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The Many Functions of MIDI DATA

30/12/13, 04:39





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Tweak's Guide to Recording by Tweak Success

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The Many Functions of MIDI DATA

Ok, dudes, you're doing good if you are still with me. By now you should be aware that MIDI is something you cannot afford to ignore, particularly in this day and age. I've put together this chart that sums it all up pretty succinctly.

Mixer Hookup Control Surface Microphones Mic Preamps Converters Monitors MIDI Modules Effects Sequencers VST, AU, RTAS Soft Samplers Soft Synths Audio Plugins Synth Prg Tips MIDI to Audio Cables Impedance Patchbays Studio Setup Room Acoustics Capabilities of MIDI Data War on Hum Quiet Room Controlling Sound devices like keyboards, module, samplers Dual Monitors DJ studio The main function of MIDI us to send note and controller data to and from keyboard, modules and samplers to make them sound. Networking Because MIDI data is compact in size its easy for a computer to 16 vs 24 bit

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Korg M50-61 61-Key Synth W

Weighing in at just fifteen pou new KORG M50, ready to take contenders! Incredible new so juicy combis, splits and layers

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The Many Functions of MIDI DATA

30/12/13, 04:39

16 vs 24 bit Word Clock Timecode Build a DAW Tracking Record Vocal Session Tips Vocal Editing AutoTune etc Using EQ Harmonizers Guitar Tracks Guitar Tone Drum Tips Drum Patterns Hip Hop Beats Cymbals

Because MIDI data is compact in size its easy for a computer to manipulate it. You can easily have 50 tracks of midi instruments running in a song if you have enough ports and channels. In the sequencer, midi tracks can be copied, looped, transposed, doubled, stretched and edited to ne detail. You hit a wrong note? No problem, edit it to the proper value. You have a great idea but your timing is off? No problem. Simply apply a quantize template and your notes will lock to a grid or a groove. You don't have to be a good keyboard player to make excellent sounding compositions. Simply correct the tracks till they sing for you. In the sequencer, every element of the MIDI stream can be modied. You can call up a track and edit it on a musical stave like the "old" composers used to or on hi-tech grids, or in a list of events. General MIDI.
Most basic synths follow a specification called General MIDI or GM. This protocol specifies what programs (instruments) are available for the 16 channels. Drums are typically on channel 10. You can assign the rest the way you want. The basic GM set consists of 128 programs which always have the same program number. Piano is always program 1. 34 is always Picked Bass, 67 is always Baritone Sax. Ok, Here's the Chart of GM sounds. Because there is this common reference, any file you make with GM can be played on any computer or synth that follows the GM spec. That's what a MIDIFILE is. Its a sequence made up of tracks filled with timing information and NOTE ON/OFF information.

juicy combis, splits and layers ace effects; dynamic Drum Tracks; enhanc arpeggiators; classic sequencing tools, a s keybed; up-to-date SD storage; companio software and our famous TouchView intera all adds up to an invigorating and sexy key instrument that could only come from KOR Priced from 1099.00

Waldorf Blofeld 49-Key Keybo Synthesizer

Not only on the outside did he also his inner qualities have s remarkable step-up: besides analog synthesis and the clas now sports a whopping 60 megabytes of s Just imagine to add a vocal-like noise spec typical Wavetable pad, spice-up a virtual-a sound with a strong attack sample or just other sample with the countless oscillator modulations. Priced from 1199.95

Korg KO1 Kaossilator Dynam Synthesizer

Sampling Samplers Compressors Pan, Vol, FX Mixing 101 Mix Methods A "MIDI" or Midifile has no audio data again. It only has note and controller Mastering and time data. But because manufacturers follow this standard spec, it Field Recorders sounds the same, or similar, on different soundcards. Its possible to do a great composition with GM, but the limits are in the relatively small palette of Archiving Songs 128 sounds. But its an excellent way to get started. After a while you might Make Money want better, more varied, or more specific sounds--that's when you know its Sound Dev Tips time to move on to standalone modules that give you hundreds, often thousands of instruments, or focus on specific genre's like dance sounds, Surround orchestral, hip hop, world fusion, R&B, etc. Audio for Film Podcasting Publishing Congratulations! Selecting Programs, Banks and Instruments Final Exam Reviews Forums JukeBox Guitar Gallery
As we just saw, the GM bank has 128 instruments, or presets. If you get a bigger better, synth, you get more banks. My nearly maxed out Triton Rack for example has 16 banks of 128 instruments, or 2,048 instruments to choose from. My Pro 53 softsynth has 512 presets in 4 banks. Thanks to the Program change command I can select any instrument I want with the mouse from my sequencer. Now imagine the full MIDI rig with several softsynths, virtual drum machines and a good hardware synth. Thousands of sounds, any type of drum kit you want, all freely assignable to your MIDI tracks. I have been using a large MIDI rig for a long time and have never exhausted the possibilities.

The Kaossilator is a new pocket instrument that packs Korg's wo synth sound along with innovati features into an ultra-compact u instantly play musical phrases b or sliding their finger across the Kaossilato no previous skills required! The Kaossilato travel friendly device that runs on batterie have fun creating music anywhere your lif with seemingly endless possibilities. Priced from 129.95

Moog Music Little Phatty II S Edition Analog Synthesizer

Moog Music is proud to introd member of the Little Phatty fa Phatty Stage II. Like the Stag Edition before it, the Little Phatty Stage II features and sound engine, designed by M inventor, Bob Moog. Priced from 1299.00

Roland AX-SYNTH Shoulder S

It's time to escape the keyboa the stage. The stylish AX-Syn Roland's new generation of remote keyboa first time, this one has a sound generator self-contained and equipped with powerful sounds from Roland's latest, greatest synt AX and steal the show. Priced from 1299.00

Access Virus TI Snow Virtual Desktop Synth

The Access Virus TI Snow Syn delivers the same sound engin brothers in a compact size. Th design makes selecting and e 6000 patches from well-known sound desi The Virus TI Snow also lets you experience both the hardware and the software world incorporating the award winning Total Inte technology to seamlessly link the Snow wi sequencer. You get all this at a price unhea synth of this quality - It's like getting a sp price of a scooter. Priced from 1310.00

Korg M50-73 73-Key Synth W

Store Links The program change commands are not limited to synths, but can also be
Recording Multitrack Recorders Microphones Mixers Signal Processors Monitors Accessories Studio Racks Computer Music Audio Interfaces PCI USB Firewire used to switch programs on effects boxes (such as reverb, delay, harmonizers, etc). Many studio devices can be switched internally by program changes. There are MIDI features on automated mixers, amp modelers, patchbays, even some compressors.

Weighing in at just fifteen pou new KORG M50, ready to take contenders! Incredible new sounds; fat & splits and layers; a plethora of ace effects Tracks; enhanced poly-arpeggiators; class tools, a solid, confident keybed; up-to-dat companion editing software and our famou interactive display - it all adds up to an inv sexy keyboard instrument that could only KORG. Priced from 1399.00

Kurzweil PC3LE6 61-Key Synt Keyboard Workstation

The affordable Kurzweil PC3LE controller keyboard has fanta reliable performance, musical and ease of use. The PC3LE6 combines the quality and performance control features o PC3 with a new streamlined, intelligent us providing an interactive experience that is creativity. Priced from 1495.00

SKB 44AX Roland AX-Synth H Case

Note: By selecting the bank number and preset on the

Pro 53, I have access to 512 sounds. Some hardware Computers synths like the Fantom can hold thousands of sounds Software and in some of my soft samplers, for example, I have Sequencers over 10,000 sounds. Soft Synths/ Samplers Plugins and FX Virtual Mixer Automation with a Control Surface MIDI Interfaces Control Surfaces MIDI data is also used to control software mixers in the sequencer and is sometimes used to control hardware digital mixers as well. MIDI data can DSP Cards automate volume, position, effects sends, and even the parameters of hardware and Keyboards software synthesizers. Using MIDI CCs you can turn the dials on your synths and

Designed to accommodate the Synth with this hardshell exte larger bumper protected corn contoured stacking points for convenience. The case also in patented TSA recognized and accepted trig latching system and a comfortable rubber handle. The interior has been custom desi shape of the syntheziser with an accessory and includes compression foam in the lid f protection on all sides. Priced from 154.99

Korg M3-M Synth Workstation Module

The M3 features a number of distilled from the flagship OAS new EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) derived from the HD-1 engine design, the second-generation KARMA functionality, an purpose control surface. Priced from 1599.00

Kurzweil PC3LE7 76-Key Synt Keyboard Workstation

The Kurzweil PC3LE7 76-key p controller keyboard has fanta


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The Many Functions of MIDI DATA

30/12/13, 04:39


Keyboard Synths Samplers Keyboard Accessories MIDI Modules Groove Boxes Synchronization among several studio devices to Tempo or Timecode Sounds Keyboard Later on we'll get into synchronization such as MIDI clock, Midi clock with SPP, Midi Time Controllers Keyboard Amps Code (MTC) and Midi Machine Code (MMC). I don't won't to bog you with these now, just know it happens! Here it is if you can't wait. Just know that it is MIDI that keeps all your Expansion machines working together at the same tempo and in sync with the computer's time. Boards Guitars, Amps, and Effects Sound Development and MIDI : Electric Guitars OK, all you homeboys who think that MIDI is "old" and not as cool as hot audio Guitar Effects loops and beats take note: Most commercial loops are built with MIDI data Guitar Amps controlling digital samplers. The true and authentic tweakhead and groovemaster Acoustic Guitars either uses MIDI to make their loops or has such impeccable timing they just record Accessories it cold. Of course you could buy and use store-bought loops, but you'd be restricted Classical to using other people's sounds and stuff. Get a sampler, makes some noises, edit to Guitars perfection with MIDI, grooving, quantizing, transposing and you are 100% Folk originally you! Record the output and edit the sample and you just made your own audio loop. That's how the true tweaks do it. Drums Electronic Acoustic Drum Machines Drum Hardware Cymbals Accessories Other Drums Accessories Cables Bass Guitars, Live Sound/PA DJ Also consider sound effects for lm, TV commercials, radio spots. With MIDI you can stack of sounds, samples, and instruments to make huge effects. Using MIDI is one method for those who make sounds and music for a living.

software synthesizers. Using MIDI CCs you can turn the dials on your synths and record the knob movement. When you overdub 5 times it is like having 5 hands controlling the knobs on your synth. If you "almost" had the tweak perfect, you can go in the editors and edit the CCs with exacting detail.

controller keyboard has fanta reliable performance, musical expressiven use. The PC3LE7 features a new streamlin user interface that inspires creativity that by your imagination. Priced from 1795.00

Korg M50-88 88-Key Synth W

With incredible new sounds; f combis, splits and layers; a plethora of ace dynamic Drum Tracks; enhanced poly-arpe sequencing tools, a solid, confident keybed storage; companion editing software and o TouchView interactive display - the Korg M to an invigorating and sexy keyboard instr could only come from KORG. Priced from 1799.00

Korg M3-61 61-Key Synth Wo Sampler

The M3 features a number of distilled from the flagship OAS new EDS (Enhanced Definition sound generator derived from the HD-1 en advanced second-generation KARMA funct multi-purpose control surface. Adding inno the new concept of "virtualized hardware" even closer integration with DAW systems which provide an instant groove to play al the new "Korg Komponent System" concep more flexible system construction, the M3 workstation/sampler opens a new and exc music making -- it's the workstation that r deserves to wear the "M" that started it al Priced from 1899.00

Arturia Minimoog V Software (Macintosh and Windows)

From the starship funk lead li to the gangster whine of mid the ever present minimoog ha its phat presence felt for over partnership with Bob Moog, Arturia decide the legendary interface with the same look the original because of its particular "moo many musicians wish to use the same inte in the past. But the reproduction of this sy not stop to the look and feel, Arturia also inside characteristics... Priced from 195.00

Arturia ARP 2600 V Software (Macintosh and Windows)

The ARP 2600 is one of the fine synthesizers ever made. Celebr respected musicians over the la is capable of creating amazing s numerous popular tunes from H to Stevie Wonder. Priced from 199.00

Arturia Brass Physical Modeli Software Synth

Brass 2.0 is a new kind of virt based on a physical modeling emulates a Trumpet, a Tromb Saxophone. All the characteri instruments have been analyzed and mod extensive research at world-renowned IRC Arturia has partnered with this highly skill researchers to bring this groundbreaking t musician, in the form of a software instrum extremely expressive, flexible and controll and thus a fantastic alternative to loops or Priced from 199.00

Arturia Jupiter 8 V Software S (Macintosh and Windows)

The Jupiter-8V is the newest a family Arturia's analog synthe recreations. Offering the uniq of the Roland Jupiter 8, this virtual version designer's dream. Priced from 199.00

A view of Logic's Matrix Editor. All sequencer's have a similar editor that allows for exacting placement of notes along a timing grid. Extremely elaborate sequences are possible because the sequencer only sends note triggers to your synth, not audio data.

Arturia Prophet V Prophet 5/ Plug-In

Arturia has taken the first and synthesizers created by Seque and brings them to you in an

Ok, lets let the pros back in but never let these guys intimidate though, OK?

Summing up
Don't think for a minute that MIDI is not a serious musical tool. Nearly all TV/film scores today make use of MIDI. Many top 40 songs are made with sequencers in home studios and converted to professional audio using the same process we just talked about. MIDI is the core building block on which to build a totally original musical masterpiece on a computer. When you have it working properly, with a good synth, your musical output is truly only limited by your musical imagination. As we go deeper into understanding the modern recording studio, I'll show you more on how MIDI data is used to control your virtual mixer. For now, think of it as a data pathway for connecting and controlling many studio devices. Want to talk about this topic? Join the discussion at StudioCentral!

Cool Quote:
"Truly fertile Music, will move us, that we appreciate, will be a Dream, which banishes

the only kind that shall truly Music conducive to all reason and
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The Many Functions of MIDI DATA

30/12/13, 04:39

Dream, which banishes all reason and analysis. One must not wish first to understand and then to feel. Art does not tolerate Reason."
Albert Camus (19131960), French Philosopher in Essay on Music", 1932

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