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An unofficial Rules Supplement for 2nd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


Quirks function as additional special qualities that

describe a character in much the same way as Talents
and Traits. Unlike Talents, Quirks are a freeform system
Humans: Adaptable, Renowned Wit, Resourceful
of brief phrases or descriptors that summarize a notable
quality or special ability of the character. These qualities Halflings: Opportunist, Plucky, Right Stuff
could be associated with the characters race and career,
Dwarfs: Grudge Lord, Hard as Nails, Patient as a
or a linked to the character’s achievements, reputation or
Mountain, Relentlessly Resolute, Royal Blood
even ancestry.
Wood Elves: Bond with Nature, Eagle-Eyed, Fey
Quirks essentially act as additional Fortune Points, but
Quickness, Forest Walker, Fury of Kurnous
are restricted in their use by the descriptor. As an
example, Torbruk Throtgobbler, a renowned Dwarf Miner, High Elves: Erudite, Master of Court Intrigue, Pure of
has a Quirk described as ‘Hard as Nails.’ During a Flesh, Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages
mining mishap, he finds himself in a tunnel filling up with
Dark Elves: Bloodcrazed, Embraced by Shadows,
rubble. The GM asks Torbruk's player to make a Strength
Enchanting Beauty, Relentless Fighter, Perfect Killer
Test to pull himself from under the rubble, which Torbruk
promptly fails. Torbruk’s player may then decide to call Goblins: Dodgy Little Git, Looney, Red Toof Warrior,
upon his ‘Hard as Nails’ Quirk, and re-roll the failed Sneaky Schemer
Strength Test. Like all Fortune Points, a player may only
Orcs: Armed to da Teef, Eadbasher, Cunnin Planna,
call upon any given Quirk once per session. Depending
Well Ard
on the situation, ‘Hard as Nails’ could be used to re-roll a
failure to resist being stunned, thwart a torturer's attempts Ogres: Bellower, Bull Charge, Chosen of the Great
to extract information from Torbruk with hot pincers or any Maw, Horde Master, Master of Butchery
other applications that the GM and player agree is Skaven: Glorious Coat, Quick Quick, Warpstone
Every character begins with one free Quirk at character
creation. The player is free to tie this starting Quirk to the A NOTE ON GAME BALANCE
characters race, region, career or even an achievement You may have noticed that these example Quirks are not
that is part of the character’s back-story. In addition, the particularly balanced in play. In many campaigns, it is a
GM may allow a character to use their Free Advance to considerably likely you are going to get a better use out
acquire a second starting Quirk instead of its normal use. of quirk named ‘Master of Blades’ rather than ‘Wife of
the Crows’. Given the scope and freedom of the Quirk
During play, a character has the opportunity to purchase
system, this lack of balance is unavoidable. That said,
another Quirk each time they complete a career, at a cost
GMs should feel free to disallow any Quirks they feel are
of 100 xp.
abusive or easily overused. This system is designed to
A character can never have more than six Quirks at a allow a player to individualise their characters, not
time. A character with six different Quirks who has the develop killing machines that are never without a Fortune
opportunity to purchase a new Quirk may choose to lose Point in combat.
a Quirk and replace it with a new Quirk.

By Alexander J Bateman

An unofficial Rules Supplement for 2nd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


EXAMPLE CAREER QUIRKS To personalise weapons and other Equipment further, the
Note that all Example Quirks listed in this document GM may wish to apply quirks to them in the same way as
are just that, examples. If both the player and GM Characters. It is recommended that this is limited to
feel that an example Quirk makes sense for a granting Best Craftsmanship Weapons a single quirk, to
character you should feel free to take it regardless of avoid over complicating the system.
the listed Career, Race or Region.
The GM can use these quirks instead of or alongside the
Warrior Careers: Battle Tested, Blade Master, optional rules for distinguishing Best Craftsmanship
Gunner’s Pride, Knightly Temper, Martial Honour, Weapons in the Old World Armoury. As with all Quirks,
Nimble Shooter, Well Drilled these names and effects are examples rather than
Rural Careers: Beast Master, Cat-Like Reflexes,
Hale and Hearty, Hunter's Eye, One with the Target, Accurate: You may call upon this quirk to re-roll an
Strength of the Wolf, Woodland Stalker attempt to hit you foe or any other feat of sharp
shooting. This quirk is appropriate for Firearms and
Urban Careers: Dashing Disposition, Fades into the
Crossbows, as well as any melee weapons that require
Crowd, Grew Up On the Streets, King of Cups,
finesse over brute force, such as daggers, rapiers and
Nimble Feet, Shadow Walker, Slippery Customer
even spears.
Academic Careers: Bookworm, College Educated,
Cutting Edge: You may call upon this quirk to either re-
Eccentric Genius, Heir of Volans, Power of the Mind,
roll an attempt to cut through an object or re-roll an
Tomb Raider, Quick Learner
attempt to hit an armoured Foe. This quirk is appropriate
Religious Careers: Child of Grugni, Compassionate, for Axes, Halberds and other heavy bladed weapons.
Defender of the Old Faith, Fiery Rhetoric, Isha’s
Heavy: You may call upon this quirk to re-roll an attempt
Chosen, Protected by Sigmar, Unshakeable Faith
to knock a foe unconscious or re-roll an attempt to
Manoeuvre your foe backwards. Mauls, Morning Stars
and other heavy blunt weapons are good candidates for
this quirk.
Holy: You may call upon this quirk to re-roll an attack or
You may wish to expand the effects of a given Quirk to parry made against a foe of your religion. Common
have an effect other than that of a fortune point. A Dwarf examples include Goblinoids or Chaos Worshippers for
with the Quirk ‘Always has a Pint in his Hand’ could Sigmar, Followers of Nurgle for Shallya or Undead for
indeed always be assumed to have a pint in his hand in Morr.
all but the most absurd circumstances, while a Human
with ‘Beloved of Beoforn’ might be able to walk on Perfectly Balanced: You may call upon this quirk to re-
spikes, burning coals, even molten metal without serious roll a parry attempt or re-roll a task involving juggling,
harm. This document intentionally leaves such effects up twirling or otherwise showing off with the weapon. This
to the GM, although if this idea is used it advisable that quirk is appropriate for Swords, Daggers, Quarterstaffs
the group discuss and agree to the scope and limits of or any other weapon that has an even weight
any Quirk before it is purchased. distribution over its length.
Wicked: You may call upon this quirk to re-roll any
attempt to Intimidate a foe with the weapon or re-roll an
attempt to hit a wounded or otherwise disadvantaged
General Equipment Quirks: Exquisitely Decorated, foe. The weapons of the Dark Elves and Ruinous
Kissed by Scripture, Valued Heirloom
Powers are the most likely to have this Quirk.
Armour Quirks: Forbiddingly Spiky, Musket Proofed
Horse Quirks: Loyal Steed, Swift as the Wind
Ship Quirks: Heavy Timbers, Reinforced Bulkheads,
Streamlined Hull
War Machine Quirks: Devastatingly Accurate, Old

An unofficial Rules Supplement for 2nd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


Always Expects the Worst, Army Trained, Artillery Averland: Fashionable, Mountainguard
Master, At Home Anywhere, Barrel-Chested, Beloved
Hochland: Big Game Hunter, Born Survivor
of Crows, Blue Blood, Booming Voice, Bulging
Biceps, Cannot be Predicted, Carefree, City-Borne, Middenland: Contemptuous of Change, Big and
Crazed!, Cutlass Master, Dreaded Captain, Evasive, Brawny
Expert Knife Fighter, Expert Rigger, Fearsome
Nordland: Brutally Honest, Reckless Blood
Vampire Hunter, Feet of Steel, Friend of the Spirits,
Glorious Charge, Gregarious, Grit of the North, Hard Ostermark: Flamboyant in Despair, Grim
to Kill, Heart of Stone, Inspired Seaman, King of Determination
Liars, Lady-killer, Free Marketer, Master of Poison, Ostland: Foul Odour, Sworn a Blood Oath
Monster Slayer, Nerves of Steel, Protector of
Children, Pure of Heart, Quick as a Blink, Quick Reikland: Disciplined, Natural Leader
Healer, Revered of Talabheim, Righteous Fury, Rock Stirland: Grounded in Tradition, Folklorist
Steady Aim, Sea Legs, Sea Shanty Singer, Sharp
Ears, Silver-Tongued Devil, Skirmisher, Skull Cracker, Talabecland: Called to the Wild, Hard Drinker
Slayer of Daemons, Slayer of Skaven, Smells Danger Wissenland: Avenger of Solland, Dependable
Coming, Sniper, Stands Out in a Crowd, Steady
Hands, Steady in the Ranks, Stone Master, Striking Sylvania: Servant of the Unnatural, Teller of Folklore
Looks, Strongman, Stubborn, Sure-Handed, Swirling
Swordsman, Takes on all Comers, Thick Skull, Thirst
for Vengeance, Threat to Shipping, Treasure Hunter, Marienburger: Canal Dipper, Cosmopolitan, Wiley
Trick Shooter, True Grit, Utter Determination, War Profiteer
Leader, Warrior Elite, Whip Master, Widow Maker, Bretonnian: Courtly Manner, Master of the Joust,
Witch Finder, Wyrdstone Hunter, Zealous Smelly Peasant
Tilean: Dead Eye Shot, Keeper of Vendettas,
Mercenary Nature
CREDITS Estalian: Flashing Blade, Free Spirit, Hot Blooded
Writing and Layout: Alexander J Bateman
Kislev: Boisterous, Heart of Ice, Kin of the Bear God
With thanks to the following, whose ideas for quirks I
Norse: Berzerker, Grim Determination, Sea Wolf
have freely plundered: Doc Cthulhu, Andy Law, Jay
Little, David Perry, Tiggurix, Dan White, Ian Kurgan: Ferocious, Instinctive Warrior, Saddle Born
Wilson and Paul Wright

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