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Scope of work


1. 2. 3. 4. Provide the spading as per the spading list to prepare the line for hot work. Prepare the area and covered and barricade properly. The existing 1 Dia pipe line need to be changed to 2 Dia pipe line. Cut and dismantle the existing 1 pipe line from upstream and downstream of control Valve 100 -PV-003 wherever the Field weld joint is marked in attached isometric( PG-100-05-012-S2, FL-100-05-003-01-S2, FL-100-05-003-02-S2,FL880-01-002-32-S2,PG-100-05-016-01-S2) up to the flare header. Provide the cap with seal weld to the existing flare tapping line of existing Dia.1 pipeline which is going to dismantle for replacement as per attached Isometric(FL-880-01-002-32-S2). Install the new pipe line of 2 as per the attached isometrics. Remove the existing Control valve (100PV003) and keep near by the safe location for dismantling of the existing 1 pipe line. Re-install the above said control valve after the new 2 dia pipe line installed and pressure tested. Installation of new pipe line shall be done in such a way that the existing support can be utilized. Site routing shall be done before prefabrication to avoid the extra re-work; since the piping shall not cross the 100V003 platform as such it is taken care in drawing also. The above said pipeline tapping on the flare header is difficult as other insulated higher size pipe lines is near/top of existing flare header, the Prefabrication has to consider before erection on the site. The tapping of the Dia 2 Latrolet can be changed accordingly, not necessary the Latrolet tapping on the top of flare header it can be little bit adjusted on the top of the flare header pipeline. The downstream of 100PV003 flare line is to be installed in free draining way with the slop towards the flare header side. Existing Dia 1 pipeline supports( pipe to pipe supports) towards flare header shall be re -used, but only the 2 dia pipe size U-bolts shall be provided to the new pipe line which is going to install as part of this job by removing existing 1 size U-bolts. Required blinds fabrication for this job will be in vendor scope 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Provide the necessary support as per attached isometrics in vendor scope As it is shutdown nature job vendor has to take the future tapping on the Flare header as per attached isometrics. Hydro test and NDT as per attached isometric drawings. Required personal protection insulation shall be provided on the modified piping. Requirement of covering the nearby instruments for the hot work cases if any. Instrumentation scope : Removal of control valve air tubing at the time of 1 pipe line d ismantling. After the new 2 dia pipe line installed the field bus connection if removed shall be re -instated back with its air tubing. If required calibration for the transmitter will be in Vendor scope. 22. 23. 24. 25. The vendor shall submit their QA/QC plan which should include the WPS and PQR for approval. Stage by stage inspection to be carried out by FPC. After successful completion of the job housekeeping to be carried out. Welding machines, Fire blankets, Fire watch man Welding consumables to be provided by Vendor.

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All required piping material as per attached MTO list will be in Vendor scope. Required scaffolding for hot work locations, spades, etc will be in Vendor scope. The method of statement and QCP to be provided by the vendor. De blinding to be carried out after completion of the job.

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