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The Newly Released InterBase5 Says “Hello, World”

The new InterBase5 delivers business- InterBase 5.0 has already been “I have been a long time advocate of
critical robustness with SuperServer implemented as the primary database of InterBase, having used NT, Novell, and SCO
Architecture and a Java JDBC driver. Colorado Mountain Express, an versions since 3.0 Beta,” said Loren
On December 8, 1997, InterBase Software French, chief technology officer of
Corporation announced the availability of Colorado Mountain Express. “Without
InterBase 5.0, the business-critical question, this version of InterBase provides
embedded database. It combines the
“The release of 5.0 the best stability and performance of any
traditional strengths of InterBase—ease of reestablishes InterBase version of InterBase. We have been
operating the Beta 2 version of 5.0
installation, use and maintenance—with
new SQL and server features that give as a significant player in continuously for more than 25 days without
InterBase true scalability, superior a single problem and I'm very impressed!”
concurrency and improved productivity.
the embedded database InterBase 5.0 features SuperServer across
“The release of 5.0 reestablishes InterBase market” all supported platforms. This multiclient,
as a significant player in the embedded multithreaded architecture eliminates
database market” said Jim Weil, president bottlenecks and reduces the overhead
organization successfully running 40 users required for multiple process tasks.
of InterBase Software Corporation. “It
with over 100 connections to handle InterBase 5.0 includes InterClient, a true
fulfills our commitment to provide state-of-
reservations and operations for its all-Java JDBC driver that allows for high-
the-art technology to our customers inside
transportation systems at Vail, Aspen, and performance connectivity and easy
and outside the Borland community.”
other ski areas. deployment. This radically reduces
deployment and life cycle costs to Java
client/server developers.

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4The Newly Released InterBase5 Says

“Hello, World” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

4Using InterClient to Connect JBuilder

to InterBase . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

4Q&A: Joe Alfaro & Siok Bie Tie . . . . . . . 3

The folks at InterBase take some time off from developing excellent software to mug for the
camera and have a little holiday party.
Using InterClient to Connect
JBuilder to InterBase

InterClient is an all-Java thin-client JDBC

driver specifically designed to access
InterBase databases. It is included in the
JBuilder Client/Server product, but can be
used with the JBuilder Professional version
as well. JBuilder rapid application
development design makes integrating
JDBC drivers easy, and InterClient is no
exception. In addition, InterClient is part of
the InterBase 5.0 kit and is available free on
the Web at www.interbase.com.
The secret to using the InterClient JDBC driver to connect to an InterBase database lies in the
Driver class field: type in interbase.interclient.Driver. Remember: capitalization is
Easy Installation and Integration important.
When you install InterClient Version 1.11
or later, the installer detects whether you typically use a Database component to masterkey for username and password,
have JBuilder on the machine and establish the connection, a DataSet respectively.
automatically makes the appropriate component (such as a TableDataSet or
changes to the JBUILDER.INI file. Those There are other useful features of this
QueryDataSet component) to provide the dialog, as well. Once you fill in your URL,
changes are outlined in the JBuilder data, and a data-aware control (such as a
Integration Notes that are provided with you can press the Test connection button
GridControl) to display the results. You to ensure that the connection parameters
InterClient. Without these changes, you will would follow these steps for any JDBC
not be able to run InterClient-based are correct. The Prompt user password
driver. In order to connect using the check box forces the user to enter a proper
applications from within the JBuilder IDE. InterClient driver, you must supply the username and password before
correct values in the Connection dialog. establishing a connection. The extended
Database Application Basics
When you edit the connection properties of properties check box and property page is
If you want your JBuilder application/ a Database component, JBuilder displays not used by InterClient.
applet to connect to a database, you would the Connection dialog. To connect to an
InterBase database with your Java JDBC URL Primer
application or applet, you need to specify
The JDBC URL is the parameter that
the following connection parameters: the
specifies the database you want to connect
Connecting with name of a JDBC driver class, a username, a
to. A JDBC URL consists of three parts,
InterClient password, and a connection URL. The
separated by colons: the keyword jdbc, the
To connect your JBuilder application to an name of the InterClient JDBC driver class is
subprotocol name, and the datasource
InterBase database using InterClient, follow always interbase.interclient.Driver
name or location. The jdbc keyword is
these steps: Spelling and capitalization are important. If needed to distinguish JDBC URLs from
1. Highlight a Database component and you spell the driver class incorrectly, you other URLs, such as those for HTTP or FTP.
edit the Connection property. JBuilder may get a ClassNotFoundException, and The subprotocol name selects the proper
displays the Connection dialog. consequently, a No suitable driver error JDBC driver for the connection. Every JDBC
when the connection is attempted. The driver has its own subprotocol name that it
2. Provide a Connection URL (see the username and password parameters are responds to. InterClient URLs always have a
sidebar on page 3), a Username, and a the same that you would use when subprotocol of interbase. Other JDBC
Password. connecting to a database with Windows drivers have their own unique subprotocol
3. Enter interbase.interclient.Driver in ISQL or any other tool. For the sake of names. For example, the JDBC-ODBC
the Driver Class field. simplicity, these examples use sysdba and Bridge answers JDBC URLs with the

InterCom 2
Examples of JDBC URLs
Here are a few possible configuration options and their corresponding JDBC URLs.
To access this Connection syntax
/usr/databases/atlas.gdb on a Unix machine named sunbox jdbc:interbase://sunbox//usr/databases/atlas.gdb
C:/interbas/examples/employee.gdb on an NT machine named mrbill jdbc:interbase://mrbill/c:/interbas/examples/employee.gdb

The two examples above assume that InterServer and InterBase are running on the same machine. The next example lets you get to the NT box through th
Unix box. (Local connections are faster, though.)

InterServer running on sunbox and InterBase running on mrbill jdbc:interbase://sunbox/mrbill:c:/interbas/examples/employee.gdb

Client and the server on the same machine (local connection) jdbc:interbase://localhost/c:/interbas/examples/employee.gdb

subprotocol of odbc, and Borland’s group responsible for formulating the US Research and Development, represented
DataGateway responds to URLs with a position on the SQL database language. InterBase for the November meeting. For
subprotocol of BorlandBroker. InterBase has been a voting member of this many of these members, the SQL standard
The third part of a InterClient URL holds the organization for a number of years, creation is their sole job. Others, such as
name of the server that is running participating in the formulation of SQL-92, Joe, have additional commitments.
InterServer and the location (relative to and now participating in formulating the Q: What is the current topic of
InterServer) of the database that you want SQL3 standard. discussion for the committee?
to connect to. The syntax for an InterClient The H2 committee is composed of major The committee is currently formulating the
URL is jdbc:interbase://servername/ database vendors such as IBM, InterBase, US position on the proposed SQL3
pathToDatabase.gdb Oracle, and Sybase, and members of the standard.
Other than these connection-specific user community. Roughly 16 to 20 people
Q: When is the SQL3 standard to be
issues, InterClient can be used like any meet 4 to 6 times a year to create the US
other JDBC driver with JBuilder, and with stance on the current standards. Members
of this committee go to the international The proposed release for the standard is
the inclusion of Local InterBase in JBuilder sometime in 1998.
Professional and Client/Server versions, it body to argue the US position.
is easy to develop and test powerful Q: When was the last committee Q: What is the focus of the SQL3
database applications in Java. meeting? standard?
The latest H2 meeting was held November Both the national and international bodies
17 to 19, 1997 in Washington DC. Sixteen have realized that the SQL-92 standard was
members attended the committee meeting. too broad. Consequently, no one ever
Q&A: Joe Alfaro Joe Alfaro, InterBase’s Director of implemented the full standard beyond the
entry level and even in the entry level of
& Siok Bie Tie implementation there were many
inconsistencies because the standard was
Each issue of InterCom features an too big.
interview with a key InterBase
personality. This month, we interview Joe Given this realization, the committee has
Alfaro, Director of InterBase reorganized the standard into several
Development, and Siok Bie Tie, different “packages.” The basis of SQL3 is
Development Engineer. The topic is the Core Package. In addition to the SQL3
InterBase Software Corporation’s Core there will be a number of packages
representation at H2, the ANSI SQL aimed at specific industries and interests.
committee. One of these packages will include some
object relational features to help bring SQL
SETTING STANDARDS into the growing arena of object-?oriented
Q: What is the H2 committee? technologies.
The H2 committee (formerly known as By creating a small core component with
Siok Bie Tie (l) and Joe Alfaro represent
X3H2) is part of the International InterBase at the H2 standards meetings. the ability to add on additional levels of
Standards Organization (ISO) and is the US complexity, the committee is seeking to

InterCom 3
propagate a real standard in the SQL3 Core meetings; any member missing two Q: When is the next H2 meeting?
package. The committee hopes that this will meetings in a row is removed from active
enable database vendors to conform to the membership. The next committee meeting will be held in
SQL standard more completely and less January, 1998.
painfully than in the past. Q: How are new elements introduced
Q: What is InterBase’s role for the
into the standard?
Q: How will InterBase implement future of SQL3?
SQL3? The committee operates according to strict
We will continue to follow and influence the
InterBase is carefully tracking development parliamentary procedures. In order to
standard and implement what our
of SQL3 and will implement the standard in propose any addition or change to the
customers tell us is in their best interests.
ways that meet the needs of our customers. standard, a member must write a formal
For example, in InterBase 5.0 we paper on the topic and submit it for review
supported SQL Roles, which allow security by the other members well in advance of
privileges to be assigned to roles, which are the meeting where it will be addressed.
in turn assigned to individual users. This There then follows an extensive period of Credits
met a growing need for structuring discussion and voting. InterCom is a quarterly publication of
security. InterBase Software Corporation and is sent
Q: What is the InterBase position on free of charge to members of the InterBase
For more about InterBase and the SQL the SQL standard? VAR Program.
standard, see the white paper “What Is
InterBase 5.0?” on the InterBase website InterBase wants to protect our customers Bill Karwin, editor
(http://www.interbase.com/products/). and their investment in their software. To InterBase Software Corporation
this end, we agree with the US position that 1800 Green Hills Road, Suite 150
Q: Does everyone have access to the the new standard must have a reasonably
SQL3 working draft? Scotts Valley, CA 95066
small, manageable core and enough Email: bkarwin@interbase.com
No, the proposal is available only to additional “packages” to meet diverse
members of the H2 committee. This is a needs. In addition, we work to get InterBase is a registered trademark of
major reason why InterBase has joined the customers’ views made known for InterBase Software Corporation. InterClient
committee: we want to be aware of the development of the SQL3 standard. and InterServer are trademarks of
proposed standards and to help influence InterBase Software Corporation. All other
the decisions so that our customers’ needs We don’t just blindly follow what the trademarks are property of their respective
are met. standards say. If the SQL standard meets owners.
our customers’ needs, then we will use the
Q: Can anyone submit proposals to SQL standard: InterBase will push the  1997 InterBase Software Corporation.
the H2 SQL committee? agenda for our customers. We are very All rights reserved.
Only active members can make proposals customer-driven and are pushing the needs
to the SQL3 committee. Active membership of our customers in the forming of the SQL
requires attendance to the committee standard.

InterBase Software Corporation

1800 Green Hills Road, Suite 150
Scotts Valley, California 95066