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A Circuit Board Plotter for Rapid PCB Prototyping and Many Other Applications

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ProtoMat X60

! Production of PCB prototypes

! Stress-free separation of PCB panels ! Drilling of PCB panels and test adapters ! Deep milling of rigid-flex PCBs ! Post-treatment of populated and unpopulated PCBs ! Milling of SMD solder paste stencils
The large working area of 25.6 x 20.8 (650mm x 530mm) of this circuit board plotter allows you to process all common PCB panels. Routing, drilling and milling of both rigid and rigid-flex PCBs are accomplished with ease. The ProtoMat X60 relieves high volume production equipment and provides flexibility for smaller jobs. Extremely short set-up times, flexible use and easy operation are key features which make the X60 indispensable within the production line.

LPKF is well-known for offering affordable systems for the fast and flexible production of PCB prototypes of all common technologies. With the ProtoMat X60 LPKF introduces a highly-precise circuit board plotter which can also be integrated in an existing PCB production line. The ProtoMat X60 is the ideal system to relieve high volume production machines when it comes to certain special applications or small volume with high precision.

System Highlights The large working area of 25.6 x 20.8

enables the processing and the aftertreatment of all common PCB panel sizes.

The pneumatic z-stroke guarantees fast processing as well as adjustable velocity. The pneumatic working depth limiter allows precise non-contact surface sensing and material protection. The high-speed spindle has a programmable speed of up to 60.000 rpm. Different tools can be used individually with an optimal speed and feed rate. The micrometer screw allows a precise post treatment of populated PCBs. The software CircuitCAM / BoardMaster offers all advantages of CAM-software combined with easy to use system control.

> Separation of PCB panels > Post-treatment of populated and unpopulated > Deep milling of rigid-flex circuits > Drilling of PCBs or test adapters > Milling of SMD solder paste stencils > Milling of assembly stencils > Production of PCB prototypes > Production of RF and microwave circuits > Engraving of labels and front panels > Milling of cut-outs in aluminum front panels
PCBs or panels


Technical Specifications
Working area
Resolution Reproducibility precision Register hole system precision Spindle motor Tool change Tool holder Drilling speed Travel speed (max.) Milling depth adjustment X/Y drive Z drive Machine base table Y axis Dimensions (w x h x d) Weight Power consumtion Minimum track size Minimum gap size Minimum hole size 25.6 x 20.8 (650 mm x 530 mm) 7.937 m +/- 0.005 mm +/- 0.02 mm 3-phase motor, 10,000 - 60,000rpm (100,000rpm optional), programmable semi-automatic 1/8 collet 120 strokes/minute 40 mm/sec. (1.575 /sec.) air-cushioned, contact-less sensing*, micrometer screw as Z-axis limiter stepper motors, precision spindle, precision roller guides pneumatic, 14 mm Z-axis movement* cast aluminum plotter table precise double spindle, linearly guided 29.5 x 14.6 x 35.4 (750mm x 370mm x 900mm) 69 kg (152 lb.) 200 VA 4 mil (0.1 mm) 4 mil (0.1 mm) 8 mil (0.2 mm)

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* compressed air necessary: 4 cu.ft. per min., 90 psi constant. Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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