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Universidad del Turabo en Yabucoa

Course Syllabus Deanship of General Studies Department of Languages Semester 201402 PT122 Title Advanced Communicative English Code Engl 153 Classroom 109 Day and Time of Course MW 5 00 !"M" # 7 29 !"M" $ni%ersity Telephone $7%7& 2''(20'' Professor&s Telephone $7%7& )0%(2739 Course Des#ription *his is a +e,-o,mance cou,se designed to im+,ove .,iting and communication s/ills in English" 0tudents .ill lea,n ho. to choose a to+ic1 gathe, in-o,mation and ideas c,eate to+ic sentences1 and const,uct a thesis statement" Additionall21 students .ill lea,n to develo+ a to+ic .ith su++o,ting details to c,eate va,ious t2+es oessa2s and +,esentations" Course 'b(e#ti%es *o im+,ove 3oth .,itten and o,al communication in English" *o unde,stand the natu,e and -unction o- .,iting an essa2" *o unde,stand and e--ectivel2 use an int,oduction1 hoo/1 thesis statement1 3od21 su++o,ting details1 and a conclusion in all essa2s" *o unde,stand the st2les and modes o- an essa2" *o com+a,e1 cont,ast1 evaluate1 and s2nthesi4e ,esea,ch1 and lite,atu,e -,om a va,iet2 o- sou,ces" *o locate1 ,et,ieve1 and utili4e the availa3le +,int and elect,onic media availa3le in the 3oth the +h2sical and vi,tual li3,a,ies" *o engage in all stages o- the .,iting +,ocess1 -,om +,e(.,iting to +u3lishing" *o use availa3le technolog2 -o, ,esea,ch1 .,iting1 and editing ,e5ui,ed +a+e,s" *o /no. +lagia,ism1 academic dishonest21 and thei, conse5uences" *o +,oduce -ou, di--e,ent t2+es o- .,itten essa2s" Te)t 6olse1 7"1 Muchmo,e(8o/oun1A" 9 8est,i 0olomon1 E" $2009&" G,eat Essa2s $*hi,d Edition& " :oston ;oughton Mi--lin" Pro#edures 0tudents .ill engage in class discussions th,ough online -o,ums1 +,esentations1 lectu,es1 and hands(on .,iting s/ills +,actice" <nst,uction .ill 3e delive,ed th,ough !o.e,!oint +,esentations1 lectu,es1 online mate,ial1 and assignments .ill 3e given to ,ein-o,ce the .,iting +,ocess -,om +,e(.,iting to the -inal d,a-t" Additionall21 the cou,se .ill ,e5ui,e utili4ing the +h2sical and vi,tual li3,a,ies and the <nte,net" 0tudent .ill also conduct guided .,iting assignments .ith the +,o-esso, until the -inal d,a-ts a,e +,oduced" Note that all d,a-ts must 3e t2+e .,itten in the -ont Times *e+ "oman 12 points" Additionall21 the,e .ill 3e class e=ams1 a de+a,tmental midte,m e=am and a de+a,tmental -inal e=am" Prere!uisite ENGL 152 "eferen#e 3527 Se#tion 703

Content , S#hedule >ate ?an" 211 201) ?an" 231 201) ?an" 2%1 201) ?an" 301 201) 6e3" )1 201) 6e3" '1 201) 6e3" 111 201) 6e3" 131 201) 6e3" 1%1 201) 6e3" 201 201) 6e3" 251 201) 6e3" 271 201) Ma," )1 201) Ma," '1 201) Ma,"111 201) Ma,"131 201) *heme
<nt,oduction1 Class !,ocedu,es 9 Common W,iting E,,o,s W,iting 0am+les@ *2+es o- 0entences@ Common W,iting E,,o,s1 Com+onents o- an Essa2 *2+es o- Essa2s@ A;oo/B@ *hesis 0tatement@ <nt,oduction@ :od2 9 Conclusion :uilding :ette, 0entences@ 6ive(!a,ag,a+h Essa2@ Main(idea@ 0u++o,ting >etails *o+ics >evelo+ing <deas@ W,iting !,ocess@ G,amma, Activities >evelo+ing Na,,ative Essa2s Connecto,s and W,iting a Na,,ative Essa2 and E=am 1 !atte,ns o- C,gani4ation@ :,ainsto,ming@ >evelo+ing Com+a,ative Essa2s Com+a,ative Essa2 W,iting 0e5uencing@ 8oca3ula,2 and Wo,d Choice and Midte,m E=am Cause and E--ect Essa2 E=+lained and 0am+les >evelo+ing and W,iting Cause(E--ect Essa2s A,gumentative Essa2 E=+lained and 0am+les and E=am 2 >evelo+ing a !osition # !,o o, Con@ Convincing Eeade,sF Counte,a,gument and Ee-utation@ Mode and *one >evelo+ing and W,iting an A,gumentative Essa2 and 6inal E=am >e+a,tmental 6inal E=am

Activities Lectu,e Lectu,e Lectu,e Lectu,e Lectu,e Lectu,e Lectu,e Lectu,e Lectu,e Lectu,e Lectu,e Lectu,e Lectu,e Lectu,e Lectu,e

Assessment G,ou+ >iscussion G,ou+ >iscussion

W,iting !,actice W,iting a ;oo/

W,iting !,actice C,al and W,iting G,amma, Activities E=am 1 W,iting !,actice W,iting !,actice Midte,m E=amD W,iting !,actice W,iting !,actice E=am 2 W,iting !,actice W,iting !,actice 6inal E=amD !,actice

*he Midte,m and 6inal E=am 0chedule is su3Gect to change acco,ding to the >e+a,tmentHs *est 0chedule

-%aluation Iou .ill 3e evaluated in the -ollo.ing a,eas 20J Attendance1 +a,tici+ation1 5ui44es1 and class assignments 20J E=am 1 20J Midte,m $>e+a,tmental& 20J E=am 2 20J 6inal E=am $>e+a,tmental& Grading *he g,ade 2ou ea,n .ill 3e 3ased on the outcome o- the a3ove -ive c,ite,ia" 90(100J K A %0(%9J K : 70(79J K C '0('9 K> 0(59J K 6

General Academic ;onest2 Academic dishonest2 F +lagia,ism .ill ,eceive an A6B" All ,e-e,ences must also 3e +,o+e,l2 cited" A3sences Attendance a--ects 2ou, g,ade" Mo,e than th,ee $3& une=cused a3sences ma2 se,iousl2 im+act 2ou, a3ilit2 to +ass this cou,se" Lateness !lease 3e on time -o, class" A,,iving ve,2 late to class1 .ill 3e conside,ed an a3sence" Cell(!hone !lease tu,n o-- 2ou, cell(+hone o, +lace it on vi3,ate" <- 2ou have an eme,genc2 and have to ans.e, it1 5uietl2 go outside o- the class" Missed AssignmentsFLui44esFE=ams Missed assignments .ill ,eceive a ,eduction o- one lette, g,ade -o, each class it is late" $E=am+le Cne class late1 an AAB 3ecomes a A:B" *.o classes late an AAB 3ecomes a ACB&" Lui44es .ill not 3e announced" Iou .ill onl2 3e allo.ed to ma/e u+ an2 missed 5ui4 o, e=am i- 2ou have a legitimate e=cuse .hich can 3e documented" 0u++lemental <nst,uction F *uto,ing *he unive,sit2 o--e,s academic hel+ to an2one .ho ma2 need it" !lease utili4e these se,vices that a,e availa3le to 2ou 6EEE(o-(C;AEGE" ;oughton

"eferen#es 6olse1 7"1 Muchmo,e(8o/oun1A" 9 8est,i 0olomon1 E" $2009&" G,eat Essa2s $3 Ed&" :oston Mi--lin" 6,eeman I" and 6,eeman1 >" $199%&" E0LFE6L teaching !,inci+les -o, success" !o,tsmouth1 N; ;einemann" ;osle,1 M" $2005&" English made easy" Ne. Io,/ McG,a. ;ill"

Leste,1 M" $200%&" McG,a. ;illHs essential E0L g,amma, A hand3oo/ -o, inte,mediate and advanced E0L students" NI McG,a.(;ill" Iates1 ?" $200'&" !,actice ma/es +e,-ect English voca3ula,2 -o, 3eginning E0L lea,ne,s" Ne. Io,/ McG,a.(;ill" Translation .elp / Pronun#iation Pra#ti#e htt+ FFt,anslation"+a,alin/"com ..."t,anslate"google"com 0riting .elp 'nline htt+ FFo.l"english"+u,due"edu htt+ FF.,itingguide"geneseo"eduFM+gKteach"html htt+ FF.,iting2",ichmond"eduF.,itingF..e3"html