Aug 20

Beijing, China 2013 Oct http://www.cedm2014.org/ 1

iabpad_conference@suddenlin 130119 k.net or iabpad_conference@suddenlin kmail.com cedm2014@126.com 130926

2014 E-Leader Conference; a global Jan 6-8 forum for Entrepreneurship, Ethics, E-commerce, and E-Learning in all academic disciplines 2014 International Business and Social Jan 6-8 Sciences Research Conference, 9th 2014 Business and Finance, Global Jan 6-9 Conference on (GCBF), Winter

education & pedagogy, and management technology & applications Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) & International Academy for Advancement of Business Research-(IAABR) Chinese American Scholars Association (CASA)

Beijing, China 2013 Sep http://www.icaem2014.org/ 15 Miami Beach, 2013 http://www.isisworld.org/ Florida Dec 1 (abstract only Dec 15) Bangkok, http://www.g-casa.com/E-LeaderThailand Bangkok14.htm





yanyou2000@yahoo.com or proposal@g-casa.com


Strands of Development; Dubai, UAE World Business Institute The Institute for Business and Honolulu, Finance Research, LLC Hawaii (IBFR) 2014 Hawaii International Conference on Waikoloa, Jan 6-9 System Sciences (HICSS), 47th Hawaii, Hawaii 2014 Academy for Global Business Business and Bangkok, Jan 8- Advancement (AGBA), Thailand Entrepreneurship Thailand 10 Chapter Annual Conference Development in a Globalized Era 2014 Africa Academy of Management Sustainable Development in Gaborone, Jan 8- Conference, 2nd Biennial Africa through Management Botswana 11 Theory, Research and Practice 2014 Jan 910 2014 Jan 910 Business & Information Technology Academic Institute Conference Conference Services Convergence 2014: 6th International Ethical Leadership: The Conference Indian Way

2013 http://www.dubaiconfo.com/ Nov 1 (est. http://www.theibfr.com/conference.ht 2013 Oct m or http://www.theibfr.com/call25) us.htm 2013 Jun http://www.hicss.hawaii.edu/ 15 2013 Dec 15 http://www.agba.us/

dubaipap@gmail.com admin@theibfr.com

130828 121030

Ralph Sprague sprague@hawaii.edu David McArthur David.McArthur@uvu.edu



2013 Jul http://www.africa-aom.org 15

New Orleans, Abstract http://bit.ai-conferences.com/newLouisiana 2013 orleans/ Dec 1 Bangalore, Abstract http://www.ifimbschool.com/converg Ms.Srilatha 130701 India 2013 Jul ence_2014.html srilatha.tv@ifimbschool.com or 15 conference2014@ifimbschool.c om

Eileen Kwesiga 130402 ekwesiga@bryant.edu or Dorothy Mpabanga dorothym366@gmail.com or MPABANGA@mopipi.ub.bw admin@ai-conferences.com 130604

2014 International Business and Economy Tianjin Polytechnic U, Iona Jan 9- Conference (IBEC), 13th College, San Francisco State 12 U, U Panamericana, U of Connecticut, Tennessee State U 2014 12th Annual Hawaii International Jan 10- Conference on Arts and Humanities 13 (HICAH) 2014 Education Reform and Modern includes multiple topics Jan 11- Management (ERMM), International within education, 12 Conference on psychology, and management 2014 Global Economy Commerce and Jan 11- Service Science (GECSS), 12 International Conference on 2014 International Business Research World Business Institute Jan 13- Conference, 25th 14 2014 Business & Economics Society Jan 15- International Conference (B&ESI) 18 2014 Jan 1617 2014 Jan 1617 2014 Jan 18 Management and Behavioural Sciences, 10th International Conference of Management, Education and Social Science, International Conference on (ICMESS) Gian Jyoti Institute of Management and Technology (GJIMT), 8th International Conference 2014 Global Business & International Jan 18- Management (GBIM) Conference 20 interdisciplinary

Tianjin, China 2013 Oct http://www.ibec-info.org/2014/ 15

Honolulu, Hawaii Phuket, Thailand Phuket, Thailand Cape Town, South Africa Abu Dhabi, UAE

2013 Aug 16


Tomas Kincl 130918 kincl.tomas@gmail.com or Carlos Trejo-Pech ctrejo@up.edu.mx or Zhao Hong zhh300160@yahoo.com Sara Jane Arellano 130405 humanities@hichumanities.org ermm2014@163.com 130903

2013 Oct http://www.ermm.org/ 1 2013 Oct http://www.gecss.org/ 10 2013 Nov 7 http://www.inforesearchmeeting.com/

gecss2014@163.com or gecss2014@vip.163.com Mohammad Hoque & Nuha Jahan paperswbi@gmail.com



2013 Sep http://www.besiweb.com/HKANTAR hkan@besiweb.com 30 3.html or http://www.besiweb.com/BESICall11 4.pdf Bhopal, India Abstract http://smbs.in/newsdetail.php?id=31 smbsconference@gmail.com 2013 Oct 25 Beijing, China 2013 http://www.icmess.org/ icmess@163.com Nov 20 Mohali, Chandigarh, India Seattle, Washington 2013 Nov 30 2013 Dec 20




Cross-Cultural Practices & Issues in International Business Management Journal of Global Business Management, J. of Intl. Mgmt. Studies, J. of Human Resource and Adult Learning 2014 Environmental, Cultural, Economic World Heritage and Jan 22- & Social Sustainability, 10th Sustainable Tourism 24 International Conference on Development 2014 Marketing Trends Conference, 13th alternates between Paris and Jan 24- International Venice 25 2014 Decision Making and the Boundaries Jan 30- of the Firm, Mini-Conference on 31

http://www.gjimt.ac.in/international- internationalconference.gjimt@ 131130 conferences/ gmail.com http://www.jgbm.org/index.files/conf jackie@jgbm.org erence.htm 130828

Split, Croatia Proposal http://onsustainability.com/the2013 conference Mar 21 Venice, Italy 2013 Sep http://www.marketing-trends8 congress.com/ Copenhagen, 2013 Denmark Nov 1

support@onsustainability.com 130218

venice_paris_marketing@escpe 130310 urope.eu 130824

http://strategyandglobalization.com/e Magdalena Dobrajska vent/mini-conference-on-decisionmd.smg@cbs.dk or Marcus making-and-the-boundaries-of-theLarsen mml.smg@cbs.dk firm/

2014 Feb 47 2014 Feb 67 2014 Feb 68

Mustang J. of Mgmt. & Mktg.; Mustang J. of Acct. & Fin.; Mustang J. of Bus.; Mustang J. of Law & Legal Studies; Intl. J. of Social Science Research; Intl. J. of Economics & Social Science 2014 Society of Interdisciplinary Business Interdisciplinary Business & Feb 7- Research (SIBR) Conference Economics Research 8 2014 Academy of International Business, Indian Institute of Feb 9- India Chapter and Middle East North Management, Udaipur 11 Africa Chapter, Joint Annual (IIMU) Conference (AIBMENA) 2014 International Association of Asian National Association of Feb Studies, part of 22nd Annual African-American Studies & 10-15 NAAAS & Affiliates National Nat. Assn. of Hispanic and Conference Latino Studies & Nat. Assn. of Native American Studies 2014 Business, Management and International Centre of Feb Corporate Social Responsibility, Economics, Humanities and 14-15 International Conference on Management (ICEHM) (ICBMCSR) 2014 Economics Business and Marketing International Economics Feb Management, 3rd International Development and Research 15-16 Conference on (CEBMM) Center (IEDRC) 2014 Developing Sustainable Global Developing Sustainable Feb Business Models (SGBM), Global Business Models: A 15-16 International Conference Financial Perspective 2014 Asia-Pacific Business Research Research for Advancement; Feb Conference, 5th World Business Institute 17-18 2014 Quality, Innovation, and Knowledge Feb Management (QIK), 11th 18-21 International Research Conference on

Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Exchange (ACERE) Conference Technology, Knowledge, and Society, 10th International Conference on Mustang International Academic Conference

Sydney, 2013 http://acereconference.com/ acere@redlanyard.com.au NSW, Aug 20 Australia Madrid, Spain (rolling) http://00ed389.netsolhost.com/cmngn d/vo/tech2014a.html Las Vegas, Nevada 2014 Jan http://www.MustangJournals.com 5 MustangJournals@aol.com




Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Abstract http://sibresearch.org/sibrsecretary@sibresearch.org 2013 kualalumpur-conference-call.html Nov 22 2013 Sep http://www.iimu.ac.in/index.php?opti aib2014@iimu.ac.in 30 on=com_content&view=article&id=1 96&Itemid=186 http://www.naaas.org/



Baton Rouge, 2013 Louisiana Nov 8

naaasconference@earthlink.net 130915

Batam, Indonesia (near Singapore) Hong Kong

2013 http://www.icehm.org/2014/02/16/36 info@icehm.org Dec 10 & 2014 Jan 5 2013 Oct http://www.cebmm.org/ cebmm@iedrc.org 1 Abstract http://www.srmuniv.ac.in/sgbm14/ 2013 Sep 25 2014 Jan http://www.malayconfo.com/ 13 Abstract http://qik2014.org/ 2013 Oct 18 sgbm14@gmail.com



Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Bandung, Indonesia






2014 Asia-Pacific System Dynamics Feb Conference 22-24

System Dynamics Society, Japanese Chapter

Tokyo, Japan 2013 Dec 1


2014 Feb 24-25 2014 Feb 26-27 2014 Mar 78 2014 Mar 89 2014 Mar 911 2014 Mar 11-15 2014 Mar 12-13 2014 Mar 12-14 2014 Mar 12-15 2014 Mar 12-15 2014 Mar 14-16 2014 Mar 16-18

World Business and Economics Research Conference Business Management, 4th International Conference on Global Mindset Development in Leadership and Management Conference Engineering and Business Management (EBM), 5th International Conference on Strategic Management Society Special Conference

World Business Institute

Auckland, 2014 Jan http://www.newzealandconfo.com/ New Zealand 20 Sukkur, Pakistan 2013 Sep http://icobm.com.pk/ 20

Atsushi Fukuda fukuda.atsushi@nihon-u.ac.jp or Robert Cavana bob.cavana@vuw.ac.nz or Ignacio Martinez-Moyano imartinez@anl.gov newzpap@gmail.com



Development, Competitiveness, and Innovation School of Management, University of Riverside Scientific Research Publishing



Los Angeles floating http://uofriverside.com/conference.ht mgtconference@uofriverside.c 130730 area, ml om California Suzhou, China 2013 http://www.engii.org/conf/ebm2014/ ebm@scirp.org 130907 Dec 25 2013 Sep http://telaviv.strategicmanagement.net 1 / 2013 Oct http://www.swamfbd.org/AnnualConf info@swamfbd.org 7 erence.html Abstract http://www.iiu.edu.pk/index.php?pag iabrc5@iiu.edu.pk 2013 Oct e_id=13845 30 Proposal http://global-conferences.eu/dubai/ enquiries@global2013 conferences.eu Dec 1 2013 Oct http://www.uhd.edu/aibsw 15 2013 Oct http://www.swdsi.org/SWDSI2014 1 John Paskelian paskeliano@uhd.edu Peggy Lane plane@emporia.edu 130315

Startup and Restart Strategies Tel-Aviv, Israel

Southwest Academy of Management Management for a Dallas, Texas (SWAM), 41st Annual Conference Sustainable Future (see also AIB-SW & SWDSI) Applied Business Research Knowledge, Capabilities, and Islamabad, Conference, 5th International Innovation: Perspectives on Pakistan Developing Countries Global Academic Network, Dubai Humanities &Social Dubai, UAE Conference Sciences, Education, Business & Economics, and Technology & Science Academy of International Business, (see also SWAM & SWDSI) Dallas, Texas US Southwest Chapter (AIB-SW), Annual Meeting Southwest Decision Sciences (see also SWAM & AIB-SW) Dallas, Texas Institute (SWDSI), 45th Annual Meeting Social Science and Management, Chicago, International Conference on Illinois (ICSSM) Clute Institute International 6 tracks: Arts & Humanities, San Antonio, Academic Conference Business & Economics, Texas Education, Energy Policy, Engineering Education, and Health Sciences






2013 Oct http://www.aisrc.org/conference/?n=i icssm2014@hotmail.com 29 cssm2014 2014 Feb http://www.cluteinstitute.com/confere Staff@CluteInstitute.com 12 nces/2014SAconf.html 130323

2014 ISIS-Key West International Mar Multidisciplinary Academic 16-18 Conference

2014 Mar 16-18 2014 Mar 17-19 2014 Mar 20-21 2014 Mar 20-21

International Academy of Business and Economics (IABE), Winter Conference Sustainable Business, Energy and Development in Asia, 2nd Conference on (COSA) Applied Social Science, 4th International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance, 2nd International Conference on (ICMLG)

Promoting Global Progress and Excellence in Academia; Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) & International Academy for Advancement of Business Research (IAABR) Promoting Global Competitiveness

Key West, Florida

Full http://www.ISISWorld.org 2014 Feb 15, Abstract 2014 Mar 1 2014 Jan http://www.iabe.eu/ 11 2013 Dec 15

KeyWestConference@ISISWor 131009 ld.org

Orlando, Florida Hiroshima, Japan



sponsored by Information Engineering Research Institute, USA Babson College


http://www.presdafoundation.org/sust cosa.secretariat@presdafoundat 131017 ainable-businession.org conference/proposals 2014 Jan http://www.icass-conf.com/ icass2014@yeah.net 131201 1 130305

2014 Mar 20-22 2014 Mar 22-23 2014 Mar 24-25 2014 Mar 24-25 2014 Mar 24-26

Academy of International Business, Innovation, Geography and Latin American Chapter (AIB-LAT) Internationalization in Latin America Arts, Economics and Management, International Centre of International Conference on Economics, Humanities and (ICAEM) Management (ICEHM) Business and Economics Research, 5th International Conference on (ICBER) EurOMA Sustainable Operations and Exploring Sustainability in Supply Chains Forum, 1st OM and SCM: Setting the International Research Agenda Managing Complexity Within and Journal of Management Across Organizational Boundaries Studies & Society for the Advancement of Management Studies 2014 Business, Sociology and Applied International Centre of Mar Sciences, International Conference Economics, Humanities and 26-27 on (ICBSAS) Management (ICEHM) 2014 Academy of International Business, part of the MBAA Mar US Midwest Chapter International Conference 26-28 2014 Advances in Business-Related Mar Scientific Research Conference 26-28

Wellesley, Abstract http://academicKate French Massachusetts 2013 conferences.org/icmlg/icmlg2014/icm Kate.French@academicAug 29 lg14-home.htm conferences.org or Sue Nugus sue.nugus@academicconferences.org Medellin, 2013 Oct http://www.aib-lat.org/ or lat2014@aib.msu.edu Colombia 15 http://www.eafit.edu.co/aiblat2014/ Dubai, UAE 2014 Feb http://www.icehm.org/2014/03/24/37 info@icehm.org 10 Abstract http://www.internationalconference.c 2014 Jan om.my/ 24 Abstract http://www.rug.nl/research/opera/euro 2013 maforum/ Nov 15 2013 Sep http://www.socadms.org.uk/news.cfm 30



Bangkok, Thailand Groningen, the Netherlands Cambridge, England

icber@internationalconference. 131208 com.my Dirk Pieter van Donk d.p.van.donk@rug.nl business.jms@durham.ac.uk 130630


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Chicago, Illinois

2014 Feb http://www.icehm.org/2014/03/31/38 info@icehm.org 10 2013 Oct http://www.mbaainternational.org/ 18 http://www.absrc.org/ Hamid Yeganeh hyeganeh@winona.edu chair@absrc.org



Venice, Italy 2013 Dec 20


2014 Business, Economics and Mar Accounting, International 26-28 Conference on (IBEA) Groupe dtudes Management et Langage (GEM&L), 8th International Conference Global Academic Network, Ottawa Conference

2014 Mar 26-28 2014 Mar 26-29

Global Issues in Business, Hong Kong Economics and Accounting; Sub Theme: Creative industries, Local and Global opportunities Language and Company Toulouse, Performance France Humanities &Social Sciences, Education, Business & Economics, and Technology & Science Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Leuven, Belgium

Abstract http://www.caal-inteduorg.com/ibea2/ ibea_2@yahoo.com 2014 Jan 28


Proposal 2014 Jan 10 Proposal http://global-conferences.eu/ottawa/ 2014 Jan 1 2014 Jan (Center & Uni. info: 31 http://ghum.kuleuven.be/lcis/ and www.kuleuven.be/english) http://nedsi.org/2014/





2014 Emerging Market Firms in Europe, Mar International Workshop 27-28 2014 Mar 27-29 2014 Mar 28-29 2014 Apr 14 2014 Apr 24 2014 Apr 25 2014 Apr 36 2014 Apr 45 2014 Apr 45 2014 Apr 78 Northeastern Decision Sciences Institute (NEDSI), Annual Meeting Translating Culture, Negotiating Difference: Religion, Law, and Business Conference Western Decision Sciences Institute (WDSI), 43rd Annual Meeting International Symposium on Business and Management (ISBM) Latin American and European Meeting on Organization Studies (LAEMOS), 5th Colloquium Society for Advancement of Management, International Business Conference Advances in Business and Economics, International Conference on (ICABE) Management and Humanities, International Conference on (ICMH) International Business Academics Consortium (IBAC) Constructing Alternatives: How can we organize for alternative social, economic, and ecological balance? Innovation & Beyond

Philadelphia, 2013 Pennsylvania Dec 20 St. Louis, Missouri 2013 Dec 15

Filip De Beule 131221 filip.debeule@kuleuven.be or Janez Kren janez.kren@kuleuven.be Minoo Tehrani 130824 mtehrani@rwu.edu or Rashmi Malhotra rmalhotr@sju.edu rozbicmj@slu.edu 131215

Napa Valley, 2013 Oct http://www.wdsinet.org/ California 15 Nagoya, Japan 2013 Nov 1 La Havana, Cuba http://tw-knowledge.org/isbm2014/

Debbie Gilliard gilliard@msudenver.edu isbm2014@gmail.com



Abstract http://www.laemos.com/ 2013 Nov 15 2013 Dec 10 2013 Dec 15 2013 Dec 15 2014 Mar 3 http://www.samnational.org/



Orlando, Florida Dubai, UAE



International Economics Development and Research Center (IEDRC) International Economics Development and Research Center (IEDRC) Business Research Conference, 26th World Business Institute International




Dubai, UAE




London, England




2014 Apr 911 2014 Apr 911 2014 Apr 912

International Academy of Management and Business (IAMB), 17th Conference Service Design and Service Innovation (ServDes), The Conference on Business Association of Latin American Studies (BALAS), Annual Conference

Sao Paulo, Brazil Service Futures Lancaster, England

Abstract http://www.IAMB.net 2014 Jan 5 2013 Oct http://www.servdes.org/ 31





Local Responses to Global Challenges: Lessons from Smaller Economies Achieving a New Balance? The Rise of Multinationals from Emerging Economies and the Prospects for Established Multinationals

2014 Academy of International Business Apr (UK & Ireland) Conference, 41st 10-12

North West, 2013 http://balas.org/annual.php Mt. Hope, Nov 1 Trinidad and Tobago York, England 2014 Jan http://www.york.ac.uk/management/c 12 onferences/aib_conference_april_201 4/



aibuki2014@gmail.com or Yingqi Wei yingqi.wei@york.ac.uk


2014 Apr 10-12 2014 Apr 13-15 2014 Apr 13-16

International Academy of Business San Diego, Disciplines (IABD), 26th Annual California Conference Australia and New Zealand International Business: Auckland, International Business Academy Institutions, Organisations, New Zealand (ANZIBA), Annual Conference of and Markets International Institute of Social and Tracks: Business & Istanbul, Economic Sciences, 9th International Economics, Quantitative Turkey Academic Conference of the Methods, Social Sciences & Humanities, Teaching & Education, Health & Welfare, Environment & Sustainable Development, Law in Society 2014 West Meets East in Research and American Academic and Beirut, Apr Methodology in: Education, Scholarly Research Center Lebanon 16-17 Technology, Business, Engineering (AASRC) and Computer 2014 American Marketing Association, The Honorable Merchant in Cancun, Apr Global Marketing Special Interest International Marketing Mexico 16-18 Group Annual Conference

2013 Dec 2




2013 Oct http://www.anziba.org/conferences 15 2014 Mar 13

Snejina Michailova s.michailova@auckland.ac.nz


http://www.iises.net/conferences/istan iises@iises.net bul-conference-april-13-16-2014/


Proposal http://aasrc.org/conference/?p=691 2014 Feb 25



2014 Western Business & Management Apr 18 (WBM) Association International Research Conference 2014 Global Institute of Applied Business Applied Business Research in Nadi, Fiji Apr Research International Conference e-Age: Challenges and 21-22 Opportunities 2014 Islamic Marketing Conference, 5th Kuala Apr Global (GIMAC) Lumpur, 22-24 Malaysia

2014 Jan http://michaelczinkota.com/ama5 global-marketingsig/ama2014conference/ or https://2014amaconference.eventbrite. com/ focus on Business Education Lyon, France est. 2014 http://www.wbmconference.com/ Mar 1 Abstract http://www.giabr.org/ 2014 Jan 20 2014 Jan http://www.globalimc.org/ 20

Pedro Valenzuela Parcero pedro.valpar@gmail.com or Kim Boeckmann kab299@georgetown.edu wbmconference@yahoo.com





welcome@iimassociation.com 130619 or Alserhan@yahoo.com

2014 Global Academic Network, Tokyo Apr Conference 23-26 2014 Apr 24-25 2014 Apr 24-25 Strategic Human Resource Management, 29th Workshop on Western Business & Management (WBM) Association International Research Conference

Humanities &Social Sciences, Education, Business & Economics, and Technology & Science European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) Management, Strategy, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management and I/O Psychology

Tokyo, Japan Proposal http://global-conferences.eu/tokyo/ 2014 Feb 1



Ajaccio, Abstract http://www.eiasm.org/frontoffice/eve Graziella Michelante Corsica, 2014 Jan nt_announcement.asp?event_id=994 michelante@eiasm.be France 30 San Francisco, est. 2014 http://www.wbmconference.com/ wbmconference@yahoo.com California Mar 1



2014 International Academy of Business Apr and Public Administration 24-27 Disciplines (IABPAD) Conference 2014 Apr 28-29 2014 Apr 28-29 2014 May 23 2014 May 24 Innovation, Service and Management, International Conference on (ICISM) Learning and Teaching Conference, The Association of Business Schools, 3rd Annual Critical Issues in Business and Economics, 2nd International Conference on Key West International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference International Economics Development and Research Center (IEDRC) International, Innovative, Involved, Impact; Aston Business School

Dallas, Texas Abstract http://www.iabpad.com 2013 Nov 10 Taichung, Taiwan 2013 Dec 10 http://www.icism.org/

iabpad_conference@suddenlin 130630 k.net or iabpad_conference@suddenlin kmail.com icism@iedrc.net 131208

Birmingham, 2014 Jan http://www.neilstewartassociates.com Katrina Harradine England 14 /jb358/ kharradine@the-abs.org.uk or Paul Rushworth prushworth@the-abs.org.uk Gumushane, 2014 Feb http://icibe.gumushane.edu.tr/2014/ icibe@gumushane.edu.tr Turkey 1 2014 http://www.isisworld.org/ Mar 10 (abstract only Apr 5) 2014 Jan Past conferences: 9 http://www.corporatesustainability.org/conferences.html Kyoto, Japan Abstract http://www.icssam.org/ 2014 Feb 15 Atlanta, Abstract http://www.pomsmeetings.org/Events Georgia 2013 Net/?pr=1&ev=51 Dec 21 Muskoka, 2014 Jan http://www.asac.ca/ Ontario, 15 Canada admin@ISISWorld.org



2014 May 79 2014 May 79 2014 May 912 2013 May 913

Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS), 6th Annual Conference Social Science and Management, 2nd International Conference on (ICSSAM) Production & Operations Management Society (POMS), 25th Annual Conference Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, 42nd Annual Conference

Institute of Strategic and Key West, International Studies (ISIS) Florida & International Academy for Advancement of Business Research-(IAABR) Cornell University Ithaca, New York


Erika Herz herze@darden.virginia.edu icssam@icssam.org



POMS Impact and Vision: Reaching New Heights Sustainability and Innovations in Work and Leisure

Ram Tewari pomsmeeting@gmail.com



2014 May 12

Sustainable Business MiniConference, 2nd Annual

Embedding Sustainability: Edinburgh, What Does It Mean and How Scotland Can It Be Achieved

2014 Feb (more emails) or George Ferns 14 j.g.ferns@sms.ed.ac.uk or Ken Amaeshi Kenneth.amaeshi@ed.ac.uk or Adam Bock adam.j.bock@ed.ac.uk

2013 Global Conference on Business May Management (GCBM), 2nd 12-13 2013 May 13-14 2014 May 14-17 2014 May 15-17 2014 May 20-21 Engineering, Technology and Management, International Conference on Global Academic Network, Los Angeles Conference

Creating Sustainable Business Value: Embedding Sustainable Practices into Strategies World Academic Industry Research Collaboration Organization (WAIRCO) Humanities &Social Sciences, Education, Business & Economics, and Technology & Science


Abstract http://academy.edu.sg/gcbm/ 2014 Feb 17

Conference+SustainableBusine 131208 ss@business-school.ed.ac.uk or Sarah Ivory s.m.ivory@sms.ed.ac.uk or Onyaglanu Idoko o.idoko@sms.ed.ac.uk leeming@aventisglobal.edu.sg 131201 or academic@aventis.edu.sg or cmtsecretariat@aventis.edu.sg

New Delhi, India

2014 Feb http://worldairco.org/ICETM%20May J M Anand 131208 28 (3rd %202014/ICETM%20May%202014. info.icetmmay2014@gmail.co round) html m Los Angeles, Proposal http://global-conferences.eu/losenquiries@global130929 California 2014 angeles/ conferences.eu Mar 1 Honolulu, Hawaii Oxford, England 2014 Mar 15 http://www.siop.org/conferences/ SIOP@siop.org 100309

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc. (SIOP), 29th Annual Conference Association of Global Management Global Management and Studies (AGMS), International Innovation across Business Conference of the Disciplines

2014 May 21-22 2014 May 22-23

Management and Education Innovation, 3rd International Conference on (ICMEI) Coopetition Strategy, 6th Workshop on

2014 Sustainability, Ethics and May Entrepreneurship (SEE) Academic 22-23 Research Conference (ARC)

International Economics Development and Research Center (IEDRC) Coopetition Strategy and Umea, Practice; European Institute Sweden for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) preceded by Strategic Denver, Entrepreneurship Journals Colorado Professional Development Workshop (PDW) 20-22 May

http://association2014AGMS@ijgms.org or 131208 gms.org/index.php/conferences/icagm John Saee s-2014/ John.Saee@ReutlingenUniversity.de or Mukesh Srivastava msrivast@umw.edu Paris, France 2014 Feb http://www.icmei.org/ icmei@iedrc.org 131208 10 Abstract http://www.eiasm.org/frontoffice/eve Graziella Michelante 2014 Jan nt_announcement.asp?event_id=988 michelante@eiasm.be 31 Abstract http://seeconf.org/ 2013 Jan 22 131215

2014 Organization Studies Summer May Workshop, 9th (EGOS) 22-24

Resistance, Resisting, and Resisters In and Around Organizations (with special issue)

Corfu, Greece 2013 Dec 16


Theresa Wernimont 131017 theresa.wernimont@business.c olostate.edu or Gideon Markman Gideon.Markman@Colostate.e du or Paul Olk Paul.Olk@du.edu or Tom Dean Tom.Dean@business.colostate. edu osofficer@gmail.com 130702

2014 May 22-25 2014 May 22-26

Finance, Global Management, Economics & Information Technology Research Conference International Communication Association (ICA), Annual Conference

The Journal of Business Review, Cambridge Communication and 'the Good Life

New York City Seattle, Washington

2014 Feb http://www.jaabc.com/newyork.html drsenguder@aol.com 4 2013 Nov 4 Peter Vorderer vorderer@gmail.com or Michael Haley mhaley@icahdq.org Abstract http://www.eiasm.org/frontoffice/eve Cristina Setyar 2014 nt_announcement.asp?event_id=1022 cristina.setyar@eiasm.be Mar 5 http://www.icahdq.org/conf/



2014 Family Firm Management Research, Innovation, Family Firms and May 10th Workshop on Economic Development; 23-24 European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) 2014 International Academy of African The Development and May Business and Development Sustainability of African 26-29 (IAABD), 15th Annual Conference Business: The Role of the African Diaspora 2014 Global Conference on Business and Institute for Business and May Finance (GCBF) Finance Research (IBFR) 27-30 2014 Industry Studies Association Annual Sustaining Sustainability in May Meeting (overlaps Labor and the Face of Increasing Risk 27-30 Employment Relations Assn.) 2014 May 28-30 2014 May 29-30 Global Business Research Preventing Future Crisis? Symposium, 9th Annual Conference

Bergamo, Italy



2014 Jan http://www.iaabd.org/home-201431 conferences-overview

Betty Jane Punnett eureka@caribsurf.com


San Jose, Costa Rica Portland, Oregon

2014 Mar 15


submissions@theibfr.com or admin@theibfr.com


Abstract http://www.industrystudies.pitt.edu/p Ekundayo Shittu 2013 ortland14/ eshittu@tulane.edu or Peter Dec 13 Berg bergp@msu.edu or Ann Frost afrost@ivey.uwo.ca Krakow/Kato 2014 Jan Fran Vroulis wice, Poland 15 vroulisf@stjohns.edu



Cross Sector Social Interactions, 4th Innovative Collaboration for Boston, Abstract International Symposium on a Complex World: Reaching Massachusetts 2014 Feb Across Institutional Divides 28

2014 May 29-Jun 1 2014 May 29-Jun 1 2014 May 30-31 2014 May 31-Jun 2

Economics, Finance, Accounting & The Journal of Business Management Research Conference Review, Cambridge

Honolulu, Hawaii

2014 Feb http://www.jaabc.com/hawaii.html 6

cssi2014@gmail.com or 130618 Miguel Rivera-Santos riverasantos@em-lyon.com or Carlos Rufn crufin@suffolk.edu drsenguder@aol.com 130912

Labor and Employment Relations Association, 66th Annual Meeting (overlaps Industries Studies Assn.) The Role of Universities in Promotion of Cities and Regions, International Conference on International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL) International Conference

Renewing Employment Relations for Shared Prosperity: Research, Practice and Policy part of European Campus Culturae Programme

Portland, Oregon

Abstract http://leraweb.org/events or 2013 http://www.leraweb.org/callNov 15 proposals-lera-66th-annual-meeting



Lodz, Poland Abstract 2013 Nov 30 Anchorage, Proposal https://www.hetl.org/events/2014Alaska 2013 Jul anchorage-conference/ 26

Micha Sdkowski 131201 michal.sedkowski@uni.lodz.pl support@hetl.org 130704

2014 Pan-Pacific Conference, 31st, of the Jun 2-5 Pan-Pacific Business Association 2014 European Marketing Academy Jun 3-6 (EMAC), 43rd Annual Conference 2014 5th Aalborg Conference, Jun 4-6 International Business Center, Aalborg University 2014 European Academy of Management Jun 4-7 (EURAM), 14th Annual Conference

Designing the Shared Future through Co-Creation Paradigm Shifts & Interactions Finding Solutions to the New Challenges of Internationalization Waves and Winds of Strategic Leadership for Sustainable Competitiveness 2014 Society of Interdisciplinary Business Interdisciplinary Business & Jun 5-7 Research (SIBR) Economics Research 2014 Service Management and Science Service Science in Emerging Jun 6-8 Forum, Annual Meeting of the Markets

Osaka, Japan 2014 Feb http://www.panpacificbusiness.org/ 14 Valencia, 2013 http://www.emac2014.eu/ Spain Dec 4 Skrping near 2014 Aalborg, Mar 31 Denmark Valencia, 2014 Jan http://www.euram2014.org or Spain 16 http://www.euram-online.org/ Bangkok, 2014 Thailand Mar 21 Beijing, China 2014 Mar 15

panpac@panpacificbusiness.or 130825 g emac2014@uv.es 131215 Michael Simonsen mks@business.aau.dk euram2014@uv.es 131201


2014 Jun 810 2014 Jun 812

Organizing Inclusion: Beyond Privileges and Discrimination Clute Institute International 6 tracks: Arts & Humanities, Academic Conference Business & Economics, Education, Engineering Education, Energy Policy, and Health Sciences 2014 Business & Information Technology Academic Institute Jun 12- Conference Conference Services 13 2014 Global Conference on Business Creating Sustainable Jun 12- Management (GCBM), 2nd Business Value: Embedding 13 Sustainable Practices into Strategies 2014 Multinational Business Management, The Impact of Global Jun 12- 8th International Symposium on Economic Integration and 13 Information Networking on Sustainable Corporate Development 2014 Academic and Business Research Jun 12- Institute (AABRI) International 14 Conference 2014 Asian Conference on Sustainability, Individual, Community, Jun 12- Energy and the Environment, 4th Society: Conflict, Resolution 15 (ACSEE) and Synergy

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Conference, 7th

Munich, Germany Munich, Germany

http://sibresearch.org/sibr-conference- secretary@sibresearch.org 131017 call-for-paper.html Yu Lean 131208 yulean@mail.buct.edu.cn or Mark Davis mdavis@bentley.edu 2014 Jan http://www.edienquiries@edi-conference.org 131201 15 conference.org/index.php 2014 May 7 http://www.cluteinstitute.com/ or Staff@CluteInstitute.com http://www.cluteinstitute.com/confere nces/2014MUconf.html 130628

Orlando, Florida Singapore

http://bit.ai-conferences.com/orlando/ admin@ai-conferences.com


Abstract http://www.academy.edu.sg/worksho Tan Lee Ming 131208 2014 Feb ps/event-140612-gcbm.html leeming@aventisglobal.edu.sg 17 2013 Dec 1 hrm2014@nju.edu.cn 130412

Nanjing, China

Honolulu, Hawaii

2014 http://www.aabri.com/HC2014.html May 12



Osaka, Japan Abstract http://acsee.iafor.org/ 2014 Feb 15



2014 Global Academic Network, Brussels Humanities &Social Jun 12- Conference Sciences, Education, 15 Business & Economics, and Technology & Science 2014 Global Business, Marketing, Finance The Journal of Business Jun 12- & Economics Research Conference Review, Cambridge 15 2014 Subsistence Marketplaces Consumption and Jun 13- Conference, 5th Entrepreneurship in 15 Subsistence Marketplaces: Spanning Geographies and Substantive Domains 2014 Strategic Management Society Micro-Foundations for Jun 14- Special Conference Strategic Management 15 Research

Brussels, Beligum

Proposal http://global-conferences.eu/brussels/ enquiries@global2014 conferences.eu Apr 1


Los Angeles, 2014 Feb http://www.jaabc.com/losangeles.htm drsenguder@aol.com California 7 l Champaign, Illinois 2014 Jan http://www.business.illinois.edu/subsi Madhu Viswanathan 31 stence/events/conferences.html mviswana@illinois.edu



2014 Human Resource Division of the Jun 15- Academy of Management, 16 International Conference (HRIC)

2014 Innovations in Business and Jun 16- Management, International 17 Conference on (ICIBM) 2014 Gronen Research Conference Jun 16- (biannual) 18

2014 Innovative Trends in Management, Jun 18- Information, Technologies, 19 Computing and Engineering to tackle A Competitive Global Environment (ITMITCE) 2014 International Association for Chinese Exploring New Concepts and Beijing, China Jun 18- Management Research, 6th Theories from Chinese 22 Conference Management 2014 International Strategic Management Rethinking Strategies for Rome, Italy Jun 19- Conference, 10th SMEs in order to be 21 Successful on Global Environment

http://copenhagen.strategicmanageme nt.net/ or http://strategyandglobalization.com/e vent/strategic-management-societyspecial-conference-2014-2/ Convergence and Divergence Beijing, China Abstract http://www.hric2014.org/ Michal Biron in Human Resource 2013 mbiron@univ.haifa.ac.il or Management Dec 15 Wendy Casper wjcasper@uta.edu or James Jian-Min Sun chinajms@126.com or Sherry (Xiaorui) Chen chenxiaorui@ruc.edu.cn International Economics Hong Kong 2014 http://www.icibm.org/ icibm@iedrc.net Development and Research Mar 20 Center (IEDRC) How Can Corporate Helsinki, 2014 Feb http://www.gronen2014.aalto.fi Minna Halme Responsibility Tackle Critical Finland 17 minna.halme@aalto.fi or Jukka Global Sustainability Rintamki Challenges? jukka.rintamaki@aalto.fi or submissionsgronen2014@aalto.fi American Academic and Istanbul, Abstract http://aasrc.org/conference/?p=993 istanbul@aasrc.org Scholarly Research Center Turkey (open (AASRC) date)

Copenhagen, 2013 Denmark Dec 5






2013 Oct http://www.iacmr.org/ 18 Abstract http://www.isma.info 2014 Feb 10

Neng Liang liangIACMR@ceibs.edu strategicman@gyte.edu.tr



2014 The Greening of Everyday Life: Jun 19- Reimagining Environmentalism in 21 Postindustrial Societies 2014 Work and Family Researchers Jun 19- Network (WFRN) 21 2014 International Association for Jun 19- Business & Society (IABS) 22 2014 Human Resource Management, Jun 20- Global Symposium for 21 2014 (EurOMA), 21st International Jun 20- Annual Conference 25 2014 Association of Japanese Business Jun 21- Studies (AJBS) 27th Annual 22 Meeting 2014 Innovation, Trade and Economics, Jun 22- 2nd International Conference on 23 (ICITE) 2014 First International Management Jun 22- Conference in Danube Delta 24

Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society

Munich, Germany

Changing Work and Family Relationships in a Global Economy Reclaiming the Societal Dimension: New Perspectives on Society and Business University of Riverside

New York City Sydney, Australia

Proposal http://www.easlce.eu/news/other/the- Jens Kersten 130630 2013 Jul greening-of-everyday-life/ jens.kersten@jura.uni15 muenchen.de or John Meyer john.meyer@humboldt.edu 2013 Oct https://workfamily.sas.upenn.edu/cont workandfamily@sas.upenn.edu 130618 18 ent/conference Proposal http://www.iabs.net 2013 Dec 2 Colin Higgins c.higgins@deakin.edu.au 130911

Los Angeles, California Palermo, Sicily, Italy Vancouver, BC, Canada

http://www.uofriverside.com/hrconfer hrconference@uofriverside.co 130517 ence.html m Abstract http://www.euroma2014italy.org/ 2014 Jan 7 2014 Feb submissions: 17 https://www.easychair.org/conference s/?conf=ajbs2014 2014 http://www.icite.org/ Mar 25 Abstract http://www.cisamro.eu/ 2013 Dec 8 info@euroma2014italy.org 131006

Operations Management in an Innovation Economy

International Economics Development and Research Center (IEDRC) Challenges, Performances and Tendencies in the Organisation Management

Moscow, Russia Murighiol, Romania

Tomoki Sekiguchi 131208 tomoki@econ.osaka-u.ac.jp or ajbs@ajbs.org icite@iedrc.org 131208

2014 Engineering, Technology and Jun 23- Innovation, International Conference 25 on (ICE), 20th 2014 Academy of International Business Jun 23- (AIB) 26 2014 International Family Enterprise Jun 24- Research Academy, Annual 27 Conference 2014 International Institute of Social and Jun 24- Economic Sciences, 10th 27 International Academic Conference of the

Engineering Responsible Innovation in Products and Services Local Contexts in Global Business

Bergamo, Italy Vancouver, BC, Canada

2014 Feb http://www.ice-conference.org/ 10 2014 Jan http://aib.msu.edu/events/2014/ 15

George Plesoianu 131201 trend@rdsmail.ro or Eduard Ceptureanu eduard_ceptureanu@yahoo.co m Sergio Terzi 131215 sergio.terzi@unibg.it AIB2014@ceibs.edu 131208

Co-operation Within and Lappeenranta, 2014 Feb http://ifera2014.ifera.org/ Amongst Family Businesses Finland 2 Tracks: Business & Reykjavik, Economics, Quantitative Iceland Methods, Social Sciences & Humanities, Teaching & Education, Health & Welfare, Environment & Sustainable Development, Law in Society

office@ifera.org or Iiro Jussila 131201 ifera2014@ifera.org or Ranjan Karri research@ifera.org 2014 http://www.iises.net/conferences/reyk iises@iises.net 131010 May 24 javik-conference-june-24-27-2014/

2014 International Human Resource Jun 24- Management, 13th Conference 27

Uncertainty in a Flattening Cracow, World: Challenges for IHRM Poland

2014 International Network of Business Jun 25- and Management Journals 27 (INBAM), 4th Conference of

Barcelona, Spain

Abstract http://www.symposium.pl/ihrm2014 2013 or Nov 29 http://www.symposium.pl/index.php? a=konferencja&b=pokaz&id=50&lan g=en 2014 Feb http://www.inbam.net/ 15

Beata Buchelt bucheltb@uek.krakow.pl or Ewa Owsiak ewa.owsiak@symposium.pl


2014 International Association of CrossJun 26- Cultural Competence and 28 Management (IACCM)

Between Cultures and Paradigms: Intercultural Competence & Managerial Intelligence 2014 Consortium for International The World Looks Different Jun 26- Marketing Research (CIMaR) from Here: Theoretical and 29 Empirical Issues in Rapidly Changing Global Markets 2014 International Academy of Business Research / Teaching Jun 27- and Economics (IABE), Summer Excellence in Business and 29 Conference Economics 2014 European Decision Sciences Institute Exploring Innovations in Jun 29- (EDSI), 5th Annual Meeting Global Supply Chain Jul 2 Networks 2014 International Society for the Study of Jun 29- Work and Organizational Values Jul 2 (ISSWOV), 14th Biennial Conference 2014 Informing Science + IT Education Jun 30- (InSITE) Conferences Jul 4 2014 Cambridge Business & Economics Jul 1-2 Conference (CBEC)

Coventry, England

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Verona, Italy 2014 http://www.iabe.eu/ May 15 Kolding, Denmark

Frank Hoy fhoy@wpi.edu or 131130 Jacobo Ramirez jra.ikl@cbs.dk or Michael Wendelboe Hansen mwh.ikl@cbs.dk or Norma Hernandez normahernandez@itesm.mx Abstract http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/al Daniel Dauber 131208 2014 Feb /research/conferences/iaccm2014 d.dauber@warwick.ac.uk or 15 Marie-Therese Claes mt.claes@uclouvain.be 2014 http://www.uvic.ca/gustavson/researc cimar@uvic.ca 130623 Mar 17 h/research/conferences/call-forpapers.php Admin@iabe.org 130808


Values in Shock: The Role of Riga, Latvia Contrasting Management, Economic, and Religious Paradigms in the Workplace Informing Science Institute Wollongong, NSW, Australia Sponsored by Assn for Bus & Cambridge, Economics Research England (ABER), Oxford Journal: An Intl J of Bus & Economics, and Cambridge Bus & Econ J 2014 ANZAM Operations, Supply Chain Australian and New Zealand Auckland, Jul 3-4 and Services Management Academy of Management New Zealand Symposium, 12th 2014 Business and Information (BAI), International Business Osaka, Japan Jul 3-5 International Conference on Academics Consortium (iBAC) and Academy of Taiwan Information Systems Research (ATISR)

Abstract http://www.isswov.org/ 2013 Nov 15 2013 Dec 15 2013 Dec 16

Gyula Vastag gyula.vastag@gtk.unipannon.hu & Jan Stentoft Arlbjrn ar@sam.sdu.dk isswov2014@iseg.utl.pt



http://www.informingscience.us/icaru Organizers@InSITE.nu s/conferences/insite2014 http://www.facultyforum.com/cbec Gupta@lynchburg.edu



2014 Mar 16

http://www.cscm.auckland.ac.nz/anza Tava Olsen m t.olsen@auckland.ac.nz bai@atisr.org


2014 Jan http://ibac-conference.org 31


2014 European Group for Organizational Jul 3-5 Studies (EGOS), 30th Colloquium

Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2014 Case Method: Research, Application, Joining Continents Cultures Istanbul, Jul 5- Case Writing, Interactive Methods, Ideas; World Association Turkey 10 31th International Conference for Case Method Research & Application (WACRA) 2014 Business & Economics Society Florence, Italy Jul 6-9 International Conference (B&ESI)



2014 Jan http://www.wacra.org/ 15

denise.smith@wacra.org or hans.klein@wacra.org


2014 Mar 15

2014 Jul 710 2013 Jul 812 2014 Jul 911 2014 Jul 1012 2014 Jul 1013 2014 Jul 1920 2014 Jul 1920 2014 Jul 2122 2014 Jul 2122 2014 Jul 2122

Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA), 3rd

Spirit of Strategy (SOS): the New S.O.S. for Competitive Business. Global Business and Technology Managing in an Association (GBATA), 16th Annual Interconnected World: International Conference of the Pioneering Business and Technology Excellence Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, 14th International Conference on Society for the Advancement of The Institutional Foundations Socio-Economics (SASE), 26th of Capitalism Annual Conference Economics, Finance, MIS & The Journal of Business International Business Research Review, Cambridge Conference Economics, Society and International Economics Management, International Development and Research Conference on (ICESM) Center (IEDRC) Social Sciences and Innovations, International Economics International Conference on (ICSSI) Development and Research Center (IEDRC) Human Resource Management and Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF) Professional Development in the Digital Age (HRM&PD), 4th Annual International Conference on Global Science & Business Strategy and Technology Forum (GSTF) Organizational Behaviour, 4th Annual International Conference on NOTE: Reroutes to Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 4th Annual International Conference Business Strategy conference on

Valencia, Spain Baku, Azerbaijan

http://www.besiweb.com/HKANTAR hkan@besiweb.com 130830 3.html or http://www.besiweb.com/BESICall71 4.pdf 2014 Feb http://www.uv.es/gika/ Domingo Ribeiro 130909 15 domingo.ribeiro@uv.es or Andrea Rey andrea.rey@uv.es 2014 http://gbata.org/conference/ info@gbata.org or 131017 Mar 31 delener@gbata.org

Vienna, Austria Chicago, Illinois London

Rolling http://ondiversity.com/the-conference/ support@ondiversity.com deadline s 2014 Jan https://sase.org/2014---chicago/sase- Martha Zuber 20 26th-annual-conferencemzuber@sase.org theme_fr_173.html 2014 Feb http://www.jaabc.com/london.html drsenguder@aol.com 9 http://www.icesm.org/ icesm@iedrc.net




Madrid, Spain 2014 Apr 15 Madrid, Spain 2014 Apr 15 Singapore





2014 Jan http://www.hr-mgt.org/ 17

info@hr-mgt.org or secretariat@hr-mgt.org



2014 Jan http://www.biz-strategy.org/ 17 2014 Jan http://www.innov-entrepreneur.org/ 17

info@biz-strategy.org or secretariat@biz-strategy.org info@innov-entrepreneur.org or secretariat@innoventrepreneur.org




2014 Jul 2225 2014 Jul 2326 2014 Jul 2427 2014 Jul 2428 2014 Jul 31Aug 3 2014 Jul 31Aug 4

Knowledge, Innovation & Enterprise A global conference that Riga, Latvia http://kiecon.org/ (KIE), International Conference on crosses disciplines unlike any other International Academy of Business Madrid, Spain 2014 Jan http://www.iabpad.com and Public Administration 20 Disciplines (IABPAD) Conference Global Business, MIS, Economics and Finance Research Conference The Journal of Business Review, Cambridge Tokyo, Japan 2014 Feb http://www.jaabc.com/Tokyo.html 11 Placenia, Belize Istanbul, Turkey http://www.icglgroup.org/



iabpad_conference@suddenlin 131013 k.net or iabpad_conference@suddenlin kmail.com drsenguder@aol.com 130912

International Center for Global Leadership and Management Conference Finance, MIS, Economics & Global The Journal of Business Business Research Conference Review, Cambridge

June Schmieder jschmied@pepperdine.edu drsenguder@aol.com


2014 Feb http://www.jaabc.com/istanbul.html 12


International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS), 20th International Conference of the 2014 Academy of Management, 74th Aug 1- Annual Meeting 5 2014 Clute Institute International Aug 3- Academic Conference, 58th 7

Enhancing Global KingstonAbstract http://www.uri.edu/iaics/ Community, Resilience and Providence, 2014 Feb Sustainability Through Rhode Island 1 Intercultural Communication Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




6 tracks: Arts & Humanities, Business & Economics, Education, Engineering Education, Energy Policy, and Health Sciences 2014 Knowledge, Culture and Change in 4 themes: Management Aug 4- Organizations, 14th International Education, Change Mgmt., 5 Conference on Knowledge Management, Organizational Cultures 2014 Global Chinese Management Studies Innovation, Governance and Aug 6- on Marketing Conference, 4th Best Practices 8 2014 Education and Management International Economics Aug 9- Technology, 5th International Development and Research 11 Conference on (ICEMT) Center (IEDRC) 2014 Knowledge, Culture and Society, 3rd International Economics Aug 9- International Conference on Development and Research 11 (ICKCS) Center (IEDRC) 2014 World Congress of Social Sciences, International Economics Aug 9- International Conference on Development and Research 11 (WCOSS) Center (IEDRC)

San Francisco, 2014 Jul http://www.cluteinstitute.com/ or Staff@CluteInstitute.com California 2 http://www.cluteinstitute.com/confere nces/2014SFconf.html


Oxford, England

(rolling http://ontheorganization.com/thedeadline conference s) Abstract http://academy.edu.sg/cms/ 2014 Feb 28 2014 http://www.icemt.org/ Apr 5 2014 Apr 5 2014 Apr 5 http://www.ickcs.org/

via website: 130604 http://ontheorganization.com/co ntact-us cmtsecretariat@aventis.edu.sg 131208 or academic@aventis.edu.sg icemt@iedrc.org 131208










2014 Academy of World Business, Aug Marketing and Management 11-14 Development Conference

Marketing, Managing and Dubai, UAE Financing Organizations in Today's Environment of Slow Economic Growth Shanghai, China

2014 Aug 19-21 2014 Aug 24-26 2014 Aug 27-29 2014 Sep ---

China Goes Global Conference, 8th Chinese Globalization Association Management and Service Science (MASS), 8th International Conference on International Sustainability Transitions (IST) Conference, 5th Scientific Research Publishing, Open Journal of Social Sciences Impact and Institutions

2014 Feb http://academyofworldbusiness.com/ Gabriel Ogunmokun 131006 24 wp/conferences/2014-dubai-uae-2/ ogunmokun@academyofworld business.com or ogunmokun@academyofworld business.org 2014 http://www.chinagoesglobal.org/conf (admin) 131215 Mar 25 erence/ jessica_eykholt@harvard.edu http://www.massconf.org/2014/ mass@scirp.org 131130

Suzhou, China 2014 May 7 Utrecht, The Netherlands 2014 Mar 15

Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Emerging Economy Conference and Special Issue Multinationals and Home Country Effects: Does Origin Matter? 2014 Economy and Business, 13th Sep 1- International Conference 5 2014 McGill International New Frontiers & Directions Sep 2- Entrepreneurship Conference, 17th in International 5 Entrepreneurship 2014 British Academy of Management Sep 9- (BAM) Annual Conference 11 2014 Global Academic Network, Sep Honolulu Conference 11-14 2014 Sep 12-13 2014 Sep 18-19 2014 Sep 18-19 2014 Sep 18-19 The Role of the Business School in Supporting Economic and Social Development Humanities &Social Sciences, Education, Business & Economics, and Technology & Science School of Management, University of Riverside

Copenhagen, 2013 Denmark Dec 1

http://www.ist2014.com or ist2014@uu.nl 131130 http://www.uu.nl/faculty/geosciences/ EN/IST2014/Pages/default.aspx Via journal website: Bersant Hobdari, Guest Editor, 130618 http://apjm.edmgr.com bh.int@cbs.dk

Burgas, Bulgaria Santiago, Chile

http://www.sciencebg.net/en/conferen economy@sciencebg.net ces/economy-and-business/ Abstract http://www.uai.cl/investigacion/escue 2014mie.conference@uai.cl 2014 la-de-negocios/centro-deMar 10 competitividad-internacional/mie2014-call-for-papers 2014 Feb http://www.bam.ac.uk/bam2014 or bam@bam.ac.uk 26 http://www.bam.ac.uk/civicrm/event/i nfo?id=1971 Proposal http://global-conferences.eu/los2014 Jul angeles/ 1 enquiries@globalconferences.eu



Belfast, Northern Ireland Honolulu, Hawaii



Global Mindset Development in Leadership and Management Conference Business & Information Technology Academic Institute Conference Conference Services EuroMed Academy of Business, 7th Annual Conference Human Resource Management in Asia: Distinctiveness of Asian Human Resource Management?, Colloquium

Los Angeles area, California Las Vegas, Nevada Kristiansand, Norway

floating http://uofriverside.com/conference.ht mgtconference@uofriverside.c 130730 ml om http://bit.ai-conferences.com/lasvegas/ http://www.emrbi.com/ admin@ai-conferences.com 130604

With special issue of International Journal of Human Resource Management

Paris, France 2014 Apr 30


Evangelos Tsoukatos tsoukat@staff.teicrete.gr or tsoukat1@otenet.gr Sandrine Clais sclais@iscparis.com



2014 Society of Interdisciplinary Business Sep Research (SIBR) 27-28 2014 Clute Institute International Oct 5-8 Academic Conference

Interdisciplinary Business & Hong Kong Economics Research Las Vegas, Nevada

2014 Jul http://sibresearch.org/sibr-hongkong- secretary@sibresearch.org 11 conference-call.html 2014 Sep http://www.cluteinstitute.com/ or Staff@CluteInstitute.com 5 http://www.cluteinstitute.com/confere nces/2014LVconf.html


6 tracks: Arts & Humanities, Business & Economics, Education, Engineering Education, Energy Policy, and Health Sciences 2014 International Academy of Business Research / Teaching Oct 12- and Economics (IABE), 12th Annual Excellence in Business and 14 Conference Economics 2014 Responsible Leadership, 3rd Bridging Science, Business, Nov 4- International Conference in and Politics: The Role of 6 Responsible Leadership in Creating the Necessary Transition to a Sustainable Global Economy 2014 European Conference on Nov Management Leadership and 13-14 Governance (ECMLG), 10th


Las Vegas, Nevada Pretoria, South Africa

2014 Jul http://www.iabe.org/ or 1 http://www.iabe.eu/



Abstract (associated with http://www.grli.org/) CRL2014@up.ac.za 2014 Jan 31


Abstract http://academicSue Nugus 2014 conferences.org/ecmlg/ecmlg2014/ec sue.nugus@academicApr 24 mlg14-call-papers.htm conferences.org or Amanda Kennedy amanda@academicconferences.org 2014 Research on Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Endeavours: Luxembourg, 2014 http://www.rentGraziella Michelante Nov Luxembourg May 17 research.org/default.asp?iId=GGEKK michelante@eiasm.be Small Business (RENT) Conference, A Profusion of Research, 19-21 27th Annual Policy and Practitioner M Practices; ECSB & EIASM 2014 Decision Sciences Institute (DSI), Tampa, (Est. http://www.decisionsciences.org/conf Nov Florida 2014 erences/futureconferences.asp 45th Annual Meeting 22-25 Apr 1) 2014 Strategic Management Society Strategic Management in the Sydney, Proposal http://sydney.strategicmanagement.ne sms@strategicmanagement.net Dec 6- (SMS) Special Conference in Asian Century: Dealing With Australia 2014 t/ 8 Dynamism, Diversity And May 1 Australia Development 2014 Services Management (ICSM), 7th Managing and Delivering Macau Abstract http://www.services-managementicsm-conference@ift.edu.mo Dec International Conference on Services in the Asian Century 2014 conference.org/ or 10-12 May 10 http://www.ift.edu.mo/icsm-7 2015 Environmental, Cultural, Economic, Copenhagen, rolling http://onsustainability.com/2015(via website) Jan 21- and Social Sustainability, 11th Denmark conference 23 International Conference on 2015 Global Mindset Development in School of Management, Los Angeles floating http://uofriverside.com/conference.ht mgtconference@uofriverside.c Mar 6- Leadership and Management University of Riverside area, ml om 7 Conference California 2015 Society for Industrial and Philadelphia, http://www.siop.org/conferences/ SIOP@siop.org Apr Organizational Psychology, Inc. Pennsylvania 23-25 (SIOP) 30th Annual Conference

Zagreb, Croatia









2015 Pan-Pacific Conference, 32nd, of the Jun 1-4 Pan-Pacific Business Association 2015 Jul 2-4 2015 Jul 810 2015 Aug 711 2015 Sep 11-12 2015 Nov 21-24 2016 Apr 14-16 2016 Jul 1315 2016 Aug 59 2017 Aug 48 European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS), 31st Colloquium Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Accounting (IPA) Conference, 11th Academy of Management, 74th Annual Meeting Global Mindset Development in Leadership and Management Conference Decision Sciences Institute (DSI), 46th Annual Meeting Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc. (SIOP), 31st Annual Conference Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting (APIRA) Conference Academy of Management, 74th Annual Meeting Academy of Management, 77th Annual Meeting School of Management, University of Riverside

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eConferenence Australia: Management and Business Conferences (links): http://www.econference.com.au/Category/management_and_business_Australia/ (half nonacademic) European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, EIASM, an International Network for Management Research and Teaching that contains over 23,000 Management Scientists from all over the World. Website lists dozens of conferences from many affiliated organisations, including: EAA (European Accounting Association) EARIE (European Association for Research In Industrial Economics) EFA (European Finance Association) EIBA (European International Business Academy) EMAC (European Marketing Academy) EURAM (European Academy of Management) EUROMA (European Operations Management Association): http://www.eiasm.org/ ; lists many workshops and conferences Conference Alerts lists upcoming conferences in many fields, including business, environment, engineering, tourism, WWW/Internet, and communications (note that a fair portion are commercial, rather than academic): http://www.conferencealerts.com/index.htm Academy of Management Calls for Papers: http://apps.aomonline.org/Calls/cfp/paper_list.asp All Conferences: http://www.allconferences.com/Business/Management/ (a daunting site in terms of numbers; searching on a discipline or subdiscipline is necessary) Academic Conferences International: http://academic-conferences.org/conferences.htm Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Links: http://www.anzam.org/ Conference Diary by Emerald: http://taddeo.emeraldinsight.com/vl=3808104/cl=76/nw=1/rpsv/conferencecentral/index.htm Conference Calendar in Spanish: http://www.iberpymeonline.org/ CIBER Research Institute Conferences: http://www.ciberinstitute.org/conferencesmain.htm

CIBER at MSU list of international business academic conferences: http://globaledge.msu.edu/academy/Conferences/ Management Conferences Worldwide (very broadly defined): http://abrang-melissa.blogfa.com/post-70.aspx (reproduces info from www.conferencealerts.com) Management Science / Operations Research conferences list: http://www.polyu.edu.hk/~ama/links/pop/an1.html Tourism Review of Tourism Research conference list: http://ertr.tamu.edu/conferencenews.cfm Easy Chair conference management system listing of conferences (all disciplines, but mostly information systems): http://www.easychair.org/users.cgi Thanksgiving Day (USA): 24 Nov 2011, 22 Nov 2012; 28 Nov 2013; 27 Nov 2014; 26 Nov 2015