SQR Notes

1)How do you link SQR reports to process scheduler? – Create/modify/add run control table if you have any new fields – Create/modify/add run control page if you have any program inputs – Create a menu definition (Note Menu group name: ABC – !ive operator security – Create "rocess scheduler definition – #se$"rocess definition – process definition add – !ive report name and report type

2) Why SQR is used? – %ata conversion – &eports – 'nterface programs(

3)How to do performance tuning in SQR? )e can use following to ma*e our +,& more preferment : – -oad -oo* #p – Arrays – Multiple &eport – $Bnn – #sing +,. /iles – &un on the BA.C0 +erver – "roper "rogramming -ogic

– +et processing – +,- .uning

) What are the important SQ!"s that needs to #e attached to SQR program? – 1include 2setenv(s3c2 – 1include 2stdapi(s3c2 – 1include 2prcsdefn(s3c2 – 1include 2prcsapi(s3c2 – 1include 2curdtrim(s3c2 – 1include 2hrctlnld(s3c2 – 1include 2datwtime(s3c2

4 What is $SQ! and $SQ%? $SQ! is a /unction -ibrary file( 't is li*e a sub program is saved by e5tension (+,C and this program can be called in the +,& program( $SQ% is compile time/&un time file( )hen a file with 666(+,& is compiled we get the output as 666(+,. and when is 666(+,. is e5ecuted we get the output 666(-'+ (-ist file/7utput file (

8 What is the program flow of SQR? – +etup section – 0eading section – /ooting section – "rogram section – "rocedure section

9 What are the stages of program flow in SQR? !ompile stage & All the "reprocessor directives are compiled (which starts with 1include ( '(ample& All the +,C are run( Chec* for the synta5 errors for the conditions( '(ample& if for loop while loop are properly ended with the respective synta5( Allocates memory structure if you are using the Arrays and load loo* up

'(ecution stage +tarts interpreting the code line by line Chec*s for the Begin $"rogram Begin $0eading Begin$ /ooter

: What is the difference #etween show and display? +how is used to display more than one variable at a time( %isplay is used to display only one variable at a time(

; what are the de#ugging commands in s)r? +how < %isplay are debugging commands(

=> How to place an corporate logo in s)r? #sing ?%eclare 'mage@ command

11)What is *de#ug command line flag? .his is used for %ebugging in +,&( debug flag provides which commands need to be debugged( /or A5ample command line: sqr myreport username/password -DEBUGabc 'n this e5ampleB commands that are preceded by 1%AB#!B 1%AB#!aB 1%AB#!bB or 1%AB#!c are compiled when the program is run( Commands that are preceded with 1%AB#!d are not compiled because d was not specified in the $%AB#! command$line flag(

12)What is *RS + *R% ,lags? &+ is used to generate +"/ file ieC stopping the program after the compilation( D&. is used to run the +"/ file (.his is also one *ind of "erformance increasing techni3ue by saving the compilation time( &un the +,& e5ecutable (+,& for #N'6/-inu5 or +,&) for Microsoft )indows against the +,& program file and include the $&+ command$line flag to save the run time file( +,& creates a file with a file name e5tension of (s3t ( Eou should enter something li*e this: sqrw ex1a.sqr sammy/baker@rome -RS &un the +,& e5ecutable with the $&. command$line flag to run the (s3t file( 't runs faster because the program is already compiled( 0ere is an e5ample: sqrw ex1a.sqt sammy/baker@rome -R

=F What is *%nn flag? .his is mainly used for testing purpose( )e can restrict the system to generate only a specific number of pages instead of generating all pages for testing( .his is used in )indows Anvironment(

1 )What is *-nn flag? .his is used to specify the number of rows that are to be ta*en from %base to the Buffer because default the system ta*es => rows at a time(

1.)How to refer a glo#al /aria#le in local procedure? After special character (e5(1B< we use underscore(D after that variable name(

10)How can u 1e#ugging SQR programs? )e can %ebug +,& using %ebugging Commands such as =( 1'/ %AB#!555 1AN%$'/ G( F( %'+"-AE and +07)

.here are two ways to debug s3r program( Eou can use following compiler directives !"# !E$SE !E%D-"#or!E%D"# !"#DE# !"#%DE# +,& provides the !DEBUG command to help you ma*e temporary changes to the code(

=9 How does 2eopleSoft 2rocess monitor knows that the process 3Say s)r report) is at what stage such as initiated4 in process4 completed etc ? /rom the /ield Halue of IR56S%7%5S1'S!R" field from I"+D"MND"&C+-'+.J table(

=: What are 8n*#reak parameters? 86*-R'79 causes the specified action to perform in a tabular report when the value of a field changes ( .he default action prints the field only when its value changes (2R:6%;!H76<' (Mainly used for &edundancy of "rinting on a page( 7N$B&AAK L"&'N.MNA-)AE+OC0AN!AOC0AN!A/.7"$"A!AONAHA&PQ L+K'"-'NA+MNnumDlitODvarODcolPQ L"&7CA%#&AMprocedureDnameL(arg=L BargiQ((( QQ LA/.A&MprocedureDnameL(arg=L BargiQ((( QQ LBA/7&AMprocedureDnameL(arg=L BargiQ((( QQ L+AHAMt5tDvarQ L-AHA-MnnQ L+A.Mnn

1=) What is the difference #etween s)r and s)c? SQR =(.his is nothing but the Actual +ource program( G(.his consists of "rogram +ection( F(.his can be Compiled < A5ecuted( R()e cannot call one +,& from or +,C( +,& program( G(.his does not consists of program +ection( F(.his cannot be Compiled and A5ecuted( R()e can call one +,C from another +,C or another +,& SQ! =(.his is li*e a function in +,&(

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