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Proposal What type of photography are you going to produce? Im going to produce architectural photos.

As it says in the title I will be taking photos of Nunnington hall and if it has other surrounding buildings I will be taking photos of them aswel.

What contexts could this type of photography be used in? here are many uses for architectural photos! it can be used for" #eal estate ad$ertising %uilding e$aluation &xhibitions #ecreational purposes.

Who are your influences for this pro'ect? (ne of my influences for this pro'ect is %erenice Abbot! she was a photographer back in mid)*+,,s! she ser$es as an influence to me because she wasnt what I would consider your usual architectural photographer because she captured the -gritty. side of architecture with scenes from New /ork and the urban design. Another influence for my pro'ect is &ric de 0are! whom was claimed as one of the greatest %ritish architectural photographers! I see him as an inspiration for this pro'ect because the photo I ha$e seen by him! are not that ob$iously architectural photographs! by this I mean its not only the building included in the photograph there are other things such as landscapes! which is the style what I want to aim for.

What will you sub'ects be for this pro'ect? 0y sub'ects for this pro'ect! will be Nunnington hall its self! I ha$e a brief idea for what I might do for my actual photographs! I intend not to take up close photos for my pro'ect! but maybe get the house from a different $iew such as from the woods. I will not need any models for my photographs as when taking photographs on architecture you dont need any models to be included in the shot.

What techni1ues will you use? he techni1ues I will use for this pro'ect are I will be using a 234# camera. I will probably make use of a tripod aswel to a$oid camera shake. I will also be shooting with a low I3( setting because -image noise. is 1uite easy to see on ob'ects of a same colour! which the building will be basically the same colour. Im going to use an aperture of f5*6 as this will ensure that the entire sub'ect is in focus if I was to sue and aperture higher than f5*6 the image may suffer from chronic aberration. I will use a long shutter speed because I want a long exposure! also if people are walking past the building the people wont be captured in the image because its a long shutter speed and if I used a fast shutter speed it would capture the people. I would normally shoot #AW rather than 7P&8 but seeing as the college computers wont be able to deal with #AW files I will ha$e to use 7P&8.