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Project Title: Project Title: travel monitoring system (TMS)

Estimated duration: 5 months

Introduction: This project is for optimization of ticket sell and to bring all ticket transactions at central place Also to trace all transaction happens at on place by reporting structure. It will increase the efficiency and accuracy of a data with in less time. ith the hel! of this software " ##.#$ accuracy of data entry can %e achieved. This a!!lication mainly divided into following o!eration& 'ther Tool" Data (rocess : (rofit and loss Tic)et %oo)ing '!erator management Driver availa%ility *us availa%ility +oute availa%ility

Abstract: Internetwor)ing is the livewire of today,s world" it has ushered in a whole new era of evolution" that has %rought a%out a sea of change to this -ew orld. ith the advent of new conce!ts and technologies" the whole world has %een lin)ed into one single co%we% of information. .ey to this evolution is the develo!ments of -etwor)ing and Information Sharing. This is a !ro/ect of 01TI2IT3 M0-045M5-T S3ST5M for a (+6D5-TI07 %an). The client is the !erson who comes for the sa)e of getting !remium from the agent of a !rudential %an). (8ere agent is the one who gets the !remium from the client. The duty of the agent is not only to get the !remium from the client %ut agent sees how the client can %e convinced to !ay the !remium.) The system is to automate agent,s re!orts. This can %e used for maintaining and evaluation of sales activities. It allows the life advisor to set goals and accom!lish them. It is very useful to motivate the advisor to do %etter" with reference of his !revious !rogress. se of the project: This !ro/ect has %een develo!ed as !er the general re9uirements of an Insurance 0dvisor. *ut it is going to %e at most customi:ed for the (rudential Insurance 0dvisor. This software can also %e used or modified as !er the e;act re9uirements of any !articular Insurance com!any,s Insurance 0dvisor. In this !ro/ect <S( is used instead of a!!lets %ecause the agent has to send the information to the server and it !rocess it and sends the information to the client. 0nd since this is a online !ro/ect <S( is %etter than using a!!lets. <S( is a server side scri!ting. Types of sers !"odules#

=. >onal Manager. ?. Managers. @. 0gents. A. 1ustomers. $onal "anager "odule In >onal Manager Module" we have seven su% modules. They are:& =. >onal Manager 7ist. ?. Managers 7ist. @. 0dd -ew *ranch. a. 0dd Manager A. 0gent 7ist. 5. +e!lace Manager. B. (olicy Details. C. 7ogout. "anager "odule In Manager Module" we have seven su% modules. They are:& =. Managers 7ist. ?. 0gent 7ist. @. 0dd -ew 0gent. A. 0gent (erformance. 5. Set Target. B. (olicy Details C. 7ogout. Agent "odule In 0gent Module" we have seven su% modules. They are:& =. 0gent 7ist. ?. Ma)e -ew 0!!ointment. @. Delete 0!!ointment. A. 0dd -ew 1ustomer. 5. (olicy Details. B. 2iew +e!ort. a. 2iew 0!!ointment Info. %. 1ustomer Details. C. 7ogout. %ustomer "odule

In 1ustomer Module" we have four su% modules. They are:& =. 1ustomer Info. ?. 1hange (assword. @. (olicy Details. A. 7ogout.

&PE'ATI() E(*I'&("E(T +ard,are 'e-uirements .e/elopment hard,are (rocessor Memory si:e Storage Dis!lay : : : : (entium III DEE M8: =?D M* +0M ?E 4* 8ard Dis) =.AA M* & @.5F Glo!!y Dis) 540/240 1olor Monitor BEE ; DEE (i;els +esolution .escription (rocessor +0M "inimum (1 with a (entium II&class !rocessor" A5E M8: indows -T A.E Server&=BE M* indows ?EEE Server & =#? M* indows ?EEE (rof&#BM* ?5B .* A 4* Glo!!y or 1D&+ (*ac) u! !ur!ose) =A,, 240 .ey *oard (rinter 8igh 1olor (=B *it) .ey *oard Mouse 0or Implementation : : 0ny with minimum re9uired )eys 0ny 'ecommended (entium III&class" BEEM8: =#? M* for -T A.E Server ?5B M* for ?EEE Server =?D M* for (rofessional 5=? .* AE 4* or more (1onvenient for *ac)u!) Glo!!y or 1D&+ (*ac) u! !ur!ose) =A,, S240 1om!ati%le )ey%oard and mouse (rinter (Gor re!orts)

1ache Storage Dis) Drive Dis!lay 6ser Interface 'ut!ut media

Soft,are 'e-uirements '!erating System Gront&5nd Tool e% Server *ac)&5nd Tool : : : : indows ?) family. 8TM7" <ava Scri!t" <?55 (Servlets" <S( " <D*1 and <ava *ean) 0!ache Tomcat 5.E. My SH7&Server


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