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Technical & Commercial Proposal for 10 KWp NEPC Grid-Interactive Solar Systems

1. About Us
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NEPC INDIA LTD, pioneer in Wind Energy in India since 1989 has revolution in manufacturing and supplying more than 4000 Wind turbines across India, Bangladesh and Kazakhstan NEPCINDIA LTD Has Diversified into Roof Top Solar Market across India. It has tied up with leading players for Photo voltaic components. The company will be able to offer standard format of grid and non-grid systems ranging from 1 KW to 1 MW. NEPC Solar will be able to offer all types of systems for Flat Roof, Ground Mount and other special applications as per customer requirements. The company will do suitable engineering and provide customers with most economic solutions. The prices of our solar systems will be competitive. NEPC INDIA will meet all International / MNRE / state nodal requirements to be eligible for subsidy. NEPC INDIA offers standard prices across India for the solar photo voltaic systems.

2. Advantages of solar system

1. Rooftop Solar has 80% Accelerated Depreciation in 1st Year 2. 30 % MNRE Subsidy on Capital and Save 30% tax on investment 3. Save Diesel and running cost of Diesel Generator set and Reduced Electricity bills. 4. The system operates with little maintenance for long time span. 5. Experienced Engineers who completed more than 60 projects in Solar System.

3. Proposal Highlights
HEAD Capacity of the SPV system Annual Generation (Year 1) Modules /Area required on roof top CO2 emission savings Life time of system Power Controlling Unit Completion by Financial Incentive Mechanism Depreciation on income tax for profit oriented individuals and companies Manufacturing warranty ( Limited ) * DESCRIPTION 10 KWp 14000 units/year Crystalline modules /80-100 sq ft per kWp 600 kg per annum per kWp 25 yrs Solar Inverter with MPPT Charge Controller To be mutually decided Capital subsidy of 30% from MNRE, Up front on Invoice Price Excluding Tax 80% on first year itself on invoice price 25 yrs on module, 1 yr warranty on PCU and 3 yrs on Batteries

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4. Why you should choose NEPC Solar

1. Quality Assurance NEPC Solar assures high quality by ensuring that every single component in your Solar PV plant is world class right from the modules to the inverters to the mounting structure, making the system highly effective. 2. Turn-Key Solutions NEPC Solar brings with it the world class experience of engineering and constructing. NEPC Solar has substantial experience in engineering PV plants in India with world class project management capabilities offering you an unmatched Turn-Key solution. 3. Guaranteed Performance NEPC Solar guarantees that the performance of every PV plant that it constructs is steady. 4. Execution Perfection NEPC Solar has more than 30 years of experience working across locations in India in various sectors. The execution & project management experience gained ensures that you will have a hassle free execution, within committed timelines.

5. Basic representation of system

The proposed 10 kWp system will include erection of reputed make photovoltaic modules and the generated DC power from module will be fed to the Inverter and simultaneously charge the battery bank. The conversion of DC to AC through a reputed make power conditioning unit with Solar charging and Grid charging options along with necessary mounting structure will be provided with other requisite accessories. The Battery stores the energy for loads when solar Power is not there. This system is ideal to reduce high electricity bills and reduce high diesel gen-set running costs.

Tamil Nadu State Solar Energy Policy 2012 As per Tamil Nadu State Solar Energy Policy 2012 6% of the captive power is mandatory from Solar Energy for all Educational Institutions, SEZ, IT Parks, and other HT consumers.

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6. System Bill of Material

SL.NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 DESCRIPTION SPV poly crystalline module 24V, 250 Wp Solar PCU with MPPT charger Solar Tubular 12v Cells Module mounting structure Array junction box Cables & Accessories As per Site* UNIT Piece Set Set Set Set Meters QTY 40 1 1 1 1 30

*Standards cable length included in the price

1 KW 6 KW to to 5 KW 10 KW 20KW 40KW 60 KW 100 KW - 30 Meters - 45 Meters - 60 Meters - 85 Meters - 100 Meters - 140 Meters

11 KW to 21 KW to 41 KW to 61 KW to

Note- Cables requirements above the standards will be charged at actual.

Make of the Material

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SL.NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

DESCRIPTION Solar PV Module Solar Inverter Solar Battery Aluminium Module mounting structure Array junction box and AC Distribution Box UV Protected Solar PV cables Other BOS

MAKE Vikram solar /solar semiconductors SOVA Power Ltd Enertech UPS Pvt Ltd / Consul Consolidated Pvt Ltd Global Power Source Pvt Ltd/ Trojan India NEPC INDIA LTD NEPC INDIA LTD Siechem Technologies Pvt Ltd All certified and Branded Tier-1 Companies

7. Commercial Offer
S.NO 1. ITEM DESCRIPTION 10 KWp off-Grid Roof-Top/ ground Mounted Based Solar PV Power Plant Turnkey Solution. PRICES IN INR(Each) 22,50,000.00 QUANTITY In Nos 1 AMOUNT


1,12,500.00 23,62,500.00 7,08,750.00 13,65,000.00 In Words: Rupees Thirteen Lakh Sixty five Thousand Only.

(+)Vat @ 5% Total (-)Subsidy from MNRE

8. Payment Terms
1. 2. 75% Advance along with the Purchase Order. 25% against Performa Invoice of major equipments like modules, structures and

Inverters are ready for despatching.

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ICICI Bank Ltd 154305500213


10. Commercials:
Under Section 32 of Income Tax Act, profit making industrial, commercial and urban establishments can avail an accelerated depreciation of 80% on Solar Power Generating Systems and Solar PV Modules. Additionally, incentives in the form of capital subsidy are available from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India as per the scheme for Abatement of Diesel Generation in Industrial Installations. These incentives are Rs 81/Wp up to a maximum of 30% of equipment cost.

11. Taxes & Duties

1. The abovementioned price (Sl.No. 7) is inclusive of Value Added tax (VAT). Customs duty, Octoi, Service Tax, etc,. are not applicable in the present scenario. However, in case of its applicability in future, all charges and/or duties shall be extra. 2. The prices are subject to any changes in taxes, works contract tax or any levies as applied by the Government.

12. General Terms & Conditions

1. All payments must be made as per payment terms along with PO, by bank transfer to the account indicated on the invoice from the same. 2. The above mentioned system bill of Material may vary according to customers Specifications. 3. The delay in payment, even partial, will results in interest on arrears to the extent of 18% per annum rate will be charged.

4. The customer shall provide space and other facilities, if required to, to carry out the activities required for completion of the project. 5. The work shall commence after receipt of acceptance of the order with commercial acceptance/ clearance of the site. 6. Changes and additions, if any to scope of work or to this agreement have to be done in a written form and must clearly be marked as those. The above price is on deliverables as defined in the detailed requirement specification document. 7. The above is subject to standard force majeure clause. 8. Delivery charges extra at actual.
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13. Guarantee & Warranty

The warranties provided for components and workmanships are as highlighted below: PV Modules: 1) 60 months workmanship warranty 2) 10 year limited warranty of 90 % power output and 25 years limited warranty of 80 % power output Inverters: 1) Limited warranty for 12 months from the date of commissioning whichever earlier against any manufacturing defects Battery: 1) Limited warranty for 36 months from the date of commissioning whichever earlier against any manufacturing defects System Warranty DLP (Defect Liability Period): NEPC Solar warrants that our design and workmanship is free of defects for one (1) year. The system warranty covers the entire system except manufacturers defects in material and workmanship of the PV modules and inverters. 1) We warrant our own system workmanship, which means we are responsible and accountable for rectifying any system faults resulting from our workmanship. 2) We pass on the product warranties from module and inverter manufacturers back-to-back to the client. We will administer the warranty claims on the clients behalf. Manufacturing defects (in which case the manufacturer will replace it with a new/repaired product and return it to us); improper installation or maintenance by NEPC Solar or our contractors (in which case we shall bear the cost of the replacement); Negligence/damage by the client's staff or contractors (in which case we will invoice the client for the repair).

14. Exclusions
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This offer is based on the design, supply & installation as in the offer. It does not include: 1. Local Permits and Liaison with local bodies / utility / Chief Electrical Inspector/state nodal agency etc. 2. 3. Insurance of the plant after commissioning of the power plant. All 240V Electrical Wiring from the inverter to main switch or any other wiring will be

extra and customer has to arrange his/her own Electrical person

15. Validity of Offer

This offer is valid for 30 days from the date of submission and thereafter subject to our written confirmation.

16. Delivery Period

6-7 weeks from PO received to us. For Further information/clarification please feel free to call us at 09710997277 or mail us to We are looking forward to receive your valuable order at the earliest and assure you to our best services at all times. With Regards Yours Faithfully

For NEPC INDIA LTD R.Ganesh- Sr Manager Solar Division


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