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Chemical Reaction Project

Name: ______________________________________ Reaction Classification: ___________________________ Individual Reaction: ______________________________

Assigned: 1/13/2014 Due at beginning of class: 1/27/2014 Partners Name: _________________________________

In Unit 6 we will be learning about chemical reactions. We will learn ways to classify chemical reactions based on the type(s) of compound(s) that are going into the reaction (our reactants) and the type(s) of compound(s) that are made after the reaction has occurred (our products). As a class we will be learning about these 5 classifications of chemical reactions: Combustion (4 pairs) Synthesis (4 pairs) Decomposition (3 pairs) Single-replacement (4 pairs) Double-replacement reactions (4 pairs)

You will be graded individually based on the information you submit on January 26 for your individual reaction. You will th be graded as a pair for the presentation which you will give during the week of January 26 based on the reaction classification. You and your your partner will sign-up for presentation time next Monday. You will work with one other person to complete the presentation portion of this assignment. You will randomly select one of the five classifications of chemical reactions. Then you will each pick your own specific reaction. This means for example, if you and your partner get Combustion, each person is responsible for their finding a specific combustion reaction that is different from their partners. The information for this specific reaction is what you will submit on January th 27 . The classification of reaction you and your partner are assigned is what your presentation will be on during the week th of January 27 .

1)Individual Reaction Information Due 1/27 at start of class. You will be graded on the inclusion of the following information for you individual reaction. You many include additional information that you think helps you explain your reaction. The format of this assignment is completely up to your discretion (PowerPoint, Word, Prezi, video, etc.). The only limitation for this part of the assignment is that it CAN NOT be hand written. Requirements: 1. Works Cited (minimum 5) st th Submitted on Schoology or in person by the beginning of 1 period on January 27 . Explanation of each compound or molecule involved in the reaction. a. Explain the structure of each compound? i. Ionic or Covalent bonds? b. Are any of the compounds hazardous?

Chemical Reaction Project

Assigned: 1/13/2014 Due at beginning of class: 1/27/2014

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i. If yes, what safety precautions should be taken when handling or storing this compound in the lab? c. Where can they be found? d. Any useful applications? The word equation. The balanced chemical equation. a. Include the state of matter for each compound. b. Explain how the law of conservation of mass relates to the balance chemical reaction. Description of the overall reaction. a. How was this reaction discovered? b. When was this reaction discovered? c. Examples of where this reaction commonly occurs. d. Useful applications of this reaction in the world. List of evidence that this chemical reaction has occurred. (DO NOT actually do the reaction) a. What observable evidence suggests that this reaction has occurred? b. What evidence proves this chemical reaction has occurred? Suggested resources: General Information: Textbook Chapter 8 http://www.ric.edu/faculty/ptiskus/reactions/ http://www.chemtutor.com/react.htm

Compounds Appearance & Hazard information: http://www.chemspider.com/Search.aspx (search compound, look for information under the properties tab)

2)Presentation Requirements: Meets the requirements of the Chemical Reaction Project Rubric Any format is acceptable (PowerPoint, Prezi, video, song/dance, poster board, etc.)

Optional Extra Credit (DUE 1/27): For extra credit points you need to create some sort of visual display that translates the chemistry terminology of any reaction type of your choosing into something anyone could understand.