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Article I Debates, decisions and developments

Hope, love and happiness; these frequent distributions in human substantiation sprang up from the pressing freshness in the air superfluity of content that restoratively sits above the circling layers of prospective voyage, which bears their stripling vapor medicating the trees leafs, as they clustered on themselves in broad flat spread with natures stipulated margin, and by lively definition measured in tropical serenity. These vital ingredients in the human center showed their full meaning and passion, when they chose to implement the working mechanisms that make imperial reasoning to stimulate the agenda of helpfulness and self harmony in consistent magnifications to uplifting directions. That is, the call to kindhearted projections that factors arrangements with the palms of comfort and belly of increment. ractically, in another fundamental inde!, it thus mean, the prospectus of tomorrow that would align themselves to rectified reflections of energy with the color of purity, within the result of steady discipline and the power of artistic vapor. Thus, they represent and e!emplify the clear competence in resolve to see the past, present and future with the same quality compass that spells correctly the languages of promises in notable strengthening e!ercises and not dissolutions of lively perception. "

#n further reflections, they are magnetic inference and vitality that arranges results on shelves of good values, friendly and protective e!amples; join together with respectful services in recognition of virtuousness and brightness to the universal understanding and progressive vision. However, somewhere in natures whispering continuation, hope as a relevant trait demonstrated the steams of conceptual conte!t in its material provisory lines. #n other words, it paraded the comple! formations of varying uses in distinguished arrangements around feasible orders, which connected and heard the sounds of the mountains motions, maintaining the silent streak in deep honest steps; mustering the pressing days forecasts $mother nature% have always given to each absorbing heart concentrate with open acceptable blend. Therefore, these genuine tender gestures that are always directed to human spotlight by instinctive advancement and future calculations, arose the royal emblem life has always created for all to emulate only when the choices are in agreement with the sequence of respectable timing. This linkage in substantial observance and preference pursuit is the decent timing borne out of inward sincerity to e!plore and give the quantified of eminence its desired meaning, though curled into harvest of hope and happiness for others to joyfully absorb and usefully transmit on impartial basis. &ommonly, this becomes the definition of service, the retention of virtues and ministration of classic inventiveness in humanity journey of admiration and benefits. This communication of course consent into the usefulness in humanitys stipulations for good substance would always finish the ventures of high esteem with ideal understanding and direct determination. That is, the determination mainly derived with level'headedness and firmness to valid facts. These facts are usually from bodily and thoughtful assimilation of prudence within the solid recreation of e!cellence in our cultured composure and maturity.

These are proactively called in by ingenuity to foresight, initiated and promoted by one on all to stretches of respectability and focus. &onnectively, this spectacular light glue of rationality noticed from the distance to this peculiar location became the four'corner bulwark of a new mans world. The world framed from plain consideration of mutually perceptive relationships with the universal highest compassion borne from engaging strides and sufficient spirited encouragements. This agreement in practical movements and rationali)ation called all valuable intentions his impressive attainment or rather as the certified induction to the available forward'looking fashion, within the era of unyielding commitment and eventful promotions. roportionately, this personality, who knew no inconsistency crafted from an!iety in progression, until he was instantaneously woken to the vibrating release from the oscillate flourish of his environment named ethnicity, could not tell, if he was named among those to channel significance into humanity record column nor invited to search for the path of sympathetic classifications built on forgivable repositions. &onceivably, this fickle carriage within the difficulty in his locality gave him names and characters contained by schedules of customary fondness and reported control. *olitarily, he was shore up to swallow the pills of unspeakable relief not by familiar agreement with composite relocation, because his thought vision and his locality function and presentation ran parallel initiatives and dimensional depredation. +otwithstanding, with these disturbing arrangements, his conscience was rated on the peculiarity in soundness of faith, then scored on the admissible sheet to adopt and absorb his present location as make up tenderness to reflect the purpose of his being, by creating the path of freedom for himself, from where others can relate with or possibly draw strength from based on components of relative easy. This birth assurance within his typical assessments gave his living passion to the wave retention to build the personality on legitimacy

and kindness, which in turn became his wholeness for thoughtful qualifications to the dynamism of uplifting figurations. This became the mission contemplation to symboli)e resourcefulness with the instrument of courtesy and courage. Thus, he looked straight into the future with the acknowledgement of charisma and purified setting of his imaginative prerogative. This mean with such charm that is seen only when the heart opens up its mirroring sentences with the obvious truth to demanding beliefs and accommodation. This would compel the goodness in the human center to construct the vitality of industriousness to every judicious program, not of mere assertion, but in the promise itself, to stand as the vehicle of balance and progress to universal grading. #n e!tension, this is the largeness for self and to others in e!pressing victory in widespread substitution against products of discourtesy and discomfort in humanity varying classifications for progress. To these fresh postulations, the following dialectical conte!ts reflected sharply in his heart combustion. That is, what a charm of purpose mi!ed with service for communitys diagram for stability and good e!pressionsHence these impressions or quarries then popped up in his reverberating circulations. That is, is this charm of purpose a question or trial#s it a cast of opportunity against future promotion#s this rationality or assertion of service#s it a call to e!plain truth against the trials of triviality#s this an issue of purpose or regulated set impressions#s it a message of focus against narrowness of fondness. /o we call these distinctions between manipulations or bothHowever, with these positive attestations, this environments manifesto were concluded by factors he neither suggested their tabling nor was he involved in arranging the implementations to reciprocate the good detour to foreseeable chances inquired through average comprehension from cordiality and other skillful e!hibitions.

1ait a second, he said silently to himself because he suddenly observed that the clock strip clicked faster in some split seconds, because of his thought contention and measuring request. 1hy would this happen and to what definition or direction could this sudden quick motion stare his course to2t this quarry, he suddenly understood motions of distinctive values were brilliantly e!pressed in his foresight to compulsive determination. 3esponsively, at this consideration, his mainstay as he found himself was to champion his broad goals in stable reliance on instances of his daily equipped suppositions and then thoroughly sustained by forces of peace and openness to superior characteri)ation. /espite these illustrious intentions, the environment or society as he chose to recogni)e its institutional formats planted across its objective signatures beyond his remembrance and self'assured consumptions for hopeful interceding tendencies. 2ctually, this is non'reflective to good hug. #t is not connected to humane accommodation, neither to any successive acceptance. #n quick search of direct adjustment to the inner and prudent incentive with his blissful e!pectations into viable meaning, and not necessarily in cosmetic gesture, he visited the margin of practical assessment with its receptive modeling and demand descriptions hinged on composed creative imagination. His thoughtful e!ercise walked on prospective layers of eminent goals that would preserve in him to quality motivation, thereby making contacts with greatness in plain terms and acceptable service to upgrading agendas. He sought meaning and reactions with civili)ation in addressing issues of compound attention at the grace of simplicity and realistic reasoning. He sought to inquire, receive, and play the role of distribution of sufficiency of happiness with the tools of favor and diligence. Here again he factored that there has to be the willingness of intense vision and unyielding development to share fruitful gifts to

our respective society, he summed and kept walking to himself with e!citing enrichment. 2s a result of this latest enthusiasm, this young and bubbly lad thought he had the near answers from the beginning of his conscious flourish to most unabridged human e!perimentations. The good reason for this confidence is because; he has always skillfully seen, compulsively known and nicely witness insightful responses emerge from his productive margin, which are then absorbed with the penchant for success and less from uneventful thoroughfare. These underling facts shows his e!pressions, productive instinct and cultured drive for fortification and promotions have been mostly arranged on decisions and debates resting on superior impressions. This would then determine the rightful discoveries, which are subsequently carried on with the provable inference from resilient momentum. The momentum built on restoration and courage. The choices on valid principles were always visible in moving onward with programs of constructive interior elements and natural fiber. He was always confident with the composure of civili)ation drawn on purposeful encoding, but was never stirred to negotiate activities or observations with his upbeat attitude in any challenging negative perspective. The justification for this was because, he knew the background of e!cellence to stately position and consistency would require the internal drive to nurture all contentions within schedule of growth, foresight and distinctive sagacity. These in time simplification would call for the magnified conceptuali)ations of individual pursuit, and then transmitted through ample solidification of value principles. To the outsiders this is the victory spelt on details and reverence. This self'assurance was an acceptable invitation in his instinctive boundaries, though within the sphere of agreeable sentiments and restorative structures. That means, to measure solutions only with

those brave up to draw the sword of respectable activities, based on consent and the tenacity for victory. This kind of victory is typically defined in the highest grading in human concepts, conciliation and confidence against combined restraints. This victory is spelt clearly within the heart and reflective by bodily actions to see every item of the human significance with the unique attachment, originality and gratitude. /espite these astounding relays, he realistically had to accept the consignments of his location thrown on his sentimentality by the common ancestral temperament and inherent restrictive propositions. #t is rightful to say that this youthful tangible at $thirty something% in measurement by numeral liberate, reflective in contemporary mission and trimmed in si)e to the posture of charming conformity within prescribe but tolerable terms, became the standard'bearer of celebrated reliability leading to progressive desperation in good privileges. That is the desperation to call events by their true names and show their importance to all with the tool of staying power and pureness to splendor. These became apparent because, his physical and mental involvements in tag struggles between conversational and creative depictions were the swerves that woke up the senses of collective civility with the prevailing instrument on his grandeur understanding. This commission of course realignment has opened up the energetic inference in data sequential by his breath reawakening, which has mastered the promises of life in si))ling conflicts and survival presses, without mistaking the prospect for prominence. Therefore, this line of language and thoughts within his characteri)ation becomes the element that would transmit the authenticity of goodwill, or if you like kindliness into humanitys landscape for persistent appreciation, applicable saniti)ation and victorious factori)ation.

That means, cultivating territorial and temporary shortcomings by turning them into searches of virtues in concur within the e!tensive stability to his vital e!plorative strength. However, because he was restricted to this tiny and peculiar segment in globe stretch, he would have to plough into the authori)ation that will correlate the temporal omission of his balance by correcting the foresight of credible substance into activities of consistent composures. These positive composures are then arranged to reflect the base mark to loveliness and opulent culture. 7mphatically, this persona, who found himself sited in one far' flung part of the world, where e!isting strings has pitched holes in almost eliminating the significance of his elements to touches of instructive belief and )eal, knew nothing that transpired between instances of negligibility against the invigorating materials of nature, which has pegged him in this deficient equip. +otwithstanding the bitter occurrence, he still had the preparation that compares strong internal outlook without the disdain to natures compelling assignments. *uch as appreciating the suns wealth and the gapping seas around the world, replicating the truth'seeking dictum of today lives prominently and tomorrow grows more potentially. These are circuits in positive responses, which have created the strong visibility in his consciousness to integrate notions of crack meandering into his tempting prospect. He was on the observation from onset to see these obligatory observances around, as the best promotion enlightening the locality he had been offered in much distinguishable compass in nature entailing sequence. To publici)e wholly on these facts in daily unfeigned generali)ation was a tone he was told by his fighting instinct to dutifully notice and react to with calming reverence. That is when he arranged massive questions on sweltering mastery of resolves and aspirations, which were there in his mental system as postage of records to harmoniously follow through, though not to distress any formidable component base on optional recklessness.


That is such recklessness that tries to counteract the constructive leveling of substance of resolves and aspirations, these features, which would mostly trigger the leveraging marks of good promises. &onnectively, these inner recurrent questions are relevant because they have opened up those hidden facts about his character, purpose and meaningful direction. They are not questioning the personality of healthy protection but were asking issues of positive shapes and honest realities. That means, they were asking questions of purposefulness invested on reliability. However, with these kinds of quarries they stand the precession to e!pend the best to those on preferences of action whenever the occupation was to civilly challenge and positively alter the space of carelessness and breakdown with the conception of polite but constructive distinction. This is the total electrifying summation for valid destination. That is the destination determined by valid principles such as broadness, liberty, passion and perseverance. Together in good speculation, he threw many quarries and comparable answers into future interpretations of events, such that when following the vitality of theme retrospection, the factor of appropriateness becomes the cementing force of orderly accomplishment. He chose to steer his reflection to the direction that calls affirmative process the winning component in finished e!hibitions, with utmost essence for impartiality and confident objective for quality efforts. This means, his constantly calculating the workable differences of options has infused the totality of good agreement into the theme assessment in his rational conte!t, although these theme outlines are usually impacted with humility and commemorative inscription for dynamic result. #n good addition, they tend to stimulate the relieving covenant of substantiation and purpose base on leaning for e!cellence with the e!amples of worthy acknowledgments.


This is not a formation of e!aggerated self'opinion, but the true test to arrange decisions and preferences on the barometer of dependence and common responsibility. Hence, at this point reconnecting with forbearance, while laying with bare body on his hand made; woven palm leafs knitted bed, one early morning of $+ovember something.% This is because dates were numbered by the amount of condense dew felt on the surface of creeping leafs and heating scrap assimilations. That is, here, in his habitual series, dates were taken as contacts in observance to the different levels of natures benevolence in awakening the human verses and values to the touches of awareness and progressive attendance, and then visited by such play in the universal daily celebrations. :or the reason that there were no records of indicative rumble, neither generality to relate with nor numbers on his tribal board; only on the pressures, the air e!erted on his and other associates skin te!tures with such similarities that arrive on the prevalence of each days assignments and substantiation to their sensible touches. #n addition, the living vegetation that connected their subsistence with the rotating sun, shed hope and good compilations of e!periences or inwardness in their quest for natural accuracy. These autogenetic features were some of the advantages or comfort he lived with in deep stifling woods of near total isolation to himself, with other forty'eight community affiliates understood as habitation of communal connotation. However, with these pertinent but passing engagements, his sight was enlightened into the blistering and transforming indices calling for institutional, steam up, and restructuring pledge. This is the pledge that is built around humanitys good te!t, within his adherence to the authentication of his balance and preserved reckoning in planetary esteem evaluations. That means, he has been challenged to throw newer vigor internally by breaking fresh grounds of imagination and viable reality into the jug of mastery, which is the connecting dispense that would instill inspirational focus into accommodative


testimonials. This would then channel other valuable resources from storage into the seemingly satisfied invitation often carried on within personal interest, and inclusive with creative vitality. This kind of reverberating attention and other good factors were the common rotations, which transpire within his perspective valve to relieve his pains of restriction and passion for great prescription into catalog of decisions, focus and celebration in measured pursuit. #n further interest, these factors would become the distributive channel that chose to e!plain chances in unlimited spaces and reflections, where he had perceived the outer world with the sight that share positive attentions, progressive collections of time utility inde! and not drawbacks or checkpoints of past and present wasteful engagements. These combinations of personal purpose in shared arrangements with his circumstance would tender the best result when durably followed with the permission of solidified innocence and trust, but not with any slide of pride neither self'acclaims based on deceitful tendencies nor irregular insulations He knew favorably the issue that would transmit the good provisions of the world into his new punctual pocket, where focus and reliable articulations are harmoniously entertained, which in most cases are always in deep conflict of e!pressions, would be resolved in an environment that can relate with both without neglect to any within his possibilities apparatus. ossibilities would not challenge the usefulness of passion to e!cel; it only withstands or in more loose terms, stands against those parameters or sequences that revolve themselves against beneficial recreation, poise and respect. *uch unwanted sequences include but not limited to these; inner negativity, self depression, unproductive low esteem, seemingly air of insecurity to list a few. Therefore, the opportunity to test progressive avenues with such common intensity that willingly releases answerable satisfaction to good goals is to amend the vibes from deliberate negligence in human distances to magnificent specialty and sheer dislocation


from ignorance, which would lead the partaker of such turning ability from yawning into precious gain stakes. 1e cannot allow the e!cuse of resource depletion e!plained by others to determine the personal resolve of our objective titles; he then connected within his equipped attention. #t is further wrong to accept voices of others base on worthless convenience instead of commitment to prudence and good service. The mandate within all human cycle for purposeful goal is to draw and create the path of projection with the power of e!pectation and unforgiving toughness. This kind of toughness is not defined by the number of attempts at suppositions neither through the vast magnitude of the mind. The toughness here is the type, which absorbs all battering with the stillness of warmth without deviation from the vision. That calls the level of good understanding as the brethren of progress and counterpart of discipline. The toughness that is written in the veins of the heart with firmness to decency, forward looking assertions, awareness and thoroughness to general outlook and not necessarily on the slate of the body or totally through the acquired mind, neither is it for short gains but pegged on over reaching fulfillment of the personality enrichment to broaden the goodness and uplifting values to others with incalculable gentleness. &ombatively, it was at this cerebral complicity, he was told by the penetration and echo of the sunray through the mud walls into his accommodating liberty to negotiate hopeful resolution with factors at his ambiance for the reposition of his human deportment. That is, the sunray with its da))ling, determine enthusiasm visited his cubicle; his intervening vicinity without mutual consent in visuali)e commitment. #t augmented the variations of latitude in the inter'changing relevance that solidifies the base of protective mainstay. The grasp between analytic spectacle and agreeable reliability were thrown over board by the similarities of feasible presentations, judged with the pendulum of affinity ratio over principles, whose parallel was not a mark of shared possession, neither of sustained


pursuit rather they became the lucrative acquaintance of future intentions. This was where he was, when he was drawn into the challenge of his domestic assessments for large'scale posture with the direct communication into his sensory form to revive the earthly vision of life, who should be interested in the future play of prominence written in positive statements and vibrant actions. This current attention is intended to resuscitate his mental and physical columns into complementary influence that would encourage robustness in humanity instill vision, tempered with the formation of rosy and contributive rules. 2t very close follow up, this unswerving but detached message shook his weight from his console cradle and gave him cause to ga)e for the first time in his life outline, directly into the suns distinctiveness from the little outlets visible through his mud walls. Those tiny light ray passable holes became the significant statements in measuring his capacity in conscientious protocol and capability in stableness within the current times of his computations for active access into the bright future claim. *omehow, taken into this nook, he never reali)ed that his sight was searching into millions of miles away from the object that opened his day with the brightest glide of natures touch. These reflections did not only open up his impressions, but $something% more emboldening woke up within. That is, the trigger of debates, decisions and developments has been pulled by his thoughtful speculations somewhere and somehow in his courteous stan)a. This occurrence is not temptation of minimal promotion, but the instill e!perience that would form the foundation of his future e!pressions, e!pectations and results. That is, this type of commitment from his present awaken fondness is borne to regulate the true structure of human vision and reali)ation. /espite these in and out contemplations, one issue was certain in his interior knack. That is, these ponders one way or the other have raised up issues he had slept on unknowingly, which he knew must


be addressed, if he is to reali)e the validation of his years on earthly instances. <ore significantly, these occupying motions, suddenly directed his heart to the enormous realities of the cosmos, which transfigured the hori)on of his thoughts to the possibilities relatively unanswered in present life perspective. =n the other side of reasonable understanding, they tended to cluster his soothing approach, which were quite different from the signals he has mastered over a long period. 3esponsively in his yawning meditation, he saw pictures of good results, he saw answers to harsh enquiries, and he saw movements to candid distance. +onetheless, with these influences, there was no determination to his reasonable touch of favor, neither could they define where or with what facilities he would employ to reali)e these given activities in his alert circulation to progressive bearing. There was no lead to connect with these vitalities to the ensuing source of cash'in fulfillment. :urther, even as he was spun to these impressions of active possibilities, he knew no command in search of fi!ed timing that would help in any measure to reproduce the success of discipline with the pattern of good aspiration. This direct rave for resourceful e!ploration became the harnessing pull in his deferential fortitude to contact and create the bright prospect within his inward balance to the outwardly and accessible constituents with commendable performance spelt on justness. &onsequently, in an attempt to swim out from these mental absorptions into his good conscience for fluid enlighten points and relate with his substantive environment, there was nudging in his memory into the vastness of the sun familiarity with all answerable worthiness in human relationships. These relationships of accepting natures equipment and human e!ercises are better understood as tolerable arrangements that are decorated and projected into useful time control concert in human rightfulness and importance in the universal blend.


These developments in his scrutiny were inviting and nurtured from the processes of matured posit. 1hat an influ! of dependence on daily rational e!ercise and assurance, he summed. That nature is not going to succumb to the negative demands of inferior inference until utility of goodness is welcome into the summit of connective ends. That is, in his psyche momentum, he rolled to the fact that there could, or rather in a more definitive stance, he projected that there is more in our infinite landscape to e!plore in substance and balance towards the comfort of our universal pla)a. This is by way of thorough e!planation, the universe that is truly built on inspiration and honor. The inspirations and honor derived from amass cultivation of service and true freedom. That is the freedom and service that throws their weight on friendliness, freshness and forwardness. 2s a result, the different spaces we are given to measure our gifts and foresights are only relevant the moment they transmit suitability and passion in our pursuit for wellness and certainty others can learn and lean on. They become correctively admissible when they open the distances for human facilities or attributes to narrow their insufficiencies and delays with the power of quality reconciliation and nourishment. 2ccordingly, to all probability in e!pounding considerable reasoning within impartiality and loyalty would be juggled by means of compatibility to productivity, even at tense interest. This would necessarily lead into the course of entrusting stake and confirmed by the sympathy of purpose to appropriate and objective combinations. That is, most reliably to e!press different talents within the promotional range of human merciful features and performed in distinctive mingle that are introduced by trend of modern motivational realignments. This means, he saw the urgency cuddled in necessity to translate his ideas of radiance embraced in tenderness into the world sight


and remembrance, thereby sharing his vision of truth sponsored in love with other $contestants% on the unpredictable, but enduring and plain turf of decent fortress. #n addition, with the unique vigor within his veins, he thought to comply with all good senses of e!pediency by championing for positive transformation of aged institutional curriculums in a polite and respectable order, but with solid determination into the dynamics of humankind score sheet of awareness and functioning calm code. #n more respectful terms to negotiate for better brand of true value assessment, where the community and individual would employ the best of both contributory assets to enhancing the content of human journeys, wherein they are mostly captivated by )eal for acclaimed headway. This coordination would stand on mutual compassion and corrective recognition. #n his resolute points, these calls were not new in his perspective search for fundamentals of classical attentiveness and distribution in substances, which are defined mostly by the recognition of unrestraint essence. This is the essence of totality and laborious endurance. #n his imaginations and good spirit contained those elastic but lively vibrations carried by visible utilities into prosperity that usually arose his focus every morning stretch on his bed lanes to great reali)able companionship and capture in vision for forwardness. 2s a result, his new object to remember was on the capitali)ation of these internal propositions to the redirection of the common programs in human channels; then strengthen by factors of truth only received within compartment of higher integrity. The world has given itself many approaches to activate thoughtful undertakings in consistent collections of valuable build up and may have schemed not to allow any that has no firm roots on enlightening development to alter her organi)ed prospect. 7!istence did not manifest corrections of illusions, rather it composed the irrefutable tangibles that make visionary realities to


always count on si))ling pleasures for typical capacity, drawn and contained with the lens of benevolence and the gasp of numbering perfection. Therefore, achievable and inspirational goals are stretched out to inform those behind of the usefulness in activities based on clear push to e!cel. *ometimes, it might require a gamble between possibility and desperation or in other terms, it could be the mark between broad and value judgment for long'range result against constricted gains. The chances between these alternatives are not instances one can interpret with cluttering conscience, because they are regulation by level of sensibility to the nucleus and e!pectancy of human e!periences with different degree of progression. However, where the contrary is permitted, such that those firm emergence of natures open illuminations and searches we are not familiar with has yielded little or no respite to the calculation of reprogramming the rhyme of human e!pedition to the )onal display of its resurfaced support. Therefore, the deviating call, this e!ercise of tagging with imitation and mistrust has led to the verge of one for none and none for all. The sympathy to question the validity of probable attention on the altar of deflated repertoires is the notion for dereliction from contingent workout, which is the kin composure of permissiveness. This abbreviated path has led good intentions to live on short underpinning only to participate in the displeasure and degrading propensity attributed to weakening blend. That is, instead of becoming the e!pansion for surviving liberties within the provision of self'pursuit aim to embody vibrant participation, embraced, stretched and uplifted by all with good intention, which should not succumb to the challenges, others have unfittingly comforted or addressed as the color of emptiness. This is not right to good sense of direction. Therefore, we all have common responsibility to promote the best intuitions, initiatives and innovations at the pace and center of universality.


+o matter the e!cuses of triviality, or regardless the degree of cut through mismatch, the records left to most to understand and accept is to drive the band of insignificance by e!hibiting the lesser objective timing or frames of others, who have chosen to narrow the course of correspondence to prominence for personal pretence instead of awakening te!ture. The path of prospect not available to most is not the choice e!istence gave as tag belief summation, neither was it the opportunity to stimulate any shivering in human inconsequential objectives. However, this choice became the precision of some in getting the quick resolutions to others in shrouded components, with the tale of support, but unrepresentatively at the long end with the amusement of getting most from the broad obtainable assortment. 2s an upshot, most of the collective impressions to the biddable individual could be located on the course of misplaced purpose. This is for the reason that the deficient by this assembly not to search into humanity varieties of deferential e!pressions and values, becomes the departure and ignoble e!cuse not to positively assess the standard course setting of unoriginal deprivation, which then becomes the narrative for such souls driven entrance with obvious pennant into the conclusion of docility. The message here is that of encouragement for most cornered into the dictum of the $mass.% That means not to give in simply on the e!planations of others, considered superior by way of imaginative advantage. Hence, by seemingly optimistic comparable; the message here is for thorough self'assessment should be the primary discipline of all in judging the distinctions of each statement from others and admitted or not in positive stance. <ental possessions are not tools for stagnant impulses; rather they are the life breeding instruments that channels enlightening recompense into the passages of substantiations. They are the tools that tell the distance between pictures and its shadows. They will never stop the thoroughfare of triumph when guided with modesty and purpose. 2dded is when guided with


truthful internal pressures and success admiration. That is, when the height of recognition is to estimate good judgment base on worthy values that provide happiness and sincerity in our common course. However, with these positive notes, the pictures of holdbacks and pitiable narratives became streams of life running through this young mans heart in fast pace release. <ost worrisome, was that neither were they with stabili)ing directory nor with any strengthening wrap. They constituted themselves into ventures of hesitant mechani)ations and detached infiltrations. /espite these facts, he could still fashion the best insight to good conquest with the gift of upper conciliation membrane. He was and has always chosen the willful path in thought discipline that gave root to e!cellence in vision. Hence, he knew that these present questionable steps to his prospect and meaningful identity were not only helping to strengthen his visuali)ation, rather as stigma of direct confrontation to the circle of life were helping to shape optimistic tickles through his veins, which would turn to nourishment when mi!ed with good devotion to reliability. :or him not to immediately reali)e these beseeching contacts of amiable forecast were not the ranks that gave birth to a hori)on he once envision through the lens of his thought accumulation. The sphere he knows would not vanish on immediate displeasures, because they are patterned with those influences that call for his impressed triumph. He said persistently within the veins of his heart that he loves these reawakening challenges, because triumph is always a welcome partner in the substantiation of the human center that wakes up our commitments. That is, commitments to virtues and visions gird towards the dismantling of shortsightedness and barriers. The profession of his timing and e!planations of goals was not to gain recognition into the social gauge with deceit and disrespectful increments neither of cruel facilitations, nor was it in the pursuit to


douse the fate of others from the course of true reciprocal endeavor. The path he knew and summons well within his consummate disposition was to identify with other good meaning tendencies, aspirations and to accelerate the discovery of all preferences in the providential sphere of disciplined e!ercises toward collective benefits, thereby revealing the ultimate diction for happiness to all. The happiness whose life span is measured by how well it gives consent with the unquenchable appetite to fill the lapses of despair with true charitable and well mannered proposition. That is, this kind of happiness is found on the field of magnanimity and common understanding, and not on camouflage and disrespect. This kind would tell and show us the path to confidence built on accommodation, civility and adherence to legitimacy. This nursery of happiness usually plays the role of service first and appreciation later, because of the recognition to tenderness it carries with such permission of allowing self and others to judge what should attain fairness in progression and not propositions of degenerated synthesis. *omehow, in his continued communicable fervor, he sought to feel not the heart of humanity as subject presented by the pretense of corner subsistence, but by the merit to e!plain the voyage of touchable proof on the slogan of fulfilled hopes and contested presentations connected to all by the service of good spirit and not the validity of mean e!cuses. He sought to moderate the conscience of posterity to the point of not only acclaim assurance, rather added to this, he took within his )eal to show the human in humanity through the application of vision and roles modeled on classic categori)ations within reali)able common sense. The pursuit to e!plain roles and e!pectations mostly on the display of consistent outlook, composed in the guideline of such valve that stimulates his progressive consciousness to understand others with open heart, serving uplift and reviving the common interest with all to the pedestal of available goodness.


This simply means the capacity to establish ordinary but relevant developmental relays within self and into others with the proficient pace, only attain by the use of perfect inference given by the ultimate consciousness. This means, the quality tendency derived by the constant but credible division in viewpoint and subjects, with definitive resultant fusion by comprehensible favor to impart visible and sincere standards into humanitys illumination and instructions in courage, without route for weakening deferment in all. Thus, the choice is to see light as the reliable inspiration into grand e!pectation and tangible insistence and not in the relay of depraved inclinations. This solution spells outcome with the vehicle of trustworthiness and compassion. 2s a result, the parameters of conscious agreement with superiority in foresight would readily help his coe!istence with others into appreciable lessons for privileged circumstances. This is the circumstance built on transparent beauty and sociable intelligence. He knew it was not the plan itself, but the enthusiasm within those goals and strides that would determine the sessions for venerate assessments or not. That is the force of conviction to search through those moving sounds of intrinsic worth, though unnoticed that would navigate the conclusion of truth and substance to the open, which normally are related to the varieties of principles, and objectives all joined in progression known by clean efficiency. He noted from the onset that he was not in the tracking inspiration to end. +either was he in, to begin the voyage of test perception of purpose, when the choices of deliberations and concerts were not vibrant in absorbing scrutiny. He somehow knew he had to plot the path to ascertain and then engage the inherent value of personality derived from admissive prosperity in the definitive contentment, directed towards fascinating reliability and finally reposition through humankind


clean veins to understand others with respect and not sight closed to senses of human commonality. This is what the separatist for rightfulness would call the loyalty on self'fulfillment carried on from truth. However, searchers of legendary facts would term this as the distil e!pansion to traces of admirable knowledge. Travelers of communication would see this as the willing assessment that forces items of recognition to moderate ideals with actual agreement. 1hichever way one looks at them, they all have their strong point, only when we allow the original contents in the human center to weigh more on values within the punctual academy of prudence and commitment to validity and not necessarily to competition neither should it be to resentment. However, the information of entailing apparatus that measures activities in terms of superior compilations and demeanor, with such determinant as duly spelt in the deep pass on in all human essence, will necessarily conduct its tone to acceptable grade. #t would necessarily happen when we direct resources from such grading on dynamic sketches of good flavor and fitness of purpose. 2t this curled juncture, he was reminded in his continuous rationale cycling to approach these desires with the conscience of character, with the intentions of optimism, with the strength of good spirit, and finally, not to room the masters of contradiction, which would always be present to dissect and disserve his throng of good projections. <ore so, the latter should by no means be in use or allowed as these were the relative specifications of supervisory run chart in despondency drawn to prevail on indefensible subjects he knew were not released from him, but played their fractions in their distributing scrutiny in monastic passion. *omewhat, the promise within his adequate harmony was given the realistic allotment in the description of his composed reasonableness, which could be altered only when the dedicated suit in him is to remain frail to firm decision, and would curl the result onto the road of congested scramble.


He reali)ed that there would never be the assistance of fairness to occupying nice projections without its revolving plain questionings. This means, there would never be the resemblance of consistent conquest features without its doubts and reminders of tempting controlled suggestions. That is, those thoughts, which are e!cusable or with pushy distractions should not be allowed by the deficient in mental aptitude to estimate the totality of scheme statements. The conceptual hostility to workable direction is the choice every personage would come to square off with, when the course is to unlock possibilities of vast reali)ation, either for evolutionary tendencies to get its pleasures in, with the manner of giving outlook sufficiency or with the counterpart of caution to rewrite the passages of imported habitation. This sequential gap in the immediate intentional program is not the friendliness to most habitual arrangements that prevails on the mass to agree with, which is the stringent turn around thrown to the inclusion of none keenness. <entioning the prospect of camaraderie in assessment by some, with the folded lapses of vaulted sentiments, would disturb all felicity that washes itself with distasteful wishes. Therefore, absorbing all forces of articulation aired by the acceptance of curiosity has called the playing set its compact liquid that tells future mistakes their transitory spotlight. This is when cornered with the degree of total conformity in todays admissive te!ture that would thrust the subject of goals and sponsorship to the patrol of accumulated relatives, thereby cultivating trust from informed sensitivity, which draws their narrations from communicable acumen. These relays would only be understood with the compass of enlightened approach in service capacity and from contemporary control intellect into liberating demonstrations. The street bystanders would label these as the sold out missions of future e!pressions to the highest crusaders of venture enlightening


inclination coated within swift personage and allowed into the minds of others with pressuri)ed fondness. &ollectors of ideas would call this the display of thorough believable suggestions instituted to upgrade values of rightful posture with direct result measured admissibly into fashionable modification. These definitions are mere appreciations of the nerve sequence in human discipline and not e!planations of theatrical missions. They are ordinary and known with positions of common sense and drive to withstand digressions. This internal discipline spells the course and strength of programs with the value of thorough influence. This is always the mountain to climb to sight true success, because the strength to move on this path is a cultivation of steadiness and self'respect. The true statement of success is mainly by the constriction of distractions and trivialities or pettiness if you wish, with the unbending nerve of self'control. 2t this persuasive relay, he got an une!pectedly urge within, which resulted in the near collapse of conscientious shapes in his sensory converge. 2s the thrust he felt in his heart parade was more than regular e!perimental urge; it was an enthroning indication in eagerness to touch practical senses with warmhearted. That is, the dimension that causes gyrations in instances of total decisions to capture future promotions with quality gift within, as it is now demanding the need to push his boundary beyond the space he has found himself. He was fully taken in by these internal and bold thrusts to meaningfully represent the meters of control with considerable aggressiveness to push onward. Thus, the faculties of these motions would not stop on mere transitory admission, but would in anticipation of those secure evidence for the unforeseen preservative; becomes targets that were transferred to the now, visible, simplified and rendered to ultimate series of attraction and designation. He could not readily balance these activities, other than work with them in fostering the harmony stipulated on vivid responsive


adjustments. He could not guess the outcome of such forecast, but had to rely on the intentions that first pushed for such meander through his treasured awareness. The further he fought in to bring the demonstrations of these contesting reflective emboss into considerate balance, the more conspicuous the portrait of sensitive release took in his digestive curriculum. That is, the portrait of good supervision between imperative acceptance and derived design woven together from inspective e!cursions, then turned into vehicles of accommodations and e!pectancies. However, these results did not settle in his dice for proven cheerful identity with ease circulation. The result was that, there was a concealed war of purpose and strength in his whole personality and nobody was ready to assist with the familiar palms of comfort. He then knew from the switching rotations between energy, time and purpose within his structure units, that he was going to define his goal and future based on the sole drift into satisfactory power play contained by his heart focus or driven to the path of reduced influence through the failure to attempt valuable endeavor. This urge he felt within that always stirs him to act positively was consistently the life in his spine steering the commitment to courageously defy his barriers again and yet again, than been held to the habitual beliefs of his present situation, which were not working in gaining steps of illustrious vision, neither creditable to any course for life fulfillment. The call to fulfillment was more than commendable choice; rather it became an obligatory theme of objective recognition. That is, the resolve without prejudice to regenerate fulfillment within self through available simplified channels to others. This means, the reasonable concern to direct the compassion components in him into the sweet heart of humanity, and to carry this modest service with the straight forward language of reassurance to the vision of radiance for all and not with the demolition to the ne!t human classification.


These collections became the raving spark conducting his buoyant e!istence to normalcy only when the preference shows up for actions or redirection to quantified propensity leading to usefulness and growth. Therefore, going on full debate with his decisive cadence was more thrilling in character posturing than on its real incentive meaning. The preference for transform responsibility was not a fascinating walk over, neither was he ready to stretch out the intuitions that conducted narrow gape into his marrow warmth. He knew such attempt might drift his awareness and possibly minimi)e his vision to the lesser clerical penchant. However, he was not prepared to negotiate with attending variables only with such prospect that would strengthen his mental picture to undertake another plausible gamble, regardless of the capacity involve to eminence in comparative detour. #n other words, he was not going to accept any call to engage the ne!t ascendancy level on mere enthusiasm instead of viable outlook. &onsequently, at this burden junction, it became a hovering rehearsal within his value decision series towards recogni)able frontage slate. +evertheless, this was dimensionally striking in persuasions and amiable interest settings, which could only be satisfied with acceptance of his assessment to e!plore the tinkling prospective in his heart contemplations. #n this instance, possibilities of good occupation steamed into e!plosive realm of reali)ation that most probably would settle in gentle connection to aggregate benevolence stratum. These and more evenhanded options kept brooding in his pointed sight repeatedly. These roll calls of decisive issues would not nudge to another pace gestures and were not ready for any disturbance that yielded hopelessness in balanced conveyance. This is because; they were jointly composed to reflect the potency of intuition in stimulating positive swiftness with perseverance.


1hile these were shaping in his advance bearing, he leisurely did not reali)e that he was chatting into this mountainous intensity with the rate of recurrence that may not straighten out with casual timing nor thought submission sustain by regimental e!ploits. They needed the best attention as proposed by individual obedience and collective break through into justly ramifications. Therefore, as these figurative memos kept playing fluctuating dice within his probable bargain, at the same time was the objective request to magnify the best for the possibilities of the future. 2t this level of internally blistering engagements, the only consolation to his composure was the constantly heard thinly'like sounds around his nostrils as the filtering air passes through, in and out connecting his senses with reality. 2t this critical moment, he had nothing to show or rely on in humanitys landscape of possessions, only on the attestation of the supreme consciousness that bears the unfinished stream of love and peace in his heart. However, he appreciated and summari)ed that these were more than enough to plough with and create the frontier of success, he summoned. 2s a result, he knew these movements of imaginations and practical strides with the color of eloquent easy in his attentiveness were not transient, because the momentum they imparted on his living sync were stunningly daring. 1as this the course of his design, he kept asking within his silent permission=n the other hand, was this e!pedition intentionally relayed into his discerning circulation to wake up a sense of plot confidenceThe confidence he could not substantiate with any empirical claim neither drawn on any conclusive and coordinated premises. 1hatever the attractions were, these evolving indicators have been directing his natural resources to positions that would aggregate his positive materiali)ation into festive adaptations and not emotional contention drawn from indebted dilapidate.


He somehow knew that the history of humanity is not from evidence of mental compulsion, but on the stable gesture of acceptable distinction. This kind of distinction is not on fissile contemplation, neither of determined desires nor on hauling benefits arranged from cheerlessness. This distinction is built on clear sense of compassion and certainty. However, this distinction would become meaningful to the human center when it represents the similarity and property to connect with the best to unlock tenacity for truth. This is the place where the verses of true triumph are measured not on the length of human impressions, rather on the substances that gives birth to such principles of patience, healthiness and faith. #n addition to such birth series of virtues would include but not limited to happiness, fairness, gentleness and goodness Here again his thoughts ran through these encountering classifications and connected back with emotional perple!ities. That is, emotions have no compilation to play currently on the drive to call civili)ation to reckoning in giving all human consent to those who are always ready to give their best in bringing meaningful pleasures and purpose to others humbly. 7motion is not the parent of useful mobili)ation; neither does it aggregate the impressions of realistic purpose. +onetheless, it can sustain the resolve in diluted e!perience, when the course is only to show the sensation and not the probable. Those who rely on this will someday reali)e the issues around their willpower are joined with the huddle of likely assumptions and not test of advantage. lease do not get this wrong as he tried to e!plain to the class of preparatory assessments that required clarity to his principles. 7motion in activities carries weighty marks to evolutionary pri)es, but should not outweigh the human center for reality or else it becomes disadvantage to good courage. 7motional e!pressions to goals are always required to firmly stimulate paths to results, but might not necessarily help to sketch the full abilities to such reali)ations.


The full reali)ation comes from simple discipline termed obedience to goals, focus to loyalty and resilience to hope. &onnectively, he knew the class of distinguished personnel would come to level with the essence of dignity and lively vision, but not with the component of trivial statements and e!ploits. This path is made clearer and relevant as we tool our efforts in commitment and good focus to e!pound liberty with the common sense to responsibility. Therefore, responding patiently to this new hint with his position, the most plausible route that floated in his heart was to step out of his present colony. That is, from his placate precinct to another visible high pace setting that would and or may accommodate, and provide the functionalities for his seemingly fog possibilities to be tested against other high qualities as human variations play themselves in consistently adjustable societies. #n such societies, that draws strength from projections of peculiarities, civil aggressiveness, regulatory passion for e!pansive liberties and reasonable e!ploitative notifications. These activities in conte!t are usually precise to themselves; only when their rightful tendencies are blended in comparative inquiries within strings of trusty routines. These are usually followed rightly when thrown into the temperament of cool perceptive; the rolling chomp in the cerebral string of collective testimonies, motivated by packages of reverence, and clearly active within the disparities out of unyielding trueness. 7very given task would always suggest the good'natured dynamics of its functionality when looked in with objective lenses, but could, sometimes be out maneuver by such intrusive outcomes that gravitate towards unimpressive preference from repressive points, instead of uplifting simplification. 1hichever the case maybe, tailored endeavor towards uplifting amplifications are corrective and definitely without the slightest trace or omission to vital content.


1e only reali)e this not as product solely of brainpower, neither of any given scholarly consent rather as a result of persistent ingress bonded with the closeness or friendliness to plain motivations. 2s a result, this invested durability entry would carry the mark of collective efforts to the level of goals revitali)ation in the relays of assured settings, characteri)ed by varying alliance and problem' solving conditions without the introduction of short sighted premises. 1here such play would determine the distance for accurate results, but not measured by the strength of conquest and constricted reprogramming. However, only calculated on the inspired intention, and finally regulated by the e!isting stride of common focus. 1e either play the fi!ture prospect according to respectful intuitions or leave the settings with the course of stimulating offers to others advantages of e!istence. +o level of repositioning will ever entrust the space of good efforts to the purpose of only traditional incentive, rather they are mostly on directional obsession resulting from the mastery of relative dignified emblems. To this effect, issues of quality contest always thrive with those who understand the strength derived from concrete counsel, e!quisite e!posures and navigations towards punctual goals settings. #n other cooperative understanding, pure activations in mission and direction could mean agenda refreshing. This is the gracious doctrinal function, widespread and open resolving implementations, which needs the cumulating infle!ible award that highlight within the determinants of its broad objectives. That is to summari)e the goal comportment, which is the dialogue bo! of superlative struggles onward over drawbacks. This is where we are all called into, in different ways and time efficiency by constant te!ts of capacity e!perimentations, which then owe themselves the ability to e!ercise purposefully, but not ridicule the main subject in conte!tual premise neither in misdirecting the central notion of its predictable motions.


These works of perspective accelerations has always transmitted in humankind at diverse stages, within the equation of e!tensive role variables and time integrity, consulted from the contesting series and not on pattern representations of clandestine ideals. This is because they represent and maintain the prior level of determined accomplishment in civili)ed attractions. These intermediary channels of inherent and tolerable prediction did not stop the viable lessons of days ahead; neither did they imply the e!tinction of powered contemplation. 3ather, they would always accumulate the goals of all and direct the tools of achievement with the vehicle of vivid focus, ideal commentary and imperial e!uberance. They were created by e!istence to allow the qualified in terms of acceptance to responsibility, in promoting the values that contains thoroughness and simple brightness. This is because, they always promote those issues that survive the heating compression and turn the energy into production of fitness and accommodation. They quietly understand that the practice is not to draw issues with others base on similarity of values, but to attain those levels of recommendations with the angling of trusting broadness and boldness. Those in this set awareness are very acquainted with the compositions that tell our inner fiber to relate and promote those quality values into humanity that survive the leveling pressures of assaults without bitterness and tasteless distress. Those with this advantage take the test, rather the responsibility of proficiency to that level of unwavering toughness. They see and welcome such growth in accountability as the price for future sweet tales. They usually, conjure the best out from themselves with untiring mentality and growing enthusiasm. /espite these appealing consumptions, he again, pictured his rational location and delved in reassessing his choices and chances in cuddle relevance to his persona in humanitys perspective pages.


These were daunting requests, because they meant leaping into the nameless space in human fields of cultivations, ratified towards the common dictum of recreation built on the discovery of self or the formation of lost recoveries in connection with the outlook of structured beliefs within, which in most cases is the only help to stability of the heart sensitivity. These related inquiries directed from judicious baseline became the moving model in captivating the utility of decision, to either pull in and forcibly work through it or destine with the bending resolution to the capture of steps forward. These calculative mi!'ups in messages are not the task of stagnant minds. That is, the element of equip reasoning and prudent answers; the curriculum of edifying reasonable quest with all unbroken viewpoint, which is the proponent of fashionable intentions with the clear reckoning to draw enduring strength from advanced arguments against the display of aggressive collections of discontent. The gravity of thoughts within result e!position, would term the showering of accumulative and persuasive dimensions drawn on successive inquisition from dreams into reliable verses and then e!pressed in worthy moments allied within enforceable production as e!cellent gesture. This normally result in the e!ploration of weighed chances and sympathetic divisions aimed solely to resolve the peculiarity that e!ist when forthcoming results become the objective of human believable dilemma, instead of unwearied remembrance. The overwhelming comfort of visible truth transcribed into the heart subsistence needs to reflect the purpose of candid colors within known vibrancies and e!periences by all. That is, not to call the spaces of dereliction our choices, neither to keep the buoyant profession of regrets and neglects as our direction and willing benefits. 3ather, to see the rationale and strength in the noble points of taking object deliveries into available advantages. This means, to prevail in giving the ne!t steps in diverse nature


and character the path to true self'understanding, added with worthy contentment. This would become the ability for each character to recogni)e their own consignment and convey into the system of legendary tendencies with real compliment, thereby reviving pursuit into merit of control and relevance for generous reward for others to absorb with seemingly equality. These rational travels did not agitate the promise; neither did they stimulate the long'range perspective. 3ather, they only became living and pertinent orientation of good course when the individual refuse to retire into self'induced pressures redesign into the erosion of respectable position, neither should it gear toward grueling contempt, but the courageous attention should be to journeys of concrete e!pressions drawn on gentleness and perseverance. The factors of e!istence that question his factual routine where only there to realign themselves to the delays and references of irony, given by the physical imprint of opportunities e!pended, and by the sharing of dimension appropriated by the heating wonder of beaming penetration. The issues in human bright inquisitions and prerogatives are measured in themselves to the balance created within the substance that control the long and mid'range consistencies; the parameters that throttle alterations and replaces such with the variable dispatch from significance in punctuations to effectiveness in impressions. 1hat a brilliant thesis of vision and reality, he comforted. #t was at this curve; he suddenly reali)ed his chances for development and began to walk in spaces of poise integration. The chances, though in conte!t and contact were near crushing, because the provisions they impacted were more of motions in purposeful concept, and their distance to reality could not run in certainty. +onetheless, he knew efforts must be cultivated. 7fforts geared towards collective increment, he thought again. He sought understanding with those who could translate source conflict and passion, with the direct permission to forgo past pictures for the future e!posures. He sought measures and


acquaintances with those who have played the promotion of pursuits sustained on courses triggered by unrelenting ordeals, transmitted with positive persistency and not with the alley of repugnance. However, those he came close with concerning relative assessments and facilitation drove the significance of trust to the strait of depletion. They threw the decent $child% of common visibility to agreeable ventures into the playground of antipathy and obstinate smear. They withheld all information of good conscience and drew the persona value to the level of obsessive belittling. They took e!cuse in directing issues to the level of narrow subjections and demonstrative displeasure. They saw questions and reasonable debates as tools to project bitter differences instead of polite accommodation on thoughtful magnitude. They saw equality of opinion and factual arguments as escape to deceit and narrow personal rage, instead of appreciation to validity and engaging formation. Their reasoning was functioning on that sequence that sees discussions as the vehicle to resentment and the old e!cuse to divert true energy to wasteful tendencies. They assume their positions and reflections as the most passable means to direct the course of promise without the responsibility to foretell its primary beginning. The motions of stories built on divisiveness, and not on cohesive awareness was the killing instrument they chose to swallow as the relieving pill for the promise we all seem to crave to share. Their sights were short and blur, but they screamed the loudest on the podium of tapered sentiments and called it the result of systemic prudence. They judged their values and e!periences based on limited supposition and closed up the search for harmony and openness. They saw and defined light as element of discrimination or arrogance if you may choose, instead of the opportunity to reflect on internal refinement and healing instinct.


These were inflictions on conducive supervision, and direct measures of minute promises. Therefore, withdrawn to himself and visuali)ing his prospect became greater drain to his human responsiveness, because each time he is on this trail, his heartbeat increases, e!periencing loss of breathe consignment. That is, as he tried to relate actions based on options open to his saniti)e senses. These attempts would always go directly against his breath motions. They would always challenge his vigor to sterili)e viable e!pectations into practical absorptions. His breath, meaning the character to transcend beyond self into the substantiation of enlightenment and comparative assistance to life recognitions were daily asking questions of ritual instead of proficient progressive performance. He knew he could not do without this provision of practicality in refine categori)ation, but the fright of collapse would always hold his pleasure temperament back. That means, every e!ercise towards this direction of comportment in veritable accord with his feature for promotion was an attack to his clerical strength purified in gasp apparatus. >alue workers of ideas would term this the absorbing pattern of repaired forces tailored to the direction of common endearing theater, thwarted by self'imposing thoughts to e!cel beyond the tools of upgrade at play. &alculators of events would term this as the susceptible supplements to those assurance written with bold distribution and hustle to inventive pastures. However, with these updating definitions, these attacks to his inner strength became the bleeding vapor that led to the distilled quality of his frequent demands for adjustment. This is because they now wore visible character with their faces entangled in laughter, fostered on engaging guesses and released at the phase of revolving constricted quintessence. These arrangements became the clauses that divided his personality in sections of rationales and reflections destined to one issue of confront, within structural displace sphere though not


allowed in to diffuse his purpose, which he knew would always respond veritably on his battered contemplations. That is, his visual transmissions for force positives were neither on invitation that demanded the issuance of systemic lagging, nor were they on any visible conduction that would correct the material space of walked out illustrations with low interests. They just did not connect. That is the inner intuitions were taking the future tasks with such amplifications on the terms of resistance to draw backs, though mostly entertained to fruitfulness and without empty vibes to surrender to samples of pretense colored with false pri)e. /espite this appealing inner fiber, his attention and actions were simply non'responsive to take the fight to the contender. #t was sleeping aimlessly on gifts of diligence and discipline. =uch. This message got somewhere? #t got to the spine of reasonable consumption. This message sent in spelt the authentic momentum of belonging and character. This message reminded him that you do not call others their proper names and gives them due identity of respect, when your own name and identity is meandering in obscurity of willpower and positive result. That means, the ability to articulate the good course others have made and to follow reasonably would show itself with the clear sight that relates ones own awareness aptitude with the level of vibrant activity. However, the e!amples to spell for others the main reason to trust in the best of the future rest not with the beauty of ideals; rather is squarely on the promotion of visible fairness from true e!periences into sanitation of the personalitys provable abilities. This is the passion for good life and e!perience others can seamlessly learn, which should be built on friendliness to awareness, justness and humility. These are borne to direct the character in the human center to follow testable sequences that raises the human vitality to the good ground of genuineness and delight.


However, you do not suggest and determine the terrain of goals accomplishments when the ingredients within the heart have not fully consumed the estimates of positive evidence. Hence, these messages became and directed real confrontation in his uprightness and service ability, which in timing and strong influence were undeviating calls to revolt against all watering versions that assume to distort the creativity of his alley foresight. This is the kind of shot from the core, which has created imposing alignments to secured crafts and tends to satisfy the enrichment of contemporary themes. He then suggested to himself, if this revolt was peculiar to his carriage routine or an attempt to falsify his identity with the display of instituted transgressions caused by mental accessories in recurrent displacement. He was incredibly ready to fight it through if it meant the revolt was of the later, but would carry all heartiness of concert to out stretch the former into an applicable touch. Then again, at piercing glace both chances looked the same with differing attention and refinement. 2t this point, his reali)ation woke up to instill confidence in this e!change ambiance. He thought this way and correctly too, that there was no point in diffusing the gallantry to challenge all odds despite the root sequence of their impediments. The stable dimension in constructive channel is to dissolve the plain approval to arrangement of unfruitful force into functional comple!ities. This was a tremble in his kicking permutations. This is the act of human destinations revolving around circumstances of resourceful congestions and replay by innate pressures to furnish successful projections into e!ternal outcomes, which are mostly maneuvered by attitudes of conveyance. The level of consort acceleration tailored with quotient awareness in the contest of ministering virtues for forecast, will not always encourage the vast talent resistibly on trifling customary facet. Hence, his foundational strength became a great test to his immense mandate.


That is, two varying components became competitively one in outright decisive compromise. This means factors of compulsory attention with different impact were drawing shapes and lines to his immediate goal to positively articulate and directly e!press his composure as a calculative victor. Therefore, the solvable phrases came into his conscious frame such that, he needed to draw level with the pasture of specialty in e!plorative thoroughness. He needed to choke out delays and hold backs, with seal up might in highly virtuous propel upward. He needed to arrest those indicators in high level of articulation that tends to ask questions of uneven similarity, instead of vital peculiarity. He somehow understood that there is nothing wrong with our human similarities, because equality, knowledge and liberty are not privilege, but human possessions when the stride by all is to approach each other with respect and fair attendance to development. +otwithstanding, he reali)ed that for his goals and gifts to blossom into humanitys answerable terrain, attention more to peculiarity would push his inner strength from distractions and nail down the impact of jealousy. This would then e!pound the delicate but relevant propensity to build his virtues and influence with the recognition of honest comfort. &onnectively, at quick reflections with these thoughts, it now got to the tip, where his internal agreement was at insurrection against his muscles in a constructive sense that would capture his glare of vision. This confrontation was assertive in manner created by anticipated steps against basic records, the forging impact of decisiveness in circumstantial metrics. This was very new to his living civism and became a major gridlock, which options drew closer and much closer to remain comfortable with the stability of his heart, translated for him to do nothing.


To this, there was a loud scream in the $clouds% only heard within the lu!urious palace of his heart at this filtering tiny supposition. +ever, his heart said it loud and silently into his veins. That is, never accommodate such unforgivable demand to do )ero. His heart continued in more intense definition by saying, naught permission in human continuum is what optimists refer to as activities less prominent focus or consolation less initiative interest. This is the direct rebellion of aspirations in self against trial of careful opportunities. This is the rebellion against vision that spells future foundations and structures with unforgivable closed up awareness. This is the classless regime in any human center that carries the equipment of future goals and strengthening abilities into the court house of hopelessness. This is the wagon of unhealthiness to the human center and failing appreciation to keep fighting for upgrade. This $classroom% is open to la)iness and the attitude of carelessness. This has nothing to do with numbers insistence termed e!perience in fusion; neither in statement does it e!press the remission of stationary summit to endeavors. However, the positive note he observed was that nullity is a challenge in itself and should not or more forcefully never allowed in any agreement to overstep boundaries leading to good sense. Therefore, inertness was not the desire he saw and would choose to relate with, but now became the only or most likely composure to run with in the thorny changeable of his progressive beginning. +one reflection or fervor as option was the unfathomable depths of despairs in its conte!tual bearing and illustrative to degrading lopping. #t is the face of irresponsible misadventure, calculated to draw intentions into the ebb of closed promise. The costly outline that relates with e!tracts, not to the direction of decent e!posures, and finally tends to compose itself with unanswered gravel.


The deepness that cumulates in passiveness quietly proposed to capture instinct away from touching the human nerve to stimulate activities. That is, the emulation of restructured strength in the direction of closed advance negotiations and privileged contact premise. :inally, this is a waste to the human circle of capabilities. 1hat a travesty of the validity of the human center, when one is allowed to follow that route. 2nyhow, he kept pondering? How could he subsist without responsibility to good courseHow was he going to e!plain to himself and to his universal circumference the permission to leave activities for stagnation without a first'rated fight to be on shift onwardHe thought and screamed to himself like this; who is that pious judge in humanity validation that would award his e!cuse for an application to absent intention without tested termsThe agenda of letdown is to abstain from bright creation. That means to swerve off intentionally or ignorantly from indispensable growth fight that define and help to mold the finesse, magnificence and decisiveness in our daily e!perimental dispositions and needed ventures. The choice to live dejected and thrown abyss is to follow the path of squee)ed out alternatives. This is the course of neglected assurance. The walk to e!cuse the best for reasons concerned with insensitivity to stalemate determinants, which is the stimulation to judge events and related outcome based on withdrawn subjections devoid of projections to personate values. However, looking at issues on actionable platform would suggest that we are mostly thrown into the perspective allocation to capture what we choose to stabili)e within si)eable quantum and not what is quantified based on multiplicity of virtues. The above composition is very wide and it is the mark that sets the achievers from others. That is to live in the virtuali)ation of substantive reality in our daily e!periences and evidence. This is the commitment to sight and live in the realm of higher sensory summation with the clear understanding to future goals.


The continuations of inventive purposes are mostly allowed to profit from the arena of human aspirations sustained by usurped triumph. This would then be noted on boarded inquisitions of purpose and commandingly triggered by amiable familiarity, towards positive modification, which is then carried on by stitched up suitable agreements within and finally, without e!cuses on distinctive imaginative of transmittal synthesis. *uch that virtuali)ed dimensions do not foretell the colloquial collections of unattended interest and passages, e!cept the benefits are estimated on touchable summit drawn on pressuri)ed superior constituent. The pro!imity of acclaim goal tendering and reasons to the touches of emotional wilderness cannot refrain themselves from the obligation of divine command, considered in the calmness of withheld filter. This is because; they stand the best test and together with acclaim doggedness from contrary positions in arranging the enlightening formations that spells the insight to achievable intention. This is to state that composure of vision is the forerunner of human substantiations. #n other words, it is the workforce that produces the platform where programs of useful ends are determined within the space of commendation into the essential design of facilitations. Hence, it is the willing element, which promotes the ingredient of involuntary pass marks and not the layers of common disappointments. 1e either become part of this productive cycle or mature into the content of surplus goodwill, thereby becoming the pot of sustenance for others. However, in the contrary, we could follow the wide e!cuse to keep our strength of purpose lost in the world of comparatives infections. That means, either we keep the challenges of fondness to e!cellence constantly alive in the bo! created to hold the light up for self and others to recogni)e and appreciate humanitys kindhearted supplies and availableness or we allow the light of


smugness to afflict its burning content into the scarf covering our emblem of useful acknowledgment. Therefore, the wide but inconsequential route of deprivation to purpose was never in most te!ture he had followed within his compassionate knack. They only came in, and in most cases noticed when the thought of such misadventure as to stay remote and decide on void is accommodated. That is, the unconscious choice of divergence in ideal stratum continued to replay in his walking premise, without classification for its hold on circumstance in tangible attendance. This he would reject with all vigor he summed. +onetheless, while an!ieties were mounting in his thoughtful culture, the awakening calculations for satisfaction and affirmative disclosures were also taking their own trembling shape and forming the edges of out driven assertions. The present rational sequential is not ascertained in congested outlook, as the moment suggestions would not be tied to the proposal instigated by roving assumptions, and it would not be accustomed to the display of narrow projection and instruments used to inform the search for public reckoning at the ebb of personal movable commotion. He thought again and correctly too, that the individual should advance the level of character in good self'control and inspire the environment with the sense of reliability. This encouraging chapter could not be transferred to resolve the means of hastening the build up he sought to gain in signifying the come first serve scope into humanitys balance. This dimension gives confidence to credible endeavor and not on narrow personal scores derived from premises of default. Therefore, the assert stimulus for intrusive direction he has been contesting with could not align to the customary wave of his ancestral structure, built on self'trust and raw fortitude. #n his mental carnival came this ma!im that informed consistencies were the hallmark to reminded eminence, even when they are in the watery irony compatible within the parity of reformed delicate and prospect structure, which is the visibility of pleasurable


contention. That is in ways suggestive of the pluses and impulses of immeasurable principles. #n this wise, reasonable arguments or disagreements are not the dedication in play to discrete rational determinations and were not cultured to address the disturbances of human barrel. +either are they in the promotion infused into the retrospect of grounded propositions; rather they are the motivations in the course of human internal governance that always goes into the design of substance carried on by such search for weighting summari)ation when channeled with lightening feed. They are the baseline that question and at the same time suggest the superlative pathway most proficiently from the superiority of reliable viewpoints at the playground of progress. Therefore, to make room for the healthy forces of today, we have to take the vying agreements and arguments in happy balance with developmental means and not just in the products of mounting conceptions. The processing and scaling designate should tell and project the trust with decency in the content arrangements, where the human center increases in focus, such that others can always plough and give e!amples for constructions of motivations tailored into regular paragon and not distasteful dismissal of thoughtful steam. 1e are into this journey in different ways and in the pursuit to show the path of self'authority and hope in such foundation of patience and ascendancy instances, which are always the institution of distinction and the future steadiness within every radius of optimal options and victory. The choice available to humanity would never accept the weaknesses of self'delusion and there is no opportunity time significance has given to delay her enviable relays in diffident penchants. 1ithout deliberate notices to these hovering commentaries around the forums of engagements and distractions, his attention was suddenly drawn to the colored sky as he observed the clouds were moving in one direction.


That is, to the direction of continuity and classified indication of transporting all evidences of relevance to the placement of abundance and recurrent steadiness. #n attempt to escape from his psyche temporarily, the moving clouds presented the best amplification to the absorbing unit of natures arm to tool all an!iety with the qualified te!ture of promising detonation. #n this manner, it mostly squares off in courageous concern rendered in successive stability, built on sustained sympathy with space or that is if they choose not to impress huddling standards, with time and skilled e!posures. 2ll right, he said to himself. *top these obsessive thoughtful filings and start drawing raw feelings on practical strips or rather on concrete streams depending on the course of assignment. *top these drafts on circulatory mind@s sight and start treating the corners of led probable with visible contacts. *tart arranging the lines of recreation with vehicles of lively fundamentals. These circles of mental mongering must stop and the follicle of resourceful dispatch should concentrate now on programs of ability utili)ation within the consummate diagram of all enlightening voyage. The meaning of this commentary is that practical venture is not probable gesture, neither is it hopeful assumption built on limited initiations. #t is realities e!ercised with concur and dissent both integrated to sieve out e!cuses from reliable view points. #t is the e!ercise of thoughts on the surface of structured profile. These quick e!planations sounded accurate to his impressed consciousness, but again drew a sharp wave of discomfort to his vision for progress and not the other way round as figured by normal objectives in quest to e!plain intentions based on improved certainty. To progress was not his principal theme of survival but for progress.


The two might sound and appear similar in contact, in visits, and in promotions. +evertheless, they tend to and end up at different objective cycles without regrets to secure results. They usually forward their respective agreements to varying enriching necessities without clear contemptuous daily unfriendliness, only sliced through by those familiar with their source of purpose. To progress ends quicker and it is a destination, but for progress stays longer and is continuous when channeled by the lessons of open revelations, positive and persistent vigor. This is the quick evolvement to tell our rationale for competing assessments as the vehicle of time efficacy to our varying assignments. However, threads on the slippery information to digest relevance from those fights for upgrade have given birth to landmarks of unrestraint encounters. Therefore, consummate records are not in rotations allowed by tables of amputations; here they are the worthy credentials that choke all deceit and negative impulse, but gives consent to make roots on such undertaking for forging superior gains. This typical heritage in courage protection is in the rational resilient theatrical, which are consistent with the bargaining indices for spinning any depression of the human pressures and agility into quality provable potency. These challenges or calls with profound blend would always suggest to the jointly assessed knack of desperation to sei)e the demand quality trend and initiative in stately magnitude, with the passion for original inquiries. This is not the desperation for decision of self'denial but the equation that tests the dialect of success with the valves of deftness and moderated inspiration. These were designed in his senses with the power of tolerance and redeem competence. However, he was not in pursuit for peace, progress and greatness as barometers to measure his strong points with the blend of abstract civili)ation built on deep'seated suspicions and self'deceit in most purported carriers of human patronage.


2gain, neither was his intention geared towards the promotion of induce identity to the acute scarcity of sprightly propositions in the comple! deprivation most societal consummates have elected as their course and gift to the gathering compassion of the vulnerable. *uch gifts that are forgiving to those who have reali)ed the pledge to the quality bargain, which posterity has e!tended to the identities of its partakers, who have turned most, especially the weak through dilute persuasion as ready whip to all forms of discontent with the disguise yardstick of e!cellence and realism. The values of goodness and truth, which can only be sustain and reposition within humanity with personal tenderness and assenting recognition as path to high'quality indication for benevolence to all represents the solution for progress and respect. His hori)on was set at unsurpassed sincerity of intention and could or maybe related with the human touch to foster goodwill in the hearts of the world without challenging any urbane niche, only to add value with gentleness and heighten responsibility. The test is to arrive with the vehicle of civility to the playground of common e!pedition consistent with the lapping resourcefulness to picture the balance of humanity into distinguishing applauses, which others can draw from, appreciate and possess with self' respect and correctness. The world has more than one heart going by his assessments and they are all required to see the true message from the giver of conscience. &onnecting this was a throw back to his formative years; tender in tissues and issues absorptions, but they were whole with the construction into bright and responsive generation of contenders. That was when the provisions were colored, but were still primary by conte!tual bearings. That was, when properties of moral fiber were rendered remarkably with all sense of consuming concern within the gratitude to brand kindliness and harmony as one component, even when placed in search realities of distributive innocence. These were times, when perspective consumptions were mere reactions in admiration and interest drawn from informed


impressions within the related message to gratify the ample keenness for developmental processes. These processes were measured only by natural filament in our primary hierarchy of aggregate suggestions and focal actions. rimary in the sense that they were the motives in motion that steered his focus from good intrinsic worth, into healthy acceptable mechanism, and all amiable mission statements directed towards common grading merit. #n such cases, the attempt to communicate with self was to drive by possible preferences within the frame of contemporary vitality and impulse. 7!cuse me, he said to himself with such command of stamina and healthfulness Hello, he quipped again to others in him who are prepared to learn of the forgiving utili)ation of forward ever. He thought and knew within the power of robustness that visuali)ation was not just in idealistic outlook but also more on overwhelming substantive sponsorship, within its critical control, and then e!pressed in secure progression. Thus, suggesting in his series of mental memos was sufficient to feed the landscape of human proprieties without neglecting the consent and timetable for constructive angling. #n broad prospectus, getting these initiations tabled into societal adequate processions was another inde! of full corrective inspection he had to inculcate into the conscious staple of forthcoming age band. The future is very open and tender with her arms widely stretched out to all to receive the best carved out to all. The real issue is the deliberate attempt by some in narrowing this benevolent path only to dismantle the vision sown for all to tap from the admirable essence. This was dealt with before, but this reminder was to suggest again for all to carry the firmament of beautiful determination and strategy with the song of hard work and not laid back propensities. This is the message for both the weak and strong to trust their frames with the crown of mercies and the mountains of flourish. #n


other words, with the remembrance of rewards backed up with the belief to marvelous works. However, this deep'rooted question of self denial by some is the pass on enquiry every soul must search for him or herself and choose to either fall under this cruel conspiracy or set up the articles of faith to fight this down and raise the flag of truth for others to enjoy the victory of true freedom achieved through the confidence of legitimacy or in other polite e!pression, through credibility of loyalty. He then remembered that fair'mindedness is not just an acquisition of calming thoughts, neither is it committed to secretiveness and suppression of good motives and e!pressions, because its specialty and forms are built on transferable transparency when observed with soundness and objective review. :urther, fair'mindedness is not the mouth of deceitfulness; neither does it entertain those vanguards of diminishing afflictions, because its family is on the command to negotiate the gladness of esteem developments from established defense mechanisms with instruments of good heritage. He suddenly reali)ed a very important and connective element of fair'mindedness. That is, with fair'mindedness comes the true picture subsistence of liberty or freedom in the human center. This has nothing to do with weakness neither on over'bearing tendency to deprive oneself of good provisions. 3ather, it is the pursuit to accommodate the values of others with the solid measurement of steps forward, loyalty and above all trueness. This heritage of fairness gives birth to the freedom we all crave and rejoice within the conscious consolation in the human center. +onetheless, the freedom that has been deflated with such seemingly applications of discontent to responsibility, but tied to the perception to e!hibit those tenets that drives society to pointless aggregation means less freedom. The freedom not spelt on the spirit of forgiveness to self mettle of discernment and politesse, but misdirected to show causes of trivialities and hate in human abilities are to the pursuit of


inflicting negative flourish to the freedom itself, which ultimately takes the drive to the devalue of the human significance. They would always suggest the ability of e!pression as the final point or e!isting evidence for the weak or tender to seek and rely on and not of the responsibility to connect with the right aspect of guidance, assessments and leadership. They would question freedom in the common theater of desolation but not within self to arrange the internal values that reflect standards of fine inward out. There are now instances that call themselves the protectors and winning baseline for the mass to pay tribute to as the equality regulators, which unknowingly to most are the direct afflictions against the true course of gift from consciousness to live well. These conspiracies are swallowed deep in the veins with unreachable reliance on deceit and compose unawareness. These conspiracies are seriously built on campaigns of disregards, disvalue and disorder. They are built within the veins of e!istence, regrettably by the forces of pain and manipulations though played out by elements of human lack of knowledge to the essence of e!cellence. +otwithstanding, with this pathetic situation, there is still hope. The hopeful result to those few participants concern with the progress of humanity is that the valid pursuit has been stolen, but still and very retrievable. The vision of true freedom is now colored to show shades of hidden repressions and neglect, though shown in the open by its main aggregators as the duty of humanity to enjoy serial discomfort. The life of freedom is been pegged with unruliness and greed. The position of true freedom is no longer relevant to most as long as they can tell the unspoken lines of irrelevance. <uch appalling is the transference to judge others base on reckless backwardness and call its name trend consistent. They choose to decide on merit base on discontent, misrule and not breeding fulfillment of decency from the heart.


This is just the beginning, he thought into humanity if we are going to follow the conduit of happiness to all in good common ground of shared love from us into us in all. Hope and her strengthening counterpart of love would never rest until all humanity questions and constructions are widely answered with the brightest touch of simplicity and politeness. This freedom places everyone on built up responses to power of the infinite creative impulses. This is the very standard of true liberty only when we are ready to understanding the depth of life drawn from truth. He then began to walk forward as he reali)ed the space and pulse of humanity responded to light and passion, when hope asked again; where do we belong-


Article II Scrutiny of the senses

The gravitating dynamism for goodness from his stream intuition never stopped and within his running sight there was no motiving sensation to advice any dissimilar demeanor. This is because, his vision has been called to spotlight uplift and care in humanity dreariness. There would never be capitulation to narrow the development of admirable service for marginal responsibility. Thus, fostering the journey of e!cellence in the face of contempt is the blend that would become successful and then transfer the true meaning of prosperity to the best they deserve. This call is not to personali)e our usefulness to limited scope, but to broaden the verses within our veins to accommodate all good measures tailored with the brand of candor and fulfilling respectability. &onsequently, in his stuffed anticipation to display his time' honored belonging and narrate his objectiveness to creation, unintentionally he touched the wangle of the wind and tried to take hold of one piece. However, the wind in unity with itself slipped through his snatch hands as true character of single aerial pasture and kept surging


forward with visible notice that there were daunting tasks that needs attention and gifted e!ploits that must be accomplished. He was further ama)ed that even the courteous wind, who was a generous giver of materials of good pleasure and of the potential ponder, freely invitingly, could not wait to chat on feasible outlay neither prepared to share its wealth to the goodwill stride with his demanding quest for friendliness and dependability. He invited friendship even with the air, but in return the wind directed such friendship onto the basis of thankfulness and competence, not necessarily on familiarity. That is the friendship on amiable but firm acceptance to challenge the frontiers of possibilities and e!cellence and not just on mere narrative e!clusions. 1hat are all these about, he asked himself again1hat does it really mean to translate substantive issues with clear tone of self'authori)ation?he pondered conservatively. 1hat really are the constituents of scrutini)ing the human senses with the passion for progress, he kept asking respectfully. He was deeply concerned with such success consciousness that created arrangements of legendary instances and flowing ascent within all solid boundaries of loyalty. That is, the purported rage tackled by innate bloating and pressured rail rolling into dignified suitability. He knew within, that somehow he has been neglected by the amendments of viability, which is the element of systematic sensory output in the framework of sanctity of his own limitations, though inflated to convey the degree of access punctuation into carried resolute outcome. He knew to move on this path complementarily was the trial version of promise; was the trial mission of strained credibility, and was not the swinging pulse of good ambitious distribution. The intention was to give as much as the clearance did not require the alteration of vision. The intention has always been the source, the code sustenance of true succession.


These characteristics of reverence to sensational touches in meaningful projections are the vehicles of common pledge that reinvigorates into the recluse, called the loner from charged vitality into the contest of repeated propositions. The denial of heightened casting was the reviewer that gave his weight into a transitional catalogue, whose only content suggested the amputation of foresight, which is the enduring object of ceasefire to augmentation. 1hat a waste to fall into unguided digression of good pursuit if one is negligent not to follow the substance contained by projections of tough fight through. He knew the connection was real in effective bearing. He knew the potent deviation was not strengthened by the useful display of ready answers, which were never too heavy nor questionable to give any the possibilities to reali)e the mistakes we all find as resolute incursion based on unintelligent permissiveness driven by intentional, institutional and restoratively none active rhythm. These are always static by themselves and come in flow, which are mostly suggestive to dullness of the mind. However, to counter these, one should become dependant on mastered aspirations given by allowance to integrity and superior aptitude. The message was not to abstain from purpose stimulated by vagueness, neither was it not to articulate the objectiveness to restrictions of corporeal attestation, but to create the similar presumptions that broadens the internal resolve, the life steam, the vital impulse to disconnect from delayed deter. These observing inconsistencies to his coherent attachments were not questioning the gauge of his direction, but they became the tests that are present to his conscience to draw accelerations on his internal will, which would have to convince the bright promise he once traced in his gig. They are more of attack to reviewing e!pectancy with the mode of powerful initiation. They would only understand and subside or rather give in to learning curve that inculcates the ability to give


hard punches to elements of depressing deviations and negative distractions. =ur instances to heighten the best option in comparative ventures are not the test appraisal invitingly to those courses of dispersions, neither to the depletion of loving voyage. They are the commitments of wake up selectiveness in humanitys positive proposals and would always tell the differences between rationality and eventfulness. However, this was not a gamble; it was not temporary misadventure to tastily amendments, but the standard name for inconclusive testimonial when followed unimaginatively. That is when rationality and eventfulness are downplayed to the level of mistrust and sheer ignorance, instead of resourcefulness to the e!pansion of knowledge and liberties in the human center. &onversely, when followed positively, they become the standard theme for proficient choice against will, of will against goals, of goals against strength, of strength against focus and of focus not to leave the good fight, but to understand the passages of daylight as the compound input of distinctive preservative. &onsummate in this prolong assertion reminded his instinct that for the first time, he was not going to engage vision and conscience in a class work reminiscent on valuation e!cuses, neither suggestive on the signals drawn on the motion of meddle appropriations rather to largeness. He has chosen his path, he has narrowed his discerning peculiarities, he has figured an esteem destination, but the balance to this aspiration was the real beginning of life in his admirable prospectus to moderate his potentials into the infinite justification put on view by inventiveness. +onetheless, he was stunned by the roaming de!terities of his customary pasture, which is defined by the vicious hackling to the playing force of status immobility, but drawn to the degrading resolution ignited by limited focal munching. To arrest this travel was to the constituent that initially sold his identity into the catalog in monger of contradictions.


&ornered at this juncture with the down'to'earth timing of fi!ed balance to his circumstance, he sought the alley of courage in conformity to triple liveliness. Together with the curled illuminating access, the source information to his rationale mingle became the tone of passionate revival. Aoitering in the trenches of mastered recovery guideline in a communal sense was another avenue he sought to relieve his shared composure into the comparative subsistence that measured reasonable feat with admirable essence. That is, grinding through personal conviction and transitive compatibility or in other wholesome term. Here, he was relieving his devotion to e!cel and gifts of promotion into appropriateness. This means to stimulate appreciative and undeviating channel into his true freshly bundle, e!pressions and ethicality. *uch instructive and nutritive competition that starts within self by accelerating the virtuous means into the human center with unspoken tenacity and not to the point of infamous directives to others or arranged to bear and narrow our searches base on the components displayed by those around us, whose content in projecting satisfactory e!istence maybe limited in their life consignment. Here again, he was thrown into the fostering debate to connect with the energetic nerves that serve to give his rhythm the prolific value to access the true thrust of human e!pedition with conscientious reception. 2nd not to roll away descriptively based on slab concerns nor allow the remnant dynamics of trifling bewilderment quantified by others to display the photograph of his future influence. &onnectively to his scattering reposition, it was while at this imagery spot, he saw an ama)ing gesture that corporally won his attention over. This brought to fore the reali)ation that e!istence with her complete tendency would always respond cumulatively with her best characters and bright indicators to suit the purpose of


accomplishment and adaptation in humanitys beauty and not flattering familiarities. +ature has nothing neither affiliations to pointless efforts such as distrust, offensiveness, devilishness, wretchedness and so forth, rather she carries those proven identity of decency, rehabilitation, modernity, originality and other value necessities as instruments profoundly to e!press the searches of those components that conduct her artistic imperatives with the relic been measured by the constant field of applicable and appreciative judgment. *he understands the vibes that goes with those who willingly have submitted to the impulse of e!ploring the best she has kept in safe for humanity, only which could be opened with the tools of peace, love and internal goodness to sell the truth at the universal market comple! with the character of respect and gratefulness without reservations. 7!istence as the simplified carrier of neighborly e!periments did not form ceremonial principles to accommodate spontaneous dissent; rather she created unyielding matters to finding probable inquiries into the comfortable turf of magnificent e!hibitions. *he chose only such decision for herself, since the roots of classic questionings will always walk on abstractions and trace the scenery to the likelihood of consistency and distinctive assertive modeling. These reflective but defined variables have heightened the concealing shuffle to address the acumen of entailing thrust with the precision of direct resilience. #n such manner that has welcome the instinct of good inference into provinces of gratitude. Therefore, going by the clues of thorough contemplation, the element that relate to each drifting pace would record facilities of regal gambit with important combination. #n this natural situation, definite or projective calculations would come from the heart flow, which understand with striving meticulousness in modest but brilliant altitude. The flow to reality of increment would come on the knowledge and profound responsibility to genuineness, and further, we should not e!cuse the brilliance to superior interest.


The choice here is tired on the relativity in the human judgment to correct the mistakes in the heart of vision with the power and giving character of purity. This has nothing to do with our different connections to super' standard proclamations; rather is on the simple arrangement in the human retreat or vault to search out the conversation that builds self on solid responsiveness through to stately awareness. This recognition suddenly turned his attention to an ama)ing interest. Here, he was thrown into the comple! dictate of sight, when he saw a child on the other side of the road with his mother screaming at the top of their voice for notice. He wondered on these two peculiar personalities now on view, and thought to himself in very quick transmission; if the child could or was really screaming, or just a motion picture in his mental posture. 1hat is going on here, he queried as he tried to factor these objects with their actions within corrective contention. 1as he forecasting or working on contagious impulseThese penetrating queries did help to bring to fore the nagging issue he kept asking himself again, and again. That is, what stops him from doing something to his progressive bearing#n this instance, casting the whole equation into the forth'coming arrangement meant the conceivable and credible would not be e!cused in the event of forward'looking adjustments leading to balance. The issue was not of dialogue, neither was it the narration of e!pectations, nor to suggest the least; it was not the attempt to loosen the inquisition of essential prophecy; rather they were the thought mechanism in the reali)ation program of self conceal involvement in spectacular e!periences. This understanding warmed his memory to the issue of his circumstance. =h yes. His heart beat, he remembered again. :or brief moments, he forgot the tickling resolve of breathe scenery.


Bne!pectedly, something happening to his new found sight concerning the mother and child. This was very bi)arre to the development of good observance based on enlighten recognition. The little boy with his mother stopped screaming for attention, and the ne!t thing they did was something never to forget. That is, they brought out from inside their lively $stomach% a banner that spelt the whole message of e!istence in its simplest materiali)ation. *uch materiali)ation built on keenness, flair, and good drive to e!pose the tangibles of winning and composure. 2dded to these, they simplified the companionship of victory and truth with the wrap belonging and civility. They simplified the companionship of appreciation with the service of humbleness and good conduct. They arranged the components of development with the understanding of devotion. They saw the essence of hope with the component of power and patience. +otwithstanding, with these admirable qualities, how they were able to keep that immensity in their belly for that long was not even an issue of reflection, because it produces no price label. 3ather the concern was on their timing and quality composure of contentment in e!posing the message of the banner, which became the lesson of great focus and admiration to the environment they stood to live. That is, the engulfing modesty typified especially by the little boy as he held up the inspiring banner of civili)ed capture, instead of their former repertoire or identification, and assuredly was pointing two fingers up as victory signal to the moving sky configurations. 1hat really caught his attention was the message on the banner held so confidently by this little kid unbolted with his mother. The message was $Cod our hope.% =h dear. =h dear.. He screamed silently in his heart valves. 1hat is going on here- He asked the compound colored sky for this pu))le. 1hat Cod- 1hat hope-


1hat purpose are they fosteringHe then called to himself again?what does this tend toHe queried nakedly in himself insistently. This was sanity with full esteem e!pressed at the very concrete launch of humility and bravado; he pondered and passively concluded as assessment promotion. That is, concerning the banner inscription; $Cod our hope.% 2dded to this is the ease, which the boy connected with this immense hope that is now streaming out visible bubbles of joy into the air consciousness around. +evertheless, he queried objectively by himself in saying; who is this subject assent referring and to what degree substantiatedThis stunning rub down is together at juncture break over within his stimulated competence. This is the varying reservation in human instinct to detect and review the available opinions of massive collections of liveliness within the pool of relative wisdom. This kind is roped with reservation, revelation, abundance and choice. &hoice is not dependant solely on accessibility; rather it is on greater level of insight either simplified base on pro!imity of genuineness or towards the direction of care. &onscientious choice has no meaningful voice in collective bargains aimed towards negligence; rather its primary principle is winning the opportunity of credible approval. That is choice is not necessarily preference from any alternative. 3ather, it is more on the privilege in concert with awareness to the truth. #t is staving to write its knowledge, because the source of choice itself is in the measurements of constant observance of facts. That means, we either follow our bearings with justifiable fle!ibilities in detesting important progress or allow the conniving subsistence of narrow parables to define the profiting language of our vision. Therefore, the vehicle that would always transmit the best availabilities to recogni)ed triumph would come when the culture


of good substitution is base on decorum and gladness. This is not a test, neither is it an equation of attention. This is the visibility of victory, spelt, e!plained and contracted with such tools that ma!imi)e the best in human royalty and not the letdowns. That is, the royalty that is built and nourished with our decision to spread cleanness against carelessness, favor against fury and wealth against waste. &onsequently, settling to himself was good, but this disconnect was troubling and inconceivable. That is the child and mother display of consistency in hope. How and what was he doing here with this )ooming thought been forced into his vision by himself from the banner that stood by itself, only held up for those who dare to look was an ama)ing reali)ation to all human intuition. The intuition he has harmoni)ed with manual )est. 1hy has he been driven so privately to the point where actions of others, whether relevant or not are now items that are shaping his view and thought to proportions he never contracted withHe thought to himself with no attempt to devalue the success of objective opinion. This is the height of conspiracy in confidence; for anyone to unequivocally spell out his or her intention and connections in e!ceptionally clean declaration?Cod our hope. How and to what degree was this Cod the formation of hopeHe knew hope is more than an issue, but living compound of good aura when handled with finest delight. This was actually the impression these two have assembled and walking with and not depressive insinuations. They reckon that hope comes with commitment and this commitment is allied to reconciliation and restoration. They have factored the need to welcome every element in the infinite providence that spells rewards base on astuteness and impartiality and not on the common acceptable dictum, on the surface by most. However, they could be right.


This judgment is inborn, not slanted because of the healthy, homely and accessible simplification as displayed by these two, he pondered. This reali)ation sent silent screams into the waves in souls particles, seen, reported, carried on and galvani)e into frames of unforgettable insistence. 2s result, this convincing and appropriate display by these two became the demonstrating insignia of dignity and inspiring devotion against unimpressive values inconsistent with those natural fillings created by digressive holes. 2s he kept wondering, he was thrown to distant envision he never thought of and could not arrange in his rational wagon. The measurement of Cod in his spherical projections was never in such delicate permission as these two, especially with the categori)ed handling the little boy is putting on view. He became more confused but positively probing to understand the depth and content of the message the banner is conveying. The banner was conveying trust and benevolence, which are components of perfection of liberty, fulfillment of wealth or both in unity of authentication. The banner was conveying light and direction of purpose, and not an attempt to restructure the focus of others to tameness. The banner was conveying reality ingrain with courteousness and confidence and not the magnification of emptiness and apathy. The banner was conveying the simple diagram of humanity from the sphere of charity and cleanness. The banner was conveying trust in compassion and viable opportunities. How did they connect to the banner in the first place- He asked himself legally instead of inspirationally. 1here did they commenced this complete journey of upgrade and at what point was the relevance of selfless e!position became their defining identity. He queried silently. These inquiries kept him more aware of his course to locate his own quantified distribution to humanity equilibrium. This is because, such relationship in most cases are arrived at with the concert of total commitment and understanding of the supreme fundamental nature.


This is the current mode in societys scale that has reduced the relevance of such reach with the utmost essence base on pitiable convenience sold into pettiness and narrow sight. *omehow, he reali)ed that those who care to portray what these two folks have understood are label radicals of intolerable course. They are stigmati)ed as the thoughtful band that sings their tunes with the assurance of insincerity and low intelligence. +otwithstanding, this course stretches on truth he remembered with the conscience of generosity and compulsory innocence. +evertheless, here were these two with higher characteri)ation of their belief, oo)ing with great easy and happy enhancement. He pondered in his heart, how was Cod, if there is any, relevant to this little boyThe message did not say Cod is going to sectionali)e our hope based on distant similarities in characteri)ations, but $Cod our hope.% #mplicatively meaning Cod is the vitality, e!pression, the identity, the act of His immense carriage in and through them. The little boy and his mother were not e!pressing e!pectation, neither was it a fearful forecast. These were far from their position. #t was demand call on them to e!ert optimism in simplicity. #t was simplicity of purpose and strength e!pressed as inherent verse and not stimulation array. They were transporting the verses of truth within talented bravado with such common easy. They knew others would come under the touches of love e!pressed in certainty once the connection became an identity of willingness and appreciation. Here, they were manufacturing the faultless presence into their circumstance by their internal commitment to the infinite hope in awarding good'natured attendance as the vehicle for demanding result. The banner was not a contestable gift to them, but was the true part that came out from them. #t was deliberately instituted within their blood stream by their acceptance and openness to the source


content of the message and not to draw attention of others to themselves, because that was not their purpose. #t was rather, to relate the substance from the banner with activities of the humanitys )enith pulses around them. =n the other hand, it could be called the inclination of bearable regular control. #n that way, allowing their reasonable formalities to transform the attention of their hearts to the goals, the dominant ideal and fair consumptions of original standards, not constrain in human sight rather e!posed to their burning easiness of e!cellence relayed from luminosity. The e!cellence that bears no resemblance to short range accepted pledges, instead with the amplification of informed appreciation to good perpetuity. The sight that can always give and keeps giving without e!cuse neither to ask recipients to draw lines of calculations base on assumptions, only on e!emplary commitment to share with others the ingredients of sustainable trust. They were hauling the focus of infinity into their peculiar presence and visible identities with such informed heave. That is to say, they conducted the identity of the infinite abilities into their instant replays with terms of comfort and transparent attractiveness. They were sketching both the similarities and peculiarities of self' trust into the rolling entity of essence, relayed in such quantum that would transfer all capacity of human interest into their desires and happy subsidence. They were not frightened and never showed any division between character and formal presentations of the banners source relevance, neither were they reduced in vision to the si)e their personalities occupied but accredited the wondering verses of human te!ture into the aggregate pleasures of the generator of e!istence. 7!pressing their composure and connection with the infinite pleasures from the banner was to them an attempt to symboli)e the privilege of such enduring relationship, which could not be sketch out even on all the pages of humanitys commentaries and cementing appreciations.


They were in a class measurement only understood by insight to such supreme consciousness that out last the arrangements of civili)ation. They chose to understand and follow with all confidence, time, space, activities and inspiration from the ultimate source defined in the immortality of authority. They chose to select the best in humanitys quest to arrange preferences base on superiority and sympathy, not on recklessness neither on self abuse now trending as the amusement of inconceivable fantasies. 7mphatically, these two chose to simplify actions and perceptions within humanitys eagerness with the wagon of gentleness, e!cellence and pleasant blend. The gifts in them have recogni)ed their willingness to open up all passages of assimilation from the source benevolence, whose only e!pectation will come through as progression in comfortable reality. The choice was not driven by narrow agreement with the infinite presence, neither on personal e!planations, but came forth and easily through them because of the acceptance to see the brightness that comes from clean conscience. The rallying point is to appropriate the virtues in consent with the channels of loving build up others can attend to and then absorbed with the tools of common e!pressions. The tools that can be defined in ordinary, but dignified compartments when sold at the market place of valor and tolerance. However, the release boldness from the boy became the drifting keen to others, whose cyclic thoughts and presence became obviously shaped to the point where they were now participants to the banners specialty by credence and not to the carriers by subjections. The carriers were respected for the sacrifice to shouldering this enormous responsibility of pass on. Therefore, they were given the decoration of thankfulness and serving opportunities. They were trusted because the course to promulgate the definition and seemingly goodness for others to capture was not by resemblance venture, accepted and displayed by all.


The service to condense our identity to source e!cellence, knowing the bursting component that brings the glow only comes from the substance that bears the truth, which would rebound to distinguish the admirable motive of human development is not an e!ample followed by many. This means, the swing not recogni)ed by those who chooses to narrow self'identity and relevance through unspoken drawbacks. That is with such directories that are mainly informed by selective and reprehensible prospectus with the clear intentions to delete the importance of self'judgment with e!cuses into base absurdity. #n which way, those who are ignorantly led by their fickler eyes and weaved hands without contacts with their true belonging hearts and personality prowess will unforgettably live the mistakes of denial and unfulfilled illustrations in possessions. They would slant off through the space of relevance with the yardstick of self'deprivation and refusal to amendable assessments. /espite these polished insight from these two e!emplary characters on his sight, he still did not get it with what gracious nurturing they got were they are? 1ere they by sheer acceptance to the factual and or admiration to dignity1ere they on an agreement with honest dependable means and or the tapping into the reservoir of inestimable pleasurable deliveryThat is, how could this little boy specifically claim $Cod% in so personal manner as to eliminate the thought or suggestive connections of others with the same $living Cod%How could this little boy in time estimate of twelve years be so confident with his knowledge of Cod in a very personal mode that the response from others became terrifying assessment based on the aggressive leaning of this boys assurance to the heart call of the illimitable#n the first case, he asked himself, who is Cod#s there really Cod or what the human thesis call supernatural life form-


That is, with such categori)ations as #mmortal, *upreme, &elestial, 7ternal, Heavenly and as many descriptions as there might respectfully be. He then asked for the simple definition of Cod or the *upreme being or essence, if there is anyHe began to search within the directories of supreme thought process for the true definition of the qualified comple! of Cod with all summative relevance. He then raised his heart up to the theatrical of infinite knowledge for this definition and to what degree was it accurate. 2t this invitation, he got insight and came forth this definition. That is, Cod is the aggregate, supreme and infinite consciousness. This living, breeding, and honorable e!istence is not bound by the formations of human collections and arrangements because the sole character is to develop, arrange and manifest perfection. This life e!isting personification is far above tribulations and faulty attributes, because the very components of all things; material and unseen are under the regulation of this definitive authority. The inestimable purity, boundless knowledge and unstoppable abilities of this supreme personification is best understood even to the minute form in the human center by the quality compass of e!cellence and reverence Therefore, this presence of sovereign consciousness breeds life, goodness, greatness, clarity and splendor. This superior presence is visible in the hearts of humanity when accorded the dignified recognition of esteem. This favorable presence is non'negotiable with diabolism and or corruption, because of the standard of supremacy and forgiveness both at display with absolute supervision. This appropriate presence represents the source of cooperation these two are now sketching into the space of human contemplation. :urther, he reali)ed that this supreme presence is the aggregate consciousness of truth, peace, happiness and eternity. The birth of other values that rules the celestial and terrestrial realms are


derived from the perfection that reigns from this sovereign essence qualified as Cod. Therefore, creation is not mystery in the immortal; rather is just the dignified appropriation of activities in the aggregate eternal that reflects to humanity the necessity to remain orderly and thankful. These and many more ran through the mentality of this young fellow from enriching distance, but with little bald'faced capability to accumulate his situation to that level of equilibrium perceptive. He needed answers and desperately too. This is because, if there was any connection to the realm of the supernatural or celestial compartment, he was not going to close his invitation to taste of its coating. He was always taught by tutors of tangible commitments to respect avenues of vibrant additions and to classically open up the e!periments of good projections to legitimacy. Therefore, he thought to himself, if that is possible through the present score scheme from this stirring lad with the constituent from the banner; he suggested in refine agreement, that it would be worth learning. Then it occurred to him to possibly find out from the little child and his mother where the e!planation could be located on the channels of resourceful encoding. This is because; he has reali)ed the result or e!planation he now sought for could only be searched through by appropriate e!pectation and overture of joint conquest. Therefore, this mastery of dialogue and composure drew his understanding to see the future in cumulative radiance and not in contracted tentativeness. Cenerous proposition will not comfort the promiscuity of defection, and would not respect the unenthusiastic passage of illusions. This is because, the manner and basic constituent of generous proposition is that most of its sufficiency is pegged on vibrant adjustments and tailoring shield. #t is usually in the nerve to pursue those instances that widens the view of vision, actionable resource and reverberating promotions.


1ith these uplifting insights into generous arrangements, he then ventured to move, but thought to himself again; of what value is it in upsetting the euphoria of these two peculiar communities with their near degree of absolute connection to the realm humanity sought to relate herself with in satisfaction. The realm of e!trasensory steam rolling injected from the tailor of creative fulfillment, respected by the actions of ideal paragon in personality orientations. There is no drill or assignment for the absolute; it only comes from it he thought to himself. There is no lesson for objectivity only on concern. That is to say, objectivity is the ultimate instructor to rational impulse leading to aggrandi)e human internal supplement. =n the other hand, concerns could be on possibilities or slash initiatives, which are mostly taken care of by the determinants of an!iety, watchfulness and accountability. These factors could be used proficiently thereby giving us the best advantage over situations or one or two is abused, resulting in damaged focus and discouragement to mutually e!isting compartments. 1ith these relays came the pleasant picture of comfort proposals. 2mid the intention that they would always invent the competence of fundamental disposition against the primeval instances and then turned, into unfeigned renovated matters, engineered to reasonable strata, and stirred to begin in the mist of related but goodwill strategy. Therefore, the response was to highlight each hierarchy of demands according to their reverential imputs in human acceptable occurrence; and to either negotiate with supervisory increment or allow the course to determine the objective, while civilly revolt against the narrow upscale for composite ambiance into modifying itself, which would amount to carrying the awkward and swivel the content into the arrangements of self'e!perience. Then the thought further swell in his capitali)ation. That is, what was the possibility of gaining assurance from these folks if and when, he chooses to collect the meter of relevance base on estimable royal tabulation-


This is the tabulation that should be built on self thrust, discerning peculiarity and advanced broadness to good responsibility. This thought further arose in his competent build up. 1hen was he going to communicate tryout edition into the response of sustenance that would not withhold his projections to show signs of kindheartedness towards hope, towards e!cellence and finally toward the roads of receipt measured in favored composure and not e!ceptions to the first principle of upgrade. Dou only learn mostly from availabilities and not possibilities, he pondered. However, we mostly move or motivated and envision on possibilities and less on constraints. The independence to contact and connect our steps progressively would only speak in very loud admirable spaces, only when the twisted postulation not to engage the ne!t move should not be pegged on despondence. Aiteralists of actions and conscience would call this disappointment to liberating presumption. 7scapists would term it the preference of curable observance instead of incessant try out. However the case, he was not going to challenge the circumstance of perception, neither was there the stigma of light that always convey properties of success. Det, within the distant seconds, he knew something that others may not agree with respectfully. That is, possibilities create persistent options of substances, which can be described in suggestive demands or collective punctuality. The fact that this opportunity is there does not guarantee his learning would be conclusive, but may be projective on the assumed pattern of direct awareness. ossibilities and bargains are somewhat related by way of common accessory to wealth and suitability, though they pursue different goals and celebrations. ossibility strives to arrange factors on the shelves of openness and confidence, while bargain chooses to show more on the factors of pleasure.


ossibility is the benchmark for freshness and innovation, which e!presses the nature of optimism with the tool of foresight and contentment. Eargain is the intention already arranged to give both sides the fi!ed concept of the presence, though not necessarily with the tools of the future. Eargain is more of an arrangement, while possibility is more of e!pansive vision though with reali)able temper. *ometimes, they both could work together or one has to supercede the other depending on the direction of purpose. Therefore, all direct perceptions are called in by their level of observance to reproduce the concern that graces the birth of compulsive goals into personage crown. This materialistically, gives the pulse to the dynamic relief of meditated course. /ays and connections of nerves would only serve to arrange the protected interest in propositions of observance and eventful stimulations, not of regulated support. The challenge is not in the making of such classic collections of reward aimed by the set impression of purpose, neither on combinations of values, and they are never drawn from the source schemes of human disputations. The premises to track such probable interest to impressive marks are usually in entitlement of the will to stand in current bearings for superior spotlight. 2s he kept pondering, he kept drifting into fluctuating window of passiveness, though with strong anticipation for the future. +o. +o. +o. He recalled to himself. That venture is past. That trial impression is forgiven behind overdrawn lines. That specific arrangement has been driven behind the meters of decent appropriations. Therefore, they should not tear the personality of providence for the lesser past time e!hibitions. The main lesson from future connection and insistence, rather than past recognition is the pri)e it usually ascertains to those who wants to play the roles of living e!emplary champions.


This is not suggesting the cancelling of the valuables of the past; rather it is just the mission statement that strengthens us to hold onto provisions of growth and relevance. However, he reconnected again with his commend line to those two influential figures on sight, because of their unforgettable patience and fearlessness. 1hy were they in the same spot with other personalities moving past them, and the carelessness the child and his mother are handling their situation was clearly a question of relieve. &arelessness was not the price paid for lost purpose, but there they are especially from the little boy displaying an atmosphere of great glance through and courage for others to follow. The simplicity of their understanding to the $Cod% principles were mastered with such fineness that it only shot hope and love as brightening stars into the sky. 7ven the clouds were happy to receive these elements from these two into their veins. These are the veins that have the limitless colors of freshness and particles of favor. +onetheless, these two significant personalities looked fraught or e!pressed by the thought process in suggestions; relatively depressed but the buoyancy from the banner did not converse of their state of affairs. 1hat do they recogni)e and control within their veins that other physicals do not contemplateTheir uniqueness and strength was not on the pedestal in the volume of good aura that followed through the air walls around them, neither was it on the magnitude of the banners conte!t. However, it was on the capacity, which they allowed their hearts to e!ercise in benevolent substances delivered through the vitality released from the banner into the atmosphere they stood to live. They e!pended the pressures of humanity not on contemplation of values neither on competition rather to straightforwardness and humbleness in life. This is because they noticed steady growth shows up only when the bold step of respect and e!citement is carried'out through the radiance the banner was superiorly allowed to e!plain through them.


They reali)ed that lifes contention is in responsiveness to forge ahead even with gruesome delays. The push measures and heightens the substance, the substance streamlines the goal and the goal is the manifestation of the vision and victory. They saw light from the sun as friendly inspiration that allowed them with others, who are unswerving to impartiality in legitimacy to recogni)e their gifts and use the opportunity to promote their piece in peace into the realm of substantiations in the universal converge of accommodation and applicable control. They connected to the factors of creation in such seamless pattern curved out not only by their determinations, rather added to that through the suitable commitment to strengthen the letters spelt out on the banner to become clearer and instructional for the throng of their peculiar and universal environment to absorb with sugary penchant. The selling entrance and or patronage to their commitment was the round bit result it created without displaying the component of carriage projections. The true learning curve arose when they ignited the light rays from the sun to direct the sight of others to the message on the banner and not to themselves. They knew and were composed that e!pressing more of themselves reduces the sunray on their paths, but each moment the ray brightens up on the banner, there is always celebrations around them; the celebration of impact, of merciful process and restorative content in their first'rated symbolism, because the definition from the banner is the source to the nature of the sunray. This admission drew happiness and appreciation to their position, such that belief in impulsive gestures could not withstand genuine groundwork of e!pectation. The composite matters of e!istence were happy to know there are and would be curriculums that gather visions into the shelf of optimism, constantly weighed on mobili)e function in the durable navigation proposed by timing. They knew the walk was not the proposal, neither was there any casting in the mode settled by their tired e!pressions. The muscles


to forge on were called in when the momentum became the object setting, which did not cleave to trivial communication schemes. Hence, inspiration from the banner was now giving birth to other banners as it grew in the rational and structured imprints of witnesses. The progress to other destinations were captured by the glare of constructive responsiveness because other competitors who were first spectators were now mediating liberty from their banner with intensity in the most common easy. 3elativity of substance and not abstract became a passing knowledge for all adjustments thrown in by admissible instances. This became the curling determinants that stand uniquely generous to her spectators, whose self'assurance usually derives its disparities and force from dynamics drawn in reali)able e!plorations. =pen'minded quest to winning streaks became a subject of essence and calculation, which led the direction that gave the course of possession its focus. The hope of good tomorrow became e!alted with the compass of compassion, liberty and forgiveness, and not necessarily with the idioms of logical claims built on mistrust and maliciousness. The potential of derivable design is base on good study of peculiarities and its attendant doorway to balance. These are the lessons humanity has given through those two folks to display, he remembered +otwithstanding, he stuck to the strength in his heart, which was the only commodity sold in his rational processing and was the hope he could conceive or rely on as venture instinctive competence. He then move forward and left the child and mother to carry on with their usefulness to humanitys craving for good answers. This conclusion came because, he now reali)e that we all have our different tasks and personality frames and inspiration. The real issue that struck and woke up with his observance from those two credible folks was to timely search and prop for the e!posure of his gifts with the thoroughness of discipline and unstoppable drive.


/iscipline in self or internally is not an illusion, it is promoted by e!ercise. #t grows as we continue to cut down the e!cesses of convenience for the true commitment to e!cellence and productivity to prevail. /iscipline is not an option, but the privilege each and everyone have to accept, make and commit our energies on for true success to manifest. #t is not how often we say or imagine it. #t is on how often we stay focused even in the face of fearsome beating. =ur different contributions are limitless when we choose to e!press the )eal to lean and learn more from the functions of creation only distributed by the recognition of perfection. They may and there are always questions of mark or sincerity to victory signs, but the true testament is to allow our usefulness to direct the possibilities of responsible debates within the conte!t of viable inventions. The innovative veins should always be alive into formal and informed level of impressions. That means to always, move on admissible accord that spell out the best in us notwithstanding the narrow periods of oppressive tendencies. 2gain, back to the bitter pills of the reality of his situation, he landed at his foreseeable destination with the near $criminal% carriage for him to live most part of his gasp at the ebb of bust and absorbing society, where he rarely saw the brightness of humane competition. However, he stayed in the murky search for support within his manual style, and methodically meandering through humanity fruitfulness, which has e!emplify the narration of his collective attributes to near combustion. *ituations were cruel and facts were very far'off from its certainty. Trust for success was no longer a friendly choice as it became near e!tinct associate to the bitter medication learnt in hard demanding demonstration, only with the motivation to endure day to day as the list of items. The diagrams were making self'indicating assertions with no consideration to adjust its cherish values pressed on by sureness.


2s a result, impunity from dejected reasoning is the illustration not to gravitate towards discomfort. #t is suppose to characteri)e the objective of determined pursuit. #t is suited to be managed and created to follow the best e!amples to tested visionary points. This was linked to his bargain from the beginning. Here again, he reflected what could he do, or has not done right&ircumstance and other human characters were taking laughing stock at him and every passing moment became constant reminder of revolving desolation. This was shattering and gave no concession for splendid maneuver. The curve was steep to one demeaning direction, which could reduce his comple! to the minimal denominator that cannot be searched with the sharpest beam of laser in ratio e!istence. He rejected this present thought passage, while tapping from the confidence the little boys banner sold to humanitys reali)ation. 2greed or not, hope was a tangible substance that needs a cooling residence in every soul, and would accommodate and work with this vitality, he summed. He was not prepared for these negative pressures, most especially the more he reali)ed these were the options circumstance shows around his daily affiliations, which were totally different from the articles that define his internal, durable, functional living e!pression and forebode from the endless formation. 1hat a fledging resource tied to persistent conspiracy, he concluded as he began to walk towards himself again. They have to give way and surely would, to the power of creation commonly seen and played out in the eyes in his heart?the vision of assurance, which is the core )eal to life determinant and victory. Those two personalities have changed his view to the )est in humanitys agenda for enviable promises brought about by true involvement; and he wondered if he would be asked someday the same question by the class of distinguish partners who are into e!cellent ventures for tomorrows brightest beginning. This attestation was the carry on badge he would come to wear into the welcoming process of invested time and schedule for


meaningful transportation into his probable physical broaden formation. The new location he is now destined to vie into with good impulsion. The new destination he must attempt to relate with and contribute meaningfully to the e!pectation of the infinite goodwill pasture, he concluded. Hope ought to grow hugely in the human heart and should be humbly shared with others or else, it will search for itself the tendencies of those composite vessels of distinction. 1hat a call1hat a temptation to fact1hat a goodness to plunge withHe kept these in his heart as he made steps one at a time to the ne!t higher influence. Aife is good he heard convincingly in the veins of his vision. Aife is beautiful without sourness only when we see and attend with the brightness of true peace and liberty. Aife is treasure when we tool her timing into the diagram of quality responsiveness and self authority on the human inner boundaries. That is the discipline of value and higher orientation. Aife is superior when we accommodate the best in ourselves and others with the willing heart of sincerity and happiness, and not of wickedness neither on jealousy or disrespect. The ultimate respect to life is to e!alt the facilities in the human center for decency, control and good increase. These kinds are the best ingredients in the human center for healthier living and triumph as he then headed to the ne!t level of capitali)ation. Fustice to his true values and vision would henceforth be answered with the force of love and respect?he summed.


Article III Dimensions of the imaginative

&ontentedly, he then took visible steps and moved with the bearing of skillful progression into the new broaden formation. 7qually, the transition was a long grill with other contacts related to dissemble their formations into concerted e!periments and formative interests. These proportions were assumed in coherent concern visited by the agreement locked up in joint crossing. #t was the opportunity of fruitful e!cursion to view reality of performance with governing ideals ingested to safeguard the pass mark of clean voyage to freshen definiteness. This outlay now taken was turbulent in review, but stead in scale. The outcome is to correct the alignment of thoughts and actions with the tool of unselfishness and congenial thrust.


However, the issue at play should be collected, arranged and rectified with such taste that calls our toughness the relevant meter of believable newness and encouragement, not inferior impediment concealed within slumbering attention. Therefore, the appeal to the suggestions of strength of the mind, found on heartiness, refused to be drawn into unfounded reactions that initially called his ventures defeats and directionless. 3ather, his determination is now challenging and controlling those negatives by positive undertakings and earnest supervision. Hence, the provision of contemporary posit in calculative programs of momentous courses, dilemmas and goals are now been shaped into responsibility of virtues and maintained by the streak of good temperament. #n this instance, shorten within solid dispensation, and quantified in the sketch spheres of transmittal improvements are now the associated gifts practiced and imitated to valuable supposition. These were the sustenance not in acceptance by more in conclusive decomposition, instead of revitali)ation of pursuits ingrain with e!citement. /ecisiveness was just one goal with incurable denial to wanton e!cuse, but is into thoughts and activities with prolific projections. The trench to always deny self by withdrawal from factual esteem is the comportment of transmits interest vested with the contention of chosen frantic mentality. This has no string to promotion; neither can it assist in forging conscientious missions. 3ight on the opposite is the curve in the rhythm of chances and constructions, which would never restore the footage of dispatched impressions. However, it would lighten the prospect resolute and summations when dealt with optimistic vibe. The needed characteristics in translation where the commotion in senses are there to provide sighted interest, ingested with transparent strength in the vision for good result. These were the subject records when adaptation and accountability were the instrumentalities that negotiated the decision of his relocation.


*uch decisive acceleration was entrusted in tale request and derivatives in course ambit. +evertheless, from the pocket look out with his distance from the pragmatic social order, reservations initiated on uncertainties became moving substance in his circulation and disappointing lines now again began to draw routes on his corporeal portrait. The reason for this was that each new decision taken carries with it, its new learning and adaptive issues. These usually require quick adoption and strategy to feel their full proportion. +ow in the new cultivation of temperate, foreground and relative societal spread. The lingering debate was not the trappings fetched when the urge for redirection was stimulated in orderly mainstay in his wake up visuali)ation. This resulted in questions and confusing interpretations within his heart, whether he did the e!act object with the decision, he took to step out. :or the first time in his living permission on earthly attune visage, filled with contradictory proceedings, alternating with gaggling stripes on superficial discount. He is nakedly put in order with the engaging truth of his resolution in keen prevailing state of inclination. The bridge between his reflective process and assurance was a profound reali)ation capture. This is the curative movements in the boiling temper, within the compilation processes in mental and physical strides, which always releases messages of harmony in our conquest with engaging recreations. That is, to reflect only within himself could fetch his desires but might not necessarily satisfy his total focus and relate the best to humanity derived from aggregate e!cellence. That means, this could quantify his toughness but might not reflect his heart touch. #t could relay his tempo, but not the fire. He reali)ed his corrective and unruffled focus is vital to counter the aggressive objects against his desired goal for steps forward. He decided to challenge the vision of this divergence with the fusion of different consignments in human e!citement based on common advance shine.


This was the right path to follow, but again to connect with others on this adventurous persuasion was even changeable than the climatic estimate can give in its fractional modesty. &ommunity has neglected his invitation because he was a non' factor in the arrangements of set priorities. He was a displaced dynamic with less amenities to suggest any workable notice. He was staving on sight membrane, psychologically dispossessed on guarded deliberations and constantly reminded on fought through digressions. Here was communitys continuous application for service to one in all, in promoting the value of relieving subsistence, and receiving the best appreciations for her course. Here was community been awarded the authori)ed recognition of motivation at the deliberate neglect of is hands held up, screaming for attention, screaming to contribute in constructing the future to decent display of civili)ed ideals. He recogni)ed the only conduct of winning notice is not to question without striving, not to fold without operational de!terities. +evertheless, to create the optimistic outline, and to determine credible results, would require the good attention within and to others to appreciate personalities with the assemblage of paramount deftness. He recogni)ed the reality to take the street, as a good partner was the chance and not bystander waiting for things to come. He knew he had to fight through the pressures of accumulation in distinctive vigor accommodated in his nerve not to withdraw. +o one is going to e!emplify this to him and community would always wait to sight such tendencies before calling on affiliation for service. He reali)ed that recognition is not served, it is not given rather has to be crave and tutored into the personality of goodwill, then it e!poses the content of mastery into the floating objective, out in available commerciality. &ontinuity in advance pursuit is another way of saying yes to prudence and no to back peddling. That is, another emphasis spelt


out in colorful clarifications base on forthrightness, balance, insight and not crudeness and malice. Therefore, while tailoring on this path, he received a call from within his heart to become friendly once again with himself base on honesty and that the true picture and path to follow would be thoroughly addressed to him. This new call was very relieving with plain composure as the available tool of transmission. +ow, the concern became that of preference because his mental ranking has been so battered that to share with him the confidence in taking a valid decision was like the bo! of wood thrown into the open sea to steam the fireplace. The soul pressing inquiry was how could he accept his own verdict of eminence, which has not prevailed over other circumstance requiring enabling stability. That is, he was not certain if the message of direction he was now receiving was either right or wrong, because he has lost that cornerstone of good assessment, but not the fiber of sensitivity neither of quality thought pointers. This situation of loss to vital assessment was a painful recollection to keep, because the ability to sustain all future posits would require the confidence of rational, fundamental affirmation to regularity of good sense. However, the spirit of goodwill and truth were steams that built his internal filament. He knew and held firmly to these and would not compromise them for anything. This is because, he reali)ed that applicable strength is built on these values and the light through the tunnel would reflect success, when these values are synchroni)ed thoroughly within his future direction. These are the ingredients most societal personas have shown are not the assignment they would welcome and e!periment within any harmonious initiative. These are programs that deal on elevation and transparency, which todays trending or e!pressions abhor with all nerve of mobili)ed abuse and smear. The passages of these thoughts are long in setting, waiting to rein in the measurement that patterns themselves to assemble decision


with vibrancy. These kinds of thoughts are broad, and the choices are visible into lots of questionings, but again, the upshots are squee)e out pu))les. That is like the decimal unit in arithmetic or statistical progression that tabulates itself into focus of relative equations and output, instead of arranging series of power. That is the calculations that draw parallels of projections into curving sentiments in the derived levels of theme, instead of stable numbering. The resolution that calls on issues with pass marks for moving numbers by inclusive awareness into congenital balance. He recall to himself with liveliness and e!haustion at the same time with that silent tone of encouragement in his heart. 1as this e!pression from the same source that initially urged him to change his environmentHe asked himself temptingly. He thought bluntly, if this was the same source that challenged his times of yore limitations in e!change for new relocation and resolve1as the source perfect with good judgment to recogni)e his circumstance, when he was first urge to move to fresh manifestation of human capabilities1here would this ne!t step lead to, if he is to follow the present heart motivationTo this new spur, he was not ready for any pitfall within his new habitual succession, and would prefer to be conventional with his present situation by not adding more reasons of irresponsibility borne from mere illustrative capitulation. These and many skittish questions kept playing hypo games in his compassion for energetic declaration. /espite this variance of thoughts, one concern was very apparent in his calculation. That is to take no decision or action at all was not the true entity connected within his internal continuum. +onetheless, he reasoned like this; steps are not necessary when they draw progressive meanings to e!press sliding discrepancies tailored in rumple platform and rendered by despicable traits.


He was bewildered as to what to do and the leaning to value the pose invited by common selection in displaying the best reservations for intact. His endurance became tested with these series of disintegration to monitor e!perience on trial principle. To most people, the response to patience as an elastic article of intercreative trademark especially comes when the nerve of punctuality is aggressed every now and then with such delinquent options as our dear friend has been made to accept. 1ith this very deepening a!is came to the fore when he swiftly reali)ed that people and circumstance world over are the same. However, it is just the attitude or approach to life sympathies and climatic conditions that separates us. This means, it the level of our e!posures and utility to information concerning the universal agreement and interest that separates the willing hearts of success from others personalities. #n other words, the differences of the human qualities are spelt in values that draw lines base on thoughts, attention and our unique awareness to our specific responsibilities, and not on color, location or racial bearings. The mistake to rationali)e humanitys convenience on lines of suspicions and relative insult, and not to the big and binding nerve that holds us as one cannot be shattered on inconsequential suppositions sponsored by malice to bigheartedness. *ome would term these as idealistic pressures to grading humanity values base on bookish parity and not on sufficient material indications. That supposition is not true, because it leads to the thought process that wants to initiate discussions on roles and intense variety, only with the firm commitment to raise the bar of inequality and stagnant traits in varying performance. Therefore, back on course to his situation, this new rational classification brought his total meaning to near crumble, because the re'modification and adaptation of his imaginativeness into his newfound environment with such delicate assumptions became more than a struggle for rationality, for identity, and most


disheartening for his position of contact with the relative arrangements, which society generally supports. #t became the preference to either live with the clear motive of pressed fulfillment or forever be forgotten from the daily record of human references. This thought construction is narrow to those with foul intentions. #t was not on sight to others and was always abused either on calculative beckon, otherwise out of record with such invent to the summary of rational acquisitions. The vehicle of principled variety is no longer determined by projections and standard analysis, rather are now e!pressed by most as the pursuit of repulsive output of human liberties. However, to change this tone to the positive in the human center, we must accommodate and e!press attributes of enlightenment and modesty. This resort is what compels courage to connect with e!istence in such coordinating collection, with the unstoppable propensity for charismatic responsibility and superior rhythm 7!istence would not fail his desire and has always provided the course of abundance, which humanity has sought to e!plain in her colorful tendencies based on broad search and not on substandard deviations. 2s a result, inventive vision creates e!istence and goals with the navigational muscle to sketch tomorrows tenable tendencies built on fundamentals given to us by such phenomenal e!posures to our respective duties. *wimming thoughts and the combinations for distinction, which were his success marks, were now very e!pansive on disengagements with no clue of ascertaining when the beginning would make the first move and become. These positive thoughts woven together with uncertainties themselves became liberating forms for him to ride on such e!cuses of his current actions and to comfortably settle his attention to the $promise of limitations,% which directly reduced his )eal to stabili)e non'selectable setting.


This means, they turned themselves into a dose of reality by suggesting in his focus to choose the options of check'closed functionality to most of his situations. +otwithstanding, his conscience was operating in another frequency different from the circumstance around him. His conviction was dented but was much more alive within do dare his situation with their near closed opportunities. He was not seeing e!pectations in his heart but could relate with its process. He was not connected to the goodwill of this new society, but knew within that society may fail without him. Therefore, he was broken beyond recognition but had to carry on with the good tool of perseverance, because he could not allow his conscience to be sold to myth of failure. 2t this interval, the cheap comfort that came to his mind was the picture that more people are in this kind of situation and they careless, why then must he be different or try to stimulate his process to act otherwise. This present comfort dispatch was easy to accept but intentionally suicidal to his vertical ideality. This deceptive comfort was not aggregating his positive conceptions; neither was it strength'given but carved an escape route to disillusion. <ost bitterly and repeatedly, his thought kept playing the past and blame game on him, which to a great degree did not allow his liberty to reason right, neither blossom to light. The questions of the past and the alternatives rejected became his identity. This identity was lost, but just did not let him go. This lost identity has no relevance and should be destroyed with the healthiness of merit and carriage of good promotion. This should be denied access into inventive distributions. Therefore, he tried to touch his skin to ascertain if there is any sensation to relay to him that he is who he is and that whatever he is passing through is not imagery, but real. 7ven the distance from his thought to the skin was a frightening reali)ation.


The feel from his skin did not help his thought, because the reaction he got was not just feeling of assurance to humane tangibles but sounded like screeching halt of moving trains. The content pressures of his situation now visibly shook him into huddling demonstrations. He was not just alone in disagreement, but was all the lone in recreation. Guestions kept asking themselves questions in startling manner and then creeping into deep process with no acquiescence of favor. His stray from reality started creating doubts that judge the assignment to responsibility or commitment with the receipt of apathy. The suggestions of matching substances with corrective strides were now transmitted in disputable measures and pestering digressions. The pursuit to address issues with constant determination was now thrown into battering matrices. The journeys to start testing the viabilities of de!tral influences were now disturbed in the sense of half'heartedness. &olors were now in motions in his optical illusion, such that the letters that relayed the promotion of bolstering rationale had to submit to the willingness to cancel appropriateness instead of basic agreement to challenges. The fight has taken a new magnitude, which has led his sight not to know the direction he was heading, but moving with the receiving navigation in the straightforward reflection of the substances that allow his visionary e!position to bouquet the access of positive consent. #t was no longer an attempt in search through queries of projections because; they became the articulate mission to visit any thin hold on the ray from the sun or the drops of water from the sky. #t has become necessary and perceive component in the quest to return the forgiveness of self in an affordable arrangement of cheerful fortification. He no longer knew the mistakes of humanitys adventure, but has now cornered the sentiments of distance that would help to nullify the fond rendering and acceptance he once embraced.


Here, he demanded the consolidations of human congestion in the gag reminiscence. He withdrew into the inner acknowledgment of impact and embrace with the compassionate attentiveness to teach coming generations that artistry tryout is the prospectus for constructive influence and not the subject of assumption. This constant discourse within mental values would always mirror the identical emblem of superlative inclination to recount in vivid permit the generosity of the clean heart, which would not accommodate prudential perple!ities without due references to openness and impartiality. These centers of concurrence became the hallmark of targeted judgment is his mental summation. Thus, they became the battlefield where strength and purpose have been pushed to that level of questionable instabilities, in his familiar understanding to engage component instances in reliable obsessions. That means the singular graduation to aim for distinction in the face of deplorable weaknesses. The channels of promises sustained in gratification and contentment within our special e!ploit, which others may respect out of unfeigned desire for goodness and positive outcome, while some would distill with clear tone for spite, then employed to the degree of inferior balance. 1hatever the case maybe, the main answer is on the connection to moderate perceptibility clamor, without e!tensive self'retention on devalue gallantry. The assistance to probable relationship within the augmentation strategy in his built up frame only suggested the clear message to just keep on pushing and pushing onward with the pace of stable agitation, because the vehicle of progress would always come to notice at the will of those who suggested and acted on the path of conquest and not necessarily on rationali)ation. The protection to return to success would always address itself in the mist of ine!plicable combination base on ingenuity. Today and tomorrow are separate by the delight that e!presses persuasions and transport such into the practice of barriers demolition.


The choice and companion of progressive consistency in life is to ask the question of dreams and fulfillment in a very regal sense and not to follow the projections of discriminating developments. The keystone of hope to quality developments is on the determination to foretell and work out the promise in us steadily with all conscientiousness, and not to subject our vision to the relocation sustained in the pursuit others have declared hollow. This is the commitment or capacity if you like, to wake up to the alignment drawn for each to magnify the possibilities and not ha)e in the human nerve substances. /espite the odds and the institutional directions that materiali)e their positions on acceptable legalities, the e!cellence in all values spread on virtues would always give the power on issues and directed opulence. Hence, fortitude, strength of character or boldness by themselves becomes the benchmark for successful balance, where the inherent factors are tangible to project answers and profitable directions. These are trimmed on e!cesses with essential endowment to invigorate the lofty appeal in the magnetism to noteworthy intuitions. This is the journey maintained with impugn characteri)ation of intention directed in course to self'gravitational resistance against breakdown. Aife is ever friendly to all because the chances to spread ones influence is not determined only by the amount of efforts but on the allowance time gives us to e!plain our affinity with perfection in comfortable pace curved though in breakable positions, which we must always amend into fruitfulness. Aife is very happy when we insist to arrange our scores and preferences on certainty and responsibility and not on defamation of purpose. &onsequently, this mi!ing of time substance as an agent of wholehearted promotions mostly, would suggest to the new passion in conductive victory to resolve its test work in the primary set standard, rather than e!posing the demand for short listed incursions.


=ur persistent records in dealing with the space of grading valid opportunities on keen e!pectations has captivated research patronage into programmed fraction, but to sell such factors to the open that gives instances the options to withstand the rule of hesitant progress. Therefore, the real intention might be colored but not misplaced when we follow the internal stimulation of magnanimity and trust. 2chievable opportunities would only answer knocks that comes with desperation, luminosity and )eal. That is, these relays and interchanging rapidity in manners that suggests robustness borne in eminent composure. #n plain 7nglish, this is the instill formation of distinctive steps quantified in human strides for conscientious destinations. This is for the reason that proven goals settings, are spelt in optimal quality composures that arrive in human worthy rhythms at the premise of connecting our liberties and values in tune with ascendancy, through to developmental fairness. 2ll chances to condition result of humanity on the level of reciprocal chasm, whether progressively stimulated or verified by equitable illumination would transform those awakening institutions of e!ploration in human nerves into the culture of civil enlightening. 7!pressly, opportunities of viable applications normally spell their principles based on friendly remote authentication with clear and such coherent understanding. That is with messages to inculcate discussions on future illustrations from innovative territories. They thrive on sound insight and decisiveness. *trictly speaking, hurdling into the space of dominant option with all consideration to resist the recklessness of back peddling; this has thrown the scale of human questioning for rational and evolving challenge, into the sphere of joint e!act calculations. roportionately, observance of yardsticks in racial equilibrium should be compared with e!clusive skillfulness introduced by mechanism of joint responsibility to enlarge respectable self' determination resulting from clean affiliation and compassion, and


not on perple!ing lower e!pressive motives, idioms and movements. Ey way of e!planation, racial equality is a heart substance with good validity, respect and progress to all. #t is only reduced by the mindset that pictures and narrows the average human conte!t on faint'heartedness, hatred and unreliability. These composures in some are arrived at because of the disbelief and low estimation of the inner content, which then relays into the human senses the fears and la!ity not to appropriate respect and accommodation to others, even with the differences of e!posure already been outlined. That is to say, the eyes of every human are equal, the hearts equal and assuredly, the characteri)ation equal. However, true human difference is mainly on the level of awareness used adequately to e!press dimensional openness and cleanness. #n this arena, it is not the amount or si)e, differences and other variables that determine the access to true liberty and equality. #t is the tools used by those who understand the value of humanity by promoting the level of oneness and awareness with such simplicity of truth and reliable e!pectations. 2ccordingly, it would be right to suggest that true liberty in racial balance is best equated when the challenges to overcome disgust is taken up from disadvantage to premium with the mindset of admiration and levelheaded approach. #t should not accommodate constricted suggestions derived from feign choices. #t should welcome, but not to allow the forces of deceits and fear to rule the arrangements for human privilege and assurance or access to legitimacy of the truth. Therefore, to regulate the valve of consistent relevance, one must furnish the result in odds ploughed by numbered vitalities. *uch that, those who chose to follow, would relate to these options with clear mainstay in their linked ligament and salute quotient. That is, with twinkle or gamble healed by the unilateral base to forge on.


1ith this at the back of the mind, it would be in place to jump shot into the relevance of courteous e!pressions. Hence, idealistic communication of set priorities were not the products of search illustrations in humanitys compass or proportion, neither were they the ingredients or e!change of similarities and differences of endeavors to secure and warmth roads of cheers. +evertheless, valid communication in this instance would become a product of human desire and standard of courage after it had mastered and structured the joggling of relative wavering to the better place of eminence. *ome would choose to wait, while others will choose to walk in tall circulative beauties and e!emplified by forceful sight on goals capture. 3espectively, nullity in not going along with any jittery attraction has called his hustle an adorable advocate attained only with bolstering gratitude to humane evaluations. *ufficiently, these evaluation would bring inscribe notices to us on the path to follow or not, which would factor these possibilities of quality belief in consistency built on trust. These then would be and carried on by creditable strides with the result for broad $sunlit kind% release for our craving to e!quisite consummation. #n these instances, persistent pressures on bravery adventures with thorough thought formulations would charge the demand within self to sell what can produce firm structures into favorable testaments. These again would tend towards such results within by the volatility of articulate filter that each absorbing point tends to display at the e!cuse of isolated modifications. This and more were not accelerated into his comprehensive cultivations by mere chance, but motivated the likelihood of projecting truthful content into higher stands in the immediate environment he is rooted to absorb. To wit, decision makes the path of material observance and creates the distinction from day to day obligations; whether to agree or engage in sanctified good.


There are times when decisions would require its tendencies guided without apologetic and abbreviating markdown. This is where the responsibility to remake such evaluations would center on conscientious and laborious e!ercises that call self'backing cancel consideration and neither into suggestive backward looking. The greatest threat to the decision to move onward with our endowed gifts is to stretch our vision base on inner portraits that mostly reflect activities of pettiness and pride, instead of goodness and to e!pand further, into politeness of togetherness. Therefore, the kind of decision for humanity to move forward consist of the internal position to connect the strong with the weak with the clear intention to give the best for both to assimilate and appreciate the beauty of orderliness and integrity. This is because the light and purpose this e!poses, e!presses or transmits are the true values of the human comfort and significance. #t is in common place to state that decision that tends to destroy others is short lived and its e!pectations are narrow and painfully geared towards downgrade. #n very succulent admission, it would be adequate to state that good time usefulness to objective goals and challenging circumstance have common parentage and support system, because they represent the true culture of admissibility and purposeful grit. They always call on those who can search and stand the power of break through within the forceful arrangements of staking capacity. These kinds of sweltering mechanism are valued based on reasonable e!pectations and pleasant commitments. 2s he kept filtering through these summaries, the depiction of his circumstance became more desperate not to accept, which needed urgent touch from his firm adjustment. He needs to take control of the circumstance, he kept saying to himself with the vigor of attachment to superiority. /espite these hard hits; that is projecting and depressing occurrence, one entry was very valid and would be maintained with high test of inner support?victory, he concluded within himself.


*pecifically, he has chosen to lighten up in the mode of positive reflections and pursuit of accurate demonstrations. 2lthough, his scale to arrange impressions within applicable prudence has been thoroughly abused and placed in quotation marks. +evertheless, he knew even with his troubling situation, for the reason that he has somehow lost the good feelings of contact and spectacle. 2dded to the above summation, these pressures were not only tangibly hostile, but they were like drones in suffocating semblance, which he has reali)ed with the vigor within his veins never to allow them to draw the filament for his future vision and settlement. #n one way or another, he still felt confident of the impulse in his blood stream not to give in and to take down these confrontations with good impressions and stability of purpose. This repeatedly was reaffirming his course for good substantiation and nurturing. These circumstances even as he recollects, have their own names, structures and purpose. Ee that as they may, they were not his birthright; neither were they the signatures he would come to understand, accept and possibly live with as framed te!ture or reality in his innate being. This is because, he has recogni)ed and learned to cultivate towards that fine line of fulfillment, which is drawn only from the beginning with creation in the capacity of aggregate eminence and illimitable comfort. This is the source of true happiness and wholeness. *uddenly, he got connected back in mental mission to the little boy and mother, and now reali)es suitably their meaning and source of confidence flanked by recognition and service. That is, our daily or living endeavor is the introductory liberty to our resourceful gifts; only define and attain when we compel our significance on vertical assessment with the standard of e!cellence. 2lthough, these gifts should attain hori)ontal spread with the standard of courteousness. 1e have no competition with others human personalities only on similarities of curiosity and possibly e!tended time of connivance.


Dour path is your path, your goal is your goal, your strength is your strength and not the choice of alteration received from others. #t can only form its reasonable recognition with the focus to e!plain the benefits of purpose and responsiveness only achieve from love to others for their appreciation. 1hatever we do, to satisfy only the unconstructive attitude of self is condense personality trait and, this down grades enjoyable privilege of purpose and high'quality admiration. *ilently, happiness brews up at the tone of this comforting disclosure. However, with this calming reflection also was the acknowledgement that summed up and asked how he got to this intensity and frightening relationship of stupor or bewilderedness within the formidable fantasy of his te!t comportment for decent insertion. Hold it, he screamed in his heart with such a span of caution and response. 1here to start from or go from was no longer about convenience, but became the only substance he could access his ideas with, whether they e!isted, and to what degree sustainable. *ome would take the ne!t step with calculated decision base on sharp conviction; while others would leap with the hope to find the reason for their action as they peddle along. 1hichever he sorts to associate himself with, he was still lost in the swamp of accomplish prospectus. This can be framed in other sense to mean disintegrated character and goals borne out of lost or less intuition on his path to relative success. That is then measured from personal drive to e!cel in service to the supreme consciousness and studiously handed out to humanity highest cheerful needs. These essentials require peace within happiness, fulfillment within purpose and liberty within responsibility, which necessarily are from the essence of infinity.


#n appropriate addition when studiously ignited. That is the demand to invite all to the best formation of dignity, wealth and kindliness. These engaging circuits could not be e!plained profoundly into the average human center by leisure attempts neither were they capable of been shared by simple observance. This is because; they constitute the very deep clause sets within every human course, which only needs individual strength and clear navigational aptitude. #n very simple terms, it is personal commitment to competence and courtesy. The distribution of these necessities were not what gave him cause for concern, but the mere fact that the downgrade of any could endanger his composure into debatable measure gave issues of relevance the imagery of slight. That is, the hinge in human success is to never level eminence with factors of misgivings and futile conveniences. The build up must take position of thrust and discipline in measuring the tables of plan. 1e should not repeat and respect those qualities that welcomes inept, rather we should arrange the paragraphs of operative hospitality and fascination, which would absorb deficiencies and turn them to principles of numbering pass marks. He thought, got connected, looked and saw little children, the young, able, the elderly and everyone clearly taking decisive steps of accomplishment. *uch steps that are so personal and persistently geared to self focus and walking confidently with this characteri)ation with no modified terms to others. 1hat this means is that most personalities are now built on narrow increments and not on humanities benevolence. This depressive attention has thrown the walk way into the pitiable e!cursion of accomplishments, which is subjective on imitations However, credit must be given to these with prevailing composures. That is the credit of taking concerted efforts on self.


<aybe there is something to learn from this attitude, he pondered simplistically. 2t this juncture, he reflected as such; who must have convinced them with these gifts to give prominence to triumph with such clarityThat is even where the clarity is built on assumptions of facts and limitation of relevance, though with steadiness to purpose. That means with such cleanness of trust. How did they arrive at the great center of human conquestHis heart race was simple, his heart sight was clear, his heart values were cogent, his heart )eal was forthright and his heart seat was well established on fairness and indomitable clause. However, there is the issue he could not resolve with these awesome qualities. Triumph?he asked himself. #s this a question or quest#s this a program or process#s this a determination or transmission#s this a direction or power>ery directly, he quarried within, is this a fight or call- =r just both fussed into one by the application of sensibility. 1hat are the temperament and institutional regimen does one have to follow or mediate on to corner this successful element into ones abode or consistent evaluations and accelerate groundsThat is the evaluations of applicable foresight and growth. This was another question that needed quality response and how and where was he going to get this was another challenge in his vision for change. 1hat variables are used by those who have found the softness of triumph and have constructively kept its features close to themselves=ther quarries kept rolling in smothering manner. 1as this a test or contemplationThat is triumph as the presence of victory or gain. 1as this an issue of awareness or that of persistency1hy was he not in the class of that human triumph-


1hat were they doing, which is obvious that he is not doing2t this relentless point, he somehow got the sketch and answer to his dilemma. 7ncapsulate in one quick sentence, it means growth in immensity with e!cellence. This means, the growth to broadness, stability and openness. He obviously has recogni)ed the problems and solutions to his course, but his deep'seated purposefulness could not merge these into one family of fulfilled acclaim. The search to brightly color each path of perception in our daily acknowledgment and concise definitions has and would show the manner that spells good acceptance into distributive necessities. The contributive consolidation to relate in the sphere of joint regularity would e!pose any contemplation not to measure principles with controversies. This simply means that we should not necessarily drive our essence on controversies; rather they should be on substances that reinvigorate the best in human valuations and thorough hard work. Hence, going on this new stretch of happiness has called the inquisition of enlightenment into non'limitation. That means, into the relief of forwardness, readiness and cleverness. Therefore, these would test such fairness that nobility in heart is a good virtue, which imperatively will sustain or yield the course of tenacity with plain articulation and esteem demonstrations. +ot all standard values will connive with issues that consistently play itself in self'denial without thoughtful defenses on satisfaction. 3ecords of accomplished endeavors have shown themselves to represent those who sought to fight through dialogues and distances with fierce disregard to weaknesses or odds caused by dilemma of vigor. This means, authentic results are the celebrations of conscience and commitment, not necessarily on schedules of associations. They are the celebrations of positive adventures against negative illusions.


#n deeper understanding, this means cutting through delusion with the sword of victory and charm of humility. #n this regard, fulfilled in us is the score to uplift self'control to the destination of successful fondness. This comes easily when the apparatus for success are tailored to reveal charity, honesty and liberty. 2ny end result deviation from these staples of humane transparency and virtuous freedom is falter verses, though now coined as success by most, which squarely and unknowingly is another form of naked slavery to self that actually leads to detrimental magnitude. The most alarming issues with this form of absorption and display is that it is played out with the highest level of unseen manipulation pegged on deceit and failed assumptions. Therefore, its availability is made cheap for most to attain with the simple message of satisfaction, though diluted and misplaces the human center from the vitality of true liberty. That is, the assault by the framers of backwardness against humanitys sincerity is replaced with the programs of deflections and narrow'mindedness. The course of this displacement would continue until the recognition to genuineness borne out of unfeigned pureness is accommodated and serviced. 2s follow up and good answer to such deceitful manipulation called deflated purpose is to reconstitute the state of impressed culture embedded in internal rigor as the tool for disclosing our developmental discretion. This in turn would lead to the channeling of optimistic instances into blending accelerated observance of valid references; with the conclusion drawn from such balance would then play out not to condition any promotion of disappointments with the tool of nurturing refuge. This means, programs of disappointments should not become the e!istence in our portrait pursuit, rather they should be e!posed and those drawbacks dislodged as we stringently welcome the vehicle of hard persistent onslaught for victory.


2s a result, riding on this buoyancy, every mechani)ation or representation of accomplishment, whether called for by strategic factors or pointed at by speculative switch has given the depiction to releasing the influence of endearing focus with the persuasive impressions negating proportional disequilibrium or avenues of relegation. To the least humble consideration, these were not irritations, neither were they repulsive lessons, because he knew the position to raise his flag of recognition to the world was to disagree with the present composure that suggested the closure to formal legendary guidelines. This means, toughness in thoughts and actions should be blended as one asset of belief and its sword sharpen more than before to slide through the mid heart of unnecessary drags and disillusions. Aife structure has personally cornered and told him the very best interest is to keep the challenges running instead of keep running dissentingly from them. Aife personally spoke to him with the qualified affirmation to assert our best interest and revision to see every intricate event and daylight as decision to tumble, slumber, rumble and roll over, which then should be acknowledged as the lessons of good fight. That is, this fight should be directed towards e!cellence and magnanimity, which is termed the rationalism of higher art. This means, not to murmur at these bitter challenges, but to studiously accept and whip them in line into pages of good e!amples for others to learn from and follow with politeness. 2lternatively, to take the pounding of the state of affairs and jubilate for the privilege to the contest that would predict or give the signals and then used to mould the footsteps to defined and high'minded substance. Aife told him that strength is not in waiting but on the pressures to stretch out all e!pectations into adventurous trademark. Aife told him that the victory is not in resting on the drive neither at the termination of resourceful claim, but on the design curve to convey awareness of our promise, whether seen or perceived into authenticity of control.


The vision must stay awake for the good process in life to enjoy her benefits against transient transgressions. Aife told him that the language of success is the tone of persistent series. This is not a choice, it is neither an attempt, it is genre unearthing. *ome receive and follow through with such battery on resilience; others might just negotiate its sacrifice or commitment and cajole the substance to display its less portrait. To those who care about objectivity in success; it is worthy to note that success is a valid substance with related interest to impartiality, integrity and never to the portrait of falsehood and instability. The fellowship of success is not always e!panded to who wants it. #t is limited to those who answer right. 1hen you answer right, then success opens up her choices of devotion, graciousness and tasks to bend you. 1hen you answer right, then success throws its weight on your shoulder to test it resistance scale. The scale to carry the responsibility of future compass in self and to others is not to mull on and develop the narrow sympathy to self'pride and directional damage. 1hichever the case may be, the lighting rod of substance will eventually destroy all e!cuses or distasteful arrangements into successful transmissions. 1hen you answer right, then success calls the opponents to good fruitfulness into the contest to e!press the gift of freedom to all, but leaves you with the homework to sustain the process. *uccess is sightless to weakness because its resistance to defeat is unchangeable. #ts promise against withdrawal is aggressively refine with hard thump. *uccess is blind to denial because the allowance to wasteful retrospect is irrefutably canceled in its projections. *uccess will never engage you to stop, but will always remind you to avoid the corners of obstructions and negative interruptions. *uccess will never advice you to submit to the suggestions of the past occurrence as base walk on, but will always appoint to you to


throw your emphasis cuddle in effectiveness on the future debates with assurance of tackle persuasion. The relevant question is now up. That is, how then do we answer right to successThis is by changing and reaffirming our relationship with happiness, our values with peace and most importantly our sincerity with creation by accepting our uniqueness and enrichments that are connected to the supremacy of truth and reverence; who is the ultimate giver of vigor to victory. This is by accepting to lean and learn from the power of supremacy and thoroughness instead of human deflections and manipulations. #n this course, the heart would speak to us to follow conscience of cleanness and happiness and not to the sight of naughty insinuations and remembrance. Therefore, the reality of success is visible only with the eyes of appreciation, with the ears of sincerity and with the heart of nourishment. Those called in and conscientiously, will hear, listen and follow through. Those determined with vital intentions, would e!pect and never stop. Those who lead in service would envision and open the responsiveness of prosperity with full connection to great renovation. 2dmittedly, the feasible arrangements in quality dated conducts are always interested in daily e!planations to responsibilities of categori)ed reliabilities, then fine tuned into e!emplary human positive indicators well within meaning additions. The thoughts and trenches of success is universally spelt in clear letters of advance awareness and desire, but would only be noticed with the sight, called the unseen veins from the vision in the heart. #t can be invisible when those called to locate its abode choose to use their gifts to promote the gloom and allow the substance to dance the tune of superiority. The human quality is full with wealth, but this gift becomes relevant when we control the contest into peace and merit. That is, when we appropriate our gifts into the substantiation of courage and civility in harmony with self evaluations, and then


defined by the tools of kindheartedness and foresight with others. However, this should be to the promotion of stable ideals, fairness and ascendancy. 1orthily, is not about application, rather it is on the relationship borne on validity and openness. That means, it is more on the relationship that comes out from success that determines its usefulness and sustaining power to self and others. #t is about the affinity that breeds self through to others for prominence against the display of degenerating propensity. :ew can buy into and sell this with easiness and magnanimity. However, most will disregard this due from unawareness to the equality of the human center, thereby would choose to play the mockery and not the e!perience of the favorite. They would choose to scream and malign at the issue of thoughtfulness, but not to debate, neither locate the source of its strength. This is perhaps one of the major articles of humanitys miscarriage, which draws undesirable fights within personalities and societal recklessness, where there is no demonstration to the true course of contentment, neighborliness and responsiveness in all to all. 2ccordingly, at this arrival point, the appreciative impulse to humanity occupants is to simplify our natural agreements, convictions, e!pectations and or even suspicions on the altar of oneness given birth to from the framework of advanced and polish promotion. Today is good, he now agreed. However, tomorrow is an assignment, aptitude, and which he now formidably reali)ed. The assignment that would become valuable as we e!ercise our vision, gifts and patience into practical realities, of virtues and purified acceptance to stay good?he summed. This is not an attempt to classify the best in us into mi!ture of relativity, neither is it to despicable directions or preferences, rather they always spell the contest to that level of first'rated composure and forbearance.


1e must keep tilling agreeably until we find the consummate treasures of preeminence and impartiality?he kept saying to himself again and again. The access to these beloved and sustainable e!pectations becomes relevant when our attention is to prime wholesomeness or transparency with immaculacy. 1hat a discovery of the imaginativeThe human center is full and equipped with the best intuition only when we recogni)ed the gifts as tools for developmental evolution and not to scandalous egocentric assumptions. 1hat a dignified place to understand that we all are specially connected to the very beginning of substantiation and hopefulness, only when we submit to the first principle of humility and honest respect to one another. This was a good invitation into his heart pulse and said it confidently to himself. The beginning has not even begun as he hopped into the ne!t line of contention with the power of stable control. That is the stable control to measure every issue and action with the comportment of virtue and foresight.


Article IV Contacts of the imperatives

1here are we thenThis is the first and valid question to scale our formidable processes for success or not built on distinction and clarity. 1hat are we doing to address forthrightness and vision1here are we located in the schemes of contacts of imperativesThese are the towering debates of character, compassion, visuali)ation and objectiveness in human acceptable compilation for developmental processes. That is the degree of reasoning and observations aligned by those determined to write new te!t into humanity answer sheets. These are the pages of relevance left open to all to entertain and absorb its blend and guidance, when the direction is on outstanding


encouragement and leaning reality within harmonious predisposition. These are the tender challenges in testing discernment intended to mediate between recent outlook, initiative and reckoning or incursions into e!pectations of familiar quality ranking 1hat a reservation of thrust sort. 1hy is this trip or walk in vision and sustenance so glamorously entailing that all reflective frames seem to arrange themselves in conventional support and are still surging persistently forward. The question was not desirable answered, neither countered, but the need to give most enviable attempt the score chances to aggregate our common uniqueness was the best position to e!press the craving for good contention. The need to address the prevailing circumstance into guarantee fondness would become the birth of the true path to victory. +ot every day and thoughts of superior conscience are the complete characteristics of e!cellence in e!istence, but they are vivid clues from where we can all start from to trace our steps of triumph and acceptable interests. 1hat a recall to the issue of triumph#t was deemed that we have passed the processing levels of the contemplation of triumph and have sailed into the reali)ation or consciousness of true contentment. Here we are again, stunned by the classic theme of encounter to common assortment of alliances in gratifying methods, initiated to dependability and the equipment for build up multiplication of foresight. #f humanity should borrow one fi!ation from significant proportion, what would that be1ould it be the substance of creation or hands of promotion1ould it be the act of respect or manufacture of trust1ould it be the temple of awareness or spring of fairness1ould it be the charge for ideal responsibility or the permission for substantiation-


2lternatively, could these be molded into the fond rendering of humanity benevolent acquisition and provision for all to draw from=therwise an attempt to draw level with issues that invite e!cellence in humanity decision processesThis is the humanity that is told by her relatives to negate those corners that reflect undue arguments or contacts leading to emptiness and to forcefully arrange ideals base on promise. #f humanity loves the sweet victory of humanity, why are we in such quest to outwit one another with unruly mastery, which is the value judgment of practical flawed joke1hy and where is the race to by most that is mainly evaluated by unfulfilled connection to ruse and cry1hat are the values or procedures in humanity thought stream, when we continue to see the spark in accumulated goals as the standard bearing of benefits instead of the compartments to cleannessTo what e!tent are we going to subject the best in us to the level of sufficiency of humility, loyalty in oneself and commonality of good pursuitThe value of humanity is sustained because of the assessment it uses to protect the provisional deprived musters. This class of helpful congregate is in all humanity. Therefore, we are all in need for different things at different time with relative accounts. The pressure and appreciation points the variation that sets us apart. 1hat a mi!ture of reali)ation to understand that my goal and yours are not different, only on the desires and breakable proofs. That means nobody to measure up with, there is no space to adjust his breath to, and there is no agenda to track his entrance on endurance. The simple meaning of this is that within the human center are the gifts or endowment to fulfill the life goal. #t is the human desire and drive to arose these determinants to positive light that would give us the reckoning of accomplishment or not.


:urther, from this point, our gifts become a link to other environment as one embodies the ideal of humanity with their gifts. Hence, awareness to the universal needs and usefulness would stimulate the significance and respect to see others as part of our connecting relevance and the beauty to share with the unspoken manners of simple patience and passion. 1e should see, sense and draw our sketches base on our awareness to strength and fellowship with thoroughness. =ur position in life is mostly determined by our access to assured principles and sources of precise propositions, and not necessarily on any linkage to arrangements. The linkage is necessary and useful, but cannot maintain the true service of influence when the tools of genuineness and insightful appetite are not encouraged in the human center. Cenuineness comes from understanding our respective gifts cuddle in unselfish or noble enlightenment and articulately channeling resources to e!pound this uniqueness with warmth and quality. This in economic theoretical palace is termed good industry. Aikewise on the political arena of civili)ed debates, it is termed the statesman or woman who sees the politics of services as the paramount privilege of office and not the infection aim of manipulations. #n the philosophical theater, it is termed rational thesis that spells its arguments on superior mental e!ercise and not logic of uncultivated illusions. /espite these revealing summations, the choice to address what gives us strength will always draws spectators to our scholarship. That is, when the attention is to regulate the best into the culture of humane instructions and not on the scaling misadventure to reduce others on petty e!cuses. 2nyhow, back to himself, with the hollowness of engagement screaming at the top of its voice, because of the mass picking up and gradually questioning his propriety for being that aloof.


2gain at this pro!imity, that same voice of yore entreated him to remain calm. #n spite of the new comfort breath, his sight could not leave the arena of impurities around him. He factored the tension of hurdles caused by set probable that play themselves back into the prospect of wide guess, strained in the membrane of responsive adventures and, because they are not reasonably tackle with clear spotlight. Therefore, every transitory aspiration, with sentiments as it pivotal and not structured principles are in the long haul the impressions of feebleness, which tends to solidly fastened to surface assumptions and protected dispensation. Here he said to all to understand that no one is objecting to setting goals or attention base of sentiments. However, the danger with this trend is that it gives the participants the convenience of temporary adjustment and not to the reality of sustaining objectivity and reliance. *ome would choose to draw on this as an attack, while others may sight this as an attempt to level the truth in humanity to the sphere of true responsibility in self, which with all respect we should all try to learn from, by absorbing its core message even when it tend to restructure our nerve to acumen. 2t this connection, he remembered that his fervor has always enlighten itself against monotony in decision by steering usefulness into comple! request platform because, it has rightly assessed that situation seem the same, out from the reason that human distinctiveness and needs everywhere are just the same. The only difference is the serviceability within our vicinity. He remembered this from useful passage before, but the new light it drew on his present consciousness was a bargain to hold and to pressuri)e its content to breed the venture of advance declaration and higher appreciation. This simply means, how well do we entertain and use the liberties in us base on gratitude and good attention are the stuffs that draws the line between success and letdown, and not necessarily the environment one find him or herself.


The environment can facilitate, but the core issue to progressive goal is our due responsibility within to the display of sincerity, discipline, kindliness and focus. This responsibility is not necessarily by our closeness to information, neither by our eagerness, but it rest solely on the time spent to making it work. The time allowed by variations, weighing the best option to the best possibility and geared towards the best fulfillment. This is not the agent of less contacts or influence; rather they are the informed pressures that guide the inner thoughts or strength to that level of unshakable trust and forge on mentality. The proof on the friendliness of environment to the inter'propriety of desires and sustainability should not be visited with the wagon of insensitivity; rather the provision of individual consent should be displayed with the calming dependence for admiration. Therefore, not to lodge new thoughts from related setting is one among other challenges prepared for references or consultation as the case may be, which are rationali)ed to function into the array of influential parameters. ersistently, he searched and saw the light of possibilities in such frames that asked for the remedy of dispute in an applicable sense. That would definitely capture the quest in human bravado to come for more, when the thirst is once settled according to modest essentials. The present societal throng of defiance, available and displayed by most and glaringly termed $liberation% has congested the field of good e!perimentations based on clear sight with disparaging appearances. The cleverness in human fortitude that is determined on peculiarity of objectives and results should be e!posed with irrepressible proficiency that harnesses internal values to the level of stately enlightenment. The drawing up of actionable lines base on e!citement and motivation is the invention of reassurance to possible gains. *ometimes, these can lead from awkwardness to appealing approval from some who understands the virtues in struggles and surmount.


The interchanging outlay that is foreign in most accessible dogma is in permanent controversy with the determination to address amiable relationship and they may not be the valve of toughness, neither of aim, but that of thorough counsel. This is the motto that always steers the intellect into the effrontery of forecast, whose primary conte!t is not stigmati)ed in contemporary repositions rather arranged to profound basis in concord with application in all spheres. This test is not the call in matter that transpired in our daily veer, rather, it is the major character chosen to organi)e the content into viabilities and the nourishment of constructive purpose. Together, the masters of relevance have never suggested into his mental program to accept cheapen of character and structure on emphasi)e combination through invalid parallel mantle. These verves, that is, the contingent magnates in him only encouraged the unbendable solidity not to give space to the passion of impediments and counterfeits. 1e are pressured to accept such aspect only where the constant dealings are translated into the very narrow journey of self'defeat. This obviously would open the discourse for others to narrate intention based on the acceptable low standard on self. This latter proof should not be suggested or given to prosperity planners and engagers, because it reduces the value of good promises into facilities of short sightedness. Therefore, with the consistent report to e!cel in areas where choice and admissions of outstanding availabilities are measured in honest character and foresight. This usually shores up coherent tendencies, which has always projected the crown evident from scare provisions of necessities. This inde! always thrives on open'ended conduit to pledges and fundamental e!periences. #n this, we can connect with the essence of success in good commonplace with our steadfastness and accessible strategy. This strategy is base on motivation and earned supervision from the symbolic roles of endurance, assurance and assistance


#n these strides, the sphere finale to articulating satisfactions in the human self center becomes not the mere notion, but the instinct of progress and promises. These factors dauntlessly would not lead to the settlement of clashes, but would only courageously revive the relevance of valid propensities. otentials are not limited because they spelt themselves in discreet, most provable manners, rather are tangible occurrence that flourish in discoveries. This is the sustaining path we all have to make at our individual appropriateness and e!plain when the lines of fulfillment are e!periments by our inclination to refine and definite enterprise. Therefore, the flight was not e!hausting; it was relieving to know that we are thrown to suggest our integrity on the picture column of substantive surface, not to destroy but construct avenues of true essential prosperity. &haracteristically, the will of humanity into opportunities of active greatness has to be by equipment of patience, harmony and superior viewpoints. 2lthough, this might not matter to some, this is because of the limitations to uniformity caused by diluted self'respect and insight. However, others would employ these items to direct such into the pool of quality reservation, which normally occur with collective ease. +evertheless, forward'looking prospects are always there for all to connect with; the only snag is the recognition to will through such energetic and credible landscape. Dou do not ask to find them. Dou search to e!pose them. They may compel you to favor another demand, but would always translate your appetite to predict the premises of goodwill. The passages of tussles are called in by our robustness to narrow options in understanding reported e!cellence. This means, breathing the performance of organi)ed principles, which allows us to appraise our interests in special knowledgeable consumptions.


7very given situations have their respective guides and discretions that tends to influence respective pursuit either outwardly or inwardly in positive strides. These are the privileges they e!ert on humanity, which are the identities we e!plore in our daily purities. These were not highlighted to any at the beginning of the journey, but are now relevant to the successful wrapping up of viable instances. Today is agreeable with tomorrow because they recogni)e the importance of linked segments base on superiority of diagnostic lessons. That is, the lessons drawn from e!periments of consent that are e!ercised mostly at the playground of equality within originality. The very dairy open to human equality and totality only suggest to all to accept the territories of varying gifts within the space of reasonable actions defined by fair value efforts and thorough reali)ation. 1e are not into this level of recognition or accommodation because we chose to value others above others, but to see the uncommon place of creation as the only connection that tells us the evenness of the human journeys, embodiment and relevance. The separation comes as result of interests on preoccupation over inborn perception geared towards liveliness and magnitude. This period of transformation has given the guarantee to human nerve to remain in the enhancement of virtues, purpose and to channel the utmost approval or admission into the optimal stake of timed leverage or in contentious words, into promissory indulgence. 1hereas, vested projected journeys or goals are through upright insight, which balances focus into bona fide shift in worthy stratum. Hence, jostling into the ma!im of common shield, where conscience would mostly agree with the pace of determination, we have to employ the best in all situations to the very nature of stimulating the human weaknesses to understand and progressively


e!plore the frames of opportunities, not necessarily the features of haughty actions. #t is the individual responsibility to decide the course of equivalence that would stretch all intentions to the point of goal assurance. That is, the parachute into immediate foresight reflective on knowledgeable and unbiased objectives. That means the intention that has its full clearance and preparation over and above temptations, which were drawn to debase our object timing for utility propositions. The fight will stay within course when we choose to reproduce the best in humanitys propulsion against the narrow and deluded passion of misplace priorities. The fight will take its full meaning when those saddled with the responsibility to show responsiveness to the common pool of goodness take up their firm resolve to lighten the path for all to see and navigate passably. The drive to welcome every tenable proposition with the best appreciation will not leave us naked; rather it will e!pose the choice some have made to keep their gifts well within the pockets of healthiness and freedom. *ome may not question the purpose to negotiating with our linking mainstay, but has cornered the facilities of progress and initiations in hovering persistency that huddled the human quest and assertions into cautious balance. *tocking incredible lines in contempt of actions could not stop others from diverting nullity into the master program of dutiful restoration. *tocking chances of passable information did not insist to some to decongest their couture characteri)ation into demand e!ceptions in the market play of social justness. The rule to admit our divisions is not the illustration of supervision or superiority; rather it became the impression to combine withholding factors into the mutual perspective of gains. Hence, such catalogues of fundamental development based on providential instinct has determine the power in the human center to arrange the benefits of thoughts into the leaping stage of good assessment.


This will yield conscientious matters into the ability of desperation and desires with the attendant conciliation to testable nobility. This would arrange the surge by maintaining the focal display of timing with the proportionate handling of massive probable in the distance and to calculate the pressures of intent in visibility with the importance of validation. #n time request, solutions would carry their passing wealth into those issues of factual grading, permitted by total association of attractiveness and counter force of protection. However, there are situations where fashions of credible courtesy becomes the ritual haggle of belief, not just to weigh them on carried retrievals but on the combativeness on viable points and symbols in formative blend. The instrument for connective reasoning into superior legacy is to sustain the drive for good e!pedition and e!plain to those observers to measure dynamism with the degree of intelligent competition for relentless push. That is, to weigh each proportional call of e!cellence or display of reali)able balance within the records of objective assessment and possibly with the meter of common sense. This bright prerogative would notify others whether the chances of thrust are closer to unity of cogent collection base on inclination or to the appropriation of detach liberty within observable encouragement. However, such continuance in testing sensational categori)ation is displaced within comple! duplication of unintended attempts in class catalogues of enrich conceptions. The declaration of viable objective has rolled into the height of good standing in the culture of transmitting balance regal, which is the temperament into material sheet of magnified proposal. #t would then depend on the willingness and institutional capacity to discipline the enlighten etiquette within the passage of stable benevolent attendance. This is what the artisan in the modest revolve would suggest as the common ingredient in human trappings by way of mental e!cursion to creative verve.


This is what the flatterer would sell in the market palace of incisive flourish and transfers such boost into the nerve of languishing guiltless. This is the journey controlled by the huddle service to contemplative counteractions. This is where legitimacy of determination and persistent imagination are through the substance of e!onerated propensities, which can always modify itself into succulent responsibility in nominal valuations of traded recovery with punctual approval. Therefore, leveraging the slogan of amiable characteri)ations with composure and passionate encroachment to largeness that solidifies classic discussions on polite appreciation into the relevant depository unit will not disengage the manner of unyielding disclosure to regulari)ed premise. 2ll e!pertise in assessment, whether checked into benevolent chisel or fashion in permeating finesse configuration with impending radiant narration of unsheltered mark are not subject to fuss sequential. #t has to be cultivated to direct attention similar to swiftness in validating the upbeat of self'possession into recogni)able perception. Time utility and perimeters of hesitation is not the transportation of amplify tale in compilations of irritates programs, rather into the supportive feature, which e!pounds suitable guess. Therefore, the reluctance in calling the simple nature of things without pressing for seclusion would always result in dependable e!planation that triggers attempts into visual reliance. #t is the state that channel minute principle of insistence into accomplish surplus within the force of consistency altered only by self'e!cuses, which are initiated on simplified strengthening work out. Together, the choices of progressions are join in command of straight implications carried on to the pledges of interpreted relevance. These positions would not allow others to negotiate the promotion of free gains into the qualified widow of adequate alternatives.


This reason is to determine the yielding focus of all hunches in the carried resolutions often managed by protracted affinity. This connection is not by arrangements neither by stimulation, it is rather by recognition of the peculiar gift ingrain in all at different stages and utili)ed at different pace within agreeable time setting. Those who will call this another name, such as triangle of similar imposition would one day suggest another term and link this to the factors of recognition. The distinction might not be clear, though the support implements are quite different base on the knowledge that sells truth as the price of humility and general compassion. That is the truth that compact its propositions on self'support and integrity. 1hat a journey this whole episode has turned intoHe suddenly woke up to reali)e the mist around were not driven by natures measurement, but by the birth of substance within his belly, which gives light to the direction we must all follow. This awakening could be digested with the compass of renowned authori)ation and e!act combination of revere. To allow every dependable compliment to revolve into conflicting vigilance either by concord or oversight, will narrow the importance of self'evaluation into maintaining shades of paltry past participation. #n such situation, the individual is welcome to arrange the rift in human cushion of others into the instrument that caters for healthier capability in balancing identity within e!press trustworthiness. These have happened to him in pursue and safeguard of good assignment for future interplay to remember fate as the unsurpassed feast intervention. 1ith good consent to regulated stretches into equivalent predictions, the numbering of assistance from indicative invention, has thrown each visible and authentic undertaking language in breakthrough huddling that pencils every weighty character into superlative and fitting energetic.


3epeatedly, the choice to our unchangeable obligations to standard stake for success will patiently make all e!pressions into positive focus become directed on )eal and happiness, which would be graded by inference that welcome the healthier you in good refinement. The opinion within such display of common effectiveness on our pertinent and generous issues would always tend to the importance of luscious poise, again instituted to project the wisdom of self' declaration to e!cel. *uch chances has tended to reflect the accommodating layers of usefulness in our daily loading into germane e!ercises, without withholding the character of lucrative engagements. Today, we should respectfully tender our demands and objectives with the full glow to speed up the course of human evolvement within quality intentions and inventions of rational gratitude, by signifying the means toward constructive notice on all spheres, and utili)e these visible treasures of visionary debates. The climb would continue in faith. The access would not submit to distractions and discomfort, because the challenges of all forgoing journeys must carry the weight of focus infle!ibility and willpower. These challenges always call for more insight to the source and destination intent before the eyes can observe their institutional temperament. The propositions of such unswerving determination were not the protection one gets from consistent forge on, rather they are the immensity of validity spelt on character senses, and then displayed according to interest application and transparency. The continuance in these great effort and substance of decisions, with chances to foster peaceful dictum in all transference in personality e!change has most often been viewed on narrow mental capacity by some in not agreeing with contempt in positive light. To the e!tent that lines are now drawn not by progression based on substantive issues, but on unrelated promotion drawn from petty sights. This is to the fact that opinions of others are not accepted


neither evaluated on value, because the mindset is closed up to understand the importance of dialogue in disagreements. 2t this perennial point, it would become the relevance of bright vision backed up with unrelenting strength and honesty, which would promote the future possibilities for all to realistic acceptance. #t is always at this critical situation, one gets the versatile aptitude to navigate through the rough edges of e!isting drag and to neglect the deceptions from short sighted conceptions that keeps valid initiative as victim of infliction and regrets. The call to relieve our concerns in reinforced results would target the comportment that institutionali)es our divisions into sustainable obligation. *uch that the mainstay of every balancing propositions, whether derived from credible intentions or cultivated into forceful, willful display of liberty, will direct the course of tough pursuit to good conclusion. /espite these chances of abstraction in todays hopeful path, the statement of passion with good judgment would always yield the best demand for thankfulness. Therefore, hovering on good result with vigor would give the ne!t generation, the ability to discern those who did not yield to unenthusiastic comple!ities, but laid the combat for triumph with all carriage of cleanness and appreciation, which were not on trifling substances. :or this reason, the legitimacy of decent course would always speak with silent tone but in strong influence and courage. #t would determine the destination of good beginning and closing stages, because the standards are translated with the pureness of purpose and doggedness of esteem reckoning. #ts pursuits are collectively arrived at with the vehicle of unadulterated insight and gainful perseverance. #t would defy all dilemmas to the point of reflective steadiness. However, the story of its voyage would always integrate with the phenomenal responsibility, usually caused by the task of building premium imaginary and reali)able freedom.


This is the freedom freely given to all within our good conscience that is connected to the true amassed consciousness. This is the freedom humanity needs to sap nourishment from, because the propensity to give the best to humanity to enjoy is not on human subjections or inequalities, nor on descent rather is on the increasing support to the very generosity of humanitys occupation for liberty unravel on love, peace and trust. The driving force to this unaltered liberty is not sketched on imaginative abilities neither on principled of assumptions. Here, this liberty relates with the restoration or rebirth if we choose to accept the algorithm of life consistency to vitality, which is to live and e!press contentment as foundational source devoid of pretence. The liberty here is more than the vehicle, the channel and understanding to prosperity and wellness, rather is the very stream where these values and more emanate from. This form of liberty draws lines on purity, esteem and eternity of e!cellence. This liberty presents success and joy in the open as right to the human center and not privilege, neither as concealed e!ploitation. This is the liberty that is the component of conscious truth and not debacles of derisions. 2ccordingly, these synopsis took his ne!t familiari)e level into better outline. The outline built on unfeigned fruitfulness, awareness and humility.


Article V Dynamic of the presence

The arrival at this reclaim prospect has been directed by self' mobili)ation, substantive obligation for survival, fineness for integration and control for progression, which have settled into his 8;;

e!act identity scenery, then required to determine the good purpose introduced by instances of durability to functional options. That is the meticulousness in e!pectations, delivery, and finally, on the commitment to positively climb upwards with the interest of sincerity. These have become the cultivation of outstanding succession and woke up focus to self'assurance in reality platforms. The triumphant disposition that initially witnessed potent swords of confrontations, and were turned into pointed stigma of spiteful struggles and chanting tenacity have now become the backbone to bright future composure. #n this personal assessment and quick'witted circulation, the features from informal declaration to tolerable universal ventures would accelerate the display of most hospitable coating, which is the road to human discovery in self and purpose that would win over shortcomings at virtuous vigilance. #n such situations, the unpredictable may come in by salient attack to terminate the reflections of displeasures into our good system of twinge capitulations. Heighten on this is the combination of favorable ingredients and understanding that most human character would not correct or verify the consistent introduction of less jostling in nervous destinations. This means, most would not toil with inner issues that replays desperations and departures, only when the channel is glaringly given by the support of communal system. However, very few see with the sight of broadness, who then takes this as opportunity to amend such interest with the passion of triumphant e!planations and e!cursion into future commendations. Therefore, respectful inclinations from thrust assessment and energetic diversities into uplifting tendencies would mostly rely on absolving astuteness within the comple! light of spot steadiness. Thus, reading, leaning and getting accustomed to the essential guide to success is not the primary motive to the good finish line, but is the discerning accountability and capabilities to organi)e the


best perceptions for the soul punctual firmness into the aura of accomplishment and true refinement. #n this instance, the playing format should rely on accurate understanding of the human center in connection with environments priorities and matching advance diligence from humane characteristic, which usually are in good pleasures, used and e!posed to all to consume cheerfully. 1hat this simply means is that for human innovation to win the standard recognition on field of necessary confrontations and values, the personality should develop the nerve to muster through with the single sight on vertical increase and satisfaction to the ultimate essence, which spells out our build up attention. That is efforts in human growth should veer the internal process toward the outstanding openings given to us to absorb from the perpetual presence of validity around. :urthermore, this is such that the consuming advantages at our unique disposal should be transported with contemporary e!clusiveness, and should be directed to the vision of fruitful e!aminations. This becomes the substantial beliefs in self, transmitted into acceptable conquest with authoritative intensity. &onsequently, this respectful tendency demands the best information received and processed within impartially, and then to decently sponsor such virtues to others with relative swiftness and reckoning, within the boundaries of good supervisory aptitude and non hypocritical trademarks. The worthy assignment and privilege to everyones conscience is the composure of true enlightenment absorb from the infinite legitimacy. This transmission is not about contemptuous ideas; neither is it the arbiters of infle!ible appro!imations. However, they are the inherently highly developed monitors in the human center, which articulate e!cellent preparatory scholarship into humanity relevant values and apparent developmental attainment. *uitably to say that journeys in all forms have the avid alliance to e!pose precious inspirations. These are projected by tangible


e!cuse from ills, into moderated goals set up by key floating vein of prudence and significant emblems. *ome of these emblems come from the human recognition to consistent growth in awareness and rational activities derived partly from formal scholarly grounds. However, most is derived from the recognition and relationship with the essence of truth, unity and thereby narrowing or shorten the e!pressions and attention of unfounded hypocritical ventures into humanity collections and pursuits. 2s a bridge in moving forward, everyone, everywhere, every how and very now must query determination to noble pursuit with saniti)e and courteous compass, which would help to assemble gratifying outcomes into folios of sequential and necessary references on the pages of accomplishment in humanitys archive. This is the joining clues in transient brilliance that opens the jaunty way of life; in our varying, adapt prescriptions to individual providential performance. Therefore, individual belief found on charity and clarity is sustained within the precious personable scrutiny in salutary slogan to superlative adventures. &ontained in this massive gesture is the finest inkling that facilitates the character within to unassailable alleviation. This position is usually displayed accurately by the relationship with politesse, transmitted through artless release blend of joint responsiveness to prominence. #n such instance, the information to others would encourage cordiality in its common sense, and maintaining its enthusiasm to good intentions. This was how the story began. That is, mirroring the magnificent search in true meaning. To belittle this path with silent annoyance would not be the test that once drove the main string of upbeat attention to warp insinuations. lugged into this tripping setting, mastered into this noble pleasantry and then resorted into this adventurous bargain has now


yielded the highly substantive medium that would deploy all apprenticeship to reliable result mechanism. This is the tale of proportional compartments. This is the tapping into conte!t fabrication for candor and grand e!pectation. Hence, the wheel that sets in motion the different trends for committed satisfaction. The supportive pu))le that always shows the principle of coordinated inclusion against futile withdrawal based on subjective alternation. However, each testimony in our daily references must not incur negative gridlock from those who seek to rely on inhibitions, instead of positive engaging attempts. Those, who would test their substance with strain demands, and shift the momentum from the advantage of good sense or on feasible principles and command of functions, but finally, destine their product with camouflage in flawed illusion. +ot a soul is going to vend this to you. This means, nobody. The responsibility to e!plore through layers of peaceful progression with rough edges and e!ert the vital success to the conscience of the individual is squarely on the sensitivity of concentration for right living. Therefore, this would muster the unshackle departure from irregular composure to agreeable human flair; thereby releasing language of consistency, which is then directly forged on when reverential outlines are entertained into absorbing companionship. There should never be e!cuse to redirect effective spotlight from goodness with the quotation of deficiency neither with those arrangements from impropriety. Hence, the great daunting applications for good yield represent the focal in humanity to suggest the consummate appetite to the weak and strong to bind their motivations and efforts into the common contraption in evolutionary initiations. That is, to narrate with each other as involving classification with varying human accessibilities and potentials, satisfactorily arranged by the )ipping analysis in current enduring hobble.


+otwithstanding, the compelling heaviness from distrust should not be channeled into structured activities, though could be allied by competing indolence. Therefore, those formations that are enforced by the internal dedication to design consent with appropriateness, would always measure the effectiveness of attractive inspiration. The e!planation of community built on community has to rely and relay from good contacts on personality awareness and distributions, not on faithless ma!im. This is the response to put trust in e!posing the deliberations from gold bars into realistic character choices. &hoices found on approve pass through liberating e!ercises. +othing can e!change these qualities without directing the nerve to steady column within the delivery prediction of abundant mindset. This is where reflective e!hibition transpires with anticipation to goodwill when accurate fortitude is simplified according to growth resources. That means, the carefulness to establish actions base on magnanimity and rehearse e!amination; which is the brand of passionate trust without unfledged negligence. The circle is continuous and only fulfilled with the minimal recognition and total respect by most of the supreme living consciousness in all over the viabilities of visible and invisible affairs. The story will never end; it only begins where the wake up call to everyone is to start the search in fulfilled testament. This is the true story into the foundation for hopeful e!pedition in open and priceless gains. The search we all crave and get into in different perspective absorptions, where the fine journey to success must never stop. The perspective consumptions that are related to the views e!pressed within us with power, foresight and the proposition not to wait on the dynasty of derision. :oretold in the mist of thriving persuasion would urge every element in humanity to push in for preeminent standard in endeavors with gracious toleration.


This is the narrative of endless occupation, ministered with simplicity of boldness and affection. That means the journeys for all in humanity to appreciate the essence of the ultimate obtainable consciousness in our daily consumption of assured liveliness. This is the label of acceptance; the ultimate emancipation of purpose and interior, which shows the real veins in humanity, came into recognition of brightness from the compassion of the supernatural marvelous. This appreciation is the relief that settles our building abilities into certified freedom. >erily, he now reali)ed that he chose right because he has found the source to fulfillment built on hope and effective compilation instituted from the ultimate composer, whose understanding is infinite. His search has finally connected with the flight to physical significance in forthcoming passage for e!cellent identity. This commonly work out session has now given birth to the buoyancy of the future gifted with enthusiasm. This is the celebration of truth e!pressed in reliance and radiance. The campaign of true vision magnified in object unity with precision, competence and authority. That means the course that strove into the daily reverence of creative foundation. This thrust he has come to reali)e initiated the insistence that woke him up and has been directing his course with qualified compassion to the e!alted recording of clean competitive showground. This preference is not communal prospect, but the modeling of truthful responsibility to show the prominence of the living consciousness in humanity through respect and kindheartedness. The profiting that always suggest to us to take good steps and courageous efforts in the face of daunting obstacles, which normally transpire into the hearts to connect with others without disgust.


This is the essence that calls on all with equal qualifications and cordiality, only when we consign our attention to the fine message of prescribed politesse and generosity. +o one is satisfied until our interest to test the key components of fulfillment is weighed on advance decision derived from reassurance. +o one is fulfilled until the gifts in us blossom and become quality provisions that creates gladness, peace and compassion within the human center and to others engrain in truth and steps forward. 2ccordingly, branches of thoughts and illustrations of actions could be tagged into the continued confidence of handled fellowship with the right source of e!istence by our acceptance to the source of consciousness of life. Hence, there would always be the abiding concern to make the future interest with better pledge by conceptions that promotes good values within our conscious demonstrations. *uch reception within every heart would someday trace the composition of human will and its implied authority to obedience petitioned by redeemed knowledge to courteous intentions found on reality. Therefore, it became necessary that the outline of peaceable commitment to humanity should e!pound on valid service within the thankfulness to our understanding of the true amassed divine essence. The e!cuse to afflict oneself with deviation from this track would only amount to abuse of identity and eventual denial of unadulterated wealth. *ome would term this as the dogmatic tyranny of mindless pasturing in the face of lost toleration. =thers would welcome this as the esteem vehicle that banked humanity into preeminence of purpose and happiness. The preference is very easy to make depending on those factors where the human center draws its strength. Those straighten to positive stratum would happily appreciate such efforts of openness and dependability, while the opposite takes such with the e!cuse of choice that has sarcastic foundation and perilous testaments


However, the verdict to brand our magnetism leading to legitimacy and humble e!pectation would enlighten the giver through the recipient into the compound factors of fruitfulness. 1e have received this nativity on e!pansion forever. Telling this course to stop by anyone simply means the journey will always start the bright hori)on of good nurturing by the e!amples of collective submission to truthful applications. 2s fact, nothing in e!istence, both in material and anti'material sphere has the potency to stand the strength and drive for e!pansion from the supreme preeminent. This is because; they all derive their consciousness from the very presence of supreme truth. Therefore, hope, love and happiness that initially spelt the measurements of this journey has come back to retool the message and activities that would estimate all ventures to the best semblance of respectable casting +obody is ever lost or defeated, hope said. 1e are only sideline by our priority conte!t, love kind heartedly hopped in and concluded. This conte!t is base on equivocal focus on good e!perience and unyielding determination?happiness thoughtfully then summari)ed. This is the very preservation to who we really are and the chief cornerstone to what we really want. This is the true connection or not to love and truth depending on our affiliation to seek comfort or just mere convenience. This is the established insistence to narrow the strait of convenience and e!pound the level of comfort in our vision and passion. The true definition of these two would help to streamline our focus to optimism or not. &omfort is an independent, dependable and living compound by characteri)ation. &omfort requires commitment and courtesy in the human center to truth for anyone to gain entrance to her appreciable abode, while convenience does not. &omfort is long term and broader estimation of success, wellness and good human propositions, while convenience is mainly


concern with e!cuses and temptations allowed to play themselves as the rule to our destinations. &omfort never stops the provision of safety, sustenance and support. 1hile convenience plays on the sentiments of the circumstance and relate with the emotions of the human center instead of reality and strength. &omfort is the mother of thoroughness and authority, while convenience is the mother of disguise. The convenience here is the one to e!cuse the level of objective reasoning and common sense to successful commitment with the rule of despair and lower understanding. 2ccordingly, there are no e!cuses to the ingredients of love and truth into acceptable cultures in human vibes that are built on illumination and flawlessness. This is because; they have one common home te!ture. They work to one common service penetrate and enjoy one common value rotation. That is to broaden humanitys personality into ascendancy with witnesses and emulation for joyful applications and stately foundation. That is within tremendous participations in wide range transformation. They always shore good meaning with meticulousness to e!pansive capabilities and plans of relieving illustrations. They always know the answers to subjects of thorough focus and valid assessments, because their performances are rendered with lively confirmations. &onfidently, the message or choice made open to humanity is to accommodate truthfulness with the conscience of dignity and warmth spread wide open for all to see, understand, learn, suggest and finally aggregate to the desire of collective good judgment. These would then convey the diversities in humanitys goodness into attraction and substantial collective performance. <asters of societal preparations should not confuse this as an attempt of leveling abilities base on equalities of options. That is not true.


#t suffice to state here that the differences in human abilities, strength and usefulness are unchangeable and that is the basis of individual uniqueness. Therefore, any attempt of grading these different human components into one operative standard in any human society and setting is an aberration to the good course of varying human capacities and fullness. #t is an abuse to human conscience and civility. #t is theoretical miscalculation to confuse helpfulness with classlessness. #t is further confusing and wrong to assume equality in the human center with collectivism. They are quite different and pursue different goals. 7quality in the human center is a gift from the supreme sovereign that encourages us to use our varying gifts with the measure of tolerance and distinction. That is the freedom to see and use our gifts as tools to building self in the direction of promoting the good of humanity. #t is the proposition that wants others to know that talent is not a privilege but right, which should be used to broaden the valid principles of freedom, kindliness and durability &lasslessness on the other hand replaces freedom and talent with regulations. #t replaces kindliness with strictness, thoroughness with acquisition and finally, though not the least, it replaces awareness with citations. #t foundation is built on assume rationalism not reality into rationalism. These definitions notwithstanding, the direction is the sympathy to work out the mi!tures of uniqueness infused from kindness with the submission to all reasonable missions. This touch of true character is not given to humanity by coercion or by fortress of intellectual capacity but by benevolent series of conscious contact to certainty. This certainty is not by possession, neither by self pride; rather is just the simple permission to allow the wholeness of the universal comple! to e!plain itself through the heart of good behavior and uprightness to its source.


That is, the source that has meaning and hopefulness only to infinity of life. The infinity of life that is defined by the amass wealth of truth. The wealth of truth that is endless in love, peace and every good supposition to humanity. 1e choose to either support ourselves into the patient fulfillment of corrective position or withdraw the sensitivity that measures the best in us to campaign for allowance of heartiness. Those on record, who have sliced through daring prospective with this competence, have opened the generosity of generational affluence; thereby narrowed the passages of divisive colorings, which always tend from regrettable stimulants. They represent the good pastures of e!perience and preference. They are the gold cards that moderate routes of strengthening testaments in humanitys responsibility to shared bargain. #n the mi!ture of accepted e!ercise with these personalities, community should tie her communication with all by guaranteed provision for gainful pleasures. To the e!tent that the individual is now linked with superior fortune from coherent wrap. Therefore, in search of true relevance in humanitys chessboard, the individual should arrange priorities on levels that define freedom in its common resolve. This freedom transpires from illustrious path of ultimate harmony and genuineness, which spiritualist term the support from the supreme consciousness for goodness, obtained by admiration. =verall, the concern that would drive the ne!t instrumentality of distinction into the individual aspirations are not by e!planations of our gifts to others, neither by the substantial items on display rather the life steam in human center becomes fruitful by the level of self'control to the things we need or not. This is the realistic ability to challenge our values in order to rearrange our commitments against our conveniences and then, use the internal factor of stability to navigate to the optimal. This reverence to saintly issues controls the circulatory substance of the human race to superlative track. The definition to positive course is to everyone; the only difference is the consciousness derived from our relationship with source


significance that determines the height of results. This is not ordinary when handled with conniving traits, but would reproduce enthusiasm when channeled through reflective taste. The mechanisms of every developmental dimension are mostly set up to suit the consistency on intentional foresight, by those who have the filament of unbendable courage against probabilities, which gives birth to the screen of contentment. Gualification is a test mark for those with the openhanded propensities and not scheming offers. Their relationships are within boundless e!pression of humanitys support. 2t this juncture, he has finally reali)ed and agreed to continue to move towards promises of substance and command knowing that the fresh locality is not necessarily the determinant of his pursuit, but the opening of his heart to the bright prospect of maintaining justness into humanitys breath. The real determinant is the connection and continued efforts to improve relationship with the aggregate consciousness of truth, life, love, peace and goodness; and to positively make these available to others with simplified modes and humble instances. :rom this relationship emanates influence, purpose, integrity, health and wealth to name few. This connection is not about philosophical and scientific approaches, neither on different spiritual understanding nor stimulations from assumes meditative postures neither on abstinence from normal human episodes. <ore relevantly, it is not on the pursuit to see humanity from the eyes of neglect. 2t this insight came in split second, an invaluable clue?this reflected from the confidence of the supreme sovereign. That is, any formation that tends to direct the human center to spiritual attention and gives the convenience to rely on mere bodily postures and ritualistic observance is not for the ultimate good of its participating characters. This simply means, any attempt into the illuminating super'natural e!ercise that refuses to raise issues of internal and outward standard upkeep to the pursuit of cleanness, openness and clarified


progression in human liberty and happiness with due responsibility is flawed on valid objective to humanity ascendancy resolute. The reason for this summation is that the purity and certainty of the conscious, living and infinite sovereign is not the compromise of values and ideals based on trials and human religiosity, relayed by regulated piousness. 3ather, the true connection to truth would always transmit guidelines that elevate the human center to vast understanding to humanitys mysteries, solutions to common humanitys comple!ities, the e!pansion of human liberties with its provisions for responsibility and finally, the aggregate e!pression of kindness and candidness to our neighbors with no interior attention for reward only to build commonness and uplifting values. The rewards only come from the service themselves and not necessarily as the pursuit. ainfully, though still restorable, some have chosen to see light or truth from the neglect of e!istence with the spiritual assemblage of interpreting and relating with the aggregate consciousness of life and truth with such attendance to human inflictions and detonations by abstract asceticism, though not directed from the first principle of the *pirit in consciousness. 1hat this simply means is that every ascetic adventure that tends to narrow the freedom in the human center to accumulate the best in e!istence by relocating reverence away from the aggregate consciousness of truth could be faltered even when the e!peditions spells the directions of spiritual devoutness and sacredness. The e!ercise of inner illumination to reali)ation and accessibility to the supreme presence of perfection is not by speculation neither of deductions to mere abstinence, or accompanying renunciation to the material things of life, but rather to use the reflection of true spiritual attainment to direct humanity into the accommodation of genuineness, satisfactionHfulfillment and decency borne from the truth with the very materials of the world. *piritual insight base on truth is not a dream, but conscious reality into transparency and magnificence.


#t is not an escape route from contest for human subsistence; rather it gives the advantage to arrange the sight of humanity to the availability of justness. The unforgivable miscarriage is that most human character now live with some of these colored spiritual assumptions without clear distance from the terrain of ignorance. The fault is actually not on these personage, but rest squarely on those whose access to the true illumination refuses to play the effective role of qualified distribution; instead have turned most of their energy and time on wasteful personal gratifications and e!planations. They have turned their qualified access into the true and supreme enlightenment from the prefect presence into mental idioms, pretence and other bogus sequence. Therefore, the greatness of the divine true essence and immense availability to humanity should never be reduced to the level of human propositions, neither substantiated by attesting to the devises cultivated by forged, seemingly good connection and display. There has and will always be the path of originality and e!cuses. The e!cuses for convenience should never out weigh the compound essence of truth and reality. *heer rhetoric of every mental and academic e!cursions leading to soul e!ercising outlets with the contention to regulate our supernatural equations should never be based on trials of the human normative; rather it ought to relate with the respect and submission to perfection only e!emplified by such essentials that shows to humanity the wealth and successes of the human center. These essentials draw their strength and meaning by giving liberty in the purest sense into the human substance and not necessarily from closed up self sanctifications intended to master the facilities of the intellect to the open. The connection to the supernatural is by openness centered on the ability to increase the level of awareness or enlightenment of the human consciousness in the intellect into the supervisory unit of the intellect itself derived from purity, which only e!ist and


objectively recogni)ed by the simple factors of e!cellence and unfeigned love. This determinant is valued because of the authority of perfection, shown and e!plained in true manifestation of truth. The measure of this truth is ingrain in perfect possibility and e!cellence. This is the possibility that have been turned into reality by the timeless manifestation and equation of peace, success and liberty into the human spirit with the presence of eternity. Therefore, the argument for or against this spectacular position witnessed by those two individuals; that is the little boy and mother, where deliberately brought to humanity framework as class work for all to appreciate and lean on. Those who elect to run against the inner services and provisions of the supreme e!istence with messages of mental dimensions would some day reali)e that even such astute minds as *igmund :reud, *tephen Hawking, #mmanuel Iant, /avid Hume, Eertrand 3ussell, +oam &homsky, Iarl <ar!, Fohn Aennon, Thomas 7dison, Eenjamin :ranklin, &hristopher Hitchens, Iatherine Hepburn, Cloria *tienam, <ikhail Corbachev, 2ngelina Folie, 7li)abeth &ady'*tanton and possibly 3ichard /awkins to mention few, dwell in partial limitation, not in intellectual spices and logical reasoning because these could be acquired, depending on the level of interest but they are in lack in the balance of eternity of truth in their assessments into the essence, justification and thoroughness of the illimitable conscience in the human center, which is the only life derivable comportment. This is because of the direct and pleasurable relationship of the human conscience to the supreme consciousness of certainty, protection and immeasurable propensity. <ore to the forgoing fact is that they remain consign to the best in the level of classic deliberations and observations because of their celebrations on the $seen believe% scheme and not the $believe seen% materiali)ation. They prefer to see vision and reality in the realm of arranged conceptuali)ation and not in the promise of consciousness in


e!istence or perfection if we choose to qualify, which has led to their limitations in e!ercising their heart assets in concert and not in fullness into the realm of the totality in truth. They are and like most philosophical, political and scientific minds past and present pursue their interpretations and rectifications of the supreme divine and sphere with the aptitude of rational comprehension instead of the breath of consciousness that flows into and from the heart with such simple requirements as foundational discipline and fitness to authenticity. They see the universe and composite nature only as elements and not necessarily as consciousness. That is, as rationality and not necessarily as originality neither legitimacy Their $brilliant propositions% are mainly based on concepts in dramatic and scholastic bla)e not necessarily on conte!t in consciousness in reality and rightness. #t is very much in place to state that concept in every sense is appreciated but there is more when our attempts and observance goes into reali)ation of the true substance within the human center. That is the reali)ation of creative consciousness. This is the center of purpose of all creation. #t is more than the employment of rationality; rather it is of the relationship and the intense need to absorb the fulfillment that is drawn from the conscience of purity. #t is worthy to point out that the tools employed for the foundation of human civili)ation and e!istence is not debased and e!haustively manipulated by the ordinary human absorption and subsections. 3ather it usually comes from the hidden $shammer,% the old scoundrel in unseen format, who has taken the ignoble dispatch against humanity with such tools that embellish valid substance on the outside with flowery penchants, but on the inside with lots of filthy flavor, stimulating assumptions and then implanted into some qualified minds, who have unknowingly given up the authority in self.


This deceit runs very deep, because the pursuit for accumulated knowledge arranged to promote structural institutions and not the resourceful conscience in the human center has further left these personages hallow in the verses of true awareness from goodness. They mostly e!haust available academic, logical and other mind mesmeri)ing parameters against the power of true knowledge itself by attacking visibility instead of appreciating the gift of insight to true consciousness with humility. They stay within these folds, though with the amplifications of their information to the mass by the news channels, which uses all platforms to e!onerate these formalistic professional mindsets, which most regrettably have reduced the scope of humanity to regulated organisms borne out of nursery illuminations. #ntellectualism and scientific advancement or e!planations are rightly not supposed to sentimentali)e e!istence and her vivid relationship with the eternity of consciousness. 3ather, the tools made available for these pursuits and the brilliant results attained are meant to broaden the awareness of liveliness and kindness, by transporting such imposing insight into the gratitude of living. The mistake most do not get is that the respect and pursuit for academic and scientific parameters are not the only structures that build surviving professionalism, advance pursuits and discoveries. 3ather; they come from the ever refreshing access to see the fine lines of every human esteem and aspiration within the humble accommodation of humanitys collective goodwill built in from eternity that could be termed super'eminent judgment. That means, professionalism and discoveries are not the end to the empowerment, endowment and usefulness of the human center, rather they are suppose to act as the beginning in search to the realities of humanitys link to the immeasurable issues of gracious consciousness and not otherwise. /ramatic fantasy is one thing, but to assume such imagery as the basis to conclusive arguments or statements is the very danger of self deceit and unforgivable emptiness even when such academic or class merits have been acquired.


=f note is that emptiness within the platform of usefulness is not lack of knowledge, rather it is simply the lack of awareness in knowledge by itself. #t is the mistake to quantify the assessment of the human center solely on regulations, laws, systems and qualifications instead of openness, kindness, gentleness and simplicity, which are the true life steam in the human center called the conscience. These are the true traces to the identity and power of the human personality. These are the connecting nerves to consciousness or awareness into the presence of eternity. These are the valves that set the height and width of the ever increasing accommodation of the human center to the relevance of consciousness in perpetuity. 2t this juncture, it would be relevant to state that eternity is not just space, gala!y or illusive concept without clear definition. 7ternity is presence of aggregate consciousness with material and anti'material compositions, which is the superior permission of life definition. 7ternity e!cel in perfection and distributes with originality. 7ternity is the perfection of e!istence defined by the immeasurable inspection of the aggregate consciousness. The relevant question is how is consciousness known and to what e!tent measuredThat is, with what standard or tool can one determine the consciousness we are talking aboutTo begin with, we cannot simply measure consciousness on mere instrumental approach neither defined on structural premise, because is the foundational element of life or e!istence. 2s fact, this is the main reason the human center should be directed to the issue of life and e!istence around us. This is because, everything has life or consciousness. However, where it gets most personalities confuse is that they look at life only from the corporal with all their sentimental calculations concluded on conceptual magnetism. This kind of regimen is twist from truth.


Aife is not the physical but the component of consciousness inside the physical shape, which is the real life. &onsciousness is not what human eyes see, hands touch or mind feel. However, consciousness sees the human heart and character, feels the human impulse and te!ture, touches the human body and mind, walks in the human vision and purpose and performs all activities of e!istence. &onsciousness knows every name, character and aspect in e!istence and to the very detail. &onsciousness is not regulated by other factors but regulates all issues in material and invisible realm. &onsciousness is not subjective to lies and destruction but is the very objective to life, future and provisions. &onsciousness is not comple!, but simple when mastered with the manner of quality recognition and devotion. &onsciousness does not endanger, but saves; not mechanical, but real. Therefore, the vitality of consciousness in eternity is not in anger with humanity because humanity is the proof to the trust and reali)ation of eternity good purpose. Hence, consciousness is the purity of perpetuity in origin. That is origin in the presence of perpetuity. That is the perfect presence of the state of being. The real danger comes from those who are playing mockery with humanity by using all channels of manipulation intended to destroy the values of humanity. They use such rationality of contempt against the good intentions of humanity. However, the vast diagram of the illimitable in terms of creation and the distributive goodness to humanity for the advancement of humanity has always been the e!cuse for some human characters with their acquired and control intellect to challenge the sovereign benevolent, instead of appreciating the best utility of these tools to the promotion of incorruptibility and valid principles. This then leads to the simple question; why do we always compromise the good and magnify the opposite-


1hy are most human characters always ruled by fear, suspicion and other spiteful tendencies instead of politeness and foresight1hy do they always ask questions of disrespect to the totality of benevolence, called aggregate consciousness; the promoter of good and sing the praise of the impostor called the master of abuseThose who profess good intentions are mostly challenged with all nerve of bitterness, while those who profess neglect and deceit are ignored and commonly celebrated as the good bearers of human rights. That is, they have taken human rights to mean disgust, dishonor and discolor. 1hat a sham. 1hat a displays of disguise weakness in the center of those who use only scholarly advantage and regulated interpretation of e!istence as tools of dismantle of the e!traterrestrial realm and the consummate authority. &reation is not a test of fiction neither is it a tabulation of equations from the mechani)ation of human subjection. &reation is definitive activity from reality. &reation is the reality from the sovereign consciousness that outlast e!pansiveness of thoughts, accumulated reactions and scientific reprogramming. &reation is not the mother of humanity, but is the character where the substance of humanity was drawn and e!posed. #n this wise, the main sketch is for humanity to take hold of the true freedom available to humanity by the simple application to values of the eternal. Those who mostly sought the e!planation of truth and equations of the universe from high admissible mental assessment and not from the highest and infinite sphere of perfection, only transmitted through the unbreakable chains of reverence to the immortal or by the simple awareness to the totality of consciousness of life would someday reali)e that stability of the deeper content of life or e!istence and equilibrium equation are two different issues, though knitted together by the power of credibility.


*tability is more on firmness, steadiness, growth and strength, while equilibrium is more of reaction from opposing comple!ities to balance and equality. They both tend to strike at the issue of fairness from different admissible viewpoints. *tability views fairness as an integral part to the human relationship with e!istence, while equilibrium sees it as an options depending on the intention of both relatives. However, because they both relate directly with credibility as they possess the power of positive persuasion to direct every energetic endeavor to the display of magnanimity and poise. They tend to elevate substantive ideals to the level of grand awareness. This is the temperament that the intellect can use in good recognition of developmental processes in humanity scale. Therefore, these logical, philosophical and scientific minds have contributed immensely to the growth of human awareness and general world progress from their varying perspectives. However, with all due respect, there are still rooms for them to learn from, and appreciate the reali)ation of humanitys journey into the consciousness of the supreme totality. This is because the issue of true spiritual connection and attendant reports are usually not by chosen standards of human scale, neither by qualifications arranged by institutionali)ed certification, rather is mostly by the increase level of humility to good understanding of the human center directed towards the appreciation of the beauty and wellness of e!istence from the super'eminent. This kind of maturity to good understanding is borne by the denial of the self ego, which then allows the supreme consciousness to relay purpose and fullness of the human potentials or usefulness from the realm of certainty and authority through into e!istence scaling upgrade. The denial of self does not necessarily mean loss of identity or pursuit depletion as some would assume because they still cannot understand that mental capacity is e!pended to the amount of information available at any given time. However, adopting timeless recognition to consciousness from eternity is the high familiarity, competence, patience and assimilation to see life,


e!istence, proportions and interconnections in humanity from the slate of cleanness, dignity, wholeness and purest liberty. This is actually the true briskness, passion or enthusiasm if we attempt to broaden the human evaluations to stately mental capacity fed with the insight from goodness and unstoppable developmental processes. These are then e!pressed to all not with any price or manipulation, but with the commitment to service, happiness and friendliness. That is with the acknowledgement that the best in humanity is only carved out with openness to happiness and love from the heart. These would never be achieved by mechanical approach, but simply by huddling into the consciousness of truth with such arms of magnanimity, carefulness and positive opportunities from the human center to magnify appreciable items that e!poses humanity to reality, foresight and self'respect. #n this wise, running through recollection lanes, we do understand that consciousness of and in truth is not seen or could be touched with our physical sight neither smelt with our sensory organs. However, consciousness is real, living, absorbed in genuineness and best known as the priceless balance of e!istence. &onsciousness is not in void, because is the living component in all presence, with definite location from where necessary and superior articulation takes form. Therefore, consciousness in certainty is not a concept and neither is it a relative substance. This is because; truth is the definitive and aggregate presence of perfect consciousness relayed into e!istence by immense beauty. Truth is more than purity though purity is an essential part of truth. This is for the reason that in purity is the unfettered substance that shows the evidence of truth. Truth as substance is not just an abstract in mastery, but the touchable confirmation of civility and liveliness, which are the living insistence within the supreme authority to e!istence. Truth is the aggregate presence of perfection.


Truth and aggregate consciousness are the same in purpose and characteri)ations as they represent the life unit in humanity or the whole e!istence of visible and invisible relationships. #n more simple understanding, truth is the commitment to e!cellence and consciousness is the form. Hence, truth is not based on human implied goodness though this e!ercise is well encouraged as it helps to relegate hopelessness in the human center. 2dded to the above definition, truth is the sparkle e!pression of victory, broadness, boldness, wellness, responsiveness and progress in constant dimension. Truth is savior, leads, builds, protects, encourages and promotes e!istence. Truth destroys barriers, discrimination, drawbacks and distress. The qualities of truth are tangible and infinite, because the power truth possesses is not measured by human rationali)ations rather is by the immeasurable wealth of grace and fulfilling justice. Truth is not regionali)ed, neither in conte!t. Truth is singular in all places, at all time and to all ages. Truth is compound in every assessment and very caring. Truth is never bitter and disrespectful. 1hat these simply mean is that truth is not a varying factor based on convenience in the human center because the internal discipline to withstand commotions and disgust is part of the winning attributes that oo)es out from truth as substantive personality. Truth is for the strong and not weak, because of the enormous challenges truth faces or bears as she slices through the rough soul of deceit and bondage. Here lies the greatest strength to the human center when the cultivation is to strive towards responsiveness and togetherness. That is towards friendliness, contentment, influence and thankfulness. Truth is based on the unvarying quality of assurance and freedom. #t would be necessary to add that truth is found on the limitless e!pansiveness of worthiness and courteousness, and then


transmitted into the human center and through to others by those who value the benefits of the pre'eminent reign. The vital purpose of truth or the supreme aggregate of consciousness is to keep humanity and e!istence free from the burden of repression and deceit. That is, to keep humanity in the original and prosperous state onto the direction of complete fulfillment. #n addition, that is in the direction of unity, esteem, happiness and service. Therefore, the authority of truth in all circumstance is mastered by the acceptance of nobility and modesty in the human center. 1hat this simply means is that whoever downgrade the conscience compact, which is always filled with esteem or importance, sincerity and liberty with e!cuses and irregularities would not find the accommodation of truth as a lively essential. The unwavering influence of truth in face to face with most deceptive and wicked environment or circumstance is mastered with the tools of simplicity, patience and good e!pressions of insight by those with superlative character. Truth is not a negotiator, but facilitator of e!cellence and freedom. Truth is more than a means, because is the totality of brightness and security to humanity true e!istence. This super'e!cellence or promotion of valid tendencies are not base on suspicion, narrow insinuations and sponsorship of deceit of the unique human gifts, but the legitimate tendencies are used as privilege to uplift the courteous environment to the credible foundation that sets humanity on her best course. Therefore, evaluations of the super'immortal and relative e!positions are ideally within the conte!t of humanitys responsibility to impartiality and efficiency. That is when the tool of integrity within the intellectual insight abides to humility, higher level of generosity with creation cumulatively to the human center and satisfaction derived from the appreciation or admiration if you will of the infinite authority. That is when gratifyingly employed in our daily observance of natures magnitude, searches into positive agendas either on


scientific, humanistic or logical fields, which are all tailored from acceleration of attentiveness to the supreme eminence. *ome notable personalities like #saac +ewton, <ichael :araday, *aint Thomas 2quinas, Fohn aul ##, <argaret Thatcher, 2lbeit 7instein, *t 2ugustine, 3ene /escartes, Fohn 1ycliffe, Fohn Hus, Ceorge 1ashington, 2braham Aincoln, Eilly Craham, 2dam *mith, +elson <andela, *ir :rancis Eacon, Eill &linton, Fohn Aocke, Aeonardo da >ince, &hristopher &olumbus, 2lan Creenspan, 1inston &hurchill, Thomas 7dison, <other Theresa, T.* 7liot, 3onald 3egan, <artin Auther Iing Fr., Iathryn Iuhlman, =bafemi 2wolowo, Fulius +erere, <ichelangelo, 2lfred +obel and even to great e!tent Earak =bama recogni)e the sphere of the supernatural and share utmost reverence to the aggregate consciousness of authority that spells, e!presses and reveals perfection in truth. Their profound e!pressions and familiarity with the supreme essence is more on their reali)ation that e!istence with her beauty and resources have one way or the other connected with the superiority of truth because of the genuineness of life and natures preferences around. Therefore, these evidences of super eminence in humanity sphere have led to these minds to adopt and adapt that utmost reverence should be preserved in the conte!t of liberating facts to the human assessment and not just on dogmas or doctrines. They have somehow connected to the realm of true liberty and peaceful substantiations that comes from oneness and wholeness, which gushes from the sufficiency in the supreme consciousness. However, others see and color such trustworthy awareness with flowery and unauthori)ed suppositions that has been misleading some human characters on to the verge to self infliction and suppression or bondage if we like, instead of well grounded progression. #t is very appropriate to state that those that highlight the province of the divine, either slightly or enormously would always find the relevance of undeniable strength in their comportment.


Therefore, they deserve all appreciations for their efforts in maintaining e!istence on her right foundation, impulse and most rational compact. However, those opponents of perfection obtained from truth, which is the supreme and benevolent presence, usually e!ercised the best in them base on guided rationali)ation, systemic intuitions and not necessarily within the flow from the embodiment of completeness and newness. Truth is more than evidence or the state of mind, neither is it on mere theoretical supposition on what truth is supposed to offer. This is because; truth is a living presence that aggregate the best in e!istence for the good of e!istence along with totality or direction of wellness and appropriateness. This inestimable personality is not about the observance of hypothetical instances; rather it is the relationship that spells the means and possibilities of e!pressing the values within all vitality in sincerity and decency. &onsequently, the pursuit of truth is the direct e!pression to submerge the human pride and manipulations for the availability of the essence in e!cellence to prevail. The essence in e!cellence is a character, representation, authority and constant in the infinite preserve of love. This measure is not given by systemati)ed echelon, neither by blocks of stimulated facts, rather is by the simple distinction of enlightenment streaming from the supernatural capital in retention with time and winning specification. That is, the enlightenment that traces its timing and tendencies on correctness. This correctness is always in abundance of good news and naturalness. This conscientious certainty will never suggest the narrowing of the human gifts, though with the first principle for such gifts to moderate on liberty and wealth. These wealth and liberties are not in the cosmos only, but also in the material observance or world, which should bring to bear the attention of all to the magnificence and dominance of the super' sovereign.


The real challenge to humanity is on how and where to locate these admirable and great values of the supreme goodness. 2s fact, this was the cause that set the first human thought, actions and subsequently great thinkers on issues relating to the e!istence of the supreme life and connection with e!istence. Humanity in some way felt not alone because of the vastness of the spherical properties around, and saw the variances in nature, life and developments as unavoidable question gaps. Humanity knew somehow in the inner treasured knack that these spheres around humanity were consummate indications of survival, with objective realities, which traces the relevance of comfort that would immensely aggregate the best for all when resolved with provable attendance to superiority. This superiority is not the subjective tendency to debase the values of the human instinct and characteri)ation, rather is the direct e!ample that reflects from the e!cellence in good standard of the source of creation. 1hat this simply means is that the focus and e!pectations of e!cellence would always rely on the composition of the faultless reality. This is simply the consciousness of living. #n the relative, ascetic or self denial for spiritual motions should not totally suggest into the human center the escape from the relevant provisions of the material substances, rather the purpose and strength of higher spiritual awareness or attainment is to see the benevolent provisions of the super'eminent with the eyes of service and the heart of goodwill, then used to scope the sight of others to the playground of fairness, adequacy, prominence and authority. This higher understanding of the e!traterrestrial and physical comportments has nothing to do with abstinence when such practices do not lead to fulfillment, happiness, goodness, assured liberty and truth. This means, such rigorous human practices should not be the sole tendency to reflect wholeness in attention to the supreme totality of consciousness or perfection. 3ather, the kind of abstinence that


reflects wholeness is on the very true relationship of purpose and legitimacy built on unbreakable formation to approach every human endeavor, whether spiritual or physical on e!cellence, possibilities and sheer respect to e!istence and her source. #n more assertive and optimistic terms, that is to harness the goals of all human creativity on the plain turf of civility, broadness and progress. The cheap e!cuse to forgo material wealth only for the attention of spiritual relevance or pursuit is an old deceit to cover up the purpose of truth, which is the promotion and availability of happiness and freedom in all realms to the human center. The conceit to draw strength from the supernatural only for the declared severance from human needs cannot replace the true picture of the fullness of the human identity. 1hat this simply means is that wealth, happiness, peace and other good purposes would only get connected to the first principle of assurance and not the lack of common identity in the human center when the content is to accommodate originality and suitable e!perience 3emember that happiness is not a price, neither an opportunity nor privilege, but it is the presence of right. This is the presence of usefulness, fairness, healthiness and purpose. Happiness is not a substance dependant solely on motivation or peace, although these are inseparable components of happiness when the goal is to ensure goodness. Happiness is the strength of motivation by itself that showers the human center with the magnified results from totality in fulfillment or contentment and stately liberty. &ontentment is not to say no to the provisions of e!istence, rather it is to show the beauty of the supreme benevolent with the same measure of compassion and truthfulness. That is, with the same tools that encourages us with others to see the possibilities of promoting the best converge in humanity by the inner agreement to favor, hope, conscientiousness and authenticity. Hence, with clear note of authority and the application of totality of truth, we dare summon that material wealth or subsistence does


not abuse the motivation of truth and approach to the supernatural purity and affiliation. #t is when the weak through e!aggerations or arrogance in the human centre is allowed to dictate the course of eventfulness. That is when the true value of wealth to the human center becomes a limitation to conscientiousness instead of tool for reasonable service. #t is when those close to the premise of truth see more on the opportunity of wealth as right to status instead of privilege to substantive service. That is when the control of wealth becomes the focus instead of the rightfulness to the wealth itself. This is the e!aggerations of constricted might instead of the humbleness of purpose and build up pages into the living scripts for others without bitterness. <aterial wealth is not the definition of the human center, but how much and well it is used to share the usefulness of fairness, trustworthiness and bravery really defines personalities. That means, wealth is a gift in our relationship with the supreme eternal to show the best in humanity by the simply display of integrity and security. 7specially with the security other can abide with. Therefore, it is very unwise by those with illusive spiritual tendencies to narrow the reflection of truth based on competition instead of service first to the purposes of the supreme pre'eminent, which in the long haul is the uplifting radiance to us and others with the same good adoration to the supreme sovereign. #t is when they allow their insight to become burden within and on others by professing self esteem instead of transparent humility, which would in turn transform the atmosphere to the virtues of preeminence. #n further e!planation, material possession is never an opponent to the sufficiency of the human center to connect and live in happiness and harmony within the continuous presence of perfection. However, to get and understand the best from this higher realm, the human character should render the utmost trust and service for


the openness of respectable responsibility to harness the good feeling and substance of humanity. The deceit orchestrated by those seemingly formatted mind'body spiritual e!ercises has led and would fail humanity because they have placed the values of unguided sensation and low estimations as the object of prowess instead of downgrade. 2lmost unknowingly to the adherents, these unguided sensations would send these characters into the illusion of self denial and colorful convenience aimed at pettiness and internal pains. That is to follow the deception that sells the right of good possession into the hands of instigators and impropriators, and then calling the original owners with tilted focus and story lines to pursue and live in truth with the message of poverty or termed in more vibrant and meaningful way, spirituality built on abstinence. To make the course very clear, this formal deceit was the immediate challenge to humanity after creation, because of the rudeness of this far reaching manipulation. This came directly to substitute the best in humanity with the rationality of fear, lies and carelessness or disrespect to the values of decency and human successful valuations. This came into to the human nerve to congeal the core essence of humanitys loving pursuit and relationship with the impressions of deprivations and spiritual stimulations, instead of observance to the first principles of precision and peace. Hence, this is the new challenge to humanity and her good bearers to wake up to the valid rights of truth, because they represent the totality of goodness and not the subjection of her benefits. The call to humanity is to now see the purpose and brightness of truth as the only place and birth resolve that wholly has given the best to humanity to enjoy with the fondness to e!hibiting the very value of loyalty to the supreme eminence. 1e do not show respect by negligence rather is by the practice of e!cellence and wealth as conceived from the beginning. 1e do not confess closeness and adoration to the truth by mere abstinence of earthly subsistence rather is by attracting the best assurance into the advantage of healthier living.


7!cellence is not an isolated term restricted to academic palace or myopically constricted to mischievous tendencies, rather is the statement and display of those elements that constitute appropriation and authority. That means e!cellence shows the course of refinement, influence and capabilities. This is then the call for humanity to understand that the conspiracy of untold manipulation has always been uncovered by the power of truth when we diligently listen, attend and foster this illimitable virtue to life. This is because some characters most glaringly now wear the garment of piousness without the willing affiliation to certainty. Their course is not necessarily to e!pound goodness, but to use the instruments of mercilessness to deprive others from sighting the ray of fulfillment from valid assurance. 1e should never get confused with piousness when its foundation is not on validity and contentment with perpetuity. Therefore, this is the direct invitation to search and uplift the true liberty provided to humanity for the fruitful relationship with goodness by the provisions in e!istence curled from the totality of sovereignty. &ategorically, material possession is a right in truth. <aterial possession is not in rivalry with spiritual aspirations, neither in the practice of it. <aterial possessions will never negate the content of spiritual attachment that drives to e!pose terror with the power of compassion and honesty. Aet it be told openly and clearly here that material possession with deceitful focus would counter the good purpose of successful consignments from truth when employed with slavery mentality. This means, when the tools assigned for the outlook of material possessions are channeled without accountability to the consciousness of happiness and vigor. 2bstinence spiritually to worldly factors could be valid tool to high understanding of the human center, but is not the end or goal to the relationship with the supreme eminent.


#t may enhance spiritual awareness but not necessarily guarantee inner fulfillment that comes from respect to immortality and distinction. Therefore, asceticism, monasticism and other self'centered spiritual posturing and e!ercises are not intended to be the pursuit themselves; because they are more on human attestations and rituali)ed transition. This transition is the ploy to attract the focus of others into the fantasy of rituali)ed spirituality better understood as religion. That means e!ercises of asceticism, abstinence, monasticism and other reflective body movements would stimulate traces of higher connections but not necessarily into the compelling ambiance of sureness neither to genuine and functional affinity with the supreme eternal. The very reason for this is that every true connection to the supreme eternal would always e!pose and suggest order, responsibility, openness, freedom and provable wealth used to enhance the faculties of human progression and peace. 1ealth is not negative when the source and direction is from truth and to truth. This kind of wealth is not the pursuit to elaborate on mistrust, jealousy and accusations, but to e!pound on tidiness, soundness and forthrightness. The supreme pre'eminent would always entertain and support prosperity, warmth and liberty within the conte!t of building kindness, courage and great e!pectation. :urthermore, within the conte!t of building strong foundation, unshakable vision and substantive drive. &ategorically, truth to materialism is not an opportunity to step off reality, and neither is it parallel with e!istence. <aterial wealth is part of the substance of legitimacy of truth. <aterial wealth lives and carries its full meaning in truth when delivered with the power of uprightness and refinement. <aterial wealth is not solely a component of the material world, but comes first from the spiritual realm. #t does not inhibit true spiritual relationship base on love and peace, but enhances the functionality


of immortality through the right opportunities of impartiality and compassion. #t is not in conflict with spiritual relevance when we understand that the purpose of wealth is mainly for superior overhaul and not abuse, neither to enslave the human center to diluted assurance. Those saddles with this privilege to use material subsistence to the upgrade of humanitys beautiful values should shore up their intentions with unbendable reliance on the pre'eminent. They should continue the assignment in growing more on the heart theme of the supreme immortal and less on the interpretations of their good service to others. This simply means, our cherished command is in doing the bidding of the supremacy and less of the individuality. The true living pre'eminent only requires that the proper display of stately virtues should be channeled through appreciation, harmony, among other reliabilities and not detestation nor smear. However, material possession should never be the primary focus nor allowed to over ride the consciousness of e!cellence and thoughtfulness. This is because; the whole purpose of the supreme authority is for the human center to have control of the provisions of e!istence including material wealth with the simplification of benevolence to all. This is not about logical concept, but on the power courage possess by e!ercising on practical factors of motivation and reality. These factors are not given to humanity through human carriage, but e!pressed through the rhythm of liveliness and transparency. Hence, the old and decay conspiracy is defeated with the relevance of truth by opening the vast interest to all to see sacredness in truth not solely with monastic or ascetic e!clusiveness built on human equivalence but with the commitment from the human heart that insist on promoting hope, happiness and love from e!amples of the perfect authority. That is the authority that wrote the best for all to share when the energy is to occupy humanity with fruitfulness.


The attachment to the totality of perfection is not the degrading of scholarly capacity but is the immensity of receptiveness to the motivations from the principal capital of the super'conscious. The super'conscious created science, philosophy and others technological evolvements to humanity for the good of humanity and not otherwise. The issue is really to what direction those given these noble responsibilities have chosen to reflect their appreciation and capacities towards. That is, are they mainly driven to e!emplify the human ego or to moderate accordance to their source#f of the former, then there would be crisis of direction and disparage of the average human sensibility, but on the latter, orderliness, humane substantiation and applause. This has nothing to do with the composure of the human center to the information derived from seriali)ation rather is with such instrument in the human center that swims, stays and saturate the conscience not with abstractions, but with the factuality of truth. This is because; the aggregate responsibility to e!istence is measured by superior preferences received from transparent illumination and not by legalistic suppositions. 7!istence is more than a cause and affect symposium, because of the define roles of varying abilities by nurturing the dimensions of human civili)ations into the culture of infinite pleasure within the e!pansiveness of the supreme authority. This balance is mostly comprehensible with the innocent display of perfection from the stream of internal stability acclaimed from the clean conscience. 1elcome, he then said to himself with sincerity and to all who would dare to join in changing the taste in the air to fresher and cleaner course. This is the terrain of abundance born from truth by perception from the Bltimate, he concluded. This is the completeness of love, truth, wellness and peace, not just in concept or written dogma to humanity but supremely displayed through the air and form of sincerity and foresight.


This is where the vision in the human center blossoms and are cultivated to the highest quality within the developmental processes e!posed to humanity to absorb. Aove as practical truth and peace now reigns forever. His reflection now seems to connect with these vital distributions, which could be understood from the supreme eternal. The supreme eternal is Cod, who is love; he now reali)ed and connected back to what those two personalities; mother and child meant with their banner boldly held up high. &ome, he then said to humanity?let us go and sketch the winning formula for certainty into humanity valid comple! again, he called on all. That is the winning formula for e!cellence and liberty. 1hat a joy and competence to responsibilityHe said confidently within himself as he now embraced his future e!perience with the gifts of grace and victory. These are the gifts that spell forgiveness and happiness as the article of trade for future prosperity. *ummarily, these are the perfect gifts given to humanity forever by the only way, the truth and life. /aringly, he screamed and the whole world heard this in the heart of their breath?Fesus is alive. This is the giver and presence of true freedom, peace, happiness and love. Thank you he then e!claimed into the consciousness of creation. Thank you for all the promises of consciousness becoming reality, he said to love, hope and happiness. The true te!t and beginning is for all as much as possible to keep tilling into this lively consciousness that never ends. This commitment should stay alive for us to understand the fullness of our true identity and purpose. That is, the purpose enormously defined on transparent love and best cemented with the tools of decency and inner peace. Tell somebody about Fesus? he now deem is the best refreshment into every human center and this connection is real. He is our unbreakable peace into perpetuity.


He is love that has conveyed us into unsurpassed victory and confidence. Honor to the only true divine, whose trace is spelt on truth and real freedom. That is the truth and freedom that placed humanity from the onset on the course of peace, progress and prosperity. 1e are all suited to share gratitude to this only pre'eminent. 1hat a privilege. 1hat an unbreakable joy?he then concluded with utmost esteem to the only one and true living Cod.

About Modu <odu is simply a vessel of the resurrection life of &hrist Fesus. He grew up in the historic city of Eenin, the capital of 7do *tates in +igeria. He is athletic and was a prolific soccer player up to college. <odu is an accounting graduate from Bniversity of Eenin. He is married to a very peaceful and kindhearted &hristian lady JFoyK and blessed with " lovely children JHilary, *arah L >ictorK. His mom J/eacon &omfort =agbaleK is a devoted &hurch worker with considerable forthrightness. 8,5

<odu is the founder and president of Fesus is alive, #nc. This is a &hristian fellowship in Eoston with the immenseHdivine call to spread the spiritual revelation and power of &hrist Fesus to the world by the Holy *pirit. <odu has had lots of personal e!periences before and after his submission to the Aordship of &hrist Fesus, including been shot point blank by armed bandit in ;998 in +igeria, but was saved and made stronger by the power of the 2lmighty Cod. Tell somebody about Fesus is <odus motto. Fesus is alive as Iing forever is <odus vision.

Other book by modu. 1ho is a &hristian-