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Sikkim Manipal University DDE Master in Business Administration (MBA) Semester IV MI0041-Java and Web Design - 4 Credits Book ID: B1327 Model Question Paper

Time: 2 hours

Total Marks: 140

Section A 1 Mark Questions

Answer all questions. Each question carries 1 mark

50 * 1= 50 Marks

1. The

is an element of the Web page that provides the information about the type

of language used to write the content on the Web page.

a. Doc type

b. Head

c. Body

d. HTML element

2. The

is a component of the Web browser that displays the content you had

requested, after obtaining it from the respective Web server.

a. Rendering engine

b. Browser engine

c. Display backend

d. JavaScript interpreter

3. is a feature of Web browser present at the bottom of the browser window to

indicate the URL of the Web page currently being loaded into the browser window.

a. Security indicator

b. Menu bar

c. Status bar

d. Address field

4. The

attribute specifies the address or URL of a Website to which the text or

image is linked.

a. <a>

b. src

c. <img>

d. Href

5. The

a. <em>

is a tag in HTML used to make the text appear in italic on the Web page.

b. <u>

c. <p>

d. <B>

6. The

is a Web development tool that is developed by Microsoft.

a. Notepad

b. Dreamweaver

c. FrontPage

d. HTML+draft

7. The

a. <tr>

b. <th>

c. <td>

d. <table>

tag is used to create column heading in a table.

8. The

a. <ul>

b. <ol>

c. <caption>

d. <li>

tag is used to define a list.

9. The

is one of the input elements used in a Web page form to take a single line of

text as input that can be viewed.

a. Password field

b. Text field

c. Checkbox

d. Radio button

10. In the basic syntax of CSS, be applied.

a. Property

b. Value

c. Selector

d. #FF0000

represents the HTML tag for which a style needs to

11. The

is a type of positioning where no other elements can overlap on the space

that is defined.

a. Relative positioning

b. Absolute positioning

c. Position

d. Top

a. Id selector

b. Position attribute

c. <div> tag

d. Margin attribute

13. The

is an attribute used to align text from the margin of the Web page.

a. Text align

b. Text decoration

c. Text transform

d. Text indent

14. Expand HTML.

a. High Text Markup Language

b. Hyper Text Markup Language

c. Hyper Text Machine Language

d. Hyper Text Machine Link

15. The

a. A.onClick

b. OnLoad

c. onFocus

d. onSelect

event handler is triggered, when the area or object receives focus.

16. Argument is passed to the


a. <script>

b. Apache

c. Function

d. </script>

17. The JavaScript code within the

, to give necessary information to process the

will contain the action that will be taken

place when a particular condition is satisfied by the function.

a. Parenthesis

b. Square Bracket

c. Inverted commas

d. Flower braces

18. The

a. Event

b. JavaScript


d. Apache

refers to as an action that is performed by the user to initiate an action.

19. The vbscript offers functionality that is similar to

a. MySQL

b. POP3

c. JavaScript

d. CGI



a. Try statement

b. Multiple throws

c. Throw statement

d. Catch statement


used to throw an exception explicitly.

21. Expand ODC.

a. Oracle Database Connection

b. Open Database Connection

c. Open Database Communication

d. Open Database Computing

22. Perl was developed on the


b. Solaris


d. Windows

23. Expand PERL.


a. Preprocessor Extraction Report Language

b. Processing Extraction Report Language

c. Processor Extraction Report Language

d. Practical Extraction Report Language

24. Apache is an example of

a. Web Server

b. Operating system

c. Database

d. Web page

25. Identify the person who has coined the term LAMP.

a. Michael Kunze

b. Michael Widenius

c. Tobias Ratschiller's

d. Peter Kuppelwieser

26. Identify the operating system used in SAMP.

a. Python

b. Windows



d. Solaris

27. Identify the search engine which crawls through the Web, matches the files it has found with the search queries, and returns the results from the database.

a. Archie

b. Gopher

c. Wandex

d. WebCrawler

28. Listing of output in a particular order is known as

a. Sponsored link

b. Search engine optimisation

c. Page ranking

d. Universal search

29. The spiders are simple programs that scan the Web pages to create a


b. list

c. URL

d. Algorithm

30. Complex queries are built using

a. Human powered directories

b. Hybrid or mixed search engines

c. Boolean operators

d. Keywords

that help us to refine the search.



and keyboard shortcuts.

a. Text editors


c. Amaya

d. Adobe photoshop


us to insert HTML elements and structures using toolbars, templates

32. Which of the following is a multimedia graphics program that is used to create interactive Web pages, videos and animations?


b. Firebug browser

c. Adobe Flash

d. Adobe

33. Expand WebDAV.

a. Web-based Digital Authoring and Versioning.

b. Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning.

c. Windows Distributed Authoring and Versioning.

d. Web-based Distributed Authentication and Verification.

34. The animations in

creates the illusion of

a. Flash, stability

b. Photoshop, stability

c. Photoshop, movement

d. Flash, movement

are created using standard animation techniques that

35. The

consists of a collection of comments, which include the program

name, the author and some other details.

a. interface statement

b. import statement

c. package statement

d. section for documentation

36. The

in a loop.

a. break

b. continue

c. return

d. switch

statement is useful when we want to execute just some of the statements

37. Identify the Java data type that is used for testing a specific condition during the execution of the program.

a. Boolean

b. Character

c. Integer

d. Floating-point

38. Identify the inner class which is defined inside a method, but without a name?

a. Static inner class

b. Member class

c. Anonymous class

d. Local class

39. If we use

a. Inheritance

b. Interface

c. Local class

, we can easily manage the information about the objects.

40. In Java,

refers to the capacity of explaining a situation where one name

may become the reference to several methods but with different parameters in each


a. Class

b. Data hiding

c. Message communication

d. Polymorphism

41. The internet explorer and


b. Dogpile

c. Firefox

d. Java script page

are examples of Web browser.

42. Which of the following is used to align the text from the margin of the Web page?

a. Text indention

b. Text alignment

c. Text decoration

d. Letter space

43. Which of the following is the most widely used Web server today in the world?

a. Lighttpd

b. The Apache HTTP Web server

c. Nginx web server

d. Oracle Web Tier

44. is

a unique attack which is carried out against the database of the server that

contains all documents related to Website.

a. Distributed Denial of Service

b. Poor coding

c. Denial of Service

d. Structured Query Language (SQL) injection

45. The size of the frames can be defined by using the attribute

a. "height"

b. "rows"

c. "width"

d. "length"

and “cols”.

46. Which of the following specifies the correct way of aligning the text inside a cell?

a. valign="bottom"

b. valign="left"

c. align="top"


Which of the following error message is similar to the previous error message "Access to object is _ruled_ out"?

a. "Client does not accept data type"

b. "File _protected_ against access"

c. "no such file or directory"

d. "Invalid URL specified"


sets the layout of a Web page formatted with HTML tags within a


a. Browser engine

b. User interface

c. Rendering engine

d. Networking


provides a greater flexibility in designing your Web page.

a. Servlets

b. Struts

c. CSS

d. JSP


The syntax of JavaScript code is similar to that of

and c programming


a. CSS

b. Pascal

c. Java programming language


Section-B Answer all questions. Each question carries 2 marks

51. Consider the following statements:

25 * 2 = 50 Marks


Python program works well with various platforms such as Linux, Windows, Solaris,

and so on.


Python program can be combined with other programming languages such as C or C++ to provide scripting capabilities to the program.

State True or False:

a. (i)True, (ii)True

b. (i)False, (ii)False

c. (i)True, (ii)False

d. (i)False, (ii)True

52. What is the Python Programming Language?

a. It is a scripting language that is best suited for web development.

b. It is a high-level, dynamic, interpreted, and general purpose programming language.

c. It is a programming language that is not compiled and saved, but instead interpreted.

d. It is an object oriented, interpreted, and powerful programming language and is highly popular among Linux users.

53. Python provides



a. Apache, structure

b. syntax, Structure

c. Unix, Windows

d. CGI, Structure

54. Consider the following statements:

that facilitates easy maintainability of the


Indexing helps us to quickly find information on the Web.


Every search engine follows different formulas to allot weight to words in its index.

State True or False:

a. (i)True, (ii)True

b. (i)False, (ii)False

c. (i)True, (ii)False

d. (i)False, (ii)True

55. Spiders are also known as

a. bots, SEO

b. web robots, OR

c. bots, algorithm

d. bots, web robots

56. Consider the following statements:

, or automatic indexers.


A search engine can be defined as a program or an information retrieval system that helps us to find information that we desire, on the WWW.


A keyword is any word such as a subject heading or descriptor which is specific to the search topic.

State True or False:

a. (i)True, (ii)True

b. (i)False, (ii)False

c. (i)True, (ii)False

d. (i)False, (ii)True

57. Spiders are also known as

a. Bots, SEO

b. Web robots, OR

, or automatic indexers.


Bots, algorithm

d. Bots, web robots

58. Consider the following statements:


Looping statements will not enable you to execute group of statements frequently.


In do-while loop, you have to initialise the control variable before the loop. Then, the statements are executed.

State True or False:

a. (i)True, (ii)True

b. (i)False, (ii)False

c. (i)True, (ii)False

d. (i)False, (ii)True

59. Java makes distributed computing easy with the

capability that is

naturally merged into it and it also allows you to create modular programs and which can be reused.

a. Networking, image

b. Multithreaded, image

c. Multithreaded, code

d. Networking, code

60. In Java,


a. Inheritance, class

b. Class, interface

c. Object, class

d. Interface, class

does not have any constructor, but a

can have a

61. Consider you are working as a Web designer in ABC Software Inc. Your project manager asks you to modify the look and feel of various elements such as colour scheme, navigation, layout and typographic elements present in the Web pages that you have created. Which of the following would you use to accomplish this task?


b. CSS

c. Java

d. DTD

62. Consider a scenario where you are working as a Web designer in ABC Soft Private Limited. Your team lead wants you to create a hyperlink using which the user could connect to www.google.com. Suppose there is a phrase "Connect me to Google" you need to create hyperlink to the word Google. You also need to create a nested HTML code such that in the phrase, "Connect me to Google", "Google" is in bold letters. Which of the following piece of HTML code would you select to complete your task?

a. <a src="http://www.google.com"> Connect me to <b> Google </b></a>

b. <a href="http://www.google.com"> Connect me to <b> Google </b></a>

c. <b><a href="http://www.google.com"> Connect me to Google</a></b>

d. <a href="www.google.com"> Connect me to <b>Google </b></a>

63. Which of the following statement refers to feature of Dreamweaver?

a. You can create new HTML pages using the inbuilt wizards and templates.

b. This tool provides you a clear view of the HTML code and it also allows you to use all the latest HTML options such as eXtensible-HTML (XHTML) and Dynamic HTML.

c. You can insert text in all HTML styles, change text size and colour, and format the document for example, line spacing, font style and so on.

d. You can also add borders for your Web page and also insert navigation bars which help users to use the Website more efficiently, and makes your Web page more interactive.

64. Which of the following statement represents the using “left: attribute?

a. Portion of the page that acts as border for the Web page.

b. Elements can be placed next to each other.

c. Distance between the first character of the content of the paragraph element and the

left end of the Web page can be defined.

d. Name of the class selector used to define the class containing the page margins.

65. Identify the statement which represents id selector form the following.

a. Allows defining style once and using wherever required in HTML document.

b. Makes the code complex.

c. Easy and flexible with CSS.

d. Uses style sheets to define placement of content on Web page

66. Which of the following statement represent the onClick handler?

a. This invokes the Javascript when you move the mouse pointer over an image or some link.

b. This invokes the Javascript when you select a form field.

c. This invokes the Javascript when you click the mouse button.

d. This invokes the Javascript when you resize the browser window.

67. Consider the following statements with respect to Perl Programming Language:


It offers support for various problems relating to programming with the help of its standard libraries.


It provides a flexible object oriented programming syntax that is powerful and simple.

State True or False:

a. (i)False, (ii)False

b. (i)True, (ii)True


(i)True, (ii)False

d. (i)False, (ii)True

68. Consider the following statements:


As Apache was built from a set of existing code and different patches it was earlier

called as patchy server. Thus, it got its name Apache server.


MySQL is usually used with Perl scripting language that helps in the development of dynamic and powerful server side applications.

State True or False:

a. (i)True, (ii)False

b. (i)False, (ii)False

c. (i)True, (ii)True

d. (i)False, (ii)True

69. Which of the following statement refers the spider programs?

a. These are simple programs that scan the Web pages to create a list of words that are found on the Websites.

b. It is used when all the terms that are combined using this operator should appear in the resultant Web page.

c. It is used when the term that follows this operator should not appear in the resultant Web.

d. It is used when at least one of the terms that are combined by using this operator should appear in the resultant Web pages.

70. Consider the following statements:


Google cannot scan a flash file.


Some Web developers try to cheat the search engine algorithms in order to increase their Web page ranking.

State True or False:

a. (i)False, (ii)True

b. (i)True, (ii)False

c. (i)False, (ii)False

d. (i)True, (ii)True

71. Consider that you are working as a web developer in MP Technologies. Your company has celebrated its 10th year anniversary last month. Your manager wants to upload some of the photos that were taken during its First year anniversary. You found that some of the photos that were taken were torn out and not in a good condition. Now you have to give a good look to the photos so that both first and 10th anniversary photos look similar. Which of the following tools you would use to achieve the scenario?

a. Adobe Photoshop

b. Adobe flash


Text editor

d. Firebug browser

72. Consider the following statements:


As compared to other languages, Java offers powerful systems for exception handling

and type checking.


Complier converts the byte code into source program.

State True or False:

a. (i)False, (ii)True

b. (i)False, (ii)False

c. (i)True, (ii)False

d. (i)True, (ii)True

73. Which of the following statement represent the method overloading?

a. It will not have any constructors as constructor’s name must be similar to the class name, and this class has no name.

b. It is completely invisible from the external world.

c. It gives permission to you for achieving the compile time polymorphism.

d. It appends more functionality to method that is called in super class by the keyword super.

74. Identify the statement from the following which refers exception.

a. This class defines exceptions that are not expected to be caught under normal circumstances by your program.

b. These are used to report some error condition to the caller of a method.

c. This class specifies the exceptional conditions that your programs should catch.

d. These relate to the fundamental errors that violate the rules of the Java programming language.

75. Which of the following option represents the javax.servlet?

a. This is the extension for the servlet framework.

b. This tag is used to define the functions and variables.

c. This is the basic servlet framework.

d. This tag is used to import java packages.

Section-C Answer all the following questions. (Descriptive questions to be answered in not more than 200 words) 10Marks x 4= 40 Marks






a) Discuss the benefits of CSS. (5 Marks)


b) List the differences between the script language and programming language. (5 Marks)

(10 Marks)


a) Explain the various features of java. (5 marks)

(10 Marks)

b) Discuss the usage of HTML Editors. (5 marks)

Read the following case study thoroughly and answer the following questions:

ABC is an educational institute which is reputed for its management courses. It has 3 branches in different places and is planning to launch 2 more branches in some other places. The institute used to maintain the student details in the form of a hard copy file. One day, a fire broke out in the record section and all such records were destroyed. Next day the management decided to maintain the student details in a computer so as to prevent the damage due to such disasters. One of the management members suggested that XYZ Company is capable of developing a kind of application for maintaining records using java. The member further told other members that in his friend’s organisation the same java application developed by the XYZ company was working very effectively and it also offered enough security parameters. Immediately the management appointed an employee who had good knowledge of java language to oversee the implementation of the required application. That employee prepared an outline of the company’s requirements and submitted it to the XYZ Company. The requirements of institute were: For institute’s employeesstudent details, course details, materials, and access rights. For students it wasCourse material, feedback on assignments, course details and faculty details.

XYZ company’s web designers developed a prototype of an application based on the requirements of the ABC institute. Now the programmers of XYZ company detailed the process of application development based on the specified requirements. They decided that for display purpose they can use JSP (Java Sever Pages) and to retrieve the details of a particular student, they would create JDBC connection to the all branches. The student details can be stored in a database table (server side) by using MySql.

They also decided to use servlets for internal process. That is, sending of request and obtaining response from the server. After developing the application, they submitted it to ABC institute for testing purpose. During the testing process, it was found that there is no proper security mechanism in the application. That is, the application permitted ‘Login’ by every member. So ABC company asked XYZ company to install security mechanism in the application such that it gives separate access to the employees and students. XYZ company modified the application by giving only limited and absolutely necessary access rights to the concerned users. Also a new security parameter added to the application, prevented access by a user for 24 hours if he/she entered incorrect ‘Login’ details for three consecutive times.


a) Give reasons as to why ABC institute decided to choose XYZ Company for the development of Java application. (5 marks)

(10 Marks)

b) Discuss the reason for using JSP in java application.(5 marks)


c) State the reason for using database connection in the application.(5 marks)

(10 Marks)

d) Explain the purpose of creating a java application for the ABC institute. (5 marks)