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TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE Introduction Marketing Department Business Plan.. Public relations Department.

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uman !esource Department. " Production Department# $%arter Application & B'la(s )*

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I-.!/D0$.I/+(antastic %as success1ull' completed t%e business plans 1or eac% department. .%ese plans are enlisted belo( along (it% t%e compan' c%arter application. .%ese business plans (ill clearl' indicate t%e direction in (%ic% +(antastic2 a 3unior Ac%ie4ement $ompan' (ill take. In addition2 c%anges %a4e been made to t%e standard b'la(s to meet t%e uni5ue needs o1 our compan'

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Marketing Analysis
Swantastic, a JA Company (as instituted on 1undamental 4alues and t%ri4es particularl' on t%e 4alue o1 inno4ati4eness (%ic% (ill aid in 1uelling t%e success o1 t%e compan'. Inno4ati4eness (ill be re1lected t%roug% t%e compan'6s products based on peculiarit' and creati4it' on a large and competiti4e market. .%e compan' also aims at ac%ie4ing a lime lig%t position based on t%e market reac% and t%e le4el o1 utilit' obtained 1rom products b' customers. +(antastic (ill boast uni5ue and 1antastic products per sa' on a (ell establis%ed market alread' 1looded (it% %omogeneous products. Gi4en t%at accessories suc% as bracelets2 %andbags bracelets etc 1rom uni4ersal leading brands currentl' dominate t%e market2 +(antastic products (ill pose to be as e5uall' competiti4e. .%e ambitious ultimatum o1 t%e compan' is to steal local spotlig%t and demand international interest. .%e ultimatum (ill be ac%ie4able t%roug% t%e intense and rigorous marketing tec%ni5ues2 complimented b' t%e intriguing nature o1 t%e products. .%e products (ill be appealing to 4arious groups o1 consumers and greatl' to t%e 1emale gender. /ne o1 t%e main target market is t%e institution o1 +t. ug%6s ig% as t%e compan' is %as been establis%ed in suc% an en4ironment. .%e design and colours (ill particular attract t%e teenage population as it re1lects st'le (%ic% is o1 ma7or importance to most adolescents. .o a greater e8tent t%e products (ill also appeal to t%e (ider population o1 consumers as t%e' (ill satis1' ones need 1or st'le2 durabilit' and cost e11ecti4eness. Essentiall' +(antastic 3A $ompan' aims at desisting 1rom t%e norm2 and as suc% accessories (ere produced 1rom coloured rec'cled plastic. .%e uni5ueness o1 t%e products (ill ine4itabl' lure t%e 4arious populations t%us accomplis%ing a large market reac%. In t%at2 t%e product (ill be kno(n and sold t%us creating a local brand name and making persistent attempts at t%e international market. +(antastic (ill pro4ide 1antastic2 Plastic Products.

Marketing Strategy
As mentioned pre4iousl' t%e compan' is entering a large and competiti4e market (%ere 4arious consumers o1 t%e di11erent age groups (ill purc%ase t%e products. Particularl' t%e student and teac%er population o1 t%e institution (ill undoubtedl' purc%ase t%e products. Additionall' a (ider population o1 communit' and 1amil' members (ill ac5uire t%e products. Products are intended to be a11ordable and t%is (ill onl' be ac%ie4able t%roug% a e11ecti4e pricing strateg'. Pricing strateg' (ill be dependent on cost bene1it anal'sis and t%e cost o1 all 1actors o1 production. Products are intended to be distributed at sc%ool +#*3, 6

and 4arious e4ents to students2 1amil' and 1riends. Marketing (ill take t%e 1orm o1 1l'ers distributed in sc%ools and in t%e communities o1 t%e s%are%olders. Additionall' ad4ertisement (ill be done t%roug% ot%er medias suc% as blogs and bulletin boards. As a result o1 suc% intense and rigorous marketing t%e compan' aims at selling at least 39* products.

Ta !"t Ma #"t :%o (ill bu' 'our product or ser4ice; .%e 1emale population o1 +t. ug%6s ig% +c%ool Dist i$%tion :e (ill sell our product primaril' b'< Products (ill also be sold to 1riends and 1amilies2 sc%ools and e4ents suc% as concerts and gaming e4ents A&'" tisin! /ur ad4ertising strateg' (ill be< =l'ers distributed at sc%ool and in our 4arious communities2 (ord o1 mout%2 bulletin boards and blogging sites suc% as 1ace book. :e (ill ad4ertise at or in< In sc%ool and at sc%ool e4ents. Also in t%e communit' among 1amil' and 1riends. All ad4ertising materials >markers2 poster board2 blank papers etc.? (ill cost< @2*** Sa("s Goa( .o reac% our goal o1 A** units sold2 eac% member o1 t%e compan' (ill need to sell at least )" products.

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Overview of Market Research Analysis

=igure ) illustrates t%e respondentsB pre1erence in t%e mentioned products. Most o1 t%e respondents c%ose bags as t%e pre1erred product and necklace being t%e least pre1erred product particularl'.

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3A $ompan' Mission< Ci4ing t%e standard (%ere inno4ati4e products o1 t%e %ig%est 5ualit' are made and our customerBs satis1action is our main priorit'2 along (it% ma8imiDing on pro1its. 3A $ompan' Eision< As a 3unior Ac%ie4ement $ompan'2 our 4ision is to be t%e number one
>)? sc%ool in 3A compan' competition and to 1urt%er be recogniDed as a leading compan' internationall'. :e e8pect and demand t%e best (e %a4e to o11er b' al(a's keeping our compan' 4alues top o1 mind.

Emplo'ee :age< +(antastic (ill not be issuing an' (ages as stated in t%e b'la(s %o(e4er emplo'ees (ill recei4e pa'ments upon li5uidation.

/11icer :age< .%e /11icers agreed to an e5ual amount o1 di4idend. .arget Market< .%e target market 1or +(antastic is mainl' on teenagers (%o %a4e an interest in uni5ue and trend' accessories t%at are not %arm1ul to t%e en4ironment. Product< .%e products being made are uni5ue2 trend' and en4ironmentall' 1riendl'. .%ese products includes bracelets2 bags and 1olders made out o1 plastic papers and bottles Product Price< .%e cost o1 t%e products 4aries depending on t%e item. .%e minimum cost o1 a bag is 1i4e %undred dollars >@9**? and t%e bracelets range 1rom one %undred and 1i1t' dollars >@)9*? to t(o %undred dollars >@2**?. Break,E4en Point< 3* units. Product +ales Goal< .o sell at least 3** products. Additional Items< !ibbons2 scissors2 sprinkles2 buttons2 plastic bags2 embroidered t%reads and croc%eted needles. +#*3, 6

*%man R"so% c"s B%sin"ss P(an

-ote< :ages are not paid 1or t%e 1irst meeting2 as t%is time is used 1or compan' organiDation. As a company w" +a'" a! ""& t+at wa!"s wi(( $" pai& %pon (i,%i&ation as oppos" to w""#(yT+" tota( $asic +o% s wo #"& $y company "mp(oy""s %pon (i,%i&ation wi(( $" .. +o% sP o/"ct"& 0a!"s1 Emplo'ee :age @ FFFFF))FFFFFFFFFF -umber o1 Emplo'ees >G? FFFFF)"FFFFFFFFFF 2A3 0a!"s %pon (i,%i&ation 243 5 FFFFF)#"FFFFFFFFFF

/11icer :ages @ FFFF22FFFFFFFFFFF -umber o1 /11icers >G? FFF6FFFFFFFFFFFF 2B3 0a!"s %pon (i,%i&ation 243 5 FFF)32FFFFFFFFFFFF Tota( 0a!"s 4 2A6B3 4 5 FFFF3)&FFFFFFFFFFF

P("as" not" 1 amo%nts a$o'" a " ,%ot"& in )S &o((a s

+#*3, 6

+#*3, 6

C+a t" App(ication an& By(aws

JA Company Presidents Information 3A $ompan' President< Hr'stal Gooden Email< kr'ss'*#I'a%oo.com P%one< A"9,"#9" Address< ) Ceinster !oad Hingston 9 $it'< Hingston +tate<< -JA Kip< -JA

3A $ompan' Meeting Cocation< Aub ouse2 +t. ug%Bs ig% +c%ool 1or girls .imeJDa'< 2<A9J :ednesda' .oda'Bs Date< -o4ember )22 2*)3

8o(%nt"" In7o mation -ame< Ms. Bogle $ompan'< +(antastic Email< kr'ss'*#I'a%'oo.com P%one< A"9,"#9"

Typ" o7 JA Company 2C+"c# On"3 Manu1acturingJProduct E4ent 2C+"c# On"3 In,+c%ool A1ter,+c%ool

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JA Company P o! am9 C+a t"

A tic(" I. M"m$" s+ip Members must o(n at least one s%are o1 stock. An' member absent 1rom t%ree successi4e meetings s%all be dropped. Members also ma' be dropped 1or cause b' a t(o, t%irds 4ote o1 t%e board. A member ma' be reinstated upon recommendation o1 t%e president and a ma7orit' 4ote o1 t%e board. A tic(" II. Stoc#+o(&" s +(antastic is o(ned b' stock%olders. A stock%older ma' %old no more t%an t(o s%ares2 and a 1amil' ma' %old no more t%an t%ree s%ares o1 stock in t%is compan'. +tock%older meetings man' be called b' t%e board o1 directors. A tic(" III. Boa & o7 Di "cto s $ontrol o1 t%is compan' is 4ested in a board o1 directors2 consisting o1 t%e members%ip o1 t%e compan'. A 5uorum s%all consist o1 one,%al1 o1 t%e board. A ma7orit' s%all decide an' 5uestion. A tic(" I8. Mana!"m"nt A management team comprised o1 t%e president and an o11icer o1 eac% department s%all carr' out t%e directi4es o1 t%e board. A tic(" 8. Comp"nsation .%e minimum (age s%all be @.9* per %our. .%e minimum salar' 1or elected o11icers s%all be @2 per meeting2 or a @22 annual salar' 1or t%e )2,(eek duration o1 t%e compan'. All members (ill be paid upon li5uidation i1 pro1it is made. -o compan' member s%all be paid 1or t%e 1irst meeting. A commission o1 least )* percent s%all be paid 1or sales. A tic(" 8I- Financ" All e8penses must be 1irst appro4ed and subse5uentl' released b' t%e 1acult' ad4isor and counter signed b' t%e E.P o1 t%e 1inance department A tic(" 8II- Op" ation +(antastic s%all restrict its acti4ities to t%e territor' o1 t%e local 3A Area /11ice and s%all terminate operations (it%in t%e prescribed time limit. A tic(" 8III. P o&%cts an& E'"nts .%e products and e4ents must be appro4ed b' Acordia Insurance. .%e' s%all %a4e 4alue added b' t%e compan' emplo'ees. .%e manu1acture2 assembl'2 and use o1 3A compan' products or e4ents s%all not present a %aDard to consumers or emplo'ees. A tic(" I:. Am"n&m"nts< .%ese b'la(s ma' be amended b' a t(o,t%irds 4ote o1 t%e Board o1 Directors and t%e appro4al o1 t%e local 3A Area /11ice.

+#*3, 6

A J%nio Ac+i"'"m"nt c+a t" company, Swantastic a! ""s to t+" 2Company nam"3 a7o "m"ntion"& $y(awsAll members attending Meeting .(o are re5uired to sign. =ull -ame !enae Bogle Hadian Bro(n As%le' $%ambers +%ani5ue Drummond +%erica Du%ane' +%anae =enton +%aneese =ont' Hr'stal Gooden +%enelle Guscott As%eka enr' $adrene eslop Annalee Mullings Amo' Patterson !os%ane Plunkett Abigail +mit% Lac%elle +mit% Koe +mit% Annette .%omas Koe .%omas +%anice .ulloc% Himberl' :als% Allison :rig%t $it' Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Hingston Kip Area $ode P%one -umber A9&,#"") 9#3,"6A# AA6,3&** A66,#)"" 2&6,A&92 3"#,&)2& 9"3,&&*" A"9,"#9" #69,#"A" amo'.pattersonI%otmail.com ros%aneplunkettI'a%oo.com Email kadianbro(nF)"I%otmail.com s%ani5ueFdrummond*)I%otmail.com s%anae1entonI'a%oo.com Hr'ss'*#I'a%oo.com

99#,)2)* 3"",6##9 3*",&#9# A33,6A*& A)&,""&) ##",""26


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