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We were happy surprised by the speed and !uality of seed set. there was a noticeable difference" #fter 3 wee$s we were convinced enough we gave some to the field without and it caught up !uic$" #ma%ing"
P, Riddle, New Jersey

We had a heck of a storm last Thursday, plenty of crop damage in the area, except for my field. my corn stayed put as tall as can be, there was some root exposure along the road from wash out that explains why, my neighbor said No wonder I'm growing oak tree corn, ne er saw roots like that on corn before. Sincerely
J. T White, Minnesota

We saved roughly $25 per acre using the Root Magic in our program with a range of 3 to 5 bushel increase per acre over last season. Quality ear production at that.
D, Allred, Utah

!hris, I told you if your product works I would let e erybody know and if it doesn't work I will let e erybody know ."ust as #uick . I can honestly say with confidence that this is the best round up ready corn crop I' e e er seen R, Lee Tucker , North FL

Ron, I wanted to quick tell you about what happened with our corn. I got so busy with moving cows and cutting hay I neglected the corn we planted, It looked pathetic and at about 4 ft, it was starving and starting to tassel. I hit it with the maze magic anyway and it fully recovered, shot right up and put on, I mean put on, All ear completely full and it s the sweetest corn ever. !unny thing is I only hit it with the seed started blend and maze magic, you have any Idea how profitable this is for me. "an t thank you enough, J.R , Triple J Farms, FL

#ince $%%4 &'# has worked closely with farmers to develop alternative solutions to the rising cost of fertilizer inputs. #cientific data is a great tool and a building block from which we can begin, however the real information on best practice comes directly from the source, the grower. (his is why each of our products are field tested by e)perienced growers on a variety of crops in different regions and growing conditions. *efore we even introduce any of our products to the market, we want to know they work, not +ust on paper, but based on results in the field.

We all $now soil fertility is vital to the success of any crop" &t's why each of our products are designed to enhance soil fertility and prevent leaching. (y adding soil biology along with carbon molecules" our blends will assist and advance the performance of commercial fertili%ers and as well provide energy to the plant to ma)imi%es nutrient upta$e and fruit production. &t starts with * Root development * #t seed plant or sprig our R++, M#-&. seed starter will increase germination and root structure not /ust in length but in mass. 0aving a massive and deeper root structure provides better nutrient and moisture up ta$e for a healthier crop. ,his also adds strength to sustain better production




!inishing is also very important to avoid deficiencies during the period of greatest demand. ,eveloped by our growers, our -A./ -A0I" helps the plant ma)imize and utilize production nutrients. It also offers a compliment of the proper minor elements to ensure there is no energy lose. Increased production is not only sustainable but consistent. ,on1t let the name fool you, it s not magic, it s simply the best of what the plant needs +ust before the tassel stage to ensure increased ear production and quality kernel set.

Profita ility
We understand that each crop program is different, that is why our products are fully customi$able to fit the need of your fertili$er program. %our N&' representati e will be able to explain in detail how our products will be able to help lower your o erall fertili$er ( herbicide cost per acre. )ost important..... %ou'll be pro iding a powerful supplemental alternati e that has been pro en to increase #uality production and profit. Thank you for your time , We look forward to working for you