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LET Developmental Reading QUIZ 1. The committee will meet for ____ first project next B.

Oxymoron week C. Irony A. its D. anticlimax B. they're 10. It is hard to earn a dollar these days. C. there A. metonymy D. it's B. personification 2. I will need ____ money to by a new car than to C. synechdoche repair the old one. D. oxymoron A. few 11. "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often I wanted to B. little gather your children together, just as a hen gathers C. fewer her brood under her wings." D. less A. Allusion 3. Crime is ____ in big cities than in small town. B. Apostrophe A. prevalent C. Personification B. most prevalent D. Simile C. as prevalent 12. He eats like a pig. D. more prevalent A. pun 4. Having assisted him with his project, now I am B. irony expected to assist ____ as well. C. hyperbole A. hers D. simile B. she 13. "How much money did you bring for shoping?" C. her Which of the following answers this question? D. herself A. I have some change in my purse 5. ________ they question their parent's authority. B. None, but I have a credit card A. Do ever C. I have P 500.00 inside the envelope in my desk B. Never D. All the cash I have was spent at the grocery C. Not even shop yesterday. D. Never do 14. Don Quixote, hero of cervantes' immortal novel, 6. "To err is human, to forgive is divine". (Alexander rode forth: Pope) A. In a quest of the holy grail A. Synechnoche B. To see the world and seek a fortune B. Simile C. To defend the oppressed and right the wrong C. Litotes D. To see his king and country D. Antithesis 15. The Nibelungelied is a ____. 7. He drank his tea in oceans. A. Latin Myth A. personification B. Medieval German epic B. hyperbole C. Chinese legend C. irony D. Russian folk song D. metonymy 16. "He is known as a political butterfly", the 8. Among Mussolini's great achievement were the congressman remarked. This means the fellow is a revival of a strong national consciousness, the ___. expansion of the Italian Empire, and the running of A. displayed follower the trains on time. B. political opportunist A. Parallelism C. party royalist B. Metaphor D. disgraced leader C. Personification 17. Before the sleeping time, children are discouraged D. climax to watch____ shows that cause nightmares. 9. "Lovers are said to speak of living deaths, dear A. special wounds, fair storms, and freezing fires". (P. Sydney) B. spectral A. Metaphor C. spectacular 1









LET Developmental Reading QUIZ D. spiteful D. hospitable Belgrade was in total darkness after the bombs 26. Form a sentence from these words: a. the senator were dropped. This means ____. b. as a legislator c. although he raised his voice d. A. Electric light was not need in war accepted several amendments. B. Electricity was turned off to avoid identification A. b a d c of areas B. b a c d C. Electrical source had been destroyed C. a b c d D. Electricity was temporarily shut off D. d c b a A prisoner was approached by a priest. "I will keep 27. "I have one life to give, and I give it all to my all you say in confidence", the priest assured. This country." This pictures: means he tried to ___. A. a doctor in the operating room A. win the confidence B. soldier at war B. arouse the confidence C. a policeman on the street C. be confident D. a worker in a cement factory D. be taken in confidence 28. Long fellow mentioned life as light and shadow. What word is not properly spelled and used in these What figure of speech is used? sentences? A. personification A. There were commissions on the fare B. simile B. There were confusions on admission C. metaphor C. There was confusion in the plane D. argumentation D. There was confusion on directions 29. Prices of commodities are affected by world Caryle said, "A man perfects himself by working". demands. Answer it with: This means ___. A. No they are A. Caryle advocates "know thyself" B. Yes it is B. Caryle measures success by actual work C. No it isn't C. Caryle is a labor leader D. Yes, they are D. Caryle believes in perfection 30. The reporter was accused in court because of his Which of the capitalized words do not belong to the news story. The story was______. group in terms of sound? A. tainted with malice A. THESE B. a narration of facts B. THESIS C. too personal to take C. THAT D. full of distorted facts D. THOSE 31. Quezon is quoted often on, "I prefer a government "Never the twain shall meet....." means the lines run like hell by Filipinos...." this means: are: A. Filipinos can better run their country A. circular B. Filipinos are not good leaders B. straight C. Filipinos should be governed by foreigners. C. perpendicular D. Filipinos should depend on foreigners for good D. parallel governance The wounded soldiers were visited by the President 32. Jose Garcia Villa experimented on the use of who honored them with ______ for their ______. form. A. medals valor A. His poems followed a centiped or a bird B. money sacrifice B. His poems followed a structure C. appointments consistency C. His poems were romantic tones D. appearance bravery D. His poems disregarded substances A Chinese proverb says, "the virtue with the shortes 33. I have difficulty in DECIPHERING her notes due to memory is gratitude." This tells of persons who are: her poor penmanship. A. careful A. decoding B. grateful B. taking C. greetful C. using 2










LET Developmental Reading QUIZ D. filing 43. His PLODDING PROSE seem to be the reason why The newspaper PURPORTS to be the best selling she said NO. daily in the country. A. Boastful words A. claims B. Slow words B. disclaims C. silence C. argues D. clumsy words D. wishes 44. My mother dislikes my boyfriend because he seems The accused WAIVED his right to a lawyer. to be a couch potato. A. increased A. fat person B. decreased B. furniture maker C. cancelled C. lazy person D. returned D. TV addict The man's abnoxious behavior at the party made 45. The clue they found turned out to be A RED everyone dislike him. HERRING. A. gentlemanly A. very important B. irresponsible B. incomplete C. charming C. diversion D. offensive D. lost The MURKY water of Pantal River smells terrible. 46. It's your turn to POP FOR the doughnuts. A. unclear A. cook in the oven B. flowing B. distribute C. swirling C. buy D. polluted D. throw away There will always be RETRIBUTION for any crime. 47. The driver in the BMW is a ROAD HOG. A. recollection A. is arrogant B. regret B. takes up too much of the road C. tribute C. is a poor driver D. punishment D. is so ugly It was TOUCH AND GO for a while, but she was fine 48. I need to MAKE A QUICK BUCK. after the accident. A. earn some easy money A. regretful B. steal some money B. almost dying C. ran fast C. filled with uncertainty D. create something D. definitely alright 49. The following are purposes of literature except: I need to BRUSH UP on the rules before we play A. It provides materials for language skills tong-its. development A. review B. It provides us with experience, which in real life B. read we cannot have C. copy C. It provides us with real and direct experiences D. understand D. It is a source of values An actor must LEARN HIS LINES BY HEART. 50. The literary genre that is meant to be acted and A. Love his lines seen on stage is the: B. Characterize his lines A. melodrama C. Memorize his lines B. poetic play D. Adlib his lines C. drama Our dean FOOTED THE BILL for the picnic. D. tragedy A. paid the bill 51. What usually occurs in the man-in-a-tub kind of B. passed the bill plot? C. forgot to pay the bill A. there is a single central action D. denied the bill B. there is a sudden flash of realization 3









LET Developmental Reading QUIZ C. there is a splash of water in the story 60. How did Daniel Defoe's "Robinson's Crusoe" end? D. the protagonist meets many adventures in the A. Robinson Crusoe went back to England story B. He died in the island "The Odyssey" illustrates this type of plot: C. He was killed and eaten by cannibals A. man in a hole D. He married a native girl and lived happily on the B. man on the road island C. man in a tub 61. The father of Psychological Horror Tale is: D. man in the middle A. Stephen King The shape is one element of poetry. The shape of a B. Edgar Allan Poe poem is the pattern of arrangement of the words C. Conan Doyle on the page. Which type of poem visually D. Bram Stocker represents the poem's meaning? 62. All of these were written by woman except: A. concrete poem A. Frankenstein B. haiku B. Black Beauty C. sestet C. Harry Potter D. visual poem D. Alice in Wonderland This is a prose composition of any length intended 63. Who is "Beowulf" in the oldest English epic? to present a tentative exploration or evaluation of a A. monster subject. B. monster mother A. biography C. king B. novel D. protagonist C. prose allegory D. essay Tragedies and comedies were popularized by the: A. Greeks B. English C. Egyptians D. Hindus The dramatic monolugue is mainly used for: A. exposition B. declamatory purposes C. narration D. all of the above Which of the following does not belong to the group? A. El Cid B. Song of Roland C. Old man and the Sea D. Lam-ang A poem idealizing rustic or rural life is: A. pastoral B. eclogue C. idyl D. elegy Considered the greatest literary genius in the history of the world: A. Homer B. Dante C. Shakespeare D. Plato 4

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