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Problem/challenge/misconception : (a) Atmospheric pressure caused by the collision of air molecules on the surface.

Hand-On Activity to conceptuali e atmospheric pressure. !opic : "nderstanding atmosphric pressure. Approach : Active #earning $ethods : Hands-On Activity %mplementing strategy : &i' activity stations are prepared around the laboratory. &tudents are divided into si' groups and rotate to perform the simple activity at each station. (or) sheet is provided at each station. !eacher discuss the results of the Hand-On Activity *ith the students. !eacher perform one demonstration connected to atmospheric pressure follo*e by discussion.( Optional ) Station 1 : Spiderman. Station 2 : Breaking metre ruler using newspaper. Station 3 : Anti-gravity water Station 4 : Shelled boiled egg in orni le !lask. Station " : #rumpled plasti mineral water. Station $ : %rinking oke %emonstration : #rumpled tin an.

(or)sheet for station + Apparatus : Su tion pump %nstruction : 1. &ress the su tion pump to the smooth sur!a e ,uestions : 1. 'rite down your observation. 2. 'hat happen to the air in the su tion pump when you press the pump. 3. #ompare the pressure o! the air between in the pump and the surrounding.

(or)sheet for station Apparatus: (etre rule) newspapers *nstru tion: 1.spread a small pie e o! newspaper on the table 2. &la e a hal!-metre rule underneath the newspaper with part o! it +utting out as shown in the !igure below 3. ,ry to li!t the newspaper by hopping the ruler at point A with your !ist. 4.-epeat the a tivity with a bigger pie e o! newspaper.

(etre ruler 0ewspaper


.uestions: 1) 'hi h newspaper is more di!!i ult to li!t 2. 'hy/

(or)sheet for &tation . Apparatus : 1ne drinking glass) one s2uare shaped ardboard 3 " m 4 " m 5 (aterials : ,ap water. %nstruction : 1. 2. 3. 4. 6ill the glass !ull o! tap water. #over the glass with the ardboard. &ress the arboard !irmly and turn the glass !ull o! water upside down. -elease your hand !rom he ardboare when the glass !illed with water is !ully inverted.

,uestion : 1. 'hat happen to the water in the glass when the glass is !ully inverted. 2. 'hat auses the phenomenon whi h you have observed / 3. 'hat happen i! the same e4periment is per!ormed in a va uumed room /

(or)sheet for &tation / Apparatus : 7ou are provided with a !lat bottomed oni al !lask and boiling water. (aterial : shelled boiled egg. %nstruction: 1. &our the boiled water into the oninal !lask to about hal! o! its volume . 2. &la e the boiled egg at the mouth o! the oni al !lask and make sure about a third o! the egg is inserted into the mouth. 3. Shower with tap water. ,uestions : 1. 'hat happened to egg a!ter a !ew minutes / (Egg slowly slide down the mouth of the conical flask) 2. 'hat an you say about the air pressure inside the !lask be!ore and a!ter the egg slides down the mouth o! the oni al !lask / ( The air pressure is higher before the egg slides down the flask) 3. 'hat makes the egg slowly slides down into the oni al !lask / ( Atmospheric pressure which is higher than the air pressure insde the flask caused the boiled egg to be pushed down) 0'tension : %o you think you will get the same result i! you do the e4periment in a va uumed room /

(or)sheet for &tation 1 Apparatus : "88 ml plasti mineral water bottle) boiled water %nstruction : 1. &our about 288 ml o! boiled water into the plasti bottle and ap it. 2. 1bserve what happen a!ter 1 or 2 minutes . ,uestions : 1. 'hat happened to the plasti bottle / 2. #ompare the air pressure inside and outside the plasti bottle. 3 'hat auses the plasti bottle to be in the state you have observed.

0'tension : %o you think you will get the same result i! you do the e4periment in a va ummed room /

(or)sheet for &tation 2 Apparatus : ,wo drinking glasses) 18 good drinking straws and 18 drinking straws with air hole. (aterials : ,wo ans o! oke.

Air hole

%nstruction : 1. ,ry to drink the oke in glass A and glass B. 2. 'hi h straw enable you to drink the oke easily / 3. 'hat happen to the air olumn in drinking straw A when you drink the oke in %iagram A/ ,uestion : 1. #ompare the air pressure inside straw A with the surrounding air pressure. 2. #an the air olumn in drinking straw B be removed when you drink the oke in diagram B. 3. #ompare the air pressure inside straw B with the surrounding air pressure. 0'tension 1. #an the astronaut drink the oke using straw A on the sur!a e o! the (oon / 94plain your answer.

3iscussion :

1. 'hat auses the phenomena you have observed / 2. 'hat auses the e4istan e o! atmospheri pressure / 3. 'hat onstitute the atmoshpere / 4. %o air mole ules have mass / ". %o they have weight / $ ,ea her dis uss the atmospheri pressure in terms o! the weight o! the atmosphere a ting on the 9arth:s sur!a e.. 0ffect of altitude on the magnitude of atmospheric pressure . 1. ;ave you ever travelled using airplane<e4perien ed high altitude mountain limbing<gone up the (enara => / 2. %o you e4perien e any pain in your ear / 3. ,ea her dis usses the e!!e t o! altitude on the magnitude o! atmospheri presssure using the diagram below / 4. #ompare the air olumns at position A) B and the sea level. 'hi h air olumn is the longest / ". 'hi h position e4perien ed highest atmospheri pressure / $. 'hat an you say o! the relationship between the altitude and the magnitude o! the atmospheri pressure /

9arth:s atmosphere


"ppest atmospheric limit

;1 ;2


4ormative !est :
+. B

Sea level

"nderstanding gas pressure

3 a 5 'hat an you say o! mass<the number o! mole ules in the losed ontainer /
3b5 3 5 3d5 'hat an you say about the motion o! the mole ules/ 'hat happened to the mole ules when it moving !reely/ 'hat type o! ollision between the mole ules and between the mole ules and the wall o! the ontainer /

?v -v

3d5 3e5 3!5 3g5

'hat is the momentum o! the air mole ule be!ore the ollision / 'hat is the momentum o! the air mole ule a!ter the ollision / 'hat is the hange o! momentum / *! there n mole ules ollide with the wall in t se onds. 3 * 5 'hat is the total hange o! momentum in t sen ons / 3 ii 5 'hat is the hange o! mementum in one se ond / 3 iii 5 'hat is the rate o! hange o! momentum / 3 iv 5 'hat is the total impulsive !or e a ting on the wall o! the ontainer /

3 h 5 ,ea her dis usses the gas pressure as the a!or e a ting on the wall the gas mole ules on an unit area o! the wall.