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UNIVERSITY OF DURHAM Department of English Studies Inexpensive copies of books on this list are usually available from the following online bookseller: http://www.ama on.co.uk http://www.abebooks.co.uk The Depar t m e n t recom m e n ds the purchase of The Norton Antholo ! of En l"sh #"terat ur e $ ed% M% H% A&rams$ ' th ed"t"on$ ( )olum es *Ne+ Yor, and #ondon$ (---$ paper&ac,. % /lease note that earl"er or later ed"t"ons of th"s +or, are perfectl! accepta&l e% The! conta"n some of the te0ts used for four of the f"rst1 !ear modules *Introduct"on to the No)el$ Introduct"on to /oetr!$ The Hero"c A e$ The A e of 2h")alr!.% Man! second1 and th"rd1 !ear modules also "n)ol)e the stud! of te0ts conta"ned "n th"s antholo !$ so !ou should &e a&le to use these &oo,s throu hou t !our under r ad u a t e career% !reliminary reading list for "ombined #onours candidates accepted in $ctober %&'( In your first year you may take up to three modules in English chosen from: '. %. (. *. -. /. 1. Introduction to Drama Introduction to the )ovel Introduction to !oetry +he English ,anguage and its #istory "lassical and .iblical .ackground to English ,iterature +he 0ge of "hivalry +he #eroic 0ge

,ists of secondary reading will be distributed at the introductory lecture for each module.


Introduct"on to Dram a

+he aim of this module is to introduce students to the study of drama as a literary genre. +he module studies selected plays by seven significant dramatists. It also explores a variety of themes and topics. +hese include: language and silence2 the family2 gender2 freedom2 tragedy2 tragi3 comedy2 realism2 absurdism2 sexuality2 politics +he list of 4!rimary +exts5 indicates the dramatists and plays to be lectured on in the module: the names follow the order of the lectures. 0 list of 4Secondary 6aterial5 will be given out at the start of the module. 0ll primary texts and many secondary texts will be placed on reserve and/or three3 day loan in the 7niversity ,ibrary. +o save cost and to ensure that you are all working with the same text8 you are strongly recommended to buy the specific editions of the plays mentioned in the list. /lease read at least the starred "tems &efore the start of the course "n Octo&er . +hese works will be lectured on in the first term2 mention will also be made of the other plays in one or more of the 4general5 lectures in this term. 9urther detailed lectures on "hekhov8 6iller8 .eckett8 :ushner8 and !inter will take place in the second and third terms. Strindberg5s 6iss ;ulie will be included in a lecture on 46odern +ragedy58 but it will not be the sub<ect of an separate lecture. :ushner5s 0ngels in

0merica is a remarkable achievement2 you are advised that it involves some trenchant language and thematic material. /lease note that the three1 hour e0am"na t " on for th"s module "s 3open &oo,45 that "s$ !ou are allo+ed to ta,e "n cop"es of the pla!s stud"ed% Ho+e)er $ these cop"es must not conta"n an! +r"t"n &! !ou$ thou h passa es can &e underl"ned or h" hl" ht e d .

/r"mar! Te0ts #enrik Ibsen8 = 0 Doll5s #ouse and = #edda >abler . Edition to buy is 9our 6a<or !lays 8 trans. ;ames 6c9arlane and ;ens 0rup8 $7!8 ?orld5s "lassics. Eugene $5)eill8 = +he Iceman "ometh 8 = ,on g Day5s ;ourney Into )ight . Editions to buy are those published by ;onathan "ape or )ick #ern .ooks. 0nton "hekhov8 = +he +hree Sisters 8 +he "herry $rchard . Editions to buy are either "hekhov: !lays 8 trans. and intro. 6ichael 9rayn8 6ethuen8 or "hekhov: !lays 8 trans. !eter "arson and intro. @ichard >ilman8 !enguin. 0rthur 6iller8 0ll 6y Sons8 Death of a Salesman . Edition to buy is 0rthur 6iller: !lays: $ne8 6ethuen. Samuel .eckett8 ?aiting for >odot 8 Endgame . Edition to buy is +he "omplete Dramatic ?orks 8 9aber. It is cheaper to buy this edition than to buy separate copies of the plays to be lectured on. #owever8 you may be able to buy second3 hand copies of the individual plays. #arold !inter8 +he .irthday !arty 8 +he "aretaker . Editions to buy are those published by 9aber. +ony :ushner8 0ngels in 0merica: 0 >ay 9antasia on )ational +hemes . Edition to buy is the edition of the work published by )ick #ern .ooks. A0ugust Strindberg8 6iss ;ulie and $ther !lays. +rans 6ichael @obinson. $xford ?orld5s "lassics is the recommended edition.B 0ll the above editions will8 where possible8 be placed on reserve in the 7niversity ,ibrary.


Introduct"on to the No)el

/r"mar! Te0ts =Defoe8 Daniel8 @obinson "rusoe C'1'DE8 ed. +. :eymer8 $xford ?orld5s "lassics8 %&&1 CF*.GGE. +he )orton "ritical Edition8 ed. 6. Shinagel8 ?.?. )orton8 'GG* CFD.G-E contains useful critical material. 0lso available in !enguin !opular "lassics CF'.%-E.

=0usten8 ;ane8 6ansfield !ark C'D'*E8 ed. ;.:insley8 $xford ?orld5s "lassics8 %&&( CF*.GGE. =.rontH8 "harlotte8 ;ane Eyre C'D*1E8 ed. 6. Smith8 $xford ?orld5s "lassics8 %&&& CF(.GGE. +he .roadview +ext8 ed. @. )emesvari8 .roadview !ress8 'GGG CF*.GGE8 contains useful contextual material. 0lso available in !enguin !opular "lassics CF'.%-E. Dickens8 "harles8 .leak #ouse C'D-%3 (E8 ed. 0. Sanders8 Everyman5s Dickens8 'GG* CF-.GGE. +he )orton "ritical Edition8 ed. >. 9ord and S. 6onod8 ?.?. )orton8 'GG* CF''.G-E8 contains useful critical material. 0lso in $xford ?orld5s "lassics CF-.GGE8 !enguin "lassics CF-.GGE and !enguin !opular "lassics CF'.%-E. "onrad8 ;oseph8 #eart of Darkness C'G&%E8 ed. @. #ampson8 !enguin 6odern "lassics8 %&&& CF(.GGE. +he )orton "ritical Edition8 ed. @. :imbrough8 ?.?. )orton8 'GDD CF/.G-E8 contains useful critical material. +he .roadview +ext8 ed. D. >oonetilleke8 .roadview !ress8 'GGG CF*.GGE8 contains useful critical material. 0lso available in !enguin !opular "lassics CF'.%-E. @hys8 ;ean8 ?ide Sargasso Sea C'G//E8 ed. 0. Smith8 !enguin 6odern "lassics8 %&&& CF1.GGE. 0lso available ed. #. ;enkins8 %&&' CF-.GGE. @ushdie8 Salman8 6idnight5s "hildren C'GD'E8 Iintage8 'GG- CF1.GGE.


Introduct"on to /oetr!

+he aim of this module is to explore8 through studying selections from the work of important seventeenth3 century poets8 poetic language8 form8 imagery8 metre8 rhythm8 rhyme8 and syntax8 as well as the distinctive pleasures that poetry offers to8 and the demands it makes of8 the reader. +here is also scope to study how poetic texts and contexts of various kinds relate to one another. Students are advised to familiarise themselves with some of the primary texts before the start of the module8 though this module will also take into account the fact that many participants will be encountering pre3 nineteenth3 century poetry for the first time. Suitable preparation will be wide reading in appropriate sections of +he )orton 0nthology of English ,iterature 8 vol. '. 0 ma<or work on the module is 6ilton5s !aradise ,ost Cwhich +he )orton 0nthology 1 th edn. gives completeE. +hose taking this module should buy +he )orton 0nthology vol. ' and at least one other of the listed primary texts. ,ectures will largely Cthough not exclusivelyE be based on poems in the )orton 0nthology. 9or writing essays you may wish to explore beyond the )orton selections. Scholarly and annotated editions of all the poets studied on the module will be available in the 7niversity ,ibrary. /r"mar! Te0ts Cstarred poets will be lectured on in the first termE /lease note that the poems ment"oned are onl! a sample of the poets4 +or, and !ou ma! +ell &e e0pect ed to stud! other poems "n tutor"als and lectur es% 6hat "s suppl"ed &elo+ +"ll ")e !ou a ood prel"m"na r ! ,no+led e of the poets%

;ohn Donne C=E: 4Songs and Sonnets5 Ctry to read at least 4+he @elic58 J0 ,ecture upon the ShadowJ8 J0 Ialediction: 9orbidding 6ourningJ8 J+he DreamJ8 J+he EcstasyJ8 J+he >ood 6orrowJ 8 J+he 9leaJ8 J+he Sun @isingJ8 J0 )octurnal upon Saint ,ucyJs DayJ8 J+he 0pparitionJ8 J0ir and 0ngelsJ8 and J+he "anoni ation5E8 8 4#oly Sonnets5 Csometimes called 4Divine 6editations5E 8 4>ood 9riday8 '/'(. @iding ?estward58 40 #ymn to >od my >od8 in my Sickness58 40 #ymn to >od the 9ather5. +hese poems are all to be found in the )orton 0nthology 8 vol. '8 and in "omplete English !oems 8 ed. 0.;. Smith C!enguinE. 0ndrew 6arvell C=E8 "omplete !oems 8 ed. Eli abeth Story Donno C!enguinE. See especially 4+he >arden58 4+o #is "oy 6istress58 40n #oratian $de 7pon "romwell5s @eturn from Ireland58 40 Dialogue between the Soul and .ody58 4+he 6ower to the >lowworms58 4+he 6ower5s Song58 4+he "oronet58 and 4+he Definition of ,ove5 Call in )orton 0nthology 8 vol. 'E. >eorge #erbert8 "omplete English !oems 8 ed. ;ohn +obin C!enguinE. See especially 4;ordan C'E58 4;ordan C%E58 4Denial58 4+he "ollar58 4+he 9lower58 4+he 9orerunners58 4,ove C(E58 4+he !ulley58 4Death58 4@edemption58 and 4+he 9lower5 Call in )orton 0nthology 8 vol. 'E. K #enry Iaughan. $ne of the few volumes of Iaughan5s poetry in print Cwhich will be ordered for the 7niversity bookshopE is a Selected ?ritings 8 ed. 0nne "luysenaar CS!":8 %&&*E. If there are d"ff"cult"es "n o&ta"n"n th"s "tem$ +e shall ad)"se !ou accord"n l! at the start of M"chael m as term % #owever8 there is a reasonable selection of Iaughan5s poems in the )orton 0nthology 8 vol. '. See especially 4@egeneration8 4+he @etreat58 47nprofitableness58 4Silence8 and Stealth of DaysL58 4+he ?orld58 4+hey 0re 0ll >one into the ?orld of ,ight58 4+he )ight58 and 4+he ?aterfall5. @ecommended editions of Iaughan in the 7niversity ,ibrary include those by 0lan @udrum C'G1/E and by ,ouis 6art Can edition of #erbert and IaughanE C'GD/E2 both will be placed on short loan. ;ohn 6ilton8 sonnets Cincluding 46ethought I saw my late espoused saint5E and !aradise ,ost 8 in 6ilton8 +he "omplete !oems 8 ed. ;ohn ,eonard C!enguinE. 0lso in )orton 0nthology 8 vol. '. /l e ase no t e t h a t t h e t h r e e1 ho u r e 0 a m " n a t " on for t h"s m o d ul e "s 3closed &oo ,45 !ou a r e no t p e r m " t t e d t o t a , e a n ! t e 0 ts "n t o t h e e 0 a m + " t h !ou%


Th e En l"sh #an u a e a n d I ts H"st o r !

/r el" m" n a r ! Rea d" n #"st5 +he ,ibrary has been asked to place all these works on (3day loan. I5 8eneral H"stor"es 0itchison8 ;ean. Language Change: Progress or Decay . % nd edn. "ambridge8 'GG'. .arber8 "harles. The English Language : A Historical Introduction . "ambridge8 %&&&. .augh8 0. ". and +. "able. A History of the English Language . - th ed. @outledge8 %&&%. .ragg8 6elvyn8 The Adventure of English : 500AD to 2000 The !iogra"hy of a Language #odder M Stoughton8 %&&(. .urnley8 ;. D. The History of the English Language : A #ource !oo$ 8 %nd ed. ,ongman8 %&&&. "rystal8 David. The Ca%&ridge Encyclo"edia of the English Language . "ambridge8 'GG-.

"rystal8 David. The #tories of English . !enguin8 %&&-. 9reeborn8 Dennis. 'ro% (ld English to #tandard English: A Course&oo$ in Language )ariation Across Ti%e . (rd edn. !algrave 6acmillan8 %&&/. #ogg8 @ichard and David Denison. A History of the English Language . "ambridge8 %&&/. #ogg * @ichard 6.8 ed. The Ca%&ridge History of the English Language . /vols. "ambridge8 'GG%3 . :nowles8 >erald. A Cultural History of the English Language . 0rnold8 'GG1. ,eith8 Dick. A #ocial History of English . @outledge8 'GD(. 6c0rthur8 +om. The (+ford Co%"anion to the English Language . $xford8 'GG%. 6c0rthur8+om 8 ed. The Concise (+ford Co%"anion to the English Language . $xford8 %&&-. !yles8 +. " and ;. 0lgeo. The (rigins and Develo"%ent of the English Language . (rd edn. #arcourt .race ;ovanovich8 'GD%. @obins8 @. #. A #hort History of Linguistics . (rd edn. ,ongman8'GG1. @omaine8 Su anne. Language in #ociety: An Introduction to #ociolinguistics . $xford: $xford 7!8 'GG*. Strang8 .arbara 6. #. A History of English . 6ethuen8 'G1&. +homas8 ,inda et al. ,anguage8 #ociety and Po,er: An Introduction 8 %nd Edition. ,ondon and )ew Nork: @outledge8 %&&(. II5 Spec"f"c Top"cs A. H"stor!$ Voca&ular! and Standar d"sat "on .arber8 ". Early -odern English . 'G1/. .rook8 >. ,. English Dialects 'G/(. ;ones8 @. 9. The Triu%"h of the English Language . 'G-(. #ughes8 >eoffrey. .ords in Ti%e: A #ocial History of the English )oca&ulary . .asil .lackwell8 'GDD. ,ewis8 ". S. #tudies in .ords . 'G/&. !hillips8 :. ". Language and Class in )ictorian England . 'GD*. 9. Att"tud es to #an ua e: 2orrectness .olton8 ?. 9. The English Language 2 vols I: Essays !y English and A%erican -en of Letters /0102 /3415 II: Essays &y Linguists and -en of Letters* /3532 /160 "ambridge 7niversity !ress8 'G// and 'G/G. De6aria8 @obert. 7ohnson8s Dictionary and the Language of Learning . 'GD/. Starnes8 D. +. and >. E. )oyes. The English Dictionary fro% Ca,drey to 7ohnson . 'GG'. +ucker8 Susie. English E+a%ined: T,o Centuries of Co%%ent on the -other2 Tongue . "ambridge8 'G/'. 2. En l"sh as a 6orld #an ua e .ailey8 @ichard ?. and 6anfred >Orlach8 ed. English as a .orld Language . 7niversity of 6ichigan !ress8 'GD%. 6air8 "hristian CEd.E The Politics of English as a .orld Language . )ew Nork and 0msterdam: @odopi8 %&&(. Schneider8 Edgar ?. Postcolonial English: )arieties around the ,orld . "ambridge: "ambridge 7!8 %&&1. D. Re "sters of #an ua e "ameron8 Deborah. 'e%inis% and Linguistic Theory . 'GD-. "ameron8 Deborah. The 'e%inist Criti9ue of Language: A :eader . 'GG&. "homsky8 )oam. -anufacturing Consent . 'GDD ,eech8 >. English in Advertising . ,ongman8 'G//. 6oi8 +oril. #e+ual;Te+tual Politics . 'GDSpender8 Dale. -an -ade Language . %nd edn. !andora8 'GG&.

"ourse "onveners: !rofessor "orinne Saunders2 Dr David 0shurst -. 2lass"cal and 9"&l"cal 9ac, round to En l"sh #"tera t u r e

"lassical literature and the .ible are at the core of the ?estern tradition. +heir influence pervades almost every aspect of our culture8 affecting the very ways in which we structure our experience of the world. +he texts you will engage with on this module and the knowledge of the different genres8 terms8 and concepts that you will acPuire should prove invaluable in all your literary studies. 0 knowledge of #omeric and Iergilian epic8 for example8 will give you an obvious and immediate advantage in confronting Paradise Lost on the Introduction to !oetry module. Similar benefits will accrue in your second3 and third3 year modules8 particularly in such areas as medieval and @enaissance literature8 though you will be able to trace the influence of "lassical and .iblical archetypes right through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to modern authors such as ;oyce8 Eliot8 and Derek ?alcott. +he .iblical section of the module is grounded in the 0uthori ed Iersion C0IE8 published in '/'' and often known as the :ing ;ames .ible. +he 0I provides an incomparable richness of language and a range of narrative reference that can be found virtually everywhere in the literature of the last four centuries. 6oreover8 the interpretative challenges posed by the .ible Q a complex work composed under very different pressures during the course of many centuries Q have helped to shape the ways in which we read texts of all kinds8 secular as well as sacred. +he "lassical side of the module will concentrate on a small number of ma<or Cand inter3 dependentE texts8 as follows: #omer. The Iliad . +rans. @obert 9agles. #armondsworth: !enguin8 'GG&2 or #omer. The Iliad . +rans. @obert 9it gerald2 intro. >. S. :irk. $xford: $7!8 'GGD. #omer. The (dyssey . +rans. ?alter Shewring. $xford: $7!8 'GD&. !lato. The :e"u&lic . +rans. @obin ?aterfield. $xford: $7!8 'GGD C.ooks I8 II8 III8 M RE. 0ristotle. The Poetics . In Classical Literary Criticis% . Ed. and trans. D. 0. @ussell and 6. ?interbottom. $xford: $7!8 'GDG Aalso contains #orace5s Art of Poetry and extracts from !lato5s Ion and :e"u&lic C.ooks II8 III8 M REB. Sophocles. (edi"us :e+ In #o"hocles: The Three The&an Plays . +rans. @obert 9agles. #armondsworth: !enguin8 'GD*. Iirgil. The Aeneid: A <e, Prose Translation . +rans. David ?est. ,ondon: !enguin8 'GG&2 or Iirgil. The Aeneid . +rans. @obert 9it gerald. #armondsworth: !enguin8 'GG( Ca verse translationE. $vid. -eta%or"hoses . +rans. 0. D. 6elville2 intro. E. ;. :enney. $xford: $7!8 'GGD. +he .iblical section will use: The !i&le: Authori=ed >ing 7a%es )ersion $xford: $7!8 'GGD. /repar a t " on5 +he most important thing that you can do is to read the set te0ts before !ou come up to Durha m in $ctober. +he "lassical side of the module begins with #omer Q the fountainhead of ?estern literature Q and you will be expected to be already familiar Ed. @obert "arroll and Stephen !rickett.

with the plot8 characters8 and structure of both the Iliad and the (dyssey . Nou ought to devise a sensible program me for working your way CselectivelyE through the .ible over a period of several weeks. Nou need8 above all8 to have a good knowledge of >enesis8 Exodus8 ;ob8 !salms8 the Song of Songs / Song of Solomon8 Isaiah8 and E ekiel C$ld +estamentE2 and the 9our >ospels Cespecially 6ark and ;ohnE8 the 0cts of the 0postles8 St !aul5s Epistles Cespecially @omans and "orinthiansE8 and @evelation C)ew +estamentE. 9or further guidance on which material is most significant8 you might consult: >ing 7a%es?s !i&le: A #election D7,: %%&.-% .I. /urchas"n Note5 Ed. ?. #. Stevenson. ,ondon: ,ongman8 'GG*.

+o get the best out of this module8 you should acPuire copies of the .ible C$xford edition of the 0IE and all the ma<or "lassical texts Cthey will stand you in good stead throughout your undergraduate career8 and indeed through lifeE. Nou may already possess Cor be able to find in a second3 hand bookshopE an old copy of the 0uthori ed Iersion Cusually identifiable by the words8 40ppointed to be read in "hurches5 on the title page and a !reface addressed to :ing ;ames I beginning8 4>reat and manifold were the blessings5E. Such copies lack the Cvery illuminatingE introductory material supplied by "arroll and !rickett8 but serve as a useful complement to the $xford edition as they often contain marginal cross3 references which allow you to compare similar passages from different parts of the .ible.


Th e A e of 2h")alr !5 Se t1Te0 ts a n d Rea d" n 1#"st$ (-;<1(-;7

2on) e n e r5 /rof essor 2or"n n e Sau n d e rs +he m odule covers t he period from the t welfth centur y to the fifteenth century2 and it focuses on t he genre of m edieval romance. It treats in particular t he idea of chivalr y8 and the nature of the knight and knighthood8 as well as such concepts as courtliness8 courtly love8 gentility and troth Q central and for mative cultural and literary concepts of the period. +he works studied m ove from t he origins of chivalric literature8 beginning with t he 9rench romances of "hrStien de +royes and t he T lais U Cor short narrative poemsE t raditionally ascribed to 6arie de 9rance Cwhich are studied in translationE8 then m oving on to "haucer and the >awain3poet8 and cul minating with t he fifteenth3century m asterpiece8 the -orte Darthur of Sir +homas 6alor y8 which presents what has become t he T classic U version of the 0rthurian legend for English readers. Students are expected to provide the mselves wi th texts of the works to be studied. In some cases m ore t han one edition of the same text has been suggested. +hese are intended as alternatives. Se t1Te0 ts

Lanval Q in The Lais of -arie de 'rance 8 trans. >. S. .urgess and :. .usby C#ar mondswor th: !enguin8 'GD/E Astudents m ight find it useful to read all t welve of lais in this book Cin translationE8 none of which is longB +homas "hestre5s #ir Launfal @ in (f Love and Chivalry: An Anthology of -iddle English :o%ance 8 ed8 ;ennifer 9ellows C,ondon8 Dent8 'GG(E $@ in -iddle English )erse :o%ances 8 ed8 Donald .. Sands8 CExeter: 7 of Exeter !8 'GD/E $@ in The -iddle English !reton Lays 8 ed. 0nne ,askaya and Eve Salisbury C:alama oo8 6ichigan: 6edieval Institute !ublications8 'GG-E8 available online at: ht tp:// www.lib.rochester.edu/camelot/ tea ms/launffr m.ht m "hrStien de +royes8 The :o%ance of Perceval C Li Contes del AraalB Q in ChrCtien de Troyes: Arthurian :o%ances 8 t rans. ?. ?. :ibler C#ar mondswor th: !enguin8 'GG'E $@ in ChrCtien de Troyes: Arthurian :o%ances 8 trans. D. D. @. $wen C,ondon: Dent8 'GD1E #ir Aa,ain and the Areen >night 8 ed. and t rans. ?.@.;. .arron C6anchester: 6anchester 7!8 'GGDE A which has a facing3page translationB2 $@ #ir Aa,ain and the Areen >night* ed. ;.@.@. +olkien and E.I. >ordon8 eds.8 #ir Aa,ain and t he Areen >night 8 revised ed. )or man Davis C$xford: $xford 7!8 'G/1E A which has an excellent glossary and notesB $@ in The Poe%s of the Pearl -anuscri"t 8 ed. 6. 0ndrew and @. ?aldron CExeter: 7 of Exeter !8 'GD1E Acontains all four poe ms at tributed to the Aa,ain 3poet: full edition but no t ranslationE "haucer 5s 4+he >eneral !rologue58 4+he :night 5s +ale58 4+he 9ranklin5s !rologue and +ale5 fro m the Canter&ury Tales Q in The :iverside Chaucer 8 ed. ,arry D. .enson C$xford: $xford 7!8 'GDDE A this is t he standard edition of "haucer which can be used elsewhere in the English Studies degree courseB Sir +homas 6alory5s -orte Darthur Q ed. #elen "ooper C$xford: $xford 7!8 'GGDE A modernised spelling8 slightly abridgedB $@ -alory: .or$s* ed. E. Iinaver C$xford: $xford 7!8 'G11E. !enguin .ooks publish a t wo volu me Le -orte d?Arthur but because the text and t he referencing system of this edition are different8 "ooper or Iinaver are preferred. "ooper is considerably m ore approachable. La+dDla #aga @ The #aga of the Peo"le of La+ardal and !olli !ollason?s Tale 8 t rans. :eneva :un 8 ed. .ergl<Vt S. :rist<WnsdVt tir C,ondon: !enguin8 %&&DE /l e ase no t e t h a t t h e e 0 a m " n a t "on f or t h"s m o d ul e "s 3op e n &oo,45 t h a t "s$ !ou a r e allo + e d t o t a , e "n cop" es of t h e t e 0 ts st ud" e d% H o + e ) er$ t h ese cop" es m us t no t con t a" n a n ! + r " t" n & ! !o u$ t h o u h p assa es can & e u n d e rl" n e d or h" hl" h t e d % Su est ed 8eneral=/r el" m" na r ! Read"n : $ne way of working yourself into the issues raised by this course is to do some reading in relation to the key3 terms that tend to recur in discussions of the set3 texts listed above. 9or example8 your understanding of ch")alr! might be illuminated by 6aurice :een2 and its relationship with courtl"ness might be clearer after you have looked at .urnley or .umke. 2ourtl! lo)e 8 meanwhile8 remains a deeply controversial term: one of its most eloPuent exponents was ".S. ,ewis8 who is still well worth reading on the topic8 even though his interpretation of its significance has been challenged in various ways. +here are a number of introductory books on medieval romance : but

you could perhaps start with some of the essays with :rueger2 or dip into the wide3 ranging study by "ooper. If you feel that med"e)al l"tera t u r e is something Puite new to you8 you should perhaps have a look at .urrow5s brilliantly concise introduction to 6iddle English literature. +here is also a useful and accessible introduction to Arthur"an l"tera t u r e Ci.e. fiction set at the legendary court of :ing 0rthurE by Derek !earsall. 0s to "haucer8 some might like to start with a biography8 and the best available is the one by !earsall2 for a general introduction to "haucer5s work8 and the issues that it raises8 you might like to look at some of the essays in the volume edited by Saunders. If you5re interested in the )"sual cultur e of the age8 see the illustrated book by Evans2 for an attractive introduction to medieval mus"c 8 have a listen to one of the recordings by Aothic )oices . :een8 6aurice8 Chivalry C)ew #aven and ,ondon: Nale 7!8 'GD*E .umke8 ;oachim8 Courtly Culture: Literature and #ociety in the High -iddle Ages C?oodstock: $verlook/Duckworth8 %&&&E .urnle y8 David8 Courtliness and Literature in -edieval England C,ondon: ,ongman8 'GGDE ,ewis8 ".S.8 The Allegory of Love: A #tudy in -edieval Tradition C$xford: $xford 7!8 'G(/2 repr. 'GG%E8 esp. cap. ' :rueger8 @oberta ,.8 The Ca%&ridge Co%"anion to -edieval :o%ance C"ambridge: "ambridge 7!8 %&&&E "ooper8 #elen8 The English :o%ance in Ti%e: Transfor%ing -otifs fro% Aeoffrey of -on%outh to the Death of #ha$es"eare C$xford: $xford 7!8 %&&/E .urrow8 ;. 0.8 -edieval .riters and their .or$: -iddle English Literature and its !ac$ground //002 /500 C$xford: $xford 7niversity !ress8 'GD%E !earsall8 Derek8 Arthurian :o%ance: A #hort Introduction C$xford: .lackwell8 %&&(E !earsall8 Derek8 The Life of Aeoffrey Chaucer: A Critical !iogra"hy C$xford and "ambridge 60: .lackwell8 'GG%E Saunders8 "orinne8 ed.8 A Concise Co%"anion to Chaucer C$xford: .lackwell8 %&&/E Evans8 ;oan8 ed.8 The 'lo,ering of the -iddle Ages C,ondon: +hames M #udson8 'G//2 repr. 'GGDE Aothic )oices : e.g. 4+he 6edieval @omantics5 C#yperion8 'GG'E Aavailable Q with preview Q via i+unesB


The Hero"c A e

"onvenor: Dr David 0shurst +his module is about the idea of the heroic in the earliest English literature and in culturally related works written in some of the other early languages spoken in .ritain C,atin8 )orse8 9renchE. +his is the medieval literature from which +olkien drew much of his inspiration. 0ll the works on the module are studied in modern English translation. .esides focusing on a topic that is fascinating in its own right8 +he #eroic 0ge offers you an excellent opportunity to see whether you might like to study $ld )orse8 $ld English or $ld 9rench8 which are offered as modules in years % and (. In the first term we introduce you to the features of language and style in $ld English poetry and the problems of rendering these in modern English. 0fter this we devote


several weeks to the study of the greatest of all $ld English poems8 !eo,ulf 8 which is a tale of Scandinavian heroes in heathen times although it was written for an English audience of "hristians. ?e then explore further the heroic idea in 0nglo3 Saxon culture8 including .edeJs Ecclesiastical History of the English Peo"le 8 which exists in ,atin and $ld English versions2 and we work through a range of $ld English poems that vary the heroic theme8 including The Drea% of the :ood and The .anderer . 9rom the middle of the second term we explore the relationship between the authentically heathen tradition and "hristian departures in some of the greatest $ld )orse texts C E +he Song of 0tli5 and 4+he !rophecy of the Seeress5 from The Elder Edda 8 and Egil?s #aga with its reproach to the god $din in the elegiac poem on 4+he Disastrous ,oss of Sons5 E. In the third term the module ends with study of the $ld 9rench #ong of :oland 8 which shows how the old heroic ideal could be adapted to the world of feudalism and the crusading knight. +he best way you could prepare for +he #eroic 0ge would be to read !eo,ulf and Egil?s #aga before the start of term. 9or context you could read the introductory chapters on $ld English8 $ld )orse and 0nglo3 )orman literature in )orth and 0llard8 !eo,ulf and (ther #tories . Introductor ! 9"&l"o r aph! = Nou will need to get your own copies of the texts that are asterisked. Items marked X are particularly recommended reading but it is not essential to buy them. ;% Te0ts = !eo,ulf 8 trans. Seamus #eaney8 ,ondon: 9aber8 'GGG Cor later editionsE. !eo,ulf and its Analogues 8 trans. >. >armonsway8 ;. Simpson8 #.E. Davidson8 ,ondon: Dent8 'GD&. !eo,ulf: A Alossed Te+t 8 ed. 6ichael 0lexander8 rev. edn8 ,ondon: !enguin8 %&&Coriginal $ld English text with heavy glossing on facing pageE. = .ede8 Ecclesiastical History of the English Peo"le 8 trans. ,eo Sherley3 !rice8 rev. edn8 ,ondon: !enguin8 'GG&. .ede8 Ecclesiastical History of the English Peo"le 8 ed. and trans. .ertram "olgrave and @.0... 6ynors8 $xford: $7!8 'G/G2 with #istorical "ommentary by ;.6. ?allace3 #adrill8 $xford: $7!8 'GDD. The Age of !ede 8 trans. ;.9. ?ebb8 #armondsworth: !enguin8 'G/- Cuseful background texts for the 0ge of .edeE. = A Choice of Anglo2 #a+on )erse 8 ed. and trans. @ichard #amer8 ,ondon: 9aber8 'G1&. Anglo2 #a+on Poetry 8 trans. S.0.;. .radley8 ,ondon: Dent8 'GD%. = The Elder Edda: A !oo$ of )i$ing Lore 8 trans. 0ndy $rchard8 ,ondon: !enguin "lassics8 %&''. C4Elder Edda5 is an alternative title for what is more commonly called 4+he !oetic Edda5.E The Poetic Edda 8 trans. "arolyne ,arrington8 $xford: $xford ?orldJs "lassics8 'GG1. The Poetic Edda 8 ed. and trans. 7rsula Dronke8 vol. '8 $xford: $7!8 'G/G Cincludes Atla$viFa E2 vol. %8 $xford: $7!8 'GG1 Cincludes )Glus"H E. Egill Skalla3 >rYmsson8 #onatorre$ 8 4+he Disastrous ,oss of Sons58 text8 translation and notes in E.$.>. +urville3 !etre8 #caldic Poetry 8 $xford: "larendon8 'G1/8 and in Egil?s #aga %&&* CbelowE. = Egil?s #aga 8 trans. .ernard Scudder8 with intro. and notes by Svanhildur ZskarsdVttir8 ,ondon: !enguin8 %&&*. = The #ong of :oland 8 trans. >lyn .urgess8 ,ondon: !enguin8 'GG&. The #ong of :oland 8 trans. Dorothy Sayers8 ,ondon: !enguin8 'G-1.


6arsden8 @ichard8 The Ca%&ridge (ld English :eader 8 "ambridge: "7!8 %&&* C$ld English texts with heavy glossing and notesE. (% Stud"es 0nle ark8 Daniel8 4$ld English Epic !oetry: !eo,ulf 58 in Co%"anion to -edieval Poetry 8 ed. "orinne Saunders8 $xford: .lackwell8 %&'&8 pp. '*'3 /&. Ca%&ridge Co%"anion to (ld English Literature 8 ed. 6alcolm >odden and 6ichael ,apidge8 "ambridge: "7!8 'GG'. Co%"anion to -edieval Poetry 8 ed. "orinne Saunders8 $xford: .lackwell8 %&'&. +his volume contains many useful essays on $ld English poetry. Co%"anion to (ld <orse2 Icelandic Literature and Culture 8 ed. @ory 6c+urk8 $xford: .lackwell8 %&&- and %&&1. Damico8 #elen and ;ohn ,eyerle8 Heroic Poetry in the Anglo2 #a+on Period: #tudies in Honor of 7ess ! !essinger* 7r 8 :alama oo: 6edieval Institute !ublications8 'GG(. 9inch8 @. >. C'GD'E. 4 Atla$viFa 8 Atla%Hl 8 and )Glsunga saga : 0 Study in "ombination and Integration.5 #"eculu% <orroenu%: <orse #tudies in -e%ory of Aa&riel Turville2 Petre . Ed. 7rsula Dronke et al. $dense: $dense 7!. pp. '%(3 (D. 9oley8 ;ohn 6iles8 et al.8 eds8 De Austi&us: Essays for Alain :enoir 8 )ew Nork: >arland8 'GG%. X9ulk8 @.D. and ".6. "ain8 A History of (ld English Literature 8 $xford: .lackwell8 %&&(. >atch8 6. 6c".8 Loyalties and Traditions: -an and His .orld in (ld English Literature 8 )ew Nork: !egasus8 'G1'. >reenfield8 Stanley .. and Daniel >. "alder Cwith 6ichael ,apidgeE8 A <e, Critical History of (ld English Literature 8 )ew Nork and ,ondon: )ew Nork 7!8 'GD/. >unnell8 +erry and 0nnette ,assen8 eds C%&'(E. The <ordic A"ocaly"se: A""roaches to )Glus"H and <ordic Days of 7udege%ent . 0cta Scandinavica %. +urnhout: .repols. #allberg8 !eter8 (ld Icelandic Poetry: Eddic Lay and #$aldic )erse 8 trans. !aul Schach and Son<a ,indgrenson8 ,incoln: 7 )ebraska !8 'G1-. #arris8 ;oseph C%&&1E. 4 Ho%o necans &orealis : 9atherhood and Sacrifice in #onatorre$ .5 -yth in Early <orth,est Euro"e . Ed. Stephen $. >losecki. +empe: 0ri ona "enter for 6edieval and @enaissance Studies with .repols. pp. '-(3 1(. #igham8 ).;.8 An English E%"ire: !ede and the Early Anglo2 #a+on >ings 8 6anchester: 67!8 'GG-. X#ines8 ;ohn8 and Desmond Slay8 eds8 Introductory Essays on Egils saga and <IHls saga 8 ,ondon: Iiking Society8 'GG%. C0vailable as a free download at http://vsnrweb3 publications.org.uk/E ;ochens8 ;enny8 (ld <orse I%ages of .o%en 8 !hiladelphia: !ennsylvania 7!8 'GG/. X;Vnas :rist<Wnsson8 Eddas and #agas 8 Iceland?s -edieval Literature 8 trans. !eter 9oote8 @eyk<avYk: hi[ Yslenska bVkmenntafSlag8 'GDD8 *th ed. %&&1. :er8 )eil8 E"ic and :o%ance: Essays on -edieval Literature 8 % nd ed8 ,ondon: 6acmillan8 'G%- and later printings. 6eulengracht S\rensen8 !reben8 #aga and #ociety: An Introduction to (ld <orse Literature 8 trans. ;ohn +ucker8 $dense: $dense 7!8 'GG(. X)or th8 @ichard8 and ;oe 0llard8 eds8 !eo,ulf and (ther #tories: A <e, Introduction to (ld English* (ld Icelandic and Anglo2 <or%an Literatures 8 #arlow: !earson8 %&&1. $5Donoghue8 #eather8 (ld <orse2 Icelandic Literature: A #hort Introduction 8 $xford: .lackwell8 %&&-. @audvere8 "atharina C%&'%E. 49ictive @ituals in )Glus"H : 6ythological )arration between 0gency and Structure in the @epresentation of @eality.5 -ore than -ythology: <arratives* :itual Practices and :egional Distri&ution in Pre2Christian


#candinavian :eligions . Ed. "atharina @audvere and ;ens !eter Sch<\dt. ,und: )ordic 0cademic !ress. pp.G13 ''1. Schach8 !aul8 Icelandic #agas 8 .oston: +wayne8 'GD*. Shippey8 +.0.8 (ld English )erse 8 ,ondon: #utchinson8 'G1%. +ucker8 ;ohn8 ed.8 #agas of the Icelanders 8 )ew Nork: >arland8 'GDG. +urville3 !etre8 E.$.>.8 -yth and :eligion of the <orth 8 ,ondon: ?eidenfeld and )icholson8 'G/*. +urville3 !etre8 E.$.>.8 #caldic Poetry 8 $xford: "larendon8 'G1/. +urville3 !etre8 E.$.>.8 The Heroic Age of #candinavia 8 ,ondon: #utchinson8 'G/D. <% 9ac, round .lair8 !. #unter8 An Introduction to Anglo2 #a+on England 8 "ambridge: "7!8 'G//. "ampbell8 ;ames8 ed.8 The Anglo2 #a+ons 8 ,ondon: !enguin8 'GG'. 9ell8 "hristine8 Cwith "ecily "larkE8 .o%en in Anglo2 #a+on England 8 )ew Nork: .lackwell8 'GD*. 9isher8 D.;.I.8 The Anglo2 #a+on Age 8 ,ondon: ,ongman8 'G1(. 9oote8 !eter8 and David ?ilson8 The )i$ing Achieve%ent:The #ociety and Culture of Early -edieval #candinavia 8 ,ondon: Sidgwick and ;ackson8 'GD&. ;Vn ;Vhannesson8 Islendinga #aga: A History of the (ld Icelandic Co%%on,ealth 8 trans. #araldur .essason8 ?innipeg: 7 6anitoba !8 'G1*. ;ones8 >wyn8 A History of the )i$ings 8 % nd edn8 $xford: $7!8 'GD*. :err8 )igel and 6ary8 A Auide to Anglo2 #a+on #ites 8 ,ondon: >ranada8 'GD%. ,indsay8 ;ack8 The <or%ans and Their .orld 8 ,ondon: >ranada8 'G1*. Stenton8 Sir 9rank8 Anglo2 #a+on England 8 C$xford #istory of England vol. %E8 (rd ed.8 $xford: $7!8 'G1'. Swanton8 6ichael8 English Literature !efore Chaucer 8 ,ondon8 ,ongman8 'GD1. ?hitelock8 Dorothy8 The !eginnings of English #ociety 8 %nd ed. C!elican #istory of England %E8 #armondsworth: !enguin8 'G-%.