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THE VOICE Written by John Mosuela

INT. TARDIS DOCTOR running around TARDIS, pressing buttons and flipping levers. DOCTOR (excited) Next stop, Tundeldor! FADE OUT. I/E. TUNDELDOR/TARDIS - DAY - POV OF DOCTOR It is snowing heavily. TARDIS materializes. DOCTOR pops his head out the door of the TARDIS and looks around. DOCTOR (suprised) Ohhh! Snow, I love snow! DOCTOR looks back behind him into the TARDIS room. DOCTOR he sees an alien and is knocked out. FADE TO BLACK. INT. TARDIS - DAY - POV OF DOCTOR DOCTOR on the floor of TARDIS. DOCTOR (in pain) Argh! My head! DOCTOR gets up and looks around. DOCTOR (CONTD) (worried) Hello? Anyone there? DOCTOR waddles to the TARDIS console. DOCTOR presses some buttons ON THE SCREEN DOCTOR looks at the console monitor. It states: DATE ON TUNDELDOR: 260.85497


CLOSE UP - DOCTOR FACE DOCTOR (CONTD) (confused) I was knocked out for 10 days! (agony) Argh my head. Why does my head hurt so much! I cant remember what happened. Beeps and klaxons starts sounding in the TARDIS. TARDIS COMPUTER TARDIS perimeter breached. DOCTOR starts running around. Panic is felt. DOCTOR Somethings trying to get in! DOCTOR calmly walks toward the TARDIS doors, with sonic screwdriver in hand. DOCTOR opens the door. CUT TO: INTRO CUT TO: I/E. TUNDELDOR/TARDIS - DAY - POV OF DOCTOR Two aliens are seen right in front of the DOCTOR. DOCTOR (commanding) Step Back! Get off my ship! The two aliens step back. The DOCTOR pointing the sonic screwdriver at them. VEZ We are sorry. We did not mean to intrude. Our sensors detected no life-forms. DOCTOR Thats the good thing about her, she blocks every known scanner frequency in the Universe.


VOEP You have trespassed our religious sanctuary, the almighty Aetoetak will not be happy. DOCTOR My apologies, my scanners deemed this planet uninhabited. I will move my ship immediately. The DOCTOR closes the doors. THE TARDIS materializes 100m from the original position. The DOCTOR walks towards the two aliens. DOCTOR (CONTD) Sorry about that. Im the Doctor. VEZ My designation is Vez. VOEP My designation is Voep. DOCTOR Hello Vez and Voep! Why didnt you appear in my scans? VOEP Our people are religious folk, we dont believe in war but the suka-or wants our planet. The only way we can protect ourselves is by hiding deep underground and our God Aetoetak had provided use with the Qeshafi mountains that reflect scanners. DOCTOR Thats ingenious! (Pain) Argh my head! Argh! VEZ Sir. You are not alright. DOCTOR Im fine, its just... Argh! Its nothing. VOEP We have the best physicians in this sector. Well take you to our city, Aesu-Gir Eututha.


DOCTOR I went here to explore so why not have a look around. Lets go! FADE TO BLACK. EXT. AESU-GIR EUTUTHA - UNDERGORUND The DOCTOR is in an elevator next to VEZ and VOEP. They overlook the underground city. VEZ This is our largest city. 100 khaads wide and twice long. All hidden under the Qeshafi mountains. DOCTOR (mesmerized) It is extraordinary! How long it is take your people to build this? VOEP It took 250 solar orbits for 5000 of our peoples greatest builders to build this. DOCTOR Thats amazing! The trio exits the elevators and walk down a busy market street. Many of the alien population looks at the DOCTOR. VEZ The infirmary is just round this corner. The trio turns around the corner where a tall building is located. DOCTOR Argh my head...Whe..where..am I? Who are you people? VOEP Doctor what is happening? VOEP tries to come closer to the DOCTOR. DOCTOR Back off you monster! The DOCTOR pushes VOEP to the ground. VEZ stuns the DOCTOR. FADE TO BLACK.


INT. HOSPITAL ROOM DOCTOR is laying on a hospital bed, retained. There are three alien physicians around him. DOCTOR (confused, dazed) Where am I? PHYSICIAN Dont move. We are still monitoring you. DOCTOR Who are you? Why am I restrained? PHYSICIAN 1 Dont you remember? Our scouts: Vez and Voep, found your spaceship and they brought you here. DOCTOR Lies. DOCTOR tries to exit the restraints. PHYSICIAN 2 Dont resist. Were trying to help you. PHYSICIAN 3 You were like a cabbage when you were admitted. Half of your brain seems to have been modified. DOCTOR Modified? What do you mean? PHYSICIAN 3 Some of your previous memories have been overwritten with some sort of command. The Doctor stops resisting and there is a silence in the room. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM (LATER) - POV OF DOCTOR In the room is the DOCTOR, still restrained and PHYSICIAN 2. The DOCTOR looks around, still confused. PHYSICIAN 2 is looking away, towards a wall of monitors.


The DOCTOR retrieved his sonic screwdriver from his pocket and sonics the restraints. The DOCTOR slowly crawls towards PHYSICIAN 2. BEGIN VISION SEQUENCE: Darkness, nothing can be seen. HEROBRINE (O.S.) DOC-TOR. Greater powers await you. EXT. GALLIFREY(LAST DAYS OF TIME WAR) - NIGHT Explosions everywhere. Buildings burning. Screams can be heard in all directions. But there is one man in the middle of it all. A dark figure that cant be recognized. In the midst of the war, one man is right in the middle of it all. ANGLE ON - THE DARK FIGURE END VISION SEQUENCE. The DOCTOR screams as his past memories are fighting the modifications in his brain. PHYSICIAN 2 turns around. Shock and fear in his face. EXTREME CLOSE UP - PHYSICIAN 2 FACE The DOCTOR jumps at PHYSICIAN. Driving his sonic screwdriver in PHYSICIAN 2s head. The DOCTOR slowly backs away as it became clear that the DOCTOR has killed PHYSICIAN 2. DOCTOR Wa..why...how did I do this? (severe agony) ARgh. My Brain! Panic arises in the DOCTOR. He starts looking around for a way to get out. JUMP CUT TO: EXT. DARK ALLEYWAY - NIGHT - POV OF DOCTOR The DOCTOR stumbles along the dark alleyway. Ahead of him is a dark figure.


DOCTOR (weakly) Excuse me...I need help...Please...helpThe DOCTOR collapses. The figure walks towards the DOCTOR. Before the figure can be recognized the scene ends. FADE TO BLACK. EXT. DARK ALLEYWAY - NIGHT - LATER - POV OF DOCTOR Darkness. WOMAN (O.S.) Hey. Wake up! The DOCTOR gasps. He opens his eyes and an alien woman is seen. JUMP CUT TO: EXT. DARK ALLEYWAY - NIGHT - LATER HEROBRINE (V.O.) YOU MUST GO TO THE OBELISK The DOCTOR ignores the woman who woke him up and like a zombie waddles down the alley. FADE OUT. I/E. THE OBELISK The DOCTOR approaches the large obelisk. HEROBRINE (V.O.) Do what you have been instructed. Send out the Omega signal. DOCTOR Yes. The DOCTOR grabs his sonic screwdriver. VOEP Stop! The DOCTOR turns around where behind him is VOEP and VEZ.


VOEP (CONTD) Dont do it. Dont listen to the voice inside your head. DOCTOR Must...comply...master. VEZ If you do it then every civilization in this galaxy will know our location. The suka-or will not hesitate to attack us. Countless trillions of innocent women and children will be killed if you listen to the voice in your head. VOEP We now youre a Timelord. Youre 1200 years old, your mind must be full of terrible memories. Whoever modified your brain has amplified the bad memories to control you. You must fight it. DOCTOR I..I..I cannot, I must not. VEZ Please Doctor for the sake of our planet. Fight it. The DOCTOR slowly aims his sonic screwdriver at the tower. He activates it and it starts transmitting. VEZ (CONTD) What have you done! You monster! VEZ grabs his plasma pistol and shoots the DOCTOR. The DOCTOR falls to the ground. FADE TO BLACK. HOSPITAL ROOM - NIGHT - POV OF DOCTOR Darkness. Then the sound of Timelord heart beat. VEZ Doctor? Wake up. DOCTOR Huh?


VEZ Good youre awake sorry about shooting you. Our physicians thought a bullet might fix you. DOCTOR Yes! My left over regeneration energy. That shot caused a chain reaction in my Timelord body that used the left over regeneration energy to heal my brain. Oh how I love this body. Im good arent I? VEZ Calm down. WI dont want your massive ego to suffocate me. The door tot he room opens and VOEP runs in. VOEP Theyre coming, the suka-or! VEZ The defence systems are they up? VOEP Yes they have been activated. But we wont stand a chance against the armada. DOCTOR Let me talk to them. VEZ (into earpiece) I want a level 1 encrypted video channel to the lead Suka-or ship routed to room Sierra-19 of the Crimson Hospital. The large monitor activates showing a Suka-or alien. ADMIRAL PEZORI This is admiral Perzori of the Suka-or battle fleet. Who am I speaking too? DOCTOR I am the Doctor. ADMIRAL PEZORI You are not of this world. DOCTOR Is it obvious? ADMIRAL PEZORI Is this world important?


DOCTOR Important? What's that mean, important? 14trillion people live here. Is that important? Here's a better question. Is this world a threat to the Suka-or? Well, come on. You're monitoring the whole planet. Is this world a threat? ADMIRAL PEZORI No. DOCTOR Are the peoples of this world guilty of any crime by the laws of the Suka-or? ADMIRAL PEZORI No. DOCTOR Okay. One more. Just one. Is this world protected? There is silence DOCTOR (CONTD) Because you're not the first lot to come here. Oh, there have been so many. And what you've got to ask is, what happened to them? There is further silence DOCTOR (CONTD) Hello. I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. I'm 12,000 years old and im the man whos going to make your life hell to save this planet. So basically run! The video is cut off. VEZ (into earpiece) Status report lieutenant...They are retreating? Good. DOCTOR Oh im good!


VEZ Thank you Doctor. FADE TO BLACK. THE END

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