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USED-CAR BUYING SECRETS: OWN A FERRARI.. 2a LESS r CAMRY! HOWTO FIX A HAUNTED HOUSE com November 2011 ook THE 2011 BREAKTHROUGH AWARDS The Reusable Capsule Will Cary Seven Astronauts Into Orb INNOVATIONS THAT WILL SHAPE OUR ItFits in the Palm of Your Hand! HEY, CHECK OUT OUR APP, TOO! IT’S 2011. SO WHY IS THIS OUR FIRST HYBRID? Its not a question you'd expect from the world’s fourth largest automaker. Especially when technology like hybrid cars, aug- ‘mented reality and even jetpacks have been around _for years. To some it might imply that we're late to the ‘game. To others, that we're merely following a trend. At Hyundai, we dont se it that way. Truths, we could have followed other car companies and licensed an existing hybrid platform years ‘ago. But making progress is not about following. We wanted to make something better. And, like a lot of people when it comes to hybrids, there were certain perceptions we held, too. “Hybrids are weird looking.” Most hybrids are designed to be invisible to the wind. But when it comes to style theyre also pretty invisible to the eye. We think if you're doing something good by driving a hybrid, you should get to laok good, too. So we found a way to work with the design qualities we built into our Sonata to create a coefficient of drag of 0.25, equal to that of the Prius. “Hybrids are too small.” Achieving greater mileage in a hybrid typically ‘meant giving up interior space to accommodate a bulky battery. We didn't think that was a sacrifice that people should have to make. Then we discovered a new battery technology that would provide more than a little wiggle room. Lithium polymer properties allow us to shape the battery to the car, not the other way around. And the Sonata Hybrid, with the largest interior in its class, isthe first non-plug-in hybrid to {feature this technology. “Hybrids have no guts.” Drive a hybrid and surrender power. Until now, that’s been the conventional thinking. But its hardly 4 fair trade. That's why every Sonata Hybrid also comes with a class-leading 206 net hp and our proprietary 6-speed automatic transmission to enhance performance. But its not just a show of strength, considering that the Sonata Hybrid is equally gentle when transitioning from engine ‘powered to hybrid-drive mode, while also delivering better highway MPG than any other vehicle i its class. So why is this our first hybrid? Because were not ones to jump on a bandwagon, no matter how fuel-efficient it may be. And because technology has caught up to where we can build a hybrid that not only goes beyond what’ expected, but is also more like what we've wanted all along: a comfortable, roomier, more stylish car that's also better for the environment. The Sonata Hybrid. To learn more, visit HyundaiSonata.com ‘The Sonata Hybrid. @® HYUNDAI ° carhartt Sree Uh avai aaear SRS aS er roam DUC ALU C ULL ea el) | ES ‘pean Mm yal OPULARMECHANICS.COM | NOVEMBER 2011 5 PM FEATURES VOLUME 188 NO. 11 PopMech Nov. Student engineer Mortis Bailey works | onhis team’s award-winning Biodiesel hybrid keear Breakthrough Awards 2011 We celebrate the year's bestand boldest nventions—from a robotichum- ‘mingbird toa promising new paralysis treatment—and salute the innovators behind them, including nem mastermind and explorer James Cameron, Plus: Ten revolutionary products available nov. bY LOGAN WARD Steal This Car (for the Price of a Loaded Camry) These days there's no need to drive a ho-hum ‘ cconobox. The used-car market is booming, and yesterday's expensive exotie sports ears today's stylish bargain, PM rounds up the best options for your next high-speed purchase. oy saM SATA ‘PM Lab Test: Mac vs PC Tablets nd smartphones en center stage, but the long-standing Mac versus-PC drama rages on. And with new tech and operating systems, both Mac and Windows computers fare more powerful than ever. PM puts them through their paces to find the true star, BY JOHN HERRIMAN 72 Hours With just three days to conceptualize, build and complete entries for Red Bull’sfrstever Creation challenge, teams from all ver the country rolled, pedaled ancl eranked thei best DIY contraptions into action. PM senior editor Glenn Detene and a panel of judges picked the winner. BY MARY BETH GRIGGS Launched atop a Falcon 9 rocket, the SpaceX Dragon capsule is designed to carry seven astronauts. SpaceX hopes to dock Dragon with the Intemational Space Station this month, Rocket and capsule ilustration by Viadimir Shelest. cons by Dogo. G NOVEMBER 2011 | POPULARMECHANICS.coM DEPARTMENTS | (§HVENOGHBGHBN) 10 How toReach Us 12 Letters 128 This Is My Job 415 What Lies Beneath An eruption among 27 Buzz Killer Arandom-orbit sander that Shimeawianoentesoanhmee, | murtvbrteynuriges eo erin ctigcrnerentione Puscineg | Plntorieceanistootendoeehi treCurettettpte setae orm toyaftreoreat oceanic teed wathAcheonteomtomsapecet” thtets Reascabes1Orerensets Seine Meet 7 Be nt Wn operaed sponser er rasan 2.27049 abo ag engine, the 2012 Buick Regal GS feels more Bavarian than American—but in ll the right ays. Plus: The 2012 Porsche Cayman R makes a strong argument for less is more.” oes your floor creak ike ie belongs ina horror movie? PM's squeaky-floor fixers can silence ‘that problem. Doors open or shut themselves. Lights flicker randomly A toilet flushes on its own. When things go bump in the night, we reach for our toolbox and get fo work.” 1¥ Home, “The Telltale House,” page 101 50 Brand Anew With Halibrand wheels and Stromberg carburetors making a comeback, “Jay Leno celebrates the rebirth of classic American auto parts brands. ‘54 20 Bold Ideas 70 SpaceX Dragon 76 Used-Car Buying Secrets 101 How to Fix a Haunted House 58 The 160-MPG Car—Built by High School Students _ Mech al Tech 94 Vintage Audio in the Digital Age Dust of your old receiver Classic audio gear finds new ife today. ‘96 Digital Cline Improve the {timing of your tech purchases. Plus: Undoing accidental app downloads; are your Twitter followers real people? 106 Homeowners Clinic Quick bathroom upgrades, including ‘anew wal sink. Plus: How to lower your heating bill ths fll 110 PM Saturday Our DIY leaf sack rack makes lawn cleanup ‘a snap—and lets you get back ‘to watching the ballgame. Auto 413 How to Inspect a Used Car Buying preowned wheels canbe gamble; our 101- point inspection checklist shifts the odds in your favor. 418 Car Clinic Replacing 2 faulty oxygen sensor. Plus: Why your car smells ke rotten eggs; snuffing out a stubborn Check Engine light how to diagnose a bad starter. ‘The PopMech App CCheck out our latest iPad edition. Just open Tunes, go tothe store {and search for “Popular Mechanics, Magazine.” B NOVEMBER 2011 | @ LARMECHANICS.COM Prete Join us for the WORLD'S GREATEST DRIVING ROADS PM auto experts crossed continents to find the most “gbeee engaging drives our planet has to offer. Take @ a celebration spin in California's Big Sur, carve the twisters of sik Japan's Mount Fuji or open up the throttle on ae the lonely expanses of Argentina's Ruta 40, creations and popularmechanics.com/greatroads the parts HORSEPOWER FOR YOUR MONEY High gas oe. prices and a sputtering economy don’t mean them possible, you can't afford few horses under the hood. We break down the car market by price range Laem more ot to show exactly what rides get you the most enna 200m forthe buck popularmechanics.com/horsepower Grefioda, a appr a re, fooler eee eer ae eee ors United States. We can’t wait to get behind the = Ceres ee eee eer teeter flere eax Det Ret Looking for Cool New Products & Services? Check Out NOT EVERY friend 1s ON FACEBOOK. 10 Novemser 2011 | Catching Up With Jeff Han Jeff Han has been helping define the “capabilities of multitouch technology since before the release ofthe Apple iPhone, He won a 2007 Breakthrough ‘Award for his supersize screen, which ‘measured 103 inches. This August, the founder of Perceptive Pixel released a thinner, 82nch version. — ALLE Hike iv: Your sereens are already used by companies, including CNN. Why redesign a successful product? Ji: The technology served us wel the problem was thatthe screen required a projector behind it afew feet deep. It ‘was pretty big and bully iv: Your new sereen is larger than others ofits kind on the market. What's the primary technical challenge to going bigger? ‘JH: At this size, electromagnetic noise interferes with the touch sensor. We've eveloped algorithms that extract signal from noise, much lke how radar works. The hardware part of radar makes the radio wave and receives it, but the magicis, once you receive the signal how do you interpret it? Pi: With iPhones everywhere, what lace does a large-size multitouch 2ereen have in the marketplace? “IH: Large displays allow you to collabo: rate, the same way a notebook lets you take notes for yourself and a white- PopularMechanics Edtoril or wos ‘Susy ters am oranda Sage © Bill Congdon ji orien oyen @ Published by the Hearst Corporation Nearst Magazines Division Sretots elo ooh Aye Popularttechanes.com Spencer EttorialGoord of Advzers er a rt Sette sone timer 21016642921 Patoae Paty ao 972/523 08 PRA. eda Secu Scien See ber eria Customer Service board lets people work together. This company isnt about multitouch—i's about multiuser. For more, sit popularmechanics com/ jefTraninteriew. i SL OPS y wv Evento Oooh airy WWW.SPECIALOPSWATCH.COM eRe ete eee re Tollfree at 1 800 284 $487 outside of USA 1 213 741 0808 1225 South Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90016. 42 NovemBer 2011 | POPULA @.. reRs Pilot Joe Matthews of Grand Rapids, Mich, always keeps his eye on the sky andhisintruments— Unless his autopiot George, fying Recently, Matthews checked out PM on his iPad as he tlimbed to 10,000 feet above Lake Michigan in is Crus SR22 Turbo, "I read every issue, he says. How Many CFLs Does It Take. .. Tenjoyed “The Light Bulb Wars,” your September article explaining how new efficiency regulations banning incandes- cent bulbs wil affect us. In winter, Tuse tiny 7-watt ineandescent light to con- firm that the electricity ison in my sum ‘mer home. Itworks in all temperatures. ‘What am I going to do when this inean- descents no longer available? Also, as long as it requires a special trip to reey- clea CFL bulb, most will be trashed, Just the way the world works. FREDERICK S. HOLMES JR, ANNANDALE, VA Tread your article about the lightbulb ban with great interest. Iwas an early supporter of CFL bulbs, seeing eost-and energy-saving potential, The truth is, there are issues with them, They have outrageous bulb-tife claims and, frankly, the dimming ones don't work. Petiod, AY ORIEN VTA, CA prror's Nore: While the new regulations prohibit the sale of many incandescent bulbs, most specialty lamps—including ‘your 7-watt night light—are exempt from oe ea I the rules, You have a good point on the dis ‘posal issue—many people aren't even ‘aware ofnearby disposal centers, and mak- {nga special trip may be too much effort for others. Sorry to say, dimmable CFLs don't ‘work with fixtures made fr incandescent. And new fixtures can be pricey. Ultimate Flying Tech: The Pilot As the flying pilot on the A320 flight that experienced a neartotal electrical failure after takeoff from Newark Liberty Inter- national Airport in 2008, I feel compelled to respond to “Flight Risks" (August), your article about the wreckage of Air France Flight 447 and the general safety of automated cockpits. Yes, the A320 was piloting essentially had a complete electrical failure, bu it did not result in any kind of mishap. tn fact, 1 found it completely natural to transfer over tothe standby instruments, When those failed, the captain and I completed an uneventful landing with no instrumentation whatsoever. Yes, technology integrated into flight systems increases situational awareness and, relieves pilot workload. But all professional pilots Iknow recognize it as buta tool to assist, not the means by whicha flight is conducted. Justask Sully. History may one day judge the pilots of AF 447 as guilyyof not saving the airplane, but, for now, let's give them the benefit ofthe doubt. We may truly find that the areraft was not reasonably recover- 2 © | Hello, PM readers on offer one! You wort be sory! SS > Facebook and Twitter—and SEANENGARD Vik TurrER Sz 7 Ghentyoutorrespondingto (2002 ep turns Test aS ‘our stories. Here are some Drive,” popularmechanics.com) SS | recent comments. gy Inresponte to “Five Ways ES | metsarsouteyamazng! Ale Might Secome a Geter = I can't wait for stylus features ‘Company Without Steve tobe added. The rafting and Joba," onthe PM ste design possbities are ecless! FvAN GULLORY, vA FACEBOOK Maybe they ge long wth Chowdef Han Creted the Adobe to? We Phone users World Record inch could use Fash support! IMulntouch LCD” populor DAN GRAVEN, Vs FAC 800K ‘mechoncs.com) Aople changing strtenyis ike 5 ‘@PopMech was ight Thenew Coke coming ove witha new Coke. laitic! ERIK HUYGHE, VIA FACEBOOK ‘Jeep Wrangler will be great. Butitneeds a diesel Please able. Love your magazine and have been subseribing for many years Always read every word you write. ous cocHRAN sROONIELD, CO Fracking Facts Asa Halliburton employee on the Marcellus Formation, Td like to thankyou foryour particulary aceu- xe and balanced article exploring common claims about the natural gas-collection process known as fracking (Drilling Down,” Septem ber). While 'm notin the fracking division, twork closely with it. t's not a process that most people and it seems like all the news reports focus on the bad stories. Fracking’s not perfect, and some- times things go wrong (like the Chesapeake spill), butas much as ma fan of solar, wind and geother ‘mal, our infrastructure and society just aren't ready to drop hydrocar- bons cold turkey. 50, we must do the best we can. Thanks for show ing both sides ofthe stor A JORDAN INDIANA, Pa Area 51 Atomic Bomb Tests Nicely done on your story question- ing the validity of a new book on Area 51's true history ("What Really Happened in Area 51," September). The book's author said atomic bomb tests in Nevada during the 1950s were kept hidden from the public by the government. Iwasa boy in the Mojave Desert during that time, and the existence of these tests was far from secret. They were written about in thearea. newspapers, and my parents used towake me up well before dawn to stand on the porch and watch the flash of the nuclear detonation, 100 miles east. As your article points ‘out, there are even more problems with the author's other extraordi- nary elaims. Seems there wasa sig nificant lack of in-depth research and intellectual reasoning that went into the writing of this book. connection: n September's “How Your House Works: Backyard Board: walk,” the fastener identified as a ¥4-inch galvanized lag bolt should ave been labeled as a carriage, or ledger, bot. KKK | FIVE STAR | penn Denim | aa ry Poem nena © Ee Once i a anc com Pro. CO les World's Most Versatile HD Camera Wear it. Mount it. Love it. =i HDHERO §=gopro.com S Qe ews DPOMOH' ~ Earth’s Subsea Peaks NEW SCANS SHOW A VOLCANIC RAN LURKING BENEATH THE SURFACE OF THE SOUTH ATLANTIC. By DouGLAs main Scientists have found underwater voleanoes—some up to 2 miles tall and showing evidence of recent erup. tlons—in the remote South Atlantic. Researchers working with the British Antarctic Survey generated 3D. images ofthe seafloor with multibeam sonar. Expedition leader Phil Leat says one volcano’s summit lurks just 160 feet below the surface and that it could form an island if it erupts. Leat plans to return soon to catalog marine life; new species have been found nearby. “There are countless discoveries waiting to be made,” he says. braked 130, Unversity in = The quest ‘= Whenacrver —milseconds Boston have for kinder, gentier robot took a K Samson the fasterthan their developed an sep forward when MIT's brakes, there's feet couldpress _injectable'tattoo" BakeBot successfuly made a lag between the pedal hat that monstors the fant chocolate cooke rom thedecision to equates to 12 body. The vibe Scratch, What sounds like a stop and the feet at about 60 mark contains ‘Simple task for himans actualy foot's reaction, phy enough to Sensors that glow requires sophisticated Nevroscientists at Svoidacolision. when a certain, hierarchical planning by the the Bern institute molecule robots designers, and (of Technology are detected a iter impressive dexterity to trying to reduce ‘ona celphone assemble the ingredients, cream that delay. With ‘camera enables the butter and sugar and shape electrodes Usersto see the the dough. Using a PR2 robot attached to their mark. Eary from Calforria based Willow Scalp and legs to pplcations could Garage, researchers pro- measure synaptic include nonieva- rammed BokeBot to use laser and muscular Sve blood sugar Band stereo cameras to locate Imggers, drivers = Researchers at monitoring for {and identi the ingredients ina simulator Northeastern dabetics XHUTOANSON | Novemser 2011 45 Ce ees Lunar Lost and Found 2vis2s sco\ovucsrenauice ON MOO® ‘ASN Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROG)is taking the highestresolution images ofthe maon's surface from space, scouting lacations for future astronaut or robot landings. But LROC may also have discovered the resting place of Lunar Orbiter 2,aNASA, spacecraft that disappeared on the far side ofthe moon in 1967 Orbiter 2 was in an intentional death dive, but NASA never knew the site of tsimpact. The debris from an impact angie of 45 degrees or more spreads out lke buttery wings, says LROC science operations center manager Emest Bowman Cisneros. Wile losing equipment is Lnavoldable,examiningits crash sites is useful, “They are great laboratories fr studying smallimpacts on the moon,’ Mark Robinson, LROCS principal investigator, say. Ee ated epnterremnn estes Breer oer pore ete ines NOTABLE LUNAR CRASHES x x suavevor 2 x Pcuances rUS. I Country: US, Country USSR i Country: china tune Jan. 33,2972 tounere Sert.20,1966 MM Launch iy 23,1969 tauneht Oct, 2007 Cras Fabs 3573 Crash Sept 22,1966, Cras 23,1969 Crash March 2009 INTENTIONAL hiwrenTioNAL UNINTENTIONAL. INTENTIONAL Theupper stage of Apollo The sofetouchdownis Tremainretorocatof Theft Chinese robotic ie Situm WB rocket [ipposedtoaidthe Apolo thslanderusedin the luna mission ransmate Greater a 1iSfootwde _progrem,butthe Sovletsaccondattompt ‘175 ggabytes of fratorand causes Spocecaftcrashes wien tobringmoon rcks Back _inforition befor it Imoonguokethetrewesls oneotreehrusterefais,_toEarth fale to fre. plummets to the surface. Seiamicdetalsabowtthe _taignie. tina intron 16 novemaer 2011 |