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Deluxe 660 Cordless Desktop

Accessible and affordable cordless technology
Accessible and affordable cordless technology for all PCs ! The ideal desktop for bundling with any home PC, Logitechs Deluxe 660 Cordless Desktop is your assurance of industry-leading performance in 27MHz cordless technology. It features an industry standard key layout with spill-resistant design. Simple to install, the essential Calculator, Email and Internet hotkeys will work out of the box without having to load any additional drivers. Additional multi-media controls can be accessed using the Fn button. Its commercial brown-box package makes it ideal for system builders wishing to bundle a durable and reliable cordless desktop. Industry standard key layout with full-size F-row keys 3 one-touch hotkeys for access to web, e-mail and calculator. Enhanced multi-media functions accessible on the F-keys Spill-resistant design can handle minor spillages Plug and play no drivers required in Windows(R) XP or higher 3-Button Cordless 800dpi optical mouse with tilt & zoom wheel Fully Windows Vista Premium compatible with new Windows start key Slim-line USB desktop receiver 3 Year guarantee


Deluxe 660 Cordless Desktop

Package contents
10 single desktops individually boxed and bar-coded Each single desktop contains one setup guide, one receiver, one cordless keyboard and one cordless mouse Protective product sleeves to prevent shipping damage Shipper bar-code label Includes 2 x AA and 2 x AAA batteries

Technical specifications
Microsoft Vista Qualified : Microsoft Windows Start Key Key frame : 104 or 105 Connectivity : USB Cable length : 1.8 meters Color : New Midnight Black Sensor : Optical 800 dpi Print : Laser, Silk Screen Warrantee : 3 Years Operating System : Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista Basic, Windows Vista Premium RoHS compliant Functionality : Calculator, Email, Internet, Play / Pause, Mute, Volume -, Volume +, 3D Tilt

Package specifications
US International Part # Bar Code (EAN-13) Weight Width Depth Height Volume 1 Single Carton 1 Case Pack 1 Outer case pack 1 Pallet 1 Container 20 ft 1 Container 40 ft Single Pack 920-000463 5 099 206 004 382 1215 g 19.40 cm 4.90 cm 54.90 cm 5.2 dm

Master Shipper / Out Case Pack n/a 5 099 206 004 3811 12.700 kg 39.8 cm 26.00 cm 56.50 cm 0.05847 m3 n/a n/a 1 Out Case Pack 27 Out Case Packs 496 Out Case Packs 1024 Out Case Packs

1 Single Unit 0 Single Units 10 Single Units 270 Single Units 4960 Single Units 10240 Single Units

920-000463 920-000464 920-000465 920-000466 920-000467 920-000469 920-000470 920-000473 920-000474

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