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Proposal What type of photography are you going to produce?

I am going to be producing all fashion based photography, I chose this style of photography as I find it so interesting as I have found that each image tells a story and can be very unique and original. I think that for me this is the one that relates most to my own interests and I am hoping to create a professional looking and interesting image that I would personally like to see in magazines. Also from carrying out some research in to different fashion photographers it has given me lots of ideas and has also inspired me to choose this style of photography instead of the other options as this appealed to me most. I am going to be using a model and include lots of different locations throughout the house we will be shooting at as I think this is the most interesting way to do it and also shows a story through the images, which is what most fashion photography is all about. I will also ensure that the images clearly show the different fashion, as this is another thing I have seen in my research, many of the photographers sometimes cut off some of the clothing or show it at an angle that is hard to see. This has shown me that I dont want to do this and I am hoping to show the clothing in more detail. What contexts could this type of photography be used in? I am hoping that my image would look like it could easily fit in with a fashion magazines, I am taking inspiration from all the fashion magazines I read and the images that are found in them. I have found that they all try to tell the reader something and the clothes and the e pressiveness of the image shows this, I am hoping to do the same with my own photography. The type of magazines you would typically see a lot of fashion photography would be in !ook, "lle, #ogue, $osmopolitan and %lamour. These magazines are going to act as a guide for my images as I will take my photography in a way that I would e pect to see them in this type of magazine. As I dont have the resources to shoot my photographs in a studio, I am going to use the house that has been selected for us this will allow me to have some interesting shots and make the images more intriguing as I am intending to include lots of different rooms and also some images outside. Who are your influences for this project? &y main influences would definitely be &ario Testino, &ert ' &arcus and (ert )tern. These fashion photographers are e tremely talented and I have taken ideas from all of their work, for e ample (ert )tern takes very classic images and are all in black and white, this has given me the idea of making my images black and white but adding bursts of colour in some areas to make it stand out. &ert and &arcus take more adventurous images and love to make statements with their work, they use lots of bold, clashing colours that stand out which is what I personally really loved about their work and will definitely include in mine. !astly &ario Testino is a definite inspiration for this pro*ect as he has made amazing images using lots of bold colour and difference in lighting and shadowing. (y looking at these three photographers in particular it has given me lots of fresh new ideas to incorporate in to my own work. I also really liked the work of +ick ,night as he has such unusual and unique ideas for all of his shoots which is what makes his images so interesting to look at, however this is something I am unable to do as some of the photography is a little risky as times as he has previously involved snakes in one of his shoots. -owever I will try if possible to make my images really interesting and unique like his, without going to the e tremes that ,night does.

What will you subjects be for this project? &y main focus of the images are going to be the model and the clothes she is wearing, I am going to make this clear by highlighting specific parts. I am going to be using a friend as the model and style her in the clothes we both have to create bright and bold outfits that would be typically seen in fashion magazines. I will also include the background in the images as I feel this will make the images far more interesting to look at and will help tell a story through the image. I have seen from many shoots that a lot of photographers can either choose to go to the e treme with lots going on in their images giving it a really busy look, this does make it harder to focus on the model and the fashion. -owever some other photographers can then go to the other e treme and not have anything going on which in some cases can look really classic and elegant, however this can make the images quite dull and not as interesting to look at. I am going to be trying to get a balance of both and involve the model and clothes but also include some background but not too much to distract. I will use a mi of inside and outside shots all including the model to show off the clothes, I will also be using natural light which can cast its own shadows and highlights on certain areas without the need of artificial lighting. What techniques will you use? The techniques I will be using for my work is putting a black and white filter over all of the images, I feel that this makes the images have classic and elegant look and also helps to highlight the different light and shadows in the environment. I am also going to include some coloured images and on these I may need to add more vibrancy, as we dont have the facilities such as artificial lighting for this shoot. I will shoot a lot of the images in full focus as I think this opens the image up and allows the viewer to see the background as well as the model, however in the images that are closer shots and more zoomed in with less background I am going to only have the model in focus as she will be the centre of attention in this photographs. I will use a wide lens as I wont be doing any shots too zoomed in as I want to get a lot of full body shots in order for the model to advertise and show off the clothes she is wearing.