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NAME Date of Birth Sex Marital status Citizenship Citizenship No. Driving License No. Permanent Address Mailing Address Email:


KRISHNA PRASHAD TIWARI 28 th June, 1984 Male Single Nepali


NAME Date of Birth Sex Marital status Citizenship Citizenship No. Driving License No. Permanent Address Mailing

06-164096 (Two Wheeler) Dhangadhi-5, Kailali, Nepal Nirdhan NGO, HO, House No. 64/6, Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal

tiwari527@gmail.com , krishnatiwari_27@hotmail.com


9851096192, 9749008423






Marks Obtained (percent)

School Leaving Certificate (SLC)


H. M. G.-Nepal


Proficiency Certificate (I. Sc. Ag.)

2001-2003 IAAS / Tribhuvan University


Bachelor Degree in Agriculture (B.Sc. Ag., Elective: Horticulture)


IAAS / Tribhuvan University


M. Sc. Ag. (Horticulture)





  • 1. Training of Trainers (ToT) on Entrepreneurship and Business Development Service (BDS) organized by Nirdhan Utthan Bank Limited (NUBL) from 4 th to 13 th August, 2013 (10 days) in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • 2. Training on Participatory Research Methods (PRA, RRA, PME) and Economic Analysis of Agricultural Projects, organized by Farmers Institute for Participatory Research and Development from 10 th to 25 th May 2007.

  • 2. Training on Mushroom Cultivation organized by Farmers Institute for Participatory Research and Development in January, 2008 for 3 days.

  • 3. Training on Economic Analysis of Agricultural Projects dated from 15 th June to 18 th June,

  • 4. Training on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) dated from 20 th to 22 nd December, 2007 organized by Agriculture Students Lasion Forum, Rampur Chitwan.

  • 6. Basic Organic Agriculture Training on 27 th May, 2006 organized by Agriculture Students Lasion Forum (ASLF), Rampur Chitwan.

  • 7. A Training and Workshop on Scientific Technical And Popular Article Writing from 9 th June to 12 th June, 2008 organized by Hitkari Samiti, Rampur, Chitwan. NOTE: THE LIST DOES NOT INCLUDE MANY OF THE TRAINING SESSIONS PARTICIPATED DURING FORMAL JOB.


  • A. Trainings Facilitated

Post harvest activities: Storage management and market preparation of fresh vegetables:

worked as Resorce Person (RP) in the 3 days training organized by CBODC/World Vision International - Kalali.

Commercial vegetable farming training: worked as RP in the 3 days training organized by DEMEGA/MEDP Kailali (6 trainings)

Commercial level Organic Vegetable farming training: worked as RP in the 3 day training organized by CBODC/WVI - Kailali (2 trainings)

Off-Season Vegetable Farming: worked as RP in the training organized by Good Neighbors' (GN) - Kailali (2 trainings)

Pig farming in Nepalese community: worked as RP in the 2 days trainings organized by GN- Nepal in Kailali.

Improved Goat Farming Training: performed the role of RP on the training conducted by DHMS, Dadeldhura for freed haliya farmers for Dedeldhura district in 2009.

Improved Pig farming Training for freed Kamaiyas

of Kailali: 2 trainings in Kailali,

Organized by FKFDC, Kailali in 2009. Leadership and Organizational Development Training: worked as RP during the entire

sessions of the 3 day training focused for staffs and board members of DHMS, Bajura in


One day Kitchen Gardening Training for freed haliyas in Bajura: Worked as RP during the entire sessions of the training in 2009.

Training on Post harvest and market preparation of vegetables and fruits: worked as RP during the entire sessions conducted by DHMS Bajhang in 2009.

Facilitated more than 20 other trainings on improved livestock and agriculture technology, Insect Pest Management, Organic vegetable production for small scale farmers in Nepal, etc.

Consultancy Service / Part Time: Worked as Enterprise Development Consultant at KOSHISH, a mental health self-help organization in Nepal for three months (May-July, 2013), and the duty terms were: Livelihoods feasibility study and enterprise development for income generation, employment creation and entrepreneurship promotion for the HHs of psycho-socially disabled persons with psycho-social disability (PWPD)/Persons with different abilities (PWDAs).

  • B. Formal involvement / Full time jobs:

1. Post:

Program Officer





Nirdhan, Head Office, Kathmandu


February 15, 2012 to date

Projects/programs to supervise:


Freed Kamaiya Livelihoods Development Project (FKLDP), Bardiya in partnership with Plan Nepal. Monitored, supervised and reported to donor.

NET 2 (Livelihoods support to Vulnerable and marginal communities of Sunsari, Nepal) in partnership with Save the Children Nepal. Monitored, supervised and reported to donor.







Banke. Monitoring,

supervision and reporting to Donor. The project is ongoing.


AgBDS/Agriculture Financing: Key staff for conducting Business development Services. The program has now been a regular program under Nirdhan NGO.

Writer/Editor: BDS/Entrepreneurship blog at the Quarterly Newsletter of NUBL. Duties and Responsibilities:

  • - Act as a focal person for livelihoods programs under central office, coordinate all programs at various levels (grass root to policy level)

  • - Planning, implementation, supervision, and monitoring of all programs of Nirdhan.

  • - Collection and compilation of monthly, quarterly, and annual progress reports of programs and submit to the concerned partner organizations.

  • - Searching and developing appropriate micro-enterprise and technology for poverty reduction of the clients.

  • - Writing proposal and fund raising for skill development and micro-enterprise training, technical training and other essential services enhancing livelihoods.

  • - Liaise/Coordinate, interact, and negotiate donors and central ministries, departments at local authorities (I/NGOs, Las, CBOs; and Private sectors in concerned issues.

  • - Support Executive officer/Chairman in developing strategy/ sustainability plans.

  • 2. Post:

District Agriculturist

Employer: Nepal National Dalits Society Welfare Organization (NNDSWO), Kailali Duration: September 20 to November 19, 2010 (Two months)

Program/project: Food Security Project (FSP) supported by Dan Church Aid (DCA)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Fully responsible for the implementation of the project in 19 VDCs of Kailali for Improving the livelihood status and food security condition of target groups through Trainings and material input support for food crop production; Agro-enterprise development (season and off season vegetable production, mushroom farming) at lease in lands. Monitoring and supervision of the project activities assisting for achieving project targets, and progress reporting and representation to district chapter.

  • 3. Post:

Agriculture Officer


Development Project Service Center (DEPROSC-Nepal)


March, 2009 to July, 2010 (17 Months)

Project: Freed Haliya and Kamaiya Empowerment Project (FHKEP) in partnership with Lutheran World Federation (LWF)-Nepal)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Technical support to Project implementation partners setting program as per local need by RBA, feasibility study and need identification/ assessments.

Facilitation and back stopping on overall project activities: (Agro based-securing food and nutrition, cash crops, on-and-off farm activities as Income generating interventions (IGAs), and Livestock promotion to improve sustainable livelihood of Target-Groups

Help to Enterprise development as well as linkages along with Business Plan preparation; capacity Building of IPs for the Idea generation








for IPs suitable to vulnerable

Monitoring to field offices, groups and regular follow ups to the supported activities and progress reporting.

  • 4. Post:

Research Officer

Employer: ICRD (Initiatives for Conservation, Reform and Development), Kailali

Duration: August 10, 2008 to December 15, 2009

Duties and Responsibilities: Research, Seed production plot inspection, Trainings and provide Technical assistance to farmers, Monthly and quarterly progress reporting.

  • 5. Post:

Research Officer

Employer: ICRD (Initiatives for Conservation, Reform and Development), Kailali Duration: Since Aug. 10, 2008 to December 15, 2009. Duties and Responsibilities: Research, Seed production plot inspection, Trainings and provide Technical assistance to farmers, Monthly and quarterly progress reporting.

  • 6. Post: Research Assistant (RA) Employer: Hannover University, Germany, Professor : Dr. Alrike Grote, Main Researcher : Mr.

Rishi Ram Kattel (rr_kattel@yahoo.com), Survey Duration and areas: 20 days from Aug. 15 to Sept. 5, 2008 in Gulmi and Kavre.

Research Title: Value chain of organic coffee production by small farmers from Gulmi, Kabhrepalanchok and Sindhupalchok Production areas


1. Title: Performance of Tomato Cultivars as Influenced by Number of Side Dresses in Rainy Season under Farwestern Terai Condition- Research performed for partial fulfillment of Masters Degree in Agriculture (Horticulture)


3. Title: "Plastic house farming technology and offseason tomato production" (In Nepali) – targeted to Off-season vegetable producers (small to medium farmers).


Proficient in MS-word, Data Analysis (SPSS, MsExcel, DMRT/MSTATC), Presentation (MS Excel), and Email and Internet.


◙ Tribhuvan University Merit Scholarships and studentships during the entire period of I. Sc. Ag. and B.Sc. Ag. Study at IAAS.

Award with Thek Raj Pant Memorial Gold Medal for obtaining highest score in SLC examination from Panchodaya Secondary School, Dhangadhi in 2000.

LANGUAGES Mother Tongue:


English : Proficient written and spoken

Other Languages: Tharu, Far-west natives (Doteli, Bajhangi, Bajureli), Hindi


1. Dr. Harihar Dev Pant

Executive Chair person, Nirdhan NGO Executive Director, Nirdhan U. Bank Ltd. Contact: 9851043151 Email: hdpant@hotmail.com

2. Prof. Dr. Moha Dutta Sharma

Department of Horticulture, IAAS, Rampur, Chitwan Contact: 9845063705

I hereby declare on my word of honor that this information is correct and complete, and that I shall immediately inform any changes in my situation. I can submit proof of all the information if needed.


Krishna Prashad Tiwari

Date: November 15, 2013