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IVR Whats New

Becky Paul Milsoft Utility Solutions, Inc.

IVR Engine Scriptable Outage Callbacks

Read back address of callback record Playback system date/time for clock reset Multiple types of callbacks per system Multiple results per callback scripts
Power restored Still out Dont know

Can script telephone results

IVR Engine Outbound applications logged in call logs

PORCHE callbacks Crew Call/Crew Command Notify Remote Dispatcher Notification

7-digit phone support on multiple area code systems

IVR Engine Vap support dropped (except for digits) Added DTMF Failover to templates Additional e-mail alerts
Payment failures Nuance exemptions

IVR Engine Share data across IVR applications

Ex: Phone Number Update from PORCHE

Outbound-only channels now only wait 5 seconds between calls; Inbound/Outbound 15 seconds. Ability to change the flash hook value of D4/AMI transfers

PorcheOCM Callback functionality

Additional Columns in Main Grid
Date/Time of Last Attempt Type of Callback* Callback Result

Type Chooser* *If Custom Types Are Implemented

PorcheOCM Requested Callback flag

New folder lists have been added. Similar to rain, storm, etc., folder-users can customize 2 additional lists to store information regarding an outage.

PorcheOCM Device ID
Right-click any device and view statistics for that device, including # of customers who are direct dependents as well as # of customers who are indirect dependents.

PorcheOCM Alarm Settings

Profile administrators can lock alarm settings per profile. Disable Alarm Via Timer

PorcheOCM Filter Protection

District Filters Status Filter

Profile administrators can lock filters per profile.

Milsoft IVR with Telelink Credit Card Payments version 7.23

PA-DSS compliant PCI Accepted for the listed Interfaces

NOVA/Elavon (Visa-listed Compliant Service Provider) Chase Paymentech (Visa-listed Compliant Service Provider) Paymerica (Interfaces to Plugn Pay, a Visa-listed Compliant Service Provider) Authorize.Net (Visa-listed Compliant Service Provider) Point and Pay (A subsidiary of Vesta as a Visa-listed Compliant Service Provider) Shift4 Version (Visa-listed Compliant Service Provider)

Telelink Connect/Disconnect
"Trash Older" has been added to the main calendar screen, allowing the user to choose a date, so that appointments scheduled for dates prior are archived. The verifier is now encrypted and not visible on reports or on the appointment list; however, authorized users can select a row and see the data on the screen momentarily so that they can verify the caller.

Telelink Customer Notification

When dragging/dropping customers from search into call list, data file reports are written describing successes, failures, duplicates, and dial control conflicts. These reports are available in the Reports menu of Notification. History reports now available

CrewCall/CrewCommand Capability to Set End Call Time without Complete status Order Defined Crew Callouts by
Last Accept Rotating List

Set Active Times for employees to be included on Defined Crew Callouts.

CrewCall/CrewCommand View Active Callouts by district allowing dummy districts to be created. Employee .wav file
If text is selected on the employee info window when the TTS button is clicked, the selected text is used by default in the What text would you like converted to speech? window. Confirmation when deleting Employee wave file Confirmation to save Employee wave file

CrewCall Ability to call multiples of a crew OR multiple copies of a crew determined on New Callout window Adds # of crews activated to debug log Logs User who clicks Stop Calls Reconsider is now an option for manual call results.

Interfacing MultiSpeak
Real-time balance inquiries Payment posting to billing Database updates
From billing To billing

Write Account History Comments

Interfacing Added for Telelink (currently custom)

Harris ATS SAP Oracle

Custom Integration NISC

Contact Tracking (incoming) Retrieval of dispatcher comments DNP Flag retrieval

Budget Billing flag retrieval

Real-time balance inquiries

Other Prompt Manager GoToAssist Hammer Testing for all new IVR systems Improvements to Internal Tracking System
Support Development

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