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AIRPORT DIALOGUES Im just passing through. Ive only got the normal allowances.

Would you open the suitcase, please. Youll have to pay duty on that. When is the first flight to Amsterdam? When is the next flight to Amsterdam? When is the last flight to Amsterdam? What time do I have to check in? How many pieces of luggage do you have? Do they contain any sharp or electronic items? Is flight delayed? Has the flight from landed? PX: Excuse me, Im afraid I cant find my suitcase. LF: Oh dear. Can you tell me which flight you were on, please? PX: Yes. I took Flight 357 to Atlanta and then Flight 55 to Tokyo. LF: OK. And could you tell me what your name is, please? PX: Yes, its Danilo da Sousa. LF: Thank you. Now, your suitcase. What does it look like? PX: Its a large, green, plastic suitcase with wheels. LF: Can you tell me if it has your name on it? PX: Only the label from the airline. LF: Do you have the baggage label they gave you in Rio? PX: Yes. Here it is. LF: Thank you. Now, could you tell me where youre going to stay in Tokyo? Well send your suitcase to you as soon as possible. LUGGAGE LOST/DAMMAGE/THEFT Ive lost my luggage. My luggage has been stolen. My suitcase was damaged. Our luggage has not arrived. What does your luggage look like? Do you have the claim check? Your luggage may have been sent to Kiev. Your luggage may arrive later today. Please come back tomorrow. Call this number to check if your luggage has arrived. How long are you planning to stay here/in? Id like to report a theft. Would you fill in this form, please? Can I see some identification, please? Whats your address in Russia/over here? Please get in touch with your consulate.

Its not a good idea to have old labels on your luggage. You should look at the destination tag details on your ticket. You cant carry dangerous articles in your luggage. English for International Tourism Pre-int Unit 9 Ex 8 (CD pista26) This is the last call for British Airways flight BA184, scheduled to depart at 18.35. Would Mr Hassan Razail please go to gate 45 immediately? The aircraft is ready to depart. American Airlines flight AA092 to London Heathrow is now boarding at gate 43. Can Mrs Henderson of Unibank please come to the information desk? Your driver is waiting for you. United Airlines flight UA906 scheduled to depart at 19.45 for London Heathrow has been cancelled. Passengers should contact the United Airlines desk for further information. British Airways flight BA188 to London Heathrow has been delayed and will now be departing at 21.20. Could passengers please go to gate 38. Jacob Int Tourism Unit 9 The next stop will be Terminal Two. Would all foot passengers please proceed to the disembarkation point on B deck. Mind the doors! Would Mr Vince Chung, a passenger on British Airways flight BA 755 to Hong Kong, please go to the Flight Information Desk? The train arriving on platform four is the 10.13 for London Victoria, stopping at Rochester, Chatham and Bromley South. UK700 to Edinburgh. Passengers are advised pre-flight checks are being carried out. Departure will be delayed for approximately half an hour. In the unlikely event of an emergency, all passengers should proceed to the nearest muster station where a member of crew will issue every one with a lifejacket. Would Miss Andreas please report to the Pursers Office next to the duty free? We regret to announce that there is an industrial dispute on the Italian railways,

therefore the transfer between Innsbruck and Venice will be by coach. Well be flying over the Atlantic at thirtyfive thousand feet. Passengers are advised not to leave their luggage unattended. Were now approaching Pigeon Point, where passengers can disembark. Which terminal do I need if Im flying to Paris / with Air France? How do I get to Terminal D? When is there a flight to Amsterdam today? Im afraid the flight is full (up). How long is the delay on flight AF1145? MATERIAL wooden wood glass stone plastic rubber textile paper cardboard plythene cellophane foam rubber () plywood clay () ceramic golden silver alloy () iron () steel copper aluminium bronze mercury tin (estao) lead (plomo) cotton flax (lino) silk (seda) wool (lana) suede (ante/gamuza) polyester leather fur (piel) fur coat

DPR to repair to evaluate Business 1 to 1 34.1 A: Excuse me. Could you tell me where the buses go from, please? B: Yes. They leave from outside the terminal building. A: Have you any idea how much does it costs? B: Well, it depends. Where do you want to go? A: I want to go to the city centre. Do you know which number I need? B: You can take the Airport Limousine Bus to the centre, it costs about 3,000 yen. A: Oh, dear. I havent got any yen. Do you know where I can change some money? B: Well you could try the bank over there. A: Good idea. Thank you so much for your help.

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