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CIF Netherlands invites Professionals from the Field of Social Work / Human Services to apply for its 26th

Professional Exchange Program 9 - 22 November 2014 Special Focus on Outreach Work Please apply before 15 May 2014
The CIF Professional Exchange Program in the Netherlands is an international exchange program organized by CIF Netherlands in close co-operation with the University of Applied Sciences, School of Social Work and Law in Amsterdam. The goal of the Council of International Fellowship (CIF Int.) is to promote professional, cultural and educational exchange for professionals working in the field of Social Work/Human Services. The program combines practical and theoretical information about the social and cultural environment. Cross-cultural exchange is a crucial part of the program as participants come from different countries, thus providing opportunities for professional development, sharing and learning as well as broadening professional and personal horizons. Based on the experiences of the last two years, CIF Netherlands and the School of Social Work and Law have again chosen Outreach Work as theme for the 2014 program, to make the exchange program even more challenging. The theme focuses on a professional social work profile in which active intervention has regained a central place. Outreach Work is oriented towards people who do not ask for assistance on their own accord, but who are in need of help. It is often people close to them who indicate that there is a problem. The subject of Outreach Work is not the clients request for assistance but an urgent problem that needs to be addressed in the social context. These ideas about reaching out to people are set in the present social and political reality of the Netherlands. It will give you a unique chance to experience both the theoretical and practical side of this approach and relate it to your own specific field of work. There is no need to work in the field of Outreach Work yourself, but you will be asked to think about how you in your work, or the organization you work for, does or could relate to this approach. The program is divided in a one week general program for all participants which takes place in Amsterdam and a one week individual program in which the participants are placed in different parts of the country and get an exposure to different agencies. Please

note that during this program you will not be able to actually work in the agencies you visit. Language: The working language used during the programme is English which you will have to master sufficiently to be able to participate and gain fully. Number of Participants: CIF Netherlands will select 6 to 10 participants. In case applications are received for the same kind of work related experience / professional background, we will group these participants together to maximize the opportunity to learn from the visits to the agencies as well as from each other. Financial conditions: The participants fee is 350. The fees are used to cover the costs related to the organization of the program. Please note that no grants can be provided to participants. Support: Accommodation will be provided for during the whole period, in the form of shared hostel/apartment housing in Amsterdam and host family living during the individual program. Applications: The applications need to go through the CIF National Branch (NB) or Contact Person (CP) in your country, using the international application form. The National Branch or Contact Person will send your application together with their recommendation to us. Addresses of NBs and CPs can be found on the CIF International website: http://www.cifinternational.com/organization. Only if there is no CIF Branch or CP, you can contact CIF Netherlands directly. The application form can be downloaded from the CIF International website: http://www.cifinternational.com/programs The application and recommendation letter have to reach us before 15 May 2014 on info@cif-netherlands.org and mieke.weeda@gmail.com We are looking forward to receive your applications to make together the 26th CIF Professional Exchange Program in the Netherlands into another great and unique experience.

General outline Exchange Program CIF Netherlands: 9 22 November 2014

Date Sat. 8 / Sun. 9 Nov. Sunday, 9 November Monday 10 to Friday 14 November Program Arrival of participants in Amsterdam Start of General program for all participants. Welcome and introduction to CIF Netherlands; Information about the program and the Netherlands. General program organized by the University of Applied Sciences, School of Social Work and Law in Amsterdam. Includes introduction to the social system and to different aspects of organization and education of Social and Welfare Services in the Netherlands. General information as well as focus on special fields of participants, with special focus on Outreach Work; attending lectures of the Outreach working group; meeting and sharing of work experiences with students based on presentations prepared on her/his country, professional background and work place and its relationship to Outreach Work; visits to agencies. Closure first week Change to host families in different places. Individual program organized by Regional Coordinators. The individual visits to agencies and sharing of work experiences are connected to the professional background of every participant. Usually there are two appointments every day. Evaluation of the program, Closing Ceremony and Farewell relate experiences during the program to topic Outreach Work relate general experience related to situation in own country End of program and departure of participants

Friday 14 November Weekend, 15/16 Nov. Monday 17 - Thursday 20 November Friday, 21 November Saturday, 22 Nov.