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By Matt Gibson

Tickets to see SCROOGE for just 10 PAGE 53

Corrie Helens high-wire hell
Scandals force out
Entwistle but Paxman
says he was brought
down by cowards
BBC director general George Entwistle resigned last
night just 54 days after being appointed because of
unacceptable shoddy journalism on his watch.
It came eight days after a Newsnight broadcast
wrongly implicated former Tory Treasurer Lord
McAlpine in a child abuse ring and just hours after a
bruising appearance on Radio 4s Today programme,
where he was humiliated by his own presenter.
Last night Newsnight frontman Jeremy Paxman
defended Entwistle, calling it a great shame and
adding: He has been brought low by cowards and
Mllllon lace T\
blackout over
new hone mat
A TOP Tory last night called for an urgent
probe into new 4G mobile phone technology
amid warnings that masts could black out
television screens.
John Whittingdale, chairman of the
inuential Commons Culture, Media and
Sport committee, said ministers were rushing
ahead with superfast mobile broadband
without fully grasping the consequences for
an estimated 2.3 million households. Lack of
publicity left barely anyone aware that
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Clegg call lor llexlble worklng
Petrol rise 'will
stull u recovery'
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DEPUTY Prime Minister Nick
Clegg will this week try to
enlist the missing million
women locked out of Britains
economy due to inexible
labour laws.
He will unveil plans to make
it a right for all employees to
request exible working
patterns from their bosses.
The Right to Request
scheme, which currently only
applies to parents and some
carers, would allow everyone
to ask employers if they can
work from home. Bosses would
be forced to consider all
requests in a reasonable
way. Mr Clegg believes new
legislation, expected by 2014,
would drive a culture shift in
the workplace to t a modern
The idea would especially
help women, the Lib Dem
leader will say in what his ofce
is billing as a landmark speech
on Tuesday.
He is expected to say: Just
as working women, not men,
drove up living standards in
the latter half of the 20th cen-
tury after the Second World
War, all the evidence suggests
that living standards in the
rst half of the 21st century
will need to be driven by
working women once again.
This absence of women
from our economy is costing us
dearly. If the United Kingdom
had, for example, the same
proportion of female entrepre-
neurs as the United States, we
would see an extra 42billion
on GDP. He will say that while
women in this country are
now better qualied than men
and more girls go to university,
they lag behind in the work-
place. That requires sweep-
ing away the clapped out rules
that make no sense for modern
families, he believes.
The Resolution Foundation
think tank has highlighted
research showing Britain lags
15th in the OECD list for
women in the workplace.
CHANCELLOR George Osborne is under
renewed pressure to abandon a planned
increase in fuel duty, amid warnings that
the price of petrol is putting household
budgets under unprecedented pressure.
As MPs prepare to vote tomorrow on
the planned 3p-a-litre increase due in
January, the consumer organisation
Which? said more people than ever were
being forced to cut back on motoring
It said any increase in fuel duty would
hit struggling households when they can
least afford it after the Christmas season.
Researchers found almost 9 million
households curbed their spending on
essentials last month while 6.4 million
dipped into savings to cover the cost of
Over the past three months the numbers
worried about rising fuel prices have risen
to a record 85 per cent, while those saying
they would cut back on car running costs
rose to 39 per cent, the highest gure
An online survey of more than 2,000
people revealed one in 10 used their
savings to pay their cars running costs in
September .
Which? found one-in-three people are
nding it difcult to live on their current
income, while a third cut back on spending
on essentials last month, up from 25 per
cent in September. More plan to cut back
on groceries in the next few months.
The watchdog claims its ndings show
consumer condence is at rock bottom
and says the Government and businesses
must do everything possible to keep prices
in check and encourage a spending
recovery which is essential to the nations
economic well-being.
Which? executive director Richard
Lloyd said: Fuel prices are now the
number one consumer worry and people
are already telling us that they are having
to cut back and dip into savings, just to
get by.
On the back of ination-busting energy
bill rises and increasing food prices, con-
sumers cant afford another hit on their
household budget. Like many business
leaders, were calling on the Government
to reconsider their plans to increase fuel
duty in January and instead, focus the
forthcoming Autumn Statement on
measures that will help put money back
into the pockets of consumers.
The economic recovery is at risk if we
dont see an increase in consumer con-
Andy Clarke, Asdas president and CEO,
said: A 3p a litre tax in January will come
at the worst possible time for UK families
who will already be feeling the cost of
Christmas and energy price rises.
We will continue to do everything we
can to keep fuel prices low, and have led
the way by dropping them across the UK
by up to 6p per litre in the last month
alone .
Which? said motorists can use its web-
sites to help nd the cheapest fuel and
special offers. Its car experts also provide
tips on how to use less fuel.
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 3
Jungle fevers back with high-wire frights and canoe calamities
I`m a celebrlty... get
me down lrom here
ORMER Coronation Street
star Helen Flanagan was left
a jibbering wreck yesterday
after TV bosses discovered
her fear of heights and gave
her a high-wire challenge.
The actress, who played Rosie
Webster in the soap, broke down in
tears as she perched above the
rainforest and over a ravine while
trying to join her camp mates at the
start of her Im A Celebrity ordeal.
Helen told the Sunday Express she
had no fears about living with
Australian wildlife and her fellow
celebrity contestants in the jungle for
the next 21 days.
Im so very excited. It took so long
to get here, I just cant wait to get into
the jungle now, said Helen, 22, as she
packed for the ITV reality show which
starts tonight at 9pm.
Asked about the notorious
Bushtucker Trials, when campers are
presented with live insects, and far
worse, to eat Helen said: That is a
trial I would like to do. I know that
sounds weird. I think Id be all right.
Helen says she has gone to some
effort, including giving up chocolate,
to get in shape for the cameras which
are trained on Im A Celebrity...Get
Me Out Of Here! contestants around
the clock. I wont be going topless in
the jungle, sleeping naked or anything
like that, but if the cameras catch a
glimpse of something they shouldnt, it
wont bother me. I just want to have
fun in there.
My boyfriend will love watching it.
He knows I am very determined, even
though I hate the dark, I sleep with
the light on and dont like spiders but I
am quite strongwilled because I will
do it if I put my mind to it.
Beleaguered MP Nadine Dorries
spent her second night of notoriety
cold, wet and hungry. Her decision to
go into the jungle has seen her
suspended by the Tory party and she
is being investigated by the
Parliamentary Standards Committee.
She is being paid at least 40,000 to
take part in the show.
Nadines rst attempt at jungle
leadership went badly wrong,
however, when her team had to paddle
across a lake. Their canoe sank and
they were beaten by the team led by
Birds Of A Feather star Linda Robson.
Meanwhile in the rst Bushtucker
Trial, boxer David Haye was chosen
by the Croc Creek team to tackle a
tough Special Delivery challenge.
He was pelted with rats, lizards,
cockroaches and maggots in a crate
100ft above the forest.
Celebrities taking part include
singer Ashley Roberts, actors Brian
Conley, Charlie Brooks and Colin
Baker, darts champ Eric Bristow and
reality star Hugo Taylor.
From Frank Thorne IN QUEENSLAND
SWIM FOR IT: Leader Nadine and her team head for the shore OOPS: Ashley, Nadine, Colin and Eric capsize a canoe yesterday
TEARS FOR FEARS: Sobbing Helen Flanagan faces her phobia of heights yesterday on a high-wire walk but, inset, she gets to the camp
GLOVES OFF: Boxer David Haye faces his strangest opponents JUNGLE FRY-UP: Crocodile feet sizzling on the camp re
Scotts View
Ive named these two
Cameron and Osborne!
4 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Hunl lor man
wllh one eye
POLICE are hunting a man over the disappearance
of a teenage hairdresser, whom they believe has
been murdered.
Detectives want to question Jack Wall, 22, of
Stevenage, Herts, who is blind in one eye, over the
murder of Amelia Arnold, 19.
Amelia, whose body has not yet been found, was
last seen on November 7 in Stevenage. A 41-year-old
By Matt Gibson
MISSING: Amelia, 19
WANTED: Jack Wall, 22
Van Outen
man has already been
Detectives from the
joint Major Crime Unit
in Hert, Beds and
Cambs are investigating.
Detective Chief
Inspector Tim Redfearn
who is leading the
inquiry, said: We have
reason to believe that
the missing woman has
been murdered and we
would urgently like to
speak with Jack Wall in
connection with the
I would urge anyone
who has information to
call police as a matter of
I would also like to
appeal directly to Jack.
If you are reading this,
please go to Stevenage
or your nearest police
station to speak with
l will keep
my Jumes
HOT favourite Denise Van
Outen was told to ditch her
usual Strictly Come Dancing
partner last night after bag-
ging the highest score of the
Dressed in a striking scar-
let leotard, the TV presenter
wowed judges with a sexy
Paso to The White Stripes
Seven Nation Army and shot
to the top of the leader board.
The 38-year-old spent the
week rehearsing with stand-
in Ian Waite after James Jor-
dan, 34, injured his ankle in a
fall before last weeks show.
James was only given the
all-clear on Thursday, and
after the pairs performance,
sharp-tongued judge Craig
Revel Horwood joked to the
actress: I would consider
swapping partners.
But after scoring straight
nines, the faithful former Big
Breakfast host said: No, Im
keeping James.
Ladies favourite Louis
Smith, 23, divided judges when
Revel Horwood criticised the
Olympic medal winning gym-
nasts timing.
But the pair were handed a
score of 33 and a standing ova-
tion for their romantic Waltz
to Andy Rivers Moon River.
Presenter Fern Britton left
audiences open-mouthed
after arriving on the dance
oor dressed as a dowdy
cleaner before stripping to
reveal a skimpy hot-pink
By Lianne La Borde
PARTNER: James Jordan
Picture: GUY LEVY
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 5
How fumilies ure still struggling
with the debts of Christmus pust
Bewure the TV bluckout
By Ravender Sembhy
terrestrial TV signals were at risk and
that in many cases people would have to
bin expensive Freeview boxes and buy
cable or satellite dishes instead, he said.
Viewers who had only recently bought
new equipment for the digital switchover
would be very cross to nd their signals
had suddenly disappeared next year.
Freeview as well as ITV, Channel 4 and
the BBC are understood to be very exer-
cised about the problem.
Under the current timetable, the new
4G masts, which will operate on airwaves
previously used by analogue television,
will roll out nationwide by June.
Mr Whittingdale says trials should rst
be run in a small area to evaluate risks,
even if that means delays. Freeview, which
has 19.3 million customers, backs his call.
New 4G masts will provide a superfast
network for mobile internet devices. They
operate at a spectrum close to that at
which Freeview is broadcast.
Existing 4G services, launched 12 days
ago, operate at a different spectrum and
dont affect TV. Watchdog Ofcom believes
up to 2.3 million homes could be affected.
Of those, almost 40,000 are predicted to
lose their signal entirely, giving people no
option but to buy satellite or cable. Others
will need lters to counter persistent
The Government has set aside 180mil-
lion and will provide one free aerial lter
worth 20 to every home affected.
Ofcom has identied homes served by
the Crystal Palace transmitter in London
and by the Winter Hill transmitter in Lan-
cashire as likely to be worst affected.
Mr Whittingdale told the Sunday
Express: People will be very cross if they
suddenly discover they no longer can get
their Freeview TV service without mas-
sive interference because of the mobile
phone companies.
My concern is that this is being done
so quickly and with almost nobody aware
it is creeping up so fast .
Ilse Howling, Freeviews managing
director, said: We also believe it would be
in consumers interests for the
Government and Ofcom to
mandate a trial of 4G services
in a limited area before pro-
ceeding to national roll-out.
Culture Minister Ed Vaizey
has rejected the call. Mobile
operators will have to meet
strict rules on xing inter-
ference problems, he said.
EU delays broadband boost
CULTURE Secretary Maria Miller has staged a
showdown with Eurocrats after Brussels put
Britains vital broadband roll-out on hold, writes
Kirsty Buchanan.
Under state-aid rules, the European Union has
to approve government plans to fund a superfast
broadband network but has kept Britain in limbo
for 10 months.
Mrs Miller met Competition Commissioner
Joaquin Almunia last Thursday, condemning
bureaucratic delays.
This week she will haul in Conservative MEPs
urging them to lobby hard for Britain.
Broadband is seen as vital to growth and could
help support jobs, particularly in rural areas.
A source said: Maria Miller is frustrated EU
red tape is holding up the delivery of broadband
in the UK, infrastructure that is essential to the
countrys economic growth. There has been
enough time wasted and the EU needs to allow
the UK to get these issues resolved urgently.
The Government is aiming to create the best
superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015.
Ministers have pledged more than 530million
for rural areas and 150million for cities.
The plan has already missed targets because
of the 10-month delay and the target of bringing
superfast broadband to 90 per cent of the UK
by 2015 is at risk.
NEARLY half of families have
not repaid money borrowed last
Christmas and even more are
worried about the cost of this
years festivities, two separate
studies have found.
Some 45 per cent of households
have debts from last year when a
quarter of families borrowed
money to buy presents. The same
proportion is likely to seek loans
this year.
The gures are from a survey
by discount coupon website
VoucherCodes. Co-founder
Duncan Jennings said: With
many struggling with their
nances at the moment, the cost
of Christmas can come as a real
headache to some households.
Those most likely to seek a
loan were aged 25 to 34. Only a
fth of borrowers were able to
repay their debt straight away.
In a separate survey, super-
market chain Morrisons found 51
per cent of households were
concerned about the cost of
Christmas this year.
Belt-tightening families will
spend an average of 478.50 this
year, down ve per cent on 2011.
More than a third of parents said
they were having to cut back on
presents for friends and family,
the poll found.
Twenty-eight per cent of fami-
lies have budgeted between 50
and 100 less for Christmas than
last year, while 16 per cent are
having to cut their spending by
up to 250.
Christmas dinner will cost an
average 12.38 per head this year,
compared with a typical week-
night meal of 3.60.
However, Morrisons has
created a traditional turkey din-
ner with all the trimmings for
2.49 each for a family of eight.
Chief executive Dalton Philips
said: We believe it is everybodys
right to enjoy a special Christ-
mas, whatever the budget.
People will be
very cross
POPULAR X Factor star
Christopher Maloney says
criticism from judges and
contestants has made
him determined to
prove them wrong and
Show insiders have
revealed the 34-year-
old from Liverpool
has been getting
twice as many votes
from viewers as the
other hopefuls in the ITV
As a result series creator
Simon Cowell is reported to
be worried the ballad singer,
who is mentored by judge
Gary Barlow, will be another
Steve Brookstein.
Singer Brookstein, now 44,
won the rst series of The
X Factor in 2004 but quickly
faded into obscurity.
Judges Louis Walsh and
Tulisa Contostavlos have
branded Maloneys
performances outdated
and cheesy.
Maloney, a former call
centre operator, said: It
is disheartening but it
has made me even
more determined to go
out and do my
absolute best.
I am turning that
negativity into a
positive, it is
having the
opposite effect on
me than they
Maloney has
been called a diva by
rivals already voted off The
X Factor.
He is the last act in Gary
Barlows Overs 25s category.
X Iactor`
hlt vow
to hght on
By Jon Coates
Simon Cowell
fears that
Maloney, above
last night,
could be
another Steve
Brookstein, left
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6 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Entwistle quits over
'shoddy journalism'
THE END: George Entwistle resigns with Lord Patten at his side. Jeremy Paxman soon came to his defence
incompetents. He added: George
Entwistles departure is a great
shame. The real problem here is the
BBCs decision, in the wake of the
Hutton Inquiry, to play safe by
appointing biddable people.
They then compounded the prob-
lem by enforcing a series of cuts on
programme budgets, while bloating
the management. That is how you
arrive at the current mess on News-
night. I very much doubt the problem
is unique to that programme.
I had hoped that George might
stay to sort this out. It is a great pity
that a talented man has been sacri-
ced, while time-servers prosper.
Although Newsnight did not name
Lord McAlpine, the peer was quickly
smeared on the internet and felt
forced to issue a rebuttal.
Steve Messham, who made the
claims, later admitted he was mis-
taken in identifying the Tory peer as
his abuser.
The BBC was criticised for running
the programme and Entwistle
attempted to defend the actions yes-
terday. However, a series of bruising
interviews ended with a disastrous
encounter with John Humphrys on
the Today programme where he
admitted he had not seen Newsnight
before it was broadcast.
He also said he was unaware that
newspaper reports had disproved the
claims on Friday.
Respected BBC journalist
Jonathan Dimbleby warned after the
Radio 4 interview: I fear the public
will feel the BBC is like a rudderless
ship heading towards the rocks and I
very much hope that someone seizes
the helm quickly.
David Mellor, the former Cabinet
minister with responsibility for the
BBC, said: I feel so disillusioned that
such a man can rise without trace to
be director general.
He came across as so out of touch,
it made me think Winnie the Pooh
would have been more effective.
Mr Mellor added shortly before the
resignation: Entwistle lacks credi-
bility and he should go as soon as
possible. I will be amazed if he is still
there at the end of the week.
Entwistle announced his resigna-
tion from the 450,000-a-year post,
which he ofcially stepped into in
September, outside New Broadcast-
ing House, London. It was his sons
18th birthday.
Speaking alongside chairman of
the BBC Trust Lord Patten, he said
his move to step down was the hon-
ourable thing to do.
He explained: In the light of the
fact that the director general is also
the editor-in-chief and ultimately
responsible for all content, and in the
light of the unacceptable journalistic
standards of the Newsnight lm
broadcast on Friday, November 2, I
have decided that the honourable
thing to do is to step down from the
post of director general.
When appointed to the role, with
23 years experience as a producer
and leader at the BBC, I was con-
dent the Trustees had chosen the
best candidate for the post, and the
right person to tackle the challenges
and opportunities ahead.
However, the wholly exceptional
events of the past few weeks have led
me to conclude that the BBC should
appoint a new leader. To have been
the director general of the BBC, even
for a short period, and in the most
challenging of circumstances, has
been a great honour.
While there is understandable
public concern over a number of
issues well covered in the media,
which Im condent will be addressed
by the Review process, we must not
lose sight of the fact that the BBC is
full of people of the greatest talent
and the highest integrity. Thats what
will continue to make it the nest
broadcaster in the world.
Lord Patten said it was one of the
saddest evenings of his public life.
He added: At the heart of the BBC is
its role as a trusted global news
As the editor-in-chief of that news
organisation George has very hon-
ourably offered us his resignation
because of the unacceptable mis-
takes, the unacceptable shoddy jour-
nalism, which has caused us so much
He has behaved as editor with
huge honour and courage and would
that the rest of the world always
behaved the same.
Maria Miller, Secretary of State for
Culture, Media and Sport, said of the
resignation: Its a regrettable situa-
tion, but the right decision.
It is vital that credibility and pub-
lic trust in this important national
institution are restored. It is now cru-
cial that the BBC puts the systems in
place to ensure it can make rst-class
news and current affairs pro-
It has emerged that a cursory trawl
through the BBCs own websites
would have alerted Newsnight jour-
nalists that their prime source for the
allegations had been the subject of
two police prosecutions. He was later
acquitted but a key question for the
internal inquiry will be whether jour-
nalists carried out basic routine
checks on Mr Messham and, if so,
should the report have mentioned his
court appearances.
Mr Messham told the Sunday
Express: When I saw a picture of
Lord McAlpine for the rst time on
Friday, I was mortied.
I got straight on the phone and
phoned the BBC, NCA [National
Crime Agency], my lawyers and told
them it wasnt the right man. Im not
having someone prosecuted who
does not deserve it.
He certainly did not abuse me and
although I did not name him on the
programme I still offer my sincere
apologies because its so wrong.
The Bureau of Investigative Jour-
nalism said it would meet its editor
Iain Overton to discuss the asco and
hinted at possible repercussions
against those involved with the News-
night feature.
Former Labour Culture Secretary
and BBC employee Ben Bradshaw
MP tweeted: The departure of
George Entwistle is a dreadful injus-
tice and a terrible mistake.
The director general had responsi-
bility for all BBC services across tel-
evision, radio and online, and a global
workforce of 20,000. Enwistle joined
the Corporation in 1989 as a broad-
cast journalism trainee.
He will be replaced by Tim Davie,
BBC director of Audio and Music,
until a permanent director general is
Mr Davie had been due to take up
the post of Chief Executive Ofcer of
BBC Worldwide on December 1.
Newsnights cancelled probe into Savile led to awed allegation
ACCUSER: Steve Messham SEX BEAST: Jimmy Savile
FORMER director general
George Entwistle resigned 38
days after ITV broadcast its
documentary, The Other Side of
Jimmy Savile, last month,
sparking a child abuse scandal
which rocked the BBC to its core.
The Corporation had originally
planned a Newsnight expose on
Savile to be broadcast last
Christmas, but it was dropped
instead for a show that
celebrated the disgraced
presenters life.
Within eight days of the ITV
broadcast on October 3, Entwistle
had ordered an investigation into
why the Newsnight programme, of
which he had once been editor,
had been dropped. He also
announced a departmental
investigation into the BBCs child
protection policy and the culture
within the Corporation that
apparently allowed Savile to
abuse with impunity.
The BBCs agship current
affairs programme, Panorama,
broadcast a special episode into
the Savile affair on October 22 but
Entwistle declined to be
interviewed. He cited legal advice
and told BBC senior management
to co-operate only with the police,
the BBCs internal investigations
and Parliament. The next day
Entwistle appeared before the
House of Commons Culture,
Media and Sport Committee to
face criticism over the BBCs
handling of the crisis.
Ten days later on November 2
Newsnight broadcast an interview
with abuse victim Steve Messham
that falsely led to Tory peer Lord
McAlpine being implicated in
child abuse. A week after the show
was aired Mr Messham admitted
he had wrongly identied Lord
McAlpine as his abuser.
Yesterday on Radio 4s Today
programme Entwistle admitted
being unaware of the Newsnight
report, before later resigning.
The honourable
thing to do
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 7
Scholleld l
over 'lunl`
Phil Schoeld
has, unusually,
had nothing to
say about his
ambush of
David Cameron
How Humhry
kewered hl bo
Here are some of the key
moments from yesterday
mornings Radio 4 broadcast:
Entwistle: What happened is
completely unacceptable. My
view is the lm should not have
gone out as John
Whittingdale says the key here
is to understand exactly what
happened before we leap to
Humphrys: Once again we are
shutting the stable door after the
horse has bolted. Why didnt you
ask those questions before the lm
went out?
Entwistle: Well, not every lm
and not every piece of
journalism made inside the BBC
is referred to the
Humphrys: But you must have
known what happened because a
tweet was put out 24 hours
beforehand telling the world that
something was going to happen on
Entwistle: I didnt see that
tweet, John.
Humphrys: Isnt that extraordinary?
Entwistle: In the
light of
what has
here I wish this was referred to
me but it wasnt. I found out
about the lm the following day.
Humphrys: So there is no natural
curiosity. You wait for somebody to
come along to you and say Excuse
me, director general, but this is
happening and you may be
interested? You dont look for
yourself, you dont do what
everybody else in the country does,
read newspapers, listen to
everything thats going on and say
Whats happening here?
Entwistle: I am doing the
right things to try and put this
stuff straight. I am accountable
to the Trust in that endeavour.
If they do not feel I am doing
the right things, then obviously
I will be bound by their
Humphrys: Does it not surprise
you that nobody actually showed
Mr Messham a picture of
Lord McAlpine and said, umm, was
this the man?
Entwistle: Well, John,
I think there are a
number of
Humphrys: Well,
does that surprise
you? Put aside
all other things,
that is so
Mr Entwistle
evaded the
saying he
hoped Ken
BBC Scotland
director, would
nd the answer
to that and other
TV PRESENTER Phillip Schoeld
was under pressure last night
following complaints by more
than 200 viewers after he handed
David Cameron a list of alleged
paedophiles on TV show This
The host remained at his home
and was unusually quiet on
Twitter as the furore refused to
go away.
A woman who spoke through
the letterbox of his home said:
Hes got nothing to say.
Ofcom is considering whether to
carry out an investigation after
Thursday mornings incident. The
list was briey exposed on screen.
The presenter was later forced to
Criminal justice minister
Damian Green, speaking on BBC1
Question Time, branded it a
tasteless and silly stunt.
Conservative MP Rob Wilson
said ITV had a duty to warn
individuals in advance of
onscreen accusations.
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8 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
A new lolllo lady!
lorgotten heroes
honoured ut lust
By Hilary Douglas
By Marco Giannangeli
From the
left, Warrant
and Arthur
Flt Lt Gordon
Mellor, Wing
John Bell,
Flt Lt George
Dunn and
Harry Irons
and Dave
WHEN parents asked for a
lollipop lady to protect children
on a busy road they were
horried to be told it would cost
virtually 50,000 to organise.
On top of that there would be
an 8,342 fee to run the patrol
every year, despite the fact
that the annual salary for the
lollipop lady is less than 4,000.
Sarah Case, whose son Fraser,
ve, attends Tollesbury primary
school in Essex, said: It is
utterly ridiculous.
There is a school in St Neots,
in our neighbouring county of
Cambridgeshire, which has also
organised its own crossing.
There the council is only
charging 4,000 a year, which
puts our lot to shame.
Essex County Council insists
there is not enough trafc to
justify a crossing, but parents
say huge lorries going to and
from a business park make the
road very dangerous.
They and the schools
governors decided to raise funds
to open a crossing themselves.
At rst they were told a crossing
patrol might cost 18,000. We
reckoned we could make that
gure, said Sarah, but then a
new councillor announced that it
would cost us 46,842 to set up
and 8,342 a year to run.
Council ofcials say it would
cost 15,000 for infrastructure,
namely ashing warning signs,
xed signs, yellow lines on the
road and adjustments to the
pavement, barriers or road
layout. It then factored in a
further 15,000 for taking it all
away if parents stopped paying
for the crossing.
First, however, they wanted a
safety audit. This would include
a review of speed, trafc,
footfall and accident data and
cost 2,000. Next, they estimated
3,000 in recruitment costs,
although the local newspaper
charges just 599 for a typical
school advertisement, leaving
AFTER almost 70 years the heroes
of Bomber Command were
honoured for the rst time at last
nights Royal British Legions
Festival of Remembrance.
Looking frail but beaming with
pride, seven veterans of the Sec-
ond World War missions that took
the lives of 55,527 young men
walked on to the stage at the Royal
Albert Hall to a standing ovation
from an audience that included
the Queen and Prince Philip.
Of the seven, Wing Commander
John Bell, Flight Lieutenant
George Dunn and Warrant Ofcer
Harry Irons hold the Distinguished
Flying Cross.
Flt Lt Gordon Mellor and WO
John Baneld MBE were shot
down. Mr Mellor was passed by
resistance groups to Spain before
returning to Britain. Mr Baneld
escaped his burning plane by
jumping out of a shell hole but
was captured.
Its been such a special
day, said Dave Fellowes,
88, a rear gunner who sur-
vived a mid-air collision
with another Lancaster.
All the crew in the other
plane died.
It was one of the proudest
moments of my life. However, I
cant help but think of the count-
less others who didnt make it this
far. The annual gala, organised by
the Royal British Legion, pays
tribute to Britains war heroes with
a full service and staged events.
Special guests last night included
Rod Stewart, Alexandra Burke,
Russell Watson, Jonjo Kerr
and the Military Wives.
It has been a historic
year for the men of
Bomber Command. Their
memorial was unveiled in
Londons Green Park after a
ve-year struggle to raise
funds. Express Newspapers chair-
man Richard Desmond and read-
ers contributed 1million of the
8million cost of building it. Last
week it was named Londons top
tourist attraction by online travel
site Trip Advisor.
A million pounds is needed to
ensure the site is maintained in
perpetuity. The Bomber Command
Association hopes funds from the
book, The Bomber Command
Memorial: We Will Remember
Them, will help cover this bill.
It will be published on Novem-
ber 22, price 19.95; 10 per book
goes to the fund. To order, call the
Bomber Command Memorial book
phone line on 01763 802018. More
details are available at ghting-
\eleran dle
'a hay man`
THE daughter of a Bomber Command
veteran who died last week has praised
the Sunday Express for reuniting her
father with the only surviving member of
his Halifax bomber crew.
Jim Hunt, 92, ew from Brisbane,
Australia, to meet John OReilly Sykes,
89, at the unveiling of the Bomber
Command Memorial in London in June.
Readers were told how, when the pair
nally embraced after 70 years apart,
they said: We are blood brothers. Jims
daughter, Linda, said: We thank the
Sunday Express for making my father
the happiest man in his nal weeks.
REUNITED: Jim, right, with John in June
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 9
Thal`ll be L10,000...
Churles in tribute
to Austruliu deud
By Camilla Tominey
SOMBRE: Prince Charles
and Camilla at the
Australian War Memorial
in Canberra yesterday
DANGER: Pupils at the primary school have to cross a busy road
Scotts View
just a Criminal Records Bureau
check, which costs up to 44.
Then theres 150 for a
uniform, 200 training, 500
expenses and 4,500 redundancy
costs, along with unspecied
annual management costs of
more than 2,500.
Councillor Derrick Louis
said: While I sympathise with
parents regarding the costs,
they represent the true nancial
commitment required for this
type of activity.
Someone ordered the solid
gold lollipop sign by mistake!
Duchess of Cornwall visited the
Australian War Memorial in
Canberra before leaving the
country to continue their
Diamond Jubilee tour in New
Zealand today.
The Prince laid a wreath at
the war memorial in the capital
yesterday before signing the
visitors book for Remembrance
More than 100,000 service
personnel have died serving
Australia since the First World
War. Relatives and friends have
remembered their fallen loved
ones with a poppy placed next to
their name on the plaques.
Earlier the couple attended
a ceremony with Australian
Prime Minister Julia Gillard
where a road in Canberra was
renamed in honour of the Queen.
Ms Gillard said: As Canberra
prepares for its centenary it is
tting that the Queens life of
duty is given recognition here in
our nations heart, and her
wisdom and dignity are
honoured among the people she
has so faithfully served.
The couple ended the
Australian leg of their tour
saying they were leaving the
country with great sadness.
They later arrived in New
Zealand to be greeted with pomp
and ceremony for the nal leg of
their tour, which has also taken
in Papua New Guinea.
They were met at Royal New
Zealand Air Force Base
Whenuapai, near Auckland, by
the prime minister John Key and
his wife Bronagh, where the
Prince received a royal salute.
10 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
ring on
says lirsI
The Reverend
Angela Berners-
Wilson says the
Anglican Church
will be a laughing
stock if it does
not modernise
and, inset, her
rst service as
an ordained vicar
Dawn Frenchs Vicar Of Dibley helped to
normalise the idea of women in dog collars
LTHOUGH her father was a
priest the Reverend Angela
Berners-Wilson says she did
not feel a calling herself until
her university years. My
school headmistress must have
seen something in me that I wasnt aware of
myself, she says. It was she who suggested
that I study theology. I remember thinking,
Thats a funny subject for a girl.
Following her degree at St Andrews
Berners-Wilson went to Theology College
and in 1979 was ordained as a deaconess,
the highest position in the Church then
open to women. Eight years later women
were permitted to the lower rungs of
deaconry but even so she felt her calling
remained unfullled.
I felt called to be a priest, says Berners-
Wilson, 58, now the Senior Chaplain and
ecumenical team leader at the University of
Bath and a Prebendary at Wells Cathedral.
As a deacon youre called Reverend and
you wear the collar. Your ordinary person
in the street might not know the difference
between that and a priest and think we were
the real McCoy but we werent. As a deacon
you couldnt celebrate the Eucharist, which
is the central act of worship in the Church,
and you couldnt give the Blessing and you
couldnt give the Absolution. You could never
be in charge of your own parish.
Feeling this frustration and having been
active within the Movement For The
Ordination Of Women since its beginnings
in 1978, Berners-Wilson had a lot invested in
the outcome of the General Synod vote on
November 11, 1992. For the motion to be
passed it needed a two-thirds majority in
each of the Synods three houses, Bishops,
Clergy and Laity.
It was amazing, she says. We were
all on tenterhooks. There were a lot of
supporters outside Church House where the
Synod was meeting. There was an outside
broadcast screen so we could see it live in
Deans Court. I remember when George
Carey [then the Archbishop of Canterbury]
read out the results. It took us a minute to do
the calculations and then this whoop went up
when we realised that it had gone through.
Women priests remained a divisive issue
and celebrations couldnt be too overt. Even
at that time we were sensitive to the feelings
of those who we knew would be unhappy
about it. At the time I was Senior Anglican
Chaplain at the University of Bristol and
a member of our congregation was on the
Synod in the House of Laity. I went to give
her a hug but she said: Angela, dont be too
jubilant. Theres someone behind me who
was on the opposition and is really upset.
However, it was a very special day.
Following the vote there was a wait of
nearly 16 months before the rst 32 women
priests were ordained in Bristol Cathedral
on March 12, 1994.
By alphabetical accident, Berners-Wilson
was rst in line but is careful to say that she
doesnt consider the ordination process to
have been completed until the nal Amen
was said: We were all the rst. The next
day she celebrated the Eucharist at her
church of St Pauls, Clifton, the usual
congregation of 80 swelled to nearly 300
for the occasion.
Berners-Wilson says she was lucky to
have a parish supportive to the idea of
women priests, although she does recall one
professor who would cross the road when he
saw me coming so he didnt have to walk on
the same bit of pavement as me. I generally
had a very positive experience but not
everybody did.
One London-based deaconess friend had
her hand bitten at the altar and required
stitches. A lot has changed in the past two
decades though. There are still pockets
of resistance but seeing a woman in a dog
collar is no longer unusual and there are
more women in senior positions. The Dean
of Salisbury is a woman and so is the
about-to-be Dean of York.
Berners-Wilson considers Dawn Frenchs
enduringly popular sitcom The Vicar Of
Dibley to have played a large part in this
mellowing of attitudes. I think she did us a
lot of favours, she says.
Not just by normalising the idea of women
in dog collars but for the clergy in general.
Her character in the Vicar Of Dibley was a
spunky woman. Before that the clergy were
made out to be wimps on television like
Derek Nimmo in that Sixties sitcom All
Gas And Gaiters.
HE IS hopeful for the forthcoming
General Synod vote on women
bishops later this month especially
since the new Archbishop
of Canterbury, Justin Welby,
is in favour. Unwilling to make
any predictions yet, she says: I really dont
know how it will go. Its really too close
to call. All the pundits in America were
wrong about the election being so close
though, so ngers crossed. Lets hope its
the same with the bishops.
I think the Church will lose a huge
amount of credibility if it doesnt get
through. We are in the 21st century now.
Its not that the world should dictate the
Churchs agenda but I think it would do so
much harm if it didnt get through. We would
be a laughing stock.
For Angela Berners-Wilson the most
important thing is not to prevent anyone
fullling their calling. She concludes: Lets
just get on with it and do it so we can
continue with what our real mission is about.
All people hear about the Church now
is women bishops and gay marriage,
rather than what we are really here for
which is to proclaim the Gospel and Gods
love to everybody.
Today marks 20 years exactly
since the Church of Englands
General Synod voted to allow
the ordination of woman
priests. CLARE HEAL speaks
to Rev Angela Berners-Wilson,
the rst female to be ordained
following that decision
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 11
Trlbule our ln
lor lhree dead
ln crah horror
8cundul of bubies
born drug uddicts
By Matthew Davis
By Camilla Tominey
TRIBUTES have been paid
to three young men who died
after their car collided with
an articulated lorry on a busy
dual carriageway.
A fourth man is critical but
stable following the crash on
the A10 in Hertfordshire
between the Turnford and
Hoddesdon junctions on Fri-
day. All are in their late teens
or early 20s.
The accident happened on
the northbound carriageway
at around 2.15pm when a
Vauxhall Corsa collided with
the Mercedes lorry.
Ashley Jones, 19, of Can-
vey Island, Essex, and Harry
Ferrand, 17, and Jack Boy-
ton, also 17, both from
Eneld, north London, were
killed instantly while a third
passenger, Liam Bradshaw,
had serious injuries. The
lorry driver was not hurt.
East of England Ambu-
lance Service NHS Trust
spokesman Gary Sanderson,
who was at the scene, said:
Our thoughts are rmly
with all of the families of the
men involved in this tragic
incident. Following a rapid
scene assessment by paramedics, three
men were pronounced dead shortly
after. A fourth man, who was seriously
injured, was treated by land and air
ambulance crews before he was own
to the Royal London Hospital in
Whitechapel for further
care. The road was closed
in both directions while
emergency services worked
at the scene. A Facebook site
has been set up in tribute to
the crash victims and has
been ooded with messages.
One read: Sleep tight,
boys, youll be dearly missed.
We all love you. Others
prayed for the remaining
man in hospital to keep
Jacks friend Harry Turner
wrote: RIP Jack, you were
such a lovely kid, some
fantastic holidays and child-
hood memories. My thoughts
are with your mum and sis-
ter. You were far too young to
be taken! Rest peacefully.
Ashleys sister Naomi
wrote: Gonna miss snug-
gling up to you on the sofa.
You were always so protec-
tive over me. Know you can
always protect me from up
above, my guardian angel.
Harry, Jack and Liam were
like brothers to me. I keep
thinking its all not happen-
ing. Friend Lacey Grover
wrote: Sleep tight, boys.
Youre all in a better place,
looking over everyone you all
loved. Rest in peace. And keep ghting,
Sergeant Colin Jenkinson of Hert-
fordshire Police said: We are appealing
for anyone who may have witnessed the
incident to get in contact.
ALMOST 100 babies are born every month
suffering withdrawal symptoms because of
their junkie mothers drug addictions.
Figures released by the NHS show that in
the past ve years a total of 5,424 babies have
had to immediately go cold turkey.
They had become addicted in the womb
because their mothers had continued taking
drugs throughout their pregnancy. The most
common addiction drug was found to be
Doctors say the classic symptoms of a
newly-born baby trying to come off drugs are
loud high-pitched crying, sweating and stom-
ach upsets.
The babies often need specialised care in
hospital before they can be allowed home and
on occasions are taken from the mother and
placed in care.
The North West Strategic Health Authority
area, which covers Liverpool and Manchester,
has the highest number of addict mothers,
with 302 giving birth in a year.
It is followed by the West Midlands with 300
births and Yorkshire and the Humber with 282.
The South Central zone, covering the area
from Oxfordshire to the Isle of Wight, has the
lowest rate, just 48.
Other drugs taken by mothers which affect
newborn babies are alcohol, which can cause
long-term health problems, and cannabis.
Separate data shows there are around 100
births every year to alcohol-addicted mothers,
who run the risk of their children suffering
from foetal alcohol syndrome, which causes
lifelong mental and physical defects.
In the US the problem of drug-addicted
babies was highlighted by a television station
that found almost half the infants in the
intensive care unit at a hospital in Knoxville,
Tennessee, were being weaned off drugs.
Many mothers were addicted to opiate-based
prescription painkillers such as Vicodin.
A nurse in Knoxville told the TV investiga-
tors: I know people probably think I
exaggerate when I say these babies have this
very fearful look in their eyes, well they do.
When I began my career a withdrawal baby
would come along only once in a while, but
now they come in every day. A spokesman for
DrugScope, a charity that works with health
professionals in drug and alcohol treatment,
said: With proper care from nursing staff,
midwives, health visitors and GPs, the care of
babies born to mothers with a drug problem is
usually easily managed and most babies
recover in time.
All the evidence suggests that most infants
affected by drug withdrawal symptoms
achieve normal growth and development
around six months and suffer no long-term
harm if cared for properly.
The situation with alcohol can potentially
be more serious with the development of foetal
alcohol syndrome where there can be more
long-term implications for healthy growth and
A Department of Health spokesman said:
To help give babies born to addicted mothers
the best possible start in life Nice has issued
guidance to the NHS which gives advice on
pregnancy and complex social factors
including drug use and its potential conse-
quences so healthcare workers in Family
Nurse Partnerships are equipped to work with
vulnerable families.
SHE may be fth in line to the throne but even
Princess Beatrice has to make a living.
The 24-year-old royal showed she can be
just like the rest of us last week by popping
out from her London ofce to pick up a
sandwich for lunch from Marks & Spencer.
Wrapped up against the cold in a brown
duffel coat, Bea was inconspicuous as she
joined two female colleagues for the takeaway
lunch before returning to work at Cabot
Square Capital.
The Princess, who graduated from
Goldsmiths University with a 2:1 in history
and the history of ideas last year, has just
started working for the venture capitalist rm
based near Marble Arch.
Beu nips for u
surnie ut M&8
By Camilla Tominey ROYAL EDITOR
Picture: ENIGMA
KILLED: Ashley
12 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 13
By Kirsty Buchanan
Europe is nished and the Brics are
so last year... so where in the world
should we be going to save UK PLC?
INISTERS today face
calls to create a new
strategy to help strug-
gling British businesses
lock into lucrative new
markets across the
world. With the eurozone crisis
deepening and growth in the so-
called Bric (Brazil, Russia, India and
China) countries slowing, the Con-
federation of British Industry called
on the Coalition to champion leading
UK sectors within the next genera-
tion of nations tipped for economic
supremacy in the 21st century.
An estimated 30billion worth of
new trade could be unlocked by forg-
ing links with emerging markets
from Mexico to Indonesia and Tur-
key. Frontier markets in democratic
African states and even the Middle
East could also offer fresh hope to
the struggling British economy.
The CBI said ministers should
champion Britains automotive and
aerospace companies along with our
chemical and pharmaceutical rms
and our creative industries.
Katja Hall, CBI chief policy direc-
tor, said: Ofcial data has recently
shown more rms are dipping their
toes into emerging markets but
there is scope to make ever bigger
inroads. It is critical the Govern-
ment develops a coherent industrial
strategy which could deliver a 30bil-
lion export boost by 2020.
The Government has come under
re for being over-reliant on exports
to the European Union and slow to
cash in on the booming Bric coun-
tries. However, in 2012 Britain turned
a corner and, for the rst time in 40
years, ofcial gures show that more
British goods are being exported to
non-EU countries than to member
states. At the same time the Bric
countries are beginning to show
signs of succumbing to the after-
shocks of the 2008 credit crunch.
Brazil is forecast to grow by just
1.7 per cent this year as high ina-
tion and soaring wages take their
toll. India is underperforming and
even China has been forced to down-
grade its growth forecasts, albeit to
a still enviable 7.8 per cent.
This puts pressure on the Depart-
ment for Business, Innovation and
Skills not to drag its feet on locking
into new emerging markets ripe for
UK export which could take up the
slack from slowing Bric economies.
Jim ONeill, chairman of Goldman
Sachs Asset Management, coined
the term Brics a decade ago and
believes these countries remain key
players. However, they are no longer
the only game in town. Last year, in
his book The Growth Map, he named
the Next Eleven as Bangladesh,
Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, South Korea,
Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Phil-
ippines, Turkey and Vietnam.
Philip Booth, programme director
of the Institute of Economic Affairs,
said the riots on the streets of Greece
last week were a painful reminder
the EU was no longer a safe option.
The level of indebtedness in
many European countries is such
that you can imagine a Greek situa-
tion occurring in many European
countries, bar Germany and a hand-
ful of northern European states. Few
European countries are completely
safe from that, he said.
However, the problem is many of
the new emerging markets are very
diverse. The thing with the Brics is
they were very large. India and
China, for example, together made
up a third of the worlds population,
whereas many of the new emerging
markets may be spread across
smaller countries.
That makes things very useful
for a portfolio investor but less
helpful for a small manufacturing
company considering investment on
one site.
OWEVER, the political
realities make some coun-
tries more primed for
canny British businesses
than others. While Iran is
clearly out of the running
and increasing political turmoil in
Egypt, Nigeria and Pakistan raises
doubts, experts suggest long-term
growth and political stability is
achievable elsewhere.
Mexico was hard hit in 2008 but
Latin Americas second largest
economy is now on the rise. It saw
strong four per cent growth last year
and is on course for a similar result
in 2012. It is grabbing some of
Beijings market share in America
as rising labour costs in China close
the wage gap between the two
High oil prices are boosting
Mexicos public nances and foreign
investment reform is promised. This
relative wealth has seen a stampede
of investment from the car industry,
with Ford, Nissan, VW and General
Motors helping to pour nearly
4billion into Mexico in two years.
If the economy does not overheat,
and for some that remains a big if,
there is a booming consumer sector
waiting to be tapped into. Credit lev-
els are low in Mexico and GDP per
head is 10 times that of India. Con-
sumer credit is expanding at 19 per
cent a year and retail sales are up to
pre-crisis levels as the domestic
economy starts to rev its engines.
Some warn Mexicos growth
shows signs of volatility and say
Chile may prove a smarter long-
term bet.
During the Asian nancial crisis
of the late Nineties, Indonesia and
the Philippines were bailed out by
the International Monetary Fund.
By 2011 both countries were get-
ting credit upgrades from the rat-
ings agencies and in 2012 they came
of age, each repaying 600million
into the IMF pot. With strong growth
and fast rising household incomes
they are the new Asian Tigers.
While Chinas one-child policy
introduced in 1979 is a demographic
time bomb, (its working age popula-
tion will peak in four years), the Phil-
ippines working-age population will
continue to rise right up to 2050.
The Philippines and Indonesia
both have stable elected govern-
ments, solid banking systems,
enviable decits and strong enough
reserves to withstand a run on their
currency. Both also support a
growing middle class keen to spend
on new cars and white goods.
While much of the African conti-
nent remains bedevilled by corrup-
tion, autocratic rule and poverty,
multi-party democratic stability and
rising consumerism are making
some of its states the new frontier
for British business.
Ghana is seen by many as among
the most politically stable prospects
for consumer-related sectors to
target its relatively young popula-
tion of more than 20 million. Offshore
oil production began in 2010, push-
ing growth the following year to an
impressive 14 per cent. Its newfound
wealth presents opportunities for
Britains nancial sector to invest in
a major infrastructure roll-out.
LOSER to home, Turkey
is hotly tipped after years
of structural and political
reform which has opened
the door to foreign inves-
tors. While heavy trade in
Europe has kept growth modest, the
Middle East remains a key trading
partner for Turkey making this a
crucial gateway nation if the Arab
Spring eventually brings political
stability to the region.
Its potential has already been
spotted by AkzoNobel, the worlds
largest paints and coatings company
and home to iconic brands Dulux,
Cuprinol and Polycell. It has ve fac-
tories and almost 900 staff in Turkey
to cash in on 1.6billion paint and
coatings industry. This grew more
than 15 per cent last year, twice the
rate of the countrys economy.
Sucheta Govil, AkzoNobel global
director of marketing, said: Akzo-
Nobel recognises the potential of
emerging markets with unstaked
consumer potential.
Picture: ALAMY
14 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Lack ol dala cover
u lmacl ol queeze
By Geraint Jones
SUPPORT: Amanda Sumner now volunteers and raises cash for Mind
A HAZE of bureaucracy is stopping
mental health campaigners from
developing a national picture of cuts
to frontline care services.
Charities have been nding it
difcult to establish how widespread
the cuts are and the impact they are
having because ofcial spending
data in the NHS and within local
authorities is not easily available.
It means they have been unable to
develop fully effective campaigns
that would ensure mental health
patients are getting proper care.
Social care budget data is so poor
and so random that campaigners
have had to resort to Freedom of
Information requests. Even then the
numbers are inconsistent, unreliable
and unclear. Campaigners from the
Rethink Mental Illness charity say
while the Government consults
organisations about decisions and
changes, they are then ignored and
barred from monitoring outcomes.
It produced a report earlier this
year urging ministers to improve
its transparency agenda.
Antonia Borneo, of Rethink,
told the Sunday Express Crusade
for Better Mental Health the
Government had responded
well to the criticism and a new
working group with top civil
servants had been set up to develop
new standards.
She said: We were shocked by the
inability to get hold of the numbers.
Combat Stress, the
veterans mental health
charity, can be contacted
24 hours on 0800 138 1619,
SANEline is on 0845 767
8000 between 6pm and
11pm. sane.org.uk
MIND infoline is on 0300
123 3393, Monday to Friday,
9am and 6pm. mind.org.uk

FOR 11 years a mental health charity
thrived, providing a lifeline for many
people and earning positive feedback
from its paymasters at the local author-
ity and NHS.
Two and a half years ago came the
bombshell. Its application for funding
was rejected and the Wiltshire branch
of Mind faced crisis.
The charity limped along and had to
draw on limited reserves to carry on
helping an increasing number of peo-
ple in need of its services.
By the summer it could not continue
and it announced the branch was to
close before the end of the year.
More than 100 people rely on the
charity but the trustees realised that
there was no choice.
Then came a lifeline. An anonymous
donor gave 50,000, which has given
the charity vital breathing space to
streamline its operation and produce a
blueprint for survival.
It has had to close half its centres
and lay off half its part-time staff but at
least it can continue.
One person who can vouch for the
effectiveness of Wiltshire Mind is
Amanda Sumner. She began to develop
problems after she and her husband
moved from London to Chippenham
three years ago and she was diagnosed
with severe depression.
I was advised to try Wiltshire Mind
and rst went a few weeks before they
lost their funding, she said. Just to
walk through the door and meet people
who did not judge you was an enor-
mous help.
Mrs Sumner, 55, is now client, volun-
teer and fund-raiser for Mind and
recently secured part-time voluntary
work at an Oxford charity bookshop.
She went on: I am one of the lucky
ones who will be able to continue to
use their service as I can drive and I
am now able to use public transport.
The charitys general manager Car-
olyn Long said dozens of other clients
would have to look elsewhere for help
and she feared many would fail to nd
it. There has been a lot of heart-
searching over how we produce a serv-
ice that has a chance of continuing
while minimising the effect on our
clients. Unfortunately we cannot afford
to provide the service we once did, so
we will lose some of the people we used
to help. Often these people are lonely
and struggling with issues. Our serv-
ice is a chance for them to nd people
with similar problems and consult
experts. Some will nd other help but I
fear others will not.
Wiltshire Mind offers counselling,
runs a number of drop-in centres and
organises group events for people suf-
fering from mental illness including
depression, stress, anxiety and low
The irony is that the economic crisis
is creating more mentally vulnerable
people in need of the charitys services
while at the same time causing the
squeeze on funding.
Ms Long said: We have been help-
ing around 100 people with mental
health problems and the numbers
keep rising, especially in recent times.
Last year the numbers increased by
12 per cent.
We used to run eight centres around
north Wiltshire, now we will be run-
ning four. We are also in effect out-
sourcing the counselling service we
offer and are having to increase the
charge for it from 10 to 15 a session.
Clients who used to have a service
in their locality will have to travel fur-
ther to reach us and that is going to be
very difcult as many nd it impossi-
ble to use public transport.
The 50,000 donation provides much-
needed breathing space but does not
ensure the survival of Wiltshire Mind.
Ms Long said: We face a lot of hard
work if we are to come up with a for-
mula to allow us to continue long term
but we are all optimistic that we can do
When we lost our funding all the
staff wanted to continue because they
believed in the service we offer. Now
we are working to recruit extra trus-
tees to bring in nancial, legal and
clinical expertise which will help us to
work with the money available.
It will not be easy and it will be a
reduced service but at least we will
still be here helping as many people
with mental illness as we can.
Churity wus there
for me, but mentul
heulth cuts will
cuuse suffering
Picture: SWNS
Want to save on
car insurance?
Up to 75% no claim discount
Courtesy car included
as standard
(excludes third party only policies)
Nationwide Building Society acts as an Introducer to Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited for Car insurance. Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited and
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Provided by Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited.
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 15
16 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Follow me on twitter: @helly2
Paltrow plays it cool
Making the transition between Belsize Park in North London to
Brentwood in California has not been without tension for
GWYNETH PALTROW and her Devon-born hubby CHRIS MARTIN.
The couple moved to the States in the summer so that
Gwynnie could be near her mother but rumours are bubbling,
yet again, that their eight-year union has been under stress,
fuelled by chatter about a marital spat spilling over into the
street outside their new home.
Uprooting everything, including putting the children [Apple
and Moses] in a new school, has been tricky and it seems that,
yes, there have been problems, reports an actress who was
among a number of old friends invited to join Miss Paltrow for
a night out in Kensington when the star was here for a solo
visit last week.
The macrobiotic mum has previously admitted that not all has
been rosy with Chris, the Coldplay frontman who is ve years
her junior. Sometimes its hard being with someone for a long
time, she said. I think you do fall in and out of love and you
just keep going. I always say, life is long and you never know
whats going to happen.

Prince Charles is relieved that there has been
little foot-stamping from republicans during the
royal tour Down Under. He had been particularly
concerned at the prospect of his wife being criticised by
Australias pro-Diana sympathisers.
Just as well, then, that the couples visit is in its last
week, as the taxpayers of New Zealand and Australia
may not realise they are footing the bill for Camillas
hairdresser, who ew from London to join the tour so
that he could be on hand with his curling tongs every
Clarence House conrms that the travel and
accommodation charges for Hugh Green, the crimper
chosen by Camilla, are being footed by, as it quaintly
puts it the Realms. Mr Greens professional fees are
being settled by Charles.
Mind you, however high the bills, its worth it.
Camilla would have had been miffed had she not been
able to take Hugh, a chap who knows how to bring a
smile to her cheeks with a ick of his hairbrush.
She knows very well what suits her best, Hugh
has said in the past of his royal client. It must be
special, thats what people expect.
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 17
Read all Adams stories online at sundayexpress.co.uk/helliker
Read all Adams stories online at sundayexpress.co.uk/helliker

What an honour for the Queen
to be granted an audience
with Rod Stewart at last nights
Royal British Legion Festival Of
Remembrance at the Albert Hall.
After all, Her Majesty has probably
been longing for a chance to chat on
a subject of mutual interest: hair.
Its what I have in common with
the Queen, preens Rod. Both of us
have had more or less the same
hairstyle for the last 45 years. Well, if
you nd something that works for
you... for her its the carefully
organised shampoo and set; for me,
the tousled mop of spikes, equally
carefully organised, I should add.

As a supporter of the Heythrop Hunt, David
Cameron would have loved to have been at its
ball last night but he had to turn down his invitation.
This year it was hosted at the Oxfordshire farm of Mrs
Caroline Brooks, her son Charlie and his ame-haired
wife Rebekah, the former News International chief
awaiting trial on phone hacking charges. One snap of
the PM reminiscing with Rebekah over the times hes
enjoyed at her stable (thank you for...a fast,
unpredictable ride gushed one of his texts) would
have set back his image years . Tally ho! Or not.

The lanky Laurence Fox is spending
rather more time in bed than he
would like; and its got nothing to do with
the allure of his beguiling wife Billie
Piper. I learn that the amiable actor has
been diagnosed with scoliosis (curvature
of the spine). If it gets worse this painful
condition may require surgery.
Each day he has to struggle to commute
between the cottage in Sussex he shares
with Billie to the Duchess Theatre in the
West End, where hes starring in Our
Boys, a moving play about injured young
war veterans.
Laurence, 34, has been relying on an
osteopath and plenty of painkillers to get
him through the day. Ive even given my
pills names, he says, Ive just had two
Alices and one Frank. Frank is a real
As if a painful back were not enough,
Laurences patience is also being tried by
the attentions of a hypnotherapist who is
attempting to cure him of his smoking
habit. All she achieved last week was to
raise his blood pressure when she
whacked him with a 100 bill for a missed

HILE senior
Tories have been
quick to hurl
brickbats at
Nadine Dorries
for joining the
cast of Im A Celebrity... Get Me Out
of Here! I can disclose that far from
disappearing without telling anyone
in her party that she would be away
from Westminster for a month, Miss
Dorries insists she did so with the
knowledge of her effective boss in
the Government.
I sought and was granted
permission from the then Chief
Whip Andrew Mitchell, said
Nadine shortly before she entered
the strict purdah enforced by the
series ITV producers.
Yet, as ever with the mercurial
Merseyside-born MP, nothing is
quite that straightforward: last
night Mr Mitchell (who has since
been replaced as Chief Whip
following his Plebgate difculties)
told me that while he may have
agreed to her taking a month off:
Im happy to conrm that in this
case I did not give permission for
Nadine to travel to Australia for a
month to take part in a television
Whichever version of events is
correct, Nadines declaration has
come too late to save her from
being suspended by the Tories and
from the wrath of many of her
constituents in Mid-Bedfordshire.
Yet the feisty former nurse has
no doubt she is doing
the right thing,
justifying any
humiliation as
worthwhile because of the
audience. She said: The majority of
people dont look to Westminster
but they do surf the net, watch
popular TV and engage with reality
shows. If thats where people are
its where politicians need to be.
MPs are not popular so I dont
expect to be in there very long but
I hope I can make some people
understand that some of us have
very normal backgrounds.
I may have to eat a kangaroos
testicle but I will also get to talk a
lot and big-up Boris.
Nadine has another surprise up
her sleeve. Contrary to the rules on
personal items , she has a stash of
contraband that she has smuggled
in: poppies for all the contestants.
Dorrle whl u
new |ungle torm

What is the secret of Boris Johnsons
romantic allure? One foxy blonde who
has fallen under Boriss spell assures me its
his melliuous mastery of the Classics. She
nds the way he slips in the odd Ancient
Greek or Latin phrase to his conversation is
just so... hmm... darned seductive.
When I ponder his reputation as a clever
linguist with Mr Johnson as we chat at a
literary salon, he says that he longs for the
nation to embrace the tongues of our erudite
If I had my way, everyone would be
speaking Latin, declares Londons mayor,
who argues that although many may dismiss
its relevance today, Latin provides the
building blocks of every western language.
He rmly believes that perusing his primer
keeps his bonce zzing with vim.
Causam magnae linguae nostrae
amplectamur! booms Boris.
(Let us embrace the cause of our great
language, for those of you who did not read
Classics at Balliol).

A disappointment last
night for the 600 guests
such as Elizabeth Hurley and
Eva Herzigova (right) who
arrived at Sir Elton Johns
Grey Goose Winter Ball to
learn that the great man would
not be at his own party.
Elton decided his old
friend George Michael had
greater need of his help,
stepping in to perform at
the concerts in Australia
which have been
cancelled by George
after doctors told him
he needed complete
rest and post-
The former Wham!
singer announced that
he could not go through
with his tour, saying he
had been wrong to
think he could work
through the major
anxiety that has
plagued him since his
attack of pneumonia.
Luckily Eltons
partner David
Furnish, who
hosted the Aids
charity ball at
Battersea Power
Station, had someone
else to hold his hand as
co-host, conrmed bachelor
Kevin Spacey.

In her heyday she
was a temptress
whose duvet was
regularly rumpled by
lotharios such as
Laurence Olivier, Robert
Mitchum and Steven
Spielberg, but now Sarah
Miles is happily living in
a man-free zone at her
manor house in Sussex.
Since the death of her
husband, the playwright
Robert Bolt, Miss Miles
has not indulged in any
dalliances, preferring to
be sustained spiritually,
rather than romantically.
Instead she has founded
a club called Expanding
Heart Awareness, where
chums can join her for a
spot of meditation and
the occasional group hug.
I want people to be
healed, to feel secure in a
womb-like environment,
says the ditzy
septuagenarian actress,
who was nominated for
an Oscar for Ryans
Daughter. Thankfully
those who attend these
gatherings are not
required to follow Miss
Miless recipe for health
and happiness: the daily
consumption of a cup of
her own urine. The
essence of your life is in
your pee, she declares
with a satisfying slurp.

Its a sight that certain skittish
females fantasise about: Colin Firth
minus his trousers. The actor certainly
surprised hotel guests who chanced upon
him improperly dressed at the Savoy
where he was lming his latest movie,
Our budget meant we couldnt afford
to ask the hotel to shut down for a few
days, so we had to lm while normal hotel
life continued, the twinkle-eyed smoothie
told me at the premiere.
The scenes requiring me to be
incompletely dressed caused quite a few
raised eyebrows from people who didnt
realise what was going on.
There was one rather inebriated lady
whom I met, trouserless, in the revolving
door of the lobby. I decided to just brazen
it out, had a little chat with her and
moved on.
18 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
David Beckhams
brilliant sporting
career will soon
be at an end
as retirement
looms, but
what next for
the football
and fashion
icon? DANNY
at the options
open to one of
our most famous
and loved
The removal of
football from his
life could
destabilise his
WhaI luIure lor eckham
E COULD be an actor,
a politician or a
fashion designer and
few would bet against
David Beckham being
all three when his
glorious run as a footballer ends.
At 37, retirement is now more than
a nagging thought and the
commercial offers (never in short
supply) are reaching Himalayan
heights as the world senses the end
of a glittering sports career.
Beckham and his LA Galaxy
football team are still on target for
this years American Major League
Soccer title but is he likely to hang
his boots up at the end of the
season to concentrate on family,
charity work and business?
It would mark the end of a long,
illustrious journey that began with
Ridgway Rovers in an east London
park and rampaged through glory
days at Manchester United, Real
Madrid and countless inspirational
displays for England, 59 as captain.
Along the way he married a pop
star, became a role model, father,
fashion icon, Unicef ambassador
and Britains richest sportsman
with a value of 160million.
His 4million salary at LA Galaxy,
the highest in US soccer, is
dwarfed by his 21million annual
endorsements for high-line brands
Adidas, Sainsburys, Samsung and
perfume maker Coty so retirement
from playing the beautiful game
could be just the beginning.
The chances of Beckham
running a country pub or sitting in
a mud-spattered dug-out as he
learns the managerial trade in the
lower divisions are slim. Being
managed by entertainment guru
Simon Fullers XIX organisation,
which also looks after Jennifer
Lopez, Will Young, Lewis Hamilton
and Andy Murray, should also rule
out the risk of cutting ribbons at
supermarkets and DIY superstores.
Keeping football in his life will
be a survival essential and he has
already been sounded out as a
potential owner or consortium
leader to take over a franchise in
Montreal, or take control of the
New York Cosmos. It would suit
Beckham, who has the perfect
credentials to pull in powerful
sponsors and funding for any team
and has the technical expertise to
improve on eld performance.
Whatever he does next will have
massive box ofce appeal, says
Nigel Currie, sports marketing
director of Brand Rapport. He has
been managed cleverly so that a
myth, an enormous legend, has
built up around him.
His football has been a bit part
over the past few years and
although it is clearly his rst love,
he has already proved that he can
maintain and increase his prole
without sport. He is very
professional and competent. He
speaks well and knows the right
thing to say, which makes him even
more marketable. He is a safe bet
and will be highly sought-after, so
the potential is enormous.
Respected sports agent Jon
Holmes, who masterminded Gary
Linekers fortunes on and off the
eld and was part of the group that
guided Beckhams early career, is
convinced that his international
status is critical to his future.
He is very determined and
has made himself into a good
ambassadorial gure so he will
probably be thinking of things along
those lines, he says. He made a
strong contribution for the country
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 19
il he hangs u his booIs!
in promoting our ability to stage
events, and he was very prominent
before and during the Olympics,
which will serve him well.
Sponsorship expert Nigel Currie
adds: I expect he will stay in
America and that his management
team are already moving him into
the next area, be that lm, fashion
or music. Staying in the States
helps his UK prole because when
he does appear it is like a visit from
royalty. It takes away the chance
of him being photographed doing
something mundane like going
to the shops.
T ALSO ts neatly with his
wife Victorias blossoming
career in fashion design.
Posh showcased her 2013
collection at New York
Fashion Week in September
and transferring to Manhattan
would be a vital staging post on her
quest for international acclaim. The
38-year-old former Spice Girl is
understood to have viewed New
York properties and schools for
their sons Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 10,
Cruz, seven, and 16-month-old
daughter Harper.
As the deals pile up and the
bank balance continues to rise,
Beckham will have to cope with the
psychological hammer stroke of
ending his career. No amount of
wealth, red carpet invitations,
billboard posters or column inches
can compensate for the loss of a
sport that has fuelled his existence
for 25 years. The big question is
not what will he do next in terms of
endorsements but how would he ll
the void left by football? says Rick
Cotgreave, director of Mobius
Performance, which specialises in
helping elite athletes deal with the
end of sporting lives.
The removal of football from his
life could destabilise his happiness.
Some athletes take up to eight years
overcoming the sense of loss until
they discover something that lls
the gap.
Beckhams future happiness and
continued success may come from
a variety of sources and it is
unlikely that one single activity will
ever replace the all-consuming
excitement and reward that football
has given him. If he can ensure all
his needs are met though, he can
still escape the devastating sense of
loss that may come when he
decides to hang up his boots.
Beckham, whose life started in
a modest three-bedroom terrace
in Leytonstone, will need all his
legendary hard work and sense of
family to make sure his future
millions do not become millstones.
what a model of a man
he is displaying designer
underwear, with wife
Victoria Beckham, and
on the eld for his US
football team LA Galaxy
20 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 21
Two coo
LI00,000 to
Health wln
The Bluckpool glower
TWO lucky winners
scooped the 100,000
top prize on the Health
Lottery last night.
Both players
matched all ve
numbers in the draw,
with one ticket bought
in Rugeley,
Staffordshire, and the
other online.
They will receive
100,000 each.
Charities which have
beneted from the
Health Lottery include
Dementia UK, Mencap
and the Youth Sport
FULL: Unless you have prospects
THE best-loved seaside resort in Britain
could put up its No Vacancies signs to
stop attracting deadbeats, drunks and
drug addicts.
Blackpool councils leader calls it a
refuge for the dispossessed and says the
situation is so serious people should be
banned from moving to the town unless
they have a job or home there.
Councillor Simon Blackburn warns
that the popular holiday destination has
welcomed the dependency culture in
recent years. He has written to residents
saying he cannot stand by and let
Blackpool be seen as a hapless victim of
societys ills.
Mr Blackburn, 40, told them: Essen-
tially, we would be saying Blackpool is full
and if people are planning on moving
here, they need to think long and hard
about securing accommodation, a job and
means of entertaining themselves which
do not negatively impact on the wider
The councils Labour leader said
watching an episode of the Channel 4
series 999: Whats Your Emergency?,
which was lmed in the town, and having
to use public transport recently, had
brought home the towns problems.
His letter said: I am forced to wonder
therefore, at what point we accepted
that Blackpool was going to become a
refuge for the dispossessed and the
When did we simply accept that if peo-
ple turned up here with both profound
and enduring criminal records, major
social problems, housing issues or pov-
erty issues, we would scoop them up into
our bosom and seek to x them?
It becomes an issue when we are fuel-
ling a culture of dependency on the state,
a dependency we are struggling to afford
now, never mind in another 10 years
time. The father-of-three lives in the
resort and works part-time for a charity.
He has been the victim of street crime
and his house has been burgled.
Mr Blackburns comments have won
cross-party support. However, Jim Cul-
len, chief executive of Caritas Care in the
North-west, which runs the charity
Homeless in Blackpool, said: What are
we supposed to do? Are we supposed to
leave people in need?
By Eugene Henderson
Sealde chlel tell local 'we mut
kee deadbeat out ol our reort`
22 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
A kruh on
THE Kardashians
visit proved too much
for one fan yesterday
as Londons Westeld
shopping centre was
overrun for the
launch of their new
collection at Dorothy
Perkins. Some slept
in the car park to
catch a glimpse of
sisters Khloe, left,
Kim and Kourtney.
Pictures: REX; WENN
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 23
Anger over
forest cump
for New Age
By Marthe Gomer
SQUALOR: Part of the existing illegal New Age travellers camp site set up in 2001 in Haldon Forest, Devon
CONTROVERSIAL plans have been
unveiled to create Britains rst ofcial
New Age traveller site by legalising a
squalid encampment in a much-loved
beauty spot.
In a move which has angered many
residents, councillors decided to build a
large new woodland site instead of
creating pitches where the travellers
already live.
If it goes ahead the beauty spot, which
attracts more than 300,000 visitors a
year, will be permanent home to 15
traveller families.
The two-acre site in Haldon Forest
and Ridge, Devon, would have concrete
pitches, amenity buildings, a health
centre, a play area for children, parking
for visitors and a new road.
In 2001 the travellers set up a make-
shift camp in a picnic area of the forest,
which is an Area of Great Landscape
Value and a Site of Special Scientic
Interest. Despite public concern, they
were never moved on by the county and
district councils.
The site, which has
no running water and
no electricity or sani-
tation, houses over 25
families at present.
Dudley Swain, the
chairman of the parish
council in nearby Dunchideock, said:
This is only happening now because
Teignbridge have bid for, and got,
1.15million in grant aid for a gypsy and
traveller site, otherwise they would not
be doing anything about this.
The existing site is so polluted that
this money probably wont even cover
the cost of decontamination and
restoration, let alone connect up utilities
and construct anything on the new site
next door. We all accept that different
people have different lifestyles, what
Im saying is you couldnt get a more
unsuitable location than this forest.
The lack of enforcement over the past
10 years has generated concern about
more travellers setting up illegal camps
around the planned authorised site.
Former prison governor and chair-
man of Ashton Parish Council,
John May said: Teignbridge
Council has a very poor
record of local enforcement
and there is a worry that
not only will we see over-
spill and Haldon 2 emerg-
ing but that many will see
this as a green light to do
the same thing. In effect, it
rewards those who break
the rules and we know that
Teignbridge has been una-
ble to get a written
agreement with Devon County Council
that it will evict any travellers who set-
tle on the surrounding land.
The Government grant has to be
spent before March 2015 or be returned.
Teign Housing, a social housing provider
with more than 3,600 homes in the
South-west, has put forward a proposal
to construct and manage the authorised
site and believes it can complete the
project in time.
The 100,000 cost of the application is
to be underwritten by both Teignbridge
and Devon County Council, which are
paying a third of the costs with Teign
Howard Milton, chairman of Kenn
Parish Council, said: The travellers
live in our parish and the parish council
supports this proposal.
We have an opportunity to regener-
ate the existing site, provide low-impact,
environmentally friendly homes for the
travellers, make sure the area is pleas-
ant and available to
the local communities
and we can achieve
all this by using Gov-
ernment money. What
are the alternatives?
This is a unique
scheme which is socially, nancially, po-
litically and environmentally the right
way forward.
Speaking to a meeting of local parish
representatives, a Teignbridge District
Council spokesman said: This will be
the rst traveller site of its kind in the
country and while that presents its own
challenges, it is also exciting.
Their requirements are different
from what one would normally see at a
gypsy site. They dont want communal
meeting and dining buildings, they want
to live in individual family units spread
through the forest, and there is much
greater emphasis on environmental
The travellers at the camp told the
Sunday Express they did not want an of-
cial site and wanted to be left alone,
however. One traveller, Mark, said: We
have survived here for 10 years being
self-sufcient and dont want inter-
ference. We just want to be left
alone in the forest with our
community looking after
Teignbridge District Council
spokesman said: As with
every other authority, Teign-
bridge has a clear need to sup-
ply gypsy and
traveller pitches
so it can meet
the needs of
those indi-
v i d u a l
We dont want
this new site
Swain says the
plans are
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24 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
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|xt|a U|oao S7.7 1.4 (4.9 4.), Como|oeo SO.4 S4.3 (S. S.2). C0
em|ss|oos. 129 12Og/|m.
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at partlclpatlng dealers and are at the promoter's absolute dlscretlon. Representative ExampIe based on 3 years' 0X Hire Purchase. Mlnlmum35Z customer deposlt requlred, excludlng onda 0eposlt Contrlbutlon. Indemnltles may
be requlred ln certaln clrcumstances. |lnance ls only avallable to persons aged 18 or over, subject to status. All hgures are correct at tlme of publlcatlon but may be subject to change. Credlt provlded by onda |lnance Europe Plc. 47 |ondon
koad, Slough, Ber|shlre S|3 80Y. 5ervicing. 1hree years' compllmentary servlclng or 37,5 mlles, whlchever comes hrst, and lncludes a maxlmumof three servlces. Compllmentary servlclng covers the manufacturer's scheduled servlclng only.
Tlme` gone
by o lt` new
8treets where no
pupils puss UC8Es
WITH 70 years gone by, Hollywood
is planning to turn back time with a
sequel to Casablanca.
Warner Brothers executives are
reported to be wildly enthusiastic
about a follow-up that will reveal
what happened to Rick and Ilsa.
The fate of the characters played
by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid
Bergman in the 1942 classic will be
based on an idea written 30 years
ago by the late Howard Koch, who
won an Oscar for the original script.
His son Peter Koch, a Hollywood
producer, said the sequel would
reveal how Ilsa was pregnant with
bar owner Ricks baby when she left
at the end of the original lm.
The sequel, called Return To
Casablanca, follows their son,
aged 20, in early Sixties New
York and will include
ashbacks to the 1942 lm.
Stephen Bogart, 64,
son of Humphrey,
slammed the idea.
He said: Films like
Casablanca need to
stay as pristine and
perfect as they
From Mike Parker IN LOS ANGELES
By Matthew Davis
and John Mahoney
BRITAINS education system has
left entire neighbourhoods with
teenagers who have no GCSEs.
Freedom of Information data
reveals details down to the exact
streets that are home to these
children, who failed to achieve the
basic Government targets.
Thirty neighbourhoods are identi-
ed where none of the children last
year passed ve GCSEs, including
English and Maths.
In these areas all 232 teenagers
failed their GCSEs, effectively crush-
ing their job opportunities.
The worst neighbourhood was
Horn Smithies in Knowsley,
Merseyside, where 18 children were
entered for their GCSEs last year
and none got ve decent passes.
Streets in areas of Shefeld;
Sefton, Merseyside; Tamworth, Staf-
fordshire; Sunderland, Tyne and
Wear; Nottingham; Havant, Hamp-
shire; Tricketts Cross, East Dorset
and Wavertree, Liverpool, are also
on the list.
The gures were revealed by Tory
MP Chris Skidmore. He said: This
reveals the true educational blacks-
pots in the country, where an entire
neighbourhood of pupils are being
failed. With data like this, we can pin-
point individual streets and areas
that for too long have been ignored
yet are the location of our greatest
educational failure.
We must work tirelessly to close
the attainment gap between the
most afuent and most disadvan-
taged pupils, which is why such poli-
cies as the Pupil Premium for the
poorest students are so vital.
Chris McGovern, chairman of the
Campaign for Real Education, said:
This is a truly shocking indictment
of just how far our education system
is failing those children who are
most in need.
Government education minis-
ters, past and present, should be
hanging their heads in shame. They
have conned a generation of those
most in need of a real education to a
bleak future on the unemployment
scrap heap.
A Knowsley Council spokesman
said: We are investing an additional
2.2million over the next two
years to increase the
number of students achieving ve
GCSEs A* to C grades, including
maths and English.
A Department for Education
spokesman said: This appalling
attainment gap has been a feature of
our education system for too long.
The spokesman said the Acade-
mies programme had turned round
hundreds of under-performing
schools and Free Schools were open-
ing in some of the most deprived
areas, offering parents higher stand-
ards. Cash from the Pupil Premium,
targeting disadvantaged children,
would double to 2.5billion a
year in 2014, he said.
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 25
ring this ad to Iife. |owo| oao t|e AUkASVA app to
you| sma|tp|ooe aoo scao the Jazz |o| exc|us|ve cooteot.
\|s|t |oooa.co.u|/geou|oeo||e|s
N0 TRICk5,
0X APR kep|eseotat|ve.
ISOO oepos|t coot||out|oo.
3 yea|s comp||meota|y se|v|c|og.
lubour wunts
'retreuds' in
top police jobs
By Kirsty Buchanan
Resurrection hopes
for, from left, Vera
Baird, Christine
Gwyther and
Lord Prescott
POLICING Minister Damian
Green has mocked Labour for
elding so many party has-
beens in this weeks inaugural
Police and Crime Commis-
sioner elections.
One in ve Labour candi-
dates for the post is a veteran
politician, prompting Mr Green
to call the election Night Of
The Living Retreads.
His joke echoes the cult
George A Romero classic
Night Of The Living Dead, a
low-cost zombie horror lm.
Thursday will see the rst
elected commissioners in the
41 forces in England and Wales
outside of London.
The Coalition has come
under re for staging the poll
on November 15 amid predic-
tions that turnout could fall as
low as 18.5 per cent.
However, it was the resur-
rection of former Labour MPs
that Mr Green called into ques-
tion in a Commons debate.
While the Tories have one
former MP standing, Labour
has eight, including some
dumped by voters two years
He joked: A huge number of
former Labour ministers are
standing, determined to make
November 15 Night Of The
Living Retreads.
Retread is a Westminster
term for MPs re-elected to the
Commons after previously
serving in a different seat.
Former Welsh Secretary
Alun Michael, 69, retired after
25 years as MP for Penarth
and Cardiff South to campaign
to become the rst commis-
sioner for South Wales.
His resignation means a by-
election on the same night that
he could become commis-
sioner. There will also be a by-
election in Manchester Cen-
tral after Labour MP and
former Foreign Ofce Minister
Tony Lloyd, 62, quit to become
Greater Manchesters PCC.
The most famous Labour
candidate for the job is former
deputy prime minister Lord
Prescott, who could become
PCC for Humberside.
The 74-year-old quit the Hull
East seat he held since 1970 at
the last election and is tipped
to take the new job.
Some candidates hope for a
second chance after being
dumped out of their Parlia-
mentary seat two years ago.
Labours former Solicitor Gen-
eral Vera Baird is standing in
Northumbria after losing Red-
car to the Lib Dems in 2010.
Former Welsh Assembly
Member Christine Gwyther,
who lost her seat in 2007, is
ghting to become new Com-
missioner for Dyfed Powys.
Elected every four years,
commissioners will appoint
the chief constable, set out
ve-year plans and help man-
age the annual force budget.
Picture: MONTAGE
26 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 27
Yob! Now we`re
game lor a laugh
A VILLAGE inn has stamped out
trouble caused by youngsters with
nothing to do by inviting them into the
bar to play traditional pub games like
dominoes, darts and pool.
Landlord Steve Lewis, who runs The
Six Bells in Barrow upon Humber,
North Lincolnshire, said he decided to
act after the teenagers were causing
trouble each night when they hung
around in the market square.
Now two years after the scheme
started, the captain of the dominoes and
darts team is a 17-year-old who learned
to play from older regulars.
Mr Lewis said: I came to the village
two years ago and there was a lot of
trouble at night, stone-throwing and
ghting and broken windows.
So I went outside and sat with the
youngsters in the square and talked to
them. I said that if all they had to do was
go around breaking windows, then why
didnt they come into the pub and learn
to play some bar games.
I had done this before in previous
pubs I have run and it went down well.
The regulars were wary at rst but they
took the teenagers under their wing and
they began to get rather good.
In fact, the captain of our dominoes
and darts team is 17-year-old electrical
apprentice Harry Trowsdale. We also
play in a junior league and there is a
competition for the best fundraising
team. Ours beat all the others in the
area and raised a lot of money for a
hospice. They run rafes every time
there is a home game and organise
tournaments between them.
I run another pub, the Butchers
Arms, a few miles away and I am start-
ing the same thing there because it has
been such a success.
There is very little for the young
people to do in the evenings and they
just love this. Its like a youth club in the
pub. If you give youngsters respect then
they give it back and I cannot walk down
the street without a dozen hellos from
all ages.
Harry said the creation of the team
and learning the old-fashioned pub
games had made a difference to all the
village youngsters.
We were always getting into trouble,
kicking a football about to no purpose.
Steve wanted to keep us out of trouble
and we have a lot of fun too.
It has been great fun learning. Its
funny being allowed into a pub but it has
brought us all together, all ages, which
is great. Our team has ages of 16 to 55
which is brilliant. There are quite a few
youngsters in the team. It is about
having a good night.
By Hilary Douglas
WINNING TEAM: Harry Trowsdale, far right, with a group of his pub mates
28 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
For every stage in life
theres Vitabiotics
Because we are all different, one size doesnt fit all
As we move through life our nutritional requirements change, so why take an ordinary multivitamin when there is a supplement tailored to your
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 29
IS leon lor Dave:
He who dare wln
Vile Jimmy Saviles
friends and witnesses
to date are Gary Glitter
and the Yorkshire Ripper.
Presumably we will hear
from Hannibal Lecter
any day now...
E-mail nick.ferrari@express.co.uk. And tune into Nick Ferrari at breakfast every weekday morning from 7am on LBC 97.3FM

many of you will
have the opportunity to
go to the polls and vote
in the Police and Crime
Commissioner elections.
The big problem is, it
would appear that very
few of you can be
bothered to do so.
Turn out could be as
low as 20 per cent and
last week the Electoral
Commission said it had
been swamped with
complaints about a lack
of information and
knowledge of what was
The fact that someone
could get a position of
considerable inuence
with such a low mandate
is an affront to so-called
democracy and the
Coalition will reap
a hideous whirlwind
as a result.

Labour leader Ed
Miliband lined up last
week as a cheerleader for
the living wage
The idea of paying
8.55 an hour in London,
which equates to 320.63
a week, or 7.45
elsewhere, which adds
up to 279.38 a week,

T MUST rank as the most over-used

expression in politics. Whether the
freshly uncovered shambolic mess
up is about anything from buying
guns that dont re properly to
allowing a predatory paedophile to
treat the NHS as his pimp, the tired old
clich lessons must be learned is sure to
be trotted out.
Now, the same can be said about last
weeks American election and it is a
lesson none of our major political parties
will enjoy.
The lesson will be most uncomfortable
for David Cameron and the homework
will leave him feeling positively queasy
but if he ignores it he will be as
embarrassed at our next general election
as the Republican Party has been in the
United State.
He should also bear in mind that this is
the rst time since 1972 that both running
mates on a party ticket failed to hold their
own states.
For Mitt Romney to lose Massachusetts
and Paul Ryan Wisconsin to Barack
Obamas marauding Democrats shows
just how hopelessly out of touch their party
is. In just two-and-a-half years time the
same could be said of the Conservatives.
So the lesson they need to learn can be
summed up in three words: change or
perish. It was widely accepted that
because of high unemployment and the
poor economy, Obama was the most
vulnerable president seeking re-election
in 20 years. Records showed that every
rst-term president who had watched
fellow Americans lose their jobs had
always been booted out by angry voters.
The Obama teams brilliance was to
realise the Democrats core working-
class, blue-collar vote was going to prove
mighty tricky to land as many had been
dumped out of their jobs on his watch, so
they had to nd new constituencies.
This is where Mr Cameron needs to
pay special attention, as poll after poll
has shown the core Tory vote ranges
from deep frustration to boiling anger
and even life-threatening apoplexy at
how he has stewarded the Conservatives
in the fractious Coalition. If he thinks
Middle England is still behind him, he is
in for a surprise as big as the national
debt. These people are too busy saving
for their childrens university education
or struggling to pay for elderly relatives
The reason the removal vans arent
rumbling towards the White House even
as you read this is the Democrats sought
out new voters, then ruthlessly (and
successfully) courted them. They looked
at the rapid change in demographics and
noted such facts as last year, for the rst
time in American history, more non-white
babies than white were born.

ETS STUDY a few statistics

and I promise to limit the blitz
to only the most pertinent. As
the numbers for the traditional
white vote crumbled to its
lowest gure, the Hispanic
vote soared to an unprecedented 10 per
cent of the total vote and Obama got 70
per cent of them. He won 93 per cent of
the black vote, 73 per cent of the Asian
vote and 66 per cent of rst-time voters.
Can you imagine Camerons
Conservatives exploiting anything like
this? When you study the gender
breakdown, it is just as impressive. Among
unmarried women he had a 38 per cent
lead over his rival, a 41 per cent lead with
lower income females and a 12 per cent
lead among all women voters.
Camerons current standing with
women is so pitiful one of his female MPs
has decided to clear off to America and
the other has gone into the TV jungle
without telling him.
It is important to note that Ed Miliband
does not have much to smile about either.
The polls that put the Tories in the
doldrums also consistently show voters
would rather have Cameron handling the
damaged economy than him.
Whichever party wakes up and
responds the quickest to the change in
the make up of British voters will reap
the rewards.

WHAT IS IT going to take for
councils to understand that they
work for us and therefore we deserve
far better treatment?
Pettifogging pen pushers at Newark
and Sherwood district council have
banned all dogs from being off their
leads in its public parks. This
includes guide dogs, which means
many of these hard-working dogs will
get little time to run free.
Disability ofcer Dr Paul Jarman
calls this the most anti-disabled
piece of legislation in years.
The council says there have been a
number of attacks in recent months
and if blind people persist in breaking
this new bylaw they risk being ned.
Do these dopes really think that
guide dogs attack people?
This is simply ridiculous so let us
all hope that anti-discrimination laws
will put an end to it at some stage

AS IF life had not been tough enough for unlucky in love Lady
Edith in Downton Abbey, things were to get no better for actress
Laura Carmichael when she left the mansion behind and took to the
boards for her West End debut.
Laura, 26, was co-starring in a new production of Chekhovs Uncle
Vanya. For those of you lucky enough never to have had to sit through
Chekhovs work, just think of the longest, most out of tune school
concert you have ever had the misfortune to endure and then multiply
it by 10. In any event, the pretentious tosh ends with Lauras
character giving a seemingly endless speech.
Laura was word perfect but sadly Sir Peter Hall, the founder of the
Royal Shakespeare Company, was not, as he was reported to have
started yelling Stop! and I could be at home watching television.
(I do sympathise with that last one as I had exactly the same feeling,
but probably not for the same reasons.)
Sir Peter has subsequently said he was not heckling, rather he had
nodded off and awoke somewhat disoriented. Somehow I dont think
the idea of such an eminent theatre luvvie dozing off during her
nest moment will provide much comfort for Laura.
makes perfect sense to
Wouldnt it be
marvellous if we insisted
that no leading politician
could give an opinion on
pretty much anything
until they had actually
worked for a living?
You know, worked. Like
getting up to do a job and
not just hanging around
parliament as an adviser,
a bag-carrier or an
unpaid helper. Gloried
work experience is not
suitable grounding to
decide how much bosses
should have to pay their
staff in this country.
Also, do you suppose he
is going to push other
countries, such as China,
to introduce the same
policy because currently
they are able to rip the
heart out of our
homegrown competitors
with their cut-price
Downtons Laura
Carmichael found
that her new life
with Uncle Vanya
was not very
cheery either
30 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Dlck` |ut
oln` to
the ho
blues. More
help needed
YES, even legendary
movie stars have to
do a supermarket
run now and again.
Mary Poppins
chimney sweep Dick
Van Dyke seemed
delighted to be
recognised by the
paparazzi when it
was his turn to get in
the groceries in
Malibu, California.
He was snapped
poppin out in baggy
trousers, sweatshirt
and trainers bearing
the stars and stripes.
The 86-year old is
ageing well. Apart
from the white hair
and a few extra
pounds he still looks
very like cheeky
sweep Bert whom he
played in the 1964
Disney musical with
Julie Andrews.
He was without his
wife, make-up artist
Arlene Silver, 40,
whom he married in
February. Of the
decision to wed, he
said it was kind of
on the spur of the
By Jamie Stinson
Dick last week and,
left, as Bert in 1964
By Camilla Tominey PREGNANT women with depression
must be spotted earlier and need more
support, experts warned today.
The Royal College of Midwives says
more attention needs to be paid to ante-
natal depression which is less known
and talked about than postnatal.
The RCM spoke out after a poll found
that more than a third of women who
suffer with antenatal depression have
suicidal thoughts.
Four in ve of those surveyed who
had it during pregnancy went on to
struggle with postnatal depression.
Half of the 260
women said their ill-
ness affected their
relationship with their
baby, according to the
research by the RCM
and Netmums.
Cathy Warwick, RCM chief executive,
said: This survey shows that there is
an urgent need to identify and help
women with depression in pregnancy
and after the birth of their baby.
If we can identify women as early as
possible then we could prevent them
declining into much more serious men-
tal health problems.
The Government has made a prom-
ise to women that they will be offered
better support postnatally and that
more will be done to spot and support
postnatal depression.
However, we know that antenatal
and postnatal services are suffering as
a result of budget cuts and a shortage of
midwives. This is in addition to the post-
code lottery of service provision for
women with postnatal depression.
If this situation is not rectied, the
NHS will continue to fail women with
mental health problems during preg-
nancy or birth and the
Governments pledge
would be judged to be
an empty promise.
Sally Russell, co-
founder of Netmums,
said: Depression and
anxiety can be common in pregnancy,
sometimes making life very difcult for
both the parents and new baby.
Midwives can do a lot to help and
reassure, so should be open with moth-
ers and fathers-to-be about the condi-
tion and trained to spot the signs.
Those suffering often dont know
who to talk to, so its essential they know
they can be open and honest about how
they are feeling with midwives.
Budget cuts are
hitting services
Picture: NPG
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 31
Slar ave
drama lrom
lm studio has been saved thanks
to a cast of stars and supporters.
Oscar winner Vanessa
Redgrave, Derek Jacobi and
Keira Knightley marched into
battle to raise funds for the inde-
pendent rm, which has a
celebrated role in lm and TV.
They joined a scheme that sold
shares in Sands Films to small
investors paying as little as 500
to reach a target of 2million to
preserve the studio and its cos-
tume-making heritage.
The studios, which made the
epic adaptation of Little Dorrit in
1988, has now secured enough
capital to buy its building from
landlords who were threatening
ruinous rent rises. The triumph
means it can continue its role in
producing period costumes and
being a centre for craftsmanship.
Sands made the costumes for
Pride And Prejudice and Anna
Karenina, which starred Knight-
ley, and is currently working on
the lm version of Les Miserables
and Steven Spielbergs biopic of
Abraham Lincoln, with Daniel
Day-Lewis in the title role.
The idea of sharing the cost of
buying the former granary in
south-east London was rst
oated by managing director
Olivier Stockman. He said: This
is a rare, positive story and we
are chuffed to have raised the
A gallery of international talent
has visited the studios in a Grade
II listed building on the Thames
at Rotherhithe to get tted with
costumes. For many of the
actors, coming here is the rst
time they meet their character
properly. They put their costume
on and the character comes
alive, said Stockman.
Starting in 1975, director Chris-
tine Edzard and her husband
Richard Goodwin, producer of A
Passage To India, built up a col-
lection of period costumes and
reference images making it one of
the most important resources in
the industry. Last year their land-
lords, a city investment rm, put
up the rent to 285,000.
Sands attracted almost 400 con-
tributions, ranging from 500 to
180,000, under a government
scheme that provides tax breaks
for investors. The rm has made
the purchase price but the scheme
is still open to raise funds for a
refurbishment programme.
By Danny Buckland
as Anna
32 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
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must join forces for the rst time to protect the hopes,
beliefs and imagination of children all over the world.
This epic 3D fantasy features the voices of Alec Baldwin
as North (Santa Claus), Hugh Jackman as Bunnymund
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Taken from The Art of Rise Of The Guardians, out now
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Clegg bucks our
Jubilee Hour
NICE TO MEET YOU: Deputy PM Mr Clegg serves a family in Shefeld
By Kirsty Buchanan
NICK CLEGG has done his bit
for the Jubilee Hour crusade,
championed by the Sunday
Express, by giving 60 minutes to
work at a hospice charity shop.
The campaign encourages Brit-
ons to give an hour of their time to
mark Her Majestys 60-year reign
and the Deputy Prime Minister
described it as fantastic.
He said after his stint: I urge
anyone who is tempted to get out
there and take part in the
campaign. Its an hour you will
never forget in a year we will never
The idea is the brainchild of John
OBrien, a Prince of Wales charity
representative, who came up with
the idea in Diamond Jubilee year to
honour the Queen.
Mr Clegg said: I suspect many
readers will feel like this but I often
feel guilty that I do not do as much
charity work as I would like to.
With work and the kids, there is
so much else to do.
With the help of the Sunday
Express, Britons have already
volunteered for more than two
million hours. There is still time for
more people to help. You are
welcome to do more than 60
minutes if you want!
Mr Cleggs Jubilee Hour was
carried out in his Shefeld Hallam
constituency, raising funds for St
Lukes Hospice.
He said: The amazing staff at
their shop in Crookes, one of many
they have across the city, showed
me the ropes and let me serve at
the counter for a bit. I was amazed
at the things people were giving
away. Mr Clegg said he was
reminded of those who give up their
time, not just for 60 minutes, but all
day, every day.
Mr OBrien is aiming to create
the largest volunteer effort since
the Second World War.
For more information, go to
thejubileehour.org and to get ideas
for what to do, go to volunteering.
Picture: ANDREW McCAREN/Ross Parry
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 33
34 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
spy futhered
2 monurchs'
NOT THE FATHER? King Charles I and his wife, Queen Henrietta-Maria
A SHADOWY courtier with access to a
Queens bedroom could have fathered
two Stuart kings.
Spymaster Henry Jermyn bankrolled
Charles I during the civil war and had a
45-year love affair with his wife, Queen
Henrietta Maria.
A new book, The Kings Henchman by
Anthony Adolph, reveals how Jermyns
uent French gained him unrivalled
access to the Queens bedroom.
As a young man Jermyn travelled to
France as part of an embassy which
would conclude marriage negotiations
between Charles I and the French
princess. After their marriage in 1625
she was isolated from her husband by
the scheming Duke of Buckingham and
sought solace in the arms of Jermyn.
Pictures of Jermyn and the young
Charles II show striking similarities.
Both men would have towered over the
diminutive Charles I. He was about 5ft
5in while Jermyn and Charles II were
both over 6ft.
Anthony Adolph is one of Britains
leading genealogists and for 20 years
has been researching Jermyn, who also
built Jermyn Street and St Jamess
The consequences of
Jermyns secret dalliance
with the Queen would have
been catastrophic had it
been discovered and Brit-
ain could be a very differ-
ent place today.
Mr Adolph said: If the
truth came out that they
were not Charles Is sons it would have
boded very badly for them. It is unlikely
Charles II would have been restored
and then perhaps England and Scotland
would have lived under a military dicta-
No James II would have meant no
Glorious Revolution to overthrow him
and that means no birth of Parliamen-
tary democracy.
If Henry Jermyn was the father of
Charles II and James II, his greatest
contribution to British history was keep-
ing his mouth shut.
Only 80 years previously straying
spouses were executed by Henry VIII.
Suffolk-born courtier Jermyn, who
was once very nearly caught with the
Queen, realised he had to keep a lower
Jermyn would serve as head of the
Queens household until her death in
1669. They shared exile after her hus-
band was beheaded in 1649 and there
were rumours they secretly married.
Jermyn acted as a father gure to the
Charles II and was friends with
Samuel Pepys and Louis XIV
and remained a loyal royal
servant until his death in
1684. Although Charles
II did not have a
legitimate heir he had
children by several
Princess Diana and
Princes William and
Harry are
d e s c e n d e d
from him by
that route.
By Ian Read
Henry Jermyn was a
favourite of Queen
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Have You Resorted to This?
36 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Lets see you
get out of this
mess, Nadine
Amateurlh Lntwltle leave
C` reutatlon ln tatter
T WAS regrettable but inevitable. After a day of
excruciating interviews it became painfully clear the
BBC director general did not have a grip on his
crisis-hit corporation.
Just 54 days after taking up the post, George
Entwistle last night resigned.
That he is a dignied and honourable man no one
doubts but his correct decision to fall on his sword
does not change the harsh truth which led the BBC to
the crossroads at which it now stands.
Entwistle was twice caught napping on the job. First
by having no input into Newsnights decision to pull its
expos on child abuser Jimmy Savile, then by failing
to know about a second Newsnight probe before it was
so unfortunately aired.
Why did he not know Newsnight was planning to
claim a senior Tory in the Thatcher government had
abused Steve Messham? The rest of us did.
Why did Entwistle not know the innocent Lord
McAlpine had been named by gossip-mongers on the
internet in the wake of this tragic programme? He
seemed to be the only person in Britain not keeping a
close watch on the Newsnight asco.
It now emerges that not only did Messham make an
innocent, terrible mistake, he was never shown a
photo of the man he believed to be his attacker.
So a programme already on probation over Savile is
again caught displaying a level of journalism that
would shame a teenage trainee reporter.
Those involved in the Newsnight farce may also
resign before they are pushed but rolling heads at the
BBC do little to alter the bleak future it now faces; its
integrity, credibility and trust are in tatters.
Questions must now be asked about whether the
BBC Trust, set up ironically to restore public faith
after the Hutton affair, is t for purpose.
Cynicism in our once great institutions has plunged
to new lows as time and time again those at the top
are found wanting.
The wrong appointment now threatens to corrode
the BBCs tarnished reputation beyond the point at
which it can be salvaged.
Crolng lee do not add u
HERE is, it seems, a frightful mark-up on lollipop
ladies these days. While a school crossing patrol
person commands a meagre salary of 4,000 a year,
Essex County Council is wanting 50,000 from parents
before installing one outside Tollesbury Primary
When the stunned parents asked for a breakdown of
this ludicrous demand, the council revealed it
wants 15,000 for infrastructure and 15,000 for
decommissioning infrastructure.
In other words it seems it wants 30,000 to throw up
a couple of school crossing signs and to take them
down again. According to Essex it also costs 3,000
to recruit a lollipop lady and 4,500 needs to be put
aside should they ever want to make her redundant.
Then theres 2,000 for a safety audit and 2,500
management costs.
If ever you needed an example of how councils could
waste our money on a shameful scale look no further
than this crazy catalogue of fees.

SHOULD lay a healthy bet that Con-
servative MP Nadine Dorries will
be voted to take part in every Bush-
tucker Trial staged on the trashy
TV show that she abandoned Par-
liament for. Im A Celebrity... Get Me
Out Of Here! is the closest thing we mod-
ern Britons have to the ancient gladiatorial
arena and Dorries may well learn the hard
way that voters do not want to get to know
the real you, they simply want to hear
you scream in a pit full of maggots.
While cheeky geezer celebrities get a
free pass around ITVs camp re, the
public hones in with drone-like accuracy
on the contestant most deserving of
daily humiliation for their hubris.
Sanctimonious stick-insect Gillian
McKeith and self-important glamour model
Katie Price have both been singled out on
previous seasons and, short of a high-
prole banker entering the Australian
jungle tonight, Mid-Beds MP Nadine looks
the most likely to face delights such as
being plunged into a pitch-black vat of rats
or being served live cockroaches... and it is
hard to think she does not have it coming.
Dumping your constituents in the fame-
hungry pursuit of an even wider audience
(and a 40,000 fee) is both undeserving of
such a bright woman and undignied to
the ofce she holds. Public esteem for MPs
has never been lower and this merely
cements the cynics view that too many
are in it for themselves.
Dorriess desperate Aussie jaunt may be
the most glaring example but it is by no
means unique. Recently released gures
show some MPs are billing up to 80 hours
a month on work outside Westminster,
earning tens of thousands for speeches,
book deals, media work and lectures.
SIGHTING of former PM Gor-
don Brown at Westminster is
rarer than unicorns. In the 12
months to August he topped the
league of outside earnings with
900,286 for speeches and
academic posts. This money, he insists,
goes towards running his ofce and charity.
Consultancy work and speeches earned
former Foreign Secretary David Miliband
410,171, former Home Secretary David
Blunkett made 241,151 and former Chan-
cellor Alistair Darling netted 172,345.
It is hard not to conclude that these men
would not be in such demand had they not
once held high ofce. Meanwhile, Browns
voting record at Westminster is a dismal
14 per cent, David Milibands 46 per cent.
Dorries would have to languish a sight
longer in the jungle than the scheduled
month of the show before her above aver-
age voting record of 71 per cent slumped to
that parlous level. Now yes, it is possible to
hold down a part-time job and do your
duty as an MP. Conservative Steven Phil-
lips is the fourth highest outside earner
on the list (329,297) but the QC and Crown
Court recorder still maintains an impres-
sive voting record of 93 per cent.
However in an era of belt-tightening, the
question is not so much can you but should
you pursue fame or wealth while drawing
an MPs salary? MPs in favour of this
approach suggest it keeps them in touch
and enriches their work at Westminster
but plain-speaking Bassetlaw MP John
Mann calls external work during Parlia-
mentary time just what it is: moonlighting.
Altogether 68 MPs received more than
10,000 in outside earnings last year, 18 got
more than 100,000. All that, remember, on
top of a backbench salary that is two-and-
a-half times the national average wage.
I do not believe the Prime Minister or
senior Cabinet ministers should not do the
odd school run. I think it is healthy to face
harassed mothers on the school gates but
there has to be a limit to how far we
indulge the idea of the part-time politician.
I do not want professional politicians on a
career conveyor belt of policy wonk, Par lia -
mentarian then consultant, but nor do I
want MPs viewing the privilege of repre-
senting the public as a chance to cash in.
When did being an MP mutate from
being a public honour to a marketing tool?
The wealthiest MPs now make up to 13
times their MPs salary from work that
often comes only by virtue of their day job.
While most MPs work hard (the average
week is 70 hours), some are treading
water. There are no sanctions for shiftless
MPs either and no additional rewards for
those who put in the Parliamentary hours.
HIS is all now subject to review
by the Independent Parliamenta-
ry Standards Authority, which has
frozen 2012 backbench wages at
65,738. Among its more intrigu-
ing proposals is to dock Parlia-
mentarians pay for outside earnings. One
former Cabinet minister branded the idea
absurd but it is likely to prove hugely
popular with the public.
There is, however, a sting in the tail. The
IPSA reform package also includes
proposals for a 40 per cent pay rise for
backbenchers to 92,000.
For many members of the public that
would prove about as easy to swallow as
kangaroo testicles on a Bushtucker Trial.
is ready
for Im A
We wlll remember them...
They went with songs to the battle,
they were young,
Straight of limb, true of eyes,
steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end
against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe.
Today, and always, we will
remember them.
Robert Laurence Binyon (1869 1943)
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 37
Medal is due
to convoy
By Penny
Ken volce hl
career doubl
IT COULD all have been so different, if only he did
not have a voice more grating than chalk on a
Labour rebrand Ken Livingstone may have
reached the heights of London Mayor but he
believes the top job in politics would have been
within his grasp but for his face and voice.
Livingstone, 67, reveals some rare insecurity in
an hour-long conversation with acclaimed actor
Timothy West for Sky Arts programme Living
The Life, airing at 8pm on Tuesday.
During his distinguished career, West, 78, has
twice played wartime PM Winston Churchill in
TV series and has also portrayed South African
leader PW Botha.
Livingstone says: It seems to me that in
terms of your face, your voice, it is made for
Shakespeare, the really great dramatic roles. You
can play a prime minister or a president or an
archbishop, or whatever.
If I could have looked and sounded like you I
might have got to be prime minister.
Father-of-ve Livingstone, who lives in north
London with second wife Emma Beal, also
revealed that if a job application to be a keeper
at London Zoo in the Fifties had been successful
he would never have entered politics.
Ah, if only.

GOOD to see some Conservative MPs still have
a sense of humour about Nadine Dorriess
decision to abandon Parliament in favour of the
jungle. Tweet of the week on the matter belongs to
Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies.
He said: People of Montgomeryshire, I will never
take a month off to appear in Im A Celebrity Get
Me Out Of Here! though I would eat a rat for 40k.

THE by-election in Corby on Thursday
could prove a tough gig for the Tories. The
seat was held by Conservative Louise Mensch
before she quit to join her hubby in America
but pollsters are now taking bets on the Tories
losing their deposit.
Theres not much bookie joy for the Lib Dems
either, who are tipped to trail in behind UKIP in
what should be a walk-over for Labour.

TOP marks to new Health Services Minister Dan
Poulter who will be volunteering at his local
hospital one day a month to keep in touch with the
frontline. Before patients start worrying about a
Parliamentarian bumbling around in A&E, the Central
Suffolk MP is a doctor by trade so will actually be
more of a help than a hindrance.

DEFEATED in her campaign to stop
High Speed Rail 2 and dumped out of
the Cabinet, is Chesham and Amersham MP
Cheryl Gillan planning to call it quits on
Westminster? Not a bit of it. Marking her 20th
year in politics, the former Welsh Secretary
said she plans to be around after the next
election. I have every intention of standing
again. I am only 60.
CHOOLBOY historians are often
told not to assume that the people
of the past were more stupid than
the people of today. It is also true
that they were just as fallible. The
failure to award the Arctic convoy
servicemen a distinct Campaign Star is one
such incidence of fallibility.
The Committee of the Grant of Honours,
Decorations and Medals in Time of War put
the Arctic in with the Atlantic Campaign and
it is hard to know why. By the Committees
own rationale the Atlantic theatres eastern-
most point was at longitude 20 degrees
east while many Arctic convoys reached
40 degrees east.
It is a matter of concord among historians
that the Arctic was a front and was consid-
ered as such during the war. There was even
concern that far from being part of the
Atlantic Campaign the effort in the Arctic
could be detrimental to it.
However, this was all a long time ago and
perhaps we should let it rest. Indeed, the sev-
entieth anniversary of the rst convoy was
this year but next year it will be even longer
ago and the crude fact is that the men who
served on the convoys are fewer and fewer.
It is a similar case with the surviving crew
members of RAF Bomber Command who
number fewer than 1,000. They ran harrowing
night-time missions over Germany in which
55,573 pilots and crew members lost their lives
in raids which were essential in destroying the
Third Reichs war machine and rendering
vital air support to the Allies after D-Day.
Today is Remembrance Day when we
reafrm that the past should not be forgotten.
Sadly it is yet another day on which these
brave veterans will not be able to wear the
medal they deserve. It is a matter of deserving,
not sympathetic nostalgia. These men should
not be given a Campaign Star as some
patronising tribute to longevity or because it
is easier to say yes than no but because
the Arctic theatre was an arena of war all
of its own.
It is as absurd for the Arctic convoys to
have been subsumed in the Atlantic Cam-
paign as it would have been to give Mont-
gomerys desert soldiers the Burma Star.
The campaign to honour Bomber Com-
mand is a case in point. A wrong decision
does not become a right decision through the
passage of time and now bomber veterans,
their families and the generations for whom
they fought can pay tribute at a glorious
memorial in Londons Green Park, and who now
doubts the decision to commission that monu-
ment? However this memorial was not ofcial
recognition by a grateful government but the
result of hard activity by fundraisers.
In his recent review of military medals
Sir John Holmes recognised that the Arctic
convoy matter had to be addressed, effec-
tively rejecting the line which has been used
to date that the Honours Committee properly
considered the Arctic convoys place.
Once we accept that the Arctic was a dis-
tinct theatre and that the means to acknowl-
edge that exist we come to the matter of cost.
The Ministry of Defence has estimated
60 to 65 per medal for 180,000 veterans.
The Arctic veterans own campaign, led by
the indefatigable Commander Eddie Gren-
fell, puts the gure at 66,000 men, immedi-
ately cutting the cost by almost two thirds.
Furthermore, a medal specialist put the
cost of production at a mere 5 per medal,
plus the cost of administration, and, of course,
a new Star would attract no design costs. All
that is required is to choose the colour of the
ribbon. A special clasp would cost even less.
E DO not need to say how
excruciating the convoys
were for the men who made
the journey to longitude 40
degrees east, it is enough
that they made it. There was
no tariff of suffering for those who served
in the Second World Wars campaigns and
nor should there have been. Campaign
medals are for service not suffering.
Today, Great Britain gives thanks for those
who made the ultimate sacrice in her
defence and those who were prepared to do
so. I hope that another Remembrance Day
does not pass with the Arctic and Bomber
Command veterans feeling that their service
and the sacrice of their comrades has not
been properly recognised.

about the new
Archbishop of Canterbury
Justin Welby is that he
once made Beatles widow
Yoko Ono cry.
As the former Dean of
Liverpool Cathedral he
drew up plans for bell
ringers to peal out John
Lennons classic song
Imagine. Told about the
idea, Ono said it was so
beautiful it made me cry.
38 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Cheers and
farewell, Bill
By Tim Randall
things they
Oh no!
JUSTIN WELBYs reaction to the
news he had been made the
new Archbishop of Canterbury
I think somebody who likes
reading the Bible and likes
reading newspapers would
be a good start.
Outgoing Archbishop of
references theologian Karl Barth
in advice for his successor
Tonight, in this election,
you, the American people,
reminded us that while our
road has been hard, while
our journey has been long,
we have picked ourselves
up, we have fought our way
back, and we know in our
hearts that for the
United States of America,
the best is yet to come.
BARACK OBAMA wins again
I so wish that I had been
able to full your hopes to
lead the country in a
different direction. But the
nation chose another leader.
And so Ann and I join with
you to earnestly pray for him
and for this great nation.
concedes defeat
Its difcult because if I
refuse to do any magazines
at all, my work, I think,
would suffer. But when I
appear in these magazines,
I know Im being trimmed.
Im being airbrushed a lot
and I know that people are
accepting those images
and are under the
impression that that is
really how my body looks,
that Im hairless and
sexless and weigh 90lb.
That really worries me. And
I really dont know what to
do except talk about it.
The Hour star ROMOLA GARAI
on being considered too fat
for Hollywood at size 10
Im doing the show because
16 million people watch it.
Rather than MPs talking to
other MPs about issues in
Parliament, I think MPs
should be going to where
people go.
NADINE DORRIES defends her
decision to appear on Im A
Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
Ive been trying to get out
of this from the very
moment I got into it but
they wont let me go.
DANIEL CRAIG isnt too keen
on James Bond despite signing
up for another two lms
The week in verse BY MARTIN NEWELL
November 11, as well as being
Remembrance Sunday, is
also Martinmas, an old
Christian feast...
St Martln` Llttle Summer
Spindleberries dash the lanes
And while November forges
They light the rueful day
Luminescent lobes that swell
Deant of the doleful bell
That tolls on Martins Day
Yet, when the little summer
To which the saint had lent
his name
Theyd slaughter all the beasts
And drink and gorge themselves
all day
The table-banging, gleeful way
That Saxons kept their feasts
Now, on an autumn afternoon
Deferring to an early moon
The sun will hang its head
A halo on the wooded hill
Where all the fallen leaves
lie still
Remembering the dead

The guns expectorating death
Had stopped, to let the world
draw breath
While generals on a train
Exhausted by the war theyd
Gave old St Martin no more
Than spindleberries in
the lane.
ITH HIS spectacles
held together with
sticking-plaster and
his pigeon-fancying
henpecked husband
and lovable rogue Jack Duckworth
was as much a part of Coronation
Street as the warm ale he was more
often than not supping in the Rovers.
Despite his last appearance being
more than two years ago he was
recently named the favourite Corrie
character of all time.
For Bill Tarmey the road to
Weathereld had more twists and
turns than most. Ive never
considered myself an actor, he
mused in 2010. Ive worked with
some wonderful actors, Im still a
singer whos got very lucky.
Born William Piddlington in 1941
in Ardwick, Manchester, he was
three years old when his Army
ambulance driver father was killed
during the Second World War.
Brought up by his mother Lilian who
went on to marry their next door
neighbour, Robert Cleworth, Bill
followed in his stepfathers footsteps
to become an asphalt spreader.
However, music was in Bills blood.
Aged four he would trill away for his
grandmother and by the age of nine
he was appearing with a harmony
group called The Songsters. As a
teenager he sang on stage at
working mens clubs.
In 1968 his wife and childhood
sweetheart Ali (whom he had met at
a youth group in Manchester when
he was 14) persuaded him to give up
his career in asphalt and try to make
it in showbusiness instead.
It was while crooning away in
a club in Stockport that he was
instructed to change his name to the
more starry Tarmey (a misspelt nod
to American singer Mel Torm).
While music remained his rst
love (in 1989 he sang with the Hall
Orchestra and his 1993 album A Gift
Of Love reached number 15 in the
charts), Bill also began picking up
TV extra work on dramas such as
Crown Court.
He also became an extra on
Coronation Street spending seven
years in the background of the
Rovers supping pretend pints and
learning from the grand stars of
the show such as Doris Speed
(landlady Annie Walker).
Doris was wonderful to learn
from but if you upset her she could
freeze ice at 50 paces with one of her
looks, said Bill.
In 1979 the soaps producers
decided to give Bill a break and
without having to audition he was
signed up for one episode only to play
the put-upon husband of established
character Vera Duckworth, played
by Liz Dawn, accompanying the
motor-mouthed machinist to Gail
and Brian Tilsleys wedding.
When they offered me the part
I asked them if it would affect my
extra work, which was quite silly
really, recalled Bill. On my rst
day I was petried but Liz and I got
on from the word go.
In 1981 Bill was offered a
permanent return and the bickering
Duckworth double act became a
marriage made in soap heaven.
The following year Bill also
bagged a small part alongside none
other than Laurence Olivier in a
Granada commissioned production
of King Lear for Channel 4. The
actor was sitting on a horse next to
the star when Olivier (a self-
confessed Corrie fan) recognised
him and spluttered: What the
bloody hell are you doing here?
Bill was a charismatic actor with
rst-rate comic timing and a
respected and much-loved father
gure to younger cast members
such as Michael Le Vell (Kevin
Webster) and Alan Halsall, who
played the Duckworths adopted son
Tyrone Dobbs. As Street producer
Bill Podmore explained in his 1990
memoirs: As Jack Duckworth,
henpecked hubby, would-be Romeo
and loser in life, Bill found his fame
and fortune. It couldnt have
happened to a nicer man.
marriage was tempestuous
and the former Jack The
Lads cheating ways always
ensured comedic reworks.
However, in 2008 Bill more
than proved his acting ability as
Jack was left heartbroken when his
little swamp-duck Vera passed
away unexpectedly (Liz Dawn, now
73, had retired through ill-health).
It was the end of an era for
Coronation Street when Bill decided
to bow out two years later. In the
tradition of Stan Ogden before him,
Jack was the last of the true older
working-class characters that
struggled against adversity and had
come to epitomise the show.
Jack passed away peacefully in his
armchair at Number 9 before
dancing with his late wife Vera in a
moving and critically acclaimed
dreamlike nal sequence. There
wasnt a dry eye on set that day, nor
for the viewers at home when it was
aired weeks later.
When I chatted to Bill for my
anniversary book Fifty Years Of
Coronation Street he explained his
decision to leave had been prompted
by periods of ill health and a desire
to spend more time with his family
and his beloved Ali. He also revealed
in an interview earlier this year that
he had quit to care for his son Carl
who had suffered a brain tumour.
Bill seemed to still be genuinely
humbled by his 30-year Coronation
Street adventure. Ive never made
plans, he said. I feel like I am in a
bus queue, a bus comes along and
somebody pushes me on it and I
think, Where the hell is this going?
So far the ride has been ippin
William Tarmey died on
November 9 in Tenerife, aged 71. He
is survived by his wife Ali and their
children Carl and Sara.
Tim Randall is the author of Fifty
Years Of Coronation Street, the
ofcial history of the series.
Coronation Street star
April 4, 1941 Nov 9, 2012
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 39
mut to
addllng u
wlth blame

MY HUSBAND quite unexpectedly lost the plot
about Pippa Middleton last week, having taken
great offence at her new book.
What right has she got to tell us how to put honey
and mustard on a sausage? he raged. (And there was
me thinking he took no notice of the royals).
It was only after thumbing through a copy of
Celebrate: A Year Of British Festivities For Families
And Friends that I started to see the old mans point
of view. One page is dedicated to how to carve
a roast while another explains that the best way
to welcome guests in to your house is to offer
them a drink (by Jove, you dont say!).
Except Pippa does not have dinner
parties. No, hers are supper parties.
How spifng!
While I have no beef with Pippa cashing
in on her new-found fame, I do have
a problem with an inexperienced 29-year-
old event planner telling the rest of us
how to use a sharp knife. So do buyers. In
three weeks she has sold only 4,955 copies
and her book is presently languishing at
number 184 in Amazons book chart.
Delia did not get where she is today on the
back of a Buckingham Palace glitter ball and
a well tailored bridesmaids dress. If Pippa
wants to make it as a writer, she needs to
stop patronising people and tell us
something we dont already know.

I AM sure President Barack Obama
was the rightful winner of the US
election but did anyone else think the map
looked more red than blue?

DOING the weekly shop has been
ranked the average British mothers
worst nightmare. It came top in a poll of
parental bugbears, followed by bedtime and
long car journeys with the constant refrain of,
Are we there yet? I did not mind taking the
sprogs to the supermarket until it became
nigh on impossible to nd a trolley with two
childrens seats. (Have you ever tried
cramming a four-year-old and a two-year-old
into a single trolley seat?). Which is why I shop
online these days. Although I will always
remember a sage piece of advice given to me
by a friend after I had my rst baby: If you are
worried that your newborn cries too much,
take it to the supermarket. You are guaranteed
to hear another child having an even bigger
hissy t than your own.

SIENNA MILLER has become the
latest pregnant celebrity to pose in
the nude, a bump-bearing trend rst
started by Demi Moore on the cover of
Vanity Fair in 1991.
Artist Jonathan Yeo praised Millers
courage in stripping off with just weeks
to go before the birth of her pretentiously
named daughter Marlowe (after the
playwright, presumably). Courage? What
a load of cobblers. This from the shy
actress who has taken her clothes off in
practically ever lm she has ever been in.
Seemingly, you are not a celebrity these
days unless you have been there and got
the stretch marks on the cover of a glossy
magazine. If Miller was truly brave, she
would pose two weeks after the birth,
proudly displaying her saggy tummy and
cracked nipples. Now that would be a
Mamma Miller moment.

APPARENTLY 264 mobile phones are
stolen every day and only two are ever
recovered. Well that might be the case for
iPhones but I own a BlackBerry and
recently dropped it at Wimbledon Station.
It was the only phone to be handed in all
day! Seems not even a thief wants it either.

ERHAPS it is because my late

mother had an affair with a cyclist
that I have never had much time for
them. I would walk home from
school to frequently nd his bike
propped up against the front gate.
Then he would suddenly appear in his ludicrous
Lycra pretending to have had a puncture. On
your bike, mate.
The trouble with cyclists is that they take
themselves so very seriously, dont they?
When they are not running red lights or
riding on pavements, they are harping on
about road safety, as if it is everyone elses
responsibility except theirs.
Take Bradley Wigginss recent accident.
As ever, the driver is guilty before being proved
innocent when no one knows exactly who is
to blame. It will be for the police to decide
whether the driver should have seen the fast-
est man on two wheels, who for all we know
could have been bombing down the A5209
reliving his Tour de France victory.
But, generally, it is never the cyclists fault is
it? There are plenty out there who dont even
bother to wear helmets. Indeed Boriss epony-
mous bikes that tourists can rent in London
dont even come with them.
Surely only someone with a wicker basket
for a brain would take to our congested capital
on two wheels with only fresh air between their
skull and the Tarmac?
Plenty do. Then they complain that London
should be more like Amsterdam, seemingly
forgetting that the city is seven times as big
and home to 10 times as many people.
There are other kamikaze cyclists who think
nothing of riding at night without any lights.
Protective clothing? Nah, uorescent yellow is
not my colour, Ill stick to black. Then when
they get knocked off their bike and killed, no
one dares question why on earth they were
allowed to pedal around in pitch darkness in the
rst place. No, the driver is always to blame.
Dont get me wrong, I actually love cycling.
I just choose to do it in the safety and comfort
of a spinning class at the gym.
Most Mamils (middle-aged men in Lycra)
have what can only be described as an all the
gear but no idea mentality. They dress like
Bradley Wiggins but ride their bicycles with
the skill of Christopher Biggins.
When I was living in Kingston-upon-Thames,
I lost count of the number of cyclists who used
to think nothing of riding in the middle of the
road, having a chat, seemingly oblivious to
other road users, including pedestrians.
If you dared beep your horn, you would
invariably be subjected to a foul-mouthed
tirade. It was even worse on Sundays, when
these leotard-wearing gods behaved as if
they had divine right to dominate the roads.
Of course we all want cyclists to be safe, be
they Bradley Wiggins or the paperboy, and
British Cycling has called on the Government
to make cycling safer by building it into the de-
sign of new roads and transport projects. Now
that is all very well but cyclists must assume
equal responsibility to drivers if they want to be
treated as equals on the roads.
Drivers have to pass a test, so why dont
cyclists? Drivers have to wear seatbelts, so
why dont cyclists have to wear helmets and
reective clothing? If vehicles must have MoTs
to prove their roadworthiness, why dont bikes?
When it comes to road safety, it is not drivers
who must change gear but cyclists.

branded cretinous by Jonathan
Dimbleby for his misjudged and ill-informed
attempt to ambush Prime Minister David
Cameron with a list of alleged Tory
paedophiles hastily compiled from the web.
The Silver Fox might be an exceptional
broadcaster but he is no Jeremy Paxman
and never will be. This is a man who once
starred in Joseph And The Amazing
Technicolor Dreamcoat lets not forget.
The saddest thing about the whole debacle
is that the conversation with Cameron on
This Morning was meant to be about dementia
but this serious subject was hijacked by
Schoelds bid to be seen as something more
serious than a light entertainer.
Cameron should be congratulated for his
coolness but if the PM wants to talk about
serious issues, he should stick to serious
programmes, like Newsnight oh, hang on. P


Picture: ITV
40 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Defence Correspondant and
motorbike novice MARCO
GIANNANGELI joins the Army
motorcycle display team to
perform a most daring stunt
How l reached
innacIe ol Ihe
WhiIe HeImeIs
OR A MOMENT I felt like Steve
McQueen in The Great Escape,
twisting the throttle with my right
hand and preparing to vault my
motorcycle over a Swiss border
fence to freedom. Unlike the
great actor, however, I had been riding
motorbikes for only 20 minutes, courtesy of
The Royal Signals White Helmets
motorcycle display team.
Even that lofty ambition would later pale
into insignicance when I was given the
honour of wearing a prestigious White
Helmet and would take the apex of a 10-man
pyramid. My enthusiasm at being invited to
spend the day with the worlds most elite
motorcycle display team was tempered
slightly when I realised we would be
practising on Tarmac.
Surely, I thought with growing alarm, they
know I have never ridden a bike before.
That Tarmac looked hard. Very hard. Their
reminding me that they had full public
liability insurance was little comfort.
Surprisingly, many Royal Signal
Corpsmen who volunteer for a three-year
stint with the White Helmets are motorcycle
novices yet within months they are
performing death-defying stunts and high
precision acrobatics as millions look on in
awe. It is often an advantage if they cant
already ride so we can mould them to our
way of doing things, said team leader
Captain Alex McPhun, 29, who is enjoying
his rst year with the Helmets after time in
Afghanistan. A job like this is a great way
for soldiers to recuperate from quite a
taxing operational tempo.
Most of us have been to Afghanistan.
What we look for in volunteers is the ability
to take some knocks and falls with good
humour. If someone gets upset at taking a
tumble then they are not right for us.
The highlight of the season is the British
Military Tournament, which this year will
tell the story of the life and times of the
Queen. For the White Helmets, it will mean
competing with horses for the rst time
since 1926, the year the Queen was born, in
a special relay race, complete with ame
jumps. Most of the groundwork takes place
in April before the show season begins on
grass at Blandford Camp, Dorset, and by
October the team is a well-oiled machine.
I would have to take my chances.
My father, who learned to drive tanks with
the Italian army, had always told me that
the best way to learn something was the
army way, and I should have had faith.
It seemed to take no time at all for the
very able Cpl Shea Dawson to teach me the
basics. Instead of the iconic Triumph Tiger
750cc motorcycle, part of the teams proud
British heritage, I was given a more
manageable 250cc Kawasaki KLX. It came
with a special present: a warning that the
front brake was a bit springy and might
need some effort to do its job.
After just a few minutes of instruction
I was off, riding circuits while trying to avoid
the real teams practice session.
At one point, still juddering through gear
changes but brimming with condence,
I approached a grass mound at the end of
the Tarmac. The theme music from The
Great Escape was in my head and the urge
to jump it and take my bike on to the elds
beyond was overwhelming. It was only the
thought that I was a guest that made me
turn around and go back.
More was to come later as I watched,
open-mouthed, while the Helmets practised
their routines. There are about 30 intricate
stunts, bearing colourful names such as
Court Jester, Swallow, Cossacks, Angel,
Throne, Eagle and Ladder Handstand.
Many are performed backwards, with no
rider at the handlebars and the sticky
throttle holding the bike at a set speed.
Suddenly Capt McPhun was at my
shoulder. So which do you want to try?
he asked. The prospect of balancing atop
a pyramid was daunting enough but the
thought that a mistake could make the
whole thing collapse, and possibly injure
others, was nerve-shredding.
As I mulled this over I was offered a
White Helmet. I had been told before that
White Helmets are earned the hard way,
presented to team members who have
already proven themselves, so this was an
honour indeed. I proudly accepted it and
knew I had no choice but to go for it.
Adrenaline surging through my veins,
I approached a Triumph and clambered on
to the seat behind the rider. Before I knew
it, I was surrounded by other members
taking their position for the 10-man Tableau.
Standing at the apex I was told to cross my
arms and lean forward.
On the order, I put my arms out and the
team members took their poses, some
suspended by bungee cords.
Once again, their training saved the day
and I felt on top of the world as I stood 12ft
high while the bike made its circuits.
HE MEN are especially looking
forward to this years British
Military Tournament, said Capt
McPhun. It will be slightly
different because we will be
competing against horses.
Three horses will be racing three bikes in
a relay which will include the two jumping
through ames together which is amazing,
he said. It will be really nice to have that
connection with horses once more. This
year marks the 85th anniversary of the
White Helmets formation in 1927.
Unofcially, it began after the First World
War as dispatch riders starting performing
tricks, pitching their motorcycles against
horses at their base in Catterick, Yorkshire,
said Capt McPhun.
Eighty ve years on and we are still
performing those tricks. Each trick depends
on ability and size. A really tall person might
not be able to do the Throne, where you
have to steer with your feet while reading
the paper, because they might not be able to
get their legs over the tank in time before
the trick gets dropped, for instance.
We usually use Triumphs, which are
good for the slow-riding, hands-off precision,
very smart and soldierly parts of the show.
This year we will be using the Kawasakis
because they are lighter and more able to
cope with the routine we have in mind.
We are a little bit apprehensive about
changing what we do and not having the
Triumphs: were about the British Army,
British history and British bikes but the fact
is that the Triumphs just dont jump very
well and it would not be fair to charge the
BRT for the cost of replacing the front forks,
since it is a charity event. So we are just
going to have to train hard and get used to
the Kawasakis over these next weeks.
All this is achieved without any Ministry
of Defence funding, with bikes, maintenance
and other vehicles paid for by sponsorship
EASY RIDER: Cpl Shea Dawson gets Marco going
ON YER BIKE: Marco with his honorary White Helmet and members of the team
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 41
AM THE son of a working class family and
grew up in the late Twenties and Thirties,
before what we know as the Welfare State
was created. Help from the government at that
time was, to say the least, rather limited, and
I wouldnt wish any of us to return to those
Having made that clear let me add that most
of us know that Britains multi-billion-pound
welfare budget is over-generous and
frequently abused. We are also only too well
aware of the Governments failure to make
much of an impact on curbing its growth. Any
attempt to do so is inevitably portrayed by the
Left and its fellow travellers as grinding the
faces of the poor, the weak and the aficted.
Yet there comes a time when, unless
changes are made, the cost of the system will
become unsustainable. So I welcome the
Government declaration that it is prepared to
have yet another go at tackling the problems
by using what my dear old Mum used to
describe as being
cruel to be kind. In
the more politically
correct language of
today the
prefers to call it
a tough love
approach towards
our aim of ending
the something-for-
nothing approach
to benets.
Fortunately, the
aim is the same.
We only have to
look at some of the
basic statistics to
see the size of the
problem. At present almost 60,000 people are
claiming benets worth up to 105 a week due
to their addiction to alcohol or drugs or both.
More than 12,800 alcoholics have claimed
incapacity benet for more than a decade.
Figures published by the Department for
Work and Pensions show that the cost of these
payments adds up to 7billion a year.
Those basic statistics are bad enough but
even worse is the fact that there is no
requirement for these claimants to seek help
to get better.
T LAST the Government has declared its
intention to tackle the problem. Under its
proposals alcoholics could be denied
benets unless they attend regular meetings
at a support group such as Alcoholics
Anonymous. Similarly, drug addicts would be
denied payment if they refused to be treated.
These proposals come at a time when many
claimants are to be tested to see if they are t
to work. It may be signicant that when that
proposal was announced one third of those
given an appointment immediately dropped
their claims.
Our welfare system should do the job for
which it was invented. It should provide
support for the needy. It was never intended to
encourage druggies, alcoholics, or those
simply too lazy to get out of bed and go to work
in the morning.
Being a realist, however, Ill believe the
Governments good intentions when I see
them working.
To comment, log on to sundayexpress.co.uk/

Ill see if Cameron
is going to be
cruel to be kind
Threlfall in Shameless
and ticket sales. The team relies on its
Facebook page (White Helmets: The Royal
Signals Motorcycle Display Team) to show
sponsors how many people are talking
about them. I think it speaks for us that, in
these days of austerity, we are entirely
self-funding as a team, he said. We are
a fantastic recruiting tool for the British
Army. We perform in front of more than
two million people every year, including
television viewers, and we do not cost the
Army anything except for our salaries.
We are incredibly cheap. For 1,700, the
cost of hiring a band, you get a full half hour
show with pyrotechnics and even the cars
we jump across. You could run us for 20
years for the price of just a tank of aviation
fuel needed by the Red Arrows.
The British Military Tournament is at
Earls Court, London, on December 8 and 9.
Tickets costs 29.95 (concessions available).
Book at britishmilitarytournament.com or
by calling 0870 903 9033
The Sunday Express is offering 50 pairs of tickets to the matine performance of British
Military Tournament 2012, supported by The Boeing Company, on Sunday, December 9,
Earls Court, London at midday. The British Military Tournament is a spectacular production
telling the story of the life and times of Her Majesty The Queen, through breathtaking
displays of military theatre. It is the biggest fundraising event in aid of the three national
charities of the British Armed Forces.
Which year was the Battle of Waterloo? 1815, 1845 or 1809?
To win call 0911 719 0551 or text SXTICKETS followed by your answer, name, address
and telephone number to 86660. Texts cost 2 plus your usual network rate. Calls cost 82p
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entry per postcard. SP: Spoke, London W1B 2AG. Helpline: 0870 010 8656.
TERMS & CONDITIONS: Entrants must be 18 or over. Competition closes at midnight on November 11, 2012
and three working days later for postal entries. Winners will be selected at random from all correct entries. For
full T&Cs see express.co.uk/compterms. The Editors decision is nal. Maximum of 200 premium rate SMS per
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WIN British Military Tournament Tickets
Marco forms the
summit of the
teams daring
Tableau display
42 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
+ + + GERMANY: A pool in Gelnhausen has banned the
TICKET TO RIDE: The UK will soon be sharing Barack and Michelles joy
WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES: General David Petraeus in June last
The wlle, lhe dlgraced
CIA chlel and lhe mllre
From Mike Parker IN LOS ANGELES THE MARRIED mistress behind
the downfall of CIA director
David Petraeus is a
distinguished academic who once
modelled for a machine gun
manufacturing company.
Doctors wife Paula Broadwell,
40, a mother of two, was in hiding
last night after General
Petraeus, 60, quit as Americas
spy chief over their affair.
Allegedly explicit e-mails were
intercepted by the FBI after her
400-page biography on him was
criticised as reading more like a
love letter.
The distinguished war veteran,
who commanded allied troops in
both Iraq and Afghanistan,
stepped down on Friday after 14
months having admitted showing
extremely poor judgment over
the affair. After accepting his
resignation, President Obama
paid tribute to his wife Holly, 60,
saying: My prayers are with
Dave and Holly Petraeus, who
has done so much to help
military families through her
own work.
Harvard graduate Broadwells
home in Charlotte, North
Carolina, was in darkness
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 43
front crawl on health and safety grounds because swimmers make too many waves + + +
year before a Senate committee for his conrmation as CIA director. To the left is wife Holly with Broadwell on the right, circled
Why Ubumu's win
is good for Brituin
By Andy
THERE was great relief in
Downing Street over the news of
Barack Obamas victory.
In an up-beat Prime Ministe-
rial tweet, David Cameron said
he was looking forward to
working with his friend.
Theres relief because Obama
bucked the trend and showed an
incumbent in a country with
massive debt and feeble growth
can still hang on, unlike Frances
Nicolas Sarkozy.
Also the Cameron team had
not put much work into links
with the Romney camp. So the
undoubtedly good Obama-Cam-
eron relationship can continue.
On big issues we are unlikely
to see much change such as
Afghanistan and Syria. Iran is
the most dangerous looming
international crisis but the two
mens caution makes them allies
facing calls for military action.
Their biggest challenge is
picking the right plan to cut
decits and reduce debt. Neither
has complete freedom of action.
Cameron has the Coalition
where there are disagreements
over spending. Obamas prob-
lem is even more stark: A hostile
House of Representatives. He
must show his people they made
the right choice and in his victory
speech in Chicago on Wednes-
day the signs were good.
It seemed the old Obama was
back. Perhaps the relief at avoid-
ing being a one-term president
energised him once again.
Yet one of his favourite themes,
there are no red states or blue,
just the United States of Amer-
ica, is probably less true than
The country is divided almost
exactly in half and though the
Democrats held on to the
Senate, the Republicans have
control of the House.
Both parties know they have
to make a deal over the budget.
Without one, big cuts and tax
rises will be triggered on January
1, the scal cliff. Budget analysts
warn the US will tip into reces-
sion unless a deal is struck.
This would be bad news for
the UK which already has one of
its biggest markets, continental
Europe, in deep nancial dif-
Obama wants the rich to pay
more, anathema to Republicans.
Obama said on Friday: We cant
just cut our way to prosperity. If
were serious about reducing the
decit, we have to combine
spending cuts with revenue. And
that means asking the wealthi-
est Americans to pay a little
more in taxes. De facto Repub-
lican leader John Boehner,
Speaker of the House of Repre-
sentatives, is surprisingly con-
He said: Mr President, we
are ready to be led, not as Repub-
licans, not as Democrats, but as
Neither side wants to appear
to block a deal and the Republi-
cans badly need to build bridges
with the crucial Hispanic vote.
The crowds outside the White
House on Wednesday chanting
the old Obama slogan Yes we
can were joined by others
chanting the Spanish version,
Si, se puede. There is no
Republican equivalent.
What is the scal cliff?
A combination of US government spending cuts
and tax rises set to come in on January 1.
Unless a deal is brokered by Congress to stop
$600billion (378billion) in cuts and tax rises,
it could drag the US back into recession.
Among changes in the toxic scal mix are the
cancellation of a 2 per cent payroll tax cut
introduced last year, equal to putting 2 per cent
on UK employee national insurance.
Can it be avoided?
White House ofcials are considering new
proposals with the twin aims of avoiding the
scal cliff and sparking negotiations on a
broader decit-reduction deal.
Obama will kick off discussions with
Congressional leaders this week. He will
demand tax rises for the rich as part of any deal.
Stock markets believe Congress will cobble
together a deal, if only at the last minute.
However, Obama has his work cut out working
with the Republican-dominated House of
Why does it matter?
If Washington policy-makers dont act, the
economy would contract by 0.5 per cent in 2013,
according to the Congressional Budget Ofce, a
non-partisan arm of Congress.
The jobless rate would go from 7.9 per cent to
9.1 per cent. This could add up to a return to
recession for the US, heralding a lost decade.
Will that impact the UK?
When the US sneezes, the UK catches a cold.
So, yes. A downturn in the US economy could
easily threaten the UKs edgling recovery.
By Tracey Boles CITY EDITOR
Is the US about to plunge over a scal cliff?
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 45
can be done. When I was young and
the telly went on the blink my
father, who always professed to hate
TV even though he spent half his life
watching it, would jokingly suggest a
sing-song around the piano despite
the fact that we did not have a piano.
In the end we would get out the
Scrabble board, all the time casting
rueful glances at our defunct telly and
(in the case of my father) silently
cursing the shop we rented it from.
Scrabble will ll an hour tonight. It is
certainly better than watching the
woeful Im A Celebrity Get Me Out
Of Here!, however many embittered
politicians wash up on it. How to quell
the longing for soft furnishings,
ink-stands and delicate, mint-green
interiors though?
In an ideal world, Downton Abbey
would be on every night just like, and
preferably in place of, EastEnders.
Half the cast of Coronation Street are
downstairs at Downton anyway,
exchanging poisoned
glances and willing
each other to say,
sup up, love,
were closing.
I have always been
rmly of the belief
that EastEnders,
with its lumpen
language, frequent
bouts of verbal and
physical violence
and constant,
bickering, has helped
to brutalise modern
life. A daily dose
of Downton would
surely reverse the
trend, its language,
look and inuence
seeping into our
lives until every
park is full of ladies
promenading with
parasols and
bus and train-
carriages echo with cheps barking
I say to each other.

EFORE we knew it, there

would be great racks of
stays and corsets in
Marks & Spencer,
Primark and Asda would
vie to produce the
cheapest, genuine tweed suit and
Waitroses Mrs Patmore range
would grace every dinner table.
A chap can dream but the serious
point is that in a cold, digital world
where so many of us have shrunk
back into ourselves, watching images
on individual screens, earplugs
stuffed in, shutting out everyone else,
a programme like Downton Abbey is
a rare miracle. It brings together
families; not to gawp, voyeuristically,
at idiots gobbling down insects or
battering each other in pubs, but
acting out a carefully plotted piece of
ction, replete with good manners,
rened etiquette and great cushions.
One of the leading ladies is even
becoming romantically attached to
a newspaper editor. What is not to
love about Downton Abbey?
Let the pining begin.

N A LITTLE pub in Stanmore,

Middlesex, where I used to
drink most Sundays, there was
a group of elderly people who
would rise and leave at exactly
the same time, halfway
through the evening. Off to see
Heartbeat, the barman told me.
Sunday TV is like that. How many
of us, I wonder, will, at 9 oclock
tonight, plump up the cushions, settle
down on our sofas, pour a nice large
glass of wine and turn on the telly,
only to realise dash it all! Downton
Abbey has nished. It is not as if we
spend our lives watching TV but
some programmes occupy such an
important space in our week that
their absence leaves a gaping hole as
deep and as dark as the unknown soul
of Mr Bates himself.
Downton Abbey was (is) such a
programme. Beautifully written,
brilliantly acted, yes, but also so
sumptuous to look at, in so many
different ways, that
we found ourselves
devouring the
dresses and suits,
the furniture, the
wall colourings, the
drapes and the
cushions, even as
poor Lady Sybil
Crawley expired.
And though we are
fascinated by
Matthew and Toms
new plans for land
use in the Downton
Estate, we are
equally distracted
by the ink stands,
bookcases, table
settings and ower
among which their
arguments rage.
television? Downton
Abbey is the best
example of it that I have encountered
and you do not need a specially
adapted television set or a pair of
dodgy spectacles to appreciate it.
From the opening credits, as we
approach those ramparts, strolling
across the lawn not with the common
old cameraman but on an eye-level
with the back of Lord Granthams
Labrador, we are not just watching
Downton, we are immersed in it.
Here is the world as we would like
it to be, complete with ones valet to
dress one, perfectly presented
pastries and what John Betjeman
once vividly described as the crunch
of private gravel.
It was hard enough to know what to
do at 9pm on Sunday when the rst
series ended. When the second, and
weakest, went its way, we still felt
sorry but wondered if Downtons best
years were behind it. Then Julian
Fellowes sharpened his quill, adjusted
his sock-suspenders and set to work
on this third series. It has been pitch
perfect. So much so that if you dare to
ing open your living room window at
9 oclock tonight, I suspect you will
hear a wail of disappointment all
along your road. Heaven knows what
In an ideal
world, Downton
would be on
every night
A word from the Editor

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46 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 47
As the iconic Hollywood sign is renovated and repainted to celebrate its 90th birthday in 2013,
Sandro Monetti looks at its fascinating history, talks to the man in charge of keeping it in
pristine condition and nds out which celebrities kept it at the heart of the world of the movies


The biggest name
in Hollywood
Edited by CLAIR
OR NEARLY 90 years the
Hollywood sign has been
a movie location, a focal point
for both lovers and vandals,
a suicide spot and now,
in keeping with anyone who
is starting to show their age in Los Angeles,
it is getting a facelift.
The globally-recognised landmark, which
rocker Alice Cooper and Playboy founder
Hugh Hefner both helped to renovate in the
70s, is being spruced up with a major
repainting and refurbishment job, turning it a
gleaming white. This old lady is getting two
tons of make-up applied so she can look great
again for her public, says Chris Baumgart,
the landmarks caretaker.
As chairman of the Hollywood Sign Trust
for the past 20 years it has been his honour to
care for and protect the landmark in a job
that involves everything from raising funds to
picking up a paintbrush.
Chris, 60, says: This sign represents
dreams. It certainly did for me when I came
to Los Angeles as a lm student and it needs
to continue to stand strong as an iconic
symbol of the entertainment industry. People
who see it from a distance do not realise all
the blistering, cracking, peeling and grafti
problems but this 109,000 makeover is going
to make it as good as new.
The sign was erected in 1923 with mules
used to carry the letters up Mount Lee.
Back then it read Hollywoodland and was
an advertisement for a nearby housing
development of the same name. Originally
only planned to stay for 18 months,
the 46ft-high letters remained standing
as a symbol of the rapidly growing lm
business in Hollywood and the aspirations
of those ocking there to make it big.
For some, however, those dreams turned
sour. Among them was failed actress Peg
Entwistle, who was born half a world away in
Port Talbot and jumped to her death from the
letter H in 1932. When she became the signs
rst suicide jumper she found the fame in
death that she had never achieved in life.
The land part of the sign was removed in
the late Forties in order to reect the name of
the city it overlooked and not, as imagined in
the movie The Rocketeer, because Timothy
Daltons villain character Neville Sinclair
crashed into those four letters when his
rocket pack exploded in a reball.
It has featured in countless other movies,
even getting destroyed in disaster lms such
as The Day After Tomorrow and Earthquake,
but it has suffered plenty of real life damage
and deterioration as well.
destroyed in 1949 when the
signs then caretaker, Albert
Kothe, was driving drunk
near the top of Mount Lee,
lost control of his car,
ploughed down the H and drove off the cliff.
Kothe survived but the H didnt and had to be
replaced as part of the signs rst major
renovation, supervised by Los Angeles city
council, which now owns it.
I have driven up there several times but
not crashed once, says Chris Baumgart.
It was another three decades before the
landmark got another lick of paint. By 1978 it
was in such a state of disrepair that the rst
O had splintered and broken in half, looking
more like a lower case letter u, while the third
O had fallen down completely, leaving the sign
reading HuLLYWOD.
However, the city did not have the funds for
its restoration and rebuilding so it set up the
Hollywood Sign Trust to come up with
fundraising ideas. The Trust held a public
auction in 1978, inviting bidders to buy a letter
and pay for its upkeep.
That is when a group of celebrities stepped
up. Rock star Alice Cooper led the effo
pledged 20,000 to buy and erect the m
O, which he gave to the city in honour
comedy hero, Groucho Marx. For sim
amounts, singing cowboy Gene Autry
second L, adult magazine publisher H
Hefner the Y, crooner Andy Williams b
the W and LA business gures took th
Thanks to all these donations the Tru
place stronger letters made of steel.
Hefner stepped in again a few years
when the land around the sign, once o
By Tracey Boles
and Geoff Ho
By Tracey Boles
How to gain the most
from your pension pot
your bills this winter
NOVEMBER 11, 2012
their nal say this week on
the 53 billion mining deal
between Glencore and
Xstrata, with both rms
privately condent of win-
ning sufcient support.
However, fears are
lingering that the pro-
posed deal will collapse
because the position of the
Qatari shareholders who
own 12 per cent of Xstrata
is unclear.
Observers say the pro-
posal makes sense nan-
cially for the Gulf investors,
boosting hopes that they
will support it. Votes will
be cast this week.
For the deal to be
passed, 75 per cent of the
investors have to back it.
On Friday, shareholder
Scottish Widows came out
in support of the merger.
As part of the deal
Xstratas management
vole l
Cost of living is
on the rise uguin
THE cost of living is on the rise
again due to hikes in energy
bills and food prices, gures are
expected to show this week.
Consumer price ination is
predicted to have crept back
up to 2.4 per cent in
October after falling to a
34-month low of 2.2 per cent in
The expected rise will put a
squeeze on the purchasing
power of consumers, threaten-
same pressures will mean the
cost of living will hover around
2.5 per cent over the nal
months of 2012 and early on
in 2013. However, he does not
believe it will rise further than
this because oil prices have
softened. He said: Our best
guess is that consumer price
ination will stand at about 2.5
per cent at the end of 2012 and
THE WORLDS youngest
billionaire, Facebooks Mark
Zuckerberg, has seen $6.8 billion
(4.3 billion) wiped from his
fortune in a year according to
the inaugural list of the worlds
richest people by Bloomberg
Markets Magazine.
The 28-year-old founder of the
social networking site is now
worth an estimated $10.7 billion
(6.7 billion). Facebook had its
market debut in January but was
criticised for being priced too
high. It is now trading at nearly
half the oat price of $38 (24)
a share.
The lists richest man is Carlos
t l oms
Iood and enery rlce
blamed lor 0clober hlke
Facebook founder sees fortune shrink by 4.3 billion
social network
is losing value
M4I6h 8P08I: P465 2-3
EMAIL THE SPORTS EDITOR: scott.wilson@express.co.uk
TH|ccua| |cx|can
|cscucs lc|usun
his hat-trick hero Javier
Hernandez last night after he
inspired a Manchester United
comeback against Aston Villa.
Hernandez, known as Little
Pea, turned the game on its head
after replacing Ashley Young at
the start of the second half.
Villa had taken a two-goal lead
through Andreas Weimann in
the space of ve minutes either
side of half-time.
But Hernandez hit back with
Uniteds rst goal, then saw his
shot deect off Villa skipper Ron
Vlaar for the equaliser before
diving to head a late winner.
Manager Sir Alex Ferguson
said: Hes fantastic in the
penalty area. His movement,
awareness of space he did his
job. When you score a hat-trick,
you pick yourself and hell be in
the side for the next game.
three goals
the game for
Man United
DELIGHT: Boss Ferguson
Aston Villa 2 Man United 3
By Peter Edwards
Ha|lt|mc sub Hc|nandc scu|cs ama|n Hatt||ck
Ref: K Friend Att: 40,538
ASTON VILLA: Guzan, Lowton, Vlaar, Clark,
Stevens, Weimann (Holman 81), Westwood, Ireland
(El Ahmadi 79), Bannan (Delph 87), Agbonlahor,
MANCHESTER UNITED: De Gea, Rafael, Ferdinand,
Smalling, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Scholes (Cleverley
71), Young (Hernandez 45), Rooney (Anderson 79),
Van Persie.
HERNANDEZ - Came off the subs
bench to perform a rescue act for
United which looked most unlikely as
the league leaders laboured.
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012

2 I0078ALL: 1ne Prem|er |eaue
86ckf6rJ h60nc6s hack K|n |u|ns Bc|'s pa|ty
MARLON KING ruined Henning
Bergs homecoming by snatching a
point for Birmingham.
New Blackburn manager Berg
was back at Ewood Park for the
rst time since his playing days a
decade ago. And Reuben Rochinas
13th-minute penalty after David
Murphy fouled Mauro Formica gave
the Norwegian the perfect start.
But King levelled from close range
almost immediately to frustrate
Berg, who saw his side run the
game without grabbing a winner.
Berg said: We caused them a
lot of problems but just lacked that
extra quality in the last third. If we
can improve that part, we will win
games rather than drawing them.
Birmingham boss Lee Clark said:
We showed great character. We
couldve buckled but we came back.
GOAL machine Jermaine Beckford
sealed the win for the Terriers and
piled the pressure on Barnsley boss
Keith Hill.
The former Everton and Leeds
striker returned from injury and
made the breakthrough in the
35th minute.
Hudderseld manager Simon
Grayson said: It was a very good
win for us, at a difcult place to come
and get anything. Sean Scannell and
Simon Church played a great part in
the goal, and Jermaine Beckford did
what he does best get in front of his
marker and produce a good header.
Hill said: There is a lack of
condence in the players. Ive got to
pick them up, but theyve got to pick
themselves up too.
They have to perform to the best
of their abilities.
Blackburn 1 Birmingham 1 Barnsley 0 Hudderseld 1
h6 g6aI machIn6
h6rnanJ6z Was agaIn
a gam6 chang6r
ASTON VILLA ......... 2
Weimann 45, 50
Hernandez 58, 63, 87
From Dave Harrison
Uniteds embarrassment with
a stunning appearance from
the bench and lowered Sir Alex
Fergusons temperature to a level
just below boiling point.
Fergie watched in fury as his
team were taken apart by a youthful
Villa team but the introduction of
substitute Hernandez at half-time
restored the managers calm and
kept United clear at the top of
the table.
The Mexican claimed a hat-trick -
even though his second goal went in
off Villa defender Ron Vlaar.
He walked away with the match
ball after taking his total to eight in
his last ve games. Never have his
striking instincts been needed more.
Hernandez said: Of course Im
claiming a hat-trick. The shot was on
target before it took a deection.
I might have scored three goals
but the important thing is United
have got three points and we are still
top of the league.
Villas young Austrian striker
Andreas Weimann had deservedly put
his team two goals in front as United
defence once again buckled.
But not for the rst time this
season, United gambled on
outscoring their opponents to paper
over the cracks in their suspect
back four.
It will do nothing for Fergies heart
rate but, with Hernandez in this
mood, United will not be outgunned
by anyone.
The agenda at Villa Park these days
is to buy cheap, blood youngsters and
hope the inexperienced ones survive
the Premier League ordeal long
enough for the team to re-establish
itself as a force in the top ight.
With an average age of 24, it looked
as if Villa might become lambs to the
slaughter if United took a rm hold of
the game.
Who was it who said you dont win
anything with kids? Alan Hansen
said it about United in the 90s and
his comment forever comes back to
haunt him. This youthful Villa team
showed a similar deant attitude with
a stirring contribution as the game
Uniteds vulnerability at the back
is becoming an increasing worry for
Fergie. With Carrick and Paul Scholes
offering a imsy protection to the
back four, they were exposed several
times by Villas counter attacks.
Christian Benteke found himself
unmarked with a clear shooting
chance and Rio Ferdinand appealed
in vain for an offside decision but
managed to recover to block the Villa
strikers goal-bound shot.
Apart from their early urry of
attacks United looked laboured
through the rst half. Villas defence
was solid and their mideld cut the
supply lines to Wayne Rooney and
Van Persie.
On the stroke of half-time Villas
speed on the counter attack and
Uniteds creaky defence brought the
home crowd to its feet.
Weimann started it with a slide rule
pass down the left ank to Beneteke.
There is nothing subtle about
the Belgian international and he
steamrollered his way through Chris
Smallings half-hearted challenge
near the touchline.
Beneteke then showed composure
to match his strength and he aimed
a perfect pass for Weimann to hit his
shot rst time past David De Gea.
The walls of the United dressing
room will have reverberated to the
decibels of Fergies interval rant.
Former Villa favourite Ashley
Young was the fall guy after his
lacklustre rst-half display and, much
to the delight of home fans, he was
replaced at half-time by Hernandez.
Their cheers were later stied by the
substitutes impact.
But ve minutes into the second
half Weimann struck again.
The inuential Stephen Ireland set
Agbonlahor free down the left and his
low cross was clinically powered by
Weimann into the net from a
few yards out.
The goal machine that is
Hernandez once again proved to be
the game changer for United.
In the 58th minute the Mexican
held off Ciaran Clark to slot Scholess
pass through Guzans legs and four
minutes later Hernandez enjoyed
a stroke of luck as his volley from
Rafaels cross ew into the net off
Vlaar. It was cruel for Villa as the
irrepressible Hernandez stooped to
head the winner in the 87th minute
from Van Persies free-kick.
Villa manager Paul Lambert said:
Im proud of the team. They were
outstanding. Im absolutely gutted
because the players gave everything.
Im sure they will take a lot of
condence from that performance.
scores his
second after
left, put Villa
two up
8kV VIll
tu |cscuc S|| l|cx l|um dclcat
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
3 I0078ALL: 1ne Prem|er |eaue
I6t6n's J6h0t JraW Hudsun s||cnccs c||t|cs
MARK HUDSON hit back at his
critics to maintain Cardiffs 100 per
cent home record over Hull.
Club legend Nathan Blake said
Hudson should be stripped of the
captains armband following the 5-4
embarrassment at Charlton.
But Hudson responded by
netting Cardiffs second with a
diving header adding to Heidar
Helgusons rst-half effort to hand
the Welsh club an eighth straight
home win. Robert Koren grabbed a
late consolation for Hull.
Cardiff manager Malky Mackay
said: We went on the front foot
in the second half and didnt give
them a breath. I always thought the
second goal was coming.
And Hull boss Steve Bruce
admitted: I thought Cardiff were
the better side.
SUPER-SUB Nathan Delfouneso
snatched a share of the bragging
rights as Michael Appletons rst
match in charge at Blackpool ended
in a derby draw.
The on-loan Villa striker rescued
a point for the Tangerines nine
minutes from time after Chung-Yong
Lee had come off the bench to give
the visitors a second-half lead.
Thomas Ince had initially restored
parity for the hosts with a sensational
curler to cancel out Mark Davies
composed opener.
Appleton said: Its nice to get my
rst game under the belt and after
going behind twice I think we have to
be happy to have earned a point.
New Bolton boss Dougie
Freedman said: Both teams wanted
to win it. I felt over the 90 minutes it
was probably a fair result.
Cardiff City 2 Hull City 1 Blackpool 2 Bolton 2
NartIn6z s0nk
hy N6rrIs6n's
Ref: N Swarbrick Att: 17,812
WIGAN: Al Habsi; Ramis, Caldwell (Stam 64),
Figueroa; Boyce, Watson (Gomez 85), McCarthy,
Beausejour; Maloney; Di Santo (Boselli 85), Kone.
WEST BROM: Myhill; Jones, McAuley, Olsson,
Ridgewell; Morrison (Gera 68), Mulumbu, Yacob,
Brunt; Lukaku (Rosenberg 87), Long (Odemwingie 68).
solid at right-back for West Brom and a
threat whenever he ventured forward.
Deserved a goal for his display but
despite his claims, he will not get one.
JAMES MORRISON rose above the
rest as the Baggies keep on
boing-boinging near the top of
the Premier League table.
But it was unheralded Billy Jones
contribution that settled this clash
as Steve Clarke must think this
managerial lark is a bit of a doddle.
West Brom have not had it this
good for three decades and there is
little sign of their rise stopping.
Now they have that all important
away win in the bag which took them
to 20 points in mid-November.
Some would see that total as
halfway to safety but why should the
archetypal yo-yo club look down?
Midelder Morrison (above) put
Clarkes men on their way by rising
at the far post to head home Chris
Brunts cross on 31 minutes.
And even though the impressive
right-back Jones claimed his rst
goal since March 2011, it will surely
go down as an own goal by Wigan
skipper Gary Caldwell as his
cross would not have troubled Ali
Al-Habsi otherwise.
Wigan certainly played their part
and Arouna Kones goal seconds
after West Broms second made sure
the Baggies could not rest easily.
But Roberto Martinezs side lacked
the required composure in front of
goal to earn a point despite creating
several chances.
Clarke may only be 11 league
games into his managerial career
but he is already not afraid to make
big calls.
After two goals on Monday, Peter
Odemwingie may have expected a
starting spot.
Instead he was dropped to the
bench while Boaz Myhill replaced
groin injury victim Ben Foster in goal.
Clarke said: Im happy to be
where we are this week but the
Premier League is one that can bite
you if you lose your focus.
As a player I was top of the
league in November but ended
up ghting relegation. It sounds
boring but were just taking it week
by week.
Weve got the European
champions at home next and well
approach that in the same way as
every other game.
An away win has been overdue as
performances have been good but
its good to nally get one as it was
something that could be cast at us if
we didnt end that run.
And he added: And two of the
players I brought in created the rst
goal that makes me look good!
Jonas Olsson was up for a physical
battle and he got what he wanted
with Wigans Ivan Ramis.
The Spaniard would pass for a
doorman and at one corner it looked
like he was trying to bundle Olsson
out of the stadium!
He got away with that one but
Wigans defending for Morrisons
opener deserved punishment.
Being caught short at right-back
and allowing Brunt to pick up the
scraps after Romelu Lukakus
cross drifted across the pitch was
bad enough.
Not tracking Morrisons run, letting
him leap above Caldwell and reach
the Northern Ireland internationals
pinpoint centre, was even worse. But
Albion had the lead they deserved
when Jones skipped past Ben
Watson and his cross was turned
into his own net by Caldwells chest.
Any thoughts of holding the
two-goal advantage lasted a matter
of seconds as from the restart
Kone red home after Jean
Beausejours ball made its way
across the box.
Wigan manager Martinez said:
After two good results, we werent
expecting to go 2-0 down and we
didnt cope with it well enough.
To concede two early goals was
really disappointing and when you
play against a side like West Brom,
the priority is to score the rst goal.
Were not the sort of side that
can get results from a scrappy
performance and we werent
as good as we could be that
was frustrating.
HITMAN HERNANDEZ: Chicharito celebrates after scoring his hat-trick to secure Uniteds dramatic victory
Kone 44
WEST BROM .......... 2
Morrison 31, Caldwell 43 (og)
From Gary Carter
4 I0078ALL: 1ne Prem|er |eaue
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
8kIF 0F 8kIN
Readings Kaspars
Gorkss foils Grant
Holt of Norwich
READING ............... 0
From Paul Brown
BRIAN McDermott has nally
stopped the bleeding. But the
patient does not look like stepping
off the sickbed any time soon.
Reading kept their rst clean sheet
of the season having let in 15 goals
in their last four games here but it
did not lead to their rst win in the
Premier League.
The Royals boss tried everything,
and his side certainly looked more
solid than they have in ages. But the
more games like this that slip by, the
more bleak it looks.
He said: The clean sheet pleased
me. Thats six draws from ten games,
which shows us how close we are.
That team today looked solid. There
are many things here that give me
Norwich had not won away all
season and were under the cosh for
long spells. But they have eight points
from the last 12 available. Boss Chris
Hughton said: It was a good point.
We look a lot more solid at the
moment and were in a much better
place than we were a few weeks ago.
Reading have rarely struggled
going forward. But they did in the
rst half. Garath McCleary had a
blistering drive from 25 yards parried
away, and Jason Roberts hit the side
netting when his cross deected off
Michael Turner. But they rarely
troubled John Ruddy in the Norwich
The Canaries came here on a ne
run of form, and Wes Hoolahan
should have punished Readings
wastefulness when he found himself
unmarked on the edge of the area,
but red wide.
Not as wide as Mikele Leigertwoods
effort at the other end, though. Taking
aim from 30 yards, he shot so
waywardly the ball went out for a
throw. It summed up Readings
As the second half wore on,
McDermott sent on Pavel
Pogrebnyak and Jimmy Kebe in a bid
to change things.
Kebe made an immediate impact,
worrying Norwich with his running
and clipping the crossbar with one
early centre, while Sean Morrison
headed inches wide from a Nicky
Shorey free-kick.
But only the faintest of
touches from Kaspars Gorkss at
the other end prevented Grant
Holt giving Norwich the lead when
he was left alone in front of goal.
Both sides were suddenly going for
it, with Holt forcing a decent save
from Adam Federici. But neither
team could nd a winner.
With high-iers Everton and
Manchester United the next two
teams to visit the Madjeski, Reading
may well need this new-found solidity.
But you have to think they will need
a lot more than that to stay up and
the few fans who stayed to boo their
team off at the end seemed to agree.
They played Its Not Over Yet by
the Klaxons over the tannoy after the
nal whistle.That may be true. But it
will be soon at this rate.
Ref: C Foy Att: 24,080
READING: Federici; Gunter, Morrison, Gorkss,
Shorey; McCleary (Pogrebnyak 60), Tabb,
Leigertwood, McAnuff; Roberts (Le Fondre 78), Hunt
(Kebe 60).
NORWICH: Ruddy; Whittaker, Bassong, Turner,
Garrido; Snodgrass (E Bennett 86), Tettey, Johnson,
Pilkington; Hoolahan, Holt (Morison 85)
SEAN MORRISON (Reading) Solid as
a rock and came very close to nding
the net on his home debut in the
Premier League.
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Nc0arthy 6ff th6 mark Zu|a H|ts wa|nuck lu| s|x
GOAL: Campbell BRACE: Vydra
NINE-MAN Leeds crashed to a
crushing defeat to make it six
league games without a win.
Centre-back Jason Pearce was
sent off just before half-time for a
nasty tackle on Matej Vydra.
And Leeds, having used all three
subs, were reduced to nine when
Rodolph Austin was carried off.
Vydra scored after 28 minutes and
Almen Abdi doubled the advantage
on 61 minutes. Mark Yeates curled
home a free-kick before Michael
Tongues penalty pulled one back.
Vydra red in again then Sean
Murray and Troy Deeney scored.
Leeds boss Neil Warnock said:
Im not devastated by the result
Im just devastated to see Rodolph
break his leg in two places.
Watford boss Gianfranco Zola
said: Its a massive result for us.
IPSWICH nally gave their fans a
home win to celebrate and climbed off
the foot of the Championship table.
They showed real steel to end the
worst sequence of home results in
the clubs history and deliver a rst
Portman Road win in 11 games.
It was new manager Mick
McCarthys rst home game, and he
said: Its a lovely feeling to get that
rst home win. I thought the team
showed a lot of togetherness. Striker
Daryl Murphy seemed to atten
keeper Lee Grant before heading
home his second goal of the season
for Ipswichs controversial opener.
Junior Stanislas crossed for fellow
sub Sam Vokes to score Burnleys
80th-minute equaliser but leading
scorer DJ Campbell snatched the
points for Ipswich from close range
three minutes from time.
Leeds Utd 1 Watford 6 Ipswich Town 2 Burnley 1
5 I0078ALL: 1ne Prem|er |eaue
ARSENE Wenger wasnt in the
mood to say so last night. But if he
doesnt sort out his defence soon,
Arsenals season will end like the
last seven without a trophy.
The Frenchman put on a brave face
after Fulham came ever so close to
turning them over yesterday. Frankly,
hes kidding himself.
His Gunners very nearly shot
themselves in the foot with kamikaze
defending that better sides than
Martin Jols would have swooped on.
Wenger said he saw lots of positives
in Arsenals performance. The rest of
us saw frightening gaps at the back.
Mark Schwarzers injury-time
penalty save was merely justice being
seen to be done after facing a
spot-kick that should never have been
given and a Fulham performance that
deserved at least a point.
Jol said afterwards: We played
some fantastic stuff, and I thought we
dominated them at times. I cant
remember creating so many chances
at Arsenal. It was so disappointing to
be 3-2 up here and not win. We could
have scored two or three more.
Wenger saw it differently, but he
will almost certainly be the more
concerned of the two managers this
morning. It is not good to concede
three goals at home, and we dont
look too good at corners. But there
are a lot of positives in our team and
we will just have to keep working on
our defending, he said.
You can say that again. Olivier
Giroud got his head to an 11th-minute
corner from Theo Walcott that should
never have reached him. And before
you could say Mark Schwarzer, the
Fulham keeper was picking the ball
out of the net.
He didnt have much chance 11
minutes later, either, when Lukas
Podolski put the Gunners two up.
Again, Fulhams defenders were day
dreaming to allow Mikel Arteta the
space to cross. The German couldnt
miss from a couple of yards out.
But it really was the day for dozy
defenders as Arsenals went to sleep
six minutes later.
Bryan Ruizs corner was routine
enough, but Dimitar Berbatov was
inexplicably allowed time and space
to head Fulham back into a game that
looked like running away from them.
Berbatov capped Fulhams spirited
ghtback ve minutes before the
break. He latched on to a through ball
from Sascha Reither and delivering a
perfect cross for sub Alex Kacaniklic
to head home with a little help from
the unprotected Vito Mannone.
No wonder Wenger thumped the
oor in frustration. For 45 minutes
there really had been no case for
either defence.
He will probably have been a
darned sight angrier after
the break, though.
What Arteta thought
he was doing in his
own box, only he
knows. Sufce to say
he allowed Ruiz to
dispossess him and
could hardly complain
about the 67th-minute
penalty that followed after he
bundled the Costa Rican over.
Berbatov completed his double with
as sweet a spot kick as you will see.
Credit to Arsenal and Giroud in
particular though. They were level
within two minutes when the
Frenchman headed his second of the
afternoon after rst hitting the post.
He deserved a third soon
afterwards, but this time Schwarzer
spectacularly denied him just as he
did at the death when he saved
Artetas injury-time spot kick which
Arsenal were given because Reither
was adjudged to have used his hand
to halt Andrey Arshavins cross.
The fact that the defender was
trying get out of the way escaped
referee Phil Dowds attentions.
Schwarzer did the decent thing for
Fulham and football.
hIs r6aIIy Was a
Jay f6r s6m6
J6zy J6f6nJIn
Ref: Phil Dowd Att: 60,093
ARSENAL: Mannone; Sagna, Mertesacker,
Koscielny, Vermaelen; Walcott (Arshavin 85), Arteta,
Coquelin (Ramsey 56), Podolski (Oxlade-Chamberlain
78); Cazorla; Giroud.
FULHAM: Schwarzer; Reither, Hughes, Hangeland,
Riise; Dejagah (Duff 85), Baird, Sidwell, Richardson
(Kacaniklic 21); Ruiz; Berbatov.
DIMITAR BERBATOV A class act who
just pipped Giroud and his teammate
Bryan Ruiz by scoring two and setting
up Fulhams third.
6n6r 0ts I6ss
6n 00nn6rs' I66m
ARSENAL ............... 3
Giroud 11 69, Podolski 23
FULHAM ................ 3
Berbatov 29 67 (pen), Kacaniklic 40
From Colin Mafham
AT THE DOUBLE: Giroud, left, and
Berbatov, below, each bagged a
brace. Arsene Wenger, above,
saw his side come close to being
turned over
6 I0078ALL: 1ne Prem|er |eaue
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
F6ars6n's 6naIty f0ry KcuH |s kcy lu| l|uns
RANT: Pearson GOAL: Keogh
ANDY KEOGH celebrated his return
to the Millwall rst team by scoring
a deserved winner.
The 26-year-old replaced Darius
Henderson for his rst start in eight
games and ensured all three points
with a neat nish in the 75th minute.
Liam Feeneys disputed goal gave
Millwall the lead. Referee Darren
Drysdale overruled his assistants
offside ag before the goal stood.
Will Hughes levelled on 52 minutes
before Keogh curled home the winner.
Derby boss Nigel Clough said: The
assistant gave offside for Feeney so I
dont know why the referee gave the
goal but we cant change it now.
Millwall could be in trouble after
some fans unveiled an offensive
banner in support of the 13-year-old
banned for recently verbally
abusing Boltons Marvin Sordell.
LEICESTER boss Nigel Pearson
blasted referee Anthony Taylor after
seeing his side denied victory.
Pearson was seething after Simon
Coxs 67th-minute penalty gave
Forest a point after Zak Whitbread
had appeared to produce a fair
challenge on Billy Sharp.
He said: If the referee has not got
the guts or his assistant cant see it
he should be accountable. We could
have won but that opportunity has
been taken away by people who cant
do their jobs properly.
Even Forest boss Sean ODriscoll
admitted: I dont think it was a
penalty if Im honest.
Elliott Wards own goal put the
Foxes ahead before Adlene
Guedioura levelled. Dave Nugent
restored Leicesters lead ... then the
referee left them stewing.
Millwall 2 Derby County 1 Leicester 2 Nottm Forest 2
REMEMBER, remember the 10th
of November. They will on Wearside
and Merseyside, anyway. But for
very different reasons.
Because Sunderland scored a goal.
And not just any goal. For the rst
time in six, long months a Sunderland
player other than Steven Fletcher
found the net in the Premier League.
For the rst time since September, a
Black Cat pounced.
But while Adam Johnsons strike
had a statistical value to Sunderland,
Marouane Fellaini and Nikica
Jelavics goals were worth precious
points to Everton. They marked
David Moyes 400th league game in
charge with a classic comeback.
Two goals in three minutes earned
three points and left Everton
snapping at the heels of the
super-rich. They wake up today two
points behind the Premier League
champions Manchester City and just
three adrift of the European
champions Chelsea.
Moyes men have now only lost
once in 20 league games. Martin
ONeills side have won only once in
18. So if it was utterly illogical when
Sunderland led, Everton showed why
they remain so hard to beat. We kept
going and the players showed great
character, Moyes said.
Everton were not at their best.
When Kevin Mirallas limped off, they
lost their most penetrative player. But
they kept putting Sunderland under
pressure, hoping they would crack.
And swiftly, spectacularly, they did.
Fellaini turned the game with two
telling touches. First the big Belgian
was set up by Leon Osman, the
surprise name in Roy Hodgsons
England squad, and he drilled his
shot past Simon Mignolet.
Then the man-mountain showed
his delicate side, sending Jelavic
clear with a deft ick. He has got
lovely soft feet and he can play,
added Moyes. Nikica probably
needed one put on a plate but he
didnt half nish it well.
The Croatian found the corner of
the net, ending a run of three games
without a goal. A drought by his
standards but not by Sunderlands.
Because they have not been
Sunderland as much as Slumberland,
a team who send their fans to sleep.
After just one shot in their three
previous games, another arrived
early here. In the fourth minute,
Stephane Sessegnon went clear on
goal but Tim Howard blocked his low
A second chance was almost as
inviting. Fletcher, the provider of the
rst, shot just past the far post.
ONeill said deantly: The players
played brilliantly, away from home
against a side that have a great
chance of being in the Champions
League next season.
On the stroke of half-time came
that rarest of things a Sunderland
goal. Johnson had been an impact
substitute at Manchester City but the
10million man had been a no-impact
starter for Sunderland until
Jelavic headed out Sebastian
Larssons corner as far as Craig
Gardner. He dinked it back into the
penalty box for the sliding Johnson to
apply the nishing touch.
Not content with scoring a goal at
one end, Johnson saved one at
another by clearing Johnny
Heitingas header off his own line.
It looked like a 1-0 to Sunderland,
added Moyes. I thought it was going
to be one of those days.
And it was one of those days for
Sunderland. They have not won at
Goodison since 1996. They have not
won anywhere away since February.
They need longer and longer
memories to recall the happier times.
Fah F6IIaInI's Wak6-0 caII
f6r 0'N6III's sn6r6 I6s6rs
F6r 80nJ6rIanJ r6aJ
8I0mh6rIanJ, th6y
s6nJ fans t6 sI66...
EVERTON ............... 2
Fellaini 77, Jelavic 79
SUNDERLAND ........ 1
Johnson 45
From Richard Jolly
Nikica Jelavic
celebrates his
winner for
Everton which
was set up by
Fellaini who
(above) scored
the leveller at
Goodison Park
Ref: L Mason Att: 35,999
EVERTON: Howard, Baines, Heitinga, Jagielka, Neville
(Vellios 73), Coleman, Osman, Pienaar, Fellaini, Jelavic
(Hitzlsperger 86), Mirallas (Naismith 30).
SUNDERLAND: Mignolet, OShea, Cuellar, Rose,
Larsson, Gardner, Colback (Wickham 88), Johnson
(Vaughan 84), McClean, Sessegnon, Fletcher (Saha 69).
FELLAINI The big man made a big
impact. He scored the equaliser and
set up the winner in the space of a
couple of minutes.
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
7 I0078ALL: 1ne Prem|er |eaue
Stoke City 1 QPR 0
By Mike Whalley
IIf th6 FaIac6 W6nJ6r wu|vcs hnd a |atc b|tc
TALENT: Zaha HERO: Johnson
ROGER JOHNSON rescued a draw
for 10-man Wolves with an injury-
time header in this six-goal thriller.
The 4million defender headed
home Bakary Sakos free-kick a
minute into added time to earn Stale
Solbakkens men a well-earned point.
Wolves lead through Sakos angled
drive on 22 minutes but the wingers
careless pass triggered the move for
Brightons equaliser, a rst-time shot
from Craig Mackail-Smith. Wolves
captain Karl Henry was sent off for a
lunging tackle two minutes later.
Tongo Doumbia, a replacement for
Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, red Wolves
back ahead on 61 minutes.
Will Buckley slammed home a
leveller before the Seagulls went
ahead briey through Stephen
Dobbies 89th minute penalty, given
when the ball was handled.
PALACES Wilfried Zaha was the
headline act at his own 20th birthday
party as Ian Holloways side stormed
back to the top of the table.
Holloway was heading for defeat in
only his second match in charge after
Gavin McCann put Posh ahead.
The brilliance of keeper Bobby
Olejnik kept Palace at bay, until Zaha
inspired the ghtback.
The England Under 21 star played
a big part in sub Andre Moritzs 80th
minute leveller. Then he made a
70-yard solo run to set up Kagisho
Dikgacoi to score the winner.
Posh boss Darren Ferguson
admitted: We were well beaten and
at times Zaha was unplayable.
Holloway added: Id pay to watch
Wilfried myself. Its just wonderful to
see such an exhilarating player who
can run with the ball like that.
Wolves 3 Brighton 3 Peterborough 1 C Palace 2
ANOTHER moment of defensive
madness cost Southampton the
chance of picking up only their
second Premier League win of the
They looked to be heading for full
points after Morgan Schneiderlin
headed them in front, but indecision
between keeper Paulo Gazzaniga and
defender Maya Yoshida enabled
former Saints winger Nathan Dyer, on
as a sub, to snatch the equaliser.
The point may have helped
manager Nigel Adkins survival
chances, but the Saints boss knows
his side must start winning soon, and
they have the perfect opportunity
with a trip to fellow strugglers QPR
and home games against Newcastle
and Norwich before the end of the
Adkins said: We created good
chances, but unfortunately a poor
decision by a young keeper led to
their goal.
Overall, I was pleased with the
defence. We had good shape, and
everyone could see we are united, the
players, the fans. We want to be
successful here, and everyone is
working their socks off.
Adkins showed his appreciation for
the support the Saints fans continue
to give him by stepping out on to the
pitch ahead of kick-off and warmly
applauding them. They responded by
chanting his name, as if to underline
their faith in him, despite the recent
poor run of results.
Luke Shaw, only 17, was given his
rst start of the campaign at left-
back, becoming the youngest player
to appear for Saints in the Premier
Swansea had to defend with
determination as Adam Lallana
brought a smart save from Gerhard
Tremmell before Gaston Ramirez
curled an effort fractionally wide.
The game was 20 minutes old
before the visitors posed any real
threat, but even then Ki Sung-Yuengs
stinging, angled shot was well dealt
with by Gazzaniga.
Saints should have taken a 36th
minute lead after Ramirez was
brought down by Ashley Williams,
earning the Swans defender a
booking. Ramirez chipped a free kick
to Jose Fonte who inexplicably
knocked the ball into the middle
rather than shoot. A rebound gave
him another chance, but this time his
shot was blocked by Ben Davies.
Jack Cork added much-needed
strength to Saints mideld as the
home side swarmed around the
Swansea area. But they were nearly
caught out by a Swans break that saw
Pablo Hernandez cross for Wayne
Routledge to shoot over. Routledge
was replaced by Dyer.
Saints appealed for a penalty when
Lallana appeared to be bundled over
by Williams, but he was booked by
referee Andre Marriner for diving.
Then Saints deservedly went in front.
Yoshidas long pass was knocked
back into the danger area by Rickie
Lambert, and Schneiderlin bundled
his way past two defenders as he
controlled the ball with his chest
before lunging forward with a clinical
header that left Tremmell helpless.
The lead lasted eight minutes.
Gazzaniga played a ball out to
Yoshida instead of booting upeld,
and the defender was robbed by Dyer,
who raced towards goal unmarked
before scoring in off the far post.
Swans boss Michael Laudrup said:
They needed a home win and you
could see that.
But we showed great character to
come back and get the equaliser. But
the draw was an OK result.
06rk aJJ6J m0ch
n66J6J st66I
t6 8aInts' mIJh 6IJ
Ref: A Marriner Att: 30,501
SOTON: Gazzaniga, Clyne, Yoshida, Fonte, Shaw (Fox
74), Schneiderlin, Ramirez, Cork, Lallana, Puncheon,
SWANSEA: Tremmel, Williams, Monk, Rangel, Davies,
Britton (Shechter 66), Michu, Pablo, Routledge (Dyer
56), De Guzman (Agustien 86), Ki Sung-Yueng.
in his rst Premier League game
since Olympic duty, he worked
tirelessly and was a dominant gure in
Saints mideld throughout.
0Yk Nk8
AXE: Former
Saints player
Nathan Dyer
after scoring
the equaliser
for Swansea
Schneiderlin 64
SWANSEA .............. 1
Dyer 73
From Peter White
CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE: Adam scores the winner
ldam Stukcs
HuHcs' wucs
THESE are difcult days for Mark Hughes. A rst
Premier League win of the season continues to elude
him. He may not get many more chances to deliver it.
QPR owner Tony Fernandes is supporting his
manager for now, but his patience is not limitless. Neil
Warnock discovered that last January. Fernandes has
not spent fortunes to be
involved in a relegation
battle, yet Rangers
current ambitions do not
stretch far beyond
Hughes remains
without an away victory
in 11 months as Rangers
manager after Charlie
Adam swept in his rst
Stoke goal from close
range as Armand Traore
was caught ball watching
at a free-kick.
But Hughes had
promised it would be
better than this.
When his team stayed
up by a point on the nal
day of last season he
promised that they would
never again be in such a
nailbiting situation while
he was their manager.
One way or another, he
will probably be proved
Realistically, Hughes
has until Christmas to
improve Rangers
fortunes if he is to keep
his job.
Adel Taarabt lifted their
best rst-half opening
over the bar and then
curled a right-foot
shot just wide.
Seven minutes
into the second
half Jonathan
Walters and
Peter Crouch
helped on a
Robert Huth
free-kick and Adam
nished at the far post.
Stoke boss Tony Pulis
said: The most
important thing today
was to win the game and
Im delighted we did.
We played better in
this game than in the
previous 10 but things
didnt go for us until that
goal settled us down.
Stoke fans taunted
Hughes with chants of:
Youre getting sacked in
the morning.
Time has not run out
for him yet, but the clock
is ticking and Hughes
said: We played well as
an away side and it was a
decent away performance
as we restricted Stoke to
very few chances.
But its the same old
story, talking about good
performances with
nothing to show for them.
Its frustrating
because we have been
playing well but the key
is to take chances. You
cant win games if you
dont take chances.
Our Southampton
game next week is huge
and we have to take
three points from it.
ADAM a hard-working performance
was rewarded with his rst goal
since a 4m move from Liverpool.
STOKE: Begovic, Cameron, Huth,
Shawcross, Wilkinson, Whelan,
Nzonzi, Adam (Whitehead 77),
Etherington (Kightly 71), Walters,
Crouch (Jones 74).
QPR: Julio Cesar, Traore, Ferdinand,
Nelsen, Bosingwa, Diakite, Taarabt,
Granero, Faurlin (Zamora 78), Cisse,
Ref: M Atkinson Att: 27,529
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012

Fr6st6n IIn6 0 r6m6tI6n tar6t aft6r hashIn 86r6
FIRST: Beavon
PRESTON demolished
third-placed STEVENAGE 4-1
with an impressive display.
The Lancashire club put
high-ying Boro on the back foot,
scoring through Stuart Beavon
and going 2-1 ahead through Jack
King in the 32nd minute after
Greg Tansey levelled.
And in the second half, Jeffrey
Monakana and Nicky Wroe
added a sheen to the scoreline
as Preston pressed their own
promotion credentials.
Harry Arter red home in
the 38th minute to continue
BOURNEMOUTHs impressive
revival since Eddie Howe came
back from Burnley to take the
reins again. The Cherries were
oundering near the bottom just
over a month ago.
However, they have now won
ve league games and drawn one
since the prodigal sons return for
family reasons, and won an FA
Cup tie into the bargain.
And after yesterdays 1-0
win at DONCASTER, they are
now challenging Rovers for a
promotion place. Neal Bishop
drew rst blood for NOTTS
COUNTY, hoping to leapfrog
fourth-placed visitors CRAWLEY.
But his goal after 12 minutes
prompted an equaliser from
Jonathan Forte on the stroke
of half-time in a hard-fought 1-1
Simon Ferry wasted no time for
promotion-chasing SWINDON
with a rst-minute goal at
WALSALL. They had to wait until
the 62nd minute for the second,
from Matt Ritchie, but cruised to
a 2-0 win to boost their promotion
At the opposite end of the table,
BURY continued their good
form since Kevin Blackwells
arrival as boss with a 2-0 home
victory against managerless
ENGLAND will have the rarest
double celebration when they play
their friendly against Sweden this
week a captain winning his 100th
cap on the same stage as the debut
of a dazzling teenager, still only 17
years old.
Steven Gerrard will become only
the sixth English footballer to reach
a century of internationals, yet he
will surely take as much pride in
playing mentor to his young Liverpool
team-mate Raheem Sterling as the
kid begins what may prove to be an
equally distinguished journey.
Gerrard and Sterling are symbols
of the blend of old and new, dedicated
veteran and dynamic youth, with
which manager Roy Hodgson is
trying to build an England team that
nally makes a serious challenge for
It is an essential balance, one that
England have so dismally failed to
perfect in the past 20 years.
But to listen to the England
managers eloquence and enthusiasm
on the subject of Gerrards mature
leadership and Sterlings immense
talent, you can almost allow yourself
to believe in ne days ahead.
Hodgsons major tribute is to the
achievement of Gerrard in joining
Billy Wright, Bobby Charlton, Bobby
Moore, Peter Shilton and David
Beckham in the 100-cap club.
This is absolutely as it should be.
Hodgson is no slave to history,
but he wants to celebrate the
distinguished company that Gerrard
is now about to keep. Anybody who
gets 100 caps for his country has to be
one hell of a player and this is a very
big game for Steven, he said.
During those 100 caps, there will
have been times when he woke up
after a game and the headlines said,
Mr Fantastic, and there will have
been times when they said, You
let us down. Thats the nature of
the business and the criticism that
comes with being a star. But Steven
Gerrard is an outstanding footballer,
a very mature and thinking man,
and Im delighted Im going to be the
manager of the team when he gets
that 100th cap. I will regard that as an
honour as well. I felt that way when
Jari Litmanen got his 100th cap for
Finland and I was manager that day.
What makes Steven a good
captain is his ability, which gives him
enormous respect in the group.
He does everything a captain
should do. You dont have to be
demonstrative to be a leader. I think
of Morten Olsen, who was captain of
Denmark for many years and was in
no way demonstrative, but he was a
very ne player and captain.
What also puts Steven above
so many is his maturity and total
dedication to football, and that he is
prepared to give his time to young
players and champion their cause.
England have a posse of such
youngsters in the squad for the
Sweden game, including central
defender Steven Caulker, striker
Danny Welbeck and the returning
Jack Wilshere. Many eyes, though,
will be focused on the likely debut
of Sterling, the precociously

'8t6v6n chamI6ns
th6 ca0s6 6f
th6 y60n Iay6rs'
aIc6tt W6rry
r6W f6r Nc0I6an
f6r frI6nJIy
McClean sparked
controversy when he
refused to wear a poppy
on his shirt to mark
Remembrance Sunday.
The 23-year-old winger,
from Derry, Northern
Ireland, was accused of
failing to respect the
servicemen who died in two
world wars.
Unlike his team-mates, he
did not have a shirt with a
poppy for the 2-1 defeat to
A club spokesman said:
As a club, Sunderland
wholeheartedly supports
the Remembrance
commemorations. It was
James personal choice not
to wear the shirt.
McCleans home city
was the scene of Bloody
Sunday in 1972, when 13
people were killed by the
British army.
THEO WALCOTT is a doubt
for Englands friendly in
Sweden on Wednesday after
limping off during Arsenals
3-3 draw against Fulham
with a backside injury.
Arsenal manager Arsene
Wenger conrmed the
winger has a glute problem,
referring to a buttock
Wenger said: I dont
know if he will be capable
of joining the national team
or not.
After scoring in the
midweek Champions League
draw at Schalke, Walcott
was rewarded with only his
second Premier League
start of the season at the
Emirates yesterday.
And the winger set
up both Olivier Girouds
headed goals in the thrilling
six-goal draw, including the
equaliser in the second half.
head back to Chelsea to
train for the African Cup when
his season ends in China with
Shanghai Shenhua.
Drogba, 34, said: It is
possible Ill train at the Bridge,
but thats all it will be.
Hudsun Ha||s OOcap 0c||u
By Tracey Boles
and Geoff Ho
By Tracey Boles
How to gain the most
from your pension pot
Switch suppliers to cut
your bills this winter
their nal say this week on
the 53 billion mining deal
between Glencore and
Xstrata, with both rms
privately condent of win-
ning sufcient support.
However, fears are
lingering that the pro-
posed deal will collapse
because the position of the
Qatari shareholders who
own 12 per cent of Xstrata
is unclear.
Observers say the pro-
posal makes sense nan-
cially for the Gulf investors,
boosting hopes that they
will support it. Votes will
be cast this week.
For the deal to be
passed, 75 per cent of the
investors have to back it.
On Friday, shareholder
Scottish Widows came out
in support of the merger.
As part of the deal,
Xstratas management,
are in line for payouts
totalling 143.8 million
over three years, except
for outgoing chief execu-
tive Mick Davis who will
get a 10 million payoff.
The fear is that the
Qataris will vote for both
the deal and the payments
to Xstratas management,
while some rebel investors
will vote for the merger
but veto the payments,
which could mean there
are not enough votes to
get past the threshold.
Investors blame both
rms investment banking
advisers for making the
vote so complex that the
deal could fail.
Xstrata mines metals
including iron, copper and
zinc. Glencore is a
powerhouse in trading
vote l
Cost of living is
on the rise again
THE cost of living is on the rise
again due to hikes in energy
bills and food prices, gures are
expected to show this week.
Consumer price ination is
predicted to have crept back
up to 2.4 per cent in
October after falling to a
34-month low of 2.2 per cent in
The expected rise will put a
squeeze on the purchasing
power of consumers, threaten-
ing the edgling economic
recovery. GDP rebounded by
1 per cent in the third quarter
after three consecutive quar-
ters of contraction.
The October rise would also
take consumer price ination
further away from the Bank of
Englands target rate of 2 per
cent. However, it is still well
below the 5.2 per cent level
reached in September 2011, a
three-year high.
Howard Archer, chief UK
economist at think tank Global
Insight, said: Consumer price
ination is expected to have
been pushed back up in
October primarily by a rise in
energy tariffs and by increased
food prices. Several utility
providers are increasing their
energy tariffs during the fourth
quarter. This started with an
increase of about 9 per cent by
SSE in October. Also, food
prices are likely to have risen
as a consequence of recent
poor harvests overseas and
very wet weather in the UK.
Archer predicts that the
same pressures will mean the
cost of living will hover around
2.5 per cent over the nal
months of 2012 and early on
in 2013. However, he does not
believe it will rise further than
this because oil prices have
softened. He said: Our best
guess is that consumer price
ination will stand at about 2.5
per cent at the end of 2012 and
will not dip below 2 per cent
until the second half of 2013.
The ination gures are part
of a busy week for economic
news. Labour market data may
show some signs of a loss of
momentum as the boost to jobs
from the Olympics wanes.
Archer said: We expect
claimant-count unemployment
to have edged up by 4,000 in
October after falling to a
14-month low of 1.5673 million
in September. This would
follow declines of 4,000 in
September, 14,200 in August
and 13,600 in July.
Meanwhile, retail sales are
likely to have been essentially
at in October, indicating that
consumers are still careful in
their spending despite overall
recent improvement in their
purchasing power. Retail sales
volumes out on Thursday are
expected to have edged up by
just 0.1 per cent month-
on-month in October, down
appreciably from Septembers
increase of 0.6 per cent.
THE WORLDS youngest
billionaire, Facebooks Mark
Zuckerberg, has seen $6.8 billion
(4.3 billion) wiped from his
fortune in a year according to
the inaugural list of the worlds
richest people by Bloomberg
Markets Magazine.
The 28-year-old founder of the
social networking site is now
worth an estimated $10.7 billion
(6.7 billion). Facebook had its
market debut in January but was
criticised for being priced too
high. It is now trading at nearly
half the oat price of $38 (24)
a share.
The lists richest man is Carlos
Slim, the Mexican telecoms
billionaire who has a net worth
of $77.5 billion (48 billion). Bill
Gates and Warren Buffett, both
in the top ve, are household
names. Yet nobody racked up
billions faster than relatively
unknown No 3, Amancio Ortega
of Spain.
The founder of Inditex SA,
best known in the UK as the
owner of Zara and Massimo
Dutti, has made nearly $18 billion
(11 billion) more since October
2011, taking his fortune to nearly
$54 billion (34 billion).
The Bloomberg billionaires
have net worth totalling
$2.7 trillion (1.7 trillion), which
is similar to the gross domestic
product of France, the fth-
biggest economy on the planet.
Europe is home to the highest
number of billionaires, who
account for 33 per cent of the top
200 richest people in the world.
Iood and energy rlce
blamed lor 0ctober hlke
Facebook founder sees fortune shrink by 4.3 billion
social network
is losing value
INSIDE THIS WEEKS PULL-OUT Comment PAGE 2 Your Money PAGES 4-7 Best buys PAGE 6 Diary PAGE 8
2 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
0overnmenl need lo
bulld lor lhe lulure

ALFOUR Beattys prot warning last week serves as a timely

reminder that the UK needs to spend more on infrastructure
projects to boost the construction sector. The Government pays
lip service to infrastructure spend but has yet to deliver.
Firms such as Balfour Beatty, the UKs biggest contractor, want
concrete plans for more infrastructure announced in Decembers
autumn statement. As well as agship rail and road projects, the
companies would stand to benet from building new hospitals,
schools and technology parks.
For Balfour Beatty the fallout from the construction slump
continues. According to Construction News, it plans to reduce the
supply chain from 15,000 to 10,000 suppliers.
With construction contributing around 7 per cent to the economy
and employing over two million, that is a woeful state of affairs.

ENERGY Minister Greg Barker wants every home to have a
smart meter by 2019. With such meters helping to save on energy
costs it is a noble aim but one that is looking increasing unattainable.
Orsis, a company which supplies technology allowing distance
reading of smart meters, has agged concerns regarding the current
roll-out proposals including costs.
By making the technology too complex, the Government is driving
up costs that stand already at 12 billion. This will be passed onto the
consumer. Orsis says that there is technology that can deliver 80 per
cent of the Governments requirements at around half of the current
estimated costs.
I agree with Orsis strategy manager Lynne Sharp that ministers
should do the roll-out more cheaply, and let the customer reap the
reward of lower bills.
EC bucks down
on gender rule
By Geoff Ho THE EUROPEAN Commission has
backed away from making quotas for
women on boards strictly mandatory,
senior Whitehall sources say.
On Wednesday Viviane Reding,
Europes Justice Commissioner, will
make a fresh push to get through the
quotas stipulating that 40 per cent of
board members must be women.
Reding last month withdrew her
quota plan on the day it was due to be
voted on by Europes 27 commission-
ers, following heated opposition from
businesses and governments.
Reding had insisted the quotas be
mandatory. However, in order to get
her quota plan passed it is understood
that Reding is prepared to allow
companies to miss the quota target,
provided they can give an adequate
Britain, Sweden and seven other
countries opposed Reding last month
and Government sources say Britain
will continue to oppose EC moves to
introduce quotas to boost female
representation in boardrooms.
One source said that the Coalition
believes that national governments
are the appropriate bodies to decide
whether or not quotas for company
boards should be introduced, not
the EC. The UK also believes that
national governments, not Brussels,
should decide what measures
should be taken against com-
panies that fail to meet
quotas. The Coalition wants
25 per cent of company
boardroom members to be
made up of women by 2015
and is keen for this to hap-
pen on a voluntary basis.
Business secretary
Vince Cable has said
that while there is
evidence that rms
are taking board
diversity seriously
and are working to
bring about changes,
quotas will be looked
at as a last resort.
The 30 Per Cent Club,
the City group dedicated
to increasing female
representation in the
boardroom, believes
that introducing quotas
would be counter-
productive. It fears
that companies would
simply hire more
women in non-
executive directorship positions in
order to meet their quota, rather than
appointing talented women to execu-
tive positions.
Gay Collins, 30 Per Cent Club
steering committee member,
said: We nd that women
generally do not like quotas,
they do not like the concept
that they got their jobs
because they tick a box,
rather than they were the
best person for the job.
On average, women
represent 17.5 per
cent of all the direc-
tors of FTSE 100
companies. Angela
Ahrendts, pictured,
chief executive of
Burberry said last
week: Just put
the best person
in the job, whos
going to unite
the people and
create the best
I dont think its
about gender or reli-
gion or anything else.
A man could do this
job as well as I could.
By Ravender Sembhy
and Christian Sylt
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 3
8ports firm
on turget to
score Blucks
war unllkely
thl year
JD SPORTS is to pump millions of
pounds into a store refurbishment
programme for its troubled Blacks and
Millets outdoor-leisure shops.
The sports retailer, which bought
Blacks out of administration for
20 million in January, has been
running a trial involving six refurbished
stores. Millets was also part of
the deal.
Peter Cowgill, executive chairman of
JD Sports, said: The refurbished
stores have been performing fantasti-
cally in terms of trading, mind-blowing
in fact. We have invested and seen the
results and now we will continue to
invest across the board.
In June, JD said that it expects
Blacks to post an operating loss of
10 million this year and incur restruc-
turing charges of up to 5 million.
The retailer shed 100 of Blacks
underperforming stores earlier this
year to take the store count to 200.
Cowgill conrmed that JD may look to
trim the portfolio further.
He said: About 150 is a good number
of stores for Blacks and Millets, so in
some places where we have two stores
in the same area we might close one
and upsize the other one. There will be
no job losses as a result.
The size of the task is huge and
there is a lot of work to be done, but
Blacks is on its way back, Cowgill
RETAILERS will not offer big pre-
Christmas discounts this year as they
attempt to avoid entering damaging
sales wars with one another, according
to trade credit insurer Atradius.
Owen Bassett, retail risk under writer
at Atradius, said: Eroding prot
margin is unsustainable, so we are
more likely to see retailers holding
out for as long as possible rather than
entering into sale wars with one
Last year, retailers were forced to
discount early as the double-dip took
hold, consumer spending plummeted
and they were left with large amounts
of unsold stock.
Bassett said: For every 1 reduc-
tion, 1 was eroded from their prot
margins. We saw a raft of resulting
insolvencies in late 2011 and early 2012
with major retail brands such as Game,
Peacocks, Blacks, La Senza, Past
Times and Barratts falling by the
This year Bassett predicts that
retailers will be more cautious so as to
avoid the mistakes made last year.
He said: The retail landscape has
changed dramatically in the past 18
months and sales strategy along
with it.
Consumers are unlikely to experi-
ence such prolic Christmas discount-
ing as they have enjoyed in recent
By Ravender Sembhy
By Ravender Sembhy

kesolution puyouts
fuel investor unger
By Geoff Ho
Hurbinger set to win
Avivu's I bn l8 urm
Car comany Caterham
et to exand ln rltaln
General Motors helps to drive down Man Utds losses
PRIVATE equity group Harbinger
Capital is understood to be the
favourite to acquire Avivas US
insurance business in a deal worth
up to 1 billion.
Sources expect Harbinger to see
off competing bids from rival private
equity groups Apollo and Guggen-
heim Partners and seal a deal with
Aviva. The sale will generate a loss
for Aviva, which bought its US busi-
ness for about 1.8 billion in 2006.
The insurer says it is evaluating
bids for the division and that it will
make a decision soon. A deal is
expected to be announced before the
end of the year.
The US business was put up for
sale by Aviva chairman John
McFarlane, as part of a turnaround
plan that was instigated after the
TONY FERNANDES, the Malaysian
owner of British car group Cater-
ham, is planning to make SUVs and
citycars in Britain, potentially creat-
ing hundreds of manufacturing jobs.
The next move for Caterham,
which last week announced a tie-up
with Renault to produce affordable
sportscars in France, is looking to
manufacture SUVs and city cars in
the UK. It will be part of the joint
venture with Renault but is unlikely
to be up and running by 2015.
Fernandes, also owner of Premier
League football club Queens Park
Rangers, said: This is step one in an
evolution of a car company, the SUVs
and citycars could well be made in
Britain. There is lots of capacity.
Meanwhile, Fernandes Caterham
Formula One team has taken out a
departure of chief executive Andrew
Moss. As part of this plan, the
insurer is divesting underperform-
ing or non-core businesses.
McFarlane ousted Moss following
a shareholder revolt over his pay at
Avivas annual meeting in May.
McFarlane felt that Aviva did not
have enough capital, was too
complex and had too many under-
performing businesses.
Last week the Aviva chairman said
the rm was close to appointing a
replacement for Moss. Finance
director Pat Regan is widely tipped
as the favourite to get the job,
although sources say that the head
of an overseas insurer is also being
5.7 million loan from Malaysian
investment bank CIMB to help it
compete for a share of the sports
412 million prize fund.
The loan, which is secured against
Caterhams factory in Leaeld,
Oxfordshire will help to cover a
shortfall created by disappointing
nancial returns linked to its poor
performance on the track. Caterham
is yet to score a single point since it
joined F1 in 2010.
Fernandes will step down as team
boss at the end of the season, to be
replaced by Cyril Abiteboul.
By Geoff Ho
INSURANCE magnate Clive Cowdery and his team
could be in line for an estimated 66 million payday
from the impending restructuring of FTSE listed life
insurer Resolution.
Investors are said to be livid at the prospect of
the one-off payment because of what they believe is
the disappointing performance of Resolution, which
oated in late 2008. It is understood that a number
are so upset with the situation that they want to
block Cowdery joining the board as part of its
The potential multimillion pound payouts to Cow-
dery, who founded the rm and is chairman, and the
investment team of 13 are being triggered by
Resolutions attempts to simplify its complex
corporate and management structure.
The insurer has a Guernsey-based operating
structure and is effectively run by Cowderys third-
party management company, Resolution Operations
While Resolution investors want the insurer to
move to a simplied structure, they are dismayed
that severing its links to ROL will cost it at least
16 million under the terms of the existing contract
between the two companies, based on its current
share price.
A Resolution spokesman conrmed that ROL
could receive a payoff worth about 16 million.
To complicate matters further, ROL owns a special
value share in Resolution, which entitles it to
10 per cent of the value generated by the insurers
acquisitions of Axas UK life business and Friends
As part of its restructuring, it is thought that
Resolution will look at buying back the value share,
which sources say could be worth up to 50 million
depending on market conditions. This money would
also go to Cowdery and his team.
The spokesperson said that no talks have been
held about a sale of the value share. Should a sale
take place, its value will then be determined using
the share price at the time.
Sharp increases in executive pay have triggered
a backlash. Despite this, pay and benets of top
business executives rose by 27 per cent last year to
an average of 4 million each according to research
published last week.
Income Data Services found that while basic pay
rose slightly and standard bonuses fell noticeably,
total executive packages have been bolstered by a
big increase in long-term incentive plans (LTIPs),
which are share awards based on a companys
performance over several years. LTIPs have risen by
more than 80 per cent in the past year.
set to report that its rst-
quarter pre-tax losses have
narrowed dramatically to
3.6 million, compared with
the 20.3 million it lost in the
previous quarter.
Analysts attribute the fall
in Uniteds quarterly losses
to its world record
350.2 million seven-year
sponsorship deal with
Vauxhall owner General
Motors. Although the car
manufacturers sponsorship
deal ofcially begins in 2014,
GM is paying United
23.2 million up front.
Back in September,
United reported a pre-tax
loss of 4.7 million and
revenues of 320 million for
the 12-month period to
June 30. The disappointing
full-year results were
attributed to the club
crashing out of the
European Champions
League early last season,
which resulted in reduced
television revenue and
gate receipts.
However, thanks to its
improved performance in
European competition this
season, analysts expect
better results for the clubs
2013 nancial year. United
qualied for the knockout
stage of the Champions
League last week.
The club is forecasting
revenues of 350 million to
360 million for its 2013
nancial year, provided that
it makes the quarter nals
of both the Champions
League and the FA Cup.
But Uniteds
fortunes are
both on and
off the pitch
4 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
How to reduce your house
warning that the average household
energy bill will be at a record high of 1,334
by the end of this year.
At the same time, ndings from the
Turn Up The Heat campaign
(TurnUpTheHeat2012.co.uk) show theres
a difference of 300 between the cheapest
and most expensive UK energy plans.
Therefore, it is vital to shop around to
check that you are on the best tariff.
Customers need to keep on their toes
to try to beat rising bills, says Clare
Francis from MoneySupermarket.com.
YOUR MONEY edited by Esther Shaw
from uSwitch.com. Its gures show the
number now living in fuel poverty has
rocketed to 7.2 million.
If you are having difculties paying your
fuel bill, nd out if you can get help from
your energy company by calling the
Home Heat Helpline on 0800 336699 or
going to the HomeHeatHelpline.org.uk
website. For more information, also visit
Direct.gov.uk, AdviceGuide.org.uk and
AgeUK.org.uk .
Insurance is essential for nancial security
and peace of mind, but there are plenty of
simple tips you can follow to make some
Swltch to a better deal. y Esther Shaw
M&S Bank has reduced the rate on its
personal loans from 5.8 per cent to
5.5 per cent, its lowest ever.
The rate applies to new personal
loans between 7,500 and 15,000
over a period of between 12 and
60 months.
The competition in the personal
loans market is intense, and
particularly for loans of 7,500 or
more, says Andrew Hagger from
MoneyComms. This new best buy
rate is one of the lowest rates seen for
almost ve years. M&S Bank is in the
process of rolling out its in-store
branch network, and aggressive
pricing examples such as this will
enhance its appeal and make its
rivals sit up and take notice.
Hopefully other lenders will
retaliate with even lower rates.
The Co-operative Bank has launched a
two-year xed-rate mortgage with a
rate of 3.99 per cent at 90 per cent
loan-to-value (LTV), with no
arrangement fee.
This deal forms part of the
Co-operative Banks existing pledge to
lend 360 million to rst-time buyers
in 2012.
The Co-op Bank is putting its
money where its ethical mouth is with
the launch of this best buy deal, says
Michael Ossei from uSwitch.com.
This move offers a signicant cost
saving, particularly to homeowners
who can muster only a small deposit,
and reinforces the Co-ops genuine
commitment to delivering an
affordable option to those who really
need it.
This challenge by the Co-op could
Customers need to
keep on their toes to
try to beat rising bills
If you are looking to change provider, you
need to act fast, as apathy will cost you
dear. Our advice is to switch onto a xed
online tariff, as not only will you beat the
price hikes, you will also protect yourself
in case of further increases next year.
As a matter of priority, any customer
languishing on their providers standard
tariff should switch to a better deal.
At present, the cheapest x is the
New Energy Fixed tariff from Ovo Energy
costing 1,139 a year, according to
Mark Todd from EnergyHelpline.com.
He also picks out the Fixed Price 2 tariff
from M&S Energy costing 1,200, and the
Online Fixed Price Energy May 2014 tariff
from Scottish Power costing 1,225.
To nd the cheapest deals visit
comparison sites such as uSwitch.com,
MoneySupermarket.com, Confused.com,
EnergyHelpline.com and GoCompare.com.
The recent wave of energy price hikes
has tipped a further 314,000 households
into fuel poverty, according to new ndings
ISING food, fuel and energy bills
have left many families struggling to
make ends meet. The situation has
not been helped by job losses, wage
freezes and benet cuts, and
household bills are now the biggest
worry for Brits, according to new research by
Zurich. They cause more worry than family issues,
pressures at work, or relationship problems.
With household bills rising, its no surprise that
many people are being kept awake at night
worrying, says Kay Martin from Zurich.
Rather depressingly, the situation looks likely to
get worse with ination set to rise again.
All this comes just ahead of the introduction of
the cuts to child benet for higher earners that are
due to take effect from January 7. The new
high-income child benet charge will be imposed
on taxpayers whose adjusted net income exceeds
50,000 in a tax year, and who either receive child
benet in their own right, or if their partner
receives child benet. Where two partners both
have adjusted net incomes in excess of 50,000,
the charge applies to the partner with the highest
income. PricewaterhouseCoopers, the accountancy
rm, has warned this could cost families as much
as 50,000 over a 16-year period.
Ahead of that blow, the costly Christmas period
is also drawing ever closer, when family nances
are going to be squeezed even further.
While all this makes for gloomy reading, there
are plenty of steps you can take to beat the
squeeze; the key is to get to grips with your bills,
and strive to make savings wherever you can.
Here we take a look at what you can do.

Energy bills have been heading in only one
direction over the past few weeks, with ve out of
the Big Six suppliers having announced price
hikes, leaving just E.ON to show its hand.
EDF was the last provider to make a move,
announcing at the end of October that it is
increasing gas and electricity prices by 10.8 per
cent from December 7.
Energy supplier comparison site uSwitch.com is
To nd out more,
call our UK-based team TODAY on
0808 252 9462
Lines open Mon to Thurs, 9am 7pm&Fri, 9am- 5.30pm.
You dont have to settle for the income your
existing pension provider is offering.
If youre thinking about retiring soon, or if you want to start drawing
a regular income from your hard earned pension, then now is the
time to consider an annuity.
Exercise your open market option
Take your time to consider your nancial options, and get the
information you need to make an educated decision.
Our partner, Key Retirement Solutions, can help. They will shop around
to nd the best annuity for you, providing a hassle-free expert service
at no cost to you, as they receive payment from your chosen provider.
Put us to the test by visiting our FREE online calculator
to instantly see how much extra you could get!
Simply visit expressretirement.co.uk
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 5
ehold costs
Picture: GETTY
w. Email: esther.shaw@express.co.uk
throw down the gauntlet for other
lenders to follow suit, though only
time will tell.
West Brom Building Society has
launched a new easy-access individual
savings account (Isa), the WeBSave
Isa 7, paying 2.5 per cent.
This includes a 1 per cent bonus
until December next year. The
minimum investment is 1,000, and the
account can only be operated online.
The rate is variable and unlimited
withdrawals are permitted.
If you are still looking to use your
Isa allowance you may want to
consider this new easy-access Isa,
which comes with a decent rate, says
Rachel Springall from MoneyFacts.
co.uk. The account is ideal for savers
who want an easy-access safety net.
signicant savings. Shopping around for
cover is essential, and especially at the
point of renewal to ensure you are getting
the best value policy for your money, says
Francis. Paying annually instead of
monthly could also cut the cost of your
premium, as most insurers charge interest
on monthly payments.
With car insurance, adding a partner
can help bring costs down, while young
drivers can also cut costs by adding an
older driver. However check you are not
falling foul of the law by fronting, where
someone claims they are the main driver
and adds their child as a second driver,
even if the child is the main driver,
in a bid to get cheaper insurance for a
younger motorist.
With home insurance, you can help to
bring costs down by installing a home
security system or even by joining your
local neighbourhood watch.

As well as shopping around for your
energy tariffs, broadband deals and
insurance premiums, you should check out
cashback deals available via sites such as
TopCashBack.co.uk or Quidco.com.
At present, you can get 60 cashback on
a dual fuel switch to powers Standard
tariff through Quidco, 161.50 cashback on
broadband, TV and phone sales from
Virgin Media, and 75 cashback on car
insurance from More Than.

With petrol prices continuing to cause
motorists pain, the key is not to head to
your local garage to ll up. Instead, log on
to PetrolPrices.com to nd the cheapest
petrol station in your area.
Savings can also be made by
improving fuel efciency, adds Ian
Crowder from the AA. Make sure you use
the correct engine oil, check tyres
regularly, making sure that they are
correctly inated, drive smoothly and in
the highest possible gear.
Equally, rather than take your car, use
public transport instead; or make the
journey on foot or by bike.
If that is not possible, sign up to a
car-share scheme such as National Car
Share (www.NationalCarShare.co.uk) or
Liftshare.com, as having at least one
other person in the car means you can
split the cost of petrol, as well as the cost
of parking.
THE AVERAGE cost of phone line rental
soared by 24 per cent between August 2009
and August 2012, almost twice the rate of
ination over the same time period,
according to comparison site
Unsurprisingly, its ndings also show a
third of people would ditch their monthly
line rental service if it wasnt necessary in
order to access a broadband connection.
Dominic Baliszewski from
BroadbandChoices.co.uk says: Most
providers require you to take out line rental
in order to get a broadband package.
Often the line rental costs more than the
broadband or home phone package itself, so
it would be smart to check the deals
available in your area.
Recent research by uSwitch.com found
that customers could be overpaying by more
than 120 a year by having never switched.
Ernest Doku from uSwitch.com says:
Consumers need to check they are on the
best deal at least once a year. If not, they
could be throwing away money, or not
getting the most suitable package.
Current deals picked out by
BroadbandChoices.co.uk include Virgin
Medias Broadband: 30 Mb+ Phone: M
package with speeds up to 30 Mbps, which
costs 130.50 for the rst year, and BTs
Broadband + Evening & Weekend Calls
package with speeds up to 16 Mbps costing
84.95. Both prices exclude line rental.
Further savings can be made by
bundling broadband, TV and your phone.
undled ackage
oller more value
For your copy of the guide, call FREE on
0800 531 6014
If youre a homeowner aged
55-95 then you could use
an equity release plan to
unlock the cash tied up in
your property. This FREE
impartial Express guide will
let you knowthe whole
story, including the types
of plans available from
leading providers and how
your entitlement to state
benets could be affected.
The guide is sponsored by
Key Retirement Solutions,
the UKs leading independent
advisers for equity release.
Find out howto release
the cash in your home!
Lines are open 7am-7pm, 7 days a week.
This is an equity release plan. To understand the features and risks ask for a personalised illustration.
LUXURY LIVING: Shopping around can make
a big difference to your pension income
6 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
NNUITY rates have plummeted
by more than 30 per cent in the
past couple of years, meaning
workers approaching retirement
will receive a considerably lower
income from their pension fund
than previously.
So it is vital that you get the best deal you can
on an annuity. The problem is, many people nd
these products very hard to understand.
In a move to combat this confusion, the
Association of British Insurers (ABI) has
launched a consultation to make annuity rates
more transparent, to help get people
approaching retirement the best pension deal.
The ABI proposals include plans to publish,
for the rst time, a range of available annuity
rates, including the rates of providers
competing for customers on what is known as
the open market, as well as those of providers
offering annuities to their existing pension
customers only.
Buying an annuity is one of the most
important nancial decisions people make, and
shopping around can make a signicant
difference to retirement income, says Stephen
Gay from the ABI. Making the market more
transparent is a further step in helping people
with this decision.
Steve Webb, Minister for Pensions, said the
move was a step in the right direction.
Pensions need to be simple and clear so
people can engage with them, he says. I am
determined that every pound put aside is
turned into the maximum amount of pension.
Here we take a look at how annuities work,
how to get a good deal on your annuity now, and
what the consultation could mean for those
approaching retirement in the future.
Most people will use their pension pot to buy an
annuity at retirement. This is the investment
vehicle that converts your funds into a
guaranteed income for life.
The amount you receive depends on the
annuity rate at the time, but it is impossible to
know when the best rates will be available.
lund u huppy
By Esther Shaw dealing with an unfair and opaque system,
which is preventing too many from securing a
good retirement income.
However, Segars believes that there is still
more to be done. She said: Wed like to see
advice and support services made part of the
scheme so there is a true, default open-market
option in place.
Pensions expert Tom McPhail from adviser
Hargreaves Lansdown added that challenges
still remain. The issue for the ABI is to ensure
that all investors are given every possible
opportunity to nd quickly and easily the best
possible solutions for their needs, he says.
Whether this happens in practice remains to
be seen. In the meantime, insurers have begun
pledging their support.
We believe that making annuity rates public
will make it easier for people to shop around
and make an informed decision, says Philip
Brown from insurer LV=. This can only
help people to select the product that best suits
their needs.

In a separate move, a new ruling from the
European Court of Justice, due to come into
play from December 21, will ban insurers from
taking gender into consideration when
calculating annuities and other premiums.
At present, annuities for men tend to be
cheaper because insurers price in the fact
that women generally live longer than men
and so annuities have to be paid out over a
longer period.
When unisex pricing comes in, male annuity
rates are likely to fall overnight, says McPhail.
It is not certain by how much, but estimates
vary between 3 and 10 per cent. Men should act
now to beat the drop in returns.
While women could see an improvement in
their annuity rates, this is likely to be only a
modest rise, if any.
Once again, this emphasises the importance
of shopping around to nd the best deal you
can, as once you have made your choice, the
decision is nal.
For more information visit:
transparency for some time to make things
fairer for consumers.
We are pleased to see this launch, says
Joanne Segars from the NAPF. It is crucial
that consumers get clear information and can
make simple comparisons. At present, they are
The key to getting a good deal is by exercising
what is known as the open-market option.
Purchasing an annuity is a once-in-a-lifetime
decision, says Gordon Morris from Age UK
Enterprises. Its vital to shop around for the
best rates and the right type of product. Do not
simply accept the annuity offered by your
pension provider. Check if other rms offer a
product that better suits your needs.
As well as shopping around, you may also be
able to benet from better rates if you smoke,
have high blood pressure, or suffer from one of
a wide range of ailments when you retire, as you
will qualify for an enhanced annuity that pays
out more because the provider will not expect to
have to pay out for as long.
These payments can amount to hundreds
of pounds of extra income a year, says
Gemma Goodman from The Annuity Bureau.
Yet many people fail to tell their insurer and
do not claim this extra cash.

Campaigners such as the National Association
of Pension Funds (NAPF) have been calling for
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 7
Tony tukes pole position
ON TRACK: Tony Fernandes,
right, is investing heavily in
Caterham, above, in order to
make affordable sports cars
the millionaire owner
of QPR football club,
made his estimated
230 million fortune
through budget airline
carrier Air Asia. Now he is out
to conquer the roads through
Caterham, the British kit-car maker
and Formula One team.
Last week, Caterham announced
a joint venture with French giant
Renault to mass-produce affordable
sports cars within four years. The
50/50 investment will make use of
Caterhams F1 technology to
produce high-end cars that sell for
between 30,000 and 50,000.
Fernandes says: Although the
cars will be made at Renaults plant
in Dieppe, France, there will be
British jobs created off of the back
of this too.
We have taken on a lot of British
engineers for this project and the
supply chains will also come from
Britain. I estimate that 200 British
jobs will be created as a result.
Fernandes also says the UK could
end up building SUVs and citycars
for Caterham.
Born in Malaysia, of Indian
extraction and educated in
England, Fernandes is every bit
the internationalist.
Speaking about the new venture,
he says: This is a global
collaboration; you have a couple of
Asians, a British car company and
we are now working with the
By Ravender Sembhy
We are very committed to Britain; we have homes here,
we have put money into a football club, and well do more
Air Asia is ying high. Fernandes bought
the airline in 2001 when it was owned by
the Malaysian government, had just two
planes and was suffocating under
25 million of debt. He bought it for one
ringgit (20 pence), mortgaged his home
to raise working capital and quickly
made Air Asia protable.
Today, the airline has 115 aircraft
ying to 65 destinations across 18 Asian
countries and employs more than 8,000
staff. It has a market capitalisation of
about 1.4 billion and revenues of
796 million per year.
Business is going well, he says.
We want to expand into a few more
Asian countries, like short haul
within India, Fernandes says. The
airline business is a tough business.
If you survive and do well, you
really do well. But it requires a
lot of focus.
Britain could
be a major
beneciary of
that focus if
the car
venture gets
looking at developing the club in
terms of a new stadium and
working with the local council in
terms of lots of regeneration and
property projects.
The proposed stadium is
reported to be located in Londons
White City, and will hold 35,000
compared with the 18,360 capacity
at Loftus Road. It will have a
retractable roof and seating so it
can also be used for concerts.
QPR may have its troubles but
French. Asia is our playground, so
we are going to market the cars
heavily there. We are closest to and
most interested in South-east Asia,
Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia,
Philippines. And, of course, India
and China.
Fernandes may be an
international man but he has close
links to Britain. At 12, his father
sent him to Epsom College in
Surrey armed with a 50 note to get
a coach from Heathrow.
Fernandes, who still speaks with
a British accent, says: Britain is in
our blood, lets be real. We are very
committed to Britain; we have
homes here, we have put money
into a football club and I am sure
well do many more things here.
Since buying Queens Park
Rangers FC in 2011, the
entrepreneur has become a regular
at its Loftus Road ground in west
London. In January, the Malaysian
brought in Mark Hughes as
manager and furnished him with a
multimillion pound war chest to
ensure the clubs survival in the top
ight. With QPR languishing in the
relegation zone, Fernandes says he
is in it for the long haul: We are
trader is accused of
losing 1.4 billion
8 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
If you have a
story for
The Insider,
email: insider@
A lragrant
ln the alr
tightening their belts but
many are still splashing
out on fragrance and this
Christmas is expected to
see a boom with sales up
6 per cent on last year and
a total of 790 million to be
spent in the UK over the
festive season, according
to industry experts.
Beauty and fragrance
website Escentual.com is
experiencing a signicant
increase on 2011 sales
and anticipates that on
average every adult in
England and Wales will
spend 17.59 on fragrance
gifts this Christmas, when
traditionally 54 per cent of
annual expenditure on
perfume occurs. The
sweet smell of success?
I HEAR that the jury
hearing the case against
Kweku Adoboli, who faces
two counts of fraud and
two counts of false
accounting, is expected to
deliver its verdict this
week. Adoboli is accused
of losing investment bank
UBS 1.4 billion through
unauthorised trading.
The trial was originally
scheduled to wrap up
before the end of October,
but the nish date was put
back to November 5.
Now I hear that the
court expects the trial to
conclude sometime this
week, on account of
what one legal source
described as Adobolis
lengthy testimony.
Given the spectacular
nature of the case, I have
no doubt that the entire
City will stop in its tracks
when the verdict nally
comes in.
T IS tough out there in the
employment market. Just days
after electrical retailer Comet
collapsed into administration,
arch rival Dixons has received
1,000 CVs, many from staff
scared they will be without a job
at Christmas.
Dixons, which owns PC World and
Currys, has tried to provide some
festive cheer by pledging to hire up to
2,000 Comet staff.
Chief executive Seb James said:
Weve delayed our Christmas
recruitment so Comet colleagues who
would like to come over to our stores
get the chance to do so. We have been
amazed by how many people have
already come to talk to us.
Worryingly, the future of 4,611
Comet staff is up in the air. On Friday,
330 jobs were cut by administrators
The Insider understands that there
is scant interest in Comet as a going
concern and that only 100 of Comets
236 stores will be of interest to other
retailers, leaving the remainder to
hoist vacant signs.
Dixons, Maplin, Blockbuster and
Pets at Home are all understood to
want to cherry pick stores while
Shop Direct, owned by the Barclay
brothers, may look to acquire Comets
brand and website, as it did with
Woolworths in 2009.
A case of dj vu on the high street
if ever there was one.
Dj vu on
high street

HEATHROW is usually a bustling
place, but for two minutes on Sunday a
hush will descend as British
Airways will be shutting
down its engines and
asking customers
for silence for
Last week,
BA cabin
unveiled a
giant poppy at
the airlines
base. The
symbol of respect
for the armed
forces has never
been bigger. Literally.
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Registered in England and Wales number 3156459. AN3215V3OCT12

SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012

Stan|cy kn|lcd |n s|xua| tH||||c| as ldc |cscucs Tuwn
HIT: Akinfenwa
ACCRINGTON, who now have
ex-England striker James
Beattie as player-coach, were on
the receiving end in a six-goal
thriller as NORTHAMPTONs
Adebayo Akinfenwa celebrated a
They fought back from a goal
down at half-time, scored by
Akinfenwa, and led 2-1 with goals
from George Miller and Romuald
Boco. But a Jake Robinson effort
and two more from Akinfenwa
pulled off a 4-2 victory for the
away side.
It ended Stanleys three-match
unbeaten run since Paul Cook
left for Chestereld and Leam
Richardson a team-mate of
Beattie at Blackburn Rovers
took over. Lowly PLYMOUTH
stung leaders GILLINGHAM
with a 33rd-minute Curtis Nelson
effort. But Ben Strevens hit back
in the 38th minute before Luke
Young made it 2-1 to Argyle.
The Gills had an Adam Barrett
header to thank for a 2-2 draw.
EXETER fought back twice
to deny promotion-chasing
FLEETWOOD. Steve McNulty
scored the opener and Barry
Nicholson restored Towns
advantage after Jamie Cureton
equalised, but John OFlynn
made it 2-2 from the penalty spot.
Basement club BARNET were
rocked by an early two-goal blitz
at MORECAMBE, as Kevin
Ellisons sixth-minute opener
was soon followed by an Andrew
Fleming strike. Richard Brodie
red home two penalties and
Jonathan Nurse grabbed the
consolation goal in a 4-1 outcome.
Thankfully for Edgar Davids,
ALDERSHOT are keeping his
Barnet side off the bottom on goal
difference after they were swept
aside 2-0 by a BRADFORD team
with promotion hopes. Nahki
Wells scored twice in 11 minutes
for the Yorkshire side.
brilliant winger Gerrard has been
guiding through regular rst-team
appearances at Liverpool.
The kid isnt 18 until next month,
yet Hodgson vividly recalls the day
he gave Sterling his rst-team debut
at Liverpool as a 15-year-old in a
pre-season friendly away to Borussia
Moenchengladbach. Hodgson was
then manager of Liverpool. It proved
to be a brief tenure but one memory
was imperishable.
I knew how good Raheem was
when I saw him play at Borussia
Moenchengladbach, when Id
only been at the club for three
weeks on a training camp, said
Hodgson. He came on for the
last 15 minutes in front of
55,000 people. He turned
the game around and
almost won it. Thats two
and a half years ago I
had an idea then that this
lad would turn out to be a
bit of a player. I thought it
was a no-brainer that Sterling
would be included in this
England squad because every time
Ive watched Liverpool this year he
has had a very good game.
He has a good chance of playing
against Sweden and it should be a
joyous occasion.
When I was at Liverpool, I was
impressed by the quality of the
players at the academy there. Its
nice to see them step up from being
talented youngsters to becoming very
obvious rst-team players.
Sterling has not been selected as
an experiment, nor have Caulker or
Wilshere. Hodgson is a passionate
advocate of the adage that if youre
good enough, youre old enough.
Were not going to play a very
good Sweden with an experimental
team, said Hodgson. Were
going with a mixture of youth and
experience because thats what you
need. Its good to have a player of
Wilsheres quality available again, but
I understand the concerns of Arsenal
manager Arsene Wenger about
looking after him. He realises that
Jack is an important man for England
and he trusts me to look after him. If
Jack plays, it will only be for part of
the game.
When Jack burst into the England
team, it was with enormous pomp
and ceremony. He looked like an
outstanding midelder. He is the
type of mideld player all teams are
looking for today lots of energy, a
lot of ability with the ball, capable of
running with the ball, very tenacious
and the necessary pace.
One thing that becomes more
and more obvious is that the
higher the level you play at,
the more pace, athleticism and
mobility play a part.
You take all the top teams, they
are all going down the route of pace,
technique, mobility, as opposed to
routes that have been successful in
the past, not least with teams like
Sweden and England.
The thing about Jack, as it has
been for Wayne Rooney and Gerrard,
is that they do carry a large weight
of expectation because theyre good
players and will be the answer to the
managers prayers. You have to hope
the player can accept the burden and
produce the level of football that lifted
him up in the rst place.
If he does, it will be another cause
for celebration.
N0 hI8 N
'II th6 t6 t6ams
ar6 6In J6Wn
th6 r60t6 6f ac6'
Gerrard will
win his 100th
England cap
in Sweden
Sterling is
set to make
his England
Stc|||n's tHc Ruy wundc|
weonesoay, Novemcer |4tn, ||ckoff 7.30m
N0hIN0 8F0Il
Ba|c's unc ul tHc bcst but ducsn't sca|c Pab|u
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
TODAY KO: 1.30pm TV: Sky Sports 1
0hamakh's 6xIt hInt 1u|'s 0uu|as qucst 86van: 86ss6s saf6r
make-or-break season at Arsenal and
hinted at a return to Bordeaux.
The striker has opped in London
since his free transfer from France
in 2010, and has been frozen out this
season after scoring only once in
The Morocco star said: I think
I can bring something to the team
but I have to make a decision in the
summer. If I return to France, it will
only be for Bordeaux.
FULHAM boss Martin Jol is keeping
tabs on FC Twentes Douglas amid
fears he could lose captain Brede
The Craven Cottage club are
desperate to tie 31-year-old
Hangeland to a long-term contract.
But the Norwegian defender is
stalling and is free to sign a
pre-contract agreement with a
foreign club in January. Fulham
have earmarked 3million-rated
Dutchman Douglas to replace him.
RICHARD BEVAN, boss of the
League Managers Association,
reckons trigger-happy Premier
League owners could be a thing of
the past.
History shows the sackings start
in November, ahead of Januarys
transfer window, but Bevan
said: Owners now have a better
recruitment policy and there are
more resources. The top ight has
yet to see a manager red, over a
third of the way through the season.
ignoring Sir Alex Fergusons
demands for him to score 20 goals
this season despite adding to
his Manchester United tally again
last night at Aston Villa.
Fergie reckons the Mexican
should be reaching that
benchmark but Hernandez
(right) said: I never have a
target only to play a lot of
games and to help my team.
FLOP: Chamakh
I0078ALL: 1ne Prem|er |eaue..... MAN Cl1Y v 1O11LNHAM
PABLO ZABALETA has vowed not
to change his game against Gareth
Bale even though he admits
Tottenhams wing wizard is one of
the worlds best players.
The Manchester City defender
believes Bale is a major threat to his
sides unbeaten record in the league,
but he will not come up with a special
plan to stop the ying Welshman.
The Tottenham star wreaked
havoc on his last trip to Manchester,
inspiring Andre Villas-Boas team to a
historic 3-2 triumph at Old Trafford.
City right-back Zabaleta will be in
direct opposition to Bale at the Etihad
Stadium today and admits he is red
up by the challenge.
It is a great motivation when you
are against a good player, Zabaleta
said. He is one of the best wingers in
the world.
He has great pace. He is very
fast and he has a great cross. His
technique is very good. He has got a
very good left foot. He scores a lot of
goals, so he is a fantastic player.
Zabaleta kept Theo Walcott,
Juan Mata and Ryan Giggs quiet in
showdown clashes as he helped City
to win a rst title in 44 years last
But he is not formulating a scheme
to subdue Bale, who is Spurs
second-top scorer.
He added: I just do everything the
same, whether its Gareth Bale or
another winger.
Bale, 23, has never scored against
City and Zabaleta said: It is not the
rst time weve played against him.
While Spurs have lost their last two
league games at White Hart Lane,
Zabaleta believes the pace of players
like Bale, Aaron Lennon and Jermain
Defoe makes them more of a threat
on the road.
City have not lost in the league at
the Etihad since 2010 but Spurs have
recorded a hat-trick of victories on
their travels.
They have very good strikers and
very good players, warned Zabaleta,
and away from home I think they
play better because they break really
quickly on the counter-attack.
Spurs boss Villas-Boas, meanwhile,
has fanned the ames of fans
criticism by refusing to guarantee
Jermain Defoe a starting place
against City today.
The manager said he still has to
decide whether his England strikers
stunning Europa League hat-trick
against Maribor will be enough to get
him the nod ahead of City old boy Ade
Adebayor or Clint Dempsey.
We have a couple of players who
also deserve respect for what they
are doing, AVB insisted.
Ade had a fantastic game
against Maribor and Clint has had
an amazing run of games, another
player who competes alongside Defoe
for the positions up front.
Villas-Boas acknowledged that
Defoe is a class act and is grabbing
his goalscoring opportunities, but
he added: I am still deciding the
starting line-up. Defoe knows he
competes against top strikers.
But Defoes team-mate Tom
Huddlestone said: Jermain has been
on re all season. Give him a couple
of chances and you know hes going to
put one away.
Against Maribor he scored three
goals from probably four chances.
Jermain has always been that
sharp, regardless of what type of
defence he is playing against, and if
we can create chances for him we
know he is going to put a few away.
But whoever the Spurs coach
chooses up front, he is pledging a
no fear attacking approach in search
of a second triumph in Manchester
following that spectacular victory at
Old Trafford in September.
By Richard Jolly
frustration when he is
substituted is water
off a ducks back as
far as Manchester
Citys bosses are
concerned, according
to assistant manager
David Platt.
The Italian striker,
who is struggling
for goals, was
again a picture of
unhappiness when
replaced in last
weekends goalless
draw at West Ham.
But Platt insists
the disappointment
is only natural, and
is a feeling he and
manager Roberto
Mancini know from
their playing days.
Mario doesnt
have a scowl on his
face every time he
comes off, said
Platt. But you dont
expect players to be
happy about being
When they are
replaced, they dont
agree with it. Ive
grumbled and groaned
as a player. Ive been
taken off and done
stupid things.
Its not until you
put a tracksuit on that
you realise how much
of a pain you were.
Robbie has known
Mario since he was
15. Every player cant
be managed the same
way. He realises what
Mario needs and
manages him to get
the best out of him.
|a||u nu
GRUMBLER: Balotelli
IM h0L0h
I just play the same
way, whether its
Gareth Bale or any
other winger
Bale (right)
has never
FamIIy fIrst f6r
r60J JaJ 0III6
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012

lcnnun |n t|t|c p|ca 0WIs Want Ickham
CELTIC manager Neil Lennon told
his side to forget their heroic win
over Barcelona and focus on their
league title defence.
After Wednesdays famous 2-1
Champions League victory at
Parkhead, Lennons side host St
Johnstone in the SPL today.
He said: It is important that
we refocus again. Weve taken one
point from six in the league, so it
is important that we get back to
winning ways as soon as possible.
SUNDERLAND striker Connor
Wickham is a January loan target for
Shefeld Wednesday.
The Owls are set to fend off rival
interest from Wickhams former club
Ipswich and Wolves for the forward.
The 19-year-old, who joined the
Black Cats for 8million in June last
year, is yet to make an appearance
this season.
Sunderland manager Martin
ONeill will allow the England
Under-21 striker to go out on loan.
Tuun tcmpt lsp||||a
FORMER Newcastle striker
Faustino Asprilla would like to
return to the club as a coach.
Asprilla, 43, was a fans favourite
in Kevin Keegans Magpies side
which nished second in the
Premier League in 1996-97.
The Colombian said: I spoke with
Newcastles owners and said Id be
interested in returning.
Im motivated and I like the
city. Hopefully something will
revive their long-standing
pursuit of Holland playmaker
Wesley Sneijder this winter.
The Inter Milan star (right)
is said to be frustrated with his
club, who are reluctant to start
him following a groin injury.
Sir Alex Ferguson has
long admired the 28-year-old
Dutchman, who is one of Inters
highest earners.
HERO: Lennon
TO most people Ian Holloway is the
chirpy chappy with a quip for all
seasons and a mischievous smile to
It was no different yesterday as he
made it two wins out of two in charge
of a Crystal Palace side that is sitting
pretty at the top of the Championship
But that is Ollies public face.
Behind the smile is a heartwarming
story of love and devotion that no one
really knows much about. Until now.
As he prepares for another ride
on the promotion rollercoaster that
catapulted his last club, Blackpool,
into the top ight, footballs unlikely
hero revealed the brave family secret
behind his fairytale success.
It involves four women, one who
has beaten cancer and three who are
profoundly deaf. They are the reasons
he quit Blackpool and returned south
to be nearer to them.
Fans at Bloomeld Road, who have
branded him a Judas for leaving,
probably need to know why he had
to go to be a dad again to the three
daughters who have blossomed
into blooming adulthood despite
debilitating deafness, and for the
brave wife and childhood sweetheart
with whom he has celebrated a silver
wedding anniversary.
Mrs Kim Holloway was at
Peterborough yesterday, having
attended many previous games
despite being told at 21 that she
had only a one-in-three chance of
surviving lymphatic cancer and would
certainly never have children.
Three daughters later, the
Holloways are still a team, with a
grown-up son, William, as well. They
are waiting for their rst grandson
in January and are now prepared to
tell the world exactly what they have
been through.
The heartache and toil behind their
story make a mockery of Holloways
joker image.
My wife is awesome and to think
that one of my daughters is going to
give us a grandchild is mind-blowing,
says Palaces new manager. Ive got
a little library now about what we
have gone through and its amazing.
Anything bitter Blackpool fans
may throw at him will seem of
little consequence compared to
the struggles the Holloways have
endured since their twin girls, Chloe
and Eve, were born stone deaf
23 years ago. And their third girl,
Harriet, was similarly aficted two
years later.
For your children to suffer a
sensory loss, and to not know how
they will develop or what they will
achieve, is a very scary place, he
But Harriet got nine GCSEs and
three A levels and is now studying
photography at Bath University.
Not many profoundly deaf children
manage that. No wonder Im smiling.
Its been a ght. There have
been rows, tribunals, appeals and
endless phone calls, and we have
been labelled bolshie parents, Ollie
recalls. But every child has the right
to be educated properly. Whether
your eyes or ears dont work is
Holloway had to live away from
his children during most of those
dramatic up-and-down times at
Blackpool. Now he is just two
hours away from them.
The girls live in our house
in Bath. They have four horses.
Chloe has just moved in with
a lovely lad called Chris, and
Eve lives in another part of
our house with the man who
is soon to be her husband.
She will be having our rst
grandson on January 15.
Now Holloway has his
happy family together again,
and it has set him up for
another promotion campaign
after inheriting a team that went
top of the league just as he arrived.
I am a very lucky man, he says.
And if it ends up with promotion
again next May, the couple who have
supported each other through thick
and thin all these years will celebrate
side by side again.
Kim is amazing and I dont want to
live a day without her, he added.
Then Palaces inimitable joker
signed off with a trademark funny
story and a smile.
I met Kim on the school bus when
I was 15. I followed her for 11 weeks to
nd out who she was and then begged
her to go out with me.
Luckily she caved in. Ive drugged
her ever since with alcohol and
sweets, and kept her away from the
optician and shes still here!
'hat W6 hav6 6n6
thr60h as a
famIIy Is amazIn'
his Brazilian body
waxes so much so
that he came close to
moving there.
Becks, 37, was
interested in heading
south from LA Galaxy
for a stint in Brazil
during the summer.
Former Botafogo
defender Carlos
Alberto revealed that
Becks managers were
in talks with that club
as well as French side
Paris St-Germain.
However, the former
England captain
decided at the last
minute to stay in
California for his
familys sake.
Instead Botafogo
landed Clarence
Seedorf following
his departure from
AC Milan.
Alberto, who was
in the Netherlands
while the Seedorf
deal was being done,
said: An influential
businessman, a
famous player,
came to me saying
there was a player
interested in playing
for a year in Brazil
David Beckham.
Becks will play
tonight against the
Seattle Sounders
in Major League
Soccers Western
Conference final.
If his Galaxy side
lose, it could be
Beckhams farewell in
front of the LA fans
after he revealed
he is not certain to
return to the club next
Bccks was
su c|usc tu
B|a|| dca|
4M5 050806h
Ian Holloway
left Blackpool
with devoted
wife Kim (also
pictured) to be
closer to their
By Colin Mafham

SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
0anI In r6c6rJ 6I6
DANI PEDROSA shattered the
Valencia circuit record to take his
fth pole start of the season ahead of
todays nal round of MotoGP.
The Repsol Honda rider put in a
stunning time of 1m 30.844secs to put
top spot on the leaderboard well out
of reach of fellow Spaniard Jorge
Lorenzo who, last time out in
Australia, had beaten him in
the chase for this years world
title crown.
|u||cy's hna| a|c|t
ENGLAND forward Adrian Morley is
warning his team-mates to expect a
red-up French team in todays
nal of the autumn international
series at the Salford City Stadium.
England are overwhelming
favourites to lift the trophy after
rattling up 124 points in two matches
while France lick their wounds from
last weeks 44-6 defeat in Hull.
Morley said: Theyll come very
spirited and be up for a game.
ENGLAND slipped up in the semis
of the mens and womens Hong
Kong International Bowls Classic
on the Craigengower Cricket Club
bowling greens when Mark Read
and Rob Newman lost to Ireland
and Julie Leake and Sandy Hazell
were pipped by Malaysia.
Welsh hopes Kelly Packwood and
Judith Wason face Malaysians
Pinky Chan and Nor Hashima
Ismail in the womens nal.
FIRST: Pedrosa
By Henry Talbot
Su|d|c| Rucky
|s un ta|ct
Rokodugunis two
debut tries helped Bath
beat Newport Gwent
Dragons 36-15 in their
LV= Cup opener.
Soldier Rokoduguni
(above) took eight
minutes to grab his
rst try and crashed
through the Dragons
defensive line again in
the second half.
The only downside
for Bath from a
comprehensive win was
their failure to collect a
fourth try and bonus
Scrum coach Neal
Hatley said: It was
important to get the
win, but were not
really satised with a
lot of the accuracy in
portions of the game.
Dragons head coach
Darren Edwards said: I
thought all the young
players put in really
good performances. A
Ben Botica try from the
last play of the game
won a thrilling LV= Cup
clash for Harlequins
31-30 at Northampton.
Northampton looked
to be heading for
victory after coming
back from 21-6 down
to lead 30-24 with the
clock dead.
But debut prop Ethan
Waller was yellow-
carded and Quins
tapped it for Botica to
barge over.
Worcester began
their cup campaign in
style with a 34-18 win
over Scarlets.
Worcester trailed
13-6 at the interval but
dominated the second
half to score four tries,
with Joe Carlisle
kicking 14 points in all.
ANDY MURRAY has succeeded in
winning a victory as important to
him as the Olympic gold medal and
the US Open title.
He has nally and rmly convinced
tennis fans that he is deserving of
respect, approval and admiration.
It hasnt always been like that and
Murray has admitted how wounded
he has been in the past by the
abuse he has received just for
being Scottish.
Murray, who reached todays
semi-nals of the ATP World Finals
by beating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 6-2 7-6
at Londons O2 Arena, revealed how
he has been insulted and reviled at
Wimbledon, where a woman once
pointed him out, saying: There goes
that Scottish ******.
Murray who will play Roger
Federer today has even had letters
sent to his locker room, telling him: I
hope you lose every match. And he
has been constantly reminded of the
crowds affection for retired British
players like Tim Henman.
In his new book, Andy Murray:
Champion, Murray says: I was still
a kid and people were sending notes
to my locker saying they hoped I
would lose every match for the rest
of my life. Even people within the
grounds were saying stuff to me.
That followed a joke about a
World Cup football forecast that
went wrong when he
tried to be sarcastic,
claiming he would support
any team that was playing
England. There were
also comments on
Facebook, claiming:
Andy Murray hates the
English so
we hate Andy
But he bristles
when people
think he is
adding: I
dont mind when Im called British. If
they say Im English I always correct
them. Its like calling someone from
France, German. Being Scottish is a
fact, not a racist state of mind. The
book claims that no British player has
had his language and behaviour
scrutinised as much as Murray has.
He explains: There are things I
say on court that I probably shouldnt
say. But off court Im not stumbling
out of nightclubs or throwing up in
front of the paparazzi. I dont mean to
upset people.
He went through periods of
self-harm when he would bloody his
knuckles by punching the strings of
his racket.
Sometimes he would slap the palm
of his hand against his face or smash
his racket against the toe of his shoe.
But Murray has never chased
popularity, politely declining the role
of darling to the middle classes and
corporate lunch members. It wasnt
until he wept after last years
Wimbledon nal against Roger
Federer that tennis fans really started
to accept the British No1.
The tears he shed that day were
very public. The next time he
produced them was in his bathroom.
Murray had just won the Olympic
gold medal. He looked in the mirror
and burst into tears.
It was as if he knew that one
journey had just nished and another
was about to begin. For Murray
realised he could win big and
conrmed it by beating Novak
Djokovic for the US title.
At 25, he has achieved it the hard
way. As an eight-year-old kid in
Dunblane at the time of the shooting
of 16 children and a teacher in 1996,
Murray was horried to realise that
Thomas Hamilton, who gunned
down his school friends, was known
to him.
He said: We knew the guy. He had
been in mums car.
From such horrors, Murray built
the man he is today. He may not
always be a ray of sunshine but he is
a Grand Slam champion.
I say things on court that I probably shouldnt
but I dont set out to upset people ANDY MURRAY
N0kkY'8 FlIN0
0hNFI0N l8
'h6 I66k6J In th6
mIrr6r anJ
h0rst Int6 t6ars'
By Nigel Clarke
Andy Murray
admits he
has been
hurt by
abuse he
received for
being a Scot
reader offer
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Last year thousands of motorists were
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risk it happening to you? With these AA
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eventuality. Inside the zipped canvas
bag youll nd a folding snow shovel,
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LED torch and a high visibility vest.
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Kit includes:
3 Folding snow shovel
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Get you home

NICK COMPTON will make his
Test debut high on condence next
week after his third successive
half-century for England.
As the tourists again found runs
easy to come by but wickets
signicantly harder on the Sardar
Patel B Grounds ultra-at surface,
their new Test opener-in-waiting
added a second-innings 54 not out to
his 74 two days ago.
Englands struggle to bowl out
Haryana lasted until teatime on day
three of four in this nal warm-up
match, thanks largely to Rahul
Dewan who carried his bat for a
near eight-hour 143.
But when they did complete the job,
Haryana reaching 334, they still had a
lead of 187 and therefore the notional
option of enforcing the follow-on.
After spending almost 115 overs in
the eld under a hot sun and
cloudless skies, it was no surprise
they chose to bat again instead and
not much more of one that captain
Alastair Cook, after his rst-innings
97, decided Jonathan Trott (61no)
could partner Compton in his place at
the top of the order.
The South Africa-born pair did not
look in the least trouble either, on the
way to twin 98-ball 50s in a stumps
total of 118 for none, dealing with a
seam attack which had posed so few
problems rst time round on this
bowlers graveyard.
Comptons big stride in forward
defence, and off-drive, is already a
familiar sight after two weeks on tour
and his initial nought and one
against India A and Mumbai A are
becoming happily distant memories.
He helped to put England in
position to bat on for perhaps half a
session tomorrow, before Cook
judges the time is right to again set
about the tougher task of taking
opposition wickets.
If Comptons batting has become
increasingly assured, the same could
not be said of his elding and catching
as he and others showed signs of
weariness while Dewan continued
The Haryana opener edged short
and wide of the slips more than once
but mostly presented a broad bat in a
315-ball stay.
As Englands stamina underwent
an extreme yet appropriate test, for
the challenges to come in a four-Test
series, Compton oored one
straightforward chance and Matt
Prior, back on duty after yesterdays
stomach upset, was also short of his
best behind the stumps.
Among their bowlers, Tim Bresnan
(three for 66) got more than most out
of the surface but even he could not
shift Dewan.
The Yorkshireman impressed
as Englands most likely wicket-
taker on Day Two, and got them
underway again yesterday when
he had Sandeep Singh pushing
tentatively forward and edging
low to Cook at slip.
The captain was in the ring
line three more times before
lunch. But the ball evaded
his grasp when Amit
Mishra twice edged past
slip and Dewan, on 87,
did likewise off Jonathan
Trott a rare false shot in
a compact and controlled
tour de force.
Mishra was gone
relatively soon anyway,
turned round by Stuart
Meaker and caught behind
to give the Surrey seamer
his rst rst-class wicket
for England.
06mt6n's hI strIJ6
In f6rWarJ J6f6nc6
Is a famIIIar sIht
00NF0N 00N8
0F 0 IN h
By John Matthews
I6 6n th6 m6nJ l|cx ucs lu| 0|ubc
TOUR DE FRANCE winner and
Olympic champion Bradley Wiggins
is looking forward to getting back on
the bike after his accident.
The 32-year-old spent a night in
hospital after a collision with a van
near his home in Lancashire.
Id like to thank everyone for their
kind thoughts, he said. Although
Im still a little bit sore, I will now
be spending time at home with
my family.
ALEX THOMSON has today started
his attempt to become the rst
British winner of the gruelling,
24,000-mile round-the-world race,
The Vende Globe, alone onboard
his boat, Hugo Boss.
The 38-year-old, one of 20
sailors who left the Les Sables
dOlonne, in France, said: Its
such an amazing experience to
sail out of port with thousands of
people screaming your name.
HURT: Wiggins
WE ARE offering one lucky reader the
chance to win a pair of VIP ringside
seats to see Carl Froch take on Yusaf
Mack at Betfairs True Brit show at
Nottinghams Capital FM Arena
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Betfair, the leading betting
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The closing date for entries is 12 noon,
Wednesday, November 14. Normal Express Group
rules apply. Prize does not include travel to the
venue. The Sports Editors decision is nal.
IN WIth y60r 80nJay xr6ss anJ
Bjorn retains the lead
in the Barclays
Singapore Open as
the players battle
against the elements.
Bjorn leads at nine
under par after three
holes of his third
round which he is due
to complete today
after play was
suspended in
darkness yesterday.
Rain delays had
disrupted day two with
Bjorn one of a number
of players who did not
play at all on Friday.
Having added a 67
to his first-round 66
Bjorn returned to the
course to start his
third round but had
only parred the first
three holes when a
halt was called.
Bjorn said: Its nice
to play some good
stuff but theres still a
long way to go.
Wach posed little
threat to Wladimir
Klitschkos world title
belts last night in
Klitschko, defending
his WBA, IBF and WBO
titles in his first fight
since the death of his
trainer Emanuel
Steward, took a
unanimous points
verdict after a
one-sided contest.
Unbeaten Wach, 32,
did show real heart
as he endured a
systematic battering
from the Ukrainian.
The resilient Pole
shook Klitschko at the
end of the fifth with a
flurry of shots but was
fortunate to survive a
hammering throughout
the eighth round.
Bju|n st|||
|n cunt|u|
Sad wacH
nu matcH
By John Austin
By Greg Makin
ON A HIGH: Nick Comptons
form has handed him a Test
debut against India
No play was possible on
the second day of the rst
Test between Australia and
South Africa because of
rain in Brisbane.
Tour Match
Haryana v England
(Day 3 of 4)
AHMEDABAD: England lead Haryana
by 305 runs with all second-innings
wickets in hand
ENGLAND: First Innings 521
(Pietersen 110, Cook 97, Compton 74,
Patel 67, Bell 62, Mishra 4-67, Yadav
HARYANA: First Innings
(Overnight 172-4)
R Dewan not out ............................ 143
S Singh c Cook b Bresnan .................. 7
A Mishra c Prior b Meaker ................. 17
J Yadav b Meaker............................. 17
A Vashisht lbw Patel ......................... 16
C Saini lbw Meaker .......................... 35
S Budhwar c Cook b Pietersen ............ 0
B13 lb5 w2 nb2 ........................ 22
Total (113.4 overs) ............... 334
Fall: 28, 125, 136, 163, 181, 211,
232, 272, 332.
Bowling: Onions 20-2-66-0, Bresnan
21-4-66-3, Meaker 20-1-74-3, Panesar
29-8-52-1, Patel 16-4-39-2, Pietersen
4.4-0-12-1, Trott 3-0-7-0.
ENGLAND: Second Inns
N Compton not out .......................... 54
I Trott not out .................................. 61
Lb2 w1 ...................................... 3
Total (0 wkts., 38 overs) ....... 118
Bowling: Budhwar 9-1-25-0, Vashisht
8-2-26-0, Rana 8-1-21-0, Saini 8-2-20-
0, Khod 3-0-24-0, Yadav 2-2-0-0.
|er |zsI a||I's NzI|za
0|erer| zcI|ea e Ie
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Blue Square Bet Premier
BARROW (0) ...........1 LINCOLN C (1) .... 2
Baker 85 (pen) Power 40
Att: 987 Oliver 64
BRAINTREE (1) ......2 GATESHEAD (1) . 1
Marks 6 Donaldson 29
Wells 55 Att: 678
Willmott 55 Att: 1,821
Elliott 58
EBBSFLEET (1) ......3 HYDE (2) ............... 2
Barrett 35 Crowther 4
Elder 72 Blinkhorn 11
Godden 79 Att: 779
FOREST GRN (3)....4 STOCKPORT (0) . 1
Klukowski 5 Newton 76 (pen)
Hobson 15 (og) Att: 1,176
Norwood 25
Styche 87
GRIMSBY (3) ...........5 WOKING (1) ......... 1
Hatton 11, 76 Sinclair 2
Disley 18 Att: 3,418
Hannah 34, Cook 90
KMINSTER (0) ........1 NUNEATON (0).... 0
Gowling 89 Att: 1,592
LUTON (0)................0 DARTFORD (2) .... 2
Att: 6,567 Noble 6, Bonner 41
MANSFIELD (1) ......1 SOUTHPORT (0) . 0
Hutchinson 2 Att: 1,918
TAMWORTH (0) ......0 AFC TELFORD (0) 0
Att: 935
WREXHAM (0) ........1 HEREFORD (1) .... 2
S Wright 58 Todd 8
Att: 3,620 Graham 90
P W D L F A Pts
Newport County .... 18 11 3 4 39 23 36
Grimsby ................. 19 9 6 4 30 15 33
Forest Green ......... 18 10 3 5 31 18 33
Wrexham ............... 17 9 5 3 30 17 32
Dartford ................. 18 10 2 6 29 19 32
Luton ...................... 18 10 2 6 30 25 32
Maccleseld .......... 17 8 3 6 28 27 27
Gateshead ............. 19 6 8 5 25 23 26
Hereford ................. 18 7 5 6 27 29 26
Manseld ............... 17 7 4 6 24 28 25
AFC Telford ........... 18 5 9 4 29 24 24
Stockport County . 18 6 6 6 27 27 24
Lincoln City ........... 18 6 5 7 27 27 23
Tamworth .............. 19 7 2 10 22 25 23
Woking ................... 19 7 2 10 34 40 23
Alfreton Town ....... 17 5 6 6 22 29 21
Kidderminster ....... 18 4 8 6 21 19 20
Cambridge Utd ...... 18 5 5 8 31 35 20
Braintree Town ..... 17 5 5 7 20 26 20
Southport .............. 18 5 5 8 25 34 20
Ebbseet United ... 18 4 6 8 26 35 18
Barrow ................... 18 4 6 8 22 34 18
Hyde ....................... 17 4 4 9 23 31 16
Nuneaton ............... 18 2 8 8 22 34 14
FA Trophy Third Qualifying Rnd
BILLERICAY (2) ......3 ENFIELD T (0)...... 2
BOGNOR REGIS (0) 1 HAVANT & W (1) . 4
BOSTON UTD (1) ...3 COLWYN BAY (0) 1
BROMLEY (1)..........1 STAINES (0) ......... 1
CAMMELL L (0) ......0 FC HALIFAX (0)... 1
CANVEY ISL (1) ......1 CHESHAM (1) ...... 1
CHELMSFORD (0) ..1 DOVER (1) ............ 1
CHESTER FC (2) ....2 WORKSOP (0) ..... 2
DROYLSDEN (0) .....1 RUSHALL OLY (0) 2
EASTLEIGH (1) .......1 HAYES & Y (2) ..... 4
FARNBORO (1).......3 TRURO CITY (1) .. 2
GAINSBORO (1) .....1 HINCKLEY U (0) .. 1
GUISELEY (3) .........7 WHITBY (0) .......... 0
HISTON (0) ..............1 BOREHAM W (1) . 2
LEATHERHEAD (2) .4 BATH CITY (3) ..... 4
LEISTON (0) ............1 HAMPTON & R (1) 1
OSSETT TN (0) .......2 WORKINGTON (1) 1
SALISBURY (2) .......3 WESTON-S-M (0) 0
SHOLING (0) ...........0 OXFORD C (0) ..... 1
SHORTWOOD (1) ...1 MERTHYR T (0) ... 1
SOLIHULL M (2) .....2 AFC FYLDE (1) .... 1
STAMFORD (0) .......0 BUXTON (2) ......... 2
SUTTON UTD (1) ....2 RAMSGATE (0) ... 0
THURROCK (0) .......0 BRACKLEY (1) .... 2
TONBRIDGE (2) ......2 HITCHIN (1) .......... 1
WEALDSTONE (0) .1 CORBY (0) ........... 1
Prem: Ashton Utd 3 Chorley 2,
Frickley 3 Nantwich 0, Grantham 2
Blyth 2, Kendal Tn 0 Stocksbridge
PS 5, North Ferriby Utd 3 Marine 1.
SOUTHERNPrem: Barwell 2
Arlesey 0, Cambridge C 2 Bedford
Tn 1, Chippenham 1 Bedworth 1,
Gosport 3 Hemel Hempstead 3,
Kettering 0 Redditch 1, St Albans
2 Weymouth 3, St Neots Town 5
Bideford 3, Stourbridge 1 Frome 1.
2 Lewes 1, Concord 6 Carshalton
3, Harrow 0 Margate 2, Hendon 0
Lowestoft 1, Met Police 4 Hastings 0.
(Sentosa Golf Club, Singapore)
Second rnd scores(Gbr & Irl unless
stated, par 71): 133 T Bjorn (Den)
67, 135 C Wood 65, G Coetzee (Rsa)
63, 136 F Molinari (Ita) 67, 137 A
Scott (Aus) 66, S Dyson 68, 138 S
Kapur (Ind) 68, A Hansen (Den) 69,
M Manassero (Ita) 68, R Karlberg
(Swe) 69, C Phadungsil (Tha) 71, C
Nirat (Tha) 73, B Wiesberger (Aut) 66,
M Hoey 66.
MOTO GP RD 18 (Comunitat
Valenciana, Valencia, Spain) MOTO3
Final Qualifying: 1 J Folger (Ger)
Kalex KTM 1min 41.263secs, 2 M
Oliveira (Por) Honda 1:41.316, 3 L
Salom (Spa) Kalex KTM 1:41.441, 4
S Cortese (Ger) KTM 1:41.506, 5 M
Vinales (Spa) FTR Honda 1:41.774.
Pedrosa (Spa) Honda 1min
30.844secs, 2 J Lorenzo (Spa)
Yamaha 1:31.195, 3 C Stoner (Aus)
Honda 1:31.428, 4 C Crutchlow (Gbr)
Yamaha 1:31.512, 5 S Bradl (Ger)
Honda 1:31.75. MOTO2 FINAL
QUALIFYING: 1 P Espargaro (Spa)
Kalex 1min 35.191secs, 2 M Marquez
(Spa) Suter 1:35.597, 3 T Luthi (Swi)
Suter 1:35.756, 4 T Nakagami (Jpn)
Kalex 1:35.801, 5 N Terol (Spa) Suter
ENGLAND ........... 54 FIJI .........................12
EnglandT: Sharples (2), Penalty, Monye,
Johnson, Tuilagi (2). C: Flood (4), Farrell.
P: Flood (3). FijiT: Matawalu, Kalou
Qaraniqio. C: Matavesi. Att: 82,000
FRANCE .............. 33 AUSTRALIA ............6
France T: Picamoles, Fofana, Penalty. C:
Michalak (3). P: Michalak (2), Parra. DG:
Michalak. AustraliaP: Harris (2).
Att: 80,000
IRELAND ............. 12 SOUTH AFRICA ...16
IrelandP: Sexton (4). South Africa T:
Pienaar. C: Lambie. P: Lambie (3).
ITALY ................... 28 TONGA ..................23
ItalyT: Cittadini, Ghiraldini, Penalty.
C: Burton (2). P: Burton (3). TongaT:
Taumalolo, Vainikolo. C: Apikotoa (2). P:
Apikotoa (3). Att: 20,036
WALES ................ 12 ARGENTINA..........26
WalesP: Halfpenny (4). ArgentinaT:
Imhoff, Camacho. C: Sanchez (2). P:
Contepomi, Sanchez. DG: Sanchez (2).
Att: 72,896
The LV= Cup
BATH ................... 36 NEWPORT-GWENT .15
BathT: Rokoduguni (2), Banahan. C:
Heathcote (3). P: Heathcote (5).
Newport-GwentT: Wardle, D. Evans. C:
S. Jones. P: S. Jones. Att: 10,960
NORTHPTON ..... 30 HARLEQUINS .......31
NorthamptonT: Burrell, May. C: Lamb.
P: Lamb (5). DG: Lamb.
HarlequinsT: Smith (2), Sloan, Botica.
C: Botica (4). P: Botica.
WORCESTER ..... 34 SCARLETS ............18
WorcesterT: Howard, Taulava, Abbott,
Best. C: J. Carlisle (4). P: J. Carlisle (2).
ScarletsT: Fenby, K. Phillips. C: O.
Williams. P: O. Williams (2). Att: 7,489
FINALS (O2 Arena, London)Group
B: (6) J Martin Del Potro (Arg) bt (2) R
Federer (Swi) 7-6 (7-3) 4-6 6-3, (4)
D Ferrer (Spa) bt (8) J Tipsarevic (Ser)
4-6 6-3 6-1.
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PRO-DIRECT PRIZE SPORTSWORD, Sunday Express Sport, Olivers Place,
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editors decision is nal. Normal Express group rules apply. The answers will
be published in next weeks paper.
5. Sir Henry, British heavyweight boxer who challenged
Muhammad Ali for the world title in 1966 (6).
7. Virender, Indian cricketer who made his Test debut
against South Africa in 2001 (6).
8. He defended for Manchester United from 1990 to
2002 and for the Republic of Ireland from 1990 to
1999 (5,5).
9. Gareth, England and Man City midelder who
started his youth career with Brighton in 1995 (5).
10. David, footballer who won the 2001 BBC Sports
Personality of the Year (7).
13. Host city of the 2014 Commonwealth Games (7).
15. Tennis stroke is a hit (5).
18. Michael, seven-time Formula 1 world champion,
he has won 91 grand prix in his career (10).
20. 2014 Winter Olympics host nation (6).
21. Cricketer nicknamed The Wall, he averaged
52.31 with the bat in 164 Test matches, scoring
13,288 runs (6).
1. Former Wales goalkeeper who played for Everton
from 1981 to 1998 (8).
2. Crawler might be of some assistance to a stretching
snooker player (6).
3. North Yorkshire racecourse (6).
4. Gheorghe, ex-Barcelona and Real Madrid midelder
who nished his career with Galatasaray (4).
6. Sporting surface produced from drink, it has no
head but lots of ice (4).
7. 2003 county cricket champions (6).
11. Arsenal attacker that might be found in bars
having a good time (8).
12. Ravi, England Test cricketer who made his debut
in 2007 (6).
14. Crush game in court (6).
16. US Open tennis champion (6).
17. Its the name of a stand at Chelseas Stamford
Bridge stadium (4).
19. Members can play golf here (4).
To be in
with a
of winning
our prize,
the letters
that fall in
the circled
into the
of a boxer.
LAST WEEKS WINNERS: Congratulations to Ian
Handley, of Devon, and Ian Wilkinson, of
Essex, who both won an England rugby
union shirt.
LAST WEEKS SOLUTION: ACROSS: 6 Nagle. 7 Italian. 8 Withe. 9 Akii-Bua. 11
Olympiacos. 13 Decathlete. 16 Donaghy. 17 Carew. 18 The Owls. 19 Dudek.
DOWN: 1 Saviola. 2 Oldham. 3 Stoke City. 4 Alliss. 5 Kahui. 10 Tim Cahill. 12
St. Leger. 13 Deacon. 14 LuaLua. 15 Joshi. SPORTSWORD: Dylan Hartley
(Kick-off 7.45pm unless stated)
Barclays Premier League
Chelsea v Liverpool (4pm) .....................
Man City v Tottenham (1.30) .................
Newcastle v West Ham (3pm) ................
npower Championship
Bristol City v Charlton (3pm) ..................
Clydesdale Bank Premier
Celtic v St Johnstone (3pm) ...................
Hibernian v Dundee Utd (12.45) ............
FA Cup First Round Replay: AFC
Wimbledon v York
FA Cup First Round: Braintree Tn v
Tranmere. First Round Replay:
Barrow v Guiseley, Bradford City v
Northampton, Milton Keynes Dons v
Cambridge City, Nuneaton v Luton,
Rochdale v Morecambe, Slough v
Manseld, Walsall v Lincoln City
Scottish Cup Third Round Replay:
Berwick v Stenhousemuir, Morton v
Albion (7.30), Raith v Airdrie Utd
Scottish Division Three: Queens
Park v East Stirling (7.30)
Under-21 Friendly: England v
N Ireland
FIFA World CupEuropean
Qualifying Group F: Northern
Ireland v Azerbaijan. Group H:
Montenegro v San Marino (5pm).
Internationals: Andorra v Iceland
(5pm), Armenia v Lithuania (5pm),
Austria v Ivory Coast (7.30), Bulgaria
v Ukraine, Chile v Serbia (7pm),
China PR v N Zealand (11.35am),
Cyprus v Finland (5pm), Czech
Republic v Slovakia (4.30), Holland
v Germany (7pm), Hungary v Norway
(6pm), Israel v Belarus (5pm), Italy v
France, Liechtenstein v Malta
(6pm), Luxembourg v Scotland
(7.15), Panama v Spain (9.30),
Poland v Uruguay, Puerto Rico v
Paraguay (11.30), Rep of Ireland v
Greece, Romania v Belgium (7pm),
Russia v USA (3pm), Saudi Arabia v
Argentina (5pm), South Korea v
Australia (10am), Sweden v England
(7.30), Turkey v Denmark (8pm).
FA Cup First Round: Gloucester v
Leyton Orient
FA Cup First Round Replay:
Altrincham v Burton
npower League One
Tranmere v Milton Keynes Dons .............
npower League Two
Barnet v Accrington (8pm) .....................
Clydesdale Bank Premier
Dundee Utd v Kilmarnock ......................
Scottish Division One
Hamilton v Partick .................................
(3pm unless stated)
Clydesdale Bank Premier
Aberdeen v Celtic (12noon) ...................
Dundee v Hibernian ..............................
Hearts v St Mirren ................................
St Johnstone v Ross County...................
Scottish Division Three
Berwick v Annan Athletic .......................
East Stirling v Rangers (12.45) ..............
Montrose v Queens Park .......................
Peterhead v Clyde .................................
Stirling v Elgin.......................................
Blue Square Bet Premier: AFC
Telford v Kidderminster, Barrow v
Forest Green, Cambridge Utd v
Tamworth, Dartford v Southport,
Grimsby v Braintree, Lincoln City v
Hereford, Maccleseld v Ebbseet,
Manseld v Luton, Newport Co v
Hyde, Nuneaton v Stockport, Woking
v Alfreton Tn, Wrexham v Gateshead.
North: Altrincham v Hinckley,
Bishops Stortford v Gainsborough,
Boston Utd v Guiseley, Brackley v
Stalybridge, Colwyn Bay v Histon,
Corby v Oxford City, FC Halifax v
Droylsden, Harrogate Tn v Vauxhall
Motors, Solihull Moors v Bradford P
A, Worcester v Workington. South:
AFC Hornchurch v Eastleigh,
Basingstoke v Chelmsford, Bromley
v Billericay, Dover v Boreham Wood,
Eastbourne Borough v Truro City,
Farnborough v Staines, Maidenhead
Utd v Dorchester, Sutton Utd v Bath
City, Tonbridge Angels v Hayes &
Yeading, Welling v Salisbury,
Weston-S-Mare v Havant and W.
Clydesdale Bank Premier
Inverness CT v Motherwell (12.45) .........
aIk6r 6y6In
t6-f60r s6t
KYLE WALKER is convinced
Tottenham are destined for
Champions League qualification
under Andre Villas-Boas.
Tottenham face perhaps the
stiffest test of their top-four
credentials today when they
visit champions Manchester
Last season Spurs and City
played out one of the most
entertaining games of the
The hosts clinched all three
points when Mario Balotelli
scored an injury-time penalty
just moments after striker
Jermain Defoe came within
inches of putting the away side
3-2 up.
The England right-back, 22,
(right) said: With the players we
have and the players we brought
in, I am more than confident (we
can finish in the top four).
We just need to keep listening
to the gaffer and his tactics.
If we do that then I most
definitely think that we will get
the results we need.
JOHN TERRY (right)
is available for
selection following his
four-match ban but
Ashley Cole and Frank
Lampard are out with
hamstring and calf
injuries, respectively.
Liverpool can
eld a host of fresh
faces after resting
seven players for the
midweek trip to Anzhi.
KO: 4pm TV: Sky Sports 1
Collins and James
Tomkins both face
tness tests for the
Newcastle will
be without James
Perch, Dan Gosling,
Haris Vuckic and
Ryan Taylor, but hope
Demba Ba and Yohan
Cabaye can shake off
their injury worries.
KO: 1.30pm TV: Sky Sports 1
KO: 3pm
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
(3pm unless stated)
Barclays Premier League
Arsenal v Tottenham (12.45) .............. X
1 Liverpool v Wigan...............................1
2 Manchester City v Aston Villa ..............1
3 Newcastle v Swansea ........................1
Norwich v Manchester Utd (5.30) .......2
4 QPR v Southampton ..........................1
5 Reading v Everton ..............................2
6 West Brom v Chelsea ......................... X
npower Championship
7 Birmingham v Hull ............................. X
8 Bolton v Barnsley ..............................1
9 Bristol City v Blackpool .......................2
10 Burnley v Charlton .............................1
11 Cardiff v Middlesbrough ...................... X
12 Crystal Palace v Derby........................1
13 Hudderseld v Brighton ...................... X
14 Leicester v Ipswich.............................1
15 Nottingham Forest v Sheff Wed ...........1
Peterborough v Blackburn (5.20) ........2
16 Watford v Wolves ...............................1
npower League One
17 Bournemouth v Oldham .....................1
18 Carlisle v Leyton Orient .......................1
19 Colchester v Bury ..............................1
20 Crawley Tn v Walsall...........................1
21 Hartlepool v Coventry .........................2
22 Portsmouth v Doncaster ..................... X
23 Preston v Brentford ............................ X
24 Scunthorpe v Notts County .................2
25 Shefeld Utd v Stevenage ..................1
26 Shrewsbury v Crewe ........................... X
27 Swindon v Yeovil ...............................1
28 Tranmere v Milton Keynes Dons ..........1
npower League Two
29 AFC Wimbledon v Aldershot ................1
30 Bradford City v Exeter .........................1
31 Burton v Dag & Red ...........................1
32 Chestereld v Oxford Utd ....................1
33 Fleetwood Tn v Plymouth ....................1
34 Gillingham v Morecambe ....................1
35 Northampton v Wycombe ...................1
36 Port Vale v York .................................1
37 Rochdale v Bristol Rovers ...................1
38 Rotherham v Cheltenham ...................2
39 Torquay v Southend ........................... X
Scottish Division One
40 Cowdenbeath v Airdrie Utd .................1
41 Dumbarton v Morton ..........................2
42 Hamilton v Partick .............................2
43 Livingston v Falkirk ............................. X
44 Raith v Dunfermline ........................... X
Scottish Division Two
45 Albion v East Fife ...............................1
46 Alloa v Brechin ..................................1
47 Arbroath v Queen of South ................. X
48 Ayr v Stranraer ..................................1
49 Forfar v Stenhousemuir ......................1
Barclays Premier League
Fulham v Sunderland (4pm) ...............1
npower Championship
Millwall v Leeds (1.15) .......................1
(The Sunday Banker)
William Hill Scottish Cup
Third Round Replays
ARBROATH (2) .......3 INVERURIE LW (0) 1
Kerr 36 Gauld 90
Holmes 38 Att: 1,108
Doris 47
BONNYRIGG R (0) .0 BRECHIN (4) ........ 6
Byrne 11, 53
Brown 16
Trouten 19, 33
Carcary 71
Att: 1,082
NAIRN CO (0) ..........2 FORFAR (1) ......... 3
Gethins 79 R Campbell 41, 58
Cameron 88 Swankie 54
Att: 578
QUEENS PK (0) .....0 STRANRAER (1) . 4
Winter 16, 63, 77
Aitken 70
Att: 551
Irn-Bru Scottish Division One
Gilhaney 29
Att: 415
MORTON (0) ............0 HAMILTON (1) ..... 1
May 21
Att: 1,815
PARTICK (3) ............5 DUNFERMLNE (1) 1
Lawless 5, 75 Muirhead 24 (og)
Balatoni 34 Att: 5,268
ODonnell 39
Forbes 56
RAITH (0) .................2 FALKIRK (1)......... 1
Smith 56 Leahy 43
G Anderson 85 Att: 1,986
P W D L F A Pts
Partick .................... 11 8 2 1 29 8 26
Dunfermline ........... 11 7 2 2 26 12 23
Morton ................... 11 5 4 2 22 16 19
Raith ....................... 11 5 4 2 17 12 19
Livingston ............. 11 4 4 3 18 16 16
Cowdenbeath ........ 11 3 3 5 17 20 12
Falkirk .................... 11 2 5 4 12 15 11
Airdrie Utd ............. 11 3 1 7 15 29 10
Hamilton ................ 11 2 3 6 11 18 9
Dumbarton ............ 11 1 2 8 10 31 5
Division Two
EAST FIFE (0) .........0 ALLOA (1) ............ 1
Att: 515 Holmes 32
STENHSMUIR (0) ...1 AYR (0) ................. 1
Smith 84 Moffat 68
Att: 586
P W D L F A Pts
Queen of South ..... 10 8 2 0 22 4 26
Alloa ....................... 11 7 1 3 22 11 22
Forfar ..................... 10 5 1 4 20 17 16
Stenhousemuir ..... 11 3 6 2 21 23 15
Arbroath ................ 10 4 3 3 16 21 15
Ayr .......................... 11 4 2 5 18 19 14
Brechin .................. 10 4 0 6 16 19 12
Albion .................... 10 3 1 6 16 22 10
East Fife ................. 11 2 2 7 14 17 8
Stranraer ................ 10 2 2 6 11 23 8
Division Three
ANNAN ATH (2) ......5 STIRLING (0) ....... 2
Love 30, 89 Weir 60
Chaplain 37 Day 73
McGachie 67 Att: 508
Daly 85
CLYDE (0) ................1 MONTROSE (0) ... 2
Scullion 78 McLeish 66
Att: 496 Winter 81
ELGIN (2) .................3 BERWICK (1) ....... 1
Nicolson 16 Gray 19
Leslie 25, Wyness 90 Att: 790
RANGERS (1)..........2 PETERHEAD (0) .. 0
McCulloch 43 Att: 48,407
Wallace 66
P W D L F A Pts
Rangers ................. 10 6 3 1 23 7 21
Elgin ....................... 11 5 4 2 25 19 19
Annan Athletic ...... 10 4 4 2 21 18 16
Queens Park ........... 9 4 3 2 14 9 15
Montrose ............... 11 4 3 4 19 23 15
Peterhead .............. 10 4 2 4 12 12 14
Berwick .................. 10 3 3 4 15 14 12
Clyde ...................... 10 3 1 6 10 17 10
East Stirling ............. 9 3 0 6 13 24 9
Stirling ................... 10 2 1 7 15 24 7
Team P W D L F A GD Pts
INVERNESS CT (1) 1 HEARTS (0) ........... 1
Tudur Jones 19 Zaliukas 90 (pen)
Att: 3,332
KILMARNOCK (0) .. 3 ROSS CO (0) ........ 0
Heffernan 66, 82 Att: 4,012
Harkins 77
MOTHERWELL (1) . 1 DUNDEE (1) .......... 1
Higdon 45 Riley 28
Att: 4,318
ST MIRREN (0) ...... 1 ABERDEEN (2) ...... 4
Thompson 88 Hayes 10
Att: 4,486 McGinn 45
Clark 86
Reynolds 87
CELTIC ..................V ST JOHNSTONE (3pm)
HIBERNIAN ...........V DUNDEE UTD (12.45)
CELTIC 11 6 3 2 21 11 10 21
HIBERNIAN 12 6 3 3 23 16 7 21
ABERDEEN 13 5 6 2 19 12 7 21
INVERNESS CT 13 4 7 2 26 21 5 19
KILMARNOCK 13 5 3 5 20 15 5 18
ST JOHNSTONE 12 5 3 4 15 16 -1 18
MOTHERWELL 13 4 5 4 17 18 -1 17
DUNDEE UTD 11 4 4 3 12 13 -1 16
ROSS COUNTY 13 3 6 4 15 19 -4 15
HEARTS 13 3 5 5 13 14 -1 14
ST MIRREN 13 3 3 7 17 26 -9 12
DUNDEE 13 2 2 9 6 23 -17 8
S PIENAAR (Everton) ........................ 1
N DYER (Swansea) .......................... 1
J SHELVEY (Liverpool) ...................... 1
D WHITEHEAD (Stoke) ....................... 1
P ODEMWINGIE (West Brom) ............. 1
J MILNER (Man City) ........................ 1
CHICO (Swansea) ........................... 1
R VAN PERSIE (Man Utd) .................. 8
L SUAREZ (Liverpool) ....................... 7
D BA (Newcastle) ........................... 7
M MICHU (Swansea) ........................ 6
M FELLAINI (Everton) ....................... 6
D BERBATOV (Fulham) ...................... 5
S FLETCHER (Sunderland) ................ 5
J DEFOE (Tottenham) ....................... 5
N JELAVIC (Everton) ......................... 5
*All stats from The
Premier League


comeback for Kilmarnock with a
double strike in a fabulous second-half
to claim a 3-0 win over Ross County.
Two goals from Heffernan, below,
making his rst start of the season
after recovering from a dislocated
shoulder, and a superb strike from Gary
Harkins had the Rugby Park fans smiling
again after two home defeats.
Dundee provided further evidence
that they could mount a serious
ght against relegation as
Nicky Rileys strike earned
them a point in a 1-1
draw at Motherwell where
Michael Higdon equalised.
A last-gasp Marius Zaliukas
penalty ensured nancially-troubled
Hearts shared the points at Inverness.
His 90th minute spot-kick cancelled
out Owain Tudur Jones 30-yard thunderbolt.
Aberdeen moved level on points with
SPL leaders Celtic and Hibs after an
impressive 4-1 victory at St Mirren.
The Dons showed their clinical side
as they punished the home side on the
counter-attack with goals from Johnny
Hayes, Niall McGinn, Chris Clark and
Mark Reynolds.
DIVIDENDS With a split pools weekend, the dividend forecast will be announced later today. No claims required for half-times.
3 1 L 1 L L 2 2 2 1 1 3 3 L 1 2 1 1 1 3 3 1 3 1 1 1 2 3 2 1 1 1 3 1 3 2 1 1 1 2 3 2 3 2 L L 1 2 3
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49
3 1 L 1 L L 2 3 1 1 1 3 3 L 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 2 3 2 1 1 L L 3 1 3
Team P W D L F A GD Pts Team P W D L F A GD Pts Team P W D L F A GD Pts
BARNSLEY (0) ....... 0 HUDDERSFLD (1) . 1
Att: 12,130 Beckford 36
BLACKBURN (1) .... 1 BIRMINGHAM (1) . 1
Rochina 13 (pen) King 17
Att: 14,919
BLACKPOOL (1) ..... 2 BOLTON (1) ........... 2
Ince 19 M Davies 16, Lee 71
Delfouneso 81 Att: 15,525
CARDIFF (1) .......... 2 HULL (0) ............... 1
Helguson 3 Koren 90
Hudson 82 Att: 20,058
IPSWICH (0) .......... 2 BURNLEY (0) ........ 1
Murphy 51 Vokes 80
Campbell 87 Att: 16,297
LEEDS (0) .............. 1 WATFORD (1) ....... 6
Tonge 80 (pen) Vydra 28, 83
Att: 19,104 Abdi 61, Yeates 75
Murray 90, Deeney 90
LEICESTER (2) ...... 2 NOTTM FOR (1) .... 2
Ward 7 (og), Nugent 32 Guedioura 22
Att: 24,793 Cox 67 (pen)
MILLWALL (1) ........ 2 DERBY (0) ............. 1
Feeney 33 Hughes 53
Keogh 76 Att: 10,392
PETERBORO (1) .... 1 CRYSTAL PAL (0) .. 2
McCann 6 Moritz 80, Dikgacoi 82
Att: 9,691
WOLVES (1)........... 3 BRIGHTON (1)....... 3
Sako 22, Doumbia 61 Mackail-Smith 43
Johnson 90 Buckley 72
Att: 21,203 Dobbie 89 (pen)
Hoyte 13, Miller 60 Madine 48
Jutkiewicz 76 Att: 28,229
ACCRNGTN (1) ...... 2 NORTHMPTON (1) 4
Miller 37 Akinfenwa 17, 69, 76
Boco 57 Robinson 67
Att: 1,441
ALDERSHOT (0) ..... 0 BRADFORD C (2) .. 2
Att: 2,143 Wells 28, 39
Togwell 5 (og) Randall 20
Anyinsah 59 Dickenson 65
Eaves 80 Att: 5,491
CHELTENHAM (0) .. 1 BURTON ALB (0) ... 0
Zebroski 86 Att: 2,804
DAG & RED (2) ...... 5 ROTHERHAM (0) .. 0
Gayle 5, 90 Att: 1,720
Howell 35, 75, Elito 81
EXETER (1) ............ 2 FLEETWOOD (2) ... 2
Cureton 24 McNulty 13
OFlynn 57 (pen) Nicholson 41
Att: 3,540
MORECAMBE (2)... 4 BARNET (0) ........... 1
Ellison 6 Nurse 90
Fleming 10 Att: 1,653
Brodie 81 (pen), 86 (pen)
OXFORD UTD (0) ... 0 TORQUAY (0) ........ 0
Att: 5,773
PLYMOUTH (1)....... 2 GILLINGHAM (1) ... 2
Nelson 33 Strevens 38, Barrett 88
Young 79 Att: 6,396
SOUTHEND (0) ...... 0 PORT VALE (0) ..... 0
Att: 4,876
WYCOMBE (1) ....... 1 ROCHDALE (1)...... 2
Grant 25 Grimes 5
Att: 3,020 Grant 90
YORK (0) ................ 0 WIMBLEDON (0) ... 3
Att: 3,585 Harrison 54, Long 80
Midson 84 (pen)
BRENTFORD (1) .... 2 CARLISLE (1) ........ 1
Douglas 20 Garner 26
Hayes 61 Att: 6,763
BURY (1) ................ 2 PORTSMOUTH (0) 0
Lockwood 19 Att: 3,280
Schumacher 56 (pen)
COVENTRY (1) ....... 1 SCUNTHORPE (1) . 2
Baker 35 Clarke 43 (pen), 76
Att: 9,892
CREWE (0) ............. 3 COLCHESTER (2) .. 2
Dalla Valle 51 Sears 3
Murphy 64 (pen) Henderson 30
Pogba 74 Att: 4,292
DONCASTER (0) .... 0 BOURNEMTH (1) .. 1
Att: 5,951 Arter 38
Lisbie 33 (pen), 88 Taylor 70
Att: 3,822
MK DONS (0) ......... 1 SHEFF UTD (0) ..... 0
Williams 90 (pen) Att: 9,835
NOTTS CO (1) ........ 1 CRAWLEY TN (1)... 1
Bishop 12 Forte 45
Att: 5,685
OLDHAM (0) .......... 0 TRANMERE (0) ..... 1
Att: 5,159 McGurk 54
STEVENAGE (1) ..... 1 PRESTON (2) ........ 4
Tansey 15 Beavon 6
Att: 3,740 King 32
Monakana 58
Wroe 72
WALSALL (0) ......... 0 SWINDON (1) ....... 2
Att: 4,139 Ferry 1
Ritchie 62
YEOVIL (1) ............. 1 HARTLEPOOL (0) .. 0
Edwards 7 Att: 3,095
ARSENAL (2) ............... 3 FULHAM (2) .................3
Giroud 11, 69 Berbatov 29, 67 (pen)
Podolski 23 Kacaniklic 40; Att: 60,093
ASTON VILLA (1) ......... 2 MAN UTD (0) ...............3
Weimann 45, 50 Hernandez 58, 63, 87
Att: 40,538
EVERTON (0) ............... 2 SUNDERLAND (1) .......1
Fellaini 76 Johnson 45
Jelavic 79 Att: 35,999
READING (0) ............... 0 NORWICH (0) ..............0
Att: 24,080
SOUTHAMPTON (0) ..... 1 SWANSEA (0) ..............1
Schneiderlin 64 Dyer 73; Att: 30,501
STOKE (0) .................... 1 QPR (0) .......................0
Adam 52 Att: 27,529
WIGAN (1) ................... 1 WEST BROM (2) ..........2
Kone 44 Morrison 31
Att: 17,812 Caldwell 43 (og)
CHELSEA ....................V ................LIVERPOOL (4pm)
MAN CITY ....................V ...............TOTTENHAM (1.30)
NEWCASTLE ................V ................ WEST HAM (3pm)
MAN UTD 11 4 0 1 15 8 5 0 1 14 8 13 27
CHELSEA 10 4 0 1 13 6 3 2 0 9 4 12 23
MAN CITY 10 4 1 0 11 4 2 3 0 7 5 9 22
EVERTON 11 3 2 0 10 6 2 3 1 11 8 7 20
WEST BROM 11 5 0 1 12 4 1 2 2 5 8 5 20
TOTTENHAM 10 2 2 2 8 8 3 0 1 9 6 3 17
ARSENAL 11 2 2 1 11 6 2 2 2 7 5 7 16
FULHAM 11 3 1 1 12 4 1 3 2 12 15 5 16
WEST HAM 10 3 2 1 10 5 1 1 2 3 6 2 15
NEWCASTLE 10 3 1 1 6 6 0 4 1 6 8 -2 14
SWANSEA 11 2 3 1 10 9 1 1 3 6 6 1 13
STOKE 11 2 3 0 4 1 0 3 3 5 9 -1 12
LIVERPOOL 10 1 3 2 5 7 1 2 1 8 8 -2 11
WIGAN 11 1 2 3 8 11 2 0 3 4 7 -6 11
NORWICH 11 2 2 1 5 6 0 3 3 3 12 -10 11
SUNDERLAND 10 1 2 1 3 3 0 4 2 4 8 -4 9
ASTON VILLA 11 1 2 2 7 8 1 1 4 3 9 -7 9
READING 10 0 4 1 7 9 0 2 3 5 9 -6 6
SOUTHMPTON 11 1 2 3 10 11 0 0 5 5 18 -14 5
QPR 11 0 3 2 3 9 0 1 5 5 11 -12 4
CRYSTAL PALACE 16 10 3 3 32 22 10 33
MIDDLESBROUGH 16 10 2 4 28 20 8 32
CARDIFF 16 10 1 5 33 23 10 31
HULL 16 9 1 6 24 21 3 28
LEICESTER 16 8 3 5 23 16 7 27
HUDDERSFIELD 16 8 3 5 22 21 1 27
BLACKBURN 16 6 7 3 22 19 3 25
BRIGHTON 16 6 6 4 22 14 8 24
DERBY 16 6 5 5 25 21 4 23
MILLWALL 16 6 5 5 29 26 3 23
NOTTM FOREST 16 5 8 3 23 20 3 23
WATFORD 16 7 2 7 25 23 2 23
BURNLEY 16 7 2 7 30 31 -1 23
BLACKPOOL 16 6 4 6 27 24 3 22
WOLVES 16 6 4 6 22 21 1 22
BOLTON 16 5 5 6 23 25 -2 20
LEEDS 16 5 5 6 23 28 -5 20
BIRMINGHAM 16 5 5 6 18 23 -5 20
CHARLTON 15 4 5 6 20 23 -3 17
SHEFF WED 16 4 3 9 21 29 -8 15
BARNSLEY 16 4 3 9 15 24 -9 15
IPSWICH 16 3 4 9 13 32 -19 13
PETERBOROUGH 16 4 0 12 18 25 -7 12
BRISTOL CITY 15 3 2 10 24 31 -7 11
GILLINGHAM 17 11 4 2 32 12 20 37
PORT VALE 17 9 5 3 35 18 17 32
CHELTENHAM 17 9 5 3 23 17 6 32
BRADFORD 17 8 4 5 26 18 8 28
FLEETWOOD TWN 17 7 7 3 24 16 8 28
ROCHDALE 17 7 6 4 25 22 3 27
BURTON ALBION 17 7 5 5 25 22 3 26
TORQUAY 17 6 7 4 23 19 4 25
ROTHERHAM 16 7 4 5 24 23 1 25
EXETER 17 7 3 7 25 26 -1 24
SOUTHEND 17 6 5 6 22 19 3 23
NORTHAMPTON 17 6 5 6 25 24 1 23
YORK 17 5 8 4 21 22 -1 23
DAG & RED 17 5 7 5 28 24 4 22
MORECAMBE 17 6 4 7 22 22 0 22
ACCRINGTON S 16 6 3 7 20 26 -6 21
OXFORD UTD 17 6 2 9 24 30 -6 20
CHESTERFIELD 17 4 7 6 19 21 -2 19
PLYMOUTH 17 4 6 7 23 25 -2 18
BRISTOL ROVERS 16 4 5 7 19 28 -9 17
AFC WIMBLEDON 17 5 2 10 21 31 -10 17
WYCOMBE 16 3 4 9 14 25 -11 13
BARNET 17 3 4 10 15 30 -15 13
ALDERSHOT 17 3 4 10 12 27 -15 13
TRANMERE 17 11 4 2 35 14 21 37
SHEFF UTD 17 8 8 1 19 11 8 32
STEVENAGE 17 9 5 3 24 21 3 32
CRAWLEY TOWN 17 9 3 5 25 23 2 30
NOTTS COUNTY 17 8 5 4 29 18 11 29
SWINDON 17 8 5 4 25 14 11 29
M K DONS 17 8 5 4 20 11 9 29
BRENTFORD 17 7 7 3 24 18 6 28
DONCASTER 16 8 3 5 20 15 5 27
PRESTON 17 7 5 5 30 21 9 26
YEOVIL 17 8 1 8 27 24 3 25
BOURNEMOUTH 17 6 6 5 27 28 -1 24
CREWE 17 6 5 6 19 23 -4 23
COLCHESTER 17 5 5 7 19 23 -4 20
CARLISLE 17 5 5 7 21 30 -9 20
LEYTON ORIENT 17 6 1 10 13 20 -7 19
WALSALL 17 5 4 8 19 27 -8 19
PORTSMOUTH 17 5 3 9 22 26 -4 18
OLDHAM 16 4 5 7 16 18 -2 17
COVENTRY 17 4 5 8 19 25 -6 17
SCUNTHORPE 17 4 4 9 17 29 -12 16
BURY 17 3 6 8 19 28 -9 15
SHREWSBURY 17 3 5 9 18 24 -6 14
HARTLEPOOL 17 1 5 11 13 29 -16 8
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
e-mail your comments to our Chief Sports Correspondent: jim.holden@express.co.uk
I6 00NNW7
Jim Helden
IN THE week that Steven Gerrard wins his 100th cap for
England, and he deserves all the plaudits going for his
achievement, there is a curious question to do with the
century club he joins: Which current Premier League club has
four men who have played 100 internationals or more?
Maybe the experience of Mark Schwarzer (102), Damien
Duff (100), John Arne Riise (108) and Giorgos Karagounis
(122) helps to explain Fulhams fine start to the season,
continued with a point at Arsenal yesterday.
Nan Wh6 h0IIt h n6st
f66thaII t6am 6f
aII tIm6 Is avaIIahI6
06nt0rI6ns In cIass 6f th6Ir 6Wn
THE first Test between India and
England starts this week in
Ahmedabad, and the eyes of cricket
lovers here will be trained on Kevin
Pietersen. His return to the team still
grates with many people.
In truth, however, the pressure on
Pietersen will be small beer compared
to the weight of expectation
surrounding Sachin Tendulkar in what
may be the final home series of his
peerless career. All of India stops to
listen and watch when Tendulkar walks
to the crease.
Thats more than one billion people.
It is a unique burden in sport, and it is
always the greatest privilege to see
him bat.
8achIn h6ars 0nIq06
h0rJ6n WIth styI6
OH, HOW everyone revelled in
what may be the single most
amazing result of this football
Were talking, of course, about
Celtic winning 2-1 at home to
Barcelona in the Champions League.
And though it was merely a group
stage match, the declarations came
loud and long that this was the
greatest triumph in the clubs history
aside from actually winning the
European Cup in 1967.
Why such a clamour, why such a
Well, Barcelona are maybe the
nest team ever to play football, and
there is no sweeter victory than
overcoming the greatest. Nothing can
beat that thrill in sport.
Anyone who loves football adores
watching Barca play. They are
magical and mostly humble, as they
proved after the rare defeat in
Glasgow with gracious tributes to
their Celtic conquerors.
The man who made this
incomparable Barcelona team is Pep
Guardiola, currently on a years
sabbatical from football but still
casting a giant shadow over the
Premier League and its major clubs
and managers.
Word is that Guardiola is keen for
his next challenge to be in the
Premier League.
That would be compelling for the
English game and wonderful for the
club that lures him.
Which one?
We know Chelsea owner Roman
Abramovich is ferociously keen to
bring Guardiola to Stamford Bridge,
and their Champions League-winning
boss Roberto Di Matteo works in the
certain knowledge he will be moved
aside instantly if they get Pep.
An equal admirer is Sir Alex
Ferguson, who has written with the
highest praise in penning the
foreword to a new book just published
about Guardiola.*
What Guardiola has achieved in
his four years at Barcelona betters
anything that previous coaches at the
Camp Nou have done, writes Sir
Alex. You need to have a special
talent to keep them competing at that
level and with such success. I am
convinced he has enough weapons to
do it again and again and again.
Fergusons retirement as he
approaches his 71st birthday is
coming sooner, rather than later. The
most insistent rumour is that his
sights are set on the summer of 2014,
but if Guardiola is truly heading to
England 12 months earlier would Sir
Alex step down to ensure Manchester
United get Pep?
Thats just a teasing question for
The shadow falls much longer and
darker over Arsenal and Manchester
City. Both clubs are under-performing
and both have managers under more
severe pressure than they might feel
to be reasonable. Arsene Wenger has
endured his worst start in 16 seasons
at Arsenal in terms of points gained.
More troubling still is the desperately
poor quality of their football in recent
weeks. His agitation is underlined by
a peevish response to England
correctly selecting t-again Jack
Arsenals football philosophy
chimes with Guardiola, who some
reports suggest would prefer to join a
London club. A couple of years ago
the Gunners were dubbed Barca-lite.
Pep could make them the real thing.
Then we have Roberto Mancini, the
pressure crowding in, as revealed by
his current volatility.
He raged at match ofcials and a
cameraman after the 2-2 midweek
draw against Ajax that all but sealed
another early and dismal exit from
the Champions League.
That was followed by a decision to
dodge his usual TV, radio and press
brieng on Friday morning ahead of
todays home match against
The lame reason was that Mancini
had a team meeting, as if he couldnt
set whatever time he preferred for
that. Instead, the Italian sent along
assistant David Platt, who
understandably became very
defensive in demeanour as critical
questions rained his way.
Mancini should have been there.
Its his team. He takes the plaudits;
he takes the ak. At the end of a
troubled week, when the focus was
severely on him, ducking questions
sent entirely the wrong message to
all to fans, media, players and
Platt pledged that Mancini is not
feeling the strain, that he is motivated
for the ght ahead.
Ive seen worse crises at football
clubs, said Platt.
Crisis was his word. Nobody else
had mentioned it.
Inadvertently, the assistant let the
cat out of the bag when he was asked
an alternative question about the
problems faced by referees in the
modern game.
We are all in a multi-billion pound
industry and we have to accept the
scrutiny which goes with that, he
Absolutely correct and what
Mancini had done was avoid scrutiny
in the week when he had his rst
major meeting with Citys new
sporting director, Txiki Begiristain.
Is that name familiar? Yes, he used
to work at Barcelona. He was the
man who appointed Guardiola as
manager when many were sceptical.
He is at Manchester City alongside
their new chief executive, Ferran
Soriano, also formerly at Barca.
And which club has been the model
for Citys vast spending on a new
youth academy and training complex.
Yes, Barcelona again.
The same logic applies to
Guardiola. Of course it does, not just
for the current English champions
but for every major Premier League
club in varying present states of
happiness or crisis.
The clamour of a raw night of
triumph for Celtic, the soundtrack
of the week, tells us that.
So, with equal eloquence,
does the
silence of
When the
man who
created the
team in
history is
shortly available for hire, he casts a
shadow across all the rest.
It is the most signicant story of
this football season.
*Pep Guardiola, Another Way of
Winning, by Guillem Balague,
(published by Orion Books, 20)
Pcp's |u|k|n sHaduw
uvc| P|cm c||tc
49 November 11, 2012
ng sign of the times
ort and
of his
got the
he rest.
ust put in
s ago
owned by
tycoon Howard Hughes, looked likely to be
bought by property developers planning to
build houses around the landmark. He
donated $1million to help the Trust reach the
required funds to buy the land.
Around the same time the sign featured
in an episode of BBC series Hustle when
the con artists tried to sell it to a crooked
businessman for half a million dollars by
posing as representatives of the Hollywood
Sign Commission, loosely based on the Sign
Trust. We love it when the sign features in
TV shows and movies. It is a celebrity itself,
says Chris. Although celebrities and others
have sponsored the letters they leave the
Trust in charge of decisions on the upkeep.
OW, WITH its 90th
anniversary next year
fast approaching, the sign
is being spruced up with
funds raised by the Trust
from more donations
and sponsorships. The eight-week-
long project will require 275 gallons
of paint.
The renovated sign will be
protected by security but installing it
was not easy. Chris said: When we
were trying to install it there was a
rattlesnake there who was making it
clear we should go away. We chased
him off with a stick.
Security was much needed because
until recently anyone could walk up behind
the sign and spray it with sporting slogans,
gang-related or sexual grafti. Pranksters
have even rearranged or added to the
order of the letters, including a legalise
marijuana protest group which changed
it to read Hollyweed.
It is not just the sign that performs an
important function looking down on Los
Angeles. The antennae just behind it support
mobile phones in the Hollywood area and all
of the police, re and ambulance
emergency communications in LA.
That said, it is the sign that
continues to stand proud as an
enduring beacon of showbusiness
dreams and one of the most
famous landmarks on the planet.
Thanks to the generosity of
stars, the devotion of its caretaker
and the enduring power of
Hollywood ambition, the signs
future looks as bright
as the dazzling
white paint now
being slapped
all over it.
publisher Hugh
Hefner, above,
at a rally in
1978 to save
the famous
sign, and left,
rock star
Alice Cooper
(centre), who
funded one
of the Os,
at a press
Pictures: GETTY;
Sign Trust chairman
Chris Baumgart
50 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Mark Gatiss could well be
Britains busiest creative star
but luckily he nds time to
tell Mark Shenton about all
the projects that keep
him occupied, including his
latest stage role of Charles I
The story of Charles I is
still played out today.
Blair, Brown or the
Miliband brothers: the
clothes have changed but
the game is the same
A writer in
ROYAL SEAL: Mark Gatiss can be seen in Howard
ARK GATISS, writer and actor
of his own and other peoples
work, is a happy man. He became
a star as part of The League
Of Gentlemen comic troupe, rst
on stage then on radio, television
and lm. Since that chapter of his life was put on hold
in 2005 following another stage tour and the release
of a feature lm, he has been free to pursue and
realise other interests, both on stage and screen.
He has explored childhood passions for Doctor
Who, Sherlock Holmes, Hammer Films (about which
he recently presented a BBC4 documentary)
and theatre, and at the moment he can be found on
the stage of Londons Hampstead Theatre starring
as Charles I in 55 Days, a fascinating play about the
last days of the monarchs life.
This bookends a year that included a run at the
Donmar Warehouse in The Recruiting Ofcer.
Sitting in a backstage ofce at the theatre, he tells
me: When we were together as The League Of
Gentlemen for nearly 12 years we made a very early
vow that we would not get distracted by other things.
Not that we were being bombarded by offers but
there was nothing outside it we could commit to for
long periods. Now that we are not a unit, part of the
joy of that springboard it has given us all is that we
are now able to do proper runs.
His fellow League co-stars Reece Shearsmith and
Steve Pemberton have also appeared extensively in
the theatre and pursued other television projects,
such as Psychoville.
That means that Mark has been able to write and
star in both Doctor Who and Sherlock, the latter of
which is a contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan
Doyles Sherlock Holmes stories.
If you do the things you loved when you were
eight, you would be happy. It is absolutely true that
the child is father to the man and I am lucky enough
that I get to do them.
The offer to work on Doctor Who came from
show-runner Russell T Davies just before Christmas
in 2003, and Mark says: It was the best Christmas
present I could ever imagine. He credits Davies
with making an epic contribution to the mythology
and ongoing success of the Doctor Who franchise.
He was bolder than anyone else would have been
and that is why it works, he says. He loves the show
to his nger ends but he wanted to rethink it as a new
show for a new audience and he did it.
AVIES was succeeded as lead
writer on Doctor Who by Steven
Moffat and it was with Moffat that
Mark has also rethought Sherlock
Holmes for a new audience.
There have been two series and in
the New Year they move on to making a third:
People ask why we dont do 10 a year but its hard
enough doing three every 18 months.
Benedict [Cumberbatch] has become a star
because of the show and Martin [Freeman] had
commitments to The Hobbit, so a lot of things have
to align.
Yet theatre has also always been in his blood, ever
since he rst attended drama club at school in
County Durham and an after-hours youth theatre,
before studying drama at Bretton Hall in Yorkshire.
Here he met the other Leaguers and they
formed the comedy troupe that appeared at the
Edinburgh Fringe, where they won the major
comedy award in 1997.
It is such a different experience to sitting in a
caravan waiting to lm something. There is nothing
quite like the sheer bloody terror of theatre and the
smell of a freshly-painted set is exactly the same
wet paint smell I remember from drama club at
school. It gives me the same tingle of anticipation
and nerves and excitement.
Marks long-term partner, Ian Hallard, is also an
actor, appearing at the National Theatre in Scenes
west end
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 51
a league of his own
Brentons 55 Days at the Hampstead Theatre
From An Execution, and they had a civil
partnership four years ago. The ceremony was held
at Middle Temple, the ancient Inn of Court in
central London, and he cannot resist telling me:
The ceremony took place beneath the portrait
of Edward Carson QC, the man who prosecuted
Oscar Wilde! Whod have thought? Hed be turning
in his grave.
With his keen appreciation of history it was
satisfying for Mark to be part of the changes that
have happened in the years since and his keen
sense of past and present collide in the role of
Charles I. I think this is a missing play. There
should be a Jacobean play called The Tragedy Of
Charles The Martyr but there isnt.
What Howard Brenton has done is to take a very
complicated period of history, which is incredibly
interesting and important to our country, and made
it into a play. It is about a country being born. It is a
country we can recognise but it is being fought over
by people for whom God is incredibly important.
I have always been fascinated by Charles.
He absolutely believed that he was appointed by God
and he was unshakeable but his soul was like a
corkscrew: he would say whatever people wanted to
hear then stab them in the back.
E SAYS 55 Days has powerful
contemporary resonances:
It is a story that is still played
out today: when you look at Blair
and Brown, or the Miliband
brothers, the clothes have changed
but they are still playing those games.
Mark loves to play other games, writing and acting,
and says of the pleasures of mixing the two: The
most incredible thing is that I dont really have to
wait for the phone to ring but after sitting around
staring at a screen for six months, it feels like I have
not met anyone else, so having an acting job is like a
warm shower. Its lovely.
So is spending time talking to him.
55 Days is running until November 24. Box Ofce:
020 7722 9301, hampsteadtheatre.com
GAME OF THRONES: Mark as Charles I whose thinking resonates politically today
Theatre reviews
PAGES 56 & 57
52 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Turning it
on after all
these years
Take Me Home
Women of all ages
and backgrounds
may be falling at One
Directions feet (they
even star in a Vogue
fashion shoot this
month) but their
music remains
squarely aimed at the
tween/teen market.
And how it hits the
mark. Take Me Home
is full of traditional,
unapologetic, back-to-
back pop hits, the kind
of tracks you only
need to hear once to
hum into the middle
of next week. Yes,
there will be plenty of
muso haters but 1D
are everything a boy
band should be. CH
The Complete Sussex
& Columbia albums

(Sony, nine discs)

An enigmatic
songwriter, possessed
of a voice by turns
intimate and infused
with laid-back
grace, Withers
deserves his place
in the premier league
of soul performers.
All the hits are here,
including Lovely
Day and Aint No
Sunshine. Blending
folky social awareness
with wondrously
wide-eyed melodies,
Witherss songs have
an intelligence
and sense of space
which is awe-
inspiring. MT
Amy Winehouse
At The BBC
A comprehensive
compilation of Amys
recordings and
interviews for the
BBC. The strongest
of three DVDs is a
collection of broad-
ranging performances
compiled by Jools
Holland (including her
very rst in 2003).
Also included are Amy
Live At Porchester
Hall and an Arena
documentary, The
Day She Came To
Dingle. A CD of fairly
raw BBC sessions
has less impact than
the often poignant
rocknrollers Elvis Presley and Little
Richard, although he learned how to
play like the European masters of jazz
and classical guitar, such as Django
Reinhardt... and Hank Marvin.
In his early teens he was in bands
with names like The Shame and The
Gods. Lake attended college with the
intention of becoming a draughtsman
but because he played gigs at night he
would fall asleep at the drawing board
the next day. He says: Eventually they
asked: What do you want to be: a
draughtsman or a musician? It wasnt
a hard choice.
formed in 1969 and
their impact on the
underground scene
was immediate. It
was mind-blowing,
he remembers. One day we were
playing to 50 people, the next day to
500, the day after to 3,000. The public
reaction spread like wildre.
How would he describe the effect
they had? In a word: shock, he
replies. People were used to bands
playing American music. All of a
sudden there was us, symphonic,
tough, tight and impactful.
Although he doesnt like the term, he
admits King Crimson were probably
the rst prog rock band, forerunners
to Yes, Genesis and Emerson, Lake &
Palmer. He agrees that, on their 1969
debut album In The Court Of The
Crimson King, the band took The
Beatles experiments on Sgt Pepper
to the next level.
The music was very fast and
syncopated or it could be beautiful and
symphonic. It was dynamic. The
reaction was phenomenally
enthusiastic, says Lake with delight.
After one album and a tour of the
States, however, Lake decided to leave
King Crimson and form Emerson,
Lake & Palmer with keyboard whizz
Keith Emerson and drum maestro Carl
Palmer. Because of the formers stint
in The Nice and the latters tenure with
Atomic Rooster, both stalwarts of the
early progressive scene, ELP as they
soon became known were hailed as the
rst supergroup.
Lake remembers their rst
performance, in a rehearsal room in
Londons Soho, as though it was
yesterday. The effervescence of it,
and the strength, the energy in the
room, the chemistry was just right, he
says. ELP went public in August 1970,
at the Isle Of Wight festival on a bill
that included The Doors, The Who and
Jimi Hendrix, the latter briey touted
as an addition to ELPs lineup before
they realised the guitar legend would
be one virtuoso show-off too many.
Instead, they remained a three-
piece. ELP made massive music,
technically dazzling, inuenced equally
by the intimacy of acoustic folk music
and by the grandeur and pomp of
classical, and they became huge,
selling millions of records. By 1974,
they were rock gods, with excessive
REG LAKE, star of
the progressive rock
era, early member
of King Crimson and
as a third of Emerson,
Lake & Palmer one
of the foremost musicians of the
Seventies, has just turned 65.
Hes succumbing to the ravages of
time, albeit with good humour.
I feel old, he says with a wry
chuckle. Ive just become a
grandfather for the rst time.
Honestly, in my brain I feel 17,
but my body feels about 104.
These days Lake lives in Richmond
with his wife of nearly 40 years, Regina,
just up the road from his daughter
Natasha in Kew, where she has a home
with her husband and Lakes month-
old grandchild, Gabriel. Hes not the
only rocker in the village, though: Mick
Jagger of The Rolling Stones and Pete
Townshend of The Who are neighbours.
Its like a rocknroll graveyard,
he laughs of his well-heeled
neighbourhood in south London.
He certainly didnt come from such
an afuent environment. Far from it.
Lake admits he was poor growing up
with his engineer father and housewife
mother, in their asbestos prefab in
Poole, Dorset. Lake was mad about
music. Just up the road was another
aspiring musician, Robert Fripp, later
the leader of progressive rock
pioneers, King Crimson. He and Fripp
had the same guitar teacher, as did
another local boy, Andy Summers of
The Police. We practised guitar
together, Lake says of he and Fripp,
so when we came to form King
Crimson we each knew what the other
knew, we were like a mirror image.
Lakes early childhood heroes were
As the legendary
Greg Lake
prepares to
launch a UK tour
tomorrow, he tells
Paul Lester
about the
inspiration his
back catalogue is
giving both him
and his fans
ROCKIN: Keith Emerson,
Lake and Carl Palmer in 1973

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Poldark Series 1, Part 2 The second eight episodes of series one.
Poldark Series 2, Part 1 First half of the second series.
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Poldark is the beloved BBC miniseries set against the stormy
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 53
Pale Fire
(Memphis Industries)
El Perro Del Mar,
aka multi-talented
Swede Sarah
Assbring, peddles
a particularly haunting
brand of electronica.
Breathy, enigmatic
vocal lines are layered
over synthesised
rhythms which never
go where you expect
them to. Home Is
To Feel Like That
exercises the same
fascinating grip
as a dance track by
Chic, while Love
Confusion has
shades of The Cocteau
Twins but, overall,
this is the sound of
a very unique
talent. MT
Boe lends his powerful
tenor to a dignied
collection of classic
covers, recorded live
with his band or
orchestra. His vocals
are faultless, full of
charm and warmth,
with his take on Roy
Orbisons Its Over
tugging violently on
the heart-strings. Hes
aiming squarely for the
parental Christmas
present market,
though and its
debatable whether the
world needs to hear
another Bridge Over
Troubled Water, and
his version of the
Stoness Angie is
stripped of its grit. CH
Original soundtrack
Inspired by the
true-life story of an
all-girl Aboriginal
soul group who rose
to prominence in the
late 60s, The Sapphires
is a feel-good movie
with a soundtrack
largely sung by
Australian Idol
runner-up Jessica
Mauboy. She hasnt
the most powerful
of voices but resists
the modern tendency
to add grace-notes
all over the shop,
so that her
performances of such
classics as Land Of A
Thousand Dances
and I Heard It
Through The
Grapevine have a
refreshing honesty,
as well as sparkle. MT
Blues 65
A wonderfully uent
blues guitarist, Grand
pays tribute to the
favourite songs of his
youth on this
relentlessly up-beat
collection. It features
rich and soulful
vocals by Sugar Ray
Norcia and tracks
like I Wash My Hands
In Muddy Water blend
intricate playing with
lashings of good
humour. MT
shows to match their OTT lifestyles: the
three members famously travelled in
separate limos and had individual
juggernauts for their equipment.
I lived in a palace, says Lake of his
move up in the world. Having come from
such a poor background I wanted to see
how the other half lived. It was great, but
at the end of the day, you can only sit in
one chair and sleep in one bed. Its daft.
Unless youre born to that life I dont see
much point. Plus, its a lot of expense.
N THE MID-Seventies Lake, the
band and entourage became tax
exiles to avoid Harold Wilsons
crippling taxes. They moved
from country to country, rst to
Switzerland, then to Montreal in
Canada, and nally to Nassau in the
Bahamas. Not that he, Emerson and
Palmer were particularly close.
We were never really mates like The
Beatles were, he says, comparing them
to CEOs of a corporation. ELP was more
of an organisation. You turned up, played,
made the record. Nor did they indulge in
the usual rocknroll antics. No, we were
never one of those bands hurling TVs out
the window, he admits.
What Lake did take seriously was
the business of making music, and his
commitment to the fans, who treated
ELP with almost messianic devotion.
Appropriately, when they appeared at the
California Jam rock festival in 1974,
he remembers the reaction from the
crowd as Biblical.
In a way his current show, titled Songs
Of A Lifetime, is just as emotional. It
features his own music as well
as favourites by other artists including
Elvis Presley and Johnny Kidd & The
Pirates, plus stories from Lake and
audience members.
People tell me incredible things during
the concerts, he says. Like the DJ who
played one of my records, Watching Over
You, for a caller to his programme, who
wanted to cheer up his dying daughter.
Apparently he played the record on the
air, then the man called back to tell the DJ
his little girl had died, and to thank him
for playing my song. As you can imagine,
the whole audience was reduced to tears
by this story. So was I.
Lake is amazed by the solace that
people nd in his music. In a way, he says,
the shows arent just a lifeline for his fans,
they have proved his salvation, too.
To be honest with you Ive not felt
inspired for a very long time. How can you
follow playing the California Jam or
Madison Square Gardens six times in a
row? You cant. But this show has given
me a new challenge. This, he says with
a smile, is my way back.
Gregs Songs Of A Lifetime tour begins
tomorrow and runs until November 25.
LUCKY MAN: Lake as he is today with wife Regina. His shows have been his salvation, he says
70 6
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Harry Potter lms) and a fantastic
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54 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Real spies
By Henry
be breaking box
ofce records but
it looks like another
spy will be getting
the glory at the
Oscars: the unassuming operative
Tony Mendez who pulled off one
of the least heralded triumphs in
CIA history, as documented in
director and star Ben Afecks
riveting thriller Argo.
The awlessly executed picture
tells the stranger than ction
story of how Mendez, a bearded,
low-key agent who specialised
in extractions, cooked up an
outlandish plot to smuggle six
Americans from Iran during the
1979 hostage crisis when the US
embassy was stormed in Tehran
and 52 hostages taken.
The successful operation
became public knowledge only in
1997 when it was declassied by
Bill Clinton and it is only now, with
this hugely entertaining movie,
that it is becoming widely known,
a mission of preposterous daring
and chutzpah that Ian Fleming
himself would have cherished.
It reads like the most ludicrous,
escapist Hollywood fantasy,
which, in fact, is just what it was.
Unknown to the Iranian
authorities six Americans slipped
out of the back of the embassy in
Tehran as it was being stormed
(the pictures hair-raising opening
scenes) and hunkered down in the
Canadian embassy, the only
diplomatic redoubt to offer
sanctuary. Cut to 69 days later
during the interminable hostage
crisis and the Canadians are
getting very twitchy about their
radioactive house guests, while
the Iranians are getting closer
to guring out that six Americans
have slipped their grasp and are
hiding somewhere in the city.
Enter the CIA and Mendez who
turns to Hollywood for inspiration
and cooks up the best bad idea
we got in the words of his boss
Jack ODonnell (Bryan Cranston).
It is while chatting to his young
son on the telephone, when junior
is watching Planet Of The Apes
on TV, that Mendez gets his
eureka moment and comes up
with a ludicrous cover story to
help extricate the stranded Yanks.
He will give them false
identities as Canadian production
personnel currently in Iran on
a location scout for Argo, a Star
Wars-like sci- movie, based
on a genuine screenplay optioned
for the purpose by the CIA.
That way, with freshly issued
Canadian passports, they can
simply y out of the country
to safety... if their cover holds, that
is, and the Iranians do not twig
to the preposterous ruse. This
tees up a highly amusing section
of the movie as Mendez co-opts
Lester Siegel (a scene-stealing
Alan Arkin), a big-shot Hollywood
producer, into his scheme and
an Oscar-winning make-up artist
John Chambers (John Goodman);
the latter is a real-life person, the
former a composite character.
Chris Terrios quick-witted,
intelligent screenplay brims
with great lines and observations
at the absurdity of the plot and
Hollywood generally without
ever puncturing credibility or
loosening the tension.
You want to act like a big-shot
moviemaker without actually
doing anything? says Siegel
to Mendez who insists on opening
a production ofce in Los Angeles
and announcing the movie
in Variety. Youll t right in!
The unlikely alliance of taciturn
CIA agent and outsized Hollywood
characters is one of the pleasures
of a picture that is all about
teamwork and the triumph
of collaboration: all pulling
together for a bigger cause rather
than personal glory (very
Instrumental in the plot are the
quietly courageous Canadian
ambassador (Victor Garber), a
humble Iranian woman, Mendezs
CIA boss and the hotch-potch
half-a-dozen American fugitives
themselves. One of them, Scoot
McNairys bespectacled Joe
Stafford, initially, and quite
understandably, wants nothing to
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 55
create great escape
stars in Argo, the
dramatisation of a
true American-Iranian
crisis, while Irish
comedian Chris ODowd
leads the all-singing
cast of Australian lm
The Sapphires
(15, 120mins)
Director: Ben Afeck
Stars: Ben Afeck,
Bryan Cranston, Alan
Arkin, John Goodman

(PG, 101mins)
Director: Wayne Blair
Stars: Chris ODowd,
Jessica Mauboy,
Miranda Tapsell,
Deborah Mailman

(15, 111mins)
Sally El Hosaini
Stars: Said
Taghmaoui, James
Floyd, Fady Elsayed
(12A, 105mins)
Director: Frank Coraci
Stars: Kevin James,
Henry Winkler,
Salma Hayek

Tristan Loraine
do with the crazy scheme.
All have to trust in one another
and most especially in Afecks
Mendez who ies into Iran, in the
guise of Argos producer, to lead
the mission.
Like the hostages themselves
Mendez is a man adrift, living
estranged from his wife and
young son, which gives the picture
a perfectly judged emotional
Afeck the director is utterly
sure-footed with an instinctive
feel for characterisation, tension
and pacing as he builds the action
towards a nail-biting climax. His
eye for period detail is also
impeccable and there is not
a false note in the picture, which
recalls the bravura political
thrillers of Alan J. Pakula and
Sidney Lumet.
It also serves as a timely insight
into America-Iran tensions with
a very fair-minded prologue
establishing the political context
to the embassy invasion. Frankly,
you will almost be siding with
the Iranians. My lm of the year
(so far).
Inspired by a true story The
Sapphires is a rousing, feel-good
musical drama about an all-girl
group of Aboriginal singers
(three sisters and a cousin) who
swap the racism and stied
opportunities of 1969 Australia for
war-torn Vietnam where they
entertain the troops.
Based on a stage play by Tony
Briggs and a huge hit in Australia
the exuberant and big-hearted
picture is propelled by some
belting musical numbers and
a terric cast including charmer
Chris ODowd (Bridesmaids)
as the girls boozy Irish manager
Dave, a washed-up former
entertainments ofcer on
a cruise ship.
the girls in a
small-time talent
contest in the
Outback and
steers them to an audition in
Melbourne where they secure
the chance to perform to US
troops in Vietnam, swapping their
trademark country and western
music for soul.
Chaperoned by some hunky
army ofcers in Nam, the girls
experience a freedom and respect
denied them back home where
racial tensions are high barely a
year after the referendum giving
citizenship rights to Aborigines.
At heart an empowerment
story, the picture deftly weaves in
the politics around the personal,
as the girls nd their voices while
falling in love and trying to steer
clear of danger.
Australian Idol graduate
Jessica Mauboy is a stand-out as
the condent lead-singer and
Deborah Mailman is powerful and
touching as the mouthy leader of
the group who falls for Dave.
The subject matter of
accomplished British lm My
Brother The Devil may be
familiar (the troubled, conicted
lives of ethnic youths in East
London) but the execution is
superior, heralding the arrival of
an exciting new talent in writer-
director Sally El Hosaini.
Of Welsh-Egyptian heritage she
has crafted an absorbing,
intelligent and stylish drama
about two brothers, Mo
(Fady Elsayed) and Rashid
(the charismatic James Floyd)
of Egyptian descent struggling
to be true to themselves and
each other.
The plotting may be a tad
unconvincing at times but the
performances are outstanding.
Kevin James gives a game
performance as a teacher turned
mixed martial arts cage ghter in
the daft but hard to dislike Here
Comes The Boom.
Jamess Scott Voss, a one time
teacher of the year whos lost his
mojo, gets his ghting spirit back
after funding is cut for the schools
music department run by his pal
Marty (Henry Winkler).
He embarks on a crazy fund-
raising drive by turning cage
ghter...as you do.
Shady Lady is a stirring British
drama-documentary that tells the
remarkable story of a 1943
bombing mission from Australia
to Borneo undertaken by a B-24
Liberator bomber that was then
the worlds longest. Its all
nail-biting stuff.

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56 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Not miserly on fun
By Mark
By Jeffery

Royal Ballet
Royal Opera House, London WC2 9DD (Until
November 14, tickets 020 7304 4000;

O WONDER ballet companies are
forced virtually to give away tickets
for Triple Bill programmes
of modern dance. Id love to know what
the ROH programme planners thought
about what was in it for the Great British
Public, who annually provide state support
to the tune of tens of millions of pounds,
when they put together the current show
at Covent Garden.
Cold, humourless and loveless, the
evening appeared analytically constructed
in a bacteria-free laboratory. One piece
presented as an example of a brilliant but
extreme area of modern dance you can get
away with, but three in a row? Come on,
such ivory towers are a thing of the past.
One work, Wayne McGregors Infra,
sandwiched between Liam Scarletts
Viscera and Christopher Wheeldons Fools
Paradise, should never be allowed near any
stage at all, let alone a centre of excellence
and inventiveness such as Londons
West End. Julian Opie has designed an
electronic walkway halfway up the
proscenium arch. Computer generated
gures endlessly criss-cross while beneath
them world class dancers such as Edward
Watson, Marianela Nunez and Melissa
Hamilton writhe endlessly, and what is even
more heartbreaking, pointlessly.
McGregor is resident choreographer for
the Royal Ballet. Like most contemporary
dance makers, McGregor knows as well as
any honest dancer that classically trained
bodies will make Punch and Judy look
In his new work, Viscera, which opens
the show, Scarletts dancers look superb,
but the impact soon wears off. Impeccably
rehearsed in fast precision work, the
company looks simply stunning, dancing
their hearts out with discipline and
Lowell Liebermanns music sounds both
frightened and frightening, and though an
air of desperation develops, the dnouement
is silence, as cold as ice. No pulses
quickened, no emotions touched.
Wheeldons Fools Paradise, to a Joby
Talbot score, is set within a lighting design
by Penny Jocobus. The small cast was led by
an impressive group consisting of Sarah
Lamb, Hamilton and Yuhui Choe, Federico
Bonelli, Watson and Steven McRae, and you
cannot get much better than that. Jocobus
had falling leaves as her recurring theme,
quite why escaped me, but it was too late to
OK, it is true, any arts institution must
reect all the creativity of its age, but, in the
process, to freeze its paying customers to
the bone? I dont think so.
POINTLESS: Eric Underwood and
Melissa Hamilton writhe endlessly
national institution who
turns 76 next month and
has returned to the London
Palladium, a theatre where
he has headlined more
performances than any other
actor, in the title role of Scrooge.
This cheery, happily enjoyable
musical adaptation of Dickenss
A Christmas Carol isnt quite
as memorable as Oliver!, which
has itself played at this address
in a famous production that was
directed by Sam Mendes, but
it is staged with affection and
polish, and Steele appears
to be having a ball as the old
Yet audiences are happy to
see him and he is even happier
to see them. His slightly bizarre,
stooped, quick-moving shufe
with his body angled as if it has
been put on a skewer and run
on castors seems to have a
momentum of its own, and with
a wig thats a mop of whitened
long hair, he looks like a cross
between Richard OBriens
Riff-Raff in The Rocky Horror
Show and Michael Heseltine. Its
worth the price of admission alone.
Another treasured (and
treasurable) theatre character
is Alan Bennett, so beloved that
hes in imminent danger of
having a preservation order
slapped on him. In People he
duly turns his observant, wryly
funny eye on the heritage
industry, revisiting a theme that
informed his 1980 play Enjoy, of
what is itself worth preserving
and how we preserve it, as a
dishevelled stately home in
South Yorkshire and its two
elderly women occupants look
for rescue by the National Trust.
Yet, though a hearty historian
from the Trust is keen to take it
on, there are other contenders
for preservation (including the
childhood home of Cilla Black)
that may have a keener cultural
value than this relatively
ordinary house, which is subject
to extraordinary rumblings
as the ground shifts under its
feet thanks to the coalmining
that has taken place right
underneath it.
Its a play full of its own quiet
rumblings but bigger cultural
shifts, in which Bennett tackles
a familiar theme of his: regrets
for a changing Britain, and the
impossibility of holding on to the
past as it was.
It is beautifully and tenderly
captured in the performances
of Frances de la Tour, aching
with doleful regret, and Linda
Bassett as her eccentric
companion. Nicholas Hytners
daring, delicious production
wittily recreates a porn lm
shoot at the house that brings
a very unusual sight to the
National Theatre.
More haunting everyday
misery is projected in Chekhovs
Uncle Vanya, a play Ive now
seen six times this year and
never tire of. However, although
the new West End production
has a ne, starry, cast led by Ken
Stott, theyve not been welded
together into a true ensemble.
The result is a production
that lacks pace and feeling;
it threatens to envelop us in
the characters own stultifying
boredom and become boring
There are a couple of
exceptions: Laura Carmichael
makes a delicately impressive
West End debut as the wounded
Sonya, and Samuel West brings
a piercing intelligence to the
doctor, Astrov.
Anna Friel has the radiant
beauty Yelena must have, but is
too stiff and studied.

London W1
(Tickets: 0844
412 4655,

Lyttelton Theatre,
London SE1
(Tickets: 020 452
3000, 12-47)

London WC2
(Tickets: 0844
412 4663,
TENDER: De la Tour in People
Uncle Vanya
drags but Laura
left, with Anna
Friel, makes
an impressive
West End debut
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 57
By Clare
GLIMPSE into rehearsals shows that Roberto
Alagna is putting heart and soul into the part he
plays. He dances round the stage with bottle of
wine in hand before falling back inebriated on a bale
of straw.
Its the scene from Donizettis LElisir dAmore (The
Elixir of Love), where lovelorn Nemorino is sold an
elixir by a quack to win the heart of Adina. The elixir is
nothing more potent than a bottle of cheap red wine.
Taking a break in his dressing room, still in costume,
Alagna reects: Wine sometimes helps you to have
courage, to do something extraordinary. Nemorino is in
love with Adina, but he is very shy. I understand that
because I was very shy, too, as a teenager. It is very
difcult for him to tell her his love. They have known each
other from when they were babies, and he is a farmworker
while she is a property owner. But when he starts to drink
this wine, he becomes another person, like Dr Jekyll and
Mr Hyde, but in a positive way. He tries to make her
jealous by joking with the girls, and seducing everybody.
Alagna rst sang Nemorino 17 years ago, which features
the tenor showpiece Una Furtiva Lagrima. He has since
taken many heavier voiced roles, like Radames in Verdis
Aida. A return to the light lyrical style is a challenge but he
says: I am very happy. Aleksandra Kurzak (Adina) is
fantastic. It is a very good company, we are all very good
friends and after rehearsals we go out to eat together.
From Covent Garden, he goes to New Yorks
Metropolitan Opera to play Radames again, its another
voice, another character, a very heavy and dramatic role.
Then he travels to Vienna to sing Riccardo in Verdis
A Masked Ball. On the non-operatic side, he will tour
France, starting in Toulouse in February, with a concert
devoted to the work of Italians abroad, titled Little Italy,
performing in 1,000 seat venues. The programme will
include numbers originally sung by Frank Sinatra, Mario
Lanza and Italian-born Yves Montand, varying from
American big band numbers, to the French avour of
songs such as Paris and Autre Temps, including songs by
Alagnas composer brother David.
The cross-over tours he sees as a new window in his
career. The songs remind him of his youth as a pop and
cabaret singer, born in 1963 to Sicilian parents in a suburb
of Paris. Virtually untrained, he learnt to sing opera
through listening to recordings of great artists. When
Pavarotti visited a large department store in Paris to do a
signing, young Roberto made his way through the crowd
to ask for an audition. To me Pavarotti was like a god. He
looked directly at me and something happened between
us. It was one of the biggest moments in my life.
As a result, Alagna was invited to compete in the 1988
Luciano Pavarotti International Voice Competition, which
he won, at the age of 24. Invitations from Glyndebourne
and the Royal Opera House followed. In 1996 he married
the rising Romanian diva Angela Gheorghiu. The pair
attracted much press attention; rst from the romance of
being a beautiful and talented opera couple, later from
their split both professionally and privately which resulted
in talk of a divorce in 2009, and an announcement of
reconciliation by Gheorghiu in 2011. They appeared
together in the Royal Operas revival of La Bohme last
year, in celebration of their rst appearance there in the
same production in 1992. Future plans include another
Royal Opera Gheorghiu/Alagna pairing in Celias Adriana
Its time for Alagna to get some lunch before returning
to rehearsal, in what has been a wearing day. The stage is
so big, and you have to jump and move around a lot. At my
age, it is not so easy, but I am in love with opera. I want to
sing everything, but there is not enough time.
Donizettis LElisir dAmore runs at the Royal Opera
House from November 13 - December 7. (Tickets 020 7304
4000; 8-175) ROBERTO ALAGNA: I want to sing everything but there is no time
58 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
childhood doesnt
always get a good
press. Our children are
variously portrayed as
cosseted and spoilt,
or undisciplined,
directionless, even
This situation is, we
might assume, the
lamentable result of 21st
century life: changes in
family, society, economy
and technology. Yet, as
Fran Abrams shows in
Songs Of Innocence, a
history of the past 100
years of British childhood,
the truth is not so simple.
She uncovers reports of
teenage gangs running
amok in Manchester, the
victims of their territorial
disputes descending on a
hospital with horrendous injuries
caused by knives and other weapons.
The doctors are the rst to contact the
police. The stories, familiar as they
may sound to modern ears, date from
August 1890 (the book occasionally
strays beyond its 100-year remit).
In many ways, of course, things
have improved immeasurably.
The period Abrams covers saw infant
mortality rates drop from 140 per 1,000
to six per 1,000.
Yet throughout the century concerns
were regularly voiced that the youth of
the day was losing its moral compass,
that it should look for guidance to some
idealised golden age, 30 or 50 years
earlier. Today we worry about violent
computer games, 100 years ago it was
penny dreadful novels.
Through the course of her
story children slowly
change from a voiceless
mass, expected to
contribute to the family
purse, to a section of
society with its own legally
protected rights and
She sees children move
from the workplace to the
schoolroom while their
families grow smaller and
their chances of survival
It is, she writes, the time
when childhood became
not just a prelude to
adulthood, but a crucial,
formative period.
She suggests that as
childrens value as
economic assets declined,
their value as emotional
assets would begin to grow.
The reader may feel the parent
of a bygone era has been slightly
misrepresented. Parents may well
have had more children, expected
them to earn their keep and been more
disciplinarian but they probably loved
their children, and were loved by them,
as deeply as today.
The topic of childhood also seems too
vast to cover in one book. Abrams
certainly tries though, and her sources
are varied and extensive.
We see the Victorians begin to toy
with the idea of the child as an
individual, albeit an adult in waiting,
before the Edwardians create a new
ideal of childhood, all fresh air and
ruddy cheeks (Peter Pan was the story

Salley Vickers
Viking, 16.99
Danny Baker
Weidenfeld &
Nicolson, 18.99
Not such
an age of
VICKERS is one
of the brightest
and most singular
literary talents to have
emerged in recent
years: Miss Garnets
Angel and Mr Golightlys
Holiday, in particular,
were quite spectacular
accomplishments. Her
last, however, The Other
Side Of You, was slightly
implausible and packed
nothing like the punch of
the earlier novels so it is
with some relief that I
can report The Cleaner
Of Chartres is a return
to form.
Vickers is at her best
when dealing with
Biblical matters and so it
proves again here. The
scene is Chartres, home
to perhaps the greatest
medieval cathedral of
them all, and the story
centres on the curious
gure of Agnes Morel,
a changeling, almost,
who was discovered
as a newborn baby in a
basket by a local farmer
and raised by nuns in a
nearby convent.
By the time the book
opens, she is in her late
30s, living in Chartres,
where she earns her
living as a cleaning lady,
artists model, baby-
sitter and all-round
Gradually, through the
use of ashback, the
reader discovers her
story, a turbulent and
traumatic tale all the
more powerful for the
quiet tone in which it is
related. Agnes herself is
Books is edited by

Fran Abrams
Atlantic, 20
T THE start of Danny Bakers
autobiography Bermondsey, where
he grew up, is dark and
threatening. Villains roam the streets,
violence is only a hairs breadth away and a
seven-year-old Danny is to be found sitting
inside a blazing car, competing with a
friend to see who can stay put the longest.
He grows up in one of the more deprived
parts of post-war London, near the Millwall
football ground that plays a major role in his
adolescence. As far as Danny is concerned,
his childhood is blissfully happy, but the
street smarts of his characterful father, to
whom Danny is movingly close, save him on
more than one occasion, not least when they
accidentally stumble into a brutal gangland
beating. Football aside, the other two big
inuences in his early days are fashion and
music. Given that, courtesy of his family, his
early musical inuences included Tommy
Steele, Brenda Lee and Ivor Novello, its
amazing that Danny went on to become an
acclaimed expert in the eld.
Baker leaves school at 15 and lands his
dream job: selling records in the heart of
London to regulars including Elton John,
Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart and Marc Bolan.
Hardwired into the culture and inuences
of the time, he then falls into a job as
receptionist at New Musical Express. His
talent eventually lands him his rst foreign
assignment as a journalist: ying to New
York to interview the Village People.
The only disappointment is that the book
ends while hes still in his 20s (a sequel is to
follow), the late-night kebabs with Paul
Gascoigne still to come. The book is written
exactly as Baker speaks: machine-gun fast,
and is a tting whistlestop tour of the
well-loved radio stars formative years.
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John Grisham
Hodder &
Stoughton, 19.99
T THE outset of The Racketeer,
John Grisham muses that given the
importance of their jobs, the
controversies that surround their
judgments and the violent people who come
before them, it is remarkable that so few
judges have been murdered. He then
promptly murders one.
The Honourable Raymond Fawcett is
dispatched with two bullets to the head in
the isolated lakeside cabin he uses as a
weekend retreat. Close by lies the corpse of
his secretary, bound hand and foot, her
naked body covered in small burn marks.
The detectives conclude that she was
tortured to persuade the judge to open a
safe in the basement, now empty. There is
no sign of forced entry and the killer left few
clues. The FBI have little to go on.
Until, that is, Malcolm Bannister steps
forward. A 43-year-old who practised law in
a small town in Virginia, Mr Bannister is
remarkable for a number of reasons.
First, he is black. Very few, if any, of
Grishams protagonists are African-
Americans. Also, he is in jail serving a
10-year sentence for money-laundering.
Bannister believes he knows who the
killer is and what the motive was but, before
he tells the FBI, he wants to be released
from jail early with a new identity and a new
life with the reward money.
The Feds soon have a suspect in custody
and a confession. Their case is not the most
robust, however. There is no forensic
evidence linking him to the crime scene and
much else in the prosecutors le is
circumstantial. They also have Bannister,
their key witness. Or do they?
An FBI telephone wire tap picks up a
conversation that strongly suggests
Bannisters new identity and location in the
witness protection scheme has been
compromised and the suspects
confederates plan to kill him to wreck the
case. Bannister, unhappy that his security
has been undermined, declines the help of
the government to protect him and decides
he is safer looking out for himself.
The Gordian knot of a plot that follows
takes in the world of redneck drug dealing,
a mysterious hoard of gold, Caribbean
off-shore havens and a double-deal that
Bannister hopes will put Judge Fawcetts
killer behind bars.
The key ingredients of Grishams
successful franchise are all here: the small
man pitted against formidable odds armed
only with his wits and the battered shield
that is the law. It is a formula that has
served him well and hes sold 300 million
books worldwide in 40 languages, but he is
still tweaking it to prevent complacency.
The Racketeer isnt without its
improbabilities but the authors laborious
research and well-honed sleight-of-hand
together with the pace of the narrative
never let them fester long enough in the
readers mind to spoil the enjoyment.
an enigmatic gure,
quiet and withdrawn
with terrible secrets
from which she clearly
wants to hide.
This becomes
increasingly difcult as
she is taken up by the
denizens of small-town
France: the Abb Paul,
who originally found her
sleeping in the cathedral
and becomes a sort of
protector; the two town
gossips Madame Beck
and Madame Picot, the
former of whom looks set
to become a danger to
Agnes; and the lonely
Professor Jones, still
suffering from the
after-effects of his wifes
There is also a
romantic hero and the
fact that there is no
doubt, right from the
outset, that that is his
role does not detract
from the plot one bit.
However, it is the
gure of Agnes who
dominates the novel.
Her story reads almost
like a Biblical parable,
full of suffering,
redemption and
acknowledgement of the
evil that people can do.
Although its set in the
present day, theres a
timeless quality about
the tale: she could have
been one of those Old
Testament heroines who
had to endure so much.
Not that this is a book
without humour: the
relationship between the
two gossips, constantly
attempting to one-up one
another, is a joy to read
and there are some
sharp observations
about middle-class
pretensions. Vickers is
very good at conjuring
up the gure of the
outsider: both Agnes and
Miss Garnet are strange,
solitary gures who
eventually make their
peace with the world in
an adopted place, Agnes
in Chartres, Miss Garnet
in Venice.
Both have a strong
spiritual connection with
the Christian Church,
too. I cannot think of
another contemporary
British novelist who has
the courage to tackle
that issue head on:
Christianity has become
the love that dare not
speak its name in some
literary circles, whereas
this book is drenched in
it. It is even a story about
redemption, no less.
Hers is a real talent
coming in to its own.
of the time). There is, of course, the
huge impact of war, not once but twice,
on childhood.
Abrams also considers education,
healthcare, working parents and the
increasing role of the state in family
life. We learn about the childrens
rights movements of the Seventies and
the impact of youth unemployment in
the current economic conditions.
The book is at its most affecting
when Abrams gives voice to the
children themselves, such as David
Hughes, growing up in Seventies North
Wales with an autistic older brother.
Then there is childrens author Michael
Foreman, amusingly relieved to fail the
grammar school tests and be sent to
the secondary modern with his friends,
the common boys, we could spit
further, pee higher.
In her conclusion Abrams wants the
reader to ask what her story tells us
about ourselves. If the adult world
fears change and feels uncertain about
the future, then it looks askance at its
children, she claims.
It is an interesting suggestion
in a thought-provoking book.
WORLD AWAY: Boys enjoy makeshift cricket in a London street in 1910
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60 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
TV & Radio
THE US election was important and tense and fascinating. However,
because of the time difference TV coverage in the UK was none of these
things, consisting largely of presenters and pundits repeating again and
again how close things were before some actual results came through in
the early hours of the morning. Until then it was just computer-assisted
blufng. Jeremy Vines virtual White House on the BBC was just silly.
T SEEMED that much of
the weeks programming
was divided between science
and food. Firmly in the
rst category, Richard
Hammonds Miracles Of
Nature (BBC1, Monday)
concentrated on what we can learn
from the remarkable qualities
possessed by various animals.
As you would expect from anything
fronted by a Top Gear presenter,
Miracles Of Nature had its fair share
of stunts. Hammond jumped off a cliff
in South Africa to see Cape vultures
using their relatively small wingspans
to catch rising currents of hot air.
Then he dived in a submarine to the
bottom of the Pacic Ocean based on
this ability. He dropped a light bulb
from space in a protective capsule
inspired by a woodpeckers skull and
put a ghter pilot in a centrifuge,
subjecting him to forces of up
to 9g to demonstrate the merits of
a pressure-relieving suit based on
valves in a giraffes neck.
The tone was jokey but the insights
into the natural world were
fascinating and the lming genuinely
impressive, particularly a
magnicent shot of geese ying
alongside Hammonds open-top car.
Dara OBriains Science Club
(BBC2, Tuesday) had a very different
vibe and not just because it was
obviously made on a fraction of
Hammonds budget and lmed not on
exotic locations shoots but in front of
a studio audience.
The rise and rise of geek culture
and the appetite it has created for
accessible scientic insight has left
broadcasters with a dilemma. Make
programmes that are too
technical and you lose the
curious mainstream but
oversimplify and you will be
accused of dumbing down.
Science Club walks this ne
line pretty successfully.
Its rst episode was
dedicated to genetics.
An animated intro took us
through the subjects
history from Aristotle
observing that children
looked like their parents
to Watson and Cricks
discovery of DNA. Engineer Mark
Mildownik showed us how to extract
our own DNA using washing up
liquid and comedian Ed Byrne
visited the Natural History Museum
to nd out about our links with
Neanderthal man.
The presentation was light-hearted
but less in your face than Hammonds
style and left room for more serious
reports on whether the Human
Genome Project had delivered on its
promises and how the relatively new
eld of epigenetics suggests that our
own epigenome (explained as being
like the software running on DNAs
hardware) can be manipulated by
nutrition and exercise, something
that would have huge implications for
treating cancer and type-2 diabetes.
Heston Blumenthal, with his
laboratory kitchen, is generally seen
as someone who straddles the worlds
of gastronomy and science but his
latest series, Hestons Fantastical
Food (Channel 4, Tuesday), was
more about sheer exuberance than
anything else. Blumenthal is spread
pretty thin these days and clearly
does not have time to perfect
everything he attempted here in his
quest to reinvent breakfast, but he
never fails to entertain.
His giant eggs made from yoghurt
and mango pure, enormous
Shreddies and edible, juice-avoured
By Clare
Jane Clinton looks
forward to a trio
of programmes
celebrating 60 years
of ground-breaking
documentaries on
wildlife by Britains
favourite presenter
Hes still
the best,
E HAS brought monkeys,
birds and snow leopards
into our living rooms. Now
in a series of three lms Sir David
Attenborough will reect on the
curious and charming creatures he
has encountered.
The rst lm, Life On Camera, is a
look at how technological advances
have revolutionised natural history
lm making. It is also, with the help
of archive footage from his many
programmes, a look at the
development of the man who has
become one of Britains best-loved
public gures.
There is the dashing young
natural history lm maker of the
Fifties who goes on to become
the controller of BBC2 from 1965
to 1968, during which time he
introduced colour television
to Britain. In 1969 he became
director of programmes for the
BBC only to be lured back a few
years later to the wild and
the adventures of lm-making with
animals in their habitats.
Born in London in 1926 David
grew up on the University of
Leicester campus where his father
was principal. His brother is the
lm director Richard Attenborough.
His world changed in 1934 when
he watched the lm An Adventure
In Search Of Laughter Featuring
Natures Greatest Little Comedians
presented by Cherry Kearton,
a man in a trusty pith helmet. It
was perhaps the rst attempt at
natural history lm making and
Attenborough was hooked.
Kearton brought humour to the
world of the wild and inspired
Attenborough. For all its obvious
aws Keartons lms captured my
childish imagination and made me
dream of travelling to far-off places
to lm wild animals, he says.
FTER graduating in
Natural Sciences from
Cambridge University and
serving in the Royal Navy during
his national service, Attenborough
married Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth
Oriel and the couple went on to
have two children.
He worked in publishing but with
his sights still on television and
natural history he approached the
BBC in 1952. His on screen career,
however, did not get off to a great
start and he was discouraged from
appearing on television. The
reason? It was thought his teeth
were too big.
His rst television credit was a
10-minute lm on the coelacanth,
the oldest-known sh. There was
even a quiz show and a series on
folk music before his rst natural
history series, The Pattern Of
Animals, in 1953.
He had by then convinced the
BBC he was telegenic but he faced
another challenge. Excited by the
new portable, 16mm clockwork-
powered cameras, Attenborough
saw how such technology would
captured and given us an insight
into a world previously denied us.
Celebrating Attenboroughs
60 years of wildlife lm-making, this
trio of lms (the next two are
Understanding The Natural World
followed by Our Natural World) are
a poignant retrospective of his work
but they also reveal how our view of
the world around us has changed.
The revelations brought by
wildlife lms today were beyond
my imagination when I set out
60 years ago, he says. They
have transformed not only our
understanding of the natural world
but our attitudes towards it.

Attenborough: 60 Years In The
Wild, Episode 1: Life On Camera
is on BBC2 on Friday at 9pm
EARNED HIS STRIPES: Sir David Attenborough and a ring-tailed lemur
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change the approach to and quality
of natural history lm making.
The BBC was not so sure but
after much discussion he was
allowed to go off and lm with it in
the Fifties on the likes of Zoo Quest
For A Dragon in 1956.
It was the series Life On Earth
(1979), however, which captured the
publics imagination and is widely
credited with bringing natural
history to a far wider audience.
In 13 one-hour programmes,
Attenborough visited 30 countries
to trace the history of life on Earth.
It is now thought to have been
seen by 500million people in 100
different countries.
Clips from this as well as Zoo
Quest For A Dragon, Eastward
With Attenborough (1973), The
Private Life Of Plants (1995), Life In
The Undergrowth (2005) and Life In
Cold Blood (2008) among others,
enable Attenborough to revisit the
distant and not so distant past of
his broadcasting career and show
how technical innovations have
informed his natural history
He looks at the improvements in
underwater lming as well as the
advances in lming in the dark.
For close-up shots in conned
spaces, such as in an ants nest,
optical probes are now used.
Time-lapse lming was used to
stunning effect in The Private
Life Of Plants (1995) and slow
motion cameras have also
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 61
Alistair Cookes life to the letter
surely one of the most
distinctive voices in
broadcasting history. His Letter
From America programme ran on
the BBC for 58 years, 1946 to 2004,
explaining the US to Britain.
Eight years after his death
unabashed admirer Alvin Hall, an
American educator and author, is
making a journey In Alistair Cookes
Footsteps (Radio 4, Tuesday),
wondering whether the great mans
insights are still relevant.
His conclusion is a resounding
yes, which is unsurprising really
since these 15-minute weekly
episodes (this was the rst of four)
were made to promote the entire
Letter To America archive of more
than 900 programmes being made
available on the Radio 4 website
We were given some background
on Cooke. Born in Salford he was an
aspirational immigrant in New York
as so many of that citys residents
are. He lived on 96th Street, right on
what Hall explained was considered
the dividing line between the good
neighbourhoods and the ghetto. In
1933 he bought a second-hand car for
$45 and drove across the US, falling
in love with the country and its
This wasnt an introduction to the
great man though as the infectiously
enthusiastic Hall assumed a certain
familiarity with Cooke and his work.
It was more a reminder of what we
had been missing since his death
and an advertisement for the archive
as the real joy here was the clips of
Cooke reading his awless prose.
For example, a description of
autumn (or fall as the Americans
have it) on the East Coast: To see
whole mountainsides bathed in a
ood of scarlet and gold, to see
green only in the grass and little stiff
stands of evergreens...I look at it and
I think of it and I linger over it for a
simple childish reason. It lifts the
spirit in a gloomy time.
Or the assassination of John F
Kennedy: The essence of the
American mood this very dark
weekend is this deep feeling that our
youth has been mocked and the
vigour of America, for the moment,
Hall related the optimism of
Kennedys presidency, prior to that
tragedy, to the election of Barack
Obama in 2008. Its only a shame
Cooke wasnt around that year or
indeed this last week to give us his
insights into these events too.
VULTURE CULTURE : Richard Hammond visited South Africa to see how Cape vultures use wind currents
and geek cuisine
newspapers certainly brought his
guinea-pig group of commuters
together as they shared the rst meal
of the day.
Nigel Slater: Life Is Sweets
(BBC4, Wednesday) delved even
further into the ability of food to affect
our emotions. It was part history
of British confectionery and part
memoir, an exploration of why sweets
can function as nostalgia and a
explanation of what they meant to
Slater (inset with Nigella Lawson).
The pharmaceutical history of
sweets was explored. Many of them
began life as a way of preserving
medicinal roots, for example aniseed
for digestions, and I was interested
to discover that ying saucers were
originally a way of administering
drugs rather than sherbet.
HE QUAKER roots of
the British chocolate
industry were also
explained (chocolate
drinks were an
important part of the
temperance movement) and old
adverts were unearthed for our
A young Bob Monkhouse told
a pretty shop girl: You know what
Im here after... before revealing that
it was her marvellous Mars bars.
The Milk Tray Man seems odd in
retrospect. For all his glamour,
he was clearly a crazed stalker.
It was joyful to be reminded
of treats I had long ago forgotten:
chocolate limes that splintered when
you bit them, monkey nuts and the
naughtiness of candy cigarettes.
Yet for all the glucose on show
it wasnt at all sugary. Not all the
memories evoked by sweets were
happy. Slater recalled how, after his
mother died, his father would leave
marshmallows on his bedside table,
a substitute for goodnight kisses.
It was more emotional than I ever
expected it to be, he said after
visiting a proper old-fashioned
sweet shop, theyre only sweets.
Yet he knows as well as we do that
there is no only about it.
David Stephenson is back next
Picture: BBC/Oxford Scientic
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9.25 Roary The Racing Car;
9.40 Jelly Jamm; 11.10 Looney
Tunes; 11.20 Looney Tunes;
11.25 Highland Emergency;
11.55 Wild Things With Dominic
Monaghan; 12.55 FILM: The
Train Robbers; 2.45 FILM:
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Weekend; 5.00 FILM: Greystoke:
The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of
The Apes; 7.40 NCIS; 8.35 NCIS;
9.25 CSI: NY; 10.25 CSI: Miami;
11.20 CSI: Crime Scene
Investigation; 12.15
By Clare Heal
62 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Liam Neeson Vanessa Redgrave
Sidney Lumet Lena Horne
Jamie Cullum Tessa Dahl
Benjamin Walker Meryl Streep
Barry Humphries Natasha Spender
Sir Anthony Quayle Dorothy Dickson
Harold Pinter Countess Elizabeth Longford
Mel Torm Dame Thora Hird
Andre Previn Maureen OSullivan
Biggins, Helena
Bonham Carter,
Fern Britton,
Emma Bunton,
Naomi Campbell,
Linford Christie,
Sir Terence
Conran, Britt
Ekland, Marianne
Faithfull, Dawn
French, Mariella
Frostrup, Jean-
Paul Gaultier,
Whoopi Goldberg,
Richard E Grant, Germaine Greer, Debbie
Harry, Sir Elton John, Christian Lacroix,
Nathan Lane, Lulu, Stella McCartney, Kate
Moss, Anita Pallenberg, Suzi Quatro, Zandra
Rhodes, Mandy Rice-Davies, Twiggy, Rufus
Wainwright, Dale Winton, Kirsty Wark
Gorillas sleep for up to 14 hours a day.
The greatest relative disparity of per capita
wealth between two neighbouring countries is
between Botswana and Zimbabwe.
Before the alarm clock was invented, a knocker-up,
or knocker-upper, was someone who was paid to
wake up people at a requested hour.
The rst complete translation of the Bible
into Cornish was published in 2011.
The assassin bug waits until a bedbug has lled itself
with blood and then attacks the bedbug and sucks
out the newly-consumed blood from its stomach.
Could a human child be raised by animals?
This question goes all the way back to Romulus and
Remus who were said to have been brought up by
wolves when they were left to die. Obviously, that
was a legend but consider the case of Rochom
Pngieng of Cambodia. In 1986, when she was eight,
she was tending buffalo near the Vietnam border
when she vanished into the forest. No one knows
precisely what happened but it is thought she was
seized by wolves. Instead of killing her, they raised
her as one of them. So much so that after more than
20 years of living with these creatures, she prefers to
crawl rather than walk and is struggling to adapt to
life among other people, often trying to run away
back to the forest. A 2011 report said she preferred
to live and sleep in a small chicken coop near the
familys home, joining the family for meals every
three or four days. She did not speak but had started
to make eye contact.
Senior executives being given huge bonuses
even when their rms have performed badly
Please send your suggestions for
Did you
by Mitchell
To order the Rupert Annual for 2013 (No.77) at 7.99, out now, please call 0871 988 8370 or send a cheque/PO to The Ofcial Classic Rupert Bear
Shop, PO Box 200, Falmouth TR11 4WJ or order it online at classicrupertbearshop.com. UK delivery is free.
Just see that dark cloud over there!
Its going to pour soon, I declare!
Lets shelter! Rupert tells his chum
Who cries, I wish we hadnt come!
The 42-year-old actor
and presenter is best
known for his stints
on the Gadget Show
and Bang Goes The
Theory where he took
a hands-on approach
to explaining scientic
theory. Just dont ask
him to reveal how his
clever tricks are done
One winters day Rupert coaxes his chum
Podgy Pig to go for a country walk.
Although he is not keen, Podgy agrees
but he soon starts to complain and when
he sees a dark cloud loom up he stops.
Its going to rain, he says, glad to nd
an excuse. I knew we shouldnt have
come. Lets go back.
Just then the rain begins and as large
drops patter down, Rupert calls out:
Theres a barn. Lets run for it!
Dullus Cumpbell ha a ene ol maglc
GOT into magic when I was
in my early 20s and starting
out as an actor. I had just
moved down to London and
was waiting tables between
jobs. David Blaines Street
Magic show was on the television
at the time and he was amazing
everyone by appearing to
levitate. I gured out how to do
it and taught myself a bunch of
card tricks and just fell in love
with it as an art form.
There is a shop called
International Magic in
Clerkenwell near where I was
working at the time. I was always
hanging around there, slightly
scared to go in because it
represented the dark, unknown,
world of magic that, at the time,
I knew nothing about.
Eventually I plucked up the
courage to go in to say I was
interested in learning and the
guy said: Ive got just what you
need, and sold me a video of
basic card techniques which
I took home and studied
religiously until I got good. I also
realised you could make decent
money doing magic at big
corporate parties which I did for
a couple of years on and off.
I think the rst thing I learned
how to do was a French Drop,
a simple trick with a coin, having
it in your hand and then making
it vanish.
It is quite a solitary thing,
learning to palm coins and cards
and so on. There are a handful of
technical moves that every good
magician should know, things
that you can learn quite quickly
but that take a lifetime to master.
Being good isnt all about the
quickness of the hand though,
it is the ability to distract and
misdirect too.
It is as much about psychology
and how you sell a trick as it is
about the actual move you are
doing. I discovered early on that
I was quite good at patter,
understanding how magic works,
the psychological angle and how
people react to it, perhaps
because I am an actor.
There are so many gimmicks
and trick decks you can buy
but I try to avoid them as much
as I can. Its about purity.
For me, the best magic tricks
are the very simple ones. If I can
ask someone to take a card and
they can take it and I can tell
them what it is, or they put it
back in the pack and it becomes
something else, that sort of thing
gives me the most pleasure.
They are right up close, in
front of a persons face and
involve no set-up.
I get such a sense of
excitement when I open a fresh
pack of Bicycle cards, the
American brand that most
magicians use. Even without
a gimmick deck you can still do
mind-blowing stuff. Sometimes
I will be just practising and will
surprise myself.
I havent done magic to earn
money for a long time but I still
love it as a hobby and take great
pleasure in doing magic for my
kids. My son is very keen. He
is nine and at that age where
he is really getting into it but
I want him to learn properly.
I am not going to tell him how
the tricks are done. As soon as
you do that the magic is gone.
It vanishes and disappointment
sets in. I am very strict about it.
I will never tell anyone how a trick
is done. If you want to know how
a trick works, you have to get a
book or a DVD, talk to people or
go online and really learn it for
yourself because I am not in the
business of just satisfying
curiosity. That is anti-magic.
I try always to carry a pack of
cards with me and I still, to this
day, through habit, will be
palming coins and practising
card moves whenever I have a
spare minute.
AGIC is great on set
as well. Once I was
lming in Mexico
City and I didnt
know any Spanish
and the Mexicans did
not speak any English so I did
David Blaines card stuck to the
window trick. It doesnt need
any explanation.
Someone picked a card and
put it back in the pack. I threw
the pack at a car and there, stuck
behind the closed window, was
the chosen card.
They loved it and suddenly we
were all friends.
Magic dees language barriers
or class barriers and seeing that
look of amazement on peoples
faces is great. Something I have
learned over the years: when in
doubt, pull out a deck of cards.
As told to CLARE HEAL
Dallas fronts Supersized
Earth BBC1, 8pm on November
Whod have thought it...
And The Flavours
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 63
64 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 65
Edited by JANE MEMMLER sundayexpress.co.uk/travel

Exploring the best of the
Sunshine States theme
parks and beyond
Treasures ol China
Men practise
tai chi in front
of the Temple
of Heaven
in Beijing
Stepping away from the high-tech, high-rise life
of its cities, GARY CHAPPELL enjoys a guided tour
of the country that is home to the Ming Dynasty,
the magnicent Great Wall and the Terracotta Army
M STANDING on the Great Wall of
China against a backdrop of majestic
mountains. The wall snakes endlessly
over the undulating landscape and
I can almost picture Genghis Khan,
the Mongolian warrior, and his army
of horsemen advancing towards us.
I feel as if I want to cross each peak
and follow it to its end. But at 5,500 miles
it would surely take a more dedicated
holidaymaker than me to conquer. I am,
quite simply, overawed by its magnitude.
Badaling Great Wall lies around 45 miles
north of Beijing. It is the best preserved
section of the fortication. Built during the
Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) the highest point,
at 3,282ft, is an amazing feat of construction.
I climb to the eighth tower at 2,913ft,
squeezing through rugged passageways
and up narrow steps. It takes an hour but
is well worth the effort. On the ascent, as
the sun is sinking behind the mountains,
a golden glow is cast across my path.
The visit to the wall is part of a guided tour
with solo travel specialist Just You. As our
group heads back to the metropolis of
Beijing we agree this dramatic monument
is a true highlight of the journey.
Beijing is home to 20 million people and
the mystical Forbidden City. Once the seat
of the Ming and Qing Emperors, all 24 of
them, it comprises dozens of buildings
housing all manner of treasures beneath
the tiled roofs.
Just outside the walls, Tiananmen Square
is now full of street sellers peddling
postcards, hats, Mao watches and photo
books. I can still envisage the tanks moving
formidably down the wide roads that run
alongside it. The square feels like
it has lost much of its sombre authority
regardless of the fact that a huge portrait
of Mao still hangs over the Gate of
Heavenly Peace.
Once past the crowds, you can appreciate
the Forbidden Citys Imperial Garden;
eroded rock formations and trees which
look borrowed from a fairytale, complete
with facial features and even branches
akin to arms.
A short drive from here is the Temple of
Heaven, sparkling with its green, blue, red
and gold artwork, no longer used as a place
to pray for a good harvest, but as a museum.
The long corridors leading up to it are
the real gem, however. Its an open-air
playground for adults where all manner of
life is played out. Men play cards and chess
blissfully unaware of my snapping camera.
A choir practises a short way away, while
a single woman cuts an odd gure enjoying
a dance by herself.
As night draws in I skip away from my
tour group to explore the old Beijing in the
Hutong district, rarely visited by tourists.
Red lanterns adorn the rooftops along the
main strip of alleyway where houses are set
around walled courtyards. Many share a
kitchen, and bathrooms are communal,
often exposed to the street.
I wander past noodle bars and shops
selling handmade shoes, handbags and
smoking pipes, and see groups of youngsters
eating chicken and mutton kebabs. This
is local life for many, the roots of a more
authentic Beijing.
Its an uncomfortable truth but todays
standard of living is quickly forgotten on
a visit to Chinas former capital Xian. It is
known as the Treasure Pot because it is
home to the semi-precious jade stone and
8,000 nely-detailed, life-size soldiers of the
Terracotta Army, made 2,000 years ago.
The warriors, created to protect emperor
Qin Shi Huang in the afterlife, can be seen in
Picture: GETTY
66 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
SIe inIo
Al bravery
takes a two-day tour
of the heritage sites
that stand as a lasting
tribute to Britains
wartime derring-do
and determination
T WAS A reassuring letter.
Dear Mum... Just a line
to let you know that I am all
right, airman Harold
Wickenden wrote to his
mother back home in Kent
on August 28, 1944. He told her
how he had own over Sweden
on the way to bomb Germany and
had seen the lights of towns below.
He enclosed a cutting about the
raid from the Daily Express and
asked her to send him some more
envelopes as he was running out.
He never needed them. Two
days later he was killed in another
bombing raid, aged 19. He was
one of 25,000 men who took
off from Lincolnshire air bases
during the Second World War and
never returned.
Harolds letter is part of a vast
archive of RAF memorabilia on
show at the Lincolnshire Aviation
Heritage Centre at East Kirkby
near Spilsby. A former aireld, its
an encampment of hangars and
a restored wartime control tower,
and has exhibitions by the acre.
But its star attraction is Just
Jane, one of only three surviving
Lancaster bombers that can still
move under their own power.
Just Jane, featuring a blonde
pin-up painted on the planes nose,
will be a centrepiece of next years
commemorations of the 70th
anniversary of Bomber Commands
celebrated Dambusters raid.
On the night of May 16/17, 1943,
19 Lancasters ew out from
Lincolnshire to smash dams in
the Ruhr and destroy German
industry. It was a daring mission
and, by booking a Taxy Ride
on Just Jane, you can now get
an inkling of the danger and the
discomfort faced for hours on end
by the airmen of 617 Squadron,
whose average age was 22.
Just Jane (which no longer ies)
may look a big plane from outside,
but the Panton family, who own
and operate the East Kirkby
centre, call it a reverse Tardis.
Getting from the door to the
cockpit is an obstacle course via
the cramped and claustrophobic
fuselage. Sitting in front of me, the
pilot straps on a ying helmet
and switches on the propellers.
They whirr powerfully into life
a few feet on either side of me
as we move around the aireld.
We get veterans coming on
board, ight engineers who can
still go through their whole ight
drill, says Sean Taylor, one of the
team. In the gunners turret
behind me is Mike Ingham, whose
father Alan, a prisoner of war, was
own back to England by Bomber
Command in 1945.
Mike shows me his fathers zinc
identity tag. This is the rst time
in 67 years that this tag has been
on a Lancaster, he says. I could
feel how my father must have
felt coming home after being
captured. Mike is vice-chairman
of Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire,
which promotes the countys
stirring RAF links as a way of
generating tourism. Aviation
Development Ofcer Phil Bonner
has brought me to East Kirkby as
part of a two-day tour of key sites.
The Dambusters is a big thing
that draws people in. It was a
dramatic raid at a time when we
needed a morale-booster, says
Phil, a former squadron leader
with a passion for RAF history.
We start at RAF Digby, opened
in 1918. Deep within a bunker is
a wartime operations room. It has
a period atmosphere as though
the staff have just gone out for a
smoke, leaving their ying jackets
on the backs of their chairs.
air defence of a great
swathe of England,
standing at a
plotting table and
moving blocks
representing aircraft around
a map. It was the information
technology of the 1940s, says
former custodian David Harrigan.
At Cranwell Aviation Heritage
Centre, with its smart, imaginative
exhibitions, we meet volunteer
John Smith, one of the last
National Service intake in 1959.
He was stationed in Germany,
working in radar, and even 14
years after the end of the war,
old attitudes died hard. If I got
on a train in uniform and walked
into a compartment elderly
Germans walked out, he recalls.
We move on to RAF Scampton,
home of the Red Arrows display
team. The Dambusters ew from
here and we see the ofce once
used by their charismatic leader,
Wing Commander Guy Gibson.
As well as portraits of RAF men
giving them a matinee-idol
glamour, Scampton shows the
simplicity of wartime technology.
The Dambusters bomb-aimers
gauged when to release their
bouncing bombs by holding a
triangle of string to their noses and
noting the position of two knots.
I stay overnight at the Petwood
Hotel, a half-timbered former
Edwardian country house in
Woodhall Spa that became the
Ofcers Mess for 617 Squadron.
Its full of memorabilia, including
the wheel of a Mosquito piloted
by Guy Gibson.
Next day we come full circle
at the Battle of Britain Memorial
Flight Visitor Centre at RAF
Coningsby. It houses Spitres,
including the only one from the
Battle of Britain still ying, and the
only ying Lancaster in Britain.
Its a sort of working memorial
to all the men who died, including
young Harold Wickenden.
Well, I think that is all for now,
he wrote at the end of his last
letter home. Lots of love, Harold.
The Petwood Hotel (01526 352 411/
petwood.co.uk) offers doubles
from 100 per night (two sharing),
B&B. Lincolnshire Aviation
Heritage Centre (01790 763 207/
lincsaviation.co.uk) offers
Taxy Rides on Just Jane, 248pp.
Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire:
01529 308 135/aviationheritage
three pits and an incredible sight
awaits when you rst walk into the
main excavation site.
Hundreds of intricately detailed
grey soldiers and horses stand
formidably in wait for you, while
work continues around them
unearthing more treasure from the
ground. How can these men have
been hidden in the ground for so
many years?
The Great Wall. Terracotta
Warriors. There is so much to see.
My spirit has been revitalised by
these wonders of China.
Just You (0800 112 3311/justyou.
co.uk) offers a 12-day escorted
Inspirational China trip to Beijing,
The Great Wall, Xian, Chengdu
and Shanghai from 2,099pp.
Price includes ights from
Gatwick to Beijing, returning
from Shanghai, sole occupancy
accommodation, all meals
and excursions.
Army at Xian is around 2,000 years old
Call 0871 988 8331
More great offers can be found at www.expriviera.co.uk
to request
a brochure
Calls cost 10p p/min from a BT landline. Mobile and other providers costs may vary. Prices based on per person
sharing a twin room, single rooms available at a supplement, optional insurance extra. Holiday organised by Riviera
Travel, New Manor, 328 Wetmore Road. Burton upon Trent, Staffs DE14 1SP and is offered subject to availability.
ABTA V4744 ATOL 3430 protected.
Andalucia is one of the most beautiful corners of Europe, where the excesses
of modern life do not seem to have taken root and travellers are welcomed
as honoured guests. Immortalised by the writings of Ernest Hemingway and
beloved by Orson Welles, it is the Spain of Carmen, Figaro and Flamenco.
Rich with the legacies of the Moors and Romans, its charm and serenity will
captivate you.
Classical Spain
Selected departures March to November 2013
Price includes
Return ights to Malaga from London Gatwick, Bristol, East Midlands,
Leeds/Bradford, Birmingham, Luton, Manchester, Newcastle, Southampton,
Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast International or Dublin
Six nights bed and breakfast at excellent quality three and four-star hotels,
staying in Seville, Granada and Mijas
Experience unspoiled Andalucia, perhaps the most Spanish region in
the country
Guided tour of Seville
Guided tour of the stunning Alhambra in Granada
Visit to Cordoba, home to the Mezquita - one of the nest mosques ever built
Visit to Ronda - one of the most spectacularly situated cities in Spain
Services of an experienced tour manager
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 67
never Io be lorgoIIen
Leger Holidays (0844 504 6250/leger.co.uk) offers a choice of Battleeld
tours with specialist guides. Highlights include a ve-day Victoria Cross Heroes
of WWI tour following the stories of some of the 627 men who were awarded the
Victoria Cross for gallantry in the Great War. Four nights from 379pp. Price
includes Silver Service coach travel, four nights B&B accommodation, battleeld
guide and tours to Flanders Fields, Ypres, Hill 60, Tyne Cot (below left) and the
Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate. Leger has launched an eight-day tour
for 2013 for the 70th Anniversary of the Dambusters. The escorted tour
includes excursions to places such as Derwent Dam in Derbyshire where the pilots
rst trained, RAF Scampton and the dams at Mhne, Eder and Sorpe. Dambusters
70th Anniversary Commemoration Tour from 569pp. Departs May 12, 2013.
Visit the D-Day Beaches and other sites with WW2 Normandy Tours (01747
871 921/ww2normandytours.co.uk). Tours of one, two or three days are available
(up to six people) and can be tailor-made. Sites can include
memorials such as the American military cemetery and the
poignant beaches of Utah, Juno and Bloody Omaha.
Non-military attractions can be included. A typical
three-day D-Day tour starting in Normandy would
include a day on the British and Canadian sector,
a day looking at the American half of the battle
and a day on more unusual aspects of the invasion
or visiting areas of particular interest such
as a V1 launch ramp. One-day tour from 385pp
(party of two), three-day tour from 210pp per day
(party of six). Costs are negotiable and vary depending
on hotels and the length of the tour. Price includes
accommodation, guide, transport and museum entry fees.
Combine some of the most iconic First and Second World War sites on a tour
with Trafalgar (0800 533 5617/trafalgar.co.uk). This 12-day guided trip from
London takes in Paris, Lille and Amsterdam. There are stops in Portsmouth with
a visit to the D-Day and Overlord Embroidery Museum, Normandy for the D-Day
beaches, and in France the Somme Battleelds. Theres a day excursion to
Ypres in Belgium and Groesbeek in the Netherlands taking in the Groesbeek
Memorial and National Liberation Museum. The tour concludes in Amsterdam.
WWI and WWII Battleelds tour from 2,035pp (two sharing), B&B. Price
includes ferry travel from Portsmouth to Caen, coach transfers, return ight
from Amsterdam to London, all sightseeing and some meals.
Retrace the footsteps of war heroes on a guided
battleeld tour, says CHARLOTTE CIVIL
Just Jane,
a Lancaster
bomber at the
Aviation Heritage
Centre; a
technician works
on a Spitre
and the
hero Wing
Guy Gibson
Pictures: GETTY; ALAMY
68 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
lind Ihe key Io lIorida's
The captivated look on my
seven-year-old daughter
Aoifes face as her heroine
Cinderella waved at her
during the celebration
parade in Disneys
Magic Kingdom is a
moment that will be
etched on both our
It was the highlight of
a magical three days at
Orlandos Walt Disney
Resort that began the
second we checked into
the imposing Grand
Floridian Resort.
The following afternoon
we completed our
whistle-stop tour of the
Magic Kingdom, Epcot
and Hollywood Studios.
The biggest challenge
was plotting an itinerary
to gratify the conicting
preoccupations of my
offspring: for three-year-old
Art it was pressing buttons
and bashing things and
for Aoife it was magic
and fairytales.
She loved the castle,
the carnival oats, the
characters and dressing
up as Cinderella on her
birthday. Art loved zapping
Buzz Lightyear, being
squirted by water during
a 4D movie and the
Mickey Mouse lollies.
But where Disney taps
into childrens rose-tinted
imaginations the
Nickelodeon Suites,
symbolised by absorbent
DayGlo antihero
SpongeBob SquarePants,
celebrates youngsters
more anarchic sides.
The activities are
primarily character-led,
with Dora The Explorer,
Patrick Star and Bob
joining us for breakfast at
the complex surrounding
a mini water park.
Nickleodeons principal
draw is the four times a
day dumping of gallons of
green slime (150,000
deposited in the last year)
over willing children, all
chanting We Want Slime
like nihilistic junior political
activists. Bizarre, but my
kids loved it.
Less anti-establishment,
but equally enthralling is
Universal Orlando,
home to the Islands
Of Adventure park
incorporating the excellent
Wizarding World of
Harry Potter, and the
sister park Universal
Studios Florida, hosting
attractions based on The
Simpsons, a hilariously
subversive simulator ride,
ET (an intergalactic bike
ride) and a multiplex full
of other well-known
movie characters.
Predictably my wand-
wielding seven-year-old fell
in love with Harry Potters
magical Orlando outpost.
Gatorlands Screamin
Gator Zip Line is a
seven-storey-high network
of zip wires which propels
you 1,200 feet through
Floridian swampland above
swarms of beady-eyed
alligators and crocodiles at
speeds of up to 30mph.
It ends with a frankly
terrifying walk across a
rickety footbridge dangling
above the breeding ground
of 130 giant alligators.
Less endorphin-releasing
but equally memorable is
the Kennedy Space
Center, an hours drive
from Orlando, where you
can experience a replica
take-off mission during the
Shuttle Launch Experience.
Or you can spend a
half-day on the Astronaut
Training Experience where
youll be guided through
realistic training and
perform hands-on
exploration activities.
With the Shuttle
programme now
Thirty years after his last visit to Florida as a
spellbound 10-year-old, NICK McGRATH returns
to the region with his young family and discovers
that there is plenty to entertain visitors of all ages
OEL SLID his hand along the remarkably
smooth torso of the placid dolphin. It feels
just like a wet hotdog, he declared. And
then, in an instant it was performing
acrobatics in the air before gently gliding
towards us, preparing to plant a shy kiss
on our cheeks in return for a mouthful of mackerel.
For the children, this was the undoubted highlight
of a family fortnight in the Florida Keys, a place
as bewitching for its natural wonders as for its
all-American ones. Like a pearl necklace the Keys
are a string of more than 10,000 coral and limestone
islands, draped off Key Biscayne in a southwesterly
curve for more than 100 miles.
The islands are packed with ecological, cultural and
historical treasures and have a unique temperament
more akin to the laid-back Caribbean.
We may have been as far away from Floridas scary
roller coaster pursuits as its possible to get (my idea)
but my knees were trembling uncontrollably in the
warm water. Its one thing hurtling earthwards at
80 miles an hour in a steel cage but what on earth am
I doing stuck in the sea with a sharp-toothed dolphin?
In the end it was the giddy enthusiasm of Amy, 12,
and Joel, 10, that turned our day swimming with
dolphins into an absolute joy, and its one of the
principal reasons for making the three-hour drive
out of Miami to Duck Key and its wonderful resort,
Hawks Cay.
Its unlike most of the hotels you nd in Florida as
its quite luxurious. Guests can choose from elegant
rooms around the pools or upmarket villas, perfect
for those who prefer to self-cater.
The resort includes a marina, health spa,
freshwater swimming pool (and a separate one for
adults only), saltwater lagoon and private beach, the
aforementioned dolphin training centre and a variety
of restaurants and shops. There is a full slate of
childrens activities for ages ve to 12, nearby golf,
and opportunities to rent boats and other watercraft.
For us however it was the revamped Cliff Drysdale
tennis centre that was the real draw. The 10 tennis
courts cater for Federer wannabes and playful
families alike. Private lessons can be booked and
hotel guests of a similar standard can play together.
A plethora of good restaurants is just a short drive
away. The Hideaway Caf serves high-quality sh and
mammoth steaks. And at the delightfully quirky Keys
Fisheries, a market-cum-restaurant, you place your
order in a small booth, leave them the name of a
famous person and then sit and wait for David
Beckham to be called. Away from the dining table
theres plenty of deep-sea shing, turtle rescue homes
and even deer spotting.
HE FAR wilder side to The Keys does still
exist, especially in the southernmost city
of Key West. Youll nd a beguiling mix of
maverick spirit and Fifties glamour that
once so seduced the likes of Ernest
Hemingway and Tennessee Williams.
Palm trees line a neat and ordered grid of beautiful
wooden clapboard houses, with residents nimbly
rocking on chairs knowing full well that just around
the corner hordes of partygoers and cruise ship
revellers are indulging in the so-called Duval Crawl,
a pub crawl based around Duval Street.
The old town is an estate agents dream, possessing
the biggest collection of historic houses in America,
all beautifully painted with tropical gardens and
exquisite front porches. In the daytime there is more
rened culture to be had. Hemingways old mansion
has displays of his letters and his book collection.
A 90-minute trip around Key West aboard the Conch
Tour Train is something of an institution, with guides
Forget about the
theme parks and
concentrate on
getting back to
nature on a visit to
the Sunshine State,
OUT OF THIS WORLD: Nick with Art and Aoife at the Kennedy Space Center
SEALED WITH A KISS: The highlight for Joel was making friends with a dolphin
St Margarets Lodge Hotel
Departs 21st or 22nd December
4,5,6or 7nts
from just...
Fast Ferry from Poole with your car
ensuite rooms with TV + FREE tea/coffee,
Full English breakfast each day,
delicious 3 course evening meals AND...
superb Traditional Christmas Day Lunch
with all the trimmings!!!
Come and enjoy a relaxing festive
atmosphere with us in Guernsey.
Price is per person based on 2 sharing.
Booking Fee 12 per person.
TOPP Fee 2.50 per person.
only for new bookings made 10-16 Nov
Call 0198372 11 11
call quoting code EXP 0871 988 8324
Book: www.newmarket.travel/exp16628
More great offers can be found at www.express.co.uk/traveloffers
Complete this coupon & send to: Newmarket Promotions Ltd, FREEPOST KT2720, Worcester Park,
KT4 8BR (No Stamp Required)
Please send me a brochure for: Scottish Highland & Islands - HAM
Name Tel
Postcode Email EXP
If you prefer not to receive information and offers from organisations carefully selected by Express Newspapers, please tick here
Operated by Newmarket Air Holidays Ltd. ABTA V7812 ATOL Protected 2325. Subject to availability.
Price could be withdrawn at any time. Single supplement applies. Calls cost 10p p/min from a BT landline.
See the very best of Scotlands
spectacular scenery and stay in
the heart of the Highlands, on the
legendary Isle of Skye and in scenic
Ayrshire on this seven day escorted
touring holiday.
Price includes
Return flights to Edinburgh from
Gatwick & 10 other local airports
Three nights half board at the
Carrbridge Hotel
One nights half board at the Dunollie
Scottish Highlands
and Islands
Flying direct from a selection of UK airports
Departing April to June, September & October 2013
Hotel, Isle of Skye
Two nights half board at the Menzies
Hotel, Irvine
Day trip to the Isle of Arran, visits to
Edinburgh, Inverness and Portree
Two days touring the Highlands
Visit to a whisky distillery and Loch
Coach travel
One suitcase per person
Tour Manager services
7 days from
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 69

FLY.COM has surveyed more than 5,000 people in the UK to reveal
favourite airlines. British Airways continues to reign as the UKs
favourite carrier, followed closely by Virgin (14%) and easyJet (13%).
Ryanair was named the least favourite airline.

ETIHAD Airways (etihad.com) has increased its complimentary baggage
allowance for Coral Economy class passengers to a generous 30kg.
Sporting equipment of up to 15kg including golf bags and scuba equipment will
also be checked in free of charge.

NORTHERN Ireland has abolished Air Passenger Duty on its
long haul ights in a bid to boost the countrys economy. The tax
on direct long haul ights from Northern Ireland airports will be removed
from January 2013, although it will still stand on short haul trips.

EASYJET (0843 104 5000/easyjet.com) has launched a ash ight sale
this weekend, with thousands of discounts across its routes. Get away
for under 50; return ights include Manchester to Bilbao from 26pp,
Gatwick to Verona from 32pp and Newcastle to Barcelona from 30pp.
The sale is expected to run until Wednesday November 14.

JOHN Lewis (08456 049 049/johnlewis.com) has teamed up
with Kuoni (0844 488 0474/kuoni.co.uk) to offer honeymoons on
its in-store wedding gift list for the rst time. The partnership means
the bride and
groom can
ask guests to
contribute to
fabulous holiday
destinations such
as the Maldives,
Mexico or Kenya.

(0844 8002
com) has launched
a new ight from
the UK to the
South Australian
capital of Adelaide.
The four times
weekly service will
connect Heathrow,
Newcastle and
Glasgow with
Adelaide, via
Dubai, from
February 1, 2013.
decommissioned its
a timely reminder of
Americas fading space
travel legacy.
The more mature pace at
the Don CeSar Hotel at
St Pete Beach, 90 minutes
south-east of Orlando, was
a well-earned treat, with
the powdery white beach a
perfect refuge.
Very much a grown-ups
resort, the hotel known
locally as the Pink Palace
rises phoenix-like from the
Gulf Coasts sand dunes.
Our Bayside family suite
was comfortable and the
sunsets sensational.
There was further
renement at the excellent
Dali Museum in nearby
St Petersburg.

Virgin Holidays (0844 557
offers seven nights in
Orlando from 4,319
(family of four), room only.
Price includes return ights
with Virgin Atlantic from
Gatwick, accommodation
at Disneys Grand Floridian
Resort & Spa and car hire.
A ve-day Disney Premium
ticket, 229pp or seven-
day, 239pp. A Universal
2-Park Bonus Ticket, giving
you unlimited access to
Universal Studios Florida
and Universals Islands of
Adventure for 14 days,
95. Nickelodeon Suites,
Orlando (from the UK: 001
407 387 5437/nickhotel.
com) offers Kidsuites from
99 per night (four
sharing), B&B.
Loews Don CeSar Hotel,
St Petersburg (727 360
offers Family suites from
149 per night (four
sharing), room only.
Orlando Tourism Bureau:
lling you in on the colourful history of the major sites
as the train rumbles along.
Night times are loud, wild and not terribly cultured.
Its a long-standing Key West tradition to toast
Hemingway at Sloppy Joes. If you like it rowdy, the
Bull & Whistle features the best of local musicians.
It was away from this garish mile-long temple of
indulgence that we found a Key West for families to
fall in love with. Seven Fish, for instance, is a tiny
neighbourhood dining room with a bohemian
atmosphere and a menu to relish with dishes such
as crab cake with ginger garlic sauce and gnocchi
with mellow blue cheese and sauted sh.
But perhaps the most unique way of experiencing
Key West is from the water and nothing is quite as
unique and bizarre as the endearingly wacky Captain
Victoria Impallomeni-Spencer, a native wilderness
guide who plays classical music to entice dolphins to
perform acrobatics around her boat, before speeding
off through the Everglades for an adventure.
The Keys is a perplexing blend of contrasts.
Occasionally crass and brash, its also wonderfully
relaxed and classy if you know where to look.
British Airways (0844 493 0758/ba.com/orida) offers
seven nights at Hawks Cay, Duck Key, Florida, from
2,917 (family of four), room only. Price includes
return BA ights from Heathrow to Miami. For
February 2013 departures. Seven days car hire can
be arranged through ba.com from 118 with Avis.
Florida Keys and Key West tourism: a-keys.co.uk PIECE OF PARADISE: Hawks Cay Resort at Duck Key in Florida offers a saltwater lagoon, private beach and dolphin training centre
reader offer
I enclose a cheque for .......... made payable to EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS OFFER (FB1196)
Please write your name and address on the back of your cheque. Alternatively, please debit
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Reg. London 141748 Express Newspapers, The Northern & Shell Building, No. 10 Lower Thames Street, London, EC3R 6EN.* Calls cost
10p per minute from a BT landline plus network extras.
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E842 Chiropody Set 12.95
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Belton Road West,

Leics LE11 5XL
Contains all the tools you need to create
and maintain perfect toenails; super sharp long-
handled scissors, nail clippers and nail pliers
The long handled, stainless steel toenail
scissors are beautifully designed with moulded
finger and thumb grips to allow for easy cutting
of tough toenails
Extra long, 21cm length makes toes easy to
reach and ensures precision cutting
The beautifully engineered toenail pliers,
which measure L10cm, feature a straight cutting
edge to prevent ingrown nails
The toenail clippers have a side cutting action
for ease of use and their generous 10cm size
allows for a firmer and more comfortable grip
For a brochure, bookings and
expert advice, call or click:
0800 223 0327
Aquatica and
Busch Gardens
for just 86*
Upgrade from a 2-Park
Ticket to a 3-Park Ticket
for 4 more!
7 days
a week
*The 3-Park Ticket includes unlimited admission to SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens
for 14 consecutive days. Prices correct at time of print and are subject to change.
70 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
O THE untrained eye they
look like ordinary beaches
on Frances northern coast.
Windswept, yes, but places
for dog walkers
and children, like so
many others. Yet
these beaches
witnessed the
invasion of
Europe in
1944 that
the course
of the
World War.
here and in
locations from
both world wars, it
takes an expert to
bring the history to life.
Escorted tours to battleelds have
long been pilgrimages for those who
lost friends or relatives but a new
generation is visiting places that had
such an effect on modern history.
As we commemorate Armistice
Day on the 94th anniversary
of the end of the First World
War, there are more
tours than ever
keeping the
memory alive.
Leger (leger.
co.uk) in
2013 has
almost 50
they range
from 229
for a
tour featuring
and military
Many tours cover
First and Second World War
battles from Flanders to Dunkirk, the
Somme to Arnhem, along with others
farther aeld in Italy and Gallipoli (in
HoIiday Io
NICK DALTON steps over the parapet to confront the
growing allure of expert tours to famous battleelds
Tour: WW1 and WW2 sites
in France, Belgium and Holland
Company: Guided Battleeld Tours
Duration: 3-4 days
Price: From 279 with offer below
Details: Expert guides, limited numbers,
advice on family history research,
executive-style coach travel, central hotels
Contact: guidedbattleeldtours.co.uk
Tour: Historical Trips
Details: Bomber Boys tour re-tells the heroic
story of Bomber Command, and Great Escapes
takes you behind the walls of Colditz Castle
and the wire of Stalag Luft III.
Contact: historicaltrips.com
or call 0207 993 6540 to
request a brochure.
HISTORIC SITE: The tranquillity of Juno Beach today is very different to how it appeared during D-Day in 1944
Turkey). Each features an
expert guide.
Some tours have a theatrical air,
such as visits to Colditz and Hitlers
mountain eyrie at the Eagles Nest,
while a Dambusters 70th anniversary
tour covers Belgium, Germany and
the UK.
A visit to Waterloo in June will
involve a re-enactment to mark the
198th anniversary of the battle where
Napoleon was defeated.
Historical Trips (historicaltrips.
com) has classic tours, even boasting
one for the Spanish Civil War, but is
strong on the Boys Own angle, telling
the story of Bomber Command and
Great Escapes, which goes behind
the walls of Colditz and wire of Stalag
Luft III.
There are short tours, such as
Treading in Tommys Footsteps, to
the Somme and Ypres front from
Guided Battleeld Tours (guided
battleeldtours.co.uk), with company
founders, history graduates and
ex-teachers Steve and Susan Cocks.
Battleeld tours arent restricted to
Europe. In Vietnam you can visit the
tunnels around Ho Chi Minh City,
while a tour of American Civil War
sites lets you combine a holiday with
history. Legers tour features
Gettysburg and Appomattox where
Robert E Lee surrendered.
America As You Like It
(americaasyoulikeit.com) has a
nine-day Civil War Trails By Train
tour through Kentucky and Virginia.
Self-drive tours in the southern
states such as Gone With The Wind
Georgia and Heart of Georgia,
Alabama and Tennessee take you to
other Civil War sites.
All the tours are as uplifting as they
are moving: history lessons, if you
like, in touching distance of the world
we live in.
We are an established
company which
specialises in WW1 and
WW2 tours and provides:
limited group size
personal service
a specialist guide
care from a tour manager
www. guidedbattleeldtours.co.uk
telephone: 01633 258207
email: info@guidedbattleeldtours.co.uk
discount when
you quote
ref SE0889
Battlefield Tours & More...
Historical Trips run battlefield tours with a little bit
extra, offering unique themes and top historians as
guides. For more about our thrilling WWI and WWII
tours, call us for a brochure or visit our website.
Great Value,
Great Cover
Many medical
conditions covered
No age limit
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 71
Prices and availability were correct at time of going to print. These prices are subject to change and may be withdrawn without notice. Prices are from, per adult based on the lowest grade available and twin occupancy unless specied. Cruise Club UK acts as ATOL holder/agent for nancial protection.
ABTA No.59095
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9am- 8pm- Saturday 9am- 5pm- Sunday - 10am- 4pm SPECIALISTS FOR OVER 30 YEARS ABTA & ATOL PROTECTED
Day1 FlyGatwick/Barcelonawhereyouwill be
met andtransferredtoyour cruiseship,
NorwegianSpirit, for embarkation.
Day2 LeisureAt Sea
Day3 LeisureAt Sea
Day4 Funchal, Madeira
Day5 SantaCruz (Tenerife), Spain
Day6 Arrecife(Lanzarote), Spain
Day7 LeisureAt Sea
Day8 Malaga, Spain
Day9 LeisureAt Sea
Day10 Barcelona, after breakfast, disembark
your shipandtransfer for your ight to

casual andpartyall night,enjoyingthebestentertainmentafloat
agreatholidayshouldbe.Morning,noonandnightyoull find
Experiencearefreshingsenseof freedomandflexibilitythroughout
your holidayonboardNorwegianSpirit. Featuringanincredible
arrayof outstandingamenities, thiselegantshipaccommodates
2018guestsandwithalmostonecrewmember toeverycabin,
thelevel of serviceissecondtonone. Fullyequippedwiththemost
moderntechnology, NorwegianSpiritoffersarelaxing, friendly
atmosphereandawealthof activitiestosuiteverytaste.
2012/13Dates Inside Oceanview Balcony
3*December 429 499 629
12December 449 529 629
21Dec(Christmas) 899 999 SOLD
30*Dec(NewYear) 719 799 929
8*,17*,26*Jan, 4*,13Feb 479 539 649
22Feb, 3*,12,21Mar 529 599 699
30March(Easter) 619 649 779PP
departuredates *$75 OnboardSpend
To advertiise iin this secttion
020 7098 22922 classs.travel@exprress.co.ukk
17 night Las Vegas and Hawaii Cruise
& Stay Deal!
Various Dates from November 2012 to April 2013
from just 1399pp!
What a Fabulous Combination! Enjoy a 3
night stay at The Egyptian Themed Luxor
Hotel in the Entertainment Capital of the
World! Fly to Los Angeles and be pampered
on your Luxurious 14 night Full Board Cruise
to the Hawaiian Islands on the Magnifcent
Super Liner; Golden Princess!
Los Angeles, Hilo, Honolulu, Kauai, Maui, Ensenada, Los Angeles
Offer includes: Return Economy fights from London, Luxor
Hotel Stay (room only), fight from
Las Vegas to Los Angeles, 14 night full
board Hawaiian Islands Cruise
Transfer package add 40pp.
Internal Flight Baggage Charge (payable locally $25)
Available Dates: 18th Nov;
2nd,30th Dec;13th, 27th Jan;10th,24
Feb; 10th,24th Mar; 7th,21st Apr
November & December from 1399pp
January & February from 1549pp
March & April from 1599pp
Add 60pp for Outside Cabins and 300pp for Balcony Cabins
All prices are subject to availability at the time of booking
Open daily, call us today:
0800 090 1545
ABTA NO. Y5219
Call Cruise World on 01902 374000
Or email cruiseworld@btinternet.com
We are open Monday to Sunday 9amto 9pm
For full details and to book online visit:
3 nights &4 days
departing December 24th
to Santander in N. Spain
2 Berth Cabins was 159pp
NOWONLY 79.50pp
3 nights &4 days
departing December 29th
to Rouen, Normandy
Sri Lanka
0208 819 5429
Subject to availability. Terms & Cond. Apply.
www. travelsrilanka. co. uk
Elephant Orphanage
5 Nights All Inclusive Beach Stay
Polonnaruwa Sigiriya Fortress
Cultural Show
Dambula Cave
Botanical Gardens
Royal City Kandy
YOUR OwnVehicle &
Driver Guide
Tour Entrance Fees
Part of ELEGANT TRAVELS - ATOL Protected 9438
All Transfers
ReturnFlights &Tax
Mermaid - 3*+ fr 899
+ Direct Flight
Club Dolphin
Hotel - 4*
fr 949
Eden Resort
& Spa - 5*
fr 1049
72 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
0208 174 0614
599 569
Flights, Airport Taxes,
Full Board Cruise
and All Inclusive Hotel
Flights, Airport Taxes,
Full Board Cruise and
All Inclusive Hotel (Dec-Feb)
fr. pp
14 Nights
14 Nights

Spend a week on a traditional
Turkish Gulet cruise and then a
week relaxing in 5* luxury at the
highly rated Surmeli Efes Hotel.
Set sail from Sharm El Sheikh on
the Costa Voyager to Eilat,
Aqaba in Jordan and Safaga and
Sokhna on the Red Sea, then
follow this with week relaxing at a
5* all inclusive hotel in Sharm.
fr. pp fr. pp Flights, Airport Taxes,
All Inclusive Hotel and
Full Board Cruise
14 Nights
fr. pp
Flights, Airport Taxes,
Hotel and Full Board
Cruise (Nov-Apr)
Cruise out of Rome on the Norwegian Jade and stop
in Alanya (Turkey), Limassol (Cyprus), Haifa (for
Jerusalem), and Ashod (Israel), Crete and Naples
- some very historic and holy destinations.
11 Nights
Spend 2 nights in a 3* central hotel in vibrant
Barcelona with 9 nights on the Norwegian Spirit,
sail out of Barcalona to Funchal, Tenerife,
Lanzarote and Malaga - a great winter warmer.
Flights, Airport Taxes,
Hotel and Full Board
Cruise (Nov-Apr)
fr. pp
fr. pp
12 Nights
Flights, Airport Taxes,
Hotel and Full Board
Cruise (Nov-Apr)
Spend 10 nights on the Norwegian Jade sailing out of
Rome (Civitavecchia) to Olympia and Athens Greece,
Izmir Turkey and Istanbul - Turkey and Naples/Pomeii -
Italy and then 2 nights at a central 3# hotel in Rome.
14 Nights
fr. pp Flights, Airport Taxes,
All Inclusive Hotel and
All Inclusive Cruise (May-Oct)
This total All Inclusive combo has a week on the
excellent MSC Sinfona with a week at the highly
rated Sun Club Eldorado Hotel in Majorca.This
fantastic itinerary does 6 ports sailing you out of
Palma and takes you to Menorca -Spain,Olbia,
Salerno and Genoa - Italy and St Tropez in
France - some of the best Med ports.
18 Nights
fr. pp
Flights, Airport Taxes,
RO Hotel and
Full Board Cruise (Nov-Apr)
Celebrity Century departs
from San Diego Honolulu
Lahaina Kailua Kona
Mount Kilauea Hilo
Ensenada San Diego.
10 Nights 9 Nights 14 Nights
fr. pp
Flights, Airport Taxes,
Hotel and
Full Board Cruise (Nov-Apr)
Celebrity Summit
departs from San Juan
Barbados St Lucia
Antigua St Maarten
St Thomas San Juan.
Costa Fascinosa
departs from Rio De
Janeiro Buenos Aires
Punta Del Este
Portobelo Santos
Rio De Janeiro.
fr. pp
Flights, Airport Taxes,
B&B Hotel and
Full Board Cruise (Dec-Mar)
14 Nights
fr. pp
Flights, Airport Taxes,
All Inclusive Hotel & Full
Board Cruise (Nov-Apr)
This great Canaries deal combines 7 nights on the
Thomson Majesty with 7 nights at the well reviewed 3* all
inclusive Play Olid Apartments in popular Costa Adeje.
The Majesty sails you out of Tenerife and takes you in
style to Gran Canaria, De La Palma, Madeira, Agadir
and Lanzarote - some of the warmest winter destinations.
fr. pp
Flights, Airport Taxes,
Bed & Breakfast Hotel and
Full Board Cruise (Jan-Apr)
This fantastic holiday combines 2
nights at the highly rated 5 star
Bonnington Jumeirah Lakes
Towers with 7 nights on Royal
Caribbeans Serenade Of The Seas.
Combine a week on the Costa Mediterra-
nea with a week at the well reviewed 4* All
Inc Gouves Park Hotel in Crete. Sail out of
Heraklionand stop at 6 ports - Santorini,
Mykonos, Izmir, Samos, Kos and Rhodes
- a great summer holiday.
Flights, Airport Taxes,
All Inclusive Hotel and
Full Board Cruise
(Jun-Oct) 799
fr. pp
14 Nights
Bigger choice. Bigger savings.


LIVE in5seconds
Europe fr 60 fr 289
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USA/Canada fr 344 fr 939
Caribbean fr 583 fr 1585
South&Cen. America fr 529 fr 1919
Far East/Asia fr 422 fr 1465
Indian Ocean fr 509 fr 1579
Australasia fr 669 fr 2059
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*Average 2011 answer time in business hours. Calls may be recorded for training purposes.
Economy Business
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Winners 1993-2012
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winning service
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 73

1 Southampton,
2 LeisureAt Sea
3 Molde, Norway
4 lesund, Norway
5 Flm, Norway
6 Bergen, Norway
7 Stavanger, Norway
8 LeisureAt Sea
9 Southampton,
If youve never sailed with Celebrity Cruises,
wed like to introduce you to a ship thats a
world apart fromanything else youll nd
at sea today. One that takes design, luxury
and innovation to newheights of excellence,
earning us many prestigious awards along the
way. And if youre returning for another cruise
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All Prices include: Free Car parking/transfers to Southampton - 8 Night full board cruise aboard 5 Star Celebrity Eclipse - Free onboard spend for Balcony and above bookings
*31Augreplaces MoldewithGeiranger.
Call Our Celebrity Reservations TeamFree On: 0800 163164
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm - Saturday 9am - 5pm - Sunday - 10am - 4pm
Prices and availability were correct at time of going to print. These offers are subject to change and may be withdrawn without notice. Prices are from, per adult based on the lowest grade available and twin occupancy unless specied. Cruise Club UK acts as ATOL holder/agent for nancial protection.
FREE $350

DATE: 03 MAY 2013
Interior 729PP
Oceanview 819PP
AquaClass 1179PP
DATE: 31 AUG2013
Interior 869PP
Oceanview 925PP
AquaClass 1379PP
Prices do not include the Costa Cruise mandotory service charge. Prices and availability were correct at time of going to print. These offers are subject to change and may be withdrawn without notice. Prices are from, per adult based on the lowest grade available and twin occupancy unless specied. Cruise Club UK acts as ATOL holder/agent for nancial protection.
Call Our Reservations Department Free On: 0800 163164
OpeningHours: Monday - Friday 9am- 8pm- Saturday 9am- 5pm- Sunday - 10am- 4pm
ABTA No.59095
1. Fly Heathrow, Newcastle &
Edinburgh/Milan, transfer
toSavona, transfer, board
Costa Atlantica
2. Naples, Italy
3. Leisure at sea
4. Leisure at sea
5. Haifa, Israel
6. Leisure at sea
7. Safaga, Egypt
8. Leisure at sea
9. Leisure at sea
10. Leisure at sea
11. Leisure at sea
12. Salalah, Oman
13. Leisure at sea
14. Muscat, Oman
15. Leisure at sea
16. AbuDhabi, UAE
17. Dubai, UAE
overnight inport
18 Dubai, disembark, transfer,
y Heathrow, Newcastle &
Costa Atlantica is a ship devoted
to the excitement, locations
and emotions associated with
cinema and the arts: Fellini
and La Dolce Vita, Madame
Buttery, the historic Caff
Florian in Venice, Via della Spiga,
the eighteenth-century Tiziano
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Made to Measure Shirts
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 77
Write to: The Editor, Sunday Express,
Number 10 Lower Thames Street,
London EC3R 6EN.
Fax: 0871 434 7300.
E-mail: sunday.exletters@express.co.uk
Please include your name and address
and a daytime telephone number.
Dream on, lanner
PLANNING ofcers must be living in
a dream world if they expect Kelly
Lynch to up sticks and become
homeless, just because they are not
willing to let her stay in the caravan
left to her by her grandmother, who
had permission to live there (Woman
ghts to stay in her caravan home,
November 4).
They emerge as hard-hearted and
oblivious to the fact that care worker
Ms Lynch is a human being.
If it does come to a prosecution, I
hope the courts throw the case out.
Let permission to live in the
caravan be passed on to this lady.
Barry Gowland,
Milton Keynes, Bucks
Stre on teacher
THERE are poor teachers, just as
there are poor builders, poor MPs and
dare I say it, poor journalists.
For every poor teacher, however,
there are 10 good ones, some being
driven into early retirement by the
stresses of the modern-day teaching
environment. So I take issue with
the Sunday Expresss opinion piece
criticising teachers (Teach whingers
a lesson, November 4).
We need to realise that education
has changed. Student and parent
attitudes towards teachers, together
with government policy, have got to
a point where teachers have lost
control in the classroom.
Parents should remember that
education starts at home, by teaching
their children to respect others and
preparing them for school.
Outside the classroom, paperwork
is out of control, with ministers and
managers convinced that completing
it is more important than teaching.
Ive even heard of one school forced
to close its doors to students on
Friday afternoons so staff can catch
up with paperwork.
M Blake,
Bromsgrove, Worcs
Hot tolc lor elderly
I READ with interest Chris Neills
article about his money pit of a
central heating system (Dont be
fooled by your old boilers dubious
advances, November 4).
I am a pensioner who paid
considerable taxes during his
working life.
For heating I use a 37-year-old
warm air unit that has seen better
days and warms only two downstairs
rooms. The three bedrooms and
bathroom have no heating.
I have considered installing central
heating but the cost is eye-wateringly
high. Even though I have disabilities,
my application for a grant to subsidise
central heating was rejected.
Considering the billions given to
the EU, in overseas aid and keeping
prisoners in warm, comfortable cells,
I feel this government has failed in its
duty to protect the elderly.
Trevor Rose,
e lalr to Heeltlne
I THINK Neil Hamilton was unduly
harsh on Lord Heseltine and his
blueprint for getting Britain working
again (Heseltines strategy for
growth needs pruning, November 4).
In doing so he placed too much
emphasis on the former Deputy
Prime Ministers love of all things
European (and believe me, I am no
lover of the EU).
Heseltine is in the enviable
situation of being able to challenge
received wisdom and put forward
original ideas about how government
and industry can be brought together.
He was right to point out that
ministers are arguing over nuclear
power and renewable energy when
they should be devising a sensible
energy policy so businesses have the
condence to invest.
We do face a national crisis,
something brought home to me quite
recently when it was suggested that,
having been made redundant, I start
my own business instead of looking
for another job. Jobs dont exist any
more, I was told by an ofcial adviser.
It was a wake-up call, one Ill have
to heed.
P Walsh,
Well done, 0eorge
WHAT a ne young person we have
in George Taylor who, at age 12, is
taking on the demanding task of
caring for the graves of the 29
Win 100 in our Giles cartoon quiz Room 101
Last weeks vote results
Last week the Sunday Express
exclusively reported that lives would
be lost if plans to re-organise the
ambulance service in the East Midlands
won the go-ahead, changes that involve
closing 53 stations across the region
and opening 13 new hubs that would
leave some areas with ambulance cover
nearly 40 miles away, prompting us
to ask this question:
Should ambulance hubs plan be
YES: 95% NO: 5%
We also sought your views after we
published another exclusive report, that
the number of self-inicted wounds
among troops in Afghanistan desperate
to leave the war zone is on the rise:
Should we pull out of Afghanistan
this year?
YES: 99% NO: 1%
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RIGHT! All those who switched on their heaters this morning,
fall out. SUNDAY EXPRESS, NOVEMBER 6, 1966
SHOPS that sell edible Christmas
merchandise in festive packaging
bearing a best before date well
before December 25. I picked up a
packet of parsnips in a plastic bag
bedecked with images of Santa
Claus. What am I supposed to do?
Freeze them for the big day?
J Davies,
Beaumaris, Anglesey
FOLK still setting off reworks
and wholl probably do so until the
new year. I recall when reworks
were for November 5 only.
Dave Williams,
Cheltenham, Glos
PUB GOERS who stand at the bar
after service, leaving no space for
others to order drinks.
Ken Booth,
Victoria Cross winners buried in his
home county of Kent (Georges
tribute to VC heroes, November 4).
My great-uncle (not a VC holder)
was killed in the First World War,
during the rst few minutes of the
Battle of the Somme in 1916.
Could I emulate his bravery? Not
a chance!
Grandfather was rescued, badly
injured, from no mans land by
Captain Noel Godfrey Chavasse, one
of only three men to win the Victoria
Cross twice. I long to visit this brave
doctors military grave in Flanders
to lay owers in tribute.
To win the VC, there needs to be
a less than 10 per cent chance of
surviving the action.
Anyway, well done, George.
Philip Codd,
Cameron` IS cheer
THE re-election of Barack Obama to
the White House is surely good news
for David Cameron.
Our leader may not ostensibly have
all that much politically in common
with the US President, but in sticking
with Obama the American voters sent
a message that dealing with the
consequences of the economic
collapse need not necessarily mean
an exit from power.
When our next election comes
round, the British people should take
a similar, pragmatic long-term view.
Rescuing the economy is one
almighty task and Cameron deserves
time to tackle the job properly.
J Quick,
Iarce ol |ungle MI
THE funniest thing about Tory MP
Nadine Dorries going into the jungle
for ITV1s dreadful Im A Celebrity...
show, quite apart from the absurdity
of an elected representative thinking
herself justied in taking so much
time out from her duties, was her
assertion that she was bringing
politics to the people.
If she expects us or her party to
swallow that, she has another insect
meal coming.
The Tories were quite right to
suspend her from the party. MPs
dont have much of a reputation to
defend these days, and this will only
see them plummeting further in the
publics esteem.
Brian Dixon,
0lve u good ort
WHATEVER happened to dignity in
the sporting world?
Time and time again we see
players and managers squabbling,
like children, with ofcials over
decisions, the latest example being
Manchester City boss Roberto
Mancini feeling his side was wrongly
denied a penalty against Ajax.
No referee will ever get everything
right, just as no manager and
certainly no player will go long
without making mistakes. How
refreshing it would be if errors were
accepted, with a resigned shrug, as
part of the game,
Only this summer we hailed
the success of the Olympics and
Paralympics. These events saw a
welcome return to the true values of
sporting endeavour.
Martin Blamire,
Letter of the week
Don't punic we've
lost u comic legend
IN THE parts of England that will for ever be
Walmington-on-Sea, a light has dimmed with
the passing at 92 of Clive Dunn, who played
Lance Corporal Jack Jones to such memorable
effect in the classic BBC comedy Dads Army.
This affectionate look at quintessentially
English life and English it surely is, even with
the marvellous contribution of a Scot, John
Laurie, as Private Frazer is arguably the best
TV comedy of all.
Not everyone is aware that Clive was in his
forties when he took the Jones role, a testament
to his skills in portraying a doddery butcher.
Perhaps now, though, those fuzzy-wuzzies
can at last sleep soundly in their beds. Thanks
for the memories, Clive.
Graham Withnell,
Ipswich CLASSIC ROLE: Clive Dunn (right) played Jack Jones
78 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
ln|oy winIer in bIoom
UST as most of the plant world has
bedded down for a long winter sleep,
up through the surface of the ground
emerges the welcome appearance of
ower shoots from the Helleborus
family. These stalwarts of winter beauty are
impervious to falling temperatures, they
ower for months on end and are pleasantly
low maintenance.
The breeding of new Helleborus has made
speedy progress over the past 10 years,
with growers enhancing the spectrum of
colours and form of the owers to even
greater heights.
Recent introductions of note are plants
from the Ellen Helleborus family.
Yvonne Walker of Hayloft Plants says:
They are one of the most outstanding range
of Helleborus available on the market.
Dutch breeder Ellen Akerboom was only
a youngster when she experimented with
breeding Helleborus at her fathers
Aster nursery.
Her green-ngered expertise was so
successful that she eventually took over a
vast area of greenhouses that used to house
Asters, to produce the exciting collection of
single and double-owered Helleborus.
Today, as a young mother, she is still on a
quest to breed the rst orange Helleborus
and can be found with her two young
children collecting seeds and passing on the
secrets of successful plant breeding.
Ellens prociency in breeding is
exceptional, says nurserywoman Yvonne
Walker. All the plants that Ellen has put
into commercial production are
long-owering, disease-free and, apart
from providing magnicent garden plants,
make excellent cut owers for the home.
The Ellen Helleborus plants belong to the
H. Orientalis family, often referred to as
Lenten Rose.
These clump-forming plants have glossy
thick leaves and large, cup-shaped blooms
in hues of pink, purple, red and white.
They tolerate most soil types but will
reward you with more owers if planted
in a semi-shaded position in moist,
well-drained soil.
The Double Ellen White and Double
Ellen Pink Helleborus, standing a good foot
high, both have irresistible frilly petals with
a delicate smattering of maroon freckles.
The crimson pink petals of Double Ellen
Red frame a mass of contrasting cream
stamens and are a splendid foil against the
rich green foliage.
Earlier owering Helleborus includes
Helleborus niger Praecox, which may give
you a vase of blooms for Christmas. It is
more reliable than the traditional Christmas
rose, Helleborus niger, which frequently fails
to bloom until January.
Pure crisp white, ve-petalled single
owers are carried on stout upright stems
with a boss of yellow stamens in front of a
lime green centre. The bright white owers
bring to life dark corners of the garden and
unlike many Helleborus do not bow their
heads but stand to attention.
All Helleborus benet from having their
leaves removed as the ower buds begin
their journey skywards.
Remove leaves with black spots but do not
dispose of them on the compost heap. Mulch
in autumn, they are partial to mushroom
compost but do not cover the crown. Ensure
they do not dry out during a hot summer.
To see the full range of Ellens Helleborus
visit hayloft-plants.co.uk
These will
garden plants
while also
makinng cut
owers in
the home
Helleborus owers will add beauty in the dark, cold days ahead with
new varieties and colours emerging all the time, says LOUISE MIDGLEY
Helleborus bring a magical touch to the garden
during the winter whilst most other plants slumber.
The l arge cup shaped fl owers have a dai nty
appearance that defy nature by surviving the cold.
The glossy dark green evergreen foliage highlights
the true beauty of the dappled flower. Helleborus
prefer dappled shade with moist but well drained
soil and are deer and rabbit resistant. Height and
Spread 35cm (14"). Hardy Perennial. Supplied as
young plants, approximately 6 from root base
to stem tip. We recommend you pot on, over-
winter outdoors and plant into their final
position in the spring. Growing instructions
provided. Buy in confidence with our
no qui bbl e guarantee. If you are
unhappy in any way with our plants
simply return for a full refund
Double Ellen White Double Ellen Red Double Ellen Pink Spotted
Pretty Ellen Red Pretty Ellen Pink Pretty Ellen Purple
Address .....................................................................................................................................................
.............................................................................................................................Postcode ......................
Email ...............................................................................................Tel .....................................................
Please send me
12 HELLEBORUS ELLEN (two of each shown) YPHEL12-DE4512 12.00
6 HELLEBORUS ELLEN (one of each shown) YPHEL06-DE4512 6.00

Please enter the last 3 digits of your security code (C.S.V.) this can be
found on the reverse of your credit/ debit card on the signature panel
Switch Issue No. Card Expiry Date Start Date
Hayloft Plants, Freepost NAT4144, Pershore WR10 3BR
please debit my Mastercard/Visa/Switch account number
01386 562999
rder 2Co||ec!ions and receive
Wiger raecox |an!s uor!h rl4.bO
1he on|g He||eborus guaran!eed
!o I|ouer beIore Chris!mas
Niger Praecox
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 79
The Cashmere Centre
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Cashmere Knitwear, Pashmina
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Aluminium Panels Energy is absorbed from the
atmosphere into a special uid which is circulating
through the aluminium panels
Compressor When the uid leaves the panels,
it is compressed and becomes a hot gas
Hot Water Cylinder The hot gas then ows
through a coil inside your water cylinder and
heats the water
Expansion Valve The gas goes
through a valve, reverts back into
uid and returns to the panels to
repeat the process...
Thermodynamic is ideal for: Domestic hot water
Home heating Swimming pool heating
Large volume heating... and heres how:
Thermodynamic heating
systems deliver hot water to
your home whatever the weather
...converted to gas
for cylinder...
...which then heats
your water
Atmospheric energy
All the hot water you will ever need
thanks to Mother Nature...
Works DAY & NIGHT in RAIN,
Heats water to 55C all year round
Robust solar panels weigh just 8kg
Easy install & minimal maintenance
Can mount vertically on walls
Can be attached to SOUTH, EAST or
WEST facing roofs and walls
Suitable for both DOMESTIC and
COMMERCIAL application
Reduce carbon emissions
Highly cost-effective
...rain, hail or shine a solar system
Thermodynamic Heating Systems are the future
for smart home- and business-owners who want
to reduce carbon emissions AND save money on
energy bills. If that sounds like you, read on...
Thermo panels require no additional oil, gas or
immersion heater back-up. Conventional solar panels
need this help, especially in gloomy British weather.
Thermodynamic panels can be tted to South-,
East- or West-facing roofs even on walls! Normal
solar panels must be South-facing only.
You get all the hot water you need for under 100
a year! Roughly a third of your annual fuel bill is spent
on hot water (though thats less with conventional
solar panels). And remember, fuel prices are rising,
making thermo heating a very wise investment.
A Thermodynamic systemwill work in any weather.
Conventional solar panels need both daylight and
direct sunlight to operate efciently.
Also, the system can be switched off while you
are away on holiday with no problems whatsoever.
Conventional solar panels, however, must be
powered continuously to prevent blow-off and
Finally, just one 25mm thick Thermodynamic panel
weighing-in at 8kg is usually sufcient for a dwelling
of up to 5 people. Conventional solar would require
three 40kg panels and STILL need back-up to operate.
The future of home heating
and it saves you money!
CALL 0844 344 2222
or visit
80 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Edited by ANDREA WATSON sundayexpress.co.uk/property
Yes, iI's hammer Iime!
FINE ART: A seven-bedroom Arts & Crafts
house at Instow, North Devon, for sale on
December 7. Large gardens and estuary
views. Guide price 800,000 to 900,000.
For details, contact Fine & Country Bideford on
01237 472 344 or visit neandcountry.co.uk
VILLAGE LIFE: This pretty rural cottage in
Pucklechurch, South Gloucestershire, has
two bedrooms and a large garden. It needs
modernising but is in habitable condition.
Due to be auctioned on December 5 with a
starting guide price of 100,000.
For details, contact Auction House on 01454
855 060 or visit auctionhouse.uk.net
OUTSIDE EDGE: Unusual studio apartment/
house suited to a rst-time buyer. The Grade
II listed building is a converted outhouse in
the grounds of former mansion Norton Hall,
in Shefeld. It is the last unit in the small
development so the sellers are looking for
a quick sale. Number 6 Norton Hall has a
starting guide price of 70,000 and is due to
be auctioned in Shefeld on November 21.
For details, contact Auction House on 0114 223
0777 or visit auctionhouse.uk.net

Roberts is on holiday with his
partner Kirsty Withyman and
their two young children. They
are staying on a caravan park in
Lyme Regis and while it is a
much-needed rest, Martin is hardly what you
would call laid-back.
Homes Under The Hammer, which he
co-presents with Lucy Alexander, rst aired
nearly 10 years ago. It is on every 25 minutes,
no, make that once a day, and Martin has
done all 850 shows.
You know, we were watching the big
screen by the pool here and it came on and
the kids shouted: Look its Daddy!
People do seem to love it. We always have
36 per cent of the viewing audience, that is
two million viewers watching daytime TV.
Im proud of it.
Martin, who has been compared to the
Duracell Bunny, probably exhausts his
children, three and ve. He has that TV
presenters ability to be boundlessly
enthusiastic at any time of the day or night.
So when I challenge him by saying the
show is not a great success because, as he
admits, only a tiny percentage of people do
actually buy properties at auction he yelps
in protest before launching straight into
saying: Daniel Craig is a huge fan of Homes
Under The Hammer.
When he was working on Skyfall one of
the make-up artists came into his dressing
room and found him watching the show so
she offered to nd him something else. He
said: No, leave it. I really like it.
Briey pausing to wonder what the
fascination is for superstar Daniel Craig,
I ask Martin if rst timers without 007s
resources should buy property at auction.
We are always being told it is not the place
for amateurs but there has been a marked
increase in young people entering this world.
I would recommend it, he says. Young
buyers are struggling so it helps them save
money and they also have the time and
energy to do up a place and build in some
value. They can then start a property ladder
for themselves. Property investment is not
just for high-iers.
Perhaps the high-iers would prefer to
keep secret the fact that auction properties
are sold at a discount, usually between
10 and 20 per cent on comparable homes sold
by normal methods. So for a beginner,
buying at auction makes sense.
You can nd out the essentials from
Martins website, martinroberts.co.uk and
by watching his shows but all the advice in
the world will not prepare you for that rst
high-octane experience of spending 100,000
or more in the shortest possible time.
Everybody gets the shakes.
The usual advice is to take someone along
who is able to stop you going above your
price, or fainting, whichever comes rst.
Bidding by phone is another option but this
leaves you open to paying more because you
will have to lodge a 10 per cent deposit in
advance and this means that the auctioneer
knows what your budget is. I am not a fan of
phone bids, says Martin. If the auctioneer
knows you have 200,000 to spend they could,
in theory, go up to that.
The speed of auctions, the main attraction
for sellers, is disconcerting to the buyer. You
have very little time to prepare, often fewer
than 10 weeks, to persuade a lender to fund
you, research everything, instruct a lawyer,
value the property and any potential work it
may require.
The process is quick, says Pete McHugh,
a director of Webbers Fine & Country, which
conducts sales. The buyer needs to have
everything in place by the auction date:
surveys, funding, answers to pre-contract
inquiries. If theirs is the winning bid they
will be entering into a binding contract on
the fall of the hammer with traditionally
10 per cent deposit payable on the day and
the balance due 28 days later. There is no
option to change their mind after the
hammer falls.
A default at this stage can result in legal
proceedings. Even if the property is
re-entered in auction it may make less and
the seller will chase the defaulter for the
difference. A lot of dodgy properties come up
in the sale room but there are many genuine
sales too. These may be probate sales where
TVs Martin Roberts tells
rst-time buyers can start
their own property ladder
Up for auction
DOGGED: Martin
says that a little
determination is
needed at auction
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 81
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DECC), degradation of system performance at 0.8%p.a. calculations are taken from SAP2009 based 3.68kW on a south facing roof with a 30 degree
pitch.Performance of solar PVis impossible to predict with certainty due to the variability of the amount of solar irradiation (sunlight) fromlocation to location
and fromyear to year. This estimate is based upon the governments standard assessment procedure for energy ratings of buildings (SAP) and is given as
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 83
ESCAPING to the country has
proved too much for the man who
made his name helping others to
realise their rural dreams of living
the good life.
Jules Hudson, presenting the
13th series of the popular BBC show
Escape To The Country, is selling
his Welsh cottage because of a
punishing TV schedule that rarely
allows him to enjoy the place.
Jules found the cottage in its
un-modernised state while lming in
the idyllic Upper Tei Valley, south
of Aberystwyth, in the Nineties. He
set about converting it to create a
rural home that would retain all the
original features and yet provide a
contemporary home, incorporating
all the original agstone quarry
tiles, ancient beams, exposed stone
walls but adding some new sash-
style windows to keep out the chill
of a Welsh winter.
When I bought Morfa Isaf I was
27 and keen to take on an historic
project. That is exactly what I got, in
more ways than one, says Jules.
It is without doubt a genuine
labour of love. The physical rebuild
was hugely rewarding and once
nished that led on to the acre or so
of garden, which has been a real joy
and developed a lifelong obsession
for garden design.
Parting with it has been a
difcult decision to reach but life
moves on and Im relishing the
challenges of taking on yet another
I just hope that whoever does
eventually buy my orginal escape
will continue the aim of bringing
new life to a wonderful old property,
which I have been very fortunate to
have known, along with the
community that goes with it.
Located on the edge of the village
of Llanddewi Bre, the three-
bedroom house is priced at 275,000
with agent Morgan & Davies
423 623).
It is set in well-stocked gardens
with a range of restored
outbuildings including a studio
workshop. Planning consent for
another detached dwelling was
obtained by Jules but that has
since lapsed.
THE GOOD LIFE: Jules Hudsons charming cottage
in the Upper Tei Valley, south of Aberystwyth
A WeIsh ruraI idyII
SoId on going Io aucIion
E HAVE all heard that one
about how the best way to sell
your house is to put on the
coffee and bake a loaf of bread.
Well, its rubbish. The best way
to sell a house is to price it
realistically. Bread, coffee, candles and other
smells will merely make people wonder if you
are hiding dry rot.
Talking about rot, this is the sort of thing that
comes out at every dinner party now that it is no
longer possible to discuss the price of property, it
having dropped everywhere. Myths about
extensions adding 40,000 to the value of your
home or solar panels paying out more than a
pension plan are the sort of thing we estate
agents have to endure. You need the patience of
Job (whoever he was) to listen to it.
Doctors get annoyed by people who want to
discuss their ailments at parties but at least they
do not (normally) claim medical understanding,
whereas everyone is an armchair expert when it
comes to property. One of my pet hates is the
line: If my house were in Park Lane it would be
worth about 10million, blah, blah, blah.
No it would not. Your house is a post-war semi
and there are no post-war semis in Park Lane.
Anyway, your house is not even in London, it is in
a backwater of Surrey. Wake up and smell the
Second on my list of annoying remarks is:
According to Zoopla, a house up the road
exactly like mine sold for 675,000. Have they
looked around the one up the road? Its got a
huge kitchen extension, beautiful landscaped
garden and oak oors. Theirs has a rundown
galley, tired carpets and a broken water feature
bought, by the look of it, at Texas Homecare
before it went bust.
Some vendors think it is a good idea to follow
the agent and potential buyer around, pointing
out the propertys good points. Do not do this.
You will actually make rooms look smaller and
get on everyones nerves into the bargain.
I remember a woman who had a house in
Norfolk with one large room. As she entered, she
gasped: Oh, look how big this room is, and,
getting hold of the buyers arm, proceeded to
inch along the oor, going backwards and
sideways to prolong the embarrassing interval.
It merely highlighted the fact that all the other
rooms were absolutely pokey.
Last week I had to dissuade a vendor from
putting music on to disguise trafc noise.
It would hit the viewer as soon as they walked
outside anyway. The same seller had to be
talked out of offering the viewer a glass of wine.
Its a buyer, dear, not a date. Save that for later,
if there is a later.
Sellers notice everything, in my experience.
They see the blown lightbulbs, dirty windows
and cobwebs that you have not bothered to do
something about. So replace the bulbs, buy a
feather duster, nd a window cleaner on Google.
Then, if possible, clear off and leave the rest to
the experts.
ON THE MARKET: Apartments in Park Lane
(no, not that one), Croydon, South London.
Price guide: 279,950. Call Townends on 020
8680 8585 or see townends.co.uk
LOTTE VON TRIPPE on why cups
of coffee, bread and candles
will not help you sell your house
a family wants a quick dispersal of an estate or they
may be straightforward private sales where the
seller wants a quick outcome.
Bargains can also be found when a house comes
up for auction in the wrong area for some reason
and there is no local interest in it.
Martin cites the case of a couple from Derbyshire
who were emigrating. They had spent weeks
messing around with two failed sales and so went
to auction and took 20,000 less for their house just
so that they could get on with their lives.
Repossessed properties are often sold at large
discounts with some building societies doing the
bare essential to get their money back.
Some properties are dumped by mortgage
companies and not given the marketing they
deserve, says Martin. It is unfortunate but for
buyers there are some incredible bargains.
However, they should beware of ex-council
properties where they may be responsible for the
legal fees of the seller.
Martins main warning is not about dodgy
property but dodgy catalogues. Do not trust
them, he says bluntly.
If there is an error there is always a disclaimer.
Guide prices are also often misleading. Do not pay
any attention to them.
The Essential Information Group reports that
19,000 residential properties were sold at auction
in 2011-12. Visit eigroup.co.uk to nd your nearest
auction room and lots more advice.
CHARACTER: Dinton Folly is a Grade II-listed castle ruin in just over half an acre
of grounds in the Aylesbury Vale. The Folly, also known as Dinton Castle, was
built in 1769 by Sir John Vanhattem, who owned Dinton Hall. Octagonal in shape
with circular towers east and west, it served two purposes: as an eyecatcher
from the grounds of Dinton Hall and to store Sir Johns vast fossil collection.
Ammonites of all sizes are incorporated into the limestone walls, making it one
of Buckinghamshires best curiosities. Originally of three storeys and inhabited
by servants, the castle has been neglected for many years. A public footpath
runs through the grounds and there is a blanket Tree Preservation Order on the
site. Dinton Folly and its grounds will be sold by auction on November 26 at the
Holiday Inn Aylesbury. Price guide: 70,000. For details, call Michael Anthony
Estate on 01296 433666 or visit michaelanthony.co.uk
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Each panel measures: 58cm H x 45cmW.
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 85
enIIey is
broughI u
Io Seed
Bentley Continental GT Speed
By Adam Towler
EW CARS have changed the sales gures
and fortunes of their manufacturer like the
Bentley Continental GT. After years building
small numbers of aristocratic limousines, the
Crewe rm unveiled its more affordable 2+2
coup a decade ago. Some 26,000 sales later
youre as likely to connect the brand with this more
rakish proposition (and the footballers and pop-culture
celebrities it has become associated with) as you are
with those stately saloons.
Given those gures, it is no great surprise that the
rm has launched a Speed version of the latest GT
which debuted last year. There was a Speed version of
the previous GT and it soon took the lions share of
sales, even if with the recently introduced V8-powered
baby of the range, it now has greater internal
competition for that title. Bentley claims the Speed is
the sports car of the GT range, without
spoiling its grand touring genes,
a bold statement given the
disparate nature of those
You will certainly struggle
to tell a Speed apart from
the regular W12 (which
continues in production)
when viewed from the
outside. New wheels, dark
mesh in the grille
apertures and ried
exhausts is about it for
visual enhancement.
To help it achieve those
optimistic goals the Speed
features 616bhp courtesy of its
twin-turbo, 6.0-litre, 12-cylinder
engine (up from 567bhp in the standard
car), with the kind of low down pulling power that could
shake Blenheim Palace from its foundations. It may
weigh a colossal 2.3 tons but with so much raw power
under the bonnet the Speed can rip from 0 to 60mph in
4.0 seconds, 100mph in only 9 seconds and blast its way
to a top speed of 205mph.
This engine is now connected to an eight-speed
automatic gearbox, which goes a long way to enabling
Bentley to boast of a 12 per cent improvement in fuel
economy. Still, lets not get carried away: the Speed has
an average fuel economy of only 19.5mpg and youll
have to drive it in a most saintly fashion to equal that:
mid teens is more likely.
Driving the Speed quickly exposes its true nature:
this is a battering ram of a car, not an expertly wielded
crossbow. For all the Bentleys sporting menace, a
well-driven hot hatch would leave it trailing on a tight,
twisting road. The Speed is simply too heavy, and
ultimately would exit the road nose rst in the direction
of the nearest scenery.
Having said that, the sportier chassis set up and
revised steering (well-weighted and accurate) inspire
plenty of condence and on a more open road the
Speed can be hustled along with an enthusiasm that
belies it sheer size. When the road ahead becomes
straight you can unleash hell from that huge engine
and after the briefest of pauses, like the car taking
breath, the inertia is overcome and it rampages up the
road in a manner that never fails to surprise.
The GT Speed knows what it is all about, an easy
condence born from knowing that it has no real rival.
Think about it: what other car can reach 205mph, carry
two rear-seat passengers of a reasonable size, deploy
more than 600 horsepower in all weathers thanks to
four-wheel drive, boast a hand-made interior among the
very best in the world and cost 150,000?
It is the Speeds interior that will seal the deal for
many Bentley buyers. Its trimmed to Mulliner
specication as standard (diamond quilted, perforated,
leather seats and side panels and a leather headlining)
but there is little to stand out from the standard GT.
Nor does there need to be. From its chrome, organ stop
air vent controls to its engine-turned aluminium
dashboard and ne veneers, the Continentals cockpit
is as seductive as a small space on the move with four
chairs can be.
Neither is the Speed all old tech wood and leather:
with the latest version of the 8in colour infotainment
system, you can hook up your smart phone and even
save your favourite restaurant in the navigation
All of which means the GT Speed is an immensely
likeable machine. It doesnt really feel like a true sports
car and objectively it is hard to build a case for it over
the lighter, cleaner, nimbler GT V8 but if youre looking
for the ultimate sports Bentley and you have no ethical
or nancial issues with becoming a very good
customer of your local garage, you will certainly not be
disappointed here.
Model: Bentley
Continental GT Speed
Price: 151,000
Engine: Petrol - 6.0-litre,
twin-turbo W12
Power: 0 to 60mph in 4.0 seconds,
205mph top speed
Average fuel economy: 19.5mpg
emissions range: 338g/km
Insurance group: 20
Rivals: Aston Martin DB9, Ferrari
FF, Mercedes Benz CL AMG
Rating: 8/10
86 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Pictures worth a thousand birds
Chargrilled veggie and feta
salad with new potatoes
INSPIRATION: Warrens new book is a tour de force
ICHAEL Warrens revelry
in the vibrant colours of
plumage and reverence to
bird movement and shape has
played a vital part in my own
birding rites of passage.
Of all the sublime artists, and
the UK is truly blessed with
immense talent, it is Mikes work
I turn to most. If inspiration is
needed to pull back the duvet
and venture forth into rain,
snow, heatwave or tempest, then
I turn to his work with all its
strident realism. I know of no
better way to get me up and out
of the house with my binoculars.
His part in my career dates
from the early Eighties when the
distractions of college, career,
football and romance tempted
me away from my fascination
with all things feathered.
Then one day I picked up his
book Shorelines: Birds at the
Waters Edge. I was enchanted.
One image I can still see in my
minds eye is of a white-spotted
bluethroat, somewhere on the
French coast, its eponymous
sapphire gullet accentuated by a
red and black gorget.
It was another decade before I
saw my own Gallic bluethroat,
on the Somme estuary, but in
between, Mikes motivational
works had seen me gallivanting
around Europe and across the
Atlantic on the trail of Americas
nest dandies, the star-spangled
wood warblers whose tones span
the colours of the rainbow.
His latest tour de force,
American Birding Sketchbook,
provides a wonderful eulogy to
these gaily-coloured sprites that
delight in such names as yellow
-breasted chat, golden-winged
warbler and northern parula.
Recently I have been dipping
into its pages and basking in
the full-page panoramas and
individual vignettes.
Mikes ability to produce living
scenes with the deftest of brush
strokes and to ll them with
birds that look ready to y off the
page is testament to his artistic
excellence and experience.
After designing a set of British
postage stamps in 1980, he was
invited to design conservation
stamps for Americas National
Audubon Society.
He visited each state in the
Union, through such landmarks
as the Grand Canyon, Mount
Rushmore and Carolinas Outer
Banks, as well as the less
famous but equally impressive
Pawnee National Grassland
in Colorado and Montanas
Halfbreed Lake.
He travelled alone and with
his family but all his encounters
with birds were captured in his
sketchbooks. As he explains:
We endured the most vivid
and tumultuous storm in Kansas
and spring in New Jersey saw
temperatures go from 70F to 30F
in moments.
Much of what I saw is in this
book but it cannot convey it all,
so I tried to capture a feel of the
different states, the environment
and wealth of birdlife that can be
found from sea to shining sea.
These were more than just
birding trips: they were about
experiencing this amazing
continent and its wildlife.
Enjoy them yourself, too, by
investing in this delightful book.
American Birding Sketchbook
(Langford Press, price 38). See
with Stuart Winter
Find games and puzzles at sundayexpress.co.uk/fun
For details
of how to care
for wild birds,
visit the
CJ WildBird
Foods website
at birdfood.co.uk/SE or you can
call 0800 731 2820 for a free
Handbook Of Garden Wildlife.
LIDL RECIPES A treat for your taste buds
Giles cartoon
October 28
Serves 4
1 aubergine, sliced
lengthways, salted and
allowed to drain
2 medium courgettes,
each sliced lengthways
into four
1 red pepper, halved,
seeded and cut into four
6 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and freshly ground
black pepper
250g (9oz) new potatoes
2 tablespoons chopped
fresh basil or coriander
Finely grated zest and
juice of one lemon
200g (7oz) feta-style
salad cheese
Heat a ridged grill pan
until hot, toss vegetables
(except potatoes) in
3 tablespoons of olive oil
to coat them and add to
grill pan in batches.
Chargrill for about
5 minutes on each side
until each strip has
griddle marks on it and is
nice and tender. Remove
from pan, season with salt
and pepper, and set aside.
Cook potatoes until
tender, then drain and cut
into large chunks.
Dice the chargrilled
vegetables and toss with
the potatoes, chopped
basil or coriander, the
remaining 3 tablespoons
of olive oil, lemon zest and
juice to taste, and season.
Finally, sprinkle the feta
cheese over the top, toss
lightly and serve while
still warm.
This classy-looking
dish has all the right
credentials. It tastes
great and most of the
work is completed well
ahead of serving.
The answer to the
October 28
competition is
the Suez Crisis.
The winner is
Mr M Harris of
Neath, W Glam.
This recipe
is brought to
you by Lidl in
with Nick
For more great recipes visit lidl.co.uk The Lidl website also includes information on our
fantastic weekly offers, product reviews and awards, plus recruitment opportunities.
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BUY 24 FOR 17.98 -
Dwarf Lupins are ideal for the
modern garden
They produce an incredible
mixed display of colours with
spikes that only reach up to
60cm, unlike the standard Lupins,
which reach 1.2mand look very
straggly and untidy in a garden
Easy to growand can be
left undisturbed to formclumps,
which will provide you with
flowers throughout the summer
for many years
Module grown plants supplied
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* Calls cost 10p per minute from a BT landline plus network charges.

Please send me Price P&P Qty Total

14 Hadeld Street
Old Trafford
Manchester M16 9FG
Six DDDwarf LLupinss Mixed 8.99 FREE
24 DDwarf LLupiinns Mixed - HHalf Pricee 17.98 FREE
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 87
Prices and availability were correct at time of print. These offers are subject to change and may be withdrawn without notice. Prices are from, per adult based on the lowest grade available and twin occupancy unless specied. Cruise Club UK acts as ATOL holder/agent for nancial protection.
Call Our Reservations FreeOn: 0800163164
OpeningHours: Mon- Fri 9am- 8pmSat 9am- 5pmSun- 10am- 4pm
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Costa Atlantica Inside Outside Balcony
4, 11Jan2013 949PP 1039PP 1129PP
18, 25Jan2013 859PP 959PP 1049PP
1, 8, 15, 22Feb2013 899PP 999PP 1089PP
1, 8, 15, 22Mar 2013 899PP 999PP 1089PP
Costa Classica Inside Outside
8Dec 2012 699PP 839PP
5, 12Jan2013 859PP 945PP
19, 26Jan2013 769PP 859PP
2, 9, 16, 23Feb; 2, 9Mar 2013 819PP 899PP
CostaAtlanticais ashipdevotedtothe
excitement, locations andemotions
associatedwithcinemaandthearts: Fellini
andLaDolceVita, MadameButterfly, the
historic CaffFlorianinVenice, Viadella
Spiga, theeighteenth-centuryTiziano
Theshipoffers asuccessionof surprises
andattractions, startingwiththeimmense,
Relaxing, evenfor abrief moment, will
aBellini at theCaffFlorianwill immediately
of thehistoric cafinPiazzaSsnMarcoby
whichit was inspired.
CostaAtlanticais ashipinwhichyouwill
want toloseyourself. Admiring, reflecting
andenjoyingall thesurprises andabsorbing
atmospheres, colours andextraordinary
environments that makeit sounique.
JumeirahZabeel Saray, locatedonthe
west crescent of thePalmJumeirahdelivers
unrivalledluxurywithanimperial touchat
the405rooms andsuites culturally-inspired
destination. Hand-paintedfrescoes, Turkish
artworks andlavishmurals combineto
conjureupthemagnificenceof theGolden
Age. Theresort offers thefinest indining
experiences andanarrayof leisureactivities.
Enjoythespectacleof theMehteranTheatre
andShowCentreor embarkonajourneyof
thesenses at oneof thelargest, most opulent
spas that theworldhas tooffer.
CostaClassicais oneof thebest loved
ships inthefleet, perhaps becauseof its
or therecentlyrefurbishedbeautyof its
furnishings, or perhaps simplybecauseit is a
travel intotal relaxation.
Theclassical styleandrefinement of its
environments maketheshipavoyageof
discoveryinitself. Theinterior has been
detail, whiletheupper decks providean
CostaClassicais theideal cruisefor people
whowant tospendtheir happiest times ina
richandspectacular setting.
Arelaxingbreak or asnack at theAlfresco
Cafwill immediatelyput youintheholiday
mood. Shadedbyalargewhitesail, it
provides amagnificent terraceoverlooking
theseawhereyoucaneat outdoors.
1. Fly Gatwick to Dubai
with award winning
Emirates Airline, transfer
to Dubai port, join ship
(Overnight in port)
2. Dubai, UAE
3. Muscat, Oman
4. Fujairah, UAE
5. Khasab, Oman
6. Abu Dhabi, UAE
7. Dubai, UAE
(Overnight in port)
8. Disembark, transfer
& y to Gatwick with
award winning Emirates
Fly Direct With Award-Winning Emirates Airline
fromHeathrow- Gatwick - Birmingham-
Manchester - Newcastle - Glasgow
Emirates Economy Class is designed to give you
more room, more comfort and better service, for an
all-round better ight. Up to 34 seat pitch providing ample legroom-
Personal seatback TV screens with up to 1400 channels of on-demand
entertainment - Multi-course menu served with full bar service - 30kg
checked baggage allowance - Advance seat selection.
Must be bookedbefore 30 November 2012
*Other airports
available at a
88 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
Last weeks solution
The Crusaders clues
The Squires clues
50 Mystery Word Bonus
There is a 100 prize for the rst correct solution drawn; nine runners-up receive 25.
Send your completed crossword to the address shown in the box below left. In the skeleton crossword,
the black squares and clue numbers have to be lled in as well as the words. Four black squares and
four clue numbers have been inserted to give you a start. The black squares form a symmetrical pattern;
the top half matches the bottom, and the two sides correspond. You can ll in 12 more squares at once
to correspond with those given.
WINNERS: General Knowledge Crossword, OCT 28: 1,000:
Mrs S Taylor, Rainham, Essex. 25: Mr J Higgs, Deadmans Cross, Beds;
Mrs S Hopgood, Shobdon, Herefordshire; Mr J Stephens, Shepshed,
Leics; J Gaffer, Ipswich; Mrs B Casey, Southsea, Hants; Mr L Miller,
London SW16; Mrs J Fletcher, Ripley, Derbys; Mr E Pearman, Doncaster,
S Yorks; J Stuart, Wellesbourne, Warks. 50 Mystery Word Bonus:
Mr S Day, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Skeleton Crossword, OCT 28:
100: Mrs R Hall, Bridgend, Mid Glam. 25: Mr R Orridge, Nonington,
Dover; Mr E Dixon, Bury, Lancs; Mr D Birch, Northampton; Mr E Vause,
Boston, Lincs; Miss I Ritson, Somerset; Ms A Ketteridge, Cambridge;
M Elgar, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex; Mr W Kaye, Bradford,
W Yorks; Mr C Jones, Solihull, W Mids. 50 Mystery Word Bonus:
Mrs P Dorrington, Keighley, W Yorks.
The new Skeleton Crossword Puzzles book (quick clues only)
is out now (6.99, UK postage is free). To order Volume 1, send
a cheque or postal order to: Express Bookshop, PO Box 200,
Falmouth TR11 4WJ, call 0871 988 8366 with your credit card
details (calls cost 10p per minute from a BT landline) or order
online at expressbookshop.com 2012 Acorn Editorial
Send to: Skeleton Crossword,
PO Box 12578, Sutton
Coldeld B73 9BT. The winners
will be the rst correct entries
drawn after the closing date of
noon on Friday. Please allow 30
days for prizes to arrive.
1 Talk about straw, say
4 Two metals may split
7 A writer many held back
9 Article rst read in Punch
10 Alternatively, barium in
elliptical basin
11 Go right and cut back, say
14 Firm man, the rst
15 A unit of area like the acre
16 More than one cut the
content in half
19 Shod Conservatives
22 Side of stove behind pan
24 Backward schoolmasters
love for God
25 Extremely short story about
a state place
26 Plant from Cork perhaps
27 Its not on time, leading
to an expression of
28 This is done for 19,
not 11
2 One changing the locks?
3 Sound rst heard when
leaving a bar with a drink
4 Flyer, small front and
5 Strap rule George ditched
6 Fight about sh served
with a little meat
7 Dislodged piece, of course
8 One from Ireland cast
into sleep
12 A tree initially having no
leaves on an island
13 Spook present with an
FBI man
17 Regret about losing some
18 Necessary slice turned to
20 Instrument or two left in
the grip of an MD
21 Ones planned time in
23 King in Omaha, but not
for long
1 Cleaner act that
may... (5)
4 ...set GI off when
opening a bottle and
lingering (9)
9 The state ones out
in (15)
10 A barman may
belittle (4,5)
11 Innocent man back
against enclosed
side (5)
12 Athlete back from small
English town (7)
13 Cop against horse
use (3,4)
15 South-eastern part of
America, a legendary
one (7)
18 House interior, hard
to view (7)
20 Some dwelt with an
animal (5)
22 Article left over by
Hello journalist gone
to waste (9)
24 Upset treated with
antacids, if its so (15)
25 Tidy cod recipe,
perhaps back in
place (5,4)
26 Wet sauce a horse
consumed (5)
1 Empty bar Bob
attacks (5)
2 They cut poorly,
man! (7)
3 Minute - a cracked
clue (9)
4 Old theatre, play
given run proving a
success (7)
5 Jurys back, brief
observed (7)
6 Writer - a writer cut
back (5)
7 Single man taking note
of Spain or Portugal (7)
8 City girls not here for
attacks! (6,3)
12 Pale-skinned girl being
daft (3-6)
14 Chances for a model in
glasses? (9)
16 Passed over, a man
washed out (7)
17 Africans booty (behind
excluded from parts of
this list) (7)
18 Careful mother partly
at fault and partly
right (7)
19 Joke about a cool pair
catching up (7)
21 Sailor without any other
business back aboard
a little ketch:... (5)
23 ...small boat, not hard
or dirty (5)
1 Broom (5)
4 Biologically functionless (9)
9 Oblivion (15)
10 Do down (4,5)
11 Gullible (5)
12 ___ op, high jump
technique (7)
13 Draw on (3,4)
15 Slayer of the Minotaur (7)
18 Guessed (7)
20 Large African antelope (5)
22 Withered (9)
24 Unhappiness (15)
25 Kansas town (5,4)
26 Damp (5)
1 Spells (5)
2 Reaping hooks (7)
3 Extremely small (9)
4 Triumph (7)
5 Observed (7)
6 Henrik ___, playwright (5)
7 Peninsula of SW Europe (7)
8 Lets y (6,3)
12 Stupid (3-6)
14 Outlook (9)
16 Went by (7)
17 Bantu language (7)
18 Frugal (7)
19 Acquiring (7)
21 Male duck (5)
23 Gloomy and drab (5)
Ring 0901 322 5301 for a chance to win 50. Give the correct
answer to 18 Down leaving your name and address. Your call will
cost no more than 77p. The winner will be selected from all correct
entries received by noon on Thursday.
Across: 1 Creed, 4 Apathetic, 9 Nearsightedness, 10 No problem, 11 Set-to,
12 Shebeen, 13 Taffeta, 15 Ascetic, 18 Calgary, 20 Loads, 22 Preserved,
24 Well-intentioned, 25 Dispelled, 26 Grebe
Down: 1 Canon, 2 Example, 3 Dishonest, 4 Angolan, 5 Attempt, 6 Hades,
7 Theatre, 8 Customary, 12 Swallowed, 14 Faltering, 16 Chablis, 17 Capital,
18 Cleaned, 19 Advance, 21 Swine, 23 Dodge
Cryptic clues from our crosswording knight, and quick clues from his squire,
lead to the same answers in the Crusaders Sunday joust
CASH PRIZE Send your solution to:
Sunday Express Prize Crossword,
NOVEMBER 11, 2012, PO Box 12578,
Sutton Coldeld B73 9BT. The winner will
be the rst correct entry drawn after the
closing date of November 15, 2012.
The new Crusader Crosswords Vols 1-6,
(published by Hamlyn Octopus, February 2010)
are available at 5.99 each. To order your copy call
the Express Bookshop on 0871 988 8366 (calls cost
10p per minute from a BT landline), send a cheque
made payable to The Express Bookshop to: Crusader
Crosswords, PO Box 200, Falmouth TR11 4WJ or
order online at expressbookshop.com
Puzzle phone and text services: SP Telecom
Express Ltd, W1B 2AG. Helpline: 0870 010 8656
25 26
7 1
4 5
1 Who had a hit in 1989 with the dance
track French Kiss, which reached No2 in
the charts?
2 In what year did the French
Revolution begin?
3 Who wrote the period novel The French
Lieutenants Woman, made into a lm
starring Meryl Streep (right) in 1981?
4 Who played Roger to Dawn Frenchs
Val in the sitcom Roger & Val Have
Just Got In?
5 What is the largest island of French
6 In which Paris stadium is the annual
tennis French Open held?
7 Which album by Girls Aloud features
the singles Call The Shots and Cant
Speak French?
8 Who was the author of novels including
Frenchmans Creek and Hungry Hill?
9 Which French duchess married Henry II
and became mother to both Richard I of
England and King John?
10 Who played Popeye Doyle in the 1971
lm The French Connection, opposite
Fernando Rey?
A N S W E R S : 1 L i l L o u i s 2 1 7 8 9 3 J o h n
F o w l e s 4 A l f r e d M o l i n a 5 T a h i t i 6 S t a d e
R o l a n d G a r r o s 7 T a n g l e d U p 8 D a p h n e d u
M a u r i e r 9 E l e a n o r o f A q u i t a i n e
1 0 G e n e H a c k m a n
mensateaser: Win New Tricks series 9 on DVD
For more brain-teasing puzzles and information about Mensa membership, visit mensa.org.uk or telephone 01902 772771.
Mensa does not accept hyphenated words, and uses the Oxford Dictionary of English (Second Edition Revised) as its official reference.
Smash hit, long-running drama New Tricks Series Nine was released as a bumper
three-disc DVD on November 5, courtesy of Acorn Media. The hugely popular series
follows the investigations and exploits of the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad.
In series nine Jack Halford deals a devastating blow to UCOS - hes quitting.
For your chance to win, call 0907 181 2938 or text SXMENSA to 86660
Text cost 2 plus your usual network rate. Calls cost 77p per minute plus network extras and last 2.5 minutes.
Lines close at 23:59 on Saturday, November 17. For full T&Cs see express.com/compterms.
Helpdesk: 0870 010 8656 (national rate). SP: Spoke, W1B 2AG. For all SMS services you may receive other
related promotional material. To STOP receiving text NS NOINFO to 86660.
Answer for Teaser 4/11/12: Bonfire. The added words are
Which number
is the odd
one out?
110 615
431 523 734
862 316
SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 89
Puzzle phone and text services: SP Telecom Express Ltd, W1B 2AG. Helpline: 0870 010 8656
tests your logic and word power. Each grid number represents a letter. Each letter of the alphabet
is used. Use the given letter or letters below the main grid to start. Can you beat the target time? Call for
an extra letter clue if you get stuck. Solution next Sunday. DIFFICULTY: 9/10;
TARGET TIME: 29 minutes; CLUE: 100 desirous of conversation.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
| J !J J ! J !J !| !J ZZ
ZJ J ZJ Z! J J !
! J !J !J ZJ ZJ J !J Z! !|
J !| ! !| !| J |
ZJ ZJ 1 !Z J Z J J J J
! J !J !! J
J Z1 !J ZJ Z1 | J J !J ZJ Z1
! !| ZJ !J
ZJ J Z1 !1 ! !
Z1 J ZJ Z1 J Z1 J ! ZJ ZJ !J
!J J J ! Z! ! ZJ J
!| !Z ZJ ZJ ! Z1
For extra letter clues, call:
0907 181 2603
(Deduct two minutes from target
time for each extra letter heard.)
Or you can text
SXALPHA to 85088 and
we will text the extra letter
clues direct to your mobile.
Texts cost 1 plus your normal
network operator rate.
Full solution: 0907 181 2602
Across only: 0907 181 2600
Down only: 0907 181 2601
Calls cost 77p per minute from
BT landlines plus network extras.
Other networks and mobiles
may vary.
Last Sundays solution
ACROSS: Opulent (clue), Cape,
Skip, Anorexic, Symbol, Levity,
Ofce, Scrawl, Quotient, Mazy,
Gear, Greater.
DOWN: Jockey, Faucet, Hump,
Blister, Retail, Energy, Stroll,
Settee, Cleaver, Mate, Splint,
Alphapuzzle Books
New Alphapuzzle Books, Vols 1-4
(published by Hamlyn Octopus) cost
5.99 each, UK postage is free.
Earlier volumes (1-11) available,
6.99 each. Send a cheque or postal
order to: Express Bookshop, PO Box
200, Falmouth TR11 4WJ, call 0871
988 8366 (calls cost 10p per
minute) with your credit card details
or order at expressbookshop.com
Alphapuzzle 20!2 Acorn Editorial Ltd. All words appear in Chambers Dictionary.
Heres the Ultra Alphapuzzle
Sundays extra-tough version of Britains favourite wordpower challenge. Each
number in the grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. All 26 letters are used. Solution next Sunday.
Target time: 30 minutes
For up to six extra letter clues
call now on
0907 181 2607
(Deduct three minutes from target
time for each extra letter heard.)
Alternatively, for six extra clues
direct to your mobile, text
SXALPHAU to 85088. Texts
cost 1 plus your normal
network rate.
Full solution: 0907 181 2611
Across only: 0907 181 2609
Down only: 0907 181 2610
Calls cost 77p per min from
BT landlines plus network
extras. Other networks and
mobiles may vary.
Last Sundays solution
ACROSS: Shufe, House, Nap,
Bank, Tranquil, Azalea, Python,
Vortex, Growth, National, Grim,
Man, Ideal, Drastic.
DOWN: Phobia, Venom, Zoo,
Guinea, Rotund, Set, Gene, Okra,
Usurp, Jaunt, Flan, Yard, Tic,
Enough, Warden, Oft, Pylon,
The new Ultra Alphapuzzles
Vol 1 is now available
(6.99, free UK postage).
To order send a cheque or
postal order to: Express
Bookshop, PO Box 200, Falmouth
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2012 Acorn Editorial Ltd
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
ZJ ! !J !! ZZ Z1 J !J !1 !1 !J J
Z1 !| !J J ! Z1
ZJ !J !J Z1 ! !1 !! !| !J !J ZJ J
Z ! Z Z1 J Z1 !J !|
! !Z ZZ !J !J J !J Z1
!J !Z ZZ Z! Z1 J
!J ! ! !J Z !| !Z ! !! !1
J J !J ! ! !J
!Z ! !Z !J !1 !J ! ZZ
!1 ! 1 !J ZJ ZJ !J
ZJ !Z Z1 ! !J ! !Z !! !1 !J
!J ! !1 !! !J
! !! ! ZJ !J !J !1 !Z ! | !J
Fill the small squares so
that every column, every
row, and every 3x3 square
includes all of the digits
from 1 to 9.
Level: Moderate
Target: 22 minutes
For extra clues call
0901 322 5600
(Calls cost 77p per call from a BT
landline plus network extras, other
networks and mobiles may vary.)
For todays full solution call
0907 181 2606
(Calls cost 77p per minute from BT
landlines plus network extras, other
networks and mobiles may vary.)
To order Express Sudoku Puzzles (with more than 100 puzzles and tips) at 5.99 or the new Express Sudoku CD-ROM with
more than 1,000 printable puzzles at 9.99, send a cheque or postal order to Express Bookshop, PO Box 200, Falmouth
TR11 4WJ, call 0871 988 8366 (10p per minute on a BT landline) or order online at expressbookshop.com
1 5
8 2
6 9
9 5
4 6
3 5
7 8 1
6 2
7 6
9 4 2
3 8
4 2
6 5 3
7 9
9 7
1 5 4
2 8
6 4
8 9 3
1 5
8 1
2 6 7
3 4
7 6
8 1 3
4 9
2 1
4 5 9
8 7
9 8
7 2 6
1 5
1) Fliss is unpacking after moving house. The
lounge has space left for only her television
or bookcase. If she moves her desk from the
hall to the bedroom, the bookcase will t in
the hall, but the bedroom can take the desk
only if the kitchen has the TV or sh tank.
What should go where?
2) Which two words meaning blemish and
allow combine into one meaning red?
3) Find the celebrity chefs in these anagrams:
4) Justins Scout group is taking part in a
Remembrance Day parade from the meeting
hall to the church. The Scouts will walk
900 metres due west, then 500 metres due
south and then 300 metres due west to the
memorial. How far is that as the crow ies?
A N S W E R S : 1 T h e s h t a n k s h o u l d g o i n t h e k i t c h e n , t h e b o o k c a s e i n t h e h a l l , t h e d e s k i n t h e b e d r o o m a n d t h e T V i n t h e l o u n g e . 2 S c a r - l e t
3 a ) P a u l H o l l y w o o d , b ) N i g e l l a L a w s o n , c ) R i c k S t e i n 4 1 , 3 0 0 m e t r e s .
Can you crack the super-tough Ultimate Alphabeater? Each grid number represents a letter or black square.
As in Alphapuzzle, every letter of the alphabet is used. But you have to complete the grid too! Use the given
letters and black squares below the main grid to start. Alphabeater is rotationally symmetrical in other
words it looks exactly the same if you turn the page upside down. Solution next Sunday.
Target time: 42 minutes
Stuck getting started?
Try one of our helplines, calls cost
77p per minute from BT landlines
plus network extras. Other
networks and mobiles may vary.
Full solution: 0907 181 2598
Across only: 0907 181 2596
Down only: 0907 181 2597
Last Sundays solution:
Black squares: 2, 4, 9, 10,
13, 15, 17, 22, 26, 27, 31, 32,
33, 35. Across: Rabbit,
Warren, Possum, Quickly, Zesty,
Bhaji, Fudge, Sophism, Gyrate,
Alcove, Tasked. Down: Capsize,
Squab, Risk, Sixpence, Hybrid,
Bump, Vet, Qualm, Two, Ages,
Vivify, Freckled, Wand, Enjoy,
Enjoy a challenge? Why not
try The Ultra Alphapuzzle at
6.99 (free UK postage)? Call
0871 988 8366 with credit
card details or expressbook-
shop.com for online orders.
Calls cost 10p per minute
from a BT landline.
For up to six extra letter clues call 0907 181 2599 (deduct ve
minutes from target time for each extra letter heard). Callers will also hear two
black square clues free of any target time penalty. Calls cost 77p per minute
from BT landlines plus network extras. Other networks and mobiles may vary.
Alternatively, for six extra letter clues direct to your mobile,
text SXBEAT to 85088. Texts cost 1 plus your
usual network operator rate. Reduce target time by ve
minutes for each extra letter heard.








90 SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012
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SUNDAY EXPRESS November 11, 2012 91
With our fantastic prize sportsword
See Page 14 of the sports pullout
00N0k5Jk: 0ood
!!.50~05kJ 0kk (S||r|e] !eos1o|e,
cl cr1 fov) l, Creot |iectot|ors (8l) c,
l||ustr|ous |r|rce (lcl) 1, |os|or Cor| (l0l) 4.
l? ror. ( N|c|o||s, 5l fov Cose|o |or|).
!2.20~0h00kI k0YkL (J Hort, l1c fov)
l, Ceore berjor|r (50l) c, |ore Ao|r (l jt
cr1 fov) 1, Neor| (c0l) 4. l8 ror. (K
!2.50~Mkk Mkk (W bu|c|, c cr1 fov) l,
||os||||t (ll8 fov) c, Coe |eror (8l) 1. l5
ror. (S b|r Suroor).
!.25~M0hkkkI8 (| boro|oro, 5l jt fov) l,
lr1|rort (5l jt fov) c, S|r|rtor (l0l) 1, !|e
b|oc| Joco||r (l0l) 4. lc ror. (S b|r Suroor).
Norrurrers. l] bo], ||voto| |overert.
2.00~008kNIJk (J CroW|e], 8l) l, Sojj|oo
(4 fov) c, kec|or|r (lll) 1. lc ror. (k
bec|ett). Norrurrer. |r|rotes Oueer.
2.35~kkJ 50h0Lkk (| Nortor, c0l) l,
Corrur|cotor (l4l) c, Voo1oo |r|rce (lcl) 1,
Sor|o K|r (40l) 4. c1 ror. (| A|e|], 1l
fov ||rst |o||cor).
3.!0~J0N kIfL5 (W Corsor, l) l,
00MP0JkMkN: l.l0 Kos|r|r |eo| l.40 VkLLY0fMILkN (ro) c.l5 V|ro Cr|eo c.45
l'r !|e ec|1er 1.c0 bor U|sce 1.50 C||c||er|i 50N X: 3.50 8k5IL fkRLJY (ro)
00MP0JkMkN: lc.55 At ||s|ers Cross l.c5 bO\|kO|NOWH|k| (r|) c.00 |o1] W|||o
c.10 1.05 V||A!Ok 1.40 Ouo|v|ro 4.l0 50N X:
MkkkJ kk5N J0VNIL h0k0L 3Y0
3,899 (0|ess 4) 2m !f (8 dec|ered)
! 5 8L0 J0P (25) ! Wo|for1 l0lc ............................... 8 Joomey(3) 8!
2 41| 00NJ Jkk M kLIV (9) C |ors1or l0lc .......... N feh||y 98
3 fLIN0 0000 (f42) (f) b ||||sor l0lc ......................... 0 0oo| ~
4 kk5hMIk Pkk (f61) J J Ou|rr l0lc ........................0 0oste||o ~
5 U| kIkN'5 J0Y (!!) J O'Keeffe l0lc....................................8 herd|a ~
6 0 Lk5J Zkk (25) | W |oster|] l0lc ..............................k keaw|c| 63
1 LkJNfk5J (f394) | W |oster|] l0lc .............. J 0reeae||(5) ~
8 khYM k0YkL (f234) ||ss | C W||sor l05 ...............k Voy(3) ~
0hk PI05: Nos. !, 2.
forecest: ll8 ort !o|e |e A||ve, l18 Kos|r|r |eo|, b|ue !o, |ee||r Coo1,
c5 k|]re ko]o|, |oterfost, 50 |ost /o|, K|or's Jo].
20!!: 0a|aowa kebe| !0!2, 8 Joomey(5) 52 (k kyea), 8 rea.
k8f 50L0Ik5 0hkkIJY N0VI05' h0k0L
2,534 (4) 2m 3f (!0)
! 5/1414l kk0JI0N (!5) | A|e|] c ll5 .................................. 0008Jf0L !!!
2 !/2c 8kkkkkILLk (3!) (5) | W||||ors 5 l0lc.....................P Mo|oaey !24
3 0/0 kIN0kk00 (f!!) C Woo1Wor1 c l0lc ............................k Posoa 11
4 MILkN k0YkL J Jeffersor l0lc ................................h heyaes ~
5 f!3 Mk RkJ50N (2!6) Jorjo O'Ne||| 5 l0lc ..................k McLeraoa ~
6 46?4/| 00k 00L0N 80Y (264) A broWr c l0lc ....................... 0 0oo| 96
1 L5 5I8kIkN 50N (43) Jorjo O'Ne||| 4 l0lc ............. M L|aehea(1) 96
8 822 JIM5I5hkk0 (203) C |c||ersor 5 l0lc ............. J Mo||oy(3) ~
9 fff63c VkLLY0fMILkN (!6!) (f) |cCo|r 5 l0lc ...... J Meu|re !30
!0 94 RhI5PkIN0 808 (!84) l W||||ors 5 l0lc..................h 5|e|toa ~
VI50k: No. ! 0hk PI05: No. 6.
forecest: l18 Vo||e]ofr||or, c |r Wotsor, 4 borro||||o, 8 |||or ko]o|e, l4
W||ser|r bo|, lc !|res|s|or1, c5 S||er|or Sur, cc Ot|ers.
20!!: feaa|s 8oy 1!!5, 0 0oste||o 56 fev (J Veuhea), 6 rea.
VI0J0k L00k5 MM0kIkL N0VI05' h0kP 0hk5
5,653 (3) 2m 6f !!0yds (1)
! 1llb|c kLPIN 8kZ (!6) (0,f) Cort|||or c lllc
Peter 0erberry(5) !28
2 c14084 VIN0 0kI00 (26) C | |oore llll .......................... J Moore !30
3 ll||01 MY 8k0Jhk 5YLV5J (2!) (0) (J) ||e c lll0
0oaor 0'ferre|| !25
4 4c|c|5 8kk55 JkX (22) b Cose c ll? ........................................... 0 Jecob ~
5 c1cll4 kMk0N Lk0 (30) (5) |cCo|r 5 llc ......................... J Meu|re !03
6 1511b1 J000h JkLkIN MkN (!8) (J) | boWer 8 l0ll .......J J 0'8r|ea !26
1 c0/51|4 JkI0kY Jk (33!) |rs | S|] c l0? .............................5 0u|a|ea !25
8LINkk5: Nos. 2, 3 J0N00 5JkkP: No. 6
0hk PI05: No. 6.
50fJ/hkVY RINNk5: Nos. !, 2.
forecest: l58 A||re breee, 5c Arror |o1, l1c |] brot|er S]|vest, V|ro
Cr|eo, 8 !ou| !o|||r |or, lc bross !oi, l4 !r|c|] !ree.
20!!: Ryc| h||| 1!06, J 5cudemore !38 fev (0 8r|dweter), 8 rea.
kMM8kkN0 50N0kY hkN0I0kP 0hk5
3,249 (4) 3m !f (1)
! |l5|| 0 0k0JkI0h (!1) (0) A broWr 8 lllc ................................ 0 0oo| !!9
2 c8|1| Pk0PhJ 0 00Y (25) (0&0) H |vors ? lllc ... f de 0||es !20
3 l1c15 0hk0 00 0k0kkN (25) C beo||] c ll? ................J Messeaer !08
4 c/l11|| I N0 k hk0 (23) (0) |rs S Hur|re] ll?.......... J 0oy|e !!6
5 ?l||| k055M0k Lk0 (25) C |ors1or ll? ........................ N feh||y ~
6 4154l5 I'M Jh 00I0k (32) Jorjo O'Ne||| l0 ll8 .. M L|aehea(1) !22
1 ||||l| N0 PkNI0 (32) (0,0) (J) | boWer ? ll .................J J 0'8r|ea !!9
VI50k: No. 6 J0N00 5JkkP: No. 4
0hk PI05: No. 1.
50fJ/hkVY RINNk5: Nos. 6, !, 2.
forecest: ?4 l'r !|e ec|1er, 1 C|oc u Co1ror, 5 kossrore |o1, No |or|c,
8 |ro|ete e Cu]e, l Nee1 A Hero, lc O Croto||.
20!!: Prophete 0e 0uye 8!!6, J J Murphy 4! (h veas), 1 rea.
0J MkkkI0 kJ MkkkJ kk5N hkN0I0kP 0hk5
!,949 (5) 2m 4f (1)
! 845541 8kN 0I50 (24) ||ss J |oster lllc ........Joha 0ewsoa(1) !0!
2 |1lU1 fkkRLLkJMI0NI0hJ (!6) (0) A Ho|es c ll5
P 8ucheaea 96
3 U1?||| 0kPI50I (!09) SJ ov|es l0l1 ............................... L Jreedwe|| ~
4 |111c5 Mk0 Pk0f550k (64) J CorrWo|| ? l04 ...........J 0orawe||(5) 96
5 c||||5 N5Nkk5 (2) (0) A J ||11er1o|e ll l01................... R keaaedy 95
6 1||c5c Pkk 5k50N5 (1) | C|oror ? l00 .......... 0 kutherford(5) 9!
1 |||5|| RI5h5 0k RkJ0h5 (1) J Usor lc l00 ......... 0 5heehea(1) 90
8LINkk5: No. 4 J0N00 5JkkP: Nos. 2, 5
0hk PI05: No. !.
50fJ/hkVY RINNk5: Nos. !, 1.
forecest: 4 bor U|sce, c |oreWe||otr|1r||t, ?c |o1 |rofessor, l0 Co|sc|,
lc |eo| Seosors, c0 Nesroos, W|s|es Or Wotc|es.
20!!: Jec|o's 8oy 8!!5, 0 h|s|ett(!0) 6! (M ke|h|ey), !0 rea.
hkN0I0kP h0k0L (00N05 kN0 kMkJ5)
2,534 (4) 2m 3f (5)
! 1Uc50 kkJI5kN (23) (f) b ||||sor 4 lllc .................................J 8e||emy !!2
2 14544| 0hI0kLMIX (!6) |rs | S|] c ll8 ......... M|ss 8 kadrews(3) !!4
3 5/90|4 8k5IL fkRLJY (!9) (J,5) ||e ll5 ..............Mr k der(3) !!!
4 |||45c 0kkk Nk0Y (35) | O'br|er 8 l08
Mr 0 P 5hoemer|(5) !!2
5 ?0c1/cc 8Lk0k5J0N V0k5 (9) S|oW c l05 ......... Mr 0 0eraer(3) !!3
J0N00 5JkkP: Nos. !, 4.
forecest: 4 Art|sor, 1 bos|| |oW|t], ?c or| |rer], 5 C||c||er|i, c b|oc|store
20!!: Pr|ace 0f 0ea|e| 1!!!2, Mr 0 Murphy(3) !4! (Mrs k Murphy), 9 rea.
Lk0Y RILLk (2.00 ffos Les) ead
0hI0kLMIX (3.50 Mer|et kesea)
0otswo|ds: hI0h h0 5hkIff (l.c5 |fos |os)
Re|es: 8kkkkkILL (l.40 |or|et koser)
Lemboura: 0LJ05 (c.10 |fos |os)
Rest: 8k5IL fkRLJY (1.50 |or|et koser)
RYVkLLY0M0LIJI0N.00.0k N0VI05' h0k0L
3,249 (0|ess 4) 2m (9 dec|ered)
!0! L/50| k0kJkkk0 (4!) | W||||ors 5 l0lc ..................... 0oaor k|a(!0) ~
!02 !!c5 kJ fI5hk5 0k055 (!99) (0&0) ||ss k Curt|s 5 l0lc... k P Mc0oy !2!
!03 46! 00PPk 8Ik0h (23!) | W||||ors 4 l0lc ..................k Rede(3) ~
!04 11c111 kkJh JkM0k (!55) ! Vou|or c l0lc ................. k Johasoa !!2
!05 !?0 LY05JP P0INJ (!9) kees 5 l0lc .......................... J M 0ev|es ~
!06 344 Mk5Jk 8NJkMIN (!4) J Scott 5 l0lc ................ N 5cho|f|e|d !02
!01 4!35 MY Lk0 Pk0Y (3!) (0) |rs Horer 4 l0lc ...... k 0oa|oa(5) +85
!08 6 0kI55kN JIM (20) ! Vou|or 5 l0lc ................. Mr 8 0|bbs(1) ~
!09 09 Rh0 kM I (3!) |rs Horer c l0lc ....................0 0evereux(3) ~
J0N00 5JkkP: No. 4. 50fJ/hkVY RINNk5: Nos. 2.
forecest: lc At ||s|ers Cross, ?c |ort| !reror, 8 |oster berjor|r, l4 Coer
b|rc|, c0 Or|ssor J|r, |] |o1 |erc], 11 A1ojoro1, cc |]1ste |o|rt, W|o Ar l.
20!!: Pec|hemecho 5!0!2, k P Mc0oy !58 (M|ss k 0urt|s), !0 rea.
00NkkVN RIN00R5 N0VI05' h0k0L
3,249 (4) 3m (9)
20! 54!3lc 80Yfk0MN0Rhk (29) (0) ||ss k Curt|s 5 ll5 ... k P Mc0oy !29
202 93l 0N0L JIMMY (36) | Ho||s 5 ll5 ............................. k Johasoa !08
203 P02 LM hkLL (246) ! Vou|or 5 l0lc ............................ k 0o|emea ~
204 P5!! hI0h h0 5hkIff (2!6) (0,5) ! k Ceore c l0lc .P 8reaaea ~
205 L23 M0M8L5 8kY (10) | boWer c l0lc .................0 0evereux(3) ~
206 6!!1U5 5Ik 8Nfk0 (!9) W Co|1sWort|] c l0lc ......... Mr M 8erber(1) ~
201 24 5JkN0IN0 0VkJI0N (!81) ||e 5 l0lc ................J J Murphy ~
208 4055c4 VI0J0k 0h0 (26) | |vors c l0lc ..............................0 0'keea !!8
209 P| J0'5 0k00hJk (!5) burc|e|| 4 l05 ..........................0 fehy ~
8LINkk5: No. 6. 50fJ/hkVY RINNk5: Nos. 6, 2.
forecest: l18 bo]frorroW|ere, ll4 Urc|e J|rr], c V|ctor |c|o, 8 Stor1|r
Ovot|or, l0 H|| Ho S|er|ff, lc |ur||es bo], l4 ||r Ho||, c5 Ot|ers.
20!!: M|ss ke||fe 4!05, J Moore 5! (P 8owea), !3 rea.
kR8 0f P0 hkN0I0kP 0hk5
3,899 (4) 2m (6)
30! 1lc|cl kNkY J0k0 (4) (0) N HoW|e lcl(ei) ........... M 0u|a|ea(3) !03
302 4cc5|| kIMINI (234) (0) kees lllc ............................. Mr 8 0|bbs(1) !08
303 ll|1|c RhkJ5hkLLR00 (!0) (0) ! Vou|or ll8 ......... k Johasoa !01
30454620 hkZYMM (!1) (0) | S|eor1 ? ll .............................. 0 Poste !06
305 |cl41| Lk0Y RILLk (20) (0) | C|||or1 5 ll4 ...................... J Phe|ea !!3
306 |c554c 80N0MkN (2) | W||||ors ? l08 .......................... 0oaor k|a(!0) !!0
J0N00 5JkkP: Nos. !, 2, 4, 5. 50fJ/hkVY RINNk5: Nos. !, 6, 5, 2, 3.
forecest: l18 Aro] !ure, c W|ots|o||We1o, 4 bororor, c |o1] W|||o, k|r|r|,
lc Hoe]rr.
20!!: No correspoad|a rece.
8kJhRI0k JYk5 80INNk5' 0hk5
1,!48 (3) 2m 3f !!0yds (!3)
40! 441l4 k0hIM0Jk (233) (0) | S|eor1 c llc ......................... 0 Poste ~
402 l1|/c08 0LJ05 (201) (5) N Her1ersor 5 llc.................. k P Mc0oy !2!
403 545|l5 0IJY Pk55 (!2) (0) W Creotrei c llc ................R hutch|asoa ~
404 645c1/4 0kY MI55IL (!4) J Scott llc.............................. N 5cho|f|e|d ~
405 4/|U5l1 h0Rkk0'5 L0k0Y (!82) (0) ||ss V W||||ors c llc ..k 0o|emea ~
4061/|l51| J0MP5 k0k0 (246) (0) C !|or1 5 llc......................J J|zzerd ~
401 c/1ll5 M00NJkIN005 (221) (0&0) k |ee llc ............ J 5cudemore ~
408 |1l11c 050kk 0kVY (36) | Ho||s c llc................................ k Johasoa ~
409 cc5cc0 k800k5 0h0I0 (!8) burc|e|| ? llc .........................0 fehy !!6
4!0 1l4|l RIN05 0f 5M0k (!9) (0) ! Vou|or llc ..........M 8yrae(5) ~
4!! l4ccc4 0kRN PkY0 (202) | boWer 8 l0? ......................0 0'keea ~
4!2 l1c4/| 5kINJLY Lk0Y (!16) | boWer l0? .................0 0evereux(3) ~
4!3 141c5 Jk0kI5 50LIJkIk (232) A Hore]|o|| 4 l00 ..... k 0reea(3) ~
J0N00 5JkkP: Nos. 3, !0 0hk PI05: No. !2.
50fJ/hkVY RINNk5: Nos. !, 2, 6, 1, 9, !2.
forecest: c Joc||es So||to|re, 4 Oscor ov], 5 Ce|tus, |ourto|rous, 8 W|rs Of
Sro|e, l0 Jurs koo1, HoWor1's |eoc], lc Ac||roto, c0 Ot|ers.
20!!: No correspoad|a rece.
0k05VN0k 0k5IN0 5RkN5k hkN0I0kP h0k0L
5,848 (3) 3m (!0)
50! l1|0|| L 8k0 8kI (8) (0) k |ee ? lllc ..................................... 0 Poste !28
502 4lc1cl RkN0 MILLI0NkIk (!4) (0) ||e 5 lll0 ... J 5cudemore !32
503 1b/lcl5 5I8kIkN JI0k (44) (0) | W||||ors ll ............k Rede(3) !32
504 clcclc RkYRkk0 0LkN0 (23) (J) J|r best 4 ll .......... k P Mc0oy !29
505 00?lll VLkJ0k (233) (0) A Hore]|o|| 5 ll5 .kechee| 0reea(3) !35
506 |045c5 5J0R (268) (0) ||ss k Curt|s ll0 .................... P 0orbett(!0) !32
501 9/?l581 RhkJ k 5kY (!9) J Scott l0lc ............................ N 5cho|f|e|d !30
508 |?|1l| JN8Y JRL (!5) W Co|1sWort|] l0lc ............... k Johasoa !28
509 !4/c1c| VkLLY Lk0 (43) (0) | |vors c l0?......................... k 0o|emea !3!
5!0 l5/3|14 00k50 PkLLk0I0 (20) (0) | boWer l0 l04 ...0 0evereux(3) !30
VI50k: No. 4 J0N00 5JkkP: No. !0 0hk PI05: Nos. !, !0.
50fJ/hkVY RINNk5: Nos. !, 6, 8, 9, 1.
forecest: 5c Wee|er1 |||||oro|r, 4 Ve|otor, 5 W|ot |r So], c Wo]Wor1 C|orce,
l0 StoW, !er|] JeWe|, l4 Corso |o||o1|o, lc Vo||e] |o1, |e beou bo|, c0 S||er|or !|er.
20!!: froat|er 0eacer 1!!6, 0 8ess(3) 1! (Mrs L h|||), !0 rea.
0Y5Jk P00L5 kN0 Jk00ZZI kk0LkN h0kP 0hk5
3,899 (4) 3m (1)
60! ||5c|| fI5h00J0fRkJk (6) (0) ||ss k Curt|s 8 lllc ..... k P Mc0oy !!1
602 |0c|/c 00kLVIk0 (3!) ! Vou|or 8 lllc .......................... k Johasoa !!8
603 1ll|| 0kPJkIN 50kkLJJ (28) (0) J |||rt c ll .....................0 fehy ~
604 5/l|5| 800N05 kN0 LkP5 (234) (0) | Scu1orore ll4 ... J 5cudemore !!3
605c/141 N0M8k0k0N0hk (28) | |vors c l0l1 ................ k 0o|emea !!5
606 514|c Lk0Y kkkIN0k (!0) |uc] Jores l0l1.......................... 0 Poste !!6
601 |11c4| J0kNkNJ (!3) | W||||ors c l0l0 ...............................k Rede(3) ~
0hk PI05: No. 3. 50fJ/hkVY RINNk5: Nos. 3, !, 2.
forecest: ll4 ||s|outofWoter, c |o1] Kor|ro, 5 !orrort, Ouo|v|ro, c bour1s Ar1
|eos, 8 Nur|ercrurc|er, l4 Coto|r Scor|ett.
20!!: V|ctory 0uaaer !3!!9, Je|e 0reeae||(5) !0! (k Lee), !0 rea.
RkLJk5 0k 'J0NI0k' 5JkN0kk0 0PN Nh fLkJ 3Y0
!,154 (6) !m 6f (6)
! 0k5JL 8k0h ||ss k Curt|s l0lc .............................. k P Mc0oy ~
2 J0hN kL | |vors l0lc ............................................... k 0o|emea ~
3 I0 Jk5 b ||||ror l05 ....................................... Mr P M|||mea(1) ~
4 Lk0Y L0Jkk J |||rt l05 ................................................ J f||at(1) ~
5 N0k5 8kk0 broce l05 ...................................0 0evereux(3) ~
6 PkIN055 kNNk8LL b ||||ror l05 ................... N 5cho|f|e|d ~
forecest: 45 Cost|e beoc|, 5c Jo|r kee|, l0 Nurse broce, lc |o1] |ectro, l4
|r|rcess Arro|e||e, c0 lce !res.
20!!: My Iaher|teace !0!2, P 8reaaea !32 (J k 0eore), 1 rea.
IT was an end of term report of rsts
when the curtain came down on the
nal day of the Flat season at
Doncaster yesterday.
Richard Hughes became champion
jockey for the rst time, John Gosden
topped the trainers table for the rst
time and Amy Ryan was the rst girl to
be the outright winner of the
apprentice championship.
With no disrespect to Hughess
outstanding talent, taking the title
appeared beyond his grasp.
The Irishman had a habit of blowing
it through a succession of lengthy
bans. This was again the case at the
start of the season when he was
suspended for a month.
By contrast, there is nothing
reckless about Gosdens approach to
the game.
Five winners at Royal Ascot, with
Nathaniel as the stables ag bearer,
sealed the outcome for one of the
sharpest brains in the training
Ryans achievement should not be
clouded by the fact that her father
Kevin is a successful trainer.
But the season was all about two
remarkable racehorses the unbeaten
pair Frankel and Black Caviar the
ace from Australia.
It is universally agreed that Frankel
was best that anyone had ever seen.
Unfortunately the pair never met on
the racecourse but they are expected
to get it together at stud.
Surely, a match made in heaven.
For sheer swagger and punch
nothing bettered Frankel when ripping
his rivals apart in the Juddmonte
Stakes at York in August.
As for drama, Black Caviars last
gasp for victory, when her rider Luke
Nolen stopped riding before the
winning post at Royal Ascot, was a
roller coaster never to be forgotten.
RACING By Chris Goulding
FIrst tIm6
FAMILY: Richard Hughes and son Harvey
U|trosor|c (l) c, Just|reo (c0l) 1, S|r|us
|rosect (?c ) 4. l? ror. (S C W||||ors, 4l fov
Joc| eiter).
3.45~JkkJIfLJJ (| Nortor, l0l) l,