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NTU Alumni ClassAct e-newsletter May 2012

A Reflective Dialogue

The University’s newest batch of young artists and designers present the ADM

Show 2012, in celebration of their transition from students to professional artists

and designers

Featuring the works of 152 students from ADM’s Class of 2012, the exhibition titled

‘A Reflective Dialogue’ showcases works from across the six genres of Digital

Animation, Digital Filmmaking, Interactive Media, Photography and Digital Imaging,

Product Design, and Visual Communication, and marks the transformation of these

talented young individuals from varsity students to professional artists and designers

set on the path towards flourishing and successful careers.

Centred on the theme ‘Dialogue’, where ideas are exchanged and opinions are shared

in a space, the exhibition presents a cohesive whole through boldly executed and

thought-provoking ideas expressed in diverse layers of inspiring artworks – from

interactive installations, printed and online publications, innovative products, to

experimental films and contemporary photographic works.

Sharing the concept behind the show’s theme, Mr Muhammad Yazid Bin Safaruan,

graduating student and Chairman of the ADM Show 2012 organising committee,

said: “The ADM Graduation Show 2012 represents two forms of dialogue: the

internal and the external. Here, we make conversations not only with ourselves and

our works, but also through our works with our audience. The breadth of ideas that

are being presented stretches and evolves with an individual’s experience of the

exhibited work."

NTU Alumni ClassAct e-newsletter May 2012

Guest of Honour, Mr Jeffrey Ho, the Executive Director of the Design Singapore

Council, officially launched the ADM Show 2012 on 27 April, at the Old School on

Mount Sophia. In his speech, Mr Ho encouraged the graduating students to venture

out on their own if they find opportunities to do so. Commending the graduating class

on their works, Professor Vibeke Sorensen, Chair of the School of Art, Design and

Media, said: “The Class of 2012 has put together a spectacular exhibition. The Show

effectively captures how each person, each artist and designer, is immersed in a

lifelong conversation or dialogue with themselves and the world. It means they are

not just good talkers but good listeners. It means that they deeply respect others.

Sometimes it means the inclusion of a little humour.”

‘A Reflective Dialogue’ is the embodiment of the passion of the students who had

dedicated long hours to producing works of outstanding quality. The exhibition was

opened to the public from 28 April to 6 May.