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A. Complex-transitive complementation by object + adjective phrase as object complement

The verbs can be grouped depend ng on !he"her "he# n"roduce curren" or resu$" ng a""r bu"es% The nd ces are "o be n"erpre"ed as &o$$o!s% ' "he verb can a$so occur ! "h an NP as ob(ec" co)p$e)en" * "he verb can a$so be used )ono"rans " ve$# + "he verb can a$so occur n "he co)p$e,-"rans " ve pa""ern ob(ec" . "o- n& n " ve 1) CURREN / curren" verbs o& genera$ )ean ng ho$d'0 1eep'0 $eave' / &ac"ua$ speech ac" verbs ca$$'0 con&ess'0*0+0 pro&ess'0*0+0 pronounce'0*0+0 repor"'0+ / vo$ " ona$ verbs $ 1e0 pre&er*0 !an"0 ! sh'0*0+ v/ verbs o& n"e$$ec"a$ s"a"e be$ eve'0*0+0 cons der'0*0+0 dee)'0*0+0 & nd'0*0+0 ho$d'0+0 )ag ne'0*0+0 (udge'0*0+0 presu)e'0*0+0 ra"e*0+0 rec1on'0*0+0 suppose'0*0+0 "h n1'0*0+ !) RE"U# $N% v/ genera$ resu$" ng verbs dr ve+0 ge"+0 )a1e*0+0 prove'0*0+0 render+0 send0 "urn v / speech ac" verbs ! "h per&or)a" ve &orce o& dec$ara" ons cer" &#'0*0+0 dec$are'0*0+0 proc$a )'0*0+

&) Complex-transitive complementation by object + no'n phrase as object complement

'2 curren" / curren" verbs o& genera$ )ean ng ho$d*0 1eep*0 $eave* / &ac"ua$ speech ac" verbs ca$$0 con&ess0 pro&ess0 pronounce


/ vo$ " ona$ verbs ! sh v/ verbs o& n"e$$ec"a$ s"a"e be$ eve0 cons der*0 dee)0 es"ee)'0*0+0 & nd0 )ag ne*0 (udge*0 presu)e0 ra"e*0 rec1on*0 suppose0 "h n1
!) RE"U# $N%

v/ genera$ resu$" ng verbs appo n"'0*0+0 choose'0*0+0 e$ec"'0*0+0 )a1e0 prove0 vo"e' v / speech ac" verbs ! "h per&or)a" ve &orce o& dec$ara" ons bap" 3e'0+0 cer" &#*0+0 chr s"en'0+0 cro!n'0*0+0 dec$are0 proc$a )0 na)e'0*0+

C) Complex-transitive complementation by object + as-prepositional phrase as object complement

/ appo n" 4as20 choose 4as20 cons der 4as20 coun" 4as20 dee) 4as20 es"ee) 4as20 ra"e 4as20 rec1on 4as20 repor" 4as20 e$ec" 4as20 cer" &# 4as20 cro!n 4as20 )a1e 4 n"o20 proc$a ) 4as20 / accep" as0 ac1no!$edge as0 charc"er 3e as0 c$ass as0 de& ne as0 descr be as0 n"end as0 ) s"a1e &or0 regard as0 see as0 "a1e as5&or0 "rea" as0 use as

() Complex-transitive complementation by object + to-in)initive cla'se as object complement

/ announce0 dec$are0 proc$a )0 pronounce0 repor"0repu"e 6esp P70 ru)our 6P on$#70 sa#6P on$#70 " p 8BrE9 / assu)e0 be$ eve0 conce ve 8&or)a$90 cons der0 e,pec"0 &ee$0 & nd0 )ag ne0 1no!0 presu)e0 rec1on0 see 6P on$#70 suppose0 "a1e0 "h n1 6esp P70 unders"and / n"end0 )ean v/ appo n"0 e$ec"0 na)e0 vo"e v/ cause0 dr ve0 &orce0 ge" 6no P70 $ead0 pro)p" v / a$$o!0 au"hor 3e0 co)pe$0 cons"ra n0 enab$e0 en" "$e0 e:u p0 & "0 ob$ ge0 per) "0 re:u re v / ass s"0 bo"her0 br be0 conde)n0 dare0 de&#0 encourage0 he$p0 nduce0 nsp re0 press0 su))on