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SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT UNIT I 1. Draw the overview of Step wise planning activities and explain the steps.

2. Define project. How does software project differs from other project? 3. List out the activities covered by software project management and explain with diagram 4. Explain contract management and technical project management. UNIT II 1. Explain in detail about cost benefit evaluation techniques and its methods. 2. Explain Risk Evaluation in detail 3. Write short notes on cost-benefit analysis and cash flow forecasting? 4. Identify major risks of payroll projects, and rank them according to their importance UNIT III 1. Draw the activity network and explain its steps. (FB,BB and critical Path) ACTIVITY A B C D E F G H HARDWARE SELECTON SOFTWARE DESIGN INSTANT HARDWARE TEST SOFTWARE FILE TAKE-ON WRITE USER MANUALS USER TRAINING INSTALL AND TEST DURATION(WEEKS) 6 4 3 4 3 10 3 2 PRECEDENTS A B B E,F C,D

2. What are the effects of shortening project duration? 3. Explain about network planning models 4. Explain Hazard analysis and identification. UNIT IV 1. Explain in detail about managing contracts and its types 2. Explain Visualizing progress in detail with example 3. Explain different types and stages in contract management 4. Draw slip chart that emphasizes the relative position of each activity. UNIT V 1. Explain different motivation technique. 2. Explain the concept of Leadership in detail. 3. Explain the concept of selecting the right person for the job. 4. Discuss about Oldham and hack man job characteristics. 5. Explain Decision making in detail.

IT2403 SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT L T P C 3 0 0 3 UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT 9 Project Definition Contract Management Activities Covered By Software Project Management Overview Of Project Planning Stepwise Project Planning. UNIT II PROJECT EVALUATION 9 Strategic Assessment Technical Assessment Cost Benefit Analysis Cash Flow Forecasting Cost Benefit Evaluation Techniques Risk Evaluation. UNIT III ACTIVITY PLANNING 9 Objectives Project Schedule Sequencing and Scheduling Activities Network Planning Models Forward Pass Backward Pass Activity Float Shortening Project Duration Activity on Arrow Networks Risk Management Nature Of Risk Types Of Risk Managing Risk Hazard Identification Hazard Analysis Risk Planning And Control. UNIT IV MONITORING AND CONTROL 9 Creating Framework Collecting The Data Visualizing Progress Cost Monitoring Earned Value Priortizing Monitoring Getting Project Back To Target Change Control Managing Contracts Introduction Types Of Contract Stages In Contract Placement Typical Terms Of A Contract Contract Management Acceptance. UNIT V MANAGING PEOPLE AND ORGANIZING TEAMS 9 Introduction Understanding Behavior Organizational Behaviour: A Background Selecting The Right Person For The Job Instruction In The Best Methods Motivation The Oldman Hackman Job Characteristics Model Working In Groups Becoming A Team Decision Making Leadership Organizational Structures Stress Health And Safety Case Studies. TOTAL: 45PERIODS TEXT BOOK 1. Bob Hughes, Mikecotterell, Software Project Management, Third Edition, Tata McGraw Hill, 2004. REFERENCES 1. Ramesh, Gopalaswamy, "Managing Global Projects", Tata McGraw Hill, 2001. 2. Royce, Software Project Management, Pearson Education, 1999. 3. Jalote, Software Project Management in Practice, Pearson Education, 2002.