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My Homemade Metal Lathe Project Yes I too am building a metal working shop from scrap using the books
written by Mr. Dave Gingery. I figured, "hey I already have a foundry why not build some really nifty machines?" Besides what is a laboratory without a precision indexing head or milling machine? Heck, the least I could do is build the lathe. Home Machinis ts Handboo k

Part 1: Bases and bed

Go to part; 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -5 -- 6 -- 7 -- 8 Here are the bases freshly cast !o" can see the spr"e left on one #hen the spr"e $s d$rectly on the cast$n% l$&e th$s $ts called a 'pop %ate ' (ot$ce the r$d%e on the top of the cast$n%s )h$s $s so the bed *$ll $nterloc& *$th $t

Here $s a p$c of the bed cast$n% +t *e$%hs abo"t 4 po"nds

,a-e G$n%ery reco..ends b"$ld$n% the pattern fro. 1/4' ply*ood 0ll of the 1/4' ply*ood +1-e seen *ere abo"t as *arped and bent as an archer1s bo* )he 3/8' ply*ood *asn1t ."ch better 2o to %et a stra$%ht pattern + too& so.e *ood *all panel$n% .ater$al3 sanded the s.ooth s"rface to ro"%h $t "p then s.eared a %enero"s a.o"nt of %l"e on the. + set t*o p$eces to%ether on a steel table sa* table and p"t a stra$%ht3 *e$%hted board on $t 4+ "sed abo"t 35 po"nds of *e$%ht6 )he %l"e $.pre%nated the *ood soften$n% $t and the *e$%ht ca"sed $t to dry perfectly stra$%ht )he res"lt$n% stoc& *as 7"st "nder 3/8' th$c& so the pattern $s -ery rob"st and sol$d )hese are so.e of the bed cast$n%s that d$dn1t co.e o"t )he proble. *as that + *as "s$n% .y 4' cr"c$ble $n the flo*erpot f"rnace and the cr"c$ble $s act"ally too b$% for $t so the .etal ne-er %ot hot eno"%h to f$ll the .old )he sol"t$on *as to .elt 7"st eno"%h .etal to f$ll the .old and no .ore 4pre-$o"sly + *as .elt$n% eno"%h e8tra .etal to po"r so.e $n%ots also6 and than&f"lly that *or&ed

Here $s the bed cast$n% s.eared *$th Pr"ss$an bl"e o$l pa$nt p"rchased fro. an art s"pply store for abo"t 93 55 + d$d the scrap$n% *$th a cheap dollar store ch$sel + don1t &no* $f + .astered scrap$n% b"t + s"re %ot a lot of pract$ce sharpen$n% that cheap ch$sel Here $s the bed scraped and ready for the *ays )he holes are dr$lled and tapped for the bolts and l"%s that attached the bed )h$s sta%e *as f$nally reached after abo"t 6 or 8 ho"rs *orth of scrap$n% +t .$%ht not ta&e yo" that lon% b"t .y bed *as a b$t 'cratered' beca"se of o-er:ealo"s -ent$n% *$th the -ent *$re + act"ally "sed a *ood plane to br$n% the s"rface do*n to an $n$t$al sh$ny flat s"rface )o part 2; carr$a%e asse.bly Part 1: Bases and bed Homepage
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My Homemade Metal Lathe Project

Part 2: Carriage assembly

Here are some pics of the carriage assembly. I don't have the tool post in these pictures
'cause I just didn't feel like finishing it yet. And I'm considering the lead screw mechanism (including the apron) a separate section so that's not in this picture series either. Part 2: ;arr$a%e asse.bly Go to part; 1-- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5 -- 6 -- 7 -- 8

Here $s the f$rst part of the carr$a%e asse.bly3 the carr$a%e $tself +t r$des the bed *ays )he steel plate on top of $t $s the cross sl$de *ays

0nd th$s $s the cross sl$de + th$n& $t and the ta$l stoc& are the .ost $nterest$n% loo&$n% of all the lathe parts +t sl$des s.oothly on the cross sl$de *ays

<ost of the scre*s are co"nters"n& and + had no $dea ho* to do that $n .etal 2o + ca.e "p *$th th$s .ethod of dr$ll$n% o"t a 'stepped' hole *$th 3/8' and 1/2' dr$ll b$ts )he .ethod *or&s -ery *ell

)h$s $s the co.po"nd s*$-el base and $t has a 'p$n' that sl$des $nto the hole $n the cross sl$de )h$s allo*s $t to s*$-el aro"nd )he steel plate on top $s the co.po"nd sl$de *ays

)he co.po"nd s*$-el base $s $nstalled and yo" can see one of the cl$ps that loc& $t $nto pos$t$on once yo"1-e rotated $t to *here yo" *ant $t

)h$s $s the co.po"nd sl$de3 $ts bas$cally a .$n$at"re cross sl$de )he tool post $s attached to the top of th$s p$ece +t has a pretty s.ooth s"rface *$th l$ttle not$ceable draft doesn1t $t=> )hat1s *hat ne* o$l bonded sand can do for yo"> +ts hard to tell $n the p$ct"re b"t + tr$ed to '.$ll' part of the s"rface flat by atte.pt$n% to bend and %r$nd an old dr$ll b$t $nto a .$ll$n% c"tter and "s$n% the dr$ll press as a -ert$cal .$ll$n% .ach$ne> +t started to *or& b"t + really had no cl"e ho* to %r$nd a %ood c"tter so that stopped $t fro. be$n% -$able

Here +1. dr$ll$n% the entrance for the feedscre* 0fter + dr$ll $t to s$:e + need to 'tap' threads $nto $t

)h$s $s the cross sl$de feedscre* and t*o ho.e.ade setscre* collars

Ball handles are attached to the feedscre* )he b$% one *$ll %o on the cross sl$de and the s.all one $s for the co.po"nd sl$de

Here *e ha-e the f$n$shed carr$a%e asse.bly e8cept for the tool post 0s + sa$d at the top of the pa%e3 +1. cons$der$n% the apron and lead scre* .echan$s. a separate sect$on )o Part 3; lead scre* asse.bly

Part 2: ;arr$a%e asse.bly

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My Homemade Metal Lathe Project

Part 3: Leadscrew assembly

0s soon as you finish the carriage assembly progress really picks up speed. At
this point most of the hard and tedious work is done. This page is on the finished leadscrew assembly. The leadscrew moves the carriage assembly along the ways side to side. All I have to do now is build the countershaft (motor mount) and the lathe will be able to start cutting and turning (to bore the headstock pattern)! The head and tail stock and faceplate patterns are the only ones left to build. Thank goodness... Table top Mach ining

Part 3: ?eadscre* asse.bly

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)he f$rst th$n% + d$d *as $nstall the apron +t1s the rectan%"lar cast$n%

)h$s $s the left 4headstoc&6 end of the leadscre* !o" can see the bear$n% of co"rse3 *$th the 7o"rnal $n $t )he leadscre* 4threaded rod6 $s threaded $nto half of the 7o"rnal and one of .y ho.e.ade setscre* collars $s &eep$n% $t $n place

Here $s the r$%ht 4ta$lstoc&6 end of the leadscre* +t1s the sa.e set"p as the other end e8cept there1s no rod co"pl$n% n"t and a ball handle $s attached for hand feed ,a-e G$n%ery says to thread n"ts onto the leadscre* a%a$nst the 7o"rnals to act as loc& n"ts + d$dn1t do that beca"se + d$dn1t f"lly "nderstand the dra*$n% at f$rst and + fo"nd that thread$n% the 7o"rnals on -ery t$%htly .a&es the loc&n"ts "nnecessary 4at least as far as + can tell r$%ht no*6 @or so.e reason ,a-e G$n%ery $s b$% on "s$n% a"to body p"tty as $f $t *ere *ood f$ller 0nd he also d$rects the reader $nto "s$n% $t to pr$nt lead scre* threads onto the spl$tn"t pattern + act"ally "se nonto8$c *ater based *ood f$ller to f$ll the *ood fla*s and .a&e f$llets so + *asn1t abo"t to b"y a 916 55 can of a"to body p"tty for s"ch a s.all part

+nstead + %ot so.e pl".ber1s p"tty called 'propo8y 25' 4.ade by; Herc"les che.$cal co $nc 6 a-a$lable $n the pl".b$n% sect$on of yo"r local hard*are or pl".b$n% s"pply store near e$ther the solder and )eflon tape or the adhes$-es 0nother type $s called 'epo8y p"tty' 4fro.; Aatey6 )hey see. to both be the sa.e )here are also other brands s$.ply called 'pl".ber1s p"tty' and the colors 7"st -ary sl$%htly )he p"tty co.es $n a cyl$ndr$cal t"be *$th a *h$te core and %rey o"ter layer 4so.e brands ha-e the colors re-ersed6 !o" brea& of so.e of both colors and &nead $t bet*een yo"r f$n%er "nt$l $t1s "n$for.ly %rey 0bo"t 25 .$n"tes later $t1s 'steel hard' 4accord$n% to the pac&a%e +t1s hard as hec& b"t not hard as steel6 + p"t so.e p"tty on the spl$tn"t hal-es and sB"ee:ed the. onto the leadscre* as descr$bed $n the boo& and the threads *ere pr$nted *$th the pattern ready to be re.o-ed $n 5 seconds> Ho*e-er + left the pattern on the leadscre* for 5 .$n"tes before re.o-$n% $t + don1t e-en th$n& the s$l$cone spray *as needed + co"ldn1t res$st test$n% the acc"racy of the threads so + attached th$s pattern to the apron and $t act"ally dro-e the carr$a%e on the leadscre*> B"t don1t try $t "nless yo"1re *$ll$n% to r$s& brea&$n% the pattern

Here $s the f$n$shed spl$tn"t pattern *$th steel core 4to lea-e threads $n the sand for the p$ece of threaded rod that $s set $n the .old6 $n place and the f$llets all done and s.ooth <a&e the f$llets as s.all as poss$ble beca"se they need to be c"t3 ch$seled and all o"t f$led a*ay to %et the threaded core o"t the cast$n%

Here + a. po"r$n% the spl$tn"t cast$n% $n .y baby flas& )h$s $s .etal fro. another r"n $n part 3 of the '2 b"c&s' f"rnace ad-ent"re

Here1s the spl$tn"t as $t loo&ed fresh o"t the sand after a l$ttle f$l$n% + %ot .y pot .etal to cast th$s part fro. the cas$n%s of so.e -ac"". cleaner .otors + d$s.antled + thre* a fe* al".$n". la*n cha$r t"bes $n the pot also (o* + need to c"t the f$llets a*ay3 re.o-e the core and clean"p the res"lt$n% threads *$th a tap

Here1s a pea& o-er the apron *here yo" can see the spl$tn"t cast$n% en%a%ed on the leadscre*

Here1s a loo& at the lathe so far +t1s really start$n% to loo& l$&e a lathe> !o" can also see the spl$tn"t detent le-er on the face of the apron +ts "sed to en%a%e and d$sen%a%e the spl$tn"t *$th the lead scre*

Here + cran&ed the carr$a%e all the *ay across the *ays and bac& )he lead scre* asse.bly *or&s *ell> ;l$c& here to %et a snea& pea& at a p$ct"re fro. ne8t "pdate the co"ntershaft>

Part 3: ?eadscre* asse.bly

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My Homemade Metal Lathe Project

Part 4: The countershaft

0t last I'll be able to power up this soon-to-be lathe and get the thing finished! I
know I said progress is quick after the carriage assembly but I had to do so much custom work on this part (you'll see why below) that that totally ruined my flow and slowed me down a lot. But you know what, only three casting remain (head and tailstock and faceplate) and the lathe itself will finally pick up some of the slack! April/02/2002 Ar c W eld ing

Part 4: )he co"ntershaft

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Here $s a p$le of the necessary .etal c"t to s$:e to .a&e the co"ntershaft <a$nly 7"st an%le $ron that +1-e sca-en%ed fro. d$scarded bed fra.es

0fter *eld$n% to%ether so.e scraps of .etal the co"ntershaft $s ta&$n% shape> #h$le ,a-e G$n%ery r$-eted h$s asse.bly to%ether he does .ent$on that *eld$n% $s ."ch faster 4no ar%".ent there6 + act"ally s"per %l"ed the parts to%ether then *elded the.> (o cla.ps needed> !o" heard $t here fro. )he ?ab

<y *eld$n% see.s to be $.pro-$n%> Af co"rse th$s $s the best *eld on the ent$re th$n% and +1. not sho*$n% yo" the others>

+ %ot th$s perfectly %ood 1/2 hp 1725 rp. *ash$n% .ach$ne .otor fro. a *or&$n% *ash$n% .ach$ne> @or%et clean clothes + need a lathe> 0ct"ally .y ne$%hbor left the *ash$n% .ach$ne o"ts$de for her da"%hter to p$c& "p and ta&e ho.e + tho"%ht she *as act"ally d$scard$n% $t so + $nB"$red and she told .e that + can ha-e $t $f her da"%hter doesn1t co.e *$th$n the ne8t fe* days ?"c&y .e3 she ne-er sho*ed "p> Ha> %"ess her da"%hter l$&es the *ashboard .ethod )he .otor *as "sed -ert$cally 4*$th the shaft and p"lley po$nt$n% do*n6 $n the *ash$n% .ach$ne so there are no .o"nt$n% parts s"$table for .y lathe appl$cat$on 2o + had to .a&e a .otor .o"nt + *as %o$n% to *eld an ass.ebly to%ether fro. scraps b"t then + f$%"red + .$%ht as *ell .a&e a pattern and cast $t 7"st $n case + %et .y hands on another s$.$lar .otor

Here $s the f$n$shed .otor .o"nt +ts .ade "p of t*o cast$n%s + based $t on a s$.$lar .o"nt that + .ade fro. *ood *h$le "s$n% th$s .otor on a ho.e.ade *ood lathe +n case yo"1re *onder$n%3 +1-e d$s.antled the *ood lathe $t *asn1t acc"rate at all 4+ %"ess that1s *hat happens *hen yo" try to *eld the sp$ndle to%ether 6

Here $s the .otor $n place on the 2-p$ece .otor .o"nt and a loo& at the *ay + .o"nted $t on the co"ntershaft )hose are 3/8-16 bolts %o$n% $nto the co"ntershaft

)h$s $s a loo& at the co"ntershaft1s bear$n%s + 7"st cast so.e al".$n". bear$n%s fro. the patterns sho*n +f yo" loo& closely yo"1ll see that there $s a copper 'b"sh$n%' $n the bear$n% )h$s $s act"ally a co"pl$n% for 1/2' copper pl".b$n% p$pe> ;l$c& photo for a lar%er $.a%e>

)he outer d$a.eter of 1/2' copper p$pe $s 5/8' 4the sa.e as the shaft +1. "s$n%6 therefore the inner d$a.eter a the co"pl$n% $s 5/8' also <a&$n% $t a perfect $.pro-$sed b"sh$n%> 0ll + had to do *as f$le o"t the s.all n"b that stops the p$pes fro. enter$n% too far )h$s sho"ld last at least "nt$l + locate or learn to .ach$ne bron:e b"sh$n%s or .aybe +1ll lea-e $t !o" can see the p"lleys 4+ cast the. .yself>6 $n place on the co"ntershaft here + p"rchased the belt connect$n% the .otor to the o"tboard 4the 6'6 p"lley fro. an a"to parts store )hey refer to the. as fan belts )hey are 3/8' *$de rather than 1/2' 4*h$ch the p"lleys are s$:ed for6 b"t that1s no b$% deal3 the belts 7"st sl$de a b$t deeper $nto the p"lley %roo-es Ance the lathe $s far eno"%h alon% +1ll cast ne* p"lleys and clean the. "p on the lathe and replace these

;l$c& photo for a lar%er $.a%e>

Be$n% that +1ll need to %rab the co"ntershaft1s release handle to chan%e belt speeds + f$%"red that + .$%ht as *ell cast a n$ce one so + can s*$tch speeds $n co.fort and style )he pattern *as a p$ece of the handle of a battered ".brella that + fo"nd abandoned $n a par&$n% lot after a stron% ra$n stor. + 7"st had to ha-e that handle> Here yo" can see the lathe1s pro%ress +1-e b"$lt a s.all stand for $t *h$ch has t*o dra*ers for lathe related parts and accessor$es +t1s b"$lt .a$nly fro. 3/4' ply*ood and scrap 2 C 4 l".ber + *as plann$n% to 7"st "se re%"lar scre*s as cheap dra*er p"lls b"t + dec$ded to %o all o"t and treat .yself 2o + *ent to the dollar store and bo"%ht these folded sheet.etal dra*er p"lls> Part 5; the headstoc&> Go to part; 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -5 -- 6 -- 7 -- 8

;l$c& photo for a lar%er $.a%e>

Part 4: )he co"ntershaft

My Homemade Metal Lathe Project

Part 5: The headstock

AKay the headstock is complete and at this point I can use the lathe for a few

applications. I guess I should build the tailstock next... July/23/2002 (eed the cold rolled steel for yo"r lathe or other pro7ects= + %ot .$ne onl$ne fro. th$s co.pany Part 5: )he headstoc& Go to part; 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5 -- 6 -- 7 -- 8

+ cast the headstoc& se-eral t$.es $n order to f$nd a *ay to %et the s.allest shr$n& ca-$ty )he one $n the front sho*s al.ost no s$%ns of shr$n&a%e so $t1s the one + *ent *$th

)o bore the headstoc& acc"rately a te.porary headstoc& asse.bly $s .ade ,a-e G$n%ery d$rects the reader to b"$ld an ad7"stable an%le $ron based asse.bly + dec$ded to ta&e a l$ttle e8tra t$.e and cast a sol$d te.porary headstoc& *h$ch has sl$des and *ays cla.ps to connect to the *ays +t *as a l$ttle e8tra *or& b"t $t *as -ery steady )he p"lley $s off center 1ca"se the te.p headstoc& *as too b$% and + had to let $t han% off the left s$de )h$s let .e test a prototype headstoc& des$%n for a *ood t"rn$n% lathe +1d l$&e to des$%n and b"$ld

+ d$dn1t ha-e any lathe tool .ater$al to %r$nd .y bor$n% bar fro. as the boo& reco..ends so $nstead + "sed a p$ece of hardened steel off a thread c"tt$n% tap )he end of the tap *as sB"are so $t *as easy to %r$nd to shape )h$s tap ca.e fro. a cheap set of taps and d$es that + bo"%ht fro. a pop"lar a"to parts catalo% )h$s set *as b"llfeces> )he catalo% l$sted $t as 'A"r best carbon steel tap and d$e set' for 91D D5 +1. %lad + d$dn1t b"y the$r *orst carbon steel set Here $s the te.porary apron that carr$es the headstoc& alon% the *ays as $t $s bored Eather then dr$ll$n% and tapp$n% holes $n the front of the headstoc& to attach the te.porary apron + s$.ply dr$lled $t1s holes to f$t the scre* locat$ons of the front *ays cla.p + *elded th$s th$n% to%ether b"t yo" can probably c"t o"t a ')' shape and bend the front p$ece do*n*ard to %et the conf$%"rat$on sho*n A&ay eno"%h tal&3 let1s bore th$s bad ."tha 2orry3 no act$on photo Here yo" can see the headstoc& 7"st after + f$n$shed bor$n% $t 0ll the .etal ch$ps are cleaned a*ay +t $s ."ch eas$er to bore one s$de at a t$.e then $nstall the bear$n% for added s"pport + %ot th$s t$p fro. <etal*or&$n% Gearheads 4He has %ood t$ps on scrap$n% also6 ;hec& h$s s$te o"t $f yo" ha-en1t already>

Here $s a close"p of the f$n$shed bore3 the bor$n% bar and the b$t )hat1s a n$ce clean hole 0nd + d$dn1t b"$ld G$n%ery1s ad7"st.ent %a"%e nor d$d + e-er .eas"re the bore + s$.ply &ept bor$n% the hole lar%er and lar%er 1t$l $t loo&ed close to the bear$n% s$:e then + tr$ed to sl$de the bear$n% $n + &ept e8tend$n% the bor$n% b$t by .$n$sc"le a.o"nts "nt$l the bear$n% sl$d $n *$th a b$t of fr$ct$on #arn$n%3 there $s a b$% r$s& of bor$n% the hole too lar%e $f yo"1re not caref"l> Here are the bear$n%s + th$n& they a l$ttle d$fferent fro. #hat , G$n%ery descr$bed + had to spl$t the pla$n slee-e bear$n%s for the. to f$t $n the flan%ed bear$n%s beca"se e-en tho"%h they1re labeled as 5/8' $nner d$a.eter they t"rn o"t to be less Got these fro. <c.aster co. Check out part 6; the tailstock! Part 5: )he headstoc& Go to part; 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5 -- 6 -- 7 -- 8

My Homemade Metal Lathe Project

Part 6: The tailstock

)he tailstock itself is done but there's still some finishing touches to add to it
(namely the tailstock ram) I plan to cover that in part 7; finishing touches. Aug./26/2002 Me tal cas tin g

(eed the cold rolled steel for yo"r lathe or other pro7ects= + %ot .$ne onl$ne fro. th$s co.pany Part 6: )he ta$lstoc& Go to part; 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -5 -- 6 -- 7 -- 8 Here $s a p$ct"re of the ta$lstoc& pattern and a perfectly "sable sand.old + ho*e-er d$dn1t "se th$s .old to cast the ta$lstoc& beca"se + d$dn1t ha-e any cores at the t$.e 4th$s p$c *as ta&en before + cast the p"lleys6 + 7"st p"t th$s p$c $n beca"se $t sho*s the pattern + "sed a dr$llpress to $nsert do*els $nto the 'barrel' sect$on to for. the core pr$nts By the *ay3 th$s .old $s .ade *$th the %reensand + .$8ed on th$s pa%e> )he .old + "sed to cast the stoc& $s the one $n the photo belo*

)h$s pattern *as a lot eas$er to .a&e than + e8pected beca"se + tho"%ht +1d need a *ood lathe to .a&e the core pr$nts on the 'barrel' port$on of the ta$lstoc& , G$n%ery .ent$ons ho* he "sed a table sa* + ha-e ne$ther .ach$ne that + can "se so + tho"%ht +1d ha-e to r$% so.e snea&y ho.e.ade ch"c& and te.porary ta$lstoc& to t"rn the pattern fro. *ood on th$s lathe Ho*e-er the dr$ll press *as acc"rate eno"%h Glad too sa-ed a lot of t$.e Ho*e-er + d$d des$%n and cast a snea&y l$ttle 47a* ch"c& )a&e a loo& at $t $n "se .a&$n% the faceplate pattern> A&ay3 here $s a p$ct"re of the ta$lstoc& .old *$th the core $n place !o"1ll clearly not$ce that there $s another ca-$ty $n the .old + loo&ed at $t l$&e th$s; +1-e %ot so.e space left $n the flas& so + .$%ht as *ell slap another pattern $n there 2o + dec$ded to cast a s.all stepped p"lley 4e8tra p"lleys *$ll probably co.e $n handy sooner or later6 )he p"lley $s the s$:e spec$f$ed for the G$n%ery shaper pro7ect )he ta$lstoc& core $s shorter than the core pr$nt s$nce $t ca.e fro. .y p"lley .a&$n% core bo8 *h$ch .a&es s.aller cores B"t $t *as lon% eno"%h 4barely6 )he hole yo" see $s the spr"e hole for the ta$lstoc&3 the p"lley1s spr"e $s not -$s$ble $n the p$ct"re

0s yo" can see fro. th$s p$ct"re both of the cast$n%s ca.e o"t -ery *ell 4+ lo-e $t *hen that happens6 Fach cast$n% has $ts o*n spr"e beca"se + treated th$s l$&e t*o separate .olds rather than "s$n% one spr"e for both patterns + th$n& there1s less chance for a shr$n& ca-$ty that *ay Here $s a stra$%ht-on -$e* of the ba&ed sand core $n the cast$n% )he hole $n the center of the core $s the -ent 0ll + need to do $s scrape th$s core sand o"t 4easy *$th a scre*dr$-er6 and there *$ll be a n$ce stra$%ht bore thro"%h the cast$n%

Here +1. t"rn$n% do*n the end of the bor$n% bar to f$t $n the ta$lstoc&1s pre-cast hole to bore $t o"t lar%er

)h$s $s a shot of both parts of the ta$lstoc& to%ether ready to be bored +n fact the bor$n% bar $s already e8tended $nto $t3 + %"ess $t can1t *a$t to start

Here +1. .eas"r$n% the bore *$th .y .eas"r$n% de-$ce 4are these cal$pers=6 )hey *ere a %ood pr$ce fro. .y local dollar store that1s r$%ht one dollar Glad they only cost a dollar3 they *eren1t -ery acc"rate> G"st as + .ent$oned *$th the headstoc& + d$dn1t b"$ld , G$n%ery1s spec$al c"tter b$t depth %a"%e 2o + .ade c"ts "nt$l $t loo&ed close to f$n$shed s$:e then .ade .$n$sc"le ad7"st.ents to the b$t + ,A (A) reco..end th$s beca"se $t $s *ay to easy to o-er bore the hole 4b"t the .ethod *or&ed for .e6

+ also d$dn1t attach the ta$lstoc& to the carr$a%e to dr$-e $t alon% the *ays + s$.ply .o-ed the carr$a%e "p to $t and "sed $t to p"sh the ta$lstoc& past the b$t3 then +1d .o-e the carr$a%e bac& and p"ll 4by hand6 the ta$lstoc& bac& a*ay fro. the b$t )hen +1d ad7"st the c"tter and do $t o-er a%a$n + d$dn1t e-en $nstall the po*er feed yet>

Here $s the ta$lstoc& after bor$n% 0 n$ce clean hole ready for the ra.

)h$s p$ct"re sho*s the be%$nn$n% of *hen + "sed the lathe to p"t a 65H po$nt on the te.porary ta$lstoc& ra.

Here1s a loo& at the co.plete ta$lstoc& *$th $t1s te.porary ra. )he setscre* on the ra. $s .ade fro. a p$ece of a spr"e

Part 6: )he ta$lstoc&

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My Homemade Metal Lathe Project

Part 7: The faceplate and finishing touches

+'ll be updating this page when I get motivated to. I've kinda lost interest in the lathe
since working on oil burner designs... Part 7: )he faceplate and st"ff Go to part; 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5 -- 6 -7 -- 8 )he faceplate pattern $s t"rned on the lathe fro. a p$ece of ply*ood G$n%ery says to attach the pattern to the lathe *$th a 'threaded shaft adaptor ' )oo bad +1-e ne-er heard of a threaded shaft adaptor + ha-e ho*e-er read a lot of boo&s and ha-e seen p$ct"res of 4-7a* ch"c&s 2o + des$%ned a B"$c& and cheap ch"c&3 .ade a pattern3 cast $t and f$n$shed $t off a l$ttle )he 7a* scre*s are .ade fro. threaded rod s$nce + d$dn1t feel l$&e b"y$n% so.e bolts

0t th$s po$nt +1. "s$n% the re%"lar .etal c"tt$n% b$ts to .ach$ne the ply*ood d$s& + %l"ed a h"b on both s$des of the d$s& so .y 4-7a* ch"c& co"ld %r$p $t on both ends lett$n% .e .ach$ne both s$des )he h"b on the front $s later re.o-ed Here $s the cast faceplate *$th the %ate and spr"e st$ll attached )he pattern $s ne8t to $t )he center hole *as act"ally dr$lled after cast$n% + co-ered the center hole $n the pattern *$th tape *h$ch ca"sed a sl$%ht depress$on on the cast$n% )h$s depress$on a"to.at$cally centered the b$t $n the dr$ll press +t *or&ed *ell for .e b"t +f yo" .ess "p yo" ha-e to cast a ne* faceplate Part 7: )he faceplate and st"ff Go to part; 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5 -- 6 -7 -- 8