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Class:3 Max Mks:45
Time :2hrs No of pages: 3
General Instructions:
All questions are compulsory.
Questions 1to 10 carry 1mark each.
Questions 11 to 20 carry 2mark each.
Questions 21 to 25 carry 3mark each.
1. Write the division fact for the number
5X 9 = ____
2. Look at the shape and write the fractions in words which represent the shaded portion
3. Convert 69 rupees 5 paise into paise
4. Draw a line segment of length 6 cm
5. 12 o clock at night is called ____
6. Mention the unit of length of a needle
7. Add 3km5m+8km6m+45km+5m
8. 1 meter = _____centimeters
9. which is greater 2kg 30g or 30kg 2g
10. Arrange and add 24l920ml and 154l35ml
11. Find the quotient using long division
12. If a collection has 20 object, how many objects are there in one fourth of the collection
13. Write in descending order
14. Convert the following into grams
a) 1kg 416g b) 8 kg 800g
15. Find the sum of the following
a) Rs 3.85+Rs 45+Rs 48.50
b) 65p+Rs15.25+Rs72.50
16. Name the line segment of the following figure

17. Which of the following is leap year 1984 or 2004

18. The National Museum opens at 10a.m and closes at 5p.m. How many hours does it remain
19. A bar of chocolate weighs 125g . What is the weight of 6 bars of chocolate
20. Prepare a bill for the following articles
Tea-Rs 20.50, Bread Rs 10.00, Biscuit Rs 47.50, Milk powder -Rs 52.50
21. Shilpi buys a book worth Rs 9800 and a geometry box worth Rs 40 she gives a 500 rupee note
to the shopkeeper. How much money should she get back?
22. A Princess was locked up by a witch in a room with a window 20m above the ground. The
princess tied 5 pieces of cloths of length 2m35cm,5m47cm and 7m8cm in order to escape.
Would she need another piece of cloth?If yes, what should its length be ?
23. There are 545 tyres in a shop. 4 tyres were used on each car. How many cars would get tyres?
How many would be remaining ?
24. Measure the length of the solid figure and find its perimeter
25. The following pictograph shows the number of cows in five villages A,B,C,D and E.

a) how many cows, in all are there in five villages?

b) Which villages has 30 cows
c) How many cows are there in village C and E?