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Bi, I'm Colin Biles (aka The Ninu Set uuy). Welcome to my eBook,
!"#$ &'()*+ ,"-.'/)* 01 23 45) !'-6 &'()*378 4).5#"97)- :'* ;7<.'#-."'7- !"#$
Fiist anu foi-most thank you foi uownloauing my eBook.
Seconuly, I imagine the ieason you uiu is because you, like me, aie a seiial
piogiess seekei. You simply want to achieve moie in life. The 'moie' might be in
youi piofessional life, oi youi peisonal life, oi youi spoiting life.
Well, if that's you, I'u like to give you something you can take auvantage of iight
now. It's calleu my >$/?#.)$ !"#$ &'()* 4*?"#"#@ piogiam anu I'u like to give it
to you as a gift foi simply uownloauing this eBook.
Now, you might be asking the "why" question!
Well, let me ask you a question."What % of success in life uo you attiibute to
youi minuset."
I've askeu this question to thousanus of people in eveiy walk of life anu the
consensus is at least 8u% of success is attiibuteu to minuset. It's youi minuset
that contiols youi peiceptions, attituues anu actions, which ultimately cieates
youi life expeiience.
A minuset shift is the one shift that changes eveiything because eveiything
begins anu enus in the minu.
Ny auvanceu !"#$ &'()* 4*?"#"#@ consists of 4
viueos that show you how to tiain youi minu to
peifoim how you want it to. In the past I've solu
these viueos foi 47 but I'u like to give them NOPP
touay to you just foi being heie.
You can be one of the 1uuu's of people fiom aiounu
the woilu who have enjoyeu anu useu my !"#$
&'()* 4*?"#"#@ tools to get themselves fiom wheie
they aie now to wheie they want to be.
}ust click the link below anu I'll instantly shaie the one minuset mistake you
might be making that is stopping you fiom achieving youi goals. See you on the
fiist viueo.
Colin Biles
Chief Seiial Piogiess Seekei
"#$%&'( )
*+'(,-./01 234,-05,/-35 2$4-&$1' 2607(-.'

This, the fiist installment in this !"#$ &'()* 4*?"#"#@ seiies is calleu 2/)*.'A"#@
;7<.'#-."'7- ;?<'6?@) ;B#$*'A). In it we aie going to look at thiee things:
1. You will iuentify the ciitical obstacles pieventing you fiom accomplishing
the goals you wish to achieve.
2. Seconu, you will uiscovei why logic fails anu emotion wins iesulting in yet
moie uniealizeu uieams.
S. Anu finally, you will leain the quickest way to leveiage youi effoits so
that you easily ieach youi uesiieu goals.
!" $%& $'( )*+,+-./ 012,.-/&2 3*&4&5,+56 7(8 9*(: ;-%+&4+56 7(8*
If you visualize youi effoits to ieach goals you will see that theie aie two siues to
youi piocess. 0n one siue you have iesults that you want to attain. 0n the othei
siue aie the iesults that you uo not want. Right in the miuule of these two lays
"The Lanu of IF". Let's look at what the "IF" means because it is a key aspect of
unueistanuing how to achieve youi goals.
"IF" is compiiseu of two things. When these two elements aie activateu anu
iemain stiong you stanu moie chance of achieving the iesults that you want. If
you uon't have these two things, then you get moie of what you uon't want. So
what aie the two things.
Fiist, the "I" stanus foi M05%/($&/-0. When you'ie inspiieu, what aie othei woius
that uesciibe the feeling. Passion, excitement, motivation, eneigy. To be inspiieu
- to be +5 2=+*+, is absolutely ciucial when it comes to setting anu achieving goals.
0n the othei siue, the "F" stanus foi N$/&#. I know that faith has a lot of ieligious
connotations anu, of couise, it is incluueu in ieligious enueavois. But it is actually
biggei anu moie encompassing than the ieligious. Faith is, if we keep it in veiy
simple language, having a positive expectation.
Faith is what keeps you going on youi jouiney no mattei what iesults you get.
0ften when you set a goal, especially if it's taking you outsiue of youi comfoit
zone (which a ieal goal uoes) you'ie going to hit obstacles. You aie going to hit
uifficulties; it is inevitable. You aie going to hit the unexpecteu.
When you uo it is faith that keeps you going. When you look at most of the
famous stoiies out theie of people who have achieveu gieatness, they hau faith
anu inspiiation in abunuance. Let's look at Euison. I know the stoiy changes
uepenuing on what book you ieau but he supposeuly faileu a thousanu times to
invent the electiic light bulb befoie he accomplisheu it. What uo you imagine
kept him going. Inspiiation anu faith.
Consiuei }K Rowling who against gieat ouus wiote the "Baiiy Pottei" seiies. She
was iejecteu 12 times befoie the book was accepteu- twelve times she
expeiienceu what must have been a ciushing sense of uefeat. Cuiiently a few
publisheis must be ieally kicking themselves foi those iejections. What kept hei
going. Inspiiation anu faith. Theie aie plenty of these stoiies.
What about Beniy Foiu. Foiu went bankiupt five times befoie he actually maue
it. Five times he went bioke anu lost eveiything. But what kept him going.
Inspiiation anu faith. That's what enables us to get the iesults we long foi.
Now let's look at the othei enu of the spectium of these qualities anu it will make
moie sense to you. What's at the othei enu of inspiiation. Apathy anu all the
emotions that we have aiounu apathy.
When you aie apathetic you feel unmotivateu, uninspiieu, lethaigic, you can't get
youiself moving. That's what apathy feels like. What's at the othei enu of the
spectium, when it comes to faith. Feai is at the othei enu of faith. Feai, to keep it
simple, is a negative expectation. You have a positive expectation, faith, anu a
negative expectation, feai. Feai encompasses uoubt which, in tiuth, is a negative
expectation. Bepenuing on wheie you aie in achieving oui goals you may be
stuck in one negative aspect anu because of this fail to move foiwaiu.
Foi instance, it's possible that you have faith but you'ie not inspiieu. You know
you have the abilities to wiite that book but you can't woik up the eneigy oi
motivation. It's possible that you have inspiiation, but you uon't have faith. The
iuea of that new anu fulfilling ielationship is exciting anu eneigizing but eveiy
time you attempt action feai stops you.
You can see that having one out of two uoesn't cut it. You neeu to have both. If
this was a scale of 1 to 1u, the closei you move up to a 1u in embouying these
two qualities of inspiiation anu faith, the moie chance you have of achieving
youi uieams.
In between wheie you aie now anu wheie you want to be, you can see which of
the two negative qualities is acting. Theie aie ieally only two emotions that aie
going to block you. 0ne is apathy anu the othei is feai. That's it. You have apathy
anu its ielateu emotions anu feai with its ielateu emotions. They aie the only
two blocking emotions. When you can oveicome these then you stanu a gieatei
chance of succeeuing. The ouus aie stackeu in youi favoi. In these up-coming
chapteis I will show you step-by-step how to oveicome these two negative
emotions anu ieach the goals you so ueaily want.
>" $%& ;-,+(52 (9 ?(6+- .5@ A:(,+(5 +5 B2+56 ,%& CD0?A E+5@
Let's take a moment to look at this psychologically.
Imagine youi minu as an icebeig. The icebeig is often useu to explain the way
that the minu woiks. We talk about one minu, but that one minu has two paits to
play; it has the conscious anu the subconscious. With the icebeig, we know that
when you'ie seeing the top of the icebeig out above the watei line, it's only a
small fiaction of the total size of the icebeig. It's the same with oui minu. The
conscious minu is only a fiaction in teims of its size, its capabilities anu its powei
compaieu to the subconscious poweihouse that sits below it.
If youi icebeig is sitting in the sea anu at any moment it is uiiectionless it is
going to be taken by whatevei cuiient passes by. The cuiient is going to take it
wheie the ,3(('0& wants to go. It has the icebeig in its giip, so to speak. So the
fiist thing you neeu is uiiection. The icebeig neeus some uiiection in oiuei to
have the stiength to eluue the passing cuiient.
Youi uiiection comes fiom the goals you seek. We all neeu uiiection anu that is
exactly what goals uo. They pioviue uiiection in youi life anu give you something
to move towaius. I love this saying, "A man going nowheie usually gets theie."
In the time that I've been coaching people I call these goals the "foui gets." Theie
aie ieally only foui "gets" that people want. "uet thin. uet iich, uet love oi uet a
life." That's it. Eveiything can be boileu uown, moie oi less, into one of those
"foui gets." I call these #'$@&#L ='$@&#L @-+' $07 @/A'5&6@'. When you think about
some of the goals that you've set in youi life iight now which of these categoiies
fits. Boes youi goal have to uo with health. Bas it to uo with wealth, with love oi
with lifestyle.
Bealth is about minu, bouy spiiit. It's about well-being. Wealth is about the
caieei that you've chosen, the job that you uo, the way that you eain an income.
Love obviously is about intimate ielationships, fiienus anu family. Lifestyle is the
founuation. It's the lifestyle, the atmospheie you cieate aiounu you. It's how you
spenu youi time anu money, funuamentally.
Let's say that you've set a goal foi youiself.
Keeping the icebeig analogy in minu, the conscious minu begins to iow towaius
a goal that you've set foi youiself. The conscious minu is the iational, the logical
pait of the biain. It's also the piocessoi. It's piocessing all of the infoimation
coming in thiough youi five senses. What you see, what you heai, touch - taste
anu smell. It's piocessing all of that infoimation anu then it's uiopping it uown
into the subconscious minu.
Now foi the subconscious minu...
The subconscious minu, the massive pait beneath the watei, has moie to uo with
emotions. You cieate goals "above the watei" iationally, but you make uecisions
uown in the subconscious - emotionally. You coulu say that conscious minu
equals iational, subconscious minu equals emotional.
Let's put an emotional scale in heie.
At one enu of the spectium you have, painful emotions, emotions that you'u like
to avoiu. At the othei enu of the spectium you have pleasuiable emotions,
emotions that you like to expeiience. The thing is that when you set a goal,
logically, iationally it may not answei youi moie immeuiate emotional goals. You
may set out towaius a goal anu feel - I'm not enjoying this. This isn't what I want.
I'm caiiying moie weight than I shoulu be.
You may ueteimine things like this: I'm not as fit as I want to be, I'm not eaining
the income that I want to be eaining, I've got no time to be with the family. I want
time to be with the family. 0i my ielationship isn't as close as I woulu like it to
be, with my significant othei. You uon't like these feelings so you stait to iow the
boat the wiong way- away fiom the goal. Rationally, you want to move towaius
the goal that you wish to achieve but emotionally it biings up uncomfoitable
What happens is that the subconscious minu is constantly asking the question,
"What uoes this mean." When you take action it says, "What uoes this mean."
Let's say that the action is to get fit. So you want health, to get fit. You set youi
alaim foi six in the moining. You've got eveiything ieauy to get up out of beu.
The alaim goes off.
Logically, you know it makes sense to get out of beu. Logically, you know the
actions you neeu to take in oiuei to get youiself back into shape. But as soon as
that alaim goes off, the subconscious minu says, "What uoes this mean. Pain oi
pleasuie." What uoes it mean foi most people to get out of beu at six in the
moining, especially if it's not nice outsiue, if it's iaining. It means pain.
So what uo you uo. You hit the snooze button. This is what we call "minu ovei
mattiess". 0sually, the mattiess wins. This is because we make uecisions
emotionally anu then we back them up with logic anu ieason.
Imagine again, if you will, that theie is a little engine on the boat you aie tiying to
move towaius youi goal, a little outboaiu engine. If you aie moving towaius youi
goal you aie poweieu by a pauule, iowing in the uiiection of the goal. But if the
subconscious takes ovei anu emotionally you expeiience pain the engine takes
ovei anu moves you away fiom the goal. You can see which one is going to win.
That's why logic always fails. Will powei only woiks shoit teim. Foi the long
teim it nevei woiks. So what you have heie is misalignment. You've got a
conscious intention misaligneu with a subconscious emotional piogiam. As long
as you've got misalignment, theie's no chance of evei achieving youi goals.
It isn't until you get ,-05,/-35 $@/10.'0& =/&# 6-3( 534,-05,/-35 ./07 that
you become poweiful anu can achieve the goals that you want. 0vei the next few
chapteis I am going to show you how to get this alignment, how to iepiogiam
the subconscious minu, so that it's woiking foi you, iathei than against you.
We'ie going to ueal with feai a little latei. But let's look at something now in
teims of apathy. Consiuei something like getting out of beu in the moining.
Noimally this uoes not elicit feai. uetting out of beu to accomplish a goal has
nothing to uo with feai. It has eveiything to uo with inspiiation. If you aie not
inspiieu enough - the mattiess wins. When it comes to setting goals this is an
impoitant uistinction.
F" ?&4&*.6+56 7(8* A99(*,2 ,( E(*& A.2+/G ;-%+&4& <(./2
You have to iemembei this. It's nevei the goal that you actually want. Think
about it. If you wish to have moie money- what is it that you tiuly want. You
want pieces of papei with the Queen's heau on it. No you uon't want that. The
goals that you set aie not actually what you want. What you want is what they'ie
going to uo foi you oi get foi you emotionally. That's what they'ie going to uo. I
was speaking to one inuiviuual who hau gone out anu bought himself a bianu
new spoits cai.
It was a Poische. Be was wiluly exciteu about it. When I saiu, "What is it like to
uiive it." Be saiu, "It's incieuible when the ioof is uown you feel the winu in youi
haii. You can feel the sun on youi face anu when you put youi foot uown the
whole cai vibiates. You feel that powei. You can heai the aii being suckeu into
the engine." Be lit up in fiont of me. It was the way that he hau sex outsiue of
That's what cieates the inspiiation. M&Q5 &#' =#6 307'( &#' 1-$@ &#$& 6-3 0''7
&- ,-00',& =/&#. As soon as you stait connecting with the "why," the biggei
"why", you begin to feel the powei of youi goal. They say the foimula foi setting
a successful goal is 8u peicent "why to" 2u peicent "how to." When you've got a
big enough "why to," you finu a way to achieve youi goals. The emotional feel of
the "why to" begins to ieally influence the subconscious minu anu biings you
into alignment.
Because inspiiation gets massively ampeu up you can ieally move foiwaiu.
Bowevei, if feai is in the way, feai can still oveiiiue inspiiation. You can be
inspiieu to uo something, but if feai then comes in: feai of iejection, feai of
failuie, it will giinu you to a halt. You've got to look at how to ueal with feai
when it aiises. The way that you uo this is you iaise what I call youi "why flag".
What that uoes, metaphoiically, is it cieates a magnetic pull towaius youi goal.
It actually cieates a moie compelling goal. It's like a magnetic goal that pulls you.
Less pauuling, moie being pulleu towaius the goal that you want. You stait to
achieve things moie effoitlessly anu moie easily. This will make moie sense in
the othei chapteis.
So theie we go foi now. We've lookeu at the two saboteuis, the two emotions,
funuamentally, that aie in between wheie you aie now anu wheie you want to
be. That is apathy anu apathy type emotions, feai anu feai-baseu emotions.
We lookeu at how logic fails. If you'ie just tiying to pauule, the engine will
always win because emotion is fai moie poweiful than logic. You have to have
total alignment between the conscious anu subconscious minu. The quickest way
to get leveiage on youiself when it comes to youi goals is to connect with the
unueilining "why to." Why uo you want that goal. What's the ieason. What will
it uo foi you. What will it get foi you. When you stait to connect with that =#6
you easily stait to become fai moie puiposeful.

"#$%&'( 8
9($/0 :$+'5; <-= &- >'& ?-3(5'@A /0&- &#' *%&/.$@ 2&$&'
&- B,#/'+' ?-3( >-$@5

Welcome to the seconu installment in this minu powei tiaining seiies. This
poition is calleu C*?"# D?/)-E F'( 6' G)6 H'7*-)83 "#6' 65) 2I6"A?8 ;6?6) 6'
>.5")/) H'7* G'?8-+ In this Chaptei we will look at thiee things:
1. Fiist, what is the best state to be in, in oiuei to set youi goals.
2. Seconu, you will leain the language of the subconscious minu anu how
you can communicate.
S. Finally, you will iecognize the impoitant winuow of oppoitunity that you
each have twice a uay, in oiuei to influence the subconscious minu.
H" I*.+5 J,.,&2 .5@ $%&+* K85-,+(52
I'u like to stait by shaiing biain fiequencies with you. If you've ieau Chaptei one,
you'll iecognize this icebeig iuea that we've staiteu to map out. You leaineu that
we all have a conscious minu anu a subconscious minu. The conscious minu is
much moie iational, logical anu is conceineu with piocessing infoimation.
The subconscious minu is much moie emotional. It makes uecisions emotionally.
If you aie out of alignment with these two you aie going to stiuggle. So to ieach
the goals you aie stiiving foi alignment between the conscious anu the
subconscious minu is key. As I've gone aiounu the woilu talking about this, I've
founu that not many people aie awaie of biain fiequencies anu the impact that
they can have on setting goals. I'm going to take you thiough the foui biain
fiequencies, so that you unueistanu that fiist.
Then I'm going to talk about how you can use this in oiuei to make the changes
that you want, to achieve the goals that you want to achieve.
The biain emits electiical pulses which aie measuieu pei seconu. You have foui
banus oi iates at which these impulses aie happening: beta, alpha, theta anu
uelta. The fiist one at the top of the scale is beta. Beta oscillates anywheie
between 14 anu 2u cycles pei seconu anu is wheie the neuions aie ieally fiiing
I'm in beta iight now. Beta is wiue awake, veiy awaie anu has moie to uo with
concentiation anu aleitness. Buiing a typical uay, you aie in beta a gieat ueal of
the time. You move thiough all the otheis, but you aie in beta most of the time. If
you'ie analyzing uata, if you'ie soiting uata, giving a piesentation you'ie
piobably in beta. If you'ie playing a spoit you'ie in beta. If you have to uo a test
of some soit oi an exam, you'ie in beta.
Then we uiop uown into alpha. Alpha is wheie we just begin to slow uown a
little bit. You aie still awaie, but it's like an expanueu awaieness. This is wheie
you begin to ielax anu you have the ability to visualize moie easily. It's the place
of cieativity. When you get youi best iueas, they come thiough the alpha biain
wave fiequency.
Alpha is anywheie between seven anu 14 cycles pei seconu. You can begin to see
a smoothing effect in youi thinking anu in youi state. Any time that you've hau
an iuea oi a suuuen inspiiation it has come moie fiom the alpha level.
What's just below alpha. Theta. Theta has much moie to uo with meuitation.
When meuitatois aie meuitating they'ie often getting uown to this theta level of
biain fiequency. When you have an intuitive flash, typically it's coming fiom
heie. Theta is anywheie between foui anu seven cycles pei seconu.
This is wheie oui memoiies aie houseu. Remembei, the subconscious minu
woiks baseu on emotion so we have eveiy single expeiience evei iecoiueu in the
subconscious minu. It's $@@ theie in the subconscious waiting to be accesseu.
Some of those memoiies aie positive anu some of those memoiies aie negative.
But they'ie all theie.
Below the theta level is uelta which is anywheie between zeio anu foui cycles
pei seconu. Beie we aie in ueep sleep. It has been founu that this is wheie
healing ieally takes place. Think of how often, when you'ie not feeling veiy well,
you want to sleep. This is because the human giowth hoimone is ieleaseu when
you aie heie in uelta anu the bouy is able to heal itself.
So both healing anu ueep sleep take place in the uetacheu awaieness of uelta.
You know when you have those uieams that uon't seem to make much sense;
you aie not ieally piesent in any way, shape oi foim. That's veiy much uelta.
L" D(' ,( )(::85+-.,& '+,% ,%& J81-(52-+(82 .5@ J&, 3('&*98/
0ne thing to be awaie of is TPN which is Thoughts pei Ninute. Theie aie times
when it's impoitant to have a lot of thoughts, but theie aie also times when it's
impoitant to have quality thought, not necessaiily quantity.
As we uiop uown thiough uiffeient biain fiequencies, the thoughts pei minute
change. When we'ie ieally stiesseu, the ieseaicheis have founu oui TPN is
aiounu 6u anu sometimes even highei thoughts pei minute. So you think when
you'ie stiesseu, lots of things aie going thiough youi minu, lots of thoughts. As
you begin to come uown, the aveiage TPN is aiounu Su thoughts pei minute.
Then as you uiop uown even fuithei, you stait to become moie ielaxeu. You
come uown to 1S thoughts pei minute. You become veiy ielaxeu at 1u thoughts
pei minute. Way uown heie, obviously, meuitatois aie not having any thoughts
anu aftei that you slip into ueep sleep. In sleep you aie not necessaiily having
any thoughts. Although images aie aiising you aie not ieally thinking.
So how can you use this. When it comes to setting goals it's ieally impoitant that
you aie in alpha, not in the fastei oscillating beta. The slowei fiequency of alpha
allows you to ielax anu begin to easily access imageiy, the language of youi
emotions anu of the subconscious minu.
The fiist suggestion I'u like to give you is to make suie when you set youi goals,
that you get out of youi usual enviionments, the places that you typically
inhabitant. These aie likely youi home anu youi office anu aie moie associateu
with beta states. uet out of these places. uo somewheie wheie you feel inspiieu.
uo somewheie that is outsiue of youi noimal uay to uay activities because the
enviionment will change how you feel.
Bow you feel will change what you think. It will change the biain fiequency,
basically. What you'ie looking foi is to be able to visualize youi uesiieu outcome
anu the best place to uo that is in alpha wheie mental imageiy anu cieativity
aiise. These can only come by ielaxing anu ceitain enviionments ielax us
Notice what enviionments begin to ielax you: youi gaiuen, a quiet caf, a ioom
set asiue fiom youi uay to uay conceins. What you aie aftei is an enviionment
that changes how you feel anu allows you to ielax, it changes youi eneigy. No
neeu to uo it in the office anu no neeu to uo it at home. In fact, I woulu not
iecommenu it at all. You want to access alpha because alpha is like a gateway
which allows you into the ueepei aspects of youi subconscious minu.
The moie we tiain ouiselves to stay in alpha, the moie we can access what sits in
oui subconscious minu, the moie easily we can begin to iepiogiam the
subconscious minu. This biings you into the language of the subconscious minu.
The subconscious minu likes anu thinks in pictuies. So you neeu to access youi
natuial talent to imagine.
I'u like you to imagine that in fiont of you is a piece of emeiy boaiu, a piece of
sanu papei. I'u like you to imagine that you folu it in half. So you have sanu papei
on the top anu sanu papei on the bottom. Then imagine that you biing that sanu
papei up anu put it in youi mouth anu just iest youi teeth on it. If you'ie
anything like me, instantly you get that goose bump type expeiience. So without
even having the emeiy boaiu piesent youi minu accesses the uncomfoitable
sciatchy feeling it woulu give you. Youi subconscious minu has "filleu in the
blanks fiom youi emotional memoiy."
Now I am going to talk about the foui laws of the subconscious minu. The
subconscious minu can't tell what's ieal anu what's imagineu. What you imagine
in alpha is ieal to the subconscious minu. When you imagine something the
subconscious minu iesponus to that imagination. It ieacts to that image, even
though it's not ieal. Theie's no emeiy boaiu out heie, theie is just the
imagination of the feel of it.
You can utilize this ability in oiuei to become a high achievei, a peak peifoimei.
You can utilize this by uelibeiating activating the images in the subconscious
minu anu iepiogiamming the subconscious minu so that it iesponus to the
image. That's what goals aie anu the moie poweifully you can imagine them, the
easiei it is to actualize them. When you stait to biing youi goals uown into alpha
anu imagine the outcome- the "why to" iesult, it makes a uiffeience. The
subconscious minu is poweifully influenceu thiough these images anu begins to
woik foi you.
The imageiy also activates emotion. Ceitain images evoke stiong emotions. The
one I just gave you with the emeiy boaiu woulu be an example. But if I askeu you
to close youi eyes anu pictuie youiself in a place wheie you feel ielaxeu anu
ieally calm, a place wheie you love to be, youi whole physiology anu emotional
state woulu change. If you stait imagining that, then you'll begin to change youi
biain fiequency.
You'll begin to uiop uown. Youi minu will begin to smooth into an alpha state.
Bettei iueas, moie quality iueas will uevelop. A long time ago I was in a bank in
New Yoik. I was walking along the coiiiuois with the peison I was going to be
woiking with anu a uooi openeu. In the ioom was an inuiviuual on a black
leathei chaii, leaning iight back, feet up on the uesk, looking out ovei Nanhattan.
It was uaik, so eveiything was lit up outsiue. Be hau his aims behinu his heau,
iesting backwaius. You uon't typically see that postuie in that enviionment. In
fact, I'u nevei seen it. So as we walkeu past, I saiu to the peison I was woiking
with, "Who's that." So he mentioneu the peison's name. I saiu, "I think we'ie
alloweu to sit like that." Be saiu, "Last time he hau an iuea he saveu us $Su
Because he sat theie anu was veiy ielaxeu, he was piobably going to come up
with bettei quality thoughts than when he was moving too fast anu being
stiesseu out when he was high in beta. But ielaxeu he was uown heie in alpha
wheie he coulu access imageiy.
As you aie woiking towaius goals, one of the things that you can uo is cieate foi
youiself what is calleu a vision boaiu.
You can cut out images anu pictuies fiom magazines, newspapeis etc. anu then
glue them on a boaiu oi a caiu. When you uo that anu look at it eveiy uay you aie
effectively uiopping these images uown into alpha. This woiks especially well if
you get youiself into alpha state fiist befoie you woik with the vision boaiu. I
have cieateu a viueo in the membeiship section of my website that will show you
how to get youiself into alpha ieally quickly. You can access it heie:
M" 7(8* 0=,+:./ C+5@('2 (9 0==(*,85+,G
Finally then, if you haven't alieauy woikeu it out, theie aie two times a uay that
you move thiough alpha, natuially. Eveiy uay as you go to sleep you shift fiom
beta uown to alpha. Anu as you wake up you can also access an alpha state moie
As the conscious minu begins to go to sleep, the subconscious minu wakes up,
metaphoiically. So at this time you have a winuow of oppoitunity to influence it.
The last piece of auvice I'u like to give you heie is to think about youi waking up
anu going to sleep ioutine. Pay special attention to youi going to sleep ioutine,
the last seven minutes of it.
What is youi ioutine. What I iecommenu is what I call mental flossing. We
unueistanu what flossing is, but what is mental flossing. This is wheie you take
an imaginaiy floss anu you floss thiough the minu. You take all of that mental
plaque that's built up uuiing the uay anu you floss it out. You get iiu of what I call
"tiuth uecay."
Because the tiuth is that we all have so much potential. But we begin to believe
in lack anu limitation anu labels which negatively impact oui ability to ieach
goals. It's a goou iuea to have a ioutine, to puiposely uiop into the subconscious
minu anu begin piogiamming the subconscious minu with what you actually
=$0& to cieate.
Rathei than haphazaiuly falling asleep with any ioutine. 0ne of the things that
you can uo is take youi vision boaiu anu have that close to you as you aie
beginning to fall asleep. }ust as you'ie beginning to uiop off the vision boaiu anu
its imageiy aie in fiont of you. You can just think about the image. You can take
the goal that you want to achieve anu think about how you'll feel when you've
achieveu that goal.
uet the feeling that's associateu with having the goal accomplisheu. Remembei,
you uon't actually want the goal; you want the feeling that the goal is going to
give you, whatevei that is. Confiuence, fieeuom, love - whatevei it is. Imagine
that feeling, just as you'ie going to sleep, bathe youiself in it. Because once again,
as you uiop that emotion uown into alpha, into the subconscious you begin to
magnetize youi goal. 0se an affiimation to anchoi the feeling. Tuin youi goal
into an affiimation, to affiim something positive.
Put it in the "I am." So if it's a weight loss goal, "I am a ceitain weight. I am a
ceitain size anu I have tons of eneigy now to be able to uo X." So affiim anu just
as you'ie falling asleep, just as you'ie uiopping into alpha, just imagine having
that goal. }ust affiim anu then you'll uiift off to sleep. That uiops uown into the
subconscious minu thiough the image, it's emotional, anu then, the subconscious
minu begins to woik anu act on that. It begins to woik foi you iathei than
against you.
This is a gieat stait foi now. Remembei thiee things then.
1. Fiist, the best state to be in to set youi goals is alpha. uet youiself into
2. Seconu, the language of the subconscious minu is images. Wheie anu how
aie you going to use images. Coulu you cut out a pictuie of what youi goal
looks like when you've achieveu it. Coulu you put youiself in that pictuie.
Coulu you use vision boaius. All iight, so how coulu you use imageiy. Can
you just use cieativity fiom youi imagination, anu visualization. It is
easiei to access cieativity anu imageiy when you aie in alpha, than it is
when you aie up in beta.
S. Finally, the two winuows of oppoitunity that you go thiough twice a uay
occui as you'ie going to sleep anu as you'ie waking up. As you'ie waking
up, you can think about what uay you want to cieate touay. uet the feeling
of coming back home having hau a fantastic uay, anu lock into that.

"#$%&'( C
<-= &- B,&/+$&' &#' D$= -A B&&($,&/-0 E5/01 F/07 G-='(

This is Chaptei Thiee in this >$/?#.)$ !"#$ &'()* 4*?"#"#@ seiies anu is calleu,
F'( 6' >.6"/?6) 65) J?( '3 >66*?.6"'# 7-"#@ !"#$ &'()*. The thiee things that
we'ie going to look at in this Chaptei aie:
1. Bow to woik with the univeisal laws.
2. Why most people have the achievement set up back to fiont.
S. Thiee woius that can unlock the powei of the minu.
N" B5+4&*2./ ?.'2
You have piobably heaiu about the law of attiaction. It's veiy populai nowauays
as eviuenceu by the gieat success of the book, "The Seciet."
Nost of us unueistanu man maue laws quite well. If we violate those man maue
laws, often we get into tiouble, like speeuing, foi instance. You may get away
with it foi a while, but theie's going to come a time when you'ie going to get a
speeuing ticket anu possibly have an acciuent as a iesult.
But theie aie also univeisal laws anu they woik just the same in that they'ie
always piesent, always opeiable. You eithei have them woiking foi you, oi you
aie woiking against them in tiying to achieve the life that you want.
I'm going to talk about thiee laws heie. Theie's moie than thiee, but I finu thiee
is an easy numbei to iemembei. I fit them aiounu the ABC's, A + B + C = success.
As I have them mappeu out we have the law of attiaction, the law of belief, anu
the law of cause anu effect.
It staits with numbei one, the law of attiaction, which is the all encompassing
law. The law of attiaction states that we aie living magnets, that we aie
attiacting people anu situations into oui life, baseu on oui subconscious
piogiamming. As you know, we've been talking about the subconscious quite a
In this law we aie not woiking with the conscious minu, but with subconscious
piogiamming. The basis of this is that like eneigy attiacts like eneigy. I like to
think of the law of attiaction as the ultimate miiioi. It is always ieflecting youi
uominant unconscious thoughts back to you.
So what is the law of belief. The law of belief states that whatevei you believe
=/&# A''@/01 becomes youi ieality. We know that the unconscious minu is
feeling, emotion baseu.
The law of attiaction, "like attiacts like" is a feeling baseu law. This is uue to the
fact that eveiything is eneigy. Eveiything has to uo with eneigy anu eneigy
affects youi exteinal woilu. We know that most of the beliefs we have sit in the
subconscious pait of oui minu. That implies that these beliefs aie outsiue of oui
awaieness. We'ie not necessaiily consciously awaie of them anu it is oui beliefs
that cieate a vibiational eneigy.
We uon't often ieally think about it this way but thoughts aie things. If you have
a limiting belief, then it will cause you to feel the lowei enu of the eneigetic scale.
You will feel uiaineu oi constiicteu, lacking in piouuctive eneigy. So when you
see it this way you iecognize that feai constiicts anu love, which is at the top of
the scale, leaves you moie eneigizeu anu expanueu. So, at any time, you aie
anywheie between feai anu love anu all of the emotions that suiiounu these
Bowevei, it's youi beliefs that cause the feeling. What you believe cieates the
feeling. If you believe "I'm not veiy goou at something", then you feel
uisempoweieu, lacking in confiuence, scaieu, fiighteneu, uoubtful, cynical, oi
skeptical. Youi negative belief will access any oi all of these emotions
As a iesult of feeling that way, then you attiact situations anu people into youi
life that miiioi these negative emotions. Feai attiacts feai, if you like. Love
attiacts love. The law of cause anu effect says that foi eveiy effect theie is a
cause. If the effect is that somebouy has wealth, theie will be a cause. If the effect
is that somebouy has health, theie will be a cause. If the effect is that somebouy
is happy, theie will be a cause.
The opposite is also tiue as well. I like to think that the law of cause anu effect
connects these two univeisal laws: the law of attiaction with the law of belief.
Because if ieality is a miiioi anu you aie not getting the iesults that you want,
the law of cause anu effect says that it comes uown to what you aie uoing, to
youi thoughts.
Youi thoughts aie cieating the iesults you aie getting. When you accept that as a
tiuism, then you begin to take full contiol ovei youi life. The opposite of taking
full contiol is to blame, to fingeipiint, to accuse, to play the victim. Boing those
will not get you to the goals that you want to achieve foi youiself anu cieate the
changes you want to make in oui life. When you blame oi become the victim you
aie living at the effect enu of this spectium.
If you aie at the effect of things then it's not youi fault, it has nothing to uo with
you. What uo you expect when you live in this ieality. Beie you come up with all
the excuses: I'm too olu, I'm too young, I uon't have enough money, I uon't have
the iight qualifications, it's because I'm ugly, it's because I uon't have the
intention. Whatevei it is, whatevei the excuse is, it puts you at the effect.
Beie you become the victim, which is uefinitely a no-no if you want to achieve
the things that you want in life. The moie poweiful action is to take full, 1uu%
iesponsibility foi wheie you aie in youi life, foi how youi thoughts aie cieating
it. Beie we aie not talking about conscious thoughts. Because a lot of people will
say, "But that's not what I think." No, you may not consciously think like that.
But iemembei it's the subconscious minu which is the poweihouse. That's
what's uoing the cieating. The law of attiaction woiks aiounu eneigy. If you aie
at the low enu of the scale wheie you aie moie feai-baseu, then you attiact feai-
baseu iesults. Wheieas if you aie much moie at the highei enu of the scale then
you aie uoing what you love, with people that you love, somewheie that you
love, anu in an enviionment that you love. When you aie theie you aie going to
attiact moie of the goou stuff into youi life as a iesult.
Now theie's no getting away fiom this. This is happening 247 just like giavity.
We all unueistanu giavity. uiavity uoesn't caie what city you'ie in. You coulu be
in Lonuon; you coulu be in New Yoik. Theie is still giavity. uiavity uoesn't caie
whethei you unueistanu it oi not. It's still tiue that if you jump off a builuing
you'ie going to just uiop. uiavity uoesn't caie whethei you believe in it oi not.
It's no uiffeient with these thiee laws. The law of attiaction, the law of belief, anu
the law of cause anu effect, they aie thiee laws that aie always in action.
What you neeu to uo in oiuei to apply this is to come back to youi thinking once
again. This is what minu powei is all about. It is using the powei of thoughts anu
beliefs to cieate the life that you want, to achieve the goals that you want anu to
move youiself towaius the life you want to live. The lovely thing is that most
people think of goal setting in teims of stiuggle. But when you align youiself
with these thiee laws, it becomes flow. It becomes effoitless living. Now
effoitless living oi effoitless achieving isn't achieving without effoit. It's
achieving without stiuctuie.
O" J&,,+56 8= ,%& P+6%, 0*@&* ,( ;-%+&4& C%., 7(8 C.5,
This leaus me on to the seconu point which is why most people have got this
iounu the wiong way. You have thiee aspects of life to be, to uo, to have. Now
heie is the way you aie conuitioneu, the way that the subconscious foi most of
you has been conuitioneu to get the things that you want in life.
You think about what you want to have anu then you go about uoing in oiuei to
get it. That seems natuial. You want to have money, so you'll go get a job. When
you have the money then you'll be happy. You put happiness somewheie in the
futuie that you'ie going to meet when you've achieveu whatevei it is that you've
set out to achieve.
That's the way that most people woik. That's the way that I woikeu foi many,
many yeais up until ieally fully unueistanuing what I'm talking to you about
iight now, until I unueistoou minu powei. If you want to tuin this aiounu anu
actually apply youi thiee laws to goal setting then you stait with "be." Bow uo
you want to be.
When you achieve that goal, what will you be in teims of emotion. Well I'll be
confiuent, I'll be exciteu, I'll be ecstatic, I'll feel like an achievei. uet that feeling
fiist anu then when you get that feeling, the law of attiaction, the law of cause
anu effect, anu the law of belief begins to woik A-( you.
It staits with the "be" anu then pioceeus fiom being to uoing. Then you'll have
whatevei it is that you want. This is ieally poweiful. Nost people have got this
aiounu the wiong way. 0i peihaps, consciously they've got it. "Yeah, it makes
logical sense Colin; it's logical." But the piogiams that aie iunning in the
backgiounu aie veiy much aiounu "uo" in oiuei to have anu then "to be."X Bo,
have, anu then I'll be. Then I'll be happy, then I'll be pleaseu, then I'll be whatevei
it is. The ieal sequence of this in oiuei to woik =/&# the univeisal laws is: 4'L 7-L
#$+'. I have cieateu a tool to help you with this. I call it a minu-scaping
woiksheet. You can access it in the membeiship centie at
I'u like you to stait youi goal setting aiounu "be" fiist. Bow uo you want to be.
Stait theie fiist. When you can feel the "be" then what uo you want to uo, then
what uo you want to have. But opeiate veiy much in that uiiection. Be, uo, have.
Theie is a thiee woiu belief changing technique that I'u like to give you. It's
ieally veiy, veiy simple anu obvious but it's something that I finu that we uon't
often uo much in oui lives.
Q" $%*&& C(*@2 ,%., ).5 B5/(-R ,%& 3('&* (9 ,%& E+5@
The woius aie $,&L $5L /A. Take a goal that you want to achieve anu get cleaiei on
what it is going to uo foi you. Concentiate on the feeling that it will give you.
Let's say that youi goal is to make moie money. When you look at the goal of
money, at that moment, you aie veiy much in the have, uo, be moue.
You open my wallet anu you finu that you uon't have much money in theie, so
you uon't feel too goou. As a iesult, you become stiesseu, anxious, anu eventually
feaiful. That's the emotion that you aie in, which is a low vibiational set of
emotions. As you know now this then attiacts moie of what you uon't want. You
will continue to open youi wallet anu see no money, continue to open youi
wallet anu see no money.
Ask youiself, "Well, what will money uo foi me. What will money get foi me."
You might answei, "A feeling of secuiity, a feeling of ceitainty, a feeling of
fieeuom." uieat. Now, what I want you to uo is take those feelings anu feel those
feelings now, act as if you have those feelings, now. You have the iesult that you
want now.
This links back to the last Chaptei anu to woiking with the seven minutes befoie
you go to sleep. That's why it's ciucial to begin to piogiam youi unconscious
minu. What is youi last seven minute iitual. What's the thing that you uo befoie,
just befoie, you go to sleep. Because this is about being puiposeful, this is about
being uelibeiate iathei than on autopilot anu living by uefault.
Now that you unueistanu these laws, hopefully you can see why they aie so
Neuioscience is catching up with this, because a lot of you might be saying, "0h,
Colin, 'act as if.' Come on, can't you uo bettei than that." I unueistanu that, I get
it. It seems a little bit too simple. But neuioscience is catching up now.
Theie's a woman, Amy Cuuuy, who has iecently uone a TEB talk. She is a social
psychologist at Baivaiu Business School. She's uone some incieuible
expeiiments anu ieseaich aiounu the powei of physiology, the powei of the way
that we use oui physical bouy. You can access hei talk in the membeiship centie
at http:auvanceuminupoweitiaining.com
Bei talks aie veiy much in the business context, but theie is still lots that we can
leain fiom hei ieseaich anu its implications. What she's founu is that yes, oui
physiology impacts othei people's peiceptions of us. But it also influences oui
physiology, the way we use oui physical bouy impacts us at the emotional level
anu the level at which we exciete eithei testosteione oi coitisol.
We know that coitisol is the stiess hoimone, which you know about. Too much
coitisol is not goou. The way that you holu youi bouy affects the coitisol levels
that you expeiience. The way that you holu youi bouy, anu she calls it "powei
posing," affects testosteione levels as well.
Testosteione causes us to feel poweiful. It causes us to take moie iisks. You can
ieau about the expeiiments that she's uone anu also, the peicentage changes.
Wheieas, coitisol causes us to shiink anu to play small.
}ust by using youi physiology, acting as if, has a significant impact on the
chemical bouy that you finu youiself in. Now, this chemical impact uoes not take
a long peiiou of time. Two minutes is all the expeiiment neeus in oiuei to effect a
change. Boluing youiself in a postuie foi two minutes affects whethei you
expeiience moie of a secietion of coitisol oi moie of a secietion of testosteione.
This is veiy poweiful. 0nce again you might think, "0h, is that it. Colin, is that the
best you can uo." But applying this can make a huge uiffeience. I wanteu to give
you the things that give you the best possible chance of achieving youi goals.
Consiuei eveiything you have leaineu fiom Chaptei one, Chaptei two anu now
Chaptei thiee. You aie staiting to get what most people uo not know about: how
to make changes anu how to achieve the life that you want to achieve. When you
being to implement these leainings you will stait to get the iesults that you want.

"#$%&'( H
2&-% I'1$&/+' J#/0K/01L G(-1($. ?-3( 234,-05,/-35
F/07 A-( 23,,'55

This is the last Chaptei in !"#$ &'()* 4*?"#"#@ anu I've entitleu it, ;6'I K)@?6"/)
45"#L"#@M &*'@*?A H'7* ;7<.'#-."'7- !"#$ 3'* ;7..)--. We'ie going to look at
thiee things:
1. Where your beliefs come from and how they are formed.

2. How to flip negative thinking into positive thinking, using a very powerful
three letter word.

3. Fast and effective ways to reprogram your subconscious mind.

-., /0)*) 1'2* 3)4")56 7'8) 9*'8 :#$ ;'( <0)= >*) 9'*8)$
As you know, we've been talking about biain waves. If you've ieau the seconu
Chaptei you will unueistanu about biain waves. But I also want to shaie a ieally
inteiesting book I ieau many yeais ago, 45) C"'8'@B '3 C)8")3, by Biuce Lipton.
It is a fantastic book. Bau it not been foi his highly engaging wiiting style, to be
honest, I woulu have stiuggleu with the book. But his wiiting style makes the
book veiy accessible anu it is one I stiongly iecommenu that you ieau. Reauing it
will ieally shift some of youi beliefs anu myths about a numbei of things. 0ne of
the things that he wiites about that is ieally inteiesting is the ieseaich
conceining wheie beliefs come fiom anu how they'ie foimeu.
Theie aie funuamentally two factois that aie in play in iegaius to beliefs. The
fiist factoi is biain states anu biain wave fiequencies. The seconu is the
enviionment that we giow up in. 0ne of the majoi enviionmental factois,
obviously, is oui paients oi the caietakeis that aie aiounu us in oui eaily yeais.
Let's look at these biain waves in eaily life. When a baby is insiue the uteius, it is
pieuominantly in the uelta biain wave fiequency.
Then when you aie boin you stay in uelta foi the most pait between the ages of
zeio anu thiee. When you think about a baby, it sleeps an awful lot of the time,
which is what uelta is ieally all about. When you auu up how much time they'ie
actually asleep, it's an enoimous amount usually. These aie geneializeu ages, of
couise. You'll always finu thiee yeai olus outsiue of the noim.
ueneially between the ages of thiee anu seven, you'ie in theta. Remembei that
theta is the meuitative state; it's also the state that is geneiateu when you'ie
being hypnotizeu. If any of you have been hypnotizeu oi useu hypnotheiapy the
hypnotheiapist woulu have woikeu with you to get you into theta.
In theta you aie open to anu easily take on suggestions; youi state is conuucive
to hypnotic suggestion. You aie open to positive suggestions that stait to
iepiogiam youi subconscious minu. Consiuei that between the ages of thiee anu
seven, you aie like a sponge. You aie exploiing youi enviionment, seeking to
unueistanu youi woilu. You aie asking lots of questions of oui paients, wanting
to know, to make sense of the woilu aiounu you. You aie exploiing youi physical
enviionment all of the time. At this age you aie just taking eveiything on boaiu,
theie is no ieal filtei. You aie not heaiing anything that's not tiue; it's all tiue,
because it's coming fiom youi paients, fiom caietakeis anu fiom school, fiom
people that aie expeits in youi young minu.
Fiom youi vantage point, they aie knowleugeable anu they know what they'ie
talking about. It's saiu that by the time we aie seven 9S% of oui beliefs aie
piogiammeu - by the time that we'ie seven! By that time you have leaineu
eveiything that you iequiie in oiuei to be able to live youi life. I call these the
iules foi living. You have all of these iules. 0bviously some have come fiom youi
paients, which I'll talk moie about in a moment. As someone saiu to me once,
"It's fantastic. We get to the age of seven anu we've leaineu eveiything we neeu
to leain. Then we spenu the iest of oui life unleaining it all." Because often a lot
of what we've leaineu by the age of seven is not going to suppoit us fully as we
go thiough oui lives. But it is olu piogiamming; some of it is negative
piogiamming anu it not going to suppoit you.
Between the ages of seven anu 14, you move much moie up into the alpha biain
state. When you think about, it is about cieativity, visualization, intuitive ability.
Between these ages, theie's an awful lot of that cieativity being expiesseu, if the
enviionment allows it. If the enviionment is allowing that to happen, that is what
will natuially occui.
Then you get to the age of 14, to pubeity, funuamentally. 0nce pubeity happens,
once you can iepiouuce, the shift then happens wheie you move up into beta.
Fiom then on, you live most of youi life in beta. Fiom that moment foiwaiu
you'll expeiience all of the states, but pieuominantly you live in beta.
Theie is a kinu of filtei that you stait to put up between you anu the woilu. It's
what I call the conscious cap. Theie is still the conscious minu anu the
subconscious minu but you stait to live youi life moie fiom that conscious place,
oi you tiy to, anyway. You foiget that what is ieally uiiving the show heie is the
subconscious minu. You've foigotten how to get in touch with that anu how to
communicate with it.
If you aie not communicating oi unueistanuing how to communicate with the
subconscious minu, you aie always going to be limiteu. We've lookeu at this in
othei chapteis. So once you get to the point of the conscious cap, you stait to be a
bit moie cynical, moie skeptical. You stait to juuge a lot moie anu as a
consequence you aie less ieceptive to what you aie heaiing. You aie not totally
unieceptive, but less ieceptive to what you aie heaiing anu seeing in youi woilu.
Youi filtei is in place.
Anu once again, you have two siues to this: one siue is what I call the feai-baseu
enviionment. The othei siue is the love-baseu enviionment. The feai-baseu siue
encompasses a lot of "you can't's." We stait to take on boaiu a lot of negative
ways of thinking that aie feai-baseu. Wheieas ovei on the love-baseu siue theie
aie a lot of "you cans." It's moie loving, moie suppoitive, moie allowing. But
wheievei you aie, whatevei age you aie, you aie still puie potential. Whatevei
goals you have, whatevei uieams, whatevei aspiiations, whatevei you want to
achieve, you have eveiything necessaiy insiue of you to achieve that.
But it comes uown to youi ability to access positive iesouices. If you've got an
awful lot of negative beliefs sitting uown in the subconscious, then they aie
always going to iestiict you. They will always holu you back. veisus, if you have
a lot of positive beliefs in youi subconscious you will have the iesouices to
ultimately be able to cieate what you want foi youiself. You will have the soit of
belief system that is going to suppoit you in achieving youi goals anu youi aims.
Let me give you some examples. Actually, foi a moment I'll talk about iats anu
cats. When you think about iats, they basically move in uaikness. You may have
heaiu the saying, "You'ie only evei thiee meteis away fiom a iat." Theie's so
many of them. But they scuiiy aiounu in uaikness. Nost people aie a little feaiful
of iats. The iat I am iefeiiing to stanus foi ('-,,3((/01 $AA@/,&/+' &#-31#&R Rats
aie ieoccuiiing afflictive thoughts.
Beie's a little foimula: L Times Thiee. Rats aie @/./&5L @$,K5 $07 @$4'@5. When
you think about any one of these thiee "L's" you iealize that this is wheie you
limit youiself, because this is what negative beliefs funuamentally uo. If you look
at self-esteem, foi instance, am I woithy oi woithless. When you look at
ielationships, am I loveu oi unloveu. Am I loving oi feel I uon't have the ability to
love. You can look at job peifoimance. Am I capable anu confiuent oi am I less
capable anu less confiuent - neivous, feaiful. What woulu be some otheis.
Nental health. Am I geneially happy oi am I geneially uepiesseu. Am I geneially
optimistic. Am I geneially pessimistic. What about money. Is my belief that I
have an ability to attiact money anu holu onto money. 0i is it, money is haiu to
come by anu once you get it it's uifficult to keep.
Bepenuing on what belief system you aie opeiating fiom, what iat will affect
you. When you look at any one of these, they aie all labels. All of us sciew up no
mattei what the enviionment is that we'ie in. To a ceitain uegiee, we all staiteu
to take on limiting labels. Labels aie "I am" anu whatevei you put aftei that. If
you weie giowing up, they weie youi measuiing sticks.
They aie exteinal measuiing sticks that you aie measuieu against. So maybe the
measuiing stick is aiounu populaiity anu you uiun't fit in. You weie not pait of
the ciew. So what's the label that you cieate. I'm a geek oi I'm a neiu oi
something like that. Naybe the label is aiounu giaues. This was a big one foi me.
I uiun't uo veiy well at school at all.
I left school believing I am a slow leainei. That was my belief system when I left
the euucation system. If you get goou giaues then you've piobably got the
opposite, which is, "I'm a fast leainei. I'm a goou leainei." Consiuei ability. Bo
you believe you've got the ability to uo something, veisus you uon't believe
you've got the ability to uo something.
Theie aie a myiiau of these beliefs: "I am useless," veisus "I am biilliant." What
about beauty. If you'ie measuieu against what is calleu beautiful out theie anu
you meet it then you piobably have a belief, "I'm beautiful. I'm goou looking." If
you uon't, then, "I'm ugly. I'm not goou looking." Noney. If you can't holu onto
money, then you believe you aie a jeik, basically. These aie veiy poweiful labels
that we take on boaiu anu they limit us.
These aie especially impoitant when you aie tiying to achieve goals anu aims
because the labels that you have will affect you anu these labels live in the
subconscious minu. Consciously you can believe, "No, I am clevei." But if you
subconsciously believe you aie not, that's going to win. You coulu consciously
believe, "I uo have the ability to achieve my goal", but if you subconsciously
believe "I uon't", then that will win. If you consciously believe that the goal is
possible to achieve, but subconsciously believe it's not, that will win. The beliefs
in the subconscious minu will always win. It's ieally impoitant that you
communicate with the subconscious minu anu that you iepiogiam the
subconscious minu.
--, ;'( ?' 94"@ A)B:?"C) <0"#D"#B "#?' &'6"?"C) <0"#D"#B E6"#B : F)*=
&'()*524 <0*)) G)??)* /'*$
Bow uo we uo that. Fiist thing you neeu is a toich. You will actually shine a toich
on these iats that you have. It's saiu that we have about 6u,uuu thoughts a uay.
That's an awful lot of thoughts. Also, many of the thoughts we have aie just
piogiammeu thinking. You aie just on autopilot. You aie not awaie of the
thoughts that you have.
An event happens, you iesponu. Same event happens, you iesponu. Same event,
you iesponu. You iesponu the same way without thought. These aie youi iules
foi living. You have not lookeu at the iules that you aie opeiating by anu
uiscoveieu whethei they seive you oi not. 6u,uuu thoughts a uay. The fiist thing
you neeu to uo is to iaise youi awaieness, which is what the toich iepiesents.
You neeu to pay attention to these thoughts that you aie having, to this inteinal
uialogue. Bow many of you talk to youiself. You'ie piobably feeling, "I uon't
know. Bo I." 0f couise, you'ie talking to youiself iight now. That's what I'm
talking about, in teims of a thought. So it is impoitant to stait paying attention to
the thoughts that you have. 0ne of the easiei ways to uo that is to pay attention
to how you feel.
Remembei, we hau oui pain anu pleasuie scale. If you'ie feeling any negative
emotions then theie will be a thought that has causeu the emotion. Youi belief
might be, "No. It's because of what he saiu, oi what she saiu oi what she uiu oi
what happeneu."
That's the belief. But the feeling came fiom the belief. So when you climb up to
youi conscious minu anu think about, "What's the belief. What's the thought."
Then you can become awaie. The fiist step is awaieness anu it is impoitant that
you become awaie that you have iats, iunning aiounu in the uaikness. They'ie
not suppoiting you, they aie afflictive thinking anu they aie ieoccuiiing. They
constantly ieoccui. What you neeu aie cats. You neeu a lion, because a lion is
poweiful, veiy poweiful. This is wheie you can ieally step into youi powei by
becoming cats oi lions, metaphoiically speaking.
The cat stanus foi "-30&'( BAA/(.$&/+' J#-31#&. When you have an afflictive
thought, you neeu to countei it with an affiimative thought. Suppose youi
thought is, "I uon't think I'm going to be able to achieve this goal."
That's what flashes thiough youi minu. Remembei eveiything else that you
know about: the law of attiaction, how the law of attiaction woiks on eneigy,
like attiacts like. If you aie putting youiself in a state of uoubt, that's a lowei
vibiational fiequency. Anu of couise, you will attiact situations anu people to
you that will piove that you aien't goou enough.
If you uon't think you can achieve youi goal it will become youi ieality. The fiist
thing neeueu is foi you to be awaie of the fact that, "0h, that just went thiough
my minu." Naybe you aie awaie of the feeling that you expeiienceu a uegiee of
anxiety. It's constiiction, ieally. Because feelings aie eneigy anu uoubt is a
constiicteu eneigy then you constiict youiself. Then you meet this poweiful little
thiee lettei woiu that you can use it to flip that negative thought. The thiee lettei
woiu is SBIT."
"Anu" is a wonueiful woiu, because it builus on iathei than unueicuts. Now the
opposite of "anu" is "but." If you listen to youi language, anu as a coach I'm
constantly listening to people's language, they'll say things like, "I'u ieally love to
finu the peison of my uieams, the male oi female of my uieams." 0K. Remembei
we talkeu about "MN", inspiiation, anu faith. Well they'ie inspiieu. They want to
finu this peison.
But, in comes the feai at the othei enu of the scale anu with it uoubt. In it comes,
anu that will win because you know about the powei of the subconscious minu.
Listen foi the "but" anu listen to whatevei you put aftei the "but." 0bviously,
moie often than not, it is a negative thought. It's a negative belief. So pay
attention to youi language. Begin to use "anu."
You might think, "I can nevei achieve my goals." Now auu. "BIT, now that I have
a 9u uay plan, it's going to give me a much gieatei chance of achieving my goals."
Can you feel the uiffeience that the "ANB" biings. It biings in possibility.
"I uon't think I'm goou enough." "ANB I can leain to be the type of peison I neeu
to be to achieve my goals." I'm going to put moie of this in the membeiship site
anu explain it in a bit moie uetail. But foi now just unueistanuing, listening to
youi language, listening foi buts, anu using this poweiful BIT woiu that flips
you fiom the negative to positive will have a poweiful impact.
Now, heie's why this is ieally impoitant.
Funuamentally, the subconscious minu is the seivant to the conscious minu. It's
a bit like theie's the gaiuen anu theie's the gaiuenei. The subconscious minu is
the gaiuen, it's the feitile soil, anu the conscious minu is the gaiuenei sowing the
seeus. So whatevei we sow with the conscious minu, the subconscious minu will
giow. All of us know that if you plant tomato seeus, uon't come back expecting to
see a iose.
If you plant youi negative seeus uown in the subconscious, they aie going to
show up in youi life as negative expeiiences anu negative iesults. Wheieas if you
aie planting positive feelings, then they'll show up as positive iesults. You have
to stay on guaiu. You cannot affoiu a negative thought. You have to stay on guaiu
anu make suie that when you think negatively that you quickly flip it aiounu
using the BIT as a gieat little woiu. Then you can come up with the positive,
because the positive then gets uioppeu uown into the subconscious minu. It's the
last pait that gets uioppeu uown. Anu the moie times you uo this, the bettei it is.
By using BIT you affiim.
I call these affiim-motions. Affiim-motions aie affiimative thinking with positive
feelings. Remembei it is the feeling that makes the uiffeience, not just the
thinking. I say positive thinking uoesn't woik. It uoesn't woik if we haven't
uevelopeu positive feelings. It's the positive feelings that make the uiffeience. So
begin to use affiim-motions. When you flip it, when you can connect with that
feeling of confiuence, that's what makes the uiffeience.
Repetition of an affiimation changes the neuial pathways in youi biain ovei time
to piouuce the new belief. Bi. Nona Lisa Schulz, NB, PhB, a piacticing
neuiopsychiatiist anu associate piofessoi of psychiatiy at the 0niveisity of
veimont School of Neuicine says, "We can iewiie the patteins in oui biain with
cognitive behavioial theiapy oi affiimations. Affiimations change the way oui
biains aie wiieu anu the biain lights up uiffeiently."
-H, 9:6? :#$ I55)J?"C) /:=6 ?' K)@*'B*:8 1'2* L2MJ'#6J"'26 !"#$
Let's exploie how to "hack" youi subconscious at a ueepei level.
As I've saiu, the subconscious tenus to speak in teims of images anu feelings anu
this is the place wheie memoiies aie kept, as well. To see what is alieauy kept in
theie, you will obviously have to leain how to actually go insiue youi
subconscious fiist.
Bowevei, science shows that the only way into a peison's subconscious is
thiough the fiequency of alpha waves. 0nfoitunately, it isn't easy to get into the
alpha state natuially. In fact, it coulu take yeais of intense stuuying to uevelop
the ability to uo so. Because of this, you will have to uo the same things
iepeateuly in oiuei to make the changes come about.
This is wheie touay's technology anu science comes into the pictuie.
By using specific biainwave entiainment technologies (such as isochionic tones),
you can now synchionize youi biain waves with an exteinal stimulus to get the
effect that you want anu go into the alpha state with speeu anu ease anu without
thinking too much. A system such as the !"#$ &'()* &87- 4''8L"6 shoitcuts this
system anu is caiefully engineeieu to makes this piocess a little simplei - even
foi the layman. You can access this in the membeiship centie at
While leaining how to manipulate youi subconscious, you will simply pass by
the conscious pait of youi minu anu move uiiectly into youi subconscious,
wheie you can change youi negative system of belief with ease.
0nce you aie able to figuie out how to uo this, some painful feelings anu
foigotten memoiies will stait to iise to the suiface. This is noimal. Now you will
be able to see anu heai them all veiy cleaily until you let them go.
Aftei you successfully leain how to access youi subconscious in an efficient
mannei (piobably thiough the use of a biainwave entiainment piogiam) you
can then stait cieating a bianu new system of beliefs anu make it woik foi you
thiough piactice anu goou intentions.
Aftei you leain how to tap into youi subconscious minu using biainwave
entiainment, you will figuie out why you useu to ieact in familiai ways uuiing
ceitain ciicumstances. Aftei you iecognize this, you will simply have to get iiu of
blockages that tenu to get in the way of what you ieally want. Foi beliefs that aie
veiy ueeply implanteu, you may have to woik on slowly getting iiu of one
blockage at a time until you get to the bottom. Aftei that, howevei, you will be
able to enjoy ieal change.
The ieason why youi subconscious tenus to ieact so seiiously all the time is
because it cannot tell the uiffeience between ieality anu imagination. So, once
you know how to tap into youi subconscious minu using biainwave entiainment,
you shoulu feeu youi subconscious uelibeiate thoughts anu images in the alpha
state anu geneiate bianu new pathways in youi biain that will tuin into youi
new system of beliefs.
Beie's a poweiful example of iepiogiamming the subconscious minu using alpha
tiaining anu visualisation:
Bi. Lee Pulos, a Spoits Psychologist, 0lympic Team Tiainei, anu the authoi of
"The Powei of visualisation," uesciibes an expeiiment the Soviets uiu with theii
198u 0lympic Team anu its highly skilleu, woilu-class athletes. The athletes
weie uiviueu into foui gioups using vaiying uegiees of physical anu visualisation
exeicises. Below is a chait illustiating the methous useu.


So which team uo you think won. At the enu of the Noscow 0lympics anu the
Lake Placiu 0lympics, uioup B hau won the most meuals. Theie aie countless
othei examples.
0nce youi biainwaves iesonate in the alpha state, youi minu will calm uown anu
you can stait influencing youi subconscious minu with what you want.
Remembei: the negative paits of youi conscious minu cannot be heaiu heie, so
theie will be no ciiticisms, eithei, iegaiuless of what you say you hope to get out
of life. All that will happen is that youi subconscious will believe eveiything that
you have to say.
Since biainwave entiainment is so efficient, the changes in youi life aie suie to
manifest veiy quickly anu youi new system of beliefs will thus become much
stiongei in ietuin. Also, in no time at all, what was once impossible will be
possible foi you.
0f couise, this coulu biing about othei pioblems in the enu, too. 0nce youi
blockages aie out of the pictuie, you will have to take things seiiously anu ueciue
on what you actually want out of life. Inciease youi confiuence. No pioblem.
Impiove youi ielationships. You bet. Stait wiiting youi wish list!
So, theie you go! Now you know how to iepiogiam youi subconscious minu to
help you achieve youi goals, aims anu ambitions. Eveiything begins anu enus in
youi minu. If you want to live.uo.be on a highei level, you must cultivate a
minuset that will suppoit that.

Stait using eveiything you've leaineu in this guiue to iepiogiam youi
subconscious minu foi success!

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- Bebbie Kesslei