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First Certificate Oe RSE ey To get an overview of each paper inthe FCE exam, use the flap of the ee RC RO RU eR Cee Rul) Ltr at MRR aR eee CMe eRe lh) ae rs Ree et me Run Se ne ay mus ee ee cet aca aor nT) Pee ete eee For Paper 2, Writing, go to the Writing bank on page 171 PRU Ur Rt Rec Mo nme aie Greater Peon cara Ee ea a nae ge eS a RE RUC ces) our) Da CCR CU Rem ui ure ue ee unt ee Gries To get more exam practice in real exam conditions, do Tests 3 to 8; make sure to complete each paper within the time allowed. DCC Rca ce Rete a ee RRR ctr ec Ta the sample Answer sheets on pages 162-164. eC COR Oe ee Co eee ere ir) eee RRC ee acer s FiTdexamoveewew sss FCE Paper 1: READING Part Dron rr cae Lrg lc | Brera 1 | Muttipte choice 8 You answer four-option multiple-choice questions.on a Task focus: reading for text. tailed understanding text, gist, opinion titude, tone, purpose, main idea, meaning fram context, text organisation features 2 | Gapped text 7 Sentences have been removed and placed in jumbled Task focus: reading to order after a text. You decide from where in the text the understand how a text sentences have been removed, is structured 3 | Multiple matching 15 You match information to different texts or Task focus: reading for different sections of a text. specific information in text, detail, opinion, attitude Lclad FCE Paper 2: WRITING Be Ry ied oad Bereta g ‘Question 5 is a two-op' question based on the books 1 | Question 1 Part Vis You are required to write 2 letter or email based on. Writing a letter or email —_| compulsory. Information or prampts, The information or prompts will formayinformal) ot exceed 160 words and may include graphic and 120-160 words —_| pictorial material. Texts may include advertisements, letters, emails, diaries, short articles, etc. 2 [Questions 2-4 may include | You have ‘You must carry out a writing task, using appropriate style ter, an amticle, a repart, | from four and format. The writing task will be specified in up to 70 120-180 words words. FCE Paper 3: USE OF ENGLISH Task focus: vocabulary SE SUR mg BCS alli Cory 1 | Muttiple-choice cloze 2 ‘A multiple-choice cloze text with 12 gaps, followed by 12 wk focus: vocabulary fouroption questions. 2 | Open cloze @ ‘A modified Cloze text with 12 gaps winch YoU MUS Task focus: a and ll with the appropriate word, vorabulary 3 | Word formation 10 ‘A text with 10 gans. You are asked to complete the text [by making an apprapriate ward fram the word prompt you are given far each gap. ‘Key word transformations | 5 Task focus: grammar and vorabulary “This task consists of eight discrete ‘Key word transformations, You are asked to complete a sentence which maans the game as the given santenca using the kay word, FCE Paper 4: LISTENING Part | Task type and focus | Number | Task format Cee 1 | Multiple choice ‘A sories of short unrelated extracts, of anproximataly a0 seconds sk focus: understanding ach, from monologues or exchanges between interacting speakers yist, detail, function There i¢ one throe-option question for each extract. A, gare, agream 2 | Sentence completion 10 ‘A monologue or text involving Interacting speakers, of wk focus: detail, spect Approximately 3 minutes. The task consists af 10 gapped sentences Information, stated opinion 2 | Multiple matching ‘A series of short related extracts, of approximately 90 seconds eseky isk focus: understanding from manolagues. The multiple matching questions require gist, detail, functio selection of the correct option from a list of six purpose, attitude, opinion, relationship, topic, place, situation, genre, agreament, etc, 4 | Muttipte choice 7 'A monologue or text involving interacting speakers, of Task focus: understanding approximately three minutes. There ere seven threwoption attitude and opinion, specific questions. information and gist FCE Paper 5: SPEAKING cris Bears rr cory 1 Verbal ‘You must ba able to Intorview | canviciate to aay a litle + give personal information. mins —_| about themselves, ‘talk about present circumstances/past experiences, talk about future plans. 2 Candidates talk about @ pair | Visual stimuli, | You must be able to Individual | of photographs with verbal and | « give information, Jong turn written rubrics |» express your opinions, 4 mins relate photos to yourself and your own experiance. 3 The intariecutor asks Visual stimuli, [You must be able to Two-way | candidates to carry out | with verbal and | + exchange information and apinions collaborative | task based on vieusi written rubrice | + express and justify opinion task prompts. These may include sagree, disagree or partly agree. 3mins | photographs, line drawings, suggest and speculate diagrams or maps. ——_———— 4 The interlocutor asks Verbal prompis [You must be able to Three-way | candidates general opinion exchange information and opinions discussion | questions about the to express and justify opinions. mins | covered in Part 3 agree, disagree or partly agree = EM, &, SS essentials Ye, Ge _ “ete First Certificate Practice Tests Charles Osborne = HEINLE 8) CENGAGE Learning sla Bal: Joan Keven hei «Singapore ga Ueda Uae Stes e . HEINLE ENGAGE Learning- 15 2006, 2009, Heinie, Congage Learning ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 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Copyright © THE GUARDIAN 2003, Page 24: From “How I Came to Erwy the Country Mice", by Diana Athil, THE GUARDIAN. Copyright © Diana Athill 2003. Page 42: From “in Search of an Gle Romantic, by John Wash This article fst apgeured in THE INDEPENDENT, Copyright © 2004. Page SB: From "Mobile Phares: We {Lave Them, We Hate Them, but Are They about to Transform Our Lives?” by Stuart Milar. Copyright © TH# GUARDIAN 2003. Page 74: From “Whistle white You Work’, by Alex Belos. THE GUARDIAN, Copyright D lex dell 2003. Page 90: From NW ‘Marrott Jn: You Have a Better Experience in Your Red”, by abigail Townsend. Ths artic ist appeared in THE INDEPENDENT ‘Copyright 1 2004, Page 106: Fram MOUNTAINS OF THE MIND, by Robert Mactarlane, Copyright ©) 2003 by Robert Maclalane \Used by permission of Pantheon Books, dvision of Random House; inc. Page 22: From “Thoroughly Madern Bille", by Rachel Cooke, THE GUARDIAN. 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Printed in Kaly 1234567891011 1009 ue Contents Section Quickstart Exam overview Introduction » 4 Test 1 with guidance » 6 Test 2 with guidance be 2d Test 3 my 42 Test 4 >> 58 Test § 74 Test 6 90 Test 7 106 Test 8 by 122 Materials for Paper 5 be 138 OMR Answer sheets >» 162 Glossary >» 165 Writing bank be 171 fe Exam Essentials is a new sorios of materials for students preparing for the major EFLIESL examinations, such as First Cortficate in English (FCE), Certificate in Advanead English (CAE, Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE}, International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English as a Forcign Language (TOEFL"), Test of English for _ international Communication (TOEIC% and others. The series is characterised by the close attention each component pays to devolaping a detailed knowledge of the skills and strategies needed for success in each paper or part of the exams. First Certificate Practice Tests helps learners become aware of FCE exam requirements, offers details about tha format and language in the exam and helps leamers Govelop exam skills necessary for success, The boak also offers extensive practice in all parts of the exam, using the actual test format, Taking the FCE Exam ‘The FCE is st Level 3 of the series af Cambridge ESOL Examinations: Lavel 1 is the Key English Test. Level 2 the Preliminary English Test, Level 4 the Certificate in Advanced English and Level 5 the Certificate of Proficiency in English. FCE is also at Levet 8 of the ALTE framework (ALTE, the Association of Language Testers in Europe, promotes transactional recognition of levels of language proficiency and certification), It is also classified a8 being at B2 level of the Common Furopaan Framework. The FCE is widely recognised in commerce and industry, and by universities and simitar educational institutions, as proof that the holder of this qualification can do office work or take a course of study in English. The exam consists of five Papers: Paper 1. Reading {1 houn: Throe parts with comprehension questions, Tasks include multiple ch gapped text and multiple matching. The focus is on understanding gist, main points, detail, attitude, purpose, opinion and text structure as well as deducing meaning Paper 2. Writing (1 hour 20 minutes): Two parts, each Fequiring candidates ta produce a piece of writing ~ a letter, an email, an article, an essay, a report, a review or a story — written for 8 given purpesa and target reader. Paper 3, Use of English (85 minutest: Four parts with cloze tests, word formation and key word transformations focusing on vocabulary and grammar. Paper4. Listening (40 minutes approximately): Four parts with racordad texts and comprehension questions. Tasks include multiple choice, sentence completion and multiple matching. The focus is on understanding gist, main points, detail or specific information, purpose, attitude, opinion, relationship, topic, place, situation, gene and agreement, as well as deducing meaning. 4 FCE Tests Introguetion Paper S. Speaking (14 minutes approximately): Four parts. generally involving two candidates and two examiners, focusing on candidates’ ability to use ganeral interactional and sacral language, organise a larger uni of discourse (comparing, deseribing, expressing gpinions), sustain an interaction, exchange ideas, expross ane! justify opinions, ete, Preparing for the FCE Exam In preparing for the five papers, the following points should be taken into account: Reading: Candidates need to be familiar with a range of reading material, such as newspaper articles, advertisements, | brochures, guides, manuals, correspondence and reports, and with different ‘aporaaches ta readino. itis impartant for tham tn rasliaa thet different stratogies con be used for different parts of the Reading Paper. For example, reading to find specific information is the best strategy in Part 3, where candidates have to find out where a certain piece of informatian is located. Writing: Candidates must be able to write a letter or email for Part 1 and a letter, article, report, essay, review or story for Part 2, 30 practice with these types of writing is essential. Candidates should practise cavering all the points provided in the input and their writing must display crgenisation and caherence, clear layout, appropriate register, control and accuracy of language. Use of Enalish; As well as general practice in grammar and vocabulary, candidates should exercise the precise skills necessary for the tasks here: the use of a word or phrase in context, how words with similar meanings are used in different collocations, accuracy with common structures, phrasal verbs and lexical phrases, and the different methods of word formation, Listening: Practice with pretistening tasks (focusing on developing an expactation of what might be said) is essential here, as is thorough familiarity with a wide variety of spoken English, in terms of discourse types, accents, speeds and degreo of background noi Listening for different purposes should also be exercised: to get tha gist or to find specific information, Speaking: Candidates need practice in using spoken English effectivaly, which includes mastery of conversational skills (such as turn taking and the appropriate way to participate in @ discussion), providing full but natural answers to questions, requesting Clarification and speaking clearly and au: Further information can be obtained from the Cambridge ESOL website: www.cambridgeE SOL.org, FCE Practice Tests: contents First Certificate Practice Tests in the Heinle Exam Essentials series prepares candidates for the FCE ‘There ara 2 guided tests at the beginning, which feature essential tips to practise exam strategy, Thase essential tips offer guidance and general strategies for approaching each task, Other tips offer advice relevant to specific questions in the guided tests. These 2 comprehensive guided tests will help students prepare for cach paper in the manner outlined above, while the following 6 tests (without guidance} will offer students thorough practice at a realistic exam level. ‘The CDs or cassettes accompanying the book include the audio materials for Paper 4 (Listening), which have been recorded so as to accurately reflect the audio element of the actual exam, ‘A writing bank includes sample answers for the tasks in Paper 2 (Writing), writing tips in the form of netes, and useful phrases and expressions for the particular task types. Varied visual materials for Paper § (Speaking) have also been included, while a language bank supplies: useful phrasos and expressions for use in ths Speaking Paper when discussing the visual material. There is also a glossary for ench tost, expisining vocabulary from Paper ¥ that is likely to be unfamiliar to students Clear and straightforward design simplifies use of the book. Exam overview tables ensure that key information is readily accessible, whila a specially designed menu makes it easy to navigate through the Sitferent papers and parts of each practice test. FCE Practice Tests: principles In writing this book, three guiding principles have been observed: First, that it should be useful for teachers, students sitting the FCE exam for the first time and students re-sitting the exam, whether they are working alone of in a class. Students approaching FCE for the first tima would be best advised to Work through the book linearly, developing their skills and confidanen; thoes ra-citting the @xam can consult the overview tables to concentrate an particular areas for targeted revision, The general edition can be used by studonts working in a class, while tho edition with answer key provides guidance and correction, ensuring that students working alone can benefit fram active support while attempting these tests, The second principle is that the questions should accurately reflect the whole range of questions found in the FE exam. Thus the student can develop tne Invaluable skill of obtaining guidance as to the general content and the best way of approaching the task from the questions themselves. Seeing the questions in this light ~ ag instructions to the candidate from the examiner, rather than intimidating challenges ~ also helps students feel less daunted by the whole experience of sitting @ major exam like this The third principle is that the texts used in the prax twete should be varied, fully representative af theos used in the exam and interesting. Everyone finds it easier to learn a skill if the subject matter is relevant to his or her lifestyle and interests. In choosing, editing and creating the texts here, we have done our utmost to ensure that ‘the experience of working with this book is as stimulating and rewarding as possible. Charles Osbiome, January 2008 FCE Tests introduction § Ene PAPER 2 fo Writing You are going to read an article about a wrestler who become an author, PAPER 3. Use of English according to tha text PAPER 4 Listening PAPERS Speaking m_Essentials For questions 1-8, choose the answer (A, B, G or D] which you think fits best Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet, The wrestler who became an author Jete Watson fooks like the biggest. sweetest teddy ‘bear you ever save: It is only when he opens his mouth that you notice the misting front teeth. ‘Watson is 3 three-time world champion wrestler turned author: He was adored by fans because he war different: while other wrestlers were supreme athletes, he was Justa hulk who knew howto takea hit. You could throw ‘az many chairs as you liked at Pete Watson, you could smack him repeatedly but he wouldn't go down. ‘iter two autobiographies and a series of children's stories, he has just written a brillant first novel a werk of immense power and subtlety, likely to: gain a wide readership. At is simplest it it about a boy and his dad setting together aftera lifetime apart, chough there is far more to it than that. Was. he inspired by anyone he ew! The fathershe says.is based on guys he met on the road, wrestlers, friends of his. who appeared to be leading exciuing lives, but deep down were prety miserable \Wateon does not come from traditional wrestling stock. He grew up in Long sland, New York. His father was an achletics director with a PhD, his mother a. physical education teacher with two master's degrees — one in liverature.the other in Russian history. He was a big boy. bullied for his size. One diy his neighbour had a go at him, and for the first time Watson realised he could use his weight and size instead of fealing awleward abou it. te was a turning point. At college, he did a degree in communication studies. Meanwhile, he was learning the ropes of professtonal e-———_———___—. PCE Test 1 »> PAPER 1 Reading >» Part t ‘wrestling. Did his parents try to dissunde him? Nex They ‘wore just really insistent chat | fnished college. 1 am [pretty sure they thoughe Id et hurt and quit wrestling’ But he didnt, He looks in remarkably good condition for someone who spent 20 years in the ring. His skin it smoath and firm; there are few visible scars. “les amazing what retirement can do for you. | locked really rough fire years ago, and now | think look a good deal younger he says. People are surprised by the softness of his handshake. "Yeah, that’s the wrestier’s handshake; he says, Do you have to be a good actor to be 2 good wrestler? used to really resent the acting label, but i€ i acting. When ics really good. when youre feeling it and letting that real emotion fiz it comes closer to being real! Wwhae did his children think when they saw him gerting hurt? ‘Well, they used to think | never got hurt because that’s What I told them. When they got old enough to realise I di, chey stopped enjoying fe That was, in part, what led 0 my decision wo get ous! Nowadays, his time is dedicated to family and books — his next novel is about boy wresters living on the same block, and he is also wrting more children’s stories. Mo does nat think this life is 50 different from wrestling ‘Wasting is all about characters’ he says.'So- when my fans hear Ive written a navel.! don't get the sense that they fee Ive abandoned them? ett ln Essential tips > Read the text first to get the ‘general meaning. owt worry ‘about individual words that ‘you don’ know, > Tha questions follow the same arder as the relevant fnfermation in the tw. > Underline the kay words in ‘each queetion and ta the four eptlons. } Look inthe text for information that supparis one ‘of these options, but dent ‘éxpect to find exactly the ‘samo words. Question 1 Look at option A. consist of wo parts be fFequenty lost and he was not aggressive. tf an option consi awe part, i correct anby both part are cacrect for example. Pete frequent los, but he wasn't appressive, option ‘is not tha coeres srevrer ‘Question 3: Thi is a question shout vocabulary H you dort ‘inom the meaning of the words lint cose ‘stock, you can _answor the question by looking ‘ih cntes. The sentences ‘her radlional resting sock’ $re about his parent Drofeesone, What eth correct ®ption? ‘Question & An pion ie correct ‘nly I you con find clear support fort in the wx, For instance, ‘option C clas thot Pet's patente wantod him to sep ‘wrestling, Can you find suport {or that Inthe toni? For which of the four options can you tnd support in tha text? 1 What improssion do we get af Pete Watson's skills as a wrestier? He frequontiy lost because he was nat very aggressive. Ho was ton gentle and friendly to be @ gaod wrestler He was injured a lot because he didm't fight back. His speciality was letting his opponent hit him. coe 2 It is suggested tat Watson's frst novel ‘A. is based on his own autobiography. B will be popular with those who liked his autobiographies, will net only appeal to his fans, D_ ie not much mara than a simplo story, 3 What does ‘traditional wrastling stack’ in line 20 rofor to? ‘A Watson's childhood Watson's family background Watson's edueational background ‘Watson's background in athletics coe 4 What did Watsan’s parents feel about his intorast in wrestling? A Thoy were afraid he would get hurt. B They insisted that he should have proper training at college. © They wanted him to give up wrestling. 1D They thought he would abandon the sport quite soon, 5. Watson seams to be in good condition naw ‘A although he has ratirad, B inspite of being a wrestler for 0 long. because he stopped wrestling five years ago. and he finds this fact amazing, 6 How doas Watson regard the ia A He resents the suggestion, B He thinks wrestlers aren't good actors, © He has come to aceept t. 1D He doesn't think wrestling can compare to acting. that verestling is like acting? 7 Whot does “That” in line 60 rofer to? A the fact that Watson's childran got older B_ the fact that Wetson often got hurt ‘© the fact that Watson's childran no longer enjoyed watching him pertarm the fact that Watson could not tell his children the trth 8 Watson's present life is not so differant from his past profession because ‘his work is still connected with characters. hhe is writing about wrestling, his previous profession. his family aro still more impartant than anything else, his fans still follow his career with interest, woop FCE Test 1) PAPER 4 Reading rr Pat7 7 8 and . videogames In just a few decades the videogame industry has become 4 lot bigger than the film business, In terms of tumaver, what is rather grandly called ‘interactive entertainment! makes twice as much money as Hollywood cinema, Which of course leaves people in the film business wondering if they can harvest any of this neve Income. Is there any way of making films more appealing ta people who play videogames? Making a film out of a best-selling videogame can certainly guarantee a large audience. [91] New videogames have stunning action sequences that rely on fantasy effects, and now films are being released with similar seenes, Gravity. is discarded as heroes leap across huge gaps, while slow: ‘motion techniques show bullets moving through the rippling air ‘A major Segment of the videogame market comprises science-fiction games, and film-makers have started to realise that they could set filrns in similar sci-fi future worlds. Any attempt to borrow more than the setting. froma videogame is probably doomed. ‘There are many examples of successful fim-videogame ‘combinations. Rather than moking.a film using characters and stories from a videogame, the trick seems to be to make a film that has a fast-moving action sequence and then bring. ut a videogame based on that sequence, People who ‘enjoyed the film will probably want to buy the videogame, You are going to read an articke about videogames, Seven sentences have heen | temaved from the article, Choose from the sentences A-H the one whieh fits each {gap (9-15), There is ane wxtra santance which you do Hol need fo use Mork your answers on the separate answer sheet. Why do game players feet disappointed by films based on their favourite games? Videogames. can show the action from a number of perspectives easily, because everything is computer generated. But filming a sequence from twenty different cameras would cast a fortune, $0 It simply isn’t done in the film version — leaving the game players feeling that the film didn't look as real a5 the videogame. ‘Cameras matter in another sense, too. In a film the director ‘shows you the action from certain perspectives but makes ‘sure he doesh't show you some things to keep you in suspense. Think of your favourite thriller. [13] | in films you are not supposed to have access to all the Information. Suspense and mystery are essential elements of fitm-making. Tc ] When yu playa game, you have to do certain tasks to proceed to the neat level. Therefore, you must be able 10 See everything in order to make your choices, 10 decide what to do next: whith door te open, and so-on, You ‘must have access to all the information, You, as the player, ‘te always in control. in the cinema you never control the ‘action. You just sit and watch. There can be some interaction between films and videogames on a number af different levels, but in the end they fulfil different needs. For all the similarities between technologies and special effects. we ‘shouldn't forget that a story and a game are fundamentally different. et et POE Test 1 >» PAPER 1 Reading #» Part 2 A This cloarty creates o new market opportunity for the videogame industry, B We goto the cinama to let someone else tall us 6 story, knowing we can't influence what happens at all ‘You wouldn't be interested in watching the-film if you knew the identity af the murderer, for instance, 1D This is not true far videogames. E Its succass lies in tho use of spacial aftscts F This usually means that the flim has a good chance of tueing as commercially Successful as the videogame on which itis based. ‘One ceason is technical However, the difficulty for the producers of Hallywned appears to be knowing where and when to stop. Essential tips. » Look at the textt0 see what itis about. Ewen without the missing sentences, you can Lunderstond the general meaning Rend the text betore and after aach gap. Try to quass what the missing inoxiation is. > Go.thraugh the gapped sentences. Try te find a link Batwedn the text and the popped ‘eentances, > The text and the popped sentence will be an the same tapi: > Re-resdthe whole teat to meh Suit it stakes notin, ‘Question & The sontence before the gap tslke about quarantesing “a lerge audience’, ia fll has 8 large audience, what isl? Find an option that defines what its. ‘Question 13: What Kind of film isa three? Which sentence option raters to one? ‘Question 14: The last sentence of ihe paragraph before the gap tatke about ‘essentish slormants of film-making’. The next paragraph talks absut videogames. Which sentence ‘option makes s suitabie topic sentence for this paragraph? FEETASE-AYHPAPER Reading rr mara 9 PAPERS. Use ar Engrish PAPER 4 Listening PAPER'S Speaking Essential tips > Skim throug the whole text to get s goneral ides, > Rasa the questions and | Lunderfine the key words. Make sure you understond the exact meaning of each ‘question. > Look quickly through tha text for Information about the key ‘words in each question. FReemenibar thatthe ery words ‘ight not be i the text at al Dut there wl be ether words Or expreasiona with that meaning. > yaw find a text where the key words are mentioned. look through the other texts ‘as woll to make suro you have (Dot the corrert answer. ‘Question 21: This pareon didn't follow hisiher parent's profession {or “financial reasons’. What is.a financial reason? ‘Question 23: if someone comes from ‘a long line’ of people in a ‘certain profestion, uso elce was in tat profession? ‘Guestiosis 25, 26: There are iferant weave to esy that ‘somsone encouraged you to do ‘something in which two texts ‘San you find reterence to sancouragement? faaee/d ie sentials You are going to read a magazine article in which four yaung people talk about how their parents’ careers have influenced them. For questions 16-30 choose from the people (A~D). The paople may be chosen mote than ance, Mark your answors on the separate answer sheet. ‘Which of the people thinks his or her parent's jab is boring? was discouraged from following the same profession? changed his ar her mind about a future career? experienced pressure ta follow the same profession? dislikes other people in hie or har parant’s pretession? would not follow the same profession for financial reasons? feels he or she has not bean influenced in choosing a career? comes from a tong line of peaple in this profession? inks the profession in question offers few opportunities? was encouraged to follow the same profession? thinks the profess) in question is too stressful? isconcerned his or her choice will cause an argument? thinks that success in his or her paccnt's profession is difficult? thinks his or her parent's profession is rewarding? [10 Foe Tose >> PAPER 1 Reading» Parts A Chip off the Old Block How much are children influenced in thelr choice of prafessian by their parents’ jobs? We asked four young people about their experience A Graham Button { suppose mott people are inftuenced in one way or another by the jobs their parents do. My dad i 2 freelance builder, like his father and his grandfather. and that ‘means he was often out working in the evenings or at weekends whem Iwas a child, I grew up thinking hard physical work was what fathers usually di. t think he was proud of doing a eal job something with his hands, ‘which is perhaps wii he always ried to push me into taking up the eame profession, And of course e Bad his ten business, which he wanted to cemtinue after he retired. When | was in high school, I decided that 1 really didn’t want tog into the family business, so at tke soment I'm studying History a university. My father probably thinks 'm going ta become a partner in his fmm afer f graduate, so | do wory that we might have a big fight about this some time in the furare. B Sue Smith ‘My mother's a nuclear physicist, which sounds very cxating The truth sits a prety tough professcn, For #818 sy mother wasn't getting paid very well at the institute where she worked. Tha sone ofthe things that discouraged me fm going io the same sor of work And I justdoa't think ifs a very imceesting job. Of couse it serunds very important, but as far as I can see, you spend most ofthe day ata es doing Jhundreds of calculations, and then checking and rechecking them. My mother di tr ta motivate me to ‘ake an interest in scence subjects when Twas about 14 oF 15. and I think shed be terely pleased i | wanted to be a scientist, but she's never put any sort of pressure on me. But [know she also thinks = 1 do — ‘hat there aren't s0-many jab available in pure research, which is what she does i C Barry Porter When people find out my mothers 2 actress. they avays ak what Hollywood fils she's been in ad have toexplain that she's only ever worked in provincial theatres. She's hardly ever been nn television, which it why not many people know her. That's one ofthe robles withthe thea very few people got to the top (ofthe profession, and you have tobe extremely ucky just tomake a living from it. Actors are nervous, highly- strung peopl, worrying about where the nex job's coring Een, Even IF had ay talent fe serine Ved pt off that side fit, Most af the other actors Fe ret, people working with my mother, strike me as very arrogant people | don't really think Yd get on with them. [As yuan gather, I realy don't think any future si the theate, and in any case my motes has always tied to steer me away from taking up the profession D Ruth Lawrence My father teaches Maths at high school, which definitely tsed fo come ie amdy wher we hal + Maths test the next day! | suppose there weve désadvantages, tao | think in the back of his mind he expected me to be gond at Maths ‘because he was always there to explain it. The truth is ve abwaye bees teuible alle audjeu. Ne aso used el ue about the satisfaction you cam get froen teaching. and {do think he’s right about that. He'd talk about the long holidays and the short working day. trying to get me ‘interested im taking 4 teaching qualiication used to think E wanted to be a teacher, but then 1 began to think ofthe disadvantages. The profession's changed and these days teachers have to work a lot in the holidays and prepare a lot at home. In the-end | decided to go into ‘ccounting, and f don't really think my dad's ob affactad my decision at all PCE Test 1») PAPER 1 Reaging» Pats 41 PAPER U PAPERS Speaking Where ? ‘You must answer this question, You have seen the following sdvertisomont and would like more information ean about the summer schol. Read the advertisement carsfully, togather with the notes you have made, Then write a letter to Mrs Brown, the using all yaur notes. feclar of the school, nearest | ENGLISH SUMMER SCHOOL underground station? heat ear: London location Y Small classes and modem activities sore of teaching facies: ‘Spend the summer In London improving your Engitsh at the Copitat Language Schoo! Classes throughout summer © Wide range of leisure ‘nccommadation on premises activities? ht soré? including accommodation? ‘Write a letter of between 120 and 150. words in an appropriate style. Oo not write any addresses. Rand tha inetrurtions and undecine kay words and [Phrates thet show what you Must say ar ask in your lett. Read the advartisement and the notes carefully. Decide ‘wha you are writing to, Should your letter be formal or Informal? > Plan the thrwe sections of your latter: troduction, body ‘and eanciuaton. lntroduetion: Say you have seen the advertisement, you ‘are interested in tha summer school and you would ike more information. ‘Body: Form questions using the notes. Remember that ‘YOU must use all your notes. Use a mixture of direct ‘questions (What is the actress ofthe schoo?) and inirect questions (J would lio to-know ifthe sche! is ‘pen during tha fiver weoak of June, Be carefal wh Word andar in indiect questions. Indirect questions do ‘at have question marks. The body of your attr could ‘Soneigt ef mere than ene paragraph. Yeu may meh warm {questions in one paragraph and the rest of the ‘questions in anothar parsgragh. Conclusion: Say by when you would like w reply and ‘that you are looking forward ta hearing from Mra ‘fown. Should you use Youre faithfully or Yours sincerely to end your latter? ‘Chact the length of your leter, your grammar, epailing ‘nd punctuation. 12 FCE Test 1)» PAPER 2 writing ¥» Pare PAPER 4 Ustening PAPER 5 Speaking Essential tips Decide which quastion you ‘ean answer beat. Do you have Ideas and vocabulary or any > Plan the theae eoctions of your answer and decide on the mein point of each poragranh. > Spend.some tine making ‘notes about each paragraph, > Make sure your ideas are lsariy organised. Every ‘Paragraph shouls be on one topie, Check the length of your ‘newer, your grammar, ‘palling and punctustion. ‘Question 2: Thiok af a way to ink the content af your story: ‘with the tla, What king of ‘phone eal can change your life? ‘Bocide on the characters land ‘hair relatonship) andthe eating ‘using vocabulary ane ‘expressions you know. \:your story going to be told in ‘the first person (Por third [person thel? The avents in your ‘sory should appear in s logical sequence: Check the use of ‘narrative tenses. ‘Qusstion 3: Use a nsuirat style, Jn your introduction you should ‘say briefly what you are going to “write about. Make sure you answer both questions. Deseribe ‘your porsersion in detll. Give ‘seme background information to ‘explain what makes special to you. ‘Write an answer to ene of the questions 2-6 in this part. Write your answer in 120-160 words in an appropriate style, 2 You have decided to enter @ short story competition, The competition rules say that the stary must begin with the Following words: ‘Mark coutd never imagine that this telephone call would change his lite farevoc, Write your story. 3. You s0¢ this notice on your schao! noticeboard! * What is your favourite possession? © Why ia it special ta you? \Writa an article for the school magazine answering these questions. Write your article, 4 You recently saw this natice in e popular English-tanguage magazine catled Cinema News: Have you seen any geod films lately? If you have, write a review for oUF ‘magazine! Include information on the plat, characters.and special effects ‘and say why you think the film is worth seeing. We will publish the best reviews in next month's issue. Write your review. 5 Answer one of the following two questions based on your reading of ene of the s0t books, Ether ) If the back you hava read were made into a film, which character would be the most interesting? Write 8 lettor to an English pen friend who has read the same book, saying which character you imagine would be most interesting in-a film and explaining why, Write your letter. Do not write any postal addresses, Or {bh} ‘A story must have conflicts ta make it interesting’ Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Write an essay, giving your opinions with reference 10 ihe nook you nave rea0. ‘Question 4: You are writing for @ ‘Question Sia): The question asks you [popular magazine, 30 the style of your to think of an interesting character. feview could be seri-formal. Grganise You dant have to write szout the main ‘your dees in paragraphs and male character, Your later should be fue you ane prof the infor Soul donc ta tn gees Coormoettacibepdey nie eas ‘orm. (What isthe film called?” What Fenonichlgocsperatoies vated kind of fim ist? Who directed it? Whe Make alist of the things that make 2 ‘ets in it?) The main body could consist of tro or more paragraphs i ‘which you should desctine and ‘comment on the plot. characters and ‘special effects. In the conclusion say why yeu think the flim ie werth eeaing. bbook or story interesting. Express your ‘opinion and support it with exams, ‘ter to ran exces tram tna Bonk ‘where something (a conic or ‘Eomething else} made you want to ccary on reading. FCE Test 1 8] PAPER @ Listening PAPERS speai > Road the tite and tha whote tent to gat the general meaning. > Some of the questions will ‘ask youto choose a word from a set of words with similar maaninge. > The word you nese! may ba part of collocation, an Idiom, an expression or faxed phrase. You may need & proposition, which ie part of 8 Phwasal vers oF a linker. > if you ate not sure which of the options fits best, say tho sentence to yourself and use the one that sounds best. Won you hava finished, read the text again to mate sure it makes sence, ‘Question ¢ The gapped word is par of a fed phrase, Which ‘verb leat corpletas the phrase ‘when it. to? ‘Guestion & Sisters, Brothars, ‘grandpavents are all of your ‘ari. ‘Question 11: The gapped word is part of a fixed exprossion. Which ‘verb boat completes the phrase “cathe best for somebody’? For questions 1-12, read the text below and decide whieh answer (A, 8, € oF D) best fits each gap. There is an example at the baginning (0). Mark your answers on the separate answer shoot. Example: B view ‘C thought D decision WORKING mothers —_ Roliabie studies have chown that the children of working mathers have no mare problems than children whose mothers stay at home. My personal (0) ... is that ‘mothers should wark iFthey wish, Some women have invested so much in acarear that they cannot (1) .... to give it up. Others have to work because of economic (2) ...., and there are alsa those who ara simply not (3)... out to be fulltime parents, There appear to be several options when it 4a}... to choosing chitdeare. These range from child minders through to granny or tha kind lady (8)... the street. however, many parents don't have any choice: they have to accept anything thay can get No {7} un how good the available childcare may be, some children protest ff thel parents are not around. This i¢-a(q) (8) .... normal stage in a child's development. Babies over the ago of six months become dependant on mum and class family (9)... 80 make sure that you allow (10} .. time to help your child settle in. And don't forget: if you want to (11) .... the best for your ehildran, its not tha uantity of time you spend with them, 2}... thet matters. 1 Abe: B decide Chops expect 2 Areason B duty C necessity Detask 2 Amade Bout 6 brought Doorn 4 Arofors Beconcorns tus Dcomes 8 Aof '@ opposite © serase Daan © Alnaddition Bin practice C In order Din contrast 7 Away 1B matter € surprise Dexception B A perfectly Bextremoly € probably D cenziniy 3 Apeople B adults G mambers D grownups 10 Alittic Bho Clots D plenty of 11 Amake Baie C have Dao 12 Aquality Boattitude ‘© behaviour D manner 14 FCE Test 1+ PAPER'S Use af Enalish } + Part 1 PAPER t PAPER? oe PAPER 4 PAPER 5 Reacing Writing Listening Speaking For quastions 12-24, read the taxt below and think of the word which bast fits each 8p, Usa only one ward in each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0) \Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet. Example: [Gl] WITH SKATEBOARD DAD =O ‘Some activities are associated (0)... YOUNG People, SVEN EHELGH (93) cern Ht ‘always clear why. Skateboarders, for instance, are expected to (14)... teenagers, ‘but come to think of it, there's (16) ....... reason why people over the age of 21 shouldn' take (10) nnn the sport Skateboarding involves o certain amount of falling off the bosrd, (17)... ean be pairful, but this also applies to sking or surfing, and these sports are not restrieted 198) nie feon@gers. Surely thara fs (19) nua wrang with @ grown-up gliding down the road on his or ner board 120)... the same time, | confess I felt a certain sympathy for my niece Emily when her father, my older brother Tom, announced that he was going skateboarding with ‘hor. When you ato 14, you are vary conseious of (24}..... ather people think of you. Emily knewe her friends would laugh (22) her if she was sean skateboarding in the park with her dad. She felt that (23) ...... embarrassment would be more than she could bear, so she begged Tom to go skateboarding elsewhere, Fortunately, Tern realised how embarrassed Emily must (24)... feltand simply laughed, et Essential tips 1 lie okt silo eel cg > Decide what kind of ward is needed (verb, pronoun, article, determiner, quantifier, etc.) 1 Rien le Gol con ona tong 1 Yousoonel ue oie fore ihe, hye mame ne gape Siti in Yi toe iain Hep wh RR at wi yous ean ecg ear Question 16: This gap is part of a phrasal verb that maans to stan, 10 begin doing’ a sport Question 18: Look atthe context. Daos the writer think that skateboarding i not for rown-upe? Puede 29: Throng see Beene isolate ae ci been described inthe previous sentence, De you need « definice aril Ithel of ladatinte antcie tava? Foe Test 1 5 For quostions 25-34, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits in the gaps in the same line. There is on example at the beginning (0), PAPER 4 Listening Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the saparate answor sheet, Example: [0] —~—=S=CBSERVATION—_—_—_—«ds London Eye PAPER 5 Speaking Essential tips The London Eye. the giant (0). wheal. fs wreatively ew OBBERVE » Rimdthe nla wato atthe | ancien for London ts one of the mow poplar = (25)... in the world, The wheel is the largest of its kind, ATTRACT 1 Desecie ees sebe o 1 135 matres. 1,700 tons of stool wore HIGH anaeroer a) BE 8 (26) nn OF 135 matres. 1,700 ts you need for each pap. Used OF IRS (27) wane . Paople make special journeys to see the CONSTRUCT (2a giant wheel. 15,000 visitors ean side on the Eye every day. EXCITE + Look at the content carefully ‘The nord may be negative or positive, ‘The architects, Julia Barfiold and her husband David Macks, were ¥ You may news 10 add a pret the winners of the (28) ....to design a Mfilfennium landmark COMPETE, Bee be Peeters, ‘Their design was the MOSt (30) coun, af all the projects. The first IMAGINE > Waha wor it's noun, check Hf (31) sassn Of the wheel were made ontheir kitchen table in 1983. DRAW Fez newd the eingwler-orplural | David developed the idea for a tho (22)... site by drawing a eitele round London and finding IDEA jant wheo! and Julia founet + You may need to make two ‘changes to the word (add a ite centre, prefix and a sutfs, adel ta, ‘auixes, ate) took about three years to do all the groundwork SURPRISE » Gia eatin ew to get the whee! built. In (4)... oftheir work, the couple RECOGNISE eee \were awarded the MBE, @ special henour that is given in the UK ‘Question 31: tn thie gap you are to someone who has achieved something spotial ooking for @ oun. Read the rest ‘of the sentence. Should the noun be singular or pura? ‘Question 32: This word describes the noun (site). £0 it ‘mast bean adiactive. How ean You totrn ae asictive from: Noa’? Getion 39: his gap you or looking for an adverb. How many changes do you neod to ‘mab inorder 10 form an var from ‘surptiee’? 16 FCE Test 1+» PAPER 5 Use of tngtisn TEST PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 4 Ustening PAPER 5 Speaking Essential tips You must use between two and flve wor inthe gap. Contractions fcicn’, ware, fs, 9% count as twa words, Check that you have used all the Information from the Fst sentence. and that you haven't aclded any more information, > Make sure you dont change the word glvan in any way. » Decide on what structure you ‘need 19 use (passive voice, indiract speech, et) By leoking at what comet Bofors ‘ond ser the gap. Remember to check your spalling corefully. Question 20: What vorb i used swith “better ta mean ‘should? ‘bv i da-wo use the infinitive eth oF without “to T Must this be positive or negative? Question 40: Hore you need to ‘use the passive. Your prompt hood bs "baer What tense do. you need? Question 42: ‘Unless’ means ‘if ‘of, 90 what change do you ‘eed to maketo ane of the verbs ‘nthis condetonal sentence? Far questions 35-42, complete the second sentence #o that it has a similar meaning ‘to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You ‘must use betwoon two and five words, Including the word given. Hace is an ‘example (6), Example: 0 Ill bo vory happy when | go an holiday. FORWARD — Dames caratatuasinaan, ‘a0 holiday. ‘The gap can be filled by the words “lacking forward to going’ so you write (W]_LooKine FoRwarD ‘Write only the missing words IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer shest. 35 Richard asked me how much | had paid for the theatre tickets, cost Richard wanted to... — the theatre tickets, 36 lt wasn't @ good idea for you to datata that file. ‘SHOULD YOU sonamisoas en that file 37 The farry couldn't esi! because the weather was bad, DUE The ferry COUIAIT $8IE osnnrsnmnnnninntaninininntnnnecees WORN 38 Tho teacher told us not to be late on Friday, BETTER YOU ene late on Friday,’ the teacher said. 39 You mustn't miss this opportunity to visit Sydney. ADVANTAGE You must r -oomnentun this Opportunity to visit Sydney. 40, ‘Thore are Spanish and Franch te BEEN The BOOK eset lations of the book, neni nto Spanish and French, 41 That coat is too expensive for me to buy. AFFORD. nun that coat, 42 She will only phone if she gets lost. UNLESS. She will PCE Test PP PAPER 3 Use OF Enotsn +» art 17) PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 2 writing ‘You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 18, choose the best answer {A,B or Cl, PAPER 5 Wee of English PAPER 5 Speaking 1 You hear a mother talking about her baby. What has the baby just learnt to do? 2 man buying some towers Essential tips What colour does he buy? Look carefully atthe question oe ae for each listening text and ya 7] underline the kay words, © white 1S aredgaeae nt ie irl ‘ing to her friend on the phone. aod tates options 2. You heer gil talking to her fiend on the ph as ae tae What has happoned? ze JA She ditt remember todo har homewor »: i Ratording ciate: ore B She left her homework at home. eer oe eee © She got bed marks for her homework. _ Teoria ie mac Wecndottwhaeningtes | «You heer a han wiking to vet What isthe problem wth Ria dog? Picea eae ’ er en Piglet tele en oo oe B Sheteape biting har paw , general maaning. C She doesn’t walk properly. Poalansae cases ten Meco tse # Vouaae a women tlking 46 «plumes, assume that this is the correct Where is the problem in her house? sete: ‘A the veranda » Decide on an option after the B the kitchen: CoH ‘first listening. Use the second: the bathroom tnening te eheck your eens 6 You hear. man talking about a train journey. Question 2: Tho assistent offers ates ie be tevate: the man two different caloxes, A Tuesday Ten dee ny ch oe 8 Wednesdoy eelrh ba wich ove ha ene © Thureaay Ce Guerin Wha rae doveu | 7 Younsar& boy eling his mother about foatboll match ‘might not hear the name of the eae se moa Si Re Tae OTE plses, but you may bwar things two: that an ba Yound a lose B three Question &: The listening text © one LC re wl ceae peers bar Sniyeneotimer te cormet |g Youaara woman taking about going shop What did she buy? A a pair of shoes Sie pee al oo Ss page ale FOE Test 1 ¥» PAPER 4 Listening » y Part) APER 1 Reading PAPER 2 Writing PAPER 3 Use of English PAPER'S Speaking You will heor part of a radio interview with a weman who is the director of the Museum Association, For questions 8-18, complete the sentences. The Musours Association was started TH ove. Their task is to change the way people think about museums inthe next 19) Mis Edwarcs worked for a big [ TT] before coming to work for the Aszociation Museums must be more [ [83] inthe way they attract visitors. Museums were mainly for people with a high lovel of| 13) Ms Edwards wuld like musaume ta have with schools inthe area. Sha wants museums to be frendly, ke [—__[¥8} [Atrip to the museum can be 16] for most people. \nvesting in musoums is a way of investing in 7 of the country. ‘Tho Musoum Fostival next yaar will be held in 7 Read the instructions and think about the topic before you listen > Gothraugh the questions eorefully and think shout tha sort of information ‘hat i miaeing, 4» Remember that the questions follow the order of the taxi. » You will haar the word or words you need for each question, but the rest of ‘tha sentence will be slightly different. ‘Quastion 9: What kind f inowrnstion ix rinsing? The ranean shy the Meme ‘Association was started, the iene that it was started or the people who etarod A? Question 12: Are you listening for 8 noun sr udictive sor thie gop? Question 1 Look atthe context, The missing information must be place or time. FCE Test 1} PAPERA Listening b+ Pax? 19 PAPER 1. Reaging PAPER 2 Writing PAPER 3 Use of Enalish PAPER S Speaking ‘You will hear five different people talking about schoo! trips thay went on when they \were younger. For questions 19-23, choos fram ths list 1A-F] what each speaker ‘says abaut their trip. Use the letters only once, There:is ane axtra latter whi do not need to use, A I made some new friends Speaker 1 ® Speaker 2 B BI was involved in an accident. I thought the trip was geod value for money. Speaters— [ | DI went on aimiae trips ever the next few oars Spostore [a E I wasn't prog sly propared for the trip. sooasers [8 F would have liked more independonce > Road the instructions carefully te idantity what the speakers wil be viking about. > Before you listen, look at each option and think of how these ideas can be expressed. > ita specker mentions a werd from the options, think cavefully betore you chaoso that ‘tion, it may be that tha word is used in » different meaning. > Allthe sosckors wil be taking about the sarne topic: You need to focus on the Differences Between the speakers. 1B: Think of diferent ways ane can describe an accident, ‘Accident’ can be used in a ‘umber of contexts. For example, if one ofthe speakers says that he or she did something “by accident, it doesn’ mean that he or che wae involved in an accident. D: fone of the spackere says that he oF she. wantes to go on snare Yips, oF intended! ta do this, doss It mean thet he or the raally id go on mare tips? E:Tha key word horas ‘preparee. You ran gat prepared foe & journey in # number of re: you ean str By akg plane, ting Information or ding sama shopping, Who sles could it mean? 20 FCE Test 1» PAPER 4 Listening »» Part § "APER 4 Reading PAPER 2 Writing 3 Use of Engiisn PAPERS Speaiving ‘You will hear a radio interview with Julia Emerson, a young weiter, For questions. 24-30, choose the best answer (A, B or Cl. 24° According to Julia, nowadays Hollywood producers ‘A. usually think of ideas for films themselves. 1B write ccraonplaye and cantact stars © contact agents to find writers for them. 25 Julia ‘A has written @ number of successful screenplays far studios. B was lucky enough to have her first screonplay accepted, © was not discouraged by the lack af respanse from studios. 26 She began writing in her spare time when she ‘A. published same articles in a magazine, B had am ides for # TV series, won a short story compatition 27 She says ‘Ashe would like ta write a version af a classic film. 1B thore is a danger she might imitate other films. © creative people should think 2 fot about films, 28 Her screenplay is about two sisters whe Aare forced to live in the jung B find themseives in a difficult situation, © end up hating each other. 29 The theme of the-etory is ‘A how our emotions about our family ean change. B Julia's relationship with her brothers and si © about the importance of having a family. 30 It appears that the film based on Julia's sereanplay A. must be made within the next two years, B will be made when the studio has paid Julia © might never be made, > esd the questions or question stams carefully, > Risad.the options carefully and underline the key words, Cs > Be careful: on option may include words or phrases from tha recording, but this does ‘not nscassarily mean that the option is caret. The questions fallow tho ouer of the text, ‘Question 24: Who de you expect writes the scrasnplay for a film? te this the same person ‘oho thinks of the idoa fora fle? The correct anawor may be diferent from what you think, ston carefully. ‘Question 28: All the options are eorrert az statements, but only one completes the stem correctly. ‘Question 28: The corract answer summarises the story of the fm. Wich option dows that? FOE Tent 1 FP PAPER & Listening FY Fored 24] PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 2 Writing Part 1.( minutes) PAPER 3 Use of English ‘The examiner (interiocutar) will ask each of you to speak briefly in turn and to give PAPER @ Listening Personal information about yourselves. You can expect a variaty af questions, such 38: [2 ‘Can you describe the area where you live? ‘What da you like and alstike about this area? ‘Where else would you tie t0 live, and why? Part 2 (4 minutes) You will each be asked to talk for a minute without interruption, You will each be given two different photographs in turn to talk about. After your partner has finished speaking, you will ba asked! a briel question connected with your partners photographs. Places to live (compare, contrast and speculate) Turn to pictures 1 and 2 an page 138 which show differant typas af accammadation. Candidate A, compare end contrast these photographs, and say why you think people have chosen to live in these particular places. You have a minute to do this, Candidate 8, whieh of these would yau like to five in? ‘Audiences (compare, contrast and speculate) Turn to pictures 1 and 2 an page 139 which show people at concerts, Candidate 8, compare and contrast these photographs, and say how you think the people are feeling. You have a minute to do this, Candidate A, what kind of music do-you enjoy? Part » Try to sound natural. Don't learn a speech off by hear. Avoid one: or two-rord answers or answers that are long and complicated. You can prepare for this partof the Interview by making aure you can tat about yourself, your home, your family, your Mabbies, ete » Ustan carefutly 10 the question and anserar exactly what i acked. Part2 In this pant you must compare and coatrast the two colour photographs you are given. When you compare, you say what the twa photographs have in eammon, Whar yous Contrast, you say how they are different. » ston carefully to what the examiner aeks you to do. After comparing and contrasting, ‘tha examiner will ask you to comment and give your personal reaction to them. » You ate supposed to speak fora full minute. Practise speaking for a minute, 6a you Iino how thi foal > The axamiogr will ask yow to comment on your poriners photoprophs. Nou have about ‘30 seconds for this. > Don't interrupt when your partner la specking, Use a few sentences to answer the ‘question you are asked after your pariner has spoken. PCE Test 1 )+ PAPERS Speaking +» Parts 1,2 4 Ustening Part 3 (3 minutes) You will be asked to discuss something together without interruption by the ‘examiner, You will have a page of pictures with questions to help you, ‘A camping trip (discuss and evaluate) Turn to the pictures.on page 140 which show a number of items you could take with you on 9 camping trip. Talk to each other about how each item could be usctul Guring the trip, Then decide which four of these itams you would take on a camping tip to the mountains, (4 minutes) ‘The examines will encourage you to develop the tople of your digeussion in Part 3 bby asking questions, such as: ‘Would you enjoy a camping holiday? Why (not? ‘What other type of holiday would you enjay? Why? ‘Would you prefer to go on holiday with your family or with a group ‘of friends? Why (nat)? ‘What is the best time of year to-go on a holiday? Why? Essential tips > "Work together with your pariner, Diseuss the quastion and decide on an answor ‘topether > Involve your partner inthe discussion, Your coniributlan and your partner's eantibutian ‘to the discustion should be equal > Practise expressions used for giving yaur opinion and agreeingidisagreeing, such as in 'my opinion, Fm afaid | don't agree, eto. + Gon't make 0 decision too quickly. Look atthe pictures firs. give your opinion about ‘them, ask your partner's opinion and than make a dacsian, > Flemember you don’ hava to agree with your partnee. What lt more Impartart is reaching a decision, Part > Dant® interrupt when your pertner is speaking, but be rmady t0 give your opinion after ‘your parinar has finished. ' Iedowenn mart you spre or disagree with your partes, Dut tis important fo give reasons for your opinion, FCETESE 1}? PAPERS. Speaking ») Pars 8.423] 24 You ate going to read an article about life in the countryside. Far questions 1-8, choose the answer (A, B, C oF D) which you think fits best according to the text. ‘Mark your answars on the separate answer sheet, Ustening Speakin have been living in London for mare than 40 years, but exif, whon I'm driving snd aks some clever baek- street shore cut, | catch myself thinking: how extraordinary tha tis me doing this! For a moment the town mouse | have become is being seen by the country mouse | used to be, And although, given a new start, T would again become a town mouse, when I visi relations in the country. 1 envy them. Recently | stood beside a freshwater laka In Norfolk trade by dverong a al river, near where my brother lives. AAs he was identifying some of the birds we could 3e6,[n came seven serans. They circled, then the haunting sound of their wing bests give way to alence as ehey fied down for splashdown eis not a pleturesque" part of the » PAPER 1 Roacing »> part I CAME TO ENVY THE COUNTRY MICE ‘And the men and women who service their care. ci their gardens, install thair phanes, repsie their word Processors iy their carpets and do all the other things they needare vital to madern country fife. eis quite likly ehat che ehldren of today’s workers may bbe moving into the same kind of jabs as the second: homers and the retired. Both che children of a country ‘woman | know are at university, and she herself, now that esey have late home, working towards 8 university degree. One of the delights of country life today, it seems, that there you can see how fast social mobility 44 Is increasing, Much depends, of course,on the part uf the counts aide you are living in and on personality ~ your own and that ff your neighbours. In my brother's Norfolk village, social ie seams dizzying to a Londoner. in addition to dropping in. on neighbours, people throw and attend partes far more often than we do. My brother's wife Mary and her friends fy of on the mast dashing bargain breaks in Krakow or Prague or Venice, and are always _gping inca Norwich for a concert oF to King’s Lynn for an exhibition. The boring country life that people from cites talk about Isa thing ofthe past ~or perhaps it was hump ermnly thelr mance This is very unlike living in a London street for 50 years ‘and only knowing the names of four ether reticent In hare 50 years | have made only one real friend among ther, | do enjoy my life. and Mary says that she sometimes ees i (the grass on che other side of the fence ..);but whenever Igo to Norfol. | end up fesing that the live of country mice are more admirable than ry own, > Atior reading the tox for ‘general understanding, read ‘each question and sea if you ‘can laeate the answer in the text. When you locate the anger in the tex, underine | Sore questions refer to specific ines inthe text (Question 6, while others tate ta specific paragcaphs (Guectian 83. » Lock carsfly atthe kay ‘words in ina four apsions, Far ‘example, in question 1, option A, tha key words are ‘driving: ‘through back streets’ and Ouro of surprise This ‘option can only be correct if ‘the writor does dive through Dagk strete snd is surprised 40 find hersell doing thi, Question 2: The text relers to the ‘sound’ of the swans landing, Boos it sey that the sound was. very Joud, in which case ‘doafoning’ would be the correct answer? How ls ‘haunting’ used shore? ‘Question &: The question asks ‘you what fs “suggested! about ‘outsiders, This moan the ‘answer ts not clentlystatad in ‘the tx, You need 10 read Detursen the lines! and see what ‘isimpliod in the text. ‘Question 8: The answer to this ‘question can be-found inthe ‘whole of te last paragraph. sometimes 0 source af surprise to the writer A to find herself driving thraugh back streets, B that she hae boon ia the city for s0 long, © to realise how much sha has got used te living in London, D that she lives in the city when she prefers the eountry, 2 The atmosphere created by the writer whan she describes the swans is A magical B tightening. © deafening D disturbing 3 What does the writer's brother think of his village? A He thinks itis very pieturesqus, B He prefers the sea to the land © He finds it dull and boring. DH is often struck by the beauty of the countryside, 4 What does 4 A the lake 1B the fact that the lake belongs to a landowner here © the raster: for thi laridoweners ection the fact that wildlife naw needs to be praserved in tine 29 rater to? 5 What is suggested about outsiders who now live in the country? ‘A. that country people no longar reject thee B that they atten do work like servicing cars and digging gardens © that the men and women wha work for them are from the eity 1D that many of them have bean in the countryside for a long time 8 What does ‘social mobility’ in line 48 mean? A Country people are acing to university, B_ Young people are moving away from the countryside: © Children of country people are taking jobs in cities. D People from workers’ families are meving into higher #0cial classes, 7. Social life in the country A depends completely on where you liva. B is not as boring as poopie in eities think it is. © is.not affected by your neighbours. Dis slways loss exciting than fife in the city. 8 What do we leern about the writer's attitude to Landon? She can’t adjust ta living in London. ‘She has regretted moving ta Lendon, ‘The people in her street are unusually unfriendly. Life there is very different to county life. comm FCE Test 2b> PAPER 1 Reading » party 25 ia PAPER 2 Writing PAPER 3 Use OF Enis PAPER @ Listening ‘ona whieh fits to use. PAPER 5 Speaking You are going to read an article about a computer-gene ‘sentencas have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-H the ich gap (9-1), There is one extra sentence which you do nat need teed pop star. Seven Mark your enewors on the separate answer sheet. COMPUTER GENERATED POP STAR ‘Yeung music fans might sa0n find themseives buying record by 8 new star called CyberGirl GybvorGirl is blonde and very sttractive. She has the looks of a supermadel, and Fashion magazine hae booked her for their newt sous She has @ great oie snd locks like @ typical pop ster in many ways, but at the seme time che is fundamentally different. She i computer penwrated and dosze't rely erst, Or dows sha? Tha campany banind CyberGin, Anfield Prarhations, has ‘constructed a wabsite for her, and is working on @ pap video for her fiest-single, which will be released next summer: Why is the ‘response to this virtual pop star so estonsshing? CybarGirt hes bboen cuccesefully promoted as an ordinary sikteon-yosr-old tasnage singer Teenagers, especialy gts, he Identified themselves with OyberGiel who dyes her hair end worries about feabion Dyer the inst foe manthe, the CyQerGin Website has been visited by aver 100.000 tasnagers. Fans san emall questions fond receive anewers from Gybertinl terse [A] This ives wirtuol pop stars @ competitive advantage Gvor rats. marketed artists oF boy bande who have vary ltis eoneact with ‘hoi fore. yberGiet may not be reel, buC her creators deny that she is merely 3 choap atternatve to 2 real singer. BIG She's cao! and will never de embarrassing things” he says. ‘Vetunl pop stars cannct disagree with their managers because ‘they hove different ideas about songs, styles ond marketing policies. With computer generated! pop Stars, there wall be no. arguments batuoen stare, managers and theit componien” cet ‘Sure she could’ replias Toringan. “We'd just project her image on @ huge eeresn, maybe with & halagrar mage of hen sn stega” He hans the prospect ef evber ‘ergation going an tour to watching a film in aeinema: "You know the peopl yeu Bee on tht anreeh a dane with lights — but you ail ast very moved by the experience: fof watching if t's dane well” ea jus trek, AA Franch male eybercter, Cy-Lui, had enjoyed considerable success nth hundreds of emails each day fram teenage gis FEL] ert tae tea ht om oman number of ‘riage proposels “Fans wil tres artical pop stars reat ep ere provided thy tka ir rosie: says Tomlnaon. Ws encouraging thot fans Uke the mie, hey wil ghsre the Fock thot the acit isnot real Saran Underwood Profeasar of Madi Studies at Cumbris University. nays we have nothing to worry stout. just tks the ‘Soap pers obeezsion that Pas been around for about GO years! she says. Viewers identity so closely with the characters, in a noap opera that if one of then Is in hospital an increaibie umber of people gent flowers and echecslates to tha TW seuss, FIA ‘The same expla to fans of srtficin! artiste! Flob Caoper af the pop rsusie magazine Musical World hea na ime For thie Istest iden: I's just anothar way far busines people to make money from teenagers, end this time the teenagers arest even idolising @ real person ‘Young peapie cen be really crazy if thay're convinced something le fachionable 26 FOE Test 2} PAPER 4 Reading b> Part 2 Could CyberGirl ever go an taur? Research has established that idols must have the samo strengths and woaknesses as their fans. ‘Tha people who do that aren't crazy — they're just getting a bit carried away. ‘The fans want to know whether he gets hungry in outer space, and what Wis favourite cyberfood {In fact, Tommy Tornlinson of Anfield Pramotions is convinced that CyberGirl thas a great many advantages over flesh and-bloed sets, ‘Tha important question is whether oF not CyberGirl has bean modelled on hiife person or whether she is simpty the product of someone's agination. I's utterly pathetic, sad and a bit ridieulous, but I'm afraid it will pret bly work. When asked if she is real, CyberGirl replies enigmatically that she is as real 28 any of the teen groups around these days, adding defiantly that st | she is always thers for her fans, Haseatial tine ‘Read the main text from which paragraphs hove been satoed Cyber has been promoted. The sentence after the gop Se ee. ‘saya that teenage girs identity with CyberGie Which Look carsutly atthe sentences before and after the gop. Septenes option links the two i636? ‘Ave there any word that eho YoU What the Misting Question 1%: Tho sentoncs bafore ths gap tlks about » etree ‘male cyborstat, Twa sentence options refer to males, but > Tare are rman Waye'veu Gan tle pars ow tat coul ‘nly ene can rales to the male eyberstar. bbe a contrast, a comparison, an example, etc. Look for ‘Question 14; The sentence before the gap describes how linking expressions that connect ikleas ina text. ‘some viewers react to characters in soap operss. The ‘sentence option that fits this gap refs ta these pacpie's Pay special attention to nouns, pronuna, words ike Toactions and links with the sentanca afae the cae, “this and “thar and any other words or phrazes that rolbr ta what han gane bela dr whit comes after therm, FCETest2*) PAPER T Reading) Part? 27 PAPER 5 Use of English PAPER 4 Listening PAPER 2 wetting ‘You are going to read an ontiele about the activities organised by different schools for Environmental Awarances Day. For questions 16-30 chacse fram the schools {A-D), The schools may be chosen more than ance. Mork your answers on the separate answer sheet, PAPER 5 Speaking 28 Which schools) became well known after Environmental ness Day? & 1 provided online infarmation about he anion ent? a caked 0 sptiaist o give a tak? = raised monay to help wildlife? asked pupils to write about environmental problems? ol organised a trip to the coast? at started 8 project about endangered species? By is studying changes in generat weather conditions? a serie atl bn acter are local ebtocknat a sinasinage ene ve ce weyie a] ary cat am Nast a isi rhe on a loch te probdt wlan is? a ‘is located in the contre of the city? & ___| Rezontial Spe. Food the questions first, and underting hey words. Make sure you understand what the See > Locate the answers inthe text and underline them, > When you read the text, took for words/phrases which express similar ideas. Bo not ook for identical words, ‘Question 23: How ean wo provide enline information? ‘Quontions 25, 28: How ean 2 schaat raise money? Whan you try to lncata the anmwer rot look for tha verb ‘rai’. Look forthe idea of ‘raling! money. ‘Question 20; Can you find smother way of saying ‘general weather conditions”? FCE Test 2 > »PAPER 1 Reaaing F» Fart 5 a ‘A Plumpton High Schoo! This school decided to arrange a variety of activities, some aimed at achieving a better understanding of environmental problems, and ethers designed to be of practical help, For instance, the school magazine brought out a spacial edition Con the subject full of articles’ and stories where pupils expressed their feelings about the threats facing our ‘eavironment. In another attempt to find out for themselves hhow serious these threats really are, the pupils decided to, study the problem of pollution by making a survey.run by the Science Department, ingo air pollution in the focal shopping entre, On the practical side, the school held a sponsored walk and handed over £750 to the World Wildife Fund. PPupits prepared a campaign to ban cars from the city cencre and reduce traffic congestion. They cycled through the city and franded out brochures abou the benefits of cycling and walking. This gained 2 lot of publicity for the school, B Cresswell College ‘Tho staff and students at Cresswell College held 2. meeting and discussed a number of suggestions. The mast popular suggestion turned out to be the mast practical we I was lecided that the local environment should be brightened up, “Teams wore sent out to plant flowers and young tees on areas of land in the neighbourhood. Wichin the school, the senior students prepared a report monitoring the progress fof species ehreatened with extinction. ft was hoped that this ‘would help publicise the problem. As pare of that project, 1 leading expert on wild birds was invited to come and give 2 talk about the dangers faced by these creatures. He ‘explained the importance of the food chain and asked people {0 support local wildlife reserves. —_—_—— enn _—— AWARENESS DAY C'Smithson Inseieute This school had already bean involved in some projects connected with the ervironment though naturally efforts were increased for Environmental Awareness Day. For the list ew years the school had been studying the effects of changes in climatic patterns sraund the world and how these can affect iia. A fm sbout those magnificent marine minimal whales, wee shown 10 she whole aheol ap pare of Environmental Awareness Duy. which was received with great senchusiasrn by pup, Meredith Summers, architect, was invited {0 talk about how polluoon can destroy historic budings inthe region. Following that pupls decided to launch a campaign for the remoraton of the medieval square in the city centre and ‘asked loeal authorties to support ehem finanely D Halliwell Comprehensive ‘The pups at this inner-city comprehensive schoo! felt that the best way t0 mark Enviranmanral Awareness Day would be to help people in che area understand how important the eevironment 1 t0 them. One suggestion that was greated with enthuslasm was Co measure the levels of noice in Stanley Road. a bury local shopping sirect. The information was then placed on a website that the schoo! fad started. in an efor to provide direct assistance to people who are working to save the environment, «jumble sale was held atthe school and £1,000 was denaced 10 he local office of the Wildlife Rescue Service. Finally. che schoo! took pupils uo the coastal marshes of Easton-on-Sea, Many pupils reported afterwards that they had never realised haw terrible the effects of pollution could be-an coastal wildlife FCE Test 2) PAPER 1 Reading ¥ > Part 5 23 PAPER 1 Reaging PAPER 5 Use of En PAPER 4 Ustening PAPERS Speaking 30 FCE Test 2)» PAPER2 Writing ‘You must answer this question. 11 You have raceived an email from an Australian friend, Bruce Stanton, whose parents ate coming to visit your country, Read his email together with the notes you have made. Then, using all your notes, write an email 0 the hotel manager explaining whot you want and asking him to confiem the arrangements in writing to you. email From Bruce Stanton Sent: Ist March Subject: Hotsl Motel Beil Vista “> im heptig yet can soagest a hotel aad make the arrangewants for my parents! trip, this ts the information youll need + raed Hrs Stanten arriving on Tuesdey 16th of 18.05 and wane ¢ ements ce Ss hiaaiunens + Boes the hotel restaurant serve vegetartan dishes? Breakfast Ioluce 1 Are there any dug drips from the hotel telocal sights? — price? 1 ee yl [Miso please check whet the price of the hotel wil be i Do tour guides ‘speak English? ‘Write your email of between 120 and 180 words. You must use grammatically ‘correct sentences with accurate spelling and punctuation in a style appropriate for the situation, bby saying why you are writing. Make sure the language you use is Yor, Avoid using informal expressions. In the body af the emai, reserve the room for the dates required, then lise the addtional Fequests and queries you have. 1 Avoid using the exact words as they appear in the notes. 1» Check that vou have covered all the paints in tha emall-and the notes > In-your conclusion, you should ask the manager to confirm the reservation and answrat your questions. Begin the ermal with Dear SintMadam and end it with Yours faithfully. pare t APERS Speaking ‘Question 2 » Decise i you preter urban or rural te and state your ‘pinice cleaity in the Introduction. > Inthe body of your say you ‘need to give reasons for your choice and support thom with ‘examples. If you prafor rural tife because i's hoalthier, you aed to give examples of & ‘healthy Hfeatyle. + Make sure each paragraph starts with a clea topic sentence, 1» Summarise yaur overall ‘pinion inthe final paragraph, ‘Question 3 » Think of forent sorts of things that taenagers can do In mair spare thme: hobbies, sports, going out with fiends, ate > Trytoompenise this Information ina cloar way for ‘tha reader Hom many paragraphs will you need? ‘Think of apprapriate headings for each of the paragraphs. > Summarise your findings in) the final paragraph, | ‘uestion Sia) > tthe book is partorrnad as 3 play, ikwil have to be much shorter, Gould a work with Justa few main scenect » Aplay can’t haveo0 many ‘characters. Think of the characters in the book, Are they intiguing charactors? How many of them are there inthe boat? Write an answer ta one of the questions 2-8 in this part. Write your answer in 120-180 words in an appropriate sty, 2 You recently took part in a class discussion about living in the city. Your teacher has now asked you to write an essay, answering the following question and ‘giving reasons for your choice. Urban Iife or rural fe? Is it better t0 live in the city or the country? ‘Write your essay. 3. Your schoo! newspaper has esked you to write a report on the spare time ‘activities that are typical of teenagers in yaur eauntry, Write your report 4 You recently saw & film which was the last part of a tllogy. You thought this film ‘was not as good ac the firct two filme in the twilogy. Write & review af the film for ‘yaur school magazine. Campars the film with the first twa films in the trilogy and say why you think it was not as good as they were, ‘Write your review, 5 Answer one of the following two questions based on your reading af ena cf the ‘set books, Either (a) Your shoo! drama society is thinking ef performing the Book or ‘short story you have read aa play. Yaur drama teacher has asked ‘you to write a report fer your class en whether yau think thie io a ‘good idea. Writs a report giving the reasons far your opinion, Or 4b) Do you think the book you have read will appeal more to men or women? Write an essay, explaining your views with reference to the book oF one of the shart stories you have read, > A play has to be short anc > Are men of women | fxcing. Are there resented postively ac Innaresting scones inthe negatively in the book? book thet could be effective } stage? } Can youthink of elements | in the story that would ‘est 5) oeeienrate fe theron chararter = man or 8 woman? J FCETeREZ PAPER 2 wring b> rar:2. 514 PAPER 1 sin PAPER 2 writiha oi PAPER 4 Listening PAPERS Speaking ‘Questian 3: Whieh af tha four ‘vets collocates with weight”? Question 6: Look atthe contest. Is ta goed thing that diets don’t ‘work for most people? Does the ‘missing word nave a positive oF negative meaning? ‘Question 7: Which ofthe four phrasal verbs. moan ‘stop’ = ier? For questions 1-12, read the text bolow and decide which answer (A, B, € oF D) best fits each gap. There is an exampie at the beginning 10) ‘Mark your answore on tha separate ancwer sheet Example: e Aquantity B piece Cunit D part A Bc D Going ona diet A calorie is a (0) ..... for measuring the amount of energy food will produce, Tho average person needs about 1,000 colorics per dey to (1) ann hookthy. Without energy, the heart cannat (2)... bleod through blood vessels and the organs cannot funetion, You (3) ..... weight because you consume more calories a day than your body requires, The only way to lose weight is to (4) ...... the number of calories you consume. This is the basie ($)...... bakin mest dite (6) ..... , diets don’t work for most people, Itt not that they don’t lose woight: they do, bur when they (7)...... he diet, the kilos creep back. The (8) .... to losing weight and maintaining weight loss is a sensible dist and exercise plan, You need to work ‘out how ta eat fewer calories than you 9)... eoasume, You should also exercise daily £0 you can use up calories, Burning 250 oF S00 calories por day can (10) .. 8 big difference, (11) ..... riding an exercise bike while you are watching TV or climbing the stairs (12) .... than taking the lift, Persuade someone to exercise with you; exercise is a lot easier if done in campany, in 1 Akwep on B stay C continue Dearryon 2 Apump 8 pull Corag Difarce 2 Amake B increase Cacin D put @ Ashrink B take Cremove D reduce 5 Away B pnncipia & metnoa vain 6 ASimilary B Though Unfortunately D Although 7 Agaott Bgaon go back D go away 8 Akey B seen Cway Didea 9 Apreferably — Bactually consistently —_D eventually 1 Anave Bao emake Daive 1 oATy B Attompt G60 Daim 12 instead Bapan Cexcept D rather 352. FEE Test 2)» PAPER 3 Use of Englsn >» Part 7 PAPER 1 PAPER 2 Reacing weiung u ninig spanking For questions 13-24, read the text below and think af the word which best fits each gap. Use only one word in each gap. Thats is an example at the beginning (0) ‘Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS an the separate answer sheet. Example: [0] MANY | Ci NOT SUPERSTITIONS, HONESTLY How (0)... people could truly say thay are nat suporstiious? A recent survey shovrs that almost 90% of people telieve in one sort of superstition or anothar and Say that it influences (18)... lives: One of the questions people (14)........ asked it whether they saw themselves as lucky or unlucky. Their answers turned out to be (16) most interesting aspect of this survey. Nearly two-thirds of (16) who took part said they believed that People wore naturally lucky er unlucky, Professor Morgan Howard, who analysed the results of (17)... survey, was fascinated by this finding, so he went a step further and asked these people (18) --0. kind Of superstitions thoy bolleved In, (19)... his surprise, he discovered that almost all the people who regarded themealves (20) sy... hecky believed in pasitive superstitions. They did things (21) ....... promote theit good luck, Such 43 crossing their fingers, 122) ....... would appear that peaple make th ‘own luck by thelr attitude to fife, Even (23) surpriai tend to be just (24) lv. he discovered that people with a degree in science superstitious as people with no knowledge of science. Question 17: The gap is followed by 4 noun, ca the missing word i probably an stile, De ‘you need the indefinite aticie OF the aioe article? ueston 1: The gan is part of an indirect qvosvan about me kind of wiparetionspsople baliave in. Question 20; Te gap fotlows @ vero, regara, ana a renlexove pronoun, “memseives:. What preposition coms ster ‘regard’ + object? FCE Test 2 >» PAPER'S Use OF Engilsn >> Part 2 33 Fpacce 5 se of ence Essential tips ‘Overton 25: Te missing word ina vr. Wht ver form do yoo reed {hein 27: Tne gop is baneeen the nay hae! and ho Mancow, sh ‘mute on sve ‘Sueron 34 Road Ne somance Eetly ays ge mtber of Bo you nev te sng or thea Yom ota noun? For questions 25-34, read the tex! below. Use the word given in capitals at the end oof gach fine to form a ward that fits in the gap in the same line, There is an example at the beginning (0). Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS an the seperate answer sheet Example: [9] RECENTLY KiJANIMALS Wild animals have (0) ...ue made an appearance in the back REGENT ‘arden of African suburbs, They have caused havae and have (2B) sos Uonnesite pets. Irina ‘Mountain lions that wancler into suburbs are now quite 126) wi, to attack humans, while bears and wolves have (2) sau APPARENT iscovered cubbish bins. If you find the (28)... of your bin CONTAIN scattered all over the garden one moming, there isa distinet (29)... that a beer has been feasting there during tna night. PossiBLe Nobody should be particularly surprised by this (20). DEVELOP which was predicted by anporte yoare age, and ito n9t 131) new ERPEST under the circumstances. One eausa is tha massive expansion 0 (92) enn MMO areas that were wild and uninhabited not long oa, HOUSE in 33) over the paat few decades a large number of Ago (94) conus Mav beén placed on hunting certain animals, allowing RESTRICT their populations to grow. 4 Test 2») PAPER Use of English» Parc 3 Essential tips ‘Question 35: What isthe ‘oppesite of ‘cheap’? How can “ax be used with an adjoctive? ‘Question 38: if someone didn't ‘do something and you think thes was wrong. what modal vert dan you use? Question 40: Wat structure do We use after ‘askad! to roport 8 request? How do-we report a egmve request? For questions 38-42, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given, De not change the word given, You ‘must use between two and five words, including the word given, Here is on example (0), Example: 0 Fil be very happy when | go on holiday. FORWARD: on holiday. The gap ean be 1d by the Werds 'laoking farward to going’ eo you write: [ia] “LOOKING FORWARD TO GOING | Write only the missing words IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer shoot. 35. The computer was cheaper than I exneated as The computer was 36 Why didn’t you tell me | was wrong? TOL ‘You was wrong, 37. She found the phatagraphs when she was cleaning her room. ‘CAME She ir ‘when she was cleaning her room. 38 How many portraits ui Picassu pain? By How many portraits a. . Pleasso? 38. Jim and Peter will probably start their own business soon. UKELY dm and Peter... their own business soan. ASKED His mother ncn w+ Out late, 41 I'd rather not go out this afternaon. FEEL ' » ut this afternoon, 42 | must go to the shops because we've run out of tea at home. LerT | must Go ta the shops becaue® there's seuune Test 2) PAPER § Use of Engen ») Part 35) Ifyou aes listening for rumbers oF dates, you may ‘ot hear the number or date ‘you want, but you will hear ‘Some information that wil ell ‘you the answer. For example, ‘you may hear: "My birthday & hot in Mareh. ire a monte Intern this ceoe the birthday 1s in Apri, but you don ‘actually heat the word ‘Apel? Look carstully at questions that have two parts. In ‘Quastion 7, for example, you ‘must listen for 3 road whichis blocked, and it must be blockad by a crash. if roads blocknd. but not by acrash, thie fe not the corret answer, Question 3: Be careful, The spaaker doss not say the dato, ‘but gives information about ("0 years later, Question 8: The. text has ‘@ferencis to bath options A.and 1B Which of the two isthe cormact anenen? Question 7: What other words Could you hear instaad of ‘rash’ ‘hat have the same masning? 36 FE Test 2» ‘You will hear people talking in eight different situations, For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, Bor Cl, 1 You hoar a physiotherapist talking te a patient. ‘What kind of exercises dase she recommend? |A_ exercises done while lying on the back B exercises done while standing up _exareises done while lying on the stomach 2 You hear a woman phoning an Indian restaurant to order 9 takeaway meal. Whieh éusty has rice included? AL beat B lamb © chcten C= 3 You haar a man in-an art gallary talking Abu # painting, was it pained? 4 You hear a man giving directions to @ football ground. What does he say the other persaa must a at tho trae lights? A tum lat B ga straight on © turarohe (1 5 You hear two men talking about a character one has invented. What animal is this character supposed to be? A anelephant B ahorse © beer Cs 6 You hear a woman talking to 8 policeman st the police station. ‘What is her problem? A Her rather is missing. B Her dag is missing. © Her husband is missing 1 T You hear a radio announcement about traffic. ‘Which road has teen blocker! by a ear crash? A M63 B A3B © B56 a | & You hear a woman talking about a slimming dit ‘What does she say about the diet? A tteam have useful results. 1B Itcambe extremely harmful, © tis scientfcelly approved. | AABER 4 Ustening » Part 1 ‘You will hear part of a radia interview with a man who is the headmaster of a Gaslic ‘school. For questions 8-18, complete the sentences. Pople in Scotland used to speak Gaelic,» very PAPER'S Spedting imgia. Today approximately 10] poopie speak Gootc in Scotland. Whewerthan [ T1] people speak a language, itis considered dead. Essential tips Donald would like to see one third of people Under 25 speaking and ‘Guestion 9: The missing word ‘comes batwoan an artis, tho. Gaeiic ‘word Very’ anda noun, 30 irs If vecy young chi it most affectively, ‘or both questions. Which words | Same parents send their children to Donald's school for 14] fn question 11 tall you this? secs on are T3] to # lenguage, they ean tower Bilingual children are more 15] and tolerant. Donaid feels extremely 16] about the future of Grote. Welsh, like Geelic, was in danger of | 17 With a lot of effort, nowadays 80% of children learn Welsh as [78] language. PCE Test 2 >» PAPER Ustening + eat 2 37 Use of Engitsn PAPERS Speaking ‘A: A“Yamily action must mean ‘that tha speaker's parents oF family members have been Connected with the sport. The adjective ‘trong’ means that at Teast two family members were involved inthe’ same apr. ie option mentions “social ‘which mens thatthe speaker practived it reguiasly with friends or people heishe kev. FF: What adjective would be used {0 describe a compton or ‘athlete avert whore people from ‘Gitlarent countries commpate together? ‘You will hear five yaung péople who are outstanding at sports talking about thelr {ives. For questions 19-23, choose from the list |A-FI the comment each speaker ‘makes about his ar her attitude to sport. Use the lottert only anea, There ane extra lotter which you de not need to use. ‘A This sport is a strong family tradition for me, Speaker 1 Bit of it as part of my social life, Speaker 2 Ey © | started off wanting to impress my parents. Speaker 3 D It's an investment for my future, Speakers — [ Tl E [like the thrill of knowing I'm the best. Speaker 5 F Representing my country is my greatest ambition, [8 FEE Test2) PAPER # stoning >» pact» Essential tips rene | ey eee Saree em epee att eee, eae Seamer. | > ihyou hear a word that fare of the options, decide | whether i is used in the same way, For example, in question 75, option B includes the ‘word ‘sonsations’. On recording you wil Fast word ‘sensation’, but does than maka it the correct answer? Question 28: Questions in Part ‘ask yourto interpret the speaker's feelings. ts important that you Instance, is ‘accomplishect the feeling you get when you have ‘accomplished something? ‘Question 28: Words can have ‘Yau will hear a radio interview with a mountain climber, For questions 24-30, ‘choose the best answer (A, B oF C) 28 2 co Ann describes mountain climbing as A dangerous if people Nave the wrong attitude. B completely sate if people prepared, C8 sport with an exciting reputation a For Ann, the attraction of elimbing is ‘A primarily the excitement. Ba matter of sensations. Chard to describe, Haw does Ann feel when she reaches the top of a mauntain? A. pout B exhausted © accomplisined Ann thinks that we all have a moment in childhood A when we know what our ambition is. & when wo roalisa we can't da everything we want, © when we make plans about our future mm What was the attitude of Ann's parents when she teok up the spot? ‘A They wore very anxious. B They didn’t want ta discourage her. © They gave her every support. ‘Ann explains that feeling confident A. is the result of doing many climbs with her friend. Bis natural after some time. can provoke people to make mistakes, When Ann and her friend were lost on the mountain, A they didn't feel lucky. B they thought the storm might last for a weak. © thoy were sure someone wauld find them, By ReeTea 2 Ho MareR ig vo aca 8) Essential tips Mako sure you have the necessary vosabulary to give ‘personal information, in thie ‘ease, you will havo to talk about the sports that you ‘snjay doing. You can sey, for ‘example: fm very keen on ‘Dastetball and volleyball 0 ‘Tim not aelly very imorsted in sports, > Listen to your partner's answer. The axaminer may ask you if you agree oF not, Part? » Even if you are not asked directly to do 80, i's a good ‘dea to tlk about how you ‘think the poopte inthe pletures ara feeling, using ‘2kpressions like The Boy on ‘the right looks... gt he Jimpeassion that... They -must ba fooling ete. > Make sure you address both ‘parts of the instructions. Mere ‘you will have to compare and ‘contrast the photos but also ‘say why you think the people ‘have chosen these pets aad ‘now they feel abou thee. ‘Give your personal apinian ‘using exprassions ke Part 1.13 minutes) The examiner {interlocutort will ask each of you to speak briefly in turn and ta give etsonal information about yourselves. You can expect a variety of questions, such as \What would you say are the most popular sports in yaur country? Which sports do you enjoy playing? What kind af sports do you like watching? Which sports do you find boring, and why? Part 2 (4 minutes) You will each be asked to talk for a minute without interruption. You will each be given two different photographs in turn to talk about. Afier your partner has finished speaking, you will be acked a brief question eanneetad with your partners photographs. Pats (compare. contrast snd speculate Turn to pictures 1 an! 2 on page 141 which shaw peaple with differant pots, | Condidate A, compare and contrast these photographs, and say why you thinik the people have chosen these pets and how they feel about therm, You have a minute to dott Candidate 8, which of those pats vrould you prefer, and why? Family groups (compare, contrast and speculate) ‘Turn to pictures 1 and 2 on page 142 which shaw different femily grougs,” Cani would f Canc 2 B, compare and contrast these photographs, and say what you think it ike La grow up in these families, You have a minute to do this, lato A, da you come from a sina or lar arnily? [4 ee Test2 py PAPER speaking» ear 3,2 Essential tips Talk about each type at film before you reach @ ‘conclusion. Ramemer that You ace being tosted-on your ‘bility ta work together and Complete the task: Invalve ‘your partner in the diseutsion Laing axpranaions lke Do you agree. 8, What do you think. 2, ers dere which ete: > In deciaing which type of fi ‘woul appeat to students, think abour students wth different interests and Students with differont ‘ersanalties. You nod to. Justify your opinion and say why 3 oartain type of film wotld appeal to the majority, Of the students. Parts > Avoid giving ‘vesina’ answers. Give your opinign, Insti it and develop your eas. Bit tae tie convereetion ‘going by reeponeting to your ‘partner’ anoware oF by ‘asking your partner questions. ‘You can use expressions lke Bon’ you think that... 7. How do you teal about... 2 Part 5 (5 minutes) ‘You will be asked to discuss something together without interruption by the ‘examiner. You will have a sheat of pictures with questions to help you. ‘Tumto the pictures on pago 143 which show different types of films. Your echo! is organising a Film Day for the students. Talk to each other about the type of firm that \would appeal to students. Then decide which two types of film shauld be shown on Film Day. Part 4 (4 minutes) ‘Tha examiner will encourage you ta develop the topic of your discussion in Part 3 by asking questions such as: Do you prefer watching films an television or in the cinema? Why? ‘Do you think watching a film in a cinema creates a special atmosphere? Why (not)? Why do you think some films are sill popular a long time after they were mada? What type of film do you enjoy watching? Why? FEE Test 2 -PAPER § speaang >> arts, @ 44) i to the teat, You are going 10 read an article about an English poet, William Wardsworth, For questions 1-8, choose the answer (A,B, C oF O) which you think fits bast sccaraing Mark your answers an the separate answer sheet Daffodils Everywhere gy oe hundred years ogo the finish poet Willian Wordsworth wrote T wanderd lonely as 8 owt poem that expeeees susie spit of ex English Romanticism. It was Thursday, 15° Ape 1802 William aod Dueothy Wordsworth, the poo's devoted, jauraal- ving sister, were walking home t» Dove Cottage inthe Lake District. The wind was fierce, but the Wordsworth siblings ete used to striding long distances in fot weather. They were in the woods clase to the waterside whea they fest elapped yes on a feld of daffodils Tutering and dancing in the breene What makes this poem an example of Romantic thinking? It {sn just that Wordsworth chooses to write about a natural roene: it the way he deseribes the seene as if it had! human emotions. For him, nature is not merely a neutral mixtare of seenery, colours plants, rocks, soil, waler and ale tis aliving {force that feels joy and sadness, shares human pain and even ‘tries to educate us human beings by showing us the Meaty of Me, ‘Woedsworth’s home, Dove Cottage, is now one of the mast ‘popular destinations in the Lake Distrtt, You ran gam a tue fof the garden which Wiliam planted with wild flowers and which survived in his backyard even after they disappeared from the avea, "He always said that if he bada’t been a poet, he ‘eaukd have been a terrific landscape gardener cays Allan King ‘ofthe Wordsworth ‘Trust, the organisation that looks after the cottage and gardeas. FOE Test 3 #) PAPER 1 Reading» Part + The Lake District in the north-west of England becomes particularly crowded during the summer months with tourists sind ramblers cages t-onjoy the region's majestic valleys, hills ‘and sparkling lakes: Wordsworth bimse was far from keen on tourists, which was quite apparent. He wanted outsiders to smire the local sights he enjaved sn muck, but was afraid the ilstset might be ‘damaged’ by too many visitors, He opposed the coming ofthe trains. and carapaigned in the 840s against 1 plan tolink the towns inthe anea ~ Kendal, Windermere and Keswick — by mil ‘The place near Ullswater, where Wordsworth san the dats, is at the southersmost end of the lake, The lake is ‘wide and enim at this turning point. There's a bay where the trees have hal thoir sil ecoed by lake water so that ther roots tare shockingly exposed. You walk along from tree to teee, ‘handly daring to breathe, because you are walking in. the footprints of William and Dorothy fromm two centuries ayo. The first clump of daffodils appear. but they aren‘ tal yellow ‘trumpets proudly swaying in the breese, They're tiny wikd slaffdils, most ot them sil green and unopened, in clumps of six or seven, Ther’re grouped around individ trees rather than collecting together. But as you look nacthy from beside a huge ancient oak, you realise this is what delighted the Wordsworths: clump ater ‘clamp of the things, spread out to left and right bet coming ‘together in your vision so that they form a beautiful, pa _yellow carpet. What you'reseeing at Lat is nature transformed by huinan sight sad imagination. Fos a secand, you share that revelation of Dorothy and Wiliam Wordsworth’ the glimpse of pantheisin, the central myitery af English Romanticism. 1 According to the article, Wardswarth's poem started the Romantic movernent, ‘was based on actual experience, was written while he was visiting his sister, ‘was written after ha had been lonely, coar 2 What was Wordsworth’s attitude to nature? ‘A. He believed nature had a charactar of its own, B He felt nature was human, He thought nature could talk ta people, He believed that we could influence nature. '3 We ate told that Dove Cottage has gardens designed by a landscape gardener. hhas very old plants in the garden. gets a lot of visitors. has a large backyard poe hat does ‘which’ in line 82 reler to? the number of tourists who come ta the Lake District Wordsworth’s desire for outsiders to admire the local sights ‘the fact that Wardsworth was keen on-tourists fram far away Wordsworth’s dislike of taurists pons z hat does the writer suggest by the words ‘hardly daving to breather line 432 You have to walk carefully here, ‘You can't breathe because the atmosphere is suffacating. You feel excited to be in this place, ‘You must concentrate to stay an the footpath, veer 6 In what way is the scone different from what Wordsworth described? A All the daffodils are green and small, 1B Thare are no dafiodils by the take. © The daffodits are fewer and smatier D Thara are na daffodits around trees. 7 The writer implies that the poem describes ‘exactly what Wordsworth saw in deta the effect the daffodils had on Wordsworth ‘vehat Wordsworth saw around an ancient oak, clumps of daffodils on the left and on the right voor ‘8 What does the writer think of Wordsworth asa poet? A He belioves Wordsworth was an important figur B Hei critical of Wordsworth. © Hebelieves Wordsworth was a sentimental person. D. He disagrees with Wordswarth’s opinion about nature in English culture FOE Test >) PAPER Reacing }+ Patt 4% a4 THE GREY GAMERS its ne form of social prejudice agalnst older people is the bie that they cannat comprehend or use modern technology. Activities like computer gars, surfing the Net and dbwnloading M3: are a prvilage of the youngster, Isn't it unfair that older people enjoying # computer game should be frowned upoa by their children and randichildsen? Besides, the population profile has changed. & In Britain, for instance, these are mare peorks over sty than there are under ssten, Nowadays elder people have more contol over their ives and they play afl pat in society, Moreover, better health care has left more people in their sixties and seventies feeling fit and active after retirement. FEL__] Paying computer games isa very etective vey of barcng the bri, When persanal computers were first introduced, most older pope ft ita by information technology and ait believe they would ever familiarise themselves with it, ‘Computers have been around for a few generations naw and retired people have gradually become tore eared about using them for ecestion. Games oes 6 prt playing pure ges and cid gan ha ‘Mahjong. Solitaire and Gin Rummy, Kate Stevens, aged 72, ‘says: 'T find it very relaxing. It's not very demanding, but ‘you still need to concentrate.’ Another development hat has Favouret “grey gamers as colder people who are keen on computer games are kn 5 FCE Test S Fr PAPER 4 Roading > Port 2 You are-qoing to read a newspaper article about okler people playing computer ‘games, Seven sentences have been removed from the amticie, Choose fram the sentences A-H the one which ffts each ga: 19-18). Thero is one extra sontonee ‘which you donot need to use, [Mark your answors on the separate answer sheet a change inthe type of videogames available on the market. Internet Chess and Tain Sipulator ave among the most popular ofthese. Train Simulator ts based on real-world ail activities, Players can choose from Soe en | despite unforeseen obstacles and using helper engines during a winter storm, @ ‘This coulde’t be further from the truth. Most Computer games require the kind of analytical thiking that impraves with practice, which means that the ‘grey gamers* may well be far better than opponents haf a century yaunger than them, Tn games where speed Is the main consideration, older people would be at a disadvantage because they may have slower reaction times. [il] Peter Brown, aged 76, says When we visit our grandehildren, we play games on the Internet like chess and Scrabble, If [try to make things easier for them, they realise itand get annoyed. They don't hhave a problem losing. But when we play their games, they just have to win: ‘The type of advertising uied by videogame manufacturers suggests that they are stil alming almost exclusively at teenagers. Game industries haven't yet woken wp to the fact that @ vast potential market exists aut there. [RS] I's time someone let the manufacturers into the secret. Because of thelr greater spending ability, “grey gamers" are better consumers than toenagers, and targeting them would be comparatively more profitable for the business. On the other hand, ‘grey gamers have @ preference for slawer paced, mind challenging gamas and would not mind being beaten by theit grardchitdran in a fast action game witty space invaders and extraterrestrial creatures, Mental activity, as well as physical exercise, can contribute to barter health, Some people argue that ‘grey gamers’ simply don't have the skills required for computer games, and that teenagers are infinitely better. ‘This is how the myth of the alder, computer-iitarate parson was created. weed and there are naw ns ago. In many western countries, life expectancy has incr far mare older people than there were a few generat Thece's a greater variety of games.to choose from, including more intellectual and sophisticated strategy and simulation games. ‘Many experts were surprised when this study was published several years ago. PCE Test3 >) PAPER 1 Reading Py pax 2 45 Use of Endlich PAPER a Listening [Pettey ware seg favourite rooms. For questions may be chosen more than once. Mark your answars on the separate answer sheet. Which of the people decorated the room himself or hersel!? thas tats of pictures in this room? uses the room to practise a hobby? has memories connected with this room? has simple furniture in this room? dowsnt rearet investing money in this room? has pale colours in this room? dows nat havea carpet inthis raom? lives in the countryside? can s8@ a long way from the windows in this rao? lets a pet sloop in this room? has no curtains inthis room? fools depressed if the room is dark? was afraid this room would be the wrong size? has a musical instrument in this room? 16-30, choose from the people (A-D). The people ial MY FAVOURITE ROOM ‘A Bill Richman ‘The room | like best in our house is the kitchen, wich is big and spacious. This bs the place where we ail eongregate and I like to keep it clean and uncluttered, with just the basic hitchen table and chairs, really. We have people over for dinner quite often, and usually the evening ends with me ‘aking the guitar dewn from the hack above the table snc singing folk songs. There's something old-ashioned about peaple getting together inthe kitchen of abouse, and | really Tike that sociable atmosphere. We have bare floorboards for purely practical reasons — everyone tramps in and out with ‘muddy boots, 50 i's the only way to keep things clean! And Benny, our lush selter who has his bed in the back carner of ‘the room, makes quite a mess It is nice to feel the room fived in, 1 thin B Penny Holtwith (My bedroom is my favaurite room in our house. fen not 4 Sociable kind of person, and | enjoy being by mse. [ice to retreat t9 my room and paint. fm not really ant ‘ots, just ant arnateur, but i's very relaxing to do something creative | find. The view from my windwe ust cries out to-be painted, I can see right across the valley to the Welsh mountains inthe far distance. What ike mest about sy bedroom is the ight blue colour ‘of the walls, which gives it a nice, sity Feeling, F have Diinds a¢ the windows: to make the most of the ight ‘coming in. Light is such an important thing for me. | could never wake up in a room that's gloomy: My ‘mood is affected by how much Bght i coming in ‘through the blinds. Cloudy momings make me fee! miserable nee ci it Joyce Francis ‘Actually, 'd ay tho kving roorn in aur place is my fawourie room. I's got bright colour. and irs quito certored. The walls are covered with all sorts of portraits, posters ond landscapes because | do lore @ cheerful atmosphere. ‘Thats why I have lols of patted plants, some af which are ‘always lowering. This makes the room fee! clive. The house was a farmhouse originally, and we're sill surrounded by miles of open felds, When we converte i, wo knocked tho two small downstairs rooms together to create the living room. Actually, that wos quite a job because me hod te make sure ther remaving the wal inthe ‘mididle wouldn't weaken the strechre of the hovie, | was worried that our ving room might be 100 big 1a be cosy, ‘but now I'm convinced that we got it ight in the end. ideal for entertaining. and our friends love i. My husband ‘and! | fe in the local choir ond we have singing practice hore avery Manday evening. Fred Tyford | kaw it Sounds teriisly posh, but | have a study. and that's ofnitaly my favourite place. | remember miy grandfather ‘spending endiess haurs in his library, engrossed in his books. Ever since | mas a child, | wantedt0 have my own study (twas the dream of a lifetime, It took me hours ef hard work and a lat af money to convert the old storage 1ooin bite 8 study. | hhave hundreds af books, and the fist problem was getting bookshelves made and fitted, The custom-made bookshelves casta fortune, but | didn't mind at all, The study Is the place Where | feel ‘at home’, 1 sit there ¢very night from about ten a'clock for an hour, until i's time for bed. | Feel lucky because my wife and children respect my need to have some time to myself The only ther luxury tallow myself is. falriy good CO player, because | ike listening to classical music when I'm tuying to relax. | have to keep the volume turned down oF my teenage daughter complains she can’t hear her heavy metal masic property! HeemwieD bi moan maine sens a] ‘You must answer this question. 11 You recently mad a fong journey by coach, and you were not satisfied with the service. Rest! the advertisement, together with the notes you have made, and PAPERS. So@dking: ‘write a letter of complaint to the Regionat Manager of the company. You must use all your notes, PAPER'S Listening Coacu SERVICES Ifyou nett te travel om business or far pleasure, why aot take advontoge af our new express intercity servicer ‘coech old and dirty Fast, modem conches Friondly, helpful staff rude driver = Coach left 30 Ressonsble prices hedelp with minutes late! heavy Roliable, punctual service sultense! To Irtrduce our service, we are orig a. 25% reduction In faes wen you book enn! Simpptumn up at our Cy Centre Coach Station wth your esaralen umber and eta 25% ciscount ‘Kein ‘only of book Intercity Coaches: 4, Central Parade, Fel: 66 789 ene month ‘evince am in advance Write afettor of between 120 and 150 words in an appropriate style, Do not write any addresses. [t® PeeTeets ry Papen 2 werng >» mrt PAPER A Ustening PAPERS Speaking “Write an answer fo one of the questions 2-6 in this part, Write your answer in 120-180 words in an appropriate style. 2 You have saan this announcemant in. a magazine called Sports World Monthly. SPORTS WORLD MONTHLY What is your favourite sport? What kind of clothes and equipment do you need for this sport? Does this sport require any special qualities? We will publish the best article. Woite your article. 2 An auntand uncle of yours emigrated to America ton years ago and have not bboon back to your area since then. Write a latter to them describing the changes that have taken place in the neighbourhood, giving your opinion abaut these: changes. Write your letter, Oo not write any addresses. 4 The local drama society recently put on a play based on a popular children's book. You were in the frst night audience. The piay wes enthusiastically received by both adults and children. Write a review of the play for yaur class magazine. Compare the play to the book and say what made the play s0 successful and why it appealed to all age groups. Write your review. 5S Answer one of the follawing two questions based on your reading of one of the ot books. Either ta “A good book always conveys an important message’ Your teacher has aaked you to write an essay, giving your opinions cn thi statement with reference ta the book or one of the shart stories you have read Or (b) Your teacher has asked you to write an essay om the book which you have read in relation to this question: “A true work ef literature does not have characters that are simply collections of good or bad qualities ~ the characters are as complex and difficult to understand as real people.” See HH MARR ERG HSE Reaain wetting For questions 1-12, read the text below and decide wrhich answer (A, B, € or D) best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0). ‘Mark your answers om the separate answer sheet. Example: o A awaited B waited ‘Ceexpected D predicted PAPER 5 Speating VINYL ATTRACTION Nobody ever realty (0) ... my Unele Peter to make a tot of money. When he (1) . school, he dida"t have any plans for a future career, and he gat a job in Second-hand record shop that was supposed to be temporary, Peter's mothe | couldn't 2)... i. Her other two children had both (3) .... 10 get places at university, land she was quite (4) ... that a young person needed @ good educatian to get on in life, Ta (5) ..« things even worse, this was the time when records made of vinyl were | being phased out, and everyone wanted to buy CDs, It locked as though Uncle Peter would soon be lacking far (6)... somewhore else. And then, all of a 17)... , Uncle Peter's luck changed. He snnounced he was going to stan collecting records and set (8)... @ mail order business selling rare records. | have to admit that nobody really (8) .... him soriously at first. We just couldn't believe that old records would ever have any 110) .... again, Who would be interested in technology that's out of (11) .... ? Vinyl records have since became collectors’ (721 on a0 Unele Peter is naw a very rich man. 1 Acompleted ——_B cancluded Clett Dended 2 Reomeover take over C get over Dpass aver 3 Machiovos B succosdad accomplished — D:manage 4 Aconvinced ——B persuaded determined —D convicted S Aget B make bring Darive © Awork B job C career Dprotession T Ronce B moment © sudden D minute @ Aup Bout Cott D 9 Atook Bbolioved mnougnt Dewe 1 Aworth B price cost D valve 11 Atime B period C date Depoch 12 Aobjocts B items Cimings D possessions 50 FCETest 3 >> PAPERS Use of English ++ Pare 4 PapEs istening Speaking For questions 13-24, reat the taxt below and think oF the word which best fits each 8p. Use only one word in each gap. Thara is an example at the beginning (0) Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet Example: [0] WHO AGRICULTURE IN ANCIENT BRITAIN Professor Emma Thomas is an archasologist (0) sama. Specialises in the study of t Nealithic and Mesolithic periods. The Mesolithic poriod extended from 9,000 (9) se, 5,200 yewrs aga, and the Neolithic period came after that, lasting until about 2,500 BC. Human beings were living in Britain during ¢14) of these periods. Profassor Thomas and her colleegues have: bean involved (15) ..... the analysis of stone age skeletons to discover mara about (16) ........ Way Anéient Britons lived, ‘Studying bones can tell us (17)... grBat desl about aur ancestors,’ says Professor ‘Thomas. ‘We know for a fact that Mesolithic people ate a seafoad dist, while Neolithic People hed @ preference {48} ...... plants and animals. We are what we eat, and the ‘change from fish ta meat is recorded in the bones, ‘tis still mystery why people just gave (19) .....eating fish, One explanation might bbe the influence of migrants from Europe, (20) .. Britain. ‘Ancient Britons changed their dist afer the Europeans arrived,’ says Professor Thomas. “was a time of big changes, (21) wmmurm ancestors stopped hunting and started grawing crops. Farming methods (22) ..... Imported from Europe, People would no longer rety (23) ...... wild foods; they could contral what they ate and what they grew.’ This marked the beginning of agriculture (24) Britain eres FOR TeSt3>-PAPER Use of English» -Pat 2 54 For questions 25-34, read the text bolo. Use the word given ie capitals at the and! of each line to form a word that fits in the-gap in the same line, There is an example at the beginning (0). Write yaur answers IN GAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet, Example: [OT _ ANNOUNCEMENT Sailing away ‘One Sunday morning Aunt Emily made an (0) .. told us (25} that she was going ta take us an a cruise! | was surprised, knoveing hove (26) ou.» a holiday like that could be. We weren't a 27) ....... family, but we had put some 50 in the end we used some of our + She money aside over the yi (28) far the halla, When the day af our (29) ....... finally came, we were delighted and thrilled to see how huge and (30) ...... the ship looked, ‘Our eruise liner sailed elegantly out to $04 and our holiday began. But it was SUCH 8 (81) soon f There was so little to da on board. The (32) eu... almost drove us mad. We visited several ports, but we didn’t have the (33)... to-do what we wanted. We had to follow avery tight schedule of Quided tours and visits to museums, IN was a (34) holiday! FCE Test 3 ¥) PAPER 3. Use of English ¥» Parcs ANNOUNCE HAPPY EXPENSE WEALTH SAVE DEPART Luxury DISAPPOINT BORE FREE For questions 35-42, complete the second sentence go that it has a similar meaning to the first sontancs, using the word given. Bo not change the word given. You ‘must uso between two and five yrords, including the word given, Hara is an example (0) Example: 0 Ill be very happy when #99 on holiday. FORWARD tam. on halla, The gap can be filled by the words ‘looking forward to geing' so you wit LOOKING FORWARD TO GOING Write only the missing words IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet. 35° 'm sorry I'm late again,’ he said, APOLOGISED He a 36 She Icoks like my cousin Mary. REMINDS She 37 Ifyou have enough money for the tare, why not travel first class? AFFORD. you cesinaiee WHY MOE travel first Class? 38 Someone is going to redecorate the kitchen for us next month, HAVE We are going next month, 38. Could you speak up because | can't hesr you properly? MIND Would .... ip because fean't hear you properly? 40 My grandmother became deaf when she was about 60. SINCE My grandmother . she was about 60, 41 We advise customers to buy their ticksts ADVISED Customers... thoir tickete in advanes, 42 It's such 2 pity #didin't see that film on television tast night. ' that film on television fast night. FCE Test 5 +» PAPERS Uso oF English +» Para 53 ‘You will hear people talking in eight different situations. Far questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, B or C), 1 You hear.a man talking about some seeds he has planted, When does he expect them to-grow? A June B May © April 2 You hear two friends reenembering the last time they met. What was the occasion? A abirthday party B aweaging © Christmas pany 2 You hear @ women talking about her favourite book, What kind of book is it? A alove story Ba fairy tale © a detective story 4 You hear two friends discussing t Which sport is it? A basketball B tennis © vollaybat! 5 You hear a shap assistant advising @ customs What is the customer lacking for? a B © apullaver 6 You hear a westher forecast om the radio. Where are violent storms expected? A. the south coast 1B the wost const © the east coast 7 You hear a boy talking about schoal, Which subject doss he like best? A Maths: Ban © History 8 You hear a travel agent tatking about a journey. What is the customer's final destination? A Houston B Naw Yark © Los Angeles FOE Test »> PAPER 4 Listening » Parc? an Eo You will hear part of a conversation betwoan the headmaster of a school and his secretary abaut the sehaol Open Day. For questions 8-18, complete the sentances. 8.30 am, 9.30, am 1030.a.m, 1230 pm, 1.30 p.m, 2.00 p.m. 2.00 p.m 4.09 pm. 4.30 p.m, “The Headmaster address statin the [ common room. Zac Challenger will arrive atthe [| 10) entrance Thore will be a guided tour of the | This will bo followed by the official opening efmenew [Sd [ET] block. Lunch will be servad in the canteen onthe a Challenger will moet renresentatives of the Parents’ Association in the sehool | | He will have a meeting with the in the staff room. There rill be speeches and an addrass by 16) The scheal choir will perform [ (5) [songs CT Bs You will hear fis different peopte talking about their favourite films. For questions, 18-23, choose from the fist (A-F} the reason each speaker gives far his or her praferencs, Use the letters only ence, There is one extra letter which you do nat eed to use, A itis very exciting, Spaaker 1 B itis very amusing, Spoakor 2 © It has high degree of realism. Speaker 3 D The special aftaets have s particular function. ‘Speaker 4 E The aeting is outstanding. Speskor 5 F Iris extremely romantic. For Test 5 a | a PAPER A UsenINGY Pa? 558] PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 2 Writing ‘You will hear part of a radio interview with a woman called Alice wha has a ra bility. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, B ar C). PAPER 3. Use of Engtish 24 PAPER 5 Speaking 30 Alien deteribes her ability A cannecting emotions and words. Blinking colours and emations. © cannecting colours with words. We are told that Alice developed this cangition A because itis in her family. B when sho was a child, © whan che had children, When she was younger, alice and her brother A used ta think they ware gaing mad. B would argue about the colours connected with words. © saw the came colours for certain words Alice says that this ability A is directly associated with hor moods, B can make her feel depressed, © makes her feelings more intense, ‘What is the affect af her condition on Alice's reading? A itmakas har read more descriptians of eolours. B itcam encourage her to reread a sentence. C Itmakas har avoid sentences with bright descriptions, Ann foots that having this condition A. is very unpleasant at times. Bis generally not 8 problem. © 4s not pleasant at all, on the whole. Doctors used to believe that this condition A. made people insane. B only affected the insane, ‘C indicated the person was going mad. [B8Poe Tests PAPE stoning» part Part + (3 minutes) ‘The examiner tinte/locitor) will ask each of you to speak briefly in turn and to give personal information about yoursolvas. You ean expats variety of questions, such as When did you start learning English? In avhat ways do you think English is going to be usetut for you? Do you have any plans for a future carver? ‘Will you be abie 10 use foreign languages in the career you chooss? Part 2 1a minutes ‘You will each be asked to talk for & minute without interruption, You will each be ivan two different photographs in turn to talk about, Alter your partner has finished speaking, you will be asked a brief question connected with your partner's photographs, Meals (compare, contrast and speculate) Turn to pictures 1 and 2 on page 144. which show people having different sarts of meats. Candidate A, compare and cantrast these phatagraphs, and say how you think the people feal in these two situations. You havea minute to-do this, ‘Candidate B, whieh of those meals would you esioy most? Cars (compare, contrast and speculate) ‘Turn to pictures 1 and 2.0n page 145 -which show different cars. ‘Candidate 8, compare and contrast these photographs, and say how you think it ‘would feel t0 travel in each of thesa vehicles. You have a minute to dat Candidate A, do you enjoy travelling by car? Part 3 (5 minutes) ‘You will be asked to discuss something tagether without interruption by the examiner. You will hava a shoot of pictures with questions to help you. ‘Outdoor activities (discuss and evaluated ‘Turn to tho pictures on page 146 which show diffarent types of outdoor activities, ‘You are in charge of a group of teenagers on holiday, and you have to chaose two setivites for ther. Talk to each ather about the advantages and disadvantages of each of these etivities in this situation, Then decide which two activities should be chosen. Part 4 14 minutes) ‘The examinor will encourage you to develop the topic of your discussion in Part 3 by asking questions such Do you prefer team sports or individual sports? Why? ‘Wnt skills de team sports require? Why? Why sa you think some people are good at sports and others aren't? FCE Test 3 >» PAPERS Speaking 57 58 APER d Listening APER 5 Speaking Mobile phones: You are going to read an article about mobile phones. Far questions 1-8, choose the answer (A, B, € or D) which you think fits best according to the text, Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. are they about to transform our lives? We love them sq much that some of us ‘Seep with them under the pitew. yet ‘we are increasingiy concerned tnat we ‘cannot escape their electronic reach, We wse them to convey cur most Intimate secrets, yet we worry that ‘they are a threst to our privacy. We rely on them mare than the intemet to ‘cope with modern life, vet many OF us don't believe advertisements saying ‘we need more aavanced services Sweeping asige the doubts that many people fee! about the benefits of new {ira generation phones and fears over the health effects of chone masts, | recent report claims that the long-term effects of new mobile ‘technologies waa be entirely positive so fang as the public can be convinced to 20 make use of them. Research about users of mobile phones reveals that the mobile has already moved beyond being a mere practical communications tool to Decome the backbone oF moder sociat fe, from ove affairs to friendship to work. One female teacher, 52, told the researchers: “Tove my phone, I's my friend.” ‘The cose relationship between user and phone is most pronounced among ‘eenagers, he repor says, who regard ‘their mabites as an expression of their -——— FCE Test. >» PAPER 1 Reaaing » > Part + identity. This i gartty because mobiles are seen as being beyond the control OF parents, eut the researcners ‘suggest that ancther reason may be tnat mobiles. especially text messaging, are seen 2s 3 way of ‘overcoming shyness. ‘Texting i often used for anolages, to excuse lateness oF to communicate other things that make Ut Uneemfertable,’ me report say. The impact of phones, however. ras been local rather than global ‘supporting existing friendships and ‘networks, rather than opening users to 4 new broader community. Even the language of texting in one area can be incomprehensible to anybody from anatner area, [Among the most important benefits of Using male phones. the regort clans, wil be a vastly improved mobile Infrastructure, providing gains ‘throughout the economy. and the Brovision of more sophisticated location-based services for usars. The report calls on government to put more effort into the delivery of services by mobile phone, with ‘suggestions inclucing puDiC transport and. traffic information and. doctars text messages t remind patients of appointments. ‘| love that idea,’ one user 531d In an interview, would mean | wouldn't have to write a hhunstred messages 10 mysei ‘here are many omer possiblites. Ata recent trade fair in Sweden, a motile navigation product was. launched, ‘winen the user enters a destination, a route 1s automatically downloaded to their mobile and presented by voice, pictures and maps af mey conve, in future, these devices will also be able {to plan around congestion and road ‘works in eal time. Third generation hanes wi ako allow for remote ‘monitoring oF patients by doctors. In Britain sclentists are developing an asthma managernent solution, using mosses 10 detect early signs of an attack. Mobile phones canbe used in education. ‘8 grOUp oF teachers in Brain use mira (generation phones. can provide fast Internet service to: chitoren wno eve beyond the reach of terrestrial ‘broadband services and can have no ‘access to entine Information. ‘Ac the ‘new generation of mate technologies takes off, the social potential of the -mobie will vastly Increase,’ the report argues. —— What does the writer suggest in the first paragraph about our attitudes. to mobile phones? A Wecan't live without them, B Weare worried about using tham so much. © Weave contradictory feetings about them. 1D Weneed them more than anything else to deal with madern life, What doos ‘them’ in line 20 refor to? A long-term effects Bnew mobile technologies © doubts D_ benefits Whot is the connection between social life and mobile phones? A Moder social life ralies heavily an the usa of mobile phones. B_ Mobile phones make romantic communication easier © Mobile phones encourage peopie to make friends, D_ Mobile phones enable peaple to communicate while moving around. Why do teenagers have eueh a close relationship with their mobile phones? “They use text messages more than any other group. They are more inclined to be late than older people. ‘They foe! independent when they use them, They tend to fee! uncomfortable in many situations. oom le what sinse has the impact of phones been ‘local’ in line #47 People tend to communicate with people thay already know, Users generally phone people who live in the same neighbourhood, it dopends an local dialects. The phone netwarks use differant systems com> How might mobile phonos be used in the future? A to give the address of the nearest doctor's surgery B to show bus.and train timetables G toarrange deliveries D to eure diseases ‘The navigation product launched in Sweden is helpful for drivers because ‘A itcan suggest the best way to get to a place. Bit downloads maps of tha araa, © it lls them which roads are congested. Dit shows them haw to avoid raad works, ‘What ig the general attitude of the report deser A Manufacturers need to produce better equipment. B The government should take aver the mobile phane netwarks, c D 1s hore? ‘There are problems with mabile phones that cannot be overcome. Mobile phones can have a-variety of very useful applications, Pee et APY RAPER Mache Pare 88) fe A DOG'S LIFE ‘The oll saying that a dog is man’s best friend has been _araunel for cencuries, and few peuple who have dogs of theit awn would argue with it ice ce Au ga often regarded as friends rather than pets. Childeem and pop we fay cad cadences relaoncipe wc thet dogs] Ti semi ln ther persis mt ‘Aft tion bE ea bio Go be aac anal gs have developed inte safe companions Such cases are rare, though, and almost always involve animals shat have been trained to be aggressive. This dealt mean hac dogs are naturally violent oF dangerous, simply thar thagicam be trained fo perGiom s nutaber of esha. Ea Gt, chetr capacity wo learn and follow inseructions is what sakes dogs so valuable as working animals. ‘Daring the fong history of mankind's acsociaion with anienals, the role of the dog has changed. Ar one time dogs were simply: domestic animals that performed useful fanetion, Today of course; the majority of dogs are hep as ‘hausehold pets although there are still some animals {engaged in important occupations. [Many owners ike to teat theie pet dogs lke human being bt do some peuple go too fa? ‘Wouldn't expensive, fashionable coats for dogs be a-waste of money? Surely designer beds far dogs costing ver £1,009 would be ridiculous, But these ae jst some of the ‘tems wailable from the exclusive dog boutiques to he Found in many mar cities arwund the world This is laity lanury hat average dog. owners cannot aid. [99 Fre Testa») PAPER 1 Reaaing»» Part 2 You are going to read a newspaper article about dog awners. Sevan sentences hi been removed from the article, Chaose fram the sentences A-H the one which fits ‘each gap (9-16). Thoro is one extes eontence which you da not nead te uss, Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. In France dogs are welcome inexpensive restaurant, one nf which fac recently announced a new special mer foe sings. Doge are such valued euseomers that they may be serv efire their maser a Susan Brown buys fesh seasonal products for her Yorksise teres. The weekly menu consists uf ‘hicken amb and fs“ spend Bours preparing the food! she says“ steam it, ana go thnongh ico make sue there ze no bones, He loves shepherds pi, spring vegetables sz haw far yoghurt! Chef Max Diver claus shat bese shuld be takea into account when deciding on a dogs sce Boxers have delicate comachs and they should ee ‘on tinned fond and croquettes. Ie snot sarpiing that you can now find enckboks with special ecipes for exiting health dishes for dogs: Many fond owners pamper their dogs with delicacies, and the percentage of obese dogs has increased. Obese dogs are taken tothe vet who pats them on de AY] Restrictions oa how much they eat make dogs feel miserable, Ix is no wonder that dogs treared in such an excessive way can become nervous and asure of themsees acting in wncharaceriase vay MY Axa rete, move land more owners art taking thelr confused aniinalé to dog poychologists. These medical experts try to analyse and -cxplain the dog's moods. Psychologists advise the worried creer to remember that es baialy wan w rn, barc and eat. Too much affection confuses them. Everything else just sends them barking mad. ~~ A. Allof this leads some people to sungest that dog fights should be prohibited. B These include working on farms, helping blind people navigate their way through life, and assisting the police and security forces. © Dogs often give the impression that they knaw exactly what their owners want, wrthout being told. Owners then have to start counting calories and prepare simple dishes with vegetables. E Some dog owners have become very selective when it comes to their pets dict. F itis true that the occasional dog ean go wild and attack someone, sometimes causing severe injuries. G_Examples of these includa loss of appetite and even a tendency to bite people. 1H When you look atthe extremes to which some owners go, it would certainly som so. FCE Test @ >» PAPER Resting »» Part? 61 62 Fe Test, A Listening king ‘You are going to read an article in which four young poopie talk about the ‘experience of teking their driving test. For questions 16-30, choose from the people 1A-D}. The people may be chosen more than once, ‘Mark your ansivers on the separate answer sheet. ‘Which af the young people failed the driving test three times? thought learning to drive would be easier than it was? ‘was discouraged trom driving by a relative? ‘wanted to be a racing driver as a child? was very nervous at first? ‘was given driving lessons as a gift? 1s going ta drive & vehicle at work? practised driving an private fand? hearty érashid whili taking the test? ‘thinks the written test was easy? hasn't deiven singe taking the tost? ‘wiilso0n own a car? ould previously use another type of vehicle? took more than thirty driving lessons? PAPER 1 Reading }+ Part 3 FIRST STEPS AT DRIVING Haw do young people feel about learning to drive? We asked four youngsters who have recently passed the test, A Joe Smedley Ever since | was litle, ve been fascinated by mechanical things. ‘especially the internal combustion engine! | used to. make models of cars. and I knew a lot about different makes tong bbelors | was old enough to drive one, Fi been riding 2 motorbike for sox month: before | started ‘taking lessons for my driving test. and f'm sure that experience helped me. Cn the other hand, learning to drive proved to be ‘quite hard, | thought because f knew how a car works it would risks a diference. That wat 4 big mistake! | remember how ‘embarrassed | was when | couldn't even get the car into second ear By the time | took my test. felt farty confident, so ! wasn't surprised when | passed first time, The funay thing about itis ‘that | haver't had the chance to drive 3 car ever since i got my licence because my parents don't have one! In a year oF two, | hope I" have enaugh money to buy myself a nice lite car B Hanna Watson ''m really glad thac | have a driving bicence because it's 10 useful but | wasn' really sure | wanted to take the test at first. | was shaking and my knees were trembling before the first lesson, though | soon got over my nervoutnast baciute the instructor ‘was 50 ‘friendly. When | first went to. the driving school, | arranged for thirty lessons. Although the instructor assured me was ready to take the test after teenty-five lessons, | decided 5 walt unel | had had all thirty legeons. | fele very tanse about deiving, and the test was a disaster: First, | forgot my glasses ‘when | went for the written test,and then.om the practical test Halmost had an accident! ft wasn't my fault, but i¢ sell gave me a errible fright. Anyway, for the last few monthe Ive been practising in ray fathers car.althoupls he only lets me go on quiet ‘country roads. But I'm turning nineteen next month.and I know ‘what my parents are getting me for my biethday! C Clarissa Holmes I wanted eo get my driving lence as soon as | could My childhood ambition was to be the first woman Formula One world champion! Actually. the reality of taking my test was complecely different. | didn't pass the test until my fourth attempt, but that war because of the pracciesl test | kept on ‘making silly mistakes, you swe. In fact.the other part of the cest ‘wasn't nearly as hard:all you had to do was learn the regulations about driving, Iwas getting pretty upset after fling three times, 50 my aunt. Who has a farm let meg ino a field and drive around, just to got used to the feeling | think that helped a lot. ve bean saving up like mad, and ina coupte of weeks I'm confidest 1 have ‘enough to buy. decent second-hand car D Eddy Fredricks I didnt really think about taking my driving test right up une Vwas eighteen. | had the idea that driving was basically dangerous, and | think that came foom my grandmother, She had inacar crash years ago. and she used to coll me how awful was, which put me off for. But wien a couple of my friends passed their tests, | suddenly realised | really wanted to get my diving Hence Being optimist, | just booked een festons a ist; but inthe ond I needed over three times that many! That var a bic sombarrassing because when my parencs suid that che driving lessons would be a present for my birchday, | don't think they ‘expacted they would cost that much! Having a driving licanes going t© be very useful. When the school term Gnishes in ‘August we got a part-time job delivering books for 2 big bookshop. and | have to use their delivery van, so | couldn't do ‘kif hadnt passed my test TAHOE RANGER ay 1 You are planning to move to Londan to study for a year, and you need somewhere ta ive while you ars thare, You have seen tha following ean advertisoment, Road it carafully, and look at the notes you have made. Write a letter to the owner of the flat, covering these points and adding any other relevant ae a ‘Spacious 3.raom Landon flat in a madiern apartment building with a fully equipped Harnushed?. bathroom and kitchen, Te Avaitable when? itis comrally located in a pleasant, lively ‘neighbourhood while being convenient Where exactly? for shops and public transpart. Netsy? How much rent? ‘The rent is reasonable, and both short and Deposit? Jong term rental contracts can be considered, References required, Nearest Please contact Mropkins for further details, tender ground: station? eee Tra Write a letter of between 120 and 150 words in an appropriate style, Bo not write any addresses. [#4 foe Testa yy paPeR 2 writing» par» PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 3 Use of Enolish PAPER isvening PAPER S Speaking ‘Write an angwer to one of the questions 2-8 in this part. Write yaur answer in 120-180 words in an appropriate style, 2. Your teacher hae asked you ta write a report about the sating habits of young people in yaur area. Describe what most yaung paople eat and suggest how ‘they cauld be encouraged ta eat healthier food, Write your report. 3 An intornational magazine for young people is holding a short stary competition, and you have decided to enter. The story must begin or end with the following words: Helen and Stevo looked at each otter and burst out laughing. ‘Write your story for the competition. 4 You recently saw a film about a famous historical event in yaur country. Write @ review of the flim for your schoo! magazine. Include information about the story, the charocters and costumes, and say whether the film was historically accurate ‘Write your review, 5 Answer one of the fotiowing two questions based on yaur reading of ene af the sot books, Either (a) Wite an essay describing an avent in the book or shert story you have raad which plays a main rate in the slevelopment of the plot and affects the characters rb} Tho loading characters in @ hook must be exaggerated to attract ‘ur interest’ Do you agree or disogree with this statement? Write an essay, giving your opinions with reference-to the book you have read, FCE Test 4 >> PAPER 2 Writing >» Part? 65, PAPER 2 Writing PAPER @ Listening PAPER 5. Speaking 186 For questions 1=12, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B.C ar B) best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0), Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. Example: o Ainformed Bold shown D said cB. SCHOOL Lumen Recoarch has (0)... that over half the children in Britain who take their own lunches. 10 schoo! do not eat (1) ....in the middle of the day, In Britain schools heve 40 (2) v= meals at lunchtime. Children ean (3) .... to bring thair own food or have luneh at the ‘school cantasn, ‘One shocking (4) .... of this research is that schoo! meals are much healthier then lunches prepared by parents. There are strict standards for the preparation of school maals, which have to include one {6} .... of fruit and one of vegetables, as well as most, @ daivy iter and stareny food like bread or pasta. Lunchboxes (6) .... by researchers contained sweet drinks, crisps and chocolate bars. Children (7)... twice _as much sugar as they should at lunchtime, ‘The research will provide s better (8) students in Britain has (8) .... in the last decade. Unfortunately, the government cennot instruct parents, but it can remind them af the (10) .... value of milk, fruit and vagetables. Children can easily develap bad eating (11) ... at this age, and parents 76 the only ones who can (92)... it of why the percentage of overweight re lnc 1 Aapproximatoly B properly prabably D possibly 2 Agve B provide C maka Dia 3 A profer Bmanage C want D choose: 4 Afinging Bnumber C figure D factor 5 Bportion Chow! Dkito 8 Biound Craken D looked x Beantain consume D consist 8 Bknowledge -Cunderstanding opinion. ® Aincreased ‘B expanded C extended Dadded 1 Anutriionst —— Bheslthy € positive good V1 Abehaviours — B etyles C attitudes Dhabits 12 Aprevent B define C decide Delay FCE Test @ > PAPER 3. Use of English +» Part 1 PAPER 1 PAPER? Writing Bt Er PAPER 4 Ustening PAPER 5 Speaking For questions 13-24, read the text below snd think of the word which best fits gap. Use only one word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0). \Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the saparate answer sheet. Example: [Qi] THERE WWHHISTORY ann STORYTELLING Hi” Over the last few years (0) thas been more interest in the subject of Kistory, perhaps because historical documentaries (13) television have attracted large viewing audiences. Historians who often complain (14) lack of interest in thei subject should be delighted at this development, shouldn't (18) 7 According to-8 survey, more people are applying (16... places at university, and the number of those wanting to study history (17) increased. However, professors of history ar€-{1B) wane particularly happy about this increase and have expressed concern about the quality of their students. They claim that mast of { (98) non frsteyear studtents have naver read a history book and dan't have the skills (20)... study the subject in depth. TV programmes make students think that studying history is (21h subject and concentrate (22) On the other hand, traditional historlans could learn (28)... to tell @ atory from the makers of such documentaries. Many historians have don't good narrative skills, whieh 1 (24) coun. 8O many history books are not popular with readers. ee simple a5 storytelling, Documentaries aversimplify the personalities in an attempt to attract audiences. Ce Test a» PAPERS Use.@f English P+ Part 2 67 PAPER 4) Reading PAPER 2 Writings PAPER 4 Ustening PAPERS Speaking For questions 25-34, read the text below. Use the ward given in capitals at the end of each line to form aword that fits in the gap in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0) \Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet, DIVING DEEPER Froe-diving is s neve sport, and it'xctremely (0) oso Which is perhaps Why its 425) enon is growing fast. Free-divers are attached t0 a fine, and then they have to take @ deep (26h... dive 4s de0p as they can and come Up (BI nnn ‘The present record is 121 metres, held by the British diver, ‘Tania Streeter. Tania trains very (28) ..... before each dive to-buile up her physieal (29) ........ She never dives until she's completely confident that she's ready. ‘The danger is caused by the great (20)... at those depths, | think that safety oracodures have to be very strict if we want 10 avoid accidents, Tania says. Tania feels that mental strength is alsa very important. She has an (31)... response to water and feels very eaim when she's underwater, Perhaps Tania's greatest asset is her ($2) un to focus, ‘in frae-iving there are 10189} ens around you and there are no cheering spactators to (34). yOu. W's @ lonely sport says. Tania [88 FE Test 4 >» PAPER'S Use of English >» mart 5 DANGER BREATHE InmeDiare CARE fr PRESS EMOTION ABLE COURAGE PAPER a PAPERS For quastions 35-42, complete the second sentence so that it has @ similar meaning 10 the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, ineluding the word given. Hare is an ‘example (01. Example; 0 [ll be very happy whee | go on holiday. FORWARD bam... concnenenennminnnnnenensnee OF HON, ‘The gap can be filled by the words “looking forward to going’ so you write: [W]_LOGKiNG FoRWaRD To conc | ‘Write only the missing words IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the eeparate answer sheet. 35 The basketball coach will make me train vory hard . very hard by the basketball coach, 36 “You can watch if you keen quiet,” said the actor. PROVIDED ‘Tho actor gaid that | could waten vom UBL. 37 ‘regret not telling you the whole truth. TOLD FISH connec . the whole truth, 38 After hours of negotiation, they managed to get the new contract, SUCCEEDED After hours of negotiation, they oonrsiesininewinenivinicnnss NO ROW ONEFBCE, 39 That shirts too expensive for me to buy. AFFORD: teant oa vvtnnineee OXPANSIVE SHIFT. 40 My grandfather doesn’t go out eften these days, EVER My grandfather nue cinncninecnnninns OSD CYS. 41 She tried to stay choarful although she falt sick, ‘SPITE She tried to stay cheerful nrnrunn eaten Re 42 Sarsh probably won't come to the party. UNLIKELY BALAN esncrnnenenne si to the panty. FEEL) PAPER Uo oF Eten ry pata 69) PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 2 Writing ‘You will hear people talking in sight different situations, For questions 1-8, choose: the best angueer (A, B oF C), PAPERS Usa of English 11 You hear 2 waman bringing a CD player back to the shop where sho bought it. What is the problem with it? i ‘A It plays CDs st the wrong speed. Bit jumps from one track to the next. : © Ht doesnt sject CDs propery. (i 2 You hear a woman tating to a waiter. What does she want him to bring her? A inaral water B coffee © orange juice gy 2 Youhear a boy describing a journey, Where did he want t0 ge? A Leeds B Manchester © Crewe Bi 4 You hear an advertisement for a eale ina furniture store Which items have the biggest reductions? A sofas B beds © armchairs i] 5 Youhear a woman talking fo a ear mechanic, What i the problam with her ear? ‘A It won't start in wer weather, B The brakes don't work property. © The engine keeps on stopping, Bi 6 You hear a graphic designer talking about hie work. How does he feel about the recent change in his job? A He thinks it's boring. B He regrets giving up hie previous job. C He thinks no's made the right decision, ee 7 You hear a radio annauncement about traffic on & motorway. Whore are tha longest dalays expected? A between junctions 10 and 17 B between junctions 13 and 14 © between junctions 17 and 18 [a 8 Youhear a man phoning his lors! newsagent’s shop. Which newspaper did he get by mistake this morning? A the Telegraph B the Sun © the Daity Mirror (a PAPERS Speaking [72 Foe Testa» PAPER 4 Ustening > Parts PAPER | Reading PAPER 2: Writing PAPER 3 Use of Enalish Eee) PAPERS Speaking You will hear part of a radio interview with a young gol! player, John Freeman. For ions $18, complete the semencos.. John Freeman has been playing golf for D John's father never developed as a golfer because fhe couldn't 10] the clubs. John wanted to be 8 professional Fa] player. John’s father took up golf again when he was [ 7 Jobn wishes he had had more 113] from toachers, Everyone thinks that golf is for people with | [4] The government should provide 75} because got equipment is expensive, The 16) of British players is likely to raise the profile of galt John’s income from gail is a7) Johnusedtodyenisnsie[ AB) | PAPER 1 Reasing PAPER 2 Writing PAPER 3 Use of English You will hear five different people talking about holidays. For questians 19-23, ‘choose fram the list (A-F) thé reaton each speaker gives to explain why they remember one particular holiday. Usa the letters only once, There is one extra letter which you do not need to uso, A | folt| had learnt eomething, speters Sever? ‘Speaker 3 — fea) Soetere [Ba Speokors [Bi B | was relieved to bo back home. © It gave mea sense of my origins. D It provided an escape. E I felt claser to my family. F htmade our friendship stronger. Fee Tosta >) PAPER 4 Ustonng >> part2.s 74) PAPER 1 Reaging PAPER 2: Writing ‘You will hear an interview with Laura Bartlet, 3 successful florist. For questions: 24-30, choase the carrect answer (A, B or Ci. PAPER 3. Use of English 24 Laura's parents ‘A wore professional gardeners. B had a successful lariat shop. © loved cultivating plants, Ca 25 Laure originally wanted A to work as a graphic designer B to become an art. © towrita articles for @ magazine | 26 She became aflarst A because she didn't know what elso to do, Bassoon as she rasignad fram the magazine Gas the resuit of an accident. 1] 27 Inthe beginning, Laura A was not skilled at working with flowers. B didn't wark with flowers at all. — © only delivered flowers to customers. Ce 2B She had to learn A the names of different species of flowers, B which flowers flarists could use in thor work © how to prepare aware for arrangements. Ll 29° Laura suggests theta young person who is thinking of being a florist must he prepared A to send flowers to people who ai B to-work long hours at certain times of the year, © tosspend a lot of time at the flower market B 20 Laura sdivises young people who would like to become florists A to.work at a florist’ while they in Floristry. B to-study Nloristry fulltime at a college batare they get a job. © toleam how to programme a computer. __ attending courses [72 reefer pane rect 9» var PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 2: writing Part 1.3 minutes) PAPER 3 Use of English ‘Tho examiner (interlocutor) will ask each of you to speak briefly in tum and to give pape attaining personal information about yourselves, You can expect a variety of questions, such as How did you travel here today? Whet sort of public transport is available in this area? ‘What form of transport da you uee most often? What do you like and dislike about it? 2 eo Part 2 (@ minutes) You will each be asked to talk for a minute without interruption. You will each be given two different photographs in turn to talk about. After your partner has finished speaking, yau will be asked a brief question connected with your partner's photographs. ‘At work (compare, contrast and speculata) Turn to pietures 7 and 2 on page 147 which shaw people working in different environments. Candidate 4, compare and contrast these photogrephs, and say haw you think the people are feeling in these different situations. You have a minute to do this, Candidate 8, which of these jabs would you prefer to do? Leisure (compare, contrast and speculate) ‘Turn to pictures 1 and 2 on page 148 which show peaple engaged in different leisure activities. Candidate 8, compare and contrast these photographs, and say what sort ot person you think would enjoy each of these activities. You have a minute to do this. Candidate A, what sort of spare time activities do you enjoy? Part 5 (3 minutes) ‘You will be asked to discuss something together without interruption by the ‘examiner. You will have a shest of pictures with questions to help you. Inventions (discuss and evaluate) Turn to the pictures an page 149 which show different inventions. I'd like you te imagine that you are taking part in a television programme about inventions that have changed the course of history, Talk to each other about how these different inventions have changed peapie’s lives. Then decide which two have been the most important, Part 4 cg minutes) The examiner will encourage you to develop the topic of your discussion in Part 3 by asking questions such as: What are the advantages and disadvantages of using computers? Do you think technological advances change the basic things in life? Why (nasi? What are the disadvantages of mademn technology? Do you think we rely tow much on modern tachnology? FCE Test & PAPER'S Speaking 73) od 5 Speaking You are going to read an article about fem: choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text Maik your answars on the separate answer sheet WOMAN?S core cose: woman should have in society. NO SG oon. cries ve During » recent game between two of Brazils biggest football teame, the country’s top striker head- butted an opponent end was sent off, ‘Idlat” he shouted at the referee. ‘Just what you would jexpect from a woman. ws this comment rather then his aggression to his opponent that really landed him in trouble. He ‘was punished for this by being banned from the next tour matches. The target of his venom, Gisele Fabio, has become the mast high-profile’ woman in Bea football. Times are changing in British football, too. Not lang ago the manager of a Scottish team was forced to retign after criticising the countrys ‘iest woman referee by saying: ‘I knew it wasn't going to be our day when I found out we had a woman running the line, She ‘should be at home making tha tea ‘or the dinner for her man-after he thas been to the football, This is a professional man’s game.’ An attitude like this may have been relatively common 8 few generations ago, but over the last acade or two the vast majority of —— FOE Test 5 )) PAPER 1 Reading + Pars * been a referee for six years and is currently the highest favel female official in Britain, During har rise to this position, she has learnt to be talerant of criticism, and not to become excited o get offended by hurtful verbal attacks. Sha takes the comments with a pinch of salt, ‘Ho is entitled to say what he tikes. There is no point aetting yoursall all upset. From the expariancos that | have had he is in the ‘minor You have to develap a thick skin as 8 female referee in the men’s ‘game: in spite of allthis, Macintash ‘ays that being & woman on the field can hava its advantages toa, Many men consider it wrong t0 use bad language in front of women. "Sometimes you get the odd idiot rho shouts something, but usually they use less colourful language. They behave better. Gne team coach told me he wanted me to Feleree another game at that club 1a improve the playars’ behaviour” The eonfusion, she adds, also has Ins comic moments. Fane have not Updated their vocabulary ta take account of female officials. Macintosh gays she finds it oe football referees. Far questions 1-8, become aware that she is women and become tongue-tiad. ‘A voice In the crowd will shout, “Ol, linesman! 1 mean lineswamant Eras, | moon osaistent roforeo!™ While it ig unlikely thet © woman footballer will have the physical strangth to compete at the top-level ina men's tear, there is no similar obstacle to wamen ‘efecesing Men's football, In fact, the authorities running European football are actively encouraging women referees, belie ingrease women's In Brazil, Gisele Fabio says the path te becoming a referee has been about breaking down cultusal rather than legal barriers. ‘Far aa long as i'm eware there have been nO rules against women refereeing ‘the man’s game. It was just that none did” Fabia agrees that footballers treat female rofermes differently. In principle they treat you with more ragpeet, They are feared that you will give them a card more readily. This is an advantage for us’ Most impressively, Fabio has been top af he referee rankings published by daily sports papers. “| think 1 was first because | am @ novelty. But I dow think | am better than the mars. My raferaning isthe ame 1 The football player was punished because A he hit an opponent B he was aggressive during the game, © he insulted the female referee, D he-shouted loudly. 2 What point is made to shew that timas are changing in British football? ‘A Managers who don’t like women referees can lose their jobs. B_ Woman ara no longer expected to stay at hams: Scotland now has a woman referee. D- Aman cannot criticise a waman referee today. 2 Which phrase best daseribas Macintosh’s reaction to the manager's words? A angry and hurt B sad and depressed © calm and confident D_ bitter and resentful 4 What does ‘in spite of all this,’ in line 54 suggest? A although women rafereas are eften criticised B_ in spite of the fact that there are £0 few women referees © even though men tendto behave better with a woman referae 1D despite the difficulty of geting work as a woman refer 5 The comic aspect mentioned is based on ‘A the idea that fant are nervous af women roforees. B the confusion fans foel wtien they don't know what to call a female oficial © the embarrassment people experience when they see the official is a woman, the fact that fans don't have a big vocabulary. & Why are women referees being encouroged? A. They have to face @ lot of obstacies, B_ There is a shortage of men referees. © They don't have to be as pinysically strong as men. D_ They will attract more women spectators, 7 What does Gisele Fabia say about tha barriers to women becoming referees? ‘They may be connected with social attitudes not laws. ‘They do not exist in developed countries. ‘The legal barriare ars boing removed. ‘The women thamsalves have removed these bartiors. power 8 According to Gisele Fabio, A menroferees do not deserve as muh respect as women referees, B footballers think that women referaes are strieter then man referoes. & women usually make better referees than men. she is at the top of the ratings because women referees are unusual FOE TeEES >) PAPER 4 Reaging}+Pamt 75 2 Wein PAPER 3 Use of English gap (9-18), The PAPER 4 Listening PAPER § Speaking _ You are going to read an articte about robot chaps. Seven santances have been removed from the article. Choosa from the eentences A-H the one which fit each Is one extra sentence which you da not need to use. Mark yaur answers on the separate answer sheet. Like mast ideas that seem absolutely revolutionary, the concept behind the robot shop is actually very simple. In fact, it has already been around for mary years in the Form of vending machines, selling bars of chocolate or drinks, This idea has been further developed to create the First robot shop, which may eventually change the future of shopping. The prototype robat shop in a suburb of Landon Looks like @ giant vending machine, The display on the right is refrigerated and holds items such as mitk, yoghurt and cheese, while the display on the left has an impressive selection of biscuits, coffee cakes and crisps, It does not have the variety of conventional shops, but it can cope with a late night request for bread or painkillers. wo You key in the code numbers of the goods you want, which are displayed just underneath each item in the window, and a huge rabot arm reaches eut and picks up each ftem, bringing it over to the console inside the shop. ‘an electronic display shows you the total you have to pay. wi Uniike supermarkets, fn robot shops you can anly callact the goods after you've paid. When the rabot arm finds the things you want, it draps them into a hatch and you reach inside to take them out. IF this happened before you paid, you could easily walk off with the goods without having paid for them, The system couldn't yet be described as entirely efficient. There's a tot of mom for improvement. The rabot arm represents one of the biggest problems. [fi] The arm has to be very accurate in order to pick up the item it has teached for, cary t to the hatch and safely drop it into it. The difficulty of judging customer attitudes is another reasan why the robat shop has to be tested. Customers are still cautious about doing mast of their shopping in a robot shop, brut this fs anly to be expected: every new invention has been regarded with some suspicion at Fst. I] The manufacturers of robot shops suggest that the small shopkeeper in inner-city areas represents their biggest potential ctient. [EM] People in the area value the convenience of being able to pop oxt virtually al hours of the ‘ay and night for some item they have forgotten or suddenly feel lke buying, Small shopkeepers are likely to invest in robot shop equipment, rather than employ part-time staff to work twenty-four hours a day. The question is whether customers will prefer the impersonal service of a robot shop to the conventional type of shopping where there’s human contact. Machines do not take lunch breaks, they hardly ever make mistakes and they are never rude to custamers, Isn't this the sart of efficiency people want from a shap these days? 76 FCE Test'$ ») PAPER 1 Reading >» ‘Acentral console between the windows is where you actually do your shopping. The first thing you natice are the two large display windows which are absolutely packed with goods, ‘Older customers in particular may find the experience cold and impersonal, but a younger generation may respond mare positively. ‘The real question is whether, aver the theee-month testing period, enough people will overcome their doubts and start shopping hore in significant ‘pumbers. For security reasons, you have to do this bafore the robot arm starts ‘gathering your goods. Many shops like these only survive locause they stay open late, or even, ound the eloek in some caces. Experience writh similar mechanised service equipment, such as cash dispensers, suggest that there are considerable advantages for both customers and shop owners. ‘The challenge is to create a piece of machinery which will be delicate enough to pick up eggs but at the same time strang enaughy to pick up bottles of mineral water and baked bean ean, FCE Test § PAPER Reading +» Patz 77 PAPER S Use of English PAPER 2 Writing PARER 4 Listening PAPERS Speaking \" FCE Test 5 >» PAPER Reading » ‘You are going ta read.a magazine article in whieh four people talk about runt London Marathon. For questions 16-30 choose from tha people (A-D!. The people may be chosen more than once. Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. ‘Which of the people rain order to help a charity? ‘dosen't like the reactions of the watching crowd? ‘eels that entering the marathon is a rewarding experience? bagan runaing te: seeompany a runner? didn't finish last year’s marathon? had an unpleasant experience in his or her first marathon? ‘entered the marathon with colleagues from work? |e not cenfident about his or her physical condition? belangs to a sports group? Intends to run another marathon soon? ‘compares ent ng the marathan to life? ‘rains under bad weather conditions? saw himself or herself on television? doosn’t have ta ga fat for his or her runs? ar 8 Running for Fun ee 4 y ‘4 Potor Chamberlain | was always keen on sports. Running a ong distance is a Diclike fe woo You star witha sense of anccpation you sg through soma great highs and terible lows, bt inthe fed ie seams te be worth i. There ix nothing that | enjoy more than a good workout at che gym ora good one-hour run across the local wildlife reserve. Fortunately, where | lve, 1 can reach the open countryside in jt a couple of ‘minytes en foot from my frone dose step. In my case, particpation in the London. Marathon was ot about ‘winning twas about doing the bost you possoly can, My fist marathon was a disaster Everything was going fine ‘unl the ewelh rewhen | seated foal a bit of Fatigue Kicking in and hit the wall between the fourceerth and fikeenth miles, Rosalind Masterson {surprised mys by doing s0 well to eal you the tithe all started when 2 friend of mine wat taining for che marathon and asked me to jain her 4 few mornings a week | eld think wat very fi wn | started aknough years 2g0 Tid go cycling thee times a week and jogging 3¢ weekends | found che experience enjoyable but renlsed | preferred jogging on my own. Success depends a lot on your mood Lart year, for example, | was feeling very stressed for one reason or another and I got cred much mare quickly | didn't even get ro the end ofthe courset ‘This yoar's been completely different. London was such a success tht Ive entered for the Bern Marithon nest month, along with three friends. My husband thinks I'm mad, though when we wasched the news that night and he could see my fies among the crowd, he war fairy impressed. C Ruth Watean Long distance running is not about how fast you ean run, les about how much pain you can take. Long distance Fanning it & good discipline for life itself. | run with my head land my heare, because physbeally | don't think Ive got a great deal of talent or ability. | was always a very energetic sports person and | have entered the marathon five times ‘ua far, Last year | managed to complete a half marathon in 90 minutes, which was quite an accomplishment for someona whe did not train systematically. One thing that annoyed me In my fase marathon was the actiude of people watching They took more interest in the fune runners and celebrities than in she bate of the ele runners chasing qualifestion tmat fer the Olympic Games. D John Sadler ‘An old fiend of ine has been + member of jogging club for yearsand he fmally persuadad me to go along with him cone Saturday to see If | would enjoy ic Well. | fle fairly 90d aherwands, 99 | joined the club and started thinking Seriously about running. | thoughe that entering for the marathon would ge Me a unique apporeunity to raise some cash for the Red Cross. fn fact. four of us fram the office decided to do the same thing. and between us we ralted ver £25,000, which wat grest! Runaing wasnt as hard as | expected Training can be dificule, especially when le-means | fave to drag myseif uc of bed on cold winter mornings and ge jogging in the pouring rain. I never train wich friends because I ind ieimpossble ts concenerate on wha f'n doing. mo an, ee cee FCE Test 51>) PAPER 1 Reading »» Part 5 79 PAPER 1 Reading You must answer this question, PAPER nail PAPER 4 Ustening 11You ara tha organiser of a music society in yaur town. You have received a letter from a music society in Britain, who would like to give a convert ta your members, Read the letter and the notes you have madie. Then write a letter to Sally Richardson, the British organiser, You must use all your notes. use of PAPER'S Speaking Keeaciesuss wate se ma tbe re about British Wa are amateur musicians specialising in folk music Fotk music and we would like to meet members of similar Mier afver concert? groups in Europe. We will be visiting your area next exactly? Dinner after month and would like to give a concert to members of your society. programme There are 15 members in our society. Would you be i able to find accommodation for us for one night? es, give her details Please let me know if you are interested in our suggestion and tell me something about your awn society. Write a letter of between 120 and 180 words in an appropriate style, Do net write any addresses. 80 FCE Test S »» PAPER 2 Writing >» Pare 9 PAPER 1 Reaging ae PAPER 3 use of Engiisn PAPER 4 Listening PAPER 5 Speaking Write on answer to one of the questions 2-5 in this part. Writs your answer in 1120-180 words in an appropriate style 2. You have been discussing families in your English lessons, and now your teacher has asked you fo write on the following topic for homework: What are the main differences between growing up in @ small or large family? Which is better for you? Write your sesay, 3. Six momths ago your family maved from the city to 9 small country village. Write a letter to an old friend you haven't seen singe then, saying how you faal about the change in lifestyle, Wiita your letter. Do not write any addresses, 4 You recently saw this notice in-an Englishtanguage magazine called Movie News: ‘Send us your review of the BEST or WORST fllm you have seen this, ‘year. Include informatton an the story and:characters and say what made the film 82 good/bad. ‘We will publish the best reviews in a special summer supplement. Wiite yaur review. 5 Answer one of the following two questions based on your reading of one of the sot books. Either 9) Your pen friand has asked you to recommend something to read on holiday. Write @ letter to your friend about the back you have read, Giving reasons why this particular book would be suitable for your pen friend Or (b) You have just seen the following announcement on your seheot noticeboard: BOOK COMPETITION Imagine you could change the ending in the book or one of the stories you have read, What kind of endina | would you choose and why? Write us an article answering this question. You eould win a prize, Write your article with reference to the book or one of the short ‘stories you have reac, Test §)+PAPER2 Wetting ¥» Parez 81 cs u PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 2 Writing PAPER 4 Listening PAPERS Speaking For questions 1-12, read tha text below and decide which snswer (A, B, € or D) best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0) Mark your ansars on the separate answor sheet, Exampl 0 A doubt Bresson © purpose D motive A co A POWERFUL INFLUENCE There ean be no (0) . lives. at all that the Intemet hes made a huge difference to our However, mast parents worry that their children spend too much time browsing the Internet or playing computer games, hardly (1)..... doing anything else in their spare time, Naturally, parents want t0 know if these activities are (2)... for their children. What should they do if their children spend hours (3)... computer screen? Obviously, if children spend too much time (4)... if some game instead of doing their homowerk, then something is wrong, Its @ good idee if pavents and children decide together how much use should be (5)... ofthe Internat, and the child should (6) .... that it wor't intertere with homework. Ifthe child dows mot (7)... 10 this arrangement, parents con take more drastic (8)... Any parent who is (9) ...... alarmed about a child's behaviour should make an apaciniment to (19) .... the matter with a teacher. Spending time in front of @ computer seresn dows not (11)... afeet s ehild’s performance at school, Even if a youngster seems obsessed with the computer, he or she is probably just (12)... through a phase, and in» few months parents will have something else ta worry about! 1 Aabways Braraly never Dover 2 Aharming B harmful C hurting D hurtful 3 A.staring at Balancing st looking D seeing 4 Aconcentrated — B occupied G concerned D absorbed 5 Adone Bhat made Dtaken 6 Aassure B promise secure Decloim 7 Astick Bhoid follow D accept 8 Arules Boprocedures —_C rogulations D stops 9 Awidely Bheavily © seriously D broodly 10 Aspesk B discuss Crate D debate 11 Apossibly Brnecessarily _C probably D consequantly 12 Agoing B passing travelling D walking 82 FCE Test'S >) PAPER § Use OF English ») Part APER 1 Reacing PAPER 2. writing PAPER 4 Listening PAPER S Speaking For questions 13-24, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each 920. Use only one word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0) Write your answer IN CAPITAL LETTERS an the separate answer sheet. Example: [O] WHO DRIVING BLIND ‘The idea that @ blind person could drive @ car sounds crazy. And the concept of someone (0)... can't see driving a-car at slmost 10 miles per hour sounds even, crazier, Mirands Naylor, (13) blind eecountant fram Southport, has done ‘exactly that in an attempt (14) sonen raise money for charity. Mrs Naylor drove @ sports cor (18) two miles in @ straight line slong the runway of a disused airfield. She was (16)... radio contaet with Ror husband, Pata Naylor, who woe able to give (17) ...~.» directions and advies in this wey. Her amazing achievement (18)... expected to rise about £50,000, which will be donated to « company that trains dogs for (1 blind, ‘Mrs Naylor (20)... been blind since she was six years old, and she stil has some. visual memories of the world around her. She admits that not having her sight ‘makes life awkward (21) ........ times, She believes that if you are disabled in any way, you shouldn't waste time feeling sorry for (22) ‘tt makes a lot (za) sense to keep busy,’ she says. “Achieving something can be @ great Source of self-confidence.” Miranda is now looking (24) sa. 8 new challenge and would lika to try motorbike riging. FCE Test 5 >> PAPERS Use of Engilsh >) Par? 85 PAPER 1 Reaging PAPER 2 Writing PAPER @ PAPERS Speaking For quastions 25-84, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end ‘of some of the lines to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line, There is an example at the baginning (0) Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separste answer sheet. Exmmele: (Scar meena rena] FOLLOWING SWALLOWS Bert's job- doesn't immediately strike you ss (0) EXCITE He sits inside a small (28) made of sloth and wire consTRucT and watches birds. Swallows, in fact, whose (26) ...... in ARRIVE Britain after a dangerous flight marks the (27) ...... of summer. BEGIN “The savers woather caused by (28) ..n.... warming makes their GLOBE journey tougher each year. ‘One of their main (29) ...u.m Hegetting enough to eat, Insect DIFFICULT rpumbers have declined (30) nu, and if the birds make it SHARP to Britain, they may stil die of (31) HUNGRY Farm ($2)... SUeh as bans have baon converted into houses BUILD and as » result, thore are fewer places for birds te nest. ert Finds i138) wen 8 ay with any precision how far the POSSIBLE ‘aumbers of swallows have declined in the area under (34)......... OBSERVE Bird populations can increase considerably if swallows have ‘nad a good breeding season, and for the moment at least, scientists are oot overly worriad, 8d FCE Test SP PAPER 3 Use of English »» Part 3 PAPER 1 Reading PARER 2 Writing For questions 35-42, complete the second sentence so that It has a similar meaning ‘0 the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You PAPER ETE = 250) must use benween two and five words, including the word given. ere is an PAPER A listening seariale i PAPERS Speaking Example: 0 I'll be vory happy when | go an holiday. FORWARD Lam a ve 9 otiday, ‘The gop can be filled by the words “looking farward to going’ so you write: (RlL_LOOKING FoRWarD To conc ‘Write only the missing words IN CAPITAL LETTERS an the separste answer sheet. 35 Our teacher always makes us do our hamework before we leave the class. ALLOWS: (Our teacher . ow Feave the class until wa've done our homework. 98 Itwas almost dark when we got home. it was almost dark. 37 Peter woke up early because he didn't want to miss his flight, THAT Peter woke up early 38 Since we've run out of tea, I'd better go and buy some. Lert There Not miss his flight. 80d better go and buy some, 39° "You'd better not go for 8 walk,’ said my father, ADVISED: My fathor is 49° ‘The police asked the woman to describe the thief to them in detail FULL ‘The police asked the woman to give them wn fot a walk, 41 ish | hart loft the window epen, ‘SHOULD i. coum the window open, 42 All tha guests enjayed themselves at the party apart from Georgs, ‘wo George was the... enjoy hirnsett at the party. FCE Test 5» PAPERS Use of English r» parca 85 PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 2 Writing PAPERS Use-of English PAPERS Speaking ‘You will haar people talking in aight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose. the best answer (A, 8 oF C), 1) You heer part of # radio programme about tax increases Which goods have increased most in prico? A petrol B cigarettes c wins 2 Youhear a man talking about being a student at university. Why did he study French? A because his parante wanted him to B because he had enjoyed his visit to the country: © because he wanted to become a translator 2 You hear a ballet dancer talking about an injury. What part of his body has he hurt? A his back B his leg © his arm 4 You hear an actress talking about her new part. What character is she playing? A. bank manager Ba moth © ataxi-driver [i 5 You hear two people talking shout # neu shap in the neighbourhood. What does the shop sail? A clothes: B books © food 5 You hear the captain of a plane talking to his passengers. Which city are they flying over now? A Brussels B Rotterdam Amsterdam 7 You hoar a man-talking about @ macical problem. ‘Who is he talking to? A his employer Ba femily member © his doctor 8 You hear a man and 9 woman talking about an authars latest work ‘What does the woman think is a masterpiece? A the author's collection of short stories B the authar’s latest novel the author's latest film script 86 FEE Test S > PAPER 4 Ustening »» Part 9 Ce Cw PAPER 1 Reaging PAPER 2 writing PAPER 3 Use of English PAPER 5 Speaking You will b F part Of a ratio interview with David Barns, the director of s company that is building a new shopping mall, For questions 9-18, complete tha sentences. Whitesea Shopping Mall The mi The total cost will be [_____*[A billion pounas. in expected to open in | T] next year Anew J] will be built ext to the shopping mail The vill be an [FQ] tor 3,000 cars. Three [13] will be provided to help shoppers with children: One comer of the mail has a 14] There are [ 15] cinemas showing a wide range of the latest roloaees. [16] films are shown twice a day, ‘Thore are walkways with [7] between buildings, ‘There will be an ex! ition about [18] of the area, BMis ‘You will hear five people wha are going an an expedition into the jungte talking -abaut what they will miss mast. For questions 19-23, choose from the list (AF) the reason each speaker gives for the importance of this item ta them personally, Use ‘the letters only once. Thore is one extra letter which you do not need to use APER | Reading PAPER 2 Writing PAPER 5 Use of Engish A timproves the quality of life. Speaker 1 B it gives me a feeling of freedom. Speaker 2 © It makes my day start property. Speaker 3 D_ It reminds me of very happy times. Spoakor 4 E It makas me feel confident and relaxed. Speaker § In helps me feat civitised, —_ i [20] zi FOETUS h> PAPER & mening P» Porc2.3 87) PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 2 writing PAPER 3 Use oF Enish PAPER S Speaking You will hear a radia interview with an expert on memory. For questions 24-30, ‘choose the best answor (A, Bor Ch 24 Ann compares the human memory to a hed disk drive because ‘A. both can be expanded. B both can be trained to work better oth can be wiped out by viruses. 25 Weare told that people suffering from Alzheimer's disease A don't understand the machanism of lite. 8 can't remember wha thoy ara, © forget how to perform simple tasks. 28 Research hae shown that prople who have mentally ative jobs ‘A will nevor dovelop Aizhoimer’s disoaso Bare more likely ta deveian Alzheimer’s disease. Care loss likely to develop Alzheimer's dises 27 Apparently, aur memories are harmod by A. doing too many physical exercises. B devices designed to help us remember things: © the number of deviees in modem life. 28 Ann sayswe can remember things if we A connect them with a physical object. B look at tham vary earetully first. (C encouraga people ta remind us abaut them, 29 The technique Ann describes wrorks best for people A who like pictures, B who are used to abstract thaught. who can visualise ideas well 30 Doing crosswords isan exampie of netivities that ‘A. can pravent ageing. B can extend life expectancy, © can delay memary decline, 8B FCE Test 5 }+ PAPER 4 Listening b> Part & PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 2 Writing PAPERS Use of English PAPER 4 Listening Part 1.3 minutes) SHEE mites) The examinor {interlocutar) will ask each of you to speak briefly in turn and to give personal information about yoursolves. You ean expact & variety of questions, auch as: Where did you spend your last holidays? What sort of activities do you enjaying daing on holiday? Where would you like ta go for your next holidays? What would be your ideal holiday? Part 2 (4 minutes) Fart 2 (G rminutes) ‘You will cach be asked to talk for a minute without intsrruption, You will each be given two different photographs in turn to talk about. Ater your partner has finished speaking, you will be ssked a brief question connected with yeur partner's photographs. Means of transport (compara, contrast and speculste) Turn to pictures 1 and 2 on page 150 which show different forms of transport Candidate A, compare and contrast these photographs, and sey why you thiak people use these diferent means of transport, Yau have a minute te do this Candidate B, which of these methods of transpart do you think is most useful? Fashion (campare, contrast and speculate) Turn to pictures 1 and 2 on page 151 which show different sorts of fashionable lathes. Candidate A, compare and contrast thesa photographs, and say why you think the People have chosen to wear these sorts of clothes. You have a minute to da th Candidate 8, which of these would you fae! most comfortable wearing? Part 3 (minutes) Smee pout ‘You will be asked to discuss something together without interruption by the ‘xaminer. You will have a sheet af pictures with questians to help you, Tur to the pictures on page 152 which show @ number of images connected with environmental problems, The children in a school class are preparing posters to ‘aise environmental surareness in their araa, Talk to oash other about eal imaye. Then decide which two of these pictures would be the most usiéful for the children's posters, Pare 4 (a minutss) ‘The examiner will encourage you to develop the topic of your discussion in Part 3 bby asking questions such ae: ‘Are achool clubs and societies, ‘useful for pupils? Why (not? ‘What kind of after-school activity did you ar would you enjoy at school? Why? Should schools try to become active parts of the leeal comeuiity? Why (oath? How can scheols raise people’s environmental awarenoss? uch as.2 photographie club and e computer club, FCE Test 5 +> PAPERS Speaking 89) PAPER a PAPER 5 is Celi ta You are going to rend an article about a chain of hotels. For questions 1-8, choose ccs | the answer 1A, B, Gor D) which you think fits best according ta the text, Mark your answars on the separate answer sheet, Simply ‘The Wenaley hotels are af about te brie extras ~ and clearly there are encugh people wiling co puy for them, [Ae the uprarkat hotel chain, you ean call on ehe Bath butler Ff you are yust coo exhausted ta fil your awn tub. cor glance through the pilow menu (yes, really. 2 men af pillows). Ar‘a Calorade ski rerort your shi are tke tO the slopes and your boots warmed! each morning. And, at ‘one Rocky Mouneain hocel, you can even borrow a golden retriever to help make walks jst that inde bit more authentic, ‘This, and tho decision of many Americans to holiday on their side of the Adantic 19 recent years, has helped Wensley get through a dificult economic period. OF ts 50 hotels, 32 are in dye US and Caribbean, and the chain avoided cueung rates by offering "alue’ packages, such as room and car hice combined, (© keap people coming ‘rough the daors ‘The companys president and chiel operaung. offic, Sceven Watson, believes that whibe the economy has act been in good shape recent 2 new generation of travellers, who place great importance on someone else running thelr baths, will encure the chains continued “Th group wants te serve that new goneration. Watson Dbeseves people cil wane hoxury, particulary as dey are row getting ic from fewer and fewer places, "Consumers are mach more desranding sure they are, and even mare so of the hotel dustry because they aeen't geting form the airline indusery, with its cheaper fights and reduced service. And we're seeing greater affluence, People are ‘paying less for commodities and more far experiences! THE BEST “Things have changed ever the 3B od years thse Watson thas bean inthe business. Watson obsessed with service Higespeed Imemex access, lm TYs beter lacks on the doors = just goes on and on The service todey it ‘asl beter than 30 years ago The food is better than it war years ago. The room decor better tho beds re such, much bette-you haves ch better experience in your bed than you used ta’ One thing hasnt changed, though les all akoue motivating pope ad encouraging people tothe guests have che dese possible treatment” This is exactly the sort of sentiment you would expect fram a Farily frm. Watson's three sons all werk for the hotel chan, as dos his daughters husband. But Wensiey hotels not a finly Fm. i i ksted on the New York Exchange and ies market value ts over ten billion dollars MeWasson is dhe largost shareholder. In total ehe Whitson family controls abeut 24 percent of tha group. He has plans for the chain. We are locking so de more internationally, both in Europe and Asia” He i keen to ave ines Seetland —'t woul lave wo be in Edinburgh but | don't know that the marker is rabusc enough juse yet’ ~ and i looking for properties in Ireland and England t9 ‘convert inte soumnry resores The chai is alse launching Thoutique hotels with an leakaa jeweller: the frst epent Inter this year in Naples Mr Watson isa busy man — and es ie that ey: My wi will ttl you | have been say I'm going to retire in fe acs forthe last 20 years, The reason | haven't resired is because the standard of lving she expocts just keeps rising! 30 ce Test PPAPER 1 Reading ¥ Part 1 1 What does the writer suggest by the use of “really” in line S? A itis real menu, B This is surprising but true, © It is unusuat to serve food in bed, D They don't really have-a pillow manu, 2 What does ‘this’ in line 17 refer to? A the attention Wensaty hotels pay te detail B the fact that you can barrow a dog at one hotel the fact that enough people are willing to pay for these luxuries D_ the fact that many Wensley hotels are in the US 2 Steven Watson believes that the hotels A. will carey on being successful ‘will be particuterly successful during the taugh ecanomic period, ‘will fail because tha now generation of travallars doesn't like luxuries, ean succeed if it attracts important new travellers, poe ‘# What sort of experiences are people prapared to pay for, in Watson's view? ‘A. less comfortable flights B better service during flights C the fesling of being affluent D- luxuries in hotels 5 What espect of the hotel business has remained constant, in Wateon’s view? ‘A If guests are encouraged, thay will enjoy their stay. B Guests need to be motivated to come and stay in a hotel. © Providing goad servic is the first priority af the hotel staff. D_ Better facilities provide motivation, ‘6 What is Watson's attitude towards Edinburgh? He would like to live there He would like to have a hotel there one day. He wants to move company headquarters there, He doesn’t think there it. 3 market for country resorts, comp 7 Watson A plans to move to England or Ireland in the future, B has converted some of his hotals inta resorts, © is thinking of setting jawollery in his hotels. D_ Is opsning now hotels in Europe soon 8 What impression do we get of Watson’s attitude to his job from the last paragraph? |He Would like to stop working five years fram now. Ho doesn't enjay his job but has ta work ta support his wife. He likes his job and daesn’t want to stap working. He is annayed with his wit goo> FOETest 69> PAPER Repging D> Parts 91) 92 You are going to read a newspaper articte about people who ca sentences have been removed from the arti ‘one which fits each gap (9-15), There is one extra sentence which you do not need touse. PEOPLE WHO A recont study has discovered that dyscateuli, the mathematical equivalent of dysiexis, affeets about 5% of chilefren in Britain. An expert on the subject, Professor Marie Singelton, ciaims that the government should recognise dysealeulia, inform paronts and teschors and provide support for those suffering from it. Unfortunately, there is no simple way of diagnosing dysealculia and kids with this learning disability are usually labeltod Uninteliigent. Unlike most people, dyscaleulics ‘cannot recognise three or four objects unless they count them one by ona. The majority of us, if shown three or four similar things, can Immediately recognise them. People with dyscatculia have to go through the routine of counting even a small number of objects. For example, they need to count the three books an the table before they can say how many there are. Dysesiculics have huge problems using numbers at ail. They can't understand, for instance, why twa ‘and three makes five Lab experiments have shown that animals such as. monkeys and rats have developed a specific region of their brain to deal with numbers and related concepts. I's passible that dyscolculics, thaugh Intelligent, have not developed the part af the brain responsible for processing numbers Dyscalculics have difficulty with the abstract concept of time. If your best friend is, always late, he or she might be suffering from dyscalculia, Dyscalculics cannot keep track af time, they never know how much time they have spent CAN'T COUNT count. Seven Choose from the sentences A-H the Mark your sngwees om the separate answer shect. ‘getting resdy and how long it will take them to gat to work, ‘You cannot rely on a dyscalculic to give you directions about how te get to the nearest train station. Inability to read maps and orientate themselves is common among dyscatculics. “Thay may take a feft rurning instead of a right and end up miles away from their intended destination, [12] esearch hes shawn that they behave oddly in ‘social situations like going shaping or having dinner at a restaurant. They never know how much ‘they should tip the walter or how much money ‘they have got left after # shopping trip. This poor ability in arithmetic can ‘explain why they never know how much change ‘they are due or what kind af budget they need for thoir summer holiday. | Number blindness can atfect areas like sports or music. ‘They would find it impossible ‘to recall the complicated stop sequences of a dance and would rarely choose:to do aerobics or play an instrumant in their free time, Pople suffering from number blindness can become painters, sculptors or posts, Dyscalculia daes not som to-prevant or delay language acquisition, Dyscaleutic children acquire languege at the same time as, f not earlier than, ‘most children and have no problem learning to ‘ead oF write, Dyscaleulia is a learning disability Niko dystonia, not # general indestion of intelligence, FCE Test 6 ») PAPER 1 Reading » + Part 2 A Another prablem is not being able te-tell, just by looking at twa araups of objects, which group contains more ebjeets than tha athor. B On top of getting lost, they often misplece things and may spend endless houre looking for their car keys or passport. © Ontthe other hand, dyscalculics are very good at creative arts. D_Dysealulics cannot coordinate the mavements of their body or remember the rulas of games. E What exactly is this learning disability in arithmetic? | F Dealing with cash, taking money from a cashpoint or using travellers! cheques can cause ansiety and fear This can account for their difficulty in reading schedules and remembering the order in which things happened in the past. . ‘These stories are extremely upsetting for parents and children ali FCE Test 6) PAPER 1 Reading >r Pat? 95 Pooee PAPER 2. Writing You are going to read an articte in which four writers talk about the first book thay wrote. For questions 16-30 choose from the people (A-D}. The peaple may be PAPERS Use of Engiish chaser more than once. PAPER 4 Ustening Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet PAPERS Speaking Which of the welters took six months to wriite the baok? x7 (WaE upeot at comething his or Nar did not like part of the book design? x] did not use a computor? a] hd writen the book years betore it wis published? a hos never writen that type of bent einee thon? a did not write a wark af fiction? 2 1B) has soon the book made into a film? a] produced a certain amount of writing each day? aI revised the manuscript because the msin character was boring? ] wrote for a set amount of time each day? | wrote short etries ators the Fst bok? a ‘might have wrong information in his or her first book? By ron something for the first book? [4 FoeTesce yy paPeR 1 aeaaing rors | THE FIRST BOOK A. Harry Holden |Tremember the first book very cleaily; Fauppose every writer does, But I also remember it because I've ‘changed so much since then. My first published wark ‘was 4 biography of the Duke of Wellington, which | hal been asked to write by & friend of mine, a publisher, whe knew | was very interested In the subject. I'd hcl sna experiance of writing, and Thad no access to a word (Processor, which meant the simple task of writing took Yar longer than necessary, net to mention all the B_Marcia Onslow ‘My first book war quite successful, although to be completely frank, looking back, | think ¥ was very lucky. | attended a Create Writing courte at university, intending ta concentrate on shart stories for magazines, ‘which is quite & lucrative market, Asa project in iy fins) year, | was asked to write a long work of fetion, and | decided to write a love story set in America during the California gold rush. knew | was runming the risk of including inaccuracies setting the story In a country © Marla Delangelo ‘You might have ssen the film that.was baved.on my fink novel, Chasing Waliom, although quite 3 few ehanges had beea made to the book before it was turned into a film. Winer I weote the fst eat it vasn’t much tke the version that was eventually published; my editor tole ime | would have to make some ehanges te the hero, Wiliam, because he wasn’t interesting enough Naturally, | was pretty offended at the time, but I'm lad to say | had the good sense to Isten ta my ector, who was completely right. The problem was that t had D_John Hopkins | eamt a few important lessons from my fist book, one cf which is that you have to leave certain things to the publisher. For instance, the editor gave me a lot of advice about how to structure my book. ttwas a work of history, a study of the Industrial evolution, and he suggested how the chapters should be arranged, basicaly. | was a bit hesitant in the beginning, but then | deticed to follow his advice and I haven't regretted i It was the same with the artistic work on the cover, Which | really hated at fist, But in the end the book was A een Set ‘ervislons | had t6 do, | have to say the book was actually quite good, In fact, I was awarded the General Haig ‘Memorial Prize for the book the year it was published. By the time it was finally finished, 1 was completely ‘exhausted. I'd been working on it more or les full time for five years, and | vowed Id never write 2 biography ‘again, 50 since then, I've concentrated on detective stories. They're far easies! had never been to. Anyway, I'd been advised to ‘establish a strict schedule, 0 | wuld veri ter. pages ‘every morning and correct them every evening, all this ‘wat whe wis. 22, Then ett university, started writing stories for publicalion, and I mare or les forgot about the book for about ten years, until my publisher suggested | might ty writing & novel Se I just handed 410 he, al finished, and she published it right aay! based the whole story on the real adventures of my uncle, Wiliam Hargreaves, sisyply describing my uncle's character, When you wnite a work at fetion, youhave fo rake the main character intriguing, bout describing a real person isn't alvays the beat way te do that Fwy ‘enough, in the short stories Id had published before that | naver teed to use sual peop, I'm glad my, talked me out of doing it in the novel. Very Successful, and | suppose the design must have been right. The other lessen | learnt on my first bole was about working methods. fm quite an impetuous person, and | don’t ike being ties down to fied way of doing things. | discovered 1 had to be striet about how ong | would work for andl not write any more than Uhat, even though it meant the bask took me halt year to wte. IF Licht set myself this time Fmt, 1 simply wouldn't stop writing until midnight, and then Td be exhausted for days. FCE Test 6 F» PAPER 1 Reading» > part 5 95 PAPER 1 Reading ao You must answer this question, PAPER 5 Use of English |? - 1. You and yaur family are going to the came holiday camp that you went to last yar. You want to persuade your English-speaking friend, Sam, to come with PAPER S Speaking you. Read the advartisament for the holiday cap and also read your notes. ‘Then, using all your notes, write an email persuading Sam to join you. cs PAPER 4 Listening Y | ~ ¢ - SUNSHINE ri HOLIDAY CAMP big ces In the mood for famnily fun? ies fy Excellent sports ae the entire facilities, Then come to our fantastic holiday camp! - Famély especially ‘Sunshine Holiday Camp provides fantastic holiday | jayment, with many interesting activities for those CO who anloy outdoor sports ‘The camp is open each year from May to October, but book quickly because there won't be any room if you wait toe long! Dates we local travel agents oF contact us a ane doing ‘Book through your local travel agents or contact us at Write your email of between 120 and 180 words. You must use grammatically correct sentences with accurate spalling and punctuation in a style appropriate for the situation [%* Feet vo parse wrina yy races Write an-answer to ane of the questions 2-6 in this part, Whfte your answer in 120-180 words in an appropriate style, PAPER 4 Listen 2 You see this notice in an intarnational magazin Cana Pet Change Your Life? If you believe that having a pet can have a major influance on your life, we would like to hear from you, Write about your experience with a pet, and say how it changed your life. Write your article. ‘The aditor of the sehool magazine is going to publish a special issue about parttime summer jobs for teenagers, You have been asked to write a roport about the summer jab you did last year. describing your job and explaining why H was a positive or negative experience . Write your report. ‘You recently attended! a pectormance of @ play which had bad reviews in several ewspapers and magazines. You think the negative criticisms wore unto. Writs 2 raview for your local newspaper giving your awn opinion of the play. Inciwito information about the story, the oeting, the gate and costumen. Write your review. Answer one of the following two questions based on your raacing of ane of the eet books. Either (a) ‘The theme of a good book, the message we take away after reading it, must help us in our everydiay lives.’ Do you eyrew or disagree with this statement? Write an essay. giving your opinions with reference to the book ar short story you have read, or ) A clogs of 14-year-old children in your scheot want to use tha hook oF story you have read for a discussion group. The teacher hos asked you to write a report saying whathar oF not it would be suitable. Write a report giving the rensons for your views FCE Test 6 PAPER 2 Writing »»> pat2 97 PAPER 3 938 err For questions 1-12, read the text belaw and dacide which answer (A, B, C or D} bast fits eseh gap: There is an example at the beginning (0). Mark your answers on the separate answer shoet. | Example: : a Alife. Bliving Calive Blive O)A 8 c Dl | OLD ano ACTIVE — [tis a well-known fact that Japanese people have a longer (0) .... expectancy than the population of most other countries, A (1) a... report shows that the Japanese also fa@xpect to remain healthier for longer. Scientists aro trying fo work (2). whet keeps elderly Japanese people so healthy, land whether there is a lesson to be (3) .... from their lifestyles. Should we (4)... any changes to our eating habits, for instance, or go jogging eech day before breakfast? Is there some secret (8) ...in the Japanese diet that is particularly (8) for the human body? Although the (7)... oF @langer, healthier life is a good thing for the individual, it can (8) .... croate a social problem. The number of people over the age of 65 in the population has doubled in the last 50 years and that has increased pension and ‘medical costs. Japan could soon be (8)... an economic problem: there are more aldsrly people whe need to be looked (10)... , and relatively fewer younger people working and paying taxes to support them (One salution could be to (1)... retirement age from 65 to 70. After all, the elderly have a groat deal to (12)... if they cantinue to be active in saciety, younger ‘generations will have the chance ta fearn more from their wisdom and experience, ta + alate 8 recent © modern Dcontemporary 2 Afor Bout Cin Doff 3 Alearnt B gathered C understood D gained ar B mato Cast Bowe 5 Aingrediant Bcomponent portion Dhelping & Acaring B suppartive C positive D beneficial 7 aise Boulook ———_C prospect wisn @ Atnersore —Bactualy even Das well & losing Bmesing ——Cadopting encountering 10 Alor Baer Cover Dow 4s put 8 move Crise Braise 32 Aorant Bdonate ——Ceoetrbute aia FOE Test 6» PAPER'S Use oF English >» Part 7 paper 4 1 Pas ening Speab For questions 12-24, read the text belaw and think of the word whieh best fits each ‘gap. Use only ane word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0). ‘Write your aswers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer shoet. Example: [0] BY ACOUSTIC ARCHAEOLOGY ‘Acoustic archaeology studies the role played (0) ........cound in the ancient world. !t oxamines the connection (13}....... aeousties nd religious or spiritual sites ‘The main question is whether the acoustics of @ place are relevant to tho way (14) a a Used, Archaeologists have noticed that (16)... number of ancient sites have echoes at very low frequencies. Whan sounds are (16) ..... low a this, you feel them in your body, rather (17)... just hearing them, and this creates a feeling of happiness and Contentment, Sites with such echoes were probably Chosen (18) ja... BUIPOS®, tO make visitors feet they were in a place of worship. ityou stand in (18)........ of the Maya Temple in Mexico and clap your hands, youcan hhear an echo that sounds (20) unm the chirp of the Maye sacred bird. This chirping cho (211 uns Producad because the steps af the long temple staircase are at Gifferent distances from the listener. Some archaeologists claim thet the Maya Purposely constructed this tomple (22) ........ achieve this sound. Priests used this echo effect to make people bolieve that the gods were speaking to (23) .....».» Similar acoustic phenomena have been observed in sites (24)... ovar tho world. FCETHRE 6) PAPER S Wow oF ngton»> pare2 99) Test bcs eg Mepis ghet ih ERA Ready For questions 25-84, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end ‘of some of the lines to form 3 word that fits the gap in the same line, There-is an example at the beginning (0) [ane PAPER @ Ustening Write your anewers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separste answer sheet. PAPER 5 Speaiang Example: ‘COMPETITIVE THE SPORT OF KINGS “The (0)... fading of horses is one of humankind’s most ‘COMPETE ancient sports. Horse racing was an organised eport in all major (25) mn. feom Central Asia to the Mediterranean ‘eviLise and became an (26)........ with the public in the Roman Empire. OBSESS ‘The sport has (27)... been associated with royalty and the ‘TRADITION ability, ft became a (28) ...... Eport at the beginning of the PROFESSION ‘sighteonth century, It is the second most (29}........ attended ‘WIDE spectator sport in the US, after baseball, In the UK the Jockey Club, founded in 1750, has complete (30) ..... RESPONSIBLE for horss racing, itis aleo responsibie for the (81) ....... regarding REGULATE 'he breeding of racehorses, Although seionce has been (32) wn.n ABLE to find » breeding systam that guarantees the birth of 8 champion, ‘ts possible to produce horses that ave (38) ..... on the racetrack. SUCCESS ‘Commercial breeding is a very (34)... business. and racehorses PROFIT ‘ean be warth millions af pound. 100 FCE Test 6 FF PAPER 3 Use of Englisn >» Part 5 PAPER 4 Listening PAPERS ea For questions 38-42, complete the second sentence so thot it has a similar meaning fo the first sentence, using the word given. De not change the word given, You ‘Must use between two and five words, ineluing the word given. Hero is an example (0), Example: 0 Fil be very happy wher | go on holiday. FORWARD ee on holiday. ‘The gap can be filled by the words ‘looking forward ta gaing’ so you write: 0| LOOKING FORWARD TO Goinc |) Writo only the missing words IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet. 42 Ittook 35 The man said that he hade't been involved in the robbary The MAN ernst oon Involved in the robbery. 36 I don't know how wide that river is. wHar | don't know - that river is, 37 They're identical wins, so they lock exactly the same. TELL You can't... enn - they're identical twins. 38 My father last went abroad in 2001, My fathar 200%. an answer to his emai 49 ‘Did you read the book or not?’ the teacher asked me. WHETHER The teacher asked Mec cscinsenininecen 41 [find that kind of music really irritating. GETS That kind of music three months to recovar from his illness, ‘OvER Ittook himn three months ..... Fob Test 6 b> PAPER'S Use of Engitsn >» part a 101 ‘You will hear people talking in sight different situations. For questions 1-8. chaose the best answer (A, B or Gi 1) You hear a git talking about a new film Why does she want to sce ie? A to understand better the novel ite based on B because her friends have recommenced it because she likes ation flims Co 2 You hear a woman talking about a car journey she made redently, Where was the biggast traffic jam? A coming out of Landon B near the airport 7 © getting off the motorway a | 3 You hear a woman talking about someone who gave her a birthday present, Who is she talking about? A her motherinlaw B her sistor — © hor daughter fs] Which team does he play for? ‘A Arsenal B Liverpool —— © Birmingham a | 5 You hear a man booking theatre tickets by phone. How much will they eost altogether? A 913 B 67S c ee Cl 5 You hear e woman talking about moving to Scotland. How did she feel when she mot hor neighbours? AA pleased they were so friendly B nnoyed because she couldn't understand their accent, © surprised that they traated her lke a foreigner Ce 7 You hear a radio advertisement for a museum. What period does the special exhibition deal with? A the 1940s © anon C7 the 19505 L 8 You hear two friends talking about a television programme they have both seen, What sort of programme was it? A aquiz show Ba documentary Cc © asap opera [122 ree rence >> papas @ usteing > pares ‘You will hear part of a talk by a woman wha designs model railways in Britain, For questions 8-18, complete the sentence: ‘THE PRESENT SITUATION In the 19808 and 1990s, models were gy Britain is the : 10] raitway model market in Europe, " For parents, model railways are a healthier Ti to computers and videogames, The majority of purchasers of model railway equipment today or fa Purchasers of model 1s include wealthy mfiddle-aged men, bankors ane! 13 FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS. Children will aways have _ [14] interest in toy models. Mode! railways will eantinue to appeal mainly to 5 Companias that make model raitways ara naw investing in 1 Menufeeturers will be taking part in to promote their products ln the future, model trains will be [ [78] by computers. BMic PAPER 3 Use of PAPER 5 Speaking ‘You will hear five different people talking about their memories of their first day at high school. For questions 19-23, choose from the list (A-F) the main thing each speaker remembers from this experience, Use the letters only ence, There is one extra fetter which you do not need to use. [A had 2 positive feting trom ane very stat. Speoker — |_ 8) Bott very tony. Spoasor2 [___—(] © | wosn't wearing the right clothes, speaters [a] D The building seemed very big. Speakers [a E Arelative of mine was already there. Speaker 5 = B F {was lata for the first claes, FeETest Gy PAPER Untrmg v9 rar 2,5 103 Re Use of englisn 24 PAPER 5 Speaking 30 Emma originally chose & career in advertising because ‘she believed she cauld maka a fot of money. B she thought it would be artistically satislying sha was advised to do 0 by a friend, What was her mother's reaction whan Emma decided ‘to give up her career? A She said Emma hade't thought about it enough. B She was impressed. She thought it unnecessary. Ema used to have an au pair who ’ A. did all the cooking and cleaning, B did most of the wark in the house, © looked after the children all the time. ‘What does Emma mean when she says her ‘horizon have got smaller"? A. She doesn’t go aut es often as she used t B She has bocome limited in her interests. © She can't travel (What aspect of housework des Emma find most time-consuming? A. shopping B cleaning © cooking ‘Tho aspect af her old life that Emma misses most is AA the conversations, B the travelling. © the intellectual work. What advice would Emma give sorneone who is thinking of giving up her career? ‘A You should go ahead and do it. B Make sure you ean go back ta work at a tater date € Don't go back if i's too stressful [104 Ret veree p> paren 4 uitenng 9» pare « Witting ‘You will hear a radia interviaw with a woman who hes just given up a succeestul ‘career. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, B ar C). Ce RA Listening PER 5 Speaking Part (5 minutes) ‘The examiner (interlocutor) will ask each of you te speak briefly in turn and te give personal infarmation about yourselves. You can expect a variety of questions, such ax: Who are the most important people in your life? How ean you deseribo your relationship with your family? Bo you have much contact with your uncles and aunts, cousins, etc? What do you mast enjoy doing with yaur family? Part 2 (d minutes) ‘You will each be asked to talk for @ minute without interruption, You will each be aiven twa different photographs in turn to talk about. After your partner has finished speaking, you will be asked 4 brief question connected with your pertner's photographs, . Painters (compare, contrast and specutato) ‘Tum to pictures 1 and 2 on page 153 which show painters and their work. Candidata A, compare and contrast these photagraphs, and say Which painting you like most and why. You have a minute to do this Candidate 8, hava you ever been 10 a painting exhibition? ‘Shops (compare, contrast and speculate Turn to pictures 1 and 2 on page 184 whieh shaw two shops. Candidate &, compare and contrast these photographs, and say what ara the ‘odvantages of shopping in each shop. You have a minute-to do this. Candidate 8, which shopping environment do you prefer? Part 3 (3 minutes) You will be asked to discuss something together without interruption by the ‘examiner. You will have @ sheet of pictures with questions ta help you, Holiday Resort of the Vear (discuss and evaluate} ‘A magazine is running a.campetition ta find the best holiday resort. Turn-to the pictures on page 155 which shows some facilities that a resart could have. Talk to ‘e8ch other sbout the importance of each fecility far the visitors, Then decide which two of these facilities are the most important Part & ca minutes! The examiner will encourage you to develop the topic of your discussion in Part $ bby asking questions such a 0 you enjay spending a holiday in small village erin a city? Why? Which would be batter: fving on a small island oe in 8 mountain village? Why? Do you think young people generally prefer living in cities eather than in small earimunities? Why tnoti? ‘What are the advantages of having holiday homes on islands oF in small mountain villages FCE Test 6 >> PAPERS Speaking 105 106 FCE Test? > PAPER Reading faerie es ‘Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet, © had left the hut too late that morning. Wnen we stepped outside, the sky beyond the mountains to our east was already livid with colour, It meant the day would be a hot one, and the warnth would Joosen rocks that were gripped by Ice. ‘As soon as we stepped out on ta the Face, It became ‘obvious this was going to be an awkward route. The ‘main problem was talus, the dedns that collects On ‘mountainsides. Talus s despised by mountaineers for ‘wo reasons. First, because it can easily be pushed off (on to you by people climbing above. And second, ‘because it makes every step you taxe insecure, For about $0 minutes we moved steadily up the Face. ‘The Fock was in poor condition, When | tried te haul ‘mysetf Up on 3 BIOCK OF I, HE wOUIC pull cowards me, tke a drawer opening. My hands became progressively wetter and colder. Then came a shout. ‘Caliou’ ‘Caloun!” | heard yelled from above, in a female voice. “The words echoed down towards us. | 100ked Up to see were they had come from ‘There were just two rocks at first, teaping: and bounding daw the face towards us, once cannoning ‘off each other in mid-air. and then the alr above ‘sutldenly seemed alive with Falling rocks, humming Bhrouah the air and filing it with noise, Crack, went ‘each one as I€ leapt off the roek Face, then hum: Rum: ‘hum as it maved through the air, then crack again, The pause between the cracks lengthened each time. as ‘the rocks jumped further and further. I continued to Pare BY NARROVV ESCA PE ‘gaze up at the rocks 25 they fell and skipped towards: ‘me. A boy who had been a few years apove me at schol had taught me never to look up during 3 rockfall ‘Why? Because a rock in your face is far less pleasant than a rockon your helmet,’ he told us. ‘Face ‘in, always face in | heaed Toby, my partner on the mountain that day, shouting at me. | looked across. He was safe beneath an overhanging canopy of rock. I coulg Not understand him. Then | felt 2 thump, and was tugged backwards ‘and round. as though somebody hed clamped a heavy hand on my shoulder and turned me to face them, A rk had it the lg of my rucksaes, | Hooked up again, & rack was heading down straiahe towards me. instinctively. 1 leant backwards and arched my back out From the Fork to try to pratact my. chest, what about my fingers, though. & thought: they'll be crushed flat Hit hits them, and I newer get doer, Then | heard a crack directly in front of me. and | tug at my trousers, and a yell From Tony. are you all Night? That went straight througn you. The rock had assed through the hoop of my body. between my legs, missing me but snatching at my clothing as it went, Toby and 1 spent the evening taking through the events of the morning: what if the big Final stone hadn't leapt sideways, wnat if I'd been knocked oF ‘would you have held me, would | have puted you off? ‘Amore experienced mountainesr would probably have ‘thought nothing of itl knew | would not farget it. ‘You are going to read part of a stary about 8 mountain climber. For questions 1-8, choose the answer (A, 8, € or D) which you think fits best according to the text. { - tS 1 Why was it ‘too fate’ by the time thay left the hut in the morning? A It wauld be uncomfortable climbing in hot weather. B The livid colour af the sky would hurt their ayes. € Rocks loosened by melting ice could be dangerous. D They wouldn't be able to walk on the melting ice. 2 The ctimbers A thought that the face was too dangeraus ta climb, B_ thought the weather conditions unsuitable for climbing © tried to pull blocks of rock towards therm, D_ moved up the face with some difficulty. 3 The first reason given t0 explain why mountaineers hate talus is that climbers above you might cause itto fall on you. ‘that it allows people climbing above you to push it aff. that it makes peopte climbing above you feel insecure. that it can cause other people ta push you off the mountain, com> 4 What is likely ta be the meaning of Cailloux’? A Rocks. are flying through the air. B Rocks are falling. © There are loose rocks on the ground ahead. D__Thore are rocks everywhere. 5 Which word ar phrase Is used ironically in paragraph 4? A ‘oll and skippod? B “‘arock in your face’ 6 In what sense was Toby “safe? A The overhanging rock would protect him. B_ He felt « hand on his shoulder. © His rucksack was protected. 1D He had hidden under # eanopy. 7 What is the ‘crack’ Ia line 49? the noise that Toby makas the sound of a rock hitting the rock face the sound af a rock hitting the writer’s clothing something pulling the writer's trousers come 8 What will the writer never forget? A being hit by a rock B almost being hit by a rock © not being able ta hold his friend on the end of a rope D_ not being 4 very experianced mountaineer Fos Test? »» PAPER 4 Reading +) Part 107 c= Bera) pen 5 You ere going to read a newspaper article about a pirate radio station. Seven paragraphs have been remaved from the article. Choose from the paragraphs ACH the one which fits each gap (9-18}, There is.ane extra paragraph which you co nat . need to use. Jstenin PAPER PAPER'S Mark your ancwors on the taparata answer sheet PIRATE RADIO STATIONS Forty years ago radio station on There was, infact, 8 radio station Was there a [estan to ba learnt @ boat off the coast of Britain operating outside Britain at the from all this? Indeed there wa began broadcasting pop music. time transmitting pragrammes The BBC decided to start uo its Radio Caroline's style was young, thst could be received in the wn pap music radio station, fresh and cheeky = and the station a Radio Luxembourg. Radio 1, and before long Radio itsolf was outside British law ft was only after Caroline dise_jockeys were Radio Caroline went on the air working thera, The Brigh government 97815 shat young people were able 10 Nicences far people to operate ' In @ further development, the radio and TV stations, but forty neo broadcast 0 British government decided to ‘years ago the only radio stations allow commercial radio stations ‘that existed legally In Britain were As well as playing the sort af to aperate in the country. This run by the BBC, the state-owned misi¢ that young people liked, meant stations could now do broadeasting company, and the Radio Caroline was popular with legally what Radio Caroline had goverment would not allow listeners for other reasons, The been doing illegally ~ and in far ‘anyone fo operate @ private radio ise jockeys didnt have the mere confortable conditions, station. [BJ] } The typical BC pronunciation, which, EB] Is situation became Irishman who founded Radio evan forty years ago, was ever ‘when the ship from ‘Caroline simply put the radio eonsidered by many to be too which it was operating sank, The ‘equipment on a boat and formaland old-fashioned. Instead crew and disc jockeys had to be anchored it just outsige the three- they spoke with raglonal acconts, rescued. Another ship was found! mit timit thay used eolloquis! English, hey but iran aground in a storm ‘wore loud and irteverant Jae Nan ee A ee ec Why would anyone go to so Today Radio Caroline still exists much trouble to start up a radio but itis na longer as popular as it station? One reason was the Then other pirate radio stations was 40 years ago. But it made BEC’s policy on the kind of music began tospring upandthe British history by foreing the BBC to it broadcast. During = period government decided that some change its policy on pop music ‘when pop music was extremely action had to be taken. and the nature of its rolationship popular the BBC played very litle However, it soon with its listeners ‘of it on its radio stations. It was became clear that the authorities felt that the BBC should cater for were being forced to face the new A ae more conservative tastes in situation created by the pirate inwsic, (i Itwasanlya radio stations. These had shown matter of time before an that pop music was here to stay, ‘enterprising businessmen who and that young —_ people managed some pop music hands dasperately wanted to listen to realisad that here was a huge radio stations that played Ft ‘potential market, ~ r 108 FCE Test 7 b> PAPER Resaing »> Patt 2 I the government's powar only extended to the country itsalf and the seas around it up to three miles from the shore. |B Not surprisingly, Radio Caroline found itsaif in serious financial difficulties. © Asa result. there were large numbers of young people who wanted to listen toe porticular type of music but couldnt, D The audiences toved it and soon targe numbers of listeners vere tuning in to Radio Caroline. E_ What is moro, increasing numbere of listeners war stations to the eminent broadcaster. switching from the pirate F But this station used to play only clearly not satisfactory, short section of each song ~ and this was. G The radio station went an to become a legend. and ite dite jockaye won fame ‘and fortune, Hin 1967 a now law was passed making it ilega! to advertise or supply an afishore radio station from the UK, POE Test 7 »> PAPER 1 Reading» Part? 109 2 Wetting PAPER 4 Listenitig PAPER 8“ Speaking. 3 Use oF Erlich You are going to read a magazine article in which four peaple who have wan the lottery talk about their experience. For questions 16-80 choose from the people {A-D). The people may be chosen more than once. Mark your answors on the separate answer sheet. Which of the peaple had naver played the lottery belore? didn't give cash t0 people he or she knew? played the lottery a8 part of 9 group? had picked winning numbers before? is not usually lucky? picked the numbers at random? always picks the same numbers? donated maney to organisations? gave money to relatives? didn’t let winning change tis or her lite? continued working after winning? leads 4 simpler life than betove winning? made en investment? noticed a big change in other people's attitudes? [119 Foe Test 7») pape 1 Reading Parcs A Alan Brown Til nover forget the moment | found aut "a won. | wos ‘watching the lottery draw on the television, and when they started reading out the numbers, | begsn checking tham off. | knew the numbers by haart because in oder to increase my chances of winning, | never change the set of numbers that | play. Anyway, | couldnt believe it whan | found out | hed the wining numbers, After | got the money, | would write cheques for big amounts of money avery night and post thorn cif to trends. Td always promised myself 6 da that i | ever won. | knew if | didn't dot right oway, 1 might forget or got distracted, ! bought some shares in a camputer software company and 8 small cottage off the coast of Scotland. Apart fram that. | haven't spent any realy big amounts of maney. B Leslie Ledeon | was washing my halt when my friend Pat phaned, and 1 cauld hardly understand whet she was saying She was shouting at the top of her voice. Pat and | were part of a syndicate. Thora were tan af us trom the office in it. and we used to play together. To be honest, | never paid much attention to the drew, becaurs | had always considered myself a pretty unlucky person. The truth is! never seriously expected us to win. The first thing my colleagues did was to give notice at work, They said they didn't see the point of working ever again. | thought about it and talked it ‘over with my husband Bryan, and I dacided to carry an working. You see, I think t need that part of my fifo. was. determined not to fet the money affect our lifestyle in any way. Ves, we do go on more expansive holidays, and we have.a new car, but that's all NNING BIC C ulll Bentley | shouldn't have been so surprised, because | had won a few pounds playing the lottery about & yaar earlier, After | won that first time, | more or loss stopped playing, too. | wauld occasionally pon into the shop and play the first numbers that came into my head. Well, | won again, and this time it was 9 small fortune, | must edimit | enjoyed feeling affluent! 1 went # bit crary when | first gnt the monay. spending # an anything from expensive cars ta designer clothes, My two brathors, Pate and Fred, barrawed a handsome ‘amount of money to star their own business. | am really pleased the business is. doing pretty well now. Having spent more than one third af the money, t went completoly the other way: | live in a little cottage, which is much smaiter than the fiat | had betare ! won, and Idrive a second-hand car. D Peter Kerman Hiterally coulde’t beliove it when | won, tt was the fret time U'd ever played the lottery, and for houre | woe convinced | wae making some huge mistake. Once | realised it was true and | had wan, 1 went out for 8 long watk with Bonzo, my dag, Itemember eeeing » TV documentary about someone who won the football pools years age, and it changed her lle so much that she was miserable for the rast af her life. So | decided then and there that | wast going to let the Money rule me. | never considered giving up my iob. I'm a free. ance graphic designer, end | love what I'm doing. | didn't think twice bofere giving quite a int of the money ta the Red Cross and other charities Unfarininntaly, quite 9 few penple | bmn: soem to be angry with me for not leading an extravagant lit | just wish they'd teat me the way they always used ta, c= Test 7 PAPER 1 Reading ¥ Part 5 en a PAPER 1 easing ‘You must onswer this quastion, PAPERS Us Eng 1 Last weekend your English friend, Barbar: came to stay with you and your family, Now sho has written to invite yau ta stay with her family next weekend. Read PAPERS Speaking Barbara's email and the notes you made. Then, using all your nates, write a suitable email to your friend, PAPERS Listening seme 3a a pa email | From: Barbora } Sent: 28June | lot Friday Subject:_Next weekend B Secmrse:s: {had a really good time last weekend! Thank for Satiiedoy Jetting me stay. moming? Yesl | ‘k id ba A. se yout cone ad str ian nt paket ‘ined Gus Were going to our summor house on Friday morning, 20 Peel oo ‘aseeds Ye cold comme Eviday evening Ifyou ke, = Tneed Thete’s a lake near the house, and we have lots of fun to bring? 7 when wo go tharo, And then when we get back to the city Swimming oa Sunday, well have time to go out in the evening stuff? = Suggestions for Sunday? Write your email of between 129 and 160 words, You must use grammatically Correct sentences with accurate spaling and punctuation in a style appropriate for the situation, PAPER 2 Wiriting >> Part + [12 rete? PAPER 4 Reading PAPER 3 PAPER 4 Ustening ce OF Eni PAPER 5 Speaking ‘Write a” answer to one of the questions 2-8 in this part. Write yaur answer in 120-180 words in an appropriate style, 2 An English-language magazine is holding a short story competitian, and you have decided to enter. The rules say that the story must begin or end with the following sentan || had known what was going to happen, I would naver have made that prone call Write your story for the competition. 3 An old friend is thinking of going ta Paris on an exchange programme, Your friand knows you took part in a similar pragramme last summer and has asked for your advice, \Woite your letter, Do not write any addresses. 4 You recently saw this notice in an English-language magazine devoted to the cinema called Young Critic: “These days films roly too heavily on special effeete for their success. The result is that audiences are becoming bored. What happened fo good stories and good acting?” Write a raviow of a film that used many special effects. Hew good oF bad eas the film? Did it rely too heavily an special effacts? We would very interested to hear your views, ‘Write your review, 5 Answer one of the following twa questions based on your reading of one of the ‘set books, {Either {a} ta story is good, it doesnt mattor where and when itt Set. Good stories have universal appeal’ Do you agree or disagree with this ‘statement? Write an essay. giving yaur opinions with ceference to ‘the book oF short story you have read, ‘Or tb) A review of the book or shart story you have read describes it as ‘gripping and abeorbing’. Write an article explaining haw far you agree with this and giving your reasons. pana 113] pen? wei For questions 1-12, read the text below and decide which answer (A. B, C or BI best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0), Mark your ansvrors on the separate answer sheet. B put Cplaced D dropped Caf trap .- Patricia took a liking to the kitten the moment she (0). eyes on it, The poor litle creature was 80 helpless, #0 cute and so weak that it hardly had the (1}...... to stand an its feet. Who could hava boen $0 (2)... as to leave a tiny animal like this outside an such @ cold night? It was only early September, but the fast few mornings there had bean frost on tha (9)... when Patricia walked fa school, and the tempereture during the day was only 8 few degrees (4)... 280 Potricia decided to take the kitten home and face the éS ... argument with her mother. Mrs Stevens (6) .. to let her daughter have a cot, She was quite (7)... that pets were smelty, dirty and likely ta carry diseases. Patricia had tried her (8)... t0 ‘explain that this simply waset true, but all her efforts were in (8)... . Whenever they discussed the 10}... , Mrs Stevens would get very upset and (11) ... why Patricia neoded a pot snyway, when ehe had sueh loving parents, Patrieia had often triod to explain that this was beside the (12)... A pet would be 8 companion. 1 Aabiliy B strength C tore Dpower 2 Accuel B strict harsh Dasovere 2 soil B bottom C foor Daground 4 @higher over Cabove Dattor 5 Ainiontional table assontial Bnecessary & Adeniod Brolveed C insisted Ddemanded 7 Aporsuaded —Beenfiumed —_—C.convineed Ddacidac & Ahardest B most C worst Ddocpest 9 doubtful B hopeless C useless Dyvain 10 Athaory Bpropesition —_C aubjact Dithome 11 A wonder B demand C insist D request 12 Aids B point Croason Because [114 Feereita rn rnret wie or ena 99 ras PAPER ening PAPER S Speaking For questions 13-24, read the taxt below and think af the word which best fits each {99p. Use only ene word in each gap. Thare i¢ an oxampis at the beginning (0). Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet. ete: [OT ONE) NOI THE ORIGIN OF OUR LANGUAGE Sir William Janes, who was born in 1748, was undoubtedly 10) .... of the reatest linguists who ever lived, He had an amazing talent (13)... languages | d Jearmt Greek, Latin, Persian and Arabic at a very young age. (14) .... the time of his death, he had a thorough knowledge of thirteen languages and 9 | Sood knowledge of a further twenty eight. | ‘Apart (28) ...... studying languages, he studied law and became a judge in India, He (16) ..... fascinated by this vast subcontinent and he wrote a great (97) si. about many aspects of Indian life, including musie, literature, botany and geography. He aleo tra Hiterature, iated (18)... important works of lgian Jonas noticed (19) ...... Sanskrit, a classical language of India, was similar to Greek and Latin 420) ....., a number of significant ways. The resemblance (21) ..... nat be a eaincidence. Several people in earlier times (22) .... alse noted the simitarities, but Jones was (23) .,... first to suggest that these three languages hed a common origin. io eiso suggested thet they cuvhl Ue | grouped together (24)... other European and Asian languages into one huge family of languages: the Indo-European languages. English is one of these languages. FOE Tost7 >) ParGi'§ Use of Engien Pera. 115) Pel em ews se For questions 25-34, read the toxt helow, Use the word given in capitals at the and of some of the lines to form a word that fits the gap in the same fine, There is an example at the beginning (0). PABER 4 Listening Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet. Example: [0] POPULATION LEFT-HANDEDNESS Ton pe Gon Of the (0)... is left-handed. There's a lot of POPULATE (254... against left-handed people. Hows dificult is DISCRIMINATE it for them ta live in a right-handed world? A numbar of (26) ...... items such as scissers have been PRACTICE designed far right-handed pooplo, it cam be very (2PP sus CONVENIENT for ‘lefties’ to be sitting next to ‘righties’ during dinner. (28)... used computer keys are on the right of the ‘common keyboard. Lefties have to vee their own Sport (29)... Equip LOSS (20) uu Used CaF controls such as headlight switches FREQUENT fre on the right. Forcing children to use their right hand ean cause (31) .. HATE Of School, whieh car Une impact their vader 92) peveLor eon also rasult in disastrous learning (33) sasuke dyslewia, ABILITY Trying to make lefties’ use their right hand can explain their often rebellious (34) ....... at school, their clumsiness and BEHAVE {rustration. 116 FCE Test 7 b> PAPER 3 Use of Enollsh b pares | PAPER 4 PAPERS ening For quostions 38-42, complete the second sentence eo that it has a similar meaning, to the first sentence, using the word given, Do nat change the word given. You Must use between two and five wards, inefuding the ward given, Here is an example (0). Example; 0 ba very happy when |-g0.an holiday. FORWARD onions ON Holiday. ‘The gap can be filled by the words ‘looking forward to gaing’ so you write: [B]_L00KinG ForwarD To GOING Write only the missing words IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet. 35 Tha village is the same as it was in the 19505. CHANGED: "The village the 19608, 36 I'm sorry | forgot to phone grandma, APOLOGISE 1 ---e phione grandma. 37 Que cot was sleeping on the safa all afternoon. SPENT Oureat is on the sofa. 38 Aunt lane wanld never let anyane eau her aithau « hat REFUSED, Aunt dane en soe without a hi 38 wes so hot that she fainted, a SIM os it hadn't been #0 hot motor racing. 41. Please reply immediately an receipt of this notmicatien. SOON Ploase reply ee tS MO MeaRION, 42 The coffee machine in our offiea hasn't worked for three months. our The coffee machine in our office for three months, FOE Test 7+ PAPERS Use of English > rata 447) lane sie 01 Ce) RY Re PAPER 2 writing PAPER 5 use of English PAPER'S Speaking the best answer, (A, B or C), 1. You hear a boy talking ta a friend on tha phone, What hes happened to make him unhappy? ‘A He missed a teat at school, B He folled a test at school © He has a test at school tomorrow, 2 You hear a woman talking about a shopping trip, What did ahe buy? A ajacker B. ahandbag © acost 3. You hear a woman tsiking sbout 2 ear eho ucod to own Why did she decide to sell it? ‘A. bopause she wanted ta eeanomise B because she no tonger needed it © because she needed a more comfortable car 4 You hear a man phoning the reception desk af his hotel. What is the problam with his room? ‘A The heating doesn’t work. B The television is out of erder. © The door doesn't close properly, 5 You hear a gir talking to her father about a schoo! trip, Where are they going? A London & Paris Rome You hear a man dascribing a trip in a hot aie balloon, How did he feol when the balioon started ta rise? ‘A astonished at the silence around him B nervous because the basket was not steady © worried that they would drift-out of control 7 You hear a recarded message for callers to a local government office. ‘What number should callers press for school enquiries? Ag Ba es & You hear a woman remembering 3 magazine she used ta read as a tesnager. What did she like most about it? A the fashion tips B the intarviews with pop stars © the stories 418 FCE Test 7 ++ PAPER & Ustening » + Port 4 i hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose Exam Essentials ‘You will hear part of a conversation between a journalist and the director of « new community college. For questions 9-18, complate the seatences. Woodley Community College ‘Summer school classes start on 3s ioc People expressed interest in the collage af eit was advertised 19] The FH] wil dectore the eoiege open. At tho opening ceremony, Hacry Watson, the famous TH will make a speech, Local 3] will be teaching courses at the college The emphasis will be on Ta] subjects The cotlege will be _ 15] about accepting students, Students may not have the [— [1] required by tratitionat colleges Itis hoped that an Generate interest in the college. You can refer to the college 18] if you would like more ] office in the eity centre will Information, You will hear five different people describing what thay like mort ahaut New Vaek For questions 19-29, chogse from the list (A-F) the reasan each speaker gives for Why the eity appeats to thamn personally, Uso the letters only once. There is ane fextsa letter which you do-not need 10 use. A ithas a mixture of ethnicities, speskect [J] Speaker? [_) l @ itis fantastic place for shopping. G New Yorkers have a great sense of humour, spsaeers [1 Spentera [Ta D_ The architacture is very impressive. E Eating aut is a I pleasure, Speakers = [faa] F The museums and galleries are great, Test7 >» PAPER @ Listening F) Por:2.5 119) PAPER T Reading PAPER 2 Writing You will hear part of a talk by a deep: corset answer (A, Bor €. 1a diver. For questions 2430, chopse the PAPER'S: Use of Enis 24 Ray A ost his job as office manager. B dicn*t enjoy working in an office, studied law whan he finished seheot, 25 Ray's paronts A knew thet Ray didn't have enough experience to do the couse, 8 thought that Ray wouldn't be able ta complete the coures, © believed that Roy didn't have the strength to do the course, 28 Most of the work that Ray does: Ais baring burt sata Beeps him tindenwater for nuer twe here © Is not in very deop mater, 27 According to Ray, accidents happan when divers A dive dovwrn to the sea bed B work on shipwrecks at the botiom of the sea, forget to think about possible dangers. 28 At the moment, Ray A. is repairing a ship in America, Bis working on a ship that sank off the coast of America, is lacking fora ship that eank.s hundred and fifty vears ae, 29. The SS Union A sank during the American Civil War, B might have beon carrying a valuable cargo, © was travelling to the Northem Stotes when she sank, 30 According 10 Ray, i a shipwreck breaks up, @ diver A might be unable to return to the surface. B_ might suffer from air embolism. © might have to dive too deep. [120 FoeTest7 PP PAPER & Ustening > Par Part 1 (3 minutes) ‘The examines (interlacutor) will ask each of you to speak briefly in turn and to give Personal information about yoursalves. Vow can expect a variety af questions. such as: ‘What were yous first English lessons tke? ‘What da you plan to study in the future? ‘What do you think would be the most interesting job to do? ‘What makes a job challenging? Part 2 (4 minutes) ‘You will each be asked to talk for a mintte without interruption, You will each be ‘given two different photographs in turn to talk about, ARsr your partner has finished speaking, you will be askad 8 brief question connected with your partner's photographs, Special moments (compare, contrast and speculate) = Turn te pictures 1 and 2 on page 186 which show people enjoying special maments. in theit lives. Candidate A, compare and contrast these photographs, and say what makes these ‘moments special far these peapla. Candidate B, which of these do you think is ore memorable? Climates (compare, contrast and epeciilata) ‘Turn to pictures 1 and 2.07 page 157 whiah show different types of cli Candidste A, compare and contrast these photographs, and say what yau think it ‘would be like to five in each af these climates. Yau have a minute to do this. Candidate 8, which climate would you find most comfortable living in? Pare 3 (3 minutes) ‘You will be asked to discuss something together without interruption by the ‘examiner. You will have 2 sheet of pictures with quastions to help you, Evening classes (discuss and evaluate) ‘Turn to the pictures on page 158 which shaw a number of courses that ean be offered at evening classes in the community centre of @ email town, The community centre can only offer twa of these possible classes. Talk to each other abaut how each etass might attract different people. Then decide which two of the classes you think should be offered by the community centre. Part 4 id minutes Tho examiner will encourage you to devolop the topie of your discussion in Part 3 bby asking questions such as: Do you think schaots and community centres shauld offer evenina classes? Why tno? What sort of subjects would you like to learn about? Why? Why de you think people attend evening classe: Do you think older people make good university students? Why (aotl? FCE Test 7 +> PAPERS Speaking 121 | [122 Foe Testa choose the answer (A, or DI which you think fits best according to the taxt. Mark your answors on the separate answer sheet. A_ GIRL WITH AMBITION Holly Sinetsir arrives at the north London resesurant Where she and | are-t have lunch without coat or bag, injeant and trainers. She looks exactly what she is'@21 year-old who, hanks to three numbartone Bit oni 8 rilicnaire husband and blossoming acting career, having the ume of her le. Once she opens her mouth, however; you realise that the person inside her body is actually a middle-aged woman, She has recently acted in chres quite diferent roles. and received cautious praise for this. What the hres roles have in commen ts that they truly. caught Sinclairs Dbuttertyike imagination. Her three numbercone hits have brought her a big fat measure af artistic froedom. and she intends vo make full use of tl dan'chave te do things forthe snke of them. ft means | can wal 8 while find the righe things. ve got the ine te go eve and fred ‘out about fife, observe people and dynamic situations that help me in my work. Ukimacely im only ever gaing to do the things that interest re, that | feel | can de something with Even (tm offered blockbuster. may not be right a the ime, or bene me. ‘Nacurlly, Holy Sinclair knew what she wanted in life from an unusually early age ~ and that, whether she ‘ares to admit It oF Not. was fame and fortune, At 12, she lee Swindon, where her father worked as a builder and moved to London..Gnce there, she boarded with a great aunt and uncle while attending the Oldham ‘Theatre School Theee years later; her debut single. Like Mo’ became the fist of her three consecutive number ‘one hits (she holds the record far being the youngest singer to achiene such a feat), Te was noe, she gays, very hard to leave her parents and ree young brothers. She wasn't even parbeulaly homesick wanted to study and f dida't want to: stay where | yas. | wanted more, was just very ambitious I don't know where ie cama feom! Aer ahe becarse fornous, most of the time she was rather alone, Her schedule leh letle ume for the business of being a ‘teenager, “You've got to be on time, make sense, be logics, cake care of yoursall. enakis sure you get enough sloop! Than she met her pap-star husband, Freddy Frinton, ‘After thee lst cute, Freddy sent her a sver Ferra fl of roses, in spixe of che fact that Holy couldn't drive (the car has nce etn sok, Because Sac preers to ‘rive herself around in a small farnily car), Then, in May: 12003, they got married In a Las Vegas wedding chapel with no family and no rings. She spends her money en CDs and DVDs and going out: The only thing she really wants is a fast car. But then, she wonders whether she can't get another year oF two out of her old car first. ‘Money's never been a big part of my fe. Froddy and | never have conversations about money. Maybe we would if we were very poor! She sull looks 4s compated at a waxwork model. Does the fool young ar old for her age! ‘Not a amedy, bot wien | get together with friends | see a difference in Cour personalities. Sometimes I get angry with myself that [ve done too much, that | haven't saved anything, | mean, what could possibly make me excited?” Holly is smiling brighly. but k sounds as sad and as empty 2s anything | have ever heard. TEST Exam Essentials ‘You ate going to read pert of an artiéle about a pop singer. Far questions 1-8, Why does the writer describe Holly as a ‘middle-aged woman’ inline 8? A Holly's physical condition is that of an alder women. B Holly dresses lika a middle-aged woman, © Holly behaves like 8a older and more sensible person 5 Holly has much more money that most young people. |n whot sanse does Holly have ‘artistic Freecom’ as mentioned in the second paragraph? ‘A She has the freedom to ehaosn which acting parts she wants. B She is free to express hersalf artiotieally. © She can choose a differant art form. 1D She can sing in different artistic styles, ‘What is implied by saying that Holly wanted fame and fortune from an early ‘age ‘whether she caras to admit it or not’? ‘A. She ie proud af her success, She might be embarrassed to say this. openly. © She cares a lot about her childhood. D She never talks about her childhood yaars Holly says that she left Swindon to get away from her parents and brothers. she wanted ta he free to work in Landen. she moved bacausé she couldn't do what she wanted in Swindon. she was encouraged to study by har parents. voes Wo are told that when Holly becama famous A she had lita tims for business B she fott very lonely © she had to stick toa very difficulr schedule, D_ she had to act responsibly, Why does Holly drive a small family car? A She can no longer drive the Farrs B Her husband sent her this small car as # presont © She couldn't stford anather Ferrari. 1D Sho likes the convenience of driving & mall car. What is Holly's attitude towards money? A She hates to discuss i |B. She ond her husband disagree about maney. © She now finds money unimportant. 1D She dosen't think enonay is @ priority in lite, What does the writer find sad about the last words of Holly's that are quoted? ‘the fact that Holly has no exciting things left to experience the fact that Holly hasn't saved any money the fact that Holly feels young for her age the fact that Holly fools old for her age com> FOE Test 8 +» PAPER 1 Reaging »» pare "5 ue Ra You are going 10 read a newspaper article about orangutans. Seven eentencas have boon removed from the article. Choose from the sentences AsM the ona which fits each gap (9-15), There is one extra sentence which you de nat nead to use, Mari your ansvrers on the separate answer sheet. ALMOST HUMAN ‘Orangutans and chimpanzees are ‘capable of performing intelectual feats we onee thought to be uniquely human, Using language, being self-aware, learning by imitation and problem-solving are high-level abilities that are ‘not limited to humans. ‘Research has shown that ‘orangutans and other great apes, ike chimpanzees and goritas, snare ‘these abaties too, se lai Sac ala the use of language by these Somcc. mechanisms of developing: ean eee sieeat con ono ‘orangutans involved in @ project in Seo ea a iocaa aaa Noes poses Gane oe he ee Se pea inane aio eae io wom cents: BT | say eee Serer ability to recognise numbers: Soa ore cae from one to three with reasonatie sccurcy. [i] ‘fundamental aFerence between humana nd orangutan thelr aoiity to comprehend abstract iaeat, etract concepts are basic to numan thanking, whe mere's roe evdenge that orenqueans can understand abstract ideas a one ofthe most interesting experiments in the Vraia prover. concerns memery. [1 ] Orangutans on the other hand appear to remember things according to where they saw them last, This ees 9 es efficient way F storng information 20 may welbe tht orangutans have 8 tite capacity for meme n comparson to mumans HL) er tees extremely strated when they rake an eror ana they never rash Into a task because they con't want robe weone. orangutans have idosyneracies and ferences inpersonaity. Some ae sow learners wae omer are mare impulswe Unfortunately, most ofthe research on great ape iteaigence ras be cone wen ania in captivity. IS] ——_| stucies oF FCE Test.B b> PAPER 1 Reading b+ Part 2 et ee ‘orangutans, however, that suffered human capenity but were then ‘freed showed that they are capable ‘oF learning by imitation. imitating someone yawn or scratch his head 15 not a great intelectual accomplishment, burt leaming a new benavlour just by watching Is a Very advanced abiity. Orangutans ‘could chop firewood or wash cisnes without being taughe. The only way thay could have done it was by watching humans compared ko orangutans chimoanzees are genetically closer {0 human beings ane they are tnougnt toe mere intenigent. ‘here are ciferencas inthe war the mics of chimos and orangutans work. [FA] | “The chimps seem to work fast simort neuvety, white orangutans are siower and more methodical (Bf tisseemsto suggest that they both nave a concast of ‘se ~ they know who they are and think of themselves in 2 particular vay. Chimpanzees are rmaniputive ana capable of ‘deception. They are very 900 problem soWers,cledry capable of complex cognitive performance shen makes ther aimost human. | | ( Orangutans can became very emotional when they fail atest 8 One feature of both chimps and orangutans is the ability to recognise themselves in a mirror, © One obvious disadvantage is that we cannot study their behaviour in their natural environment D_ Does this mean she is starting to think in & human way? E None of these tasks can be performed well by orangutans. F Humans generally remember things by putting them into groups or categor G However, she hasn‘t yot laarnt to use them in sentences, ‘This becomes apparent wien they are each given the same task to do. FOE Test 8 4) PAPER Reading }+ Pan 2 125) You are going to read part of an article in which four people talk about the sports ici lessons they had at school. For questions 1630 choose from the people (A-D). The Use of Enalish people may be chosen mare than once. PAPER Ustenin nswer sheet. Mark your answers on the separate PAPER'S Speaking — Which of the people thinks sparts encourage cooperation? believes that experiance of losing is important? z thinks one benefit of sports is earning to concentrate? | compares échool subjects to sports? a] thinks that sports holp maintain national traditions? a | believes the Olympic spire assenia today? a] thinks sparts help non-academic pupils? @ thinks sports can teach objectivity and justice? a] batieves that humankind is aggressive by nature? Se thinks schools should teach unusual sports? a believes that some schools don't take sports seriously? we] thinks males and females are nat treated equally? EI believes diet and health should be taught with sports? thinks sports can make some ehildren feel uncamfertable? Bal 7 126 ECE Test 8 F» PAPER 1 Reading » Parts Sports atla ‘A Diane Tovenson Looking back. | did enjoy spoms lessons at sthool, even though | think mast schools assume sports are basically for boys, and girls don't get encouraged to do well at sports. That attitude really annoys me, hecause the whole point of sports at school is te help kids develop the fight altitudes, and it doesn’t matter realty how good you are. If you can't run as fast as an Olympic athiete, that oosn't matter ~ what mattors is that you run as fast ox you can. Schools are highly competitive environments and sports can teach children the importance of teamwork. Almast everything else at schoo! is about individual efforts, but sports are atiout working together towards a common goal. Sports at school give children, who are not high achievers @ chance to exce! at something, Finally, national sports, like ciicket in England, benofit because they are part of the school curriculum, 8 Colin Campbell My own mamorias of sports lessans at school aren't Porticularty good, but that's mainly because of the type of school | wont to. it was very unusual by British standards, with aldashioned ways af teaching, and the head! didn’t really think sports mattered at all, The schoal rarely organised sports events and naver invested in sports equipment, There was very litie emphasis on the importance of & healthy diet and the benefits of keeping fit and exercising properly. | believe tha ebesity, anorexis, nutritional value of food, ete, should bee included in sparts lessons at gchoo!, Children should bbe aneouraged to taka part in competitive sports. Boing competitive is part of human nature, and daing sports can provide an exceliont out for this aggressiveness. Winning at sports can build up your solfesteem ang ‘confidence. On the ather hand, since you cant expact to ‘win avery time, sports ca teach you how to be humble and realistic. Taaues like © Roger Dias ‘There are obvious bonofits in having good sports classes at school, Children stay fit and learn the importance of fair play. Sehoots can introduce children to sports they would nevor otherwise eve the eepwitunil vt uli, For instance. | grew up in a big city, and wa hardly aver {travelled to the countryside as 8 family, At school wa had 8 climbing wall in the aym, and we learnt rock climbing in sports class, When | maved to Europa, | took up rock climbing and was surprised at how good 4 was at it Schools should offer a wide range of sports fram the most popular ones, like football and basketball. 1a the ess popular ones, like table tennis and climbing. Unfortunately, sports are often ragarded os a sort of ‘Optional extra by certain schaots and this is also reflected ung eniigren's ammiwae to mem. D Helen Smith Tha main paint about sports is that thay encourage peacatul competition. | think that’s the basis of the Olympic spirit of Classical Greece, which nowadays is ‘more important than ever before, Sports can teach vou how to discipline yoursell. how to remain focused on what you're doing and haw to anniy yoursell 10 achieving a goal, Idan’ think sports are really about the sort af agaression and rage that yau see sometimes in football matches; lar instance. | eeriainiy think teachers snouls aiscourage any torm af aggression during sports lasses, On top of that, we naed to be mare sensitive towards the feelings of children who are not fit or ea0d at sports, Taking part in a sparts losson can be a major source of embar‘assment and a traumatic experience lor less athlete children, a ee ey 2 ‘Test >» PAPER 1 Reading >» ms 127 PAPER 1 Reading You must answer this question PAPER? Une of English PAPER A Listening 1 You are organising a visit to 6 local radia station for your English class, You have: received this letter from Edna Bryley with # suggested programme. You have te PAPER 5 Speaking ‘seply so the programme can he decided. Read the letter carefully, with your notes, and then write 2 letter to Edina Bryley. You must use all your notes. awn Jou quai Ye would suggest the following programme for your visit, Could you let me know whac you think so we can finalise thst | Start eartier 1130~ Tour of ssi because. 12.30 Sit in on Youth Miaters (young people's discussion + programme) 13.30 = Laing § $$ here? Do we join in? 14.30 = You interview our station manager 15.30 — Our marketing manager describes his work 1630 ~ Departure lite want Not so interesting \ toask him = interview programme Edna Bryley about. presenter instead? faba tamer Rete $6 | ne Write @ letter of between 120 and 150 wards in an appropriate style, Do not write | any addresses. [*22 Foe Testa »» PAPER 2 writing + Part + PAPER’ Reading PAPER 3 Use of English cH PAPER 4 Listening PAPER 5 Speaking ‘Write an answer to one of the questions 2-6 in this port. Write your answer in 120-189 words in an appropriate style. 2 Your school magazine recently published an article Which claimed that young People prefer the cinema to the theatre. The articio coneluded: ‘Let's face it: the theatre is dead.” You do not agree with this. Write a review af a good play you Sew recently and explain why you think the theatre still has a lot to offer Write your review. 3 You see this notice in an international magazine: As the world becomes smaller and globalisation has a rester effect an us all, is there any place for focal traditions? Do local traditions realy matter? ] | Write your views, giving examples of traditions that yo . foe! should be preserved. Write your article, 4 An English lsnguage magazine is holding # short story competition, and you have decided to enter. The rules say that the story must end with the following sentence: twas 9 decision he would cograt for the rast af his life, ‘Write-your story for the competition. 5. Answer one of the following twa questions based on your reading of one af the set books, Either (al Write an essay describing ane of the minor characters in the book ‘hat, in Your opinion, is interesting enough to be the main charactor ina story of his or her own, OF {tb} Characters in books have to make Imparant decisions. Write-an article for your schoal magazine about 2 decision that one of the ‘characters had to- make in the book or one of the shart stories you have read. You should also say whether you would have made the ‘game dasiaion a9 the charautes, FE Test hy PAPER? wring») Part? 129 PAPER 1 Reaaing PAPER 2 Writing For questions 1-12, read the text bolow and detide which answer (A, B, € or D) best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0). Mark your answers an the separate answer sheet PAPER 4 Listening Example: ° Abuge B vast Clarge Dimmense 0 PAPERS Speaking THE OLD GATE , In the Middle Ages the (0) ,...,. majarity of European cities had walls around them. They (1)... to dofond the city, but thay alee kept eut undesiraile peuple, lw hues with contagious (2) Most of Landon’s gates had been (3) ..... by the end of the eightoentn century, However, by a (4)... of luck, the last of them was preserved. This gate is, in (8). fact, not called 9 gate at all its name is Temple Bar, and it marked the (6)... tween the old City of London and Westminster. However, as the (7)... of traffic through London increased, Temple Bar became ain) (8)... t0 its fr08 flow. in 1878 it wos dosided to take it down, so its stones were numbered, dismantled and put in (9). « A eouple of yoars later a wealthy businessman bought the stones and re: erected them at his house in Hertfordshire In the 1970s the Temple Bar Trust was (10)...... with the intention of returning the gate ta the City af Landon. Much of the money for this project was (11)... from the Tomple Bar Trust. The stonework needed a lot of restoration, which was (72) «1. Out by the Cathedral Works Organisation, Today, Temple Bar stands next to St Paul's Cathedral 1 Asuppoted Bcerved C axpactedt Demeant 2 Ainjuries B symptoms Cocolds Didiseases 2 Adevoted B domolished € declared decreased 4 Astroke Bwave Chit Diow 8 Aveo! Becurrant C actual Badefinite 6 Adivision B part Cline Dboundery 7 Aamount B quantity bute Dumber 8 Aproblem B prevention C difficulty Boobotacte 9 Astorage B store C storeroomn D stock 10 Asetout Bot up Ceetot Dasst back 11 Aawards B presents C donations Daids 12 Amado B performed done oe. 130 FCE Test 8+ PAPER 3 Use of English b> Part 1 TEST PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 2 Whiting Ge PAPER @ Listening PAPER 5 Speaking For quastions 13-24, read the text below and think of the word which best fits eaeh ‘88p. Use only ane word in each gap, There is an example at the beginning (0). ‘Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet. Exanele: [oF] LEARNING THE LANGUAGE Miteracy is the condition (0)... being unable t0 read andl write. Iiteraey is also used (13) describe the condition of being ignorant in @ particular subject 07 field. Computer literacy 16 (14)... inability fo use a computer programming language ‘Most of us (18)... use computers ean send emails, OF KGW (16) wnnn, to create 2 new folder. But we knaw nothing about programming languages, the artificial languages used to write instructions that can be executed (17) ........a eemputer. ‘Only a very small percentage of computer users are (1B) uu... to read -or write any kind of computer language. Should we make the effort to learn computer languages, especially when (19}........ are so complicated? ‘The answer is yes. Because of computer iliteracy, Users 876 (20) anuum the mercy of sofware manufacturers. Our society has become dependent (21)... Information technology, and in a few years’ time, knowing a computer language will be (22)... essential ag using a human language. Computer usars vill 123) «uw be able 10 periorm ettectively unless they know the code ~ the set of etsiled instruetions that tell a Computer 24) won, tO do. Ce Test ) PAPER 3 Use of Engst >» pare? 434 iu PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 2 Writing PAPER 4 PAPER 5 Listening Speaking For questions 25-84, raad the text below. Use the word given In capitels at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits the gap in the same line, There isan ‘example at the beginning (0). Write your snewors INV CAPITAL LETTERS onthe separate answer sheet. Example: [0] ‘ASSOCIATIONS | FILM FESTIVALS Filey festivals are events staged by private organitations, local governments, ars (0)... or film sociaties. They pravide an opportunity far (25)... film makars to present thair movies to a real live audience and to have them raviewed by (26) ...... eftis, Wa film ig shown at a festival, the film maker gets (27)... press attention and exposure to agents and buyers Some festivals wolcome a wide range of films, but other festivals are more speciatised. They may accept only comedies, or only films made by fernale (28)... . Most festivals accept (29) soon from any film maker, regerdiess af his or her past experience, Each festival has its ern aet uf rules. (28) {lm makors re given a deadline by whieh they have to submit their ims. Submitting a film to the wrang {estival is likely to end in 431), Ha movie is accepted, the organisers {92} owns the film maker, Film festivals B70 (33) on. Bivieled Inte categories Ike dram documentary or animation. Films are judged far their production value, (34)... and overall impression. [132 Fe reste o> Papen suse oF engin» part = ASSOCIATE Know PROFESSION VALUE DIRECT SUBMIT ornenAL REJECT TYPICAL Test PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 2 Writing PAPER @ Listening PAPER S Speaking For questions 36-42, complete the second sentence co that it has.a similar seaming fo the first sentence, using the word given, Do not change the word given. You ‘must use between twa and five words, including the ward given. Here is an example (0). Exampl © ril'be vary happy when I go an holiday, FORWARD tam a on holiday. ‘The gap can be filled by the words “looking forward to going’ eo you write: Ul] LOOKING FoRWaRD To GONG ‘Write only the missing words IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet, 35 Allthe students nasser the exam avnapt tenn WHO Jenny was the iit + pass the exam, 36 You've got to decide what you realty want t0 do with your life, TIME tra. ‘what you really want to do with yaur ite, 37 Each month he goes ta the local haitdresser's for @ haircut. Gets Each MOMM ncn at the focal haisdresser's 38 Mert her a uitivnary last wud, BORROWED She vs ones lt weak, 39 The doctor told her to reduce the amount of sugar in her die cur The doctor told har... the amount of sugar in her diet: 40° Hm sure he hasn't forgotten about the meating HAVE He 41. I's 9 pity we don't have @ bigger apartment! onwy 4 sia a bigger apartment! 42 twas a mistake for you to insult Mike. SHOULD You 2 - i Mike. FOE Test 6) PAPER 5 Une OF Ergfeh >» Part 133) PAPER 1 Reading PAPER? Writing ‘You will hear people talking in sight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, B or C). PAPER 3_Uso of English 1 You hear s man talking about text messages. PAPER 5 Speaking How many young people would rather text a message than call? Fart A about 25% Part 4 B about 14% © about 75% if 2 You hear the stan of a radio programme about cars, Who is the guest on this programme? A acardesignor B anauthor © a tistorion —_H 3 You hears businesswoman talking to her assistant. What docs cho want him t0 do? A senda fax B moke a phone call — © send anemail = 3] 4 Sou hear two friends remembering an evening out. Where did they aa? A tothecinema B. to thethoatre © toapany 1c} 5 You hear a man talking shout hit forrily. What was his aunt's profession? A doctor B lawyer © sctress | 6 You hear a brother and sister talking about Christmas, What present have they baught far their mother? A abook B ahandbag © painting | 7 You hear an announcement in a multiplex einem: Which screen is showing the film ‘Racing Fever’? A. screen 3 B screens © scroon 6 CH 8 You hear aman talking about acupressure. ‘Which of the following can acupressure do? A. provont heart disoases Believe headaches — © change our metabolism 1] 134 FCE Test PAPER 4 Listening + part t PAPER 1 Reaging PAPER 2” Writing PAPER 3 Use of English eo PAPER 5 Speaking PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 2 Writing PAPER 3 Use of English Eee) PAPER 5 Speaking You will hear part of a radio programme about three types of computer software. For questions 9-18, complete the santences SOFTWARE TYPE a ‘This programme is called lis aimed at users aged 70] plus. ‘The system requirements are ‘One major disadvantage is [ 13] of operation, ‘SOFTWARE TYPE 8 ‘This programme is called 1 allows smell companies to | Ta) 9) Income ana expenditure. Users can abtain Tox Office 15] ceguiarty. SOFTWARE TYPE ¢ This programme is calied ls] ‘The car needs a satellite system for the programme to operate, Mou can got the fateat inform ‘You will hear five different people talking about a journal oF magazine they read regularly, For questions 19428, choose from the list (A-F) the reason each speaker ‘gives for the importance of this publication to them personally, Use the letters only ‘once. There is one extra letter which you do nat need to use, A ths both entertaining and informative B Itprovides an excellant news summary. © Itpresents.a variety of different opinions. D tehas got the most up-to-date information about fashion E ithe got market information. F It features the best photogeaphs. Ce Speaker 1 Speacerz = 8) Speakers a sposrora = [_) speorrs = i) mas 15] PAPER PAPER PAPER PAPER 1 Reading 2 Writing 3 Use of English 5 Speaking ‘You will hear a radio interview with an sctrass who is dyslexic, For questions 24-20, choose the best anawer 1A, B or C) 24 The Stanley Trust ‘A helped Kay a lot whan she was a child 1B was started by Kay to help other people with dyslexi. © was founded by Kay's father. 25. How did Kay's parents first realise she had dyslexia? ‘A. She Gidn't know stories that other children could read. B Her mother found her learning audio books by heart. © She couldn't spell words that ather children knew, 26 What was Kay told by an expert on dyslexia?’ ‘A She has a mild form of the condition B Sho will be able to overcome her prabloms by reading. © Spuliing wil always ue # paruicutar pruLvern TUF ler, 27 How does dyslexia affect the way people think? ‘A. Ikmakes people think more creatively, B It prevents them fram solving problems effectively. © tmakes it harder for them to fallow logic 28 What made Kay work hard to imprave her reading? ‘A [twas the anly way she could study acting. 1B She feit angry that people thought she was stupid, Her father encouraged her. 29 Kay foals that children with dyslexia should ‘A attend special schoo!s. B_ have special training to help them read, © be treated like all other children at school. 30 How does Kay want to publicise the problem of dyslexia? ‘A. by acting ina film about the subject B_ by giving talke to parents of dyslexic childron by sotting a positive example Test 8 >» PAPER Listening »» part a aia PAPER 1 Reading PAPER 2 Writing PAPERS of Engi PAPER A Listening Part 4 (3 minutes) The examiner (interlocutor! will ask each of you to speak briefly in turn and to give Personal information about yourselves. You can expect a variety of questions, such as; Do yau enjoy going to the cinema or the theatre?’ Is the cinema in your town or district popular? Wes the last film you saw showing at the cinema or on television? What was it abou? ‘What's your favourite TV programme? Part 2 (4 minutes) You will each be asked to talk for a minute without interruption. You will each be Given two differant photographs in tum ta talk about, After your partner has finished speaking, you will be asked a brief question connested with your partner's phatographs. ina Specula ‘Turn t0 pictures 7 and2 on page 189 which show different lea 19 environments. Candidate A, compare and contrast thece photographs, and say what you think about these two learning environments, You have a minute to do this. Candidate 8, which of these learning environments da you think is hast for pupils? | Holidays (compare, contrast and speculate) ‘Turn to pictures 1 and 2 on page 180 which show different types. of holiday. Candidate A. compare and contrast these photographs, and say why you think the People have chosen thesa different types of holiday. You have a minute to do this. Candidate 8, which ef these holidays would you enjoy most? Part (3 minutes! You will be asked ta discuss something together without interruptian by the examiner. You will have a sheet of pictures with questions to halo yo ‘The department store (discuss and evaluate) ‘Turn to the pietures on page 161 which show # number of idaos about how a new department store could attract customers. Talk to each other abaut haw usaful these ideas would be. Then decide which three the department store should choase. Pare 4s minutes! The examiner will eneoursge you te develop the topie of your discussion in Part 3 by asking questions such as: De you prefer to shop alone or with friends? What are the disedvantages of shopping in large department stores? ‘Are there any products that you can only find in large department stores? ‘Are there any special praducts sold in your town or city that would be imposelble t0 buy in another country? Fee vedt 864 PAPER'S Speaking 187) Benn FOR PAPER 5 have people chosen to live in these places? photograph shows wl ments for wealthy This could be a photo of big, modern city Perhaps the neaple who live on the ha pho raph also work an t hey might catch fish for pose the people whe live in \yacrapare want to be in entre of the city, Maybe they work in the city and have the city life 158 FCE Tests Materials for Paper 5 Ps PART 2 Candidate B : \ How are the people feeling? foncert. It appears ery big theatre or use, and everyone ia ing formal clothes, It couks In contrast, the people in the ‘aacond photograph are younger, ‘and it looks as if the concert is taking place in a tac Unlike the people in the firet plcture, these people lly dressed, This must be » Dt rack conc P The people in the ti photograph are x ling and clapping. s0 they're probably having & very good time. The second photograph shows people who are excited and seam to be enjoying themselves, Both photos show people who: like music, and are glad to be attending these concerts PCE Tests Materiais for Paper S139 fm. be PART 3 =z {How could each item be ussful on s camping tip? Chontidahen A ae 8: + Which four of these items would you taka on a camping trip 1 bank tothe moumtina? ‘A mobile phone would be useful {or contacting friends ot farnity, tind if we had any problems, we ‘would be able to phane for help. || agree, although we ight no be able to use mobile pisore if we were bm remota pince. | think wo would have to take a first aid kit Becmute someone could be hurtin an accident, But this might nat be the most Important thing 10 take. H owe tata torch tike thi would make it much easies to do lots of things like putting up the tent in the dark, for exampla would agree with you about that. Letts try to reach @ decision / ‘Ara we agreed that we should take 2 torch? / Unfortunately, | can't agree with you on that. 140 PCE Tests Materials for Paper 5 Both these photos show people who seam very happy with their pets. The woman in the first picture hae a pot snake; it sommes 10 be white and quite smait, and | suppnee it can't be dangerous if Whe Nas (8 pet. le contraat, ‘the man in the wecond picture has two dogs. | don't know what brood they are, but they look very playtul, Porhaps the wornan has chosen «8 snake because she likes Unusual animals and wants to be different. | imagine you dont Need ta look after a snake very much, 50 maybe she likes it for ‘thot reason as well, ‘The young man looks shy ang ‘sensitive. He probably likes pets thot are affectionate, ike dogs. His pat dogs could be his ‘losest companions Porsonally, | don't like saakes or ‘other feptiles, so | wouldn't like to have one for 8 pat In my ‘view, a pet should be good ‘company, and | believe-a dog ‘6r cat would be the best. Why have the people chosen these pets, and how do they feel about them? oR Tescs cers for Paper 101) fi. >. PART 2 Candidate ® Language bank ‘The first photograph shows a small family cansisting of a man find woman anda Hitta girt who Is probably their daughter. The Pparonta are about thirty, and the Girl in about ton years od. They, ‘seorn happy and relaxed, and they're siting on the gras, orhaps in a park. ‘The second photograph is more formal, a6 if a photographer asked the poopie to wit ike this. Thoce is an old lady sitting dow at the front, who must be tha qrancimother, with # Uttle girl aged about seven, and three ‘adults behind her with two amaller children, Two of the ‘Adults are peobably the parents of the children. nd there is an ‘old man, probably the ‘srandfather. \ suppose ina small family the chil might get more attection from the parents, but the child could alsa be lonely. In a big ‘amity, with grandparents andl ‘several children, it could be harder to have some time to ‘yourself, but you're never lonely, and you grow up to be more sociable What would it feel like to grow up in these families? 142 CE Tests Materiais for Paper S What sort of film is that, would you say7 Who do you think would lite that kind of flim? What sort of person \Would that flim appeal to? Would students prefer this film or that one? This looks like an action flim a western / a science fiction film / a thriller / a love tory, 'd way the fim is Intended for young people / children / oldar viewers family audiences, 1 euganet we talk about @6ch film fret. Let's decide \what sort af people would like each of the filme. Why don't we decide which films we think w suitable? What about choosing the films we like best? agree with you about the love story. | digagree that the thriller would be a good choice. | don’t think you've tight abou that, Do you agree that the action film would bs popular? Don't you think we should choose the western? 7 Wiha tyne oF is ld og Which two typen of im shoud be shown ‘on Filen Dany? FCE Tests Materiats for Paper's 143 fis >) PART 2 Candidate A Language bank The firm picture shows.» man in a Ault and tie sitting In a restaurant. The restaurant looks Quite expensive. There's frutt Juice, jam and coffee on the Table, 40 he must be having browkfont How do the people feel in these situations? In the second photograph tome poopie are having 1 pienic. They fre sitting on @ rug or blanket Of the grans. think I's ‘mother and father and their two. children, a boy and a girl aged about $, 'd say: My impression Is that they're having lunen, {think the man in the first picture looks relaxed, while the People in the bottom picture are really having fun, Porsonally, | wouldn't like to'be posh restaurant because twouldn't fee! relaxed. enjoy being in the countryside. 20 I'd rather have a meal oudoors like the people in the second photograph, ‘24 Pee re maar ePaper is PART 2 Candictate ® How would it feel to travel in these vehicles? In the first picture a man i Oriving a convertible sports cay, land there's 4 woman to the paxsunger soat. The car seme ta ba coming towards the camera at high speed. Mt fooks ke very axpenaive car The car inthe second picture ts ‘tad and could be a vintage car. ‘As loth frst pictur ‘driving and a woman i in the passenger seat, The car appears to be in excellent condition. | think it would be exciting to drive bath of thase cars. 1 gat the foeiing both cars can-go very fast. | aften fool nervous if Fomaone drives fast, but | like travelling by ear. Ie like to learn to drive as soon as possible, Having & driving licence gives you a feeling of freedom and independence Matin aici reper® 45) ies by PART 3 Candidates A and B Language bank What do you think are the advantages of this sport? Do ‘you think this activity would be ‘young trenagers? port have any isadvantages in this situation? Vd nay go-karting in exciting, but would take a Tana tithe to earn, On the one hand, climbing can be vary satislying. but some of the toonagers might find it terribly borin, | think teenagers would love ing. which és very good fun and less dangerous than climbing, wre have to-choose two of these activities, od suggest sailing and cycling. Would you agree with me on that? Don’t vou think the children would learn a iot from these activities? | think they would, too. 1 seems that we don't agree on this, because you believe climbing would be a suitable choice here, and | don't share thot view, 406 FCE Teste nateriate tor Paper S a be PART 2 Candidate A How are the people feeling in these situations? Language bank (=n emennsensermeen —_ Bath photos show ditforent working environments. The man with his back turned to us, and the dosk in front af him ia covered with of paporn and files. The la foaning back with his hande behind his head. He must he a business executive. | ean’ tell without seeing bis face, but | suppose the man ‘might be thinking about ai the work he has to de. | would that he must ba feeling the second picture is standing on top of a building ‘or wooden structure, and he ‘seems to be hammering nails Into the wood under his feet. in ‘the background, there is @ wooden frame, and | would (guess that the man is helping to ‘build this, Ha is wearing casusi ‘working clothes and he has 2 hag for his toois. This man must be quite fit, and [perhaps ho anjoys working ‘outdoors. i's a sunny day, and he might be feeling hot, CE Tests Materials for Papers 127 fico » PART 2 Candidate 6 Wonat sort of person woute anjoy each at l — these ats? Both photos show leisure sctivition, ‘Tho boy in the first pleture is balancing on a skateboard with both arms stretched out, and it Jooks as though the ekateboard fn.0n top of a low wall, You would have to be fit end active to enjoy this, and | think the sort fof person who would go ‘skateboarding would lowe adventure and taking risks iy Hie, ‘The woman jn the second picture looks relaxed: she Is s siting on sats, reading & ook: It looks as though she is concentrating on what she is reading, so I'd say the book is robsbly very interesting. Someone who likes reading would enjoy this activity, or perhaps someone who hss been working hard and deserves a rest. Reading is a more passive activity compared t skateboarding, 198 FCE Tests Matertals for Paper 5 is bs PART 2: Candidates. A and B Maw the Language bank Lot's think abo: those invontior + Which two have been the most important? awe b Which ones have changed people's lives, would you say? 1 oloctricity hadn't been be very dlftarent, Do you agree with me on that? W te Imagine lit mo et those iewe the talephone. On ‘hand, air wave! hax made the @ without world smaller a many people's lives. I we think ef invent ody, t say the computer is the important. You're right about that: However, in terms of changing people's lives, I'd say electricity ia tha most important | agree to a certain extent, But | alse think that medicines and drugs, such as aspirin, have improved the quality of our tite. Shall we make a dacision? FCE Tests Materials for Paper S149 Cis > PART 2 ‘Candidate A Language bank | got the impression that the ‘train in very modern ind test, wo parhaps i I designed for pubic ‘tranaport in a big city. t would som ta ene that people who are in. hurry and have no time to ‘waste would choos to travel by tain, ‘The people on the bash ate all ‘quite young, 1nd they look ‘terribly frustrated and unhappy. Maybe the bu is late or stick in os traffic jam | inagine this in a local city bus, becatsse it dowan't look very tuxtrtous. The passengers are probably ‘travelling a shart distance, ‘They might have chosen to ‘rave! by bus becouse its ‘cheaper or because they really had no other choice. 150 _FCE Tests Matortats for Paper 5 is ye PART 2 Candidate B Language bank ‘The man and woman in the first photograph look wary happy and are both laughing. They are wearing black and wits clothes, and the man fas taken oft his jacket. | assume theve people have roused formally 10-90 10-4 woidding reception, ewlabrate an anniversary oF have dinner in 9 poh restaurant. Tho man and woman in the ‘second picture are older and are woaring casual clothes that would not be suitabie for a formal celebration ‘The man has 8 tattoo on his arm and a headband, and te has tong hair and a beard. He iooks like someone wi rides a motorbike. Their siyle of clothing sugaests that they lead @ mare informs, relaxed life. They don’t strike ‘me ae people who are fashion conscious or keep up with the: Intoet fashions. FCE Tests Materiats for Paper 5154 Would you like to start? The poster should iustrate ways of dealing with pollution. Don't you agree? H would protor a picture that Hlustratee the problems that pallution can cause to the ‘environment, Do you see my point? Il ned to choose between the picture of the factory with the smoking chimneys and the ane ff the serap metal dump, I would definitely go for the first i'm afraid | disagree. Don’t you think the picture of the recyciing bina would be more effective? ‘We haven't talked about this ‘one. Wha do you think of 17 Perhaps you're right. | think we should make a decision now, so shall we choose the firet and the third? 152 CE Tests Materials for Paper 5 In the first photograph the artiet ‘appoars to be painting the artist should paint a picture that true to life, In my view, & picture should reflect the real would like to have this painting Docause it shows a peaceful lancacape, I like the ralaxed and x3 of the Firat ai painting The artist la the wecond photograph is facing awey trom ss, working on his painting. The photograpts shows the inside the artist's studio, and there are paints and pictures scattered around everywhere. The painting in the second photo has a lot af figures, which con't seam realistic. People who appreciate modern, more abstract ways of expression would prefer this painting to the first ane, Which painting do you like most and why? PCE Tests matertas for Paper 5 185 b) PART 2 Condidate 8 ‘What are the sdvantages of shopping in eech shop? The two women in the fire! picture seem to be choosing frult or vegetables from a ‘markt stall. One of therm thas a bowket in fer hand. tinn’t chear whathor thin in an open: market or not |e. rarkar tk select the things you want and check them carefully, which ie an advantage, | imagine things fre-atten cheaper in 8 market, too, Some customers might enjoy the friendly, personal atmasphore of shopping in a market The second photograph shows part of a very big supsrmarket with a lot of goods on display. I think the refrigerated display in the foreground contains fruit and vegetables. Supermarkets havea very wide variety of goods of different brands. Some things, such as clothes, may be cheaper in supermarkets. tis more convenient to go to 8 supermarket and do all your shopping in one piece, pecially for families who patheps go shopping once & week. On the other hand, supermarkets ean be very impersonal, 154 _ FOE Tests Materials for Paper's What importance does each facility have for visito Candidater. A. and 8 to a holiday resort? + Which two facilities are the most important? ‘The point I'd like to: make is that the majority of visitors would appreciate a tourist information centre more than any other facitiy | don't completely agree with you. A lot of people these daya want to visit an internet caté while on holiday. ‘That may be true, but I'd way most holidaymakers tke ta know there is medical care available. 20 having ‘small hospital in the rweart would be esasetial | think that the hospital should be the number one priority, Now, let's discuss whan other facility the reson should have, What about a travel agency? That's.a very good point: m travel agency can help you organise your haliday, plan visits and sightseeing tours, ‘but is this more important than a water spotts centre, for example? | consider the travel agency exsential, xo perhaps we have different views on this. Woll, we'll just how 10 agroe to disagree! CE Tests Materiats for Paper S 155 fa? PART 2 Candidate A hen What makes these moments special for these people? ‘The young man in the fret picture is holding @ sports trophy, #0 he must have won & competition or have been in the Winning team, Judging by his clothas, '¢ nay he is probably » basketball or volleyball player In the background I.can sae » tot ff mpectators; probably this is on portant sporting event, 80 the nan must foe! very proud himeoif and pleases with achievement, He must be feoling both exhausted after training and practising hard and ralioved that the gamma or competition Is over The young man and woman in the second picture are bathing @ vary small baby; it looks as though the baby is only a few days old, and they may have Just returned home from the. hospital rm sure the parents will never fergat the day their baby was born, Both parents are smiling at the baby, and thare ean be no doubt that they are absolutely dolighted to have a son oF davahter 156 FCE Tests materiais for Paper 5 fay b> PART 2 Candidate B t bank What would it be like to five in each of these climates? The firet picture shows people na desert: there are a number of large, dark tents in the bockground. In the distance there ie 8 mountain range, There are about thirty people hore, all wearing long robe. ‘most of thom blue in colour. There are also several camels kneeling on the ground Mt must be very hot here, although I auppose people wo are born here become accustomed to the heat. don't think | could get used to living In such a hot climate. I expect would be very dry and dusty as well as hot. The house in the second photograph has a thatched root. Ittooks old-fashioned and picturesque. Just behind the house there are same trees ona hillside, and there are more hills in the beckground. The sky is blue with soma clouds, but | think the sun is shining. Tho groon grass and trees suggest the climate is quite wet ‘which might make ie a bit uncomfortable, | think | would praler this climate to the denert climate in the first picture CE Tests ates for Paper 5 457) 7 bs PART 3: Candidater A and B Language bank | suppose computer claases would appeal to a fot ot different people, af all apes. Perhaps the community centra should mako theso classes a priority | disagrne; | think cookery-clesses would be more popular with people in a small town. | se0 your point, but on the other hand, people loarn To e0k in their families, photography classes would be more entertaining and enjoyable. What's your view on gardaning classes? Don't you ‘agree that they would mainly attract older people? Binca we have to choose two subjects, can we agree that one of them should be 8 hobby and the other should be something usetul, like computing? That sounds ressonable. In that case let's say one 2 abuld be Somputing. We've got four options left. Which ona should be our second choice? 158 FCE Tests Materials for Paper 5 + How might each class attract different people? ———| + Which two classes should be offered by the community contre? fis >) PART 2 Candidate A 1 bent ‘What de you think about these two learning environment ‘Tho children in the frst pienure -are wearing schoo! uniform ‘and writing something: perhaps it atest, They seem to be ‘concentrating hard. ‘Tho boy and gil in the ‘oraground seem to be sharing st foxtbook, The desks look quite -modern, 86 perhaps this new achool ‘4 pupil in this schoo! might not ‘have much freedom because it Joots quite strict. However, perhaps pupils would benefit ‘rom thie quiet, discipined environment and learn move The second photagraph thous children of different.ages, ‘woaring casual clothes, standing in front ofa pile of plastic battles, The msn could be their teacher, and he must be talking to them sbout the benefits of recycling. ‘Thi is 2 more retaxed learning ‘vironment, and the children took motivated and interested in the subject. seems to be quite 4 small group of children, 26 1 suppose a pupil would get more sttontion from the teachers at this school CE Tests Materiats for Paper'S 159 Why have the people chosen these different types ‘of holiday? The first photograph shows» araup of people in the desert with the Sphinx in the background, in Egypt. t looks ax though the people are purists with a guide explaining the history of the pyramid, A package holiday like this might bo a cheaper and wasiee way t igh nn expert guide tor explain everything, It could be that these peopie chosen to have a holiciay inva group because they are members of a clut Dr Bociety, porhaps people with a comman The second photograph shows | woman in a swimming pool. This type of holiday would be more reinxing, but probably more expensive than the package ai holiday suage picture. htwould probably appeal to wealthy people who can afford to stay in a five-star hotel and may not be particularly interested Ws going alghtnkelng or viatiig touriet attractions 160 CE Tests Matertais for Paper is > PART 3 Candidates A and B | = How useful would there dees be for atiresting customers? t 1 = Whith these should the department store choose? ‘Why don't we start by looking at the photos? My first choice would ba tthe cchildron‘s play area, | think that mast families go shopping with their children, and having @ piace to leave tham would be a ‘good way to attract customers I couldn't agree more, but parhaps we are overlooking # very simple point: customers ‘want to save maney whon they ‘a9 shopping, 80 a shop that holds sales and has reduced prices would be very popular ‘Obviously, that is an Important but what about the ides ving a café or 2 restaurant? Don't you feel that would attract ‘As we have to choose three af these ideas, | suggest choosing the car park, the play area and the reduced prices FCE Tests Materials for Papers 161 Paper 1 Reading UNIVERSITY of CAMBRIDGE = ESOL Examines . - — — = Candidate Name ‘Contre Ke, Candiate Signature Candidate. ___. - vehale ‘m Examination Title Examination 31h - Dota A oe a Contre 2 Halal = Supornaor Cece. secs mABSENT «nn WATHORAWM ie wee ir swer Sheet ‘anucie BeSerGH) [MABEDEFGH yy ecOEFGH ABCOEFGH Use 2 PENCIL perme WASESEES = Scoercu, [jascoerou = Mark ONE fetter for each = SCOEFGH ABCOEFGH question ae s = BCOEFGH ABCOEFGH For skcighs: ses wank - B is the night answer to e SH) WeAScDEFoCH gp the question, mark your BEDEFSH (27TABCDEFGH answer shoet like this: BEES 3 BCOEFGH (maAscOEFGH BCOEFGH gaAscoErGH BEDEFGH /wascoeran WARECOEFGN (dj aAscoEFON Wascoeron| [gascoeron Rub out any anewar you WABCOEFGH WABCOEFON apenas wiascorran| (wascoeron WAsCORFGn (y9aecoeran) = WAscoercn| |lABcOerON| gy ABCOEFGN ABCDEFGN 7 0 = wascoercn| glascoeron| = BEDEFSH |wAscoRFon BEDEFGH) MAREPEFOH) pp Limes =a Om 162 Paper 3 Use of English Sin i i 3 163 z Eg o = qa i = Buiusisn ¢ seded g fs PAPER 1 Reading ye paRT 1 ‘adore (v) to like very much, to love deeply supreme (adj) the greatest, the best ‘hulk (n} something oF someone large and awkward take a hit (ph) to be hit by someone ‘smack (vy to hit with force: immense (a) extremely large ‘subtlety (n) the quality of not baing noticeable or ebvious in any way gain (vi to achiowe readership (n} the people who read a cestain newspoper, people whe regularly buy a magazine stock (n) one's parents, granciparents and other older or past relatives, sometimes including an entire race bully (v) to force others to da things turning point (n) the point at which a very si change occurs, a decisive moment the ropes [phe all the things one noeds te know in order to do a job or deal with something dissuade (v) to persuade someone not to de something insistent {adj} demanding over and over again that ‘something should happen quit (v} to give upan activity resent (v) to fee! anger at comething, to foot hurt about something abandon (v) to leave someane or samathing when you sshauld stay with them and look after them ificant >) PART2 turnover (n} the amount of annual business ‘Grandly (adv) suggesting that something or someone has ‘great importance Interactive (adi) describes a eystem or computer program designed to involve the user ia the exchange of information harvest (v1 10 collect or raceiva the benefits of som ‘stunning (adj) very beautiful, very surprising sequence (nf a part of a film that shows a particular event ‘or related sories of events ‘gravity (n) a natural ores pulling objects to the ground discard (v} 10 throw away, to dispose of aap (v1 t0 jump, to bound rippling (adj) moving in small waves ‘segment (na separate plece, @ section of something -eomprise (v) to include, to contain #41 ip fa film is sot in a placo-or period of timo, it happens there-or ot that time doom (v) to send to an unhappy, inescapable end (failure, ruin, destruction, etc.) perspective (n) 8 way af seeing things. 2 paint of view fulfil) to satis, to accomplish fundamentally (adv) basically, essentially ing >e PARTS ‘chip off the old block (phn) # chitd whose appearance or ‘character closely resembles that of one or the other parent ‘freelance (od) to work os an independent, sei-employed arson who performs jabs, usually for 8 variaty of companies ‘take up (pbr v) ta enter into a profession or business. retire (v) to leave the wark force and stop working tough (edi) difficult, demanding motivate (v) to encourage, to stimulate research (n) a study of something provincial (aq) relating to an area which is governed as part of # country oF an empire fighly-strung (adi) tending to bs very nervous and easily excited put off (phr vi to annoy ar disgust arrogant (ad}) selfsimportant steer (vi fo guide someone by gently pushing or leading come in handy (phy? to be useful LT : PAPER 1 Reading >> PART 1 ‘short cut (n) a shorter way to a place then usual envy Iv} 1o want the same things someone else has divert (v1 10 cause something ar someone to change direstion pve way to (phi) te be replaced by serch haunting (ad) beautiful, but in a cad way and often in a vweay which cannot be forgatien fide (v) to fly theough the aie without power splashdown (n) 2 landing by a spacecraft etc. in the water picturesque (ad) like # picture, pleasing to the eye, charming ‘oceupation (n) any activity on which you spend time Tandowner (n) a person who owns land, espacially undeveloped land or farmland whereby (adv! by means of which preserve v) to quard, to protect from harm or change ‘commuter (n} 3 person who travels regularly, especially between home and the workplace vital (adi) most impartant, absolutely necessary Install (v) to put something (such asa piece of machinery) in place and make it work lay (¥) to putin piace ‘delight (n) enjoyment, jay ‘social mobility {n) the movement of people from one social ‘group, class or level te another dizzying {oci) very exciting drop in on Iphr v} to make an informal visit without an- appointment dashing (adj) stylish, dynamic Fee >> pan 2 generate (v! 10 produce, to create construct (v} to build, to ereate virtual (ad) crested, simulated, or carried on by means of 2 computer or computer network identify with (phe w) to be able to share someone's feelings dye (v) t0 use a solution for colouring clath of hair merely fadv! used to emphasise thot samething or someone i small or unimportant alternative (n} another choise, way oF means Project (v} to make something appear in a larger forrn on hologram (n} a special type of photograph or image made with a laser in whieh the abjects shawn look solid, as if they are real liken (y) to think of as being similar, to compare ‘obsession (n) an idea or habit that controls the mind bbe carried away igh: v} fo do too much of something and lose contra! of aneself utterly (adv) completely, totally : pathetic (adj) not worthy of respect, werthinss b> PART 3 ‘edition In} 2 specific printing of a book ar periodical threat (n) a danger ‘sponsor (vi to help pay for something like a cultural ar sporting event congestion in} excessive crowding, heavy waffie moniter (v) to observe the actions of athers ‘species (n} a grouping of living things extinction (n) the act of destroying life food chain (n) a community of organisms wi member is eaten in turn by anather member reserve (n) land kept lor a special purpose ‘mammal (n} a warm-blooded animal, the female of which foods its awn milk to its young launch (¥) t0 start, to put into operation restoration in! making something look like it did when it ‘madieval (ad) connected with the Middle Ages (the period between about 1100-AD and 1500.AD) jumble sale (n) a sale of second-hane objects, donate {v} to give away, contribute [is PAPER 1 Reading >» PART 1 devoted (a0}) giving someone a lot of love and attention fierce (adj) powerful, intense sibling (n) a person with the same parents as someone lve, a brother or sistor stride (¥) to walk stronaly with long steps foul {adj) foul weather is stormy and windy, with rain or snow each, 166 FCE Glossary lap eyes on someone/something (ph) to see someonesomething, especially when you Gid not expect t0 flutter (vt to wave very quickly and lightly tbreeze (0) @ gentle wind noutral (adh neutral language deliberately avoids ‘expressing strong feelings landscape gardener (n) a skilled worker wha designs and \worts on landscaped areas bier (n) someone wha goes for long walks for enjoyment ‘eager (ad) oon and excited far from (ph used to say that something different is true eampaign |v) to try ta achieve something by persuading people oF the government to do something erode (v) to wear sway, to wash away exposed (att not covered clump In} a group, mass, or clustor sway (v} to move back and forth, to-eock transform (v) to change from one shape or appearance to another revelation (n}an uncovering of something that was hidden, pantheism (n) a belief that God or many gods live in nature >> PART Prejudice (n) an opinion based on general dislike, rathor than fact or reason privilege (n) 8 special advantage that only one person or (rouip AF pANpA haw ‘frown upon (phr'v) to disapprove of something life span (n) the average or maximum length of time an organism, material, or abject can be expected to survive or last intimidate {v} to make someone fesrful oF timid by showing power recreation (n}fun things to do, such as sports, hobbies and amusements concentrate (v) to focus one's sttentian unforeseen (ad) unexpected, happening by accident obstacie (n) something that gots in the way end stops acon oF progress oppenent (n} a person who takes the opposite side in a ‘ight. game, contest, et. ‘potential (ac) possible, capable of something profitable (ad) bringing in more money than is epant extraterrestrial (adj) related to outer space ‘download (v) to transfer data from a server oF host computer to one’s own computer infinitely (adv) very, highly, extrernely iterate tad) having litle or no education, not being fomiliar with @ given ant or branch of knowledge lite expectancy (n} the cumnber of years that an individual is expected to live according to statistics simulation (n) the technique of representing the real world by a computer pragramme be PART 3 spacious (adj) largo, with plenty of room congregate (v) to-gather together cluttered (ad messy, untidy bare (adj) uncoverad, nude floorboard (n} 8 wooden board that Is part of # wooden floor ‘tramp (v1 to walk with heavy feet Fetreat (vl fo move away from something, such as soldiers who mave away from the enemy, to withdraw ery out (phir vi to demand, to need blind in} a covering for a window. such 2s a venetian blind aloomy (ad) sad, depressed, dark convert (v) to change the condition or status of something osh faci) luxurious, displaying comfort and ueeatth engrossed (adj) completely absorbed in something storage room {n) @ raom for keeping items unti they are needed custom-made (adi) mace the way somsonewanis it fo. PAPER 1 Reading > PART 1 reach (n) the limit of something's power or ability to do something convey {v) to communicate ar express something intimate (adj) emotionally close or private cope (v) to face difficulties and try te.avercome them ‘sweep aside (phr v) to treat an idea in a way thet shows YoU de not think itis impartant ‘mast (n) a tall vertical antenna reveal (y) fo make known something that was previously unknown or secre beyond (adv) on or to the further sida of something ‘mere (agi only, nothing moro than backbone (n) the main support pronounced ted) noticeable, large ‘avercome (v) to contro! a feeling that prevents you from chiaving something Impact in) an effect, an impression incompeshensible (adj) not able to be understood vastly (ad) grestly Infrastructure (n) on underlying base ar foundation for an organisation or system sophisticated (ad) well designed and advanced call on (phr v) to request that someane do something trade fair in} an event where campanies show their products navigation (n) the science of planning which way to go when you are travelling from one place to another launch (v} to make a new product available for sale for the first time destination (n) the placa where someane is going or something is being sent remote (adi) operating or controlled from a distance ‘monitor {v} to watch and cheek 6 situation carefully in arder to see how it changes over a period of time detect (v} to uncover, to find ‘terrestrial (adj) related to earth broadband (n) s system of sending radio signals ‘take off (phe v) to suddenly start being successful ‘potential (n} the possibility that something will davetop in 8 particutar way yy PART 2 ‘affectionate (ac) kaving, worm loyal (ad) faithful to others, especially friends or country inclined (ad preferring, likely to bbreed (v) to raise animals for fun or profit ‘companion {n) samieone you spend time with ‘sapacity in} the ability tm dev samthino ‘engage (vi to be doing in an activity ‘seasonal (ad) depending on the time of year shepherd's pie in) a baked dish made of caokect meat ant potatoe bbreed (n) 9 specific type of animal with characteristics jnass6d on from generation ta generation ‘sroquette (0) 0 piece af crushed meat, fish, potato, etc. that is made into a small round piece, covered in breadcrumbs ‘and cooked in oil Bamper (v) to take more care of someone than is necessary delicacy {0} expensive or rare food that is goad to eat ‘obese (adj) very fat in a way that is unhealthy restriction (n}& rule that its something, regulation or imitation ‘excessive (ad! to0 much, beyond acceptable limits uncharacteristic (ad)) not typical ‘selective (ad)) vory caroful whan making @ ehoice, choosy ‘accasional (adj) occurring st times, but not regular oF systematic ‘tendeney {n) if someone or something has a tendency to do & particular thing, they are likely to do it >> PARTS internal combustion engine {n) an engine that produces ‘power by burning petrat ‘g2ar (n} one of several speeds in-2 vehicle ‘tremble (y) 10 shake as with tear oF fever, to shiver instructor (nj o teacher ambition (n) a desire to succeed. a goal, an objective satiempt {on} an effort ‘regulation (n) a rule, a statement about what ean be done and what eannot ssove up (phr v) to collect things or money for a particular purpose decent (ad) propor, good encugh put off (piv) ta make you dislike something or not wont ‘to do something ‘van (n} 9 box-like lorry usad for carrying large. bulky items FCE Glossary 167 ais PAPER 1 Reading > PART 1 vonding machins (n) a machine that gives peckaged food, soft drinks or other items after coins are placed in it prototype (n} a working model af a machine or other object used to test it before produeing the final version conventional {ax based on oF conforming to accepted ways of doing things, traditional key in Iphr vi to put information inta computer by using aa keyboard hatch (n} 2 door or gmail hole cut inte the wall, lost oF ceiling efficient fad) productive, economical judge (v) to consider something and give an opinion as an authority er expert cautious (adj) concemad about not making @ mistake suspicion (n) feelings of doubt and distrust Pop out (phr v) to go out of a building for e short time Impersonal (adj) not showing personal opinion or preference, unemotional eonsole (n) 4 panel that holds the controls of equipment display in) @ presentation significant (adj) important gather (v} to bring together round the eloek (phr) all day and night without stopping ash dispenser Iphr) & machine that gives you money. when you put a bank card into it b> PART 2 ‘striker (9) a player in foatball whose main jab is to score a goal head-butt (vb to hit oF push with the head land (v) to put or be put ‘bam (vb to block, to forbid venom (n) hatred high-profile (adj) well-known. often seen in public or in the media resign (v/ to chaose to leave one’s job ot post tolerant (od!) sccepting of different beliefs or behaviour verbal (3dj) related to written or spoken words take something with a pinch of salt (oxpr} to understand that something may nat be completely true entitle (v) to allow, authorise have a thick skin (phr) not to be upset or bothered ty unkindness oF eritieiam colourful {adj} characterised by rich variety tongue-tied (2d}) unable to speak because of nervauEness, linesman (n) an official whe marks the pasition of the ball and watches for certain violations frory the sidelines ‘obstacle (n} something that gets in the way and stops action oF progress ‘barrier (n) something that blocks the way In principle (pir) in theory novelty (n} samathing new and unusual 168 Ce Glossary >} PARTS anticipation (n) pleasurable expectation ‘workout (n} a-session of physical exercise fatigue (n) great tiredness kkisk in (phr v) to begin to have an effect hit the wall (phr) to collapse, to be unable 10 ga on ‘qualification {n) the necessary standard to entar a sparts, ‘compatition ‘enter for (phr v) to put your name en the list of people taking part in something impress (v) to cause others to admire [persuade Iv} 10 lead @ person or group to believe or do something by arguing or reasoning with them «drag {v) to pull with difficulty something or someone that resists [Pour (v} to rain hard ice PAPER 1 Read >) PART 1 walling (adi) ready to do something upmarket (adj) appealing to or designed for high-income butler (nthe main male servant in @ household glance (v) to take a quick short look at something ratriaver (n) 2 special breod of dog trained to bring things back inethinite (olf yorwine, seat chain (n) & group of stores, restaurants, etc. owned by the ‘same porson or company rate (n} 2 charge that is made according to a standard scale in good shape (ph) in good condition ensure (v} 10 make sure demanding (ac requiring high performance affluence in} wealth, prospority commodity (n) 8 general word for items or substances for sal (30) odd (adil a Ittle more than 30 ‘decor (n) the style of decoration and furniture in a room motivate {vito give @ reason to do something sentiment in) an emotional festing shareholder {n} the owner of sharos in a business robust (adj) strong, unlikely to have problems convert (v) to change something #6 that it ean bs used for 2 different purpose boutique hatel (phr?-a small and fashionable hotel >o PART 2 equivalent (n) something that is the sane claim (v) 10 state thet something is tts, especially when, there is some doubt region (n} 8 part, a section abstract (adj) unclear, vogue orientate (v) to-find your position with a map budget (n) an amount of money set aside for a purpose: recall (v) to cemembor something ‘acquisition (n) the act of getting new skills or knowledge Indication (o} a sign, signal labet (v} 10 name, to describe coordinate (v1 t0 harmon ‘schedule (n) a list of timed, planned activities or events b> PART 3 publish (y) to print and distribute something to the publle biography (n) the history of @ person's lite word processor (a)& small computer usad for word processing award {y) to give a prize (honour, prai ‘exhausted (aci} extremely tired ‘vow (v1 to swear, to solemnly promise frank (ad) open, direct, unafraid ta express the truth lucrative (ad) producing @ tot of money, profitable fiction (n) a type of literature based upon the author's imagination a¢ opposed ta true stories 914 aiah (p) 3 rush of people ta a place where gold has boon discovered inaccuracy (n) an error, a mistake draft (none version af something written offend (v) to hurt the fealings of people talk someane out of doing something (ph« v) to discourage someone from doing something Intriguing tad) interesting. fascinating, eausing curiosity, hesitant (adj unsure, coluctant impetuous (ad)) dane quickly, often without minking, impulsive tie down (phy v) to keep in one place, to restrict PAPER 1 Reading >> PART 1 hut (n) a small dwelling of simple construction, especially ‘ana made of natural materials livid tad) bluish grey loasen {v} to make or become less tight or firm rip () to grasp oF size firmly, to hold fast awkward (adj) requiring caution, camewhat hazardous, dangerous, face in} steep, high side of a mountain debris {n) ruins, remains af something broken dospise (v) to hate, to dotest haul (v} ta carry @ load drawer (n) a sliding, idles, horizental compartment, as if ‘8 piece of furniture, that may be drawn out in order to gain ocess to it bound (v) to jump, to leap cannon (y to knock inte someone or something hum {v) to make a continuous sound ‘etc: to someone gaze (v) to look at someone or something for 8 long time skip (vito run ina happing way overhang (vi to hang over, to project over canopy (n! a cloth covering usually held up by poles thump (a) the sound af a heavy object when it hits the ground tug (v) to pull hard clamp (v) to hold something tightly rucksack (n} a bag carried by a strap on your back or shoulder arch [y) to form a curved shape ‘crush (yl fo press something so hard that i breaks. ‘tug (0) to pull at with toree, vigour or effort hoop (na circular tube snatch {v) to take something quickly, to grab, to seize sideways (adv) from or toward the side mountaineer in} # mountain guide or person who climbs mountains for fun > PART 2 ‘eheeky (acl) rude or disrespectful ins way that is amusing “grant {v1 10 allow someone to have something that they have asked for operate (vi ta use amachine or equipment found (v) to start something such as an organisation or schoo! ‘nehor (v) to lower # piace of heavy metal to the bottom of the sea 0 prevent a ahip from moving policy in} a way of doing something that has been officially {agreed by an organisation eater for (ph v) te pravide a particular graup of people with the things they need ar want enterprising {od} having the ability to think of néw ideas And make them wark transmit (v) to sand out elactronie signals, etc. using radio, talevision or other equipment regional accent (ph) a way of pronouncing words, which ‘shows that you do not come from the capital city, but from ‘2 particulae part of the country colkoquial 23) language that is coliogu formal conversations irreverent (adit not showing respect for organisations, beliefs, ete, hat most otler people respect spring up (phr v1 to appear suddenly, to stort to exist suddenly run aground éph? if 4 ship runs aground, it becomes stuck 9 place where the water is not deep enough ‘extend () t0 affect ‘tune in (phrv) to listen to a Broadcast an radio “switch (v} to change from doing one thing te doing another feminent (94)! famous, important and respected | used mainiy in >» PARTS lottery draw (n} the moment whan the winning number or ticket Is chosen in 8 lottery distract (v) to draw somacns's attention away FE Glossary 163, ayndicate (n} a group of individuals ar companies working together give notice expr) to announce that yau are leaving @ job or cancelling a contract talk something over (phr v) to discuss a mattar, especially to reach an understanding determined (ad) of strong will, decided pop into (phe v) to visit briefly affluent (ad) wealthy handsome (aqj) considerable literally {adv} according to the exact words rule iv} to control, to influence ‘graphic designer {nl someone who designs pictures and text for magazines, advertisements, etc. think twiee (phr} 16 be careful, cautious extravagant (ad too generous or expensive is PAPER 1 Reading >» PART 1 trainer {n} a typo of comfortable shoe that you wear for doing sport blossoming (adj) developing into something very good praise (n) an oxpression of admiration and respect ‘meesure {n} a portion of something for the sake of (phr) for the purpose or motive ef uttimately (adv in the end blockbuster in} a great success. board (vi to stay in a room at someone's house that you pay for debut (n) a first appearance consecutive (ash following one after the ather in regular order feat in) an impressi ‘unusual sbility homesiek (adj) fasling sad when away, missing one's homo. chapel {na small church composed (sd) calm, in control of your emations waxwork (adj) a wax model of @ person or animal, usually made to their actual size act, showing strength, courage or +» PART2 {ntaltectual (9) related to thinking evaluate (v} to estimste worth, to determine the walue of something accuracy {n) something that is correct and true fundamental (adj) basic, primary comprehend {v} to get the meaning of something, to understand capacity (n) the ability to do something Idiosynerasy (n} an odd habit or characteristic impulsive {e0)) doing things without considering the possible dangers or problems 170 FCE Glossary captivity (n) a condition of holding someone or something by foree against their will, confinement, imprisonment accomplishment (n) a difficult task done well, success, achievement Genetically (adv) reisted to ganea or genetics intuitive (adj) related to feelings, not loaned knowledge, instinctive ‘methodical {adil systematic, careful, in a step-by-step manner apparent (adj) obvious, clear b> PART 2 attitude (n) a feeling about or toward someane oF something competitive (ad) involving or demanding competition, aggressive individual (aj) different fram others, single, separate achiever (9) 8 person with a record of successes wool (v) te do vory well currieulum (n) the courses offered st an educational Institution (college, schaol, etc.) equipment (n} useful items neaded far @ purpose (work, sports etc.| bbonefit in} gain, @ positive result obesity (1) the condition af being too fat anorexia (n) prolonged loss of appetite, resulting in low body weight outlet in) a release for emotions or eneray agoressive (adi) unfriendly, hostile, competitive self-esteem (n) the feeling et Iki self-wartn {air play (expr) playing fairly andi according fa rules; not cheating Optional extra {phr} something additional that you can choose reflect (v) to-show or be 9 sign of a particular situation oF Foaling - discipline (y) to train to control the mind and body sensitive (adi) easily hurt or affected emationally 8g@ (mn) uncontrolled anger embarrassment (isha fesfing of shame, discornfart or self-consciousness traumatic (adj) shocking, harmful athletic (adj) having ability in sports ing oneself, a conse of 1 Formal tetter re me ttl ee Senet ee | Summer Jobs! |[2= job and also read your notes. Then, using all your Notas, write a letter of application to Mfr Sad Sey when I car ‘art werk Pa ora nT een Excellent pay for part-cime guiding. English-speaking visitors | could wate ona oied of Engh You must be available t work evenings and weekends because oc moe Information, wiht vo Mr Sadie, Votior Untimid = ++ Model answer (n-@ formal letter start J itn ear tere Useful phrases / Dear Mr Sade I have seen your savertsamant war ieee inpuriocat newspaper /Vstor | guoa lathe | _-7 am siking in coonecion with the ib vacancy row | eae ents have aderdsed, for a guide foe visitors to this region. | | = sy eletly incr ee Gasman Anl| cnr, | — Leatres butte Mts posocy ind would Tkzeo: | 2 the jee wseeney you baw ‘writing, apply to work for your company. vourself it ees mete iam 19 yours oad yg jue Fey fiet year “] | write 10 Leta SE Mane eure) taiversity studing Economics. I woald be availble ro | | sep for Varn writing Yo apply foro ae sre) wank fomn tht gening of jue ol the end of | L® PE athe ‘August, and I don't have a problem working evenings ody of eter Deg eats eepopee tte arn... years old and |. Information |\ younger, andT am feat in English. 1am an oxtging , | [Express the (have a good command of ... given in tho: person with a good sense of humour, and Tam \ erase, ave a 2 —_ confident {would get on with visiters to this regen. oe (avs 8 ped terete Widseton . ® “e Naurstion ta oe ne Lthave travelled extensively in this part of the countiy, | | Sande, Don't ibe ewer geen cmonaly mith my parents when twas youre, andi am | tomy cxreesy familiar with a number of ploves that would be of from the Conasion tayo] ee eee For atte Ge Fall Mina in| [soto inesqeuntee. ceeentany the centre of town has cee es exhibitions, the would welcome the senenorise | Catedral is poplar wih sightacers, and the old town | itake sure ‘oppartunity 19... the mai | has some very interesting souvenir shops and, | | you have MO oranda fang aa bans! | iioen eeearn: | ad jou to your reply, - Your notes. me ne a Stn conclusion, 1 woold wekome the oppomunisy of || Sasingary icing you a poses docu tis Heok formardvo || mecemmon rer \neoamt tonsa ls ‘rome me | Your since Se cert, ‘Maria Watkins [if you know the person's name, jes with Youre acre ee wetng Bank 4174 2 Email >> Exam task ‘A penpal of yours has been ivan the chance to come to your town or city on an exchange student programme. Your penpal ‘would ike to know more ‘about life in your area: ‘accommodation, means of transport, etc. Write an email {to your penpal giving him or her some information and offering advies about the exchange programme idea Inthe introduction ‘sroat your friend nd give some racert nwa about vyourselt The exam question requires you to give ‘nferration about ‘your see 472 FE Weting bank Introduction ‘Thanks. for your message / email. Sorry I haven't written before. im really glad / sorry / pleased to hear . Body of email In my view / opinion, .. Itwould be 8 good idea to... ‘You should / should... ‘Don't forget to Wt were you, | would... ‘Conclusion ‘Well that’s ail for now. | hope this is helpful. ‘Do keep in touch. Please write back soon. Look after yourself, Give my love f regards to. email From: Mike Harris Sent 15 June Subject: Exchange programme Dest Bil ~~ Las really pleased to get yous email last week and v0 bear thar you might be coming on an exchange programme, Sorry Thaven' written back belore now, bur I've been very busy working in my parents’ shop. In your email you asked me about accommodation ‘There is a student residence not far from our ‘apartment: | can find out if you could get a room there, and how much it will cos, ‘The bis service here fe very efficient and eelihle "The college is within walking distance from the town centre, and it would take you about twenty minutes t0 walk there Divide your femal ito short paragraph. + Moke sure each poragragh is on || a different topic. 1 think the exchange programme ic a wonderful ‘opportunity for you to spend time away from New ‘York, Life here is very relaxing, the pace of life is slow, and the people are friendly. IFT were you, { woulda’t think twice! Tm really looking forward ee seeing you here and showing you around my favourite places. Do write and “> tell me what you decide Look alter yourself, Mike Finish your fk the reader tow Tus vires Useful phrases An English language ‘magazine is holding @ Setting the seene short story competition, There were three of us. ‘and you have decidad to We had rented a cottage nt. The competition fewas 3 cold winter night rules say that the story ‘nad never been to. Resection to avents ‘must begin with the Iwas petrified... foflowing worse: ‘Sequencing events {was numb with fear There was 10.moon that At the beginnings. | was shocked .. night, and the storin had As so0n as. | stood there speechless ‘not been forecast. First was so embsrrassed Write your story. > Model answer ‘The exam question asks you to usa the ‘entencs in the _— There was n@ moon that night, and the storm had not beginning af the stary. | — Dan change whet the bem fotscast There swe thew fm the bang rentenes says oF uncle, my aunt and myself felt nervous and excite, chenos in pasties, Thad never been sailing before. “Begin the story in an Enterasting way. Sat wha the narrator i, say when and where the story sakes piace ‘Ty to use vocabulary ‘When we left the karhour, the wind began to get | stronger. The boat was jumping up aad down likea | dog palling ata Fead. Then the fain seared and 1 | sould hardly see the lights of the houses ia the harbour. The boot sruggled against the howling wand, and 1 just stood there petiiedt Suddenly, theve was a errible crash! We had it some socks, and for a minute [thought the boat was going to sink. The storm was getting worse and the rain was coming down in tocrents, Them I realised thar the boat had got stuck between the racks. Bring the story to sl iy, Ue jokes tue peste piven od he coneamion: | called Sor hep Buin the eal was fo hours before the sonipanrds could resue us Iwas ead to be om dey land again! Presest the ofthe story in ‘chronological order. Us insrative tenses (past simple, past cantinuows, past perfect, ec.) and linking words (whea, by the time, within seconds, ‘tc. 10 sequence events FCE Writing bank 473 aay Useful phrases >> Exam task Introducing the topie Discussing pros and cons "6 like to begin by... On the ona hand, ... /On the other Your teacher has asked i ns itesierece: ‘The first point | would like to make hand, giving your opinions on is However, ... Resvan eee eee a te ee ae sine ts ow i Most people believe carci ee ot coe ‘couldn't agree more that ... ‘Write your essay. imple | instance, ... Expressing opinions: ‘One example of... is... tt seems / appears to me that ... oe SUCH as... J agree / disagree with ... Jam in favour of fam against ene ® For me, the most important .. is ‘To sum up. | believe there are | don’t think it mattors ‘edvantages .. In senelusion, ‘State the gare topic inthe frst, aregra ‘The use of cred cards is now widespread, Most | | people use at least one credit card or buy goods on | credit, Present the ‘advantages of the ‘The first point 1 would like to make is that credit | statement or | 1 cards are a convenient, practical tool. There are may situation in ene ‘obvious advantages in using credit cards instead of pent carrying cash. You doa't have to worry about carrying = enough cash when you are owt shopping, You can buy things‘on the Internet o€ hook cinema tickets on the ‘phone, You can even nse ft to make purchases if you resem ine Giosdventapes of are temporarily out of cash. _ emer | ___ a wea eas cag am caod i Une king wend enone casily lose track of how much they have spat. tecine main porte paragraph, Moreover, they are tempted to buy more than they (advantages oF as eee el ones serie ele TR prebl= ecacentoeeel that credit cards age often used unvriscly. | your paragraph. In conclusion, [think there are more advantages than Sim up tha maf disadvantages in using credit cards. | don’t believe barlara ce ‘People should be discouraged from using them. People more atvantage than Should be made awae of the sk involved inthis advantages. Show incthod of payment clearly whether your grea, disagree or | ponty aptee wi | 174. FCE writing bank xa tank Useful phrases ‘our lca tour often a latreduction preparing # brochure for Conclusion tourists. Write a report “This report is intended! / in conclusion, .. suggesting which local designed to In my view F opinion, . traditions should be eseribed in the brachure. Write your report. ‘The purpose of this report is >> Model answer agin the rept like this, Make up names if they Frome Gace Grek are not given in the exam — Question. Do not forget to Date: 27th June 20- Write what the subject at ‘Subjeoe ast aloe the reports, ‘To: Westvea Tourist Office State the aim of the report in the introduction, ‘The porpore of this report to suggest which traditians of the region might be of interest to visitors. The following might be of interest: Halloween (Children dress up like witches, knock on people's doors, eal ‘out “tick or treat” and the pexson at the door gives them a ‘weat, usually a sweet. Older people have parties where they play games. The mest popular game is catching floating apples with their tech. Tho language shoul Ds formal and ‘Bonfire night impersonelie.a People light Fireworks and bur stuffed figures of » man. passive forme Firework displays are organised, and there ate also smull gatherings in people's gardens, You can usa aragreph headings and ‘numbering £0 lorganie the Enformation in a cloar way, “Traditional food 1 Qhristmas cake isa heavy cake with dried fru served at Christmas dinner 2 Meat pie is a baked dish with cooked meat and pocaro. 3. Cheess pudding is 4 hor dish with flout, cheese, milk and. eggs, which is served at Sunday dinner, Io the conclusion you snould give your opinion |__ tn conclusion, I weiuld recommend thatthe brocare for recommendeter, | t0utists should also inclode photographs tlating 1 these Gepercing ating | fear. nm view, the local radcone mencioned lta vwordng of eeceam | #epaet would appeal to wintors oueston Fe writing bank 475 >> Exam task You have sean ti announcement in a magazine called Film and Screen, Everyone has a favourite film. What makes a certain fim mean ‘80 much ta us? Write an artiele about your fevourite film, and why you lke itso much. lwo publish your article, you will win a waokend sway for two. Write your article >> Model answer Reviews ‘where you are asked 10 give your opinion exciting, anusing, opp: gripping, absorbing, oxceltont, outstanding, hilarious, fascinating Adverbs ‘extremely, incredibly, aveully, teribly, amazingly, ‘surprisingly, particularly Film-related vocabulary The story is set .. ‘The main characters .. Iti produced / directed by... ‘The performance is .. ‘The special effects are ... ow budget film, script, sudiences, blockbuster shouts Ty |——— ‘The love that never died Progromme, a film or play you have, My favourite film & Titanic, a wonderful ssory with Haein mented incredible spesial effects, Titenic is not only sachoneahs a 8 commercial cers hu ler 4 gc fle fess eitoot Devide how formal the sbout the fil, language shoul be: if "you are weting Yor 3 ‘magazine, the unguigs Gin be Guile informal Provide a brie! ‘summary of the plot ‘and comment on the rain chaste, least about the film. | 476 Fce writing bank Jn this film a rich young woman on the lucusious Titanic meet aatcupgling artist and they fll helplesdly in love. When the ship sinks, he saves her | life but drowns. The young wornan newer forges him 6 stops loving hit memory. The wo muia characters are fascinating and they have a wonderful on-screen chemistry. te Tey te mabe the article leteresting by using stramatic snd |_| sopnistested ianguage ‘aid rapoating sph “The file is very realistcs the scenes when the thip is | sinking are extremely dramatic. You can feel the panic cof the people eying to get away, and this part of the film is particularly erippinet The director focuses on | hhow characters actin the crisis. | like the fact thar this film is about characters, not about special effects or ‘action sequences fascinating, grinping or ‘dramatic describe le or thing. ‘The sinking of the Titanic may be one of the most important lessons for bumanity. The great ship was thought co be unsinkable, People thought they had eonguered nature, Its maiden voyage proved how ‘wrong they were. The conclusion should summarise wht you | have said in tha article ar Foes on the nai message of the fim, First Certificate ISEN-13: 978-1-424-02828-3 til | | ill WM! ll