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MEMBERS Jayson D. Barredo Shawn Ryan M. Batabat Francis B. Bea Joe Marie L. Boco Jommar Jet O. Buella Bryan Paul L. Cabana Steffy B. Cinco Jerome O. Cocoy drianne R. !uma"ue Maria #. Fabular Marco Paulo L. Soledad DESCRIPTION! MEASUREMENTS! AND INITIAL DESIGN

$ltra%iolet Li"ht Bo& is a common 'rototy'e used by 'rinted circuit board manufacturers to de%elo' a customi(ed circuit in accordance with the 'attern 'rinted on an acetate 'a'er. $nli)e old tradition of de%elo'in" a customi(ed 'attern usin" ta'es* this 'rototy'e can actually enli"hten the circuit 'attern to a 'hoto+sensiti(ed PCB throu"h the use of ri"ht li"htin" system and of course* the acetate 'a'er. ,he construction of the said 'rototy'e can be home+made or customi(ed. ,he $ltra%iolet Li"hts -$#. can be 'laced into a wooden 'rototy'e bo&* or sim'ly in a metal+related solid material. M"#s$%"&"'(s) /ou cannot create a li"htin" e&'osure bo& without your fluorescent li"hts or ultra%iolet li"hts. 0t is because* the starter holder -with o'tional transformer. and either o'tioned li"htin" system will determine how lon" the base and co%er will be. $sually* the li"htin" system is commonly 'laced at the to' for better 'erformance of de%elo'in".

$# Li"ht Bo&1 the dimensions for co%er and base* includin" the width* len"th* and the drawer.

D"s*+') ,he 'rototy'e is created throu"h a metal sho'* and the common material used for creatin" the bo& is made from a certain ty'e of stainless steel.

For the bouncin" of li"hts* there are multi'le face mirror setu' for the co%er and the drawer -drawer2s mirror is not s'ecified in blue'rint..

$# Li"ht Bo&1 ,he initial blue'rint and desi"n throu"h the use of 3oo"le S)etch$'.



PROTOTYPES ACTUAL DESIGN U',"% -.'s(%$-(*.') metal crafts sho' in 4orth Caloocan is the manufacturer of the customi(ed 'rototy'e called $# !&'osure Bo&. 0t underwent construction on late u"ust and series of modification on late October.

,he initial modification of the $# Bo&1 im'ro%ed co%er casin"* disconnected wirin"s* drawer for "lasses.

-L+R. 4ormal handle for closin"5o'enin" of the bo& to 'lace circuit 'atterns* and tra%el handle for trans'ortation from one 'lace to another.

0nitial wirin" system runway for the ultra+%iolet li"hts throu"h its built+in holes.

Face mirrors and trans'arent "lass are now modified into the 'rototy'e.

R"/#&0",1&.,*2*", /"%s*.') 6ere are some random 'hoto"ra'hs of the 'rototy'e* showin" other features li)e drawer stand* acrylic "lass* initial li"htin" system* safety 'recautions* etc.

Front %iew of the $# !&'osure Bo& as shown with the 3oo"le S)etch$' blue'rint.

0nside the $# !&'osure Bo&1 face and acrylic "lass* $# li"hts* 'ower connector.

,he front %iew of the $# Bo& when it2s o'ened* as demonstrated in the 3S$ blue'rint.

Li"htin" session of the $# !&'osure Bo&. P%.-",$%"s .' $s*'+ (3" 0%.(.(40"

7. O'en the $# Bo&* then 'ull out the drawer for to be able to se'arate the trans'arent "lass5acrylic from the drawer itself. 0n between the trans'arent and face* 'lace your 're+sensiti(ed PCB and your acetate 'attern. Ma)e sure it won2t mo%e before you 'ut a"ain the trans'arent "lass.

8. Push bac) a"ain the drawer "ently to"ether with your customi(ed desi"n. 6a%e assistance on 'lu""in" the 'ower cord throu"h the 'ower 'lu" for the user to start the de%elo'in" 'rocess. 9. Close "ently the e&'osure bo& and start turnin" the switch on* and ta)e a stand on which minute you desire. -e.". 7: minutes. ;. <hile the de%elo'er bo& is on function* ma)e sure you 're'are the de%elo'er solution before you turn off the e&'osure bo&2s switch. =. fter de%elo'in" and determinin" the customi(ed 'attern in your own minutes of session* turn off the switch and 'ull out the drawer to "et your customi(ed 'attern. Ma)e sure that the user will clean and store the 'rototy'e after usa"e.

S#2"(4 P%"-#$(*.'s 7. D. '.( #55.6 #'4 s*'+5" ,%.0 .2 #'4 5*7$*, &#("%*#5 *'1'"#% (3" 0%.(.(40"! "s0"-*#554 -.%%.s*/" .'"s. Ferric chloride is a chemical solution in which* when stained into any thin" that corrodes* it turns white or irremo%able by bleach. 8. G"'(54 -5.s"1.0"' (3" 8.9! #s .(3"% -.&0.'"'(s1&#("%*#5s &*+3( 8%.:" .% ,"s(%.4", 84 '"+5*+"'-") $# !&'osure Bo&2s installed mirrors are too thin for to be embedded into the 'rototy'e* so the user5s must be careful in o'enin" and closin" the bo&. 9. P5#-" (3" 0%.(.(40" .' # s#2" 05#-"! ,.'( "90.s" .' "9(%"&" 3"#( ("&0"%#($%") !%en this 'rototy'e can be made from any material> the user5s must store and 'lace the bo& into normal tem'erature. ;. B" +"'(5" 6*(3 3.5,*'+ (3" 8.9) ,here are two handles which user5s can assist them to carry. ,he u''er ones is the tra%el handle* while the other is the o'en5close handle. For carryin"* 'lease as) assistance with co+user. =. R"0.%( .% %"05#-" #'4 &#52$'-(*.'", -.&0.'"'(s *2 '"-"ss#%4) ,he li"htin" bulbs* starters* rac) switches* trans'arent "lass* and wirin"s are must be monitored e%eryday or in other day to ensure the ?uality of com'onents aforementioned. 0f there are unnecessary misha's within usa"e* re'lace the com'onent.

LI;UIDATION REPORT OF EXPENSES ,hese are the list of materials and 'ayment for 'rototy'e that is needed for creatin" a $# Li"ht Bo& Prototy'e1

;UANTITY ; 'cs. 8 'cs. 8 'cs. 7 'ac) 7 'ac) 7 'ac) 8 'ac)s 8 meters

PARTICULARS Stainless 'rototy'e with installed mirrors Plastic ed"e 'rotector $ltra%iolet Li"hts Starter holder with transformer Power connector Power 'lu" outlet Omni rac) switch 8=:< Omni 8=:< starter Soft stranded electric wire

PRICE 9= 7@= 7=: @A ;: ;: 8: 7B GRAND TOTAL

AMOUNT P30 ;::: 7;: 9=: 9:: @A ;: ;: ;: 9C P30 =:8=

C"%(*2*", 84

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