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-Exquisite Rare Colored Diamonds and Precious Collectors Coins Available Online on February 5, !"# at $%!! &'m' E()MIAMI !an. "#$ %&"' H. !eigel "ine #uctions$ the onl% li&e auction we'site in the world that sells rare colored diamonds$ collecti'les and fine estate (ewelr%$ announces their first )alentine*s +a% online auction$ to ta,e -lace "e'ruar% 5$ 0./ at 8 -.m. 0!1. Ma,e the -ursuit of a s-ectacular )alentine*s +a% gift and in&estment 'e an en(o%a'le and s-ecial e2-erience '% signing u- to -artici-ate or s-ectate at3 www.hsfineauctions.com 45ur u-coming )alentine*s +a% online auction o((e)* an e+c,-*i.e *e,ection o( )a)e co,o)ed dia/ond* and (ine co,,ecti0,e*$ *-c1 a* 2)ecio-* *i,.e)$ 3o,d and 2,atin-/ coin*$ t1at 4i,, /a5e t1e 2e)(ect 3i(t (o) t1at *2ecia, *o/eone in 6o-) ,i(e.7 *a6*$ Harold !eigel$ founder and C05 of H. !eigel "ine #uctions and a financial in&estment e2-ert with o&er 35 %ears of e2-erience. Ca-ture the heart of a lo&ed one on this romantic holida%$ with the star-item of the night3 a rare ..0. Carat Heart Cut 6ight 7in, +iamond Ring a&aila'le e2clusi&el% at H. !eigel "ine #uctions. 1he following are also to 'e included in the "e'ruar% 5th online auction are3 0./5 Carat Round 8rilliant Cut "anc% 9ntense 7ur-lish 7in, #rg%le +iamond 0./3 Carat Radiant Cut "anc% 9ntense 7ur-lish 7in, #rg%le +iamond 0./0 Carat Round 8rilliant Cut "anc% 9ntense 7in, #rg%le +iamond 0.35 Carat Cushion Cut "anc% 5range +iamond 0.33 Carat Round 8rilliant Cut "anc% 7ur-lish 7in, #rg%le +iamond 0.33 Carat 5&al Cut "anc% 9ntense 7ur-le 7in, #rg%le +iamond 0.3. Carat Round 8rilliant Cut "anc% 9ntense 7ur-le 7in, #rg%le +iamond 0.3. Carat 5&al Cut "anc% 9ntense 7in, #rg%le +iamond 0. 5 Carat Round 8rilliant Cut "anc% 7in, #rg%le +iamond +iamond 0%e !na,e :ilo Coin with a 0. carat gold diamond in the sna,es e%e ;atura < =ild Cats of #frica >old Coin #ustrailian :oala 003 7roof 9ssue 0.5 oz 7latinum Coin "innish ;umismatic Collector !il&er and >old Coin 7o-e < 7ro-het of 7eace Collector !il&er

#ll -ast catalogs and the full u-coming ?5?./ auction catalog$ with s-ecific information and &isuals on each item$ are a&aila'le at H. !eigel "ine #uction*s we'site$ www.hsfineauctions.com.
..75 ;0 . 5th !1R001$ !@910 A.8$ ;5R1H M9#M9$ "6 33.A. B 1el. 305.573.088 B "#C. 305.8D5. /. info@gohrmc.com B www.gohrmc.com Fo,,o4 U* On: htt-3??'it.l%?HRMCface'oo, htt-3??twitter.com?>5toHRMC htt-3??www.%outu'e.com?>5HRMC

H. !eigel "ine #uctions has also made it -ossi'le for the wor,ing middle class to -artici-ate in the growing trend of in&esting in small (ewelr%$ &ia its one-of-a-,ind li&e online auctions. Returning 'idders and owners of colored diamonds or rare collecti'les can -lace their items u- for auction and find interested 'u%ers from -otential lu2ur% mar,ets from all o&er the world to liEuidate their in&estment and gain access to rare colored diamond*s historical return on in&estment FR59G. 41he scarcit% of rare colored diamonds and other hard assets ha&e a historicall% -ro&en trac, record of dou'ling their &alue e&er% /-5 %ears$H sa%s Harold !eigel. 4Middle-class or high-net worth in&estors considering turning to hard assets to grow and safeguard their own -ri&ate wealth can sell their items through H. !egiel "ine #uctions to loc, in -otentiall% 'ig returns.H Rare colored diamonds and other hard assets -ro&ide a safe wa% for in&estors to 'uild a financial firewall that will allow them to maintain their wealth amidst increased economic glo'al insta'ilit% and im-ending inflation. 5ut of the ..0 million carats of diamonds mined each %ear$ onl% $000 of them will 'e cut and -olished as colored diamonds. 1he% can 'e sold in other currencies and res-ond to inflation as well as gold$ without the ris,. 1he% are a &er% safe in&estment and are a -orta'le$ -ri&ate wealth that can 'e trans-orted easil%. 1o inEuire a'out -urchasing diamonds$ (ewelr% and other fine collecti'les this )alentine*s +a% or for more information on hard assets as a new and e2-anding glo'al in&estment mar,et &isit3 www.rarecoloreddiamonds.com and hsfineacutions.com to sign u- for the u-coming ?5?./ auction and &iew current and -ast auction catalogs. A0o-t Ra)eCo,o)edDia/ond* and Ha)o,d Sei3e, Fine A-ction* Rare Colored +iamonds FRC+G www.rarecoloreddiamonds.com is a full-ser&ice in&estment firm that s-ecializes in offering their clients the finest in&estment-grade rare colored diamonds. ;ot onl% do the% hel- clients acEuire rare diamonds$ 'ut the% also offer an integrated e2it strateg% through their real-time li&e auctions we'site H. !eigel "ine #uctions www.hsfineauctions.com$ the world*s -remiere diamond and fine collecti'les auction we'site. 1his uniEue secondar% mar,et hel-s in&estment clients resell their colored diamonds to -otential 'u%ers and targeted lu2ur% mar,ets. A0o-t Ha)o,d Sei3e, Harold !eigel$ a -ioneer of the in&estment diamond industr% with o&er three decades of e2-erience as a financial in&estment e2-ert$ is the -resident of Rare Colored +iamonds. !eigel -roduces and hosts an hour-long national radio news show called 1he =orld "inancial Re-ort. #s a host$ !eigel has a long histor% of success in identif%ing in&estment trends in the glo'al mar,et-lace and offers -redictions and conser&ati&e in&estment ad&ice. 9n addition$ for o&er 0 %ears the show has offered listeners timel% information on glo'al mar,ets li,e oil$ -recious metals$ currencies$ commodities and hard mone% mar,ets such as rare colored diamonds and collecti'les. 1hrough his e2tensi&e ,nowledge of these in&estments$ !eigel has a--eared on the 8loom'erg 1)*s Mone%Mo&es$ the 6ang I 5*6ear% 02change$ C;;$ C;8C$ Rush 6im'augh and man% other -rominent ;orth #merican media as a -reeminent financial in&estment e2-ert.

..75 ;0 . 5th !1R001$ !@910 A.8$ ;5R1H M9#M9$ "6 33.A. B 1el. 305.573.088 B "#C. 305.8D5. /. info@gohrmc.com B www.gohrmc.com Fo,,o4 U* On: htt-3??'it.l%?HRMCface'oo, htt-3??twitter.com?>5toHRMC htt-3??www.%outu'e.com?>5HRMC