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Quantisation of birth time; Role of Chandra as chronometer The term "Nakshatra" refers to a segment of The zodiac covering an arc of 13 !"#$ the zodiac is made u% of !& Nakshatras viz$' !&(13 !"#) 3*"$ making a full circle$$ The %resence of Chandra +the ,oon-$ the fastest moving bod. of the %lanetar. entities in each of these Nakshatras is one of the im%ortant %arameters in /riental astrolog.$ Chandra is thus the long needle of the zodiac clock given b. Nature$ 1 lunar c.cle consists of !& Nakshatras' 1 .ear e0uals 3*" da.s 3*" da.s e0ual 13 lunar c.cles 1 2 Nakshatras !&(13)331 1 2 ) 3*" 4ach Nakshatra occu%ies 13 !"# of arc' !& Nakshatras cover one zodiac circle Quantization of birth time; Chandra as Dasha indicator -1; )5ssum%tion6 5 birth occurs during the transit of Chandra in 7rittika Nakshatra +" "#- +Ravi ,ahadasha of * .ears* .ears re%resent 8hole of 13 !/# ) 9""# arc in the zodiac belonging to 7rittika +!* :"# aries to 1" ""#9""# of arc is e0ual to * ( 3*" +da.s- ) !1*" Nakshatras This e0uals !1*";!& ) 9" <unar c.cles 9""# of arc distance is covered in 9" lunar c.cles

Chandra as dasha indicator 2; =e can thus visualise a clock 8ith t8o needles /ne long needle re%resenting the dail. movement of Chandra +time needle- to com%lete the lunar c.cles +in the above case 9" c.cles5nother' short one' again re%resenting Chandra' covering the 9""# arc +arc needle- distance in the zodiac Chandra as dasha indicator 3; The short needle +arc needle- covers 9""# in 9" lunar c.cles >or ever. lunar c.cle the arc needle advances b. 1"# +9"";9" lunar c.cles- of the zodiac arc ?n ever. lunar c.cle$ Chandra s long needle +time needle- transits through all !& Nakshatras$ >or each Nakshatra transited b. the time needle$ onl. 1";!& ) !!$!!!" of arc is travelled b. the arc needle$ 9""# of arc e0uals different dasha %eriods' >or a given dasha %eriod the arc travelled b. arc needle %er lunar c.cle 8ill be different @alient %oints 8ith res%ect to e(am%le taken +Ravi ,aha dasha-; >or 9""# of * .' the arc needle 8ill traverse Ravi Nakshatra onl. during that %eriod' the time needle com%letes 9" lunar c.cles Aduring ever. lunar c.cle' the arc needle traverses 1"# arc distance Aburing ever. lunar c.cle' time needle once %asses through 7rittika Nakshatra Both the needles 8ill be overla%%ing for !!$!!!!" arc$ Birth in 7rittika Nakshatra occurs during that overla%%ing %eriod onl.

=hen both the needles are e(actl. at 7rittika "$ 8hole of Ravi dasha Ceriod of * .ears is accounted$ 5n. birth in 7rittika Nakshatra is %ossible onl. 8hen the arc needle is in bet8een " and !!$!!!" 5fter !!$!!!"$ the time needle 8ould have entered into another Nakshatra#s domain$ Birth in 7rittika is not %ossible for another !& da.s +or after !& Nakshatras are traveled through- till the arc needle is in bet8een 1"# and 1" !!$!!!"$ during 8hich time both the needles conDunct again in 7rittika Nakshatra$ Thus birth in 7rittika Nakshatra occurs at intervals of 1"E arc +ever. !& da.s- starting from " +!*:" aries to 1""" Taurus- 7rittika for !!$!!!!# duration during 8hich time both the needles +time and arc needles- 8ill be overla%%ing$ This continues until the 9"" arc of 7rittika Nakshatra is consumed$ 5n. other number 8ould not Dust fit into the scheme since the long needle 8ould be else8here$ Thus 0uantization of birth time occurs$ How to realize this quantization of birth time? ; ?t is clear that 0uantization of birth time is based on Chandra#s time kee%ing +time needle and arc needle-, =hat 8e have from a birth chart is time and Chandra#s longitude$ @o a reverse calculation is carried out to arrive at the correct birth time$ >rom given birth da.' time and %lace' the longitude of Chandra at birth time is arrived at and the Nakshatra of the Birthda. is then found out$ Rectification of birth time; 1$ 4(%ress this longitude of Chandra as the ela%sedarc minutes re%resenting the Nakshatra of the da.+similar to the method 8e use to arrive at the ela%sed dasha %eriod-$ !$ Convert this into <unar c.cles and adDust thevalue to the nearest 8hole number giving thecom%leted <unar c.cle$ 3$ >rom this calculate the corres%onding longitude of Chandra$ :$ =e get the correct longitude of Chandra$ 3$ Then adDust the birth time to get this longitude$ Correctin the birth time;The horosco%e thus obtained is then subDected to critical anal.sis b. correlating it to the events in the life of that individual$ Com!uter "ro ram; 5 com%uter %rogram 8as 8ritten for correcting the longitude of Chandra and from that the birth time$ 5n. birth time given is corrected so that the consumed dasha Ceriod in da.s is a multi%le of !&$ @ubse0uent dasha and 5ntardasha Ceriods are calculated based on Nakshatras$ /ur com%uter %rogram gives the dasha' 5ntardasha$ and Fidasha Ceriods based on this Nakshatra Caddhati$ >or correct anal.sis it is advisable to go u% to Crana dasha Ceriods$ @o$ for astrological com%rehension' one should not ignore these all im%ortant smaller dashas'

Clanet 7etu @ukra Ravi Chandra 7uDa Rahu Luru @ani Budha Gasha Hears +arc& +9""I!" +9""I* +9""I1" +9""K& +9""I19 +9""I1* +9""I12 +9""I1& +9""INo$ of lunar c.cles 23$333333: !**$*****& 9" 133$33333: 23$333333: !:" !13$33333: !33$33333: !!*$*****& 5rc <ength ;c.cle 9$3&1:I 3I 1"I *I 9$3&1:I 3$3333I 3$&3I 3$13&2I 3$3!2:I 5rc length ;Nakshatra 12$":&*!J *$*****J !!$!!!!!J 13$33333J 12$":&*!J &$:"&:1J 9$33333J &$"1&3:J &$9:31:J 4(am%le 1 Chandra#s <ongitude ) ! 3 &# +7rittika ! %ada-'4la%sed arc minutes from 7rittika ") 3!&# >or Ravi ,aha dasha' 9""# +13 !"#- corres%ond to 9" lunar c.cles and each lunar c.cle ) 1"# Com%leted lunar c.cles at the time of birth ) 3!&;1" ) 3!$& Nearest 8hole lunar c.cle ) 33 Mence the difference ) 33 3!$& ) "$3 c.cle ) "$3 ( l")3# Corrected Chandra#s longitude ) !1"# 5ries

4(am%le !; Chandra#s <ongitude ):aries !1#+5s8ini ! %ada- 7etu ,aha dasha is running' 4la%sed arc minutes from 5s8ini " ) !*1# >or 7etu ,aha dasha' 9""# +13 !"#- corres%ond to 23$333333: lunar c.cles and each lunar c.cle ) 9$3&1:# Com%leted lunar c.cles at the time of birth ) !*1; 9$3&1: ) 3"$:3"1"13' Nearest 8hole lunar c.cle ) 3" Mence the difference ) 3" 3"$:3"1"13 ) "$:3"1"13 c.cle ) "$:3"1"13 ( 9$3&1: ) :#; so Corrected Chandra#s longitude ): 5ries1&# 4(am%les of <ord No$ of Nearest Gifference and +arc Clanet ?nteresting observations Chandra#s com%leted full e0uivalent-' Chandra 5rc 5rc length ; %osition lunar c.cles c.cle longitude length;c.cle Nakshatra 3"$:3"1 3" "$:3"1 + :- :1& ari Ravi 1"E !!$!!!!N 1"!$**** 1"3 "$33333:+1-!"13 leo 7uDa 9$3&1:E 12$":&*N 3!$& 33 "$3 +3#-!1" tau 7etu 9$3&1:E 12$":&*N &"$933333 &1 "$1***&+1#- 1&* ca% Chandra *E 13$3333N *2$333* &" "$:**: +:- :"" gem Rahu 33333E &$:"&:1" !"*$222222 !"& "$"""" +"- 191" lib Luru 3&3O 9$33333" 19"$!***** 19" "$!****& + 1- 113 sco @anP 3$13&2E &$"1&3:N & 1:!3 %is @ani !"2$2:2** !1" "$"3"3:22 +1""- 1:!3E 1" %is Budha 3$3!2:E &$9:31:N 1233 can Budha 33$!3"! 33 "$!3 + 1- 123: can @ukra 3E *$*****N ?ntereting observations; 3 Lrou%s of Clanets ,a(imum correction for Chandra longitude +Q 11$11111"- if birth occurs in Ravi ,aha Gasha +about Q 1" minutes for Ravi Gasha born natives,a(imum correction for Chandra longitude +Q *$*****"- if birth occurs in Chandra ,aha Gasha +about Q* minutes for Chandra Gasha born natives ,a(imum correction forChandra longitude +Q 3$33333"- if birth occurs in @ukra ,aha Gasha +about Q3 minutes for @ukra Gasha born natives ?t 8ould be interesting to see 8hether similar observations ; conclusions are dra8n ; arrived at 8hen birth time is corrected based on other %revalent methods ,a(imum birth correction of 1" mm if birth occurs during Ravi ,aha dasha ,a(imum birth correction of * mm if birth occurs during Chandra ,aha dasha ,a(imum birth correction of 3 mm if birth occurs during @ukra ,aha dasha The logic of time kee%ing b. Chandra and the rectification of birth time there from 8as e(tended to calculation of starting and ending da.s for dasha %eriods This is desirable to reduce the uncertaint. in arriving at the timing of events in the life of a native based on the dasha Caddhathi The deviation from the e(%ected starting da. and the da. sho8n as of no8 based on lulian calendar becomes substantial for long dasha %eriods +Luru$ Budha$ Rahu$ @ani and @ukra:!1 ari !"1! leo !& tau 1&3 ca% 33* gem 191" lib 11* sco 7etu @ukra Ravi Chandra 7uDa Rahu Luru

5 ) Total number of Nakshatras in the corres%onding Gasha 5ntardasha B ) Number of Nakshatras in multi%les of !& 5 B ,G 5G @tart end 1"9 R5F? R5 7rittika " 7rittika "$***& 1"9 19" R5F? CM 7rittika "$***& Rttarashadha 1$&&&9 1*! 1!* R5F? 7R Rttarashadha 1$&&&9 Rttara !$333* 1"9 3!: R5F? R5M Rttara !$333* Rttara :$333* 3!: !99 R5F? LR Rttara :$333* 7rittika *$3333 !&" 3:! R5F? @5 7rittika *$3333 Rttarashadha 9$:::: 3!: 3"* R5F? BR Rttarashadha 9$:::: 7rittika 1"$333

5 ) Total number of Nakshatras in the corres%onding Gasha 5ntardasha B ) Number of Nakshatras in multi%les of !& 5 B ,G 5G @tart end 3"" CM CM Rohini " Cunarvasu 1$1111 !2& !1" CM 7R Cunarvasu 1$1111 5s8ini 1$9992 192 3:" CM R5M 5s8ini 1$9992 5s8ini 3$9992 3:" :9" CM LR 5s8ini 3$9992 @ravanam 3$***& :32 3&" CM @5 @ravanam 3$***& Curvabhadra &$&&&& 3*& 31" CM BR Curvabhadra &$&&&& @ravanam 2$***& :9* !1" CM 74 @ravanam 2$***& Fisakha 1"$ ::::

!2& 1!* 1"9 3*" 331 R5F? 74 7rittika 1"$333 Rttarashadha 11$111 192 *"" 32: 19" 1*! CM @R7R CM R5F? Fisakha 1"$:::: @ravanam 1!$***& @ravanam 1!$***& Chitta "$"""""

R5F? @R7R Rttarashadha 11$11 1 Rohini "$"""""

>rom; 888$archive$org;details;SatakaNavaneetamA39 or 888$scribd$com;doc;:*:1193;Sataka Navaneetam Gecember 13' !""9 7aranam <$ Ramakumar' M.derabad 5strolog. @ummit

#ha$a Conce!t as we see %an e&am!le; =hen a bhava is in the fourth 0uarter of 5slesha Nakshatra to8ards the end of the Rasi 7arkatakm' the %lanets in @imha Rasi do not influence that bhava even if the. are found in the first 0uarter of ,akha Nakshatra at the start of @imha Rasi$ +But according to 7rishnamurth. Caddhati' these %lanets are su%%osed to be in the bhava beginning at the fourth 0uarter of 5slesha in 7arkatakam?f t8o bhavas are %laced in the same Rasi' all the %lanets in that Rasi have to 8ork for both the bhavas$ @u%%ose the lagna bhava is ,rigasira 3 and the !nd bhava is Cunarvasu 3' then the lagna bhava e(tends back8ards to ,rigasira 1 in Frishabha Rasi and the !nd bhava e(tends u% to Cunarvasu : of 7arkatakam$ ?f the Nakshatras do not e(tend be.ond a %articular Rasi and a bhava is %laced in such Nakshatras' then the influence of that bhava is limited onl. to that Rasi$ This is ho8 8e inter%ret the Bhava conce%t' 8hich is 0uite different from that of @ri%ati Caddhati or 7rishnamurth. Caddhati' both of 8hich are in 8ide circulation$ 5ccurac. of the horosco%e is assessed b. confirming the main events that have alread. ha%%ened in the life of the native after going through bB5 +dasa' Bhukti and 5ntras?f the events tall.' the horosco%e is correct' if the events do not tall. the horosco%e re0uires " Birth Time RectificationN$ Rulin "lanets for birth rectification usin "rasna; da. <ord ,oon @ign <ord Nakshatra <ord 5scendant <ord 6 ?t is the lord of the 5scendant rising at the time 8hen the 0uer. for rectification of the birth chart is %ut to the astrologer @te% 1; Note do8n the time of the 0uestion and take the degrees of the 5scendant$ @te%!; >ind the ruling %lanets at the time the 0uer. is made$ @te%3; Third ste% involves casting of the horosco%e from the a%%ro(imate time of birth %rovided b. the native$ @te% :; Take the Table of @ign <ord' Nakshatra <ord T @ub <ord from the anne(ure %rovided in this 8ebsite$ @te% 3; No8 8e have to arrive at the ascendant Nakshatra T the Cus%al @ub lord from the ruling %lanets arrived u%on from the"@te% !"$ @te% *; This ste% involves casting of horosco%e b. taking do8n the degree of 5scendant arrived at b. the use of @te% 3$