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Protesting Students Impose Road Blocks But Police Round Up Several Aiming To Halt Presidents State Of The Nation Address, As UL Board Endorses Brownells Removal




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Why Liberia wont withdraw from international competitions.

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Tussle Over Marijuana Leaves One Dead


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rugs trade and consumption continues to be a common practice in Liberia as a Fula national Amadou Jolloh, a resident of the swamp community of West Point on January 9, 2014 met his untimely death when he was stabbed to death by a friend identified as Mohammed Barrie allegedly during a quarrel for a parcel of marijuana. Police charge sheet revealed that on the day of the incident, information gathered indicated that Amadou Jolloh and defendant Mohammed Barrie were on the West Point Kru Beach at the back of the former Jos Hassen when a quarrel ensued between them for a parcel of maurijuana and in the process Barrie took a scissor and allegedly stabbed the victim on the left side of his chest (over the heart). The Police say after the victim was stabbed, he went down to the ground near the Atlantic Ocean and got unconscious and when he was rushed to the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital, he was pronounced dead upon arrival by doctors on duty. The Police charge sheet furthered that following the death of Amadou defendant Barrie attempted to escape the scene but was arrested by the police and taken to custody.



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Thursday, January 23 , 2014

MONROVIArand Gedeh is one of the most prominent counties in Liberia mainly rising to prominence in the 1980s when a son of the county, Samuel K. Doe seized power in a coup dtat before later winning a controversial election in 1985. Grand Gedeh is located in the eastern portion of Liberia. It is one of the 15 counties that comprise the first-level of administrative division in the nation, it has three districts. Zwedru (formerly Tchien) serves as the capital with the area of the county measuring 10,484 square kilometres (4,048 sq mi). As of the 2008 Census, it had a population of 126,146, making it the ninth most populous county in Liberia. The county is bordered by Nimba County to the west, Sinoe County to the southwest, and River Gee County to the southeast. The northern part of Grand Gedeh borders the nation of Cte d'Ivoire. In the 1984 Census, the county had a population of 63,028 people. With a Provisional Census 2008 population of 126,146, the county has grown by 2.9% annually, the second highest among the counties of Liberia. The county is home to large Muslim and Ivorian populations. Districts of Grand Gedeh County include (2008 population): Gbarzon District, Konobo District and Tchien District. Former President Samuel K. Doe introduced the Grand Gedeh county on the scene in both positive and negative ways. His military trial and subsequent execution of 13 senior officials of the regime of President William R. Tolbert sent a negative signal about the military junta head and this was also transferred to his home county. Doe is on the other hand remembered for bringing some level of development to the entire country through the construction of public buildings to alleviate the burden of rent payments by the state to private individuals. Grand Gedeh became a center point as during the regime of the slain Liberian leader his regular visits to his homeland led to mass exodus of government officials and other individuals who could seek audience with the President while in his home town, Tuzon. Grand Gedeh became popular to the extent that became nicknamed Zulu Whisky, which is a military terminology given to the county during the regime of President Doe. Grand Gedehs capital city, Zwedru is one of the few cities in Liberia with paved streets. Zwedru experienced a little bit of development as President Doe, like other Liberian leaders awarded his kinsmen high profile jobs in government including the National Army, paving the way for these individuals to contribute to the development of their county. Since his demise, the county and Liberia at large remain grateful

to the contribution of the former President with some calling for his birthday to be set aside as a national holiday why others argue otherwise. Unlike other counties in Liberia, the past has proven that elders of the county are highly involved in shifting the decision of electorates during electoral processes. In 2005, during a visit by presidential candidate George M. Weah, the elders of the county gowned Weah and assured him that the county will overwhelmingly support his quest for the presidency. Sure to the words of the elders, the county voted massively for Weah and the CDC as the party won 20,171 votes out of total valid votes of 23,403 representing 88.3%. Weahs rival eventual winner Sirleaf won just 522 votes in the entire county representing 2.3%. During the November 8, 2005 run-off election Weah and the CDC again won 21,670 votes out of total valid votes of 22,783 representing 96.4%. Sirleaf who won the election only secured 800 votes representing 3.6%. It has been reliably learnt that the elders of the county also play a role when it comes to legislative election persuading aspirants from the county to make way for each other but yet still some aspirants test their popularity at the polls. With mid-term senatorial election expected soon, it has been gathered that elders of the county are attempting to repay their son, Samuel K. Doe by ensuring that his son, Samuel K. Doe, Jr. is elected as the next senator of the county. Accordingly, the elders are persuading some of the aspirants to abandon their political ambition in order to make way for Doe, Jr. to be successful come Election Day. As many counties in Liberia including Grand Gedeh have internal differences amongst the tribes and districts, some aspirants may heed to the purported plead of the elders why other may not do so. It is not clear whether incumbent Isaac W. Nyenabo will be pushing for re-election but as of now FPA has learnt that at least three candidates are lining their senatorial ambition including Samuel K. Doe, Jr., Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue and William K. Glay, Sr. CDC Chairman George Solo is believed to be contemplating a political contest in the senatorial race but he is yet to publicly announce his bid. An FPA inquiry through text message to Solo was not responded to up to press time. There is still more time left and new candidates might emerge to make the race for Zulu Whisky even more competitive but FPA now looks at the challenges facing the candidates already known and their likely chances of making it through to the Capitol Building. Incumbent Isaac W. Nyeabo contested on the ticket of former President Samuel K. Doe National Democratic party of Liberia (NDPL), winning 8,331 votes out of total valid votes of 43,044

representing 19.6% in 2005 making him senior senator of the county is said not be in for re-election, leaving an open filed for the contesting candidates as there will be no incumbent factor this time around. Return of Samuel Doe Challenges: Samuel Kanyon Doe, Jr., son of slain Liberian President Samuel Kanyon Doe is reportedly eying the senatorial seat of Grand Gedeh County. Doe, Jr. senatorial ambition was

made public recently by a Grand Gedean, Ebenezer Gai, who upon return from London, Britain, said Doe Jr., is looking forward to coming home to run for the senate later this year. Besides, Grand Gedeh County, Doe Jr. is said to be building support in the United States, especially in the States of Minnesota and Florida, hosting most Grand Gedeans as they could help prevail on their families back home to vote Doe to the senate. He is also said to be frequently visiting the county and holding meetings with elders, wooing their support for his election. Doe, Jr. has been very quiet since the death of his father but he sometimes in November 2011 expressed dissatisfaction over what he termed President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Johnsons longstanding vendetta against the Doe family. Since political intention started gaining momentum, he began actively playing a political role as he visited 18 citizens from garnd Gedeh who are currently undergoing trial for alledged mercenary activities. Doe, Jr., was reportedly overwhelmed with exceeding sorrow

Thursday, January 23, 2014


has contributed immensely to the County Sports association, mainly the Football squad. He has made himself an icon in the county and will be hopeful of winning a senatorial election. It is widely believed that Pennue came to the limelight through former President Samuel K. Doe as it is said that he was loved by the former President. Although in politics election beautifies democracy but contesting against the Presidents son of President Doe could be somewhat difficult for Pennue as it was the former President who made him. Unlike Samuel K. Doe, Jr. Pennue is always with the people of Grand Gedeh and that could favor him over Doe, Jr. who actually resides outside the county. William Kohn Glay, Sr. William Kohn Glay, Sr. a son of the Gbobo section of Tchien District, Grand Gedeh County is another indidvual vying for the senate slot. Glay was born on September 22, 1950 unto the


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and immediately broke in fears recently at the Monrovia Central Prison when he visited 18 of his Krahn brothers kept under maximum detention with an alleged appalling condition. After returning to calm, the young Doe is said to have consoled his fellow detained Grand Gedeans with these words tough times do not last, only tough men do and urged them to take heart admonishing them not be distracted by anything that could affect the tender love they have for Grand Gedeh County. The 18 Grandeans were arrested in 2011 for alleged cross-border mercenary activities between Liberia and Ivory Coast, a case the Liberian Government has been finding difficulty to prove, although the Krahns have denied all allegations levied against them by their accusers. Chances: Samuel K. Doe, Jr. rise to politics is seen as a rebirth of his father who remains an icon to all Grand Gedeans and it remains to be seen how he will get defeated in a county where his father legacy is still remembered and people yarning for the good old days. In politics anything is possible as young Doe could face a tough challenge from the other contesting candidates. Zoe Pennue-Pushing Upward Challenges: Pennue is unarguably one of the lawmakers very popular in his home district as after six years in office he easily

cross section of Grand Gedeans, Liberians and other nationals. Glay addressed the attendees where he mentioned that he takes dearly to his heart the petition by FOWKG for him to contest for the Grand Gedeh County Senatorial seat. He promised to give his response in the City of Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County. The Petition by FOWKG was contained within a seven page document handed by Mr. Amos Joway Sr. Mr. Joway is one of the Senior members of FOWKG-Diaspora. Although he might have the support amongst Grand Gedeans oversea, back home the support might not be the same. Like Pennue and Samuel k. Doe, jr. Glay could also be counting on his association with former President Doe to woo voters but this could prove difficult since Doe, jr is contesting. He might be a contender for the single slot later this year if he plays his political cards well. Former Superintendent Chris Baily in? Challenges- Bailey served as Superintendent during the first term of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf but his dismissal as superintendent and subsequent indictment by the Justice Ministry

won for a second term of office in 2011. Pennue contested the 2005 election and overwhelmingly won District #1 in Grand Gedeh with 5,044 out of total valid votes of 9,346 representing a strong 57.9% with his nearest rival William Saydee winning just 936 votes; 10.7%. Again in 2011, pennue maintained his popularity, evident by slant increase in the number of votes that re-elected him. He won 5,851 votes out of total valid votes of 10,252 representing 57.1%. Grand Gedeh County District #1 Representative, Zoe Emmanuel Pennue recently broke news about his senatorial ambition. Speaking to a cross section of Grand Gedeans residing in Monrovia Thursday, October 24, 2013, the Grand Gedeh lawmaker announced his intention to contest the ensuing 2014 Special Senatorial Election. Pennue bragged that he will triumph over any candidate that will show up against him. "Most of you have been in doubt for the past 18 months, but I am pleased to announce to you on this 24th day of October that I will be taking the senatorial seat come 2014. I say I will be taking, and not contesting, because I am surely going to win anyone who comes up against," said Rep. Pennue. "By overwhelmingly winning two successive elections is a clear indication that I am the choice of Grand Gedeans. I am going to take the seat. I will not contest, but I will take the seat. This is something sure waiting for me," he further bragged. The current lawmaker claimed that his ambition to contest the 2014 Special Senatorial Election followed series of petitions he received from Grand Gedeans for him to take the state of affairs of the county. For Pennue, the Senatorial seat is not anyone's personal job, stating that it was allocated to the people of Grand Gedeh County through the Constitution. "In election, minority will have their say and majority will have their will. I have the majority on my side, and their will be done," Rep. Pennue among other things added. Chances: Pennue has certainly built a strong hold in Grand Gedeh over the past eight years as he is not only popular in his district but the entire county. ZEP as he is popularly called in the county

union of Zoe Gbobo Glay (from Gbobo) and Nyoncia Jeanyeah (for Sapo). He holds a Bachelor's degree in Politic Science from the University of Liberia and a Certificate in Forestry from the German Forestry Mission at the College of Forestry, University of Liberia. He is a product of the William V. S. Tubman High School. Hon. Glay started his primary education at the Zaih's Town Public school and later attended the Saint Phenomena Catholic School in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, Liberia. With his involvement in politics and astute leadership ability, Hon. Glay was elected to the Liberian Legislature as a Representative for Tchien District, Grand Gedeh County in 1985. He served as Chairman on the committee for investment while in the Liberian Legislature. Hon. Glay was a Southeastern Regional Forester for the Forestry Development Authority of Liberia. He worked for the Special Security Services assigned in the convoy of both President William V. S. Tubman and William R. Tolbert respectively. With his vast business investment knowledge, Glay served as the Chief Executive Officer for S&G Consultant Firm. He is the current Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Wahoo Foundation International and the Founder & CEO of Nucia & Company Limited in the USA. Nucia main source of business is involved with the sales of Jet fuel and other Lubricants. Challenges: Glay is a former member of the House of Representatives at the National Legislature from 1985 to 1990. He is a first cousin to former President Samuel Kanyon Doe and one time officer of the Special Security Services under Presidents William V. S Tubman and William R. Tolbert but spent a long time out of Liberia due to the civil war. He is currently the President/ CEO of K & G Corporation and Chief Executive Officer of Wahoo Foundation International (WFI). During his first visit to Liberia a while ago, he visited President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf where thanked the President for what he termed the wonderful work done and expressed surprise that many Liberians are using the internet to destroy their homeland. I thank you for the level of press freedom and freedom of speech, but I am very worried that many Liberians are using this level of freedom to destroy the countrys image abroad, Honorable Glay indicated during the talks with President Sirleaf. Chances: Glay has been doing his political work amongst Grand Gedeans residing in the United States of America. On November 23, 2013, a group of Grand Gedeans known as FOWKG petitioned and honored Glay. In attendance at the honoring program was a

could be an odd to his ambition of becoming a senator. During Baileys tenure, as per audit report released by the General Auditing Commission of Liberia, he squandered thousand of dollars from the County development Fund of the county through fictitious transactions. He award contracts for implementation of various projects in the county to bogus companies with no evidence of contract performance. Several projects remained undone while payments were made from the County development Fund of Grand Gedeh County. The Government indicted the former Grand Gedeh County Superintendent and his deputy for Development Nyebio Ceoh on multiple charges ranging from allegation of financial improprieties, economic sabotage, theft of property, misuse of public funds, and the violation of the PPCC Act and the budget laws of Liberia. The Ministry of Justice and the seventh judicial circuit court in Grand Gedeh County indicted two former officials of the county on Friday June 9, 2012. The Justice Ministry at the time stated that the former deputy for development Nyebio Ceoh was arrested by the government in Grand Gedeh County and is in Police custody pending prosecution. The release said a writ of arrest was issued and that the Ministry of Justice has declared the former Grand Gedeh Superintendent Chris Bailey wanted. The Ministry of Justice asked Mr. Chris Bailey to turn in himself in nearest Police station or the Ministry to face prosecution on allegation of financial improprieties during his tenure as County Superintendent or may be arrested by Police. Bailey obstacle could be the presence of Representative Zoe Pennoh who has been elected twice and has a strong support base in Grand Gedeh. Chances: Bailey- former superintendent of Grand Gedeh Christopher Bailey is opting to unseat the incumbent Senator Isaac Nyanibo. Chris stayed in Grand Gedeh as a superintendent has made him popular among the people. Bailey is no strange name in grand Gedeh politics; he has won unto himself scores of support from the student community and youth grouping.



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Thursday, January 23 , 2014


According To The 86 Constitution; Madam President



Eugene R. Ricks, BPA0886-73-57-94/0776-54-60-01eugene_ricks1@yahoo.comW

IN HER LATEST batch of appointments, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, this week tipped Cllr. Seward M. Cooper as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL). IRONICALLY, CLLR. COOPER also happens to be in the employ of the Executive Branch of government as a legal advisor to the President of the Republic. ARTICLE 3 of the 1986 constitution makes it emphatically clear that: Consistent with the principles of separation of powers and checks and balances, no person holding office in one of these branches shall hold office in or exercise any of the powers assigned to either of the other two branches except as otherwise provided in this Constitution; and no person holding office in one of the said branches shall serve on any autonomous public agency. IN RECENT years, the likes of former Minister of State of State for Legal and Financial Affairs, Mr. Morris Saytumah also multi-tasked his capacity as legal advisor to the president while serving on boards of other agencies. WE HOPE THAT this was an oversight on the part of the executive. If it was, then we feel strongly that it is time for President Sirleaf to right the wrong and do the right thing by relieving Cllr. Cooper of his role as her legal advisor before sending him on to serve on the NOCAL board. BOLSTERED BY a promising petroleum sector, Liberia is poised to be a very busy player in the oil market in the coming years. This is why it is important for the president to exercise wisdom in appointing to these critical areas of development. MEMORIES REMAIN fresh over the controversy which dogged the tenure of Mr. Robert Sirleaf, the former Chairman of the board who happens to be the son of the president during his tenure as chair of the NOCAL board. THE FACT that Cllr. Cooper even served in the Executive Mansion is in itself a bad precedent to have him in a critical board as head of the NOCAL board. THE APPOINTMENT continues a new trend adopted by the president who appears to be appointing some of her key aides in the Ministry of State to key government ministries and agencies. THE RECENT APPOINTMENT OF Yusador Gaye, as Acting Auditor General is another example of the Presidents disregard for the constitution in an apparent breach of the 86 constitution. Gaye previously worked within the Executive Mansion as inspector general for foreign service. THESE APPOINTMENTS clearly suggest that the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs lack is falling short of its responsibilities in not advising the president on matters as important as a breach in the constitution. THE NOCAL BOARD chairmanship is one which cannot not be taken lightly and one which Sirleaf must study carefully before announcing. In the case of Cllr. Cooper, whom we no doubt believe, is a fine lawyer, it is simply a matter of doing the right thing by the book, by the constitutions and within the confines of the law.

Liberia, gradually approaching its 167th anniversary, no reservation is a country blessed with vast mineral wealth and has gained another publicized relevance in recent times with the emergence of a critical industry to nation building. While the discovery of oil in Africas oldest independent nation can be dated back to 1948, never before has such lucrative resource been discussed widely in the history of this nation than in recent times, history has proven. Certainly, what rubber, iron ore, timber, gold, diamond and bauxite could not do for bulk of Liberians since independence, is anticipated by the belligerent massesthat this valuable and essential resource could gave birth to the needed change and bring about improvement in the livelihoods of all Liberians. A country that has experienced the resource paradox for more than a century and several decades which resulted to unprecedented carnage that saw the loss of thousands of lives and destruction of millions worth of properties cannot afford to revert to the regrettable past but must do all it can to preserve a comfortable future for its citizenry. With what has been unfolding in producing nations like Nigeria, Sudan, Angola etc., one cannot argue much that without adequate safeguards for equitable distribution of anticipated revenues accumulated from this potential wealth should there be commercial quantities discovered, oil will definitely become a curse rather than a blessing. Therefore, it becomes necessary to zoom Liberias ongoing Oil and Gas Sector Reforms to preserve a comfortable future for the citizenry, this writer has observed. It is in view of the supra mentioned that this piece seeks to draw the attention of many readers to a brief but sad history of the entrenched culture of corruption and established doctrine of poor governance of the nations extractive resources, which kept majority of the citizens on the mere periphery of abject poverty for a protracted length of time. This writer also endeavors tosend out a thunderous caveat to state actors and proffer few recommendations for decisive and informed judgment and sound action. This is expected to present a compass that could be used to direct state actors on a meaningful path for the proper governance of this prestigious resource, oil which is expected to produce the needed results for many. History has unearthed that while the discovery of oil in Liberia can be dated back to 1948, an Executive Law of 1972 to create the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) under the leadership of Late President William R. Tolbert was passive for 28 years until it was greeted by an amendment, the 2000 NOCAL ACT of the proportional 51st Legislature during the regime of former President Charles G. Taylor, which established NOCAL. Records also show that the New Petroleum Law of the Republic of Liberia 2002 came into effect by the proportional 51st Legislature under the Taylors era. This gives birth to critical imagination how after 22 years of oil discovery in 1948, an Executive Law to establish a National Oil Company came into effect in 1972. It also drives nerves of critical reasoning how it took 28 years after the birth of an Executive Law of 1972 to engender an amendment in 2000 for the establishment of the National Oil Company of Liberia. Nothing is recorded as to how many Liberians were sent out to specialize in various fields of studies in petroleum during such protracted period after discovery in 1948.But it is clear that oil reforms began to receive some meaningful attention during the regime of former President Charles G. Taylor. This gradual reform by Liberias 22ndPresident did not reach its peak due to his unceremonious departure, but history reveals that under the regime of former Interim Head of State, Chairman CharlesG. Bryant, 8 of Liberias 17 offshore oil blocks were given out to different oil companies and up to date the Government of Liberia cannot fully account for revenues generated from such agreements, which can be termed as bogus taking into consideration the absolute disregard for the existent laws of the Republic at the time (New Petroleum Law of 2002). Today, under the era of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, it is recorded that 10 of Liberias 17 offshore oil blocks are in the hands of different oil companies around the world and discussions on oil around the country is very common and intense than ever before as already mentioned. Although experts have not concluded that oil in the various blocks are of commercial quantities, many oil companies around the world continue to express keen interest in the nations oil industry. It becomes necessary to swiftly flip over key provisions of the Liberia Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (LEITI) 4th Report of the nations extractive industries in order to grab a vivid picture of why iron ore, timber, gold, diamond, rubber and bauxite failed to develop the livelihoods of the ordinary Liberians for several years. This would present a caveat to state actors that many are keenly watching and following activities in the oil and gas sector for the anticipated redemption that other resources failed to produce.

LEITIs 4thReport (July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011) captured Payments Reconciliations, Revenue Tracking, Amounts Dues Reconciliation and In-Kind Contributions. For Payment Reconciliations alone, the total amount received by GOL from the companies in the extractive industries amounted to US$117,448,930.45 but government agencies reported US$117,448,930.45, reflecting a total net difference of US$278,904.90. In the same report under Revenue Tracking which focused on earmarked payments from the Extractive Companies to Government Agencies through the Social Development Fund, the National Benefit Sharing Trust Board (NBSTB), and other institutions including the University of Liberia, an amount of US$12,144,546.60 was reported as paid by the Companies to the various Agencies of Government. The Agencies however reported receiving US$12,044,546.60 and the difference of US$100,000.00 arose because while NOCAL recorded a receipt of US$300,000.00 from African Petroleum, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) reported receiving only US$200,000.00 from NOCAL. The report continues under Revenue Tracking that the Agencies disbursed a total of US$10,156,546.60 to various beneficiaries including counties and institutions. The remaining US$1,888,000.00 was used for annual training (US$850,000.00), hydrocarbon development (US$875,000.00) and attendance fee (US$163,000.00). According to the report, NBSTB stated that they did not receive any funds in the year under review, even though per their own computations, an amount of US$777,949.50 should have been released to them. What an astonishing assertion from NBSTB!In furtherance, due to constraints, amount due was captured for only the Forestry Development Authority (FDA). The report revealed that the total amount declared by the Companies in the forestry industries as due amounted to US$274,650.00 but FDA data reflected US$12,688,636.82 as amount due thus resulting to a difference of US$12,413,986.82. Conversely, LEITIs computations revealed a total of US$14,541,964.22 as the amount due. And lastly the report uncovered that the total value of In-Kind Contribution by various extractive Industries amounted to US$12,958,352.22. The LEITI report noted that the information on In-Kind Contribution by various extractive industry companies is for disclosure purposes only. Taking cue from the LEITIs 4th Report, one can surely mind picture the menace that engulfed Liberias extractive industries for many years and subjected the citizenry to vindictive living conditions. This brings us to the reality that considering the controversial scenarios that plagued the nation for many years, citizens are in strong gear to see this prestigious resource, oil manufacturing the miraculous redemption. The oil reform process under the leadership of Africas first female President has produced two (2) draft bills, namely the proposed NOCAL Act of 2013, which seeks to specify the role of NOCAL so that it shouldnt be a player and a referee and the proposed Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act of 2013 which stresses governance of the sector to reflect state and citizens participations. While there was little or no contribution of the Hydrocarbon Technical Committee (HTC) in the drafting of the two (2) proposed Acts as this writer gathered from reliable sources that some American Lawyers were hired to draft them something this writer sees as unfeasible on grounds that American Companies have ownership of some of Liberias oil blocks and that the laws were written to favor their oil companies, they were submitted to the 53rdLegislature before its second recess and was passed by the Senate and sent to the House of Representatives for concurrence. The House of Representatives sought to solicit public opinion on such bills through a nationwide tour. This author has identified several provisions of the proposed Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act of 2013 that are not in the interest of the country and wishes to recommend the following: The establishment of an independent regulatory agency void of executives influence. This independent body must report to the National Legislature and the Director General of this independent body must not work at the will and pleasure of the President. He/she must be tenured and all assistant Director Generals must not also work at the will and pleasure of the President so as to avoid much influence of the executive in the oil and gas sector. This recommendation opposes to Part III (Institutional arrangements) #8 captioned Petroleum Directorate of the proposed Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act of 2013. This is intended to subject the independent regulatory agency to the will and pleasure of the Liberian people. The position of Director General and assistant Director Generals must be advertised for the merit system to take its course.

You can read the full commentary on www. frontpageafricanonline.com


Thursday, January 23, 2014


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The editor,


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Floyd Arlington Morgan Stella Maris Polytechnic The National Legislature as mentioned relating to the budget is what I want to look at. Who are those in the Legislature that are on this committee? From what I am reading that the National Legislature always increase the revenue portion of the budget from time to time. Most of those in the Legislature start school when they win elections and have no knowledge on budget. Instead of seeking for trained Liberians in the are, the Legislature only look at what they will get, therefore increase the revenue portion which lead them to increasing their benefits and allowances. Thats the only job the National Legislature can do best. Bravo National Legislature for making your people to live in abject poverty while enjoying the wealth of our Nation that should have been for all. James Neepaye AME Zion University Look my people. Let Minister Amara Konneh find place to sit down and leave our economy alone. Under Minister Augustine Ngafuan, you had the GAC that was strong enough to dig out any wrong(s) and Minister Ngafuan heavily succeeded. Under Minister Konneh, the GAC has HIV/AIDS and that, the size of Minister Konneh's survival is slimmer than a sewing thread. Why all of the negatives that Minister Konneh gave for publishing here did not come out at the time? Moreover, under Minister Ngafuan, I remember that the Central Bank of Liberia credited from GoL (Ministry of Finance). Under Minister Konneh, it is the reversed. Minister Konneh confessed yesterday before the Lawmakers that GoL (Ministry of Finance) owes the Central Bank of Liberia US$30M. What a shame. Minister Konneh is a disgrace to Liberia and Liberians. patienceneepaye Amara Konneh took all of his time fighting Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan and that's how and why he continues to loose track and continue to fail at the Ministry of Finance. Look at the dull thing that is being published here. During Minister Ngafuan's administration at the Finance Ministry, the country use to boast of Surpluses and Supplemental Budgets. But during Amara Konneh's administration, it's all about shortfall every now and then. Wasn't Minister Ngafuan's administration good for the whole country? I think Amara Mohammed Konneh should now change to Amara Shortfall Konneh. jamesneepaye (signed in using yahoo) Minister Amara Konneh, you need to stop chasing Minister Ngafuan now with your crook games and media tricks. All of these lies were crafted by you and the journalist's name was only painted on it. Everyone knows how the economy is now and that, no amount of lies, media tricks, or crook games from you can tell the Liberian people you are better than Minister Ngafuan. In fact, Minister Ngafuan is now playing in an advanced league and not your underdog position in a subordinated league. So, stop the tricks and artifice- come straight. Jesse Fahngon Top Commenter Metropolitan State University What about spending only 15% of our National Budget for the text ten years on "salaries n benefits, instead of the current structure; where the budget is always dominated by salaries n socalled allowances. The results would be speedly vibrant economic development. But where the Budget is all about salaries, we have years if not countless years to bounce back. Patience Neepaye University of Liberia If I were Hon. Amara M. Konneh, I would have done the most honorable thing to myself by just packing off and leave the Ministry of Finance because I cannot make it. I hope Madam President is aware that Minister Konneh cannot make it. JERRY WION This Konneh guy is simply making noise. He does not understand economics to suggest that the Liberian economy is "stable and strong. " The headline in the story suggests he is trying disprove a negative or reality. Based on his pseudo or voodoo economic rambling, he thinks he is making sense as he contradicted himself as he warns of a bleak and "vulnerable outlook."

The Editor, I read Rep. Acarous Grays long and usual attack on my person on Facebook because I called him out on his bluff to stage a "BOYCOTT" of the President's Annual Message relative to the issue at the University of Liberia. I only laughed out loud. Now, let me call his "BOYCOTT" bluff out even more, although I expect his usual diatribes in response to these civil discussions. Under the Gyude Bryant administration.... sometime in 2004, the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) decided to purchase hundreds of very expensive CHEROKEE JEEPS for senior public officials, including 76 pieces for each Member of the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA). This decision ran contrary to public outcry for more and better public buses to ease the transportation hardship on our people. In a bid to side with the public, then Rep. Rufus D. Neufville who was coincidentally your boss at the time (you were his Office Attendant) staged a "BOYCOTT" action. He insisted he wouldn't collect his CHEROKEE JEEP until some buses were purchased for the benefit of the public he served. True to his words, he rejected his CHEROKEE JEEP. This brought some embarrassment to his colleagues in the NTLA and the entire Government. It exposed the Government's insensitivity to the plight of his people. Rep. Neufvilles colleagues could not withstand the shame and embarrassment so they resorted to their usual intimidating and scare tactic. They demanded him to apologize or be "suspended" from the NTLA. Rufus stood his grounds. He was "suspended" from the NTLA for three consecutive months without pay, and his CHEROKEE JEEP remained parked on the grounds of the Capitol Building during the entire period of his "suspension". However, before the expiration of his suspension, the shame and embarrassment of his singular, but very courageous action compelled the NTGL to purchase about ten brand new buses from Africa Motors ease the transportation challenge of the public. For me, this is what we call an impactful and effective "BOYCOTT" action; not the bluff Rep. Gray is putting up for public traction. Gray should not be allowed to sit and wait until he gets to know that a matter such as the UL situation is nearing resolution before shamefully running to announce a "BOYCOTT" so as to give an impression that his BOYCOTT action resulted to, or brought about the solution that was already derived at. To me, that's being vain-glorious. Abraham Darius Dillon, abdillon68@gmail.com



Kindly afford me the opportunity to express my concerns on issue that baffles me every day when I see it or hear of it. It is the manner in which criminals or would be agents of crimes are been transported to the Monrovia central prison. Many at times from the temple of Justice through the UN Drive you see state security (Officers of the court) transporting criminals through the principle streets of Monrovia with hand cuff and they walk through the streets with other peaceful citizens around. These people are not transported by any modern or safe manner. They are not put in a state security vehicle (except that person is a high profile individual). I am not a security person, but my little knowledge tells me that there are too many dangers involve. it is possible that one of these criminals could decide to harm himself and another person while enroot to the prison? Why if associates of that criminal(s) decide to rescue their colleague on the way to the prison? Many at times you notice, only one sheriff escort a criminal with a hand cuff from Temple of Justice all the way to the Prison. When will we moved to a modern world? When will we start showing great concern for human life? How much will it cost to purchase vehicles to have it on the stand by to transport these hard core criminal and not walk thru the street and endanger people life. These are grave security measures that need to be attended to. This ugly and ancient habit need to be inhibits and embrace a beautiful and modern style of transporting criminals. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to raise my suspicions on this antagonistic situation we are face with. James Kollie jamkollie2002@yahoo.com

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Miss Liberia 2009/2010 Beauty Queen has asked Minister Konneh to remain steadfast in helping improve the economic condition of the country that will, in general, impact the lives of majority of the Liberia people. Ms. Wiah is currently the founder and Chief Executive Director of Shu-rina Wiah Creative Arts Center for Girls which main purpose is to assist in discovering and developing the talents and skills of the Liberian girl child. The former Miss Liberia, in a release pointed out that Finance Minister Amara Konneh must not back down on the fight to improve the lives of civil servants in the country. The former flag bearer of Liberia for 2009/2010, representing Liberia on the world stage in London, the UK, Johannesburg, South Africa, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ms. Shu-rina Wiah has indicated that her institution (SWCACG), is working towards the development of the talents of young girls in the country will not equivocate in reaching out to the Finance Minister of the Republic of Liberia in seeking his Ministrys support to her organization which seemed to be the first of its kind in the country. Meanwhile, Ms. Shu-rina Wiah has said that she is keenly aware of the great concerns of the Liberian Leader, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in her quest to seeing the talents and creative geniuses of our girl children are potentially developed to the fullest in the country, as the SWCACG is highly committed in achieving that goal. Madam Shu-rina Wiah, a Beauty Queen of Liberia, is therefore calling on government officials and humanitarian groups in the country to lend their support to her organization, the first of its kind in the country. She said that although the Shu-rina Wiah Creative Arts Center for Girls is a newly established entity, however, it intends to crisscross the entire length and breadth of this country which aims at discovering, as well developing the creative geniuses of our girl children.

Monrovia inance Minister Amara Konneh has been extolled by former Miss Liberia for being selected African Finance Minister of the year 2013. Madam Shu-rina Wiah, Miss Liberia 2009/2010,

said considering the distinctive pool of human species of qualified personalities from all over Africa to have been singled out as first among equals on the continent of Africa by a banker magazine, Financial Time of London is a welcoming news for Liberia.



1. Political party membership drive; 2. Establishment of party offices (both national and local); 3. Fund Raising Activities; 4. Use of Logo/ emblems on offices, vehicles and other party properties; 5. Holding of political party national and local convention; 6. Political party meetings; and 7. Representational activities, including receiving and responding to petition from constituencies; Accordingly, the NEC also declares that absolutely no canvassing for votes shall be allowed outside the official campaign period. The following activities as spelled out in Section 24.3 of the Guidelines constitute campaign activities: 1. Political Rallies; 2. Political Broadcasts, statement and political messages in print and electronic media; 3. Use of Posters, Fliers, buntings, advertisement on Billboards, public and private buildings,

ursuant to Part IV, Chapter VI, section 24 of the Guidelines Relating to the Registration of Political Parties and Independent Candidates, the National Elections Commission (NEC) hereby warns and discourages early campaigning by Political Parties and Independent Candidates desirous of participating in the forthcoming Special Senatorial Election on October 14, 2014 prior to the announcement of the official campaign period. The Commission in furtherance of its constitutional mandate as stipulated in Section 2.9 (a) of the New Elections Law, however informs all political parties and independent candidates who wish to take part in the 2014 Special Senatorial Election that, in consonance with Section 24.2 of the Guidelines stated above; the following political activities shall be permitted outside the official campaign period:

lightpoles and the internet; 4. T-shirts, caps and other promotional items; and 5. Individual Promotional stickers on vehicles.

Consequently, failure to adhere to any of these guidelines shall constitute an election offense punishable under Chapter 10 of the New Elections Law of 1986.

Finally, no activities of political parties and/or independent candidates shall extend beyond the boundaries of the Republic of Liberia.

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Sayonkon identifies with ULICA in Firestone, Margibi County
Danesius Marteh, danesius.marteh@frontpageafricaonline.com
he Teddy Sayonkon Foundation (TSF), based in the United States of America (USA), has donated four barrels of assorted supplies to the United Liberia Inland Church Academy (ULICA) in Harbel, Margibi County. Meanwhile, ULICA principal Paye S. D. Lincoln thanked TSF for the donation. Rev. Lincoln said the school is in dire need of assistance as it is seen as a sanctuary for parents (whether in the employ of Firestone), who cant afford to send their children to expensive private schools. Somebody in the K-II paid less than a L$1,500 per year. Like St. Pius here, they charged over L$10,000 for the same division or class [per year] but we are charging less than that because this is a community-based school, he bragged. Rev. Lincoln said he has a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture from the University of Liberia and boasted that all of his teachers are graduates of the Kakata Rural Teachers Training Institute (KRTTI). and the combination of kindergartens one and two (K-I & K-II). And Sayonkon, who also promised to give a financial aid for a year to any student, void of nepotism, couldnt hold back his feelings. It is kind of pathetic and I was speechless. I havent seen that for years in all our work. Look at those kids and look at those classrooms but I just thought it wise to be there and to share that moment with them. You saw me I sat by some of them and I was saying, You can be like me one day if you study hard and God will bless surely you. As much as I had some sad feelings, I was excited to be there, he added. Unlike some philanthropists or humanitarian groups, Sayonkon and his crew participated in the distribution of the items to the students for about an hour before leaving for Monrovia. Humans needs are unending but special attention must be paid to ULICAs proposed undertaking. We have plenty needs. Right now, the salaries of our teachers are very, very low. But most importantly and what we are working on now is to introduce a system called IELImproved Efficiency Learning program where every student will have a set of books. From the nursery to grade sixth, we want every student to have a set of books. And the total cost of that set of books is in the neighborhood of US$350 to US$400. So, we are calling on humanitarian organizations and the government to help us because it will really enhance the teaching capacity of our teachers and also the learning capacity of our students. That is what we are hoping for, he pleaded. This is an ambitious program for a school that first benefited from TSF in January 2013 but with God and money, all things are possible.

Some of the items contained in the barrels were copy books, pencils, erasers, colorings, sharpeners, sneakers, shoes, toys and clothes. Making the presentation on January 17, TSF chief executive officer Teddy Sayonkon praised the works of volunteer teachers and support staff who are contributing their quota to education. This is TSFs latest goodwill following a January 9 donation to the Antioch Baptist School in ELWA community. Sayonkon told FrontPageAfrica that he was partnering with the Trinitarian Congregational Church in America. It is just great to be out there to look at the less fortunate and share with them. It is an awesome feeling to be a part of such outing and I am always excited to be a part of such program and it was unique, he said. The schools physical structure and the students appearances, with some wearing tattered uniforms and burst shoes or sneakers, are indicative of the harsh economic realities some Liberians faced. The elementary school, established on September 19, 2005, is situated in the heart of a multi-million dollar investment and a stone throw away from the St. Pius Catholic School in Firestone. With five classrooms, it can hardly hold the 164 students (74 males and 90 female) to the extent that the auditorium, used for Fridays service, is partitioned with a tarpaulin to host grade one

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Mont Barclay Citizens tell Government at health center Ground Breaking Ceremony
Henry Karmo (0886522495) henrykarmo47@gmail.com



Thursday, January 23 , 2014


Stephen D. Kollie,776329124 and Al-Varney Rogers, 0886 304 498

MONROVIAor the first time in the 50 years history of Mount Barclay a community that is situated less than 10km from Monrovia the Capitol of Liberia a health Center is expected to be constructed in that area. On Wednesday a ground breaking Ceremony was held in the community for the construction of a 13 bedroom hospital to be funded by the Liberian government. The construction of the health center if achieved will alleviate the difficulties faced by residents of community and environs who are compelled to travel forty to forty-five minutes to have access the nearest health center. According to Madam Eltha Wion a resident of the area, Mount Barclay a community in the Township of Johnsonville has for so long suffered from the lack of health center and people of that area are been subjected to traveling over forty minutes especially pregnant women to seek medication. Madam Wion said: This community has a population of over 15 thousands residents. This issue about health center for this community has been an issue that we have yarned for so long. At some point in the past women of this community undertook a self-help project initiative to construct a mini-health center but it was not successful because we never had the money to do so, standing here today witnessing a ground breaking ceremony for this identical project, I am happy and we as women and residents of this community are grateful to the Government especially the Representative of this district Mr. Sekou Kanneh. The project valued over seventy-eight thousand united sates dollars (US$ 78,000.00) according to the Superintendent of Montserrado County Madam Florence Brady is among 34 other projects undertaken by the government of Liberia in Montserrado County. She also told residents of the area that the construction of a health center in that community is not a decision made by her office or that of the Representative but rather a decision of residents of that community and called on them to give the project the necessary cooperation. The Montserrado County Superintendent though did not say how but said she hopes the project will create short and long term jobs for Liberians especially young people of that community. Also speaking at the ground breaking ceremony, Representative Sekou Kanneh (UP-District #2 Montserrado County) told residents of the area that the money to be used for the construction of the clinic is their portion of Montserrado County Social development fund allocated in the past budget by the Legislature and Executive Branches of government. Kanneh said: I am happy today we are about to undertake this project. The delay of this project has cost me many accusations and insults from residents and non-residents of the district whom I do not hold responsible but the system where bureaucracy instituted by some past government officials caused the hindrance. Before today people said all kinds of orthodox things about me, some said I have personalized the money but let me say to you today that it is not possible for one man to eat money allotted by government for the Citizens and I am happy that we are starting this project. The District #2 Representative also cautioned the contractors undertaking the project to demonstrate excellence and professionalism in the discharge of their duties and called on residents of the area to give the contractors that needed collaboration. The project is been implemented by the Milton Roberts and Son Construction firm a Liberian owned company which according to the leadership won the bidding process. Meanwhile at the ceremony also graced by Internal Affairs Minister and acting chair of the cabinet in the absence of President Sirleaf thanked members of the County Caucus and the superintendent for the level of cooperation and collaboration exhibited since her appointment by the president. Florence Brady was appointed by President Sirleaf as Superintendent of Montserrado County after a vote of no confidence was passed in former Superintendent Grace Kpaan by the plenary of the House of Representatives as a result of a conflict between Madam Kpaan and the than caucus chair Representative Edward Forh in the famous You-Eat-I-Eat saga.

Monrovia ike former University of Liberia President Dr. AlhassanConteh, Dr. Wede Brownell, Vice President for Academic Affairs seems to be on her way out of the UL. FrontPAgeAfrica has gathered that the ULs board of directors has asked for the termination of the service of the embattled administrator, something that both lecturers and students have called for. The University was shut down following violent student protest demanding the resignation of the Dr. Brownell. The tension on the campus began in November when students joined members of the UL faculty in demanding Brownells resignation. The students paraded the UL main campus with a symbolic casket bearing portraits of Madam Brownell. But during a press conference, Brownell insisted that she will not resign but rather clean the mess that exists at the UL. Citing a resolution passed by the faculty, ULFA President Clifford Young said the faculty was disengaging from all activities at the ULs four campuses, leaving the UL authority with no option but to shut down the main campus and Fendell. Young vowed that the strike action would continue until madam Brownell resigns. No faculty member of the University of Liberia will engage in any instructional activities at the University until our demands are met, Young noted. Young added that, since madam Brownells incumbency as Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, there have been lots of problems between

students and faculty members. He cited arbitrary dismissals, mistreatment of faculty members as some of the problems that warrant the resignation of Dr. Brownell. Young said ULFA has resolved that its members, which include lecturers would lay down their chalks until the vice president for Academic Affairs is removed from the University. This decision by ULFA brought activities at the state University to a standstill and classes to a halt amid anger from students. On Wednesday what appeared to be a possible threat and embarrassment to President Ellen Johnson Sirleafahead of next Mondays address to the legislature, protesting students had begun to mobilize human resource todisrupt the occasion. Dozens of students at the University of Liberia continued to threaten the Liberian leader and the government of Liberia in totality with a protest action against the delivery on Wednesday, with the police making several arrests. Information Minister Lewis G. Brown has maintained that the security will exercise maximum protection for PresidentSirleaf and all other dignitaries and participants at the pending Monday ceremony noting that the nations security has been put on high alert for would be demonstrators. On Wednesday,bystanders got a first-look at what some observers say was a prelude to the looming protest. For nearly two hours in the middle of a heavy downpour of rain, all moving vehicles plying roads leading to the executive mansion from Broad Street through the Sinkor belt came to a complete halt as angry students University staged a mass demonstration,

setting roadblocks, demanding the reopening of their school which was pronounced opened on Tuesday the authorities of the University but faculty staffers resisted the call by the board of trustees and boycotted classes. Commuters were seen trekking to various destinations as the students doubled up their blockade, thus preventing motorists from plying through the Capitol Hill. On Tuesday night, just a day after the administration announced the resumption of normal classes, the Universitywarned all students to stay off the campuses pending the outcome of ongoing negotiations, casting dark cloud over the schools reopening. According to the protesting students who barricaded the front view of the main campus of the state-run University of Liberia, they will remain on the rampage until their school resumes classes, noting that they remained prepared to risk their chests for the bullet in the name of education. Said one protesting student to FrontPage AfricaWednesday: We are prepared to give our chest to the bullet for the sake of education. No school; no annual message. We will tell the international community that madam Sirleaf is the cause of the mess in our educational system. After two hours of stay at the front of the state run University, officers of the Police Support Unit of the Liberia National Police decisively intervened rounding up several protesters while some students resulted to throwing stones at the police officers who had come to quiet the crowd and maintain order. The University of Liberia

the nations most prestigious institute of higher learning, cancelled all classes and suspended all campus activities until further notice in November last year. Trouble began brewing in mid-November when the university announced that a certain scholarship would be discontinued due to late registrations, a pronouncement that later shifted the institution into severe nightmare. Angry students later slash away schedules for the midterm examinations at the time citing that many students did not register before the test schedules were placed up. In a later news conference, faculty members called for Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) & Provost, Brownell, to resign. According to ULFA, the academic standards of the institution had been in sharp decline since Brownells tenure. Now that it appears that the Board of Trustees of the University of Liberia has finally bowed to demands of the lecturers and students to dismiss U.L provost Brownell, it remains to be seen whether Dr. Emmett Dennis will communicate the decision to the President who happens to be the visitor to the UL. A source at the UL who refused to be namedsaid, The news now is that the board has agreed to fire Dr. Brownell. This news seems to end the strike action by both the students and the lecturers who are demanding the resignation of Dr. Brownell as pre-requisite to begin lectures.

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Monrovia -

anaging Liberian economy has become a big headache for all ministers of finance. The 14-year civil war seems to have set Liberia back nearly 100 years, a claim that was made in 1990 by former Assistant Secretary of State Cohen. He cautioned Liberians then that if the war were to continue the economy and infrastructure of Liberia could be set back 100 years. Clearly, giving the current realities and the struggle the ministry of finance is in to revitalize a damage economy seem to give credence to Cohens argument. Economists reviewing and analyzing the budget performance spanning three ministers points to some similarities, but a lot of guided variations. No doubt the budget has gradually increased year over year. But given the huge demand to reconstruct the entire country after 14 years of war and to provide basic services to the people of Liberia, such as quality healthcare and education, the revenue intake has not been sufficient to meet the huge demand in expenditure. For instance, the current expenditure demand from all public agencies is US$2 billion on revenue on the $582.9 million. Budget Recasting The recasting of the Liberian budget has been consistent amongst all the three Finance Ministers that have served in the Ellen Johnson Sirleafled Government. There are many factors that have led to the budget shortfall, wherein revenue forecasts are adjusted downwards. The Legislature has a played a role in creating the problem year over year, because they have increased the revenue portion of the budget beyond what is usually submitted by the Executive. During her tenure the Ministry of Finance, Former Finance Minister Antoinette Sayeh submitted each year in January a supplementary budget, adjusting the budget forecast. But the growing pain in adjusting the budget and carrying out a broad across the board cut in the budget of line ministries and agencies began in 2009/2010 when Augustine K. Ngafuan assumed the position as Minister of Finance. Unlike previous when the budget was delayed because of the legislative rigorous review of the national, such as in 2006/2007 Budget which was not passed until September 2007. On December 27, 2009 the New Democrat reported this After months of denials, Finance Ministry officials






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like roads, electricity etc. In 2009/2010, Minister Ngafuan complained that his inability to borrow to finance the deficit was a big problem. Instead, he was forced to make deep cuts in the budget to meet the balanced budget requirement, sometimes being so conservative in his cuts that it created a budget surplus than a balanced budget in a country that needed every available fund to finance investment in infrastructure. At the time, some financial experts criticized Minister Ngafuan for having a budget surplus in a country where there was a need finance investment to improve public services. It was a paradox to have a surplus in a country with so many needs that remained unfunded. But all of this change during the last two years of Minister Ngafuan leadership in the Ministry of Finance. Liberia achieved HIPC and it was now

have conceded that the 2009/10 fiscal budget is in a mess, and that it recast is imminent. Finance Minister Augustine Ngafuan, contacted, informed the paper that the budget is facing "difficulties" and that government's inability to borrow money to finance the budget amidst shortfall is a problem. Deputy Finance Minister for Revenue, Elfreda Tamba, approached on the problem, Tamba, also confirmed that the budget is experiencing hitches in both tax and nontax revenue. In an exclusive interview she revealed that, custom, maritime are amongst revenue sources where the shortfall

is being experienced as of 30 November. "... non-tax revenue, which you alluded to, shows a shortfall of US$986, 000 dollars, Maritime revenue showing a shortfall of us$1. 8 million dollar and internal revenue US$150.000; Custom we have a shortfall of US$3.1 million," the minister indicated. She attributed the negative trend in revenue inflow to drop in cost insurance fright's(CIF) value, delay in tonnage revenue and those from the telecommunications sector, general state of the economy and "leakages' in tax collection most especially real estate. Because of the difficulties and the uncertainty created in the budget process due to the additional revenue added to

the budget by the Legislature, the National Legislature realized it and created a provision in the Public Financial Management Law (2009) to address the issues of revenue shortfalls. Section 18 (subpart 3), Modification of Proposed Budget by the Legislature, states that The Minister of Finance shall submit to the Legislature a mid-fiscal year review of the implementation of the Budget in the middle of February each year, including an analysis of the revenue collections and expenditure performances in the first six months of the fiscal year, and, if necessary, a proposed supplementary budget for approval by the Legislature. According to information

obtained from budget data on the Ministry of Finances website, the last budget year during Minister Ngafuan was also recast. The approved budget for Fiscal 2011/2012 was $516.43 million, but was recast in $449.51. This was a downward adjustment to the budget to the tune of $66.92 million during 2011/2012. Budget Deficits/Surpluses Economists say budget surpluses/deficits are part of financial management both in the private and public sectors. Prior to the 2010/2011 budget, Liberia was still undergoing through the HIPC process. During the HIPC process, Liberia was required to have balance budget since it could not borrow to finance deficit spending on Legacy items

allowed to borrow and spend. Minister Ngafuan became the first Minister of Finance to borrow to spend on the deficit. According to budget information obtained at the Ministry of Finances website, below is the budget performance under Minister Ngafuan in the last two years before assuming a position as Minister of Foreign Affairs: Economists have argued that budget deficits are not in themselves a bad thing. Instead, how is the deficit being spent? The Ministry of Finance has argued that it has reprogrammed the budget since it introduced multi-year budgeting to spend more of tax dollars on LEGACY programs and projects, meaning those that have long term direct impact on the lives and living conditions of Liberians. Many Financial experts and economists commend the Ministry of Finance for this change, as in the past the recurring expenditure on such things as travel, gas coupons etc., took a huge chunk out of the government budget.

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JOB VACANCY Consolidated Group Incorporated operates in Liberia and other West African markets in the areas of manufacturing, television, trading and Press services. This is a growing company with a multinational personnel base. We are constantly modifying approaches, processes and expanding our business capacities to leverage our competitiveness. We require applicants for the following vacancies: A) 2 Marketing Managers B) 4 Sales Executives C) 3 Team Leaders Core competencies required for positions A, B, & C 1. Bachelors or Masters in Psychology, sociology or Marketing 2. Must have a minimum of 3 years working experience in your area of interest (A,B,C) 3. Candidate must demonstrate creative capacity in resume/CV 4. Candidate must demonstrate capacity to lead a minimum of at least 4 persons 5. Candidate must display problem solving skills and demonstrate interpersonal relationship 6. Candidate must demonstrate eloquence and fluency in English as well as capacity to work long hours 7. Candidate must be able to do oral presentation and willing to travel out of Monrovia for work purposes 8. Demonstrate excellent planning and organizing skills 9. Must demonstrate good analytical ability and excellent oral and written communication skills Remuneration: Salary is negotiable How to Apply: If you are a people person, a goal getter, very articulate and innovative, computer literate, poise, confident, and not easily angered; please hand deliver your detailed resume or CV & Cover Letter with: Three (3) reference letters, police clearance, and medical certificate to: The Group Human Resource Manager, CGI - Benson Street, Monrovia, Liberia; or by e-mail to vgaie@consolidated-group.net Deadline for Application: January 29, 2014 Please indicate position applied for in the subject box when submitting via e-mail, and on the envelop, when submitting in person. No incomplete application will be accepted and only short listed applicants will be contacted.


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Mr. William K. Kruah, former Comptroller, GAC The General Public is hereby informed that Mr. William K. Kruah is no longer in the employ of the General Auditing Commission, (GAC). Any individual, group of individuals or institutions doing business with Mr. Kruah in the name of the GAC will be doing so at their own risk. Signed: The Administration General Auditing Commission



The World Bank Liberia intends to sell two (2) used generators listed below to any interested bidder. The items are to be sold on the basis of as is and the World Bank will have no further liability after sale. The World Bank now invites sealed bids for the purchase of the following: Interested bidders may inspect the generators at the World Bank former office (Bright Building, Mamba Point, Monrovia) from January 23-28, 2014 from 10am 2 pm The Bids should clearly state the Lot number and Capacity for which the bid is submitted and, the bid price in United Sates dollars and payment terms. The evaluation of bids shall be per Lot, mainly be based on price, subject to acceptance of payment terms. The method of payment will be by certified check and payment instructions will be given to the successful bidders. The best evaluated bid(s) shall be the highest priced bid and shall be recommended for award of contract, subject to any reservations regarding failure to meet the official valuation or reserve price. Bids clearly marked Sale of Generator must be delivered by hand to the address below on or before Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at 3:00pm. Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders representatives who choose to attend in the World Bank Conference Room at 3.01pm on the closing day. Late bids shall be rejected. The World Bank reserves the right to reject any bid or to cancel the bidding process and reject all bids at any time prior to contract award. Att: Resource Management Analyst The World Bank Office Liberia German Embassy Compound Telephone no: +2316606967

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Buchanan, County -

Grand Bassa




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avid Payes two goals for Grand Bassa County against Nimba County were more than enough for the people of Bassa to go into a frenzy, celebrating county meets victory for the first time after more than 23 years. But what remains critical and important is how this victory can be utilized to ease political tension amongst leaders of the county especially ahead of this years special senatorial elections. Clearly, everyone in Bassa who follows politics knows that theres a divide amongst members of the county legislative caucus, something that has created a porous interaction between some members of the caucus and the county administration. The Dumboy festival, an annual festive event intended to reconcile people of the county, has failed to do same. The evidence was glaring during the last edition of the festival; the attendance was poor and at the same time, some concern youths staged couple of protests to amplify their dissatisfaction of the event. Like the dumboy festival, the National County Meet intends to reconcile Liberians through sports; so many Bassolians are now hoping that politicians of the county can built on the success of the teams. The rift between Senator Gbehzohngar Findley and his allies against Liberty Partys lawmakers has been on for over five years now. Sources say

Will County Meet Success Unite Bassa Leadership?


Liberty Party finds it difficult to work with Findley due to what they term as a selfish politician who wants to take all the glory for a teams work. Lawmakers like Byron Brown and Gabriel Smith have openly slammed the senator for his leadership approach. Findley supporters were recently lashing at new senator Nyonblee KangarLawrence for asserting that she doesnt think her fellow senator has done enough to get re-elected, but Nyounblees supporters have often accused Hon. Findley for master minding a strategy that could had hurt her campaign for the seat she currently sits in at the capital. Amongst the lawmakers there

are two blocks; the Liberty Party (LP) block and the Findley and allies block. The former consists of Unity Partys representative, Mary Karwor of District Two, UP candidate turned Independent, Robertson Siaway of District Five and Senator Findley while the latter includes Representatives, Brown, Smith, Hans Barchue and Senator Kangar-Lawrence. The long time disagreement amongst these lawmakers has signal how bad Bassa politics is becoming and that it has the propensity of even dividing the people of the county. Political pundits suggest that Findleys closeness to the county administration serves as a shield for county

officials, something that has been despised by the LP block. This showed during the last meeting for the County Development Funds or Projects Planning; when District #3 Representative, Jeh Byron Brown opted for the restitution of allegedly miss managed or miss applied funds by the Project Management Unit. On the contrary, Senator Findley suggested that the Project Planning meetings are not meant to, as he put it, make people lose their jobs. From one situation to another, it remains a serious issue amongst political leaders in the county, thereby impeding growth in the county and at the same time politicizing

every possible initiative that may impact people lives in the county. When House Speaker, Alex Tyler threatened to summoned the county development superintendent for what was termed as grudge disrespect to the lawmakers during the Nationwide Oil Law Reform consultation in Buchanan, District #1 representative, Barchue accused a Big Hand for aiding and abetting the alleged act. Barchue is not a Liberty Party lawmaker. In fact he lost the Unity Party Primary in 2011, went independent and won. His political relationship with Sen. Findely is fragile, justifying the level of disagreement between the two.

Interestingly, a truce was reached to rally support and motivation for the boys as the tournament progressed. In fact, the football team coach, David Doe revealed to FrontPage Africa during the teams arrival in Buchanan that the lawmakers together visited the teams camp regularly; something he said motivated the boys. As much as the caucus acted as a team again to bring pride to the county, pundits say they can keep that fire burning by putting aside their political differences for the county. But skeptics are concern about how these trophies can be used as a symbol of unity amongst political opponents. A popular political activist in the county, D. Ben Cleon on Monday during an evening radio talk show said he fears that the achievement of the cup would be politicized and used as a political achievement. On Saturday, January 25 during the official dedication of the trophies to the people and authorities of the county by the Bassa Sports Association, the atmosphere is expected to be friendly but it is undisputedly uncertain to determine how reconciliation amongst the county leaders will sort out in the next couple of months.




these women and their health and sanitary conditions need improvement. "So anything that helps them feel strong and healthy and to have a healthy environment for their children to grow will make a difference." Infrastructure development is also high on the list of requirements. "Transportation is very important, so that when they produce their products they won't go to waste, they can get to market, and of course marketing is also important." Dr Chenoweth is hopeful that amongst the 56 Liberian agricultural scientists that are currently in training she will find her successor as Minister for Agriculture. "This is my third time as Minister and I would like to move into an area like training. "But as far as fighting for a world free from hunger, I will do that until I have no breath left."

ABC Rural, Babs McHugh he small west African country of Liberia has emerged from a quarter of a century of civil war poverty stricken and with a shattered farming sector. An estimated quarter to half-amillion people died during the conflict and virtually all wild animals and livestock were eaten. It's now almost eight years since its first democratic elections but the pace of agricultural development is glacial. The Honourable Dr Florence Chenoweth is the Liberian Minister for Agriculture as well as being a world-respected human rights expert and an

Africa Prize winner. She is faced with the monumental task of taking what was already a subsistence-farm sector into the 21st Century. "We have had to do absolutely everything from scratch. "When we first started we didn't even have germ plasm, not even a single seed to plant in the ground, "And we had almost no animal life, if you can imagine that, because after 25 years of war people will eat anything that moves. "If you shook, you became dinner." Pests and disease rampant in tropical rainforest The Ministry has reopened its agricultural research station and the country is now

almost self sufficient in seed production. Liberia is covered by tropical rainforests which are hard to clear for cropping anyway and presents some very specific pest and disease issues. "It was very easy for the forests to regenerate (over previous farmlands) and now growing fruit and vegetables is a big challenge because of the pests. The face of farming in Africa is a woman....Sadly though she is 50 years old Dr Florence Chenoweth, Liberia Ag Minister "When you do nothing to protect your environment over 25 years, then everything multiplies. "So while we were at war killing each other, the pest population was multiplying by the trillions. "They burrowed themselves very deep into the ground and it's a really big problem to control." In a country with an estimated

population of 3.5 million, women have traditionally been the farmers. Women the backbone of Liberian farming "The face of farming in Africa is a woman. "Sadly though, she is 50-yearsold and most of her people have stayed in refugee camps for 20 to 25 years. "So we've lost the farm skills also because traditionally women would train other

women in agricultural techniques. "But there were no grounds for training in Liberia and so the older, experienced farm women died off without passing on their skills." Dr Florence Chenoweth sees training these women the most vital service other countries can offer but says that shouldn't end at farm skills. "We put emphasis on training but also, life is rough for

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President Sirleaf Says Public-Private Partnerships Can REITERATES CONTINUED Make Difference in Addressing Global Youth Unemployment INVESTMENTS AND SUPPORT.

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND resident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says the world should accept that there is no easy fix for youth unemployment, but that partnerships between the public and private sectors can make a difference in tackling this global problem. The Liberian leader spoke on Wednesday, January 22, in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, when she addressed the opening plenary session World Economic Forums Annual Meeting on Reshaping the World through Entrepreneurship, Education and Employment. According to adispatch from the Forum, the Liberian President also said that large corporations which have been able to obtain concessions in developing countries should be prepared to address the unemployment problem through training, social benefits to communities, improvement in infrastructure in the communities, and through better relations and knowledge exchange with people in the communities. There must also be urgent response to the call for linkages between the activities of the large corporations and the economy at large, President Sirleaf said, acknowledging that the evidence is clear that significant employment is not created by the large concessions and corporations, which are largely capital intensive in their operations, but by the small and medium-sized enterprises which lead to the development of a middle class, the most sustainable driver of employment. President Sirleaf underscored that unless the world finds a solution to youth unemployment, the consequence for society, politics and business is likely to be civil upheaval, political instability and economic disruption across the globe. The session was also addressed by the first female President of the Republic of Korea, Park Geun-Hye, who urged the world to join Koreas journey towards the development of a creative economy across the globe. She also called upon participants of the 2014 World Economic Forum to work towards an economic engine that takes the world beyond current constraints. Opening her statement, President Sirleaf said the following to the world gathering: Despite Switzerlands frigid January weather, compared to the balmy temperature of my country, Liberia, let me say that it is a pleasure to be back in DavosKlosters for the 2014 World Economic Forum. Our last time here was in 2007 exactly a year after I took office where we have made the case for relief of Liberias US $4.9 billion external debt. This global platform helped in drawing attention to Liberias economic and financial situation. In July 2010, having reached the completion point as a Heavily Indebted Poor Country (HIPC),

much of the massive debt was waived. She declared how honored she was to be a participant at the World Economic Forum an organization and an event whose commitment it is to improve the state of the world, and whose reputation, since its founding in 1971, has been second to none in all that it has achieved, not only in the economic sphere, but also politically, socially and globally. Expanding further on the issue of youth unemployment, President Sirleaf described it as one of the major challenges of today, adding that it is complex; structural; and global. Elaborating, she said that youth unemployment is complex because the drivers of this condition differ across the developed and developing world, across gender, across region, across age, across social status, across ethnicity;it is structural because institutions and system, particularly in developing countries, have not been able to respond to global technological shifts; and it is global because developed countries, normally sheltered by strong diversified economies and developed institutions, now face the same situation as they too try to deal with the changes of the reshaping world. President Sirleaf recalled that in formulating the Millennium Development Goals in 2000, the Civil Society Forum identified youth unemployment as a major challenge to development, particularly for developing countries with high population growth. Thirteen years later, she continued, the proposed Post-2015 Development Agenda confirms youth unemployment as an emergent crisis, worldwide. The genesis of the current crisis could, in part, be traced to the 2008 global financial crisis which decelerated global output and demand, engendering a spillover effect in emerging and developing market activities, thereby exacerbating unemployment, most especially among women and youths. Observed the Liberian President: Driven by this deceleration of global demand, private households

and firms in developed economies deleveraged their high debt burden through increased saving rates and austerity measures in public sectors. This resulted in downward pressure on both private and public consumption and investment, dragging down aggregate demand and growth, with devastating effect on developing economies, especially those with high poverty levels and large employment in the informal sector. President Sirleaf mentioned that the International Labour Organization in 2013 estimated the global youth unemployment rate at 12.6 percent, implying unemployment of 73.8 million young people. In developed economies, youth unemployment increased by 24.9 percent since 2008, while some large economies, like Spain and Greece, registered rates over 50 percent. During the same period, she pointed out, youth unemployment rates in developing economies were highest in the Middle East and North Africa, at 28.3 percent and 23.7 percent, respectively, and in sub-Saharan Africaat 11.8 percent, ignoring the extremely high level of vulnerably employed. She attributed such high youth unemployment to a missing pool of skilled labor, as well as insufficient growth to absorb a growing labor force. Consequently, surplus workers face vulnerabilities, as they are pushed into the informal sector where they lack regular income, benefits, job security, and pensions. The Liberian President also pointed out that structural unemployment affects most vulnerable young people, who comprise large numbers of economic migrants, particularly from Asia and Africa, who continue to seek refuge in Europe, risking their lives in perilous voyages to pursue a livelihood, with resulting racial tensions in host countries. She quoted an African Development Bank finding that in most countries in sub-Saharan Africa and in all of North Africa, it is easier for men to get jobs than it is for woman, and that the effect of unemployment in women is similar. In fragile states like Liberia, where

education and vocational skill sets of entire generations have been casualties to violence, young people tend to be more seriously affected by the unemployment crisis, President Sirleaf said. Besides being a tipping point for political instability, she observed, this pool of unemployed tends to migrate to the cities, exacerbating urbanization pressures through a growing concentration of urban labor supply. President Sirleaf told the Forum that despite average annual growth of 7 percent in Liberia since 2006, unemployment, especially youth unemployment, remains high and is a major challenge to the achievement of the countrys development goals. To address unemployment in one of Liberias most economically deprived areas, a pilot cash transfer program was launched, which targeted households typically headed by the elderly, people living with disabilities and chronic illnesses, and youth or single mothers with dependents. By providing a relatively small amount of money US$20 a month on a regular basis, there was marked improvement in the lives of the beneficiaries. The Liberian President concluded by indicating that the problem of unemployment requires multiple response strategies, among them: substantial investment in national education systems; the business environment for foreign and domestic firms; and that businesses recognize the importance of taxes, trade and transparency as critical for growth, prosperity and economic development. Also, the use of success stories of other countries; the establishment of special economic zones to promote profitable job-creating manufacturing opportunities; and investment in systems that enhance production and productivity in the subsistence and informal sectors to reduce unemployment, particularly among young people.


oneyGram (NASDAQ : MGI), one of the world leaders in money transfer in money with over 20,000 points of sale in Africa, reiterated its confidence in the Liberian financial sector and reiterated its interest in supporting the financial inclusion agenda of Liberia. Mr. Francois Peyret, MoneyGram Internationals Regional Director for North & West Africa is undertaking a working tour of Liberia marking what could be the first senior executive visit to Liberia by a major global financial institution. MoneyGram offers over-the counter money transfer services in Liberia through its agent partners namely: International Bank, FI Bank, LBDI,UBA, Ecobank, Global BankGT Bank &Afriland First Bank. Through these agents MoneyGram is now available all over Liberia, in almost 100 locations. From inception to date MoneyGram has undertaken over 2,000,000 transaction valued at over 500 million dollars, which is a direct cash flow into the Liberian economy. The service is a critical lifeline, allowing Liberians in the diaspora, especially in the U.S to send money home to loved ones for upkeep, healthcare and education. MoneyGram has invested over a million dollars in the last 5 years to market its proposition in Liberia. Effort here more recently have included donations of school items-notebooks, waste bins, cash award, etc. to various high schools and universities valued at over US$ 50,000.00. There has also been a donation of logistics materials to the Monrovia City Corporation in 2010 in addition to various consumer reward schemes like the recently ended Double-Double promo (where lucky customers got their transactions doubled). The brand is currently reputed to be the most popular money transfer in Liberia, with the best price offer in the market, starting at only $2 for send out of Liberia. Whilst in Liberia, Francois will hold high-level business development discussions with CEOs and executives of key players in the financial sector and will inaugurate the Monrovia mini Van Branding project of Money Gram. On the future of the brand in Liberia, Francois Peyret noted: Our ambition is to double our network of MoneyGram points sale in Liberia in the next 5 years and become the dominant preferred choice for money transfer. To achieve this we shall continue to work with our partners to aggressively offer the best proposition and price to Liberians around the world. We shall continue to be a good corporation citizen, adhering to international best practice on finance ministrys agenda of bringing more Liberians into the financial sector. Toachieve this, we are seriously considering introducing our mobile solutions in Liberia that will allow mobile phones to send and receive transactions. As we all know mobile phone penetration exceeds back account penetration by a factor of approx. 1:5 and we intend to leverage this>>. Mr. Kunle Olamuyiwa regional operations managerAnglophone West Africa and Mrs. KemiOkusanya regional business development manager Anglophone West Africa accompanies Francois Peyret business on the tour. Both executives are members of the MoneyGram North & West Africa team.

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CAIRO (AP) mn Egyptian court on Tuesday set Feb. 16 as the start date for one of the multiple trials of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, this one on charges of conspiring with foreign groups. Egypt's prosecutor general has charged Morsi and other top Muslim Brotherhood leaders with conspiring with militant groups such as the Palestinian Hamas and the Lebanese Hezbollah, as well as with Iran, to destabilize Egypt. Morsi is also accused of orchestrating an insurgency in the Sinai Peninsula to avenge his ouster. Morsi's supporters have called the conspiracy accusations implausible. Morsi was ousted in a military coup last July after millions took to the streets demanding his removal, nearly a year after he became Egypt's first freely elected president. Morsi is facing a total of four trials and was most recently referred to court over insulting the judiciary. Charges in the other three trials, including inciting the killing of his opponents and organizing jailbreaks, carry the death penalty. Of the four, only the one for incitement has started and is to resume next month. Medhat Idris of the Cairo Appeals Court told The Associated Press that the venue for the trial for conspiring with foreign groups has not yet been determined. In the proceedings related to the incitement of killing, Morsi was brought by helicopter from a heavily fortified prison in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria to the Cairo Police Academy. However, the second session was adjourned until next month after security officials said heavy fog grounded the helicopter meant to bring Mohammed Morsi to





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Egypt's Interim President Adly Mansour is expected to announce soon whether presidential elections will be held before parliamentary ones. Meanwhile, Egyptians are waiting to see whether the army chief who ousted Morsi, Gen. Abdel-Fatah el-Sissi, decides to run. Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood group boycotted the constitutional referendum and called for escalating street demonstrations in the run up to Jan. 25, which marks the third anniversary of the 2011 uprising that witnessed the downfall of longtime president Hosni Mubarak. However, the group has been deeply weakened by months of a heavy security crackdown that killed hundreds and jailed top leaders and members. The government has recently labeled it a terrorist organization, allowing new legal measures to be taken against members and supporters. On Monday, a Cairo criminal court sentenced a top ultraconservative Islamist and former presidential hopeful Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail to one year in prison for comments perceived as insulting to judiciary, which he was facing trial over forgery.

court. The trials come as the military-backed interim government pushes a fast track transition plan aimed

at holding presidential and parliamentarian elections by end of this year. Last week, an overwhelming majority of participating

vcoters endorsed a draft constitution, the first step in the transition plan, in a referendum.

Moscow (AFP) kraine's former master Russia on Wednesday slammed "outside interference" in its neighbour's affairs and accused the radical opposition against President Viktor Yanukovych of crudely violating the constitution. "Ukraine's legitimate authorities face outside interference in its internal affairs," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin told Interfax, referring to a number of statements from the United States and the European Union. "The extremist part of the opposition is crudely violating the country's constitution," he added. "It is necessary to find a decision that would allow the situation to normalise."

BANGKOK (AP) s a state of emergency came into effect Wednesday in the Thai capital, defiant protesters marched on government offices and defaced the wall outside of national police headquarters, while a prominent government supporter in the country's northeast was the target of a shooting attack. The government said it enacted the emergency decree to improve security and ensure that Feb. 2 elections, opposed by the protesters, are held without disruption. Officials declared there would be no crackdown on the demonstrators, who have seized several patches of the capital, and life in the city continued as normal with tourist sites unaffected and no major deployment of extra security forces. The government announced the state of emergency late Tuesday in the wake of a string of attacks that have mostly been aimed at demonstrators protesting peacefully in Bangkok. Grenade assaults on Friday and Sunday killed one man and wounded more than 60 people, bringing the casualty toll since November to at least nine dead and more than 550 hurt.Gunmen wounded a top leader of a pro-government



CNN) --

movement in northeastern Thailand on Wednesday, in what many fear is a portent of increased violence if no negotiated solution is found to the political crisis. Kwanchai Praipana was shot twice and hospitalized after gunmen in a pickup truck sprayed bursts of gunfire at his home in Udon Thani, according to Jatuporn Promphan, another leader of the "Red Shirt" group. The attackers have not been identified. The emergency decree, which will remain in effect for 60 days, gives police expanded powers to make arrests, conduct searches and

seize suspicious materials. The government said it imposed the measure in part to secure the city and because protesters have tried to shut down government offices and prevent civil servants from working."The caretaker government's enactment of the emergency decree today indicates its growing desperation," said a statement from the anti-government People's Democratic Reform Committee, which has been leading the protests. The group and its sympathizers say the decree is illegal and have threatened to go to court to invalidate it.

Abu-Ismail was a top ally to Morsi, and his original charges were related to the alleged forging of his mother's nationality during his presidential bid in 2012. Abu-Ismail told judges on Monday: "The court is void ... This is not a real judiciary in the first place." His trial was held in a venue adjacent to Tora prison where he along with a large number of members from Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood are held.

unmen abducted a South Korean trade official in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, South Korea's semiofficial Yonhap News Agency reported Monday, in the latest violent incident highlighting the turmoil in the North African country. Quoting South Korean officials, Yonhap said four unidentified, armed men abducted Han Seok-woo, 39, when he was heading home from work in the coastal city on Sunday. Han is the head of the Libya unit of the Korea TradeInvestment Promotion Agency. The gunmen stopped Han's car, took him and drove westward, Yonhap quoted a South Korean foreign ministry official as saying. It said there had been no word from the kidnappers yet. Their identities and the reason for the abduction were unknown. Han is understood to be unharmed so far, Yonhap reported Tuesday, citing an unidentified South Korean government official. South Korea's foreign ministry, which has launched an emergency task force to deal with the abduction, issued a warning against traveling to Libya. It asked the 551 South Korean nationals living in the North African country to leave.

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he Confederation of African Football (Caf) have announced that 51 countries registered for the qualifying stages of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) with Somalia and Djiboutiannouncing their withdrawals. Morocco qualify automatically as hosts for the event, which will be held from January 15 to February 15. Caf executive committee will meet on January24 in Cape Town, South Africa to reaffirm the format for the qualifiers. The preliminary round will include 10 teams, who will be chosen based on the Fifa rankings and paired in a home-and-away tie from July 18-20 and August 1-3. The winners will join 43 teams to form 12 groups of four teams with each groups winner qualifying along with the three best runnersup. The seeding of the group stage will use the Cafrankings, which was used for the 2013 Afcon qualifiers. The group stage will be played during the double dates within the Fifa international match calendar of September, October and November. The Liberia Football Association (LFA) registered the national team in yet another international competition despite repeated calls for the team to be withdrawn. Liberia also registered for the qualifiers of the under-17 (with 38 entrants) and under-20 (with 43 entrants) championships, which will take place in Niger and Senegal in 2015 respectively. This is a foolhardy declaration of intent by some of the smartest individuals, who have been entrusted to oversee the growth and development of the game. This declaration also speaks volumes for a country that is still without a national sports policy and development roadmap for football, coupled with its inability to regularly win at home. Following the 2004 Afcon qualifiers in which Liberia recorded two wins and four defeats,then sports minister Jamesetta HowardWolokollie (now an associate Supreme Court justice) took a bold decision to withdraw Liberia from all international competitions beginning with football. Dear Cllr. Wesley: The Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) has observed with grave concern the steady decline in the standard of football in this country. Besides the 14-year civil crisis which led to the overall decline in national development, the substandard performances of our players in local and international competitions can be attributed to the lack of trained coaches, especially at the grass root level, and the lack of a comprehensive program to develop the game. Because our leagues are below standard, our best players, those being recruited to seek greener pastures abroad, are only able, with a few exceptions, to secure contracts in Indonesia and Malaysiathe worst leagues in the world. Unfortunately for Liberian football, this has led to our dismal performances in international matches by our clubs and national teams. Against this background, we, at the ministry, in developing our plan of actions, especially as it relates to our national soccer teams, have asked ourselves what can we and should we do to reverse this negative trend.

Why Liberia wont withdraw from international competitions.
Danesius Marteh, danesius.marteh@frontpageafricaonline.com
people,Wesley rebuffed on June 30, 2006. A follow-up letter by HowardWolokollie, requesting the LFA to cite the relevant statutes or regulations, was filed but it yielded no response on July 4, 2006. Dear Cllr. Wesley: We acknowledged receipt of your letter of 30 June 2006 informing the ministry of the consequences associated with our decision to withdraw our national teams from the forth-coming Caf/Fifa competitions. As you are aware, our decision was based on the desire to develop a program to ensure the Lone Stars participation in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. We note in your letter that you are saying our withdrawal now from Fifa/Cafs competitions will disqualify us from participating in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers. We are kindly requesting that you forward to us the Fifa/Caf rules referred to for further review and study. In the meantime, we have decided to constitute a Lone Star planning committee for the purpose of planning and developing the administrative, financial, technical and logistical frameworks for our participation in the World Cup 2010. The committee will include permanent individuals, representatives from the MYS, LFA, National Legislatures standing committees on youth and sports, business institutions, press and etc. You will receive further information concerning the committee as soon as possible, Howard-Wolokollie replied. Since then, the facts and figures have been awful not only for football but also for basketball, handball and athletics among others. Liberia have finished bottom of every World Cup and Afcon qualifier since 2002. During the 2004 Afcon qualifiers, Liberia recorded two home wins and four defeats with three goals scored and seven goals conceded. With the inauguration of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on January 16, 2006, the joint 2006 Afcon and World Cup qualifiersoffered a stage for Liberias withdraw following the election ofWesley in March 2006. But the ministry was not decisive and resolved with its decision as Garmondeh Karngar and other executives led a sustained media opposition, which also split the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (Swal) down the middle. The debates were barely over and Liberia got two home wins, a draw and nine defeats with five goals scored and 29 goals conceded. The 2008 Afcon qualifiers presented a more horrible statistics of a win, a draw and four defeats with six goals scored and 13 goals against. With Africa set to stage the World Cup for the first time in South Africa, hopes were unnecessarily raised to the extent that President Sirleaf was made to believe or may have thought that Liberia could make the global showpiece. Sirleafs dream or belief took a giant step with the controversial selection of German coach Antoine Hey by a panel headed by then LFA technical director Kadala Kromah and included then deputy sports minister Marbue Richards, then LFA secretarygeneral George Wah Williams and veteran coach and player Josiah Nagbe Johnson. Those astute minds primarily based their decision to select Hey based on Liberia-Germany relationship at the expense of Brazils Jose Antonio Reyes and Italys Roberto Landi. And Hey, with no record of achievement in Africa or Europe and a largely inexperience coach, demanded an advanced threemonth salary of US$30,000 before he could land on the grass at the SKD sports complex in Paynesville. But Liberia demanded nothing as the German produced three home draws and three away defeats with four goals scored and 12 goals conceded. Aging veterans like Kelvin Sebwe and Oliver Makor were relegated to the substitutes bench in favour of Theo Weeks and Tonia Tisdell because Heys father was on a scouting mission. And by the timeHeysone-year contract was over, his familial achievement was realized as Weeks and Tisdell found contracts in Turkey. The 2012 Afcon qualifiers seem to have renewed hopes with the appointment of Bertelan Bicskei in July 2010. After overseeing a draw and defeat, the Hungarian left Monrovia for Budapest in February 2011 to seek medical treatmentbut passed from labour to rest in June 2011. Landi, his temporary successor, who had been chasing the job and imposed on Liberia by LFA vice president Musa Shannon, secured a win and draw and two defeats respectively from the remaining matches. Like Hey, Landi jetted in from his base for a game and flew back after the match. But a 2-0 defeat to Nigeria at the Antoinette Tubman Stadiumon February 15, 2012, which was organized by the LFA as part of Sirleafs second term inauguration and watched by her and then sports minister Tornolah Varpillah, exposed the Italians questionable selections and a careless attitude towards his job. And an embarrassed-LFA president Musa Bility, who was in the VIP section with Sirleaf and Varpillah,didnt hesitate to bring Landis11-month tenure to an end on February 23, 2012. Thomas Kojo, Landis deputy, was named as interim coach days to the first leg of the 2013 Afcon qualifier with Namibia but he was replaced by Kaetu Smith despite guiding the team to a 1-0 win on


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Should we continue to waste money competing for the sake of competing or should we spend the limited resources we have more wisely and focus on developing our teams over the next few years? Looking closely at our options, it is clear that we need to be wise and think for tomorrow. The void that has been created with the retirement of George Weah and James Debbah from international football clearly sends a message that there is a lot of work to be done if we stand any chance of being successful on the international scene. The writing on the wall is very clear to all. We need to step back and develop a youthful team that will be able to bear fruits in a few years. In view of the above, it is the decision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports that: 1. all of our national teams are withdrawn from international competitions with immediate effect and that the relevant football organizations are informed. 2. That we begin immediately to prepare comprehensive training programs for the under-23, 20 and 17 teams with the view of building a team that will present Liberia in the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations [in Angola] and in South Africa at World Cup 2010. 3. That we should follow-up on the offer by the South Africans to train our female and under-17 male teams. 4. And that training opportunities be sought for coaches in Europe, South America and Africa. We are aware that our withdrawal from these competitions may have financial implications and will not be welcomed by all football fans. But we believe that any true Liberian who wishes to see the Lone Star shines will agree that the benefits of withdrawing for the purpose of development far outweighs the benefit of competing at this time. It is our hope that the LFA will

see merit in the decision we have taken and that you will support our decision and work with us in the interest of uplifting the standard of the Lone Star,Howard-Wolokollie wrote on June 22, 2006. But then LFA president Izetta Wesley took serious exception to the letter with his reply. Dear Madam Minister: Acknowledgement is made of your communication of 22 June 2006, Ref: MYS-M/LFA-P/06011/06-RL in which you requested the LFA to do the following: 1. All national teams be withdrawn from international competitions with immediate effect and that the relevant football organizations be informed. 2. That we begin immediately to prepare comprehensive training programs for the under-23, 20 and 17 teams with the view of building a team that will present Liberia in the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations [in Angola] and in South Africa at World Cup 2010. 3. That we should follow-up on the South Africans to train our female and under-17 male teams. 4. And that training opportunities be sought for coaches in Europe, South America and Africa. Your reasons given to justify your decision were: 1. Unavailability of good players; 2. Limited financial resources and 3. Substandard league. After carefully studying your communication, the executive committee resolved that you reconsider your decision to withdraw all of our national teams from participating in international competitions. We wish to address your justifications as follows: 1. With regards to the unavailability of good players, we would advise that you please leave this to the appropriate qualified technicians to decide whether or not there exists shortage of players. 2. With regards to limited financial resources, you informed us that there was a budget for the

national teams participation in international competitions. We, however, feel that this can be worked out by consultations. 3. That our league is substandard. We wish to inquire as to what measure the Ministry of Youth and Sports used in determining that our league is substandard as you termed it. We were ably represented by LPRC Oilers against AS Jaaraf of Senegal and our female under-20 national team against Algeria and Nigeria [respectively]. What we cant understand is your request that we prepare for the 2010 World Cup. How can we participate in the 2010 World Cup when you have decided to withdraw from the preliminaries?Suspension from the next African Cup of Nations (2010), the same competition which you want us to prepare for, comes with a fine of 15,000 Swiss Francs and 20,000 Swiss Francs for the under-17 male [tournament] and other penalties that either Caf or Fifa would deem necessary. Therefore Madam Minister, our withdrawal at this point in time would not auger well for the development of football in our country. We ask you to use your good office in reconsidering your decision to withdraw all teams from participating in international competition. As the football house in charge with the responsibility of developing football we can only advise. Finally, we have observed that the Ministry of Youth and Sportshas the tendency of writing insulting letters to the LFA. Please be informed that our willingness to cooperate with the ministry is not a sign of weakness on our part. The least that is expected of each of us is due respect for one another. We hope that we live up to this expectation. We can assure you that your decision to withdraw the national teams will be communicated to the Liberian

Thursday, January 23, 2014

February 29, 2012. Like Landi, Smith was imposed on Liberia by LFA technical director Henry Brown and the Americantrained tactician secured a scoreless drawon June 16, 2012in Windhoek to book a decisive tie with Nigeria. An entertaining 2-2 draw in Monrovia on September 8, 2012 and a 6-1 mauling in Calabar, Cross River State on October 13, 2012 ended that campaign despite a massive financial and moral support. There was a home draw and an away defeat for Smith in the 2014 World Cup qualifier before he was sacked by the LFA at a live news conference held by Bility on December 29, 2012. His handpicked successors led by Frank Jericho Nagbe, who should have vetted the would-be coach, secured a win and three defeats in the remaining 2014 matches. Long before the 4-1 defeat to Angola in Lubango on September 7, 2013, former Monrovia Black Stars vice president Timothy Paulus and ex-IE vice president Alfred Sayon re-echoed the withdrawal of Liberia but the LFA objected to their demand. So, why is Liberia being put through another round of qualifiers despite a run of poor results from 2004 to 2014? I think the way the national team is going right now, to keep it into competition;we should ask ourselves who benefits more. Is it the Liberian people, who are getting frustrated every day the national team plays especially on home soil or those who are directly managing the team? When the national team is in competition, a lot of people benefit from ticketing, travels and etcetera. When Liberia was beaten 6-1 by Nigeria in Calabar, do you

atanga FC beat Monrovia Club Breweries 2-1 on Wednesday in continuation of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) first division national league. Christian Thompsons side were determined to make it two wins from two matches in the second phase and it was striker Ghanefa Kromah who made the first attempt with a powerful shot that went off target in the 12th minute. Watanga reinforced their pressure with several shots off target but Kromahs24th minute goal was the difference between the two sides going into the break at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS). Back from recess, Abraham Fofana restored parity for Breweries in the 52nd minute with a magnificent shot inside the penalty box after a wave of attacks. But Grant Targbehsecured the maximum points for Watanga four minutes later. Elsewhere, defending champions Barrack Young Controllers (BYC), parading new signing Isaac Pupo, struggled to play their usual free-flowing game at


MC Breweries Fall 2-0 to Watanga at the ATS
A. Macaulay Sombai, sombai121@gmail.com

know that we raised thousands of US dollars that we claimed to have spent but there is no report up till now? What have we gained as a nation considering the amount that government has spent on the team from 2006 to 2013?So, these are the issues. When Liberia is not into a competition, a lot of people will not get the kind of money that is getting in their pockets but they dont care how Liberians feel, said Paulus on UNMIL Radios Sport Extra program on June 24, 2013. For Sayon, who was also a guest on the show, government must be resolved on decision it makes and serious in walking the talk on the results of the many sport conferences and consultations by wisely spending scare resources. At every competition we have gone to since 2004, we have ended at the bottom. So, we arent competing and there is a reason why we are always at the bottom. We are so thinly spread that we cant achieve results and then we gave it as an excuse to say we took part in this competition and that competition. We need to withdraw, sit down and look at all of the different variables like establishing and sustaining our under-13, 14, 15, 17, 20 and 23 programs just as Ghana, Nigeria and other African countries are doing. We want to do so many things with little resources, which is impossible said Sayon. But the LFA said the rationale of remaining in competitions far awaits the argument behind the withdrawal because Liberia have been paired against some of the best countries. I dont know on what basis we should withdraw. I have always said that the issue of performance, at the bigger stage, is not because

you have a right to win. So, if you dont win then you should be out[because you are] on the belief that whatever tournament you participate in you should win or qualify. Another issue I want to raise is that we are competing against countries that are better prepared than us. We are competing against countries that are supporting their various programs that include youth programs, grassroots programs and club football, communications director Henry Flomo told Sport Extra on September 9, 2013. So, it seems arrogance is triumphing over logic on the teams withdrawal with another round of qualifiers set to kick-off in July. But like Paulus said, a lot of people benefit and they will desperately resist any attempt to prevent their pots from boiling. Shannon, desperately seeking a reelection, will be on hand, whether he wins or loses in March, to arrange international friendlies with a guaranteed 25-percent commission. Bility, poised to be re-elected in March having barred contender Adolphus Dolo and inserted a minimum of a bachelor degree in the statutes adopted on January 18, which ruled out contender James Salinsa Debbah, will be on hand to cajole Sirleaf in convening a meeting of concessionaires and business tycoons to raise money for the teams participation as was done in May 2013. Despite his pre-election talks of saving government from supporting the national teams and records available to the contrary, Bility still chose to lambast angry fans demanding good performances. The so-called tax payers money, how many of it we can use on



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football in this country? That they [fans] dont know where it is going [it is being spent]? When we playeda game and we draw or lose and then they throw stones at us. They say put your mouths to where your money is. Their money is not in football in this country. So they should leave us alone. Until they can tell government to spend five or 10 million [US dollars] so that we can develop this game, then let them leave us alone. They can take their national team if they want, Bility told a news conference on November 15, 2013. But this is just a stark contrast to reality judging from how much this LFA has received from government in direct and indirect support. Bility and Shannon have largely travelled with the team and will resist any withdrawal news. Just as the sports ministry is seemingly unable to give-up on hosting the hugely-funded national county sport meet (between December and January), so is it with the LFA on withdrawing Liberia. After all, this, too, is Liberia and only time will tell whether Shannon, Bility and those opposed to the withdrawalwill behave like Garmondeh, called prime minister when he served as LFA executive committee member and opposed to the withdrawal news, but he soon joined the unending calls to withdraw Liberia following a dismal performance in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers. Is this the Garmondeh, who supported Izetta against the withdrawal of Liberia in 2006 but is now supporting the decision? Is the LFA (then and now) a fools paradise?


By: A. Macaulay Sombai, sombai121@gmail.com- 0777217428

Defensive Midfielder Williams left and offensive Midfielder Pupo right

home. And Lamine Jabatehs 31stminute goal separated his side from NPA Anchors at the Blue Field on Lynch Street. Red Lions losing spree continued with a 0-1 defeat to Invincible Eleven at the

Nancy B. Doe sports ground in Margibi County. The league heats up on Thursday in the second division group B with BYC-II tackling Georgian FC at the Blue Field. At the ATS, Super Rollers and ELWA will clash in the early

kick-off while Darius FC will meet Small Town FC. In Grand Cape Mount County, Sime Darby should be comfortable hosting Nimba United at the Matambo sports ground and New Hope can chase Holders FC with similar

iberias first division defending champions of the LiberiaFootball Association (LFA) Barrack Young Controller (BYC) has signed two midfielders as part of their preparation for the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Champions league. The club President SekouKonneh told frontpageafrica that the two players Isaac Pupo an offensive midfielder from sensational LPRC Oilers and Gideon Williams a defensive midfielder from Watanga FC were signed over the weekend to help strengthen the team force as they continue their preparation for both the ongoing LFA national league competition and their away first leg battle in the CAF Champions league against African heavyweight Ashanti Kotoko FC of Ghana. Says Konneh:As you may be aware we are presently the defending champions of the LFA national league and have qualified for the CAF champions league and our preparation entails briefing up some of our areas where we fine weaknesses to be able to strengthen those areas of our team that are our key reason of signing these two players and from all indications, we think these two players will be able to increase the force of our team against our opponents locally and internationally. BYC is presently seated fourth in the LFA first division table with 20 points from 12 games but Konneh highlighted that they are confident that the signing of the two players will boost the team struggle to maintain the LFA first division title. We think the present of the two players will help to give our players more zeal against the other teams in the competition for the fact that these same players helped their former teams to make the difference against all other teams in the same league first phase, the BYC boss said. Konneh called on the players to take the game serious and work together with their comrades as a team for the promotion of BYC and they should understand that there is no guaranteed position for any players on the team until he helps deliver the necessary results, justifying his place. We signed the two of you because we know you are good players and we also have quality players on the team but members of the technical staff have made it clear that there is no position guaranteed for any player unless you work hard toward it. So we are encouraging you to do your best if only if you are to be counted among the best players for the team. Meanwhile, BYC LAST Saturday begun the LFA national league second phase with a 1-0 victory against Keitrace FC at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) in Monrovia. In other results, LISCR FC beat NPA Anchors 1-0, Jubilee and Ganta Black Stars settled to a 1-1 draw, Monrovia Club Breweries drew 0-0, LPRC Oilers whipped Red Lion 1-0 and Invincible Eleven (IE) lost 2-1 to Watanga FC. The league will continue today in the first division where Watanga FC will chase Monrovia Club Breweries in the opening match at the ATS while Jubilee FC meets LISCR FC to end the day. Mighty Blue Angels will come face to face with Keitrace at the Unification Town sports ground, LPRC Oilers will rub shoulders with Ganta Black Star at the Harbel sports ground while Red Lion tackle Invincible Eleven (IE) at the Nancy B. Doe sports ground all in Margibi County. Robbery Tactics