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Warning to Christians- Natural/ herbal concoctions

Today we are living in a strange world. Even so called Christian ministers advise their beloved to either go to the doctor or pick up some natural therapies. In the times past, there was no technology or abilities to manufacture such stuff. They simply called it a witch doctor stuff. To this day you may go to somebody and ask for the concoction. !owever, nowadays these folks never called themselves a witch doctor. They are certified and have licences to teach or to train folks in such arts. "hat has changed is the name. #ow, so called Christians claim $od created weed to smoke. %o, going in that direction of thinking, !e must have also given herbs to heal. The main &uestion is this' "hy did (esus never ask anybody to make a concoction or to smoke a )oint* This is the teaching of the enemy that has been well hidden and rooted in some parts of +rotestant Christianity. If (esus can heal, why would you rely on herbs, food, to keep fit* ,ne lady in the -ible, spent the whole lotta of her life savings on doctors. This was the fad in (erusalem in the times of (esus. .et, they were not helped. Even more, she worsened day by day and week by week. "hy did not $od use the doctor* "hy did not (esus pray' /ather, guide the hand of the apothecaries or docs to help her* This is the unbelief of the humanity. This is their fleshly ways to help themselves, and folks are able to spend millions of dollars on the stuff that suppose to help them0 Interestingly, 1,%T of the folks who mi2 the herbs are also some kinda witch doctors. They dont have the typical outfit of f.e 3frican babalawo. They dont have the rattles, to shake 4at least not in the presence of the patient5. They dont wear the rustling stuff round their waistlines0 #o0 These would be called, charlatans and wackos0 #ow, when somebody )ump into the suit, and present his business card' master of yoga, healing and herbs, thats something else0 One they have legal basis to practice stuff...it must be of...God? It may be that millions of Christians that blindly believe in their doctors attend sessions with medical hypnotist medical hypnoanalytist certified herbalist yoga for Christians teachers rei!i for Christians teachers etc. "he list is very long. #aturopathy sound very nice and clean0 "hat do you think about it* #ature* $od created nature with herbs, animals etc for the human kind0 This is absolutely normal0 6eally* %hamanistic practices are now westerni7ed. .ou wont buy the stuff from occulic hypnotherapist, yet you are eager to purchase it from medical hypnotist. 3s a Christian, you will not go to witchdoctor in 3frica, to get some herbal stuff. #o0 That rattles, strange tunes, beating the drum, calling on spirits of ancestors to help create the +E6%,#38I9E: 1I;T<6E0 $et thee behind me, satan0 #o, you simply bought into a marketing propaganda, and now the shamanistic secrets are being pushed to you by media, and unfortunately ministers of (esus and Christians in general0 In "ikipedia, there is a list of some of the practices that are included under naturopathy. !ere are some of them' Acupuncture, applied kinesiology,[49] botanical medicine, brainwave entrainment, chelation therapy for atherosclerosis,[33] colonic enemas,[ !] color therapy,[49] cranial osteopathy,[4!] hair analysis,[4!] homeopathy, ["#] iridology,[49] live blood analysis, nature cures$i%e% a range of therapies based upon e&posure to natural elements such as sunshine, fresh air, heat, or cold, nutrition 'e&amples include vegetarian and wholefood diet, fasting, and abstention from alcohol and sugar,[" ] o(one therapy,[)] physical medicine 'e%g%, naturopathic, osseous, and soft #$+age

tissue manipulative therapy, sports medicine, e&ercise, and hydrotherapy*, +sychological counseling 'e%g%, meditation, rela&ation, and other methods of stress management[" ]*, public health measures and hygiene,[)9] refle&ology,[49] rolfing,[)#] and traditional ,hinese medicine3ll these practices 4and more to that5 are based on occultic principles and spirit energies% -oth secular folks like 3le2 (ones, and Christians like The !awk, %teve =uayle, ,megaman and many more hawk the naturopathic products on their pages. I dont want anybody to lose the )ob, but lets get the facts straight0 They advise to purchase the naturopathic products from the company called Ener/ood.

The company co founder is :arren Craddock. !e is, according to his web site >' Trained by his grandpa, who was a herbalist0 ?egetarian Instructor of .oga ,rdained minister in several energetic healing modalities 1assage therapist !erbal classes instructor

If you go to 3frica, witch doctors, who possess the knowledge passed to them by their dead ancestors, or personal assistant demons they practice the art of herbalist from generation to generation. .oga, means to yoke with !indu spirituality that is ... demon -rahman0 .oga connects the practicant with @undalini, %hakti, %hiva. .o .hakti is the mother goddess, the source of all, the universal principle of energy, power or creativity% /he worship of Shakti as this energy is the main objective of Tantra Yoga 2%-ut what in the world are these several energetic healing modalities* 8ets see. The full list may be found here' http'AAwww.energychurch.orgAidBC.htm

> http'AAwww.enerhealthbotanicals.comAabout us >.html B http'AAwww.sanatansociety.orgAhinduDgodsDandDgoddessesAshakti.htmE.<tl(-!D/8cs


8ets mention only few'

Allergies Antidotes 3is a 3 step process 1. Assess whether substance sensitivities are a possible cause of symptoms. 2. Identify specific reactive substances. 3. Use energy psychology techniques to reprogram the body to no longer react negatively to the reactive substances.

G<sing a laser beam at that fre&uency heals the cells of the body and easily stimulates acupuncture points H1eridian +ointsI.F G'soteric (ealing based on the teachings of )*whal +hul Jas presented in the book Esoteric !ealing by ,lice -ailey and further developed by -renda (ohnston. +ractitioners use hands off the body, balancing techni&ues, and triangles of resonance that relate the bodys energy centers and endocrine system to facilitate unimpeded soul life, healing and a more harmonious state.F

6eiki =uantum touch GTherapeutic TouchK originated by :olores @rieger, +h:, 6# and )ora +un.4:ora @un7, a theosophy promoter and one time president H>LMNO>LPMI of the Theosophical %ociety in 3merica,5Q involves use of practitionerRs hands to balance the body/s energy centers 0cha!ras1 and energy field 0aura12 practiced in and out of hospital by many holistic nurse practitionersQ scientific research supports efficacy.F

8ist of ever increasing alternative therapies can be found here' http'AAaltmedworld.netAalternative.htm 3cupuncture 3strology 6udolf %teiners 3nthroposophical medicine #ative 3merican !erbology

C http'AAwww.allergyantidotes.comA J GIt is believed by the followers of -en)amin Creme and the followers of the 3lice -ailey teachings, that :)wal @hul coordinates the activities of the seven masters of the %even 6ays to advance the +lan of the 0asters and functions as the communications director of the 3scended 1asters since he is believed to have telepathically transmitted the teachings in the 3lice 3. -ailey material to 3lice -ailey.F "ikipedia


Etc. /urthermore, we can read' G/our approaches to the use of plants as medicine include'4SB5

>. The magicalAshamanicT3lmost all societies, with the e2ception of cultures influenced by "estern style industriali7ation, recogni7e this kind of use. The practitioner is regarded as endowed with gifts or powers that allow him/her to use herbs in a way that is hidden from the average person and the herbs are said to affect the spirit or soul of the person.

B. The energeticTThis approach includes the ma)or systems of Traditional Chinese 1edicine, 3yurveda, and <nani. !erbs are regarded as having actions in terms of their energies and affecting the energies of the body. The practitioner may have e2tensive training, and ideally be sensitive to energy, but need not have supernatural powers. F If :.Craddock prepares them according to the wisdom of herbalists and contact spirits, or energies to energi7e the natural products we have huge problem here0

%teve =uayle is a clear proponent 4user5 of the Ener!ealth concoctions. ,n his web site we can find a banner connecting you to the aforementioned company'


The screenshots of the pics are placed for the purpose of providing the proof.

#o wonder you cannot talk to some folks about (esus0 They are interconnected to different spirits that draw or pull them away from True $od (esus and .ahweh0


http'AAomegamanradio.comA I am not sure if the aforementioned people know what they support0 This publication is to open your eyes. Today many of the world, spirit dictated or channelled practices of shamanism infiltrated Christians. Especially whose who re)ected -aptism in the !oly %pirit with speaking in tongues are open for any type of healing.


Christoga4screenshot from .ouTube video5



%o you )ust place religious looking symbols, and bam0 Is it ok now*

N http'AAwww.youtube.comAwatch*vU+pc.+iES3>s


Christoga love, peace without (esus*

.ou place faith in fitness, doctors, and shamanistic concoctions0 "hy dont you )ust place trust in what (esus already accomplished on the Cross* Isaiah NC0


These folks are one of the greatest blasphemers of the baptism in the !oly %pirit, yet first to practice the demonic alternative. Is this the punishment of $od, for re)ecting the -iblical truth*

#: $ + a g e

MVV Club advices on yoga and tai chi' http'AAwww.cbn.comAtvA>SBSBCBBBNVV> 3nd obviously have no clue what they are talking about0 +eople need to know about the dangers of the occult philosophies and their influence on a persons soul0

## $ + a g e

(oly ;oga SCV 1inute 1orning :evotion and %tretch

S http'AAwww.youtube.comAwatch*vU/N6?dD762no

#& $ + a g e

http'AAwww.youtube.comAwatch*vUht@Blg ES6k

<nsaved Catholics promote demonic healing. I have a suggestion. The spiritual discernment among +rotestants will not improve <#TI8 you stop doing what the -ible calls' witchcraft, pharmakeia. 1aybe if %teve =uayle remove the shamanistic pills then he will see the realities of demons working both behind the naturopathic pills and bastard heresy of Catholicism0* These spirits will remain, until you repent and change your theology to -iblical0 #3 $ + a g e

Can<t you see that somebody can tal! with =,>>?ON about the complete deception% Wa!e up% If you took part in 3#. of the practices or ingested any of the shamanistic medicine you may be in a great need of deliverance0 .our spiritual condition may suffer because of it, and you wonder' why in the world its so hard to read the -ible, pray or have spiritual, !oly %pirit given discernment* I pray $od will show it to you. /ind the relevant deliverance ministry and began to be free0

$od bless.

#4 $ + a g e