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Ways of Coping Scales Score Sheet

Sum your ratings for each of the items on the questionnaire CONFRONTIVE COPING _______46. Stood my ground and fought for what I wanted _______ 7. Tried to get the person responsible to change his or her mind. _______17. I expressed anger to the person s! who caused the problem _______"#. I let my feelings out somehow. _______$4. Too% a big chance or did something &ery ris%y. _______ 6. I did something which I didn't thin% would wor%( but at least I was doing something. ________ Total Confrontive Coping

IST!NCING _______44. )ade light of the situation* refused to get too serious about it _______1$. +ent on as if nothing had happened _______41. ,idn't let it get to me* refused to thin% too much about it _______"1. Tried to forget the whole thing _______1-. .oo%ed for the sil&er lining( so to spea%* tried to loo% on the bright side of things _______1". +ent along with fate* sometimes I /ust ha&e bad luc% _______ Total istancing SE"F#CONTRO""ING _______14. I tried to %eep my feelings to myself _______4$. 0ept others from %nowing how bad things were _______11. Tried not to burn my bridges( but lea&e things open somewhat _______$-. I tried not to act too hastily or follow my first hunch _______-4. I tried to %eep my feelings from interfering with other things too much _______6$. I thought about how a person I admire would handle this situation and used that as a model _______64. I tried to see things from the other person's point of &iew _______ Total Self#Controlling SEE$ING SOCI!" S%PPORT ________#. Tal%ed to someone to find out more about the situation _______$1. Tal%ed to someone who could do something concrete about the problem _______4". I as%ed a relati&e or friend I respected for ad&ice _______4-. Tal%ed to someone about how I was feeling _______1#. 2ccepted sympathy and understanding from someone _______"". I got professional help _______ Total See&ing Social S'pport

!CCEPTING RESPONSI(I"IT) ________3. 4ritici5ed or lectured myself _______"3. 6eali5ed I brought the problem on myself _______-1. I made a promise to myself that things would be different next time _______"-. I apologi5ed or did something to ma%e up _______ Total Responsi*ility

ESC!PE#!VOI !NCE _______-#. +ished that the situation would go away or somehow be o&er with _______11. 7oped a miracle would happen _______-3. 7ad fantasies or wishes about how things might turn out _______$$. Tried to ma%e myself feel better by eating( drin%ing( smo%ing( using drugs or medication( etc _______41. 2&oided being with people in general _______-1. 6efused to belie&e that it had happened _______47. Too% it out on other people _______16. Slept more than usual. _______ Total Escape#!voi+ance P"!NF%" PRO("E, SO"VING _______43. I %new what had to be done( so I doubled my efforts to ma%e things wor% _______"6. I made a plan of action and followed it _______ 1. 8ust concentrated on what I had to do next 9 the next step _______$3. 4hanged something so things would turn out all right. _______4#. ,rew on my past experiences* I was in a similar situation before _______-". 4ame up wit a couple of different solutions to the problem. _______Total Planf'l Pro*le- Solving POSITIVE RE!PPR!IS!" _______"$. 4hanged or grew as a person in a good way _______$1. I came out of the experience better than when I went in _______$6. :ound new faith _______$#. 6edisco&ered what is important in life _______61. I prayed _______-6. I changed something about myself _______"1. I was inspired to do something creati&e _______Total Positive Reappraisal