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Copyright No part of this report may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage or retrieval system without expressed written, dated and signed permission from the author. All copyrights are reserved. Disclaimer and/or Legal Notices The information provided in this book is for educational purposes only. I am not a doctor and this is not meant to be taken as medical advice. The information provided in this book is based upon my experiences as well as my interpretations of the current research available. The advice and tips given in this course are meant for healthy adults only. You should consult your physician to insure the tips given in this course are appropriate for your individual circumstances. If you have any health issues or pre-existing conditions, please consult with your physician before implementing any of the information provided in this course. This product is for informational purposes only and the author does not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities or damages, real or perceived, resulting from the use of this information. Joe Weaver 2013

metazone performance boosting system

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Table of Contents Chapter One A Revolutionary New Training Paradigm Chapter Two The MetaZone Breathing Technique Chapter Three. Dynamic Full Body Stretching Chapter Four.. The Four Phase System Chapter Five... Resistance Training A Couple Surprise Bonus Benefits page 1 page 6 page 15 page 18 page 23 page 32

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A Revolutionary New Training Paradigm

In the arena of sports and exercise training, consistency is king. Without consistency of training, there is no progressive stimulus for the human body to grow. This is true whether your goal is to perform better on the tennis court or to look better naked. Either goal requires regular training over time in order to see any appreciable results. This is a fundamental principle of all physical training systems. Until now, consistency of training has been achieved through two meansWill Power and Rewards. Will power has been the primary tool used to muscle your way through the work and strain of training until you finally see incremental improvements in performance and/or appearance goals. The reward of achieving those goals strengthens the will and provides additional motivation to repeat the cycle for further progress. This traditional system of training, known as Stress and Recover has managed to produce results for our western culture ever since the first Olympians. In fact, it has been our sole operating paradigm for several thousand years. While there have been some outstanding achievements by various individuals over the years, ultimately, we have to judge the success of this system by the results we see daily in the general population. Andwhat we see is not a pretty sight. Regardless of all the advances in exercise, nutrition and sports science, these advances have not produced a model that is sustainable for the average man and woman.
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If they had, we would not be living in a society with a rampant obesity epidemic where less than 15% of the population exercises on a regular basis. Andif this is not the definition of systemic failure, I dont know what is. So, what is the solution? Sometimes the solution to a problem is as simple asadding a new element. Instead of getting bogged down in the quagmire of the problemchange the rules and negate the problem! What happens then? That new element fundamentally transforms the functioning of the whole system and delivers completely different results. Once that happensits a whole new system. But first--you have to find that missing element. WellI believe Ive discovered it. And Im excited to share it with everyone in my new Metazone Performance Boosting System. I truly believe that--as more people learn and experience it--there will be a massive and fundamental change around the world in our traditional sports and exercise training models. I know that is a bold statement. But it is born from my personal experience and the strikingly consistent results of my clients. Here are three examples. After fighting my body for years to get in great shape I decided I couldnt keep training the way I had been for the rest of my life. I wanted a smarter approach; a way in which I was working with my body rather than making my body work for me. Once I started to implement the breathing techniques that Joe Weaver writes about in the Metazone Performance Boosting System, I stopped being as sore, had more energy in the gym, and have been able to train with both greater volume and heavier weights. Im recovering like Im 15 years old. Its nuts and I love it. Using these techniques Im convinced that Ill be able to train with proper intensity while remaining injury free for the rest of my life! Jason Gottlieb, 29, Los Angeles, Visual Effects
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Since starting Metazone Performance Boosting System, I have had a profound change in the way I view and experience exercising. When I experienced getting into the zone for the first time, it was simply an amazing experience. I was confident that nobody in the gym that day got a better workout than I did. After my workout, I felt like I was on a cloud for the rest of the day. I couldnt wait until the next day to get back to the gym to do it all over again. One of the best parts is that these techniques have really helped me become more in tune with my body which has the dual effect of both allowing me to work better, but also keeping me injury free. I used to have a problem with my left shoulder getting injured on a regular basis, but the improved body awareness that comes with Metazone Performance Boosting System means I havent had a problem since. Before, I was really focused on trying to get into the best shape I could in as little time as possible. Ironically, this approach slowed down my overall progress because something would invariably get injured by pushing myself so hard. It seemed like I would take two steps forward followed by one step back. Since adopting Joes techniques, its just been a smooth, enjoyable progress the entire time. Ive come to realize that exercise and fitness is a lifelong journey, one that should be as enjoyable as possible which means working in tune with your body rather than against it.
Brad Greyeyes-Brant, 30, Canada, graduate student

I have worked with the Metazone Performance Boosting System this past year and have come to appreciate the full measure of its benefits. Those benefits I would summarize as follows: Lower and more stable average heart rate even during strenuous exercise; Steadily higher levels of performance at lower heart and breath rates;
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Increased feelings of ease and enjoyment during exercise; Absence of exhaustion and soreness after training workouts; Sustained feelings of exhilaration after training workouts; Simultaneous experience of higher performance and less effort.

Today I would not think of starting a workout without the Dynamic Full Body Stretching and Metazone Breathing techniques as a proper warm-up. The benefits I gained from a year of training with this system on a bicycle have carried over into the kettlebell gym, where I am now able to participate in challenging strength and aerobic workouts without ever experiencing the gasping exhaustion that used to characterize these sessions for me. Metazone Breathing has become more than just a way to exercise. It has become the reason I exercise.
David Baldwin, 59, Boston, Litigation Support Manager

As these testimonials show, the Metazone Performance Boosting System is not just a superficial band-aid fix to the training problems that have plagued the majority of men and women for ages. Instead, it goes to the heart of the problem and completely changes the experience during and after exercise. It replaces the old training paradigm of stress and recover with a new experience; one that I call Stimulate, Nourish and Grow. It is no longer a contest of who has the strongest will power and the best ability to withstand the strain and pain of training. Instead, the activity itself becomes the reward and the motivation to continue. No more iron will and toughing it out. Replace all that torture with continuing enjoyment and nourishment. Then experience how your body responds naturally with greatly improved performance, recovery and appearance. Does this sound too good to be true? I would never have believed it if I hadnt experienced it myself. I just wish I had discovered it when I was in my 20s.
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And heres a little secretthe techniques in the MZPB System are not new or just something I made up. In fact, they are over 5000 years old! What IS new is thatuntil nowthese powerful breathing techniques have never been combined with modern sports and exercise training in a simple, easy to follow method. When I discovered the amazing difference these ancient breathing techniques made in my experience and my results, I was compelled to create the MZPB System. But this is more than just a few breathing exercises. This is a comprehensive program designed to work for everyoneno matter what level of fitness training you have achieved. From the very first time you practice this system, you will begin to experience immediate benefits. You will notice greater enjoyment during training, less fatigue throughout training and faster recovery after training. At first, you will probably need to dial back the intensity of your training to accommodate the integration of these new techniques. For most people, it usually takes between two to ten weeks for your body to get fully acclimated to the new way of functioning. But this adjustment period quickly becomes routine and the effortless enjoyment that comes with it is more than worth the extra time. Plus, after this break-in period, you can expect to experience notable increases in your performance, conditioning and endurance. Nowdig in, get going and enjoy!

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The MetaZone Breathing Technique

Done correctly and regularly, the MZ Breathing Technique will notably increase your performance and dramatically reduce your recovery time. In the next few pages, I will review both the theory and science behind the use of this proven breathing technique and then clearly describe how to do it. First, heres a partial list of benefits reported by my clients: Experience of the zone during almost every workout. Improved performance Increased comfort and enjoyment during exercise. More power, less fatigue during exercise. Higher endurance levels Significantly lower breath rates (breaths per minute) during exercise. Faster recovery from exercise. Why is this breathing technique a core element of the Metazone Performance Boosting System? The MZ Breathing Technique keeps your heart and breath rates measurably lower so you can literally do more work with less energy. As you practice, you will also begin to culture maximum respiratory efficiency. In other wordsyou will use your lungs more completely and more efficiently to generate significantly more power. The MZ Breathing Technique also acts as an automatic regulator for exercise intensity. It coordinates the intentions of your mind with the capacity of your body so that your performance gains are smooth and steady whileat the same timeyour risk of injury is minimized.
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But heres the kickeras a bonus, you will also find you are experiencing that often illusive exercise high known as being In The Zone throughout your whole workout. And, as Ill explain below, the psycho-physiological benefits of being In The Zone deliver much more than just a flashy, temporary high experience. They are symptomatic of important transformative changes that show up in your workout results. But what do real athletes say? They agree! Most serious athletes whove tried the technique report that they consistently experience faster recovery with very tangible positive effects such aseither greatly reduced orNO muscle soreness at all on the days following their workouts. Furthermore, they report feeling more energized and enthusiastic during their next workout. The significance of this effect can not be understated. To paraphrase legendary strength coach Pavel Tsatsouline: The more you train in a fully recovered state, the faster your endurance, performance and strength will improve. And theres much more. The MZ Breathing Technique also: Focuses the mind Dramatically reduces emotional and nervous anxiety Calms the mind and integrates mental / physical balance. Contributes to both vitality and relaxation at the same time Helps lower blood pressure. Youll notice these benefits as soon as you start using the MZ Breathing Technique. Andthey will become even more established when you use them in an ongoing exercise routineand for ANY sport. What is the theory and science behind the MZ Breathing Technique? I thought youd never ask. Butif youre impatient to get started now, you can always skip ahead to page 13How To Do The MZ Breathing Technique where I describe how easy it is for you to practice this amazing technique. However, this is really valuable informationand if you dont read it nowyou will definitely want to come back and read it later when you are having those great experiences from using the MZ Breathing Technique.
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But, for those of you that are wondering what is behind the curtain, here is some geeky but critical information to ponder

Basically our autonomic nervous system has two main modes of functioning, one is called the sympathetic nervous system and the other is known as the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system reacts to our environment in a particular way with a corresponding effect on the body. The familiar Flight or Fight Response is one example of the sympathetic nervous system in action. For example, if we see a bear coming towards us, the bodys natural reaction is to go into emergency mode and do everything possible to escape the bear. This sets off the sympathetic nervous system which sends a host of signals throughout the body. Adrenalin starts pumping with a resulting cascade of supporting hormones. And the heart rate and breath rate go up as we run like hell, all the while gasping for air with our mouths wide open.
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If you think about it, this physiological state is very similar to the way most of us have experienced exercise or sports, whether it is lifting weights or running a race. Are you still with me so far? Now, on the other hand, the parasympathetic nervous system is involved with activities that we experience as soothing and calming i.e. rest and digest type activities. And it has been found that slow nasal breathing actually stimulates this system. During this mode of functioning our bodys reaction is to decrease heart and breath rates and blood pressure. The working theory behind the MZ Performance Boosting System is that when we fully engage the parasympathetic nervous system during dynamic physical activity we get the best of both worlds. We get the settled expansive experience of being in the zone while simultaneously performing at our best. The Science Guys Test The Theory While I was researching this phenomenon I came upon a very interesting research study done by Dr. Fred Travis, Dr. John Douillard and others. Essentially, they put several young men on stationary bicycles and increased the resistance over a set period of time. They measured EEG brain activity, breath rate, heart rate, respiratory sinus arrhythmia, perceived comfort, perceived exertion and alpha (EEG) power and coherence. Also, an endurance test was performed at the end of each session. Heres what Dr. Douillard discovered: In our research, we found that the calming parasympathetic activity actually increased during exercise using our techniques, while sympathetic survival activity decreased. (Autonomic nervous system activity was measured from heart rate variability during a submaximal bicycle stress test.) As far as we can tell, activation of the parasympathetic nervous system during exercise is an unprecedented finding. Normally, as you might expect, this calming system is suppressed during exercise, while the sympathetic system becomes dominant. The sympathetic system increases the heart rate and stimulates the adrenal glands to produce stress-fighting hormones, which are useful

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in preparing for and dealing with exercise stress. However, this natural production of adrenal steroids ultimately has a catabolic effect on the bodythat is, it breaks the body downIn our exercise program, the catabolic, degenerative effect is markedly reduced, thus giving rise to fewer injuries and less physical wear and tear. The test on breath rates revealed significant differences between mouth breathing and nasal breathing.

In one of our case studies on breath rate during a bicycle stress test, we found that as the exercise load increased; the breath rate went up, peaking for the subject at 47 breaths per minute using conventional mouth breathing. At the maximum breath rate, all of our subjects were anaerobic, gasping for air and pushing right to the edge of their capacity. The same subject was tested two days later on the same stress test, except that he used nasal breathing This time the breathing was comfortable the entire time, even at the highest level of stress, and the average breath rate was 14 breaths per minute. This result is even more impressive when you consider that the average breath rate for people at rest is around 18 breaths per minute. This was an amazing finding! Frankly, I found this to be a striking example of what a big difference nasal breathing can make on exercise performance. These tests were done using the same amount of resistance and speed butthe nasal breathers took only one breath for every three that the mouth breathers took. It is easy to understand why the nasal breathers also reported significantly more comfort and less perceived exertion than when they performed the same tests with typical mouth breathing. Lastly, there was one other finding that may explain the subjective experience of being In The Zone which is so common to those practicing the MZ Breathing
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Technique. All of the test subjects produced higher alpha brain wave activity while using the nasal breathing technique.the very same type of heightened alpha wave production that has also been demonstrated by test subjects experiencing deep states of relaxation during meditation.

Thataloneis a powerful discovery and provides a vital scientific link between the practice of our unique breathing technique and its direct effect on boosting your workout experience and results. With this deeper understanding of how the two parts of the autonomic nervous system work, we can see why the MZ Breathing Technique has a profound calming effect on the physiology. And we can draw a direct line between how these calming effectscombined with the exceptional delivery of oxygenautomatically creates the In The Zone experienceoften called the runners highan experience you can have consistently during your workout program. So how does this exceptional oxygen delivery work? To understand oxygen delivery we need to talk a little about how the lungs work. The lower portions of the lungs have a greater profusion of blood vessels than the upper parts. Bringing oxygen to the lower lobes of the lungs supplies more oxygen throughout the body just because there is more opportunity (more vessels to absorb the oxygen).

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If the exhale is deep and complete, as it is in the MZ Breathing Technique, then the inhale will be fuller and bring more oxygen to the lower part of the lungs where it will be sent throughout the body more efficiently.

When the body is conditioned to breathe fully and deeply through the nose, the heart rate stays lower, oxygen is pumped smoothly and efficiently throughout the body and the body is able to perform at its highest level. When you see runners at the end of a race you will notice they are usually breathing with their mouths wide open, hyperventilating, gasping for more oxygen. Mouth breathing brings a lot of oxygen into the upper part of the lungs, but before the oxygen can be used, the lungs are shallowly exhaling and gasping for another breath. This frantic breathing coupled with a higher heart rate is inefficient and exhausting. Eventually the body will normalize but it is a huge STRESS on the body as most runners will tell you once they catch their breath. Imagine the same runners at the end of a marathon breathing deeply and evenly through their noses. This is entirely possible and has been the repeated experience of endurance athletes using this system.

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How to do the Metazone Breathing Technique You should learn this breathing technique while seated in a straight chair or in comfortable, cross-legged position with your spine erect. Begin taking long, slow, and deep breaths through your nose. Allow your breath to be gentle and relaxed as you slightly contract the back of your throat creating a steady, barely audible, hissing sound as you exhale. Do not force the sound. It should be barely audible to someone standing 12-18 inches from your face. Lengthen the inhalation and the exhalation as much as possible without creating tension anywhere in your body, and allow the sound of your breath to be continuous and smooth. Completely exhale and then inhale as fully as comfortable without straining. HINT To help create the proper ha sound, hold your hand up to your mouth and exhale as if trying to fog a mirror. Notice how you constrict the back of the throat to create the fog effect. Now close your mouth and do the same thing while breathing through the nose.

HINT Another way to think about MZ Breathing Technique is to visualize your throat as a garden hose, with your breath passing through like a flow of water. If you put your thumb partially over the opening of the hose, you increase the power of the water that is coming through. This is the same thing you are doing with your throat during the MZ Breathing Technique. But, remember, it should always be a very gentle constriction.
one more

HINT It is important to remember that the key to successful practice of this technique is relaxation; the action of the MZ Breathing Technique naturally lengthens the breath. Some small effort is required to produce the slight hissing sound, but too much effort creates a grasping quality and a grating sound.

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The MZ Breathing Technique will actually increase the capacity of your lungs, bringing more oxygen supply to your body. How? Think of it this way-the more completely you exhale-the more oxygen rich air you can then inhale. Regular practice of this style of deep breathing then builds more lung capacity over time. One way is through the natural activation of your diaphragm when you slightly constrict your throat as described above. As your breath is exhaled completely, there is a slight tensing of your abdomen. Nowdemonstrate this for yourself: Try to fully exhale without tensing your abdomen. You cant do it, can you? The tensing of your abdomen with each exhale pushes your diaphragm upward while the full inhalation expands and flattens your diaphragm. This motion takes place in the lower part of the chest and lungs and is technically called Low Breathing or Diaphragmatic Breathing. It is as if you are exercising the diaphragm with each breath. And, in fact, you are. You can exaggerate this motion of your abdomen by also pushing it out with the inhale. This is just to get the feel of the nasal breathing experience you do not have to think about your abdomen once you are comfortable with the MZ Breathing Technique. The most important thing to remember is the nasal breathing and the constriction at the back of the throat. The rest of the work respiratory efficiency, exercise of the diaphragm, etcall happens automatically. When to do the MZ Breathing Technique? Before you start any exercise, begin the MZ nasal breathing process. Start taking long, slow, deep inhales and exhales through your nose using the throat constriction method I have just described. As you move into exercise, warm-up and pay attention to your breath. If you forget to do the nasal technique while youre focusing on your exercise, gently bring your attention back and resume the technique. Over time the MZ Breathing Technique will become automatic and effortless whenever you exercise.

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The MZ Breathing Technique is also valuable for reducing stress in other day-today life situations. Whenever you are finding yourself upset, anxious or angry, you can begin doing the technique to help with self-calming. For example, you can use the MZ Breathing Technique when taking a test, while waiting at the doctors office, while stuck in heavy traffic or even when having a discussion with your spouse. The MZ Breathing Technique is ideal for any time you want to become more calm and centered. CHAPTER THREE

Dynamic Full Body Stretching

Dynamic Full Body Stretching is a series of movements which flow from one into the next, coordinated with the MZ Breathing Technique. Expansive, opening movements are paired with the inhale, and contracting (flexing) movements are paired with the exhale. This series of movements are also known as the Sun Salute or Sun Salutations. The extension and flexion of your body during Dynamic Full Body Stretching takes your spine through the full range of motion, which develops and maintains flexibility. The pairing of the inhale with the expansion of your chest helps to increase your ability to breathe more deeply and fully bringing more oxygen into the lower lobes of your lungs.
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In the following video you will see three sets of Dynamic Full Body Stretching. The flow of the 12 movements using one of the legs as leader is one half of the set. The next 12 movements using the opposite leg as leader is the second half of the set.

Click Here to Watch Video

In a complete set you will work both sides of your body for a total of 24 movements. Three full sets are recommended, both before and after exercise, which normally will take about 5-6 minutes each time. If you have well developed muscles or muscle imbalances you may find the Dynamic Full Body Stretch awkward at first. But as you persist over time, the dynamic stretches will become progressively easier and more enjoyable. As one of my clients, Jason G. tells me: There are two things I really love about Dynamic Full Body Stretching. One is that even after 3 weeks off from training, I have trained 6 days in a row during the last week with almost no soreness. The second is that, by the time I finish doing them, I am already in the zone before I start my workout. PERFORMANCE PLATEAUS When your body is experiencing strain from over work, bad form, or muscle imbalances, it will automatically back off the intensity of your muscle contractions. This results in a lack of gains in your training or a plateau. The mobility and flexibility cultured by Dynamic Full Body Stretching combined with the mindfulness of the MZ Breathing Technique can re-set your body toward steady growth.

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Award winning tennis coach, Lawrence Eyre finds that his athletes noticeably loose flexibility if they slack off on doing their Dynamic Full Body Stretches (Sun Salutes), even for just one or two days. And, this always results in a compromised performance on the court. INJURY Many athletes lose valuable training time because of injuries. Following the Four Phase Method in Chapter Four will help you avoid future injuries. You will learn how to completely warm up and then listen to your body for cues on when to increase intensity. Dynamic Full Body Stretching will prep your muscles for exercise by increasing blood flow and lubricating your joints. And your whole system will get an added boost from the MZ Breathing Technique fueling your body with more oxygen. DELAYED ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS (DOMS) My experience, as well as my clients, is that regular use of Dynamic Full Body Stretching significantly reduces or eliminates DOMS. My theory about this is that the superior oxygen delivery of the MZ Breathing Technique helps to flush lactic acid out of muscles during exercise. Then the comprehensive stretching afterwards finishes this process. Additionally, when you have any soreness, there is a natural tendency to decrease your full range of motion while using those muscles. This instinct has negative consequences for muscle performance and development. Basically, anything you can do to decrease or eliminate inflammation in your body will yield positive returns. That is why the importance of doing the Dynamic Full Body Stretches at the beginning and end of your workout cannot be over emphasized. Stretching tends to be overlooked or ignored by many as something to get past to get to the real exercise. That is NOT the attitude that will get you maximum results with this program. The next chapter reveals how these Dynamic Full Body Stretches fit into the whole system, and why they build the foundation for your training success.
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General Workout Guidelines Introducing The Four Phase System

In this section I will give you a general outline that you can use during any sport or exercise program you may be doing. It can be applied to basketball, bodybuilding, power lifting, interval training, metabolic resistance training, cycling, long distance running, swimming or any other physical activity. You can even use it while doing other physically demanding activities like shoveling snow. Case in point, last winter after it had snowed eight inches over night, I had to clear the driveway so that my wife and I could go into town the next morning. At first I dove into the job the old fashioned way giving it everything I had, and five minutes later I was gasping for air as I leaned on my shovel handle. Then I remembered I had a technique that made work in the gym so much easier and enjoyable. So I applied the MZ Breathing Technique and started out slow, gearing up as my body was ready anda short time later I was done. The kicker wasI felt better when I finished than when I started. I was full of energy, had no fatigue and the rest of my day just sailed by. If only I had known of this system when growing up on the farm, I wouldnt have cursed digging ditches and shoveling manure as often. (wellOK, maybe I wouldbut for reasons other than fatigue.) The Four Phase System The basic outline for this system is made up of four phases: 1. 2. 3. 4. Warm Up/Fuel Up Gear Up Full Speed Cool Down
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1. Warm Up/Fuel Up Whether your workout lasts 15 minutes or 90 minutes or longer, it is vital to warm up first. There are at least two reasons to do this regardless of whether you are 16 or 60. The first reason is safety. A cold muscle is much more susceptible to injury than a warmed up muscle. And when it comes to training, the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure couldnt be more true. Actually it is more likely worth a ton of cure considering the length of time you could be sidelined with an injury. The second reason is well begun is half done especially when using my techniques. When properly done, the Dynamic Full Body Stretching combined with the MZ Breathing Technique sets up your physiology to perform in the most efficient way. If you rush into your workout too quickly, your body will immediately start to react as if in an emergency situation. This will set off internal alarms that place a great deal of stress on your body. Instead you want to treat your body with the same care you would expend on a fine automobile or racing car. You want to warm it up thoroughly first to get maximum longevity and performance from the engine. In much the same way, the Dynamic Full Body Stretching and MZ Breathing Technique prime your body to perform at its highest level of efficiency and power. By going slowly and deliberately in the beginning, you give your body time to rev-up to full capacity without accruing undo stress and the ensuing cascades of negative stress hormones. The result is that you will sense a real calm and ease during your entire workout and a dramatically reduced recovery time afterward.
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But this can only be accomplished by listening to your body for feedback at each stage of your workout. If you listen, your body will tell you when it is ready to go faster or give you more power. Or, more importantly, it will tell you when you are straining. For maximum benefit you should begin each workout with three sets of Dynamic Full Body Stretching. One set consists of going through all twelve positions twice, with a different leading leg each time. These movements constitute a dynamic warm up for your whole body. Each movement should be done slowly while using the MZ Breathing Technique. The sun salutations should take 5-7 minutes to complete. When you have finished, you should feel calm, alert and energized. This is partly because of the effect that nasal breathing has on your parasympathetic nervous system, and partly because of all the oxygen you have taken in. If you are short on time or conditions prohibit doing the stretching immediately before exercise, you can still get a great deal of benefit by fitting them in at another time during the day. If this is the case I would recommend doing them first thing in the morning. However, you will get the most benefit by using them as your warm up. I have had many clients comment that, when they do sun salutations first, it puts them into the zone right away. 2. Gear Up This is a transitional phase which will prepare you for maximum performance. The goal will be to take the calm, smooth, centered experience you had during the Dynamic Full Body Stretching with you as you begin your chosen sport or workout. I call this the Gear Up Phase because you are actively super charging your body with oxygen (the fuel) in preparation for the next higher level (gear) of performance. The time you spend in this phase will vary depending on three factors: your level of respiratory efficiency, your body conditioning and your bodys own unique circumstances on the day. In essence, this is a more active warm up phase.

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Your focus should be to slowly ramp up your activity level while listening to your bodys subtle cues. Listen to how your body feels as you enter into this more active phase. Does your breath remain smooth and steady like it was during Dynamic Full Body Stretching? Does your heart rate remain smooth and steady without spiking? Does your pace seem comfortable or are you forcing things too fast. This phase is for monitoring your bodys readiness to handle more work. Every day, every workout is unique because your body is always fluctuating with the demands and conditions of your life outside of your gym or workout room at home. Food, sleep and stresses of all kinds will impact the quality and the quantity of your workouts. If you ignore your bodys signals and just push as hard as your mind wants, then you run the risk of injury or even illnesses like colds and flu from an overstressed immune system. Before I started MZ Breathing Technique, I usually got sick several times during the year. But in the last eighteen months I have only come down with a cold once, and my old shoulder injury has healed itself. It could be coincidence, but I dont think so. The MZ Breathing Technique coupled with your own sense of comfort and ease are like automatic regulators. Your body will tell you when it is ready to increase your pace or performance level. You will either feel energized and ready for more work or you will feel uncomfortable and find it hard to continue to breathe through your nose. If you start to experience the latter, then back off your intensity or pace until you stabilize easy nasal breathing and a level of comfort once again. Patience here will pay dividends. Your body will grow in capacity naturally if you nurture it. You dont have to tear it down in order to realize gains. So check your ego at the door. You can experience being in the zoneand the enjoyment that it brings every time you workout. But you have to culture that experience each step of the way. You have to chose comfort and ease over pain and suffering.
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And the way to do that is to let your mind and body work together as a team. As your mind desires more performance, check with how your body and breath feel. If everything is smooth and easy, you can take your activity to the next level while staying in the zone. 3. Full Speed Once you have thoroughly geared up you will spend the majority of your time in the performance phase. During this time you will be at peak energy output while remaining calm and centered using the MZ Breathing Technique. If you have taken adequate time in the Warm Up/Fuel Up and Gear Up phases you should be able to produce full speed power steadily and evenly for the remainder of your workout. Your workout should not feel like a struggle or strain. It should instead feel like an enjoyable, dynamic expression of your bodys full potential. Over time your performance levels should increase as your system becomes more efficient and develops more capacity with the nasal breathing. Jumps in power and performance can come unexpectedly when the body is ready. I remember after months of doing these techniques, one day during Dynamic Stretching, I had a sudden increase in my capacity to inhale. My inhalations got longer and deeper, and in the gym that translated into lifting more weight. 4. Cooling Down I always recommend taking a few minutes at the end of your workout to ease up, slow down and cool off. I find that when I do, my recovery is faster and I feel more refreshed immediately afterwards. It could be that since I continue the deep breathing while dialing back the work load, my body is refueling with oxygen and flushing out any accumulated effects of training. Cooling down can be as simple as slowing down your pace for several minutes or finishing your workout with a couple easier exercises.

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For maximum benefit, end your workout with another three sets of Dynamic Full Body Stretching in the same manner you did during the Warm Up/Fuel Up phase. It will make a big difference in your recovery. And I believe it is a major reason why both my clients and I feel very little or no soreness in our muscles or joints on the days following strenuous training sessions.


Resistance Training or Anything worth doing is worth doing well again and again
This system works perfectly with any kind of resistance training whether you use body weight or fixed weights. You will have faster recovery, better performance and most importantly greater enjoyment. Remember-the key to success in this arena is consistency over time. In many ways your muscles are like inflated balloons. Through repeated use of resistance you can build the muscle walls of your muscle cells and keep them full of fluid. But if you miss a workout by getting injured or getting lazy, your muscles begin a slow deflation. The result is a discouraging reduction in strength and mass. To make advances or even stay at the same level, you have to train consistently for life.

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How the MZ Performance Boosting System solves the 3 Biggest Obstacles to Training Success: Obstacle #1: Lack of Enjoyment & MotivationThe MZ Breathing Technique keeps exercise enjoyable with the constant experience of being in the zone. As a result you look forward to each training session. This becomes a self-reinforcing process both physically and psychologically. You will be internally motivated to repeat this experience over and over again because it feels so good. Obstacle #2: Injury The MZ Breathing Technique minimizes the risk of injury by training the mind to listen closely to the signals of the body. When you establish the habit of constant mindfulness to the cues your body is giving you, you avoid the straining and forcing that leads to breakdowns and injuries. Obstacle #3: Slow Recovery Time The MZ Breathing Technique delivers a dramatic decrease in your workout recovery time. When done correctly, you will recover faster andbe able to train more often. This will translate into better performance and faster gains. And thats the ultimate success goal you want to achieve. At the age of sixty I was amazed when I went from working out three days a week to training five or six days a week. I didnt just mentally decide to do that. It happened because my experience during and after exercise had been completely transformed. My recovery was faster, my health was better and I didnt feel fatigued or sore the day after. Simply I woke up and felt so good, I had to do it all over again. And if I can do that at 60, think what you can do. Sample Weight Workout Very Important: If you are just beginning to use the MZ Performance Boosting System, youll need to lower your weights on some or all your lifts until your body gets acclimated to this new way of nasal breathing. Dont be alarmed. This effect is only temporary. It can take anywhere from 2-10 weeks to adjust to this new way of training. And, as I noted above, the performance benefits youll gain are more than worth the temporary weight adjustment.

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You will be amazed at how effortless your workout seems in comparison to how it felt previously when you were huffing and puffing. Soon you will slowly-yet steadily--begin to surpass your old personal bests. But this timeyoull be in the zone and loving it! Dont ignore the importance of this break-in period! Ive had several clients call me and tell me how difficult this system seemed to them. Butupon closer lookthe actual cause of their problem was always that they didnt reduce the weights when they started. Basically, their egos couldnt handle lifting lighter for a few weeks. So their body never had the chance to grow into this new way of functioning. Perhaps the best way for me to illustrate how to incorporate the MZ Breathing Technique with weight training would be to walk you through a typical bodybuilding routine step by step. And, by the wayyou can use this system with any routine. Just modify it using the principles outlined in the section on the Four Phase System. Heres a traditional Three Way Split cycle that I often use: Day 1: Train Chest/Triceps Day 2: Train Back/ Biceps Day 3: Train Legs/Shoulders I train 5-6 days a week using this routine, usually hitting all muscles twice a week.

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Warm Up/Fuel Up Begin each session with three sets of Dynamic Full Body Stretching followed by a couple warm ups for whatever muscle groups you are going to train. Focus on breathing deeply, easily and slowly warming up your body. Your energy levels will slowly increase with your oxygen intake. Gear Up Nextdo several sets of a couple ab exercises, like ab wheel rollouts and hanging leg raises, to specifically focus on shaping those muscles. If its a Chest/Triceps day, begin your workout with Dumbell Flys, or some chest exercise that is less strenuous than all out Bench Presses. This is because your body will not yet be naturally at full power. NOTE: At this stage, it is most important to listen to your body for cues about its readiness to advance to more difficult exercises. Your main regulator should be easy breathing, using the MZ Breathing Technique. But you must also tune in to your own energy and comfort level. Since I grew up on a farm riding horses, the easiest analogy for me is what we called giving a horse more rein. When your horse is thoroughly warmed up you can feel when he is ready to go faster. At that point, you gradually loosen the reins in stagesas he goes from a trot, to a canter and then into a full gallop. In much the same way, you will gain the most when you listen to your body and let it tell you when to engage more dynamically. IMPORTANT: Some days you may feel incredibly strong and energetic. On those days you should give your body more rein. But, on other days, you might feel less vital. Thats when you should go easier. By using this approach, you should find that you accomplish your goals faster than if you constantly override your bodys natural intelligence. Full Speed When your body is ready to go full speed ahead youll know it. You will feel energetic yet relaxed. Breathing will be full, deep and the tempo will be slightly faster than previous phases, but smooth and steady.
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At this stage you are ready to do your heaviest lifts. You are cruising at full power, and you have plenty of fuel from all the oxygen that the MZ Breathing Technique has pumped through your body. Typically, this is when I do exercises like heavy Chest Presses or Weighted Dipsabout twenty minutes into my workoutwhich includes the Dynamic Full Body Stretches. After Ive finished my chest exercises for that day I move on to triceps exercises. I stay in this Full Speed phase for the bulk of my workout. Cool Down I always try to schedule two progressively less demanding exercises at the end of my workout. In this case I might do several sets of Rope Pushdowns followed by a few sets of Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extensions. Then I begin my final three sets of Dynamic Full Body Stretches. If I have chosen my exercises correctly, and timed it right, I naturally finish my stretches with my breath and heart rate about the same as when I started. At this stage you should feel clear and settled. Your body will feel like it definitely has been worked, but you wont feel stressed and fatigued. Instead youll feel alert, energized, and happy. That is the result of working with your body instead of against it. If your old way of thinking is that you have to kill yourself in order to make any progressthen as you get to the end of your workout you may ask yourself Is this really working? Thats exactly what I wondered at first. Butremember that it takes most people two to eight weeks to acclimate to this new style of functioningand building your capacity for nasal breathing doesnt happen overnight. That saidyou will immediately notice that you are recovering much faster.

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So be patient and leave your ego at the door. Believe me, youll thank yourself when you start pushing more weight, andinstead of huffing and puffingyoure cool as a cucumber and crushing it. How To Breathe During Your Workout I have discovered several variations of the MZ Breathing Technique that work better with certain types of lifts. By using them, you will be able to stay centered, generate more power and advance faster. These variations are not set in stone, but are to be treated as suggestions for how best to incorporate the MZ Breathing Technique into your routine. I suggest trying each of them over a period of time to determine how they work best for you. Then, after you have actually used this system for a couple weeks, please feel free to contact me on the MZ Inner Circle Forum, with your experiences or questions. 3 MZ Breathing Variations 1. Flow breathing is used mainly for isolation movements like bicep curls, tricep extensions, calf raises, leg curls, etc. Use it for exercises that require less oxygen consumption. Flow breathing is just the basic nasal breathinglong complete inhales and exhalesthat flow in their own rhythm independent of the movements you are performing. If you normally inhale while you are lowering the weight and exhale while raising it on every rep, then this new method may take a while to become routine. But, on exercises that dont require major muscle groups, you should find that you can lift heavier and with more reps if you concentrate on full inhales and exhales, irrespective of where you are in the rep. Actually, I first noticed this when I was doing Bench Supported One Arm Rowsand was amazed that I could do more reps when I incorporated Flow Breathing.

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In my experience, I often do 1-2 reps on the inhale and about 3-4 complete reps on the exhale. I know this is pretty radical, but think about it. Why use short shallow breaths just because they follow the rhythm of the rep?

Instead, breathe deeply and completely. After you get the hang of it, youll notice the extra power you get on your sets and youll never go back. The downside is youll lose count of your reps when you first get started. Which is more important to you- keeping track of every rep or finding the power to do more reps? 2. Dyna-flow breathing is used for more demanding energy exercises like Chest Presses and Dips, etc. Here is how you should try it for chest press: Inhale deeply while lowering the weight on the first rep. Then, as you begin pressing from the bottom position, start exhalingand continue exhaling through the lowering and lifting phases of the second repetition. At the start of your third rep, begin inhaling as you lower the weight and repeat the process again. In other wordsinhale while lowering the weight on your first rep, third rep, fifth rep etc... Personally, I have found that this gives me more poweryet still produces maximum respiratory efficiency.
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Note: If you find you need more air before you finish your set, then switch to #3 type breathing as needed. But, if you finish the set and have to gasp for air through your mouth, you need to dial back your weights a little. For maximum results and fastest recovery the goal is to use nasal breathing during the entire workout, and that includes your rest periods. 3. In-Out breathing is used on power lifts like squats and upright rows, and whenever a lift gets too demanding for the #1 and #2 breathing variations. I only use this on the hardest lifts for the major muscle groups, and then on only one or two lifts during a workout. Basically you just exhale during half the rep and inhale during the other half (of course all through the nose). In the case of squats, I inhale on the way down and exhale while returning to standing. Bonus Mind-Body Techniques for Maximum Results There are three techniques I use for getting maximum results from my workouts. They are mind-body techniques that are simple to learn. They improve both performance and results whether you are a bodybuilder, a power lifter, or someone who just wants to get in better shape. 1. Perfect Form - Always do your best to practice perfect form on every rep of every set. There are two important reasons to do this: The first reason is that Perfect Form will activate only the muscles you are targeting with each exercise. For instance, when you do a Rope Pushdown, you want to really hit the triceps. But if you are out of alignment, other muscles will start to be activated to assist the triceps. When this happens you dont get the full effect on the targeted muscles, and you run the risk of unbalanced development. You may start to wonder why your triceps never seem to grow even though you are doing lots of heavy Rope Pushdowns in your routine. It could be that your shoulders are doing a lot of the lifting because you are not maintaining Perfect Form.
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HINT: Take the time to seek out and pay a good trainer to show you specifically how to align yourself for each exercise you are doing. Then, every few months, have a trainer check your form--because its easy to get into bad habits without noticing it. This will go a long way in helping to develop a balanced physique. The second reason to always use Perfect Form is to avoid injury. Bad form can cause you to pull a muscle immediately by moving incorrectly. And...bad form that is repeated over time can eventually lead to muscle or joint injuries. Either way, youre looking at down time that could take weeks or months to heal. Suresometimes it is tempting to cheat on your form during the last few reps of a set. But only advanced lifterswho know exactly why and howshould ever do this. Everyone else needs to end a set when their form starts to break down. An injury is never worth the down time. So practice safety first and always use Perfect Form. 2. Feel The Muscle - This is an old trick from bodybuilders that makes all your exercises more efficient and productive by establishing the Mind-Muscle Connection. Each time you begin an exercise, focus on engaging only those muscles that are targeted by that exercise. For instance if you are performing a Lat Pulldown on a cable machine, put your attention on pulling only with your lats. As you gain more experience with how your body moves, you should be able to feel your lats engage from the start, and stay engaged throughout the movement. As you become accustomed to this technique, it will become like second nature to you. Just know that to get maximum results you will need to pay attention to each and every rep of each exercise. And, when you notice your attention going somewhere elsebring it back to the muscles being worked. This is mindfulness training. It doesnt work if you are distracted or thinking about what youre going to do tomorrow. For best results, turn off the TVdial down your musicand give your full attention to feeling the working muscles.

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Fact: If you want to accomplish more in the least amount of timethen this technique is for you. 3. The Big Squeeze - This is another traditional bodybuilder technique. To get the most out of each rep you should focus on squeezing the muscle when it is completely contracted. For examplea Barbell Bicep Curl: When you are at the top of the curl, briefly squeeze as hard as you can before lowering the weight. Why? Because contracting the muscle fully is the whole point of lifting the weight in the first place. The squeeze both intensifies the contracting and completes the exercise. We all know that sometimes it is easy to drift off or get distracted and just go through the motions of exercise. But we also know that, when this happens, our muscles get far less of a workout than when we are fully paying attention. Soget in the habit of practicing The Big Squeezeand youll be sure to maximize your gains. A Couple Surprise Bonus Benefits 1. The Spillover Effect: In my conversations with folks whove practiced these MZ techniques for several months, I have discovered a common thread that runs through their experiences. And its one that Ive shared, also. It seems that the style of functioning, the feeling of being in the zone, slowly starts to seep into our everyday lives outside the gym. You first start to notice that youre less stressed at work. Its like your internal clock has been reset, and you no longer compulsively stress and strain at everything youre doing.
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The result is more enjoyment of your work and life in general. In fact, several people have mentioned that they routinely practice MZ Breathing at various times during the day. Like when theyre walking or if they feel tense or anxious. They say it calms them mentally and physically, especially during times of increased stress. Others report that they are more present and comfortable living in the moment. And because they are less worried about the future, they find they are spontaneously happier. Happier for no particular reason. I want to alert you to this phenomenon, because I think it is possibly the biggest benefit of doing these techniques. After all, we only spend a few hours a week exercising. But when the in the zone effect starts to spill over into the rest of your life, then it becomes even more valuable. . I look forward to hearing the stories of how the spill-over effect is affecting your life, in the online MZ discussion forums. 2. Better S-E-X I know Ive saved the best for last. This effect came as a complete surprise to me. Im amazed that I didnt think of it sooner. After all, Ive been a student of meditation for almost forty years. Ive studied Taoist and Tantric sexual techniques which focus mainly on the movement of energy through the body for the purpose of greater self realization. Ecstatic union of the mind and the body is both the goal and the side effect of these practices.

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But it wasnt until I began using MZ Breathing along with the MZ Four Phase System that I started experiencing true mind-body coordination during activity. I mean, it is one thing to have a unity type of experience during meditation, but it is something else to have that experience while engaged in dynamic activity. So, without further delay here is the recipe for peak sexual experiences using the techniques youve learned in this book. This is going to be the short version. A more complete version with detailed instructions will be available as an e-book later. There are three main benefits of using MetaZone Breathing and the MZ Four Phase System during sex. 1. Your sexual experience will last longer. 2. Your orgasm will be more intense. 3. The whole experience will be more deeply satisfying. How to do it: Start using MZ Breathing early during your sexual experience. Youll notice that your whole system will remain aroused and responsive, but youll be able to relax into the zone and get more enjoyment from the experience. As a result, the build up to orgasm will be slower and more gradual. You can stay in this phase almost indefinitely. By tuning into your body and your partners body, the experience can be like a long pleasurable ride, and you can ride these extended waves of enjoyment together. Most people report that this prolonged stage heightens their pleasure and then leads to more intense and explosive orgasms.

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Just follow the protocol for the MZ Four Phase System (minus the Dynamic Stretching) and youll find it works as well for sex as it does for your workout. You can ask questions and make comments on the MetaZone Inner Circle discussion forum. Have a really great story about your experiences? Please send me an email, and perhaps Ill include it (anonymously) in the testimonials for my new book, Up Your Orgasm. Many happy returns.

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