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UIC Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering IE 466 - Production Planning and Inventory Control Spring 2014


Nan Ratisoontorn, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Eng ineering Office: 2059 ERF Phone: 312-996-5610 email: nratis2@uic.edu Office hours (lecture questions): Monday 1.30 - 2pm and Wednesday 10.30 - 11.30pm or by appointment.

Teaching Assistant

Samaneh Ebrahimi, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Office: TBA Phone: TBA email: sebrah5@uic.edu Office hours: TBA

Meeting times

The class meets for lecture on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays a t 12 - 12:50pm in 3290 SEL. Please arrive on time and turn you cell phones off during t he lectures.

Catalog Description

3 or 4 hours. 3 undergraduate hours. Principles of aggregate and disaggregate

production planning, master scheduling, job sequencing, design and control of de- terministic and stochastic inventory systems, and material requir ement planning.

4 graduate hours. Prerequisite(s): IE 342, IE 345 and IE 471


Steven Nahmias, Production and Operations Analysis , 6th Edition, Mc Graw Hill, 2009. Topics to be covered: Chapters 1 and 3 - 8 (partial cover age).


Course-related information announcements, and homework assig nment and solu- tions can be found on Blackboard.


IE 466 Syllabus


Assignments are assigned on Blackboard at least a week in advance o f the due date, and are due by 12pm on the due date. You may submit your assignment electronically on Blackboard or in person as a hard copy at the lectur e. An as- signment turned in by someone else or a late assignment will not be accepted. Students with documented medical reasons may be excused. The homework so- lutions will be posted on Blackboard on the due date or shortly after . Graded assignments will be returned in class the following week. Collaboration with other students is encouraged: you may discuss with your classmat es possible ap- proaches to solving the problems in the assignment, but each student should write her/his solution independently. Computer use (Excel) will be neces- sary for certain assignments.


Assignments, midterms and final exams are graded numerically. The course grade will be determined as follows:

Homework and class participation


Midterm I


Midterm II


Final Exam


The assignments and class participation grade is evaluated based on class atten- dance, class participation and the average of all assignment grades except the lowest one.

Classroom policies and special note

Attendance: Attendance is extremely important . Please arrive on time for class. If you do arrive late, take a seat quietly. If you are unable to attend a class, or you need to arrive late or leave early, I prefer that you notify me in advance.

Cell phones: Please turn them off or to vibrate before during the lectures. If your cell phone rings in class, you may be asked to leave the classr oom.

Communication: Email is the best method of contact for communicating with me. Please ensure to include IE 466 on the subject line of all your emails to me.


IE 466 Syllabus

Tentative course outline

Week 1

Jan. 13 - 17

HW 1 assigned on 1/18

Week 2

Jan. 22 - 24

HW 1 due; HW 2 assigned on 1/25

Week 3

Jan. 27 - 31

HW 2 due; HW 3 assigned on 1/31

Week 4

Feb. 3 - 7

HW 3 due; HW 4 assigned on 2/7

Week 5

Feb. 10 - 14

HW 4 due on 2/14

Week 6

Feb. 17 - 21

Midterm I ; HW 5 assigned on 2/21

Week 7

Feb. 24 - 28

HW 5 due; HW 6 assigned on 2/28

Week 8

Mar. 3 - 7

HW 6 due; HW 7 assigned on 3/7

Week 9

Mar. 10 - 14

HW 7 due; HW 8 assigned on 3/14

Week 10

Mar. 17 - 21

HW 8 due on 3/24


Mar. 24 - 28

Spring Break - No Class

Week 11

Mar. 31 - Apr. 4

Midterm II ; HW 9 assigned on 4/4

Week 12

Apr. 7 - 11

HW 9 due; HW 10 assigned on 4/11

Week 13

Apr. 14 - 18

HW 10 due; HW 11 assigned on 4/18

Week 14

Week 15

Apr. 21 - 25 Apr. 28 - May 2

HW 11 due on 4/25 Review for Final Exam

Tuesday May 6, 8 - 10am Final Exam