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A single component quick hardening cement
based screed for leveling and smoothing floors
where rapid drying and strength gain are
essential. Isocrete 4000 is hand applied by

Typically used for filling holes, depressions and
creating slopes where rapid drying is essential,
for fast track renovations and new construction
where flooring toppings need to be applied
very quickly.

Used primarily as an underlayment for heavy
duty industrial floors.

Fast track application
Very fast setting - walk on after 2 hours under
normal ambient conditions
Very fast drying can be shot-blasted in 8
Single pack
Protein free - will not grow bacteria

Project References
Samsung, Ashcroft Bakery, Sam Adams
Brewery, General Mills, American Beverage
Co., Butterball, Keystone foods, TECO
Westinghouse, Tyson, Cargill, Birmingham
International Airport.
Isocrete 4000
Typical Cross Section
Isocrete 4000

Prepared base

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Disclaimer: Any recommendation or suggestion relating to the
use of the products made by Flowcrete North America, Inc.,
whether in its technical literature, or in response to a specific
enquiry, or otherwise, is based upon data believed to be
reliable, however the products and information are intended for
use by Customers having requisite skill and know-how in the
industry and therefore it is for the Customer to satisfy itself of the
suitability of the products for its own particular use and it shall
be deemed that the Customer has done so at its sole discretion
and risk.
Model Specification
Product: Isocrete 4000
Thickness: between - 4
Preparatory work and application in accordance with
manufacturers instructions.
Supplier: Flowcrete North America, Inc.
Telephone: Customer Service 936 539 6700

Substrate Requirements
Concrete or screed substrate should be a minimum of 3,625
psi, free from laitance, dust and other contamination. The
substrate should be dry to ASTM requirements and free from
excessive moisture vapor transmission.

Products Included in this System
Mortar: Isocrete 4000 50 lb unit
Yield*: 0.42 cubic feet (approx. 10 sq ft per
bag at )

*Yield with 50% extension by weight with 3/8 clean pea
gravel 0.6 cubic foot (for applications over 1" depth.

Detailed application instructions are available upon request.

*Coverages listed are theoretical, actual coverages may
vary based on substrate and site variations.

Installation Service
The installation should be carried out by a Flowcrete
preferred contractor with a documented quality assurance
scheme. Obtain details of our preferred contractors by
contacting our customer service team or enquiring via our
web site www.flowcrete.us

Protection on Completion
Ensure the screed is not subject to draughts during the first 6
hours of curing as this may lead to cracking and crazing.
Tape up doorways with polythene to prevent air movement.
Prevent contamination by following trades, e.g. plastering,
including water spillage.

Drying Time
Moisture sensitive floor finishes can be installed when the
screed is dry to 75% RH as per BS 8204, typically after 24
hours, dependent on ambient conditions. Allow product to
harden without draughts, then ensure the area has sufficient
ventilation to allow the screed to dry.

Technical Information
The figures that follow are typical properties achieved in
laboratory tests at 68
F and at 50% Relative Humidity.

Compressive Strength
(ASTM C 109)
3 Hrs: 2500 psi (17.3 MPa)
28 days: 8000 psi (52.2 MPa)
Bond Strength
(ASTM C 882)
1 day: 2000 psi (13.8 MPa)
7 days: 2500 psi (17.3 MPa)
Length Change
(ASTM C 157)
28 days wet: +0.03%
28 days dry: -0.05%
Chloride Ion
(ASTM C 1202)
3 days: < 500 coulombs
28 days: < 300 coulombs

Environmental Considerations
The finished system is assessed as non-hazardous to health
and the environment. The long service life and seamless
surface reduce the need for repairs, maintenance and
cleaning. Environmental and health considerations are
controlled during manufacture and application of the
products by Flowcrete staff and fully trained and
experienced contractors.

Important Note - Warranty
Flowcretes products are guaranteed against defective
materials and manufacture and are sold subject to our
standard Warranty, Terms and Conditions of Sale, copies of
which can be obtained on request. Warranty does not cover
suitability, fit for purpose or any consequential or related
damages. Please review warranty in detail before using

Further Information
If you would like additional information please consult our
Technical Advisory Team at the number listed below or visit our
website to register your interest in specifying a Flowcrete
flooring system.