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MRS. LANGTRY. Her First Appearance Los Angeles.

reception of the lady when the curtain rose was encouraging and complimentary. Supported as she is hy Mr. Ooghlan and a troupe that number*
amohglt its members some meritorious actors, the audience were assured of interesting jierfonnanee. an The piece is worked up in Mr. BSfdou's best vein, and portrays a fashionable wife who is willingto go to the verge of crime, but is restrained on tiie ragged edge, not by any high moral principle, but by the fear of loss of etiste with the world. Mrs. I.angtrv's personation of Lady Ortnond, the tempted wife, is lUch a piece of acting lift We should expect from a Woman ffhote histrionic adaptations arose merely from the circumstances of her life, and not from a career of severe professional training. Any well-educated lady, used to society and faking theatricals, occasional part in parlor would give as good a rendering, minus the ease and polish belonging to Mrs. J.angiry on account f 'he histrionic advantages she has enjoyed since she She took to the stage as a business. plays her part formally ami ac-


HIM Spirit Jane On to Be Tried Before H'tThcr Tribunal. last Tue/xhty BajM a row oc-







Lily Makes a Plat Impression in "A Wife's Peril,"

Ever since it wm announced tbat Mrs. Langtry would appear here there has boon a sorl ol suppressed excitement, caused by the anticipation of the tight ofone, about whose beauty \u25a0Omttch hu been said and written. Those who had never bad tlie opportunity of seeing her made up their minds that they would do so on this cording (o rule, but she makes no occasion and when it was announced striking points that thrill ami through the columns of the HKBAID Carry The away an audience. that she would arrive to-day there Are of genitU is Dot there; but ill its presgratified with the was a noticeable increase of visitors stead we are to the hotel entrances aliout train ence of a finely-developed and comely time waiting to catch light of her woman, who does what is not usually upon arrival. These were disap- expected from a Woman of personal pointed for Mrs. Langtry decided to charms?plays a character, full of remain on her car. The fact that she technical effects of the most striking was driven aliout the city during the possibilities, in a manner to please. bursts afternoon leaked out and aided (If course we do not look for the to of genius of a Bernhardt, ora Morris, or in the desire Increasing Mnwatt. But We look for smooth, see her on the stage, and in conse- a quence of all these things there began plain-sailing acting, and this we got. to gather about the entrance oi the Tiie compensation beyond this is the Open House before 7 o'clock the cellbrity of the lady, and that perhaps nucleus of what afterward was I large Is really what nine-tenths of us goto crowd of people. Some of these were see her for. To-night Mrs. Langtry appear as Mile. Deschappelles, in prompted by curiosity, but the major- will ''Lady ity were desirous of purchasing admis- the of Lyons." This is a charsion tickets to the performance. Those acter which we should say was well to peculiar powers. It reout of were suited her curiosity who were there disappointed, for Mrs. Langtry entered quires but little display of depth of them, by feeling?unless to escorted her it be in the lasl act, unknown ami treasurer, Mr. and its Vuccess mainly depends Upon representative OeOCge Keogh. I Miring the day and the lady who sustains it know ing bow long prior thereto there had been a to portray the outward signs of a cold , large demand forSeats at the advanced and conventional hive. prices, and when the box office closed at 7 o'clock there were but one or two MRS. LANGTRY. rows, outside of the gallery, thai rt mained unsold. Between this time % fortunate Reporter Wlm VMS and balf-paii seven o'clock the Her I losi lj nucleus of the crowd had V reporter of the llkhai.ii who wm enlarged gradually and been was formed reaching from tbe detailed to interview Mrs. f iMlgtlJ a line Ihix otliee some distance down the called yesterday afternoon al her pristreet. Tlie lobby was entirely tilled vate car, near tho new ilopot, hut with friends of' those in line, and round that Ids anient was iv vain, as these scrutinized closely every person was out exwho entered, in the vain hope of see- the object of his search ing the "Jersey Lily," who hud ploring tho mazes of the City of tlie passed unnoticed. half-past At seven Angels. Through the courtesy of Mr. o'clock ? tbe box office window was Keogh, the manager of the company, opened, and from that time until half- an appointment was made at the past eight o'clock, Treasurer t'onant Opera House during the performance, had no rest. He sold all the remain- and after the curtain bad fallen on the ing seats in the lower part of the ait the st ride sought that land of bona* as well as the entire gallery of Brat the scenes," and mystery "behind over seven hundred seats, it was not without further ado was ushered into until long after eight o'clock that the green-room the whore Mrs. Langtry huge audience had been entirely resting from the fatigue of the lirst seated. At ten minutes to eight sat act preparing and for what was to o'clock the carriages Containing those come. Langtry looked very who had obtained totheir seats earlier charming .Mrs. as she rose lo receive her arrive, and from in the sale began and with a pleasant smile thai time until a quarter after eighl visitor, readily supply assented to the inprocession there was an incessant for which he w as seeking. of Vehicles which drove Up, and. de- formation do you think of your Keep* "What burdens, posiretired to positing their to-night, Madam?" asked Ihe retions along the street, until Main tion street, between First and Second, was porter. "Oh! lam charmed with the auAs these repreentirely blocked. dience, anil the keen appreciation and sentatives of the liest class ol l.os Anthey are show ing in what is geles society entered the lobby,they interest on on the stage. Of course observed over the entrance in letters going though, it is hard to give a decided of roses "Langtry." Inside the opinion until the play has progressed portals, Ihe house, as soon as all bele you know 1 have came seated, presented a brilliant ap- a litl farther, and Those ladies occupying very little to do at "lirst, in fact the pearance. third act is the one in which I am the boxes were in full dress, but in all called UpM for my greatest efforts." other portions but little effort bad play "Is the in which are BP* lieen made iv this direction. Not- pearing to-night a favorite you of yours?" withstanding the fact that the ladies ; "Yes, very I like it much hut then in the dress circle retained their bonknow alter one has lieen appearnets, their attire was so rich and their you pieces night ing the after in same ornaments so sparkling that the lack night during long season, it is rather a of lull dress was not noticeable. Dp- hard to say which play is one's favorstairs were also seen many ladies in Ou ihe whole i think 1 like thi' front rows, which had lieen re- ite. if there was any "Pygmalion and ialatca" as well as served, and any in my repertoire. Then again I saying that a truth in the very of "Lady Claneaity." full house inspires, the audience last amI was fond to come down determined night should have urged the actors to here. I had heard such flattering actheir liest efforts, providing they had counts your southern country that of not liecoino surfeited with like attendwould not leave the Pacific coast ances during the entirety of their tour. 1 seeing it. Between the time the audience without "And now that you are here, what seated ami when had been your opinion is of it?" tlie curtain rolled up there was most charming ithink it one of the a noticeable indifference in the ipota seen, Ihave ever audience, although good natured, and have had hut very little hut aH yet I FINANCE AND TRADE. opportunity the to anxiety due to of all this was to lieeome acquainted with my surA Krvirw of the Dn) ' I rniisur. see Langtry. When she appeared roundings. not get in until We did tionm. of one was centered every the interest to-day ami as hoou as I had after 12 New York, July 11 Tlie stock market on tlie stage w here it remained abfor a drive just (CM unusually "lull throughout the entire sorbingly until the close of the last had luncheon I went to see if what they had wiid ahout day and the result of the transactions is of act. Lns Angeles iH true. And oh! I was very little importance. The course of prices SOME OF TIIE .VI'DIENCK. astonished to see what a beautiful was very Irregular hut the fluctuations in all Mrs. Hon. E. M. Ross and wife, Mr. andsisters, country you have here, and everyone except one or two stocks were confined with<). W. I hilds, (i. W. Childs, Jr. and and seems to lie doing so well?it is really infractional limits. Hon. Henry T. Hazard and wife, Mr. Jones,


On named curred lietween a Frank Parker and Albert Hohard, indirectly from the Cfleets of which, RECEIVED; THE MOST MAGNIFICENT LINE OF speaking, it is claimed the latter ijW, yesterday morning. According to IMPORTED Kobard's story, on the evening in question, he met Parker in a Main street saloon, aud, at the hitter's request, he joined him for a ride around town in one of Parker's hacks. Alter I VIII NlfOWN IN lIIIS CITY. driving around for a short while, the stopped in froot of of the vehicle one THE CREAM D NOT FAIL dens on Alameda street, and Parker asked him to go in. He felt incensed at the proposition, ami refused. He alighted from the vehicle and was about to depart, when Chariee StanThe European EXAMINE" ley, (lie driver of the hack, wanted to know who was going to pay the bill, silent, implied and iiobard i'arker was that he had ueccepted Pafkor*! offer, and OOfJasquently he did not feel disposed to foot the bill. He said Eastern Markets. New Stock of Goods, thai lie was about to depart w hen he was pounced upon by i'arker and the driver of Ihe hack, and in self defence opened his pocket knife and slashed the back of Parker's head open, lie iv turn was felled to the ground by a blow from a heavy fence picket Tbe Peerless Dry Goods Emporium of Southern California, wielded by Stanley. The two combatants then reentered the hack and city prison. They were driven to the IOS, 107 AND 109 NORTH SPRING STREET. looked pretty well beaten up, especially Barker, Who presented the appearance of a man who had lieen HD.II, ESTATE. acaiped, Kobard's injuries did not amount to much, so he was Immediately locked Up. Dr. Cole was teleHe phoned for to attend Barker. found him laid out comfortably in one 35 uoxf.x un uiiii.i.n mi faAVU vests at 25 caWTi f.acii. of the cells and bleeding profusely from hia wound. He waa patched up We will take our entire line of Ladies' Balbriggan and (iauze Vests, selling at ami takeu to his home shortly after40, 45 and SO cents,and close out at IB cents each. French necks,long and short wards. Bobard lingered in tbe cell for two sleeves; high necks, long and short sleeves; medium necks, ribbed sleeves. days and then was released Upon furnFOB for $500, (in I Light and medium weight. Balbriggan, light and medium (iauze. Every ishing a bond his examination one of these garments worth fully40, 45 and SO. Silk Binding?silk stitched last Saturday came up before Judge Austin and he SSSS 000 U UTTTTTH H RRRR lIV VEEKERRRR SSSS lIDDIU> NM w as held lo answer before the Superior and pearl buttons. Thirty-live dozen Bailies' Balbriggan and (iauze Vests at S BO O IT UTH H BS SIID DE R RIIV VK R Cburt upon a charge of assault to kill, 35 cents each. S O OU UTHH R RIIV VK R RS lID DE S O OU UTHH R RII V V E R RS lID OK with bail set at fBOO. SSSS O O U U T HHHH RRRR II V V EE RRRR SSSS lID DKB Early yesterday morning he called BOOU R R SIID DE UTHH R RII V V E SO OU UTHH R RH VV ERR SIID DE his wife and told her that he heard S fOOU UTHH R RII WE B RS SIID BE the |K-als of the church Bella and that BBSS 000 UUU T H H R RII V BEEBB R SSSS lIDDDD EEBB go devotions, to had her she betterand Upon returning she She complied, was borrot 1sitlckou to And that his spirit hail passed on to lx' tried before a higher tribunal. Coroner was notified and the remains were removed to the undertaking rooms of Garrett & Yesterday 40 Dozen t.eiii Iniicii's Ita I hriairo ?> and t.auzc Vests at 25 Cents Hertzke, on Main street. F.itcli. Worth 45 and 50 Cents. afternoon Dr. Cohn held an autopsy, which revealed the fact that death was caused by heart troubles, and not, We have more goods in this line than we can conveniently carry, and will as WM supposed by many, from the effect of the blow from the picket over close out the entire lot at 25 cents each. Each garment trimmed with silk, eye. the left pearl buttons. Medium and light weight Balbriggan; medShortly after the news of Kobard's silk stitched with death reached the police station thief ium and light weight (iauze. Koinomlier this: everyone of these Vests worth Skinner, without waiting for the issuand 50 cents. Forty dozen ientlemen's Balbriggan and silk-finished (iauze ance of a warrant, had Barker and his 45 AND the Vests at 20 Centa each. driver, Stanley, confined within was limits of a cell. As soon as he notified of the result of the autopsy, he realized that the prisoners could not be connected with the killing at Bobard, and discbarged them. An Inquest was held last night by verdict of Coroner Meredith and a hemorrhage death from internal caused by rupture of the heart, was rendered. The wife of deceased testified that a 2000 \ AH lIS TO CI.OSF. Ol T. few days ago her husband told her that he thought be.was going to die received from the effects of the blows Our entire line of French Tricots, in a beautiful assortment of colors at 50 during the row. cents per yard. This line should not be confounded with domestics or English Brown's Burglary. Tricot Suitings, as it is far superior, a silk linisb taking the place of the wool Some vandal entered Brown's mugo. Two thousand yards French Tricot Dress Suitsic store at No. 11 North Spring street, efluXA. Dress Goods must Worth fully 85 cents. An Sunday morning, ami stole a quantity ings at 50 Bents par yard, Worth fullyK5 cents. of gold pons and musical instruments excellent assortment of colors. Two thousand yards al 50 cents per yard. amounting to about 1200 in value. Worth 85 cents. Worth 85 cents. The thieves entered through a back window, the blinds of which they forced with a "jimmy." A man who XasTf'The California Central Railway's Santa Ana and San Diego Branch is now completkeeps a well know n "fence" yesterday ed and opoued tor traffic to South Riverside, and the facilities thus afforded make offered to "turn up" the goods for ifliti. certain an unparalleled growth In the new town for the coming season. Since the The citizens would feel like (laying town and colony lumi- were first placed on the market in December last more ttma *vu.ooo worth of property has been sold by the South Riverside Land and Water Com up." MMto have the thief "turned a apparent pany, and all this without railroad aud without effort. This thing of property being stolen and jTWNKXT TUESDAY willhe offered at auction 100 lots, moat eligibly located, sightly the cool announcement made that it and highly desirable, withinfive minutes' walk of the center of town. Sale perempcan lie returned for so much money tory, without reserve, and warranted fair aud square. looks as if a premium was being MmT~l Angeles p rties willleave on MONDAY, JULY llth,and remain over night at Ban Bernardino, in order to join the excursion train leaving San Bernardino at B;3D placed on crime, and the people w ill a. M. on day of sale. not stand it for many years. Beaee TRIP ?Los Angeles to South Riverside and return only :t.M>. FAKJE AfV-'KOUND receive salaries from the State officers REFUNDED TO ALL PURCHASERS. city from the for the detection and or good on California Central railway trains July 11,12 and 13. Take cars at jTSff-Ticket* arrest of criminals and they should First Street Depot. try to earn their salaries. sTW**Mnps, Tickets and full information furnished on application to


Spring and Summer,


1887, Novelties.





J. M. HALE & CO.


Se I






Ladies' Furnishing Goods.


Gents' Furnishing Goods.





Dress Goods.

Dress Goods.

Tuesday, July 12,1887


J. M. HALE & CO.,

Snrahs. Snrahs.


Wednesday, July 13.


7 and 9 Sprini Street

Ladies' Gloves.

Five hundred yards Black Surahs nt 75 cents per yard. Worth $1.25. Cannot tie excelled at regular price, $1.25, and worth fully this price. Five hundred yards Black Surahs at 75 cents per yard. Worth $1.25. Five hundred yards Black Surahs ut 75 cents per yard. Worth $1.25.

Twenty-live dozen Ladles' Venetian, Lisle Thread Jersey Gloves at 15 cents per pair. Worth 25 oeiits. Worth 25 cents. Assorted colors. Assorted colors. Good length. Twenty-five dozen Ladies' Venetian, Lisle Thread Jersey Gloves at 15 cents per pair. Worth 25 cents. Worth 25 cents.

BEN. E. WARD, No. 4 Court St. A. L. TEELE, No. 10 Court St.

Room 3, Upstairs.

Mrs. J. B. "Lankershlm, Mrs. l>oria Miss Constance Jones, Mrs. E. B. Crocker, Miss Amy Crocker and Harry Gilllg, Major George Bonehrake and daughter, Huron and Miss Baroness Kognial; J. 1.. Vignes and E. Rowan, Helen Vignes. Mr. and Mrs. I. Rowan, Mr. Miss ItoWHl), Mr. and Mrs. V. J. and Mrs. Mark G. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Campbell aud Alexander Rice, Judge wife, Mr. and Mrs. John KOtter, Mr. anil Mis. H Jevno, Dr. Clark and wife, Judge o'Melvelivand wife, Mr. and Mrs. ('. K. Hutan, Mr. and Mrs. 1.. W. McKinley. Mr. and Mrs. Downey Harvey, General Bouton j and wife, Mr. and Mrs. I'red. Unde. Mr. and and General Hewitt Mrs. Uiskay, wife, Mr. and Mrs. l'nlaski. Mr. and and Mrs. D. Mrs George Denis, Mr. X McNeil, Mr. nnd Mrs. Young, Mr. and and Mrs. GllUbrand, Mrs. H. Chandler, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. 11. M. Johnson, C, Mrs. George W S. Fowler, Mrs. 11. Wyatt. Dixon, Mr. aud Mrs. Max M\berg, Mi and and Mrs Morltz Myberg, John W. Gardiner daughter, Henry (i M. lveny and lady. I). Whiting anil lady, Mr. Lopez. Mrs. It. lillderrain, Mr. Weiner, Mr. and Mrs. lsadore Polaski Mr. and Mrs. 11. Z. Osborne, Mr. nnd Mrs. G. A. DobinMrs II T, Payne, Mr. and wife, Mr. and Mrs. son Dr Gillingham and George M Holton, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mr. Mullally,Mr. and Mrs. J. SI. Mad.lrill, Mr. and Mrs. K(. and Mrs. J. A. Miur. Woodbury, Mrs. A. C. Cliuuvni Mr (. V Hasson, Miss Grace Mathison. Miss Jennie and Miss Hallie Culleii Mrs, O. A. Stevens Miles, Dr. Dorothea I.ummls, Mrs. J. E. T, D. Molt and daughter, Cook Mrs. Ticker, and lady, Miss Millie Newmark Harris Well, Miss Alice Weil, Terrence Cooney and Arcadia lady, Miss Jennie Winston, Miss Miss Minnie and Banillui, Dr. J. S. Owens Mrs, and Miss Hance Emlle Quart** and M. G. Willlurd and lady, Jackson, H I Kowalskl and Mrs. Harry Malnhall, Miss Ecklcy Blnsdel, Miss Sada and Gertie Johnson, Miss Emma Mason, K. E. Marks nnd Miss Jennie nnd Carrie Hamburger, Miss Ysalxd Del Valle, Mrs. John Fonder. Miss Fnnnie McCunn, Jean Maxwell and Miss Leta Maxwell, Mrs. W. S. Maxwell, w. p. H. Boyce, Hon. Col. James A. Clinton and wife, Elliott, G. Fair, Jr., J D Lynch, J. M. John John T. Sullivan. James P. Henderson, Frances, Geo. F. Hiitton, C. White Mortimer, Ex-Senator David McClure Dr. Granville and .Mr. TD.Wilson Harvey, Macdowan Coleman, D. Gallagher, County Recorder, Montana; Dr. K. D. Wise, Frank Schumacher, John W. Sherman, Ex-Mayor Beaudry Jack Austin, Samuel B. Dewey, Jerry II- A. Barclay, Alliert Illicit A.C. Golsh, Wllshlre, Dr. llamllton McFarlund, 11. 0. Ex-Judge


There is a rumor extant that you intend investing in some property down here, is there any credence to he placed in it? Well, yes, I think there is, 1 should like awfullyto have a place here, not a little place but a large ranch on which one could make a home. I have already invested in some California property, I bought a tract at a place vailed Naples, though I am sure I don't known where it is even, anything or at all about il. I ani leaving all my business alfairs in the hands of General Haines, my law yer, at San Francisco, and 1 will tell him how charmed I am with the country down here, and leave the matter of investments with him hush, I heard the words "true and loyal," and that is one of my cues to get ready to go on," and Mrs. Langtry picked a charming little bonnet from a hook on the wall, and, placing it jauntily on her luxuriant tresses of dark brown hair, surveyed herself iv a pier-glass which hangs on the wall. "A very charming elleet," the peneiller ventured to remark, aH he gazed on the statuesque Hguni and the brow ho WOndrOUS fair, and realized what an Indefinable charm there is aliout the accomplished actress. His meditations were interrupted hy "someone gently rapping" nnd knowing that Mrs. Langtry would be required on Ihe stage in a few moments lie bowed an adieu after fifteen minutes delightful eonevrsation with the most charming woman that has ever visited the sunny South of California.

Government bonds are dull and steady. Financial. Sew Yokk, July 11.?Closing quotations: four and a half Four per cent.coupons, l'J7 coupons, HS9; Central Pacific, 'AT', Denver & Kio Grande, -H' ,; Louisville ,v. Nashville, ti'J'ii Michigan Central, Htl' -j ;KansasATcxas, I'ref'd OH; N. ?JT>\: New York Central, ion';; ,; Pacific, Ml .Northwestern, U7 1 OTSffOD Improvement, is',; Oregon Navigation, 7'j; Transcontinental, '.'ll1,,; Pacific Mail, 44' a ; ,ib; Union Pacific, Texas Pacific, W'/i', (15; Wells.Fargo A Co. l ulled Stales Kxpress, '27; Western Union, 70;>. Atchl* Boston, July 11,?closing prices; son, Topeka & Saula Fe, *1.12' 2 Chicago. Burlington AQnlncr. 1f1.44; Mexican Central common, IWi! <h>, bond scrip, blunk: do, first mortgage MM,71. New Yohk, July 11.?Money on callEasy; :t(tss percent; last call 11; closed oiler ;t per ceiil. Prime mercantile paper, fHgn'i percent. at IH4.S'.!'., for Sterling exchange?null for demand. sixty days; :, New Yohk, July 11.?Bar silver, 95 4 San Francisco, July 11.?The following are the doting prices: 80 Best & Belcher 7.50 Peer 1.25 Peerless. 1.55 Crocker ( hollar s.HT'j Potosl S.OO B.H2W Cos. Col. Vs. 91.00 Opnlr ((.87>.j Confidence .10.00 Savage 4.55 Sierra Nevada 4.05 QOUld aY Cry.. 5.(J2J H.70 Hale Non ro'ss. 3 Union Con 7.25 Locomotive .sft Y. Jacket silver liars?Per cent, discount, SOfSTtt,

Gros Grain Silk.

To Clove Out. To Close Out. Five hundred yards Black Gros Grain Silks per yard. Worth 90 cents. Has at 50 cents a beautiful half mourning elfi ct. Five hundred yards Black Gros Grain Silks at 50cents per yard. Worth 90 cents.

Ladies' Hit's.
Twenty-five dozen Ladies Silk Lace Mitts at 20 cents per pair. Nota cheap article, but worth fully35 centa. Worth 85 cents. Assorted colors and good summer shades. Twenty-five dozen Ladies' Silk Lace Mitts at 20 cents per pair. Worth 35 cents.




Ladies' Hosiery.

Providencia Land, Water and Development


. . .

Tin dozen Ladies' SilkFinished Cardinal Five dozen Black Jerseys at 75 cents each. llulhriggau Hosiery at 35 cents per pair. Guaranteed to be all wool. Good value at Worth 50 cents. Reduced from 50 cents. full back Black Jercoat $1.25. Five dozen Extra length, full gunge and very fashionaseys at 75 cents each. Worth $1.25. Worth ble. Ten dozen Ladies' Silk-Finished Car$1.25. dinal Hosiery at 35 cents per pair.

Incorporated Dec. 24, 1886. Capital Stock, $5,000,000.00

L. T. GURNBEY, President. I. K. PLEaTJSK, Treasurer.

Silk Handkerchiefs.
Ten dozen Misses' and Children's Silk Handkerchiefs nt 20 cents each. Hem-stitched, narrow liorder and worth 40 cents. Beautifulassortment of colors. Ten dozen Misses, and Children's Silk Handkerchiefs at 20 cents each.


The Grain Market*. Sas Fuascisco, July 11.?Wheat?Steady. buyer, '87, J1.13':, per Barley?Steady; cental. corn?California law yellow, 1(11.15 per cental; small yellow, $1.15; white, $1.22!,,. Tlie BrltUhGrain Trade. London, July 11.?Mark Lane Express iv its review of the British grain trade during past the week suys the wheat crop Is making the liest possible progress towu-d maturity and falling disaster will bo of plienoineual quality and quantity. Barley and oat crop Beans are are uot much behind Wheat Peas promise badjv infested with aphides. poor in Ireland. Trade values fur wheat condeliveries tinue in favor of buyers, although have been small. Wales of Knglish wheat during the week was 10,720 quarters at 545. 9(1. during ut 114s. against quarters 2d, 29,822 the corresponding period last year. Foreign wheat is weaker and business Is restricted. cargoes numbered 23; Arrivals of whent were withdrawn and 21 remained. three Al to-day's market thcro was little inquiry and values were exchanged. Beans for w heat were (Id. cheaper. Other articles were un-

Silk Handkerchiefs.
Ten dozen I.adi VBUi Handkerchiefs, iv cents each. Worth excellent shades, al 50 cents. Worth 50 cents. Narrow borders and very stylish. Ten dozen Ladles' Silk Handkerchiefs, in excellent shades, ut 25 cents each. Worth 50 cents.

Ladies' Hosiery.
Tweuty-flve dozen full regular made Ladles' Balbriggan Hosiary at 20 cents per pair. Worth 35 cents. Excellent colors to select from. Assorted sizes. Twenty-live dozen at 20 cents per pair.

Hon. R. M.Widney's Departure.

Hlller, sr., OrimnlDrTr. 11. Hryaut.

Hatch, k.


I.angtry'a Flrat Night.

A splendid audience (/reeled Mrs. Langtry ut the Otiera House, last night. Tlie dress circle and the parquet were filled with the cream of our theatergoers, and the family circle was crowded with a fine class of auditors. The

Hon. K. M. Wldxjey, accoiupunied to-morhis family, leave row for a recreation trip to fortland, Oregon, and the head of navigation ou the Columbia Kiver. The Judge, Who is one of the recognized pillars of Los Angeles' standing and progress, has well earned his vacation, which will be of bout three weeks' altered. durution. Tho associates; in his many Petroleum. enterprises, us well as his many New York, 11.?The Petroleum friends, both in his public and private market was very July null; opening, highlife, bid him bon voyage and a speedy est, 81 14: lowest, 00*4'; closing, 00%. Sales, ana safe return. 290,000 barrels.

J. M. HALE &
WeflnesJay, Jul;

L. T. GURNSEY, H. L MACNKIL.T.W. T. RICHARDS, W. H GO UCHER, E. E. HALL. (ientlemeirs Twenty-five dozen Neck G. W. KINli, J. DOWSEY HARVEY, D. BUr. BANK, JAMES McCUDDEN. Scarfs three for 25 cents. Worth 15 cents. Worth 15 cents. Worth 15 cents. Twentyfive dozen Gentlemen's Neck Scarfs three This company is now offering for aale 17,000 acrea of fine Fruit and Alfalfa Land for 25 cents. Worth 15 cents. Worth 15 (less 2.0C0 told since April Ist) in subdivisions of from Aye to forty acre tracts, in the cents. famous Providencia and Soott Ranches. These Ranches are conceded by all good Judges of property to be the finest ln the country. Located only ten miles from tbe Court House, on the main line of the Southern Pacific Railway Company, wltb ten passenger trains passing the tract dally. Sidewalks have been laid, and the depot building Is now being rapidly erected. An Fifty dozen Gentlemen's Linen Collars at 3 excellent hotel, of which a perspective oan be teen at the company's office, is nearly Selling each. in stock at 15 oompleted. cents cents. Fifty dozen Gentlemen's Linen Collars at 3 Fourteen new residences and business blocks ars already up, and contract* for tea cents each. additional residences have been let. Ninety three thousand feet of pipe has bean distributed over thajownslte preparatory to placing itunder ground. Ties, rails and rolling stock for the StreeVCar Line have been ordered, and all the improvement* advertised by the company willbe pushed to a rapid conclusion. The development of water in quantities far exceeding Ibe moltsanguine expectation* Tweuty-flve dozen Soft-Finished Bath of its projectors, has given an assurance tbat their ability to supply water for townsite Towels at 20 centa each. Just the thing irrlgatiug purposes ln abundance Is an unquestioned fact. and for Bathing Houses. Forty-four inches long, Reservoir No. 1, with a capacity of one and a halt milliongallons of water daily, will 22 Inches wide. Worth 30 cents. Twentycompleted July lStb, and water of the purest quality, sparkling and dear, piped In five dozen Soft-Finished Bath Towels at 20 be cents each. tront of each lot. Reservoir No. 2 with a capacity of 2,000,000 gallons ol water daily, pouring water ln abundance Into an irrigating dltoh already commenced, and being lapldly pushed to completion, to supply the water to 1700 sores of land which comes below tbe water drill. The advantageous location of Burbank, its unsurpassed railway feoiltjler, it* beautiful and pletureaque surroundings, together wltbtbe benefits to be derived from the freight and passenger traffic ln connection wltb tbe future development of tbe Immense valley of which it is tbe drown Gem, recommends it to tbe people of Southern California as (he most desirable and popular suburban town la tbe State ln which to Invest. For partlcn lars, maps, etc., etc., address or apply to T. W. T. RICHARDS, Secretary, is Soath ?rlng stjeeg. myt-tl

Gentlemeus' Furnishing Goods.

W. K. GOUOHKR. Vice Presrdent. T. W. T. RICHARDS, Secretary.

Gentlemen's Famishing Goods.

Bath Towels.


7 and 9 Stria, Street

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